This is a work of fiction depicting the seduction of adults by a preteen girl. If it will offend you, go away.


Little Girl in Love

My name is Nicky, I'm eleven years old, at least I will be in a couple of weeks, and I have to tell you something.

I'm in love!

There, I've said it. It's a secret and you can't tell any one. I think about him all day long, about how handsome he is, the way he smiles, and how he's so nice to me all the time. He dresses well and smells faintly of aftershave and he always has sweet breath which is good because I get to spend a lot of time sitting close to him. He's my piano teacher.

I know what you're thinking. I can't be in love, I'm just a little girl with a crush on an older man and I`ll grow out of it, but I know I'm in love. I'm not sexually mature (I've read sex education books so I know all about sex), I haven't yet got my period, but the feelings I have are so strong, This has to be love.

Maybe you're wondering how I feel about the boys in my class at school. Frankly, they're all jerks. They call me names because I wear glasses and I'm really thin. "Twiggy", they call me which used to piss me off until I discovered she was a famous model in London in the sixties. Everyone loved her, so they can call me what they like.

I've played piano ever since I can remember. I'm told I'm a child prodigy and that I'll one day be a famous concert pianist. I have to work very hard and practice a lot, but I enjoy it. Not just the music, which I love, but because I'm with the man I love every day except Sunday, doing my piano lessons. He comes over to our house after school, before my mom gets home, so I get to be alone with him. It's really exciting.

His name is Jonathan Wells, but he lets me call him Jon and of course he calls me Nicky, or `sweetheart`, and sometimes `darling`. I know he likes me in a special way, but I'm too scared to come right out and tell him I love him. What if he just brushes it of, or worse, laughs at me?

Today I get home from school as usual just after three o'clock. Jon will be here soon. I'm wearing my uniform, a plaid skirt with a white short sleeved blouse, white knee socks. You can faintly see my cami top through my blouse. I wish my mom would buy me a bra. I don't have very much to fill it, but I would feel better about it if I were wearing a bra. Lately I've been looking at my chest to see if my boobs are growing, and it's hard to tell. From day to day, there isn't a visible change, maybe they're growing, maybe not.

I take my shoes off when I come in the door. Jon likes me in my uniform; he says I look cute. I think he means sexy, `cos my skirt, which I've had for a couple of years, is a little too short for me. It shows off my legs, which I think are too skinny, but Jon is always looking at them. Once or twice I've let him look up my skirt, without making it look obvious. I bet he likes that. One time we were out on the back lawn after my lesson and I did a cartwheel, letting my skirt fall over my head, showing off my white cotton panties. He gave me a nice smile, as if to say "thank you".

I hear him walking up our driveway, so I open the front door a crack, and go and sit on the couch in the living room. That's where the piano is, the big expensive Steinway grand, perfectly tuned, that my mom bought especially for me. I pull my knees up under my chin, my skirt stretched across the top, my feet slightly apart. I know this is going to give him a great view of my white panties, and I pretend to be engrossed in a magazine as he enters the room. I look up at him and smile and he's staring at my legs as he says, "Hello, my sweet. Ready to get to work?"

"Sure," I say, getting to my feet and sitting down on the wide piano stool. He comes and sits beside me and puts his arm round my waist. He always does this. He's forever giving me little hugs and an occasional peck on the cheek, which is one of the reasons I started to fall in love with him.

We work for an hour, practicing a difficult work by Mozart, repeating the hard parts over and over until he tells me I have it just right. The lessons are only supposed to last an hour, but he always stays longer, chatting about stuff that has nothing to do with music. This is the time I like best of all, after the lesson, just me and Jon alone. Today, he sits on the end of the couch and I sit beside him, then swivel round and lie down with my shoulders on his lap and my head against the arm-rest. He smiles down at me.

"Have you any idea how pretty you are?" he asks. I'm sure I'm blushing as I think how to answer.

"How pretty am I?"

"I think you're the prettiest girl in the world."

I slide down the couch so that my head is in his lap. This causes my skirt to get bunched up high enough for him to be able to see my panties. He lays his forearm across my hips, then accidentally moves it which pushes my skirt up higher. At least I think it was an accident.

