Marcy's Education (Part 1)

Marcy's Education

This is a follow on story to one posted earlier called “Arlie”.

Part 1

Marcy stood at the outside edge of the gaggle of some other tenth grade girls, only half listening to their gleeful chatter as her eyes darted back and forth down the street. She broke into a bright smile when she saw the sleek German sports car, the kind that was definitely out of place in her neighborhood, pull to the curb. To a chorus of catcalls, she half ran to jump into the car, throwing her book bag to the floor beneath her feet.

Sorry I'm late,” Arlie said softly, gently touching Marcy's bare thigh, sending a shiver through the young girl's groin.

It's OK,” Marcy responded and settled back into the soft glove leather of the passenger seat. “I wasn't waiting long.”

Her skirt rode up as she spread her knees, giving Arlie a clear look at the worn plain white cotton panties marred by just the hint of use stains. She shivered again when Arlie brushed a finger over the gusset of those panties, pressing them softly into Marcy's dampening slit.

Mmm, we may have to do something about these,” Arlie murmured, pressing a little harder when her fingertip found the hard nub of Marcy's clit.

With that, Arlie pulled the car away from the curb and merged into the traffic, keeping her hand on Marcy's bulging mons. Marcy moaned lowly and pushed her hips back against Arlie's hand.

Did you cum yet today?” Arlie asked keeping one eye on the road and the other on Marcy's crotch.

No, I was late for school this morning, so I didn't have a chance,”

Well you know I like watching you, so why don't you play with yourself for me...right here...right now,” Arlie cooed, pressing Marcy's clit a little harder.

Marcy reached down and began to pull off her panties but Arlie stopped her hand.

No, let me see your finger moving in and out of your sweet tight pussy inside your panties. And while you're at it, open your blouse so I can see how your tits are developing.”

After unbuttoning her blouse and pushing up her bra, Marcy slid one hand inside her panties and began fingering the moist pink flesh on the inside of her pussy lips. With her other hand, she cupped one of her conical tits with the dark penny sized areola and tiny, erect nipples.

In the two years or so she had known Arlie, her tits had sprouted from mere bumps on her chest to an “A” cup, bordering on a “B”. They were so sensitive, she could also sometimes make herself cum just playing with her nipples...and Arlie always could.

A familiar tingling grew between her legs, so Marcy began fingering herself faster and harder. When Arlie stopped at a light, she hitched her own skirt up so Marcy could see the older woman wasn't wearing any panties. Arlie grinned at Marcy, dragged a finger up through her own pussy slit and offered the finger to Marcy.

She eagerly sucked it in, tasting the well known musky mix of Arlie's pussy juices and piss. With the finger in her mouth, Marcy started to cum on her own hand, groaning loudly and flailing her hips as Arlie pulled away from the light.

Let me taste,” Arlie murmured.

Marcy scooped some creamy wetness seeping from her cunt on two fingers and held them up to Arlie's lips. Arlie swirled her tongue around Marcy's fingers for a moment before sucking them into her mouth.

Mmm, lovely appetizer...I can hardly wait for the main course,” Arlie murmured softly.

Where are we going anyway?” Marcy asked, looking out the window and seeing they were not heading toward the familiar neighborhood of Arlie's condo.

Shopping,” Arlie grinned, “you have a birthday coming up soon if I remember correctly.”

Yeah, I do. I haven't thought about it until you said something,” Marcy answered.

They drove for about twenty minutes, with Marcy mostly talking about school. She knew not to ask much about Arlie's work since Arlie never discussed her business in any detail. Marcy knew what Arlie did for a living, one where in a bad week she made more than her mother did in a good year. After all, they met because of the truly kinky appetites of Arlie's most prominent client.

How are your brothers doing,?” Arlie asked as she pulled into the parking lot of a high end boutique in the most fashionable part of town.

Oh they're OK. Paolo asked me if I knew when Cora wanted to see them again.”

It's been a couple of weeks if I recall, since she's been out of town,” said Arlie, “so I think you can safely tell them soon...very, very soon. My mother can only go so long without some cock in her cunt and she really likes both of your brothers...especially together.”

Well the same goes for me,” Marcy laughed at that and got out of the car, “so it's a good thing they are always around and my mom rarely gets home until long after I am out of school a few hours.”

Arlie grinned at that, wrapped an arm around Marcy's shoulder and pulled her close. Then they walked into a small shop with two very scantily clad mannequins in the front window.

A young woman with short pink and purple hair, several piercings in her ears, nose and eyebrows and a tattoo that started just below her chin and disappeared beneath her tight shirt, looked up as they entered. She broke into a bright smile and came around the counter with her arms held wide.

Arlie!” she practically shouted. “It's been way too long!”

Arlie took her arm off Marcy's shoulder to hug the young woman. They embraced warmly for a second before Arlie stepped back and gently tweaked one of the erect nipples pressing through the woman's tight pullover. The woman moaned lowly and pressed Arlie's hand even harder back against her tit.

Summer, I want you to meet my friend Marcy,” Arlie said, nodding toward Marcy even as she continued fondling the woman's tit, “and Marcy, this is Summer, who has the prettiest, sexiest lingerie, and other erotic things, in town.”

