Marriage Interrupted

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Somewhere in a small town in the state of Alaska

On a stormy winter night, 15-year Billy was running. Running fastly. His whole body was getting.
rigid. He was getting frequent cramps in his calves which was slowing him down. But he had no alternative. He had to reach Roman's cabin ASAP

After 10 minutes he finally reached Roman's cabin and immediately started banging the front door

Billy: Hey Roman, Open the door. This is Billy. I have left my family. I have nowhere to go. I will do whatever you want. Open the door. I have no one in this world except you.

28 Year old Roman was almost asleep. He drank too match that night. He was sleeping in his poorly heated cheap cabin room. After hearing the persistent thuds on his front door he woke up from his slumber.

Who the hell is banging at this time of night and in this weather? It takes him a minute to realized it was Billy who was knocking the door

Roman hurriedly went to open the front door

Roman: Hey Baby What the hell you are doing at this time and in this weather?

Billy was sobbing he told everything to Roman

Roman: Don't worry baby. From now on I will take care of you. And I will fulfill all your dreams

                                                                  Chapter 1   

                           Somewhere in a small town of Kansas

26-year-old assistant detective Michael Smith stopped his car in front of his buddy Robin 's  home. He really didn't want to do this. Who the hell started this whole idea of the bachelor party?

He was really tired from his work. Yes, he was working until a day before his wedding. His work demand was very hectic but after now he was going on a three-week trip to Europe. He really didn't want to attend his own bachelor party. He didn't want to get drunk that night and wake up with a hangover on his wedding day but Robin was adamant.

He rang the bell and Robin open the door.

Robin: WTF Batman?  You missed the dinner of your own bachelor party. I thought you would miss Natasha too.

Michael:Who the hell is Natasha?  Hey Rex. Hey George.

Robin  Natasha is a beautiful blond bombshell from Russia with giant come on my tits.

Rex: Where the hell you have been, man? We have been waiting for you for hours.

Michael: Sorry dude. Got held up in a case . Cheif Wallace was hard on my ass. He wants me to hand over all the details to sergeant Miller before I go on vacation

George:: "He is a Motherfucker.

Robin: Yeah like you would ever say something like that to his face, Rex? Rex, You always shit in your pants whenever Cheif gets mad and starts barking at you.

Michael [slowly whispered in his Robin's ear]: Why the hell you invited these numbskulls? They always get drunk badly. By the end of the night, they will end up so drunk that they will miss my wedding tomorrow.

Robin: Relax, they will attend your wedding. And you are my brother and there is no way your bachelor party is going to be boring. This is your last night of freedom. You should enjoy it as much as you want

Michael: Robin I told you I am not like those guys who think marriage is the end of freedom and I really don't like the whole bachelor party thing.

Rex: [interrupted]: That what I also thought before I married my bitch of a wife. Now even if I smile at a woman out of politeness then my wife goes into a fit of rage. She even checks my phone behind my back on a daily basis.

Michael: Jennifer would never do that.

Geogre, Rex, and Robin all burst into simultaneous laughter:

George: Trust me, man. Take my word. They always do. They always start as nice kitties but end up being  a raging bitch

Robin: At least Michael's bitch is very RICH

Rex: Yeah Man tell us one thing. How the hell you end up with Jennifer freaking Holloway
. Niece of billionaire Martin freaking  Holloway ?? The single heiress of Martin Holloway?

Robin: Because my buddy has got good looks like a movie star, a six pack abs and well muscled and he is hung. what a more girl can want from a man?

George: Hey man, I am a good looking guy too.

Now this time Rex, Robin and Micheal ended up bursting into laughter.

Michael: Guys Guys, I think you are making this bigger than what it actually is. Yes, Jennifer's parents have a comfortable life but they are not filthy rich like Martin Holloway. Her father is a successful lawyer but he has no part in Martin Holloway business. If I know correctly Jenifer's father is not that close to his brother Martin . And BTW Jennifer is not heiress of his uncle 's fortune he has a son who lives in Serbia with Mr. Martin' ex-wife.

George: So will he come tomorrow at your big wedding?

Michael: It is not going to be a big wedding. Only six people from my side are coming. My parents and you guys. And as far as the guest from Jennifer's  side is concerned I think approx 25 people will come. Very few family members and close friends. that's it. Probably Mr. Martin will come too.

