His Mate's Mom (Part 3)


His Mate's Mom
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “Best Ever”. That began an ongoing conversation with AM in England about his experiences.

Part 3

“Well, what's the verdict?” Aunt Kerri cooed, looking up at Andy with a string of his jism dripping from both corners of her mouth.

Andy sat with his eyes closed, his body still quivering. Aunt Kerri licked his still half hard cock a few times before looking up to him again.

“I...wow...never...wow...that was...the...best,” he managed to stammer before she rose back up and kissed him deeply and shared the last remnants of his own cum on her tongue with him.

“I thought you might like it,” she grinned, “now kiss my nipples and let me show you what to do with your other hand.”

As he took one nipple into his mouth, Aunt Kerri took his hand in hers and brought it up between her legs until his fingers touched the moist hair covering her pussy. She wiggled a little, until the folds of her cunt lips parted slightly and his fingers felt the warm, wet inner flesh.

Andy could feel his dick stiffening again as she moaned lowly and began grinding her cunt against his hand. She took one of his fingers and pulled it through that warm slit and pressed it against the hard nub of her clit.

“Oh yeah, there..right there,” she groaned and began moaning loudly before growling at him, “bite my nipple...hard!”

He clamped his teeth around the stiff nipple and Auntie Kerri let out a loud shriek which she then muffled by biting the top of his shoulder. Her hips flailed and pressed hard against his hands and a small bit of fluid soak his fingers.

“Oh god, I needed that,” she murmured into his ear after she collapsed on him “and now that we both have the edge off, we can really enjoy ourselves.”

She grabbed two more beers, took his hand and led him into the hot tub. They spent the next half hour groping and probing each other. By the time they got out, it was getting dark and Andy said he needed to go home.

“No such thing,” Aunt Kerri murmured in his ear while fondling his ass as they walked to the house with their clothing in their hands, “call your mother and tell her you're having dinner and spending the night here.”

When they got in the kitchen, Andy fished his phone from his shorts and called his mother. As soon as he placed the call, Aunt Kerri stepped behind him and wrapped her arms around his chest. His mother answered after a couple of rings.

“Keep her talking and I'll give you a special treat,” Aunt Kerri whispered into his ear followed by a gust of her hot breath.

“Hi Mom...yeah...Aunt Kerri asked me to stay...oh...for dinner...yeah...uh...and...er...for the...mmm...for the...night...oh...oh...cough...too.” he stammered.

As he tried to talk to his mother, Aunt Kerri flicked her tongue in his ear, pinched one of his nipples and began jerking off his rock hard cock. He groaned and bit his lip as his cum spurted all over her fingers...while he was trying to talk to his mother.

“What's the matter, honey, you sound a little strange,” his mother asked as he let out a little groan and the last of his cum coated Aunt Kerri's fingers and his legs wobbled.

Aunt Kerri took the phone from his hand and began talking to his mother while licking his spunk from her fingers. She pulled him close and rammed his face into her tits and one of his hands up between her legs until he started fingering her cunt.

“Oh yeah...no problem at all. In fact, why don't you two take the whole weekend...I have a lot more I need for him to do for me around here...yeah a lot more......great...sounds good...give me a call when you get back and I'll send him home,” Aunt Kerri said to his mother then hung up and threw his phone down on the table while grinning down at him wickedly.

“Your mom said I can keep you for the entire weekend...all for myself,” she cooed in his ear before giving him another deep tongue lashing kiss, “and to have fun. You think we can manage to have a little fun together?”

Andy looked at her and felt a grin spreading across his face,

Here he stood with his best friend's naked mother holding his hard dick while he fingered her pussy and she wanted to know if he thought they could have fun together. He leaned closer and kissed her again and for a moment they grappled with each other breathlessly until she pulled back and looked at him solemnly.

Without a word, she took his hand in hers and led him toward the stairs. In her bedroom, she turned back to him and fondled his hard dick while they kissed again. Then she pushed him down on the bed and stood looking down at him hungrily, pinching a nipple with one hand and fingering her hairy pussy with the other.

He watched her closely, not knowing what she wanted next and not really caring as long as this kept up. His dick was so hard it hurt.

“You know when I first touched a cock?” she asked, her hips swaying slowly and her finger thrusting in and out of her black cunt hair. “I was thirteen, two years younger than you are now. It was my uncle, my mother's youngest brother. We were home alone and he walked into my bedroom and caught me. You know what I was doing?”

Andy shook his head no and started to stroke himself.

“I was playing with my pussy, laying on my back fingering my clit and fucking my cunt with a hair brush handle. I don't even know how long he stood there watching me.”

