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Devon sat on the stage. It was just him. All alone. Once again, he let no one in on what his plans were. A lone pale yellow light. He was sitting on the stage on a stool. The audience was looking at his back. From the closest row even, he looked like he was nude. He had on a beige athletic supporter though.

In his lap was his new 12-string guitar he'd been learning to play. It was still 45 minutes until the group went on though. He told briefly the other two boys what he expected of them. Peewee and Amanda had agreed to almost anything.

People on stage and back stage were going nuts looking for him, but HE knew where he was and what he wanted. He'd explained it to the stage manager. This was the same guy that Devon had used on his last concert he gave here in the states. He felt the guy knew what he wanted done. Devon had simply wondered off from the others.

Devon had stayed late into the night talking to everyone individually as well as in a group. He outlined his hopes and plans for his concerts and future.

People in the stage area were wondering what was happening when the lights were slowly ran thru their colors and the word came down to clear the stage and to use only the back stage passageway for access between the horseshoe stage.

The audience got quiet since the stage was changing around. As the colors were rotated at a preset length, the black light was on in the stage but no one could see anything until the pale yellow light came thru. Devon sat comfortably on the chair clad in nothing but a pale supporter. His back was to the audience but his guitar was on his legs.

He began just plucking out tunes he knew from heart. The audience got very quiet as the music streamed out. Joan and Pierre had gotten very concerned at the missing Devon presence. Tommy & Sebastian were sitting on chairs near the stage watching. Sebastian was wearing a robe. Maria and Amanda were in their rooms getting dressed. Security guards were everywhere.

The stage manager was watching a monitor talking into his headset when Pierre and Joan approached him concerned at Devon's disappearance. The manager held up his hands for them to wait. He had one ear open. Joan heard him say "No direct camera on him, is that understood? Any one shot before it is time will be fired immediately, blackballed and will not work in this industry again? Everyone understood?" "Good, just remember that"

"Now, what is it?"

"Where is Devon? We can't find him anywhere?"

"It's like he vanished!" Pierre added.

"He is fine. Everything is going according to schedule in fact"

"But where is he?" Joan asked.

"This must be the first time with Devon in charge?"

Joan nodded as did Pierre.

"Be patient. Joan, I need you to be available for some reason to assist in the sound room"

"Well, I need to be there now! I have to familiarize myself with your set up"

"Devon said you'd be that way but he said he had to have it this way and that after it was over, you'd under stand"

Joan was frustrated. She never had this happen to her before. Pierre took her arm and walked her over to Iris and the Grandmother.

"Frustrated at bit?" the Grandmother asked Joan.

"Yes, quite so"

"He always does this. He said something inspires him to do weird things from time to time and that we all should have patience" Iris added.

The girls came up to them then. Amanda was wearing her usual Green attire. Maria was simply wide eyed taking it all in.

Joan said "Well you girls look just lovely"

"Of course, Miss Joan. Is there a problem?"

"Well, we can't find Devon is all. The stage manager says to wait"

"Devon's missing?" Maria added in shock.

"No he isn't. He is where he wants to be" Amanda said.

Everyone turned to look at her.

Joan said "What?"

Amanda pointed to the boys. "They know something I don't know what but wait."

The whole group except Iris and the grandmother moved quickly to the boys side.

"Where's Devon?" Joan asked.

"He is fine Miss Joan" Tommy said.

"Tommy! If you know where he is, you have to tell us! Everyone is looking for him!" Maria said.

About that time the guitar rifts began coming from just off stage. Sebastian only pointed to the stage. "There is Devon"

Pierre and the girls looked.

"We have 45 minutes until we go on" was all Tommy said looking at the clock.

Devon was just looking at his guitar playing mindlessly. He had so many conflicting thoughts moving thru his mind. Some monumental and some not so important. He knew deep down that his playing was the only thing that could lift his mind from his worries. The lawyer told him to be patient.

Song after song came from the 12 string. The audience was wondering what was going on. A little boy with a guitar was on the stage.

37 minutes later, all hell broke lose back stage but the stage manager was in charge. A movie screen was lowered down in the back of the stage. Non one had noticed it before. The music suddenly quit and the stage got quiet and dark. There was a big picture of Peewee on the stage screen.

"Yes I did actually write the song, but it was Devon who wrote the music. HE was the one who made it a success"

and the image faded. Music played for a brief time.

Another image popped up "Yes, I was the inspiration for the song `Rosie's memory' Devon and Sebastian both wrote the words but Devon was the one who wrote the music" and the image faded.

Music played for a brief time.

Then a series of images popped up on the screen from tabloids. They talked about where was Devon Sire these days.