He's gazing down at me, his face close to mine and I want to kiss him, not just one of those childish pecks, but a real deep, long kiss like you see in movies. I can see he's looking down at my legs. I lift one knee and pull my heel up next to my butt. That should reveal a little more.

"I'm too skinny to be pretty, and I don`t have any boobs yet."

"Don't be in too much of a hurry to grow boobs. All those girls in your class at school who are growing tits. . ." I smile at the word `tits' . . ."they're the ones who are gonna grow up to be fat. You'll never be fat. You're one of those thin girls who grow up to be supermodels, except you'll be a famous pianist. With your slender figure, you'll look fabulous in a long evening gown when you're playing in a concert hall. Slim is good and I like you the way you are." He looks at my legs again. I roll my head sideways so that I'm looking at his belt buckle. Is that an erection I can feel with my cheek? I'm not sure. If it is, what should I do? Better ignore it for the moment.

Then he looks at his watch. "I have to go, my love."

He used the L word. Wow! Did he really mean it? Perhaps I'm overreacting. I get to my feet and hold his hand as he walks to the door. I try to see if he really has an erection but it`s hard to tell. "See you on Monday," he says, bends down and kisses me briefly on the lips. How I wish the kiss could last forever, but seconds later, he's gone.

I love him so much, it almost hurts.

* * *

It's Saturday morning, and I lie in bed until about ten o'clock. I can hear our housekeeper Maria vacuuming the living room. I've been sleeping naked, so when I get up, I pull a T shirt out of a drawer and put it on. It comes down to just below my butt. In the kitchen, Maria says, "I'll fix you some breakfast."

"Just some orange juice is fine," I say. Maria only comes on Saturday mornings as the house doesn't need a whole lot of cleaning. I like her. My mom is working, as usual. I only get to see her in the evenings and on Sundays.

Maria finishes washing dishes in the sink and takes a long look at my boney legs. I'm sure she can see my pee-pee up my T shirt. I've been calling it a pee-pee since I was little, and I like the name. I know most people call it a vagina or a cunt or a pussy and you can call it what you like but I like 'pee-pee'. I don't mind if she can see it, she's seen me naked before. "I need to take a shower," she says and she's right. There are sweat stains under the arms of her T shirt.

"I've got to shower too, but you go first." I follow her as she goes into the bathroom. She's twenty something, slender with a short boyish haircut and she's very fit. I'm cleaning my teeth as she pulls off her T shirt, revealing her small firm breasts, and I can smell the aroma of fresh, clean sweat coming off her. Then she pulls down her shorts and panties both at the same time. I don't think doing that saves any time `cos you've gotta separate them later. I look at her pee-pee. She is completely shaved and has floppy lips and a big clit. It looks just like the pictures I saw in the sex-ed book I read, the one that also had a picture of an erect penis that I studied at length. I can't wait to see a real one.

"You're bald," I say, looking down there.

"It feels much nicer. Girls shave their armpits, why not their pubes as well? I thing it looks nicer too." I'm inclined to agree.

I finish brushing my teeth as Maria steps into the shower and turns on the water. Once she has adjusted the temperature, she calls to me, "Will you soap my back for me, please?" Maria's been eyeing me for weeks now, and I wonder if she's into girls. If she is, it's O.K. by me. There was lots of stuff about lesbians in the book I read, and I think that maybe lesbianism might be fun.


"You'd better take off that T or it'll get soaked." I pull it over my head and join her in the shower.

"Do you think my boobs are growing?"

She looks down at them. "Maybe. Yes, I think so. You have a nice body"

"I should be wearing bras, but mom won't buy me any."

"Don't worry, I'll talk to her." Picking up the soap she says, "I'll do you first." Standing behind me she lathers my shoulders, then my back, then down to my butt. It feels nice. Then her hand goes in the crack of my ass and soaps it well. Then she reaches her arm round me and starts on my chest, taking her time. "They are growing," she whispers in my ear. I like the feel of her hands on my body and now she's moving down to my stomach. "Can I soap your pee-pee?" she asked, knowing I like the term.

