His Mate's Mom (Part 4)

His Mate's Mom
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “Best Ever”. That began an ongoing conversation with AM in England about his experiences.

Part 4

Kerri picked up the phone on the night stand on the fourth ring, breathing heavily but never even slowing down as she rode Andy's cock for the second time since waking up.

Oh hi...no...just fine...had...to run...to answer...the phone,” she panted and clenched her pussy muscles around his dick, “oh no...not a bother...at all...he can come...here any time...all he wants...he was a great help...OK...I'll tell him...and send him back...in a little while.”

She dropped the phone and fingered her clit while riding him harder and faster. Andy's cum gushed into her pussy but she kept going until her entire body shuddered and she shrieked another orgasm while coating his cock and balls with her cream.

That was your mother,” she said unnecessarily while twirling his deflated dick in one hand after her orgasm faded, “and she seems to agree you can come over whenever I need a hand. I do hope you want to both come over and cum...often.”

An hour or so later, after a final blow job while he fingered her to a last climax, Andy slowly plodded home thinking about all that happened over that fateful weekend. He never expected anything like that to occur and he knew he couldn't say anything to his best friend about fucking his mother repeatedly.

His own mother greeted him with a hug and tender kiss on his head when he walked in the house. She casually asked about his weekend and he muttered about helping her clean up the yard and 'some other things' around the house before making his escape to his room.

As soon as he closed the door, his dick stiffened yet again when he saw the rumpled, cum and cunt cream stained sheets on his bed. He instantly pictured Kerri from the day before, laying on that spot with her legs spread wide, holding out her arms as she urged him to fuck here right there. He stood at the side of the bed and jerked off into one of his tissues.


Over the ensuing months, life pretty much returned to its normal routine with one enormous exception. Every time Lee would go off to visit his father, Kerri had Andy come over to suck and fuck each other for as long as they could manage.

Aside from that, he and Lee spent almost every day together at one house or the other. They continued to watch porn and jerk off and suck and fuck each other, even at times when they knew Kerri was right down the hall in her own room. Andy often wondered if she was watching them and maybe masturbating and cumming even as her son's jism filled his mouth and ass. The very thought made his own orgasms with, and in, Lee that more intense.

As time went by, Andy started noticing some subtle changes around his own house or at least paying attention to things he didn't bother with before. It seemed his mother touched him and Lee a little more, her hands often lingering on their arm or chest when she hugged them. It also seemed like she went around the house without a bra more often, her small tits bouncing with her steps and pressing out noticeably against somewhat tighter shirts.

For the first time he could remember, he also heard what he was sure was his parents having sex regularly...the squeaking of their bed...the soft regular bumps of their headboard against the wall...his mother's low moans that were so similar to those Kerri made when he fucked her.

Every time he heard them, he would picture his mother standing naked in the bathroom and try to envision his father's cock sliding in and out of her hairy pussy. As his cum shot on to his hand and belly, in his mind he could see his own cock thrusting deep into his mother's cunt as she howled her pleasure.

Kerri, too, seemed to get a little more brazen, almost always dispensing with a bra when he and Lee were around. A few times, she casually sauntered through the house while they were watching TV wearing just those red hiphugger panties and a t-shirt. It was all Andy could do to keep himself from grabbing her crotch or tits when she bent forward and kissed him and Lee, her erect nipples just inches from his face. He had the distinct feeling she really wanted him to touch and fondle her in front of her son.

Time passed and he floated through high school with grades good enough to get by without having to spend too much time working at it. They both dated some girls from school, but found themselves having better sex with each other after those dates. While Andy was probably the most experienced lover in the school thanks to Kerri, he was awkward socially, makig developing other relationships difficult.

During this time, Kerri became more direct about some of her desires and fantasies. Chief among them was she really did want to fuck her son and pressed Andy to help her find a way to do it. The more she talked about it, the more the idea appealed to Andy. He got thoroughly aroused by how excited she got and the way she used her hands and mouth and pussy and ass to encourage him.


One Sunday afternoon, he came home after fucking Kerri and heard some unusual sounds coming from the family room. He walked in and stopped short in the doorway. His father was sitting in his favorite chair watching a video...a MMF bisexual porn video...with a buff guy fucking some clean shaven bottle blonde while sucking another buff guy's dick. Before he could back away, his father called out to him.

Don't just stand there like a dope,” his father said, “come over here.”

Andy shuffled closer to the sofa, his dick stiffening in his shorts. He looked down to see his father holding his own rigid cock in one hand, slowly stroking himself. The angry purple head glistened with a coating of precum.

