Marcy's Education (Part 2)

Marcy's Education

This is a follow on story to one posted earlier called “Arlie”.

Part 2

Is that everything?” Arlie asked standing with her hand on the trunk lid, ready to slam it closed.

Yeah, that's it,” Marcy answered looking around the neighborhood with poorly maintained houses separated by chain link fences, doubting very much that Arlie would want her to keep the few items of clothes stuffed in the boxes in the trunk.

You really should go in and say a proper goodbye,” Arlie admonished her, “besides we're only going across town, not some other planet.”

I know, but she's pretty upset,” Marcy answered, “all she really wants is for me to settle down and have grand babies for her now that I'm done with high school. She'll get over it soon enough, since Paolo and Ernie got my cousin across the street, and the two at the end of the block, pregnant already.”

It's a good thing I got you that implant then,” Arlie laughed, “or Paolo or Ernie would have gotten you pregnant right about the time I first met you. Now go on.”

Marcy smiled grimly at that. Her brothers had started fucking her as soon as they figured out their hard dicks fit quite nicely in her tight pussy, or at least their cocks did after a few times where she shrieked her pain and they stretched her cunt wide. Now she was going to miss their regular after school sessions when they could both cum twice, once in her pussy or ass and the other in her mouth.

She walked up to the porch and hugged each of her brothers standing there in turn, before going inside. Both of them took the opportunity to cop a parting feel of her ass. Arlie could hear a few shouted words, followed by a wailing cry just before Marcy exited and walked directly to the car.

Let's,” Marcy muttered and got in.

Arlie shrugged at the boys and climbed in the driver's side, turning to Marcy before starting the car.

You OK?” she asked softly, her hand tenderly brushing Marcy's left thigh just below the ragged edge of her very short cut offs.

Yeah, yeah...let's go,” Marcy mumbled and stared at her feet as Arlie pulled away from the house she had lived in her entire life and drove toward a much more promising future.

By the time they got to Arlie's condo, Marcy was cheered up considerably. Arlie had them scheduled the next morning for an all day, total spa treatment to be followed the day after by shopping until they dropped. She even offered to have her brothers come over if she needed some real cock but warned she would probably have to share with Cora.

Arlie's mother lived in a condo of her own directly across from Arlie's but she spent most of her time at her daughter's, especially if there was some pussy or cock to enjoy. With Marcy moving in, that was going to mean almost all the time.

That didn't bother Arlie in the least. Her mother got Arlie off more ways than she could count and now Cora was all fired up to teach Marcy some of her tricks.

When they entered the condo with their arms full of boxes, Arlie and Marcy found Cora with her legs propped up on the coffee table watching TV, a glass of wine in her hand and nothing on but an opened down the front fleecy robe. She rose to greet them, her tits flopping freely and gave both of them a deep tongue lashing kiss.

Welcome at last,” she said to Marcy, “you have no idea how long I've waited for today...we both have.”

Marcy smiled and hugged Cora tightly, feeling those soft tits pressing against her own. Cora kissed her again, shrugging off the robe as she pulled Marcy to her closely by grabbing both of her ass cheeks. Marcy reached down between Cora's legs without a thought, her finger easily splitting the slick folds of the older woman's pussy slit.

Mother, please,” Arlie laughed and gave her mother a gently slap on her bare ass, “give the girl a chance to catch her breath and get comfortable.”

Reluctantly Cora stepped back, letting Mary's finger drag through her damp gash. She cupped both of Marcy's braless tits through the tank top she was wearing and gave her another passionate kiss.

OK, while you two get settled, I need to go get something,” she muttered, picked up the robe and draped it over her shoulders, “I'll be right back.”

With that, Cora walked out of Arlie's condo and across the courtyard overflowing with a veritable jungle of foliage to her own place, the robe flopping open behind her.

Doesn't she worry someone might see her practically naked?” Marcy asked.

