Motorcycle Mayhem the Complete Series

***Authors Note. It has been a while since I have worked on this story line so I combined all of the first seven chapters into one document with a few chapters added. I have converted to the html format for easier editing and reading. The hyperlinks will take the reader to the sections of the document of interest. This is a work of fiction, copyright the author. Enjoy. RJ***

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Motorcycle Mayhem I The Beginning

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Motorcycle Mayhem VI The Return to Myrtle Beach

Motorcycle Mayhem VII Birthdays

Motorcycle Mayhem VIII Drivers Permit and Pool Parties

Motorcycle Mayhem IX Election Day

Motorcycle Mayhem X The Grand Finally

Motorcycle Mayhem I The Beginning

My daughter Lisa is twelve now, Lisa is not your ordinary girl. Her version of fun is how dirty she can get, in all senses of the word. She is a tom boy, bat, ball and glove, she's happy. Dress her up in girl clothes, she cries, and goes out of her way to get muddy. Lisa's mom died when she was a baby so it's just us.

Lisa even as a little girl, the only way she would play with dolls is without clothes on, on her or the dolls. I would pick up the dolls and toys, and have to put the clothes back on them. The next day it would be the same thing, dolls and Lisa naked. It took me a long time to realize my daughter is and has been sexually active from a very young age. I talked to her doctor, even a psychologist, the answer came back, either lock her in the basement or accept who she is and who she will grow up to be.

Lisa has brown hair to her shoulder you would never know it, because it is always stuffed in to a Yankee's ball cap. Her green eyes sparkle and she has a nice smile. She stands about five feet tall, ninety pounds, she hasn't hit puberty yet, but the doctors put her on birth control pills when she turned ten. Her nipples are firm but she still shows no signs of growing breasts. She is completely hairless as well.

Her best friend Tommy lives two doors down, He is twelve also, sandy brown hair, he might be an inch taller then Lisa, but not by much. He has blue eyes, and also a nice smile, and weighs about the same. His parents can't keep clothes on him either, hence why my daughter is on birth control. Tommy hasn't started puberty either, he is completely hairless and his circumcised cocklet sticks out about three inches, and his balls are still small and tight to his body.

The two are inseparable and usually naked for the most part. I think they intentionally get as muddy and dirty as possible so they have to get cleaned up. The Richardson's gave up, as did I a long time ago. We just strip them down and put them in the tub together. Tommy's little dick is always up, and Lisa's nipples are always perky.

Lisa's other friend is Melissa, who is fifteen, blond hair, hazel eyes, about five foot three. Melissa's breasts have started to develop into b sized cups and her nipples are always hard and pointing straight up. She has nicely a trimmed pubic hair patch above her little pussy.

Melissa would babysit for Lisa, and sometimes Tommy as well. One night I came home early because my blind date wasn't working out. I caught all three of them naked, and Lisa was licking Melissa's pussy, playing with her own pussy, and Melissa was sucking on Tommy's little dick. They were 10 and 13 at the time. Tommy and Melissa freaked, because I caught them, Lisa already knew better. I took over sucking on Tommy's dick, until he had his dry orgasm in my mouth. Lisa and Melissa continued with each others pussies.

The only time I can get Lisa away from Tommy or Melissa is when I take her on a motorcycle trip, which I did this year to Myrtle Beach for the fall run. I packed up the Ultra Glide, with our stuff; I was in no hurry,

Lisa was dressed in her tight leather pants, t-shirt, H-D jacket and boots and gloves, as was I. We also had our helmets connected to the communications system so we could talk to each other or other people on the CB system.

I stayed on the back roads and byways as much as possible, the interstates are no fun. Lisa did have fun talking to the truckers on the CB though. I road a couple hundred miles and I needed to get fuel. We pulled in to a station and there was small diner next to it. I tanked the bike, another bike pulled in a woman rider with a boy on the back. Lisa waved to them. I pulled up to the diner, and we went inside and sat at a booth, it was the only one open, and was in the process of being cleaned. The woman and the boy came into the diner and looked around. She walked up to us and said "Would you mind if we share". I slid over to make room, and said "sure help yourself". The boy sat next to me, Lisa moved over as well and the woman sat next to her. Lisa just smiled, she knew what was on my mind and I knew hers as well. I said "I'm Dan Wallace, this is my daughter Lisa". She said "I'm Annie Peters; this is Danny, my son".

We exchanged the standard pleasantries; we were both heading for Myrtle Beach for bike week. I had my jacket off but had my vest on with the big Harley eagle on the back, HOG patches, pins and other memorabilia all over it. Danny and Annie were dressed the same as we were. Lisa asked "Danny how old are you?" He said "Eleven". "I'm twelve". I looked down at his leather bound crotch, and looked him over. He was cute. Brown hair, hazel eyes, I wondered what he has tucked in the leather pants; he looked like he had a nice little package going on. Mom wasn't a bad looker either. Reddish brown hair, with hazel eyes as well. She has nice sized tits as well, not big, just nice, with her nipples sticking out of the t-shirt. Lisa was checking them out from her side of the table. Annie asked me what I did, "I own a graphics shop with my partner, and he is minding the shop while I take some vacation time. What about you?" She said "I teach middle school math, we are on vacation as well". Annie looked at Lisa, "Shouldn't you be in school?" I laughed and said "I have all her work assignments with us; she is so far ahead of her class it is easy to take her out of school for a week or two". Now she was laughing "Danny is the same way".

We ate, and talked. I suggested, "Why don't you ride with us". Annie liked the idea and the kids thought it was a great idea too. Danny was running his hands over my vest, checking out all the pins and patches, "Mom, he has been more places than we have". Lisa smugly said "I go with him", which was true, I took her on most of the rides and rallies". Lisa even has the t-shirts 'I'm the bitch on the back', 'Mess with my dad and die', 'if you can read this your too close asshole'. She wanted a 'Property of' shirt but I wouldn't let her get that one, the Breed get pretty nasty when you start wearing their colors, or making fun of them.

I said "Excuse me Danny; I need to use the rest room". I was hoping he would follow and he did. Annie and Lisa did the same thing. Danny was looking at the stalls, but they were in use. He stood next to me at the urinals and pulled out his boy dick and started his piss stream. I looked down at him and enjoyed the view of his cut hairless cock taking a wiz. He looked over at me and watched me piss as well. We smiled at each other, washed our hands and returned to the table to pay and get back on the road.

Annie and Danny led the way, Lisa and I were checking out their asses in the leather pants. Then we all checked out the bikes, Annie has a black Road Glide, also with the communication package on it, Mine is Midnight blue with silver streaks, with a custom painted tank, with the U.S. flag, jets, and ships on it. It says 'Don't Mess with the U.S.' Danny said "That is a cool tank and paint job". I said "Thank you, I designed it and air brushed it myself". "Cool". Annie said "Very nice".

We took off and continued to head south to Myrtle Beach. We all had the communications going so Lisa and Danny chatted on the radio, we choose a channel that shouldn't be too heavily used. Lisa went to far on the radio though. The first thing she said was "Annie, thanks for helping with my zipper, it always seems to get stuck". I knew she didn't have panties on; she never does, so Annie got a look at her. Annie replied "No problem". Lisa then went too far "Hey Danny, you look real good in those leather pants, you have a nice butt". That is when I said "That's enough of that, we are on open air channels". Danny not to be out done "You look good in your leather pants too, and you have a nice butt too". "Enough". I grabbed her leg and gave it a squeeze, she stopped.

I said to Annie, "I don't know if you plan on riding the 800 miles all in one day, but I don't ride like that, I do a couple three hundred or so and I call it quits for the night". She said "That's fine with me; my butt is getting sore already". We found a motel and stopped for the night, it had a gas station close by and a bar and grill within walking distance. We got two adjoining rooms. The inside doors were opened as soon as we got into the rooms and never closed. We sat out front of the motel rooms and talked. Lisa and Danny were on one side goofing around.

Annie asked, "How far are we from Myrtle Beach?" I looked at the map, "We have about 400 to go". She said "Where are you staying there?" I said "My sister owns a small house on the south side, she usually rents it out for bike week, but she is letting me use it, there is room if you want to stay". Annie said "I have a room already paid for on the north side, no refunds". "Yeah, standard fare, Daytona does the same thing, screw the bikers, and get the money while you can".

"Yep. Can I ask you a question Dan?"."Sure". "Let's take a walk". We got up and walked away from the kids. "Are you married, I don't see a ring?" I said "Lisa's mom died when she was a baby, it's just the two of us, since we are getting personal same question?" She said "You said you have a partner, are you gay then". I said "My my, we do get personal quickly, I have a business partner, not a sexual partner, and you haven't answered my question". Annie said "Danny's natural father is not in the picture and we plan on keeping it that way, as for another man in my life, honestly I haven't had much luck in that area". I said "I think we should get some food and if you're not opposed to some alcohol, I think it might loosen our tongues as well". She nodded. "Lisa, Danny, grab the room keys and close the doors, let's get some dinner". She said "Don't get me wrong, I am not a biker slut that would sleep with anyone and everyone at a bike rally, I do like the pleasures of life though, and I think you are a nice, handsome man".

I said "You two walk ahead of us, but don't get to far away". Lisa said "Okay, come on Danny, its adult talk". They got about 20 feet in front of us. I said "I don't know how open minded of a person you are, we just met and I am enjoying yours and Danny's company, Lisa is as well. Lisa is special in certain ways, when you helped her with her leather pants, did that shock you at all, she had no panties on did she?". "No she didn't, why?"."You didn't answer the question again, did it shock you?"."No it didn't again same question, why?" I said, "She never does; now does that shock you?" Annie said "Surprise maybe but shock no". I said "There is nothing wrong with her zipper; she wanted to see what you would do". "Now I need a drink or two". I said "Do you like wine?" "Yes", "Red or White, Dry or Sweet?". "Dry red, mostly, or a dry white sometimes". "Good answer, hold up you two".

After a half way decent dinner and a bottle of wine later. We walked back to the motel. I had another bottle in my hand. I waved Lisa and Danny forward again, 20 feet. Annie was loosening up nicely. I was also more relaxed. She said "So what did you mean when you said Lisa a special in a way". Show time, I said "She has been sexually active from a very young age and she is bi-sexual, her preferences are wide and vast, boys, girls, women, I haven't been able to keep clothes on her since she was in diapers. I talked to doctors, shrinks, you name it. So has she. Everyone has told me; accept her for what she is, and now I do. You may want to sleep with me, but she will also want to have sexual encounters with Danny and you".

"You better open that other bottle of wine, I have slept with women, like I said I haven't had the greatest luck with men in my life, but now you are talking about a twelve year old girl". I said "Just don't hurt my little girl, I know what she is, or will be and I can't change that, I can only accept it, and protect her the best I can. She makes choices, but I will kill anyone that hurts her". Annie said "For some reason I believe you could and would". We sat back down outside the rooms and I opened the other bottle of wine and poured two more glasses. Danny and Lisa came out to join us. Lisa moved next to Annie, so that left Danny on my side.

I made the comment "Why don't you two go get showers and out of the leathers". Lisa just smiled; I said "Separate showers, and put something on, pjs or sweats please". She pouted for a couple of seconds but did as I asked. My little tom boy came back outside, clean, and in boys style pajamas, but her hair wasn't stuffed into a baseball cap, so she actually looked like a pretty girl. Danny came out in shorts and a t-shirt, he made the mistake of teasing Lisa about the pajamas "You're wearing boys' pajamas", and he started to laugh. He wasn't laughing after the one two punch from Lisa, knocking him on his ass. Lisa said "Any more stupid comments?" standing over him fists still drawn. Danny just said "I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it, I just never saw a girl wear boys pajamas before". She still had her fists drawn. I picked her up around the waist and put her in the room "I think you made your point sweetheart, please do some of your homework assignments. Danny can do his as well; just don't try to knock his head off". Lisa said "I will if he does something stupid again". I picked Danny off the ground, and cleaned him up. I said "You probably don't want to do that again, get your homework and be friends". "Yes sir".

Annie said "You have an interesting daughter, but you have a good way with kids". I said "Lisa is a tom boy through and through, if I try to put her in a dress, she cries and hates me for a week, baseball, bat and glove, and of course the Yankees ball cap, boys jeans, boys t-shirts, pajamas the whole nine yards, but she also can be a nice little girl as well. And yes she has a temper, and has a swift way of proving someone's errors. Danny isn't the first or last boy that ended up on his ass, for making a foolish mistake". "Do you have the same mannerisms about you Dan?" "Only when necessary, I think I need to get some road grime off me as well". Annie said "I know its wine talking but would you like some company". I grabbed the bottle of wine and extended my hand to her. Since the kids were on the bed in my room doing homework we used her shower. She had her legs spread wide, while I played with and sucked her soft, small handful of titties. My seven inch cut cock went right in her slippery pussy. When we finished each other off, we actually did get dirt and grime off of us. I walked back into my room still naked right in front of Danny and Lisa. Danny's eyes never left my body as I walked into our bathroom to brush my hair and teeth. Annie was standing in the adjoining doors wrapped in a towel.

I came out of the bathroom to put on some sweats, Lisa had her finger in the fly of her boy pajama bottoms, and Danny's hard little dick was sticking out the leg of his shorts. I went outside to finish my wine. Annie joined me with sweats on as well. Lisa and Danny came out and Danny sat on my lap, with his boner still showing. Lisa took position on Annie's lap. Annie said "Is there something else I should know about you or your family Dan?"

I said "I think you have figured it out by now". She had a look of concern "What are you going to?" I said "What ever he will let me do; I will not hurt your boy". I put my hand around his little 3 1/2 inch circumcised cocklet that was sticking out from his shorts leg. I went further in to touch his hairless balls. He just leaned back against my chest and opened his legs for me. Annie soon had her fingers in the fly of the pajamas on Lisa. I said "It's a little drafty out here". Annie said "Danny go inside with Dan, the inside door will be open if you need it". Lisa followed Annie to their room and the outer doors were closed. The inside doors did stay open. Danny wasn't sure, but he did let me play with his cut little cock through his shorts. That was the extent he was willing to go at least for now.

We dressed in the morning and hit the road again heading south; Danny and Lisa came up with the idea of riding on the other bike. Annie and I agreed. I pulled the back rest out of the saddle so Danny could ride, he asked "Why are you doing that, don't you need it". I said "You might want to have children someday; you don't want to hit the backrest with your boy tools do you?" "No, I guess not". Besides I wanted his leathered crotch up close and personal to me as we rode. Annie did the same thing, and Lisa curled up to her new rider friend.

We rolled into Myrtle Beach, from the north; Annie said on the radio, "My hotel is just ahead". The place was almost burned to the ground, with fire trucks and fire crews still putting out what was left. I said "I think they will have to give you your money back now, it might take some time for the insurance to pay out, so about the offer to stay with us?" "Lead on". We got to my sisters place. My sister took care of us, food and wine, soda, snacks etc. It is a small house, two bedrooms, one bathroom, but the bathroom has a hot tub, Jacuzzi, which now I was planning on enjoying. Annie and Danny got the same idea when they saw it.

We brought the bags in. Lisa said "Uhm dad, since we all know each other a little bit better, do I have to wear clothes in the house?" Danny's eyes got wide, Annie just shrugged her shoulders. Danny said "You go around naked?" Lisa raised her fists, said "Yes, do you have a problem with that?" Danny stammered not to get punched again. "Uhm, no, no problem, I just have never seen a girl naked before, and a girl has never seen me naked". Danny was having a tough time. Lisa cut to the chase. "Duh, your stuff was hanging out of your shorts, and you just spent the night in my dad's bed, and I spent the night in your mom's bed. Didn't you mess around with my dad?" Now the boy was getting a panic attack "Uhm, we slept kind of close together, and I think his hand might have rubbed against me a couple of times". Lisa was being Lisa, "That wasn't a rub against, its called fondling or messing around, it felt good didn't it? Ms. Annie, can I show Danny how the hot tub works, unless you would like to dad?" I waved my hand the boy was in enough trouble already. Annie stammered, "Its okay with me, but only if Danny wants to, and don't lock the door just in case". Lisa led Danny to the bathroom, for what had to be his first adventure with a fist throwing, Harley riding, tom boy/girl that was very knowledgeable about sexual pleasures. If I had to guess Danny's knowledge was his own hand or most recently mine.

Annie still wasn't sure, "Is Danny going to be alright?" I said, "There are three or four options, stop them now, watch them, use the heated Jacuzzi and pool outside, or join them in the small tub". Annie said "Pool and jacuzzi outside?" I nodded my head "Sixteen foot privacy fence, 8 person tub and heated pool, oh, yeah, full wet bar and patio grill". Annie smiled, "Lisa don't waste the water in the house, and lets see what is out back instead".

The two tweens came out of the bathroom, their boots were off and t-shirts, socks and leather pants still in place. Danny was staring at Lisa's still flat chest with her nipples hard. I said "Danny come here". I turned him around in front of me and motioned Lisa to near. I grabbed Danny's little hand and whispered in his ear. "Here like this". I moved his little hand around Lisa's breast. "Don't squeeze hard, just a little playful one, then go to the other nipple". I let his hands wander over my daughter's breasts. Annie bent down and took socks off them. I whispered in his ear, "Open you mouth and put you lips on her nipples, and suck them gently, she likes that". The boy did as instructed. I leaned in and undid his leather pants, and slid them off his slender frame. His underwear came off next. Annie did the same to Lisa, revealing two hairless kids, one with a 3 1/2 inch hard on sticking straight out from his body, the other with a nice juicy mound of lips.

Annie was looking at me and said "You like what you see don't you?" Danny answered instead of me "Yeah, I do". I laughed and nodded my head I was looking at Danny's cute little ass. Annie undressed me and I undressed her. I unlocked the back door and open the slider, I opened a bottle of wine and grabbed two glasses and went into the back yard. "Wow look at this place, why such a high fence?" "My sister has nosy neighbors, and she likes her privacy, we all do". I unlocked the side gates so we could bring the bikes in the back, one for security and the other to wash them. You can't ride around bike week on a dirty ride. I turned on the jacuzzi and let it warm up.

The jacuzzi wasn't the only thing getting warm. Lisa moved Danny's hands around her body showing him how to find and touch her pleasure spots. It looked like Danny was a fast learner, but he also has a good little teacher. She had his hand rubbing her mound and a finger playing with her little clit, Annie was playing with hers watching her son with a girl. Well I sure wasn't going to play with mine, so I laid Annie on a lounger and started to eat and suck her pussy. I said "Danny do it like this". He soon had his tongue inside my little girl. Both girls climaxed for the first time of the day, lying on loungers next to each other, watching the other one.

The girls were fair and laid us on the loungers, and now had a boy dick and a man dick in a mouth, and licking our balls. Annie and Lisa kept pace with each other. Danny had his dry climax and I unloaded in Annie's mouth. I asked "Danny, what do think about that?" "This is great". Our cocks stayed hard, so I got up and Annie took the lounger again, Danny and Lisa mimicked us. I put my cock into Annie and Danny did the same. It was great to fuck her and watch our kids do the same thing right next to us. If Danny did anything wrong with technique Lisa would correct him, so he would do it right to give them both pleasure. I don't think I was doing a bad job either. Four more climaxes.

Well I am not eleven or twelve and can't maintain a constant hard on or be horny 24 x 7. I needed a break whether Annie did or not. I got up, tested the water and got in the jacuzzi with a glass of wine. Annie joined me and then Danny and Lisa got in. I asked Danny "Do you want to sit with me?" He moved over and I pulled him on top of me, my half hard cock was between his thighs, touching his boy balls. Lisa didn't need to be asked and she took a position with Annie. I started to rub his smooth chest with my hand. "Danny is this okay that I touch you like this?" "Yeah, I guess so; it feels weird but good at the same time, kind of like last night". Annie was rubbing Lisa's nipples, and moving her hands down Lisa's body. I did the same to Danny and had his still hard little cocklet in my hand playing with his crown, shaft and tiny balls with one hand; the wine glass was in the other hand. Lisa had her legs spread so I know where Annie's hands were playing. Annie put her wine glass down on the side of the jacuzzi. Danny relaxed and leaned back to my chest while I played with his cock and balls.

I said to his ear "Your liking this aren't you?" "Yeah, I am". I said "Did you enjoy your first true sexual experience?" He nodded his head many times. "There are plenty of other ways to enjoy that feeling as well". Annie said "You know Mr. Wallace there is a term for people like you". Danny said "What does that mean?" Annie said "Mr. Wallace here is a boy lover, which means he wants to have sexual pleasures with you, but you must agree to them, if you don't want to do anything just say so, if he tries to force you into anything tell me and we will leave immediately". I said "That is true Danny, I will not hurt you in any way, if you want to have a man make love to you I will, if you don't that is fine too. And by the way Ms. Peters, where are your hands right now?" Annie couldn't keep a straight face any longer "She started it". We all busted out laughing except for Danny, he either wasn't sure or maybe he didn't get the sarcastic joke.

I was getting hungry, I said "Lets get the bikes in the back, and get some dinner going". "Sounds good to me". I moved Danny off my lap. I said "Do you trust me with your ride or do you want to get dressed as well?" "Keys are on the counter". I dried off and put on sweats and my boots and pulled both Harleys into the back. The yard has a concrete slab that will hold six bikes, and a hose right there. It even has a ratcheting standing rack so your bike doesn't lean over while you wash it. My sister knows how to make money from bikers when she rents this place out. I put the Road Glide in the rack, and put mine next to it. I have a center stand on mine so it doesn't lean. I closed and locked the gates and got naked again with my house mates.

I said to Annie, "I'll flip you to see who cooks dinner and who washes the bikes". She said "How many bike rallies have you attended, or did you buy all those patches and pins from a dime store, washing the bikes is the bitch riders job, you cook the steaks and I'll make the salad". Lisa was laughing her ass off, so was I. Danny said "Mom, did you just call me a bitch?" I couldn't help it, I said "Only if you want to be" Now the three of us were hysterical, Danny wasn't so pleased being the butt of the joke. I should say by the end of bike week his butt was no joke, he took my cock like a pro by the time we rode home, but I will get to that part later.

Lisa and Danny washed the bikes and did a good job, I cooked up the steaks, and Annie made a salad and a side of veggies. After dinner the tweens took a bath together and Annie and I just showered separately. We had to figure out the sleeping arrangements, we ended up all in one of the king beds, me in the middle, Annie next to me, Lisa on her side and Danny next to me.

We went riding after breakfast and cruised the strip checking out all the bikes and paint jobs. Talking to other bikers and enjoying the trip. I gave Danny my vest, he wore it over his jacket, it was at least three times too big on him, but he wore it with pride. Especially when the bikers would stop him to check out the patches and pins. "Way to go little man". He was beaming. Lisa had her vest on to show off her trophies as well. The two of them were having a blast, and Annie and I were doing the same. We never went into the bars, because we had the little ones on the back of the bikes, we saved our drinking until we got back to the house and parked the bikes for the night.

I turned on the jacuzzi and we all settled in after a long day. Danny and Lisa couldn't shut up about this or that bike, this person, that thing, they were having so much fun just talking, that sexual escapades didn't even come into play. Danny was sitting on my lap, and Lisa was on Annie's. Yes we played with our respective toys in our laps, but nothing serious. At least not until bed time, when Danny let me suck his 3 1/2 inch cut cock. I spooned him with my cock between his legs and we both went to sleep. Lisa slept with Annie in the other room.

The next day it was raining. I don't mind riding in some rain, but Annie said "I am more of a fair weather rider, I don't mind if I get caught in the rain, but I don't intentionally go out in it either" I agreed it would have sucked so we just stayed in the house. Lisa and Danny played video games, Annie and I just chatted. Lisa was sitting between us and Danny was sitting on my lap so I could play with his control rod while he had the game controller in his hands.

The front door unlocked and opened startling all of us. I moved Danny to the side to see who just entered the house. It was my sister Sam, who owns the house. Danny was trying to hide his woody; Annie wasn't thrilled with being caught naked either. Sam said "I'm sorry Danny, but I lost my phone and have to get my backup otherwise I would have called. I really expected you to be out riding, so I just stopped by". Sam turned the corner into the living room. "Oh, my excuse me I didn't know my brother had company with him I do apologize dear". She looked at Annie, Lisa and Danny. She said to Danny "Oh don't try to hide it dear boy, it is very nice, be proud of who you are and what you have, and the same goes for you ma'am, please don't hide that beautiful body from us, Danny has made a fine catch in you. Come here sweetheart let me see how big you are getting". Lisa stood "Hi aunt Sammy". Sam said "Yes dear, you are growing nicely it will be very soon when those titties of yours start to grow".

I said "Annie Peters and her son Danny, meet my sister Sam or Sammy Wallace, she owns the house". Sammy said "Yes and it certainly looks like you are enjoying it, I might even join you if you'll invite me. It looks like my brother and your son are sticking straight out, and I bet Lisa and you are getting along just fine, aren't you dear". I said "You will have to excuse my sister's boldness and forwardness". The look on Annie's face said she was thinking about it, Lisa and Sam saw it too. Sam worked the deal, "If I have shocked you I am sorry, but I know all about Lisa, and my brother for that matter, so I just assumed that you are a swinger too". Annie said "A swinger?" Sam said "Swing both ways girlfriend, bi-sexual, get the best of both worlds". Annie was starting to cave in.

Sam said "Come on lets party, I have a great toy box". Annie looked at me for support. I shrugged my shoulders. "You have an interesting family Dan Wallace, is there anything else I should know before a possibly make a mistake?" I said "Yeah, I also have two brothers, Ronny is queer as a three dollar bill, lives in the San Fran area, and Max is straight and narrow, Sam here likes to swing both ways sexually and when she says toy box, I do mean toy box. Loves the outdoors as well and throws huge orgy parties all the time".

Annie said "I guess that explains the sixteen foot privacy fence". I said "Can I get you a glass of wine Sam?" "Yes, crisp white please,". I returned with a glass of chardonnay. I said "Thanks for the use of the house Sam, Lisa and I met Annie and Danny on the way down, Their hotel was burnt to the ground, so I offered for them to stay here. We have only known each other for 72 hours or so, but we seam to be hitting it off well". Sam said "Oh, I see, I would have guessed you have been together quite some time and had an orgy party of your own" "We did, when we got here".

Sam said "So Annie, what is it going to be? some girl time fun, the three of us, let the boys do what they want to". Annie caved in "Okay. As I told your brother, I have had bad luck with men, so I am not completely new to this adventure, and I am really enjoying being with Lisa, which actually shocks me that I could be attracted to a 12 year old girl, but I am. I found out in no time that your brother is also bi-sexual and likes little boys". I had to say something "Sammy, please the boy is 11 and is just learning about pleasures, don't scare him".

Sam said "I am sorry, I thought". I cut her off "No, and I don't want to scare him. If he is ready and willing then the boys will play, but not until Danny is ready". She changed her tone of lets party, and sat down next to Danny. She said "I am sorry Danny, I didn't mean to scare you, if I did" She laughed a little, "I'm going to have to call you little Danny, because I always call him Danny, is that okay with you". He squeaked a "Yeah, little Danny is fine". "Danny and little Danny, it does have a nice ring to it". He smiled "Yeah, it does, I kind of like it". He thought for a moment and got up from the couch and came to me. He grabbed my cock in his small hand and said "How about Big D and Little D instead". It was the first time he willingly touched my cock. Lisa said "I like it, Big D and Little D it is". Annie and Sam just smiled.

I said "Sammy you have any toys Little D's size, he might get a little adventurous, if he wants to". Sammy said "I sure do, why don't we go take a look". She held out her hand and Danny took it and followed her to the bedroom. She held her other hand for Lisa to go along as well. I poured two glasses of red wine and settled next to Annie. Sammy said, walking down the hallway, "I think I have the perfect things for you". Annie said "Your sister is a piece of work". I just nodded, and played with her nipples, getting them hard.

They came back out into the living room, Sammy sans her clothes. I didn't have to play with Annie's nipples to get them hard, she just looked at my sister naked and they took over on their own. The feeling was obviously mutual on Sammy. Little D and Lisa had a toy in each hand. Little D had a small 3 inch dildo in one hand and an inflatable probe pump in the other. Lisa had a strap on dildo about 4 inches long, and an inflatable probe pump as well, but hers was a French tickler style. Sammy had a bottle of one of her special lube oils. "Rose Petals should work for everyone's needs".

Lil D asked "How does this work?" Sammy was now very caring and loving to the boy. "If you want to try it I will help you get fitted. You can do it yourself, this end goes in your rectum, and you just pump the ball and the probe will enlarge inside you, to release turn this valve to the left, to pump it up again, close the valve to the right and pump the ball again. It is easy and doesn't hurt, you control the pressure, and the pleasure factor". Annie was rubbing her clit just watching what was going on. Lil D thought about it and said to me "You really want to put your dick in my butt?" I said "Only if you want me to". Sammy said "Little D, let me tell you something about my brother, he is a loving father, and yes he is a boy lover, I have known him all his life and he has never hurt a boy, or any partner for that matter, he will love you like you were his own son, if you don't like it just say stop and its over".

"Okay, I'll try it, but only for a little bit, if I don't like it, it comes out". "Fair enough" Sam led him to the bathroom, probe pump in one hand, oil in the other. Danny came back out to the living room pumping and releasing the probe pressure, he pumped again, and released, he was getting into a rhythm and smiling the whole time, his cocklet was hard as a rock. He came and sat next to me, smiling and nodding his head. I said "That is your cue girls; Sammy is in the bedroom waiting".

I said to Lil D "So, what do you think?" "I was afraid, and I still am of you putting your dick in my butt, but this is fun, it feels great". He got up and moved on top of my lap, he had the ball and valve in his left hand and took my cock in his right; I played with his 3 1/2 inches of boycock and his balls while he pumped up his ass. I said "I hope my sister didn't frighten you, I hope I don't frighten you either, but my sister is use to getting things her way, especially in her own house, which is usually sex related. I hope your mom isn't freaking out either".

Lil D said "No, we're kind of use to it. When mom says she hasn't had good luck with men she means it. I never have known my real father, and most the men she hooks up with take advantage of her, because of her looks. One guy came in drunk and to have sex with her, started beating on her when she didn't want him. He gave up on her when she was bloody on the floor, so he tried to rape me". He leaned back into my chest. "I was nine, he came into my room and pulled off my pajamas and pulled me to the side of the bed so he could stick his dick in my ass". I stopped playing with him and hugged him to my chest. Tears were running down his face and mine. I said "I've heard enough, I promise I will never touch you again or try to seduce you ever again". He took a deep breath and continued his story. "Before he could hurt me, mom got up and crushed his head with a baseball bat. After that mom has been with women. Some of them a lot like your sister. Since we met you and Lisa, things are different. You don't make sex feel like a bad thing".

The boy had me in tears. "Danny, I am so sorry for doing what I have done to you, pull that out, and get dressed. I will never touch you again". He said "No, you don't understand, I like what is happening to me, feelings that I have had, just never the right persons to explore them with, or to learn how, you make me feel safe, you make my mom feel safe. I love this feeling of being naked sitting on your lap, leaning against your chest. I do want you to continue what you are doing with me. You let me decide what I want, you ask my permission. You caress me, hug me and make me feel loved. I think my mom has the same feelings, can you understand that?"

"Danny you have only known us a couple of days, Lisa is special because she has been sexually active from a very young age, I tried to stop her, but now I just accept her for what she is. She is all I have, I love her to death. But I can't take advantage of you or your mom because your vulnerable. I really thought you liked to play around, and were sexually active, then I thought a little naive and just needed some help, now your telling me your both abused, and victims of horrible crimes. I don't want to commit those crimes with you. Yes I am a boy lover, but I will not force myself on you, or try to persuade you to do things I want you to do".

He started crying again "Your not forcing me. I just need time so we both can enjoy this. Please don't pull away from me, you are the first person, well Lisa too, that makes me feel comfortable with my sexuality, I have known for years that I like boys, and men, girls are new to me and I certainly enjoyed the learning experience. If mom didn't keep bringing home assholes I would have tried something with them. I didn't know what or how, but I might have tried. You're gentle, caring and fun. At the gas station with the diner, it was my idea to follow you two to the diner; mom just was going to ride further. In the diner bathroom I was going to use a stall so I didn't get caught looking, when you looked first we just smiled at each other. Please don't pull away from me, teach me, and make love to me".

"Alright, Little D, I will only do things that you ask for, I can't promise the same thing from Lisa, but you can tell her no as well" He stopped crying and said "Yeah, and get knocked on my ass again". I said "Are you afraid of her, or afraid to hit a girl?" "Both I guess". "Next time she raises her fists to you, stand toe to toe with her and raise your fists as well, you might still get knocked on your ass, but for one you will gain respect with her. You also might get a lucky punch in once in a while. If you keep doing it, I guarantee she will teach you how to fight. If she doesn't I will". He turned on my lap and wrapped his arms around my neck, and snuggled close to my face. We were both soft from crying, telling our stories and the truth.

"LD I have to get up, I need to pee". "So do I and I need to wipe the tears away". I said "Come on we can clean up together". We didn't know the bedroom door was still ajar. It was hard to miss the dance the women were doing, with the double ended toy between and inside Annie and Sammy. Lisa was playing with the tickler pump inside her vagina on the bed watching them. I was about to close the door and Lil D whispered "No, not yet". We both watched the show for a moment before I took his head in my hand and led him to the bathroom. That door I closed. He said "Can we use the hot tub in here?" I turned on the water and let the tub fill. I took a piss and he didn't wait for me to clear the toilet, he aimed his piss stream right at mine, his ass probe was still in him and the pump ball was hanging down his legs swinging from knee to knee.

I turned the water off and turned the jets on. I got in the tub and Lil D climbed in next to me. He still had the probe in; the ball was floating on the top of the water. I took a wash cloth and soap and washed his tear covered face, then rinsed his face off with water. I slid down into the water to get my face and hair wet. Danny did the same, to get his hair wet as well. We both just stretched out enjoying the jets, bubbles and warm water, he let me wash him and he washed me, time just drifted away with this beautiful boy next to me in the hot tub. Our bodies touching, Danny moved around the tub to try out each jet to see the difference, he slid over me, his hard little cocklet rubbing against my cock and balls; it was arousing and playful at the same time. He was on top of me with his hazel eyes looking into mine. "Pull the probe out please". I grabbed his cute little ass and spread his cheeks and took inflatable out of his ass. He said "I think your finger should fit in there now easily".

He started to grind his dick against mine; I slid my finger along his ass crack and touched his rosebud. "Go ahead, I'm ready". I slid my middle finger into his ass and moved it gently around and found his prostate, he kept grinding his dick against mine. I finger fucked him until he had his climax, dick against dick, water jets going. He collapsed against my chest. He said "That was fantastic, is that the way it is suppose to feel? gentle, caring and with love". "Yes Lil D, that is how it is suppose to feel, it is called making love for a reason, both parties should enjoy the feelings and pleasures of the love making process, I know I enjoyed giving you pleasure". He said "I think I will be alright now, I mean with you putting you dick in my butt, uhm, not right now, but if you keep doing that, I think I can do it". I said "You're the boss of your body, you decide what you want to do or not". He just laid on top of me in the water, hugging my chest, his head in my neck.

The bathroom door opened, "Sorry Ds, only one bathroom", it was Sammy she sat on the toilet doing business. "You two look very comfortable, Little D are you having fun?" "Ugh, yes ma'am". "Oh, please call me Sammy, if you need anything you just let me know, but I think Big D will take good care of you". "Yes ma'am, ahh, Sammy, he already has. Can I ask you a question?" "Sure honey". Lil D got out of the tub and Sammy wrapped a towel around him and dried him off. He led her out of the bathroom. I guess he didn't want me to hear the question. I got out and dried off, then drained the hot tub. Lisa came in "Dad, I have to pee". I brushed my hair and left the bathroom. Annie was waiting her turn, and started the water in the tub. Annie said "Lisa can take a bath; I'll shower when the water is done".

I guess I know what the question was. Sammy was instructing Lil D with a series of different size rubber/plastic cock and balls sets of toys, he had different sizes in his mouth, she was teaching him the art of a blow job, and to provide maximum male pleasure. Sam said " You work on these for practice, when your ready Big D will be waiting, remember not to use your teeth". My semi hard cock went stiff as a board in a second. Lil D kept practicing on the toys and smiled when he saw me.

Sam said to me "There all clean, you know me. Oh, I almost forgot, I have the house rented next week to four gay golfers. I am sorry, but they are paying top dollar. They arrive Friday night. I know I said you could have the place for two weeks, but I can't pass this up". I said "I understand, I appreciate you letting me use it. We will be out and it will be clean". I don't know why but I asked anyway. "How do you know they are gay golfers?" She said "Please my little, big brother, the guy that is renting it is named 'Jonnie La Femme' and the selling feature was the jacuzzi and the privacy fence. Old man Johnson next door with his peep hole in the fence is going to drop dead of a heart attack. He likes the girls' actions". I said "Oh, I forgot about that, I thought you fixed the hole". "I did and do all the time; he keeps knocking the plug out so he can watch. He claims he is trimming the bushes, I wonder what is really all over the bushes".

Danny pulled the practice toy out of his mouth. "Someone is watching us in the back yard?" "Yes dear, left side of the fence on the far side of the pool, where the hedges are, as long as you stay close to the house you will be fine, unless of course you have an evil little mind that is". Danny smiled. "Nice sis, put thoughts into his cute little head". She smiled and said "You never know it could be old Mrs. Johnson peeking as well. If I get lucky they will both drop dead. When I host a party we make sure they get plenty to look at". I said "Yeah, that's fine, you host adult parties, I am here with a boy and a girl". She said "You're right, board the hole up, but have some fun when you do it, you can hear the old farts when they are in that corner, they are always trimming, snip, snip. There can't be anything left of the thing other than old man Johnson's stale cum".

Lisa and Annie came out of the bathroom wrapped in towels. I had to admit my little tom boy/girl actually looked and acted like a young girl, her hair brushed back neatly, a big smile on her face and talking to Annie about simple things like she has known her all her life . Sam said "I have to get back to work, call me when you leave and I will have the maid service come in to clean, don't bother trying to clean the place, just enjoy". I said "Which number, you still didn't get your backup phone". She shook her head, "I love you Danny, or Big D, by the way, you have a beautiful family here in the making and I can't wait for the invitation". That's my sister, always knocking me for a loop. The hugs, kisses and good byes. She left like the wind storm that she came in as.

Lisa said to Lil D "What are you doing with all those?" He smiled "Practicing for later, see no teeth". Annie said "Honey, if your going to do it now would be a good time, otherwise I am going to take him first". Lil D said "Go ahead, I'm not ready yet, Lisa can help me practice or we'll just play games". I said "How about some food first, anybody hungry?" Everyone agreed and helped in the kitchen. After dinner I made Lisa and Danny do homework assignments. When the homework was done and checked by the math teacher Little D came to me and extended his hand, "Please let me try to suck your dick, I am not ready for you in my butt, but I do want to try to give you pleasure like you give me".

He led me to a bedroom and closed the door. "Please tell me if I am doing it right or wrong. I want to do this". I led him to the bed and said "I want to do this as well". I laid on the bed and he got between my legs and took hold of my cock and put his lips around the top of my crown. "Its wet and kind of salty". I said "That is pre-cum, when I cum there will be a lot more, for now it is a little juice a man or boy produces to ease the way in, its natural lubrication, if you don't like it stop". I didn't want him to stop, but I will not force him. He sucked my crown and went further down my shaft into his mouth. He was taking it easy and worked his way down. He was doing great; I loved the feeling of a young boy learning how to take me. He hit his gag spot in the back of his mouth, he pulled off. I said "Stop, or only take what you are comfortable with". He continued his first blow job.

We didn't expect company, now Danny had coaches to help him through his experience. He took the advice well; he jacked me and sucked me, and played with my balls all at the same time. I wanted some boycock going on so I moved him to a 69 and started to suck his wonderful boy dick as well. He climaxed just before I did and I didn't have time to warn him. His mouth was still on my cock when I unloaded my balls. He coughed and choked on my cum. It was all over both of us. I said "I'm sorry Danny, I was going to warn you, it just happened, I am truly sorry". Danny kept spitting my cum out of his mouth. "Its okay, I finally did it, I finally did what I wanted to do for a long time. Thanks to Aunt Sammy, I finally had the courage to try it". "Aunt Sammy?" He said "It was her idea". No surprise there.

Annie took charge to get us cleaned up and got everyone ready for bed, which meant pajamas for Lisa and Danny. Danny was wearing a pair of Lisa's boy pjs. They both looked cute. Kids in one room, adults in the other. I think we all slept like babies.

We did a 250 mile charity poker run the next day with about 2500 riders. Little D and Lisa exchanged seats every time we stopped to pick up the required item, such as a match book, or a sign in spot to prove you rode the 250 miles. One of the stop points was a H-D dealership co-sponsoring the ride and doing rider check ins. I bought Lil D a vest of his own and his first pin. Annie and Lisa also bought him pins, and since he looked so cute in the tight leather pants, he walked out with 12 pins on his vest from other riders. Lisa wasn't doing bad either to get attention from the riders, she was back in tom boy mode and with the Harley cap on backwards on her head it was hard to tell. The two of them strutted around in their leathers like they owned the world. They did run into trouble at one stop with some local kids. They weren't very bright boys. "Hey look at the fag boys..." What surprised me, well Annie and Lisa as well was Danny threw the first punch, it didn't do much damage, but Lisa's did. After a few seconds, three local boys on their asses with bloody noses. "Who the fuck are you Bruce Lee". She took her hat off "No asshole I am Lisa Wallace and you just got your ass kicked by a girl". The rest of the ride my ears hurt from the chatter between the two. "Lil D that was great..." "How did you learn that stuff..." on and on. Annie said "Lisa, how did you learn to fight like that, do you take martial arts classes?" "Sort of".

When we got back to the house, we all climbed into the outside jacuzzi. Lil D got on my lap and leaned against my chest. He said "I give you permission, and I want you to put your dick in my butt tonight". I kissed the top of his head and hugged him close to my chest. Annie had her arms wrapped around Lisa. Lisa said "I have an idea for us while Little D and Big D make love". "Oh, what's that?" "You know those strap on dildo's Aunt Sammy has, you wear the small one for me and I will wear the big one for you, everyone will get some cock and pussy tonight".

We all heard the 'snip, snip' from next door, if they could see this far to the jacuzzi all they would see was a family of nudists in the jacuzzi. Lil D said "You know Aunt Sammy said to have fun before boarding up the hole". I was playing with his nipples with one hand and his cocklet and balls with the other. Annie was doing the same thing to Lisa. I said "What do you have in mind?" "I don't know yet". Lisa said "I have an idea, since we are going to board it up, stick one of Aunt Sammy's toys on the board and shove it through the hole; maybe we will get lucky and poke an eye out". Danny said "I like it, but we have to make sure at least one of them is right up to the fence looking through the hole when Big D nails it closed, we give them a show". I said "Annie and I will give the show; you two handle the toy and board, once it is in place I will nail it in place". Annie smiled and joined the game "Are you a screamer Mr. Wallace?" "Not really but I can put on a good act". "So can I".

The game was on, Lisa and Danny rigged up a toy and a board, a nasty toy to boot. I fucked Annie in front of the peep hole like no tomorrow, front, back, doggie style, in the ass, in her face, with her screaming and moaning for more. "Give it to me Big D; give it to me Big D". Neither one of us were acting, we were just in front of the peep hole. I fucked her for everything I had. I emptied my balls twice. You could hear the commotion on the other side of the fence. 'Oh, my, that's disgusting, and other shit going on' Lisa and Little D yelled over the fence when they slammed the nasty dildo into the peeper hole. "Your disgusting you perverts, why are you looking at us through the fence, we're calling the cops..." I nailed the board in place. We did call the cops, we were dressed and enjoying dinner when a nice policeman showed up to take our statement. I said "This is my sister's house, we are staying for the week, but the older gentleman next door was peeking through the fence and made lude sexual comments in reference to my son. We are nudists, but that does not give him the right to harass my son in a sexual tone of voice ".

The cop said "We have had a lot of complaints about this house and just as many about the Johnson house next door". The cop was laughing trying to do his job "That thing you stuck in the hole, was it really necessary? the board alone would have sufficed to keep your privacy". I said "My sister is a lesbian, and what she does is her business, I don't take kindly to old men ogling over my children". The cop said "I need some Id for the report". I gave him my license. Annie played the character, handed the cop the license saying "I am an old friend". The cop said "Do you boys have any id?" Lisa took the hat off "I am Lisa Wallace, I'm 12, and do I look like I drive?" Danny played it perfectly as well "I'm Danny Wallace, I am 11, and I don't drive either". The cop just shook it off, "Excuse me, I have to take the Johnsons statements as well, considering there are children involved I will have plywood installed along the fence on the Johnson side. Since your sister owns the house and the fence the fire board up plywood will stay in place until she contacts the city to have it removed, which should take care of the situation. Enjoy your stay in Myrtle Beach". "Thank you officer". He left, Danny and Lisa were about to go crazy. I put my finger over my lips in a shhh. We returned to our dinners. Once the cruiser pulled away we had the best laugh ever. I texted Sammy to give her the rundown so she could keep the pressure on.

Annie said to Lisa and I with a smile on her face "You two are evil, a girl that beats the crap out of hoodlum boys, which I still want to know who taught you how to fight like that, and a boy lover man that just put the blame on an innocent, creepy but innocent old man, and you stole my son in the process. I am now just an old friend". Before I could say anything, Danny said "Mom, I think I can answer all your questions, he is about to make love to me and I want him to do it, please leave us alone tonight, I don't need coaching on this one, I trust Big D will take care of me". He extended his hand for me. "Make me your bitch boy please, I will tell you to stop if I don't like it".

I did just that in a loving and caring way, I started with his neck and his nipples licking and sucking his boy body, I moved down to his belly button to kiss and play with it but he was too ticklish, his pelvic region wasn't as ticklish but close, I licked around his hip bones leading to his erect shaft, then I sucked his little hairless 3 1/2 inch circumcised cocklet, licking his piss slit and his crown, I took his shaft into my mouth and moved to his balls, sucking each one. I spread his legs apart and licked his ass crack; he pulled his knees up so I had full access to his virgin ass. I tongued his little rose bud, he was nice and clean, I went back to his cocklet and balls until he climaxed in my mouth. I returned to his boy hole with my tongue and using the rose petals oil and my fingers, one at a time I opened him up, and driving him wild at the same time, when I could get two fingers in him I asked "Are you ready". "Please do it". "Okay, when I start to put my dick on your sphincter, you need to push out like you are taking a poop, tell me to stop and I will". He nodded.

I put more rose petals oil on my cock and lined my cock to his boy hole, he pushed out and I slid into his ass, I stopped so he could adjust, "Keep going" I pushed further into him, "Its ok, keep going" I pushed into him until I bottomed out with my balls touching is smooth hairless ass. "Are you okay Lil D?" "This is fantastic, I have been afraid for all wrong reasons, I want to do this". I pulled back and pushed forward in a gentle way, his ass around my cock was amazing, he squeezed as I pushed in. This boy's ass is perfect; I moved in and out of him, his head was rolling from side to side in ecstasy. I knew my balls were empty from fucking Annie but I asked the question anyway "Danny, when I cum, do you want me to pull out of you or cum in your ass?" He was smarter than I thought "You came twice already, if you have any left put it in my butt, I want to feel it". I did just that, what ever I had left in my balls ended up in Little D's ass. We were both exhausted. We spooned and lights out.

In the morning for breakfast it seems everyone had a good night, you couldn't get smiles off of any of us. I said "So where to today?" "Dad, isn't there a battleship around here?" "Yeah, the USS North Carolina, WWII vintage, about a two hour ride, we can do that on the ride home tomorrow if you want". Nobody had any brilliant ideas, Annie finally said "Let the bitches clean up the bikes and park them in front of the saloon, we can walk around and go to the beach if we want". Little D said "You just called me a bitch again". Annie didn't miss a beat, "That is because you are one now honey"; Lisa couldn't keep from busting a gut. "Bitch boy". Danny got up, stood toe to toe with her and clinched his fists, Lisa said "What you want to fight bitch boy?" Danny punched her right in the mouth knocking her backwards. To my surprise Lisa didn't knock him on his ass again. "Nice shot, I guess your not a wuss after all, your technique is all wrong though" Danny looked at me and smiled, he turned back to Lisa "So teach me, and don't call me a bitch, I might be in love with your dad and I will let him do anything with me, but that is between the four of us, understand?".

Lisa said "Come on little brother, we back riders have to clean our parents rides so they get all the credit while we do all the work, life isn't fair, but I can't wait until I am old enough to ride myself". I smiled at my little girl. "Nicely done Lisa, I am proud of you". "I know dad, I should have dropped him, but I like him, that goes for you too Annie". Little D looked at me and beamed a smile you couldn't erase.

