Marcy's Education (Part 3)

Marcy's Education

This is a follow on story to one posted earlier called “Arlie”.

Part 3

Today, we really need to start teaching you things you need to know to work with me,” Cora exclaimed calmly as she sipped coffee with Marcy on the terrace.

Marcy looked up with a wide grin. She had been waiting for this moment for some time, but wasn't about to let Cora know how excited she was.

Arlie and you have both been showing me things since after the first time we met four years ago,” Marcy murmured.

Child, that was barely touching the surface,” Cora huffed, “hell, you're eighteen and barely know how to masturbate properly, let alone truly please others.”

I know how to get myself off quite well,” Marcy laughed, spreading her legs and sliding her hand down under the waistband of her panties, ”just watch!”

Cora just rolled her eyes and poured herself another cup of coffee. All the while, she kept an eye on Marcy as she masturbated herself to a quick sharp orgasm.

If you are done fooling around,” Cora said quietly when Marcy slumped back in her chair with just a drop or two of her wetness soaking her panties, “I have some things I want to show you.”

They spent the next couple of hours basically giving Marcy an anatomy lesson using her own body. Cora showed her a number of different ways to stimulate herself or another, erogenous spots Marcy didn't even know existed and finished with Marcy cumming as hard as she ever had without Cora even touching her pussy.

Arlie came out of her room about half way through and Marcy practiced some of the things Cora was showing her on Arlie. When Marcy wasn't doing precisely what she was being told, Cora would demonstrate, causing Arlie to cum hard several times too.

They broke for lunch, after which Arlie announced she was going to take a nap since she had an appointment for that evening.

When can I do what you do...go along with you?” Marcy asked as Arlie rose to leave.

Not now, that's for sure and I am not sure if ever,” Arlie stated looking wistfully at Marcy.

But why not?”

First, my clientele are not looking for more than me. Second, you have a lot to learn before doing anything like that.”

With that Arlie turned and retreated to her room. Before Marcy could say another word, Cora touched her arm to get her attention.

She's not being mean or anything like that,” Cora said softly, “just honest with you and you need to be honest with yourself. Now, I have something else in mind. Come over to my condo in an hour.”

Marcy watched her leave, feeling sorry for herself. She went back to her room and took a shower, letting the warm water flow over her. She leaned back against the tiled wall, her arousal growing as she fondled her sensitive erect nipples. The more she thought about the ways Cora touched her earlier, the more excited she became.

The orgasm began slowly, surging through her thighs until it engulfed her entire body. She writhed and moaned, not wanting the intense pleasure to end. As her orgasm started to fade, she reached for a hand held shower head and pressed it tightly against her clit, the warm water pulsing against the tender nub and deep inside her.

A second, much stronger, climax billowed from her cunt. Her entire body quivered as she flailed around keeping the stream of water on her clit. She finally collapsed down on the built in bench so she could catch her breath and stop trembling. She finished washing herself, threw on a robe and pair of flip flops and walked across the courtyard to Cora's condo.

As she expected, the door was unlocked and she let herself in without knocking. She broke into a bright smile as she entered the living room. Cora sat on the couch naked with her legs spread wide. Marcy's brothers sat on either side of her, fondling Cora's tits and pussy while she stroked their dicks hard.

We've been waiting and got a little impatient, so started without you,” Cora grinned up at Marcy. “Your afternoon lessons today will be quite a bit different than this morning.”

Marcy smiled back at them, letting her robe fall from her shoulders as she kicked off her flip flops. Her nipples stiffened and she was sure the first droplets of her wetness would soon seep from her pussy. She hadn't seen, or fucked, her brothers in over a month.

Leaning forward to kiss Cora, with her tits swaying freely right in front of them, Marcy reached down and took both of her brothers' dicks into her hands. Their warm hardness along with the sticky droplets of precum seeping from both of them on to her thumbs brought a low moan.

Before you get too carried away,” Cora chimed in, rising to break the moment, “you are all here for a reason besides fucking yourselves silly.”

Her brothers rose with Cora, with Paolo stepping behind Marcy to embrace her tightly and paw one of her tits while sliding a hand down between her legs. Marcy just groaned and reached back to take his dick in her hand. Ernie did the same with Cora, pinching her nipples even as she tried to talk to them.