I doubt it,” Arlie giggled, “in fact, I think she probably wants someone to see her. Now let's go get cleaned up and comfortable.”

They carried the boxes into the room that would be Marcy's. Then Arlie took her hand and led her into the master bath, tenderly stripping each other before going into the four person shower with twelve temperature controlled shower heads.

First, let's take care of something we've both wanted for a long time,” Arlie murmured into Marcy's ear and sprayed the thick thatch of Marcy's cunt hair with a hand held shower head before lathering her up with some shaving cream.

Arlie proceeded to shave Marcy's pussy, and even all the way back to her asshole, leaving just a small runway patch of hair directly above the crevice disappearing between Marcy's legs, just like her own.

That will have to do for now until we can get your cunt hair properly and permanently removed,” Arlie murmured and kissed Marcy passionately as she fingered her newly smooth mons.

They sensuously washed each other from head to toe, kissing and groping the entire time. Arlie gently pushed Marcy back against the tiled wall and brought the hand held shower head up between her legs. Marcy gasped and pinched her own tits as the pulsing water jet beating relentlessly against her clit drove her to a body shaking orgasm. She slumped down on the built in bench, breathing raggedly until her body stopped quivering violently.

So, starting without me are you?” a naked Cora laughed from the shower entrance, a glass of wine in her hand.

No, mother,” Arlie responded walking over to kiss one of her mother's erect nipples while sliding a finger into her pussy, “just getting her warmed up for you...for both of us.”

Cora laughed and stepped back, handing each of them a fluffy towel to dry themselves as she went back to the living room. Arlie and Marcy walked out naked and found Cora sitting on the sofa watching TV with a small bowl of white pills on the coffee table in front of her. Marcy's pussy twitch and her nipples visibly stiffened when she saw the bowl.

I thought you might like a little something special,” Marcy grinned, holding the bowl up to Marcy, “being your first night actually living here.”

Arlie just shook her head and took a pill while Marcy and Cora both downed two with a swallow of wine.

Remember the first time we tried these, Arlie?” Cora cooed and slumped back in the sofa, her nipples already erect.

Sure, Mom, the night you fucked Bella stupid the first time,” Arlie laughed.

And met our beautiful young friend Marcy, too,” Cora added, beckoning Marcy closer until she could tenderly caress her bare ass cheek. “But you know, getting to the supplier was a lot of fun too.”

Oh, how's that?” Marcy asked, sitting down next to Cora and idly fondling her right tit.

Didn't you ever hear this story?” Arlie asked with a grin and sat on a chair opposite the two of them.

No, I don't think so,” Marcy murmured hazily, the first effects of the pills starting to creep through her body.

Well, it all started after you and your brothers left Bella's suite that first night....”

.Cora lay breathing raggedly watching Bella vigorously fucking Arlie with the strap-on even as her own latest orgasm faded away. So too was the hazy, floating feeling of the pills that so intensified the sex that evening.

Her daughter screeched another climax and Bella stepped back, dragging the thick fake cock from Arlie's ass and collapsed in a heap on the floor. Cora looked over at the older woman and grinned.

How do we get some more of those pills?” she asked “Those were some of the best orgasms of my life.”

I'll have Sally get you the number,” Bella replied with a weak smile.

They spent the night in Bella's bed, dozing off between flurries of activity until none of them had the strength to cum again. Arlie awakened in the early gray light of dawn, with Bella pacing back and forth with her tits flopping up and down as she yelled into her phone. Seeing Arlie stirring around, she ended her conversation and walked over to the bed.

I hate to end our fun this early, but duty calls,” she declared and tweaked one of Arlie's nipples just as her phone rang again.

Arlie shook Cora gently, then found their clothes and headed for the elevators.

Hold on a sec,” Cora said and turned back to Bella.”The pills...where do we get the pills?”

Tell Sally I said for her to give you the number,” Bella responded quickly then turned away to continue her conversation.