For the next two days Lil D and Annie took turns with my cock, and Lisa's pussy, Danny still couldn't swallow my cum, but he could take my cock in is ass and didn't care if I filled him up. Danny and Lisa would get in the inside tub and clean each other up.

I knew a tough day was coming. It has only been a week, but I felt like we have known each other for ever. We were about to leave my sisters house to head north. The plywood was up on the Johnson's side of the fence, 'property of Myrtle Beach Fire Department' all over the wood. I fired up the Harley and made sure the old farts could he me. The stupid bastard came after me with a shovel swinging it at me. I was off the bike, he was disarmed and his face was on the grass in less than a second. "Old man, unless you want to die today, you will leave my sister in peace, do I make myself clear?" The old bastard wouldn't give, "I'll sue you, your breaking my arm" Annie was watching "I do believe if he wanted to break your arm it would already be done by now, as for you Big D stop playing around we have 800 miles to home".

We stopped and toured the battleship and kept riding north to home. We stopped for the night about midway. Danny and Lisa in pajamas, Annie and I in shorts and tees. We got to the inevitable point in the road where we had to say goodbye. Annie and Little D had to go west, Lisa and I north. Our tanks and bellies were full, but no one could start to say goodbye. I kissed Annie, "I am glad we met, don't be a stranger". I knelt in front of Danny "Little D, I am glad you came into my life, if you need anything give me a call". Lisa said her goodbyes as well. All four of us had tears. Annie and Danny headed west, and we rode north. Lisa didn't even try to talk to them or me on the radio. We rode the distance home in silence.

When we got home Tommy was on the front yard. Lisa was so excited to see him. "Dad I have to tell Tommy about the trip, Annie and Danny..." I said "Just don't make him jealous, he has been your friend for a long time, you went away for a week and fell in love with another boy". "No dad, you fell in love with Danny, or at least he fell in love with you, he is fun and I think Tommy would like him too".


Motorcycle Mayhem II The Setup

Months passed and Lisa and I did miss Little D and Annie, we emailed each other or called once in a while to stay in contact, but it was like a part of me was missing. Lisa got back to her normal routine with Tommy and Melissa. She was a tom boy, playing baseball, and going to school.

Even though they ran around the house naked most of the time, I never touched them in a sexual way. I would love to have Tommy's 3 1/2 inch cut cock in my mouth, but he wouldn't let me anymore. All I got from him was the occasional feel when we wrestled.

My partner Paul said "You have a customer". I said "I'm working on this design, what do they need from me". My head was on my work. "Don't get grumpy with me, he asked for you in person". I got up from my computer design station and went to the front desk. "Can I help you?" "Yes, my nephew gave me your card, he says your the best in motorcycle tank and body artwork. I am looking for a special paint job, can you do a design for me" "Sure, what do you have in mind?" "Well actually a nude boy from tank to fender, I was thinking of his ass on the fantail, but I am not sure". I said "I can design it, but you will get stopped all the time. Do you have a picture that I can work from or should I just create a boy from imagination?"."No he will be here any second; he is with my sister parking the car". I thought this guy should meet my brother Ronny, talk about a flamer.

Little did I know I was setup, Annie and Danny walked though the front door. Danny ran to me and jumped into my arms. "I have missed you Big D". "I missed you too Little D, what is going on?, why are you here?" I looked at Annie, "I have a job interview at the middle school can Danny stay with you for the day?". I said "Are you serious? of course" Annie said "This is my brother Mikey, can we talk in private". I led her to my design station. She said "My brother isn't right in the head, you aren't the only one with a strange family, but I can't leave Danny with him, he lives in a community house close to here". I was confused "The paint job?".

"Danny's idea he wanted to surprise you, over the last four months he has been miserable with out you. I don't have a lot of time to explain, can I buy you and Lisa dinner tonight, I have to get Mikey back to the house and get to my interview". I wrote the address on the back of my card "You will stay with us, and I think I can handle making dinner. Little D will be fine".

Annie and her brother left the shop. My business partner Paul, was looking at me and Danny in a way trying to figure out who the kid was. I said "This is Danny, remember I told you about them when Lisa and I went to Myrtle Beach bike week". "Oh, I got it now, the picture on your work station, the four of you all in the leathers in front of the bikes". "Yep". Paul said "What was that about the naked boy paint job, that would have been a great project, good money too". I started to tickle Little D, "It was this little imp's idea of a joke". Danny giggled and said "It was meant to shock you, didn't it?". Paul just answered "We have done, well Dan has created a lot of custom paint jobs, motorcycles, vans, whatever, I do the photography side of the business, and he does the computer graphics, and artwork, there isn't much that would surprise either one of us. If you want I can photograph you and Dan can do a workup on the computer to show you".

Little D looked at me, and then at Paul "You want to photograph me naked?" I said "Only if you want to". He got an evil grin on his face "Okay I guess". We led him to the photo studio, Paul took all kinds of shots with Danny in front of the blue screen, standing, lying down. Danny started out with his hairless dick still soft, he was having too much fun and got a boner. Paul just kept clicking away.

Our shop is automated so the pictures go right to one of our servers. I had 50 or so pictures to work from. I sat at my station and Little D was sitting next to me. I said "What kind of motorcycle?". "Uhm, I don't know pick one". I picked a Dyna Wide Glide first, took the blue screen out and worked the computer to lay his naked body along the tank and rear fender. "This is so cool". I reversed the bike and overlaid him on the other side as well. Nothing I would sell to a customer but not bad for a quick layout job. I did the same thing on a van. "Whoa, this is too cool, can I have these?". I hit the print function. "It will take a little while to print, I need to get back to work". I returned to the project I was working on with Little D watching everything I did.

When Annie came back in Paul gave her release forms to sign to keep us legal. "Why am I signing these?". Danny said "Please sign them mom". She scribbled a signature and Danny showed her the prints. I matted them as well. "You did this, this was just his imagination to rattle your cage". I said "I can destroy them if you wish. Little D had fun, and we are very good at what we do, no harm came to your son in the process". "You don't have to destroy them, just don't publish them". "We never do".

I asked "How did the interview go?" "Later". Paul said "I can handle the shop, get out of here". I packed up, I knew Lisa wasn't home yet because of soccer, it was the only girl sport she liked. I drove to the school with Danny next to me, Annie followed in her car. We sat on the bleachers watching soccer practice, Lisa was running around so much she never saw us until the practice was over. She finally looked up and saw me. I wish I had my camera because her jaw dropped when she saw Annie and Danny. She flew up the bleachers three at a time. She hugged the crap out of all of us. "What are you doing here?" Annie, Danny and Lisa all had tears running down there faces. I wasn't far behind.

Annie broke the hugs and wiped her tears away. "I am your new math teacher, I had an interview with the principal and the board of education. They hired me on the spot. I start next week". Now the tears were flowing from all of us. I said "Go get dressed, lets go home". Danny said "I got something cool to show you in the car". They rode with Annie back to the house.

Tommy was waiting on our porch for Lisa to come home from soccer. Lisa dragged Danny, "Tommy, this is Danny, he is the one I told you about from Myrtle Beach..." It didn't take long for the three to become instant best friends. Tommy was a little shy for a second or two about getting naked around a new boy, Lisa had them both in the shower with her in a matter of minutes, Annie didn't take much time to get me undressed and to catch up on old times, with my cock down her throat and then in her pussy.

Tommy went home for dinner at his house because it was a school night. I made BBQ chicken and beans for dinner. After dinner I made Lisa do her homework. Then I took Danny to my bed. I missed this boy so much, I sucked his 3 1/2 circumcised, hairless cock until he climaxed in my mouth. I used some KY on his ass and my cock and penetrated his ass with my seven inches. Little D leaned against my chest as my cock went in and out of him. I whispered in his ear, "Have you let anyone else have your ass or am I the only one?". I wrapped my arms around him. He smiled "You are the only one to make love to me, I have missed you so much, I use the inflatable probe but it is not the same". "I know baby, I know. With your mom getting a job here, we can be together much more often. And from the sounds from Lisa's room Annie and Lisa feel the same way".

I filled the boys ass with my cum. We were both a mess, but I just kept fucking his ass. I finally pulled out of him after cuming in his ass twice. I led him to Lisa's bathroom to clean him up. We looked into Lisa's room and Annie had a 4 inch strap on dildo inside my 12 year old daughter. Danny still had a hard on so he got on top of Lisa instead and replaced the 4 inch plastic piece with his own cocklet. Watching his eleven year old hairless cock disappear into Lisa's hairless pussy. My cock was spent so I grabbed an eight inch dildo and put it in Annie until she climaxed too.

Everyone took showers and I made sure Little D's ass was nice and clean. I dressed them in Lisa's boy pajamas and put Little D in the spare bedroom next to Lisa's. Annie slept with me for the night.

The next day Annie got Danny enrolled in school, and started to look for a place to live. I had my reservations of asking them to move in with us. I guess it was a little too soon to make that leap of faith. After all we only knew each other for a week in Myrtle Beach. I did suggest maybe short term lease instead of a yearly contract. I did give them keys to the house though.

A day later I was home when Lisa, Danny and Tommy got off the bus. They went into the rec room to play video games. Lisa came out and said "I'm going over to Melissa's I'll be back for dinner". I said "Okay, your not going to stay with Danny and Tommy in your own house?". "They are doing fine, and if Danny stays here long enough you both might get to suck on Tommy's dick. Tommy is warming up to Danny real fast. "Okay sweetheart".

I opened the rec room door, "You guys need anything?". "No I'm good Mr. Wallace". "Me too". Looking at these two beautiful hairless boys, both had the same 3 1/2 inches of circumcised boy cock pointing straight up from their bodies, their balls about the same size as well they could almost be twins. Same height, weight, Tommy's hair is a little lighter than Danny's.

Danny said "Hey Tommy, I got to show you this picture that Big D did of me a on the computer". He ran upstairs and came back down. Tommy looked at the picture of him naked on the motorcycle tank and fender. "This is really cool, can you do something like this for me?". I said "Sure I can, but you need you have your parents sign a release at the graphics shop so we can photograph you, then I can do whatever you want on the computer, I can put you on a plane a rocket ship, how about the space shuttle, sky diving, anything you want".

Danny thought for moment "How about the three of us". "No problem, I can print off the release form and Tommy can take it home, when you have it signed, you guys can come to the shop after school". I thought I better print out a few, because Melissa may want to get in on the action as well. "Sky diving naked?" I said "Sky diving naked". Now they were getting goofy on me, with all kinds of crazy ideas, I took the opportunity to tickle them both. They both are very ticklish, rolling around on the floor trying to stop me. Their legs and arms flying in the air, not to mention their boy dicks and hairless balls. Danny was certainly have a ball, and Tommy didn't seem to mind me touching his privates either. It was about a year ago that he just stopped letting me suck his beautiful dick. They tried to tickle me but that was pointless, so they continued to tickle each other and play grab ass with each other.

Danny had his face in Tommy's crotch, Tommy spread his legs apart more. Danny said "Can I suck your dick". Tommy nodded his head, and his 3 1/2 inch boy cock disappeared into Danny's mouth. I took Danny's 3 1/2 inches in my mouth. Both boys dry climaxed at the same time. Both just laid on the floor panting like dogs. I heard the back door open, it was Lisa and Melissa. They came in to rec room, Lisa said "It looks like we missed the fun down here". They headed upstairs to Lisa's room, to have their own fun. Danny said "Tommy can you keep a secret?". "Of course". "I take a dick in my butt, have you ever done it". "No, I know Mr. Dan would like to, but I'm afraid". Danny said "So was I at first, he did me in Myrtle Beach, I use an inflatable probe to open my butt hole up. He is very gentle to me, when we make love". Tommy looked at me "You wouldn't hurt me would you".

I said "Tommy, I have known you since you were 4 or 5 years old, have I ever hurt you?". "No, I guess I am just scared that's all" I said "I'll tell you the same thing I told Danny, if you want to have sex with me that is fine, if you don't that is fine too, I will not force you to do anything you don't want to. I will say to both of you, you can't tell anyone, otherwise I will be in jail, understood?". "Yes, understood". Tommy said "Can I watch?". Danny smiled, "Sure, come on upstairs". Danny led the way upstairs, he got the KY out of the bathroom. Lisa had her door open. Lisa and Melissa were in a 69 on her bed licking each others pussies.

Danny undressed me with Tommy watching, I laid on the bed and Danny greased my cock and his ass. He sat on my cock until he bottomed out, then moved up and down on my cock. "Doesn't that hurt?". "Not if you go slow and get use to it, like I said Big D is very gentle to me". I said "If you are interested in anal pleasures Tommy why don't you and Danny do it to each other first, your dicks are the same size, if you still want to try it with me, you will at least get use to a smaller size first". Danny said "I thought you wanted to be the only one in me?". I said "That is your choice, always has been, I didn't want another man to have you, Tommy is a different story". Danny smiled as he rode me. Danny said "Do you want to see him cum?". "Yeah". Danny got off me and laid on his back with his legs pulled up to his chest so I had perfect access to his ass. I put my cock back in him and pushed in and pulled out with my seven inch cock. "Ready?". I pulled out of his ass and jerked myself to a climax shooting cum all over his cock, balls and belly. "Whoa, you take all that in your butt?". "Yeah, its messy but it feels great". "Dude I am not ready for that". "It is your choice Tommy, do what you want to, you have been having sex with my daughter since you two were seven I think". Tommy said "Eight, and you sucked my dick when I was ten, when you caught us with Melissa, I was scared to death you would tell my parents, or just kill us right then and there".

I said "I will never hurt you Tommy. You and Lisa are like brother and sister, well now you have another brother". Danny beamed. "Come on lets get cleaned up". Tommy said "Will you suck my dick first?". "If that is what you want I would love to suck your dick". He nodded, I took his boy meat into my mouth, and sucked his cock and balls until he had another dry orgasm. I showered with the boys in my bathroom. I told Lisa and Melissa to get cleaned up and dressed as well.

Annie came in the front door, when dinner was almost ready. She looked at the faces around the table, "I see I missed out on the fun, but I think I found a place to live. Since Danny is in school now, can he stay with you, I need to go home and pack some things up for us". I said "Of course, you are both welcome as long as you want, do you need help moving things?". She said "I am taking Mikey with me, he isn't the brightest but long as he stays on his meds he should be okay. I also have some friends that can help pack up the truck and trailer, I will need help on this side though". Tommy said "My dad can help too".

I asked "So what did you find?" "A small two bedroom apartment in a house. The owner is an older woman, lives downstairs. She is willing to rent the place month to month, no long term lease. Parking is on the street, I have to figure out what to do with the motorcycle". I said "Park it here, or at the shop, I have two bays if you need to store stuff". "I was hoping you would offer, thanks, what will your partner say?". "Not much, I own 65 percent of the business, and the building". She kissed me "Your a life saver".

I handed the release forms to Tommy and Melissa and gave one to Annie "What is this for, I already signed a release form". I said "These two little nut jobs have a plan, we need releases for every time we do a photo shoot, I'll let them explain the details". I signed the release for Lisa.

"We want to have our pictures taken naked and then change the graphics so we are sky diving, or bungee jumping or something really crazy as group" Annie said "See what you have done". I just shrugged my shoulders. Melissa said "What are you two idiots talking about?". Danny showed her the picture of him naked on the tank and fender. "You can really do this Mr. Wallace?". I said "Yes, we photograph you with a blue screen background in the shop, then I work my magic on the computers, anything you want. That is how I make my living". I didn't say aloud, I make a very good living at it. "If you want to participate, I need you to get your parents permission, we can not photograph any minor naked or otherwise without parental permission".

Melissa said "I don't know, my parents know I run around naked here in the house, but to be photographed and published, I don't think they will go for that". I said "Photographed, yes, published no, we do not release any photos to internet sites, or facebook or anything of the like, and you become a digital file on our servers. If you want to put these pictures on facebook or something like it then I recommend you keep your clothes on, or a skin suit, the process is the same, not only get rid of the blue background, but I can change your clothes, put you in a wedding dress if you want. We do it all the time for weddings, the bride can't decide what color her brides maids should wear, we photo them in the skin suits and I drop dresses on them and adjust the colors to their liking. Then I print the photo in high resolution and they take it to a wedding dress Shoppe to be made".

Annie said "This I have to see to believe, how much does something like what your talking about cost?". I just smiled "A lot, If we do a wedding set, Paul takes care of the pictures, usually with a couple of helpers, everything comes back to the shop and I clean them up, if you want to get married in front the Eiffel tower, click and drag and know one would ever know".

I said "My biggest seller is the vehicle wraps, you have seen them, fancy advertising, on vans or work trucks" "Yeah, it thought that was painted on". "No, not usually, we print the wrap on the big printer/plotters, and it is held in place with special adhesive, I hire a couple of high school kids to help with the wrap and then wash the vehicle so it looks nice and pretty for the customer. I also have a college kid that is pretty good with the graphics as well. What is nice about the wrap is we can take it off without damaging the original paint on the vehicle".

Melissa said "I can probably convince my parents to go for the skin suit, I am not sure about the nude shots". I said "Either way you need to get the release, same goes for you Tommy". "Okay". I said "I'll tell you what if it will make it easier to get permission, I will do the photo shoot and the graphics, that way you are not naked in front of someone else like my partner and our staff". Melissa smiled "That might work". Tommy said "Yeah that might work for me too". I said "Have your parents write on the release, Photography, and Computer Graphics to only be done by Dan Wallace". "Cool, thanks Mr. Dan".

Melissa and Tommy took off after dinner. Annie said "I am leaving early in the morning. If you don't mind I will take the spare bedroom tonight, I will call you with updates but I should be back Saturday or Sunday at the latest. I have already made arrangements with the principal for Monday just in case, I am not going to try to move everything, but I do have to get stuff packed and in storage, either here or there, this way I can move things on weekends".

I said "Why don't you just hire a moving company, let them pack everything and it shows up?". "I am on a teachers salary, I can't afford it and I will not ask you for the money either. I hope our relationship continues to grow, but that is not something I will do". I said "Suit yourself, We will take good care of Danny, like I said you are both welcome here for as long as you need or want, and for storage, use one of the bays at the shop". She kissed me "Good night Big D". "Good night and drive safe".

"Alright you two homework time, baths and/or showers, and pajama's, then bed. Lisa can Danny sleep in the other bed in your room without you two getting into horse or house play as the case may be". "Yes dad, we will be good, I promise". "I promise too".

I cleaned up the mess of dinner, worked on one of my work design projects, tucked my clean little tween's into bed and crashed for the night as well.

Thursday and Friday, were uneventful, kids in school, me a work, except for on Friday I got a huge job to wrap a fleet of construction vans, and trucks. 22 trucks in total, and each design job similar but not the same. The owner wanted each truck or van to be unique, but still with his construction logo on it. I was going to be busy designing and wrapping vehicles for months. This meant I now needed both bays of the shop. Annie wasn't going to be pleased. I had to make other plans for her stuff. I rented a climate controlled storage unit, and hoped it would be big enough. I had no idea, how much stuff they had.

When I got home from work Friday evening, the gang was there, Tommy, Danny, Lisa and Melissa. From the looks of clothes all over the place the fooling around had already taken place and they were taking it easy, or a break maybe. They were in the rec room, sitting on the floor indian style, the boys had the game controllers and Lisa sat between them. Melissa was on the couch behind them flipping through some teen magazine. What ever game they had going was paused, Tommy got up and handed me the release, "I got permission, just like you said to do it, only you can photograph me naked". Melissa said "Me too, mine is on the kitchen table". I said "Danny have you heard from your mom, I haven't?" "Yeah, she called about an hour ago, things are going slow and Mikey isn't helping much, I think she wishes she didn't take him along, she said she will try to get here by Sunday".

Tommy said "My dad wants to talk to you, he asked you call him or go see him when you got home". I walked away and called Ron Richardson, Tommy's dad. "What's up?" "Dan I need to ask a favor, Carrie's aunt is sick in the hospital in Canton. Can Tommy stay with you? Carrie is packing for a couple of days, we don't think her aunt is going to make it, I don't want to drag Tommy around while we sit in a hospital, watching her die, but she really doesn't have anyone else". I said "No problem Ron, we can take care of him". "Send him home please, to pack some things, I'll tell him when he gets here". "You got it, good luck". "Thanks man I owe you one". I said "Tommy get dressed and go home please, your dad will explain when you get home". Tommy did as he was told.

Lisa said "What's going on Dad?". "Tommy is going to be staying with us for a few days, his great aunt is sick in the hospital and not doing well. The Richardson's are leaving for Canton, Ohio, as soon as he comes back, be nice to him. I know Carrie is close to her aunt, and I think Tommy is too". "We will". Melissa said "Do you want some help, I am turning sixteen next week, its not like they need a babysitter anymore, but I am a pretty good cook if I do say so myself".

I had to laugh, "Melissa, do you want to stay for the weekend to play with your friends or will you actually help out?" She smiled and said "Both really, but you did just go from being you and Lisa, and now you have a house full in a week". I said 'Honestly, I just landed a huge contract job at work, I do need to get working on the designs, go ask if you can stay the weekend. Oh, and Danny, your mom isn't going to be happy, but I can't let her use the bays at the shop for storage, I rented a storage unit, until she gets settled in, don't tell her on the phone, I will deal with it when she gets here". "Okay". Melissa got dressed and departed for home. I knew what the answer was going to be. "Come on you two, lets get working on some dinner, if you won't wear your clothes at least pick them up and put them in the laundry". I thought to myself, 'This is going to be a long weekend'.

Tommy and Melissa showed up at the same time carrying weekend bags. The clothes came off to join the others. I said "Stir fry chicken, vegetables and rice work?". I was half way through the prep work anyway, Melissa helped to get the rice going, then went and started a load of wash. The boys, including my tom boy, set the table. The four worked together like they have done this all their lives. Dinner was served, and the four did the clean up. Melissa said "Lets get our homework out of the way so we don't have to worry about it later, or even better get yelled at to do it. That way we can have a fun weekend". The four of them sat at table until it was done. They even passed the homework around for someone else to check.

I was trying to figure out who's house I walked into, it couldn't be mine. I know Lisa is smart, ahead of her class. According to Annie so is Danny, but trying to get them to do it was another story. Not today on a Friday evening, I wouldn't have done homework on a Friday for nothing when I was in school. They surprised me again, they stripped the beds and made them with fresh sheets. They brought the dirties down to be washed. Melissa said "Well, we have been messing around, why don't we all start clean and fresh for the weekend". I shook my head and opened the front door and looked at the number on the house. "Dad what are you doing?" "Just checking to see if I came home to the right house, what did the aliens do with my kid and her friends?". They all busted out in laughter and that also got me tackled.

Lisa said, "Dad speaking of being clean and fresh, you stink". I was laughing so hard it hurt, "This coming from my tom boy daughter, who isn't happy unless she is covered in mud head to toe, or baseball scrapes on her knees, and grass stains on her clothes". I couldn't stop laughing. Lisa said "Keep it up and we will all tickle you". Danny and Tommy said it at the same time "He's not ticklish". "He is on his feet". Oh shit, now I am in trouble, because that is the only place I am ticklish. I never had a prayer. Shoes flying one way, socks another, at least one or two of them lying on my chest to pin me down, the others went after my feet. The only advantage I still held was they were all naked and very ticklish as well, so the tickle war was on in full swing. Four against one I held my own to some degree. I could always grab a belly, a rib or inner thigh or something while they tortured me.

It might have been innocent play, which it was, but each one took turns to hold me down and their naked bodies all over me. I had boy cocks in my face, asses of both genders, Melissa's b-cups and her little mound, and pubes, even Lisa's hairless mound was in my face. I would never touch her, all the others, wow. I could have pounded 10 penny nails in with my cock but I was determined to be a good parent, and trusted friend watching their kids. What the four of them did was one thing, Tommy wasn't ready, and Melissa, well I wasn't going to go there either. Danny maybe. I had the opportunity of a life time, four naked kids that are willing to one point or another.

We finally called time out, because we were all spent from tickling and laughing so hard. Melissa took charge as little mom, "Everyone needs a shower, and yes Mr. Wallace you get to go first because you do stink, everyone else take turns in the other bathroom one at a time, then get some clothes or pajamas on". I said "Who are you?". The laughter continued. "If Tommy's parents and my parents trust you to take naked pictures of us because we asked you too, it wouldn't be good if you took advantage of their trust or us, even if we want it as bad as you do. There will be other times, this weekend we are all going to be little angels, whether we like it or not and that includes you, I can't speak for Danny since we have only known him a few days, but he fits right in. I would suggest cold showers for all of us, take the time you need but Danny and Tommy sleep in his room, I sleep in Lisa's room and you sleep alone".

Tommy said "When can we do the photo shoot?" I said "We can do it tomorrow afternoon or Sunday morning". I got up from the pile on top of me and headed for a cold shower indeed. The four of them followed and one by one they got cleaned up and dressed in pajamas. We sat around and played a game of 'Clue', until bed time.

Saturday they left me to my design work, and they were being angels, for the most part. Saturday evening turned out to be a different story all together. Melissa decided to make her quote "Mel's famous chili" for dinner. There aren't enough bathrooms in my house, we all ended up with the trots. I was in my bathroom, I heard the commotion in the hallway, "Lisa, open up I need the bathroom". She yelled "I CAN"T, I'M BLEEDING, DADDY!".

I was off the toilet pulling up my pants, I don't know why she locked the bathroom door, it had to be the first time, and I had to use a pass key to open the door. I was too late for Danny, he had an accident in his pants, running down his legs. Lisa was crying "Daddy I'm bleeding". I looked between her legs and she indeed had her first period. I said "Its okay baby, it is your first period, I will get you cleaned as well".

Thankfully Melissa was here, once she got off the toilet downstairs so Tommy could use it she came upstairs. I stripped Danny down and led him to my shower, to clean him up. Melissa did the same for Lisa in the other bathroom, calming her down, and explaining what happens every month to women and girls. I got Danny calmed down and clean from shitting his pants.

Tommy came upstairs, and he needed cleaned up as well. I figured I did, so I just got in the shower with him. I played with his cock a little and he did the same for me. Our asses hurt so much from the chili, playing wasn't going to happen.

I dried the boys and dressed them in pjs. Lisa and Melissa came out of the other bathroom wrapped in towels around their mid sections. The towels didn't hide their little pussies, Danny made the horrible mistake "What is the string for?". Oops. Lisa punched him in the chest knocking him on his ass. "Its a tampon stupid, which means I am on the rag, so stay out of my way". Tommy wasn't much brighter "You too, Melissa?". "Yes me too, you little shit, leave us alone!". The slammed the door to Lisa's room.

I think everyone is out of ammunition from 'Mel's chili' so I tucked the boys to bed. I said "If you need the bathroom come into my room, leave the other bathroom for the girls". I kissed their heads "Good night boys". Danny said "Good night Big D". Tommy asked "Why do you call him Big D?" "We are both named Dan or Danny, so I am Little D and he is Big D. It also has to do with the size of our dicks". "Oh, can I call you Big D too". "Sure Tommy, that is fine". "Good night Big D".

I knocked on Lisa's door and opened it. Melissa was sitting next to Lisa on the bed, I sat with them "Are you okay sweetheart?" "I guess, I'm confused though". I said "Talk to Annie when she gets here, or talk to Melissa's mom. They can explain what is happening to you better than I can, I love you". "I love you too dad". Melissa got in a huff "What about me, I know what is going on". I said "I know you do but you are 15 and still in the middle of puberty, I thought an adult conversation could help. Good night".

Jees, two with instant mood swings at the same time. Can this get any worse.

It did. In the morning I made pancakes for breakfast, I left out the sausage and bacon for obvious reasons. The girls weren't hungry, but the boys were. Tommy's dad called me and gave me the run down on Tommy's great aunt. She passed sometime in the early morning hours. "... Its okay, Ron I'll talk to him". I hung up my phone. It rang again a few minutes later. "Hi Dan its Annie, we are getting on the road in about an hour, I don't know how long it will take to drive the U-Haul with the trailer, and I have to drop Mikey off at the community house, I don't know when I will be in, hopefully sometime around dinner time". I said "Okay, drive safe, we will see you when you get here".

It sounded like she was on the rag too. That can't be good, to have all three with PMS all at the same time.

The boys were in the rec room with the game controllers. Somewhere between breakfast and the game the pjs where lost and tossed on the day bed /sofa behind them. Both sitting indian style with their cocklets pointing straight up. "Pause the game boys please, Tommy I need to talk to you".

I led him to the couch and put the naked boy on my lap. "Tommy, I am sorry but your great aunt Claire passed away sometime this morning". I hugged him and he wrapped his arms around my neck and started to bawl. He cried "Why wouldn't they take me with them to see her". I hoped I was right and said "Tommy, your aunt was very sick with cancer, your mom and dad want you to remember your aunt like she was, not what she became lying in a hospital bed". He continued to bawl himself out, "I'm going to miss her". I said "I know son, I know". I just held him in my arms until cried himself out.

I said "Tommy do you have a picture of your great aunt, one that you like and would like to remember her as?". He sniffed and wiped his nose on his arm "Yeah, I guess, why?" I said "Bring it with you when we do the photo shoot, I will do some magic for you with it". Danny was standing by the door watching the whole thing. "Are we going to do the photo shoot today?". I said "I do not think so, the girls are in the middle of their periods, so they aren't going to want to do that. And speaking of which I would recommend you stay away from them for a couple of days". "Yes Big D". "Tommy are you okay now?". "I will be better if you keep playing with my dick". "How about I suck it instead?". "Okay". Both boys got blow jobs from me. Neither one offered me one. Oh well.

I said "Its a nice day outside, why don't you two find something to do other than play that video game, Danny you can borrow Lisa's bike if you want". "Really she won't get mad at me?" "She will if you wreck it, but I will tell her I gave you permission to ride it". "Thanks Big D, come on Tommy lets get dressed". "Okay"

I brought some food and snacks, water and sodas up to the girls, then left them alone. I went back to working on the designs I had to get done. Maybe the rest of the day would be quite.

NOT. Tommy came flying in the front door "MR D, DANNY'S HURT". Now what. I ran down the stairs "What happened?" "Danny's hurt, he wrecked the bike I think his arm is broken". I grabbed the first aid kit "Take me to him". I ran with Tommy to Danny. He did indeed wreck Lisa's bike, he wrecked himself too. "What happened?". "A dog ran out, from the side, I tried not to hit it, I ran into Tommy, but I wiped out and went over the handle bars". I put a sling on his left arm, and bandaged his chin and hands. "Tommy are you okay?". "Yeah I am". "Can you take the bikes home, tell Melissa she is in charge until I get back. I have to take Danny to the emergency room". "Okay".

Of course I knew we were in trouble because Danny and I are not related, so not covered under my medical insurance, and I couldn't get a hold of Annie on her cell, Almost three hours later in the ER, x-rays, and a the cast. I brought Danny home.

Lisa was mad as hell, fists drawn tight "You wrecked my bike, I'm going to break the other arm" I stopped her dead in her tracks "LISA MARIE WALLACE, ENOUGH". "I'm sorry dad, but" "But nothing young lady, I gave him permission to ride your bike, it was an accident, you want to be mad at someone be mad at me, now apologize to Danny, just because you had your first period it does not give you the right to be mean to your friends or your possible step brother". Lisa said "MY WHAT?". "You heard me, now apologize". "I am sorry Danny, I am sorry to everyone for being a little bitch, I just don't know what is going on with my body today".

I guess I floored Little D at the same time. "You want me to be your son?" I said "We will see what happens, you have new friends here, and these two I might as well adopt anyway because they spend more time in this house then their own. I guarantee I see more of them then their own parents do". "Does my mom know?"

I sat on the couch and the four took spots around me. I said "Yes I think your mother has an idea, I don't think it was a coincidence that your mom shows up in my town, in my shop, with you wanting to be photographed naked, gets a job as a teacher, and living in my house. I care for you and your mom very much, just like Lisa, Tommy and Melissa. I think we all have the same feelings about each other. But at the same time I am not ready to bull rush into a relationship or a commitment".

Danny got an evil little grin on his face "Does that mean I get to call you 'Dad'.?" Tommy and Melissa added fuel to the fire, Tommy said "You know you are like another father to me". Melissa said "Yeah, my other dad, we should all be able to call you 'Dad'" Lisa said "Don't I have a say in this, since he is my father". I said "Of course you don't honey, why would I care what my little girl thinks about". "Hey". I got punched "Remember I punch back, I brought you into this world, I can take you out". I got hugs from all four. "We love you Dad". "I love all of you too". We heard the U-Haul pull up.

"Come on lets go, we have a lot of explaining to do". Danny said "Your kidding right, she has been driving all day, someone better open the door and get the hell out of the way to the bathroom". Tommy jumped up off me and ran to the front door. Here came two people moving very quickly to get to a bathroom, Annie headed for the downstairs. Tommy said "Upstairs" to Mikey.

Annie came out of the bathroom "Did something die in there, it smells like shit" I couldn't help it, I laughed and said "There has been a lot of that going on lately, nice to see you too". Before she could get started, Mikey came downstairs, "It smells really bad up there". "Danny what happened to your arm". Annie wasn't happy at all. I do believe my earlier suspicions are correct. I said "Sit down and breathe, would you like a glass of wine?". She said "Yes, and bring the bottle". The first glass disappeared very quickly, she did slow down for the second glass. She finally did greet us, with hugs and kisses.

Annie said "What has been going on here, why does my son have a broken arm?". I said "I will give you the short version for now. Mel's diner over here tried to poison us all last night with her famous chili, hence the wonderful odors emitting from all the bathrooms and the carpet upstairs, during which time Lisa just had her first experience of a woman's nature, and may have questions for you. Tommy's parents are in Canton, where Tommy's great aunt passed away this morning, and Danny wrecked Lisa's bike, his arm and face all in one shot when he hit a dog and I had to take him to the ER and couldn't get a hold of you on your cell. So how was your trip?" She snapped out of her PMS mode, "I am sorry, it has been a long trip, I need to get Mikey back to the house can I ask a favor and you get my car off the trailer". I said "I can take him back". She said "No you can't, I signed him out, I have to sign him in, otherwise the cops will be looking for him, and they will take him back, since I have had him out with me I have to check in everyday between 6:00 and 7:00 so they know he is still okay and not on the loose"

I motioned Annie to the back patio, she followed "You can take my car if you want, or I can drive you both, or stay here for the night, is he dangerous?". "Usually only to himself, have you ever read 'Steinbeck's Mice and Men'". "Yes". "Mikey is Lenny, he hurts things, people, kids without knowing he is doing it, his IQ is that of a second grader and will never improve past that, he can stay here but we need to keep him away from the kids, well at least keep an eye on him while he is around them". I said "I don't want a Lenny running around my family, any of them". "Huh?". "Long story later, lets take your brother home, Melissa can keep an eye on the others, as long as she doesn't try to cook something again".

"Melissa dear, can you watch after your brothers and sister for an hour or so, while we take Mikey back to his residence". "Of course dad". "Please don't feed them, we don't want any gremlins loose in the house, I will bring back pizza, everyone else be good". They were all laughing their butts off "Yes Dad" in stereo. I wish I had my camera for Annie's face.

Annie said "Mikey get your things from the truck, we're going to take you home now". "Okay". Now that she explained the 'Lenny' reference it did make sense, tell him exactly what to do and when and he is fine, that is how Danny got him to come into the shop and ask for a specific thing, it was like he was taught a script, he couldn't read it but he could say the lines.

Annie said "You will explain things on the ride back correct?". I nodded my head and drove the directions given to me. Mikey (or Lenny as I will always remember him as) was back safe in his environment. He was home.

"Talk Mr. Wallace". "Okay, but I have to ask a question first, don't take this the wrong way, but if my suspicions are correct, and this is a question a man should never ask, but are you in the middle of your period right now?" "Your right, you shouldn't ask day two, why?". I said "Lisa had her first period last night, Melissa is on the same schedule, she started her period yesterday as well, and I heard the tone of your voice this morning and went out on a limb and figured the same for you. Now before you try to knock my block off, it means three girls and/or women that I deeply care for are all going to be bitches and bleeding at the same time, that thought scares me, I have this vision of three Linda Blair's running around from the Exorcist".

She said "Mr. Wallace, the fact that two young women and an adult woman, can scare the crap out of you, and make your life miserable for a week of each month, delights me to no end. The fact that we do it at the same time is even better. However, look at the alternative. If we all had our periods at different times, you, and your now so called sons Tommy and Danny, wouldn't have one week of hell but three. Be thankful us bleeding bitches do get into a cycle together. And if you and the boys are nice to us, we may even let you know its coming and let you do fun boy things, like go fishing or work on the motorcycles or something else that would get the male testosterone flowing going 'Hoo, Hoo' or what ever else those things between your legs that make you do crazy stuff all in the name of manhood". "Thank you for the wonderful insight Ms. Peters" We were laughing so hard I could hardly drive.

She said "So where did all this Dad stuff come from". I said "Ask them, but on a serious note please talk to Lisa, she is scared and confused, Melissa is helping but she needs to know answers, and I can't answer them completely or correctly, I told her to talk to you, or even Melissa's mom, get an adult perspective. Lisa has been sexually active a long time, but she is also a tom boy, I don't think she knew this was coming, or at least what to expect, the fact she had her period and the trots at the same time doesn't help. Tommy is vulnerable, pissed off, and sad all at the same time. His parents asked me to watch him, while they go take care of Carrie's dying aunt, they have to stay for a few days for the arrangements so he is in the house as well. Melissa offered to help out and she has, except for her chili"

She said "Good to know, I will be gentle and caring with all of them and I will talk to Lisa, and Melissa if she wants answers as well. Not all parents can talk to their kids". I said "I will do the same with the boys, if they have questions the can ask me. We are getting close, call for the pizzas before the gremlins tear the house apart". "Two plain and one mushroom?" I nodded.

I said "I do have some other news that does effect you, I have a design and wrap contract for 22 vehicles, I need both bays, however, I did rent a climate controlled storage unit, and I hope it is big enough, if it isn't we can get another one until you settle in". She said "I will pay you back as soon as I can". "Don't worry about it" She started to get pissed again I said "I wouldn't take money from you". "Well I have a business to run, and I had no choice, I am just looking out for a friend". "Thank you, you are a special friend". I said "Yeah, I know, since I have a feeling Little D is going to be at my house much more than his apartment, please consider a limited power of attorney for medical reasons only, so I can take care of him if necessary, after today's accident, and events I am going to ask the Richardson's and the Simms' for the same thing. The kids are going to be kids, and they are going to get hurt, either by accident or by each other".

She slid over next to me and held my arm. "You are a good man Mr. Dan 'Big D' Wallace".

We walked in the front door carrying the pizzas and soda bottles and the little monsters attacked it like I had starved them for days. I said "Jees, its a good thing its not after midnight". The four of them all busted out laughing "Look at the clock Dad". They moved the clock in the kitchen forward to after midnight so they could turn into gremlins. After the feeding frenzy, Annie said "Lisa can I talk to you, Melissa you can come along as well if you like". "Yeah, Annie, I would like to talk to you". I got her car off the tow trailer, and moved the trailer onto the front yard, all under the watchful eyes of my almost twin supervisors. I opened the back of the truck, the thing was packed full I did manage to get the Road Glide out and down the ramp and pulled into the garage next to my Ultra Glide. I closed the truck up and locked it.

"Come on you two, shower and bed time". "You're not suppose to get gremlins wet, right". "Yeah, but I'll give you two gremlins a choice, nice warm shower in my bath or a freezing cold one from the garden hose". "Uhhm, a warm shower please". I wrapped a plastic bag around Danny's cast and undressed my boys and led them to the shower. "Aren't you coming in with us?". I stripped down and joined them under the nice warm water. Both boys had hard ons again, I washed them and sucked their wonderful little dicks, with permission of course. Tommy said "I may not be able to suck your dick yet, and I am still afraid of you putting it in my butt, but I do know how to do this". He wrapped his hands around my cock and jerked me off with me shooting all over the shower stall wall. Danny said "I can suck his dick, I just can't swallow his cum yet". Tommy said "I guess we have things to learn little brother". I dried the boys and put pajamas on them. I tucked them into the master bedroom king. Danny had plenty of pillows for his broken arm, plus the pain killers he should sleep fine. Annie was doing the same for the girls in Lisa's room. She kissed me "Good night Dad" and went into Danny's room and closed the door.

Talk about a crazy weekend, no beyond crazy, Mayhem, I am the one that has to sleep on the couch. I woke everyone up to get dressed and ready for school, including the new math teacher. "I can't go to work, I have a truck to unload". I said "Go to work, make a good first impression, after all my daughter is in your class. I will take care of the truck into the storage unit". Well I hired some laborers for the day, and returned the U-Haul and trailer. I went to work in the afternoon to have a meeting with the owner of the fleet. Four bikers came in and wanted tank designs as well. I put them on the schedule as well.

By the time I got home, Lisa and Tommy were ready for bed, and Danny was already conked out. Annie was working on an assignment plan. "How was school?". Lisa said with a smile "The new math teacher is mean, cute but mean". Tommy nodded his head in agreement. Tommy said to me "I want to try the inflatable probe, will you help me with it?" I said "Sure, for a little while but it is a school night". "I know, I want to feel what it is like, Danny described it to me so I want to try it".

I held my hand to him and he put his hand in mine. I led him to my bathroom, "First thing Tommy is to clean you out with an enema bag, it is filled with warm soapy water, and this probe goes into your butt. Try to hold the water as long as you can, then sit on the toilet and release, okay?" He nodded, I took his pj bottoms off, filled the enema bag and put a dab of ky on the tip of the tube. "Ready?". He nodded again. I released the flow valve, then stopped. "Wow this feels weird'. "Hold it as long as you can then sit and empty". He did as he was told and sat down, I filled him up again and repeated the process. "Once more". I took a wash cloth to his ass and legs to clean up any splatter that occurred.

"Okay, the inflatable probe works like this, this end goes inside you and you close the valve to the right. Pump the hand ball until you want to stop, the probe will enlarge inside of you. Simply turn the valve to the left to release the pressure and the probe will deflate. okay?". "Yeah, put it in me please". I put a little KY on the probe and I touched his little boy hole with some as well. "Tell me to stop if you want". I slid the black probe in his butt. "Okay?". "Yeah, I'm okay, it doesn't feel bad at all". "Go ahead and give it a try". He pumped the ball once, then again, he released it and pumped it again, this time three times. "Can I go to bed with this in me?". I nodded and pulled his bottoms on, I put the ball through the fly of his pjs. I put him to bed with Danny.

Over the next few nights Annie got her apartment setup enough that she decided to sleep there. Danny stayed with Lisa, Tommy and I. The apartment wasn't that setup yet. Tommy's parents were coming home on Friday. So Thursday night Tommy at dinner made a command decision. "Dad, will you make love to me tonight, I think I'm ready, and I know you won't hurt me. I'm not scared anymore either" I said "Good for you Tommy, I'm glad your ready, so am I". Danny kiddingly said "Hey what about me my arm is broken, not my butt" I said "You can have tomorrow night if you wish". "Okay".

Then I had a better thought. "Since I am going to clean out Tommy, you might as well get cleaned out too". "Okay". I said "After the dishes are done and all the homework". The three did the chores, well Danny could clear the table, the other two washed and dried. They sat down to do their homework. Danny was having a tough time with his because he is left handed, it still being in a sling, but Tommy and Lisa helped him out. As long as he knew the answer they would write it down for him. I even signed his homework so a teacher didn't think he was cheating.

Lisa said "Dad, since your going to make love to these two can I go to Mel's house for a while, I'll be home by 9:00 for bedtime". "Go ahead". "Thanks, Annie told us we need to have our own version of getting cleaned out, I think I need it after this week". I nodded my head and thought 'I hope Annie is doing the same thing for the weekend'.

I took the boys upstairs to my bathroom and got the enema bottle ready. I undressed them both and threw the clothes in the laundry hamper. Mine ended up on top of theirs. I used a drop or two of rose pedals oil on the probe and inserted into Tommy's ass, he controlled the flow valve to fill himself up and rinse his ass. He sat on the toilet to empty himself. When Tommy was done, it was Danny's turn, and then mine. I sponged them clean and brought the rose pedals oil to the bed with the boys. Our dicks leading the way.

"Tommy have you thought about how you would like this to happen, and secondly do you want me to cum inside you or outside on you?"

He said "Honestly no I haven't what are my options?" I said "Well the easiest on you for the first time is to sit on my cock and push like you are taking a poop, that way you can control how much and how fast. Another way is you on your back and you legs in the air, third would be to bend over the side of the bed, and I come in from behind, lying face down with your butt in the air supported by pillows under you, the possibilities are endless really".

He thought about it but wasn't really sure. I said "Lets just start simple, okay" I picked him up and put him on the bed and Danny next to him. I sucked each boys 3 1/2 inch cut cocklet, and their balls, I moved Tommy's legs into the air, and put a pillow under his butt, and put my tongue in his ass crack. "Whoa, that feels weird". Danny said "Man it is great, just go with it, pull your cheeks apart so he can get to your butt". Tommy did as his little brother told him. I put my tongue to his boy hole, and I slipped right in. I tongue fucked him for a while, and he was truly enjoying himself. I put some oil in his butt, and on my finger, and put my finger inside him. I touched his prostate and he shook all over the bed. I played with his hairless cock while I finger fucked him. His head was rolling side to side on the pillow. I inserted a second finger and continued to pleasure him. He was just about ready.

Lisa came in, I never heard her come in the house. She said "Can I join in?". I said "You're home early". Lisa said "Mrs. Simms helped us with the douching, but Mel has a history test tomorrow so she has to study tonight, so I came home. Danny do you want to fool around with me, we still can watch dad and Tommy". Danny said "You're not going to hurt me or gross me out are you?" "Trust me I am as clean as you are inside, and no I won't bleed all over you either, I'm done with that, well at least for now, your mom explained everything to me, even Mel didn't know all about it, and she has been having her periods for years now".

I asked Tommy "Do you think your ready for me inside you?" "Yeah, I'm ready". "Okay, when I cum do you want it inside or outside?". "Inside me". "Okay, get up and let me lie down there, you straddle me and sit on my cock, push out like your going to poop, you are in charge and in control. Stop when ever you want, Okay?" "Okay". I laid down and held my well oiled cock steady, Tommy straddled me and lined his ass with my cock. He pushed out as my cock head touched his sphincter, I popped in he hesitated then kept pushing out and down. My 7 inch cut cock went right into him, he bottomed out on the first shot, his cock and balls against my hairy belly. "Take your time Tommy". "This doesn't hurt, it feels really good". Danny said "I told you so bro, its awesome isn't it"

Lisa left Danny propped up against the pillows so his arm wouldn't hurt, she sucked his dick, then straddled him just like Tommy. I said "Now lift up a little and come back down, nice and easy, at your own pace". I had his hips and ass cheeks in my hands to help support him. Lisa said "Like this". Both lifted up and came down in rhythm. I lifted my knees to his back so he had something to hang on to. He put his hands on my knees and rode me up and down, in sync with Lisa. His little cocklet was stiff as a board as he took his first man in his butt. I played with his cock while he fucked himself on my shaft. Tommy said "This is awesome, I should have let you do this a long time ago, I am getting that tingly feeling again in my gut and groin". I said "I am too, so if your having second thoughts of me cuming in your butt, you have to get off me now". He shook his head no. He continued to ride me, and Lisa rode Danny. Danny said "I'm getting the same feeling". Lisa said "Me too".

The four of us came at the same time. I filled Tommy's ass with my cum. His little boy body shook on top of me when I released. Danny and Lisa did the same. This was another first. Tommy had a small droplet of boy cum on the tip of his dick. He said "I think I just peed, sorry". I smiled at him and said "You didn't pee, you just came there is a drop of cum on the tip of your dick". Danny and Lisa had to look. "Wow, Tommy you did it". I wiped it off with my clean hand before it fell off on to me. I tasted his sweet watery boy nectar.

Danny's face was a mixture of awe, jealousy, pride and anger all mixed together. Before he said anything I said "Danny your time will soon come as well. Be happy for Tommy, Lisa isn't the only one to hit puberty this week". "You're right dad, I am happy for you bro". Lisa said "Me too bro". Tommy beamed with pride and collapsed to my chest and hugged me. "Thanks dad, I love you". I kissed his head. "I love all of you very much, so much so that I am going to send you to school so you can learn from that mean new math teacher who loves you just as much as I do. Showers, pajamas and bed, now". "Yes Dad".

