Jill – Part 35

I drove home slowly, thinking about all the things Jill confided in me this past weekend and some of what she definitely suggested was to come. Stopping at a grocery store, I picked up some beer and a couple of ready made meals.

When I walked into the house, Roger, the IT guy who owned the place, was standing in his boxers at the kitchen counter drinking a beer.

Hey buddy, how have you been?” he called out as I entered. We shook hands and exchanged some small talk and another beer. He had returned Friday night from Hong Kong and was heading out again Monday afternoon for Berlin. He was commenting about his latest long flight when I caught a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye.

A petite oriental woman was standing in the doorway of his bedroom. She was very short, certainly not five feet tall, slim with short black hair. She stood with her feet slightly apart, wearing only one of his shirts, the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, unbuttoned down the front to her navel.

Roger saw my expression change and turned to her.

Oh Li Na, come on in here and meet my friend Cliff. Li Na is from our Hong Kong office. She's here for the next eight weeks for a management training course. The company condo wasn't available until tomorrow, so she stayed her for the weekend.”

I didn't believe that reason for her being here for a second, but it wasn't my place to judge.

Li Na walked over and shook my hand gently. Even under the shirt I could tell her tits were probably not much more than the nubs of her nipples. She slid her arm around Roger's waist, resting her hand on his hip as she snuggled in close to him. My cock twitched a little imagining him fucking this beautiful young woman all weekend. I noticed his boxers tented a little when she pressed up against him.

We chatted a little and drank a third beer. Li Na was on a senior management track, thus the advanced training program over the next few weeks. Tomorrow she would get settled at the company owned housing, start her orientation and so on. She had the most delightful accent, hinting at the British history of her hometown. After about twenty minutes, Roger mumbled that the jet lag was still getting to him and headed for the bedroom with Li Na in tow.

I went to my room and was gathering up some laundry when I first heard them. He was obviously fucking her, the headboard on his bed hitting the wall in rhythm with his thrusts. She was groaning loudly, making no effort to keep her voice down as his cock filled her pussy.

I got half hard listening to them as they went on for a good twenty minutes. I started some laundry and lay on my bed looking over material for the next day classes. The dryer finished and I threw the clothes on the bed, folding and hanging up a few things. I lay back on the bed with one more fresh beer, thinking about Jill and how soon she wanted me to fuck her little boy and baby girl.

My cock was hardening in my shorts with those thoughts when there was a low knock on my door. I looked up as Li Na opened the door and leaned one shoulder against the jamb. She was wearing Roger's shirt again, but this time it was not buttoned at all. Her tiny tits really were no more than the bumps of her nipples. She had a black triangle of pussy hair.

I couldn't sleep and heard you moving around,” she said.

I heard you moving around a little bit earlier,” I laughed. She giggled shyly then stepped into the room.

That was not a bad thing, hearing us, was it?” she asked stepping up next to the bed. She obviously could see the bulge growing in my shorts as she spoke.

No, not at all, I liked it.”

Oh so did I,” she cooed, “I am always so...restless!”

As she moved closer to me, I could see the shiny coating of cum and pussy juices on the inside of her leg and her pubic hair. She stood very close, her legs slightly spread, causing her pussy lips to gap a little.

Are you still...restless?” I asked, my breathing getting shallow as the scent of her sex filled my nose.

I am always restless!” she repeated and reached down to gently touch my face.

Most men in China don't have beards or really much body hair at all,” she said as she stroked my face and moved her hand down to my chest. My boner was at full attention, the head of my cock peeking out from the top of my shorts.

When her hand slid to my navel, I reached up and felt one of her tiny tits. The nipple was stiff and she moaned lowly when I touched her then dropped her head to my chest and began sucking one of my nipples.

I reached inside the shirt and cupped her little ass in one hand, holding the back of her head with the other. Her hand moved to my groin, sliding inside my shorts to hold my stiff cock.

No hair down there?” she groaned and pulled my shorts down over my hips. My hard cock throbbed as she bent over me and took me in her mouth. I reached between legs, sliding a finger into her wet pussy slit. She sucked me deeper and pushed her pussy against my hand. Her pussy hole was tight but still slippery with Roger's cum and her own juices.

I pulled her on top of me to bury my face in her dripping crotch. She was pumping my cock hard with her mouth and humping against my face as well. She was so wet I could easily slip three fingers inside her. I sucked the nub of her clit and my nose pressed into her puckered asshole.

The scent of her sex and asshole was driving me wild. I reached for some lube on the nightstand, dribbled a little on her ass crack then pushed a finger into her ass. She arched her back and pushed hard back against my finger, driving it as deep as my finger could go into her ass. Using a bit more lube, I slid a second finger into her and she moaned loudly, thrashing even harder against my hand.

Without removing my fingers from her asshole, I rolled her over on her back and put her legs up over my shoulders. She reached down and spread her pussy lips with her fingers, the tiny head of her clit popping out and the pink flesh of her pussy hole throbbing in front of me.

