This story is a work of fiction. It contains sexual content involving persons under the age of consent which may be inappropriate for you or illegal where you live. I do not condone the actions or choices of the fictional characters contained within this story.

...From the last chapter...

...He was sitting in my lap again, but with my cock lodged deep inside his ass; I couldn't fathom how deep.  I could see he was still as erect as can be, his ball sac pulled tightly up against him beneath his rod.  I saw the muscles of his thighs flex as he lifted himself a bit and lowered back onto my bursting cock.  "Eeeh, oh..." he chirped, but continued the onslaught on his anus.  I wrapped my hands on his ribs, clearly visible.  He continued to ride my tool and I was ready to shoot.  I saw through half-closed eyes that his pricklet was starting to fire again, and I saw him pulsing, writhing.  "Oh, oh, oh..."  I could feel his sphincter pulsing and gripping my cock.

That was all it took.  I unloaded a barrage of cum into his tunnel of love for what seemed like ten minutes, the cloying scent of lavender and ass filling my nostrils...

Goodnight, John Boy - Chapter 2

I beat off in the shower to the thought of what had taken place and to the prospect of future encounters to come.  I had finally crossed that line into the forbidden with John and, once past the point of no return, I could only wonder why I hadn't done it earlier.  As quiet as John was, I had little concern he would tell anyone.

I replayed in my mind again the action of cumming in his 12 year old ass, of tucking him in with a good night kiss on his spent tool, licking off all the evidence of his mighty boy orgasm from his lap before telling him to have sweet dreams.  He had fallen asleep quite quickly as I sat on the bed next to him, stroking his cheek.  The smile on his angelic face told me he didn't seem to be 'damaged goods' now-- far from it.

After taking a shower, I slipped into a tee shirt and a pair of light cotton sweat shorts and headed down the hall to check on the kids.  As I turned the corner to the living room, however, I noticed the video game was still on the screen but the kids were gone.  I peeked into the kitchen, but they weren't there.  As I headed back down the hall I noticed Brandon's bedroom door was closed.  I put my ear to the door, listening to see if I could hear anything.  I heard nothing, so I turned the knob and stepped into his room.  The light was on, but I didn't see the kids, so I started to leave the room when I heard some giggling coming from Brandon's closet.  After looking toward the closet, I looked over toward Brandon's bed and saw the children's clothes scattered on the floor.  This was going to be interesting...

I opened the closet door and there before me in the large closet stood Brandon, naked except a tee shirt pulled up and tucked under his chin, his Scooby Doo underwear crumpled up beside him.  Jackie was down on her knees in front of him, wearing only a pair of pink panties.  She pulled her hand back away from his erect little two incher as the closet filled with light.  Brandon quickly pulled his tee shirt down over his baby boner, which only made the erection more obvious as it pressed against the thin cotton.  We weren't a sexually repressed family, and I'd seen Brandon run around naked many times, but I don't think I'd seem him with an erection since his diaper days.  Although I thought he was as cute as a button, I hadn't really thought of him sexually beyond normal curiosity.  I noticed Jackie didn't seem to have even the beginning buds of boobs.  She was as flat as Brandon.

"What's going on in here?" I asked as if I had no idea.  No, I wasn't at all disturbed by the normal sex play of two young kids and, in fact, I was almost proud of my boy for finally getting his prize.  What bothered me was just how hot the scene in front of me was and my excitement at seeing Jackie in such a state of undress.  I was straight acting, but definitely not straight.  I didn't even consider myself bisexual except by necessity, considering I was married.

"Nothing!" Brandon said quickly, his face beet red as he shifted on his feet.  Bratty Jackie just grinned nervously.

"Nothing, huh?" I said slyly, enjoying the view.  In my perverted mind, it amused me that before tonight I had never touched a child sexually, but I might actually be able to molest all three children in my care in one night.  I felt my cock growing in my shorts, and I chastised myself for not putting on any underwear.

Jackie stood from the floor of the closet, her hands covering the front of her panties which had little flowers around the waist.  She cast her eyes downward, but I couldn't tell if she was looking at the floor or at my shorts, and I felt my cock swelling even more.  I crouched down to hide my growing erection.