"Sure, go ahead," I say, not wishing to displease her. As she rubs the soap between my legs, I get that nice tingly feeling that I get when I touch myself in bed at night. Don't be shocked, yes, I know all about masturbation, and I like to do it. I think all girls my age do. I haven't had a orgasm yet, but I still like to rub myself every night while I'm thinking about Jon. I like to imagine it's his fingers that are touching me.

Maria slides a finger a little way inside me. "Does that feel nice?"

"Uh-huh," I agree. Her hand slides up to touch my clit, which hasn't really developed yet and this feels even better. But I don`t want this to go too far. "Let me do you," I say, turning round. Taking the soap, I stand behind her and do her back and butt.

"Do my tits," she says, and I reach both hands round her and lather her tits.

"That's good, now pinch my nipples." I feel her body tremble a little as I twirl her big nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. Then she takes my hand and guides it down between her legs, and I know what to do. I start to rub my fingers up and down between her lips and then concentrate on her clit. She's breathing fast and I wonder if she's going to faint., then she starts to moan and buck her hips and suddenly lets out a little cry and grips the grab-rail.

"Jesus, you make me cum, you little witch."

"I did?" Wow!" I feel kinda pleased with myself.

"That was amazing. You're so good at it. Where did you learn to do it?"

"Trial and error. And reading the right books."

"For heavens sake, don't tell anyone about this. I could go to jail for just touching you. Remember, no one ever keeps a secret, so let's keep it between ourselves."

"Absolutely." I'm certainly never gonna tell anyone. What would Jon say if he knew. As I think about him, I feel a little bit guilty. Have I betrayed the love I feel for him? Will it change the way I feel? I guess not, I still love him so much. This little adventure in the shower isn't gonna change anything. Maria gives me a quick kiss as I grab a towel and dry off.

"Thank you," she whispers.

In my bedroom, I pull on my white cotton panties. I've gotta persuade mom to get me some undies that are a little sexier than these schoolgirl underpants. I know Jon likes them, but wouldn't he like some lacey, see-through colored ones better? One day, I'm going to ask him. So for now I'm not going to wear anything more than my panties until I go to my piano lesson at Jon's house this afternoon. We work for two hours each Saturday, the best day of the week.

I know Maria will appreciate it if I'm hanging around the house in just my panties, showing of the boobs she says are growing. Later, when we have lunch together, she can't take her eyes off me. I love being looked at.

* * *

Now it's early afternoon, and I'm in front of my bedroom mirror in my panties, trying to decide what to wear to my music lesson. You know, I think Maria's right. There is perhaps a slight swelling at my nipples which themselves seem bigger. I need to wear something short to show off my legs. I select a dress I've had for years that I've outgrown and hold it up against my body. It's a pale mauve with little flowers all over it. The length looks about right, in other words, way too short. Thing is, it's quite sheer and you can see through it. I used to wear it with a slip, but that was thrown out months ago. I try the dress on anyway, and the length is right, a good eight inches above the knee, but you can clearly see my panties through it. So I look in my undies drawer and produce a half slip, in white nylon, with a lacey edge. I pull up my dress, don the slip and pull my dress down. The slip's too long, you can see about two inches of lace. I lift my dress again and hitch the slip up above my belly button. I pull the dress down and look at myself. It looks fine, very short and sexy and you can see my nipples through the dress. A bit naughty but what the heck. No schoolgirl knee socks today, it's Saturday.

Fifteen minutes later, I've walked the few blocks to Jon's house. He opens the door as soon as I knock and looks me up and down. "Nice dress," he says. "Come on in." He closes the door behind me and looks me over again. "That's a cute look, with the lace at the bottom." I look down and my slip has ridden down so that it shows.

"My slip is too long," I say. "It shouldn't show." I lift my dress up around my chest, pull the slip up again, and adjust my dress. "Is that better?"

"I think it looked better when it showed," he says.

"It'll probably ride down again."

"Well, given how hot it is, less clothing being better than more, why not just take it off?" So, I grab the slip by the hem and pull it off, fold it up and put it on the end table by the couch.

"That's better," he says.

"You can see through my dress," I say, as thought it were a bad thing.