They exited the suite to find Sally and Curt and two other security people Arlie didn't know huddled near the elevator.

Leaving a little early, aren't you Arlie?” Sally smirked wickedly when they stepped into the foyer.

You know how it is, she's already overwhelmed with calls,” Arlie answered with a smile as Cora stepped up to Sally and gently ran a finger down her arm.

We have a favor to ask,” Cora cooed, “and Bella said you should do it for us.”

Sally turned to Cora with a quizzical look, unabashedly eyeing Cora's ample tits.

And what is that?” she asked, her tongue just barely licking her lips.

Cora stepped closer with a grin and bent to whisper in Sally's ear, her tits brushing over Sally's upper arm and one hand falling to the top of Sally's ass.

Bella said you could give us the number of the person you get the little white pills from,” Cora breathed into Sally's ear, “and we would be so very grateful...both of us.”

Sally put her hand on Cora's ass and looked up at her and then over to Arlie before a bright smile spread across her face. Arlie smiled back sweetly.

Sure, no problem,” Sally said after a moment, “just follow me. I'm going off duty anyway and the number is in my room.”

She turned and walked to different door in the foyer that opened to a hallway where the staff rooms were located.

You know you already made her panties wet again,” Arlie whispered into her mother's ear as they followed Sally to a room near the end of the hall.

Of course, that was the idea” Cora smiled back and patted her daughter's ass tenderly, “and I'm planning on finding out exactly how wet very soon.”

Sally opened the door and walked into a standard hotel room, removing her suit jacked to expose a leather shoulder holster and hand gun. She threw the jacket on a chair and put the holster on top of a nearby nightstand before turning back to Cora and Arlie. Her tits were made more prominent by her short stature and the way her nipples were pressing out even through her bra and blouse.

She stepped to the dresser and opened a briefcase sitting on it, rummaging around for a moment until she pulled out a small pad of paper and wrote down a phone number. She grinned broadly as she handed the paper to Cora and then began unbuttoning her shirt.

I've done what Bella asked,” Sally stated with a wide smile as she shrugged her shirt off her shoulders and pulled the zipper down on her trousers, “not that it will do you any good.”

Why's that?” Cora asked looking at the paper.

Because the person who will answer that phone doesn't know you,” Cora cooed as she stepped out of the trousers that had fallen around her ankles. “You'll need someone to vouch for you...someone they already know...someone who....”

OK...OK...we get it,” Arlie laughed, interrupting Sally as she unzipped her mother's dress and then turned for Cora to do the same for her.

Sally stood watching them lustfully as they stripped completely before turning back to her. The small damp stain in Sally's powder blue panties now engulfed the entire gusset. When she took off her bra, her erect dark nipples stood out like the erasers on a pencil.

Arlie stepped up to her, reached up between Sally's legs and ran a finger over her wet panties. Sally moaned lowly and rotated her hips on Arlie's fingers. Arlie hooked her fingers around the waistband and pulled Sally's panties down over her knees before taking a good look at her smooth shaved pussy with a puffy mons and ragged lips.

OK, this is your one shot,” Arlie murmured in Sally's ear as she split Sally's now very wet pussy lips with a finger, “how do you want to do this?”

I want to lick you while you lick me,” Sally groaned, “and cum until I can't.”

What about me?” Marsh asked, coming up behind Sally, cupping both of her tits and gently pinching her nipples.

Get your strap-on out, mother, and fuck her while we lick each other.”

Sally practically had an orgasm on Arlie's fingers with that suggestion, her legs quivering as she stepped to the bed and pulled Arlie down. Sally climbed on top of Arlie who glanced up to see her mother adjusting the strap-on before burying her face in Sally's dripping cunt.

Cora crawled up behind Sally, rubbed the strap-on up and down in her dripping slit a couple of times before plunging into her gaping cunt. Sally screamed but never took her mouth from Arlie's pussy, sucking her clit while fingering her ass. When Sally could cum no longer, she rolled to the side and watched Cora slip down to fuck Arlie to another orgasm with the strap-on....