I cleaned Tommy up and out. I said "Tommy your folks are coming home tomorrow, the 'Dad' thing may not go over so well with them, not to mention what we just did". He said "I have been thinking about that, my dad is a good friend of yours, well so is my mom, but I am going to tell them about how you have taken care of me since I was little, and about Danny and Annie, I think Mel has the same plan, you have been a second father to us, my dad is still dad, your just dad number 2 instead of Mr. Wallace, or Mr. Dan, or Big D, as long as we do it in fun but still a loving way our parents aren't going to be upset about it. I think they already know it, just no one has said it yet. And as far as what we did, that was my choice and I will never tell on you to anyone outside our little circle. I never have, and never will". I had a tear running down my face. "Thank you Tommy". "No, Thank you Dad2". I dried him off and put pjs on him. "Go to bed". "Yes dad".

I took Friday off, well I worked, just not from the shop. The kids weren't off the bus yet, Ron Richardson came over and we BS'ed about nothing and everything at the same time. Ron said "Aunt Claire was eccentric to say the least, she hoards anything and everything, some stuff is worth a lot of money, other stuff is just junk. We found out she has two other properties as well. One in Texas and the other in Florida. She left Carrie as the executress of the estate. This is going to take months or years to clean up". I said "Hire a Lawyer, let them deal with it". The school bus pulled up. Ron said "Its not that simple". Tommy was the only one that got off the bus. "Why is that?" The conversation ended when Tommy dropped his backpack running as fast as he could. Tommy jumped into his dad's arms.

"I missed you dad, I'm glad your back, where's mom?". Ron said "I missed you too, mom went shopping, should be home in a little while". Tommy got down and gave me a hug "Hi Dad2". Ron was looking at me "Dad?". I pointed to the boys head. "Its been a long week and they have to explain it". Ron was now more confused "They?". I started, Tommy jumped in. "Dad, you know about Danny moving here, he is like my little brother, you know Lisa and Mel are my best friends, we are always over here, it started out as a joke, but in all honesty Mr. Dan is like a second father to me, so he is 'Dad#2', you will always be number 1. I hope you don't get mad". Ron said "I am not mad or will I get upset, Dan and Lisa are good friends, if you want to call him 'dad' that is fine with me, I don't think your mom will have a problem either".

I said "Where is everyone else?" Tommy looked up to me and said "What's wrong with your cell phone? Lisa and Melissa have been texting you all day, even Mrs. Simms has been calling you, Annie, uhm Ms. Peters has tried as well". "What's wrong?" "Nothing, just nobody could contact you, Mrs. Simms is taking Lisa and Melissa dress shopping for Mel's Sweet Sixteen party on Sunday afternoon. They were trying to get your permission, but Mrs. Simms took it upon herself and took Lisa with Melissa. Annie took Danny shopping as well". I looked at my cell phone it went into 'SOS' mode. I said "It has been quiet all day, I guess I need a new phone". I reset the phone and I missed about 60 messages. The first I responded to was Lisa 'OK'

Tommy explained the 'Dad' story in detail. He came to the point in the story that was do or die. "Dad, you know you caught me playing with myself in shower many times". Ron nodded, "Well last night, I was in the shower and something weird happened, I thought I had to pee when I get that strange feeling, but I didn't pee, something else came out of my dick, I didn't know what is was so I yelled for Mr. Dan, uhm Dad#2. He told me that I just ejacu.. what's the right word?". "Ejaculated" Ron looked at me, I said "Lisa has also entered puberty, like I said its been a long week. I told Tommy he had to face you about this, he has questions I tried to answer a few of them". I lied just as much as Tommy did but it made his story creditable. Ron said "Lisa?" "Day after you and Carrie left, the only thing that made it worse was Melissa tried to cook chili the same night. We all paid for that mistake.".

"Dan, thanks for taking care of Tommy, I'll talk to you soon I may need another favor or two before we get through this. Come on Tommy lets go home, mom will be home soon and we have a lot to talk about". Tommy hugged me "Thanks, Dad2. Oh, I am suppose to tell you that Lisa doesn't want you or anyone to see her in her dress for Sunday, actually we aren't suppose to know anything about it we wouldn't have if your cell was working". Tommy put his hand in his father's hand, unusual for a 12 year old. The two of them smiled as they left.

Lisa in a dress, she hates dresses. It would be easier to dress her in one of Tommy's suits than a dress. This I had to see, but I obeyed her wishes. I went through all the missed calls and messages apologizing for the error in communications. Two hours later and three more design contracts, Annie and Danny were the first ones home. Little D was dressed to the nines, new suit, shoes, looking sharp, strutting his stuff and walking tall.

Karen Simms dropped Lisa off then took Melissa home. Both girls carrying a large box and wearing makeup. This was a first. Lisa never wore makeup before. Instead of the tom boy look she actually looked like a young woman. Not too much makeup going on, just highlights here and there. I gave her the quizitive look. "Dad, its for Mel's 16th birthday, it was kind of fun actually". "My tom boy girl is turning into a real girl?" "Maybe, I don't know why but it was fun, at the party will you photograph all of us?" "Of course, there will be plenty of cameras snapping pictures". "No, I mean professionally, this is an occasion that won't come around for a long time, when I turn sixteen, I want to be standing on the pitchers mound at Yankee stadium, dressed in one of the uniforms. Jeter or A-Rod's preferably. This is Mel's party and she wants it to be her coming out party, which is why everyone is getting dressed up". "Okay sweetheart, it is short notice, but I will see what I can do".

I have to admit even I cleaned up nice for Melissa's sweet sixteen. Lisa looked exceptional in her dress. She turned everyone's head, nice light blue dress, just over the knee, ankle boots, and just enough makeup to highlight her eyes and smile, Melissa had the same style dress, only in peach instead of blue, same ankle boots going on. Melissa's longer hair flowing in the breeze. Annie and Danny were also dressed nicely, Tommy and his family were as well. I brought my partners assistants to help do the photos. It isn't often that a town like this gets dressed up for a party. I had the blue screen background set up with the tower lights, and photographed everyone all decked out. If they weren't a personal close friend of mine or the kids, they could purchase the prints from the shop. Business is business, I had to pay the assistants anyway. I had no idea how many would be coming to Melissa's party, even the mayor and his fire chief brother came. The bastard strutted like he owned the town, nothing but a cheap, corrupt asshole but no one else would run against him. No one wanted the job. The little fat fuck was pissing me off.

My friends and extended family came and got me away from the camera. "Let Alicia and Jesse handle this, come join the party". I got myself in a foul mood and I shouldn't have, but the fact that Mayor Tills and his brother were here just stuck in my craw. I said "Someone needs to run against that asshole this year, he has had the job way too long and isn't doing dick except getting fatter and richer on our money". Ron said "Are you going to run against him?" I said "I'm busy enough, but someone should". "Put up or shut up, I'll vote for you". Sal and Karen Simms, Melissa's parents said the same thing. Sal said "He invited himself, he knew it would be a photo op to get re-elected". I didn't have any idea this was going to be a political staging. The final straw was the little fuck was shaking everyone's hands and saying 'Remember me in November, I take good care of this town'. I said "Mayor, you might have some competition".

He laughed in my face, "Who you, a bad ass biker with tattoos all over, stick to making your pretty signs, these people need a real leader, I know how to run this town, what could you possibly do better". Before I could say anything, Ron held me down in place, Sal jumped up and said "Mayor, you and your brother are unwelcome guests at my daughter's sweet sixteen party. If Mickey Mouse runs against you, I guarantee I will do everything in my power to vote against you and get rid of you" Sal turned to me "Will you do it, run against this asshole?". I said "I will run against him, if there is a better suited candidate also running, then I will back out and ask that my supporters to support the other person".

Tills said "So, you are a coward, back out of the race at the first chance you get". He wanted me to punch him, he was baiting me. All I said was "November is coming, you might need to find a new line of work". Principal Tippenhouse and his wife Betty stood up to address the group "If Mr. Wallace will run, then I will also run against Mayor Tills. If he wins I will support him, If I win then I want Mr. Wallace to be my Deputy Mayor, we have had enough of this, its time for a change in this town". I said "Principal Tippenhouse, lets not waste resources, lets take him out". I leaned to the little fat fuck, "You ever call me a coward again, I will make you eat your balls, this is a birthday party, which you crashed, get out, now"

I kissed Melissa on the head "I'm sorry, Happy Birthday, this is your day, it shouldn't have turned out like this". She hugged me "I know, Its not your fault, I don't know how he knew about it" "Mel, you invited all of the town including his son, he took the opportunity to join the party to make it a political scene, I have to leave before I break his neck, I love you". "Thanks Dad"

I left to get something stronger to drink than iced tea and lemonade. Ron followed me home and Tommy wasn't far behind. I was pissed off and still ranting. Ron said "I know this isn't a good time, but since Tommy is here and it effects him I need to ask you something. Aunt Claire's estate is a mess, I talked to my boss and he has agreed to change my work schedule, Carrie is taking a leave of absence and will be gone most of the time and I will be gone almost every weekend until we can get things settled. Can Tommy stay with you when we are gone?" I looked at the boy. He said "Dad already told me, if I can't go with them I would like to stay here with you, Lisa and Danny". I said "Danny might not be living here all that long, Annie is getting the apartment set up, but you are more than welcome to stay with us". Tommy busted out laughing "Come on, Dad2, you are so in love with Annie and Danny that the apartment is a joke, they will always be here, they are part of your family now".

Out of the mouths of babes. He was right, Ron just added another nail to my coffin, "Dan, since you came back from Myrtle Beach, you have never been the same. Annie and Danny fill a void in you that has been there longer than I have known you. I don't know how they showed up and don't care, you are happy now, you have a family, you always had Lisa but you were missing something. The fact my son calls you dad and so does Melissa, Tommy calls Danny his brother. Something is working in your favor".

I had a tear in my eye. I choked out "Before Marie died, she gave me Lisa, and I will love her forever, I did want a son as well, and Tommy you have been Lisa's best friend since you moved in, I guess I have always tried to treat you like my son, but its different, more like an uncle I suppose. Danny has never had a dad so to speak, now I have two sons and daughters that I love very much" Tommy hugged me. Ron said "You will take care of our boy won't you?". "With my life, I will treat him like he is one of my own, but I do need some paperwork to give me limited medical authority just in case" Ron smiled "No problem, should I put Annie Peters on it as well?" "Yes".

I said "Come on, we need to move some furniture around" Tommy said "What are you going to do?" I said "I am going to move my office into the rec room, I will get bunk beds for you and Danny, and the spare will be for Annie if she wants it". Tommy said "Hey, we like the rec room". I said, "Not to worry, we are just going to re arrange things, you will still have your play area, but if you are going to be here for a while the bedrooms need to be set up differently. I set this place up with only one maybe two kids in mind, not three or four"

As we moved things around in the house Lisa, Danny and Annie came home "What are you doing?" Ron and I had the desk in our hands. "I thought math teachers were suppose to be smart, help or get out of the way, everything in the office comes down stairs, what is left in the rec room goes to the corner of the living room". "Yes Mayor Wallace, anything else for the high and almighty, shall we wash your limo as well?". "I am not mayor, Tommy is going to be staying here a while, just need to move things around so everyone has a bedroom, that includes you and Danny, Ms. Peters, now are you going to help or not?, this desk is heavy" "Anybody ever tell you that you are a bastard Mayor Wallace, come on help out before he taxes your lunch money to pay for his election fund". Ron grunted with a red face "You two love birds can fight later, this F'ng thing is heavy". We got the desk downstairs into the old rec room, my new office. The thing did weight a ton, it is solid cherry. "Hey mayor, what is the township's health plan look like, I am going to need a hernia operation, who moved it upstairs 'King Kong'?" The rest was easy, a couple of book cases and the computers.

Danny said "What is this all about?" Tommy answered "This is our new room little bro, at least some of the time when we stay over here. Dad2 is going to be taking care of me for a while, I think that goes for Mom2 as well". "Cool, this beats that apartment" "Daniel Malcolm that is enough". Tommy and Lisa giggled "Don't you hate when they call you by your middle name, you know you stepped in shit now" "Yeah, and tracked it through the house on your shoes" The three tweens were howling with laughter. We couldn't hold a straight face either. Tommy was the closest to me so I grabbed him and started to tickle him, Ron grabbed Danny and Annie had Lisa, all in hysteria. We let them go when they cried 'uncle' enough times.

The next day I took the tweens shopping for bunk beds, they settled on the cornered style, one bed along the side wall, the other along the back wall of the room, a ladder for the top bunk, and drawer space under the bottom bunk. I also got a matching dresser. The room wasn't very big but it would do. The boys couldn't thank me enough, but they were determined to try. Well they promised to try when Tommy's parents left town again. I also replaced Lisa's wrecked bike, so she was a happy camper again as well. Annie was giving me grief about spending money on her son, and the bike, she said she would replace the bike since Danny wrecked it. I just waved her off like an annoying insect.

Days passed, as a normal routine. Sometimes it was just Lisa and I, sometimes, Danny, Tommy, Melissa and Annie would be in the house, or any combination of. They were happy to all have bikes again, Danny didn't need the sling anymore so he got back to being a normal rowdy dirty kid like the rest.

Friday came so Tommy would be staying with us, since Ron was leaving town. Carrie was already gone. When the got off the bus and into the house the clothes came flying off as usual. I had a surprise for the boys. Since Lisa had her period and Tommy was able to cum now, I fitted the boys with condoms, extra small. I said if you two plan on having sex with Lisa or Melissa then you need to wear the condoms for protection. Lisa said "Dad, were both on the pill remember". I said "I know, but the boys need to learn about responsibility as well, I don't want my daughter to get pregnant at an early age, that goes for you too Melissa, if you have sex with anyone else, then make sure the boy wears a condom, I have different sizes and you can keep them, or better yet just bring the boy here, size does matter".

Melissa said "I am 16 now, I am old enough to consent to sex with an adult, I have never had anyone but Tommy and Danny as a male sex partner. There is a boy at school, Matt Williams, he is really cute, I think he is shy though, can I bring him over sometime and you could teach him".

Danny said "This weekend I am going to do it, Dad". "What's that?" "Swallow you,". Tommy said "Really, you're gonna try to swallow Dads cum". "Yeah, I think I am ready".

Annie came in all upset, "What's wrong?". "Mrs. Sauls, had a kitchen fire downstairs, she's okay but the house is charred. Everything upstairs in the apartment is ruined, smoke and fire damage is everywhere, everything is gone, and I never got renters insurance setup".

Danny hugged her, "Everything is gone?". "Yes baby, your room is burnt to a crisp, the fire started in the kitchen right below your room". I said "As long as no one got hurt, things can be replaced". Annie said "I know, but it still hurts to loose everything, well our furniture and clothes anyway, I still have all the books and photo albums in the storage unit. I don't want to be a burden on you, but" I cut her off "I said before you say anything you and Danny are welcome here, now aren't you glad I bought the bunk beds" She was still crying but managed a laugh.

I said "I will take the boys clothes shopping tomorrow, It will be boys' day out, and You can take Lisa and Mel if you want". "Okay, how about some dinner, lasagna sound good?". I opened a bottle of wine, Annie made dinner, Lisa made bread and we let Mel make a salad, she can't screw up a salad. Lisa said "Mom, the lasagna was very good". "Yeah Mom". Just like one big happy family.

The boys helped me with the dishes. Danny took my hand "Come on Tommy, lets see if I can do this, I'm gonna need your help" "With what". Danny held up his cast "I can't jerk him, I'll suck you jerk". "Oh, okay". Annie said "Have fun boys, we will entertain ourselves, won't we girls?". "Yep".

The boys undressed me, Danny said "I want to taste Tommy's cum then yours, I hope I can cum soon". "So do I son, so do I". The boys got into a sixty-nine and sucked each other, I alternated between them licking their asses and hairless balls and finger fucking them. Both boys came at the same time. Tommy did have just a drop of cum for Danny to taste.

Both boys turned their attentions to my seven inch cut cock. Danny managed to get about half of it in his mouth before he hit his gag spot, I warned him about his teeth, and he was more careful then. Danny bobbed his head with his mouth on my dick, Tommy took his cue and pumped my dick for Danny, and squeezed my balls lightly. I warned Danny when I was close to cuming, he picked up his pace and so did Tommy. I emptied my balls in his mouth. Poor Danny tried to swallow it but couldn't take all of it, he choked and gagged on my cum, it was dripping out his nose, down his chin. He did manage to swallow some of my load. Tommy licked the remainder of the cum off of Danny's face and swallowed it. Danny said "Yours is salty, Tommy's wasn't" "I said I am proud of you, both of you" They both beamed.

I wasn't done yet, I used the rose pedals oil on both of them. I took Tommy's ass first and then Danny's. Now I was spent, I showered with both boys and climbed into bed, with a boy on each side.

The girls came into my room first thing in the morning, all naked and climbed on the bed with us. I rolled the extra small condoms onto the boys so they could learn about responsibility and protection. "This feels weird" as Danny was inside Lisa, Tommy was inside Mel, with me inside Annie.

I took the boys shopping for clothes, we had fun in the changing rooms, all with hardons, trying on different clothes for Danny.

Danny did manage not to choke on my cum by the time the weekend was over. Tommy said "I am going to try next weekend". Sunday night everyone was clean, pajamas, tucked into their own beds for another busy week at school and work. Melissa called me mid week at the shop "I talked to Matt Williams, he wants to come over after school on Friday, can you drive him home later?". I agreed.

Friday came and 5 kids got off the bus, I have started to make it a habit to work from here on Fridays. Melissa said "Matt this is my second dad, Mr. Wallace, he has known me all my life, its like I am part of the family here, just like Tommy and Danny, he's cool trust me, you can ask him anything". Matt extended his hand "Nice to meet you Mr. Wallace". "Nice to meet you too Matt". Mel was right he was cute, small, blond head, blue eyes, probably 120 pounds or so. He stood only a couple inches taller than Melissa, maybe 5'5". He wasn't much bigger than Tommy or Danny either. I asked "How old are you Matt?". "I turned 16 three weeks ago sir". I said "Make yourself at home, you three leave them be". "Yes dad". I said "Matt we do have a rule here, what happens here stays here, can you understand that?". "Yes sir". The boy was nervous as hell, shifting from one foot to the other. Mel said "Dad, can you talk to Matt please".

"Sure, come into my office Matt". "Yes sir". He followed me and I closed the door. "Have a seat". He sat down on the day bed/couch. "Matt did Mel give you any idea why she invited you over?". "Uhm, sir I don't know if I should answer that". I said "Melissa is sexually active, has been for a long time. You don't have to do anything you don't want to, but she would like to be with a cute boy her own age, maybe someone to take her to a school dance, movies that sort of thing. She is best friends with my daughter Lisa, and Tommy and now Danny. She is looking to expand her horizons so to speak. I treat them all like my kids, and they treat me like a father. Ms. Peters is like their mother. She is Danny's mom, and the new teacher in the middle school". "Yeah, I know her, she tutors math in the high school as well". "Good". The boy started to relax a little, not much, but some.

I continued "Matt, you may or may not have sexual contact with Mel, today, next week, next month I don't know, that is between you and her. I allow it here in my house, one you are both of legal consent age, two, I would rather have it happen in a controlled environment then the back seat of a car at a drive in". The boys jaw was agape. "Does Melissa's parents know?". "They know, they pretend not to, they think of her as their little baby girl, who couldn't possibly be thinking or acting on her sexual desires. I won't get into family business but I learned a long time ago about Lisa and her desires. I learned to accept it, Melissa is the same way. With that said, if and when you choose to engage in sexual activities with her, you will be a gentleman, caring and also wear a condom, for her protection as well as yours. I can see the look on your face, you are scared".

"Uhm, sir, my dad has never even talked to me about this, and you are being so open about it, it is kind of scary". I said "That's typical, parents have a tough time discussing sex with their kids, they think you should learn all about it in sex Ed class as school, right?". "Yeah, how did you know?". "I have a daughter of my own, and now I have sons and another daughter that finds you cute and interesting, I protect my cubs. If you and Mel hit it off, then I will protect you the same way. If you hurt her, abuse her or be rough with her, you will see another side of me you wish you hadn't". "Yes sir, I get the picture". I pulled out six sizes of condoms out of my desk "Any idea what size condom you need?"

The boys head dropped to his chest "Uhm, I'm a virgin sir, and small, the football players hang me by my underwear in gym class. Honestly I don't know anything about sex". I said "Do you at least jerk off yet?" He was beat red in the face "Do I really have to answer that?" I said "No you don't, but that means you keep it in your pants, even if Melissa tries to get it out of them, the size of a condom matters, for both your sakes, pleasure and protection, it needs to be snug fitting but not too tight, if it is too loose it will fall off. If you want help I will help you, if you want privacy for yourself to find out, you can stay in here to find a good fit".

Matt said "I can't believe I am going to ask this, but will you help me? I like Melissa a lot, I have just been to afraid to really talk to her, and now a face to face about sex with someone I don't even know". I said "Only do what you are comfortable with, no one will force you to do otherwise". He said "Yes, I jerk off in the shower, not much comes out though. God I can't believe I just said that, this is so embarrassing". I said "You want some help, Danny and Tommy jerk off all the time, and I have fitted them with condoms as well, they can come in and you can make a jerk off session, just choose the size when you are hard". "Okay, maybe it would be easier, will you come in when I get hard to fit me?" "Sure if that is what you want". He nodded his head.

I left the office. "Tommy, Danny come here please" "Yes dad", I whispered in their ears. They went into the office with smiles on their faces and a roll of paper towels. Melissa said "What's going on?". I said "Matt is warming up to the idea, don't scare him away, he seems like a nice boy". She said "For who, you or me?". I kissed her head "He's all yours, just give him some time, and teach him, he doesn't know much of anything". "Thanks dad". Lisa said "What are Tommy and Danny doing?" "Teaching Matt a few things for sizing purposes".

Danny came out a few moments later "Dad, can you come in here, something isn't right". I got up and went back to the office. "What's wrong?" "His dick is different, the condom doesn't go on right". Matt was on the day bed with his pants and underwear around his ankles. "Ah, the problem is you didn't roll your foreskin back before you tried to put on the condom". Danny and Tommy said "Huh?". "You are circumcised boys, Matt is not, he has to roll the foreskin back first". Matt said "Please show me". I said "Matt I am about to touch you, are you alright with that?" "Yes sir, please teach me". I rolled his slender 4 1/2 or 5 inch dick in my hands, he only had a patch of blond pubes going on, he was small for his age, a late bloomer as well. "Roll your foreskin back like this, lets try this one on for size". I put the condom on the tip of his crown and rolled it down his shaft, snug fit, not to tight, and wouldn't fall off. "How does that feel?". "Nice, I think that is the right size". I said "When you guys are done in here, you should take Mel for a bike ride or something, after all she did invite you, Tommy can Matt use your bike?" "Yeah, sure, don't wreck it like Danny did to Lisa's". Matt said "Huh?". Danny held up the cast "Not recommended".

"Lisa broke your arm for wrecking her bike?". "No but she wanted to break the other one though". "Got it".

I left to let the boys finish their business. When Matt came out of the office Melissa said "Come on, I'll take you home to meet my real parents they should be home by now" Matt said "Uhm, Okay". Mel said "Leave the condoms here, you won't need them right away, maybe put one in your wallet, just don't let them fall out of you pocket in front of my parents". "Uhm, sure, thanks for your help Mr. Wallace, I may have some more questions later". "Anytime Matt".

Melissa came back to the house later. I said "Where's Matt?". "Dad is driving him home, get a little one on one time with him. Matt did ask me to the spring dance though". "Good for you Mel, he seems like a nice boy, you will make a nice pair together" "Thanks, I hope so, he is cute". Danny and Tommy started to laugh, "Yeah he is, he has a nice ass and wiener too". That comment got the two pounded with a couch pillow, it only got worse, "His ass is so small he will need a board strapped on his ass so he doesn't fall in when you have sex with him". The two boys were hysterical laughing, Lisa wasn't much better. I just yelled "Outside". before they wrecked the house.

Friday night, Danny and Tommy slept with me, Annie had her box of toys out for Lisa and Melissa, who slept with her. Tommy had his ass in the air, head on the pillow, and I fucked him from behind, I don't know why but I wondered about Matt in the same position, with my cock in his young under developed teen body. When I came in Tommy's ass, I moved my cock to Danny's ass in the same position, on his knees with his ass in the air as high as he could get it. I emptied what was left in my balls in his ass. I washed the boys inside and out and put them to bed in the bunk beds.

Annie did the same with the girls when the toys were done. Annie climbed in bed with me for the night. Annie surprised me, "Dan we have been together now for a couple of months. Well we have four wonderful kids, yours, mine, and theirs right?" I nodded. She said "What about Ours?" I said "Are you proposing to me and want to have a child?". She said "I am thirty three years old, if I am to have another baby I can't wait much longer". I said "Let me sleep on it". I didn't sleep much thinking about it, a baby, running for mayor, and running a business.

Saturday Matt rode his bike to our house. The five kids hung out, until Matt got enough courage up to ask me. "Mr. Wallace, I really want to have sex with Melissa, but to be honest I don't know what to do". I said "Do you want some help?". "Yes, I think so". I motioned for Mel and Matt to come with me to my office. I undressed Mel in front of Matt. She was loving the attention as well. I let her small firm b-cup breasts loose. "Matt is it alright if I touch you, as I help you?". "Mr. Wallace I dreamed about this all night, you can touch me or do what ever you want to me, just teach me". "Take you shoes off". They both kicked the shoes across the room. I stood behind him and pulled his shirt over his blond head, I took his smaller hands in mine and moved them to Mel's nipples, "Like this", I rubbed her breasts and nipples with him, her nipples went hard in no time. I pulled both their socks off, I undid her jeans, and then his, giving as much suspense as possible, they both were waiting for the final prize.

I pulled Mel's panties down first displaying her neatly trimmed blond pubic patch over her pussy.

Matt just stared at her. I gave her, her prize as well, I took Matt's tighty whities off, his 4 1/2 inch boner sticking straight out, showing off his small patch of blond pubes as well. His balls are still hairless, and small but they have dropped. "Put you lips on her nipples and lick around them, give a gentle squeeze". I played with his boy nipples as he played with hers. Matt was hard as a rock, I rolled his foreskin back to reveal his crown. He stammered "You're beautiful Melissa". She smiled, "You're not so bad yourself". I moved his hands down her body, so he could touch her pussy, I extended his middle finger and moved it gently over her pussy, "Nice and easy, just like this". She was already wet. Melissa sat on the day bed, and pulled him to her, she rolled his foreskin back and forth she guided him right to her mouth. "Whoa, this is awesome". She released him and laid back on the day bed. I said "You ready Mel", she nodded I opened a small condom and rolled his foreskin back and rolled the condom on to his cock.

"Get on the bed with her", she opened her pussy for him. I had his cock and aimed it at her pussy. "Nice and easy, push in, and pull back, just don't pull all the way out". I held his cute little ass and hips and moved him back and forth. "That's it, just find the rhythm, and keep going, remember you are trying to please her as much as your own pleasure". "God this feels good, I think I'm going to cum". "Try to hold it, the idea is you climax together, but this is your first time so if you do, don't worry about it". His back arched and he came. It was premature, but oh well. He collapsed on her, "I'm sorry Melissa, I didn't mean to cum that quickly". She said "Its okay, just stay inside me, keep going as long as you can". He followed his orders. You could tell he started to go soft. I said "Matt, I am going to try to keep you hard so Melissa can get her satisfaction, is that okay?". "Yes sir". I played with his hairless balls and ran my finger through the crack of his hairless ass, then touched his anus. He was hard again and back in the saddle. The next time he came, they climaxed together. Now he was done.

"Wow that was awesome, I never knew, I couldn't even image what it would be like". Melissa said "How much cum did you make?". Matt got embarrassed. She said "Come on, lets see". He pulled out and showed his softening dick. She touched the reservoir tip of the condom. He said "Not much". Mel didn't miss a beat, "That's okay, I still enjoyed it". I said "Why don't you two go get showers, Matt use the master bath, we don't want to send you home smelling like sex do we". He rolled the condom off, I held out my hand, "I'll take care of that". Matt started to put his clothes on. Mel said "Don't bother, put them on when your clean". He stammered "I can't go walking around this house naked". "Why not, everyone else does". She took his hand and led him out of the office butt naked. I don't think his smile would go away for weeks. They did look like a nice couple, I liked this kid, in more ways than one. I put my finger tip into the condom and tasted his boy cream, he only had a couple of drops of watery cum he was a late bloomer. He and Tommy were about the same, yet three and a half years apart.

When they came down from the showers and dressed. Danny and Tommy started all over again. "Mel did he need a board on his ass or not?". Matt said "Huh?". The war was on again, at least it wasn't raining outside otherwise the house would be trashed.

I still needed to think. I said to Annie "Can you handle them for a while, I am going for a ride". She said "I can handle a classroom full of them, I can handle these five". I got on the Ultra Glide and took off to nowhere. My mind was racing, all kinds of thoughts running through my head. 'Do I want a baby, do I want to get married, do I want to adopt Danny as my son, can this possibly work out, do I really want to get into politics, what if work slows down, what if..., what if...' I had more questions with no answers.

I got home around 1:00 in the morning. The first one I saw was Matt sleeping on the couch. The others were all tucked into their beds, pjs on sound asleep. Annie stirred when I climbed into bed. "Where have you been?". "I took a trip to nowhere". "And?". I said "I guess the answer is Yes".


Motorcycle Mayhem III Marriage and Family

...I got home around 1:00 in the morning. The first one I saw was Matt sleeping on the couch. The others were all tucked into their beds, pjs on sound asleep. Annie stirred when I climbed into bed. "Where have you been?". "I took a trip to nowhere". "And?". I said "I guess the answer is Yes"

When I woke up Annie said "Yes to what?"

I said "Yes, I want to father our child, yes I am going to run for mayor, and yes I am going to marry you and adopt Danny as my son. Yes I also need a vacation."

Annie curled up to me and said "If your going to keep your first promise, now would be a good time, once I am pregnant then you can have Danny's ass for nine months or so to unload your cum in, for now save that for me". I said, "Did you run this by Lisa and Danny by any chance, not like they have much say in the matter but they might get upset if we don't at least let them know of our plans".

"You can tell them after you make love to me, if my calculations are correct, this is the day to get me pregnant, we can work on the marriage thing later, I have decided to have another child, and I would prefer that you be the father of that child, Mr. Wallace". I said "Yes, Ms. Peters, or is that going to be Mrs. Wallace?" as I stuck my cock in her pussy. She said "I haven't decided yet, I am leaning towards splitting the difference Peters-Wallace". After an hour of love making and cuming twice inside her, totally empting my balls I rolled off of her. "I need a shower, do you want an omelet when I make them for the kids". "Cheese and mushroom, we can work on the pickles and ice cream later".

I looked in to Lisa's and Danny's rooms. All four kids were still asleep. I went downstairs and Matt was still asleep on the couch. He stirred when I started the coffee pot. He took a piss and joined me in the kitchen "Good morning Mr. Wallace". "Good morning Matt, I am surprised your still here, your welcome anytime, I just thought you would have gone home". "We were playing around most of the afternoon, it got too dark to ride home, so Ms. Peters told me to call my folks, to either come get me or let me stay the night, they agreed to let me spend the night".

I said "Good, do you want an omelet?" "Sure, and I really want to thank you for teaching me yesterday, next time the jocks hang me up by my underwear, I might not be able to do anything about it, except for smile, knowing that they talk about sex, and you know they are full of shit, but I have done it. I lost my virginity to a wonderful girl, thanks to you". I said "Matt, I wouldn't go bragging about it at school, or go showing off the condoms either. But sitting with Melissa at lunchtime, spending time with her, carry her books if your in the same classes. Treat her like your girlfriend, the rewards will pay off for you". "Thanks Mr. Wallace, I will do that, I asked her to the spring dance". "Good for you, If you want, when you two are all dressed up, come to my shop and I will take pictures for you".

He said "Speaking of pictures, everyone was talking crazy shit yesterday after you left, they said you were going to photograph them and do crazy stuff with a computer, sky diving or some other BS". I said "Its all true, that is what I do for a living, is that all they said about it?". "Uhm, no Danny said you already photographed him naked, and you were going to do the same with the others". I said "Did Danny show you the picture of him?". "No, he said he should talk to you first". "He can show you the photo. If you want to join the gang in some photo and graphics fun then you need to get a release signed by your parents. Mel and Tommy made it easier on their parents by writing on the release that only I would take the pictures and do the graphics, that way only I see you naked". "When are you going to do these pictures?". I said "I was going to wait until Danny gets the cast off, which is next week, but we can do it at anytime really, I can make the cast disappear from the photos".

The other four finally came downstairs for breakfast. Matt said "Danny can I see that picture now?". Danny looked a me, I nodded. "Cool". He ran upstairs and got the photo of his naked body on the tank and fender of a Harley. Matt looked at it "No way, this is too cool, how do you do this?". "Magic".

I made omelets for everyone, I made one for Annie and put it on a tray, with coffee and juice. I guess now is as good a time as any. "Lisa, please take this up to your mom". Lisa cracked a joke "Her legs broken?". "No but yours will be, if she isn't pregnant now she soon will be so get use to taking care of her for the next nine months, and a little brother or sister after that".

Danny said "What moms pregnant?" I said "Yes, or trying to get so Daniel Peters-Wallace". "Huh, Peters-Wallace?" Melissa caught it. "There going get married stupid, that is going to be you new name". Danny almost tackled me. "For real, your going to be my real dad? Awesome, I love you". "I love you too kiddo, and yes, I will marry your mom, and adopt you as my son". Melissa said "Do I get to babysit the baby?". "Just don't feed him your chili, babies poop enough as it is"."You're not going to let me live that down are you?". "Nope that is a safety tip for you Matt". "Dad, stop it, you'll make him afraid of me". "Matt you should go screaming into the night if Mel offers to make you dinner" Tommy couldn't take any more "No just screaming to the bathroom".

I gave Matt the release form. I said to the five of them "When Danny's cast comes off we will do the photo shoot, think about what scene you want, I can play around, but I can't waste to much time on this okay?".

We didn't see Tommy, Melissa or Matt all week. So it was just Annie, Danny, Lisa and I. A normal sized family. Mid week Annie said "Mr. Wallace, your efforts have paid off, I am pregnant, at least the home test says I am, I have a doctors appointment in the morning, with that said Danny's cute little behind now belongs to you". "Thank you, Ms. Peters-Wallace, I will take good care of it".

I did setup a meeting at the shop, with Ron Richardson, Principal Tippenhouse and his wife, Melissa's parents, and a few others in regards to running for the mayor ship and to get the lazy fat bastard Tills out of office and his brother the fire chief.

I said "I don't think any of us can beat the prick one on one, but if we go after him as a mayor committee, where we co-chair, I think we can win". "Is that legal?". "Sure why not, his slogan is 'Re-Elect Tills', we go after what changes are going to be made, I don't know about you Principal, but right now the mayor makes a hefty salary from our taxes, so does his brother, the rest of the firemen in town are volunteers, if I am mayor, I will not draw a salary, I don't need one, I don't need the limo town car and the driver either, lets give back to the township, not take more from it".

Ron said "You know Tills is going to be throwing dirt around, aimed at you single father, biker, all the tattoos". "Don't forget a successful tax paying business owner, home owner, and the single father part is going away, Annie is pregnant, and we will be married soon, and I will legally adopt Danny as well. If we work as a group, and take out his high council of fancy lawyers, the town will run its self".

"Sounds like a plan, lets do it". I said "I'll take care of the election posters, we need feet on the street talking to people, at the shopping center, post office, tell them what we are going to do, real simple, 'we're gonna lower your taxes because Tippenhouse-Wallace refuse to take a salary and the limo"

I made up 100 posters for starters. Word got out around the township like wildfire, I guess the township was as tired of Tills as much as I was, all they needed was someone to run against him.

I took Danny to the doctors after school, and they cut the cast off his arm. I went back to the shop with him. He sat in my review station, and I worked on some new designs. My partner Paul came in to my design area, "There is a boy out here to see you, he has a release form with him". "Matt Williams?" "Yeah". "Send him back, he can hang with Danny while I work on this". "Okay, oh by the way, one of Tills staffers came in earlier to place an order for re-election signs". "What did you tell them?". "I gave him an outrageous price, and long turnaround time, the bastard wants his face on the poster, with his hands holding the township like he's god or something the staffer said that he had to check with the mayor, he expected a quick turn around and a volume discount".

I said "Tell them to go to staples, I don't give a shit, since we started this, our business is going through the roof, we are going to have to hire more help anyway, the schools are already setting up the year book photos, plus we have the spring dance, and the two proms coming up. McKinsey is adding four more trucks to his fleet. We might as well make Jerry a full timer, give him Tuesday through Saturday if he wants it. I will set him up with a design station in the back". Paul said "You got it, I'll put an ad out for front desk, and repro work".


Matt came back. "Hey Matt, how are you doing?" "Okay, I got the release signed, my mom kind of flipped out about being photographed naked, but my dad said that I am sixteen and old enough to decide on my own, I also told them about the graphics so they are kind of interested to see the final layout, so am I actually, is this where you design everything?" I said "Close the door, have a seat with Danny, I'll show you". Both boys said "Cool". I said "Danny can I use your photos that we took before?". "Sure".

I closed down the design file I was working on and opened Danny's nude picture file. I played around, I put Danny on the side of a jet, for starters, and overlaid him on different things. The boys were having a ball. "This is so cool, people pay you to do this stuff?". "Yep". I opened the file where Danny had his 3 1/2 inch hard on sticking out, I spun the angle and moved the image to the review monitors, both boys started to giggle. I said "Do you want to see what your going to look like later in life?". "Yeah".

I made his boy dick longer and fatter, and overlaid pubic hair on him and lowered his balls. I even put a thin moustache on his lip. Danny was playing with himself, you could see the tent in his pants Matt wasn't far behind "Am I really going to look like that?" "Maybe, you will grow when you hit puberty". I played with the image some more, I took a copy of his hand, turned the image and sized it to match his larger cock image, I wrapped the imaged fingers around his cock and moved the mouse back and forth so the aged Danny was jacking off with his cock facing Matt and Danny watching. I turned on the image recording and then looped it back so I could release the mouse. "Dad, what are you doing, it looks like I'm jerking off". Both boys were laughing and rubbing their crotches "Its giving me a boner". Matt said "Me too". I went for the grand finish, I opened a fireworks burst file and overlaid it on the tip of his cock. As the imaged hand moved back and forth the fireworks burst went off.

I heard a "Ughh" from the boys, Matt had his hands over his crotch embarrassed. He said "I just came in my pants". Danny said "Matt, can you keep a secret". "Yes". "Dad and I, well Tommy too, we uhm, well we fool around with each other, more than just jerking off, like we did last week, would you want to mess around?" "I guess so, what do you want to do?". Danny pulled his pants and underwear to his ankles and spread his knees, "Get a blow job, and then give one to dad". "A what?" "A blow job, just pull down your pants and underwear".

I got down between Danny's legs and sucked his 3 1/2 inch hairless circumcised cocklet and his hairless balls until he climaxed in my mouth. I moved to Matt, rolled his foreskin back and took his 4 1/2 inch cock and hairless balls until he gave me a drop of boy nectar. Danny said "To bad Tommy isn't here". I sat back in my design chair, Danny fished my cock out and took it in his mouth, he can handle half of my seven cut inches, he tried to pump me with his left hand and couldn't "Matt come here and help my arm still hurts to much, jerk him off for me and rub his balls". Matt did as he was told, and I shot my load down my soon to be son's throat. We cleaned up in the bathroom and I drove the boys home. I said "Boys, don't tell the others, Melissa will be upset, Matt why don't you plan on staying over Saturday night, that way I can bring everyone to the shoot, and drive you home later, you can stay Friday if you wish as well" "Okay".

Friday afternoon the five got off the bus. Matt was carrying his clothes. I said, "Use the day bed, Matt, it can be your room, its more comfortable then the couch, I may have to do some work in there though". "That's okay, thanks Mr. Wallace, I like watching you work, that was so cool the other day". Tommy said "I can't believe you guys saw dad work, I can't wait until Sunday, this is going to be a blast".

Annie came home. "Dan you have to watch the local TV station, Tills has his re-election add on it. He is slinging mud at you, like no tomorrow, all the biker crap, the tattoos, single father, everything Ron said he would do". "Let him, the asshole is still going to loose". Matt said "Yeah, my dad hates him, he can't wait to work for you instead". I never asked before, so I didn't know "What does your father do Matt?". "Chief of Police". Nice. "Don't tell him what goes on in my house, or work". "I won't, he's cool". I looked at Annie "I guess we need to get to the justice of the peace". She laughed "You sure you don't want Mayor Tills to marry us instead?". "No I'll pass on that one, a judge, so we can get the adoption paperwork going, I want to shove it down Tills throat when the first debate comes around" She said "I'll call Monday to setup an appointment. We can use Ron and Carrie, or Sal and Karen as witnesses". "Sounds like a plan Mrs. Peters-Wallace". Here's a plan for the father of the house, open a bottle of wine, the Doctor said one glass of wine a day will, not hurt the baby".

The kids played, it was a nice warm afternoon, so I fired up the grill for burgers and dogs. Ron and Carrie came over "We wanted to see what our son looked like". Sal and Karen came over as well, I just kept throwing more stuff on the grill. The adults were on the patio watching the kids fight and play. Karen said "You know, Matt is a good kid, Mel really likes him, he's cute too, when are you doing the photo shoot?". "Sunday". Karen said "I know you don't want us there, but it would be nice to get a nice photo of the two of them dressed up". I said "I can use the skin suits and dress them with the computer, or send them with clothes to change into". Karen was on a mission. "Matt do you have a nice suit at home?" "Sure why?". "I want a nice picture taken of you and Melissa when you do the photo shoot Sunday, I'll drive you home if you want". "I can call my parents". I said "Have them come over, we have plenty of food, I really should meet my Chief of Police". Everyone laughed and Matt called his parents. Bill and Katie Williams showed up and more food went onto the grill. Annie liked the idea of a nice portrait as well "Dan can you take photos of us or do you need someone else to work the camera?". "Nope, it has a remote control".

Katie said "You really take nude pictures of children?". I said "We do it all the time, but that is what the release is for, the pictures never get released or published, on the parents request the files are deleted". Danny was standing close to the grill "Can I show them my picture dad?". "Yeah go ahead". Danny ran upstairs and brought the picture down and showed it all around. Bill Williams said "You know if I saw this paint job on the street I would have to pull you over". I said "I run a photo and graphics shop, we get releases from parents to keep us legal, I do not run a kiddy porn shop, what people choose to do with our finished products is up to them. Most parents are leery of the nude shots, but when they see the final product most find it to be somewhat erotic, and very tasteful artwork, we don't force anyone to do something that they don't want to do". I gave them an out. "If you do not want Matt to participate then rip up the release and it is a done deal that goes for all of you".

Matt said "Please mom, you know I have no friends at school or at home for that matter, I really want to do this, I really like Mel, and Tommy, Lisa and Danny for that matter, Mr. and soon to be Mrs. Wallace are really great people, these are my friends, they accept me for who I am, not the bully jocks at school who hang me from my underwear all the time, because I am small for my age". "Okay Matt, you have my, our permission". "Thanks mom". Katie lightened up, but wasn't finished "Boys and girls nude at the same time, doesn't that get embarrassing?". I said "Life happens Mrs. Williams, you can let it upset you, or just go with the flow". She took another glass of wine. She will get over it.

Carrie added "If it makes any difference these three have been naked around each other since they were born, Danny is a new addition but fits right in, from what I have seen of Matt and Mel he will too". Katie finally changed the subject.

The party finally broke up about 10. After all the showers and pajamas, each of the five were tucked into their beds. Annie and I finally crawled into bed ourselves. "You know Mr. Wallace, you are a fine father, and I think you are going to make a good mayor as well, the Doctor also said a good healthy sex life is also good for me at least during the early months of pregnancy". "Yes, Mrs. Wallace".

Saturday the five of them were driving me crazy, they couldn't decide what the naked adventure was going to be. Annie just handed me the bike keys "Don't be too late you have a busy day ahead of you tomorrow". I rode for a few hours and then went to the shop. Jerry and I got two of the wraps on the trucks. I called McKinsey to pick them up and give me two more. By the time I got home, I took a shower and fell into bed.

Sunday after pancakes, French toast, bacon and sausage everyone hit the showers to get dressed in dresses and suits, even Tommy got dressed to the nines. Lisa said "I look good in a dress dad". "Yes you do sweetheart". She even started to let her hair grow down some, instead of the constant tom boy look, and the Yankee's ball cap. Annie drove the girls and I drove the boys to the shop. I set up the photo studio for the dress up shots first. Melissa and Matt, then Tommy and Lisa, then the five of them, and finally the family. I checked all the shots on the computer to make sure they were good. Of course I had six critics standing behind me. I liked what we had, so did they.

I changed the portrait backdrop to the blue screen. Since they were all about the same size, I only had two skin suits that would fit them, so I started with Danny and Matt, setting them up for the different poses and shots. "If your sky diving, put your arms up" I just kept clicking "Now bungee ankles together arms across you chest", riding motorcycles on and on. The skin suits came off, and Tommy and Melissa got into them for the same routine, finally Lisa and Annie. They insisted on me in a skin suit as well. I checked the shots again and liked what I had.

To no ones surprise or shame the boys were all boned up, two 3 1/2 inch cut hairless cocks, and a 4 1/2 inch uncut cock with a small patch. Lisa still hairless, and Melissa with her patch, both with hard nipples. I kept firing off the camera. They did the sky dive again all holding hands in formation, bungee, dance routines, anything that went through their minds. I have to admit it was sexy as hell, I know Annie was enjoying the show as well.

I finally said "Any way you boys can lose the hardons, if your going to show your parents these nudes a flaccid dick would be recommended". Mel was the first to jump at it "I know how to take care of Matt's". Matt said "I didn't bring a condom with me". Mel said "I am on the pill". I said "No, Matt must wear protection". "Dad, I really want to feel him inside me with out a condom on". I said no again. She said "We are both sixteen, and you are not our true parents, we don't need your permission, but it would be better if we had it". She had me there, I couldn't stop them if I wanted to, except for being in my shop. I waved them off. I said "Matt don't get use to it, you either Mel". Matt said "Yes sir, I won't forget a condom again". Tommy and Danny looked at each other and grinned "You know how to take care of these". Lisa said "Not so fast, I want to play too". Tommy said "I didn't bring a condom either, and he is your dad". Lisa blew him a kiss "You don't need one". She led him to a chair in the corner and started to suck on his dick. I led Danny and Annie to my design office. I took Danny's cock into my mouth and Annie followed suit on mine.

Danny climaxed in my mouth, this was his big day, he left a droplet of boy juice on my tongue. He said "It felt different this time". I said "That is because you just had your first wet orgasm, you just came in my mouth". "Really? I can cum now like Tommy does" "Yes you can son". Annie finished me off inside her pussy. She said "I need protein in my system, but not that much for the baby". Danny was the happiest boy I have ever seen, he could cum now and still only eleven years old.

Everyone got clean and the photo shoot continued, now with three flaccid boys. I took shots of them separately and all together. When the suits and dresses finally went back on these had to be the happiest 5 kids in the world. I played with some of the shots to give them a preview of the final works. I did print proof copies of the five of them naked sky diving, you would never know they didn't jump out of a perfectly good airplane. I printed proofs of all the dress up shots and a couple of them separately and together nude. There parents still had to sign for final release, and I still had work to do on the photos. Just not today, I was beat.

Annie drove our gang home, and I took Mel and Matt to his house to drop him off. Bill Williams was in his garage, cleaning up his Fat Boy, he was waiting for us. "So how did it go?". Matt was beaming, smile ear to ear. "Dad that was the most fun I have ever had". He pulled out his copies of the proofs and showed his dad. "Don't show these to you mother just yet, you can show her these three". He picked the naked sky dive, the bungee and the dress up photo of Matt and Mel. "You do nice work Mayor Wallace". I laughed "I haven't been elected yet, and I am not running alone".

"Oh, I know, Mayor Tills is trying to get anything he can on you, so is his brother. Watch your back, if you get caught doing anything illegal your done. Since I was at your house I have a good suspicion that these kids aren't as innocent as they seem, they are both of consenting age and I have a semi open mind, not everyone in town does including my wife. I need to talk to my son about things. Melissa will you excuse us for a moment". Mel went back to the car. "I'm not sure how to say this or address the issue, I think you may already have, Matt if you are going to have sex then you must wear protection". He pulled a condom out of his pocket and handed it to Matt. Both were very uncomfortable with the situation going on. I looked down at the package, medium large. I said "Its too big for him, it will fall off and defeat the purpose, it is not my place to speak, but I would suggest talking to your son, I know Melissa has been sexually active for a long time, I want to protect her like she is my own daughter, the same goes for Matt. If you have troubles with the condoms I will buy them for him. I know its not an easy topic to discuss, you think they should learn about this in school so parents don't have to face their fears". Bill said "You are direct and to the point aren't you, I take it that my boy is no longer just a boy".