Andy groaned, the dirty words describing such explicit acts spilling from Aunt Kerri's mouth while she continued touching herself right in front of him was driving him crazy. He squirmed around not sure if he could keep from cumming again for much longer.

“And then you know what happened? I had a big orgasm, right there in front of him. When I opened my eyes he was standing over me with his hard dick in his hand. I started to yell but he just grinned and told me he had something that felt a lot better than a hair brush handle. He dropped to his knees between my legs and licked my pussy until I climaxed all over his face again and then he climbed on the bed got on his back and had me straddle him. He held me under my arms while I lowered myself on his hard cock...god...it felt so, so good...filling my cunt. I started riding him and he pinched my budding nipples and rubbed my clit. I started to cum again just before I felt his warm sticky semen gushing into my pussy and he kept fucking me until his cock got soft and slipped out of me. Then we heard my parents coming home and he left and I never fucked him again. You know how old he was when he fucked me?”

Andy shook his head no again, completely captivated by the story, her swaying tits and the finger working in and out of her pussy.

“He was fifteen,” she moaned and trembled, “and I've been waiting ever since for you and Lee to turn fifteen...so I can fuck you... both of you.”

He just gasped at that, remembering the times Lee fucked him while calling him mommy.

“But no matter what I do, Lee never seems to notice my tits or my pussy and I'm afraid he might be gay.” she continued. “Then when...when you and he...started doing things together...I thought you were gay too. So before I lost a chance, I wanted to at least try fucking you.”

“I'm...not gay,” Andy sputtered, “I like girls...and seeing...you...now.”

“I'm glad to hear that,” she said, climbing up on the bed and sprawling her body over his. “Do you think Lee is gay since he seems to like sucking and fucking you.”

“I don't...know,” he tried to answer as her mouth cover his and her hand grabbed his hard cock, “but he talks about wanting to fuck you and my mom all the time.”

“And do you want to fuck your mom too?”

“Yes...oh god...yes,” Andy whispered huskily, “I do.”

She pushed him down on his back and straddled his hips, rubbing the tip of his cock back and forth in her dripping pussy slit.

“No matter, we can figure that out some other time,” she moaned, “right now I want your hard fifteen year old dick buried and cumming deep in my very wet pussy.”

With that she pushed her hips down and he felt the warm tight walls of her cunt engulf his cock. She started slowly riding up and down, increasing her pace as he grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples.

“Oh yes, Andy, that's it...pinch my nipples...hard...slam your cock into my cunt...fill me up with your dick...and your cum...oh yeah...fuck me...fuck me...FUCK ME!” she screamed and flailed around wildly as his jism flooded into her.

He had no idea how long this went on, but eventually even his teenage dick could no longer stay hard and he slid out of Aunt Kerri's pussy. She collapsed down on him, kissing him deeply while she kept grinding her crotch against his. He could feel the gooey mixture of his cum and her cream leaking out of her cunt and coating his cock and balls.

They must have dozed off for a while. Andy woke with a start, taking a moment to remember where he was. Aunt Kerri lay on her side looking at him and gently stroking his now hard again dick. She didn't say a word, just leaned in and kissed him then pulled him on top of her. She spread her thighs and moved her hips so that his rigid dick readily split the folds of her pussy lips and slipped right into her very wet cunt.

This time, he fucked her slowly and tenderly, feeling her tighten her pussy around his dick at least twice as she moaned her orgasms before once again filling his Aunt Kerri's pussy with his sperm.

When they both collapsed and their breathing returned to normal, Aunt Kerri got up and led him back downstairs to make them some dinner. She didn't bother to get dressed and neither did he, finding walking around naked with her another new exhilarating experience. As he was setting the table, she came up behind him and kissed his ear again and closed her hand on his dick.

“I just love the way young guys like you can get hard again and again and again,” she moaned into his ear before pushing him down into a chair and kneeling between his legs.

She looked up at him, her eyes large brown saucers, as she licked the tip of his dick and threaded her finger between his ass cheeks to swirl the tip around his anus. Andy groaned and pressed his ass out against that finger without a thought and as Aunt Kerri slowly wrapped her lips around his dick, she pushed her finger in until she found the hard sensitive nub of his prostate.

Andy was startled by the intensity of his orgasm as his cum again gushed into her mouth. She gagged a little but held his dick between her lips until the last bit of his jism washed over her tongue and down her throat. The she rose, wiped the remainder of his cum dribbling from her lips with the back of her hand and put dinner on the table.