"Come here, guys," I told them, and they slowly moved toward me, uncertain what I wanted.  I put my arms around each of their waists.  I could feel Brandon's naked bottom beneath my left arm, the soft skin of his hip on my hand.  My right hand rested on Jackie's cotton clad hip, my right index finger resting on the flowered edge of her panties.

"We were just playing house," Jackie said, her voice shaking slightly; her confidence all but gone.

"We were pretending we were married," Brandon added, and Jackie shot him a death stare.  It was so ridiculous I just had to chuckle, which made him blush even more deeply.  I looked at his crotch and noticed his weenie still seemed a little stiff under his shirt and I could see the ridge of his cut little cocklet clearly.  My eyes scanned over to Jackie and I noticed how low her little panties hung on her waist and just how hot it looked to see my finger rubbing along the waistband. 

I know I should have let them go with some parental warning, but I didn't.  Perhaps it was because a door had been opened in my mind with John, or maybe because I knew I could turn this to my advantage.  I looked up to Jackie's face.  "Why does Brandon have his underwear off and you don't?" I asked her.  She shrugged her shoulders.  "That doesn't really seem fair, does it?"  She shrugged again.

"Do you think that's fair, Brandon?" I asked him, shifting my stare to my son.

"Umm..." he said as his hands twisted the material of the shirt at his groin.  As he did so, I could see the shifting of his hands caused the bottom of his scrotum to appear below the hem.  "No?" he answered in a question.

"He has a shirt, though," Jackie whined, as if that made a bit of sense.

"Good point," I told her.  What the fuck did I just say?  "I can't just pretend this didn't happen, though, can I?"  I asked them both.  Of course I could-- and should.  But my mouth was working more quickly than my twisted mind.  "And you don't want your mom to know what you were doing in here, do you Jackie?" I asked her.

"I guess not," Jackie said, pouting.

"Then it's only fair that you take off yours, right?"  Her hands were twisting in front of her as she considered what I was saying.  In my peripheral vision, I could see Brandon's eyes grow wide.  I turned my face toward Brandon, "But that means you have to lose the shirt, buddy."  His eyebrows raised up as far as they could go.  I could see him pinching his cocklet between his thumb and first two fingers through the shirt as he pondered this.

"But I... I..." Jackie stammered.

"But nothing," I interrupted.  "You guys want to play husband and wife?  Fine.  Then you both have to be naked."  I had no idea where I was going with this except to get both these kids clothesless for my own sexual gratification.  Is that so wrong?

Jackie raised her hands toward the top of her panties, running her thumbs along the top edge.  "Yes," I thought.  "Just do it..."

"I don't know," said Jackie.  "Are you sure you won't tell?" she asked me.

"Cross my heart," I told her sincerely, removing my hand from her waist and making a cross atop by pounding heart.  "I won't tell a soul."  I returned my hand to her waist, but on the hip closer to me this time.

"Ok," she said, accepting the crossed heart as a most sacred promise.

"But you have to cross your hearts, too," I told them, binding them to secrecy.

Brandon was the first to swear.  He lifted his right hand to cross his heart, which caused my son's shirt to raise up and his little pecker to pop out from beneath the short shirt and I saw Jackie's eyes drop to his small hard-on.  "Cross my heart and hope to die.  Now your turn, Jackie," he said, but his hand pulled the shirt back down over his swollen boyhood.  She repeated Brandon's words and actions across her tiny left nipple.

"Now let's get this over with," I said as if I were performing some monotonous chore.  I slipped my fingers down under the waistband of her little panties, pulling them down slowly along her waist an inch or so.  I could almost see her little pussy as I stretched them down, holding them in that position.  I noticed she had a subtle tan line, probably from her bikini bathing suit, that was now visible to my hungry eyes.  She reached down and held her panties in place so that we were playing a gentle game of tug-of-war.  "You promised," I told her which, of course, she hadn't.  She had only promised not to tell.