....and that's how we got the connection for these wonderful pills,” Cora finished as she idly fingered her own pussy. “Of course, fucking the supplier whenever we need more is fun too.”

Go get the strap-on,” Marcy gasped, her voice raspy and her eyes glazing over, “my pussy is on fire...please...fuck me with please.”

Cora grinned and stood, wobbling a moment before going in the other room. Arlie sat back against the arm rest of the couch, spreading her thighs wide while motioning Marcy to join her. Marcy eagerly came over and instantly crawled up between Arlie's legs and licked the swollen lips of Arlie's damp pussy.

Her ass was in the air when Cora returned, so Cora ever so slowly slipped the tip of the fake dick into Marcy as the young girl fingered her own clit with one hand and finger fucked Arlie while licking her pussy with the other. They both shrieked an orgasm before collapsing on the couch.


You are not going to believe how erotic and amazing this experience will be today,” Arlie stated as she flipped her panties into the pile of her clothing on a nearby chair.

Arlie and Marcy were in the dressing room of the spa where they would spend the day. One of the two scantily clad Filipino attendants assigned to them for the day scooped up their clothing to take it for laundering.

They spent the next hour luxuriating in a full body mud bath sipping wine provided by the ever present attendants. When they left the mud bath, the attendants directed them to a shower then stripped off their robes to join the two of them and washed every part of Marcy and Arlie's bodies with scented soaps. The girl washing Marc's pussy simply rubbed her clit a little faster when Marcy had her first orgasm of the day in the shower.

That was followed by some time in a steam room, then the sauna and finally a hot tub before the attendants led them to a massage room. They started the hour long massage laying on their stomachs.

The blonde haired woman masseuse Arlie chose, and the guy with the shaved head that was Marcy's choice, started at their feet and massaged and caressed every millimeter of their skin all the way to the edge of their scalps. They rolled over and both masseuse started again at their feet.

By the time the guy's hands reached her upper thighs, Marcy's pussy was ablaze. She had no doubt he could see the small trickle of her pussy juices seeping toward her asshole. He seemed to ignore that, working his way up her torso, gently but sensuously fondling her tits before finishing at her forehead.

Marcy heard a low moan coming from Arlie. She looked over to see the blonde vigorously fingering Arlie's pussy slit while Arlie pinched and pulled her own nipples.

With a wicked grin, she nodded at the bald headed guy and spread her legs as wide as she could manage. His magic fingers that so thoroughly relaxed her body felt even better sliding through the folds of her pussy lips before settling on her clit. The Filipino girls giggled as Marcy shrieked another massive climax with the guy's rigid dick tenting his shorts.

When they regained their composure, the Filipino girls took them for another shower, standing naked in the water with them again and this time not hesitating to fondle their tits or finger their pussies. Arlie sat on a tiled bench playing with herself while the two Filipino girls each sucked one of Marcy's sensitive nipples and together fingered her pussy until she groaned yet another orgasm.

They took a break for a light lunch served with a sweet wine on a private patio. The rest of the afternoon was spent having their hair completely redone, along with another facial, manicure, pedicure and laser hair removal on their legs,underarms and pussies. By the time the put on their freshly laundered clothes, they were totally relaxed and completely exhausted.

Marcy spent that night in Arlie's bed, awaken once in the early hours with an orgasm surging through her body as Arlie fingered her clit and sucked a stiff, sensitive nipple. She returned the favor upon awakening in the early morning light, crawling between Arlie's legs to suck on her clit while fingering her g-spot through her ass and pussy at the same time.

After breakfast, they spent the entire day visiting every high end boutique in town, where Arlie was a well known and warmly greeted customer. That night, they were both too tired to do more than crawl into their own beds almost as soon as they got home.


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