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                                   Marriage Interrupted  Chapter 2: 

2018: Afternoon time on the day of the murder of  billionaire Martin Holloway

In a small remote cabin motel approx 100 miles east of Colorado / Kansas border slightly off the I -70 highway

15 Year old Timmy was having a big unhealthy lunch in his cabin motel room. His older brother was in the adjacent room in the same cabin. Timmy had skipped breakfast because as he woke too late that day. So he went around 1 o clock in small restaurant /cafe which was situated at the reception of the motel. The menu of that cafe didn't have much but it had all the things which young Timmy wanted.

He ordered a big glass of Chocolate milkshake, a big glass of vanilla milkshake, two big cheeseburgers and 2 big bags of nachos.

When Timmy went to the cafe he was starving so he ate one of the cheeseburgers and drank the vanilla milkshake at cafe itself.He took rest of the order with himself which he intended to share with his big brother. But his brother room was still closed and Timmy didn't want to disturb. So he took whole carry bag along with the glass of chocolate milkshake in his room.

"If he is too lazy to come out then maybe I should eat all these things alone, " Timmy  thought

Timmy turned on the TV and again started watching cartoon channel. Timmy was not selfish. He loved to share things with big bro but what he can do if his bro was  busy doing "other things "

Timmy just loved the cartoons and superhero movies /TV shows and nothing else. Even though he was 15 years old he could easily pass as a 12-year-old. Except for his height [which was also petite at 5 feet 4 inches ], he looked very young. There were absolutely zero signs of puberty on his face.

There was absolutely zero hair under his arms or on his face. There were slight strands of pubes above his tiny cock but nothing else. His voice was still so soft as a kid and he uses to giggle like a girl.

But his face was very beautiful, almost angelic.

Timmy continued to watch the cartoon, drinking the chocolate milkshake, having a bite of the cheeseburger and stuffing his mouth with nachos. He generally didn't get to splurge that much. His mother was very strict with his meals. He rarely manages to convince his parents to go to MacDonald or any fast food joints. But those days are gone now. That was almost different life.

Yesterday night his big bro gave him five 20 dollar bills. For little Timmy, it was nothing short of a fortune . Timmy never asked his brother where that money came from. It was not his business. All Timmy could think about was all the tasty food and beverages he could have with that money.

Timmy was watching cartoons but he was also waiting for the night. "Tonight special crossover episodes of Arrow and The Flash will come, " he thought. He loved all the superhero shows not just because of all that action but how good looking all those actors who were playing Oliver Green, Flash, Superman, the Atom were.When they come on screen Timmy use to get overwhelmed with some strange feeling in his heart and his loins. He definitely loved them. He secretly wished that one of the superheroes would somehow appear his real life and save him from all the horror in his life . He wanted to elope with one of those superheroes.

Offcourse Timmy knew it would never happen and honestly, in reality, Timmy couldn't imagine his life w/o his big brother. He loved his bother and couldn't live w/o him.

The cartoon show which Timmy was watching was now over. Timmy flipped the channels in search of another cartoon network and in the process came across a  local news channel for a sec and he was about to change the channel when he saw a very familiar face.

He started listening to that news channel and almost froze with shock and horror of the story.

Martin  Holloway was dead !!He was dead in what news channel was calling a 'possible Murder-suicide" incident.

Without bothering to watch further details about that news He put all the eatable and his glass of milkshake on a nearby table. He ran outside and towards the adjacent room where his brother was there. A familiar muffled sound was coming from his brother room.

Under normal circumstance, Timmy  would never disturb  his brother  during those moments

But now his mind was not working. He was hysterical. He had to tell his brother.

Timmy started   knocking  on the door

Timmy: Hey brother open the door. Just watch the news

Timmy was now crying

Timmy: He is dead! He is dead! Someone killed him!

His brother opened the door.Brother was shirtless  and his hair was disheveled

Big brother [sighlty irritated]  What Timmy? Who is dead?

Timmy:: He is dead! Martin Holloway is dead ! Someone has murdered him!

To be continued


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