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                                                       Marriage Interrupted

                                                            Chapter 3

 In  a suite of a five-star Hotel in Belgrade, Serbia on the day of Murder of Martin Holloway

24-year-old Marin was pounding pussy of Anica  Jovanovic

Marin had already fucked her twice that evening and this was their third time. Initially, Marin couldn't believe how easy it was to bed Dejan' sister. Even though Marin never presumed  Anica as another Mother Teresa, hell he even didn't expect her to be a virgin. "There is no nineteen-year-old virgin in Belgrade or possibly in whole Serbia." He thought. But at least he expected some restraint from Anica when he started charming her last night. Marin was a little bit coy in front of Dejan but boy was Anica turned out to be a real slut. She was probably wetting her panties during their whole dinner in anticipation of their fuck session. When Dejan told Marin that his sister would be coming to Belgrade to the attend the wedding of their cousin at that time only Marin decided that this was the time make move on Anica. Marin had an eye on Anica for quite some time. Not necessarily because he was very attracted to her but because she was Dean's sister. But Marin always thought it would be at least little bit difficult to seduce Anica but it was not. Anica started hitting on Marin as soon as they met in the lobby of the hotel.

When he asked Anica what she would take for the dinner she passed the menu to Dejan. Poor Dejan had no idea that his little sister was playing footsy with Marin under the table while poor boy was confused what to order for the dinner.

Marin could have fucked her last night had Dejan was not there in his suite with him. Dejan booked a suite for Anica on the same floor  and came back in Marin's room

Clingy bastard.Always on my ass. Never allows me to have an even little bit of fun. Served him right. Marin thought as he kept pounding Anica 's pussy. For a second Marin thought to make a video of their fuck session with his phone cam and upload it to the internet. Off course he would blur his own face in the video, The idea of Dejan watching his little sis getting fucked by a random cock on the internet along with the whole world would be priceless. Marin was a complete asshole but he was not cruel. Doing that thing would probably ruin the poor girl's life. Then he thought to make the video but send it anonymously only to Dejan. That would be a hoot too. However, Marin discarded that idea too. Dejan would probably kill his own poor sister.

Anica was now screaming his name while she was getting fucked by his dick. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, Her eyes were half closed.

"What a little slut she is. I have already fucked her twice this evening and she is still not satisfied? How many cocks have been inside her? " Marin wondered?

So he decided to ask this  question to her

Marin: Hey baby, Могу ли да те питам нешто?[Can I ask you something?]

Anica: Stop talking to me in Serbian

Marin: Why? You don't understand it?

Anica: I understand it very well. I just don't want to speak it.

Anica's eyes were now closed. Marin asked him further without missing a beat in their fuck session

Marin: And why is that?

Anica: I generally don't like anything associated with Serbia. Ever since I was a little girl I have been living either in America or Switzerland. I never identified myself as a Serbian. Girls in my ivy league boarding school in Switzerland use to sneer at me for being a Serbian

Marin: That shouldn't be a reason to hate your own language.

Anica: I don't hate the Serbian language. I just don't like it, this country, its people. Way too backward 

Marin found it little be offensive but he shrugged it off and continue to fuck her pussy. Then he flexed his muscles and posed for her while still fucking her cunt with his cock

Marin: Hey but I am all American-Serbian boy and you have to love me as who I am

Anica laughed at Marin. She knew that guys like Marin can't be trusted but even though Marin was a handsome heartbreaker there was some innocent charm about him which looked real not to mention he had a very efficient dick which was hitting all the right spot inside her pussy

Marin: Hey Anica tells me something, who is your beautiful friend who was with you un that Instagram pics?.

Anica: Which one? There  are many female friends on my Instagram profile .,

Marin: The one who was with you in that photo in front of Eiffel Tower. you have not tagged  her profile

Anica: Ohh her name is Jasmine. She is an American too but she studies with me in Zurich. Why do you ask?

Marin: Actually when you showed me your insta profile I didn't find any guys on your album . Most of your pics are with this Jasmine girl. I was wondering whether....

Marin paused his fuck for few moments

Anica: wondering what?

Marin: Have you ever played with a girl?

Anica: Why you are asking me all these questions?

Marin: I am just asking because I am curious. Do you have a boyfriend?