Rex: Shit man. I thought you were going to be rich. I thought you were going to be son in law of this billionaire so now we would borrow a couple of grand from you every now and then

They all laughed

Michael: Fat chance. nothing of that sort is going to happen

Robin the interrupted. "Hey Michael " can you bring some more beers from the kitchen?

Micheal went to kitchen and was flabbergasted to see a beautiful blond  buxom girl lying on kitchen countertop

Natasha: Hello Michael

Michael: WTF ??

And then suddenly loud music started and all three[Rex, George, and Robin ] bust into the kitchen. They lifted Natasha and brought her back to the living room...

Now the music has started Natasha started dancing and giving the lap dance to Michael. Michael was not enjoying all that charade. Yes, the girl was hot and on any other day he would probably fuck her brains out but ever since he was engaged he wanted to be a changed man. He wanted to leave all his wild past behind before he starts a new life after his marriage. He was really not enjoying that night while George, Robin and Rex were loving every moment of it.

After  an hour pr sp when dance party ended and both Rex and George were  too wasted at that time Natasha gave Robin an evil wink

Natasha: Now the real part begins.

And then she becomes totally nude. She held Michael's hand and started taking him towards Robin's bedroom

Michael now started getting nervous. He was not ready for that.

Michael: Hey Natasha or whatever your name os I and happy with your service but I think
you should really leave now  How much is your fee?

Natasha [sexily]: Hey stud you don't worry about my fees. Everything is paid for by your buddy. Just let me show you some more good time.

And with that, she started guiding Micheal towards Robin's bedroom with Robin casually joining them.

Michael; Wait, Wait I think there is some confusion.

He went to Robin and asked

Michael: WTF man ?? Is she a stripper or a hooker? You hired her to fuck me? You wanted to fuck me a hooker a night before my wedding?

Robin: It doesn't matter who she is and yes  I have paid her to fuck you and in fact, I paid her to fuck both of us. We are going to have such a great time together buddy. Robin brought his mouth towards Michael

Michael: You are out of your fucking mind. No way I am doing this. If you want to fuck her then do it. I am going to my house

Robin smiled and grabbed Michael by force then grabbed his balls: shhhhh buddy no way you are leaving. You are spending the whole night with me and you are going to drain your ball juice inside her cunt.

And then he pushed Micheal towards his bed. Natasha jumped on him and started removing his clothes.

Michael: Come on bitch I have not even taken a shower after work. Let me take a shower then we can probably fuck.

Natasha laughed:  Ohh you don't worry about that stud. I like a real man's smell while having sex. Fuck me, man, rape me, fill me, Put your cock inside my cunt.

And then she removed all his clothes and then started guiding his dick into her cunt

Michael: Wait, you don' have a condom with you?

Natasha: Don't worry man: I am on pills. I can't get pregnant

Michael Hey but still we need a condom.

Michael was no prude: Even though he had never fucked a hooker before but before meeting Jennifer he had sex with many girls whether they were a casual girlfriend or a one-night stand. He always made sure that he used condoms.

Michael: Hey Robin you have a condom?

Robin: No man you know that I never use one. And tonight you are not going to use it either. You are doing it raw. You are going to flood his cunt with your cum.

Michael: Fuck you, man.

But after that, he could not say much. he was a little bit drunk and his dick was already inside Natasha cunt.And wetness and hotness of Natasha were making him forget everything. His marriage. His promise to himself that he would become a loyal husband. EVERYTHING

He tried to close his eyes but then he saw Robin removing his cloth.
"What a sexy mother fucker he is, " Michael thought.

Robin removed all his clothes and then went to towards the closet. He opened a drawer and pulled something from there. Then he walked towards Michael with a huge erection.Then he brought something towards Michael's nostril .and whispered

Robin" Hey buddy take a hit.

He put a very small bottle in front of Michael's nostrils

Michael: What is this? Popper?

Robin: This is something very special I bought for you

Michael took a hit a but  Robin didn't remove it from his nostrils So he took another and another hit and it immediately hit his brain. It was a shock.

WTF is this? This was definitely not popper, not even coke.

Whatever that stimulant was he became extra horny after that. He stood up with his cock still deeply buried inside Natasha's cunt. He took her towards the wall and started fucking her against the wall with her leg closely wrapped around his hips.