Fucking ourselves silly seems like a damn good plan to us,” Paolo chimed in licking his sister's earlobe as she began to tremble in his arms, “besides we haven't seen our baby sister in a while.”

Oh, you'll get to fuck her...and me...and more before we are done today, just not in the haphazard way you've done in the past,” Cora giggled as she slipped from Ernie's clutches and walked toward her bedroom, “now follow along and maybe you can even learn a thing or two as well.”

Her brothers fondled her ass and tits and Marcy gently gripped their dicks as the followed Cora into the bedroom. At Cora's direction, they sat on the edge of the bed, continuing to grope each other until Cora insisted they stop and pay attention.

You two are going to be the guinea pigs this afternoon,” Cora said placing a hand on both of Marcy's brothers heads, “your sister needs to learn a whole lot more about pleasing a man.”

For the next few hours, Cora showed Marcy things she never even suspected about ways to arouse her brothers. She triggered orgasms in them with her hands and mouth and pussy in ways she had never done before or even knew was possible. In the process, her brothers' cum filled her mouth and pussy and ass until they could no longer get hard.


That was fun,” Marcy grinned at Cora as they sipped a glass of wine after her brothers left, “but you didn't show me all that just so I could give my brothers even better hard ons or get them to cum faster or slower.”

You're right, I didn't,” Cora responded with an evil grin. “You know I taught Arlie a lot as she was growing up but after her father's death, she really wasn't interested in men much. She found her own little niche with the trophy wives of the rich and famous. Frankly I've gotten bored lately and have an idea that could be fun and lucrative for us both.”

OK, so tell me what you have in mind.”

I got in touch with a few of my old contacts and there is considerable interest in mother/daughter fantasy play. With your little tits, and the right makeup and outfits, you can pass for a lot younger than you are now...and the younger you look and act, the more lucrative the arrangement could be.”

Marcy thought about that for a minute and finished her wine before responding.

So, you want me...or start fucking fat old men?” she asked.

Not really, although that may well happen on occasion,” Cora answered, pouring them both more wine. “You'd be surprised how many men, and some women too for that matter, have mother/daughter fantasies. You and I are going to make them come true for one night at least.”

Marcy sat thinking about that for a moment before starting to smile brightly. Her nipples stiffened visibly when she turned back to Cora.

And what exactly are you and I going to do with these people?” she murmured.

Whatever they want that they are willing to pay for quite handsomely, I might add,” Cora grinned back at her pulling Marcy close to twirl on of the teenager's nipples in two fingers, “while we get to explore some of our own fantasies as well.”

Marcy's fingers plunged into Cora's dripping cunt even as she gasped another orgasm of her own.


For the next few weeks, Cora continued Marcy's education, teaching her numerous ways to excite another and maintain their arousal until they were ready to explode. Her brothers came over a couple of times a week, cumming on, in and with Cora and Marcy until they could go no longer maintain their erections.

Arlie participated too and Marcy spent the night in Arlie's bed, sometimes with and often without, Cora those nights Arlie wasn't working. When Arlie was working, they spent the night together in Cora's condo and were always ready to take care of Arlie when she got home.

There were other things they did as well. They spent a considerable amount of time seeking out and purchasing uniforms with short, tight skirts...a maid's outfit...little girl panties with lions and tigers...see through nighties and lingerie...and anything else they could find that helped make Marcy look a lot younger than her actual age.

At Cora's insistence, Marcy shaved off the remaining patch of pussy hair just above her slit, leaving her cunt smooth and bare, just like a prepubescent girl she was trying to emulate.

I think you are ready,” Cora said to Marcy as they were eating lunch after Arlie headed off for nap before her evening's encounter, “so we have a 'date' set up for tonight.”

Marcy grinned brightly at the news, her pussy clenching slightly. As much as she loved fucking Cora and Arlie and her brothers, she was definitely ready for something, and someone, new and different.

So, tell me what and who we'll be doing,” she said as Cora picked up her phone and brought up a full body picture of a mid fifties looking couple.

Cora handed Marcy the phone so she could get a good look at the picture. The woman seemed reasonably fit, with short dark hair, prominent tits and a round ass. The guy looked to be about five inches taller than the woman, with graying temples and the beginnings of a protruding belly.