Anica: Hell no

Marin: Has any guys ever fucked you before?

Anica: Hell yes. What do you think I am? A virgin?

Marin: How many?

Anica[ Now getting offended ] Do you ask these questions to every girl you fuck?

Marin:[laughed to ease the tenison]: No I was just asking the question because your friend Jasmine is as sexy as you and I would love to have a threeway with both of you so if you are interested I would love to do that.

Anica[smiled]: Sorry I don't swing that way. Jasmine is my good friend. We don't mess around and we definitely don't do threeway with a guy

Marin: Its shame, it would be hot if I could have a threeway with both of you. He baby, would you try a  threeway if I bring another girl tomorrow night?

Marin asked in a daring tone

Anica: No I won't do it.

Marin: Are you afraid? I dare you.

Anica: No I am not afraid. I am willing to do a threeway with you but with another guy.

Marin[burst into laughter ]: Baby, I am not a faggot

Anica: I am not a lesbian either, but .you are asking me to get it on with a girl

Marin: But with you girls, it is different

Anica: It's not. I am willing to do a threeway but with another guy. Are you game? I dare you.

Marin[mischievously] : Ok Ok . I am game but only if that guy is Dejan.

Now it was  Anica turn to burst into laughter

Anica: You sick fucking pervert. If you say something like that to Dejan, he will chop off your dick and balls  Forget about a three-way with him. If he ever finds out that something is going on between you and me then also he will kill you. He is that protective of me.

Marin: Ok ok let's remove you from the picture for a min. Now let's assume there is another girl. Do you think Dejan will have a three-way with that girl and me?

Anica: No fucking way. Dejan will kill you and cut his own dick before he fucks you or any man.

Marin:[again smiled mischievously ]: Why do you think that I am asking you to assume a threeway where your brother would fuck me? Maybe it is me who would do the fucking. I would fuck him while he would fuck the girl

Anica[exasperatedly]: You are out of your fucking mind.

She pushed him off and went to use bathroom

When she returned she saw that Marin had a very small packet of powder  in his hand

Anica: What is that?

Marin: Just a little pick me up. you want to try it?

Anica: Hell no!

Marin: Why? you don't do drugs?How about weed?

Anica: of course I have. I even have done coke few times but tonight I am not doing anything.

AMrin: Why? This shit is better and safer than coke. You should try it, baby. It is something  from my special dealer

Anica: Dejan will be furious he finds me tweaking out

Marin: He is not coming back tonight. He told me that. He will stay with your uncle's family tonight

Anica: He will come back. I know him better. He is going to come back to check in on me. He is going to make sure  that I have returned from Resnik[a certain vilalge] safely and nicely tucked in my bed in my room

Marin: Come on baby stop being so paranoid about your brother. He is not coming back tonight

Anica: He will. And I think now I should go to my room

Marin: ok ok if you don't want to do this stuff that's fine. But please don't go.I need another round of fun

Anica: Ok

Anica watched as Marin made few lines of that powder[whatever that was] and rolled a bill and snorted a couple of lines. Within few minutes his eye becomes woozy and she knew that Marin was now high as kite

Marin: You sure you don't want to do a line?

Anica: Yeah, I am sure.

Marin: Ok then let's have some good time baby before that buzzkill of a brother of yours comes back to bother us.

Anica saw Marin was hard again but in his body language, something was different now. That drug has made him a little different. He was looking extra sexy even though he was looking very woozy. Anica found her pussy getting wet [again].

Marin climbed on the bed on top of her, spread her legs and shoved his cock inside her.

Anica gasped in pleasure  and within few seconds Marin regained  the rhyme with which he was fucking her a few minutes back before they had a stupid argument about Dejan, Jasmine, and three-way

Anica again closed her eyes and started enjoying the bliss fuck which Marin was giving her but she thought she heard door of living room of their suite getting open and a speeding sound of someone coming in their bedroom

Anica immediately  knew that  both of them are now in a deep trouble


In a  restaurant few miles from Belgrade city center, Dejan Jovanovic was having dinner with his uncle Damir family. Wedding of Uncle Damir's daughter was great, not because it was very grand or anything. On the contrary, it was a small and inexpensive wedding ceremony however it gave Dejan a chance to reconnect with his mother's side of the family. His mother had no immediate family left at the time of her death besides Dejan, Anica and their father of course. Uncle Damir was the only relative of his mother with whom Dejan can connect with. Dejan was very close to his mother and after her death, there was still a void left in his life which was still not filled after more than a year. After his death, Dejan was very worried about Anica. He thought that Ancia would not able to cope with her mom's death, However, Anica was very quick to get over her mourning period. Just 10 days after mother died, Anica went back to Switzerland. And ever since she barely mentioned their mom in their conversation.

