This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any existing people or events is coincidental. If a story involving sexual contact with minors bothers you or is illegal where you live, stop reading now.

Inevitable - Part Fourteen

"Why is she wearing that thing around her neck?"

Anna and I were watching video of Miranda bringing me off with her hand. I enjoyed the memory of Miranda's hard-won renewal of enthusiasm for sex. Anna's enraptured stare and furrowed, curious brow were even more compelling. Her diminutive nude body was pressed to my side, her pubis subtly grinding into my hipbone.

"The collar, you mean. One day she just put it on. She wore it quite a bit after that."

"She liked how it looked?"

"Perhaps. But I don't think that was the main reason."

"Why then?"

I paused to consider this. It was another of Anna's very perceptive questions.

"It's a bit hard to explain. I wonder if it's easier for her to tell you."

"'cuse me?"

"Did you not..."

"I heard you. What do you mean about her telling me?"

"You could ask her."


"We can call her. I told you that we're still in touch."

"That would be weird. She's like... all grown up now."

I winced. "You like know, like, not to say like, like that."

The eye-roll was predictable. "Yes Daaaad."

I pinched her bare bottom, but not hard. She squirmed.

"Shall we? Call her?"


"Sure. She's usually at home this time of day."

"Ummm. I guess so?"

"I think you'll like her, Anna. You know a lot about her already."

"Okay." But she hid her face in my chest.

I took out my phone. Pressed the button til it beeped. "Facetime Miranda," I said.

"Wait. What?"




"No. No no no no nooooo." Anna pulled the covers over her head.

"We don't have to let her see you, little one."

"I'm not here." Her voice muffled under the covers.

A voice from my phone. "Hello old perv." A chuckle.

I laughed too. "Miranda. How are you, my love?"

"I'm okay. Getting ready to quit my job, but that's a good thing. Usual bullshit."

"I see. Are you being rightly and properly kissed?"

"You know me. I wouldn't have it otherwise."

"I'm glad."

Anna's eyes peeked out from under the covers, curious at hearing the adult voice of the child she'd been watching on video for weeks. I turned the screen to let her look without bringing her into view of the camera. Miranda's smile was warm, the multiple piercings on her lips and eyebrows dancing as she spoke. Anna's eyes widened, and stretched further when she saw that Miranda's tongue was also pierced.

"Did I miss our anniversary again?" she asked.

"No, darling. I... we... have a question."


"I have a new ward. Her name is Anna."

"Of course you do, you sick fuck." Her playful tone was the inverse of her words. "Is she blowing you right now? Can I see?"

"No. And she's shy. But she's seen you, in your early days here."

"My days as a child porn star. You're an idiot for not selling that stuff and making millions."

"I'd never betray your trust that way."

"That's sweet. So you just use my videos as training films."

"I've let Anna explore some of them. They've been helpful for her, but she has a question."


"Anna?" I prompted.

"I'm not here." Under the blankets again.

"Oh my. She sounds young."

"She's nine."

"You're getting more depraved every year, old man."

"She needed me. You understand."

Miranda looked down. "Like I did?"

"Not in the same way. But she was severely at risk at the Home."

"Good that you got her out of there. Let me see her."

"She doesn't want to be seen right now."

"Anna? Sweetie, don't be shy. I know all about Pedosausus Erectus. We can swap stories. He... saved me too."

"Saved you?" Anna let her head emerge. I turned the camera a little. Anna didn't back away.

"Yes. Maybe he's told you. By the time I was your age Daddy had me four-posted for him and his friends."

"What's that?"

"Four-posted? That's where they tie your ankles and wrists to the four posts of the bed so you can't move, and then they take turns fucking you. Then they turn you over and take turns fucking your ass."

Anna hid her head again. "T-that's... that's... bad..."

"It was pretty bad, ya. Made me feel like a heap of worthless meat."

"But... you got away?"

"Out of the frying pan and into the fire. To the Group Home, where the sickos there who knew my history wasted no time in taking advantage."

"Oh. God."

"But I was rescued, like the saddest puppy in the pound. By somebody who wouldn't even let me blow him if I begged."

"At first," I countered.

"Well yes. At first. I wore him down eventually."

"But you're still not smoking. Right?" I couldn't help it. It's a parent thing.

"Yes Daaaaad."

Anna giggled. I handed her the phone. She chewed her lip before letting Miranda see her face.

