His Mate's Mom (Part 1)


His Mate's Mom
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “Best Ever”. That began an ongoing conversation with AM in England about his experiences.

Part 1

Hey, want to see something really neat?” Lee asked as he and Andy lounged around in Lee's bedroom playing a video game instead of doing their sixth grade homework.

Sure,” Andy answered tentatively, trying to think what Lee could show him that he didn't already know all about.

After all, the two of them couldn't remember not knowing each other. In fact, their parents were friends even before either of them was born and their mothers since preschool. They were actually more like brothers than friends, in every way but appearance. Lee stood a good four inches taller than Andy and his stocky body out weighed his slightly younger friend by at least thirty pounds even at age twelve.

They grew up in the same neighborhood just a couple of blocks apart. Since their mothers spent a lot of time together, so did they. It was not uncommon for one to spend the night at the others and for one mother to treat both boys exactly the same way, from bathing or sleeping together to a snack after school at one house or the other to receiving the same punishment from the closest one first, and then again from the other, when they got caught doing something wrong.

Close your eyes,” Lee instructed, “and no peeking until I say so.”

Andy closed his eyes and wondered what could be such a secret. He heard some rustling around but didn't think Lee left the room or anything like that.

OK, open up,” Lee said with a hint of excitement in his voice.

He opened his eyes and looked at Lee standing naked in front of him, his three and a half inch dick standing straight out from his crotch.

So what's the surprise?” Andy asked, “I've seen you naked plenty of times.”

No, you have to look closer...come here,” Lee insisted and tugged Andy's hand until he stood just inches away.

So you're dick gets hard, mine does too, nothing special about that,” Andy complained as Lee pushed him down so his nose almost touched the tip of Lee's cock.

Look closer!” Lee demanded in an exasperated tone and pointed to the area just above his stiff dick. “See the hair starting to grow?”

Andy squinted and moved even closer. It was immediately apparent that Lee's dick was both longer and thicker than he remembered. Sure enough, there were three or four short dark hairs sprouting where Lee pointed.

Wow, that's pretty cool,” he murmured, “I don't think I have any hair there.”

Let me see,” Lee exclaimed so Andy dropped his own pants and briefs.

Lee leaned forward and examined Andy's crotch carefully, pushing his hairless dick and tight balls from one side to the other as he looked for some hair. That touch sent a thrilling shiver through Andy's crotch.

Nope, no hair for you,” Lee finally declared, “so I bet you can't do the other thing either.”

What other thing?”

Give me your hand,” Lee demanded and when Andy extended it to him, Lee gripped his wrist and put Andy's hand directly on his stiff dick.

Andy didn't pull away, just looked at Lee in confusion. They had touched each other over the years many times, playing around and in the bath. This time his friend's cock seem to quiver in his hand and another shiver surged through Andy's groin.

Now, wrap your fingers around my dick,” Lee continued and put his hand on top of Lee's, “and tug it back and forth like this.”

As he started to do as he was told, Andy could feel Lee's dick grow even harder in his fingers.

Not too tight...oh yeah...just like that...don't stop...oh...oh yeah...now...god yes...now!” Lee groaned and began thrashing his hips until suddenly a small jet of watery jism gushed on to Andy's hand.

Andy pulled back in surprise and looked at his hand, a string of Lee's spunk dripped toward the floor while the remainder stretch between his fingers.

What...what the...hell?” he sputtered looking up at a grinning Lee.

Damn, that felt really good, better even than when I rub myself,” Lee continued. “I started to shoot like that a week or so ago, after the hair grew. Does your dick feel tingly when you touch it, like this?”

Lee reached down and fondled Andy's cock and balls. With a low moan, Andy felt a growing warmth tickle his groin, spreading to his legs for a minute before subsiding. He looked down but there was nothing in Lee's hand.

Nope, you can't do it like I can,” he gloated and put his hand back on his own dick.

Just then, they heard Lee's mother, a woman Andy called Aunt Kerri, call up the stairs that she was home. They both quickly pulled on their pants and headed down the stairs.

Aunt Kerri was unpacking a bag of groceries when they walked in the kitchen. She stopped, smiled and stepped over to them, giving both boys a warm hug and a kiss on the top of their heads.

What have you two been up to?” she asked them with a chuckle as she went back to the groceries, “and don't try kidding me that it was homework.”

Hmm, a video game, in the bedroom,” Lee responded while elbowing Andy to keep him quiet, “we don't have much homework today.”

Are you staying for dinner, Andy?” she asked without turning.

Nah, Mom told me to be home for dinner tonight,” he answered, “and I guess I better get going.”

Well, tell your mom I get off early on Friday and start late on Saturday so you can spend the night here if she and your dad want to go out for the evening,” Kerri said, giving him another tender kiss on the head as he shouldered his book bag at the door.