His father Zoran was off course stone cold during the whole time. But Dejan understood what his father was going through. Dejan knew that his father was a man of very few words and visible emotions. And even though Zoran didn't show any emotion during his wife's death and remained stoic, Dejan knew that his father was completely distraught. Zoran loved his wife very much. It's just he had rarely shown any affectionate expression towards her right from Dejan `s childhood to adulthood.

Uncle Damir was the cousin of Dejan's mother but he was very close to her. Uncle Damir ofter told Dejan stories about Dejan's mother when they were young kids. Uncle Damir and Dejan's mother grew up in a small village in former Yugoslavia. Even though stories were not very interesting [centrainly, not to Anica offcourse] however Dejan loved to listen to those stories. Those stories often brought back fond memories of his mother and he got some type of connection with her mom through Uncle Damir.

So last month when Uncle Damir invited Dejan for his daughter wedding at the time only Dejan made sure that he would attend the wedding. It was not like he had a super busy schedule. He had a very unpredictable and crazy schedule.  Living with a lunatic asshole like Marin Holloway was not an easy task and even though Dejan was not an official bodyguard of Marin, Zoran always made sure that Dejan stayed with Marin 24*7. This had become Dejan's life for past 1 year or so. Ever since he had turned 21 his father Zoran had given him strict order to never leave the side of Marin.

It seems like Marin Holloway and trouble were just made for each other. So many times Dejan use to find it absolutely exhausting to keep Marin out of trouble And even though Marin was 2 years older than Dejan, he acted like a big man-child.

For past 1 year, Dejan had no life outside Marin. He always had to shuttle from Serbia to America to various part of the world or wherever Marin wanted to go. Marin was so unpredictable and sometimes Dejan felt that he purposely did these unpredictable things just to annoy Dejan. So many time Dejan just wanted beat shit out of  Marin and he knew he actually could do it. And even though Marin Holloway was a well-built man and was no slouch in body department he was no comparison in strength and  flexibility of  Dejan, who  was trained in MMA  Judo and many other things

While being in the company of Marin Holloway, Dejam could enjoy any luxury which money could buy but he was not fond of those things. Dejan just wanted to go back to that mountain village where his mother was born. Zoran had bought that cottage where her mother was born. Zoran had bought that cottage for Dejan as a memento of his mother. Dejan had planned that when he would turn 35 he would go to that village, marry a local girl and open a small shop. He wanted to live a small contented life, not the life of glamour, luxury but  complete chaos which he had to endure every day while being with Marin Holloway

After the wedding ceremony of uncle Damir''s daughter, all the guest went to a nice small restaurant for the reception. Dejan was really having a good time chatting with his cousin, the bridegroom and groom's family while having dinner.

Dejan rarely use to drink alcohol but since this was occasion no Serbian wedding goes without heavy flow of wine so in keeping up with tradition he was having a few glasses of wine

Uncle Damir: Hey Dejan, so you coming back to our home after the dinner? Right?

Dejan: Sorry uncle Dmair I have to go back to hotel to check on Anica

Damir: It's a shame she could not come to wedding

Dejan: Uncle, she really wanted to come that's why she came all over from Switzerland just to attend the wedding but this morning she really had a terrible headache and a little bit of fever.

Damir: I hope everything is all right.Did you call the doctor?

Dejan: Ohh not that serious uncle. I think she just needs a day or two of rest. I think exertion of the journey took a little bit of toll on her health.

Damir; Ok, Ok I will not insist you stay the night with us. But you should come back at least for final music ceremony and after that, I will see off all the guest either at their hotel or their home. I will call a cab for you who will drop you at your hotel near city center.