Summer cocked her pierced eyebrow questioningly at Arlie as she looked down at young Marcy. She was quite a bit taller than Marcy, with more than ample tits unencumbered by a bra and a firm round ass bulging from frayed jeans that were seemingly painted on. Then she stepped over and gave Marcy a warm hug, pressing Marcy's face into her soft tits.

Hello, Marcy,” Summer cooed softly, “any friend of Arlie's is always most welcome here. So what can I do for you today, Arlie, aside from what you know I always want to do to, and with, you?”

Marcy has a birthday coming up, her sixteenth,” Arlie laughed, “and I want to get her some nice, sexy things. I also want to see if you have anything new that I might be interested in.”

I think I can manage both of those. Take a look through some of the displays and give me an idea what you have in mind while I go get my measuring tape and tablet.”

She ran a finger down over Marcy's cheek, tenderly patted Arlie on the ass and disappeared into the back of the store.

The two of them wandered around the small shop for a few minutes looking at the variety of bras and panties and stockings and some other sheer and lacy items Marcy had never seen before. Arlie picked up a few things seemingly at random.

Summer came back a few minutes later with a tablet and old fashion ribbon measuring tape strung around her neck. She gently stroked Marcy's back as she spoke to them both.

So, find anything you like?”

Here's a few things but I'm not sure about the size,” Arlie responded holding out a hand filled with lacy and silky garments.

No problem. I wanted you to pick out some things just to get an idea what you are thinking. Let's go in the back and measure your Miss Marcy correctly. Then I can find the right items,” Summer said, flipped the little sign on the door to indicate the shop was closed and walked to the back.

Arlie and Marcy followed closely behind into a well lit room with racks of clothes on both sides, a comfortable looking sofa and a raised platform in the center.

While we're at it, do I need to check a few of your measurements again, Arlie?” Summer cooed with an impish grin. “You know, just to make sure everything is the same as last time?”

Sure, but let's take care of Marcy first,” Arlie answered with a laugh, unbuttoned her blouse completely and sat on the sofa with her legs comfortably splayed open.

Both Marcy and Summer could see Arlie's perfect tits swaying gently as well as the fleshy pink slit of her pussy framed by her toned inner thighs when she sat down. Marcy heard Summer's sharp intake of breath and could see her stiff nipples pressing out against her shirt even more prominently than before.

OK, Marcy, take off your clothes and put them over there then stand on the platform,” Summer said huskily, glancing back at a smiling Arlie.

Marcy got undressed and folded her clothes in a neat pile before stepping on to the raised platform. When she looked up, Summer was looking at her critically. Off to the side, Arlie's skirt was up around her waist and she was absentmindedly fingering the small patch of black hair topping her pussy.

OK, here's how this will go,” Summer instructed Marcy while making some entries on the tablet. “I'm going to take a picture of your face for the file and then a series of pictures of your body from all sides. When I'm finished, I will take your measurements. Just relax, spread your legs a little and let your arms hang loosely at your sides.”

Marcy did as she was told, occasionally glancing over to see Arlie grinning at her and pinching one of her own nipples or tracing a fingertip around the bulge of her smooth mons.

Summer asked Marcy to change her position slightly a couple of times before she was satisfies with the pictures. She put the tablet down on a stand next to the platform and asked Marcy to step closer to the edge.

Now I'm going to take some measurements so I can be sure that everything you get here fits perfectly,” Summer said cheerfully and pulled the ribbon like tape measure from around her neck.

She started at Marcy's head, taking a few measurements then entering them into the computer until she worked her way all the way down Marcy's back to her heels. Then she had Marcy face her and did the same thing. When Summer gently fondled Marcy's developing tits, Marcy felt her nipples stiffen and she moaned lowly. Summer just smiled at her and kept measuring, and touching, here and there.

Again, Marcy glanced over at Arlie who smiled back at her and kept pinching one of her nipples while continuing to finger her pussy, a sheen of her juices glistening on her fingers. Marcy tensed as Summer ran a finger over the thin thatch of cunt hair growing between her legs.

Are you planning on keeping this pussy hair?” Summer asked, more directed to Arlie than Marcy.

It's her pussy so I guess she should decide,” Arlie answered and slipped a finger into her own cunt up to the second knuckle.

Summer's breath hitched again as she turned back to Marcy, splitting the tight folds of her tight slit with a finger. Marcy shivered and Summer rubbed back and forth a little until her fingertip found the tight hole to Marcy's vagina. Marcy groaned a little louder and rotated her hips on that fingertip as Summer reached up with her other hand and caressed Marcy's taut ass cheek and cocked a questioning eye at her.

My mom says to let it grow as long as I am in her house,” Marcy gasped as her pussy clenched around Summer's fingertip, “but when I can, I'm going to shave it just like Arlie.”

Now Summer moaned lowly and swirled the fingertip around Marcy's dampening hole, her fingertip penetrating that tight pussy to the first knuckle. Marcy grinned down at her and pinched a stiff nipple trying to erupt through the fabric of Summer's shirt.