"I know and I'm not complaining."

The lesson doesn't go well. I'm trying to concentrate on Beethoven while Jon is looking at my panties and down the front of my dress. I love the attention, but it doesn't help the music. As usual, he has his arm around me and his fingers rest on my boob. I can feel my nipple harden and I lean into him. I want him to kiss me, but I have to keep playing and my timing is all off.

Eventually he looks at his watch. "I have another student in just a few minutes." I stand up, reluctantly, letting his eyes run over my dress again. I pick up my music books and head for the door.

"Wait a minute, what about your slip?" He hands it to me.

"Oh yes, thanks. I nearly forgot." I unfold it and hitch my dress up under my armpits. He can see everything up to my rib cage, the white panties he seems to like so much, my butt, my belly button, everything. I take my time pulling the slip on, letting him get a good long look. All the time I'm smiling at him. Then I pull my dress down and he leads me to the door.

"I really enjoyed that," he says. Does he mean the lesson or the little show I just put on?

"Me too. Love ya. Bye."


Walking home I'm thinking "I used the L word". But I wasn't actually saying "I love you". It was just a throwaway goodbye line. But I'm trying as hard as I can to let him know how I feel, without running the risk of rejection. If he told me he didn't love me, I think I'd die.

* * *

The next week is uneventful, just music lessons as usual. Jon is as nice to me as he always is, and I'm able to give him a few flashes of my panties, and he still puts his arm around me when we're at the piano. At one point, he drops a pencil, and gets down on his knees to retrieve it and my legs are wide apart. His face is about a foot and a half from my cotton covered pee-pee, and he takes his time, getting a good eyeful.

By the time Friday afternoon comes around, I'm getting impatient. I'm right on the brink of telling him I love him, but I need some signal that he won't reject me. I have to get him to make some kind of move. So I plan a little scheme to get his attention. I'm a bit nervous about it, but I hope it will look innocent enough. When I hear him come up the driveway, I unlock the front door and run into the bathroom, leaving the door open. This only takes a few seconds. I should point out that I'm wearing just my panties and a short white cami that comes down to just below my ribs, leaving a short gap where my belly button is. I grab a toothbrush.

Jon comes in, looks into the living room, can't see me, and calls out, "Nicky, I'm here."

"I'm in the bathroom, come on in." He steps down the hallway into the bathroom and gazes at me. I can tell he likes what he sees. I brush my teeth, without toothpaste, but he misses that little clue. He's looking at my body and I don't care. In fact, I like it a lot. I turn from the mirror and face him. "Hello," I say. "You look nice." He wearing a white tank and expensive slacks which fit beautifully.

"You look nice yourself. In fact you look really sexy. Forgive me, but I have a thing about underwear."

Duh! Of course you do. You love my panties. I wish you loved me as much as you love my underwear.

"Come into my bedroom and help me choose something to wear." Jon is actually going to be with me in my bedroom. I feel goose bumps all over. In the bedroom we look at the dresses hanging in my closet. Of course he selects the sheer one I was wearing on Saturday. "I knew you'd pick that one," I said.

"Don't bother wearing a slip. I've seen everything anyway." Not everything, no you haven't, not yet.

"Did you like what you saw?'

"I loved it. You're the sexiest girl I've ever known."

Looking in the mirror as I put the dress on, I can see I'm blushing furiously. This is the best thing he ever said to me. He's clenching and unclenching his fists like he wants to grab hold of me, and I'm hoping he does, but common sense prevails and he says, "Come on, we've got work to do."

Once again, at the piano, the lesson goes badly. I simply can't concentrate. I'm thinking about accidentally touching the front of his pants with my hand, but I'm too scared. Just before the end of the lesson, he say's, "Do you have a digital camera?"
"Sure, in that desk drawer."

"Can I take a picture of you?"

"Of course. Take as many as you like." He shoots several pics of me posing in the sheer dress, my panties on full display. Then he sits me on the stool, my back to the piano and of course I open my legs so he can get the up skirt shot I know he wants.

"It's a pity I wasn't holding this camera when I saw you in the bathroom."