"Oh my. You're a cutie. I can see why he's taken you in."

"Anna is exceptional in many ways, Miranda," I chimed in.

"He said that to me too. Mostly when he wanted to fuck."

"I meant it every time, even when I wanted to fuck."

"So pretty Anna... what did you want to ask me?"

I saw Anna's cheeks glow, but she was able to muster the courage to ask her question.

"The collar... thing... he said you put it on... and I didn't know how come."

Miranda smiled in a knowing way. "Well now. That's a very good question. I know how he loves good questions. They give him massive hardons, so he must totally love you."

"I do. Love her."

Anna looked at me, her face inscrutable.

Miranda voice, from the speaker. "It's complicated, the answer to that." A moment. A swallow. "My Dad made me wear a collar starting when I was four. He said it meant that he owned me and would remind me to stay in my place. If I got out of line, he'd leash me to the wall for a while. Or worse."

"Like a dog?"

"Yes. Like a dog. I felt like I was less than a dog, pretty much."


"I know. So why would I ever want to put on a collar again? Strange thing, isn't it."


There was a pause. Miranda took a deep breath. It still wasn't easy for her to revisit that part of her past. "There's a feeling you get when you know that you have a place, that your purpose is completely clear. When you don't have to think or worry about anything. When you're part of something and you belong to it completely. There were so many things that were awful, but there was that feeling. It was the good part, if that can be said. Maybe you haven't had that. It's hard to explain."

"There was a man," said Anna slowly. "He... liked me. He d-did things. I didn't like the things. After a while I guess maybe I liked that he liked me."

"Yes. Something like that. So after a time with your new guardian, I started to understand something. I thought at first he was keeping me captive, that he was like the others. But he's not. He's the opposite. I figured out that he wasn't putting me in a cage. He was setting me free. Free of all the crap that made me feel like I belonged in a cage."

"But... he keeps me..."

"He keeps you safe, I think. Has he hurt you, Anna?"

Anna shook her head. "He doesn't let me... wear clothes."

Miranda smiled. "That's because you're shy. When you're not shy anymore, he'll let you."

"He says that too."

"He doesn't lie. He never lied to me. That's so unique, I think. Everybody else always did."

"So why did you put it on?"

"Because I wanted to feel like I belonged to something again. To someone. I wanted him to know that I was his. To give him that. But it was totally different, because this time I decided. It was like being set free. It was like, fuck you old Dad, I can put this on of my own free will, and take it off too... I own it now, not you, not anybody... just me. I know it sounds upside-down. But that's the best way I can describe it."

Anna's eyes met mine. I think she only partly understood.

"Can I see you, Anna?" Miranda asked.

"You're seeing me," she said.

"I mean all of you, sweetheart."

"I don't want to."

"You've seen lots of me, I think. Doing lots of things. Just a peek. I won't tell." Miranda's voice was a playful conspiratorial whisper.

Anna hesitated but slowly let herself emerge from the covers.

"Oh. You're so lovely. Brings back such memories. I could just eat you up."

Anna smiled a little.

"Let him lick you. Let me see you cum," said Miranda, her whisper now hoarse.

Anna hesitated. She looked to me, and I shrugged to let her know that it was her decision. Teeth at her lip for a long moment before she laid back on the bed.

"Okay," said the child. A single word, but still the most arousing thing I'd ever heard Anna utter.

The two girls spoke in hushed tones as I bathed Anna's bare cunny with my tongue. Anna held the phone. I could hear Miranda's arousal. I knew it well. She was masturbating as she watched Anna's face. "He's so good at it, isn't he?" said the adult. "I dunno," said the child, "nobody ever did it to me before."

"Trust me. He's the best," said Miranda. I couldn't help but smile as I sucked Anna's tiny nub between my lips and lashed it with my tongue. Her shudder and gasp made her drop the phone. I heard Miranda chuckle.

"Fuck. Makes me wish I was still there."

"You can come visit," I offered.

"Would you like that, Anna?"

Anna was catching her breath. Between pants, "I... guess so... ya."

"Thank you, Miranda. It's always lovely to see you."

"You too, old perv. And Anna. I'm delighted to have made your acquaintance, young lady. You're in good hands, you know. Demented insatiable demanding hands. But also caring, loving, tender hands. Let them hold you. Bye for now."