I said "Your son is small for his age, take that into consideration, one size does not fit all, with that I will leave you to a father and son conversation". "Thanks Dan". I said "Matt talk to your father, Bill do the same, if you get stuck and need help call or come over. Sal and Karen Simms need to have the same conversation and have the same problems with it, I suggest you give that condom to one of the bullies at school and I will bet that he doesn't know what to do with it". "Was that aimed at me or Matt?" "See you later". Melissa asked "Was that all about me?" "Good guess, I think you need to have the same conversation with your parents as they are about to have". "What should I say?" I said "How about, hi mom and dad can we talk? and take it from there, you have an advantage, your parents know but don't want to admit it, Matt's parents are not going to be that easy, at least not his mom".

When I got home I sat on the couch exhausted, Lisa sat on my lap like the little girl she used to be. I said "Why do you have so many friends?" She leaned back and said "Because you are the coolest dad in the world and Annie is going to be the best mom I could ever imagine, my little brother Danny is the best thing that ever happened to us, I can't wait until I have a little baby brother or sister". My little girl was truly happy, until Danny opened his mouth. "I sure hope its a boy, I don't think I can handle another sister". Which of course got him punched. Lisa said "Your a butt head, I say something nice about you and look what you do". Laughing he said "That's the problem, your never nice". The two ran out the back door, I know one if not both will be coming back with a black eye. Isn't family life grand. Annie handed me a glass of wine, "Are you sure you want to adopt him?". I chuckled, "No, but I will anyway, I will just spank him later". Annie said "The only problem is the two of you will enjoy it too much". "So will you and Lisa if you get to watch". My soon to be wife nestled with me while the two soon to be siblings fought in the back yard, all enjoying each others company, black eyes and bruises not with standing.

I went to work and heeded Chief Williams' advice. Tills will do anything to win. I got everyone that works for us together for a company meeting. "Jerry, you still have your Notary license right?". "Yeah, of course, so do you and Paul". I said "Yes, but we are owners, new rules for everyone, if someone comes in for a photo and graphics setup, get a signed release, I don't care if it grandma moses walking in. All releases will be notarized and copies of the driver's licenses goes with the file. Anything that is not a current project or older than 30 days gets moved to the bank safety deposit vault". Paul said "You're getting paranoid". "No I'm smarter than Mayor Tills, he is going to try something, we rotate the removable digital disks out daily, if someone breaks in here, there is nothing to find, not even a Playboy magazine, we run a professional business, he runs a corrupt election campaign. Chief Williams is on our side but not all the cops are, from now on anyone coming through the doors is a potential threat. Treat them as valued customers as always, politely ask them to sign the releases and have Jerry witness the signatures and verify Ids. If someone refuses, then get Paul or I. Second note of business, don't openly talk politics in here. If someone asks you 'Who are you going to vote for? or anything related to the Mayors election just say something like 'That is my business' which it is. I don't care who you vote for, all I ask for is a fair election process. What you discuss outside of here isn't my business, inside these walls is my business".

Paul said "Dan, our business is booming because you are running for Mayor, this is 'Elect Wallace-Tippenhouse Headquarters'". I said "No, Its 'Class Act Photo and Graphics Design Inc.' and I plan on keeping it that way. I'm not saying you can't have a conversation with a customer, you should, just don't push the election issue, or at least don't start the conversation. I don't want, Oh, yes ma'am the copier machine is over here, Oh by the way please vote for Wallace-Tippenhouse. I do want 'Ma'am I will copy those for you if you wish, it will only take a few minutes, have a seat, can I get you coffee or something. Keep the election flyers on the waiting room table, if they choose to pick one up that is fine, they made the choice to do so, we are not going to push the election down a customers throat. Questions?" Heads shook no.

Jerry said "I am only 23 but if you run the township in the same manner as you just said that, the only votes Mayor Tills will get are from his family and his corrupt cronies". I said "That's the idea Jerry".

Annie called later in the day "Judge Marlow can marry us tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. He will have the adoption papers in his chambers. I will bring the kids with me from school. The Richardson's and the Simms already know, they are taking 1/2 day vacation time to be there. Principal Tippenhouse is covering my afternoon tutoring classes at the high school. Run away now Mr. Wallace or forever hold your piece". The way she said it I knew exactly what she meant by 'Piece'. With two tweens, a baby on the way, plus the other kids in our lives, the shop, and running for mayor, I know there will never be 'Peace' again. I was looking forward to the challenges, even though it was going to be mayhem. All started by an eleven year old boy on a motorcycle months ago heading to Myrtle Beach for bike week that saw Lisa and I at a gas station and diner.

My revelry was broken by one of the new shop help "Sir, a Mr. Sam Riggins wants to see you". I got up and went to the front desk. "Hey Sam how are you doing?". He said "Those designs you are putting on McKinsey's trucks are killing me and my business, he is getting every new construction contract out there. What can you do for me?. You already have my vote, and my pockets aren't as deep as his, there has to be something that I can do to get an even level of competition of business again?".

I was friends with and liked both these guys, run an honest business, good quality work, backup the workmanship, and everyone on the crews was a citizen or had a green card paying taxes trying to become a U.S. citizen. You can't fault their business ethics. It took me a minute but I said "How many trucks?". "I have eight work trucks plus my suburban". I said "Call McKinsey, he has 22 trucks on contract, he is adding 4 more, I will give him the 4 new ones, and I will give you 4 of yours. I need an addition built onto my house including a bathroom, your crews work with his crews. If the cost of labor and materials balances out then it is a wash, otherwise whomever is in dept pays up. Sound fair?". Riggins grabbed his cell, "Jack, you have a few minutes to stop by Dan's shop, Yeah its important, Thanks, see you in 15".

Thirty minutes later Jack McKinsey showed up and the offer was repeated. Jack said "Do you really expect me to share my business with this asshole?". I said "You use to share each others assholes in high school or do I have mistaken identities here, companies working together for the better, its called the barter system, one has what another needs and visa versa, we all make money and get what we need. You two use to be best friends, now it is pure competition, I am offering that you can work together to gain more business. Need a deck built call McKinsey, Need a bathroom refinished call Riggins, Need photo or graphics done call Wallace. Need a tutor for math call my wife"

"Jesus, you sound like the mayor already". I said "I haven't changed, but this town needs to". "Bull Shit, your changing everyday, not like a politician blowing smoke up everyone's ass just being a leader, you have always been the quiet one when we grew up around here, now your speaking you mind, standing your ground and taking on the biggest asshole there is. Wait a second, did you say wife?".

"Tomorrow 4:00pm, Judge Marlow's chambers, adoption papers will be there as well. Annie or Ms. Peters, middle school math teacher is also pregnant with our child. That is why I need the expansion on the house". The two former teen lovers looked at each other and said "We'll take care of everything on the expansion project Mayor Wallace".

Sam said "Hey you still doing the spring dance setup, I need to get Tammy setup for an appointment, she has a dress but isn't happy with it, if you can do your magic it might save me some money. Return the one Patti got her and maybe find one that they can both agree on". I said "Is she going with a boy or going alone?" "I think she is going to ask someone, but they are talking something different". I said "Ask the parents, we can set them up in the skin suits for photos, and I can match them or at least give them ideas. Full releases now have to be notarized Jerry will take care of you out front"

I led my old friends out of the design studio, I had too much work to do to BS all afternoon. By the time I got home it was almost midnight. I got up early and was back at the shop trying to catch up on all the work. I finished two more of McKinsey's trucks. I started on the Riggins designs. I wasn't paying attention to the hour.

Ron Richardson came barging into my studio "Jesus Dan, your getting married in an hour, its three o'clock, you didn't even take your cell phone or your wallet, Annie thinks you ran away, she has been calling you all day, Get your ass in the shower and get dressed, lets go". I said "What are you blabbering about, she didn't call here?" "Yes she did, your new counter person didn't want to disturb the boss while he is working, she only would take a message, Annie sent me to get you, get moving". I was confused but quickly showered and got dressed. As we were leaving I said "Mrs. Anderson we will have to talk tomorrow, where is Jerry or Paul?" "I don't know sir they left quite a while ago, I am the only one here and didn't want to disturb you". "Out now Mrs. Anderson, I have to lock up, I am getting married in thirty minutes". I almost pushed her out the door and locked up. Thankfully we didn't have far to go to the municipal building / court house.

I ran up the stairs at full tilt looking for Judge Marlow's office, Ron parked and ran after me. It was 4:05. The Judge said "Nice of you to join us, we started to think you went over the wall, would you like to get married or not?" "Yes sir, my apologies, busy day". Annie looked beautiful in her dress, Lisa in a dress, Danny in a suit, Tommy and Melissa, Sal and Karen, and Carrie, Ron caught up huffing as I was. Judge Marlow said "Do you have the rings?". "Uhm, no sir, too short of a notice to buy them". Danny piped up "I have them daddy". Judge Marlow said "Lets proceed, I have another wedding at 5:00 my clerks will take care of all the paperwork after the ceremony".

'I will, I do, I will, I do'. I put a nice diamond and gold ring on Annie's finger, she put a gold band with diamond inlays on mine. "Congratulations, your are now husband and wife, after the paperwork is complete Daniel T. Wallace has a son Daniel Malcolm Wallace and Annette B. Wallace has a daughter Lisa Marie Wallace, if you will excuse me, see Ms. Andrews outside, I have signed everything already". "Thank you your honor". He said "It would be my honor to swear you in to office Mayor Wallace, I am pressed for time".

My head was spinning, but I continued to sign my life away, wedding certificate, adoption papers, I could have been signing to verify my shoe size. I finally got a break and asked "Wallace, not Peters-Wallace? and what about the rings, I didn't buy them?"

Ron said "You are too busy, you left the house without your cell and wallet on you wedding day. Your two imps fell ill and couldn't go to school, surprise neither could mine. Some type of 'Our parents are getting married flu'. They talked us into getting rings, its on your credit card, nothing outrageous just tasteful and probably something you would have chosen anyway. You can exchange them if you want, we needed something for the wedding I suggested a cigar band but was attacked by my family and yours. Since I stole your identity and became you for an hour, the salesperson at Kay suggested 10 percent of your salary for the wedding bands, I went much more modest. These three were looking at $35,000 rings. I went for $2000 for the set".

Annie and I kissed, she said "I love it, and I love you". I looked at the ring on my finger. "Thanks Ron, I owe you". "No you don't, we all owe you, and if we're done signing everything I do believe there is a beer or two waiting for us somewhere".

I kissed my wife and asked the question again "Wallace, not Peters-Wallace?". Annie said "I will keep Peters-Wallace for school purposes only, Danny is a Wallace, he is your son, you are the best thing that ever happened to him, and our unborn son will also be Wallace, now we have to come up with a name". "Son, your carrying a boy?". "These three weren't the only ones that had the flu, I went to the doctors for a sonogram we have a boy, unless our daughter has three legs".

We all left the municipal building happy as clams, talking, laughing, hugging and kissing, congratulations all around. That was until Mayor Tills waddled up the front steps and opened his mouth. "What are you doing here Wallace, Who parked in my parking spot, there is a sign for Mayor parking only, someone is getting a ticket for this..."

Danny was the first to yell out, "Get use to walking you fat slob, my dad is going to be the mayor, besides you need to loose about 100 pounds you asshole!" I grabbed Danny's shoulder to quiet him. None of us could stop laughing which enraged him even further, he looked like an over ripe tomato about to explode. I shouldn't have but I added insult to injury "Mayor, you're all red, please don't have a heart attack, I will call 911 if you want, but the response times seem to be getting slower these days". Ron jumped in too. "I will pay the ticket, whom ever parked in your spot, I bet I get a better response time at my house than you will being at 1 Municipal way, Police, Fire and Ambulance all at the same address". Annie didn't miss a beat, "Dan, we can name our baby boy Rolland after the mayor, we can call him Rollie Polie for short". Melissa said "No you can't, that's what we call his son in school". The bastard didn't stand a chance. He just got more pissed off. I almost felt sorry for the people that work for him.

Sal chimed in "Come on, there are people waiting at the American Legion, lets go, we have a wedding to celebrate". The group walked the two blocks to the Legion. The parking lot was full. I asked "So who did park in his spot?". "McKinsey or at least one of his trucks that you did, a little salt in his wounds" I headed for the back door of the Legion to get a beer at the bar and sign my friends in. They changed the direction right to the front door into the meeting hall. I said "We can't go in there something is going on".

Ron said "I hope you aren't that stupid when you are mayor, this is your party, wedding celebration, and headquarters to Wallace-Tippenhouse, go meet your supporters, be a leader". I said "How, Annie only called me yesterday about the appointment with the judge to get married, simple ceremony with our friends. I thought that was a lot to pull off, shit you had to get me out of work in time to get married".

Carrie said "You aren't the only one that can create magic in this town, call two friends, they call two friends... In this case I called everyone in our phone book, they did the same, if you can't do the math then ask your beautiful wife, I hear she's pretty good at numbers". I looked at Annie "You knew?" "Not about this, I was just trying to find a dress to get married in".

Tommy opened the front door to the hall "THERE HERE" at the top of his lungs. Jesus, I have been married for 45 minutes and walking it to a circus. Circus was an understatement. It felt like half the town showed up. All we could do was walk around greeting people, shaking hands. I felt like a marionette on a string. At least I could drink, Annie had apple juice and water.

We got home around 9:00. Annie wasn't feeling good so she went right to bed. I couldn't keep track of how many sodas Danny and Lisa had at the makeshift reception but it was way to many. Tommy was spending the night as well and he was just as bad. Three tweens on a sugar and caffeine high. Trying to get them to bed was a nightmare. I undressed the boys for a shower. They showered together with their 3 1/2 inch hardons grinding together, each holding on to the other ones ass. I was leaning against the sink watching them, admiring how similar they were.

Lisa came into the bathroom, naked to use the toilet. She sat on the toilet and I looked at my little girl, her breasts did look like she has started to develop. She lowered the toilet seat lid and sat back down to watch Tommy and Danny in the shower. Tommy and Danny were still grinding their peckers together. Tommy turned around and opened his ass cheeks for Danny to rub his dick in his ass crack. The boys took turns, humping each others ass cracks. Neither tried to push into the other, just rubbing along the crack.

Lisa said "This is really hot watching them Dad". I had to agree, my cock was hard as a rock in my pants. The two liked putting on a show for us. Lisa started to play with her hairless pussy, fingering herself as the show in the shower continued. She encouraged Danny and Tommy on. Then she did something she has never done before. She still played with herself with her right hand and she squeezed my cock with her left hand.

I said "Lisa, what are you doing?, I am your father". She said "I know, but I want to play with it, pull it out, or better yet just get naked with us". My daughter had a wicked grin on her face, and she started to undress me in the bathroom. I let her. She sat back down on the toilet lid and returned her fingers to her pussy and wrapped her left hand around my cock and started to pump it.

Tommy and Danny opened up the shower curtain and bent over so their asses were sticking out. I moved and Lisa came with me, I put a middle finger into each boy's ass. Lisa continued to play with herself and jerk me off at the same time. Lisa said "Cum all over our faces daddy" I pulled my fingers out of the two boy holes in front of me. Both boys turned to face me and Lisa. Lisa pounded my cock until I exploded all over them. Lisa made sure to aim my cock at all three of their faces. Lisa finished herself off and climbed into the shower with her brother and best friend.

I dried all three off. Lisa put her pajamas on and climbed into bed. I was dressing the boys in pajamas, but their hard ons were still in the way. Danny laid down on his lower bunk and Tommy laid next to him. They were on their sides each boy took the others cock into his mouth and sucked each other to a tiny droplet of cum climax. Tommy said "Danny you can cum now". "Yeah, the first time was at the graphics shop with dad, when we did the pictures on Sunday". "Cool man".

I said "Alright you two, pjs and bed, tomorrow is still a school day". Danny held his arms out to me to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I love you dad". "I love you too son". I kissed his head. Tommy hugged me as well "I love you too dad2". "I love you to Tommy, now get that cute little butt of yours into the upper bunk". "Yes dad". I got them up and dressed, fed and on the school bus before I went to work.

I worked on the pictures for them. I was pleased the way everything came out, so I started to print them. I printed four copies of Mel and Matt dressed up. I printed two copies of them naked, one for each. I did the same for Lisa and Tommy, four with clothes on, two naked. I had an idea and thought of a fun way to surprise them.

I took the five of them pretending to skydive naked, put the parachutes on them, and blew it up life-size, and printed it on the vehicle wrap film. On Friday before the school bus got to the house I had the life size poster hanging on Danny's room ceiling since it was his crazy idea in the first place. Three naked boys and two naked girls holding hands in a free fall skydive. The graphics looked almost 3 dimensional so Mel's tits, and Danny, Tommy and Matt with their dicks sticking straight out from their bodies.

When the five got off the bus, I didn't say anything, Danny would see it soon enough and let the others know about it. Sure enough, he screamed down the stairs "Hey everyone come up here, quick". I smiled and followed the other four upstairs. Danny had his door closed, then opened it so everyone could see his room. "Whoa, holy shit, that is awesome". Danny came flying at me and jumped into my arms, and wrapped his arms around my neck "You are the coolest dad in the world I love it, and you".

Everyone had to agree, it was very cool. Matt said "Its so life like, it looks like we jumped out of the plane". Danny still in my arms said "Does mom know about this?". I shook my head no "You do realize she is going to blow a head gasket, right?". I said "You let me worry about your mother, it was the end of the wrap film anyway it isn't enough to wrap a vehicle". Lisa said "Yeah, good luck with that excuse dad". I put my new 11 year old lover son down. Matt had to adjust his crotch. Tommy saw him do it and shifted his own boy cock around. I had to admit it was erotic looking up at the five naked bodies skydiving. I was getting a hard on myself.

I said "Matt, if you don't mind me asking how did your conversation go with your father?". Matt shuffled a little. I said "You don't have to say anything if you don't want to". Matt sat on Danny's bed, He said "Melissa, you know I am your boyfriend, or trying to be, right?" Mel got a look on her face "Yes, and I am your girlfriend, I think there is a 'But' coming".

Matt said "I talked to my dad about us having sex, when you dropped me off at home last Sunday, It was awkward at first but we did talk. He now knows the right size condoms to get me, he said Mr. Wallace is right, and it is a boy's responsibility for birth control and protection, even if you are on the pill. Well when Danny and I were at the shop and Mr. Wallace was playing around with the picture of Danny on the motorcycle, Danny asked if I could keep a secret and I said I could and have. Danny said that Mr. Wallace and he mess around. That got me thinking, I'm not sure what messing around is for sure, but I have a pretty good idea. I told my dad that I think I am bi-sexual, I like girls and boys". Matt was waiting for the axe to fall.

Melissa relaxed her posture "Matt, we are all bi-sexual, have been all of our lives, well Lisa, Tommy and me anyway, so is dad2 and Annie. The boys have fun and so do the girls, how did you father take it?"

Matt said "He wasn't thrilled with the idea, but he loves me and will support me in what I decide, my mom well that is another case all together. She sees me a six year old not sixteen. Sorry Mr. Wallace but I have to get this off my chest, when Danny and I were at the shop, we both had raging hardons. Danny dropped his pants and underwear and told me to do the same, which I did. Mr. Wallace gave us blow jobs, I didn't even know what one was, but I liked what I felt. When you and I had sex in the office and he ran his finger through my ass crack it was like lightning going through my body. I didn't say anything until now but I didn't want it to stop. I don't want us making love to stop either and I don't want to hurt you. Does that make any sense?"

Melissa sat next to Matt. "Yes it does make sense, I was trying to keep you for myself, and if you stray to anyone outside this house I will castrate you, with that said, if you wish to figure out what the messing around part is your in the right place, and I give you permission, we can all teach you if you want".

Matt said "Danny what did you mean by messing around?". Danny said "Lets show him Tommy". Both tweens pulled down their pants and underwear, bent over and pulled their ass cheeks apart to show Matt their enlarged assholes that take my cock not to mention each others.

Matt said "Wow, doesn't that hurt?". Danny said "No, not the way dad does it, I was scared the first time, but we used an inflatable probe, you can use it too. You pump it up inside you and the release the pressure, after a while it enlarges your butt. Then with some oil or KY dad slips right in. It is a fantastic feeling, once you get use to it, you always want something in your butt. The first time for me was at bike week in Myrtle Beach, it was just Big D, mom, Lisa and I. Dad's sister, well Aunt Sammy introduced me to the probe, then mom, Lisa and aunt Sammy played with all kinds of toys, girl style. When mom got the job here, it just got bigger with Mel and Tommy, and now you. I know I was the outsider when we came here, but I fit right in, you can too if you want".

I sat on the lower bunk with Matt and Mel. Lisa, Tommy and Danny got on Tommy's bunk legs hanging down.

Tommy said "Exactly, Lisa and I, well, I guess we're like you and Mel. Mel being a few years older than us, she wanted a boy her own age. We have run around this house naked since I moved in at age 5 or 6, Melissa always babysat for us. We always messed around. Dad2 caught us but didn't do anything. He use to play with my cock and suck me. I stopped it for a while and then I used the same probe that Danny did. He is right it feels fantastic and now I always want a dick or a finger in my butt. Either Danny's or dad2's"

The only thing Lisa added was "Matt, you do know you can never tell anyone, Mel might castrate you but I will kill you if you cause trouble for my dad, we all know what we are, you can choose to do what you want or not too, no one will force you, if you say stop that means stop, if any of us says stop that means stop". Matt said "I know, I will never tell". Lisa said "Welcome to the club big brother".

Danny said "Now that we have confessed our souls to our new big, well sort of big, make that older brother, there is only one thing wrong". "What's that?" "We still have our clothes on stupid, tell me this picture on the ceiling isn't hot as hell, my dick has been stiff since I came up here". Everyone laughed at his antics.

I said "Any preferences?". "Yeah, show Matt that it doesn't hurt, the rest of them can figure it out for themselves". Danny jumped down, pulled his clothes off and then mine, releasing my 7 inches. Danny knelt in front of me and started to stroke my cock. "Matt with enough spit on his dick, it works the same as oil. Oh and always keep your asshole clean so he can tongue you out, talk about a head rush, well both heads actually".

Tommy said "With your permission Mel, Matt can take my butt unless you want him first". Mel said "Just make sure he's clean later, and yes Matt you will wear a condom if your going to stick your dick in his butt, you might not get him pregnant but you won't touch me later unless you do, that goes for me as well. Lisa and I can take care of ourselves, actually I bet we can make all four of you cum in thirty seconds or less, come on Lisa grab a comforter, we'll do it on the floor in front of them".

Matt said "You people are crazy, but I think I'm going to enjoy this". Tommy undressed revealing his 3 1/2 inch cut stiffy, Matt let Tommy undress him sitting on the bed next to me. Matt's 4 1/2 inch uncut cock popped out of his underwear as Tommy lowered them down his legs and off him to join his jeans on the floor.

Matt couldn't take his eyes off my seven inch cut cock, especially when Danny took it in his mouth. Lisa and Melissa returned to Danny's room with a comforter and a couple of pillows. They were naked, and carrying a double edged rubber dildo.

Tommy knelt in front of Matt and took his 4 1/2 inch cock into his hand and started to lick the foreskin and roll it up and down, revealing Matt's hidden crown.

Lisa and Melissa inserted the double dildo as they faced each other and started to suck and pinch each others nipples. The girls were grinding the dildo between them in rhythm. Poor Matt never stood a chance, he shot his little premature load even before Tommy got going on him. Tommy just licked Matt's piss slit and tasted the teen's young boy cum. I thought Matt was going to cry, he said "Damn it, I always do that, even when I jerk off I can never last long". No one laughed at him.

Tommy said "Do you have a condom with you, or do you need one from downstairs?" Matt said, "I have one in my wallet, in my jeans" Matt bent over to get the condom from his wallet, he showed it to me "Is this a good one?" I said "It has no lubrication, it might work for a girl that is wet already, not for a boy" Tommy said "I'll get the KY".

Danny was still sucking my cock and leaving as much saliva on it as he could. Matt said "Do you want to put in on me again?". I said "I showed you how, roll your foreskin back and put it on the tip and roll it down to the base". Tommy came in with the KY. I said "Give it to Matt, put about an inch of lube between your middle and forefinger and rub all around the condom, then put your finger inside Tommy's butt, make sure you get it all around". Matt and Tommy did as I said. I moved Danny up to the bed and he straddled me and backed his ass to my face. I stuck my tongue in his ass crack and his boy hole.

Matt was watching and said "I can't do that, at least not now". I returned Danny to the floor and he backed into my lap with his ass cheeks wide open. My cock popped into him when I hit his sphincter. I slid in the rest of the way until he bottomed out against me. Tommy moved to the same position as Danny and backup to Matt's wrapped 4 1/2 inches. Matt slid right in with little effort. Well his cock is about as thick as my thumb.

I moved Danny forward on my cock and Matt watched and learned. I reached around Danny and played with his cock and balls as he fucked himself on my cock. Matt did the same to Tommy. The girls removed the dildo and started to bite each others nipples, then licked each others pussies. Danny came in my hand and Tommy wasn't far behind.

Melissa said "I told you we could make them cum in thirty seconds. I was probably four or five minutes, but the three boys did come quickly. Danny said "Dad hasn't". Just then the front door opened, Annie was home.

She yelled from downstairs "Where is everyone?". Danny was still on my cock and yelled "Mom, come check out what dad did to my room". Matt kind of freaked a little, but stayed inside Tommy. Annie came up stairs and caught everyone in the act. "Nice to see you again Matt, I thought you were Melissa's boy". She looked up, "Dan we need to talk about this, granted its nice, its exotic and erotic at the same time, but a picture of all of them nude the size of the ceiling, don't you think you went a little overboard?". Matt couldn't take it, he arched his back and fired another shot into Tommy.

Annie joined with the girls, sucking on hard nipples, eating out young pussy and licking the girl's asses. Both girls took her blouse and bra off and sucked on Annie's nipples. By the time they got her pants and panties off, Annie grabbed the dildo and slid it into her pussy, all giving a show for the boys. That was when I filled Danny's ass with my cum. Tommy pulled off of Matt because he was going limp. Danny stayed on me until I went soft inside him. The girls obviously had their orgasms as well.

Danny pulled off of me and showed his ass to Matt. Cum was dripping out of him and running down his legs. Matt said "Whoa, I am definitely not ready for that". Danny said "You get use to it, its weird the first time because you feel full, and haven't eaten anything. But the clean up process is just as much fun".

Annie said "Speaking of which, go get cleaned up, all of you. Matt are you staying over for the weekend?". "Uhm, I was going to call my father to pick me up in a little while". "You can stay if you have permission, I'll drive you home to get clothes if you want, Mr. Wallace here has cooking duty since he has nothing better to do than play on his computers and print pornographic materials of innocent children on his expensive toys. I think he forgets that his family is growing, like four and a half months to go before the baby is due".

Danny and Lisa started to bust a gut. "Told you she would blow a head gasket". Tommy and Melissa joined in the laughter. Matt wasn't sure so he remained quiet.

I said "As a matter of fact Mrs. Peters-Wallace or what ever your name is, remember the baby was your idea, I was merely a semi willing participant, which you caught me a moment of weakness, and because I wasn't wearing proper protection equipment at the time I can not reverse the process".

Lisa and Danny were hysterical. Poor Matt was truly confused. Lisa said "Dad, that excuse is worse the one you were gonna use earlier".

I continued my staunch rebuttal. "As for our ever growing family matters, I have worked a deal with McKinsey and Riggins, They are taking care of the expansion on the house for a barter trade of designing and wrapping four of their trucks each. This room will be blown out the back wall with a full bathroom included. Danny's room will become the room next door, if young Matt here decides to start staying over many weekends, I will add another bed over there so I can regain my office space and some privacy again. Do you know how hard it is to work, run a business and make a much better living than a teacher's salary when two horny sixteen year olds are fucking on the couch next to my desk".

Annie couldn't hold the charade much longer but tried "And what about this work of art by Michael Angelo himself". "Its a truck wrap, I can pull it off without marring the paint behind it, but I thought you might want a different color as the nursery, Annie's space and or guest room". Annie lost it. Danny and Lisa were holding their guts from laughing so hard. I said "I told you I could handle your mother". "Yeah, almost as well as you handle my son, now all of you get cleaned up". I didn't let up "He's my son now as well, remember". That got me slapped.

Matt finally broke down and joined the laughter. He said "You people are really messed up, but you are also the only friends I have ever had, that includes you as well Mr. and Mrs. Wallace". I said "You can stop with the formalities, you don't have to call me Mr. Wallace, you do have to call her Mrs. Peters-Wallace or Mrs. Wallace at school, not in this house". Matt said "Then what should I call you?". "Figure it out on your own Matt. You two showers, take Matt with you". Danny waddled to the bathroom cum still running down his legs, Tommy was right behind him and Matt followed suit.

Annie said "You too, Mr. Wallace, we girls will wait our turns, we aren't nearly as messy when we cum, unless of course your involved". "Yes Mother". I headed for the master bath, picturing what the three boys were doing. I knew Danny and Tommy would break out the enema bag to clean out, I wondered if they would convince Matt to try it or maybe something else.

Annie joined me in the shower. "What was that all about?". I said "Matt had a heart to heart talk with his father, he not only admitted to having sex with Melissa, but he also confessed to being bi-sexual, or he at least thought he was. His dad is okay with it, mom not so much. I put the poster on the ceiling and one thing led to another". She started to play with my cock. "Got any more juice in there for me?". I said "Do you want me to give our unborn child brain damage?". "Too late, you're his father, besides I doubt it will be the last time in his life that you cum in his face". This is true. I put my cock in her and we danced and mated in the shower.

Its I a good thing I installed the extra large water heater a couple of years ago. Two adults, two teens and three almost teens (tweens) all needed to clean up at the same time and probably got dirty again at the same time. I got to get the expansion project going, not to mention dinner, maybe remodel the kitchen as well.

When we came downstairs Danny and Tommy were sitting naked indian style with the game controllers. Matt was dressed on the game couch behind them. Lisa and Mel were still upstairs getting dressed. Annie said "So, Matt what's it going to be?". "Oh, I was waiting for your permission to use your phone to ask permission to stay over for the weekend, I would really like that". "Matthew and if I knew your middle name I would use it Williams, what makes you think you need to ask permission for everything in our house, yes you can use our phone". Matt said "Sorry, you don't know my mom, and my middle name is Tanner, just in case you need it to yell at me". He cracked a nice smile, and his blue eyes sparkled. He went to the kitchen to call his parents.

Annie looked at the other two playing the game. "Uh Hum, I do believe I said get cleaned up". Danny never took his eyes off the TV. "We did, you didn't say anything about getting dressed". "Daniel Malcolm". "Uh Ooh, come on Thomas before we really get in trouble". The two imps ran up the stairs. Tommy yelled down "Its Thomas James, just in case you need to yell at me" laughing all the way upstairs.

I wasn't going to get in trouble too, I said "How does BBQ chicken sound for the terror team, and a grilled chicken breast for mommy to be?". She nodded and said "Pickles too". "Yes Dear". Jeez, the woman teaches all day, tutors after work, catches her new husband with my cock in her son's ass, has two orgasms before dinner and still isn't happy. What's wrong with her. The fact that she might be carrying a demon child in her womb might have something to do with it. I got and evil idea and smiled. When the baby is delivered, I will take the birth pictures and doctor them to superimpose my tattoos on the newborn. Come on. All newborns are ugly and wrinkly, what's a few tattoos. I got busted. "What are you smiling about?". "Nothing dear, would you like a salad as well?".

Matt said "I can stay the weekend, dad had to go to work so mom is going to bring some clothes for me". I said "Good, go make sure everyone is dressed and acting like normal kids, go out and play or something, and tell Danny to keep his bedroom door closed. The room is under construction for remodeling". "Yes Sir".

I got dinner going on the grill, made the salad, and pulled out most of the pictures from the photo shoot that I printed out of the office. Annie was on the couch with her feet up and the kids were out back. All the photos were classy and artful even the nudes. I lined them up near the fireplace mantle. Annie smiled and said "Okay, maybe you do know how to use your toys, these are great".

The door bell rang, Annie answered the door and I yelled out back "Matt your mom is here". The five ran into the house and stopped dead in their tracks "Whoa, look at all these". I wasn't sure about Mrs. Williams. She said her pleasantries, greeted her son and then looked at the photo layout. She said "I wasn't sure about this, but these are beautiful artwork, I love these with Matt and Melissa". I said "They are yours to keep, I matted them but didn't frame them". She had the two pictures of them, one dressed up to the nines, the other nude. Matt was semi-hard smiling at the camera and his girl.

They all milled through the photos and the graphics. Tommy got to one and started to cry. I figured he would when he saw it. I superimposed and haloed the photo of his great aunt into the clouds looking down over him to protect him. It was a great portrait photo of him, looking slightly sideways and smiling. It was a head and bust shot in his suit. Tommy had the photo in his hands and ran out the back door as fast as he could.

Everyone looked at me for an explanation. I said "His Great Aunt passed away recently, he was close to her, so I made the image of her watching over him". Matt's mom said "I miss judged you Mr. Wallace, for that I apologize, that was very nice, and I thank you for looking after my son, he has found friendship and comfort here. I may still be a prude, but I am coming to terms with the fact my boy is growing up, and can make choices of his own. Matt I have to get going, come get your bag from the car".

Matt shot me a look like 'What did you do to my mother' he obeyed and followed her to the car. I said "Lisa, go find Tommy, Ron and Carrie are out of town again". Lisa went out the back to find Tommy, Melissa and Danny were only a step behind to find their friend and comfort him.

Matt came in carrying his bag "My mom really likes the pictures, she wants to know if she can get other sizes made? Where is everyone?". I said "Your parents can come to the shop to order prints, there is a print number in the corner just under the matting. Lisa went to find Tommy, Danny and Mel also, they will be back soon. Matt since you are here alone, make sure you spend plenty of time with Mel, after all she is the reason you are here in the first place". "Yes sir, I understand".

The four came back in just in time for dinner. Tommy had obviously been crying, as he wiped tears from his face. He settled down at the dinner table. He said "Thanks dad, I miss her, mom and dad are going to love the picture, I know I do". Lisa answered the unasked question "It is now hanging in Tommy's room, that is where we found him". Tommy said "Yeah, crying like a baby". Danny said "Its cool bro, we all have our moments, its better to let it out then try to bottle it all up inside, right dad?" "Your absolutely right son".

After dinner Matt said "Mel, do you want to go for a walk or something?". He looked at me for approval or something. I gave him a slight smile. The other three were about to say something but saw my look and remained quiet. Mel said "Grab the pictures, we can drop them off at my house first, they are going to love these". Annie smiled and said "Don't be out to late, and call if your staying at your house Mel". "Okay". The two departed holding hands and the photos in the outside hand.

Melissa and Matt came back about 2 hours later. Mel said "I just had that conversation we talked about with my parents. You were right, they knew what was going, they just didn't want to admit it. We have their permission so we are going to spend the night at my house tonight, we will stay here tomorrow". I nodded.

Matt said "Its really weird talking about sex and your sex life, with complete strangers, especially for me since I know so little about it. But I do like what is happening to me. Since dad got me the wrong condoms, can I take the ones you have?". I said "I didn't say they were the wrong condoms". He said "I know, but wouldn't the lubrication work better for Melissa as well?" I said "Yes it would, help yourself". He came out of the office and grabbed his bag. "See you tomorrow". Annie said "I'm calling it quits as well, it has been a long day, good night".

Danny and Tommy came downstairs and sat with me. "Where's Lisa?". "In her room watching TV". Curiosity got me. I said "So what did you two do with Matt in the bathroom?" "We used the enema bag to clean us out, Matt just watched, he didn't want to try it yet. Then we just jerked each other off in the shower, Matt can't cum any more than we can, that was it, Lisa and Melissa started to bang on the door for their turn".

Tommy had a tear in his eye "I love that picture you did for me". He wrapped his arms around my neck, "My mom and dad are cool, but not like you. I love you dad". Danny wrapped around both of us on the other side "I love you too dad, you are the greatest". "I love you too sons, now lets get to bed its been a busy day for all of us". "Are you going to tuck us in?". I picked both boys up with a lot of effort, but I managed. I carried them upstairs and undressed them. I didn't bother with pajamas. I kissed the top of their heads and the top of their cocks. "Good night boys". "Good night dad". Danny said "This is so cool, it looks like we're diving into bed with hardons. I wish I could take this to school". I said "You can take the one with the skin suits on, I drew dive outfits and parachutes on you. No one will ever know you didn't go skydiving".

Danny thought for a moment and said "No, mom would be upset if I lied, if I tell the truth and say you did this at the shop every kid in school will beg their parents to have an adventure created for them like this. The whole town will be lined up at your shop, you will be so busy that you can't be mayor. Principal Tippenhouse is planning to retire soon anyway. Let him be mayor, that leaves more of your time with us. Face it, you went from having an only child in your world to five kids and soon to be six and the school year isn't even over yet".

"Your a good boy Danny, sweet dreams you two". "Oh, yeah". I turned off the light and partially closed the door.

I opened Lisa's door, "Good night sweetheart, time for lights out". I kissed her head. "Good night dad".

Out of the mouths of babes. Danny's ethics and his prediction were right on the money. Well so are mine, Mayor Tills is going to be squashed like a bug at the elections.

Motorcycle Mayhem IV Truths and Lies


I wish I could continue this story by saying Matt and Melissa came over the next day and Matt couldn't wait to offer me his cute little hairless virgin ass begging me to take him. Didn't happen. At least not that weekend at our house.

The only thing that Melissa did say was "Nothing happened, mom and dad made me lock my door, and Matt slept on the couch. Mom drove Matt home first thing in the morning. They said I was too promiscuous in their house, even if I was of legal age of consent. Mom talked to Matt's mom and things only got worse from there. We are only allowed to see each other with one of our parents as a chaperone outside of school".

Well things settled down, you can't expect parents that just learned or admitted to their teens sexual activities to go well right off the bat. Acceptance is one thing, but it does take a while, it did for me with Lisa. Sal and Karen Simms, and Bill and Katie Williams did get over it. It took a while but Matt and Melissa were once again a cute young couple. And both sets of parents put the blinders back on. 'We know, but don't want to know, but wear protection just in case'.

Annie and I loved these kids in all senses of the word. Our house was the only place that the five only children could find love, friendship and siblings all at the same time. And with Annie pregnant with our baby boy, the five of them all took the newest addition to the Wallace clan (+3) very seriously.

My partner Paul and I were in high gear getting ready for the Spring Dance this coming Saturday, and the Sr. and Jr. Proms next month. The work load was beyond manageable, even with temp help to work the counters out front. Jerry, my graphics assistant, Sarah and Maggie, Paul's photo crew were working 12 to 16 hours a day, which isn't unusual this time of year. Retail stores look forward to Black Friday, for us its the dances and Prom Night. Even the other photography studios in town were booked solid. But Class Act Photo and Graphics Inc. had an advantage.

I was working on an air brush design on a full dresser in one of the shop bays. I couldn't tell what time it was no less what day it was, but work had to be done. Annie, Ron Richardson, Chief of Police Bill Williams and his son Matt, walked in the bay door. I pulled off my mask and goggles. Bill Williams said "Mayor Tills is doing a live interview in fifteen minutes, he is going to accuse you of sexual misconduct and child pornography with his son. His son is going to say you raped him during a photo session for a year book photo picture and you took illegal pictures of him naked while he changed for the pictures".

It took me a moment to comprehend, then I said "Let them raid the place and arrest me, in the meantime I can prove none of what you said happened". I led the group to my design studio and turned on the TV to the local news channel. I opened 'Chat online' and connected with a producer I know at the news station. I pulled the files of 'Tills' up on the computer. I put it on the review screens so everyone could see what I was doing. I also turned on the web cam at my station in pause mode. While we waited for the Mayors announcement and accusation I pulled surveillance video of the shop and searched for the date and time I needed.

The news conference/political fat man wind bag got in front of the cameras. "As mayor of this town, and your sworn leader, I am shocked and appalled to find out that my opposition in this election uses his studio and has been photographing our children in the nude against their will..." The fat man couldn't shut up if he tried.

I typed into chat 'BS, we have signed releases from every parent including mayor tills, I can upload all files and video to prove it'

'If you have proof, I will cut in to the segment, split screen to viewers, your side, his side, this is good stuff' Yeah, newsies always looking for a story.

His son said "I was sexually abused by Dan Wallace at his work place, he stripped me and put his penis in my butt, it hurt real bad... I was only there for a year book picture..."

Matt looked at the TV and said "That is a lie, he got raped by Scott Miller, the jock on the football team in the gym showers, I know because I was there, they hung me up by my underwear on a locker door. I tried to scream for help but the jocks held my mouth shut. They said if I ever said anything I would be next. They always pick on me and Jason Tills, he's fat and I am the runt of the litter and I'm an only child".

I said "Matt, can you say that again, I am going to turn on the web cam and record what you just said, give me a minute and it will be live feed to the news station". "Okay, I'm tired of getting bullied".

I typed 'Live feed coming up to dispute his allegations' 'I am calling hard line now, give me 2min'

"Dan, what is going on?". I said "The asshole is full of shit and so is his son, I have a teenager in Jason Tills class that can testify to what really happened, I never touched that boy, no less photographed him, it was a straight photo shoot, never came to my side. Wait a second, he came in for an adventure photo. Yeah, we photographed him nude, Tills signed the releases for that too, some kind of goofy naked cowboy on a camel in the desert"

Producer "You have proof of all of this?"

"Of course, I run an honest business and parents must sign releases, I even have them notarized and copy licenses."

Producer "Okay, were cutting in live feed now".

Newsie on TV, holding his ear wig "Wait one minute, we have breaking news, the man you are accusing is uploading proof of his innocence, we will be airing it momentarily, we are going to break away and go back to the studio so we can get a monitor setup here"

I said "Matt you ready?" "Yes sir!" "Okay, sit here and look at the web cam and tell your story, Mike you ready for this?" "Yeah go, we have live feed, there is a 5 second delay, turn off the sound on TV so we don't get feedback coming through"

Matt sat in my chair. "I am Matt Williams, I am 16 and I go to school with Jason Tills, he is in most of my classes including gym. Jason was raped by Scott Miller, Tommy Taylor, and a bunch of other football jocks, I was there, they hung me up on a locker door by my underwear and threatened me if I ever told I would be next. Jason I don't know if you can see this or hear this now, but why are you lying, you and I aren't close friends, but still friends. You get picked on and so do I, but what your saying about Mr. Wallace is wrong, your dad is making you say these horrible things, you know they are not true"

I sat down, "Thanks Matt, I'm Dan Wallace, I run an honest business in this town, and I require signed releases for all photography sets, I am sending surveillance video and signed contracts that Mayor Tills personally signed to the news station to rebut these allegations. Isn't it time for a change in this town, Mayor Tills has falsely accused me of wrong doing, and now uses his son to lie for him. Enough is Enough. You want an accusation that will stick, Mayor Tills is a blood sucking leach, you want to search all my files, go ahead, I have nothing to hide, just remember the kids, spring dance, and the proms". Matt leaned over my shoulder "Don't forget about Action Adventures"

I hit pause and mute, the fat bastards were beet red on one side of the TV, on the other side was Matt, then me and a continuing loop of the surveillance video of the mayor signing the contract, the notarized contract itself and the copied drivers license . The newsies blew up the contract so you could read the words and highlighted 'nude photography of a child under the age of 18'. I knew the fat fuck would do something stupid.

I turned everything off and said "Thanks Bill, why the heads up? fat man would have gone on air and I wouldn't have known about it for days". Bill said "It was Matt that came to me, well Annie first then me, apparently Jason Tills was running his mouth off at school". I looked at Matt, "Thank you". He said "No thank you, now I know why everyone calls you dad2, Jason Tills did get raped in the showers once, now he gives it freely I will testify in open court if I have to, nobody is going to hurt my second dad".

The boy hugged me, I looked at the three adults behind him, Ron Richardson said "You know Tommy loves you, I am glad that you are a friend and take care of my boy like he is your own, which brings me to another issue, my boss is asking me to take a temporary position in Texas, six months to a year, I haven't talked to Carrie or Tommy yet, but I don't want to pull him out of school at this point, can he stay with you until school is out?".

Annie just said "He practically lives with us anyway, any objections Mayor Wallace?". She had that evil look on her face "And what did you bring to tell me, evil wife of mine?".

"Principal Tippenhouse has put in for his retirement at the end of school year, I put in my application to take the job. I may not get it but I'm going to try for it". I started to chuckle, "News flash, pregnant Principal Peters takes on Melville middle school, run for your lives, hide the women and children". My humor didn't go over well at all.

Ron said "Dan, don't be an asshole, Annie is the best thing that ever happened to the school system, Tommy's grades are nothing but A's now, she works her ass off for the kids". Bill added to the smack down "Annie tutors after school hours, Matt's grades are much better as well". Matt said "Half the students stay extra hours just to take Mrs. Wallace's tutoring classes, not just math, but sciences classes too".

Annie didn't say anything, she didn't have to. I said "I'm sorry, it was suppose to be funny". Matt nailed my coffin shut "Sir, it wasn't funny at all, you are like a second father to me and Mrs. Peters-Wallace is like my second mom to me. I wish she was the principal at the high school. If she was I bet I wouldn't get picked on so much, even having my dad as the chief of police, he can't do anything about it, all he says is I have to defend myself. I'm half the size of the bullies, even if I try to fight back, I don't know how to, or there are more of them than I can take on". Boy did I feel like shit. I wasn't the only one.

Annie said "I will forgive your for your forked tongue, You taught Lisa, and Lisa is teaching Danny, it looks like you have another pupil". Bill Williams said "Come again, another pupil for what?". Ron answered the question "You are looking at a master sensei of karate, not to mention special forces, in all the years I have known Dan, I learned one thing, don't piss him off, I really thought you were going to kill Mayor Tills at Melissa's birthday party"

I said "I gave that up along time ago, besides too many witnesses, I run a photo and graphics shop now and I am good at it and we earn an honest living, end of story".

Matt said "Dad, I am tired of being bullied, I just sat here and told the world about it, if you won't teach me to fight please let me learn from Mr. Wallace". Bill said "You know your mother, she doesn't want you to fight". "Dad, they hang me by my underwear almost every day, you don't do anything about it, enough is enough, you and mom treat me like I'm a baby, I know I'm small, I know I'll lose a fight, but please teach me or let me learn. Scott Miller and his friends raped Jason Tills, I witnessed it, neither one of us could do anything about it, we were to scared to say anything or do something".

The small sixteen year old had tears in his eyes. Bill said "Alright son, I will teach you, if Mr. Wallace wants to teach you as well I am fine with that, you're right son, I'm sorry, I should have taught you a long time ago to defend yourself".

I said "Matt talk to Lisa, she will teach you as well, if you pick a fight with her she is going to knock you on your ass, stand up raise your fists to her and say Is that all you got, then ask her to teach you, Danny did the same thing not long ago, Tommy did it years ago. I raised my daughter to defend herself, not to mention the tom boy factor in her. There aren't many kids that will mess with her including the high school footballers, she is smaller than them but when she throws a punch it usually does damage, if she kicks it will definitely do damage, she doesn't only fight hard, she fights dirty, she's a street fighter with a fourth degree black belt in karate, she made her first black belt level at the age of eight".

Matt said "Your kidding right, I can't fight Lisa, she's my friend, like my little sister or something, I would take a punch before someone tried to hit her". Ron was laughing, Bill had no idea what was going on. Annie did because of Danny.

Ron said "Matt, if you want to learn a very hard and painful lesson and piss Lisa off in three seconds or less, tell her to go play with a doll, Dan is right, you will be on your ass in a second. If you stand back up to her raise your fists, she is going to hit you again but you will gain her respect. Then she will teach you to fight. If you do the same thing at school the bullies will give you respect as well. You might be small for your age, but they will get tired of you standing your ground, its only fun to bully someone when they cower and try to avoid the fight. What we just witnessed was many things, Mayor Tills and Jason Tills are lying cowards, You took a stand whether you know how to fight or not, you told the truth, and if I am not mistaken the fat slob has just pissed off one man that you do not want to piss off".

Matt said "Can't I learn to fight without picking a fight with Lisa and her kicking the crap out of me, jeez my dad is a cop and my second dad is some kind of secret super ninja out of a movie or something".