Michael was jabbing at Natasha's cunt. He was pounding her roughly and she slowly started screaming like a little slut.

Even in that semi-delirious state of mind, Michael knew that Robin was watching him from behind NOT THEM BUT HIM ONLY. Especially his ass. Without even turning his back Michael knew that Robin was slowly jacking off staring at his naked butt and his hairy ass crack which is revealed again and again due to the fucking motion.
 This made him the extra horny. He started pounding Natasha's cunt even harder.

Natasha was screaming like a bitch in heat and then she had her orgasm but Michael didn't stop. He kept on pounding and pounding her and giving her orgasm after orgasm.

He fucked her in standing position for almost an hour without getting tired and whole time her feet were draped around his waist. Not even once he felt tired.He was not only enjoying fucking the hooker but he was also enjoying the show which he was giving to Robin. A show which his buddy richly deserved

The hooker was in another world. She forgot how many orgasms she had in last hour. No man has fucked her ever like that. She thought that if she had to do it again this time without any fee then also she would gladly do it. God this man was a total stud. She was already started feeling jealous of his future wife who would get his cock every night.Natasha's mind was totally transported into another world due to all the orgasm she was getting.

And then Robin stood up from his bed and Michael realized that Robin is now standing just behind him. He could feel Robin 's hot breath[which had strong smell of alcohol too ]

Robin slowly started rubbing Michael's bare back with his palms. His hand started moving and roaming downwards towards Michael lower back then at his butt. Robin was now caressing both of Michael' naked buns.It made Michael little bit uncomfortable but it also made him extra horny.
The hooker was oblivious to things which were going on between these hunks as her eyes were closed and mind somewhere else.

Then Robin wickedly started caressing Michael'shairy ass-crack with his fingers.

Robin whispered in Michael 's ear" Fuck her bro, fill her cunt

And with that Robin found Michael's asshole. He rubbed on it.

That totally pushed Michael over the edge. It was too much for him and he started shooting inside Natasha's  cunt

Suddenly Michael felt his legs getting wobbled. He turned and put Natasha on the bed and he was feeling totally spent. He sat on side of the bed

He saw Robin whose face was now filled with lust . Michael saw a hunger in Robin's eye. He knew that was for him

Robin: [who was fully erect ] Now it's my turn.

He took out the bottle but he didn't take a hit instead he kept it in front of Natasha's nose and forced her to take a hit. Natasha went completely delirious after taking couple of hit from that small bottle

After that Robijn spread Natasha's legs, sat between her legs and pushed his cock into her cunt.He started fucking her hard.

Michael suddenly realized that just 2 minutes back he filled Natasha's cunt with his cum and now Robin was fucking her raw. He realized that Robin's dick was literally getting coated with his cum juices. It made him feel horny again. His limp dick becomes erect again.

While fucking Natasha not once Robin saw towards her. His eyes were fixed on Robin. in fact their eyes were locked. towards each other.

Robin kept fucking Natasha for half an hour while looking continiously at naked Michael and Michael was slowly jacking off watching that fuck show.

After 30 minutes Robin broke their spell and whispered: "Come here, Michael "

Michael went near Robin and Natasha. His face close to Robin

Robin: Give me a kiss, buddy

Michael: What? No man. What she will think?

Robin: Come on man. Just one kiss. She has passed out. She is not even saying anything. Come on man don't do this just give me a kiss. She will never know

Michael: What if George and Rex see us?

Robin: They have passed out too  I put something in their drink

Michael: You creepy mother fucker.

And with that Michael brought his lips closer to Robin's mouth  to give him a peck on his lips

But Robin took control. He held Michael tightly and closed Michael's mouth with his own and turned their kiss into a big lip lock. that was too much for them and Michael started cumming again. He knew Robin was cumming too, shooting his cum into Natasha cunt

After that Michael went into a complete blackout.He didn't know what happened next. He passed out on the bed


                    Next Morning [wedding day[

As sunlight started crossing through shades Michael waked up from his sleep. At first, he didn't remember where he was or what day it was.

Then it hit him!It was his wedding day!! Fuck !! I am going to be late for my own wedding.

Then at same time bathroom door opened and Robin came out of the bathroom freshly showered and looking totally fresh and radiant.

How the fuck he is looking so fresh and handsome while I am having a massive hangover?

Robin: Hey bridegroom, how is your head?