You smell like pussy,” his father stated flatly, “Kerri's pussy.”

That comment startled Andy and he had no idea what to say in response. He just blushed standing next to his father with his own dick hardening swiftly. He wondered how his father could smell Kerri's pussy on him or even how he could tell the difference between Kerri and any other woman's pussy, like his mother's. Those thoughts just made his dick throb even more.

Oh, don't freak out,” his father murmured, “I wondered how long it would be until she started fucking you. So pull off those shorts and sit down and show me what you have.”

Where's...where's Mom?” Andy asked, suddenly acutely aware his mother could walk in on them without warning.

Taking a nap,” his father responded as he reached over to take Andy's hand in his and placed it on his rigid dick.

But...but what...what if she...walks in?” Andy stuttered, suddenly starting to panic at the thought of his mother coming into the room and seeing him and his father holding each others dicks while watching porn.

She won't...not today anyway,” his father said calmly, “so tell me all about what you do with Kerri...and Lee.”

With that, the dam broke and Andy told him everything about what he did with Lee and Kerri. He could feel his father's dick hardening in his hand especially when he told him about fucking Lee and getting fucked with Kerri's strap-on.

Hold on a second,” his father said at one point glancing up at the TV, “watch this, it's my favorite part.”

Andy turned his attention to the screen as one guy plowed his huge cock into the blonde and the second guy rammed his cock into the first guy's ass. Before Andy knew what was happening, he felt his father's tongue brush over the head of his dick before swallowing him all the way to his balls.

His father bobbed his head up and down on Andy's dick while squeezing his balls until his cum exploded into his father's mouth. As soon as Andy's cock deflated, his father straightened up and wiped the remnants of his son's jism from the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand.

He took Andy's hand in his again and wrapped it around his thick cock. Andy grinned and stroked his father, picking up his pace as his father's body quivered, climaxing in several strings of creamy cum shooting on to both of their chests. It never occurred to Andy that their moans and groans might awaken his mother.

At dinner that night, Andy kept glancing furtively at his mother, but she gave no sign she heard anything or knew what happened and his father didn't say a word. Later, when he was going from the bath to his room, he noticed the door to their bedroom was slightly ajar. He caught a glimpse of his naked parents standing next to their bed.

His father was sucking one of his mother's little tits while his finger darted in and out of her hairy pussy. His mother's head was thrown back and she slid her hand up and down on his father's rigid dick.

Andy couldn't get to his room and jerk off fast enough. It seemed like their groans were louder, and the headboard banging against the wall went on far longer, than usual...long enough for him to jerk off twice before falling asleep.


If you can get your hands on some weed, I have a plan,” Kerri cooed into Andy's ear as she fondled his limp sticky dick after the next time he fucked her.

A plan...a plan for what?” Andy asked and tweaked one of her nipples the way he knew sent a shiver right to her pussy.

To fuck Lee, of course...both of us...together,” she moaned and threw her leg up over his so he could feel his own spunk drizzle out of her pussy and over his thigh.

You're here with him all the time. Why don't you just walk in naked and throw yourself at him when you seeing him jerking off sometime?”

I tried that, stood practically naked in his doorway and fingered myself, then sat on his bed and played with the puddle of cum after I watched him shoot his load on his belly,” she murmured and moaned lowly. “He seemed hesitant...afraid even...to touch me and take the next step. So I have another plan but you need to get some weed. I'll even give you the money.”

Graduation was approaching, so there were a lot of parties and plenty of opportunities to score some weed around the school. Andy thought about it for a minute then ran a finger up through Kerri's pussy lips and around her hard clit.

I think I can manage that,” he moaned into her ear, “so what's the plan.”

By the time she finished explaining what she had in mind, Andy's dick was rock hard and throbbing and her pussy was drizzling her own juices. She climbed on top of him, riding him up and down in their favorite position where he pinched and pulled her nipples and she fingered her clit until an explosive orgasm surged through both of their bodies.


The weekend after graduation, Andy's parents went out of town to visit his father's sister for a three day holiday. When he told Kerri about it, her nipples instantly pushed stiffly out through her tank top and he was sure he saw a little spot of moisture grow in the crotch of her shorts. Had Lee not been standing next to him, he was sure she would have fucked him right on the spot.

