Honeymooner's Cruise

Rob and Kat had just been married at 21 years of age. They were looking forward to being on a cruise with no rules allowing complete exploration free of the rules of their families. It was their first cruise and they were excited to discover their own cabin and the possibilities of being among complete strangers for 7 days. Headed for a multiple stops in the Caribbean they had plans to see it all. Kat had the hottest bikinis packed with the thinnest material less any liner material. She knew Rob could not resist her; it was as if he worshipped her in every way.

The cruise launched and day two landed them on, Coral Island, the cruise company's private island. It was beautiful, but Rob could only watch all the ladies. Most were topless wearing the tiniest of bikinis. Kat joined in and Rob was amazed at his luck. Next to them were two older women that seemed to have their grandson of 13 and granddaughter of 11 or 12 in tow. They were European and they sported the typical swim attire. Kat noted how cute the boy's bikini Speedos were with nowhere to hide his young package. She was smiling and saying that she could just eat him up. Rob finally heard enough and reminded her that she had all she needed. Kat said "Com'n I'm just enjoying the scenery and besides I see you looking at his little sister". Rob said, "Yes, I enjoy all the beautiful women, but she is just a little kid". He pointed out that she was still so young that they did not even bother concealing her when grandma helped the little one take off her shorts and panties to change into her bikini bottoms for snorkeling. She was adorable and very comfortable with being nude. Both her and her brother had no evidence of the tan lines on the hairless little bodies.

The little girl was having difficulty with her snorkeling gear and grandma could not help and that is when Kat offered her services. Kat made the adjustments needed and she was on her way. Soon thereafter the boy had the same issue and Kat was yet again the hero. Conversations ensued with the grandmas and then we all ended up eating together at the picnic. Kat really enjoyed eyeing and touching the little boy with great frequency. His name was Dax and he made it very clear that he enjoyed the attention from my hot little bride. His little sister we found was actually his cousin Jenna. Jen was doll and I could not believe how adorable I found her. They were both tanned a dark golden tone contrasting their light blonde hair. Rob and Dax took a restroom break together as Kat and Jen did the same. The peeing trough in the men's room was round and wide open so that all men and boys seemingly shot at the same target. All the guys pulled out the guns and Rob was amazed to see that Dax had some nice meet on him for his age and pretty decent sack, but surprisingly hairless. Kat and Jen found a line so they ended up sharing a stall. First, Kat pulled down her bikini exposing her hairless slit and allowed her observer to get an eye full. As Kat did her business she casually rubbed all around her bikini area as if to get relief from the restriction of her bikini wear. Then Jen had her turn and pulled hers down to expose the most perfect preteen slit known and then she imitated Kat's self massage method. Kat told Jen how beautiful she was and what a great body for her age. "Thank you" Jen said rising and pulling up her bikini then giving Kat a hug as she stood. Kat enjoyed having this mostly nude little body against her own so she returned the hug and ran her hands down the little girl's back down to her perfect little bottom.

Hand in hand the girls returned to their spot on the beach with the guys having already returned. A new closeness was apparent. Soon thereafter the grandmas wanted to go play bingo on the ship, but the kids wanted to stay longer. Kat spoke up and said that they could stay with them, but Rob was not on this cruise to baby sit some kids. He wanted to do all that he had ever dreamed of with his bride since she was a virgin just two days earlier. He had to agree to keep his bride happy.

A few hours later it was time to go catch a launch back to the cruise ship, but the lines were long. The wait turned into 45 minutes then a storm rolled in. They were getting drenched. All four of them were huddling together to stay warm because of being wet in the wind. Finally, getting on the launch there was little room and Dax sat on Kat's lap with a towel wrapped around them both while Rob and Jen had similar arrangements. Rob noticed Kat had covered Dax's head with the towel to keep him warmer, but he noticed unusual movement that appeared to be his bride stroking this kids cock. Rob was getting angry, but turned on too. Rob's little ward had straddled him and hugged him for warmth so he also covered her head for her warmth. Rob could feel this little one just slightly moving her hips to try to rub her crotch against his erection. Rob just knew his imagination was way out of line now. Suddenly, everyone was getting off the launch to return to the cabins. The kids took off in an instant. Rob immediately asked how close did Kat and her little boyfriend become. She teased, "you're jealous of little boy that doesn't even have pubic hair yet". He smugly responded, "how do you know he doesn't have hair". Her grin was a dead giveaway of her exploits.

The next day they saw their little friends at the pool and then had lunch with them poolside. Kat asked them what they were planning to do later that afternoon and Jen said that she wanted to see the movie showing at 1:30, but Dax said no way. Kat leaned to whisper something in Dax's ear and he then smiled and told his cousin that they needed to go change before the movie. Yes, Rob learned that he was going to this stupid movie as well. The deck just outside of theater was the meeting point. All had changed including little Miss Jen. She was wearing an adorable light, very thin, cotton dress with spaghetti straps and Rob was certain he could see no panties as the sunlight shone through. He could see this little ones perfect little nips shining through and he melted like he was 13 again. They entered the theater and Dax sat on Kat's lap and Jen on Rob's. The movie was kinda cute, but then Rob noticed Dax's hand was inside Kat's top rubbing her breast. It appeared that Kat's left hand was inside Dax's shorts, but he could not be sure. He reached over to try to hold Kat's hand and felt her arm was in a stroking motion. Rob started to pull away then Kat grabbed Rob's hand and put it in Dax's shorts. Rob isn't gay, but for some reason he really liked feeling this young boy's hairless cock and sack. Rob started to finger his little hole some too. Rob was now harder than he ever had been. Kat reached over into Rob's lap and lifted Jen's little dress and began rubbing the little girl's leg. Jen laid back and began kissing Rob's neck and spread her legs wider as the invitation. Rob's cock was actually hurting now because of the position of everything so he readjusted as needed. Then with one hand he slid his shorts down to his knees. He just had to feel this little girl's body against his. Kat now moved her hand around to pull up the back of Jen's dress so they could enjoy full skin contact. Rob slid down so he could lay back some more while Jen's little hairless slit was being pleasured by Kat's left hand. Kat reached for Rob's cock to lay it on his stomach. Rob then guided this little girl's tiny hips so that her little wet pussy lips could rub along his cock. She continued to rub without guidance and then was rubbing her little breasts under her dress and just losing himself in this little girl. He then reached down and began to slip inside her little virgin lips his full-grown cock. As soon as he inserted the throbbing head he shot up inside this little girls hole. She squealed with an orgasm herself in the theater.

To be continued...