Then the picture that the stunned the audience "I was kidnapped against my will. I escaped to France where I met a wonderful woman who believed in me, inspired me and made me feel music that I'd never felt before. I met a wonderful family there who will be playing with us tonight. I hope everyone likes them too" and the image faded

The stage manager got an assistant to get Joan to the sound room. She walked like a zombie up the stairs.

The stage manager took something out of his pocket and handed it to Sebastian who said "Cool!" and ran off to a bathroom. He returned shortly. Meanwhile, Devon was on the stage playing another tune.

Sebastian came to the group. Tommy smiled as he saw the cat eyes of Sebastian.

"Fucking awesome dude. This is what it is like!?"

"Is it?" Maria asked.

Stage Manager said "It's time"

Amanda nodded her head. "It gets better. With Dev, you never know what to expect"

The stage got dark suddenly. Peewee, Maria, Amanda and Tommy was led out on the stage to their assigned spots. Maria and Tommy was given headsets with microphone and earpieces. Once there were in position the people disappeared. No on other than Tommy and Sebastian had been told what to expect. The others remained quiet. Amanda was ready at the keyboards. Peewee and Maria had Tambourines.

Pierre gasped from off stage as he watched Sebastian remove his robe. He had on a Tarzan flaps.

"Fuckin show time dudes!" he said as he took his place.

He nodded to someone and his mouth piece became active.

"Ready to get that what you paid for?" he said into his mouth piece.

The audience roared. Tommy hit his drums in a steady beat. Maria and Peewee about crapped their pants when the saw Sebastian come on on stage doing flips all across the stage. He ended up in a split and looked into the audience. The huge screen behind him immediately showed his eyes. He smiled and looked ahead of him and his rhythm guitar was thrown at him. He leaped to his feet catching it. He slide into the strap and

"ALL RIGHT!!!!!!!" and brought his hand down into the song that he'd written. The others immediately filled in where they should. The song ended as usual. Devon had played innocently along still seated on the stool. To the audience, it looked like they ignored him.

"Hey Tommy, you seen Devon?"

"Not lately, he's around here though"

"K" and the drums began thumping again.

The routine went on for another 6 songs until Sebastian was out of the songs he knew by heart. His heart was thumping wildly as he felt in control of the show. The others were doing great keeping up and in time with him. But he was done. He walked over to Tommy and took his microphone off.

"I'm like done dude. I can't do anymore, I don't have anymore to do"

Tommy began just thumping out a beat and looked away. He began swinging from side to side. This was a sign that someone was supposed to come to him. They did and quickly. Devon was not watching much. A lot of the time, Tommy noticed that his eyes were closed. Tommy was getting worried since he hadn't seen Devon move hardly a muscle except to play the guitar.

Tommy simply told the runner that Sebastian was out of songs and to get word to Devon somehow. After the steady thumping, Amanda kicked in with some music on her own. Tommy was watching Devon, getting more and more concerned. He saw Devon nod his head slowly in time to the music. Tommy was almost at the point to quit drumming and approach Devon.

Something familiar was playing and Sebastian was getting into it. Sabestian couldn't put his head as to why it was so familiar. He could hear a guitar, Amanda's organ and Tommy's steady beat. The music was working it self up to more and more of an anticipated climax. There was a big finality at the end of it. He felt the excitement building and then it just stopped. Amanda's organ went dead, the guitar was dead and the drums just kind of started getting slower and slower since Tommy had no idea what to do. He stopped then.

He heard a voice he hadn't before thanking everyone for coming. Then the guitar played again and while Tommy was simply keeping beat as was Maria and Peewee, the stage went pitch black. It wasn't more than 30 seconds before a small pale yellow light appeared on a going around on the stage. It would get bigger and then back smaller. Devon wanted that to pull the audience's attention. Then pitch black again after 30 seconds. All music had ceased.

Silence. Tommy didn't see anyone during the pale yellow light. He was blinded momentarily as was the others.

The lites burst on. Blinding white lights out to the audience blinding everyone momentarily.

But Devon stood in his matching black Tarzan outfit with his beige clothing on still. He was in the middle of the stage. He was holding his 12 string guitar standing in front of a microphone.

His throaty, scruffy, erotic (as described by some on the web) was clear as a bell as he shouted "GO!" and Amanda kicked in right as his hands floated out his song he'd been working on on for the past 8 hours since arriving. He talked briefly with Amanda about it. She didn't' say much at the time but nodded some.

Devon wasn't worried either way. He knew he could carry the song.