After he saw his parents off, he texted her at work and walked over to her house. He fingered the baggie of pot he managed to get in his pocket, more than enough to keep all three of them stoned for the entire weekend. He stopped at the refrigerator in her kitchen and grabbed a couple of beers from the larger than usual supply and joined Lee playing a video game for an hour or so until Kerri called to say she had to work late and for them to go ahead and order a pizza.

That was Andy's signal.

While Lee called in the order, Andy rolled a couple of joints. They happily finished the first joint by the time the pizza arrived and devoured almost all of it in a matter of minutes. They were half way through the second joint and really too stoned to continue the game when Andy's phone buzzed with a text message.

I'm here,” he read under Kerri's number and his dick stiffened.

What's that?” Lee asked idly taking another hit.

Oh, just my folks telling me that got to my aunt's OK,” he lied and texted Kerri back, “five minutes.”

He stuffed his phone in his pocket and took a deep drag on the joint.

I'm horny as hell,” he exclaimed, “let's fuck!”

Right here?” Lee asked lazily.

No stupid, what if your mom walked in...your room.”

Oh yeah...you're right...let's go.”

They really were pretty stoned as they stumbled up the stairs and fumbled with their clothes until they were both naked. Andy fell to his knees after pushing Lee back on the bed and took his friends still limp dick into his mouth.

Gradually, Lee's cock hardened in his mouth. With the first taste of precum, Andy climbed on the bed, lathered up his own asshole and Lee's dick with some lube and slowly lowered himself down until Lee's shaft was buried all the way in his ass.

I have a surprise for you,” he moaned as he bounced up and down on Lee several times.

Oh yeah, and what's that?” Lee groaned, the first surge of his cum building in his balls.

ME!” Kerry cried out hoarsely from the doorway.

At the sound of his mother's husky voice, Lee squirmed around wildly trying to see her. Kerri leaned casually against the door frame wearing the same fluffy robe she had on the night they watched her get out of the shower and play with herself in the bathroom. This time, though, the belt hung loose and the robe was completely open with her tits drooping slightly and the black triangle of her pussy hair completely visible.

Lee squirmed to free himself from under Andy but Andy kept him pinned while continuing to grind his ass against Lee's cock.

Mom...? What the...?” Lee gasped as Kerri let the robe fall from her shoulders and walked over completely naked.

Yes, baby?” she asked coyly before leaning forward and giving Andy a kiss...not the tender kiss with which Lee was familiar but a deep tongue lashing kiss of a lover.

Then she broke it off and bent closer until her tongue brushed over her son's lips. As she did so, Andy reached over and pinched one of her stiff nipples. She shuddered and rammed her tongue into her son's mouth.

Do you like that, baby,” she moaned into his mouth then turned her head and licked the droplet of precum dripping from Andy's cock.

Andy moaned and rotated his hips on Lee's crotch, feeling his friend's dick stiffening even more in his ass. He slowly pushed himself up until Lee's rigid dick flopped out on to his belly. Kerri grinned and wrapped her fingers around that throbbing shaft while Andy rolled off to the side.

Thank you, Andy,” she murmured as she straddled Lee's hips, “for getting my baby boy's dick ready to slide into his mommy's hot, wet cunt. After he fucks me, you can lick his cum out of my pussy and then shoot as much of your own spunk into me you want...anywhere you want.”

With that, she pushed her hips down, taking Lee's hard cock deep into her pussy for the very first time with a single motion. He moaned lowly then began thrusting into her harder and faster, all the while crying loudly.

Mommy...oh mommy...your pussy....feels so...so good...oh god...mommy...I'm cumming...god...cumming in...you...your pussy...NOW!” he shrieked and flailed wildly.

Andy stroked himself harder watching Lee fuck his own mother as she moaned and squirted her pussy juices all over her son's cock and balls. After Kerri's initial orgasm subsided, she rolled toward Andy with Lee's cum and her own cream oozing from her cunt.

Lick me...oh god...please...hurry...Andy...lick my fucking hot cunt,” she pleaded, spreading her thighs and pulling her legs back over her head.

Andy dove right in, the familiar salty taste of his best friend's cum tasting even better mixed with his mother's musky pussy cream. Andy's cock was throbbing so hard he thought he might shoot his sperm on to the bed without another touch. Kerri pulled him up and kissed him passionately, reaching down to direct his rigid dick into her warm, cum filled pussy. Lee looked on in complete awe watching his best friend fuck his mother wildly until Andy's jism filled her cunt too.

With her orgasm fading, Kerri lay on her back with Andy on one side and Lee on the other. She touched her hairy cunt, feeling the mixture of both boys' cum seeping from her, propped herself up and kissed Andy again and then her son.