"No problem," I say, and lift the dress up under my chin, exposing everything from my waist down. He clicks away rapidly as I do some provocative poses. We're both laughing like it's some big joke, but I'm really turned on by showing my self off in my underwear. The scheme has worked, better than I could have hoped.

"I'm late," he says, looking at his watch. I walk with him to the door, then he turns and puts his arms around me and kisses me briefly on the lips. It's not a deep kiss with tongue and stuff, but it's more than just a friendly peck.

"You drive me fuckin' crazy," he says, and goes out of the door.

He's used the F word. It's feels like it's not a kid-and-adult situation, but more as though we're equals. I like it.

* * *

Sunday is like a good and a bad day. I don't have a music lesson, but my mom's home all day, which is nice. I guess Maria must have talked to her because after lunch she hands me a twenty dollar bill and says, "You need to buy some bras. Go to the mall and pick out what you like. Maybe you'll have enough cash left over for a movie."

At the mall, I manage to find a three pack of simple training bras for nine-ninetyfive. They'll do for school and to keep my mom happy. But I spend a long time looking for something nicer. Eventually, I pick up a nice lacey bra, very small and see-through that's going to look really sexy when Jon gets to see it.

* * *

At school, the next day, I'm wearing a bra, like all the other girls. You can see it faintly through my blouse. I don't expect a standing ovation, but nobody even notices it. Bummer! Still, I feel a little more grown up.

* * *

Saturday comes round again, and I'm all excited. I select a simple white cotton sleeveless sun dress, that's not exactly see-through, but when I stand by the window illuminated by direct sunlight, you can see the outline of my body as though I were wearing nothing. Jon will surely like this. Under it I have on my nice lacey bra. I wish I had spent some money on sexier panties, but I don't want my mom asking questions. She was a bit miffed when she saw my bra.

"You're a bit young for that sort of thing," she said. If only she knew!

At Jon's house, his front door is open. Before I go in I undo the bottom two buttons on the front of my dress. That's going to show a lot of panty. I close the door behind me. "I'm here, Jon," I call.

"I'm in the shower. Come on in, the door's open."

Wow! I guess he must be naked. I'm so excited. I go into the bathroom and see that the shower curtain is closed, the water running.

"Hi, Jon."

His hand comes from behind the curtain. "Can you hand me the towel?" There's only one on the towel rail and I pass it to him. The water shuts off and there's a pause for a few seconds as he dries himself off. Then the curtain slides open and he steps out of the tub with the towel round his waist. His body is magnificent, slender, not too muscular, with a little hair on his chest and legs. The towel barely comes down to his knees, but is long enough to go round his waist with enough to tuck it into itself. It looks kind of precarious.

"You look nice," he says.

"So do you. What're you gonna do if that towel falls off?"

"Do you think it will?"

"Yeah. It's gonna fall."

"Would you be shocked?"

"Who, me? No way."

"Would you be freaked out?"

"Not a bit."


"Of course not. I'm a big girl now."

"Have you seen a naked man before?"

"Not an adult."

"Have you ever seen a dick?"

"I've seen pictures of penises in sex education books."

"Stiff ones?"

"An erect dick. Sure. It's no big deal." Actually it's a huge deal. The bulge under the towel is beginning to look like a full erection and I want to see it.

There's an awkward pause while we both consider where to go from here, then on an impulse I grab the towel and yank it off him. Oh, my God! What a wonderful sight. His dick is almost fully erect, uncircumcised, long and smooth. It looks huge to me, but this is the first actual erection I've ever seen. I feel weak at the knees.

"You naughty girl," he says, making no attempt to cover up, leaving the damp towel on the floor. "I should spank you." I imagine lying across his knees, my dress up and my panties down while he gives my butt gently slaps.

"I like being naughty."