Dejan: Ok uncle

Dejan hated to lie but he had no other option. He didn't want to hurt uncle Dmair by telling him the truth. He didn't want to tell him that there was nothing wrong with Anica's health. She wanted to meet the family of one of her friend in some stupid village near Belgrade. She told that her friend studied with her in Switzerland and she has never met the family of her friend. She didn't want to come to the wedding as she thought that uncle Damir and his whole family were very cheap and below her level. This last minute change of plan had surprised Dejan but later he agreed to his sister's request. Dejan absolutely adored his sister and was very protective of her. He had made a promise to her dying mother that he would always take care of Anica and would protect her from every problem.

Dejan was calling Anica but her phone was unreachable so he sent her some text asking about her travel.

After dinner when all the guest were coming out restaurant and Dejan was going with uncle Damir at that time he thought he saw Nigel

Dejan: Wait for a second, you guys go and I will be back in 5 mins

Damir: why? Any problem son?

Dejan: No nothing just give me 5 mins. I  have to call Anica

Dejan rushed to Nigel who was going towards a strip mall

Fuck these British men. They are good for nothing.

Dejan: WTF are you doing here Nigel? And is Marin going to this sleazy mall?

Nigel: Whoa mate calm down. Marin is in his suite, tucked in his bed.

Dejan: You left him? Alone?

Nigel: Calm down mate: Don't freak out.I didn't leave him in middle of city center. He is in his room fully secured. There is security on every floor and I have especially talked to security people to take a watchful eye at his room. the whole hotel is full rich and famous people of Serbia. Mr. Holloway is not only one and FYI I have been part of the secutiy team of many rich and famous people. Ever heard of Lindsay Lohan ?? Yeah, so you don't teach me, mate how to do my job because I know it.

Dejan I am not talking about risk which he has from others I am talking about risk in which can put himself into. Do you remember just fifteen days back he had a brawl at a nightclub? Have you forgotten it? You were there with him that night. Right? He still got in trouble and up in a fight and got a bloody nose.Only God knows what I had to do to stop the media from covering that mess. You have no idea how much my father would be pissed had that story gone viral in media.

Nigel: Look man I have enough. Unlike you, I have a life. And you know what, I am a bodyguard but what Marin Holloway needs is a bloody nanny who can take care of him 24 /7 even while he is sleeping or taking a dump in a toilet.Look Dejan if you want to wipe his arsehole every time he takes a shit or want to cuddle with him in bed while he is asleep you do that. But sorry I don't roll that way.

Dean [Getting even redder with anger] WTF, are You insinuating?

Nigel[laughed coyly]: Don't get angry man but you have no idea what whole security staff talk about you two

Dejan[About to explode]: What?

Nigel: That you and Mr. Marin are an item. And you are in deep love with him. They often wonder who buggers who. 

Nigel chuckled.

Dejan: That's ridiculous. All I am trying to do is my job. If only you bastards know a thing or two about it.

Nigel: A job for which you are not even paid?

Dejan: My father asked me to be with Mr. Marin all the time and obeying my father is my job you dumb faggot.

Nigel: Whatever man. Whatever you do is none of my business. and I think you are blowing this way of out proportion. Listen, Mr. Marin, himself asked me to go to this strip joint,. He told that this bar has some of the best strippers and hookers in whole Serbia. He told they would give me one of the best blowjobs I would ever have in my life. Listen I am new to Serbia and I would like to get to know about your country so what better way to know your country than to get blowjobs from some sexy Serbian chicks? 

Dejan sighed at Nigel stupidity

Nigel: Look man just give me a couple of hours. I promise I would be there with him in a couple of hours. If you want I would even watch him take a shit in the toilet but please mate just give me 2 hours  I will back in hotel after that 

And then Nigel went inside that bar without even hearing a reply from Dejan.

Dejan turned and went towards the restaurant from where guests were coming out.

Dejan was feeling confused he couldn't decide whether he should leave Marin alone for a couple of hours and continue to enjoy his evening with uncle Damir's family or should he take a cab and immediately go back to the hotel.

At that point, only something struck his mind

What an idiot I am. What a world class fucking idiot I am. 

He was feeling like the biggest fool in the whole world. How come it never occurred to me that it was all Marin's plan right from the start Motherfucker was trying to fuck my sister all this time.