Annie said "Matt you just did". "Huh?". "Use your brains, these three neanderthals think a fist or a club is the answer to the world, what is the best way to get back at Scott Miller and his gang?". Matt said "I don't know, yes I do, convince Jason Tills to tell the truth and have them expelled from school". "Ta Da. You don't even need to get that pretty face of yours messed up, after all Melissa would be upset if you went to the dances with a black eye or broken bones".

Matt said "Thanks, I don't want a black eye or a broken nose for the dance, but I do want to learn how to defend myself without having to fight Lisa to gain respect from a girl 4 years younger than me". I said "You can always ask her, but she only has one way of doing things".

Matt got quiet "Dad, can I go with Mr. and Mrs. Wallace tonight, if that is alright with you, I still have clothes over there for school tomorrow". I shrugged, Annie nodded her approval. Bill gave his approval as well.

"I have to get back to work, please excuse me".


Matt, Lisa and Danny were at the dinner table doing homework when I came in. I heard the water running so Annie was in the shower. Dinner was staged ready to go in the oven.

Matt said "Lisa, I want to ask you a question and I had to wait until your dad got home. They said you are a tough street fighter and the only way to gain your respect is to start a fight with you, I don't want to start a fight with you, I do want you to teach me to fight. I know you're teaching Danny, can you teach me as well. I am tired of getting hung by my underwear in the locker room, I am too small to fight them all, even if I could".

Lisa said with out a pause "Don't wear underwear, then they have nothing to hang you by. Matt, you are who you are, you might be smaller then the rest of them so what. The only reason they are picking on you is because they are homo's trying to see what you are hiding, show them even if you don't have as much hair or your dick isn't as big as theirs. They're going to laugh at you no matter what, they're going to make jokes, call you a baby, so what, you have Melissa and the rest of us, all the jock heads have is their right hands and made up stories and fantasies of cheer leaders, or the new math teacher that rides a Harley and has tattoos on her ass, it doesn't matter. They will never get to see 'em, you have".

I chuckled as I put the meatloaf in the oven "Lisa, don't give him a heart attack, he has had quite a day as it is". Danny said "Why, what happened?". "Turn on the local news, better that you find out now than in school tomorrow".

"Jesus, is this for real, the mayor accused you of raping his son". Matt said "It was Scott Miller and most of the football team. I was there, that is why I need to learn to fight, I will punch you as hard as I can if that is what it takes, I am suppose to tell you to go play with dolls to piss you off and then you knock me on my ass. Your dad doesn't want to teach me, neither does my dad because of my mom. Your mom thinks I can outsmart the bullies without a fight. Will you help me?"

I said "Matt your pushing the issue to far, I didn't say I wouldn't teach you, I would prefer you found another avenue which you have seem to have done, you're not on your tailbone and I don't have to put an ice pack on your eye yet. Remember the dance is Saturday, I would prefer my family go without bruises and black eyes, that includes you too Matt since you are the oldest of the extended Wallace siblings". "Yes sir, I apologize, my behavior was uncalled for".

Annie walked into the kitchen at the exact time of Matt's apology. She said "See, tactfulness and grace are much more appropriate than fists". I said "This coming from a woman with a rose tattooed on one ass cheek, and skull and cross bones on the other, dinner is in the oven, I need a shower".

Annie said "The bible says to turn the other cheek, you just need to know which cheek to turn dear, naughty or nice". She waggled her ass in show. The kids were hysterical at the table. Walking out of the kitchen I said "You know me Principal, I like them both". Which was true, Annie has a very nice ass.

At dinner Annie said "You gave me an idea when you were air brushing that dresser in the shop, can you do my tank with Danny and Lisa on one side, faces only, and do Matt, Melissa and Tommy on the other side. Leave room on the left side for our baby or where ever you put these two, 'Mine, Yours, Ours and Theirs' ".

"Sure I can, I can even do our baby before he's born". "Oh, how is that?" "Magic my love, lets get this cleaned up and I will amaze and dazzle my young audience before they all get ready for bed".

I did just that, I sat in the office and pulled up a Road Glide, superimposed Matt, Melissa and Tommy on onside, and Danny and Lisa on the other, then I downloaded a picture of a naked newborn boy from the internet and overlaid my tattoos and scaled to fit the baby and pasted them to the tank. On the rear fender I put a rose on the left side and skull and crossbones on the right to match Annie's ass.

"I love it, put me on the schedule, you can leave the artwork off of our baby though, its funny but our boy needs to be an adult before he gets his first tattoo". Danny said "What would I look like with tattoos?" I spent time putting tattoos on each of them.

"Alright, that's enough for tonight, we can play later on the weekend, hit the showers and get ready for bed, Matt you can sleep in Tommy's bed tonight, I still have work to do down here".

Lisa said "Come on mom you can help me, its that time of the month again". Annie and Lisa went upstairs. Danny said "We'll wait, yell down when the shower is open, can we watch you work?". I nodded.

Danny sat on my lap, Matt pulled a chair up next to me. I was able to work around Danny, except he kept wiggling his butt in my crotch, starting to get me hard. Work was futile. I had my hand under his shirt rubbing his soft belly and playing with his nipples. He undid the button and the fly of his jeans. It wasn't long before my hand was wandering around his hairless cock and balls.

Matt was watching and decided he wanted the same attention. I definitely wasn't getting any work done with these two cuties hanging around my office. I gave up and closed down the files I had open. Lisa yelled down that the shower was open.

Danny said, "Do you want to shower with me Matt?, maybe dad will help us, then get us ready for bed".

I did just that, I sucked them both off until they each gave me their tiny droplets of sweet boy cum. I put them in pajamas, Matt didn't have any but, he isn't much bigger than Danny anyhow, the pjs were a little small on him but he would manage.


Friday and Saturday were nuts getting ready for the Spring Dance. The schools opened the dance up to the high school, and then at the last minute the jr. high school as well. So Tommy asked Lisa to go to the dance with her. Danny was the only one left out. Matt and Melissa were beautifully dressed up, so were Tommy and Lisa.

I said to Danny, "I need an assistant, if you're interested in working the dance with me". Danny beamed and jumped at the chance. Since Annie was a teacher/chaperone everyone was going to the dance. I got Danny dressed in black slacks, white shirt, tie and a vest. He looked like a short version of me, well everyone at Class Act would be dressed the same. That is our version of business professional. Besides the jacket just gets in the way when your working.

Paul's crew including Jerry were photographing all the couples and I had the computers and the projector setup so as a couple came around to a photographer, their pictures were projected onto one of the walls. Danny bless his heart worked his cute little tail off helping everyone out. He even got to dance with some of the girls that didn't have dates. One girl surprised me she didn't have a date, she was tall, cute and built like a brick shit house. When Danny danced with her his head was right in her tits. He wasn't sure what to do with his hands, until she wrapped his hands around her waist and onto her ass. Danny couldn't dance very well, so she led. He smiled the whole night.

The Emcee got on the microphone to have the group vote for the King and Queen of the dance. "Since the Jr. and Sr. High schools are here tonight, there will be two Kings and Queens". The place was mayhem trying to pick the favorites. I kept putting couples pictures on the wall, and the voting would begin. Paul's crew kept firing pictures which we would add the year book photos, or sell to the parents.

I saw a bunch of high school boys corner Matt, they had to be the football team. I couldn't get up, but thankfully there were enough chaperones, not to mention cops to make sure the kids weren't drinking or smoking pot or no fights broke out.

Matt and Melissa took a break by me. Four large teens came to Matt. This I could do something about. One teen said "Matt, I'm sorry for what has happened to you, Scott Miller is wrong for what he and his buddies did to Jason Tills. I am wrong for not stopping it. We all are. What you just did to tell the world the truth took a lotta balls, bigger balls than I have, man. I promise you, nothing will be done to you ever again. I, we will make the same promise to Jason, you're safe in school. You have a problem you come find one of us. No more hangings by your underwear, no one will beat on you. If they do, they are going to get a beating including Scott Miller".

Matt said "Thanks, I have taken care of the underwear problem, I won't wear any, you can laugh, say whatever you want, call me a runt, little dick, I don't care anymore, I am not going to back down from the bullies even if I get my ass kicked every day in school. Enough is Enough".

The large teen said "Man, I'm serious, no one is going to lay a finger on you. As far as we are concerned, you and your cute girl friend are the King and Queen, we are your knights of the round table. We are also going to make Jason Tills, one tell the truth, and protect him as well. Scott Miller and his thugs are out of business".

The teen looked at me "Sir, I don't know much about politics or care too, but everyone in town, at a game, in school everyone is saying your slogan 'Enough is Enough', we as a team screwed this up, bad. Now the smallest kid in our high school, well almost the smallest is making it right, we or at least I plan on helping him, that goes for you too, if someone threatens you, we will help".


Melissa started to laugh and said "Do you have any idea who your talking to?" I shot her a dirty look and she shut up. Matt didn't "I haven't seen Mr. Wallace in action, but I have heard a few stories about him, he can take care of himself" "Matthew Tanner Williams that is enough of that. This is a Spring Dance and everyone is suppose to have fun. Gentlemen I thank you for your forwardness and honesty, I also thank you for looking after Matt and Melissa, they are very much like my own children".

"Whoa dude, the man just called you 'Matthew Tanner', he just yelled at you with out raising his voice, what's up with that?". Lisa was now standing behind them with Tommy and Danny, she said "Pray you never find out what my dad can do". The boy turned "Lisa?". Matt said "Its okay Lisa, Chet is on our side now, or I certainly hope he is true to his word".

"Sir I am Chet Davis, you are Lisa's father?" "I am". He said "I know you as the biker, that does cool things with computers and stuff, you work at that photo and graphics place, excuse me but Wallace is a pretty common name. Who taught your daughter all that martial arts stuff?". Lisa said "He did block head, and he owns Class Act Photo and Graphics Design, don't they teach you jocks anything in high school"

"Lisa Marie, that is enough as well. Chet here is trying to right a wrong, do not give him an attitude". Chet said "She already has once, she put me on the sidelines for four weeks with a cracked rib, I still can feel it sometimes. By the way Lisa, you look very different in a dress. You look like a nice young lady, uhm instead of, never mind, you look good". "Thank you Chet"

The teens and tweens relaxed, the large teens didn't have anywhere else to go, or just took up guard positions around Matt and Melissa, I returned my attention to my work.

"There you are you little faggot, do you really think you can hide from us, you're dead meat". This got my attention. Matt said "You're calling me a faggot, who raped Jason Tills in the showers while he was held down, you idiot you left a witness to testify against you, me".

I caught the punch and dropped the teen to his knees before he knew what happened. I said "I take it this is Scott Miller and his gang". I had the teens wrist bent back almost to the point of snapping it off his arm. The others in the gang tried to help their buddy but to no avail, Lisa had one down, and Chet and his friends took on the others.

By the time the cops came over, and some teachers Scott Miller was trying to get his arm out of my grip. I said "Chief Williams, do you smell something funny from these boys, it kind of smells like burnt rope to me, do you think it might be marijuana? I thought drugs and alcohol were illegal for minors to use". "Yes I do believe it is an illegal substance emitting from these boys, what do you think Principal Mason?"

The High School Principal said "If it is true, than it means suspension, and possibly expulsion from school, since this is not the first time for these boys this is a serious incident". Matt stood up "Principal Mason, I am not going to hide from them anymore or be scared of them anymore, Scott Miller raped Jason Tills in the showers, they hung me by my underwear on a locker door and I saw the whole thing".


Mason said "Yes, I saw your broadcast the other day, I was looking for you all day yesterday to discuss that with you, I couldn't find you, your homeroom teacher said you were in school though".

Matt said "I checked into homeroom and then hid in the library most of the day, thankfully I don't have many of the same classes as they do. I am not going to hide from them anymore, I might be small and get the crap kicked out of me but I will stand up to the bullies. You just need to get Jason Tills to admit the truth as well".

The cops dragged the bullies out with the principal in tow. The Emcee called out "Okay, everyone the excitement is over, lets get back to the dance".

The teen next to Chet said "Did you see that shit, he caught the punch, and bent his arm back like a limp noodle". Matt said "Thanks guys, I appreciate your help and your word". Chet said "I guess we need a new quarterback next year, that was his throwing arm".

Everyone settled down and watched the dance or danced. It was starting to wind down. The Emcee finally called out "Okay folks, we have our Sr. and Jr. King and Queen winners, Sr. High school winners "Matt Williams and Melissa Simms, Jr. High school winners, William Spencer and Laura Hoskins".

I started to power everything down and pack up. I looked for my assistant. He was sound asleep on the chair behind my setup. I packed up my equipment and picked Danny up and carried him to the car. Lisa and Tommy fell asleep in the car on ride home as well. Annie had the King and Queen in her car.

I carried each tween upstairs and undressed them with out them stirring. I tried to put pajamas on them but they were out cold and I was too tired. I thought I have to do these dances twice more in a couple of weeks. I need a vacation.


Annie was exhausted as well, she crapped out in the queen bed. The only ones that still had energy were the newly crowned King and Queen, and they were too wound up to go to bed.

I said "I'm proud of you Matt, you did good to stand up to the bullies tonight". "Thanks dad2, Melissa I had a great time tonight". "So did I Matt". The two kissed with passion. Mel started to undress Matt. Pulled off his coat and undid his tie, then unbuttoned his shirt. I was about to climb the stairs to leave the love birds alone. Melissa whispered something in Matt's ear. "Are you sure Mel?" "Yeah, what do you think?" Matt nodded his head, I said "Good night you two".

"Uhm, dad we have an idea, we want to make love, but we want you to join us, make it a threesome, before you argue, we are 16". I said "Melissa, you are like my daughter, I can't have sex with you" "Yes you can, I have wanted you since I was fourteen, probably before that, and you know Matt wants you as well. Everyone else is asleep".

Matt said, "I do want you and Melissa, Mel is right, if you join us think of it as another lesson for me". Matt unzipped Mel's dress and she stepped out of it revealing her bra and pantyhose. She undid his trousers showing his whites. He unsnapped her bra revealing her breasts. She pulled his underwear down and took off his socks. He pulled down her pantyhose.

The two naked teens turned their attention to me. Melissa said "Please, I want you and Matt inside me, please don't put a condom on and don't make Matt wear one tonight. Make this a special night for me, I have never been the queen of the dance before".

Matt said "You can make me your queen too". I said "Put your clothes in your room, and grab condoms".

I led the two teens to the master bedroom upstairs. I got the inflatable pump, the rose pedals oil and a 3 1/2 plastic dildo so Matt could get use to something in his ass. I brought them both to the bathroom. "Matt I know you have seen Danny and Tommy use the enema bag, are you ready to try it?". "Yes sir, I am ready for anything now". I filled the solution and inserted the probe using some oil into his butt. After the third rinse he was clean. Melissa did the same thing so her butt was just as clean as his, then she used a douche solution on her pussy. I finished getting undressed and used the enema bag on myself.

I led the two to the king bed, and put Melissa in the middle. Matt said "Please teach me, how to please my girl, and you".

"Lie down next to her, on the other side, take your time, we don't want you firing to early. Kiss her like you love her, have you eaten her pussy yet?". "No". "Play with her nipple, then suck on it" I was on the right side of Mel and Matt was on the left. I touched her b-sized breast and her nipple, was hard. Matt did as I did. I started to flick my tongue at her nipple and Matt mimicked me. I sucked her nipple and so did Matt. Melissa was in ecstasy, her head rolling back and forth. "Move down her body with your tongue, lick under her breast, move down her stomach, use your hand on her nipple, gently squeeze it".

"Lick behind her knees, then on the inside of her thigh". She was sweaty. I should have made them shower, but oh well. It was late. "When you lick a pussy, stay to the top, use your fingers and rub her clit like this". I started to eat her soft pussy, and then moved so Matt could have access. "That's right". At least her pussy was clean. Matt moved back and I licked her again. I stuck my finger in her pussy. Matt returned his tongue to her box and put his finger inside her.

Melissa said "Please fuck me you two, fuck me please". I lifted her hips up and slid a pillow below her to raise her up. I pulled her legs apart and up to her chest. Her pussy and her ass were now available.

I put my tongue in her ass crack and then into her ass hole. Melissa was going crazy. "Matt put a pillow over her mouth so we don't wake everyone up". I returned my tongue to her pussy. I pulled off and Matt licked her ass and her pussy again. Melissa was moaning like crazy into the pillow on her face. She pulled the pillow off.

"Fuck me daddy, fuck me like the bad little girl I am". I said "Put your condom on Matt". Melissa said "Please daddy, not tonight I'm on the pill, please fuck me daddy"

"Roll over Matt, on your back, spread your legs some". I oiled the inflatable pump probe and oiled my finger to get inside Matt's tight asshole. I moved my finger inside him. I pushed the probe into his ass and handed him the bulb. "Squeeze the bulb to enlarge yourself then release, get use to having something in your butt". "Yes, daddy I want you in my butt too".

Melissa had her legs wide open and playing with her pussy, "Daddy, come on fuck me please, I need you inside me, fill me with your cum". I aimed my seven inch cut cock at a 16 year old girl that is like my own daughter. I must be out of my mind. I slid into her pussy opening her up as I went in. I pulled out and pushed in again. "Daddy fuck me like I am bad girl, fuck me hard".

I started to slam my cock into her. Matt next to us watching his girlfriend getting laid. "That's it daddy, that's it, yesss fuck me daddy". I fucked her hard "Daddy cum in me please" I unloaded my balls into Melissa "yesss, that's it fill me up daddy, fill me up". She had her orgasm as well. I let her come down from her climax before I pulled out.

"Matt how you doing with that". "I'm getting use to it, I like it". "Come here Matt, and you two don't get in the habit of having sex without a condom on, put your cock in your girlfriend". "Yes sir".

Matt put his 4 1/2 inch uncut cock into Melissa. I got behind Matt and pulled the probe out of his butt. I was replaced with my tongue. I oiled up my fingers and my cock. When I put my middle finger into Matt's ass his back arched and he prematurely shot his boy cum into Melissa to mix with mine. I said "Its okay Matt, just keep going". He continued to fuck her, and I put another finger in his ass to open him up. I got my third finger in his ass.

"Okay Matt here we go". Melissa said "Hold it a second, pull out". Matt pulled out. Melissa rolled over "Fuck my ass too". and stuck her ass in the air, I oiled up Matt's cock and her ass, I got two fingers in her. I guided Matt to her ass and he put his cock in her ass. I got behind him and pushed my cock into his ass. I let him get use to it "Okay?" "Yeah, go ahead". Matt fucked Melissa's ass and his own at the same time, when he pushed into her, he pulled me out, he pulled out, pushing my cock deeper into his hot still hairless cavity.

Melissa was watching over her shoulder and rubbing her own pussy to climax again. She orgasmed first, Matt came in her ass just about the same time as Melissa. I fucked Matt until I emptied what was left of my balls into his boy hole.

I pulled out of Matt and he pulled out of Melissa. I pulled the covers back and got in, I held the covers up offering them to sleep with me, I figured Matt would want to be next to Mel. One got on each side of me so I moved to the middle. They each had a leg over mine and arms over my chest. They were asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows. I was right behind them.


In the morning Annie was the first one up, and came in to use the shower in the master. I stirred when I heard the shower. Matt and Mel were still in the same positions. I woke them up when Annie came out of the bathroom. Tommy and Danny came in next still naked and jumped on the bed. Lisa came in last also still naked.

Matt said "Good morning daddy" Matt pulled the covers off of us and tossed them to the foot of the bed. He grabbed my cum crusted cock and put his mouth over my crown. "Easy with the teeth Matt, use your lips". "Sorry". He returned to my hardening cock. Melissa joined him, so I had a teen on each side of my cock with their tongues. They took turns sucking my cock. Matt stayed on my cock, and Mel sucked my balls and stuck her tongue into my ass.

"Go for it Matt, take his load, suck his dick Matt". The boy went further his throat with my cock with each bob, and more encouragement. I could feel I was hitting the back of his throat and thought he was going to gag, but he just kept swallowing my 7 inch cock down his throat. "Matt are you sure you want me to cum in your mouth?" Annie said "Go on daddy, shove your cock down your sons throat and shoot your load right down his throat"

Melissa sucked my balls and returned her tongue to my ass. That is exactly what I did, I blew my load straight down Matt's throat and he never gagged or missed a beat. He swallowed all of it. When he pulled off me he smiled and said "I love being your queen daddy". Mel said "Yeah, me too". Everyone laughed. Danny said "Its fun being his bitch isn't it". I got six agreements.

Lisa said "Being his bitch is one thing, the problem is riding bitch with him, Annie isn't going to be able to ride soon or definitely not when the baby comes". Annie said "Your right Lisa, I'm past my riding days for a while". Matt said "My other dad has a Fat Boy"

Mel said "You don't have to worry about me, my parents would kill me if they found out I even thought of getting on a motorcycle".

It was a valid problem, with Tommy staying here full time, Annie can't ride anymore, I can only take one with me when I ride.

Annie said "Why don't you cum queens get cleaned up, and worry about life sustaining things like what's for brunch, come on girls I'll take the easy ones, Daddy can have the dirty boys" Tommy giggled out "That's the way he likes us". I said "That's not true, I like your asses very clean when I eat them out and fill them up with my cum".

Annie said "Its not cum, its demon seed, I know I am carrying your offspring for almost seven months now, the little bastard thinks he is already a martial arts master sensei, like his father". Lisa said "And his fourth degree black belt sister, thank you very much". Annie said "We still haven't picked a name for our son".

I said "I don't know let them decide what to name him. Come on my sons lets go". I started the shower and the enema bag solution again for Matt. "Hey Matt are you going to let us fuck your butt too?" "Of course, isn't that the initiation into the Wallace Clan?" "Yes".

I fucked Matt standing in the shower, Tommy took his turn, Danny sucked Matt while Tommy fucked him and then they switched places. I used the enema bag on Matt in the shower, then we all washed ourselves clean.


Everyone helped with making brunch. Everyone talked about the dance and how cool it was. At the table Annie said "You were serious about letting them pick a name weren't you?". "Why not, we can't call him Daniel can we, besides maybe they will come up with a good name". Boy was I wrong, but they were having fun coming up with the goofiest names they could think of.

My mind drifted to other places, I was thinking of a road trip, but Lisa was right, if they want to ride I can only take one. Come on Dan your a smart guy, and a designer to boot. Think.

My cell phone ringing broke me out of my trance. "Hello". "Yeah, tomorrow is fine...". "Who was that?". "McKinsey, he is sending three crews over tomorrow morning to start the demolition for the expansion, Riggins will send his guys after the frame up is done, McKinsey will be here in an hour or so. He said he will drop off one of his construction trailers so everything will be here".

That's it, that's the answer you dummy. "Lisa I think I have a solution to who gets to ride bitch with me, the answer is all of you". "Huh?, how are you going to do that?". I said "I have two options, one is a sidecar and I don't want a sidecar on the Ultra Glide, the second is a trailer, I will take one of the motorcycle trailers that you see getting towed by a bike, I can have McKinsey cut it for me and then I will build a two seat trailer that I can tow behind me. That way you, Danny and Tommy can ride with me, one in the tour seat the other two on the trailer".

"No way, that's too cool". I said "I am going to air brush Annie's Road Glide, I will do mine and the trailer at the same time. If Matt wants to ask his dad and ride with him we have everything covered. Since Mel won't get on a motorcycle, she gets to babysit when we go on a road trip".

Lisa said "Where are we going and when?". I said "How about five minutes after the last bell at the end of the school year. I will pick you up from school. Matt if you want to go, talk to your dad, same for you Tommy, give your mom and dad a call, I will take care of the rest". "Where are we going?". "I don't care pick a place, I can ask Aunt Sammy for the house if we want to go back to Myrtle Beach, it won't be bike week but the weather should be great".

Danny said "But what about mom?" Annie said "Mom will be just fine, I am not riding a motorcycle for a while, Matt if your dad wants to go and doesn't want to ride a Fat Boy that far then he can take the Road Glide. If he doesn't want to or can't go, then maybe the girls will spoil themselves at a spa or something. Get pampered, mud baths the whole nine yards. That is if Lisa would like to do that, be a princess for a few days instead of playing baseball, scraping your knees and hiding that beautiful head of hair under that Yankees cap of yours".

Matt said "Don't forget about drop kicking Scott Miller's gang while wearing a dress at the spring dance, that was a really cool move, you are going to teach me that right? Oh by the way dad, that was a really cool move last night too".

Lisa thought for a moment, then said "Lets see what Mr. Williams has to say, if he can't go then Matt can ride bitch and I will go to the spa".

I said "McKinsey will be here soon, get some clothes on will you". "Yes daddy" five times full of laughter. "Then clean up this mess". "Yes daddy". "You're an amazing man Mr. Wallace".

I went into the office and had the trailer design done before McKinsey showed up, well at least a rough design I'll work on the graphics later. I also printed my designs of what I thought the expansion should look like.

Danny said "What about the ceiling?" Too late, the door bell rang.

I gave the designs to McKinsey and took him upstairs. He looked up at the ceiling in Danny's room and said "Whoa, I'm glad my daughters didn't go with that theme for their Action Adventure, they're very happy with what they have". I said "Releases are signed by all the parents, if someone has an imagination we can design it and print it".

He said "I know, but I don't think you want that up there when the crews come in tomorrow, will it come off?". "Just like yours, help me get it down". Fifteen minutes later the action adventure was rolled up and in the garage. I said "Do I need to move the furniture out of there?". "We will take care of everything, just tell Marc Rodgers where you want things, he's one of my best, he will be the foreman for my crews and for Riggins as well, he is your go to guy, if you don't like his answers which should be 'Yes sir' then call me".

I showed him my idea for the trailer. He said "Sure, we can cut it, that's easy, if I were you I would put your shop logo and advertisement on it, as a matter of fact do the same thing for my trucks, put your calling card on them so when someone sees my trucks they know to call me and then call you".

McKinsey was about to leave. Tommy came running downstairs "Mom and dad are cool with the road trip as long as I ride with you". Matt was three steps behind him "Dad is going to check to see if he can go, but I have permission to go"

Annie chuckled "Give the man an idea and he can move the world in two hours or less". McKinsey said "Annie how are you holding up?". She said "Tired most of the time but I'm doing okay, I just want this child out of my womb". He said "What is your due date?". "September 1st". "Picked a name yet?". I was about to say no.


Lisa said "How about Dylan Matthew Wallace?" We all looked at her. I said "Where did that come from, an hour ago you wanted to name him Hugo, or Verbatim?" We all looked at each other and Annie nodded her head.

Lisa said "Dylan is a nice name. Lisa, Danny and Dylan Wallace, I think it has a nice ring to it. Matthew is for Matt, our sort of older brother. If it was a girl then I would have used Melissa as the middle name".

Annie said "I stand corrected, give either one of them an idea and they will both move the world in two hours or less, I like it, Dylan Matthew Wallace it is". I said "We aren't the only ones that can move the world in a short amount of time Principal Peters-Wallace". "Thank you Mayor Wallace".

Danny said "Is it getting thick in here or what, I don't have my boots on". Which of course got him pounded and running out the back door laughing his butt off, being chased by the others. One big happy family. What the fuck was I thinking.

"See you Dan, Annie take care of yourself". "Thanks Mac, I'll catch up with you later".

Nothing like a plan that comes together.


Motorcycle Mayhem V A Touch of Class Photo and Graphics Design


*I'll take a quick moment to recap what the kids look like.


Lisa is twelve, has light brown hair with natural blond highlights to her shoulder, you would never know it, it is always stuffed in to a Yankee's ball cap. Her green eyes sparkle and she has a nice smile. She stands about five feet tall, ninety pounds and a light bronzed tan color most of the year round. Her nipples are firm with the starting signs of growing breasts. She is hairless around her pussy, but it does show signs of peach fuzz now. Lisa is a tom boy true and true. However as of late she has been acting, and sometimes dressing more like a girl since she had her first period a some months ago. I should also mention her ninety pounds are pure muscle.

Danny is eleven, reddish brown hair, hazel eyes, five feet tall, thin and about eighty pounds. Danny is completely hairless and his circumcised cock is three and a half inches, and his balls are still small and tight to his body. He isn't all muscle, but he is quickly learning from his adopted sister.

Tommy lives two doors down but living with us for a while because of his fathers temporary job in Texas, He is twelve also, sandy brown hair, five foot one, blue eyes, and also a nice smile, and weighs eighty-five pounds. Tommy is completely hairless and his circumcised cock sticks out about three and a half inches, and his balls are still small and tight to his body as well. Tommy only shows a hint of baby fat in all the right places.

Melissa lives across the street, sixteen, slim, milky-white complexion, long blond hair past her shoulder blades, hazel eyes, about five foot three and ninety-two pounds . Melissa's breasts are 'B' sized cups and her nipples are always hard and pointing straight up. She has nicely a trimmed blond pubic hair patch above her little pussy.

Matt, also sixteen, small for his age, short blond hair, blue eyes, one hundred five pounds. He stands at five foot five inches, giving him the benefit of the doubt. He isn't much bigger than Tommy or Danny. Matt's cock is uncut, slender and four and a half inches. He has a small patch of pubes over his cock, his balls have dropped but are small and hairless and so is his chest and ass. He has a few blond strands of hair under his arms. Matt is a late bloomer. He's the size of, and developed like a twelve year old.

All three boys can cum, and all the about the same amount. A drop or two of watery sweet boy honey.

Lisa is my natural daughter, Danny is now my adopted son. Tommy, Melissa and Matt are like my kids, I treat them that way, so does my wife Annie, and they call us 'Mom and Dad two'. Annie is carrying our soon to be born son Dylan Matthew Wallace. Lisa, Danny and Tommy all have birthdays coming over the summer months.

McKinsey's crews and then Riggins crews blew out the wall, had the support beams up had the new room done in two weeks. Complete with full bathroom, large shower stall, tub, baby bassinet, bidet, plus all the other amenities they could think off. Since the expansion was on the upstairs of the house and on the back they got creative, and expensive, and installed a heated 8 person jacuzzi under the addition, taking up some of the patio space. They put a privacy fence on one side, removable Plexiglas panels and walled in the side of the house along with the addition. If you looked at the house, you would never know it was under construction at all, it looked like it was built that way from the beginning.

The crews moved all the furniture around as requested, nothing but 'Yes sir, we will take care of that', just like Mac promised. I kept the Wallace clan out of the work area, for a couple of reasons, one was obvious for safety and don't get in the way, the other was to surprise them, mostly Annie, but the kids too when it was done.

Danny's new bedroom, which use to be the spare in the front, or Annie's now had a new coat of paint, the bunk beds were in there, plus a workstation to do homework and another twin size bed for Matt. The room still has plenty of open space for the boys. Marc Rodgers even took care of putting the 'naked skydiving action adventure' back up on the ceiling of Danny's, well and Tommy's new room and a place for Matt as well.

Marc Rodgers only comment when they put the adventure wrap back on the ceiling was "That is interesting, my son is twelve, his birthday is next month I think he might like something like that". I said "Have him come in to the shop with his imagination and of course a signed release, we will notarize it and take care of your sons wildest dreams". A couple of the guys on his crew had interesting looks but never said a word. 'The customer is always right, shut up and do your job'. They probably had something to think about in the shower though. Three naked boned up boys, two completely hairless and two naked girls, one still hairless jumping out of an imaginary plane on an 'Action Adventure'. It would give me something to think about in the shower, but then that would be me.

I have to admit since Danny came up with the whole cockamamie idea of him naked painted on the motorcycle early in the school year, and then the naked sky dive with the five of them, our business is out of control. Every kid in the schools wants an 'Action Adventure'. Honestly most parents are going for it, not all nude, but a good majority go for the nude shots. I am keeping the price reasonable, still making money. Well more like making a shit load of money.

While the house was under construction under the ever watchful eye of Marc Rodgers, I focused my time on getting the bike trailer done in time. I bought a popup motorcycle trailer, when closed it is roughly 60 inches long, with 2 feet of hitch bar, it supposedly expands out so two people taller than six foot could sleep in the fold out camper section. I don't think so, not for this road horse anyhow. But it will suit my purpose.

I had McKinsey cut it, and he helped with the fiberglass and Plexiglas as well. A buddy does custom leather work so he made the seat for me. We did most of it in my bays at work. Mac cut the lid in half, removing the front and then built up the front edge and beveled it around to the sides and blend in with the original side of the trailer. It has a Plexiglas windshield that follows the same contour. The back half is fiber glassed and sealed as a lockable storage area. The front half is open so you have a place for your feet. The seat is mounted on top of the original lid with full cruiser style wrap around back rest and speakers in the corners. The hinges have been upgraded to take the weight of the seat when it opens to for the storage unit. The trailer is sleek, well built, and definitely custom. The only thing left was to paint it.

The end of the school year was approaching fast, so were the Sr. and Jr. proms. I had Annie's Road Glide almost finished, another day and it would be done. I still had time to get my Ultra painted, air brushed and the trailer, maybe.

"Hey Dan, how is it going". Bill and Matt Williams came in the bay door. Matt had a black eye and a fat lip "What happened to you, did you have a run in with the jocks?". "No, some other jerk in the cafeteria, pushed me out of line so I pushed back, I told him not to cut the line". I said "So where were your knights oh, king of the dance?". Matt said "Too little, too late". Bill said "Ask him who threw the first punch". I looked at Matt, he said "I did, it didn't do much good. I punched once, he punched twice, I was on my ass in a heartbeat. That is why I want you to teach me to fight".

"Matt don't take this wrong, but me teaching you to fight isn't going to solve your problems, you are trying to take on kids twice your size. Matt you are a good kid, but your 16 years old in a body of an 11 or 12 year old. You are just barely bigger than Danny and Tommy. Give them a year and they will both be bigger than you, Lisa as well. The only one that you will be bigger than is Melissa, she might grow another inch but I doubt it. I know its tough on you to be a small boy, but that is what you are, when you get older you might put some weight on but you will be a small man as well".

He dropped his head "I know, I am just tired of it. Chet Davis saw the whole thing, All he did was make the kid go to the end of the line and picked me up off the floor. He said 'was it worth it?'. No, because I threw the first punch I got in trouble and the school had to call dad". I said "Welcome to the real world Matt, life isn't always fair".

Bill changed the subject to relieve his son's despair. "Hey Dan, this motorcycle trailer is really cool, but is it legal?"

I said "Yes, it is, I have the registration sticker and the plate for it, I'll put them on after I finish the paint job". I had the hitch on a cinder block. I said "Stand on the hitch, go ahead Matt climb in, check it out". Bill put his weight on the hitch so that it wouldn't fly up. Matt lifted his leg over the side and stepped in and sat down on the seat.

"This is really cool, speakers, the seat is really comfortable". Bill said "What about the exhaust, you'll suffocate them".

I grabbed the exhaust extenders I made just for this purpose. I said "No I won't, these are exhaust extenders, made from poly carbonate flex steel with stainless steel reinforcement bands. I clamp these to my pipes on the bike, and the exhaust comes through this manifold and out the pipes on the sled. The exhaust will be the same as if they were riding bitch behind me. I have already had it tested twice at two different motor vehicle inspection stations for leaks. It passed both, not to mention impressed the shit out of the inspectors. The sled is fully wired as well, so they will have the radio, plus push to talk capability to me, it is piggy backed from the back rider. All the storage is under the seat and the back half, front is nothing but leg room. And yes before you ask a dumb question, whom ever is riding back here will have helmets and eye protection on".

Bill said "Okay, I'm convinced, wow you are talented. I still don't know if I can go, do you have a timeline or a destination planned?"

I said "I told them I would pick them up five minutes after the last bell for school. Whether we leave or not is up in the air. As far as I am concerned it can be 'Destination Nowhere'. Throw a dart on a map and that is the direction we head. Myrtle Beach has possibilities because my sister owns a house there. It might be available or not, she rents it out during bike weeks and most of the summer. I can probably get it from her mid week, so call it two days riding down, three maybe four at the house and then two days back, so a week plus or minus a day. I just need to do something, one while I have permission, and two before the baby is born, once Dylan is born all the rules will change".

"I don't think I believe you about needing permission". "No but it does make them feel better when you ask". "Yeah, okay I fell off the turnip truck yesterday too".

I said "Come on Matt, do you want to learn to air brush, I still have to finish Annie's ride". "Really? you will let me air brush Annie's motorcycle?". I said "No I will let you learn how to air brush, my hand over yours, you just let yourself relax and your hand goes where mine does, I will control the trigger, Okay?". "Anything you say, this is going to be so cool, what are we going to paint?". "You, I finished Melissa this morning, you will finish off the right side of the tank. Hey Bill what do you think, should we make it realistic and leave the black eye and fat lip on him?" I tickled Matt. Bill said "Hey its your old ladies ride not mine, maybe you should paint them on, maybe it will be an everlasting reminder for him about his actions today".

I pulled the 8x10 photo of Matt's face to work from and putt on my work clip board. I sat on my rolling work stool and I had Matt stand in front of me. When I had everything ready I took his small hand into mine. "Nice and easy Matt, let me do the work, relax just go with it". His soft hand in mine moved as one, I got the stroke and color and pulled the trigger, stroke, trigger. Change some colors, stroke and trigger, color change, stroke and trigger. Matt backed into me and we became one, I moved him as easily as the air brush, his hand floated with mine, I moved my body his went with me. I think I put him in a trance, this 5' 4", 110 pound, blond beauty with normally bright blue sparkling eyes just became an extension of me.


"Uhm, excuse me Mr. Wallace". "Yes, Mrs. Anderson, what is it?". It was damn good thing I didn't have the trigger pulled on the air brush, I would have ruined the tank job.

"Oh, Hi Chief Williams, Hi Matt, I'm glad your here, I didn't know if I should call the police or not".

I said "Mrs. Anderson, what are you talking about, I told you not to disturb me when I have the 'Air Brush' sign on the door, is there an emergency, why should you call the police?"

"Sir, there are group of men, four men, and half a dozen teens. One man is quite upset and demands to see you personally. One of the other men is Mayor Tills, his son is one of the teens, I'm not sure who the others are, but I think it has something to do with what happened at the 'Spring Dance'. Jerry is trying to take care of them but they do seem upset. I thought it best to get you sir".

I looked at Bill. He said "Ready when you are". I said "Mrs. Anderson, thank you, you did the correct thing, do not call the police, unless things get out of hand. Please quietly get the girls away from the stations. If you can lock the cash register drawers but do not put yourself in danger. Tell the group, that I will be right out. And remember Mrs. Anderson smile, the customer is always right".

"Yes sir, I have to admit the one man frightens me, he is very upset, the others aren't as bad I don't know".

"Matt get in my office an lock the door, now". "No sir, if this is about me I am not going to run and hide anymore". "Matt, do as your told, we will handle this". "No dad, I can't do that, not anymore, I will stay behind you but I will come out there. You can lock me in a closet like they do, but I will get out. Take me with you".

Bill and I shot glances. I said "Mrs. Anderson please, tell them I am washing my hands and will be there in a moment". Bill said "You sure you don't want backup, I don't like mob scenes, I am calling for support". I said "Send a cruiser to the area, we don't know what they want". "How about three, two blocks away, lets go".

"Gentlemen, I am Dan Wallace how can I help you, Mayor Tills its always a pleasure to see you. And to you as well Mr. Scott Miller, what do I owe the pleasure, and how can we help you".

The enraged gentlemen burst out "You got my son expelled from school, he has a future, scholarships, he is a great football quarterback and you have ruined it, you nearly broke his arm".

He was shaking his fist at me over the counter. I waited until he had to take a breath. "Sir, your son got expelled by his own actions, not mine".

Scott Miller yelled "Dad, Shut up, your not helping let us do it our way". The others, which could easily been a lynch mob were not as aggressive. "Sir I am Scott Miller, this is my father, Chief Williams I am glad you are here, we are looking for Matt"

Matt peaked around the two of us. Scott said "What happened to you, we had nothing to do with that, we never touched him".

I said "You were sure trying to at the dance". "Yes sir I was, I don't know what you did, my arm still hurts". Bill said "Your damn lucky it was Mr. Wallace that got you first, I would have and I still might rip your arm off". I said "Easy Bill, the boy has something to say, let him say it".

Scott choked. "Uhm, Mr. Wallace, Chief Williams, Matt and most of all to Jason, we are here to apologize and to make things right. I screwed up, we screwed up, we did things that we shouldn't have, mean to Matt, and yes we raped Jason Tills in the shower. Principal Mason and Judge Meyers have dictated certain rules, and punishments so that I can get back into school next year and finish high school. I have had talent scouts looking at me, well us and have offered us scholarships, I just want to play football, have a life and make amends. If we go public with our story, and go to summer school, community service and basically never screw up again I might have a shot".

I said "You'll forgive me for not breaking down into croc tears to your bullshit story, your just trying to get off the hook".

Jason Tills spoke up "Sir I wrongfully accused you of raping me here in your place of business, that did not happen, I want to make amends. Can you do that thing you did with Matt, that live feed or whatever, we are asking you for your help. Let us tell our story. We just don't want reporters asking a million questions. I know you have the equipment to do it, just let us tell the story our way, not our parents version".

I looked at the Chief "You buying any of this?". His eyebrows told the answer.

"My name is Carson Eliss, this is my brother Mike and my father, we were the ones that held Jason down in the shower, we thought it was funny and cool to pick on a fat kid, anyone that wasn't on the football team deserved to get picked on, so why not rape him and threaten him if he ever told, I can't count the times that I hung Matt by his underwear on a locker door with the same fear factor, if you tell you die. Matt I am sorry for what I did to you. You made a lot of friends when you went on the air and said Jason was a liar and named us as the true assailants, please Mr. Wallace if we're ever to make amends its now".

The front door opened. "Ah, I see the confessions have already begun, forgive me for my tardiness, Principal Mason will be here shortly, Mr. Wallace would you please contact your cousin at the news station, we have an exclusive for him. Please no news vans and nosy reporters after all these boys are still minors in the judicial system. I have agreed to give them one shot, a very long shot at not spending their free time with a lifer named Bubba in a six by eight cell for the next 20 years or so. Chief Williams I am glad your here too, shame on me I have had my office calling you for the last hour".

I said "Good to see you, your Honor Meyers, this is a surprise, the boys have been confessing their crimes for about fifteen minutes now. With all due respect and since you are all in my shop like a lynch mob, why should I do this, I don't believe you, what the fuck, do I look like a priest". (I have my preferences of male and female encounters, but this guy fairy flutters around a room making 'Prince', 'Boy George' and 'Richard Simons' look like he-men)

Matt grabbed both of our hands "Dads, they're telling the truth, this isn't a lynch mob its a confessional, get it on tape before they change their minds, it will clear your good name"

"Jerry, how long will it take you set up the video feed in the portrait studio?". "Give me ten, we're on it". I called my cousin "Hey Mike, remember the live feed we did with Mayor Tills accusing me of raping his son?" "Of course, the boy witness, great stuff".

"Hold on, your about to get the whole story, confessions and all. No newsies, no cameras, no interviews, you run the footage as is, any microphone in one of these boys faces is a lost finger, someone sneaking around in the bushes for a photo op or a bullshit tabloid story, well just use your imagination as to what I will do. One shot deal, the boys tell their story, done. No Leno or CNN"

"Give me five minutes to get a new tape setup, then direct connect same ip address as the last time". "Alright we should be setup here in about the same time. I call you back when we start the feed".

Jerry said "We're ready Dan". "Gentlemen please follow Jerry, boys only, except for Judge Meyers and Chief Williams, If you have something to confess Mayor we will do it after the boys".

I went to my office/design studio and connected up the video feed. "Mike you ready". "Go".

One by one each boy faced into the camera and told their story and their crimes, rape, lying, abetting the whole nine yards. Bill walked in to my office, I had the video on my review monitors "You are recording this as well aren't you?". "Oh yeah, just in case. Hey I have an idea". Bill said "Jees another idea, join the priesthood and become St. Daniel the Great".

I said "Nice, but no something a little more practical, the boys said community service, we'll find out what the summer hours are for school, and then make them work here after school, everyone except for Jason Tills, I don't want his father to have any access to this shop, I don't trust the fat bastard or his son".

"Why would you want that headache, giving the boys work to do".

I said "Not me, I am going to promote Jerry to General Manager and Matt will become the Assistant Manager. All the boys would have to work for Matt, screw up once, loose the community service points, spend cuddle time with Bubba in jail. Besides I need the help around here anyway, so does Paul, we are swamped, the boys like to hump, they will, camera equipment, truck wraps, boxes of customer products out to the car. They think they're hot shit, they are going to hump shit for the summer or however long the community service lasts"

"Jesus, your mind works in deviant ways, I love it, The Judge should agree to the terms"

After about 40 minutes of confession air time, I talked to the Judge, Principal and the boys. Under signed and notarized contracts by parents and the boys everyone agreed. "Screw up once in the next 12 months until graduation, meet Bubba any questions?" "No your Honor". Principal Mason said "Young Mr. Miller, you may return to your classes tomorrow that goes for the rest of you as well, remember there will be plenty of eyes watching everything you do". "Yes Principal Mason".

"Mike you got it all?" "All of it, its a little long for a news clip, I will take segments for the news hours and run the entire thing as a special news broadcast, work for you?" "Agreed, thanks Mike".

When I got home I caught the video at the nine o'clock news. Mike was true to his word, no newsies in the boys faces. I guess that didn't apply to fatman Tills, cameras and newsies were all other the fat Mayor, all he could blabber out was "No Comment, No Comment..."


"What are you working on dad". I said "The design for the trailer and the bike, I want them to flow together as one, but the bike has to stand on its own if the trailer isn't attached. I want something similar to your moms, with all your faces but something different as well, by the way which I finished today, its drying in the bays, I'll take mine in tomorrow and bring hers home".

I had my three little assistants over my shoulder, all cleaned up, in pajamas and ready for bed looking over my shoulder checking out my work. They were all quiet so I could concentrate.

I took Lisa's smiling face on profile shot, and overlaid her onto the left side of the tank, I took her hair and made it blowing in the wind and trailed out to flames as the tank got narrow

I said "What do you think Lisa?" "What are going to do on the other side?" I said "Danny on the other side of the tank, Matt, Mel and Tommy, and Dylan when he comes along on the tour pack".

Lisa said "Fire and Ice". "Come again?" "Fire and Ice dad, Danny has reddish brown hair, make Danny 'Fire' and make me 'Ice' turn my hair to ice.

Danny started to giggle, "Dad, not just Fire and Ice, 'Fire and Ice, Naughty and Nice'. And if you're going to put our faces on the bike, blowing in the wind then put our butts on the trailer"

I changed the design and turned Lisa's hair to ice. I reversed the bike image and did the same with Danny's face on the right side of the tank. I set the graphics into 3D. I said "I like it, I can make this work, I will add the shop logos on the trailer. Good job guys, and good night, get to bed". I kissed each on the head and got a kiss on the cheek in return. "Good night daddy".

I couldn't get their idea out of my head. I worked all night long on the design. I did Matt and Melissa on the left side of the tour pack as a 'King and Queen' in a fantasy castle setting.

Tommy, I put Tommy on the right side. I was drawing a blank with him. I moved on to the sled. I put all the faces on the front under the windshield. Danny on one side Lisa on the other and Matt Mel and Tommy in the middle.

I used Danny's naked body from the action adventure down the right side, turning the image to hide his genitals, leaving one ass cheek visible and plenty of opportunities for the imagination to fill in the blanks. When I zoomed out the image the image appeared that he was flying, face in the wind on the bike and his body on the sled. I liked it so I did the same for Lisa down the left side of the sled, naked breasts just starting to bloom without revealing to much, no nipples showing, and again one ass cheek revealing only enough for the imagination to run wild. It wasn't pornography, just fine art. Well at least I thought so.

I took the three imps idea and put their butts on the back of the sled. Lisa's, Tommy's and Danny's. 'Three moons rising'. I imaged a baby car seat and put it on the top of the sled behind the seat. I added an under construction sign on it and opening soon.

I did the same for the back of the tour pack. That would be Dylan's spot.

I was still drawing a blank with Tommy. Then it hit me, I took the image I did of him and his grand aunt, I added Ron and Carrie behind him with Aunt Claire in the clouds looking over them. I know his misses his parents and his aunt.

I filled in the saddle bags with flames, ice, and put the business calling cards on both sides. I also added the five skydiving but I used the skin suit shot.

I would air brush the tank and the faces on the bike, and wrap the sled. I could have this done in a two or three days.