They are looking to spice things up and apparently agreed on trying some mutual fantasies...that's us.”


Cora fussed with Marcy's twin pony tails and short school uniform for a moment in the hallway before turning to softly knock on the hotel room door. Almost immediately, the middle aged woman in the picture opened the door wide with a bright smile, the sheer mid thigh robe she was wearing only accenting her ample tits in a lacy black bra and the matching thong barely concealing her mons.

Welcome,” she said, stepping back and motioning for them to enter. “I'm Barb . Ken and I have been so anxious to meet you both.”

I'm Cora and this is Marcy. We are most happy to meet you as well.”

They stepped into the living room of the suite as the man in the photo rose from a sofa, wearing a silky robe and holding a glass of wine. He offered them something to drink as they settled on to a comfortable couch.

So what exactly are the two of you looking for?” Cora asked after recording the fee on her phone's card reader.

Ken and Barb sat next to each other on the opposing couch, squirming a bit uncomfortably, not knowing precisely how to start explaining their fantasies. Marcy could see the hungry, lustful way he glanced at her before quickly averting his eyes. She smiled coyly and ever so slightly spread her knees. Within a few moments, Ken could obviously see Marcy's panties framed by her inner thighs and she could see the growing bulge in his crotch.

We've been married a long time and frankly, things were getting a little...dull,” Barb explained after quickly downing one glass of wine and starting on a second. “So we talked and decided to each pick a fantasy we wanted to try but both of us would be present for the other.”

Well, that's what we are all about, fulfilling fantasies,” Cora grinned, putting a hand on Marcy's thigh. “Do you have one in particular you want to start with?”

Marcy leaned her head on Cora's shoulder, smiling shyly while putting one hand on her other thigh and the other on the inside of Cora's leg just below the hem of her short dress. Her knees were now spread wide enough that both Ken and Barb had a clear view of the lacy panties slightly drawn up into Marcy's bare slit.

Barb and Ken looked at each other for a second before either of them spoke. Cora tightened her fingers on Marcy's thigh slightly, signaling her to stay quiet while the couple decided their next move.

It's been a very long time,” Barb murmured softly, her nipples clearly pressing out through the thin fabric of her silky bra, “but I want to be with another woman again and Ken wants to watch.”

I'm sure we can arrange that,” Cora cooed, moving her hand further up Marcy's thigh until the short shirt was barely covering her panties and pussy, “but you didn't need both of us for that. What is your fantasy, Ken?”

I...I want to...have sex with another young as possible...while Barb watches,” he stammered, his eyes locked on Marcy's crotch.

Marcy smiled back at him, took her hand off her own thigh and gently cupped one of her tits. Ken looked like his eyes would pop out of his head as he licked his lips and stared at her.

Does that mean he's going to touch me, Mommy,” Marcy exclaimed in a childish voice, “you know...down here...the way it feels so good?”

With that, Marcy slipped her hand down under the waistband of her panties, fingering her pussy and moaning lowly. Cora leaned over and kissed her tenderly on the forehead while Barb and Ken looked on in disbelief.

Would you like that, baby?” Cora asked, not taking her eyes off the couple as she started to unbutton Marcy's blouse. “Maybe you should go over there and ask him if he wants to touch you...down there...or on your little titties.”

March grinned, stood up and finished unbutton her blouse while Cora pulled down the zipper of the short skirt. Both garments feel to the floor around Marcy's ankles. She bent down and kissed Cora passionately with one hand on Cora's tit then turned and stepped over in front of Ken. His face was flushed and he panted raggedly as she grinned down at him, her erect nipples pushing out through the sheer bra and her lacy panties pulled up into her already damp slit.

Do you want to touch my titties,” she asked innocently reaching for his hand, “and my pussy?”

Barb looked on intensely as Marcy took Ken's hand and gently pulled it up between her legs until he pressed firmly against the lacy fabric covering her crotch. Marcy wiggled her hips on his hand, reached behind her back to unclasp her bra and then pinched both of her stiff nipples as the bra fell to the floor..

Marcy leaned forward, resting one hand on Ken's thigh and pulling his robe open with the other. His rigid hard on tented the briefs he was wearing with her small conical tits just inches from his face..