The day I told him about the wedding right from that day Marin made a plan to be here in Belgrade even though he had a trip planned to America to attend the wedding of his own cousin. 

How long that bastard wanted to fuck my sister?

He wanted to come along with me to the airport to receive Anica. Dejan thought that Marin was just being a good friend.

It was Marin's idea to book a suite for Anica on the same floor even she was supposed to stay at uncle Damir `s home. And I thought that Marin was just being a generous friend 

It was Marin who supported Anica when she was requesting me to go to her friend's village in Resjik instead of going to our cousin wedding 

It was Marin who convinced me and I thought he was just being a good brother to Anica as he always insisted that I am like a brother to him.

Fucking asshole. Scum bag like him can never be anybody's brother.


Dejan now perfectly remembered last night dinner. How openly Marin and Anica were flirting with each other. I am such an idiot. He thought of himself.

I am the biggest sucker in this whole world. He was also angry with Anica too. But at the end of the day, she was his little sister and didn't under understand vile ways of this assholes like Marin Holloway.

He is fucking my sister in the hotel I will kill that bastard. He is a dead man now. No one can save him now  from me 

Seething with anger Dejan turned towards his uncle.

Dejan: Uncle I think I have to go back to the hotel to check on Anica. I got a call from her and she is not feeling well.

Uncle Damir: Ohh I am really sorry to hear. Is she serious? Are you taking her to a hospital? I wish I could come with you immediately but right now I have to see so many guests and then there is music ceremony

Dejan:  Ohh no uncle. Nothing serious. She is just feeling little feverish. I am going to call a doctor in the hotel there is no need to worry. And you please don't ruin the celebration. , Please take care of all the guest and don't ruin Nina[Dejan's cousin]party I will call you tomorrow morning. 

Damir: Ok son. Please inform me otherwise I will be worried 

Dejan:  Yeah sure 


And after that Dejan hired a cab ask the driver to go to his hotel near city center

During whole cab ride, Dejan was planning the way with which he will kill Marin. It has to be painful. I don't care a damn if they hang me after that. As soon as cab reached the hotel. Dejan paid the driver and raced towards the hotel 


As soon he reached the lobby of the hotel he got a call. He hoped that it was probably from Anica and she really was in Resjink and not getting fucked by Marin in his room. Dejan tried to remove that image from his mind. He just could picture his sweet little sister getting fucked like the random tramp by that asshole Marin.

The call was not from Anica. It was from Zoran[his father] Dejan didn't receive it. And this time he would not listen to anyone and certainly not his father who most probably was calling just to check on the security of Marin.

Well, guess what father now your responsibility is over. Tomorrow there will no Marin Holloway

He came out of the elevator on the floor at the time got the second call from his Dad.

 Not again He thought. Stop bugging me. He canceled his father's call again 

Dejan rushed towards the door. he had the passcode for the door. He opened it and ran inside. He could hear those two fucking in the bedroom. Fucking creep. He entered the bedroom and saw the scene which he was dreading

I was right

Marin was naked. He was on the top of Anica.Dejan could see Marin milky white smooth ass pumping and move towards Anica. Marin's ass was very smooth. But it was clear that his ass crack was hairy. It was very easy ass to see that. In that fucking motion, he ass cheeks were moving outward and inwards and one could easily see that his ass crack was hairy. For a second or two Dejan was transfixed at that ass. This was not the first time he was seeing Marin as naked. He has seen Marin many times but each time Marin's naked body stirred some deep desires inside Dejan which he tried to hide from himself.Marin was fucking Anica and keep saying  Yeah baby Yeah take my cock baby. Enjoy my cock 

Dejan returned to reality and screamed at Marin and lunged towards him.

Anica had already seen Dejan and she almost froze in horror. She wanted to scream and alert Marin but no word came out of her mouth.

Dejan: You mother fucker!!

Dejan pulled Marin from the bed [and Ancia offcourse] And turned him towards himself. Marin who was completely high didn't realize what happened then saw Dejan face for a second before he could process anything with his drug-laced mind, Dejan hit him with a hard punch right across his face, Marin fell on the floor. He almost saw the stars. He became completely disoriented.

