Date: ri, Dec 2007

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Rob was without will to release this little angel or was it her that ensnared him. Frankly, he did not care. Following the climax the little girls body collapsed on Rob with great contentment.

Meanwhile the movie continued and so did Kat and Dax. Dax was getting a little to full of motion that Rob feared was going to draw other moviegoers attention. Rob knew that Kat was at that special point of desire that was evolving into a demand to be penetrated. Dax was overwhelmed and unaware of what Kat needed. Rob reached over to Dax's crotch and slid his hand under him securely as if he were scooping up a week-bottomed bag. He inserted his finger into the boys love hole lifting and spinning his hips around to position the boy to fuck his wife. Kat took care of the rest, but she was not content with her young studs abilities or size. She helped him get a rhythm to thrust his young tool inside her 21 year old pussy and the very sensitive, caring Rob assisted in the clit stimulation department. Dax didn't last long, but neither did the young bride.

Almost instantly there was a quick departure of all horny players. Kat insisted that she and Rob return to the cabin immediately. While in the elevator Kat begged to be fucked and did little to conceal her desires. Rob knew she was not done. Arriving in the cabin half bare, she was pulling Rob's short down to finish the job on her. Rob was surprised that we was already at full mast to fuck again. Kat became more vocal than she had ever been before and Rob couldn't get enough of her. Rob was well in control, so he thought, because he was a little numb from his earlier performance. That all began to change when Kat started asking him how it felt to have his 21 year old cock inside an 11 year old pussy. She asked if it were too tight to really fuck and would he do it again? She told him that she loved the idea of his cock being in the little girl just recently and now inside her pussy too. Rob knew he couldn't hold back much longer, but then she said that loved the thought of Rob's cum mixed inside her pussy along with her little 13 year old lover's cum too. Rob lost it and growled with enormous pleasure.

They soon passed out from exhaustion and contentment. Later, while waking, Kat began to ask Rob about his first fantasies of sex. Rob couldn't remember the first, but he did share his first real experience. Rob described when he was 13 he earned money by mowing lawns in his Florida neighborhood. While mowing the neighbor ladies lawn he noticed her 11 year-old daughter had come out to the pool in a tiny white bikini. Rob said he could not stop looking. He noticed the little Spanish girl was without breasts yet and had a tiny waist with an adorable ass. She had laid down on the pool deck and taken off her little top to sun. Rob moved very slowly with each pass of mowing so that he could get all the view time he could. He was sure that he could see her spread her little legs and then he could see a tiny little slit through the crotch of the bikini bottoms. Rob's cock was nearly always hard, but this was too much. He decided to stop and take a break under the scheffelera tree near the other end of the pool. The little girl got up and looked around to see why the lawnmower stopped and then decided to take a dip in the pool. She did not bother to put her top back on for her swim. As Rob told his story to his bride she snuggled up closer to him and placed her hand on his hardening tool. She said that apparently the memories are still potent and for Rob to continue. The 13 year old Rob watched the little girl swim her laps in the pool and he had a very hard cock in this tight shorts. He could not stand up so he decided to rub a little bit and enjoy. Then, the mom came around the other side of the tree and startled Rob by asking him if he wanted something to drink. He declined, but she insisted and leaned down to take his hand to stand. She apparently knew what she was doing to the young boy and enjoyed seeing his young package binding against his tight shorts. She paraded him over to the chair under the umbrella at the end of the pool. He knew to stay and wait for her return with drinks. The girl returned to his end of the pool and leaned up on the edge of the pool comfortably exposing her bare chest. She introduced herself as Lena. Rob knew he was in love and had never met a girl like her before. Her mom, Sabrina, arrived with drinks for three. Sabrina told Lena she had to come to the table to drink. Rob was enthralled when this bare little princess exited the pool and sat in the chair next to his, but it was facing him already on his side. This girl was topless and very comfy with a leg slung over one arm of the chair exposing her crotch. Rob thought was quickly caught looking at the little one's thinly covered slit. Rob was in love. Sabrina offered to let Rob take a dip in the pool, but Rob said he needed to use the restroom. Sabrina pointed to the pool bath. Rob entered and realized it was also the laundry room. He really didn't need to pee, but he had to cum. He locked the door behind him and had leaned against the washer that was running. It felt great against his young cock and he found himself humping the washer. At this point of the story Kat burst out laughing. Rob explained he didn't care what it was that made his cock feel good...he would go for it. Back to the story. Rob didn't notice Sabrina walked in the other door to the laundry/bath. She startled him again and he abruptly said he was done and started for the pool door. She grabbed his waist strap of his shorts and said wait. She hugged him from behind and reached around rubbing his bare chest and down to his throbbing cock. Rob's knees nearly buckled when she touched the purple head of his young dick. She eventually pulled his shorts down and laid him face down on the pile of laundry on the floor. He felt her pour some baby oil on his butt and then she slid her finger into his love hole. Rob did not know anything about this, but he wasn't stopping her either. She then used her other hand and began stroking his mostly hairless balls and cock that was coated with baby oil. Being so young his explosion was near immediate. She bent down and kissed him as if she was a girlfriend and said that she really enjoyed it.

By this time Kat was very wet and wanted to fuck again.

To be continued.

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