Do you have everything you need?” a now completely naked Arlie asked, pressing closely against Summer's back and reaching around to loosen her jeans.

Summer craned her head backward to meet Arlie's tongue lashing kiss as her jeans fell around her ankles. Arlie slipped her fingers under the waistband of Summer's thong, quickly sliding her finger back and forth in Summer's dripping pussy. After just a moment, Summer yelped an orgasm as her cunt cream soaked through her panties.

As she tensed, Summer's finger plunged even deeper into Marcy's pussy. Marcy humped that hand and fingered her own clit, crying out as her orgasm surged through her body. When Summer and Marcy began to slump down, Arlie backed up to the couch, bringing them both along with her.

There's only one measurement you need to take of me today,” she grinned at Summer and spread her knees as wide as she could manage while opening her pussy lips with two fingers so her clit popped out.

Summer needed no further invitation, dropping to her knees between Arlie's legs and burying face in Arlie's cunt. Arlie groaned and pushed her pussy out hard against Summer's tongue while pulling Marcy down next to her.

Suck my nipples, honey,” she moaned in Marcy's ear and pinched one of the young girl's tits, “suck them hard...bite me...oh god yeah....YEAH!”

Arlie's pussy juices gushed over Summer's face as Marcy clamped her teeth around one of Arlie's nipples. She held on tight as Arlie flailed until her orgasm faded away. The three of them lay in a tangled heap for a few minutes until Summer stirred and stood up.

Summer returned a few minutes later with several garments, put them down on a nearby chair and had Marcy stand again on the platform. She picked up a damp washcloth from a bowl of warm water and proceeded to wipe it back and forth over Marcy's pussy and asshole.

When she seemed satisfied, she handed Marcy the first garment, a see through pair of panties. The panties were little more than a silky string that went around her waist, another string that immediately disappeared into her ass crack when she put them on and a tiny patch of sheer fabric that barely covered her cunt hair and the top of her pussy slit while concealing absolutely nothing.

I might have to adjust these just a little,” Summer said more to Arlie than Marcy, “so they fit a bit better over her sweet little pussy.”

Then she handed Marcy an equally sheer bra held up only by a clasp in the back and her erect nipples sticking through two holes for that purpose in each cup.

Sexy, we'll take those,” Arlie said huskily from the couch.

You do realize she'll be growing out of these things pretty quickly,” Summer explained as Marcy stripped again and tried on the third or fourth sets of lingerie, “and some of them I need to work on to make them fit correctly now.”

No problem,” Arlie responded with a wicked smile, “I want her to have some sexy things now and I'll worry about later...later.”

They ended up with three sets of panties and matching bras as well as a lacy see through robe that didn't even reach to the top of Marcy's pussy hair.

I have a couple of new toys too, if your interested,” Summer added as she slipped the garments into an elegant shopping bag.

But of course,” Arlie grinned, “you know I always love new toys.”

Summer disappeared into the back for a moment and returned with two packages. She opened the larger one first, a strap-on with two fake cocks, one curved considerably more than the other.

This curvy part fits inside your pussy,” she explained as Arlie examined the toy carefully with Marcy looking on intently, “and this other end goes in the ass or pussy you are fucking.”

Oh I think Cora would love this, “Arlie exclaimed, “and so would I.”

But wait there's more,” Summer giggled, reached over and pushed an almost hidden button. “It vibrates too!”

Done, we'll take it,” Arlie grinned and winked at Marcy, “and see how well it works when we get home.”

While Summer smiled brightly as she wrapped the toy, Marcy felt her pussy clench a little, wondering which end of the toy would be in her pussy later that afternoon. Then Summer opened the other smaller package holding up a soft plastic ring with a funny looking flat ribbed protrusion on the bottom about the size of a half dollar.

This one is my newest favorite,” Summer gasped and held it up.

How's it work,” Marcy asked, puzzled by the size and shape.

Summer just grinned and dropped her jeans and pushed her panties down around her thighs, the silver ring piercing her clit hood sparkling in the store's lights.

You put it over two fingers, press this little button to make it vibrate and hold it right on, or next to, your clit,” Summer explained and then demonstrated, her eyes immediately rolling back in her head as her entire body quivered to an explosive orgasm.

We'll take two,” Arlie said with a big grin after Summer recovered her composure.

I can't take this stuff home,” Marcy said quietly as they pulled into the garage at Arlie's condo.

Why not?”

My mom wouldn't want me to keep them, she'll get really mad.”

Well, you can keep everything here and wear your pretty new things when you come over.”

I wish...I wish I could live here...with you,” Marcy stammered, her eyes pleading with Arlie, “so you could teach me everything and I could do the stuff you do.”

Arlie leaned over and kissed Marcy gently on the forehead then got out of the car and gathered up the packages. They walked silently into the condo before Arlie said anything.

You can't right now but I'll tell you what. The day you turn eighteen, you can move in with me.”

That's a deal!” Marcy exclaimed and rushed over to hug Arlie tightly, their bodies melting together as they kissed passionately.

After a moment, Arlie broke off the kiss and grinned down at Marcy.

I'll flip you for who gets the curvy part...first!”


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