“Do you remember when you were a little boy, how your mother and I would bathe you and Lee together in the tub?' she asked as they finished dinner and loaded the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

“Yeah, I remember,” he answered giving her a quizzical look. “that was always fun.”

“Would you do me a favor then?” she asked, surprisingly shyly.

Andy didn't know what to make of that, after they just spent half a day sucking and fucking each other and apparently she planned on continuing do so for the rest of the weekend.

“Sure, anything I can do, I'll be glad to do it for you,” he responded, feeling his dick twitch a little.

“I want to give you a bath, the way I did when you were little,” she stated flatly, her eyes begging even more than her voice.

A few minutes later he stood behind a kneeling Aunt Kerri as she filled the tub and made sure the water temperature was just right. She turned her head to him with a funny look in her eyes.

“You can get in now. Sit down and I'll do your hair first.”

She soaked him with the water and almost reverently soaped up then rinsed his hair. She had him stand and face away from her as she washed his back very slowly from his head all the way to his ankles. When he turned around, his rock hard dick practically brushed against her erect nipples. Again she washed him from head to toe, deliberately avoiding any contact with his cock or balls.

Andy could see she was incredibly aroused as she bathed him. A few drops of water hung from her nipples when she finally soaped his groin, ever so gently doing his balls before working her way out to the tip of his engorged cock.

“You have no idea how much I miss doing this,” she murmured softly, using her thumb to excite him even more.

He reached for the back of her head but she pulled away.

“No,” she said, “just stand there the way you did when you were little.”

Except he was no longer a little boy and the more she fondled his dick the closer he got to cumming until his legs quivered and three or four strings of jism shot from the head and splashed on to her chin and tits.

Aunt Kerri didn't even bother to wipe the spunk off. She had him step from the tub and dried him off then led him to her bed, pushing him down without getting on it herself. Instead, she fumbled around with her laptop, bringing up a series of files before sitting down next to him.

“You ever think about why we stopped giving you baths?” she asked as she scrolled through the files before settling on one.

The screen came to life, showing him and Lee standing in the tub being soaped up by Andy's mother. They looked to be maybe nine years old. Even then, Lee's dick was larger than his and they were both standing straight out from their bellies.

“This was the last time we bathed you boys together. Your mother became increasingly nervous about doing it as your dicks got larger, nervous and scared that it was wrong...wrong because she would get even more aroused than me seeing and touching you both. After we put you to bed, we would sometimes lay next to each other on the bed and masturbate together, not touching each other, just ourselves. You know, your mother squirts a lot more than me.”

Andy didn't know that and watched the video in shock as his mother tenderly washed first his dick and then Lee's, ever so carefully pulling back the fleshy sheath covering both of their uncut cocks, rubbing the pink heads as he and Lee laughed and splashed each other.

Aunt Kerri changed the video to one where he and Lee were no more than five if not younger. She was the one washing them in that one, lingering with her hands on both of their barely thumb sized dicks at the same time. The scene shifted and they were laying on the bed with Aunt Kerri hovering over them naked as she fondled both of their tiny dicks. She fast forwarded the video to a point where he and Lee lay naked and asleep while Aunt Kerri sat on the bed next to them furiously rubbing her pussy until her back arched and she squirted her orgasm on to their genitals.

Andy glanced at her, seeing her flushed face and stiff nipples. His own cock was raging hard again. He had no idea she and his own mother felt that way and certainly not that Aunt Kerri had videos.

“Aunt Kerri...,” he began to say but she shushed him with a touch of her fingertip on his lips.

“Kerri, just call me Kerri from now on. After all you already fucked me, licked my pussy and shot your cum into my mouth and cunt. I don't think we need to be so formal any longer.”

He leaned over and kissed her, then licked his way down her neck and chest until he could take a stiff nipple into his mouth. She groaned and pulled him close.

“Let me show you what I watch when I play with my pussy and get myself off recently,” she groaned and opened a new video.

Andy sat up with a start as the video began. Lee lay on his bed on his back and Andy was down between his legs sucking his dick. Lee thrashed around and moaned loudly until he suddenly tensed and shot his cum into Andy's mouth. When Lee's cock deflated, Andy looked up at him and smiled and he could clearly see a string of Lee's cum stretching down toward the sheet.

“How..how did you make...that?” he asked her incredulously.

“I've had cameras that turn on with motion tucked out of sight in Lee's bedroom since he was a little baby,” she said huskily. “Of course, most of the material is pretty boring and I delete it. I do try to keep the best ones, like the first time you two jerked each other off or Lee kissed you or you sucked each other or this one...my favorite.”