"Dad wake up, Mom had to go to school early, she left an hour ago". "Huh?" "Dad you fell asleep at your computer, were you working all night, the school bus is late". "Huh, a school bus can't get pregnant". "Dad wake up, its almost eight o'clock we well be late for school. Here is some coffee, our lunches are already packed, we have 15 minutes before first bell"

I drove the three tweens to school and went back home to shower and get ready for work. Somewhere between the shower and the car was the bed. My cell phone woke me up.

"Dan where are you, there are five teenage kids here saying that they need to report here for work, what is going on? They're the ones from the news last night".

"Sorry Paul, I was going to fill you in but shit happens. If there is a customer that needs a box carried to a car have one of the boys do it. Don't let them handle any cash. I'll be there in twenty minutes to explain. Otherwise have them stay out of the way".

I went in to work and my partner wasn't a happy camper nor were the staff. When the front was empty of customers I said "You all saw the news last night correct, if not I can replay it here. These boys like to hump things and got in trouble for it, as retribution and as part of their sentencing they need to do community service, so they will hump for us. Carry boxes, stock, carry equipment, do setup work. Everyone that is on staff now has an assistant to aide you in your work. If anyone of these boys gets out of line, even a snide or smart ass remark will return them to their original sentences, which will start with juvie hall as a minor and a future date with Bubba in the big house. Judge Meyers, Principal Mason and the caring staff of Class Act Photo and Graphics Design are giving these boys a second or even a third chance at redemption. As for you boys, ratty jeans and t-shirts are not appropriate attire for a business, especially jeans that are too low showing your boxers and /or the cracks of your asses. Go home for today. When you are on an assignment black pants and white shirt is acceptable, in the shop Dockers and polo shirt is fine. Mrs. Anderson, please track the boys hours and times".

Paul said "Dan we need help, but this is out of control. Your making us truant officers, or cops now, we have to watch everything they do, you should have called me before you made this grand decision on your own".

I said "Paul, yes you are a partner of the business, you were not available so I made a decision. These boys came here to right a wrong. Principal Mason, Judge Meyers, Chief Williams and myself worked out the deal including signed contracts from the boys and their parents. As of now Jerry is General Manager of the shop, other than Paul or myself Jerry has final authority. As part of the crime and punishment fitting, Matt Williams will be the Assistant Manager starting as soon as school is out. These boys are not to touch the registers. If having all five of them working at the same time is a problem put them on a rotation schedule, they all will be going to summer school, bring two or three in after school hours to help out. I can talk to Jack Winslow next door at the auto body shop to see if he needs some help as well".

"Sorry Dan".

"Paul, do what your good at, I will do the same. We have unpaid help that needs to get out of a jam that they created. We also have both proms to do in seven days. Do not abuse them, but use them. If they foul up let me know or just call the cops. Then they're gone".

My tone was harsh but fair. I still didn't trust them, even if they confessed their sins. I looked at the boys "Do any of you have special skills other than football, being a bully, or like chubby boys asses in the gym shower. Computer skills, artwork, photography, working with your hands, mechanical or electrical skills. I don't need an answer right now, think about it".

I pointed to one of the quiet teens from yesterday, "What's your name?". "Brian Wilson sir". "You can stay to help for today. Eliss brothers tomorrow after school. You two Saturday morning 9:00am to 2:00pm. The other three 2:00pm to closing. Any questions?". "No Sir".

I dismissed them and went to my design studio. I had the artwork finished for the air brushing and the wraps for the sled in the printer queue, they would print after closing hours.

Paul, Jerry and the teen came in. Paul said "Sorry about before, I didn't know what was going on. However I caught this young man doodling behind the counter".

I looked at the teen "Doodling? are you trying to get thrown out on the first day?". Jerry said "I gave him a fifteen minute break, he was in the back corner out of the way but still available, you need to see his doodling". The teen reluctantly handed over a sketch pad. "Sorry sir, it won't happen again". I looked at the pencil sketch the boy was working on. It was a picture of me, standing in front of the counter giving commands to everyone only a couple hours ago. The shop detail was incomplete but discernable as were the faces I was addressing.

I asked "How long have you worked on this?" He said "About ten minutes sir, I was on my break when Mr. Sacks caught me and brought it to Mr. Parsons attention". Jerry said "Jezz, don't call me Mr. Parsons, I'm only 23, my name is Jerry. You say Mr. Parsons and I am looking over my shoulder for my father". "Yes sir".

Jerry said "Dan, this kid is good, maybe not as good as you, but he would give me a run for my money".

I said "Okay, Brian right? What's your story, football jock, on probation, and an artist at the same time?".

"Sir, I sort of have a photographic memory, I see something once and can create it again. I usually use pencils, but I can do chalk, charcoal, paints, just about anything. I like football but that is more my father than me. I am in trouble because I hang out with Scott Miller. My father wants me to be a pro like Scotts' father wants him to be. I am good with my hands. I never touched Jason Tills, but I didn't stop it either, so I am as guilty as the others". I said "The entire team didn't stop it, they aren't on probation".

"Sir I didn't say it yesterday on camera, because I didn't want to get someone else in trouble, there has been enough of that. I volunteered for the punishment because I was the decoy. I was sucking coach Jacksons cock in his office when the rape took place so he wouldn't come out to the locker room. Matt on the locker was a mistake, no one was suppose to be a witness. The plan was to grab Jason in the shower and make him squeal like a pig. Things got out of hand. We are trying to make amends, we are all sorry. I just don't want to add to the situation and get Coach Jackson in trouble as well. I will not draw again, I will do what ever anyone asks. I don't want to go to juvenile hall, and I don't want to meet Bubba in a prison cell"

I said "Brian, I think you will be drawing again, when your community service time is over we will work on paying you for your services. I will make two recommendations to you however. One, stay out from under Coach Jacksons desk, and two drop Scott Miller like a bad habit. With friends like that you will have more enemies than you know what to do with. Scott Miller is a puppet, his strings being pulled by his father. Your a junior in high school, you have a full life in front of you besides football".

"I'm a sophomore sir, I am fifteen. I am a wide receiver, like I said I'm good with my hands". "Alright, how many community service hours do you need?" "25". "Jezz, can you work this weekend?" Brian said "I can work all day Saturday and after church on Sunday if you want". I said "Jerry, get working papers for him, be here after school tomorrow, at 8:00 on Saturday and come when you can on Sunday. Come around the back to the bay doors, bring clean clothes if we need you up front, bring work clothes with you as well if you are working in the bays. You can use one of the lockers. Any objections Paul or Jerry?".

"Not a one boss" "I concur with the manager, senior partner".

"Good get out of my office and mind the shop I'm going home"


I pulled up on the front lawn with Annie's Road Glide and made as much noise as I could with out the neighbors calling the cops on me. Lisa opened the front door and yelled into the house. The entire extended Wallace clan came running out. I didn't expect Matt since it was still a school night. Everyone ogled over the paint job and all their cute faces painted on the tank. Matt beamed and crowed at the same time "I helped paint it, Dad let me air brush it, well he did it, but I helped".

I asked "Matt are you staying over tonight?" "Yeah, dad has to work and mom is working extra hours, so they sent me with a bag for the weekend". "Mel what about you?" she nodded her head.

I was saving the new room for the weekend but since everyone was here it was time for the unveiling. I said "Since the gang is all here, unless Mrs. Wallace objects, one of you monsters start up the jacuzzi, someone order pizzas then we can go check out the new addition". I pulled the bike around the back and put it on the patio next to the hot tub.

Lisa and Danny uncovered the jacuzzi and started the jets to warm it up. Even Annie was in a hurry upstairs to see the new room. I unlocked the door and let them loose.

"Whoa, look at this place, this is like ten times the size of what is was". Annie said "Its perfect, babies room, work space, spare bedroom, closet space, everything".

"Dad why does the bathroom have two toilets, and this one is funny looking". It was Danny, he wins the prize. At least the first prize of the night. Now he had everyone's attention checking out the new bathroom. "What is that?" "What's it for?" Annie looked at me and smiled, "You are a beautiful and evil man at the same time. I love it, and I love you".

I said "Lets find out". I started to strip Danny of his clothes tossing them behind me. Annie said "It is a school night". I said "I can't say anything about Melissa and Matt, but these three just came down with the 24hour flu Ms. Peters-Wallace, they will not be in school tomorrow, please inform the principal to send their makeup homework home with you so they can stay far enough of the rest of the class to continue to pull straight A's in all subjects."

Annie said "You just did, I got the principal job starting in two weeks. I take over once the school year ends. I met with the board of education this morning for my third interview. While you play with your computers I have the best interest of the children in mind. If our children are contagious with an airborne virus then it is safe to assume that these two are most likely infected as well. I shall be the responsible one and contact their parents of the situation and recommend they stay out of school tomorrow and stay quarantined in our house until this nasty virus passes. After all we don't want to infect the entire school system do we".

I said "Good, call for the pizzas as well and keep your anchovies to yourself. You can't blame that craving on me and my demon seed I wouldn't use the things as bait".

Annie didn't miss a beat. "I might refrain from the anchovies this time, I will replace them with pickles instead, after all it is a pregnant woman's prerogative to change her mind. And as for the rest of you sick little children, that device your father is about to demonstrate on your little brother is a called a 'bidet'. The purpose you will find out to be useful and pleasant at the same time. Especially in this household and if I am correct in my assumptions of your fathers mannerisms and intentions all of you will be using it multiple times this weekend. And for the record it is no longer Ms. Peters-Wallace at school. It's 'Principal Wallace'". "Yes Ma'am". She walked out with her fake tude to make the phone calls.

I stripped my clothes off and tossed them on top of Danny's. Tommy started to undress but I stopped him. That was my job for the evening. They all caught on and waited to be undressed by 'dear old dad'. I had five beautiful naked boys and girls all waiting to find out what a 'bidet' was and its purpose.

I took Danny and led him to the device. I started the warm water and tested it for the right temperature. I said "Danny sit down". He did looking at the swirling water beneath him between his legs and then at me. I said " Scoot forward a little so you can reach this pedal, push the pedal down nice and easy or we will all get it". Danny pushed the pedal down and the water flow came up from the bowl and hit his ass spraying around but staying in the bowl. I reached and grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart. "Danny push out, just like if I was going inside you".

"Whoa, the water is going right up my ass, this is the enema bag and the toilet all in one". I said "Move around some to get good and clean. You control the pressure with your foot". The warm water was hitting his prostate and his hard on was working to full size of his 3 1/2 inches of boy cock.

Danny was on the bidet for a few minutes so I released his foot from the control pedal. Annie came in at the same time and said " All our children have the 24 hour flu, I told the pizza place to deliver at 7:00. That gives you a little over an hour, so don't waste it all in here".

I moved Danny off the bidet and handed him a towel. "Go get the oil and go to the king bed, I'll be right there". I sat down and hit the pedal to clean my own ass for a moment or two. Annie said "You go next Tommy, then Matt. I will take care of the girls". Annie got undressed and threw her clothes on the pile. She was still good looking even being seven months pregnant. I did the same routine with Tommy holding his ass cheeks apart and let him get use to the water. Matt replaced Tommy and the process was repeated. We let the girls have the bathroom and the queen bed. Tommy and Matt followed me to meet with Danny.

He had the rose petals oil ready, and lying on the bed playing with his hairless cock. Tommy jumped up next to him on one side and Matt got next to him on the other. All three held their knees up giving perfect access to their boy holes. I sucked each one and finger fucked them with the oil to lube them up. I made each one cum in my mouth for their boy juice before I started to fuck them. I started with Danny, driving my cock into his ass. I pulled out of Danny and pushed my cock into Tommy. I pulled out of him and went into Matt.

Danny said "Daddy, who are you going to cum in?, cum in me". The other two joined in "Cum in me daddy". I went from one boy ass to the other giving each eight strokes of my cock and moved on to the next. They all got into the game and did their best to suck my cock into their ass to make me cum inside them. Danny, Tommy, Matt. Danny, Tommy Matt. Each boy was jacking off and waiting their turn to get penetrated again. Each boy waiting for the prize. Danny, Tommy, Matt. Danny, Tommy, Matt. "Harder Daddy, fuck me harder". "Yeah daddy fuck me harder". Danny, Tommy, Matt. Danny, Tommy "UHH". I emptied my load in my best friend's sons ass. Tommy threw his hands up "YESSS!"

I pulled out of Tommy and made the boys move. I got on my knees and elbows with my ass in the air. They didn't need convincing and Tommy winning the game put his 3 1/2 inch dick in my hairy ass. He fucked me for everything he had, blew his tiny load and then moved out of the way for his next brother to take seconds. Matt finished me off with his 4 1/2 inch dick ramming my ass trying to get it to come out my throat. Well he at least thought so. Matt pulled out of my ass exhausted.

I looked at the clock on the night stand. 6:58. Sure enough the door bell rang. I put a robe on and went to get the pizzas. As soon as I closed the front door the three boys came flying down the steps, each one grabbing a pizza box and heading for the kitchen. Tommy still had cum running down his legs. The girls weren't far behind also dripping wet with pussy juice coming out of them.

The monsters were ravenous. I put two slices on a plate, grabbed a beer, lost the robe and climbed into the jacuzzi out back. I thought I could get a moments peace. I was soon joined by five naked kids, and then a naked wife. I made the stupid comment "What about the baby?". I paid for it.

"Your son is swimming in amniotic fluid for the last seven months, his lungs are filled with liquid with oxygen, proteins and nourishment. I don't think he will drown in a jacuzzi. At least not in the state he is in. When his is two might be a different story. You know men should have to go through pregnancy and giving birth. You have a good time and we women have to carry the burden, rearing and raising a child is not easy".

Everyone was laughing except Lisa. She said "Dad had done a great job rearing and raising me all by himself. Don't get on his case. He is all I've had my entire life".

Before the tone of the party changed I said "I would be happy to go through pregnancy and giving birth, the only problem is the child would be called 'Butt Head' because it would be an asshole baby".

Now everyone was cracking up. Danny said "Chill out mom, Big D is great at 'Rearing' us. And I wouldn't want it any other way". Now everyone was hysterical. The tension between Annie and Lisa went away as fast as it came. I added to it "Well if men can get pregnant then one of these three boys could be the father, I guess we'll have to do a paternity test to find out" Matt was hysterical but managed to say "You didn't make us wear condoms, what your not on the pill?". Melissa joined the chaos, "Someone check to see if he is ovulating, he looks like he is retaining water". "That's not water, that's beer".

The roar of the laughter was deafening. I thought for sure the cops would come. There was more water outside the jacuzzi than in it. Probably just as well, I had to drain it anyway with all the cum floating in it. Tommy only made it worse. He stuck his ass up to one of the wall jets and spread his ass cheeks. "Lets see what works better, the jacuzzi or the funny toilet upstairs". Tommy got an instant boner. Lisa said "Not this time dad, he's mine". She knelt in front of him and took his dick in her mouth. Annie wasn't going to be outdone so she moved Tommy away from the jet and said "The best cleanser is the natural one". She stuck her tongue in Tommy's ass while Lisa sucked him off. I reached over and touched his soft silky balls. That was it for Tommy, he shot another tiny load and was done.

The others wanted to play too. Danny started to fuck Lisa from behind. That left Matt and Melissa to share sucking my cock. I turned the drain switch so the water emptied out of the jacuzzi. Matt started on me and shared with Melissa. I had my one hand on Matt's cock and a finger inside Mel as they sucked me off. They both pulled off and jerked me off into the receding water so everyone could see me cum.

I turned off the heater and jets. We reheated the pizza in the oven and everyone headed to one of the bathrooms to get cleaned up. Everyone came down clean and naked and finished off what was left of the pizza.

The kids played twister with a twist which was fun to watch. As they spun and moved around they had to suck or lick the person closest to them with out giving up their own dot. Boy cocks getting sucked, pussies and asses getting tongued. An occasional French kiss, boy on boy, boy / girl or girl /girl if the face was closer. Annie was doing the spinning for them so all five were on, well at least trying to be on the mat. One would fall and then just join in again at the next spin. Lisa was in an odd position on her move and couldn't reach anyone to suck or lick, so she improvised and licked the bottom of Matt's foot and tried to suck his toe instead of his dick. Well I don't think anyone realized that Matt was extremely ticklish on his feet. As a knee jerk reaction to Lisa licking his foot he reflexed and kicked her right in the face, right in the eye to be more precise.

Lisa rolled to the ground and reacted before she thought about it, her kick was powerful and a direct shot to Matt's balls. Matt fell to the floor and curled into a fetal position, tears running down his face, but he didn't cry. Lisa jumped up and took a defense position fists in the air. "Lisa Marie". Then she realized what happed and what she just did. "OH Jeez Matt, I am so sorry, are you alright?" The boy gasped "No". as he held his testicles. He gasped again "I didn't mean to kick you in the face, you tickled my foot it was a reflex".

I got up and got two ice packs from the freezer and two kitchen towels. One for Lisa's eye, I moved her to the couch "Oh yeah this one is going to be a beauty, keep that on for twenty minutes". I picked Matt up off the floor, and put him on the couch "Matt move your hands, let me look. Ouch. Okay, keep the ice pack on it for twenty minutes, then off for twenty and back on". "That's cold". "Matt, the cold will numb the pain and reduce the swelling". He still couldn't talk "Swelling?" I said "Keep the ice pack on, your balls are about to get bigger than mine, but yours will be blue". I kissed the top of his head, and then Lisa's. "I'm sorry Matt". "Me too Lisa".

Needless to say playtime was over. Annie and I cared for our wounded flock. Danny and Tommy had sympathy pains for Matt, each holding their balls knowing how hard Lisa can kick, well Tommy certainly does anyhow. Melissa got a bright idea and got ice cubes and wrapped them in towels for the sympathy siblings. Well at least Matt didn't have to suffer the cold ice on his balls alone.

Matt finally got his breath and voice back "Remind me not to play twisted twister with my ninja sister" Lisa said "You kick like a girl". Before it got out of hand again I said "Go look in the mirror, your black eye is going to match his".

The phone rang, Danny was the closest. "Tommy its your dad" handing over the phone. So much for sympathy pains, he grabbed the cordless and ran upstairs as fast as he could, they would spend hours on the phone, he really did miss them.

We tucked the wounded, the saddened and the survivors away for the night. It was a good thing they all had the 24 hour flu because they didn't get out of bed until 10 in the morning. Poor Matt looked like he tried to ride a bull in a rodeo. All he could do was waddle around the house. I refilled the jacuzzi. At least for the rest of the weekend it stayed cum free.


I was working on the bike and the trailer with Brian Wilson helping. Paul was on the rag again. He at least waited for me to finish a brush stroke. "Dan, payroll is screwed up again, Allie didn't put her time in correctly once again, and the materials used to cash flow don't balance out either. I've tried to account for the materials your using but there is more money than there should be".

I said "I am paying for my materials out of my pocket, check the records, I am not paying for labor since I am the labor, I am also not paying retail prices. As for Allie how hard is it to log the hours you worked correctly".

"Dan I know, she is an air head but she is very good with the camera, we need a better way or someone better than me to run the books and do payroll. You're too busy, I'm too busy, and thanks to you most of our help is still in puberty. You have Jerry running around like a mad man, he's 23 and trying to go to college and you made him the general manager and your making a sixteen year old runt an assistant manager what is wrong with you..."

I waited until he had to take a breath. "Are you done now? Do you want me to buy out your share of the company right here and now, cash. Take the money and walk away. You say what's wrong with me you are airing our business in front of a teenager like he doesn't exist, he has ears and a mouth. If you can't handle the books then find someone that can. As for Allie you hired her, you deal with her. I built this business and brought you in because you are good..."

"Uhm, Excuse me I know I shouldn't say anything but before you start throwing punches at each other, use the phone to track time".

"Come again?". "Use the cell phones, everyone has one, when they go to an assignment they call a number, when they leave call the same number, you have the phone log on your computer. Use an easy Excel program to calculate their time. I can help with the program if you want".

Paul said "I am not turning our P&L and our payroll over to a 15 year old". He looked at me "Shit. Mrs. Anderson, but she's old school, pencils and ledgers not computers".

I said "Use them both, Mrs. Anderson is a pain in the ass, but she is well organized, and she was a bookkeeper in the past. It doesn't have to be perfect that is why we have an accounting firm for tax purposes. Brian that was a very good idea, not bad for a jock. Now lets finish this so we all can go home. After all it is Sunday evening. Mr. Sacks here will leave us to our work and go change his tampon and makes sure he takes his PMS pills before returning to work in the morning".

Brian said "Thank you sir, not all jocks have an IQ of 1"

After Paul left and we finished the bike and the trailer and I closed the bay doors, I said "Brian I am signing off on your community service hours, if you want a part time job here its yours. I have to ask did everyone get the same sentence of 25 hours?"

"No sir, Scott has 2500 and the others have 1500 hours like I said I was the decoy, but please don't tell the others. I don't think they would understand. Judge Meyers figured the time out based on having to work after school from now until they graduate, with Scott having to put another summer of community service in after he graduates. Well if he graduates. I would very much like a job here. I will do what ever you want. Can I speak freely sir?". I nodded. "This incident wasn't the first time I sucked Coach Jackson's cock, I have been sucking his cock since freshman year".

"Why did you just tell me that?. You said the other day that you didn't want to get him in any trouble".

"I don't. I want you to know where I am coming from. I would very much like to suck your dick right now. I am gay, so is my little brother Jeff, he's eleven. I had my dick sucked for the first time when I was eight, Jeff was four. It was at our house at a party my parents had. We were in the bathtub. A man came in to use the bathroom. He peed then started to play with us in the tub. He helped us to take a bath then dried us off. He sucked my dick into his mouth and then Jeff's. I sucked my first man when I was ten. He is my dad's boss".

I said (yeah I know, who am I to talk) "Brian you were molested as a little boy, that doesn't make you gay, only a victim".

He said "Not when it was the best feeling I've ever had and I never want that feeling to go away, girls don't interest me at all, boys and men do, I love to suck cock. I am telling you this so you can retract your work offer. I will not do anything wrong here but I need you to know who and what I am. I don't advertise it or act like a fairy like Judge Meyers does. Scott, Carson and Mike Eliss know because they like to get their dicks sucked. They think its cool so that is why I get to hang with them. I do it because I like it. So does my brother Jeff, he started when he was seven, on the same man that sucked us after the bath. The same one I did when I was ten".

"Your dad's boss?". "Yeah, Judge Meyers, dad is a clerk for the Judge, mom is a clerk for Judge Matthews, that is why I only got 25 hours of community service, which I still am a few hours short of, it would be my pleasure to service you to make up the time, no one will ever know".

"Brian, you just told me your life story, and a story that can destroy at least two men in this town, what makes me believe you wouldn't go running out of here screaming rape like that fat Jason Tills accused me of to suit his father, then you all come here to confess and do your sentences, its time to go home, do you need a ride?" "Yeah, I guess I do, sorry Mr. Wallace, I thought you would understand". I said "Understanding is one thing, acting upon it is another".

I drove the boy home. Not a bad looking kid. Tall, skinny shaggy dirty blond hair. He said "You haven't retracted your job offer yet, does that mean I have a job?" "Yes Brian you have a job. Do not act out your feelings at my place of business. Do I make myself clear, and don't repeat what you told me to anyone". "Yes sir, see you tomorrow after school, and thanks".

The boy walked up to the front door. A smaller boy that looked just like him opened the door. It had to be Jeff. Now he was cute. Snap out of it Dan, you have plenty of boy pussy at home which is yours for the taking anytime you want it. Don't get mixed up with what is probably another mans property. Especially a tinker bell Judge. But it did give one something to ponder about.

Danny paid the price of my pondering when I got home with his ass. Tommy was on my face.


One week to go before the end of the school year and the start of the road trip. Bill Williams was vacillating about being able to go. I was in the jacuzzi with Tommy and Danny just relaxing. Lisa and Annie had gone shopping.

Matt and Bill came out the slider. Bill looked at me with two naked boys on either side of me both with raging hardons. My cock was semi hard. We weren't doing anything but enjoying the closeness of our skins touching in the warm water. I said "What's up guys".

Bill said "You still have your sisters house available?, I think I can pull it off, maybe not an entire week. I said "Yeah we can have it for three or four days". Bill was not comfortable with the situation in front of him.

I said "Do you want a beer? You can join us if you want, Matt get a couple of beers please". "Okay".

Bill kind of stammered at the problem in front of him. "I don't think so, I'm not use to the openness". Matt came back with a couple of beers. "Matt do you want to come in?" "Yeah, dad are we staying for a little while?" Bill said "Uhm, yeah I guess so".

Matt stripped in front of his father and joined us in the jacuzzi. Matt's penis started to grow immediately. Bill was visibly upset with the scene in front of him.

I said "Come on in Bill, the water is fine" "No its alright, I'll just sit out here on the patio". I said "Bill you act like you have never seen naked people in a jacuzzi before, one of them is your son, you have seen Matt naked before, haven't you?".

Bill confessed "Actually the only time I have seen him naked before, well when he was a baby, and only recently when you brought him home and we had a very awkward discussion about sex, and trying to figure out what size condom would fit him".

Matt said "I guess that's true, I have never seen my dad naked before, at least not that I can remember". Bill confirmed it "You haven't, it is just something we don't do at our house. Even Katie and I rarely see each other naked and we're married, I shouldn't say this with the boys around but our sex life is always under the sheets".

I said "Bill I don't know if I told you this story before, stop me if I did. And for gods' sakes relax and enjoy yourself. Me being a single father with Lisa, when she was a baby I never could keep clothes on her. She would strip her dolls naked as well. I would put the clothes back on the dolls and off they would come again. As she got older I took her to see doctors and even shrinks to see what was wrong with her. The answer was nothing is wrong with her. She is a nudist and sexually active from a very young age. She use to lick the dolls pussies. If she had a male doll, she would ask 'where's the thingy'."

"Well when the Richardson's moved in with Tommy when he was five, Tommy and Lisa became instant best friends, we couldn't separate them or keep clothes on either one of them. So we stopped trying. They bathed together, played together got dirty together. Melissa started to babysit for us, just to give us a break, the three would usually be here and I would go over to Ron's and have a few beers. Well it didn't take long and Melissa was naked and having sex as well. Mel's parents know about it they just try to ignore it and pretend it isn't happening. Matt comes along and here we are today".

I continued "Bill if we are going to Myrtle Beach, my sisters place has a jacuzzi this size and a pool in the back yard, it also has a sixteen foot privacy fence, we all run around here naked so you might as well get use to it. And yes your son is sexually active as well".

Bill was still uncomfortable but decided to take a leap of faith and undressed and joined us in the jacuzzi. You could tell he was embarrassed about the size of his cock. No one made any comment though. Bill sat in the other recliner opposite of me.

The boys started to horse around swimming from one adult to the other and swim up between our legs and rub their bodies against ours and rub their cocks against our cocks. My cock went to its seven inches. Bill's uncut cock was the same size as Matt's but only slightly thicker, Bill had a 4 1/2 inch cut cock.

Matt noticed and rubbed his cock against his dads. "Dad our cocks are the same size, yours is just a little fatter than mine".

Bill said "Yes son, I'm sorry but you inherited my small penis and small testicles, you may still grow some but probably not much. And if I had to guess you may have another problem. Premature ejaculation right?" "Yeah, how did you know?" "I have done it all my life, sorry son".

Bill was still hesitant but seemed to be enjoying the sensations going through his body.

Lisa and Annie came home and came out to the jacuzzi. Bill tried to hide himself from the girls. Annie just said "Relax Bill, and stop being embarrassed, your red a beet, its not like we haven't seen naked men and boys before". Lisa undressed and climbed into the jacuzzi and joined the boys playing body shark against Bill and I. Annie said "Are you staying for dinner Bill?" He nodded. Annie said "I have some work to do for a while enjoy yourselves".

Lisa rubbed up the front of Bill. Her soft hairless pussy rubbing on his 4 1/2 cock. She reached out and grabbed his cock with her hand. I thought the poor bastard was going to have heart attack right there. Lisa came to me and whispered in my ear "Daddy, please let me fuck him, his dick is no bigger than the boys, only a little fatter, it's not like yours. I promise I will put a condom on him".

I said "Well then you better get me one too. If Bill is going to fuck my daughter in front of me, then I am going to fuck his son in front of him". "Okay daddy, I'll be right back". Lisa got out and came back with different sizes of condoms. She new my size. She went back to Bill and started rubbing against his cock again with her body and her pussy.

Danny and Tommy were rubbing their dicks together and Matt was rubbing his against me. Lisa opened a condom and rolled back Bill's foreskin and rolled the condom onto it. I handed the condom to Matt and he did the same to me.

Bill stammered "This can't be happening, what do you think your doing". I said "Your son is 16 and is bi-sexual, You are about to fuck my 12 year old daughter, if your going to arrest someone it better be you".

Lisa smiled and lowered herself onto his cock, she used her knees on either side of him in the recliner, she had her hands on his chest. Matt did the same thing with his ass and knees on my cock, and his hands on my chest. Bill lost himself and his inhibitions. He was rubbing Lisa's nipples and fucked my daughter, while I fucked his son's ass.

Tommy bent over the side of the jacuzzi, spread his legs and Danny took his ass from behind. Annie came out caring a platter of chicken pieces and the BBQ sauce and started the grill.

I was playing with Matt's cock and balls while he fucked himself. He was the first to cum, then Bill, Danny, Lisa and then finally I did. Danny changed places with Tommy and so he could get a piece of ass too.

I moved Matt up so I could have his cock in my mouth, he had his second climax. Lisa jerked Bill off until he came again still with the condom on. Matt said "Dad, pull the condom off I want to see if I will ever make a lot of cum like dad2 does".

Bill took off the condom and handed it to his son "Sorry son, it's been like that all my life too". Both seemed to be disappointed, but excepted life for what it is. Tommy busted his nut. Danny moved Lisa out of the way and started to suck on Bill's softening cock bringing it back to life. Tommy took my cock and the two tweens jacked and sucked us off until both boys had a throat full of cum. Well at least Tommy did.

I got out and helped Annie with the grill. The kids made a salad and Bill decided to get a couple more beers.

Matt looked at his father for the first time up close. I guess so did rest of us. For a strong 5'10" man he was short in the offerings down below. Matt just said "Well at least I will get hair on my balls eventually". Matt sat in front of his father and Bill wrapped his arms around him.

I said "Annie what is the name of that spa?". "Secluded Sensations Spa, it is suppose to be one of the best". I said "Bill you should see if Katie wants to go with Annie and Melissa that is unless Lisa is going as well". Annie said "Karen Simms is planning on going as well".

I said "So what is it going to be Lisa, are you spa'ing with the girls or riding with the boys?" "I'm going with the boys, if I want a mud bath I'll play baseball in the rain" That's my tom boy. "Bill you in or not, if you're in can you handle a Road Glide or a Ultra Glide with a trailer on it. There both a lot bigger and heavier than that Fat Boy you ride". "What's wrong with the Fat Boy?". I said "Nothing if your the only one on it, whom ever is riding bitch with you is going to be so saddle sore you will ruin those cute little asses they have".

Bill said "You are unbelievable, all of you are, what the hell I'm unbelievable. What are you going to do fuck Danny and Tommy in front of me as well?"

I said with a smile "Who just had sex with a 12 year old, Lisa have I ever had sex with you?" "No I want him to, but he won't". Danny and Tommy said at the same time "He never hurts us, he just makes love to us". Matt said "Dad, there is nothing wrong here, we all wanted and still want it". I said "Fair enough, you're a cop and have a narrower view on life than we do, I will not touch the boys while you are around. We will just make you take long walks on the beach by yourself". Everyone cracked up. Bill knew he was beaten.

He said "Okay, I'm in. I will also talk to Katie about the spa, hanging around you people you never know what might happen, and yes I can understand the Road Glide, but why the Ultra with the trailer?"

I said "A couple of reasons, one if something happens to me you can get them home, second If you can't handle it then I have to drag these three around for three weeks or so".

Annie said "First of all Bill if you wreck my ride I will do to you what Lisa did to Danny when he wrecked her bike". "What that?" Lisa Danny and Tommy all yelled "BREAK YOUR ARM" and laughed their butts off. "Second Daniel Wallace, what the hell are you talking about three weeks, this is a weeks vacation, ride down, have some fun and ride back, what are you planning?"

I said "Tommy come here please". The boy approached with a look of uneasiness on his face. I held his waist, I said "I am taking Tommy to Texas to be with his folks, they can't come home so we will go to them. You will have to talk to them what you want to do, stay there or come back with me and stay here. When we leave Myrtle Beach we head west, Bill will come home. I can stay for a while, but then I have to come back too".

"Really, we're going to see mom and dad?" "Yep, if you stay there then we will ship your stuff down". The boy hugged my neck and burst into tears "I miss them so much". "I know, your dad and I talked about it yesterday, they can't wait to see you".

I looked at Bill. "Come get the Road Glide tomorrow, and get use to it for the week. Last bell is three o'clock on Friday. We will work on the Ultra and trailer, if you can handle my weight in the sled then maybe you can ride it home, otherwise I take all three of them with me to Texas".

Danny said "Who is going to take care of mom if we're gone that long?"

Annie said "Honey I will be fine, Melissa and the Simms only live across the street. There is only one problem with your plan though Dan. Last bell is at one o'clock, they get out right after lunch. We wouldn't want you late for show and tell with all your neat toys. Dinner is ready".


The week flew by and Bill and I were in front of the Jr. High School at 12:30 sharp.




Motorcycle Mayhem Part VI. The return to Myrtle Beach.


I'll take a quick moment to recap what the kids look like.

Lisa is twelve, has light brown hair with natural blond highlights to her shoulder, you would never know it, it is always stuffed in to a Yankee's ball cap. Her green eyes sparkle and she has a nice smile. She stands about five feet tall, ninety pounds and a light bronzed tan color most of the year round. Her nipples are firm with the starting signs of growing breasts. She is hairless around her pussy, but it does show signs of peach fuzz now. Lisa is a tom boy true and true. However as of late she has been acting, and sometimes dressing more like a girl since she had her first period a some months ago. I should also mention her ninety pounds are pure muscle.

Danny is eleven, reddish brown hair, hazel eyes, five feet tall, thin and about eighty pounds. Danny is completely hairless and his circumcised cock is three and a half inches, and his balls are still small and tight to his body. He isn't all muscle, but he is quickly learning from his adopted sister.

Tommy lives two doors down but living with us for a while because of his fathers temporary job in Texas, He is twelve also, sandy brown hair, five foot one, blue eyes, and also a nice smile, and weighs eighty-five pounds. Tommy is completely hairless and his circumcised cock sticks out about three and a half inches, and his balls are still small and tight to his body as well. Tommy only shows a hint of baby fat in all the right places.

Melissa lives across the street, sixteen, slim, milky-white complexion, long blond hair past her shoulder blades, hazel eyes, about five foot three and ninety-two pounds . Melissa's breasts are 'B' sized cups and her nipples are always hard and pointing straight up. She has nicely a trimmed blond pubic hair patch above her little pussy.

Matt, also sixteen, small for his age, short blond hair, blue eyes, one hundred five pounds. He stands at five foot five inches, giving him the benefit of the doubt. He isn't much bigger than Tommy or Danny. Matt's cock is uncut, slender and four and a half inches. He has a small patch of pubes over his cock, his balls have dropped but are small and hairless and so is his chest and ass. He has a few blond strands of hair under his arms. Matt is a late bloomer. He's the size of, and developed like a twelve year old.

All three boys can cum, and all the about the same amount. A drop or two of watery sweet boy honey.

Lisa is my natural daughter, Danny is now my adopted son. Tommy, Melissa and Matt are like my kids, I treat them that way, so does my wife Annie, and they call us 'Mom and Dad two'. Annie is carrying our soon to be born son Dylan Matthew Wallace. Lisa, Danny and Tommy all have birthdays coming over the summer months.


The motorcycles were in perfect condition mechanically, new brakes, new tires, full tune ups. The saddle bags and sled were packed.

All the kids were agog with the two motorcycles and the trailer out front of the school. Well so were the teachers and the bus drivers. Lisa and Danny wore there leather vests to school to show off their pins and patches. "No way..., Is that legal..." One of the crossing guards was convinced the sled was not only pornographic, but an endangerment to the safety of children and had all intentions on calling the cops. Bill took his helmet off and showed the old man his badge. If it was so pornographic why did he keep playing with his crotch in front of the children. No one would board a bus until we fired them up, Lisa riding bitch with me and Danny and Tommy on the sled, helmets, goggles, boots, jackets and gloves in place. Matt said goodbye to Melissa and got on behind Bill Williams on the Road Glide.

I pulled out with Bill behind me and headed south for the 650 mile journey to Myrtle Beach. We stopped in Maryland for fuel and to stretch. A trooper pulled up behind us at the rest stop and started to hassle us as well. He checked all the paperwork and again Bill's badge was shown. When the cop was satisfied and pulled away Bill pulled a wallet out of his jacket. "I was saving this for later but you better carry this on you". It was a police detectives badge with my Id on it. He said "I had Jerry make it up, I figured you might need it riding through the south".

As we went by truckers or they went by us the air horns were blowing, the kids all pulling their arms up and down and waving. Cars would pull up and pass checking out the designs and the kids in the sled. We got into DC traffic and there was a small convoy of truckers heading south, I turned on the CB and told Lisa to call out to them. "This is Fire and Ice calling convoy I-95 southbound DC beltway". The truckers responded and the kids all waved. I said "Convoy, these idiots are trying to kill us, can we drop in until we get passed Da Capital". They opened the middle and we dropped right in. "This is Sultan, are those butts on the back?" Danny keyed in and said "Yeah its mine, my sisters and my brothers you've seen 'em now get off of 'em" the trucker behind us gave us plenty of room. The kids all talked to the truckers until we were clear of the DC metro area. "Fire and Ice pulling out, thanks for the safety net". All the air horns were going as we pulled off I-95 to old route 1, a much nicer ride. "Have a safe one Fire and Ice". Lisa couldn't resist "Thanks convoy, on your journey try to figure out who is naughty and who is nice Fire and Ice out".

Danny said on the push to talk (PTT), "Dad, this isn't the same route we took last time". I said "What's the fun in it if you have seen it before". Matt said "I've never seen any of this before but if we don't stop soon I'm gonna burst and dad is going to have a wet back, and Annie won't be happy if I pee on her bike". Bill pulled over at the first cut out so Matt could relieve himself. Everyone else also took the opportunity to empty the bladders. A Virginia trooper pulled up, Bill still had his dick out so I got into character. "I'm detective sergeant Dan Wallace, sorry about the unorthodox pit stop but they couldn't hold it any longer". He looked at my badge and at me with my tattoos showing "Detective?" "Undercover mostly, narcotics and guns, when the chief is done he can show you his credentials as well". "Where are you heading?" I said "Myrtle Beach, then Texas, is there a place to stop somewhere close, we are all getting tired and need some food". He handed back the Id and said "Yeah, about twenty miles there are a few motels in town. You know if you weren't carrying a badge I would write you up". I said "For what? There isn't anything out here except for a house or two, and if you want to see the paperwork on the bikes and the trailer I have them right here" he backed down. Bill came over with the kids in tow, showing his Id. "Is there a problem trooper?" He looked at the bikes and the faces of the kids. "No, no problem chief, just I have never seen anything like this before, taking a leek on the side of the road is one thing, this setup is another. Who did all this?"

Four young hands and fingers all pointed to me "Our dad did" The trooper was taken a back, he tried to regain composure checking out the bike and trailer, comparing them to the faces in front of him. "You seem to be missing one" pointing to the face of Melissa. "No we are missing three, their mother, their sister and their baby brother". I pointed to the baby seat graphic on the sled. "We are trying to have a pleasant vacation, is there anything else trooper or should we call your duty sergeant?" "No that won't be necessary, I will pass the word that two blue bloods are on vacation with family on tricked out motorcycles, one with a trailer with kids in it, you shouldn't have any trouble through this state anyhow". "Thank you Trooper Stevens".

"Jesus, Dan the badge isn't so you can play super cop, its to keep you out of trouble". "Take the badge back, there is nothing illegal going on, just a few humps that want to make brownie points with their shift sergeants and department captains, if the harassment continues I will pull off the wraps on the sled. Otherwise, I am getting hungry and thirsty so lets find this town and call it quits for the night. We still have 400 some miles to go". "Dad, can we change positions?". "Sure, pick your spots and saddle up". Danny and Tommy took bitch, with Lisa and Matt in the sled.

We pulled into a basic no name motel "Two adjoining rooms please with two queens or double beds each". "Sorry, no more adjoining rooms available, only two rooms left, both king beds, one upstairs one downstairs, opposite sides of the building". Bill and I signed for the rooms, he said "I guess will figure out sleeping arrangements later, lets gets some food". We weren't the only bikers in the place and across the street was a pub with food, with a majority of the bikers tossing beers and whatever down. The only seats available were at the bar and the bartender said "No kids at the bar". A guy got up from a table and said "They can have our table". This guy was twice the size of me with as many or more tattoos. Lisa stood on the chair and wrapped her arms around the gorillas neck "Thank you, that was very kind, I'm not old enough to buy you a beer but my dad will, or maybe he will hook you up with the coolest paint job on your ride that you could imagine. What's your name?".

Yeah, his name was 'Tiny'. "Everyone calls me Tiny, what are you talking about?". Lisa continued with her charm, "Check out the rides across the street, you'll know which ones I'm talking about, just look for my face, my dad is the greatest bike artist there is, his calling card is on the saddle bags". Tommy giggled and said "You can check out her butt too, just don't get to close because she bites back, I have scars to prove it". Danny started to laugh as well "So do I". Matt couldn't stay out of it so he added "She hasn't bitten me, but she sure as hell kicked the crap out of me". The four were in tears with laughter. 'Tiny' and his friends looked confused. I said "Excuse our children, they are out of school and having some fun, I'm Dan Wallace, this is Bill Williams. We are on our way to Myrtle Beach for some sun and fun. Thank you for the table and yes I will buy you a beer or whatever you like". Tiny said "Thanks but I'll buy my own, I do want to check out the rides though".

After we ate and a couple of beers I had an evil but perfect idea for Bill with the Ultra and the sled. "Tiny, if you don't have anything else to do for the next half hour or so, and only if your willing, Bill needs to learn how to ride and tow a trailer on an motorcycle, with added weight on it. We won't leave the parking lot and since it is my bike and trailer I am the only one with something to loose other than dignity and maybe a scratch or two".

Bill said "Are you nuts, pulling the kids home is one thing, Tiny has to weigh 350 pounds, your about 220 or more, you just finished the paint job, what if I can't hold it up?" "I would rather you drop it here with willing adults than with our kids aboard". Tiny's friends all got involved "He won't drop it as long as we're around". Everyone went across the street to the motel, Tiny got on the sled and I rode bitch. Bill almost dropped it on the first stop but Tiny's buddies caught it and held it up. After that Bill handled 600 pounds of weight and the trailer with no problem. He could stop on a dime with Tiny and I onboard.

After all the adventures of the day and night Lisa and Danny slept with me, and Matt and Tommy slept with Bill. I don't know what Bill did but I didn't bother with putting pajamas on Lisa and Danny, we were all to tired so their naked preteen bodies just curled up and around mine. According to them I snored all night long. When I woke I had a finger in each boys ass crack. Lisa said "Dad, unless your going to break your own rule, and it would be okay if you did, but I'm not Tommy, he is upstairs" Oops. "Get showered and dressed, we still have a long way to go".

Lisa and Tommy took the sled, Matt was behind me, and Danny behind Bill. We also had about thirty five other bikes following us and didn't seem to care where the destination was. As we rolled through towns and lights, Tiny and his friends rode post and blocker positions to keep the motorcycles together. Matt said on the ptt "What is going on, they are making everyone else stop for the bikes to get through especially us, one blocks a road, then catches up". Lisa said "Its called rally formation, if we make a turn, one will stop to show the ones behind the way, blocking the lights is easy, Matt it is a brotherhood out here, no one gets left behind, think of it this way, you now have thirty five aunts and uncles that you didn't know about. By the time we get to Myrtle Beach it may be hundreds".

Lisa was right about that, between the bikers and the truckers the idiots in cars talking on the cell phones while driving didn't stand a chance, everyone of them was protecting the sled like it had their own kids on it. If it was Christmas time, and I painted it red it would be the new version of Santa's sleigh. I'll have to keep that in mind, Santa on a Harley with elves delivering toys from a custom made sleigh.

We pulled into my sister Sam's house in Myrtle Beach about 6 o'clock. Lisa went around and unlocked the bike gate and we parked them and unloaded the bags and the sled. I called my sister to let her know we made it. I opened a bottle of wine for me and Bill opted for a beer. Lisa said "Dad can we have a beer too?" "Sure honey, only one or two though, and why don't you get the cover off the jacuzzi". "Okay, is Aunt Sammy coming over?" "Yeah later on, make yourselves at home". Danny gave Bill, Tommy and Matt the quick tour of the house and back yard. I didn't feel like cooking so I ordered pizza. I called Annie but got her voice mail. They must have made it to the spa as well.

"Bill I should warn you about my sister, she is eccentric to say the least, she also likes to have fun, what ever happens here stays here, we don't want to get Bill and Matt in trouble, that goes for you too Tommy" "Okay". As soon as the pizzas came I got comfortable in the jacuzzi. Tommy straddled my face and offered his 3 1/2 inch cut hairless cock and balls for my enjoyment. He gave me his drop or two of sweet boy nectar to taste.

Bill got in the jacuzzi, Tommy tried to put his dick in Bill's mouth but he wouldn't take it. Bill grabbed Tommy by the waist and moved him away from his face Tommy just shrugged and jumped in the pool with the others. Bill said "I'm not like that, sucking a little boy just seems wrong". I said "Suit yourself, I enjoy it, they enjoy it. I wont hurt them or force them to do anything. And I am not the only one that likes little boys either". "Oh?". I said "You know that Brian Wilson kid who helped me with the bike and sled?" He nodded "He tried to give me a blow job last week, seems he has been sucking Coach Jackson for quite some time". "So, that is his choice". "Guess who has been sucking Brian Wilson since he was eight and his little brother since he was four?". "Who?". "Judge Meyers, so like I said what goes on here or at my house stays there" "I understand, and I may try some things that I normally wouldn't think about doing, just at my pace". "I'm not going to twist your arm".

Matt got out of the pool and came to the jacuzzi. Bill watched as I sucked his 16 year old son's 4 1/2 uncut cock into my mouth and played with his asshole until he came in my mouth with his few drops of boy juice. Matt got off and refilled my wine and another slice of pizza and gave his father a beer. He went back into the pool to join the others. Bill said "So you will suck any boy?" I said "Oh no, I like boys hairless and if they can cum, then just the slightest amounts. I really enjoy a boy's dry climax in my mouth. Tommy just started to shoot a couple of months ago, and Danny more recently than that, just the slightest amount of watery boy cum, its more like pre cum, but to them it means they can cum so it makes all the difference in the world to them. If Matt was a normal teenager I wouldn't touch him, sixteen shooting globs of cum all over the place, but since he is small for his age, and he only can cum a small amount as well he is just like Tommy and Danny, only with a small patch of pubes. Matt is a really good kid, We all like him and I know Melissa is in love with him, they are still young and things may change but they do make a nice couple".

Bill said "Yeah, they are good kids, and I'm glad Matt has Melissa and you and your family. You just seem to make things right even if society deems them wrong. I have been a cop for twenty years and the chief for three. In the last week I have witnessed criminal sexual activity between adults and minors". I said "You committed that crime I did not" "Yeah not in front of me, but you just sucked a 12 year old boy's cock". I said "Did or did not the boy climb on to my face and stick his dick into my mouth, did I force him in anyway, or was he trying to get away from me so he could find a cop. I don't think your son minded much either, speaking of little boy cocks here comes Danny for his turn, would you like to give it a try or are you content to have a raging hard on and watch me as I take my third boy specimen into my mouth for oral enjoyment". He said "I'm not the only one with a hard on". "Ah, I can bide my time, what ever game they are playing this is just phase one, can you bide your time chief? Lisa is bound to be the next one out of the pool. Little boy cock, little girl pussy, your own son, or you can wait until my sister shows up, she can teach you a thing or two, or you can take cold showers and long walks for the next four days".

"You are a bastard, but since we seem to be part a game that we don't know the rules of I will opt for the tiny growing breasts and the hairless pussy for phase one, unless you plan on eating your own daughter out?, and yes I can bide my time as well to see how this game plays out".

I moved Danny to my face "Lisa come up here please, the chief would like your pussy on his face, see if you can make him cum without touching him". She giggled "Yes daddy". I sucked Danny off holding and caressing his smooth white ass globes, tonguing his crown and piss slit and licking his balls. Danny fucked my face and gave me his boy nectar as well. Lisa was on Bills face getting a lightly peach fuzz covered pussy full of tongue. She climaxed on his face, and he blew his load in the jacuzzi without any assistance from my daughter.