As he walked the few blocks to his house, Andy thought about what happened. Lee was always doing things before him and that made him a little mad. Yet it was pretty exciting in an unfamiliar way when that stuff shot into his hand and the way Lee held his dick made him hard again just thinking about it.

Of course, it was only a matter of time until Andy sprouted some pubic hair, his dick grew longer and thicker and he too began shooting sperm. After that, his daily routine was to jerk off before getting out of bed in the morning, go to school, jerk off with Lee after school and do it one more time before going to sleep.

It was after they discovered internet porn, that things became more interesting. Andy favored the kind where women with big tits got fucked in all sorts of different ways so their tits flopped around. Lee tended toward videos with older women fucking younger guys and even the occasional gay one.

At first, they would just jerk off next to each other. One day, Lee reached over and took Andy's dick in his hand and stroked him until Andy's spunk covered his fist. By the time both were almost thirteen, they sucked each other off at least once every time they got together.


Have you ever seen your mom naked?” Lee asked one day as they stroked themselves and watched two twinks fuck a woman in her mouth and pussy at the same time.

Yeah, I walked into the bathroom once and she was just getting out of the shower,” Andy replied, remembering the incident vividly and his now four inch cock stiffening immediately.

It had, in fact, been an accident. He rushed into the bathroom without thinking just as his mother was stepping out of the tub. She was a short, lithe woman and Andy got his body type from her.

Her hair was plastered against her head, her small breasts with penny sized pink nipples swayed with her movement and the thin triangle of honey brown hair between her legs glistened with droplets of water. Because of the position she was in, Andy could see just a hint of the pink flesh on the inside of the folds of her pussy lips.

They both froze for a moment just staring at each other.

His mother quickly reached for a towel to cover herself as Andy mumbled his apologies and turned away. Yet, the sight of her bare tits and hairy mound was burned into his brain. Later he lay on his bed jerking off imagining his mother standing naked in front of him, smiling and admiring his rigid four inch dick.

From then on, every time he saw her, he tried to picture her without her clothes. He also made some obvious and clumsy attempts to get her attention, to show off the way his dick had grown since the last time she bathed him when he was ten or so.

He would walk around the house in just his briefs with his little boner pressing out or intentionally drop his towel while walking from the bathroom to his bedroom. His mother never showed the least interest, other than to tell him to get dressed before turning away. Try as he may, he didn't get another opportunity to see her nude either.

Andy came out of his reverie when Lee poked his arm.

What...what did you say?”

I said I'd really like to see your mom naked...mmm...I bet she has a really tight pussy, almost as tight as your ass,” Lee laughed and pinched the head of Andy's dick.

Well she doesn't have big tits like your mom,” Andy added, “I'd like to see her naked too. Have you ever?”

No but sometimes when she hugs me she squashes them against my face,” Lee said hazily.

I bet she has really big nipples and hairy cunt too,” Andy murmured and stroked himself even harder until another few droplets of jism spurted on to his belly.

About a week later, they had their chance.

Andy was spending the night. After dinner, Lee's mother suggested they watch a movie and told the boys to go put on their pajamas before it started. When they got to the bedroom, Lee stripped completely naked before putting his pajamas on, telling Andy to do the same. The way his dick flopped around freely under the loose pajamas, Andy felt like he was almost naked and his cock tingled.

Lee's mother made some popcorn and set up the video player while they were gone. She also put on some soft cottony pajamas of her own and Andy could see the way her plump tits swayed easily under the top. She let them pick the first movie, some forgettable action flick, and then she chose the second. Andy was surprised it was one where there were some sex scenes and even a glimpse of a naked breast or two. It wasn't real porn but Andy got hard watching those scenes while sitting right next to Aunt Kerri. He hoped she didn't notice.

When the movies were over, she sent them upstairs to pee and brush their teeth before bed. As they finished up, she walked into the bathroom wearing a fluffy robe tied at the waist and made a point of them seeing her put her dirty panties and bra into the clothes hamper.

I'm going to take a shower so you guys go get in bed,” she told them softly and kissed both of them tenderly on the head.

Andy could feel her nipples brush lightly over his cheek and he turned quickly so she wouldn't see his stiff dick. He looked at Lee as they left the room and his cock was hard as well.

I bet she's naked under that robe,” Andy whispered excitedly as they climbed into the bed. “Did you feel her tits brush against your cheek too.”

Yeah, I think you're right and did you see those panties in her hand?” Lee responded and Andy could see his arm move as he began stroking himself under the bed covers.
“Want to try and see even more?”

Sure, but how?”

Sometimes the door latch in the bathroom sticks and the door doesn't stay completely closed. We might be able to sneak a few peeks without her knowing.”

