His Mate's Mom (Part 2)

His Mate's Mom
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “Best Ever”. That began an ongoing conversation with AM in England about his experiences.

Part 2

About two months after seeing Lee's mom naked and playing with herself, Andy and Lee were laying next to each other breathing heavily, little rivulets of their own sperm dripping down their sides.

Does your mom know you jerk off?” Lee said suddenly, surprising Andy with the question.

Uh...I don't know...I don't think so...why do you ask?” Andy answered.

My mom knows,” Lee stated flatly and idly fingered his limp dick.

How can she know?” Andy asked incredulously.

Yesterday evening I was watching a porno, you know, the one I really like with a young guy fucking an older woman, imagining it was my mom. I was right on the edge of cumming when I looked up and she was standing in the doorway in a t-shirt and panties, leaning back against the frame with her arms folded under her tits. She had a really funny look on her face. Anyway I was so close that my cum was ready to shoot on my belly even though I stopped stroking.”

What did she say...or do?” Andy asked, sitting up with a growing uneasiness.

Nothing at first, just looked at me and smiled funny. Then she said 'Don't stop, go ahead and finish yourself.' So I stroked my dick a couple more times until my spunk all shot out while she watched. She walked over and sat on the side of the bed and swirled her finger around in the puddle of cum on my belly and told me...don't be upset...everyone masturbates...it's a natural thing to do. She said she did have one request, though, to use tissues to clean up and not make the sheets and my underwear all crusty any more for her to launder. Then she walked out and came back in a minute with a box of tissue and that little trash can next to the bed, kissed me and left.”

Is that all she said...she wasn't mad...or anything?” Andy exclaimed, surprised by Aunt Kerri being so understanding.

Oh she did say one more thing,” Lee grinned, “and she told me to quote her exactly...'and tell Andy to use the tissues too!'

Andy was mortified and, when he left to go home, he averted his eyes from Aunt Kerri. As he walked to his house, he wondered if his mom knew he was jerking off and figured she probably did since she and Kerri were such close friends. That night before going to sleep he jerked off again picturing Aunt Kerri standing naked in the bathroom and then wiped up his cum from the newly opened box of tissues on the nightstand.


By the time Lee's fifteenth birthday approached, Andy had grown to like his ass being fingered while he was sucked or even jerked off. Lee did as well and they took turns doing one another. The night before Lee's birthday, Aunt Kerri called to say she had to work late. They trudged over to Andy's house and got some dinner but since his folks already had plans for the evening, walked back to Lee's to spend the night.

Want to try a beer?” Lee asked as they walked into his kitchen. Andy wasn't sure about that at all, never having even tasted a beer but Lee insisted because it was his birthday and all.

Andy gagged a little with the first swallow and the somewhat bitter taste in the back of his throat. After a few more swigs, the beer started going down a lot easier. They both drank a second and Andy's head was spinning when Lee leaned over him and gave him a tongue lashing kiss.

I know what I want from you as a birthday present,” Lee murmured as he fondled Andy's stiffening dick. “I want to fuck you for real, the way I want to fuck my mom.”

I...I don't know...about that,” Andy stuttered, “you're so big.”

Lee's cock had grown to a good six inches by then, clearly larger than Andy's four and a half or five inches.

C'mon, it'll be fun, you already like my finger in you and you can fuck me next if you want,” Lee insisted, pulled Andy to his feet and led him up the stairs to the bedroom.

The room was revolving when Andy flopped on to his back and Lee pulled off his shorts and briefs. Lee flipped him on to his hands and knees so they could both watch the young twink fucking an older man on the TV.

The first splash of cold lube caused Andy's groin to twitch but Lee immediately slipped one finger into his ass and then a second. The hard head of Lee's dick pressing against the tight sphincter made Andy squeal and complain but Lee was totally into it by then.

Oh yeah, so tight, just like my mom, I bet, or yours,” Lee muttered huskily and pushed a little deeper.

Andy felt a burning pain in his asshole, whimpering and complaining loudly as Lee rammed his cock in deeper. Lee stuffed Andy's own briefs in his mouth to muffle the noise.

Then there was an unexpected burst of pure pleasure when Lee's dick began pounding the very sensitive spot deep in his ass. Andy moaned and pushed back, driving Lee's cock even deeper as his own dick hardened and throbbed.