Lisa sat on Bill's lap and Danny sat on mine, Tommy and Matt got into the jacuzzi as well, Matt sitting next to me and Tommy next to Bill. The slider opened. It was my sister Sam and a friend of hers.

"Ah, little brother, I'm glad you made it down, I see you brought some more friends, young man its nice to see you again its Danny right?, and Lisa my favorite niece, but who are all these other charming young men? And Lisa get out of there so I can look at you".

I said "This is Bill Williams and his son Matt, This is Tommy who you have heard about he is staying with us so I brought him along, I am taking him to Texas to see his folks when we leave. Thanks for the place Sam. This is my older sister Sam or Sammy, our hostess. Just call her Aunt Sammy boys".

Lisa got out of the jacuzzi to show off her developing body. Sam said "See I told you, your breasts are growing, and you have some fuzz, I heard that your are now having your periods, good for you Lisa. Oh excuse me this is Suzie, a young friend of mine, she is eighteen just for the record. And Bill I hope my brother explained a few things, seeing you all in the jacuzzi naked it appears he has. Tommy it is so great to finally meet you in person. All of you please stand up so I can get a good look at you, oh' please don't be shy, Suzie and I will join you in a minute".

I picked Danny up off of me an put him down on the patio, Tommy climbed out as well. Bill and Matt held their spots in the jacuzzi. I said "Resistance is Futile, You will be Assimilated". Matt stood up. Sammy said "See boys, you will get some hair down around your penis, some of your classmates may start earlier than others that's all" Matt's chin sank to his chest, Bill got out of the water ready to defend his son. My sister beat him to it "Oh, I see you were waved over in the man department as well".

I said "Sammy that's enough, this is your house, but do not treat my friends or my extended family like a sex toy to be discarded if it doesn't suit your need at the moment. Matt is sixteen and dealing with his size, Bill is also facing issues of life, do not make fun of them. We will pull out in the morning".

"I'm sorry Danny, do not leave. I apologize for my behavior and my comments, please make yourselves at home, come on Suzie this isn't going to be the party we expected my 6' 3" little brother is getting straighter by the moment, soon he will be like our brother Max and settle down and get married and have kids".

I said "If you remember I did get married, I adopted Danny as my own son and Annie is seven months pregnant with our son Dylan Matthew, and all these are my kids, go check out the bikes on the pad, I will pour you a glass of chilled white wine, just give me your keys, your not going anywhere. Ms. Suzie is there something I can get for you?"

Suzie is a bleach blond cheer leader type, 5' 6", long blond hair past her shoulder blades, blue eyes, nice tits and a nice round ass, about 110 pounds. If I had to guess she either paints her clothes on or uses Vaseline to get her jeans on. What is behind those blue eyes and between her ears, well just picture a black hole in space with a skin wrapper on it that will turn even the gayest man's head including my brother Ronny.

Suzie wandered around inside, the rest got back in the jacuzzi except for me. I knew my sister and her friend were high on something, coke probably, but club drugs just as possible. I tossed their keys to Bill. Suzie was trying to find a score, she went through our jackets and pants pockets. "Hey Sammy, look at this your brother is a cop and so is his friend, I thought all bikers had a drug stash somewhere, if we can't get high anymore at least lets fuck them all. I like the father son action, you can take the ones with the little dicks, I'll take your brother your nephew and your niece at the same time".

Bill was standing at the slider door "This is what you call eccentric?" I said "Oh, you should meet my brother Ronny, he makes Judge Meyers look straight. Lets get these two to bed for the night, we'll figure out the rest in the morning". Bill started to go through the kitchen cabinets. "Here this will work, take the buzz out of them, make them sleep and they won't throw up all night, headache in the morning though" He mixed a concoction I wouldn't try.

We poured the 'remedy' down their throats and tossed them into one of the beds. Lisa said "Where are we going to sleep tonight?". I said "Check the closets for blankets and pillows, the boys sleep out here on the floor, Bill gets the couch and Lisa and I get the other room". "Dad that sounds a lot like no sex tonight". "I always knew you were a bright child honey, and if anyone finds a small baggie of drugs just give it to us, please don't try it".

"Where are we going tomorrow?". I said "How about a battleship, its a couple of hours ride, but it should be fun. Lisa has seen it but it might make for a good day". Lisa said "Yeah, The USS North Carolina, I wouldn't mind seeing it again". "Good, turn off the jacuzzi and get to bed, if Sammy or Suzie tries to leave during the night call a cop".

Sammy and Suzie came out naked in the morning, which got the boys attentions. Suzie was shaved clean so I don't know if she is a bleach blond or not, and my sister isn't bad looking for a 42 year old bi-sexual either. Lisa was horny for some pussy so she started to lick out Suzie's shaved soft mounds. Suzie said "Your cute, but I want some cock as well, you're kind of cute, give me some of that boy dick of yours". Matt said "I can't, my girl friend will cut my balls off if I stray, besides your still stoned". Lisa changed her mind too. Suzie started to pout, "Sammy don't you have anything around the house, I'm starting to crash, I need a pick me up".

They dressed to go make a score for Suzie, we dressed and headed to the battleship and rode around all day. We stopped for lunch and pictures. Everyone we met wanted pictures of the sled, they were also writing down the phone number. Bill and I were having a beer and the kids were modeling for all the tourists with the bikes. Bill said "Is your sister always like that?" I said "Sammy likes to have fun, drugs all the time no. I'm sure the air head wanted to party so Sammy went along with it, you seemed like you were going to jump on her this morning". "Yeah, I know, I thought about it but when Matt said no because of Melissa, I couldn't do it. At least not with an audience of kids one being my son, 16 or not, and what about you, you missed an opportunity or was it morality". "I don't like doped up airheads, and if you think about morality issues, there is a very good chance our wives are enjoying themselves to the ultimate climax, even with Annie being pregnant. I really doubt the spa is just mud baths and rub downs".

Bill thought about that for a while. He finally said "Don't ask, don't tell right?" I nodded. "Can you get all four back to your sisters?" I said "I can".

"Just tell Matt that I ran into an old friend from the police academy, I will be back soon enough, we are just going to catch up on old times for a while. Besides you have plenty to keep you busy and I really don't want to know about it. It would be better for both of our careers".

"As you wish, just don't wreck Annie's ride, she will kill both of us". I dropped a couple of bucks for a tip and got up and left. I got on the Ultra and waved everyone over. "Come on everybody rides with me back to Aunt Sammy's house, Bill is talking to an old friend, he will be along later". Lisa, Tommy and Danny on the sled and Matt behind me. It was only 10 miles so no big deal.

Thankfully Sammy and her friends weren't around. All the clothes came off and we sunned ourselves in the back yard around the pool. Once the bike and the pipes cooled down the four took on washing the Ultra and the sled, which turned into a soap and water fight. I was floating in the pool on a lounger with a beer in my hand just enjoying the peace. Well four little imps wouldn't have any of dad getting some deserved rest and relaxation, so I became the target of dunking, cannon balls, and just plain harassment from my charges.

I took Matt's ass on a chase lounge, while Lisa had Danny's cock in her mouth and Tommy had his in her pussy. Bill came back to the house later. The kids were horsing around in the pool. I was making dinner. I said "Everything alright?" "Yeah, fine. I hooked up with those gay guys at the bar, I haven't done anything like that since the police academy, you know three way guy action, I don't want Matt to know though". I said "I won't tell him".

The next day I walked the kids down to the beach for a few hours. The boys were in the water body surfing. Lisa was just tanning herself. Lisa did take notice of a teenager about the same age as herself. I was paying more attention to the boys so they didn't get caught in the undertow. "Dad, this is Jamie". "Hi Jamie how do you do?" "Dad can she come back to the house to swim" "As long as you have permission I don't have a problem with it".

I met with Jamie's mother and she gave permission for a few hours. We exchanged phone numbers. I got the boys out of the ocean and we all headed back to the house. Lisa and Jamie carried on. Jamie is fourteen, slender build, sandy blond hair, green eyes, small breasts, her nipples are visible through the bra of her two piece suit. She is a little taller than Lisa.

Lisa said "Uhm Jamie, we are nudists, we don't wear clothes when we are at my Aunts house, I just wanted you to know before you come over and you know freak out or something". "My mom and I have sunbathed topless before, never nude though". "Do you still want to come with us?". "Yeah, why not. Your brothers are kind of cute". Lisa said "Yes they are, Danny is my adopted brother, Tommy and Matt are kind like my brothers as well. Well I should warn you, they are going to get boners". Jamie started to giggle "Really?" "Yeah, all the time, your not going to get in trouble are you?" "I better call my mom first just in case". I handed her my phone.

"Uhm, mom, yeah Lisa just told me that the whole family are nudists. They wanted to make sure I don't get in trouble. Okay, bye. Yeah I'll be back by seven". "Well?" "She said use my judgment". Lisa said "The back yard has a privacy fence".

Tommy, Danny and Matt all hosed off and left their bathing suits in the corner of the house. They all dove into the pool. Lisa undressed in front of Jamie, displaying her small breasts and the small amount of peach fuzz over her bald pussy. Jamie watched in amazement. Lisa reached out to Carrie and untied the bra. Revealing her quarter sized nipples, and her breasts the size of a lemon cut in half. Jamie didn't say anything, she just let Lisa do her thing. Lisa reached out for the bottom piece and lowered them off the hips of the girl. Jamie showed a small patch of sandy blond pubes over her pussy.

Lisa rubbed Jamie's nipples between her fingers. Lisa said "Come on", she dove into the pool. Jamie was right behind her. They caught up to the boys. I got into the jacuzzi. Bill hadn't returned from where ever he decided to go for the day.

The five of them were in and out of the pool many times. Run around dive in. Tommy, Danny and Matt all with hardons. Jamie and Lisa were in the shallow end near the jacuzzi. Jamie said "Lisa, it looks like you are more than just nudists?". Lisa said "Much more, do you want to have some fun with us?" "Like what?" "Anything you want, we are a very open family". Matt swam up to the girls. Jamie said "How old are you?" "I'm sixteen" "Really you don't look sixteen". "Yeah I know, I look more like twelve like Tommy". Jamie said "Well you are cute". Matt said "Thanks, but I have a girlfriend at home. She would cut my balls off if I cheat on her, Tommy and Danny are available". Lisa said "So am I, or even my dad". "Your dad?" "Yeah or Matt's dad should be home later, If you want an older woman my aunt is always into fun".

"Your crazy". "Come on I'll show you if your adventurous, you will like it". "Okay I guess". Lisa got out of the pool, and waved for Jamie to follow. Lisa guided her to a chase lounge, and laid a kiss on to her lips. Lisa moved down to take the teens nipples in her mouth one at time. The girl reached to get a hold of Lisa's tiny breasts. "Your dad is right there". "Yeah its more fun with an audience". Jamie started to giggle "I guess so". Lisa moved further down the girls body to her belly button which provoked a high pitched squeal from the girl. Lisa moved between the girls legs from the bottom of the chase spreading her knees. Lisa put her face to the girls small mounds, licking her pussy. Jamie's head rolling side to side enjoying the ministrations of Lisa.

Tommy and Danny got out of the pool and went to Lisa. Each boy rubbing a small tit on their new found friend. Their hands were replaced with their mouths, each with a tit, and then to each other with their tongues, returning to a tit, Lisa kept working the girls pussy with her tongue. Matt joined in from behind Lisa with his tongue on Lisa's bald pussy. Jamie didn't stand a chance and had her first orgasm. Lisa said "Do you want the boys now?". "Yes". I said "Condoms boys". "Yes dad". Tommy ran into the house and returned with the size collection. Jamie was in bliss. Lisa moved away from the tender pussy. Danny rolled a condom on his 3 1/2 inch hairless cock and took the place Lisa just vacated. Danny said "I won't hurt you Jamie, I will stop if you say so". "Its okay". Danny positioned himself and slid his cock into her. Lisa took the chase lounge next to her and Tommy inserted his 3 1/2 inch cock into Lisa.

Both boys got into the same rhythm on top of the girls. I got out of the jacuzzi and Matt joined me. "Is everyone okay?". "Yes daddy" three times. I said "How about you Jamie, are you okay?". "Yes sir, this is the best vacation I've ever had. I'm gonna climax again". She did. I moved behind Tommy and licked his balls and his ass. Matt did the same with Danny. Lisa had her orgasm. Matt and I opened up the boys asses and put our tongues to their sphincters. Both boys climaxed at the same time, arching their backs for more penetration. Both boys fell forward on to the girl below. Danny kissed Jamie and pulled out of her. He discarded the condom and dove back in the pool yelling "Last one in is it".

Matt dove in, Tommy pulled out of Lisa and got rid of his condom as well and dove into the pool. The girls followed. "You're it dad". I dove in "Marco". "Polo". We swam for a good hour playing tag and grab ass. I felt a hand on my cock. I new it wasn't one of my kids. I started to toss them from one side of the pool into the deep end. I got to feel up all of them, including Jamie and her smooth body. We gave up when Bill came out back from inside the house. "Who is this?". Lisa said "This is my friend Jamie, we met at the beach today. Her mom is a block away, their on vacation too".

Matt said "That's my dad Bill, he's cool too. Where did you go today dad?" Bill choked a little. "I ran into some friends yesterday. I went to the police academy with them. So I figured I would spend some time with them before we have to go home". Matt and the others bought his story. I knew better, he went back for another three way. What ever floats your boat man.

Jamie said "I had a great time today, when are you leaving?" I said "The day after tomorrow, I'm taking Tommy to Texas to see his folks. Bill will take the others home". She said "We leave on Friday, if its alright with you I would like to hang around with Lisa, well everyone actually".

Lisa said "You can come over tomorrow if that's okay dad". I said "What about your mother Jamie?". "She's open minded, just don't say anything about earlier, I don't think she's that open minded yet". Bill looked at me with the 'You didn't look'. I said "I never touched her, not in that way anyhow". He said "What about you Matt?" "Nope, I want my balls in tact when I see Melissa".

I said "That is up to you Jamie invite your mom if you wish. Just so she is okay with the nature factor. What about your dad?" "She will be, he left years ago for another man, they live in San Francisco now". I chucked and thought of my brother Ronnie, he's the king of the queens. I prefer the younger versions of the male anatomy, and it appears Bill likes the closet factor.

Jamie said "I have to be going". I said "Get your stuff, Lisa and I will walk you home". "Thanks". The girls dressed and so did I. We walked the couple of blocks. Jamie said "Lisa, remember what you said about your aunt?". "Yeah". "My mom might go for that, I prefer someone close to my age like you and the boys. She might go for someone like you as well sir". I laughed "I have the same problem Matt does. I am married to Danny's mother. I would like to keep things in the proper places as well. Annie is open minded, just not that open. She is also pregnant with our son Dylan Matthew". The three of us laughed the rest of the way. We met Julie, Jamie's mom. "Anytime after 1:00 would be good".

Walking back Lisa said "Daddy, please fuck me, I want you inside me, please". "Lisa you're my daughter". "Daddy you fuck Danny he's your son, what's the difference?" Hard to argue that point. I said "I'll think about it, not this week okay sweetheart. Tomorrow everyone needs to be on their best behavior. If you're going to mess with Jamie do it inside". "Okay".

After dinner and before we retired for the night, Danny and Tommy were sucking each other off. Matt took my load down his throat with his father and Lisa watching. Lisa sucked off Matt and Bill just said "Pass, I'm good for today".

Wednesday was a nudists pool party. Five hardons, four sets of hard nipples. Lots of grab ass in the pool but no fucking on the lawn chairs. I know my sister will hook up with Julie as soon as we pull out in the morning.

Thursday morning we packed up the bikes and trailer. Bill had the Ultra Glide and the sled with Matt, Lisa and Danny loaded up. They headed north for home. Tommy and I headed west on the Road Glide. For four nights heading to Texas Tommy's cock was in my mouth and my cock in his ass. Some 1400 miles to get to Texas to meet up with Tommy's parents.

Ron, Carrie and Tommy Richardson cried like babies when they saw each other. After all Tommy has been living we me for six months, because of Ron's temporary job position.

Behind the sobs and tears, Tommy said "I missed you, but I don't know if I want to stay here or be with my friends for the summer back home". Carrie was crushed but could understand her son's dilemma. They were renting a two bedroom apartment, so I made a suggestion. I said "Tommy you don't have make a decision today, stay here for a few days and see what happens".

He sobbed "Aren't you staying with me? with us?" I said "I have some time, you need to spend time with your parents. I will go to Galveston or someplace. I'll be back at the end of the week and we will take it from there. If you want to stay I will ride home, If you want to come with me, that is fine too. We could fly you home as well. Maybe spend half the summer here and the rest with us but I do need to get home sometime next week".

Tommy wrapped his arms around my neck, I picked the boy up and his legs went around my waist. He buried his head into my neck. "I'm gonna miss you dad2". "I know son, I know. I will miss you too". Ron and Karen were all choked up as well. "Thanks for taking care of Tommy, Dan". Tommy started to cry again "I love you dad, both of you". "I love you too Tommy". I put the boy down.

I hugged Ron and Carrie. I said "I have to get out of here or we all will be crying all night".

Ron said "If you're heading to Galveston, no need to come back here if Tommy stays, just keep heading home. Hopefully I will know more about the job in the coming months, if it becomes permanent here. Otherwise we will keep Tommy in school at home. Take care of yourself Dan, I'll be in touch". "You too. I'll call you".

I made it about halfway between Dallas and Galveston before I stopped for the night. I called home to check on everyone. I rode to Galveston stayed for a day then turned to San Antonio for a day. Ron Richardson called "Dan, Tommy is staying with us, at least for a while". I said "I understand. I'm in San Antonio, I will stop by tomorrow on my way home to say goodbye".

Ron said "Dan, Tommy is vulnerable right now. If he sees you he may change his mind. We want to be with our son for a while. I know he loves you and your family. Maybe we will send him back in a while. Please don't take this wrong, you are a good friend, and I'm sorry but don't come back to Dallas tomorrow, just head home. We will talk to you soon, but I don't want Tommy to say he wants his friends and you more than he wants and needs us".

I said "I understand Ron. If you need anything of his let me know. Tell him that we love him and will miss him, that goes for you two as well. Don't hesitate to ask for anything". "Thanks Dan, goodbye". "Goodbye Ron".

I'm going to miss that beautiful twelve year old boy, sandy brown hair, five foot one, blue eyes, a nice smile, eighty-five pounds, completely hairless, his three and a half inches circumcised cock, his tight little balls, the round globes of his ass, and his drop or two of sweet boy nectar. I'm not going to be the only one either.

I rode right past Dallas on the way back home but I kept my promise not to see the boy. I made it home in three days, riding like a zombie, part of me was missing. I stopped in Memphis and Louisville before pulling into the garage near State College.

I was greeted by my family standing at the inside garage door, all smiles. Annie, Danny, Lisa, Melissa and Matt. I shut down the engine, and pulled my helmet off. Lisa's lip started to quiver. "Dad, where's Tommy?" "He's in Texas baby, he's staying".

I kissed my wife and the tears started flowing, from all of us. Lisa was crying. "I have to call him". I said "Lisa listen to me, all of you listen to me, if you talk to Tommy you can not ask him or beg him to come back. His parents miss him very much, he is a boy that belongs with his parents, do you understand me". Danny was crying as well "You're his parents, he is my brother". I picked the two tweens up. They both wrapped their arms around my neck crying.

I said "Tommy isn't gone forever, maybe for the summer, maybe longer, I don't know, he may come back for the second part of the summer. For now he needs to be with his parents, his real parents, not his so called adopted parents. Yes, we all love him very much, that is why we must abide by Ron and Carrie's wishes. We as a family can not or will not turn Tommy against them, do I make my self clear". "Yes Dad". Melissa and Matt wrapped themselves around me, at least I didn't have to pick them up. I put Lisa and Danny down to the ground. Annie leaned in over the group of tweens and teens. She grabbed my hand and moved it to her belly. "Dylan is kicking nicely".

I said "I don't know about you guys, but my ass and back are sore. Someone help the old man out of his boots and get the jacuzzi going so I can soak my tired bones". "Yes dad, its good to have you back". Annie said "I'll agree with that Dan". "So will I, Annie, so will I, I think I've had enough vacation for a while, I need to go back to work to rest".

Matt pulled my boots off, and Melissa started the jacuzzi. Everyone dropped the clothing and got in the jacuzzi.

"So how was the spa?". Annie said "A good time was had by all, Katie Williams even loosened up after a while". I said "So did Bill Williams but we shouldn't talk about them with their naked son in our jacuzzi, he might get the wrong idea about his parents".

Matt said "Naked and horny son, that hasn't fully recovered yet, for being faithful to his girlfriend while being tempted in Myrtle Beach". Melissa said "Matt we have been home for over a week, get over it".

I said "I haven't".


Danny was next to Annie, she grabbed his 3 1/2 inch boner playing with the tip and lightly stroking him, as Lisa lowered her small tight pussy over my seven inch circumcised cock. Her knees straddling my waist, my hands on her waist, guiding her up and down on my shaft, watching my cock fill my baby girl.

"Yes, thank you daddy, fill me with your cum".

You could hear Matt and Melissa in the other bedroom on the queen bed.

Motorcycle Mayhem VII - Birthdays


Weeks went by like they were minutes of an hour. The shop was hectic chaos, but it was working. With Brian Wilson's idea of using cell phones to track photo assignment time and Mrs. Anderson doing the books and payroll all I had to do was sign paychecks every week or the accounts payable checks. Jerry was doing a good job as the General Manager and Matt was working out as the Assistant Manager, leaving Paul the girls and I to do what we do best, photo shoots and graphics design. I put Brian on the payroll part time and the other four teens are toeing the line and working their assigned schedules to complete the community service requirements. Since coming back from Myrtle Beach I have seventeen custom motorcycles to design and air brush. One being Bill Williams Fat Boy, and four from Tiny and his friends.

"Dan Wallace"; "Dan its Ron". "Hey Texan, how is it going?". "Good, we are all good, listen Tommy wants to come home for Lisa's birthday, he wants it to be a surprise". "We can handle that, are you going to put him on a plane?" "Yeah, we're thinking about it, you know we want our son back right?". "Ron, we have abided by your wishes but I have to tell you the kids have been miserable since Tommy stayed in Texas, by the way how is the job going?". He said "Winding down, I should be back by October or November. Tommy will be back for school I'll send Carrie home too at the same time". I said "Ron that is the best news I've ever heard, you know its not going to be easy to keep this information a secret". "No probably not Dan, I leave that up to you". "When and where are you sending him?". "I was thinking Philly I can get him a direct flight so he doesn't have to change planes, I know that is a long drive for you but there really isn't anything closer except for the little planes". I said "That is fine I will pick him up just send me the details". "Thanks Dan". "See ya Ron".

I sat back in my office. Tommy is coming home, well at least for a while. My dick started to get hard just thinking about his tight little ass and his hairless cut cock. Not that Danny's ass and cock, along with Matt's don't satisfy me, I just like the variety sometimes. Since more than half the summer is gone already I really should be thinking of more important things. Lisa's thirteenth birthday only just over a week away. Danny's twelfth birthday is three weeks after that and Annie is getting ready to pop with our son Dylan, due on September 1st. If Tommy sticks around then his thirteenth birthday is just before Danny's. Plus I have a business to run and all the bikes to design and air brush. I shouldn't be thinking of Tommy, but I was. I knew it was late in the day and the girls had already left for the day. I pulled up the 'Naked Sky Diving Adventure' and put it up on my review monitor and just lost myself in the picture of the five of them for a while.

A knock on my door and a "Uhm, I'm sorry to bother you Mr. Wallace, this is my brother Jeff. Our mom has to run to see a friend that was just in an accident, would it be okay if Jeff stayed with me for a little while, I promise we won't be any trouble for you, I still have work to do in the bays". Jeff saw the image before I removed it. "Whoa they were all naked sky diving". "Yes they were, its called the 'Action Adventure'. We can photograph you and put you in any adventure you want, with your parents permission and signed release forms. And no you don't have to be naked". "Brian told me about it but I didn't believe him, Uhm can I see that again please".

***For a reminder Brian Wilson and his brother Jeff have been getting sucked off by Judge Meyers since they were eight and four respectively. They are also cock suckers and Brian was the decoy sucking Coach Jackson's cock when Jason Tills got raped in the showers which is why they are all doing community service. I know I have left gaps of time in writing this story. Brian is fifteen and Jeff eleven. Neither one of them is difficult to look at. Young Jeff is even cuter than his older brother, but that would up to individual taste and imagination. I may throw the "***" (stars) in once in a while as a reminder, an authors note or a state of mind.***

"Maybe another time, but yes Brian your brother can stay, just don't touch anything and stay out of the way". "Yes sir, and thank you, come on Jeff I have work to do, dad can pick us up later". I don't know why I said it but I did, "I can take you boys home when we close up". "Thanks again, Mr. Wallace". "Brian is anyone left out front to cover the shop?". "Matt is sir, Mr. Sacks and Jerry just left, they said I had to ask you". "Okay Brian, one, for the record when you knock on my door wait until I tell you to come in, second tell Matt to lock the front door and put the ring the bell for service sign up". "Yes sir, sorry sir, it won't happen again".

I had the strange felling in my gut, I thought 'I wonder what his lips around my cock would feel like, make that both of them'. I know I told Brian not to engage in any sexual activity at my shop. Which for the last nine weeks he hasn't since he started to work here, other than the time he offered to suck my cock working on the bikes and the sled before the Myrtle Beach trip. I put the image of the sky divers back up on the monitor. My thoughts returned to how to keep Tommy coming home a secret. 'Yes honey I have to drive to Philadelphia on your birthday because I have run out of blue ink for a paint job, I'll be back as soon as I can, have a good time at your party'.

WTF, I don't think so. No, Tommy had to come home before Lisa's birthday, maybe a day, maybe two, I can keep him hidden for that long, but I also have to keep him safe at the same time. My mind started to whirl, 'Make Tommy the cake topping', 'Make him jump out of a cake'. No nothing that exotic, Lisa and Tommy have been friends for too long for anything like that. Use the KISS principal, keep it simple stupid, shit that is how you are running against and beating the fat fuck Tills for mayor. A phone call from Tommy to Lisa on her birthday, 'I wanted to say Hi and happy birthday', now that's simple enough, just the phone call will be from twenty feet away when her back is away and she is turned toward the house to see who is on the phone for her. NFB Dan, not fucking bad at all. He can stay at his house but I need an accomplice to pull this off. Someone that won't tell the kids and also to take care of Tommy in his hiding spot, right under (well two doors down) their little noses.

Tommy is the next challenge. He has to be dying to see his friends, brothers and sisters of his extended family. If he wants to keep it a secret then he has to play along. If he wants to give up the surprise then that is what it will be. I'm still not sure who Lisa wants to invite. She knows she can invite anyone she wants, but I doubt it will be anything like Melissa's sweet sixteen when everyone and the uninvited mayor showed up last year.

"Hi Dad2, or Mr. Wallace, what are you doing?". "I didn't hear the knock, what's up Matt?". "Whoa, why do you have that up?". "Matt did you knock on my door?" "No, I didn't think to". "Matt, I just told Brian down for doing the same thing in front of his brother, you have to abide by the same rule, even if you are an Assistant Manager, you can boss them around but that does not include me, my office is the only place I can think". "Sorry Mr. Wallace, I was just curious as too what my second dad was up to, it won't happen again". "Matt I'm sorry it didn't mean it to come out like that". "No problem SIR, I will check on the slave and wait for my ride home". "Matt come here please, I'm sorry, I just have a lot on my mind". "Why?".

"Come here please". He came to me and settled into my lap. "Your looking at a picture of us and you have a hard on, is that for Brian and his little brother or us?" "Could be for both actually". "Really?". "Yeah really, the little one is kind of cute". "What about your rule?" "You mean the one of don't come barging into the bosses office without knocking and waiting for an answer or the one about getting a blow job or other sexual favors in the office from boys that like to suck a man's dick?". Matt started to laugh, he settled back in my lap, I wrapped my arm around his waist. "I guess the one about blow jobs and sexual favors, but I already know the answer, I don't remember how many times you fucked me in here, especially when you do the graphics, you know the ones I'm talking about, with all the fireworks coming out of our dicks". I said "Well it seems that young Jeff would like to see more of this picture and might be interested in an adventure himself".

"Dad, if your suggesting what I think you are, yes I would like to mess around with them, but if Melissa finds out she will cut my balls off". I said "Then don't let her find out". "That's lying". "No its keeping the truth hidden for a good reason". "You're evil dad". "You have no idea Matt". "Yes I do". I said "Honestly Matt I think Mel's rule was meant for you not to be sticking your dick in another girl other than Lisa, well maybe fucking a boys ass also counts, other than Danny and Tommy of course". "You're insane". I pulled his polo shirt out of his pants and undid the button and fly so I could slide my hand into his pants his slender cock immediately jumped at the attention, rising to its four inches in length. I played with his foreskin pulling it back and forth over his crown, I moved my hand down to cup his small still hairless balls, and wrapped his shaft with my hand, my thumb fondling the tip of his dick. "You're gonna make me cum in your hand if you keep that up". "Then I guess I will have to wash my hands before I go home won't I"

"What if Brian and his brother come back?". I said "Maybe they will let me put my hand down their pants as well" "Should I go ask them, or do you want to?" "I'll be right back". I went to the back bays. "How is it going Brian?" "Good, I'm almost finished". "Stop by the office when your done". "Okay". I returned to my office and put Matt back on my lap and my hand in his pants again. I started a loop of 'Action Adventures' on the computer and on the 52 inch review monitor. Kids of all ages, doing some kind of adventure that started out with a photo, an imagination and of course my graphics program. The loop had about 75 images auto changing every 5 seconds. More than half the adventures were nudes, little girls, little boys, teens, some soft dicks, some rock hard. Brian knocked on my door. "Enter".

The loop had the desired effect. "Whoa look at that". So did the fact I had my hand in Matt's pants stroking his cock. I said "Do you like what you see?". "Yeah". Both blond boys hands started to grab their crotches, either to hide it or adjust it. "Uhm Mr. Wallace, you told me before, uhm about". I said "I know what I told you Brian, now I am changing my mind, but only with Matt and I no one else". "Okay". Jeff said "Brian what is he talking about?". "Jeff look were his hands are, he wants a blow job from us, Matt too". I said "Only if you feel comfortable with the situation".

I stood Matt up in front of me and pulled his polo over his head. Matt kicked his shoes off, I lowered his pants and underwear and he stepped out of them. "Now do you like what you see?". "Yes sir". Matt was still in front of me facing toward the boys, my left hand playing with his four inch uncut cock, my right hand going from his small patch of pubes to his balls, and tracing the crack of his ass. Jeff said "Sir I would very much like to be in the same situation as Matt is". Brian said "Me too". I spun Matt around, picked him up and set him on the corner of the design station. I bent down and took his cock in my mouth, tonguing his piss slit and sucking his shaft. I released Matt's dick and sat in my chair. I motioned for the boys to approach, "Take your shoes off, I would like to do the rest". Both boys kicked shoes off.

I reached for the tall skinny blond form of Brian first. Shirt first, unbuckled his belt, undid the button and lowered his fly. I reached into his underwear. "Interesting". I lowered his trousers leaving him with his underwear. He stepped out of the pants lying on my floor. Matt was watching me. I hooked the white briefs and lowered them down the teens smooth legs. His cock was swelling. "Do you shave your pubes Brian or are you hairless?". "Both actually sir, I only have a few hairs, but Judge Meyers likes boys that are hairless so I shave off what does grow in". "I see". I reached for his cut cock, rolling my finger over the crown. I was waiting to see how much the boy had to offer. His cock stopped at 45 degrees pointing up. "Are you completely hard?" "Yes sir". "Just about six inches". "Yes sir". I wrapped my hand easily around his shaft, maybe the width of a quarter, my other hand went to his hairless balls, one hanging lower than the other, not to big, not small either. I rubbed his cock and balls. "Why don't you take over where I left off on Matt, I would like to see what your brother has to offer". "Yes sir".

Brian moved away towards Matt and his four inch hard on waiting for attention. Jeff the younger blond brother, shorter and still skinny approached me. I pulled his shirt off, and touched his small nickel sized nipples with my thumbs. I traced my hands down his waist to his Levi 501 button fly jeans. I undid the top button, "Button fly's, you're making it tough on me Jeff". "I'm sorry sir, I can do it if you want". "That's okay Jeff, I can handle it, it adds more suspense to the mission at hand". "Yes sir". I undid the next three buttons to peel the tight jeans down his smooth legs revealing red BVD briefs with a white band at the waist and leg holes.

I looked over to Matt who was watching me undress the youngster, his hands on Brains' head bobbing up and down on his cock. I returned my attention the boy. I leaned forward to smell his boy scent. I put my finger tip inside the top waistband and moved all around his body. I pulled my finger out and a finger in each leg hole, around his body again. I put two fingers in each side and pulled his red briefs down, his stiff cock popped out as I lowered them off of him. "Very nice Jeff". "Thank you, sir". His cock was a small version of his brothers, 3 1/2 inches, circumcised, thick as a nickel and pointing 45 degrees upwards from his hairless body.

I reached for his cock and traced down to his acorn sized balls, still tight to his body. I turned the boy in front of me to look at and feel his ass. His ass is nice and tight, two well formed globes. I turned him to face me again. Jeff bent over my chair and reached for my belt. "Its my turn sir". He unsnapped my trousers and lowered my zipper. His small hand reached into the fly of my boxers and fished out my cock. My seven inch cut cock disappeared into the warm wet mouth of the boy. I could feel the top of his throat with my cock. His teeth did not touch me, just his moist lips around my cock. Brian was blowing Matt. Jeff pulled of my cock only long enough to pull my trousers and my boxers down my legs, I lifted my ass off the chair so he could strip my lower half. He went right back to my cock with one hand on my shaft and the other cradling my balls. I unbuttoned my shirt, and kicked my shoes off with him still attached to me. He let go of my balls to help pull my pants off completely. I hooked my boxers with my foot and got them off too without Jeff removing himself from me. His blond head bobbing like a mad man.

I reached down to his waist and lifted him which he released my cock. I carried the boy to the couch, spinning him around as I laid down. I pulled him upwards to me but still with plenty of cock to suck on. I put his 3 1/2 inches into my mouth to enjoy his boy flavor while he continued to suck me. I sucked him and squeezed his ass. I spread his ass cheeks to get my fingers to his asshole. Still closed tight, or maybe Judge Meyers has a real small dick, couldn't tell from the angle. The boy's actions were awesome. Bobbing up and down, licking around the crown, licking the piss slit and returning to the bobbing motion. His hand lightly squeezing my balls.

Jeff started to buck his hips trying to fuck my mouth more with his little thin cocklet, his body started to shake on top of me but he never slowed his pace on my cock. He had his dry orgasm in my mouth, and slid down my body so he could get more of my cock in his mouth. I looked over right as Matt had his orgasm in Brian's mouth. Jeff continued to work me. Matt got down and came over to me "This is how you make him cum". Matt spread my knees so he could get his face into my ass. Jeff kept sucking and Matt licked my ass crack and put his tongue into my ass. Matt was right, lick my ass and I will cum. I shot and shot and shot some more. All going right down Jeff's throat, never missing a beat.

When Jeff milked me dry, he released my cock "Was that okay sir?". "Thank you Jeff, you have quite a talent there". He smiled "Thanks". He climbed off my chest and went to his brother and knelt in front of him. Brian's cock disappeared in his brothers mouth. Three drained cocks and a dry orgasm later, we dressed and I drove the boys and Matt home. "Hi dad", "Hi honey how was your day?". "Busy". I looked at their faces and almost blurted out "Tommy is Coming Home". But I held my tongue.


"Lisa what do you want for your birthday, do you want a big bash party like Melissa had?". "Not really, just a few friends maybe. I don't think mom can handle a huge party in her condition, unless you want Dylan to have the same birthday as me, that would be kind of cool". I laughed, "Lets let Dylan make up his mind when he wants to join the outside world". Danny not to be outdone "My birthday is closer to his due date, maybe he'll come out on mine instead, and yes I want a huge party". "Okay, one I'm not sure and one huge party coming up. For this huge party with all your friends should I rent a pony". "Dad don't be dumb, no I don't want a pony I'm twelve, not six". I tussled his hair, "You will let me know what you to have in mind, Lisa you don't have much time". "I know, and a pony isn't a bad idea Danny". "Come again, you want a pony for your birthday?". "Not a pony, take us horse back riding, five or six other kids plus Matt and Mel. Ten kids tops plus you". Annie said "I'm glad you left me out of the equation". "You can come if you want". "No I'll pass and wait for your fathers devil seed to get out of me, the little bastard already knows karate, he is kicking the crap out of me again".

I thought about it for a minute. "Okay sweetheart, horseback riding it is. I tell you what though since your birthday is on a Wednesday would it be alright to push the horseback riding back to say Friday?". "Sure dad, Friday is fine". "Okay I have some work to do, I know of a huge horse ranch on the outside of town. Let me make some calls".

"Ron, can you get Tommy on a late flight for next Thursday night, I will pick him up. Make sure he has a cowboy hat and boots, Lisa wants to go horseback riding for her birthday. I will stash him for the night on the Reynolds ranch with Tom and Susan. When we get there Tommy can be in the barn and walk a horse out for the birthday girl". "Hang on Dan, Tommy loves the idea, I'll send the flight info to your phone"... "Have the airline deliver him to the baggage area I'll be waiting for him. I'll send you a copy of my license that he can carry with him and they will turn him over to me, I still have all the other paperwork for him. If I were a flight attendant I wouldn't turn over a twelve year old boy to a big guy full of tattoos". "Try to stop Tommy from getting to you. I don't think so my friend". I had the exact same thought, try to stop me from getting to him.


Lisa spent her actual birthday on Wednesday at the town pool with Danny, Melissa and her other friends. I was going to take the day off but she told me "No, but you do have to take Friday off. I can wait two more days for my birthday party". At dinner it was the four of us and Matt and Melissa. Lisa opened her gifts which were real nice. Horseback riding boots, hat and vest from me, a diamond necklace from Annie and Dylan, a new baseball mitt from Danny, gift certificates as well.

Thursday finally came. For a big biker, tattooed all over, heavy into martial arts, and former special warfare operations, I had knots in my stomach. I told Annie that I would be late tonight. Don't wait up, not like she does anyhow since she is eight months pregnant with my demon child. I also sent Matt, Brian and the Eliss brothers home early. "Jerry I have things to, I will not be in the shop until Monday consider me unavailable". "You got it boss".

I drove the four hours to Philadelphia airport, parked and went in to wait for Tommy. Of course the flight was delayed, finally the boards changed to arrived. Being an unescorted minor they are always the first on the plane and the last to get off. Tommy was wearing his cowboy hat and boots, he looked like a regular shit kicker coming down the escalator with his airline escort. He saw me at the bottom of the escalator and dove the last six stairs into my arms. "Dad, I missed you so much". "I missed you to kiddo, we all did. Do I have to sign something?" "Yes right here, I would ask for Id but he described you all the way from Dallas on the plane". "Thank you, come on lets get your stuff and get out of here". "Sounds good to me, does anyone know I'm here?". "Nope your secret is safe, your going to be staying at the ranch tonight, everyone is coming in the morning".

We got his bags and headed for the car. I drove about three hours and pulled off the road down a dirt path, turned the car and the lights off. I got out of the car and took a piss, Tommy got the idea as well and unzipped and let his piss stream fly. I walked around the car and took his hat off his head and put in on the roof. As soon as his stream stopped he started to zip up, I said "Don't bother". He started to giggle, "Out here in the middle of nowhere?". "Why not?". "Daddy I've missed you so much, I missed your cock in my ass". I picked him up and put him on the hood of the car, I pulled his boots off, took his pants off along with his whities, I put his boots back on his socked feet. I opened the passenger door and the glove box and pulled out the KY jelly. I grabbed his hat and put it back on his head. "Do you want to go for a ride little cowboy?". "Yes daddy, please fuck me". I put some KY on my finger and put it to his hole and smeared it inside of him. "You've gotten tight since you have been gone". "Yeah, I have had no sex at all since we left Myrtle Beach, well other than jerking off I mean".

I dropped my pants to my ankles, lubed my cock and put more inside his ass. With him sitting on the hood, he is the perfect height. He scooted forward his boots on the bumper I put my cock head to his hole, I pushed in his ass made a pop sound as I penetrated him. "Oh yeah daddy, that feels good". I pushed until my balls touched his ass. He took his hat in his hand and waved it over his head "Come on lets ride this pony". I pulled back easy and pushed back in. "Come on daddy, I'm the cowboy your the bucking bronco, make that the fucking bronco". "Okay cowboy". I grabbed his hips and pulled him onto my cock, I pulled back and slammed back into him. "That's it I'm a rough rider give it to me bronco". I power fucked his ass burying my cock deep into his anal cavity. Tommy jerked himself off while I fucked his ass. He shot his couple of drops of cum onto himself, a few more pumps and I unloaded my balls in his ass. I kept fucking his ass and managed to cum again.

After an hour of fucking Tommy I got the paper towels out so we could clean out his dripping ass so he could get his pants back on. He never did bother with the underwear. I drove to ranch and met with Tom and Susan giving them Tommy for the night. Tommy turned and walked into the house with them he was walking bowl-legged a little. Well he would be doing that tomorrow anyway. I got in the car and his underwear was still on the passenger seat. I grabbed the pair and lifted it to my nose to smell his essence. It was 3:00 in the morning when I crawled into bed.

Danny and Lisa tackled me in bed at 7:00 in the morning. I knew I wasn't going to get a lot of sleep but I thought I would get more than this. Annie was in her new room. Lisa pulled the sheet down. "Look Danny he's ready for us". "Yeah we can ride him first". The new teenager and the almost twelve year old were both naked one on each side of me. Lisa reached for my cock, Danny reached for my balls. "Dad, your dick is sticky who were you with?" "I can't tell you that sweetheart". "You mean you fucked someone else last night?". "I can't answer that question son, if you plan on messing with your old man then its either dirty dick or if you want me clean then you have to let me up so I can use the bathroom, which you can help with if you want". They both said "Clean, lets help him". I was led to the bathroom, Lisa had the soap and washcloth making sure that my cock, balls, chest, ass, arms, legs and face all cleansed properly. Danny took the chore of rinsing me and drying me. I would have been easier if I had just gotten in the shower but they seamed to be enjoying themselves.

They led me back to the bed, I propped myself up with pillows behind my back and head, they resumed the original positions, Lisa on my left and Danny on my right. Lisa's hand went around my cock and her moist lips went over the top. "That's better, so who was it?". "Honey don't ask me, I can't tell you". Danny said "Anyone we know? or should know?" "Stop asking". Lisa started to bob up and down on my cock. Danny had my balls in his hands. Lisa pulled off "Want some little brother?". "Yeah". Danny's warm wet mouth replaced Lisa's on my dick. Lisa started rubbing my chest playing with my nipples. I reached out to her small breasts that have just begun to form and had her young nipples between my forefingers and my thumbs twisting them lightly. Lisa bent over sucking my nipples as Danny sucked my dick. Lisa moved up so my mouth could receive her nipples. She then straddled my face giving me her pussy with a dozen or two strands of light brown pubes above it. I held her hips and licked her pussy. Lisa said "Do you want his face Danny?". "Okay".

Danny released my cock from his mouth. Lisa got off my face so Danny could take her place. Danny inserted his 3 1/2 inch circumcised cock into my mouth. Lisa lowered herself onto my cock taking all seven inches inside her now teenage pussy. Danny humped my face and Lisa rose up and down on me. I just laid there letting them do the work. Danny on his knees drilling my face, all I had to do was keep my lips around his boy cock, Lisa riding my pony.

"I'm glad the three of you are having fun, you know Dan Wallace I should have your demon son right here in this room right now, I'll even let the little bastard drop on his head. I want to get laid again too sometime you know". "Good morning mom I think we will be finished soon". "Yeah mom I'm just about to cum in his mouth". I didn't say anything I had Danny's cock in my mouth. "Good morning to you, I will start on breakfast, bacon and eggs sound good". "Yeah sounds great". Nothing better than having a conversation with your mother while you fuck your father. Annie said "By the way Dan what time did you get home last night?, I was tired and went to bed early". I held up three fingers. "Three why so late?". I hand signed the letters 'LATER'. "Yeah I can see your a little busy right now. Lisa dear you're going to ruin your back in that position lean forward on him". "Okay mom". Lisa changed positions on me without letting me out of her pussy. Lisa said "Come on daddy cum with me I'm ready". "Yeah me too". I released my balls into Lisa at the same time she orgasmed and Danny gave me his drops of sweet nectar almost at the same time. Lisa leaned forward and wrapped her arms around her brother. I let Danny's cock go soft before I released him. "Good morning daddy". "Yeah good morning". I said "Good morning to you as well, now I think we need a shower before breakfast. Lisa you should use the bidet to clean up first". "Yeah I planned on it".

Danny and I got in the master bedroom shower and Lisa headed to the new room to use the bidet before joining us. After cleaning up the two naked bodies they turned the soap and water on me. At breakfast Danny said "Mom, dad had sex with someone and won't tell us who it was". "Is that true Dan, you never keep secrets from us, we don't keep secrets in this house". I said "Will all three of you drop it. Lisa what time are your friends coming over?". "I told everyone to meet here at eight-thirty" "Okay I will call the Reynolds to give them a heads up. I figure we should probably get there say nine-thirty or so".

Jeez, the things you have to do to keep a secret and give your daughter a special present for her birthday.

"Dad, these are my friends, this is Ronnie, Ralph, Johnnie and Kirsten, Alicia and Becky".

All the kids loaded in the borrowed passenger van some with cowboy hats on, cowboy boots , Lisa and Danny had vests on. I kissed Annie "We will see you two later". "Have fun and be safe around the horses".

I turned off the road into the driveway of the Reynolds Horse Ranch Riding and Stables, "Hey dad is that one of your sign designs". "Yes it is, oh about two years ago or so". "Cool".

Tom Reynolds greeted the group, he said "Everything is all set. The trails are well marked and there is a lake between the blue and red trails, there are horse troughs and hitching posts around as well as a few picnic tables. Enjoy your birthday Lisa you have close to three hundred acres of land to roam on and its all yours today". "Huh? No other riders?" "Not today, let's get you all your horses and get saddled up". Tom led the group of tweens and teens to the rider's barn. Tom said "I have a special horse picked out for you Lisa, one of the best on the ranch". He put his fingers in his mouth and whistled a high pitch whistle. "They will be right out". I said "Thanks Tom". "I owed you this one Dan, because of your work this is the best horse ranch in the state".

Tommy walked out of the stable dressed in his cowboy hat, t-shirt, jeans and boots leading a pure white mare saddled and ready. Lisa was so excited about the horse it took her a couple of seconds to notice the stable boy. "Tommy? TOMMY, DAD ITS TOMMY" The poor boy never stood a chance. Lisa hit him at a full sprint, Danny, Melissa and Matt were one step behind her. All you could see was dirt and straw flying in the air. The kid got gang tackled and pile on the rabbit at the same time. The five, my five, all burst into tears crying their hearts out. Hugs and kisses they couldn't have cared less who was behind them watching. I have to admit I teared at the scene. They finally let him up,

"Tommy what are you doing here?" "Happy birthday Lisa, surprise". Lisa looked at me "Dad you did this?". I said "It was Tommy's idea, I just helped and that should answer your questions". Lisa planted a kiss on Tommy like you wouldn't believe, (well you would but I would have to write a novel around it, with a series of sequels as well), she wrapped one leg around him, both arms holding him tight, lips pressed together and if I had to venture a guess tongues going like mad inside the kiss. They had to come up for air.


Lisa said "How?, why? I don't care Gawd Tommy I have missed you so much". Tommy said "I flew in last night, dad2 picked me up in Philly, I stayed here last night, I'm your surprise birthday present". "I'm so glad your here, how long are you staying?". "I have a ticket back in a week, but dad1 is being transferred back, I hope to be here forever. I am coming back for school. Lisa I'm back and I don't won't to leave again, that goes for all of you. I don't want to live in Texas this is my home, my friends, my family, everything I have or care about is right here". Another crying session broke out with more hugs.

Tom Reynolds broke the reunion "If you're not going to ride I have to get all the saddles off the horses. I have to say Dan he is a very quick learner, I saddled the first horse to show him how, Tommy did the rest of the horses by himself. All I did was make sure the saddles were tight and secure, if he wants a job I'll hire him. I've never seen someone so young take to the work so fast, most kids just want to ride a horse but don't want anything to do with the work it takes to maintain them. You dropped him off very late, he was up at five ready and willing to help ".