The very thought of actually seeing Aunt Kerri naked for even a moment caused Andy's dick to throb. Before he could say anything, Lee threw off the covers and climbed out of the bed. His boner pushed out against his pajama bottoms.

They padded down the hallway as silently as they could manage, the sounds of the shower water drowning out their scuffling steps. Lee was correct. The door to the bathroom stood slightly ajar, but not enough they could see anything.

Lee looked at him and put his finger to his lips as a signal to stay quiet. The water was still running full blast so Aunt Kerri was still in the shower. Lee very slowly pushed the door open a couple more inches. They couldn't see the tub directly but when the water turned off and Aunt Kerri drew back the shower curtain, they could see her reflected in the mirror...all of her...total naked...water glistening on her skin and in her hair.

Andy bit his lip to keep from moaning out loud. His hand immediately fell to his throbbing dick.

Aunt Kerri stood a second letting the water drip off her body before reaching for a towel. Her large soft tits with half dollar sized dark brown nipples swayed beneath her before she straightened up and dried her hair. Her tits flopped back and forth, pushed out from her body with her arms above her head. Then she dried the rest of herself, carefully toweling both tits before bending over to reach her legs, ending up rubbing the fluffy material back and forth between her legs.

Andy could barely breath as he excitedly stroked himself, feeling Lee's arm moving just as vigorously next to him. Then it got even better.

She stepped out of the tub and tossed the wet towel toward the hamper. She picked up another towel and stepped in front of the vanity and the mirror, giving the boys an even closer look at her tits and pussy as she dried her hair some more. She finished with her hair and looked at herself in the mirror, first brushing at some spots on her forehead then holding up both of her tits with her nipples now erect and the size of an eraser on a pencil.

Lee grabbed Andy's shoulder and squeezed hard. Andy looked over to see a string of cum shoot from Lee's dick and dribble to the floor. He stopped stroking himself just so he wouldn't make any noise and cum right then himself.

Aunt Kerri reached for some lotion and squirted a little in her hand before rubbing it into her face and neck. The next gob she spread all over her arms. Then she covered both her tits, ever so slowly massaging the lotion in and then tugging on them as she moaned lowly.

Andy felt some of his cum dipping down the inside of his leg without even touching himself.

She kept rubbing the lotion all over her body. She picked up one leg and put her foot on the vanity as she covered her leg. When she did that, her pussy lips parted giving the boys a direct look at the moist pink flesh hidden under the folds of her cunt. She finished one leg and leisurely did the other, continuing their incredibly arousing view of her pussy.

When the lotion was gone, she hesitated a moment then ever so slowly rubbed her finger back and forth through the black hair and moist slit without bringing her leg back to the floor. She closed her eyes and moaned again, her finger moving even more rapidly until she began to quiver. Yelping loudly, she clamped her legs together with her hand still covering her pussy. She leaned forward against the vanity for a moment then reached for her hairbrush.

When she started brushing her hair, Lee grabbed Andy's arm and pulled him back from the door and into the bedroom. They climbed under the covers and lay on their backs rapidly stroking themselves.

Andy started to cum quickly, shooting on to his belly with a groan. Lee moaned next to him and trembled as his jism spurted onto his hand. They lay breathing heavily without saying a word.

The bedroom door creaked open and Aunt Kerri stepped into the room, once again wearing the fleecy robe. She came over to the bed and bent forward to kiss Lee and then Andy on the forehead.

Andy squirmed, smelling the lotion covering her body and the shampoo in her still damp hair. Even in the dim light from the hallway, he could see the gap between her tits when her nipples pressed against his chest. Andy felt her hand brush over his crotch through the bed cover, lingering for just a second on top of his half hard dick. Then she stood up and looked down at them for a moment.

Good night boys...sweet dreams,” she murmured and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Neither of them could even breath until they heard her bedroom door close.

That was...amazing,” was all Andy could mutter, taking his cock back in his hand, “your mom has an unbelievable body.”

Yeah, that was hot for sure,” Lee chimed in, “I can't believe how turned on I am.”

With that, he rolled over to Andy and gave him a deep passionate kiss. After he got over the surprise, Andy kissed him back and they grappled with each other until Lee slipped down and for the very first time fingered his asshole when he took Andy's cock into his mouth. His back arched and Andy almost immediately shot his watery jism into Lee's mouth.

When Andy stopped thrashing, Lee raised his head and grinned, with strings of Andy's cum drizzling from his chin. Then he got on his knees between Andy's legs and jerked off until his semen shot all over Andy's deflated cock and balls.

After that night, they didn't get anything close to as good a view of a nude Aunt Kerri for some time, although there were a few times she may well have been naked wearing a very skimpy bikini in the hot tub. Andy would often gratify himself thinking about her and his naked mother, imagining them standing next to each other in front of him.


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