Dejan: I will kill you bastard and you [to Anica]get dressed and get the fuck out of here

Anica had wrapped her body with sheet was hiding her body under the blanket.

Dejan: What the fuck you are waiting? Go get dressed and get the fuck out of here you stupid girl

Dejan turned so that he couldn't see Anica's naked body. Anica took her dress from the bed and towards bathroom 


Dejan' phone was again ring ringing. It was just persistent. It was his dad, He was calling him again. He picked the call and barked at his Dad. 

Dejan: Not now Dad. I have to take care of something serious 

and then he disconnected the call and threw his phone on the sofa 

Marin slowly got his orientation back and realized what was happening. He was still high and then he realized what had happened. Dejan had actually caught them in the act.

Marin started laughing in his high. The thing which he secretly wanted and dreaded [that Dejan would catch him and Anica while they were fucking] had actually happened. Marin knew that he was really screwed but it didn't phase him. He actually secretly wanted this to happen Now it was up to Dejan. What he would to Marin was up to him. Whatever done is done. Marin trying to get up but he couldn't as his brain was completely riddled with drugs not to mention the hard punch  Dejan had placed on his face. But throughout this time his cock was still rock hard. Combination of some stimulant in the drug and the whole situation in which he was naked in front of Dejan while he got caught fucking Dejan's sister had made him even hornier 

Marin was trying to get up but he could n't.

Dejan saw Marin `s hard cock and it made him angrier. The scumbag is hard after all this?

Dejan again lunged towards Marin who was lying on the floor and grabbed his cocks and balls.

I will crush your ball you faggot and cut off your dick and will make you eunuch so that you can never fuck a girl again.

Dejan tightened his squeeze on the Marin's' balls. 

At first, Marin screamed with sudden sharp pain but then within seconds, he realized where Dejan's hand was.It was right on his cock and balls so instead of going limp with the pain he got even more excited and after that, he started laughing like a complete lunatic when he thought where his cock was few mins back 

Dejan: You enjoying this faggot? Huh? You like this faggot? Don't worry I will snap your balls out from your body.

Marin:: Dejan Dejan Just see just watch your hand man. Remember where my cock was  2 mins back? it was in your sister's pussy man.

Dejan realized why his hand was so slippery. It was dripping with all the pussy juice and cum which was slicked around Marin's cock. He was so disgusted by all that. He immediately released Marin's ball and kicked him hard in his belly 

Marin screamed and doubled down on floor  with pain

Dejan: Get up get up you faggot. You always told me that I was your brother.

Is this is a way to treat a brother?

Marin tried to get it up but Dejan again kicked him in his butt Marin again fell on the floor

Dejan: Speak up motherfucker !!!

Marin: [in low hushed voice due to pain]Technically ........ I am sister fucker

Dejan: What?

Marin:[Now laughing and speaking in between in laugh]: Technically ee heee hee I am ee heee hee  a sister fucker  ee heee hee 

Dejan: What?

Marin: See you are my brother so that makes Anica my sister and I fucked her THRICE actually this was round four before you barged in so that makes me a sister fucker.

And then he started laughing uncontrollably 

This stupid joke of Marin enraged Dejan so much that he grabbed Marin's hair with the left hand and then started punching him in his face with the right hand. But Dejan kept laughing even though he was enduring hard punches from Dejan right at his face 

Then Dejan saw something that made his anger cross all limit. Marin was still hard and when Dejan was punching him, his cock was actually jumping 

Dejan: [Grabbed Marin's ball and start squeezing it ] You Motherfuckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!. I will remove your ball tonight and your cock too and will turn you into a eunuch

At that time Ancia came out of bathroom shaking with fear. She had no intention of confronting an angry Dejan but when she saw what Dejan was doing to Marin she couldn't stop herself despite she was very much afraid of her brother 

Anica:: Dejan no please no brother. You will kill him . it was not his fault. Please please leave him 

Dejan left Marin and turned towards his sister

Dejan [shaking with anger] So whose fault was it? Yours? Did you seduce him? Did you make him drunk or drugged him? 

At the same time, Dejan's phone was consistently ringing due to incoming call from Zoran

Anica: Dejan, Dejan your phone is ringing. It must be important

Dejan: Don't fucking try to change the subject. Tell me what you were doing here in his room? Weren't you suppose to be at Resjink with a friend?