Michael: Fuck you, Robin. I am having a massive hangover and you are are looking fresh and handsome.

Robin Because I am handsome and born to party. I can party 3 straight nights and still look good.

And with that, he removed his towel and stood there completely naked. Michael looked at Robin's cock. Even when it was soft it looked beautiful surrounded by a set of big balls and thick pubes all around it [cock and balls[

"Not again". Michael thought

Michael: Look I need to freshen up. Can you please prepare coffee and something to fix my hangover?

Robin laughed: Don't worry. You get ready
Michael: Where is the girl?
Robin: I woke her up an hour ago. Called a cab for her and paid for cab and her extra service [then he winked]
Michael: And where are those two fuckers[Geogre and Rex]? Are they up?
Robin [smiled]: I don't think they are going to attend your wedding man. There is no way in hell they are going to wake up before evening.

Michael: You really did mess up their drink last night you mother fucker. They are gonna so pissed at me for missing my wedding

Michael stood up

Robin swatted Michael's naked butt: "You better hurry otherwise you are going to miss your own wedding and then either Jennifer or his father is going to shoot you.I will prepare you a cup of coffee and fix you a drink for your hangover"

 and with that, he took out an underwear from the drawer and put it on and went towards the kitchen

 Micheal went to the bathroom.He took a big  shit, washed his hand and face and looked  in the mirror

Man, I am going to end up looking like shit in my own wedding photo album. He searched for a fresh toothbrush in the bathroom cabinet [behind mirror] but was not able to find it.

He was about to shout and ask Robin for a fresh toothbrush.Then he thought.

"What the hell" And he took out Robin's toothbrush and started brushing his teeth.

After brushing his teeth. He shaved his face [again using Robin's shaving razor] He started the shower.

Robin came in

Robin: Hey man I forgot to tell you there are a couple of new toothbrushes in the lower cabinet.

Michael[smiled]: Too late. I already brushed my teeth with your toothbrush.

Robin smiled back: Hey I prepared your coffee, some breakfast and fixed something for you for your hangover

Michael: Ok thanks man

Michael stepped into the shower. He closed his eyes and allowed water to rinse his whole body for few minutes. His mind was heavy not only with the thoughts of the big day ahead but also about what happened last night.

He was about to open his eyes and look for shower gel when he felt a naked body pressed behind him and two manly hands caressing and rubbing his chest

Michael: Rob, what the hell are doing man? Let me take the shower. I am already late. This is not a joke.

Robin: shesssssh We got of plenty of time. Let me clean you up. Your whole body

Robin held Michael in his arms from behind and start rubbing gel all over his body.Each and every portion os hof body. Rob 's cock was resting directly in between ass-cheeks of Michael. After cleaning the whole body of Michael including his hair, Robin took some shower gel and start rubbing it inside Michael's hairy ass crack

Michael: Leave it, man

Robin: Shhhes [whisper in Michael's ear] Let  me clean you up thoroughly, man

And with that, he started  rubbing Micahel's asshole with his finger

Michael: you are ruining me, man. You are ruining me on my wedding day

Robin: No man, I am not ruining you. You are like my brother. You have always been my brother. This is last of our brotherly bonding before your marriage. You know I will never do anything which will harm you.

Michael: I know man.

Robin completely embraced Michael from behind and held him there in his arm. Neither of them was erect because neither of them was horny. They just want to be there in each other arms with water stream falling on them.They stood there in the shower for few minutes, rinsing and enjoying the moment

Robin: Mow time to get ready.

They both toweled off  and came out of the bathroom

Michael: Did You brought my wedding suit from my house?

Robin: Yes man, I did everything  yesterday itself

Within few minutes they were ready in their respective suits.

Michael was wearing a very expensive bridegroom suit which was a gift from Jennifer's  mom

Rob  was also looking handsome in his best man 's suit

Michael looked in mirror: Now my face is  looking  much better and less haggard

Robin: Hey apply this cream just under your eyes. It hides small bags under your eyes because of lack of sleep and if you want a full groom makeup we still got time. We will go to Quincy place. I am sure that fag will do magic on your face.

Michael: Please We don't have time.and I am not a bride who has to look extra pretty. I am handsome and I look handsome. I don't need extra makeup. Beside that faggot, Quincy always wants to get inside my pants.