As for the others, this was Peewee's first concert being on stage. It was a different animal and he simply went with it. His job was to write where he could and beat this tambourine thing once he got the beat down. Maria was wide eyed. This was the first time that she'd actually seen Devon perform on stage from behind. It was awe inspiring to her. Sebastian simply stood watching his older brother in awe. He was one place only moments before and now he was there in costume, matching his. Sebastian did something that he knew he shouldn't do but he just had to, he turned around and looked at the screen. He staggered a few steps before turning around. The image was bigger than he thought it might be. The stage manager told them all not to look at the thing. Sebastian could only turn around and open his mouth.

He saw Devon's full face. He did have the contact eyes in. He must have had them the whole time. In addition as he opened his mouth, his teeth were blacked out somehow giving his whole face a truly eerie look.

Tommy couldn't beat his drum for almost 45 seconds from the shock of what had happened so quickly Devon was on his stool one second, gone, then on the stage in front in less than a minute. He was reminded once he heard the drum from Amanda's organ kick in. He began beating out a rhythm immediate and Amanda turned hers off then. He smiled weakly at her. She nodded in response. Tommy turned red with embarrassment.

Once song ended and Devon went right into another two more time before taking a break and actually stepped away from the microphone. Sebastian was able to then look in his direction but it was short lived as he saw Devon's organ rolling its way across the stage on a robot until it stopped in front of the microphone. Devon put the other mic on the robot that clamped it. Devon picked up the head piece and put it on.

He then began pressing on a few keys and Sebastian felt the power leave his microphone. Everyone walked away from there instruments.

Maria and Peewee quickly came to the others concerned. Tommy too joined Sebastian and Amanda.

"Is he alright? What's he doing?"

"Being Devon" was all Amanda said.

They all turned to watch him on stage all alone.

"THIS is what Devon is all about" Sebastian said almost reverently.

Devon began the music interlude for his favorite song.

"Thanks for coming all of you. This song is very special to me and one of my family's newest members over in France. I hope you like it"

The song stated and the group was standing stock still when the stage manager came up to them and asked all of them to come over near a microphone. The followed immediately except for Amanda who stood to watch her brother sing. The stage manager asked them all to wear hear phones. when they did they found that they were listening to Joan on the other end.

She told them that they were going to harmony at certain times but Devon didn't know it. They were supposed to only hum into the microphone and not do anything else. They all nodded and the microphone they were standing around went live. Devon was into his song big time and was about to repeat the chorus when he heard in the background several voices humming along. He was emotionally moved further into the song when it was repeated several times. At the end it told the audience that he needed a couple of minutes to gather his self together since the song was written for his parents death.

He turned away from the audience when Sebastian brought out something for him to blow his nose on.

Devon had taken his head piece on and was still glistening tears.

"What was all that?"

"Joan's idea. We hope you aren't upset"

"Oh god no. It was so touching, I almost lost where I was"

"It was awesome brother, simply beautiful. Every time you sing it, it gets better and better I think"


"No doubt bro, now what?"

He blew his noise a couple of times. Put his head piece back on.

"Give `em what they came for. Remember the last concert?"


"Think you could do that from your side over there and don't kill me but meet in the center?"

"Oh, I'm not sure. I did it once already"

"They do it again and Rosie needs her song dude, bad!"

"OK Dev"

In French it said which came out over the speakers, "Places everyone"

Tommy & Maria moved immediately to their assigned spots. Peewee was pulled along with Maria to her spot. Devon went to one side of the stage and Sebastian to the other side.

In French again Devon said "Count it down tommy" and immediately they heard a thumping from the base drum.

"Thump "


"5 Thump"

"4 Thump"

"3 Thump"

"2 Thump"

"GOOOOOOOOOOO" followed by thumping of the drum while both Shire boys came out on stage doing flips until they met in the middle in a split. Sebastian grabbed his guitar while Devon started clapping around the stage while Sebastian went into a huge long numbing series of guitar rifts. Devon kept dancing from one person to the other. The audience was applauding, screaming, cheering and yelling. Devon ended up near the middle of the stage and stood there clapping. Finally someone haded him his bass guitar. Joan hit the bass enhancer as far as she could and the speakers vibrated. Amanda almost fell off of her chair but got back up smiling some. Devon went to her and did it again but this time she was prepared. Devon finally strutted to the middle of the stage where Sebastian was waiting for him.

Together they both joined in the harmony that only brothers could produce for the Rosie song.

Many of the concerts went like that for the remaining 33 city tour over the rest of the summer months.

Peewee and Amanda joined them back in France at the end. Joan got her face operation and was looking good. Eventually when Devon was 16 he married her and formally adopted Sebastian and Amanda.

Together, they became one of the biggest Internet rock groups in history.