Anica: [stammering due to fear[]: Dejan Dejan I was there. I went there but as you told me to return early so I did. I followed your instructions. Just stayed there for few hours, had an early lunch with her family and then took the first train back to Belgrade. I returned early in the evening so that you wouldn't be worried about me But you were not here. I wanted to go uncle Damir's home but I didn't have the address and your phone was not reachable. So Marin took me for the dinner and there we had few extra glasses of wines and due to that we made this stupid mistake it was nobody's fault. We just came back from dinner. Nothing really happened between us.

Dejan:[In a still very angry screaming voice ]: I don't believe anything out of your mouth.You go back to your room! I will deal with you later. First I have to see how I will kill this motherfucker 

Meanwhile, the phone kept ringing

Anica rushed towards Dejan's phone and picked it. he saw their father was calling. She hoped it would somehow  distract Dejan 

Anica: Dejan, Dejan, father is calling you 

Dejan[screamed]: Put the phone down! I don't care who is calling. He must be worried about the safety of this maggot[poining towards amrin] But I don't fucking care. First I will kill this bastard then I will think of anything else.

Marin was still laughing uncontrollably despite being in pain while his cock was still hard and pointing upwards towards Dejan as if it was taunting him

Ancia received the call anyway 

Zoran: Dejan, Why the hell you are not picking my call? I have been calling for past 15 minutes. I have even sent you text

Anica: It is me, dad, Anica. We were just returning from the wedding of the daughter of uncle Damir. Dejan was just changing his cloth and getting fresh 

Zoran barked: Give the phone to him immediately. It's very urgent

Anica rushed towards Dejan

Anica: Please Dejan, take this call from dad.It is very important. He seems very worried and angry and sad. Please talk to him and for Gods' sake please don't tell him anything about this incident 

Dejam reluctantly took the phone from Anica and started listening to dad 

With minutes talking to his dad, his expression changed. His dad was talking to him and Dejan was just nodding his dead with occasional "yes Dad"

After approx 10 minutes when the phone conversation between father and son was over Dejan turned towards his sister.

Dejan: Listen carefully Anica, Go back to your room book the first flight for you to Zurich and pack your bags. Tomorrow I may or may not drop you at the airport. But you have to go back to Zurich.Ok?

Anica: Ok. Is everything alright? What Dad was saying?

Dejan:  Just do as I said and don't ask useless questions!

Anica: Ok I am leaving but please promise me please do not hurt Marin. That was not his fault. Please, Dejan I am begging you.

Dejan[sternly raising his voice this time]: Just go!!

Anica thought it was better to go now. When she left the room she was praying that she would not be reading murder of Marin's Holloway in tomorrow's newspaper 

Now Dejan turned towards Marin. Dejan expression got soft. Anger from his face and voice was gone and it was now replaced with concern and a little bit of sadness

Dejan  Hey Marin, get up man. Marin. get up.

Dejan helped Marin to get up from the floor and made him sit on the bed.

Marin was still laughing [and of course was rock hard]

Dejan was now checking his face, his eyes

Dejan: What exactly you have taken? Coke? or worse? heroin? 

Marin: Neither of that man. It is special from my special dealer. You should try it some time man

Dejan: Shit dude you are gonna get yourself killed one day.

Dejan was not sure what to do. What he has taken? Should I tell him? Should I bring him down from his high first? should I give him a cold shower?

Dejan decided against it?He started getting undressed.

Marin  was taken aback for a second when he saw Dejan undressing then he again started laughing 

Marin: what dude? Are you gonna fuck me? Is that it? Is this your revenge? I fucked your sister now you fuck me?

Dejan: Shut up Marin

Dejan removed all his clothes except for his underwear 

Marin saw it he quickly turned back and started laughing and mocking Dejan. Okay, Dejan take your revenge. Fuck my ass.

Marin was consistently laughing and mocking Dejan.

Now Marin was showing his naked ass and parting his cheeks towards Dejan. Hey, Dejan my ass is all yours now.