Oh look, Mommy, I think he likes me,” Marcy declared with an impish grin as she brushed her fingers over the tip of Ken's throbbing dick. A droplet of precum stained the fabric of his underwear.

Cora grinned and stood up, stepping behind Barb before leaning forward and wrapping her arms around the other woman and cupping her tits in both hands. Barb moaned lowly, looked back at Cora over her shoulder for a moment then turned her attention back to Marcy and her husband.

I think you're right, sweetie, it does look as if he likes you,” Cora murmured and kneaded Barb's tits. “You should show him how much you like him too.”

Marcy grinned evilly as she slowly fell to her knees between Ken's thighs. His hands moved to both her little tits, squeezing them gently as she ran her hands up the outside of his thighs and hooked her fingers in the waistband of his briefs.

Can I touch him, Mommy?” Marcy asked sweetly, looking directly in Barb's eyes as the precum stain expanded.

Barb moaned lowly, her eyes locked on Marcy's hands and her husband's dick pressing out against his underwear. Cora leaned down and flicked her tongue in Barb's ear as she slipped both of her hands inside Barb's lacy black bra.

What do you think, Barb, should this little girl touch your husband's hard dick?” she whispered in Barb's ear and pinched both of her nipples lightly. “Go ahead and tell her what you want to see her do to your husband's throbbing cock.”

Oh god yes...take his cock in your hands,” Barb groaned, “hold it...stroke it...jerk him off.”

Cora took her hands off Barb's tits long enough to peel off her own dress and remove Barb's bra. She nodded her head slightly at Marcy as her hands returned to Barb's tits and erect nipples.

Marcy looked up at Ken as she began pulling his briefs down over his hips. As he raised his ass enough for them to slide off completely, his throbbing dick popped out, another droplet of precum seeping from the slit. His dick was not as long as either of her brothers but was definitely thicker.

She wrapped both hands around the base of Ken's dick and slowly began stroking him up and down. He moaned loudly and took both of her pony tails in his hands, pulling her face closer to the glistening tip of his cock.

While she had every intention of taking his dick into her mouth, Marcy wanted to keep him on edge a bit longer. She squeezed the base of his cock, slowing the growing eruption of jism building in his groin. As she held him tightly, she flicked her tongue through the oozing slit, letting him see the droplet of his precum coating her tongue before smiling at him and swallowing it down.

Next to them, Barb was groaning loudly, fingering her own pussy while Cora continued fondling her tits and whispering in her ear. Marcy grinned at Barb and returned her tongue to Ken's cock, licking down from the tip to the base, swirling her tongue around his balls and then back up to the throbbing head.

Oh god, fuck her mouth,” Barb shrieked as her hips began to thrash against her hand, “fill her mouth with your it...cum in that little girl's mouth!”

Ken pulled her head down hard, forcing his thick dick deep into her mouth. Marcy gagged and sputtered before starting to bob her head up and down on Ken's shaft while releasing her fingers from around the base.

He pumped furiously for a few thrusts before his entire body shuddered, his back arched and his sticky cum exploded in Marcy's mouth. She didn't swallow, allowing the creamy jism to flood into her mouth. With his final thrusts, some of the cum leaked out of both sides of her mouth, dripping down over her chin and across her small tits.

Ken slumped back on the sofa and Marcy looked over at Barb and Cora. She crawled over to Barb, slipped a hand down between her legs and jammed her cum covered tongue into Barb's mouth. Barb eagerly kissed her back, with Ken's sticky semen quickly coating both their tongues and smearing across their faces.

Marcy's fingers found their way through Barb's thick, soaked pussy hair into her warm wet slit. Barb quivered and shrieked another orgasm as Marcy's fingers began rubbing the hard nub of her clit, finally slumping back into Cora's arms as the last vestiges of her climax faded away.

If you think his cum tastes good coming from her mouth,” Cora cooed into Barb's ear, “just wait until you lick it from her pussy!”


How am I doing?” Marcy asked as she sat on the toilet, the last of her piss dribbling from her smooth pussy lips.

Awesome, honey, just great,” Copra responded as she dried her hands and leaned forward to kiss Marcy's forehead. “That was a stroke of slutty genius to kiss Barb like that with your mouth full of her husband's cum. I loved it.”