Jackie's hand held its ground and I actually thought about stopping.  I didn't really need to see her naked and I wasn't even sure if I wanted to, but I guess a part of me had wanted to put the little brat in in her place.  I released her panties and she pulled them back onto her hip, pulling them a little higher than before which had the effect of making her mound even more pronounced.  I pulled Brandon over sideways with my left hand and rested my right hand on his other hip.

"Will you take them off if Brandon takes off his shirt?" I asked, and the question surprised me as I asked it.  She cocked her head and looked at me like she was thinking about it.  "Come on, buddy," I told him.  "Let's get that shirt off."

"Ok," he said timidly, but his hands just kept the shirt pulled down.  I shifted to my knees and grabbed ahold of the hem of his shirt, pulling up.  Brandon didn't resist like Jackie, though, and I began pulling his shirt up past his tummy as I admired my boy's thoroughly erect little nine year old cock and his balls as I did so.  I noticed Miss Priss watching intently as I continued to pull his shirt up.  He raised his thin arms up above his head and I pulled the shirt up over his head and off his arms, tossing it behind me to the other clothes scattered on his floor.

He started to cover his package with his hands but I moved my hand between his arm and his body, pressing it flat against his belly and sliding it down to his dickie.  When my hand reached his, I just kept going until my hand touch the base of his absolutely rock-hard penis, my other hand coming to rest on his tight little bottom.  His face went red again and a nervous smile crept across his face.  He slowly moved his hands away from his groin and I grabbed his little shaft with my thumb and index finger, rolling it around between them.

I noticed Jackie's hand moved over from the waistband of her panties to her little mound and rubbed it a little.  Then she, just like her older brother, licked her lips lightly as she stared at my hand as it masturbated my son.

"Go on," I told her.  "You want to touch your husband's penis, don't you?"  I glanced down to my lap and noticed the head of my own erect cock and part of the shaft was sticking out the leg of my shorts an inch or two.  I made no attempt to conceal it.

Jackie looked over at me quickly, and I knew the answer was yes.  She returned her stare to Brandon's little erection before slowly moving the hand that was rubbing her mound over to his cocklet.  Brandon's gaze followed her hand as it crossed the short distance between them.  As she got within an inch or so of where my hand was fondling him, I could feel him push his hips forward toward her, and I helped him by pointing it toward her outstretched hand.  When the head of his penis touched the backs of her fingers, she pulled it away slightly.  She licked her lips again and, after a moment, she stretched her fingers open, reached over, and placed her fingers on top of his head.  Brandon gasped.

"It's so hot," she said, and I couldn't agree more.  Although I knew she was thinking temperature, I was thinking erotic.  I released Brandon's stiffy and sat back on to my ass, keeping my left hand on his rump.  My right hand glided up my leg to my cock, which was now lifting the leg of my shorts and suspended above my thigh.  I rubbed the head of my cock and felt the precum oozing from my piss slit, smearing it on my fingers.  Jackie just held his tiny peter with her fingertips, her eyes locked on target.

I released my cock and reached out to Jackie's hand, running my moist fingers across the back of her hand and I noticed how my hand nearly covered hers.  I closed my hand on hers, and began to slide it back and forth across the top of his penis, and I looked at the expression on Brandon's face.  My sweet little nine year old boy had a look of pure lust on his face.

I let go of Jackie's hand, admiring the streaks of my juices as they shone across the back of her hand as it continued the motion on his dick.  My hand returned to my own prick, rubbing it slowly as I watched.  "You should feel his balls," I instructed.  "But be careful, Jackie.  They're very tender."

She took a deep breath and, rather than let go of his dick, she lifted her other hand, palm up, to his crotch and she cupped his tightly drawn sac.  I pushed Brandon's bottom gently, pushing his penis ever closer to Jackie.  "Uhh..." Brandon moaned as she fondled his prepubescent balls.  I released my cock again and moved it up to Jackie's ass, massaging it gently.  She either didn't notice or didn't care now, focussed on the task at hand.  As she continued to play with my boy's pricklet, I raised my hand to the small of her back and slid it down, slipping my fingers in the back of her panties.  My moist fingers were now inside her underpants, touching the naked skin of her ten year old ass.  She glanced over at me for a second and then shifted her attention down toward my lap, where my cock was almost entirely sticking out of my shorts.  Again, I made no effort to adjust my position.  Her eyes lingered on my much larger cock for a moment before returning her stare to Brandon, whose eyes were now closed.  His hands were on his bony hips, and he was sort of  pumping  into her hand. 