The screen changed again and Andy saw himself on his hands and knees, his own briefs stuffed in his mouth and Lee furiously fucking him from behind. He looked back over to see Kerri's eyes roll back in her head as she fingered herself to another orgasm.

After fucking yet again, this time doggy style with her on her hands and knees, they fell asleep snuggled together. She woke him once during the night with another blow job and neither of them could get his raging morning hard on into her pussy fast enough in the soft light of dawn..

Andy lost count of how many times he shot his cum into Kerri over the next few days. She patiently showed him things he never knew about the female body...things he never before had a chance to learn. Her orgasms ranged from short and quick to loud and wet when she squirted profusely.

The more they sucked and fucked, the longer he could hold out before his cum gushed into her pussy or hand or mouth or...on the day before his parents were to come home...her ass. Even the idea of fucking her ass came up in an odd way.

They walked over to his house that Saturday morning at Kerri's suggestion although he didn't see the need. When they let themselves in, she turned, kissed him and took his hand and led him directly to his bedroom.

“I want you to fuck me on your own bed while we have the chance,” she whispered in his ear before pulling his shorts down, “so when you jerk off later, you can imagine me right here fucking you.”

Andy didn't need any extra urging, tearing at her shorts and tank top until she lay nude in front of him. She smiled and spread her legs and pussy lips as he advanced with his rigid five and a half inch dick already drooling precum. It was a short, quick orgasm for them both.

“Roll over,” she commanded after they both recovered from their orgasmic haze.

He got on his hands and knees with his face buried in the sheet and his ass in the air. She wrapped her fingers of one hand around his dick and began milking him like a cow's teat. At the same time, she spread his ass cheeks with the fingers of the other hand and swirled her tongue around his puckered asshole. Andy groaned at the instant pleasure coursing through his groin and then to the rest of his body. He pushed back so her tongue breached the tight sphincter of his ass.

His cum puddled on his sheets after coating her fingers.

“I'll make you deal,” she said to him as they walked back to her house a little while later. “You can cum in my ass if you let me play with yours with some of my toys.”

Andy didn't see a problem with that so when they got back to her house, they went to her bedroom and she pulled several dildos and vibrators and other toys from a drawer near the bed. Among those items was a strap-on with two curved fake cocks easily as big as her son's.

“How does that work?” he asked, closely examining the unusual device.

Kerri took the toy from his hand and twirled it around in her fingers, smiling impishly before answering.

“You didn't think you were going to have all the fun, did you?” she laughed and squirted some lube on the curved part of the toy.

She squatted slightly, spreading her thighs and pussy lips then slipped the curviest part of the fake cock into her cunt. She wiggled a little adjusting it inside her until she was comfortable and satisfied before tightening the straps between her legs and around her waist.

“Now get on your hands and knees on the bed,” she commanded.

Andy did as he was told, his breath catching as he waited for her to plunge the other half of the strap-on into his ass, but she didn't attack his asshole the way her son did when first fucking him. Instead he felt her tongue gently work around his anus as one hand lovingly stoked his hardening dick.

After she splashed some lube down his ass crack, she twirled a finger around his waiting hole, slowly stretching his tight sphincter. She slipped a second and then a third finger into his asshole before saying a word.

“Turn over on your back,” she said huskily, “and scoot down so your ass is right at the edge of the bed.”

Andy did as he was told, breathing heavily. A droplet of precum oozed down his throbbing dick.

Kerri stepped close and leaned down to kiss him, the head of the fake dick brushing over his aching balls. Then she straightened up, pushed his legs up until his calves rested on her shoulders and grinned down at him wickedly.

At first, his asshole resisted the pressure of the plastic dick pressing against him. Kerri didn't thrust hard, just kept up a slow steady push until suddenly, his sphincter loosened and the strap-on plunged deep into his bowels. Andy let out a low cry before the warm tingle growing in his groin flooded his entire body.

She started slowly sliding in and out of him, the tip of the fake cock pounding against his prostate with every thrust.

“Take your cock in your hand and jerk off for me to see,” Kerri murmured.

Andy grasped his dick and began stroking himself. Suddenly, it felt like a bolt of electricity shot through every cell of his body. He flailed around uncontrollably shrieking as his cum sprayed on to Kerri's tits and his own belly.

At last the massive orgasm ceased and he lay panting with his limp dick still in his hand. Kerri slowly pulled the strap-on out of his ass, dropped it to the floor and draped her body on top of his.

“I forgot to tell you...it vibrates too,” she giggled into his mouth before kissing him again deeply.


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