Marcy wiped her bare pussy dry and joined Cora walking back into the living room of the suite. Barb and Ken looked at them and smiled. Cora grinned back and took Barb's hand in one of hers and gently pinched one of the older woman's nipples with the other.

Your turn,” she murmured softly and led Barb toward the bedroom.

Ken looked at Marcy with an devilish smile and put his hand around her waist before rubbing down to her ass. Marcy grinned back, took his half hard dick in her hand and followed Cora and Barb. They climbed on to the bed, with Ken leaning back against the headboard and Marcy between his legs facing Barb and Cora. Ken cupped both of her tits until Marcy pulled one down between her legs.

Barb and Cora embraced for a moment at the foot of the bed, their tongues lashing, and their tits mashing, together while both of them dragging their hands up between the others legs. Barb gasped as Cora plunged two fingers into her pussy while pushing her backwards on to the bed.

Marcy could feel Ken's dick hardening against her ass as his finger split the wet, sensitive folds of her pussy. Both their arousal grew watching Cora slowly lick and suck her way down Barb's body while Marcy held the older woman's hands above her head.

Barb thrashed and moaned as Cora relentlessly sucked each nipple and continued down Barb's body while all the while rhythmically fingering Barb's dripping pussy. By the time Cora wrapped her lips around Barb's throbbing clit, Barb had already cum hard once and was well on the way to a second climax.

As she shrieked unintelligibly, Cora slid a third finger into Barb's pussy and another into her ass. Then she clamped her teeth lightly around the base of Barb's clit and strummed it with the tip of her tongue. Barb writhed and quivered, screaming her pleasure as one orgasmic wave after another surged through her body.

Marcy's pussy clenched as she watched Barb writhe and flail about. She knew the intensity Cora could achieve and it aroused Marcy to watch the older woman lost in that pleasure. It helped that Ken was pinching one of her nipples and rubbing her throbbing clit.

Barb let out a final shriek and slumped back on the bed, her entire body quivering with the after shocks of her multiple orgasms. Marcy could feel Ken's erect dick pressing against her back, a warm trickle of his precum dribbling down her back.

Are you ready,” she asked him huskily, twisting her head back to address him, “to fuck me for your wife to see?”

Ken pinched her nipple even harder, kissed her roughly and pushed her on to her back. His rigid dick flopped back and forth as he positioned himself to slide into her pussy. Marcy glanced over to see Barb watching them intently.

I have a better idea,” Marcy cooed, holding her hand up to slow him.

With that, she rolled on to her stomach then crawled over to position her dripping cunt right over Barb's face with her ass pointed back at Ken.

Now fuck me...fuck me hard...fuck me deep,” she murmured to Ken, looking back over her shoulder,”right here...right your wife can see your hard cock sliding in and out of my...young...tight...pussy.”

With a sharp intake of breath, Ken climbed up behind her, a string of his precum stretching to his wife's forehead. He plunged his hard cock deep into Marcy's cunt with a single thrust before slowly pulling it out until just the very tip split her dripping hole.

March could feel his dick throbbing against the quivering walls of her cunt as Ken started rhythmically pumping in and out of her. She reached one hand back to strum her clit and let her fingernail rub against his cock with every stroke.

Within a minute, Ken groaned loudly as his back arched and his body tensed, followed by an explosion of his creamy cum deep inside Marcy's cunt. She clamped her pussy as tight as she could, holding him inside her as long as possible. Even as his dick went limp and she slipped out of her, Marcy kept most of his jism inside her pussy.

She leaned back on her heels and looked down at Barb then pressed her cunt closer to the older woman's face and spread her pussy lips wide with both hands. Ken's sticky cum gushed out of her to coat Barb's face.

Barb grinned up at her, opened her mouth, taking as much of the spent cum in as she could manage. Then she grabbed Marcy's hips, pulling her down and licking the young girl's dripping slit, gobbling up every last bit of her husband's semen seeping from Marcy's cunt.

Then Barb howled another orgasm. Marcy looked down to see Cora furiously pumping one hand in and out of the older woman's cunt while frantically rubbing her own clit.


What you did tonight was spectacular,” Cora murmured softly into Marcy's ear as they cuddled together back home in Cora's bed, “I damn near pissed myself when you started squirting his cum from your pussy into her mouth. Remind me to try that when your brothers come over in the morning to practice for our next encounter.”


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