I ran my middle finger down the crack of Jackie's ass while, at the same time, pushing the thin cotton half way down her butt, exposing the tops of her cheeks.  I continued to lower my hand, sneaking my middle finger down between her legs, exploring and enjoying the warmth.  She pushed back slightly with her butt, which pushed my hand further between her thighs.  I pushed my hand down, exposing her entire bottom now, the material of her panties now stretched to their limit.  The waistband of her panties was beginning to inch down her hips.  I turned my hand over then and grabbed the crotch of her panties in my hand and pushed them down a little more forcefully, and I saw the panties give.  They slipped down in front, exposing her hairless crotch.

Jackie released Brandon's nuts and started to reach back to pull her panties back up, but then she stopped and returned her hand to his scrotum.  I took that as the sign I needed and pushed her panties down her legs to her thighs.  At that point, gravity took over and her undies fell to her ankles.  My hand returned to her ass, and I pushed my middle finger again between her thighs.  She stepped one leg out of her panties and, when it returned to the floor, her legs were spread a little further than before.  I ran my finger further between her firm upper thighs, rubbing in little circles as it went until I felt the bottom edge of her slightly moist little slit.

I felt my cock begin to twitch, and I was concerned I would blow my load too soon.  I let go of Jackie and pinched the head of my cock hard, stopping the impending orgasm.  Jackie looked over at what I was doing.  After about 15 seconds, I stood from the floor and moved over toward my son's bed.  I turned on the rotating, translucent light on the dresser next to his bed which he would often turn on when I tucked him in at night.  The little sailboats projected onto the walls of his bedroom and I turned back toward the kids in front of the closet.  Their position hadn't changed, so I moved over toward the door and flicked off the overhead light before closing the bedroom door.

The room was now darker, but with the night lamp it wasn't too dark, and the images of the sailboats rotating about the room gave it a completely different atmosphere.  "Come over here guys," I said as kicked at the clothes on the floor before sitting down on the edge of Brandon's bed.  I noticed the sports sheets, covered in baseballs, soccer balls, footballs, and baseball bats when combined with the rotating lamp seemed highly erotic.  Bats and balls, balls and bats...

Jackie and Brandon looked over at me, uncertain exactly what I was asking.  "Come here," I repeated, patting the sheets.  Jackie released him and bent over to pick up her panties.  "No, Jackie," I told her.  "Just leave them there and come over here, honey."  She and Brandon moved over toward the bed and he covered his dickie again with his hands.  I nearly laughed at the absurdity of his modesty at this point.

"Get on the bed," I told them, patting it again a few times.  Jackie climbed up onto the bed onto her back and eased up toward the pillow.  Brandon climbed up at the foot of the bed as I swiveled on my butt toward Jackie.  My cock was still fully erect, but inside my shorts now, pressing them up and out grotesquely, and I made sure Jackie saw it.  Her eyes were bulging and her hand was back to slowly rubbing her puffy lips.  I pulled my shirt off and tossed it over with the rest of the clothes.

"Scoot up, Bran.  Up here with Jackie," I told him.  He began crawling on hands and knees toward her like a puppy.  His face was turned toward me, though, and my son was definitely checking out my tented shorts in awe.  I leaned back onto my forearm to give him a better view.

"What are we gonna do?" Jackie asked, somewhat nervous.

"Oh, you'll see," I told her.  Brandon straddled her lower legs and sat back, lifting his body upright, and I admired his little stiffy as it jutted up toward the ceiling, wiggling slightly as he settled in.  "Keep going," I told him.  He looked at me curiously, not knowing what I meant, so I sat up and moved to his side on the tiny twin bed.  As I lifted him up under his arms and pulled him up so he was straddling Jackie's chest, his knees up against her armpits, I felt his thigh graze my swollen cock and it sent shivers through my body.