Lee began moaning and thrusting harder, grabbing Andy's hips and flailing wildly.

I'm cumming...oh mommy...mommy...you feel so good...I'M CUMMING!” Lee shouted and poured his sticky sperm into Andy's ass for the first time.

Damn, that was amazing,” Lee muttered after he regained his breath and they lay side by side on the bed, “all I could think about was my mom's pussy when I was cumming in you.”

Well it hurt...a lot...at first,” Andy groaned, some of his own jism still coating his fingers, “but then really good when you shot into me.”

In the morning, Andy headed to his house after they woke up. Andy's dick stiffened when Lee's mother kissed him goodbye like she always did, trying to imagine seeing Lee's cock disappearing into his Aunt Kerri's hairy pussy.


School had been out for the summer for about a week when Andy's mother called him down to the kitchen one afternoon.

Kerri just called,” she said to him, “and asked if you could go over and give her hand with some work in her garden.”

Andy groaned but knew there was no getting around such a request. The afternoon was already hot, so he took his time getting there. When he got to the house he just automatically went around to the back like he and Lee always did, letting himself in through the gate and sauntered into the back yard. He was about to go in the kitchen door when he spotted her kneeling In the dirt doing something near the hot tub.

As he quietly approached, he noticed he could see through her sweat soaked t-shirt and she was wearing her skimpy red bikini top underneath. The way she bent forward, he could also see the very top of her ass crack disappearing into some loose running shorts. As he stopped behind her, a bead of sweat rolled from her back down to that crevice.

Hi Aunt Kerri, what do you need me to do?” he called out from maybe three feet behind her.

Aunt Kerri jumped back in surprise, falling on to her ass with her legs spread wide and her hand over her heart. She looked up at him in surprise, her face flushing red.

Geez, Andy, you scared the piss out of me,” she said after a minute looking up at him.

Oh...I'm sorry...I thought you...,” Andy stammered with his eyes locked on the crotch of her shorts, wondering if indeed that was a little piss stain there.

No bother, I wasn't paying attention,” she said, got up, brushed herself off and gave him a quick hug with one tit pressing against his chest, “and I'm glad you could come over to give me a hand.”

Where's Lee?” he asked looking around and realizing for the first time the other boy wasn't around.

His father unexpectedly had a few days off this week, so he picked him up earlier and will be gone a couple of days,” she responded and walked to the other side of the hot tub. “If you would, start cleaning out all the weeds around here and work your way back toward me.”

Lee's father and mother were divorced shortly after he was born. Andy didn't know him very well, having met him only a few times over the years. Usually Lee spent one weekend a month with his father, so this was an unusual arrangement.

Andy picked up a bucket to put the weeds and trash in and went to work. With the sun beating down on his back, very shortly he was sweating profusely and his t-shirt was soaked. He pulled it over his head and noticed Aunt Kerri was looking directly at him with a wan smile on her face.

He and Lee had been working out the past few months, planning on going out for the wrestling team at school the following fall. As a result, his body was pretty toned even for his slight stature. He wiped the sweat off his neck and chest and glanced back at Aunt Kerri. She was kneeling and just continuing to look at him in a way that sent a shiver down his spine. Before she turned back to her own work, she grinned and pulled her own sweat soaked shirt off and tossed it aside. Her tiny red bikini top barely contained her swaying tits when she moved.

Andy's back was getting stiff, when he felt a soft touch on his shoulder. Aunt Kerri stood close to him, her skin glistening with a sheen of sweat as well and another droplet of sweat sliding down the cleft between her tits. As he stood, her hand traced down his arm, her fingertips just barely grazing the skin, enough to give him yet another shiver, this time in his groin.

You are sure growing up and filling out,” she cooed, brushing her fingertips across his sweaty chest and circling one nipple, “both you and Lee are not little boys any more, are you?”

She seemed lost in thought for a moment and Andy had no idea what to do so he just stood their looking at the sides and tops of her tits pushing out of her bikini top.

Why don't you gather up all this trash and put it in the garbage can and I'll get us something cold to drink,” she finally said, dropped her hand and walked toward the house.

As he watched her ass swaying when she walked away, Andy just hoped she didn't notice the way his stiffening dick pushed out against his shorts.