Dejan almost dragged Marin to the bathroom and then made him stand up in the shower. He joined Marin in the shower cubicle to give him support and then the turned on the shower as water getting heated He put Marin under the shower he initially wanted to give a cold shower to Marin but then decided against it.He kept supporting  Marin during whole shower but Marin was not standing still Instead he continued to tease Dejan

Marin: Hey Dejan? Why you are making me shower? Is that how you want your boys? Nice and clean? Before you fuck them in the ass? If that is the case then clean my asshole too bro.

Dejan: Keep quit Marin and stand still.

He took out the faucet and sprayed hard on Marin's face in a hope it will take down Marin's high.

Marin agreed to stand still and put his hand on Dejan's shoulder. Their whole front part of the body was pressed against each other with Marin's hard cock resting against Dejan's underwear covered cock.

Marin: remove your undies bro

Dejan initially resisted when Marin was pulling down his undies down but later resigned. He was now also fully naked like Marin and their  cock and balls are now in completely  pressed against each other without any fabric[of Dejan's undies] coming between them 

Dejan realized in horror then he too was getting an erection. At least Marin's hard on could be blamed on the drugs. What was his excuse?. He wanted to push away Marin but knew that Marin couldn't stand on his own.So he allowed Marin to latch on him with his head on Dejan' shoulders.

Their dicks were now completely in "sword crossing" position. Dejan was feeling so embarrassed. He was so mad at himself. Even in this situation how can get I get hard? Am I a perv?

I have to give that news to Marin

But how can I do this? How will he react? From outside Marin pretended that he is a big tough asshole but only Dejan and Zoran knew how sensitive and caring guy Marin was.

When Dejan's mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer almost three years ago it was Marin who gave him strength. It was Marin who supported Dejan's emotionally. It was Marin who constantly reminded Dejan that he has to be strong in her last moment. When Dejan's mother died a year later Dejan was wrecked. Anica left to Zurich after one week and Zoran got busy in his work because that was only way Zoran could deal with pain. but Dejan was unable to deal with the loss of his mother. But Marin never left Ddejan's side during his most difficult period. He was always there whenever Dejan needed a shoulder to cry on  During that time Dejan first time saw a tender and generous side of Marin. They were close even before but after that Marin became most important person in Dejan's life after Zoran and Anica 

I have to tell him anyway. Dad told me to inform Marin immediately 

Dejan turned off the shower. Marin was a little bit better . Dejan took out two towels and gave one to Marin while with second started drying his own body. Marin was fumbling with the towel was not able to dry himself properly. So Dejan took the towel from him and started drying him.

Dejan helped Marin to come out of bathroom then made him sit on the bed Both guys were wearing a bathrobe. Dejan was preparing coffee for both.

Dejan: turned back to Marin and took Marin's face in his hand.

Dejan: Look Marin I have to tell you something 

Marin's's heart skipped few beats.

What? What he is trying to say? Is he finally going to admit the truth? Will he tell that he lo....... Marin's mind wondered

Dejan: You have to be strong. Because just now my father called and he told me that  both your parent were murdered last night in Hollowayville 

Marin burst into laughter.

Marin: Really Dude? Is this you can best do? [Again laughed ]. Play a practical joke on me to avenge your sister?. Really man? This is best you can do to piss me off? What you think that I am gonna shit myself after hearing fake news of my parent's death? Dude, you know I don't give a damn about those two. They live or die I don't fucking care[again laughing] 

Dejan [in an extremely sad and sorry tone] I am not joking man and then pulled out his phone and show his phone to Marin.Dejan showed a news headline from Kansas News-Times where it was shown that Martin Holyway and  Mira Crncevic were killed in a murder-suicide incident. Marin's eyes got widened and he took the phone from Dejan

Dejan: We have to leave tomorrow morning. Dad has arranged a private jet for us. Aanica will go back to Zurich on her own. I am going to pack your things  Please be strong man 

Marin was not able to hear a word which was coming out of Dejan's mouth. In fact, Dejan words[your parent were killed] was still echoing in his mind. He was frantically browsing on Dejan's phone and searching more news about his parent and then came across a news article which actually published a gruesome photo of the dead bodies of his father and mother.At that moment reality sink in for Marin and he realized that his parents were no more

As soon he saw that photo Marin felt absolutely nauseated. he vomited and convulsed on the floor 


to be continued


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