His two inch boy cock was now only a foot or so away from Jackie's face as he gently rested the weight of his bottom on Jackie's chest.  She lifted her head and stared directly at my son's willie.  "Give it a kiss," I instructed her as I reached over and took his penis between my fingers.  "Kiss Brandon's pee pee."  I felt his little boner twitch.  "It's what husbands and wives do..."  With my left hand, I lifted his bottom up off her chest, which pushed his cock closer to her lips.  He didn't resist.  She lifted her head slightly and gave my boy  a little peck, right on the tip of his pecker.  She pulled away.  "Good girl, Jackie.  Wasn't that nice?"  She nodded hesitantly.  "Now put it in your mouth and suck on it a little."  I expected her to balk at that, but she raised her hands to his butt cheeks, lifted her head, and put the head of his cock between her lips.  I could feel her breath on my hand as I held my son's erection before I released it and stroked Jackie's hair.

"There you go," I said.  "Keep doing that."  I eased off the bed and slipped my shorts down my hips, releasing my aching cock from its confines.  I saw both kids look over at me, a little surprised, but not as much as I would have thought.  Jackie was still suckling on Brandon's dick, and he was making a slow, short humping motion into her face.  I squeezed my meat, pulling the skin of my cock up over my head.  As I did this, the precum that coated my cock head made a squishing noise. I let go of my dick, wanting to prolong the feeling, and got back on the bed with the little love birds.  With my left hand, I reached down and squeezed my cock head, which caused a a little dollop of precum to ooze out of my piss slit.  I scooped it up on my finger tip and brought it up and rubbed it onto the shaft of my son's cock.  It shined on his little stiffy and pulsed as the rotating lamp made each pass.  "Push it in deeper, Bran."  I watched as Brandon arched his hips more, pushing his little penis deeper into her mouth, and I saw my precum on his shaft disappear as it slid deeper into her mouth.  As it came back out, I could now see the shininess was replaced with her saliva.  "Perfect," I told them.  "Keep doing it just like that."

I sat up and admired my work.  Before me, Jackie was squeezing my son's butt cheeks, pulling his cock into her little mouth as I fondled my cock beside them.  My other hand began playing with my balls, and I moaned in pleasure as I saw Jackie slightly arching her back, lifting little Brandon up further into her face.

"Can we have sex now?" Brandon asked so innocently, his voice somewhat strained.  I was a little surprised by his question, though I guess I shouldn't have been.  Kids these days know so much more about sex that I did at their age.

"Sure," I replied.  "If you want to."  God, I wanted them to.  Brandon scooted back, and his cock popped out of the ten year old's mouth, all shiny and spitty.  Jackie's face leaned forward greedily and tried to latch onto his cocklet again, as if she wanted more.  He obliged, and pressed his dick back into her mouth all the way and held it there while Jackie sucked like a baby.  I saw her cheeks suck into her mouth around her teeth as she suckled.  After a moment, he pulled  back out and shimmied down her body.

I offered no further instruction, curious to see how the tykes did on their own.  I leaned back on my side and scooted up next to Jackie.  I was propped up on my arm, which was behind the pillow above her head.  I reached down and held the base of my shaft and rubbed it into her side, above her hip, smearing my precum on her soft skin.  She moved her left hand onto my hip and caressed me gently.

Looking back toward Brandon, I saw him between her legs.  He bent over and kissed Jackie's swollen pussy lips and she moaned, spreading her legs for her new lover.  "Good for him," I thought.  That wouldn't have been my next move, but I was proud of my little pussy-hungry breeder boy.  I released my cock and began rubbing her tummy in circles as Brandon lifted her legs up, bending them at the knee, and her left leg was leaned over onto mine beside her.  He bent down deep and gave a longer, more passionate kiss on her girl parts.