The screen went dark. I held Anna against my chest. I took her small hand and led it to my penis, which was painfully hard. She let me hold her palm against my hardness as I masturbated, her eyes calmly watching. When I came like a fountain we were both messy. She made a face. I touched her nose with a wet finger, leaving a sticky trace of myself. She giggled softly.

"Would you like shirts or pants?" I asked.


"Shirts or pants. You get to choose one or the other."

"You mean..."

"Yes. I'll let you wear them, at your discretion."

"How come?" She was still suspicious. A clear sign of intelligence.

"You let Miranda see you. That was very brave."

"She's a girl. She's like me. I like her."

"I think she likes you too. Still, it was brave. So, shirts or pants?"

Anna twisted her mouth in thought.

"Shirts," she finally said. "With horses."

"So shall it be." I couldn't help but smile.

"That's what you wanted me to pick, isn't it?"

"I wanted you to pick what you wanted."

"Maybe I wanted to pick what you wanted. But mostly I want to be warm."

I kissed her forehead.


"Slow down," I said to Jacob.

The completely naked tyke was fellating me while I read to him from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. He enjoyed the story. I've always appreciated Verne for his mix of fantasy and science. This particular book is a tour of the world's oceans with rich descriptions of the life therein -- as much as was known in 1870, at least. A spoonful of adventure makes the science go down. I was reading the original French and translating as we went. Jacob was less interested in language than his sister, but a basic level of bilingual proficiency is essential to a child's development.

I must confess to succumbing to Jacob's charms. As a cocksucker he was extensively experienced and generally enthusiastic. Moreover, he was committed to the craft and wanted to maximize his subject's pleasure. I was coaching him to find my edge and back away at just the right times. Recently he'd been able to approach my climax without triggering it for an hour or more. I was proud of his care and focus.

Today though he seemed distracted, more interested in finishing than in the nuanced perfection of the act. I chided him softly. "This isn't about making me cum, son." At the moment he was most decidedly a boy with all of the requisite intensity.

"I knooowwww," he whined. His eyes kept casting over my shoulder, apparently drawn to his current artwork in progress. It was study taken from da Vinci's Horse and Rider. He had a range of equine images from the master's sketchbooks arrayed around the room, as well as a number of photos of the iconic beeswax sculpture. I'd encouraged him to illustrate horses to develop a sense of motion in his images. I had other motivations for this as well, of course. I seldom do anything for just one reason. In the fullness of time all things are related.

"It's coming along nicely," I said. He let his head rest on my tummy and gently fondled my very erect penis.

"I can't get the muscles right." He sighed and lapped a drop of clear leakage from my tip.

"Be patient. Work with the studies. There are examples there that show the anatomy in detail." Patience was still not a strength. Understandable, as Jacob was still just approaching his ninth birthday. I was resigned to years of impatience ahead.

"He got to look at actual horses. I'm just looking at pictures."

"That's a good point. We can correct that, I think."

His eyes widened. "Really? That would be soooo cool."

"Yes. We'll work on it." He licked me again, but half-heartedly. "You want to draw right now, don't you?" I probed.

He nodded, his eyes meeting mine with the sheepish pleading look to which I was surprisingly vulnerable. Turns out I'm not entirely jaded.

"Then you may."

He smiled and sat up, his small hand still gripping me at the root. "Should I bring you off first? I can, really fast."

"I have no doubt. No. Let's save it for later."

"Okay," he said. He kissed my cheek and I squeezed him. The boy clambered out of bed and started to get dressed.

"You can leave your pants off, Jacob."


"You don't have to wear pants, if you like."

"How come?" His face was skeptical, still not fully trusting, searching for a hidden catch.

"You've earned it. You've shown a level of balance and control. I believe that you can now have access to your penis without constantly yanking on it."

He blushed, finally susceptible to some level of modestly. "Ummm. Thanks," he said.

"I'm proud of you. Don't abuse the privilege by overly abusing yourself."

He tossed his pants and underpants into the corner with a grin and padded towards his easel. I watched his bare bottom with an undue amount of interest. He'd left me in an intensely aroused state. I let my desire flood me like the mouth feel of a fat buttery chardonnay. I savored it for a long moment before swallowing.

"In the hamper, please."

"I will." He already had charcoal in hand.

"Yes you will. Now."


"The world has thrust this awesome responsibility upon me and I have reluctantly taken up the mantle for the benefit of all."

"Bullshit. You just like it."

"Language. And, hamper."

He stared the softest of daggers as he took his clothes to the laundry.

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