"I know, and l like it when you're naughty. Come into the bedroom and you can help me choose what to wear." Wearing nothing would be good, I think. He takes my hand and leads me into his bedroom. It's quite neat and tidy, the bed carefully made. I sit on the bed and for a second he's standing in front of me, his stiff cock inches from my face. I've read about fellatio, and suddenly it doesn't seem nasty, like I'd imagined it, but it would be difficult to get much of his dick inside my mouth. Then his sits down beside me, and leans back, propped up on his elbows, his dick vertical. I can't stop myself, and I reach out and take hold of it. It's rock hard, with the skin soft against my hand. I know what to do and slowly stroke it up and down, marveling as his glans comes into view, a bead of moisture on the tip, then disappears again each time I pull his foreskin up. His eyes are shut and he's breathing fast. He doesn't say anything, just groans and his hips start to buck, then his whole body tenses up, his dick pulses and several big squirt of semen shoot out, all over his chest and stomach. He falls back on to the bed, gasping.

"Holy shit!. That was unbelievable. Where did you learn to do that., you sexy little fox?"

"I didn't learn it, it just came naturally. Your dick looked so beautiful, I couldn't help myself."

"I never knew I could get so turned on be a ten year old girl."


"Sorry, eleven. Did you enjoy doing it?"

"I loved it. I love making you feel good. I always try to excite you."

"You do. Every time you showed my your panties, I started to get a hard-on."

I glance down and his dick has gone soft. I know from what I've read that it'll take a while before he's aroused again.

"I always loved it whenever you sneaked a look up my skirt. I gave you a lot of flashes, didn't I?"

"You did. That time I saw you in your bathroom in just panties and a top, I nearly came in my pants." I laugh. He looks down to where the bottom of my dress is gaping open. The crotch of my panties is damp and I'm sure he can see it. Then he puts his arms around me and gives me a deep kiss, his tongue in my mouth. I feel dizzy. It lasts for several seconds then we break apart. I can't help myself, I have to say it!

"I love you, Jon." There, it's out now.

"I know," he says. "I've always known it, ever since your first few lessons. I'm glad you love me, and I love being with you. It's not just because you're so incredibly sexy and that I get aroused every time I see you. What I'm about to say, I want you to take seriously." He looks me right in the eyes. "I love you too."

I'm drowning in happiness. He loves me! Oh, my God, he loves me. I throw my arms around him and we fall back on to the bed. We kiss, again, long and deep, and thrills run through my body. I look down and I see his dick beginning to stir. I lean down and give it a little kiss. Then I stand up and start to unbutton my dress, from the bottom up, and open it wide so he can see my panties and bra. "This is what you like to see," I say, pushing my hips forward suggestively.

"Oh, yeah," he groans. He's looking at my nipples through my new sexy bra.

"You showed my yours, so now I gotta show you mine," I say, putting my fingers into the leg of my panties and pulling the crotch aside so he can see my hairless pee-pee. His eyes go big and his dick becomes more erect.

"It's beautiful!. I wanna kiss it."

"Wait." I pull my panties off and stand there in just my bra. He pulls me towards him and buries his fact between my thighs. I can feel his tongue probing my vagina, then playing with my clit. I'm starting to sweat, and I'm thrusting my hips forward on to his face as I murmur, "I love you, I love you."

Then he pulls me down on top of him. I can feel the wetness of his cum and his hard dick against my stomach. We kiss and kiss again. His arm are around me and I'm incredibly excited and happy.

"Pull your knees up and sit on my cock, Nicky." Oh, yes, yes, this is what I want! "Now lift up and take my dick in your hand. Yes just like that. Now, slide it in. Take your time, go at your own speed. If it hurts you can stop. You're in control. My God, that feels so good!"

He's inside me, my lover, deep inside me and I know I'm crying. My whole body is shaking and I think I'm going to faint. I start to lift my body up and down, letting his dick go in and out of my pee-pee. His dick goes deeper until it's almost all inside me. I'm amazed at how much my eleven year old body can take. Then a great wave of lust, sweeps over me, a huge thrill coursing through my body and I collapse on his chest.

"You came!" he says.

"I did. You made me cum. I love you so much Jon. I`ll never stop loving you."

"I believe you," he says.

* * *

It's two in the morning and I wake up, thinking about Jon. He loves me, yes he loves me, I think. I feel a wetness between my legs and I put on the light and look down. There's blood on the sheet. I've got my period!

I'm now a woman.

A woman in love!

The End

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