I eased my hand down her belly to Brandon's mouth on her twat.  He lifted his head slightly, looking up at me, and I saw his lips and all around his mouth were covered in his saliva and maybe even some of her juices?  I didn't know if little girls produced any, but the thought made my dick twitch.  With my left hand, I spread her labia apart and nodded back at Brandon.  He dove back in and slowly started lapping at her cunt with his tongue.  What he lacked in technique, he made up for in enthusiasm-- I'll give him that.  Little Jackie didn't seem to give a shit about his technique, as she was writhing beneath me, moaning and groaning.  I absent-mindedly thought how pleased my wife would be to know how much her son, at least, enjoyed cunnilingus before I pushed her right out of my mind laughing inside at the absuridy of it all.

After another couple minutes of that, Brandon just stopped and sat up.  I noticed he was still fully erect and staring at her pussy.  He gripped his weenie between his fingers and played with it slightly and I could tell he was thinking of what to do next.  I could almost hear the wheels turning in his mind.  He leaned forward, leaving his knees planted on the bed between her legs, and walked his hands up over her bent and spread legs.  This had the effect of moving him into the missionary position, and I watched with interest as his little nail moved up atop her crotch.  He apparently knew what he wanted...

I watched with more than a little amusement as his little bubble butt bounced around on top of her, obviously trying to get his teenie weenie into her hole.  He seemed to be getting a little frustrated, based on the grunts and other noises he was making.  Jackie's moans, however, seemed to indicate she enjoyed the grinding.  He finally lifted himself up above her and reached down with his right hand and took hold of his little pecker.  He was trying to jab and aim it into her, but with no success.  Jackie didn't seem to enjoy this part as much and I considered assisting, but opted against it.

After several more tries, I could tell he'd found his mark.  He eased down into her with a long, low groan.  His head was lifted and I watched as his eyes rolled up into his head.  He had an almost pained look on his face and was biting on his lower lip.  I knew my son would never be just my little boy after that.  Jackie sucked in her breath.  "Aahhh..." she groaned, and I wondered if he was taking her cherry.  I didn't know how those things worked, never having been with a virgin girl and, honestly, never having spent a moment wondering before today, but I imagined his little spike was probably still too childish to accomplish that mission tonight.

This wasn't just sex play; it was full-on sex.  Brandon started humping erratically into her, and I loved watching his clumsiness mixed with his obvious passion.  My boy banged the little brat mercilessly, his little hands grasping the little sports sheets tightly as his hips bucked again and again.  I noticed again the swirling light of the sailboat lamp as it bathed their naked and sweating bodies in its light.

Just then, I saw Jackie's face contort even more and she started making erratic gasps.  Was she having an orgasm?  Was that even possible?  She began squealing and shrieking a little and it was almost actually scary.  I wondered if she would wake up John in the room next door.  Maybe even the neighbors...  At the same time, I noticed Brandon's body tense up, every little muscle seeming to stand out on his scrawny body.

"Uhhhh, uhhh, arghhh..." he roared, a noise bigger than him, and I knew my baby boy was firing blanks into his target. 

I couldn't take any more.  I got up onto my knees and took my sopping cock in my fist, pounding it hard.  My eyes closed, but I could hear the screams and groans of passion from the kids on the little twin bed with me.  I opened my eyes right as I felt the cum shooting up from the base of my cock, just in time to see the spurts of my semen as it splattered against my son's back and Jackie's chest.  A little glob landed against my son's cheek and I watched as it dribbled down a little.

Brandon looked over at me, even in his passion, and reached his right hand up and rubbed my cum from his cheek.  He didn't looked pleased as he looked at his hand and then back to my still pulsing cock.

"Sorry," I told him, though I wasn't really.  He just closed his eyes and lay his head onto Jackie's heaving chest as I watched the streaks of cum on his back begin to liquefy and dribble down to his bony ribs, his chest rhythmically expanding a contracting as he breathed.

It was all so peaceful.  Brandon looked like he was falling into a post-orgasmic slumber and Jackie was slowly rolling her head back and forth, rubbing her prepubescent nipple.  Just then, I heard the loud groan of the electric garage door as it began to rise...

To be continued...