He finished putting out the trash and walked back into the yard when he spotted Aunt Kerri sitting in the gazebo by the hot tub. He motioned him over and patted the seat next to her, indicating for him to sit down. As he got settled, she reached down to a cooler by her feet and pulled out two icy beers, handing him one and then opening her own. He looked at the beer and then at her, surprised by her offer.

Oh don't worry, I won't tell anybody if you don't,” she giggled and took a long drink, “you really helped me out today and I want to reward you properly... like a real grown up.”

With that, she placed her hand on his shoulder and twirled her fingers around with the nails leaving a barely visible mark. Andy smiled at her and took a deep drink of the beer himself, trying not to sputter with the initial bitter taste. The only other time he ever drank beer was that night when Lee first fucked him and that memory caused his dick to harden slightly.

They talked for a few minutes about nothing in particular. As soon as he finished the beer, Aunt Kerri reached down and handed him another. By the time he took the first swig from the third beer, his head was spinning and it was all he could do to keep from focusing on Aunt Kerri's tits.

Before he knew what was happening, she put her beer down and was dragging her fingertips across his chest and down his belly. As she leaned closer to him, he felt her soft tit crush into his side. She took one of his hands and placed it on her taut inner thigh, just short of the red panties peeking out from under her shorts.

Andy knew his dick was hardening in his shorts but had no idea what to do or what Aunt Kerri wanted. She wiggled around a little, turning toward him a little more and dragging her fingernails across his chest and again encircled one of his nipples.

I just can't believe how grown up you are getting, Andy, both you and Lee,” she murmured into his ear, her hot breath adding to his arousal.

Her hand moved down over his belly until her fingertips reached the waistband of his shorts. She glanced down at his crotch and twisted her hips enough that his fingers on her thigh brushed up against the fabric of her shorts. She moaned lowly and brought her lips to his ear as she rubbed her hand lightly over his crotch and throbbing cock.

My, my, I see you are still a growing boy,” she cooed before her tongue darted into his ear “and I bet you can get a lot bigger still.”

She sat back and undid the bow around her neck holding her bikini top in place and let the flimsy material fall to her lap. Andy just stared at her bare tits, the nipples round and dark, the size of erect little erasers. She took both of his hands in hers and placed them on her soft warm tits. Then she reached down and cupped his cock and balls in one hand through his shorts.

You have no idea how long I wanted you to touch me like that,” she purred, “and to feel your hard cock in my hand...and a lot more.”

She leaned forward and kissed him, her tongue exploring his lips before ramming into his mouth. Andy was so startled he just sat there feeling her tits and not knowing what else to do. She slipped her hand under his waistband and wrapped her fingers around his rigid dick. Andy moaned feeling the first surge of his cum building in his balls.

Have you even touched a woman before?” she asked after breaking off the kiss and licking one of his nipples.

No...uh...no, never,” he managed to barely squeak when she bit his nipple softly.

So all you know is what you see on the porn you and Lee watch when you jerk off together? Oh don't look so surprised, I've known about what you two do together since your were little boys. Actually, if truth be known, it turns me on thinking about you boys doing that to each other, especially when I'm just down the hall in my own room...laying on my bed...touching myself.”

Andy froze, not knowing how to respond. How could she possibly know what he and Lee had been doing together? She didn't give him a chance to think about it for too long.

She stood up and pulled down her shorts, revealing the red bikini bottoms she wore underneath and stepped in front of Andy. He could see a small dark stain between her spread legs. Then she leaned forward, brushing her tits against his chest as she pulled his shorts down over his knees. His cock popped out and she immediately wrapped her fingers of one hand around it.

It has been a really long time since I touched this lovely dick,” she grinned, “way too long. Now, if you want to see my pussy, you will just have to take off my panties.”

Andy was in a daze, not believing this was happening to him. He leaned forward and hooked a finger inside the waistband of her panties on each side of her hips. He looked up to see her grinning down at him wickedly before she wiggled her hips just a little. Then with one movement, he pulled them down over her knees until they fell around her ankles.

When he looked up again, his nose was practically touching the coarse black triangle of hair above her pussy. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him closer until his face buried in that cunt hair, filling his nose with her musky scent.

She slowly lowered herself to her knees, kissing him passionately again before holding his dick to her lips with both hands. Her tongue flicked out and scooped up the drop of precum seeping from the head.

Now I want you to be honest with me,” she murmured, “and let me know if my blow job is as good as my son's.”


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