FUCK ME IN MY ASS!” she groaned and began rubbing her clit hard. I splashed more lube on my cock and pressed into her tight asshole. The resistance was only momentary. She pushed hard against me and I drove my cock into her all the way to my balls. She was thrashing wildly and moaning loudly.

I fucked her ass harder and harder, as deep as I could go. She was rubbing her clit and pussy hole frantically. She screamed when her orgasm reached its zenith. As her pussy contracted with her climax, I shot my full load of cum deep into her ass, continuing to fuck her hard until I went limp.

My cock slipped out of her ass, along with a stream of my cum. She scooped some up with her fingers and licked them clean, scooped up another gob and spread it over her tiny stiff nipples. She reached over to me, kissed me deeply then slid down my body to lick my cock and balls clean.

We lay together for a few minutes, totally spent. She casually stroked my cock and balls and I idly rubbed her little nipples.

Welcome to America!” I finally said with a grin. She laughed and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

Is everyone in America this...friendly?” she asked with a smile.

Oh I imagine you can find as many...friends...as you could want,” I responded and gave her ass a gently swat. She kissed me again and got up. She found the shirt where it fell on the floor, turned and walked back to Roger's room, her little firm ass swaying seductively as she walked, just carrying the shirt this time. The sound of them fucking again only woke me up one more time.

The next morning, my morning wood ached when I awoke thinking about Li Na and the night before. I briefly considered going into the other room to get her for a morning fuck, but figured Roger might not appreciate that. So I just jerked off, showered and headed for campus.

I was standing at the lectern at the front of my 9:00 class when Carl shuffled in. He was definitely looking a little worse for wear this morning. I cocked my eye at him as he approached me.

Damn, I love it when they have a four team rugby tournament here!” he gasped as he walked by and headed to his seat, taking it very gingerly. I shook my head and turned to the class.

The seats were filling rapidly as the top of the hour approached. Madison and Mindy took up their customary seats directly at my eye level for their crotches. I wondered how many guys or girls fucked those pussies over the weekend. They grinned at me as they took their seats, spreading their legs for a good view of their cunts. Neither had a tampon string showing so I assumed their periods were over for now.

They gave me the usual show as the class progressed. Both got bolder, sliding their finger up the inside of their thighs. At one point, Madison clearly rubbed her clit and Mindy had a finger inside herself up to the first knuckle. After class, they stopped at my desk for a moment.

Hi Professor,” said Mindy, “did you have a good weekend?” Madison stood behind her sucking the finger she used to rub her clit.

Very nice, thank you, and how about you?”

Oh we tried to get ready for the special 'tutoring' we will do with you this week,” Mindy grinned.

Yeah Professor, we did a lot of extra 'work' this weekend, just to get ready for you to fill us up!” Madison chimed in.

I'm sure we will be able to get you both up where you want to be,” I answered, my cock throbbing as I spoke, “Will Wednesday evening around 7:00 work for you both?

Of course, Professor, we will come wherever and whenever you want!” Mindy cooed as they walked away, flipping their asses suggestively as they left.

I let my boner subside a bit before returning to my office. The remainder of the day went pretty much as expected. I stopped for some Mexican food on the way home and picked up more beer.

The house was empty when I got there. I found a note on the kitchen counter from Roger. He thought he might be back in a week to ten days but wasn't sure. On my pillow, there was a note from Li Na, including an email address since she didn't have a working cell yet. She definitely wanted to get together again while she was still in the country and said she was interested in doing a lot more than we had the night before. I sent her a quick note with my cell number.

After reading that note I let my growing hard on subside. I needed to get some work done and did expect Jill to give me a call later. I was laying on the bed reading and slowly stroking my cock with the laptop between my legs when she came on.

Hi lover, sorry I missed you last night. We didn't get back here until late and were all beat by then. Mama Carol is so sorry she missed you. She is even more anxious to meet you now that she knows I filled you in on everything. The kids say 'Hi' too.”

The screen on my laptop split into three views, one of her fucking herself with a vibrator filled half the screen. The top of the other half showed Chase kneeling on his bed with his ass in the air, his face turned toward the camera. Jill had two fingers in his ass, rotating and slowly pumping him in and out. She jerked him off with her other hand. He was groaning and thrashing when a nice size gob of cum seeped over Jill's hand.

On the lower half, little Emma lay on her back, holding her legs above her head. Her sweet bare pussy was completely exposed. Jill rubbed a vibrator up and down in her little girl's slit, stopped at the opening to her vagina and pressed the tip into Emma's pussy hole. Emma pushed back against the toy and it slipped all the way inside her. Jill turned it on as little Emma gasped, moved Emma's hand down to hold the end of the vibrator and the ten year old girl slowly fucked herself with the toy. Jill masturbated over Emma until she sprayed her pussy juices all over her daughter.

They are both ready for you, lover. I can hardly wait myself!” Jill groaned and fucked herself faster with the vibrator. I groaned as she sprayed her cum again and I shot five strings of cum on my chest and belly.

She signed off and I fell asleep with my cum dripping off my chest.

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