Robin smiled mischievously: Hey, Quincy is not that bad. He is a fag but he knows his job well [then made a blowjob gesture]

Michael: Fuck off.

After they drank coffee and ate some breakfast. They looked at their phone and realized that the battery of both of their phones was almst dead. Neither of them had time to recharge.

They both had  few missed calls on their phones from Jennifer, Michael's parent, and some other people

Michael: Why the hell people keep calling me?  My Dad, my Mom, Jennifer, We told them that we would reach there before time but they are still after my ass

Robin: Just recharge your phone in my car and give a call to your dad   He must freaking out. This is after all big wedding. His son is getting married to a freaking billionaire's niece

Michael, I already told you guys.  She is not Martine heiress and this is not some big wedding This is a very small private wedding ceremony.Very few people from her side are coming. Only very close relative and friends.

From my side only may parents you are coming and ohh George and Rex were also supposed to come. He laughed

Robin: Anyway just give him a call.
Michael: Nah I am tired of everyone always on my back.We are anyway going to venue

They went out. Robin was about to start his car when his phone rang.

Michael: Who is it?My Dad, My Mom or Jennifer? Just tell them We are on way

Robin: Nah it is Cheif Wallace. Crap I forgot to ask for a day off formally

Michael: What? You forgot to do that?You forgot that to ask for a day off for my wedding day?

Robin: I thought he knew I would be taking a day off for your wedding. I thought it was understood. He knows that I am  your best man.

Michael[exasperatedly]: For how long we have been working under Cheif Wallace ?? You still don't know him? There is no way you can assume anything while you are dealing with him  You know you had to apply and email him for your day off. Just call him and ask him

Robin: Fuck him I am not his slave. I work my ass off in my every case . I am the best detective he would get. I will call him after your wedding otherwise he would call to ask me to solve some fake case.

Michael: You are so getting suspended.Now drive

Michael thought he saw a couple of media vans at a distance. Are they really following me because I am going to marry Martin Holloways' niece?

Michael and Robin reached the wedding venue within 10 minutes but the very strange scene was there. There was no guest to be found But many press reporters and media vans were there.

Robin: I .thought media was not allowed at the wedding ceremony?

Noone was there in sight whom Michael can recognise . Not a single person from Jennifer's  side
Then he saw his parent. His mother was crying . His father was looking grim

Father: Where the hell you have been? I have been calling you for past 30 mins.

Michael: Calm down Dad. The battery of my phone died so was Robins. We reached 30 minutes before we were supposed to reach. Why the hell you are always in hurry? You are always worried about simple things . Relax everything is going to be fine.

Father : Nothing is going to be fine. I even sent a man to your apartment to find you.

Michael: I was at Robin' s place for a small party last night. Can you now please clam down? See no one from Jennifer;s side has even arrived yet. And mother why you are crying?  Please stop crying it is my wedding day

Mother [sobbing]: Mikey wedding has just been canceled

Michael: What.

Father[grimly]: just 45 minutes back Jennifer's father went to meet Mr Martin Holloway in his mansion. There he found dead bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Holloway. They were brutally murdered . They were covered in pool of blood. After witnessing that horrific crmie scene Jennifer's father got a heart attack. He is in hospital. Both Jennifer and her mother are there with him. Neither Jen or her mother is currently in a position to talk. Every guest has been informed about the wedding. Anyway, there was about 25 guest who was invited. Everyone in the town knows except you two.
Anyway, we have to rush up and go to St. Mary's  hospital .

Michale:Ohh God ! Give me your phone I will call Jennifer

Father: It's of no use . She is in deep shock . We should go to the hospital and check on her.

Michael looked at his best freind face in total bewilderment . How queckly things have chnaged

Robin: I  will go the hospital with you guys. Lets go.

Then suddenly Robin's phone rang :

Robin: Yes Cheif?

Cheif Wallace: Where the hell you have been you, idiot ?  I want you right now at Mr Martin holloways' mansion. We got a serious crime scene to investiage

Robin to Micahel: Hey man you take your parents to St Mary Hoisputal  I am going to Mr. Martin's mansion. Cheif is already there.

Michael:  Ok

After that Robin went to his car and drive towards  Holloways' mansion while Michael drove [in which his father and mother were sitting in back seat]in exaclty opposite direction towards St. Mary Hospital]

To be coninued..................................................

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