Jill – Part 36

My alarm awakened me at the usual time. My morning wood ached and the crusty cum remains from the night before stuck to my side. I lay there thinking about ten year old Emma impaling herself with a vibrator, with her mother's help, happily getting herself ready for me to fuck her. I shot another four strings of cum on my belly and chest, showered and dressed.

I spent a good part of the morning working on my upcoming paper and presentation. After an afternoon seminar, I stopped to get something to eat, pick up some more beer and head home, hoping to continue the work from earlier in the day. I was comfortably seated at my desk in my boxers and a t-shirt when the door bell rang around 7:00.

I opened the door and Alex walked in lugging a large box, followed by a young girl loaded down with other packages.

What...what are you doing...what is going on....? I stammered as she carefully put down the box and took the other items from the girl.

Go get the rest of the stuff,” she said to the kid before turning to me.

Hi there, big guy,” she said reached up and pulled my face down for a tongue lashing kiss, “I've got a few things for you!”

The little girl came back in the house with a few more bags, Alex's laptop and a tool satchel.

What the hell is all this?” I demanded.

Orders from the boss,” was Alex's reply as she started unpacking the box.

Boss? What boss?” I was completely confused at that point.

Well Jill, of course, big guy, now give us a hand.”

What are you doing and talking about?”

She didn't tell you anything? Oh well, probably for the best, no use getting in an argument about this?”

What are you babbling about?” I demanded.

Jill called me, said she was tired of seeing you thru the crappy camera on your laptop. Besides she didn't think you could see her or the kids on it very well either. She told me to go get a good smart TV and some cameras and set it all up to work with her special chat program. So here we are.”

I...I can't take all this...stuff!” I exclaimed.

Trust me, dude, you can't afford NOT to take it. Besides she told me I can come over any time you might need some 'technical assistance' with how it all works,” she laughed and squeezed my balls thru my boxers.

But...but...it's not even my house...you...I can't just...add stuff to the house!”

No problem, no new wiring or anything like that, just a hook up to your current cable box and WiFi router. OK, where's your bedroom?”

I need to call Jill.”

Go right ahead but I guarantee you will not like the 'no pussy or cock or ass from anyone...period' alternative to letting me take care of this.”

I thought about that for a moment. My eyes must have glazed over a little as I thought about Chase with his ass in the air and Emma fucking herself with a vibrator from the night before. My cock twitched up a bit too and tented my boxers a little more.

In here,” I mumbled and led her to my bedroom.

I figured you would see it my way,” she laughed and swatted my ass.

Evie,” she called to the little girl, “bring all the cables and tools in here. Is that everything? Good, now set everything out neatly on that side of the bed so we can see what we need as we need it.”

You, big guy, bring in that big box with the TV and unpack it on the other side of the bed. You know, Evie, I think you and your mom will really like his TV, it is way better than the one you have now,” Alex said as she disassembled my old TV.

The little girl looked up from what she was doing and smiled. I brought in and unpacked the new one. It was definitely top of the line, 55” curved screen.

What can I do to help?” I asked.

Sit over there on the bed and stay out of the way. This will not take too long.”

She went to work, asking Evie to get this cable or that tool. As she put things together, I took a closer look at little Evie. I guessed she was about Emma's age, ten or eleven. She had brown, shoulder length hair and was wearing shorts and a worn t-shirt. Looking closer, I could see the bare budding of little nipples pushing out from her chest, so she was clearly a bit more advanced than Emma.

You never finished the story about meeting Brian and Jill,” I said to Alex as she worked.

Oh it is pretty straightforward,” she responded, “you know about winning Brian's contest. When I did show up with my mother, HR and the lawyers went nuts because of my age, child work laws and such. Anyway, Brian tells them to go figure it out while he and I got to work. Eventually, they came up with some sort of contractor arrangement thru a third party entity and set everything up.”

I had to admit for a sixteen year old, she did have a nice ass. My cock twitched a little as she continued.

I was immediately attracted to Brian and he to me. I wasn't exactly a virgin. Besides masturbating a lot with a vibrator, I fooled around a little with a guy at MIT a few times, but he always shot his load as soon as his cock got near my pussy. So I had no real experience. At one point in the afternoon, I turned to get something and walked right into Brian. He didn't pull away and neither did I. Moments later, we kissed, then I went totally nuts when he grabbed my ass and caressed my tits. Fucked him right there in his office.”

Little Evie was listening as we talked and smiled broadly when Alex talked about getting fucked. My cock twitched again.

My mother and I stayed in Brian and Jill's guest house for a few days before he flew her home in the company jet. They were probably barely wheels up when I was in bed with Brian and Jill. I didn't sleep in the guest house the rest of the summer. Mark and Karen joined in the fun a few days later. And of course, I got to play with the kids as well.”

At the end of the summer I went back to MIT for my doctorates. Brian kept me on the payroll as a consultant. I still am to this day and returned here when I finished school. I wanted to explore a bit, so moved into an apartment down near the company headquarters. That's how I met Evie.”