You have no idea how long I wanted to do that...to feel your cock...your cum...in my cunt,” she whispered in Lee's ear. She kissed him again and slowly licked her way down his body until she held his dick in her hand.

Ever so slowly she licked the length from the tip to his balls and back again. The third time, she ran the tip of her tongue around his balls before sucking the entire sac into her mouth.

Lee groaned his renewed arousal and she pushed up his legs and swirled her tongue around his puckered asshole. Andy knew well how great that felt and his dick swelled in his hand watching Kerri rim her son. She glanced up at him for a second and grinned devilishly.

Well don't just sit there jerking off, you can fuck me again while I do this, you know,” she gasped and went back to licking Lee while stroking his dick.

When Andy crawled up behind her, Kerri pushed her ass back toward him. He dipped his cock in her dripping pussy just enough to get it slick. Then he pulled out and slowly shoved it into her asshole.

Kerri grunted her approval, reached down between her legs and furiously began rubbing her clit. One orgasm after another surged through her body like waves crashing on the sea shore, gagging and sputtering when her son's jism gushed into her mouth and shrieking her pleasure as Andy's cum filled her bowels.

The three of them lay in quivering heap for a few minutes, breathing raggedly. Then, without a word, Kerri climbed off the bed, extended her hands to both boys and led them into the bathroom.

She fingered herself to another orgasm after she bathed them like she had so many years before. But this time, they both shot their jism into her hands first.


Andy spent more and more time at Kerri's house. When they were alone, Lee insisted on fucking him more than anything else. When Lee was not around, Kerri was a constant source of ever more exotic ways to get them both off. When the three of them were together, Andy often found himself sandwiched between Kerri and Lee, with his dick in her pussy or mouth or ass while her son fucked him in the ass. Regardless of what they did, Kerri always insisted on bathing them before sleeping.

His parents didn't seem to mind him being gone most of the time, although he did have irregular get togethers with his father when his mother was out of the house or napping. What started out as mutual hand jobs became mutual blow jobs and finally one day his father fucked him. Andy loved it.

From time to time, Andy still thought about the time he saw his mother naked. He still jerked off listening to his parents have sex and wondered if his father's cock felt as big and full in her pussy as it did in his ass.

Then one morning, a simple accident gave him a one time opportunity.

He passed his father leaving for work as he entered the kitchen. When he reached behind his mother to get himself a coffee, he bumped her elbow and she splashed the front of her t-shirt with some soapy water in a bowl she was holding.

She wasn't wearing a bra and her small pink nipples seemed to pop out through the wet fabric of her white t=shirt. He apologized profusely and they grappled around together for a moment before his mother grabbed a towel and pressed it against her chest to dry herself.

I'm so sorry Mom...are you OK?”

Yes, yes don't worry about it,” she responded still patting herself dry, “let me get you some coffee.”

She stepped to the coffee maker, picked up a mug and filled it in front of him. As she did, Andy got even a closer look at her stiff pink nipples and his dick twitched in his pants.

Mom, I have a question, if you don't mind...a kind of personal question,” he said softly, his eyes locked on those pink nipples.

Of course, honey, what can I do for you?” she smiled and sipped her coffee.

Remember when I was little, you would bathe me and sometimes me and Lee together?”

Sure, honey, I remember that,” she responded softly, her body and nipples stiffening visibly.

Well my question is...why did you stop?”

His mother stopped drinking her coffee in mid sip and locked her eyes on his. For a moment, Andy thought he might have gone too far.

You...both of you...were...growing up...it wasn't right to keep doing that...to keep touching you...that way,” she stammered so softly that Andy had to lean forward to hear.

That sat in silence for a minute, both staring into their coffee cups. Andy squirmed a little then looked back up at her.

You know, I miss you doing that...bathing me...touching me...like that,” he finally stated lowly.

His mother looked at him and he wasn't sure if she was going to cry or scream at him. She slowly took another sip of coffee, put down the cup and reached over to cover his hand with hers.

I missed doing it too...but you were getting so big...so grown up....” her voice trailed off.

Andy stood and walked around the table to hug her from behind. She shuddered at his touch but didn't pull away when his fingers brushed over one of her erect nipples. He bent forward and kissed the back of her neck and she pulled his hand back on to her tit.

He could feel his dick hardening against her back and apparently so could she. He pulled her up and spun her around to face him with his hands falling to her ass. Her face was flush and her breathing as ragged as his own.