The little girl smiled again and touched Alex's shoulder tenderly in passing.

So what is Evie's story?” I asked as I admired the way her little girl butt pushed against her shorts when she bent over.

Evie and her single mom live across the walkway from me at my apartment complex,” Alex responded. “We met shortly after I moved there and became really good friends.”

Alex touched Evie's butt gently as she spoke and the kid smiled.

Anyway, I came home one afternoon and Evie was locked out of her apartment. She went to mine with me until her mom got home a few hours later. I have all sorts of computer stuff in my place so Evie was fascinated by it. Over the next few weeks she would stop by often and I showed her a few things about the equipment, coding and such.”

Yeah is was so much fun!”: Evie chimed in with a little girl voice that sent a chill thru my groin.

I tried to sit so they couldn't see the bulge in my shorts.

Right after she turned eleven, her mom asked me to watch Evie for a weekend while she took a bus to visit a sick sister in a town about two hours away. I was happy to do so, since it gave me a reason to just blow off a weekend doing girlie, sister type stuff with Evie.”

Alex ran her hand affectionately down Evie's leg and the little girl pressed up against her with a big smile.

And that's what we did for the whole weekend, playing games and dressing up and all sorts of stuff like that. The first night we got into the shower together, soaping each other up all over as we tickled and giggled. I could see Evie's little nipples starting to bud and was aroused a little by them.”

She was captivated by my piercings and tattoos. I felt a tingle of arousal run thru my body each time she touched one of my nipple piercings. I reached down and touched her tiny nipples.”

Oh that felt so, so good!” Evie chimed in running her hand down Alex's back.

My cock was getting really hard and I doubted I could conceal it in my boxers for long at this rate.

By this time, she had the TV set up, including a camera mounted on top. She stood and looked around the room and the placement of the bed.

We'll put one there and the other over there,” she said to Evie. They got a chair to stand on and attached a camera on the walls looking at either side of the bed. At least she hadn't asked me to get up and find a step ladder.

Once the cameras were all attached, she turned on the extra box next to the cable DVR. The TV turned on but required a certain amount of programming to set up properly. Alex continued talking as she went thru the steps and Evie picked up the empty boxes and shopping bags.

You liked it when I touched your nipples didn't you Evie?”

Oh yes, I tingled all over it felt so good!” Evie said as she hugged Alex from behind, her little hands groping for those perky tits.

When Evie tugged on the ring in the hood of my clit. I tensed immediately and groaned in delight. I hugged her close as she continued to play with the ring. Before I could cum, I stepped out of the shower and took Evie by the hand. We dried each other off and walked to my bed.”

Evie was fingering Alex's nipple rings under her shirt and watching me with a big grin. My cock was throbbing and about to pop out of the top of my shorts.

OK, let's try this,” Alex said and fiddled with the extra remote she pulled from her bag. A menu popped up asking for some input. Alex entered something and three views of the room came on of me sitting on the bed. The bulge in my shorts was obvious. Evie giggled and Alex came over and gave me a gentle kiss.

Don't worry about it, big guy, that's part of the plan!” She went back to doing something with the different menus.

Now you are set up for regular TV, internet, three premium movie channels and, of course, the chat program.”

I'll never remember how to work all that!” I protested.

That's why Jill told me to give you all the 'technical assistance' you may need, any time you want,” she said with a devilish smile.

Evie climbed up on the bed next to me, sitting with her legs spread wide, one pressing against mine.

Alex kissed me the first time when we got out of the shower,” the little girl said looking directly at the boner tenting my boxers.

Yeah, when we got to the bed I lay her down and gave her a deep kiss,” Alex recalled, “She pulled me to her then took my hand and placed it on her hairless pussy. She was very warm and a little wet, probably from both the shower and her own juices. I started kissing her tiny nipples as I pushed open her bare slit.”

That felt so good!” Evie added. I looked over. She was fingering her nipples with one hand thru her t-shirt and placed the other on my thigh. I moaned as my cock head peeked out of my shorts. Evie smiled again as she watched my cock grow.

I worked my way down her little body with my tongue until I found her tight little girl slit,” Alex continued as she moved to the other side of the bed from Evie. She flipped off her shirt and sat close to me, rubbing her fingers across my chest.

That was the best part ever,” Evie gasped, “it just felt so good when Alex licked my pussy. I was tingling all over and she just kept going!” Evie reached across and pulled one of the nipple rings as Alex groaned. Her little body pressed harder against me as she reached and Alex's hand moved down over my stomach.

I'm pretty sure that was Evie's very first real orgasm. When she stopped trembling, she went down on my pussy. I showed her how to lick my clit and finger my g-spot until I had a huge orgasm on her face.”

Alex's hand reached and gently caressing the shaved area above my cock, her fingers just under the waistband of my shorts. Evie leaned over and kissed one of Alex's tits, drawing the hand on my thigh up to right under my balls.

I reached up and took Alex's other tit in one hand and slid my other hand under Evie's shirt to feel her stiff little nipples. Alex stood and placed Evie's little hand right on the head of my cock.

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