After a moments hesitation, he leaned in and kissed her, parting her lips with his tongue. She squirmed and struggled for only a few seconds before lashing his tongue with hers in her mouth.

He pulled her closer and groped her tits with one hand and drew the other up between her legs. His fingers found the soaked gusset of her panties.

No...god...oh no...it's not...right,” she gasped as he kissed his way down to take a nipple in his mouth and rubbed her dripping pussy slit through her panties, “oh god, don't...don't...don't stop!”

She tore at his belt until his pants fell to the floor while he pushed aside her panties and rubbed his fingers back and forth in her dripping pussy. When his cock popped out into her hand, he pushed her back on the table, grabbed her hips and rammed his cock into his mother's cunt with a single hard thrust. She shrieked and he began shooting his cum into her after but a few strokes, her warm tight pussy literally sucking his cum out of his dick and deep into her.

Even after his orgasm, his cock did not deflate so he kept pounding her until she shrieked her own orgasm. He took her hand and led her upstairs, going to his bedroom since she didn't think it right to use her own bed. She pushed him on his back and got down between his legs, fondling his balls as she sucked his cock until he gushed a second load of his jism into her mouth. They changed places and he licked her pussy and sucked her clit, tasting his own cum seeping out of her along with his mother's earthy pussy cream.

After they recovered, she took his hand and marched him into the bathroom to stand in the tub while she bathed him like she did when he was a little boy, except this time, she was naked too and he shot his cum on to her hands and bare tits before she was done.



This is the last one, Mom,” Lee said as he put down a box on top of the one Andy just deposited on the floor.

Thanks guys and where are your folks, Andy?” Kerri smiled up at them and wiped a few strands of her wayward hair from her forehead.

Dad is taking the rental truck back and Mom is following to bring him home,” Andy answered and flopped down on the bed.

I think we've done enough for today, let's get a cold drink,” Kerri said with a grin and stood before giving them both a warm hug.

Andy admired Kerri's ass and the way her shorts pulled up into her crotch when she bent forward at the refrigerator and brought out three cold beers. Her ample tits swayed freely under her t-shirt as she turned back to them, the nipples stiffening as she saw the way Andy and her son were staring at her. She handed them the beers, grinned and slowly brushed her hand over both of their stiffening dicks.

Let's get in the hot tub,” she cooed lowly then turned and walked out to the patio to the newly constructed gazebo in Andy's parents back yard.

She pulled her shirt over her head as she walked then turned and dropped her shorts when she reached the hot tub. Her dark nipples stood out stiffly and the black triangle of pussy hair between her legs glistened slightly. She grinned at them as they approached, tearing off their own clothing as the walked. They finished their beers as she cupped their balls and they fondled her tits.

After climbing in the warm water, she had the boys stand in front of her as she stroked their dicks and took turns licking the tips of their stiffened cocks. Then she sat between them, slowly jerking both of them off as they each sucked one of her tits and together fingered her clit and clenching cunt.

Decided to start without us, did you?” Andy heard his mother say with a laugh.

He looked up to see his parents standing next to the hot tub drinking beers of their own. As soon as they finished, they stripped off their clothes. While his mother climbed into the water with them, his father walked around behind Kerri, leaned forward and kissed her deeply as he twirled one of her nipples in his fingers.

Andy's mother bent forward and kissed him and then Lee, her tongue lashing theirs in their mouths. When her husband broke off the kiss with Kerri, she leaned over and the two women kissed passionately while groping each others tits. His father joined them in the water and the five of them spent the next twenty minutes laughing and groping one another until their skin became wrinkly.

When they all got back into the house, Lee led Andy's father over to a couch and knelt between his legs, stroking and licking the older man's already stiff dick until it was as hard as he could possibly be. Then he crawled up and slowly lowered himself down until Andy's father's dick was buried deep in his ass.

Andy's mother got on her knees behind Lee and spread his ass cheeks with her hands so her tongue could easily swirl around the dick filling his stretched asshole. Lee moaned and started jerking himself off while riding Andy's father's cock.

Kerri fell to the floor on her hands and knees a few feet away and spread her thighs so Andy could mount her from behind and both of them had a clear view of her son and Andy's parents.

Oh fuck me,” she groaned, “that's so hot watching my boy get fucked and rimmed, especially by your mom and dad. Oh yeah, fill my pussy with your cum so your mom can lick me clean while you fuck her later. We are all so going to love finally living together in one house.”


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