I said "I think something else was up at five and he was trying to hide it. I also think it will be up the rest of the day. Come on everyone lets get the horses we have all day and a week to catch up with Tommy". "Dad that's embarrassing". "Okay Tommy you want to ride bare assed that's fine with me but your going to get blisters from the saddle". Everyone broke out in to fits of laughter. I didn't know all of Lisa's friends that she invited, but knowing my daughter I probably wasn't far off the mark when it came to being sexually active and being naked around others. Tom Reynolds didn't miss much either being a full fledged boy lover himself. He said "If you're going to ride bare back then leave the saddles at the lake I will pick them up this afternoon". The tweens and teens all looked at each other, my five plus three girls and three boys an idea was forming, but they decided to keep the clothes on for now, I'm sure to Tom's disappointment. Everyone mounted a horse and Lisa led the way Tommy right next to her on a black horse named 'Black Magic', Lisa's horse was 'Avalon', I was on a Palomino named 'Spots' bringing up the rear of the group.

About a half an hour into the ride I pulled next to a boy in the back of the horse line. "I know we met this morning but things were very busy, what is your name again?". "I'm Johnnie, Lisa and I are in the same karate classes, she talks about you all the time, she said you're the best, she's better than anyone else in the class, even sensei, she says you taught her, would you teach us". "Us? No I will not take over karate classes, I am busy enough, I just wanted to meet Lisa's friends. How old are you Johnnie?". "Thirteen, that's my twin sister Kirsten, she was born first and breaks my balls about it all the time, like five minutes makes that much of a difference. Don't get me wrong I love my sister but why does she always try to make my life miserable?" I started laughing so hard I spooked some of the horses including mine. I got 'Spots' under control and came back to Johnnie, I said "Johnnie I was trying to find out who you were, but if you want to talk when we get to the lake I'm all ears, Lisa is my natural daughter, Danny is my adopted son, Matt, Melissa and Tommy, well they're kind of my kids too. Any of them can probably help you with your situation. It might be as simple as penis envy, she might be five minutes older but you have something she doesn't and might be jealous of it. My suggestion is talk to your sister and find out what is bothering you two for thirteen years. Danny and Lisa have been together for less than an a year but act like one, Tommy even more so, he and Lisa are one, two bodies one soul, one heartbeat, she has missed him so much". "I know, thanks for the advice, do you think you could talk to my sister and me together when we get to the lake?" "How about you talk it over with the young people first, starting with your sister, I'll play referee if necessary".

"Thanks Mr. Wallace. I don't know why but I needed that. I wish I could talk to my dad that way". I said "Have you tried?" "Sort of, hell I don't know why I am saying this but I don't know what jerking off means, I pretend I know but I really have no idea". "Sorry for laughing Johnnie, but I think you do know or you will find out at the lake" "What do you mean?". "Johnnie, are you telling me that you never put your hand around your own cock and played with it until you got that special feeling". "No sir, is that what it means?" I nodded my head and went forward to see how everyone else was doing.

It took about 45 minutes at a nice easy gait along the blue trail to get to the lake. To no surprise Lisa was the first to take the saddle off Avalon. She was also the first into the water with her pile of clothes neatly stacked on one of the picnic tables. Tommy and Danny dove in the water after her all three showing their cute asses as they swam. The others seemed to be more reluctant to get naked. I figured it might be because of me so I found a nice piece of shade for me and to let them do as they pleased. Melissa came over to the tree that I was sitting under. Matt undressed and dove in the water to join the others.

The other six couldn't make up their minds if skinny dipping was such a good idea so the boys opted for swimming in their underwear, the three girls figured panties and t-shirts was okay. The result was the same though. The boys all ended up with hard ons that they couldn't hide. They all played in the water for about an hour before getting out, and sitting around the picnic tables.

Lisa started to play with Tommy's 3 1/2 inch dick. I knew it was going to lead to this so I got up and opened my saddle bags. I pulled the extra small condom box out and gave one to Tommy and Danny. I said "Boys size of a condom does matter, these three all know that and have been fitted. If you plan on having any sexual contact then get the right size condom on".

Johnnie looked at me and kind of stammered "Really". "Johnnie I know my daughter, but you must wear a condom". "Will you help me?" "Yes I will what about you boys?" "Yes sir". Lisa took the saddle blanket from her horse and spread it out. I motioned for Johnnie, Ralph and Ronnie to come to me. I said "Its okay lets see what we are working with". I put my fingers into Johnnie's underwear and lowered them off of him.

Lisa lay down on the blanket and Tommy was the first boy to stick his cock in her. I held Johnnie's cock in my hand. He's about the same as Tommy and Danny, hairless, cut and 3 1/2 inches long. Ralph and Ronnie pulled down their wet underwear, both boys showing small patches of pubes with 4 or 4 1/2 inch uncut cocks. I sized each boy, rolling a condom down their cocks while they waited their turns.

Lisa was in heaven, Danny went after Tommy, Matt, Johnnie, Ralph and Ronnie all each got laid. Johnnie Ralph and Ronnie all admitted that it was their first times. Melissa took my cock while Lisa was getting plowed. The three other girls watched but didn't take any cocks.

All the saddles were left at the lake and everyone rode for another hour with nothing but boots on their feet and a horse blanket under their asses. Johnnie rode next to me. "That was amazing, I didn't know about jerking off and today I lost my virginity". We stopped before getting back the stables once more. I said to Johnnie, "Would you like to come with me, before we get back to the stables?" "I guess, why?" I said "You're a cute boy Johnnie; I would like to suck your dick". "Really?"

I led him away from the others with a horse blanket. "Lie down on the blanket". "Okay". I sucked his 3 1/2 inch cut cock into my mouth. I licked his hairless balls and returned to his cock. He had his hands in my hair trying to fuck my face. He moaned with pleasure as I continued to suck him. His climax was dry in my mouth. I opened his legs and put my tongue to his ass crack and pushed into his hole. The boy tasted clean. He rolled around as I tongued him "Mr. Wallace that is awesome". I said "If you like I can make you like Danny, Tommy and Matt" "How is that?" "I fuck them; I would like to fuck you as well". "Does it hurt?" "Why don't you ask them, they seem to enjoy it, they are very good cock suckers too". "Really they suck your dick?" "All the time". "Okay I guess I can try it".

He wrapped his small freckled hand around my shaft and put his lips to the tip of my dick, his bright red hair, and blue eyes shining. "Don't use your teeth, just your lips". "Oh, okay". "That's better Johnnie". He started to bob and pump my cock. "Your doing great Johnnie". He took his lips off and said "I bet Kirsten would like to do this as well". His lips returned to my cock head. I looked down and his cock was stiff again. I turned him so I could get his little cocklet again. He continued to suck my cock; I put his cock into my mouth.


"Johnnie, what are you doing?" "Learning how to be a cock sucker, do you want to try it too? Mr. Wallace said Tommy, Matt and Danny all do it, he fucks them too, we know Lisa and Melissa do it with him, you and I can as well". "Yeah, okay little brother". "Stop calling me your little brother, we're twins remember just because your were born first stop breaking my balls about it, do you want some of this or not".

Johnnie's redheaded moist lips were replaced by Kirsten's, her long red hair touching my stomach as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Johnnie's cock twitched in my mouth for yet another dry orgasm. I moved Johnnie off of my face. I said "Kirsten, can I take your t-shirt and your panties off?". "Yes". Johnnie's lips returned to my cock, I pulled her t-shirt over her red hair revealing her small breasts about the size of lemons, her nipples firm. I lightly pinched her nipples. I put my fingers into her panties and pulled them off her thin frame revealing her pussy with red pubes above.

I was sitting up, Johnnie now laying between my legs with my cock in his mouth. I moved Kirsten so her pussy was right in front of my face, my tongue entering her sweet mounds her hands on my head as I tongued her. "Have you ever done this before Kirsten?". "No but I want to, I want to loose my virginity as well today". I said "Do you want one of the boys?". "No I think I want you to do it". "Alright I have to get a condom on then".

We walked back to the group and the horses, everyone was sitting around on blankets. I pulled a condom and the KY jelly out of the saddle bags for me, I was about to go back to our original spot away from the group. Kirsten said "I don't mind if everyone watches, do you?" "That's fine with me". We got in the middle of the group. I rolled a condom down my seven inches. Kirsten laid on the blanket with her legs spread, I used some KY and lined up my cock with her small pussy. I had to let her get use to me being inside her, I fucked her slow and easy. I put some KY on my middle finger. "Johnnie, come here", as I fucked his twin "bend over". I put my finger to his hole with the KY "this is so you can get used to something in your butt". "Okay" I pushed my dick into Kirsten and I pushed my finger into Johnnie's ass twisting it around to hit his prostate gland.

"Oh yes, Mr. Wallace, this feels great". I picked up speed fucking the redheaded thirteen year old. Her strawberry hair flying around getting in her face. She hit her orgasm well before I hit mine, when I hit mine I still had my two fingers inside Johnnie's tight boy ass. As I fucked her Tommy's little white ass was rising and falling with his covered dick in Lisa's pussy.

Everyone got dressed and we headed back to the stables. To give Tom Reynolds a bonus, I pulled Danny's pants down when we were putting the horses away. Tom Reynolds at least got to suck a hairless boy's cock for a little while before I packed them back into the van and I drove the teens and tweens back to the house.

Tommy went flying into to the house to see Annie. The group broke up promising to see each other at the pool. Lisa said "Hey dad, since your going to fuck Johnnie can Johnnie and Kirsten stay over tonight?". "That's fine with me honey". "What do you think?". Kirsten said "We have to ask but I don't see why not". Danny said "Cool, come on Johnnie I'll show you our room" Johnnie said "Cool, hey when your dad puts his dick in your butt does it hurt?". "No it feels great, Dad won't hurt you, if he does just tell him to stop, he will". I said "Why don't you call your parents, Matt, Mel you staying as well?". "Yeah". "Okay you two take my office for tonight, Kirsten can sleep with Lisa and Johnnie can sleep with Danny and Tommy. I'll get some chicken going on the grill".

Annie and Tommy came out the front door. "This is what you were doing at three in the morning?" I nodded. The redheaded twins got permission to spend the night. Kirsten said "But we don't have clothes with us". Lisa said "We usually don't wear any when we're home, but you can borrow mine if you plan on staying dressed". Danny said "Yeah mine should fit Johnnie". Annie said "I take it horseback riding was a good time. Lisa said "Oh yes, all the boys fucked me for my birthday, dad fucked Mel and then Kirsten, he's going to fuck Johnnie later". The redheads eyes lit up and their mouths gaped open. "I can't believe you just said that". Lisa finished. "We don't have secrets here, the only rule is what goes on here stays here. If mom wasn't pregnant she would be fucking or eating your pussy, she may do that anyway if you let her. Me too". "Really you like girls too?". "Yeah we all do, we are open bi-sexuals"

Matt said "Mel is my girl, so she is the only one I have sex with, except for Lisa, its kind a like all in the family. Even my dad gets in on it sometimes". Annie laughed. "Matt your mom does as well, she had a good time when we were at the spa". Matt looked at Mel "You mean you and my mom?". "Just with dildos, she wouldn't eat me". I said "Why don't you all go get cleaned up, I'll get the grill going".

After dinner was devoured by the nine of us Annie and I settled into the jacuzzi. The boys came outside. Danny said "Dad, how did you know Mr. Reynolds was into boys?". I said "He and his grandson did an action adventure at the shop. His grandson is nine or ten. They were sucking each other off on the Eiffel tower, that is why I let him suck you. Besides he shut down his whole ranch for us today, so I figured a little bonus wouldn't hurt, you didn't seem to mind". "No I didn't, I don't think I would mind going back there for my birthday either. Did you suck his grandson?". "No he's not really my type, kind of chunky and his dick is about an inch, with a long foreskin on it. He also wears pretty nerdy glasses and he always had his finger in his nose". They all started to laugh "I guess he was trying to pick a winner". I said "I don't know about a winner but he was trying to wipe the boogers all over my equipment in the shop". "Dan Wallace you are disgusting, we have company". "Sorry Annie, I might not have morals but I do have standards, look at these four beautiful boys, not to mention three very attractive girls inside doing something no good I'm sure". Matt said "I have a foreskin, don't you like it?". "Matt yours doesn't look like a snorkel, it rolls back nicely to get to your crown, besides I have enough to play with around here". "Yeah at the shop too".

Johnnie said "Can I ask a question?". "You have been all day, what's one more". "Why do girls, uhm". I said "Why do girls develop faster than boys?". "Yeah, my sister has pubic hair, Lisa, Melissa".

Annie fielded the question. "Johnnie, girls just develop sooner, go into puberty sooner. You will catch up. Not to pick on you Matt, but Matt is behind his age group, Tommy doesn't have any hair and Lisa just started recently, they are almost the same age. Danny is a year younger and may start growing some pubic hair before Tommy, all of them are into adolescence but girls just seem to get there a little quicker than boys. Its been that way since the beginning of time, its nothing to worry about".

Matt said "I didn't get my first pube until I was fourteen, everyone around me had or has a bush full, and dicks much bigger than mine, it use to bother me until I met them, here your accepted for what you are and what you want to be. Dad2 explained every question I had, just like you're doing now, you can't talk to your parents or don't know what to ask them, here you can ask anything, even if you're not comfortable, they are our second parents, the look on your face was about to ask 'Dad2'? we just call them mom and dad or mom2 and dad2 when our parents are around, or other people like me at work with him, he makes me call him Mr. Wallace or with Annie its Principal Wallace when you're here at the house its just mom and dad number two".

"Nicely said Matthew, with some luck and grooming we might make an executive out of you yet". He said "You know what, I think I know what I want to be, I have one more year in high school, and I am going to work my ass off. I want to be a teacher. You both teach, well in different ways and styles but you're both teachers, one a real teacher, math, sciences, one a kick ass teacher, but I think that's what I want to do. Dad wants me on the police force but that is a joke, I'm way to small to be a cop. I'm sixteen and have or had no idea what I want, if I can't be a teacher then maybe a social worker, you're right dad learning to fight isn't going to solve my problems, learning to deal with someone that is compelled to fight, I might be able to make a difference in the world, after all, once you old folks screw it up enough it will be the bright minds of your youth to straighten it out again". "History is bound to repeat itself Matt, hatred, stupidity its all handed down to the next generation". "Not this generation, I have the two best dads in the world, and a little sister that can kick the crap out of anyone, this runt of the litter of one is going to make a difference".

Johnnie said "I'm afraid to ask but do you always inspire someone or gain someone's trust with in minutes of meeting you, you should scare the shit out of me, but you don't. Your tattoos, your size, I should be petrified of you but I'm not. I had sex for the first time, I didn't know what it was other than crap talk at school, I let you suck my dick, I sucked yours, I let you put your fingers in my butt without being scared, I'm going to let you put your dick in my butt and I'm not scared, Kirsten let you take her virginity away today, she didn't want a boy she wanted you, she wasn't scared either".

Lisa walked out the back door naked with Mel and Kirsten behind her. "Johnnie, my dad is a love hate relationship. People love him like we do, he loves us. God forbid if you decide to hate him or even worse he hates you. Now there are three boys that do not have an appointment with our father, that is if you are going through with your plans, we have cleaned ourselves and would like some company before we go to bed". Kirsten said "I'll take Danny, not a true redhead but close enough, I guess I have a thing for younger boys". "Since you are almost married Tommy is mine". "Yeah, look who's talking about being almost married". I said "Boys" "Yes sir condoms on".

Annie said "I'm tired, if anyone needs me I will be in the back bedroom. Do not be afraid to knock, or scream, enjoy yourselves. Johnnie if you do not want to do this than just say stop. The boys can have a jerk off session and girls can play Parcheesi or something, no one is being forced into something they are not ready for or do not want to do".

With everyone with sex on their minds its amazing what fresh air will do. I think Melissa was the first to yawn, which is a contagious effect. "I'm sorry Matt, but not again, I need some sleep". The yawns continued. "Alright everyone to their beds, and I want lightweight pajamas on tonight, as for you young man maybe another time, Danny can give you pajamas and you will sleep in Matt's bed upstairs. Kirsten Lisa will set you up, you have Melissa's bed tonight. Now go, good night". "Good night mom and dad2". I locked the doors and was asleep in a second.

In the morning I looked in on the boys, all three still sound asleep, the same for the girls in Lisa's room, Matt and Melissa were spooned together on the day bed in the office. Bacon and scrambled eggs will wake them up. After breakfast Johnnie asked "Why did you make us wear pajamas last night?". Annie laughed. "That is because he has a pajama fetish honey, he likes taking them off of young boys and girls". "Oh are you going to take ours off?" I said "I can't think of anything better to do on a Saturday morning than undress seven beautiful kids one at a time, starting with the oldest, then maybe we'll have you put them back on so Annie can play too, how does that sound?" Kirsten started to giggle, "You're crazy but it sounds like fun, what are you going to do to us once you get the pajamas off?". "Anything we feel like unless you say stop then the game is over".

Johnnie said "I like it here Kirsten, I want to play"

I led Matt to the couch so I could sit down. Annie sat in the recliner, everyone else sat on the floor indian style watching me. I slid my hand inside Matt's button down pj top to get to his still hairless chest. Matt sat on my lap as I played with his covered nipples. I moved my hand down to his belly and played with his belly button making him cringe from the light tickles. I ran my fingers at the edge of his waistband of his pj bottoms. I removed my hand from inside his top and unbuttoned each button one at a time, letting his top fall away from his shoulders. I lifted his arms to smell his aroma and teen scent, I played with the few hairs he has under his arm pits making him squirm from the tickling but he knows the rules of the game, dad gets to do anything he wants. I ran the back of my hands around his neck and down his cheeks, then both hands down his chest to his abdomen. His four and a half inch cock was tenting the front of his pj bottoms. I undid the top snap, then the second snap acting as a fly. Matt leaned back into my chest with his head, making cooing sounds as I moved around his body. I slid my hands into the top of his pjs staying above his cock and running my fingers through his small pubic bush above his dick. Matt was moaning with anticipation. I grabbed his 4 1/2 inch uncut cock with my left hand and cupped his small balls with my right. I rolled his foreskin back to get to his glans. I pushed his thighs apart for my hand. I played with his cock and balls still inside the pjs. "Stand up". Matt stood so I could lower the pj bottoms down his thin legs. He stepped out of them once they hit the floor. I turned him to face me standing, I leaned forward and sucked each of his little nipples into my mouth. I grabbed his cock again and started to stroke it while I sucked his nipples. I grabbed his waist and pulled him toward me so he climbed up on the couch so his cock was even with my mouth. I opened my mouth for him and held him steady by his waist and running my hands over and squeezing his round ass cheeks. I ran my hands down behind his knees making him buck and squeal but I would not let his cock out of my mouth so he had to stay in position. I moved my hands back to his ass, then let his cock out of my mouth. I grabbed the slick spit covered tool and pushed it to his belly using my palm to rub it against his body. I licked his acorn sized balls and sucked each small nugget into my mouth. Matt was moaning with pleasure. I turned him so his ass was at my face, I licked his ass crack and then buried my tongue into his clean hole, reaming him. I spun him again and his cock went back into my mouth. Matt only lasted another minute before he came in my mouth giving me just the few droplets of boy cum that he can produce. "Dad that was great". "Go to your mother". Matt picked up his pajamas and went to Annie in the recliner.

I pointed to Melissa, Annie was having just as much fun with Matt trying to put the pajamas back on the teen. Melissa had a lightweight teddy style sky blue top on with tie strings on each shoulder with matching blue panties. She sat on my lap the others encouraging her, I turned her face so I could kiss those soft lips. I moved my hands under her top to cup her size 'B's, rolling her nipples between my fingers and thumb. I played with her breasts until her nipples were hard and pointing up. I ran my hands between her thighs up to her panties, lightly passing over the material covering her pussy until I was back under her top again. Her long blond hair waving under my chin. I untied the first strap, then the other. I stood her up and the teddy top fell to the floor, leaving only the lacy panties on her petit frame. I turned her to face me and her breasts and nipples went into my mouth as I lowered the panties from her revealing her well trimmed blond bush, with the bikini wax trim on top and around her vagina, which has little puffy mounds. I picked her up and brought her pussy to my face, opening her up and tonguing her clit. She got down and pulled my cock out of my pjs. Melissa dropped to her knees and swallowed my cock down her throat. "Don't make me cum sweetheart not yet". "Okay daddy".

Melissa headed for Annie. Matt was sucking on Annie's tits, Melissa pulled Annie's panties off and moved into position between her legs to play with her pussy. Annie said "Mel please go get the soft tickler for me please". "Sure mom".

I said "Are you two ready for this?". The twins both nodded their heads, "Okay since your twins and you shouldn't break your brothers chops about it I am going to do you at the same time". "Okay Mr. Wallace, uhm I mean dad2, I won't break his chops anymore about who is older, your right we are twins".

Johnnie had knit pajamas, the over the head type and the bottoms didn't have snaps or a fly. Kirsten had Lisa's tom boy type pajamas that look more like a baseball uniform than pajamas, so I had a hand under each shirt alternating between nipples on the two redheads, gently squeezing Kirsten's lemon sized tits. I kissed them behind the ears making them both flinch "I thought is said light weight pajamas, not winter heavies". Johnnie started to giggle "Sorry, I had no idea we would be playing this game". "You even have socks on this is going to take me all day". Lisa jumped up from the floor and pulled off his socks for me. I pulled Johnnie's top over his head first and then Kirsten's revealing their fair skin with freckles all over their arms and mostly on Johnnie's smooth hairless chest. I sucked her nipples then his, his bottoms "Underwear as well?" I tickled his sides getting a high pitched laugh/giggle out of him. I lowered her bottoms then his underwear and finally her panties giving me a view of her strawberry red pubes over her pussy. "Danny get the 'Rose Pedals oil please and the pump". "Sure dad". I played with his 3 1/2 inch cut cock and balls with my left hand and my right hand found her pussy and her clit. "Lisa, Tommy come here please".

They got off the floor and came to me on the couch with the twins. I moved Kirsten off my lap and next me on my right, Johnnie was the same on my left "Go ahead, have at them when they climax I want to see if they can take my cock any better". "Okay daddy". Lisa knelt in front of Kirsten and started to lick her pussy and running her tongue through her pubes. Tommy had Johnnie's cock in his mouth bobbing up and down on him. Lisa's tongue and fingers were probing Kirsten.

Danny came back with the oil and probe. "Hang on Tommy let him up, Johnnie this is an anal pump, you control it by inflating it and releasing it like this, do you want this in your butt today?, this is how all the boys learned to be able to take my cock in their asses". "Yeah, I think I can do it". "Bend over". I put the oil on the anal probe and on my middle finger to loosen his asshole. I slid the probe into his ass, "Okay its in, now Tommy can finish, just pump up the probe, hold it as long as you can and then release it". "It feels weird"

The two redheads climaxed. They stretched out on the couch on either side so they had access to my dick. They pulled my pjs off to get more attention to it. They left my hands free to strip the other three. The redheads alternated or just shared my cock between them. I ate Lisa's pussy, then Tommy's boy cum and finally Danny's boy cum. Annie had her orgasm with the assistance of Matt and Melissa.

I said "Okay you two, I am getting close to cuming, you don't have to take it in your mouth if you don't want to, I took all these guys including Lisa a while to be able to take in the mouth and even longer to swallow so its up to you, pull off or you can have someone else finish me off" Danny said "I use to take it in the face instead of the mouth, or when he fucked me the first time he pulled out of my ass and shot all over my body, its up to you". The twins opted "In the face", "Okay here goes". I grabbed my cock and with a couple of tugs I shot ropes of cum at the two redhead's faces. Matt and Mel came back over. Each one of my five took a finger full of my cum off the new comers faces and took a swallow. Johnnie and Kirsten followed suit and wiped some cum off their faces and stuck the finger in their mouth. "Salty". "Trust me you get use to it". The redheads washed their faces and we all got into the jacuzzi.


The kids played all day long, sans clothes since I expanded the privacy fence all the way around the back yard over the summer. Johnnie kept using the anal probe all day.

Danny said "Dad this great, you give us anything and everything" "Why do I think a 'But' is coming". "Well since you put the fence up a pool like Aunt Sammy has would be really cool. That way we don't have to go to the town pool". I could afford to give in but I wasn't going to. "Danny pools are expensive to put in and maintain". He thought about it and said "If I don't have a birthday party or go riding again for my birthday would that help? Maybe not this year but sometime in the future?" The kid's hitting my buttons and knows it. "Danny all your friends go to the town pool". "I know, but we could have some of them over here once in a while". "Uhm sir, uhm I mean dad2, our dad is a pool contractor, I'm sure we could talk him into a discount for you and our friends". "Who is your dad Johnnie?". "John O'Malley you have to know him, you did his van for him, and Mrs. Wallace you have to know our mom, she teaches fifth grade". "Jenny O'Malley is your mom?". "Yes ma'am".

"Nice Dan, you and our kids just had sex with your customer's and my teacher's thirteen year old children, if this gets out Tills will be mayor for the rest of his life, yours is over". Kirsten said "No ma'am, no one asked and we didn't or won't tell. We wanted to have sex, still do, at least here we can. Lisa knew we wouldn't tell". "What about the other kids yesterday?". Lisa said "Mom, trust me I have all the bases covered, they got to have sex and got an education in the process. You and dad are safe. I just didn't expect to go this well. Come on you handled Melissa's and Matt's parents when it came to sex". "Yeah sweetheart but they are both sixteen, not thirteen". Lisa kept her argument "Tommy isn't thirteen yet what about him?".

Tommy chimed in "I told them in Texas, they both said they already knew about you, me, us, the whole nine yards. They know everything, they said they know that I am loved and love this family more than anything. As long as I'm happy then they are fine with it. They know you will never hurt any of us. You can ask them if you want?. Dad knew you were a boy lover ever since we moved in, they just never said anything about it to your face. He's still your best friend, they just wanted me to be with them for a while, which was a good thing, I missed them and they missed me. I know I have a ticket back next week, but if I ask I bet they will let me stay for the summer. Mom is coming home the beginning of September, dad a few months later. All is going to be right in the world again, as long as dad doesn't get transferred permanently to Texas or somewhere else".

Annie said "Kirsten, has your mom or your dad for that matter talked to you about the use of birth control, have they put you on the pill or other devices such as a spermicidal ring or diaphragm?" "Not really, we kind of talked about things a little". Annie said "Well honey why don't we go inside and talk for a while, ask any questions you might have. I know Lisa and Melissa can probably answer any questions but sometimes its better coming from an adult. After we talk, then we will go talk to your mom together, would that be okay?".

"Yeah, that would be great, I would like that". "Alright, for now and maybe for a long time we won't mention Mr. Wallace and his actions. Also for now if you have sex with anyone, well a male, the boy or man must wear a condom is that clear?". "Yes ma'am". "Good, if a boy needs fitted with a condom you bring them here or contact Mr. Wallace first. Lets go talk. Mr. Wallace has a phone call to make to get a swimming pool installed, preferably heated Dan". "Yes dear, as long as Danny and Lisa take care of it". "We will, YES, we're getting a pool".

By five o'clock in the afternoon a faxed and emailed contract for a pool to be installed, Johnnie's tight little ass was mine to do as I pleased. The boy didn't flinch or complain when he was dripping with my cum from his ass. He just wanted to know when we would do it again. He said "I'll make sure to bring different pajamas next time".


"Dad, he already has a tattoo, look at the birthmark, it looks like something you would design, mom you look great". "Thank you liars, I am so glad this is over. I am going to cherish this moment and love and hate your father for all of time in the same instant" "Yeah but your loving it more than hating it". "Doctor can you cut his stuff off, so we can't get in trouble again, we have three that we consider our own, one his, one mine and ours, plus four, and growing, I don't want to be a grandparent just yet. I haven't even seen the new school year yet".

"I suggest that you both go through the process, you're not getting any younger and since we have you here and if you want the procedure we can tie your tubes. As for Mr. Wallace the procedure isn't quite the same, yes we will tie his tubes, snip and re-direct the fluid content would be more accurate. Sir you will not be able to bare children again unless the miracle of the 'Seven Year Leap' might come upon you. However you will to continue to experience and enjoy the factors of sexual life. You will still be able to orgasm and ejaculate a fluid similar to sperm discharge that I suspect you are familiar with. It will be clearer in consistency but will still provide the sexual desires and needs of you and your partner. The only thing missing will be a part of the 'Y' chromosome designed not to pass through the new tube. Its a simple procedure and risk free"

I said "I'll give you an at risk right now doc, I have friends and I can be a bad ass on my own right. Don't fool with me".

"Mayor Wallace, I know the elections aren't here yet but I guess what you're stuck with is the job because of the asshole. As for your wife, her job, well I have my own kids in the school system, And I am damn glad she is here and even happier that you took her as you're wife and you now have a perfectly healthy baby boy".

"Do you have a name?" "Lisa tell them, I delivered him, tell them his name". "Dylan Matthew Wallace".

I said "Since you are going to circumcise him, make me shoot blanks as well, I have enough kids to take care of".


Motorcycle Mayhem VIII Drivers Permits and Pool Parties


I'll take a quick moment to recap what the kids look like.

Lisa Wallace, my daughter is thirteen has light brown hair with natural blond highlights to her shoulder, you would never know it, and it is always stuffed in to a Yankee's ball cap. Her green eyes sparkle and she has a nice smile. She stands about five feet tall, ninety pounds and a light bronzed tan color most of the year round. Her nipples are firm with the budding of growing breasts. She is sprouting a couple of dozen light brown hairs around her pussy. Lisa is a tom boy true and true. I should also mention her ninety pounds are pure muscle and she has just tacked on her third black belt degree.

Danny Wallace, my adopted son is twelve reddish brown hair, hazel eyes, five feet tall, thin and about eighty pounds. Danny is completely hairless and his circumcised cock is three and a half inches, and his balls are still small and tight to his body. He isn't all muscle, but he is quickly learning from his adopted sister.

Tommy Richardson, thirteen lives two doors down but living with us for a while because of his fathers temporary job in Texas, sandy brown hair, five foot one, blue eyes, and also a nice smile, and weighs eighty-five pounds. Tommy is completely hairless and his circumcised cock sticks out about three and a half inches, and his balls are still small and tight to his body as well. Tommy only shows a hint of baby fat in all the right places.

Melissa Simms lives across the street, sixteen, slim, milky-white complexion, long blond hair past her shoulder blades, hazel eyes, about five foot three and ninety-two pounds. Melissa's breasts are 'B' sized cups and her nipples are always hard and pointing straight up. She has nicely a trimmed blond pubic hair patch above her little pussy.

Matt Williams, also sixteen, small for his age, short blond hair, blue eyes, and one hundred five pounds. He stands at five foot five inches, giving him the benefit of the doubt. He isn't much bigger than Tommy or Danny. Matt's cock is uncut, slender and four and a half inches. He has a small patch of pubes over his cock, his balls have dropped but are small and hairless and so is his chest and ass. He has a few blond strands of hair under his arms. Matt is a late bloomer. He's the size of, and developed like a twelve year old.

All three boys can cum, and all the about the same amount. A drop or two of watery sweet boy honey.

Lisa is my natural daughter; Danny is now my adopted son. Tommy, Melissa and Matt are like my kids, I treat them that way, so does my wife Annie, and they call us 'Mom and Dad two'.

Johnnie and Kirsten O'Malley, thirteen year old twins. Strawberry red hair, his over his ears, hers half way down her back. Both are five foot two inches tall, and both weight ninety pounds. Both have blue eyes and straight teeth. Kirsten's breasts are lemon sized with small nipples, and she supports a strawberry patch of pubic hair over her pussy. Johnnie is still hairless on his body with a three and a half inch circumcised cock and thicker than a nickel.

Dylan Wallace, baby boy and the latest addition to the Wallace clan, he even has a birthmark that looks like a tattoo.

Annie Wallace, my wife, five feet seven inches tall, reddish brown hair, with hazel eyes she has nice sized tits, not big, just nice, with her nipples sticking out and a well shaped ass and hips to give her a nice pleasant figure of a woman.

Dan Wallace, me, six foot three, two hundred forty pounds, brown hair, tattoos all over my body.

Well I should add Brian Wilson the boy that works for me, fifteen, six foot tall, blond hair, blue eyes, thin muscular build from playing football, six inches of circumcised cock and hairless both as a natural hairless body and he shaves what does grow in to please his male adult lover, Judge Meyers.

Jeff Wilson Brian's younger brother, eleven, five foot three inches, blond hair, blue eyes like his brother just a shorter version with three and a half inches of circumcised boy cock. I have to say the Wilson brothers are both excellent cock suckers.


School was back in session, Annie back at work as the new middle school principal, Dylan in daycare, me back at the shop, still working on more motorcycles with the air brushing, the vans and trucks getting wrapped. John O'Malley had his crew finishing off the heated pool in the back yard as part of Lil D's birthday gift. Since the school year started the extended Wallace clan was restricted once again to after school for a little while but the kids had to go home to their own families and own beds during school nights. Annie's rules and no one dared to challenge them for fear of retribution, both on the home front and from the bad ass tattooed motorcycle riding principal at school. Annie took great pleasure from parking the tricked out Road Glide with the custom paint job in the reserved parking spot marked `Principal Peters-Wallace' in the first non-handicap parking spot closest to the front door of the middle school. The only days she wouldn't ride it is if it was raining or too dirty from the previous ride which never happens because we have four teens that are happy to have the bitch role and keep the bikes clean.


Drivers permit

Matt came flying into my design studio/office without knocking, I looked up from the computer. I said "Matt how many times have I told you to knock and wait for an answer before you come in". He ignored me and was reaching in his back pocket, he pulled his wallet out.

"I'm sorry dad2 but I have to show you something it couldn't wait".

I said "Matt that is two things, one you knock and in the office it is Mr. Wallace. Okay what is so important that can't wait?"

He was smiling from ear to ear "I got it, I passed my test, I passed my driver's test, I got my driver's license today see look".

I said "Very good Matt, congratulations, I guess that means I have to let you drive home today. I have an action adventure to shoot this afternoon do you want help or do you have other important things to do now that you have your license?"

Matt said "You're doing the photo shoot instead of one of the girls, or Mr. Paul? Who or what is the adventure?"

I said "Four boys, all brothers, the youngest is six, then seven, nine and ten. They want to ski and bobsled the Alps as Olympic racers. I am going to do nudes and the skin suits on them. I figure I'll manage enough little boy cock fondling for the afternoon, and since you did pass your driver's test I will let you drive home and then I will drive my dick into your ass as your reward and punishment for not knocking on my door and waiting for an answer".

Matt started to giggle. "Okay are the boys at least cute? If you really want to punish me why don't you fuck Melissa making me watch and not allowing me to get involved or jerk off while you take my girlfriend again".

There was a knock on my door before I could answer him. "Yes", "Sir your four o'clock action adventure appointment is here. Jerry has witnessed the release forms for the boys. They are waiting in the lobby".

I said "Thank you Brian, see how this works my young assistant manager, you knock, you get a response. Brian please set the boys up in the studio I will be there in a moment. Since Brian is becoming a good reliable employee maybe I will give him a special bonus. He can drill your ass while I fuck your girlfriend in front of both of you. Brian can even bring his cute little brother to witness the act if he wishes, I have not had his cute little boy cock to suck on for a while. That is if he isn't too busy getting sucked off and sucking off Judge Meyers, I would hate to have the Judge go preying mantas on me this close to the elections".

Brian said "Sir I'm not sure what you are talking about, but you know my brother and I are thankful to you and also fond of you. Judge Meyers does know about you as well. I believe he would rather have you as a friend than an enemy, political or otherwise. Therefore sharing our time between you does not seem to bother him. I think he knows you can break him like a twig if you wanted to".

I said "I am talking about young Matt here that barged into my office without knocking or waiting for a response because he had to show me his new driver's license. So we were discussing ways to give me physical pleasures while robbing him of his pleasures, his virtues are long gone as are yours Brian".

Matt said "Dad you're blowing the whole thing out of proportion. I am sorry and will not barge in here again, Mr. Wallace". He couldn't keep a straight face anymore and started to laugh, so did I.

I said "Brian please tend to our customers, we don't want them waiting long". I said "Matt I am proud of you that you got your license, now I don't know what your father is going to say but here are my rules about driving. You can drive with an adult or adults in the car only. None of the kids are allowed to ride with you. At least not for a while, teens in cars make mistakes and that can be costly or worse deadly. I know you'll want to take Melissa for a drive and she is going to beg to go. That is between your parents but if you are at my house no dice, I will not allow Lisa, Danny and Tommy to ride with you. When you are working then I will let you drive home unless we have to take Brian home then I drive. And if I ever catch you drinking and driving then your father the chief of police will be the last of your worries because I will break you like a twig. With that said we have four cute blond boys that need pictures taken and an adventure to go on".

Matt said "Dad already gave me the same speech when he dropped me off for work. He did say that I might be able to take Mel to the movies but I think the Simms' have the same take on me driving as you do. Mom already had a coronary when I asked for a car for my seventeenth birthday; they still treat me like a baby sometimes".

Brian said "Congratulations Matt, and good luck. Sir as far as my virtue goes I still have a lot to learn. I know I am gay but I have never had a dick in my butt or my dick in someone else's, only in my mouth and Judge Meyers is the same way".

Matt followed me to the studio where Brian had the four boys sitting on the waiting couches. Matt shot me a look of `you're right they are cute', I think Brian had the same idea. Brian handed me the release forms, everything was in order on the forms with the requested photos and graphics. Nude shots acceptable, skin suits to be used for the action adventure scenes and also for putting suits on the boys for family portraits.

I said "Good afternoon boys, if you're ready we will get started. Lets' see here we have Tanner, Tyler, Tucker and Thomas is that correct". The four nodded their heads. "Okay then lets get going, Matt please get the photo lights on and dim the room lights. Boys there are hooks here for your clothes, we will photograph you nude first then we will fit you with these skin suits for the rest of the photo session, are there any questions?"

The littlest one said "Are you really going to take pictures of us without our clothes on?"

I said "That is what has been requested and your parents signed this release form, you are Thomas right?" He nodded. "Well Thomas I have done many of these and sometimes the boys and girls are a little shy or embarrassed at first but when the pictures start showing up on the computer screens the shyness is usually replaced with big smiles, how about you and I show your brothers just how big and brave you are and you can go first".

I stood him up off the couch and bent down in front of the small blue eyed blond boy. He didn't say anything as I pulled his Disney shirt over his head. I pulled off his sandals then undid the button and zipper of his shorts. I lowered his shorts leaving him in only his Whiney the Pooh underwear. He held my shoulders for balance as I lowered his underwear off his thin milky white legs revealing his small flaccid circumcised boy dick and tiny smooth nuggets. "Good job Thomas that wasn't so tough was it, now go over there to Matt, I will be right there. Come on Tucker your next".

The seven year old blond boy stood up and came to me. He was wearing the exact same outfit as his little brother. I stripped him down giving Brian his clothes to hang on the hooks with his brothers. Tucker and Thomas were about the same size so they will have to share a skin suit. Tyler the nine year old went next revealing his circumcised boy dick that was about an inch. Tyler went to join his little brothers on the backdrop mat while Tanner took off his own clothes and put them on the hook.

I turned on the computer monitors so the boys could see themselves as they posed. I had the remote control in my hand firing away digital images as the boys moved around, I posed each boy singly and all four boys together. As my hands moved from one blue eyed blond to the next my hand always found its way to each ones small hairless dick and balls and small little orbs of their asses. Soon enough the inevitable happened and all four naked blonds supported small hardons the six and seven year olds each had about an inch and a half long and thin. The older two had just over two inches. After a half an hour of as many nude shots I could get plus as much boy groping I could get away with I put each boy into a skin suit and set them in poses to complete the action adventure scenes. Each posed pretending to ski downhill, then all four of them in a bobsled.

I helped redress the boys still getting a good feel before we led the boys to my design studio. Brian escorted Mr. and Mrs. Jackson into the design studio and gave everyone refreshments as I sat down at my computer and started pulling up the digital photos.

I combined the images an turned them as necessary to get desired effect of racing downhill on skis and then all four sliding down the mountain of ice in a four man bobsled, all complete with arcs and turns as their action adventure came to life right before the families eyes, each boy in wonder and awe as the images continued to displayed on the monitors on the wall. After the action adventure was complete the boys were all dressed in computerized suits and ties all according to mom's direction with very little input from dad.

With the action adventures DVDs in hand and a date that they could pick up the photographs each boy felt compelled to give me a hug each one wanting to be picked up so they could get their small arms around my neck giving me another opportunity to cop a feel of their tight little asses and their small boy packages before the Jackson family verily happily departed Touch of Class Photo and Graphics Arts Studio LLC.

Matt locked the front door and came back to my design studio. I put the images of the naked blond boys back up on the monitors along with some other shots that the boys didn't know I took with the remote control, pictures of me moving the boys into a pose position with my hands touching their little dicks and balls.

Matt said "Dad2 that was so hot, the four of those boys were hot as hell even their pictures are making me horny as hell".

Brian said "I have to agree Mr. Wallace and if you will let me I would be honored to give both of you blow jobs, kind of a thank you for letting me watch the action adventure with those boys and congratulations for Matt getting his driver's license".

Matt said "Or you can do your original plan and drill my butt, the only thing missing is Brian's little brother so you can suck his dick".

Brian said "I can call my little brother if you want Mr. Wallace".

I said "That won't be necessary Brian, maybe you and your brother can come over to the house on the weekend the pool will be finished you can go swimming with the others. The backyard has a large privacy fence around it so there will be plenty of naked kids running around and probably a lot more going on as well. As for our situation at the moment, all horny from the four blonds on the monitors I like either or both of your suggestions I will leave the decision up to you two but I would like to drop a nut before I have to let young Matt here drive me home. That is if your bike is here Brian".

Brian said "It is, Matt I will suck Mr. Wallace first then he can fuck you while I suck your dick".

Brian knelt in front of me and undid my belt and my pants fishing my seven inch cut cock out of my pants and boxers. I lifted off the seat to push my pants and boxers to my ankles, Matt pulled them off of me along with my shoes and socks. Brian licked my shaft and my crown licking the piss slit before taking my cock into his mouth. Matt came behind my chair to pull the polo shirt over my head, then came to the front and started to suck on my nipples, squeezing one nipple while he sucked on the other one. I tried to get to Matt's shirt to remove it he just pushed my hand away smiling at me.

I leaned back in my big backed design chair as a six foot tall blond teen sucked my cock and balls while the other five foot five blond teen went from nipple to nipple nibbling and sucking each then going for the other. I watched the images of the newest additions to my digital library of naked boys on the latest action adventure.

I said "This feels real good boys if you keep this up you will be having me cum in no time get undressed for me boys".

They both paused Brian stood up and faced Matt, standing a head taller he pulled Matt's polo shirt over his head then his own, both ending up on the floor of my office. They both removed their shoes and socks then pants and white briefs underwear were added to the pile of clothes on the floor. The two blonds returned to facing each other, Brian's six inch hairless cut cock aiming at Matt's hairless chest. Matt's four and a half inch uncut cock pointing between Brian's tall slender hairless legs.

"Come here boys". Both boys approached closer to me so I could reach out and take both cocks in my hands finding Matt's piss slit behind his small helmeted cock with just a small patch of blond hairs above it. I started to rub their crowns with my thumbs and slowly pulled the skin on their shafts down to the base and then back to the crown. Both teens spread their legs a little, one for better balance the other for more access to their genitals. Since I had both boys undivided attention in my hands I pulled them closer to my chair by their dicks so each boy was now straddling a tattooed knee. I continued to stroke and play with the crowns enjoying their smooth bodies near me and the visual effects of the four young blond boys on the monitors. Both teens were enjoying the attention they were getting. I know Matt is a premature shooter but I wasn't sure about Brian but being fifteen he didn't last long either with me stroking his dick and rubbing his balls. Maybe it was the images on the monitors because both boys shot their loads on my hands and thighs with panting and grunting going on.

Brian dropped to his knees again and started to suck my cock again leaving as much spit on my dick as he could. I was getting close to dropping my nut so I grabbed Matt and turned him around so he could sit on my cock. Matt lowered himself onto my cock and raised and lowered himself on me fucking his cute little ass. Brian did not move out of the way and took Matt's cock into his mouth as I played with his nipples tickling and tormenting the teen with a drivers license only hours old. Matt pushed down and I unloaded my balls deep into his ass. Matt climaxed again in Brian's mouth as I filled his ass with my cum. Matt got off my lap and cock, Brian surprised me by licking the cum off of my cock that just came out of a boys ass.

I sent the two teens to the shower together while I signed payroll and accounting checks for the week. Brian got on his bike and rode home and I got in the passenger seat of my truck with Matt at the wheel. Thank god for a split bench seat otherwise my knees would be in the windshield so Matt could reach the pedals. The one thing the driver's education training forgot to teach the teens at the school was about a manual transmission. Matt stalled the truck over a dozen times trying to start in first gear; I was patient and tolerant with the teen as he destroyed my truck stripping gears or forgetting to use the clutch so he could drive home. The things one will do for the ones you love.


Pool Party

Saturday finally came after a long week at work. The kids were in the pool Lisa, Danny, Tommy, Matt and Mel. I told Brian Wilson to bring his brother over to go swimming as well. Kirsten and Johnnie O'Malley were due at anytime to join the party. Lisa and Danny invited some other kids over as well. Bill Williams was helping me with the grills and Annie and Katie Williams were bringing out salads and other side dishes.

Katie said "Annie, Dan since our last vacation Bill and I have become much more honest with each other and Matt as well for that matter. I admitted to Bill of our lesbian activities at the spa with you and Melissa, in return Bill admitted to having gay encounters when he and Dan were in Myrtle Beach with the kids. He also admitted about Dan and well I suspect you as well as bi-sexuals and also boy and girl lovers which I am fine with now. Since our encounters at the spa I have a much more open mind about things. To be direct about it Bill and I were talking the other night about doing a little spouse swapping. How would you and Dan like to change partners. I think I would like to have Dan's cock in me".

Annie said "I think that can be arranged what do you think Dan, unless you have other plans to relieve your stress factors from the business and the election campaign?"

I said "The kids will be in the pool for a while so why don't we head upstairs. We can cook up the chicken and the burgers in a little while".

The front door bell rang before we made it upstairs. I opened the door to find Brian and Jeff Wilson standing there. Brian said "Thanks for the invitation Mr. Wallace".

I said "The kids are in the pool in the back. You know Matt's parents the Williams'. Oh by the way boys swim trucks are optional but if you get into any sexual situations with the girls which I expect then condoms are mandatory. I have multiple sizes around the house. Lisa or Danny can help you out".

Young Jeff started to giggle, Brian the six foot blond wide receiver started to blush a shade of beat red.

Bill Williams said "You know Dan you are right about these two they are cute. Ever since we came back from Myrtle Beach my gay sexual side is getting a taste for younger meat, maybe the Wilson brothers would like to join us for some fun before getting in the pool".

I said "Boys, Chief Williams and I are offering to suck your dicks while he has sex with my wife and I have sex with his. Jeff I would very much like to have your young dick in my mouth again. Brian I think the chief would prefer yours".

The brothers looked at each other and Jeff put his small hand into mine. Katie took my other hand as I led them up the stairs with Bill, Annie and Brian right behind us. Once in the master bedroom I pulled the t-shirt over the younger boy's head and lowered his swim trunks revealing his three and a half inch circumcised boy cock. Bill was taking his time with Brian showing his six inch circumcised cock.

Bill said "Brian you have a nice cock but I expected you to have pubic hair around your dick".

Brian said "I don't have much hair on my body and I shave off what grows, Judge Meyers prefers us to be hairless".

Bill undressed Annie as I undressed Katie. Annie's tits are bigger than Katie's both women with a well trimmed bikini wax cut of hair around their pussies. Katie is a natural blond and Annie is a reddish-brown. Jeff's eyes got big as saucers as the two women got naked they soon had us undressed as well.

I said "Jeff you like what you see don't you?"

The blond boy stammered "I have only seen a woman naked in a magazine before".

I got behind the boy and led him to the women. I took his hands in mine and went for Katie's tits rubbing her nipples and cupping her breasts. Bill and Brian started to mimic us with Annie.

Annie said "I think three is plenty and six is a crowd". Annie grabbed Bill and Brian by their dicks "We will see you downstairs enjoy". Annie led the two down the hall to her and the baby's room but left the door open.

Katie moved to the king size bed pulling Jeff with her and me right behind him. She pulled the blond boy's face to her tits opening his mouth in the process so his lips went around the ring of her left nipple. Jeff was lying on top of Katie, her legs spread apart.

I started kissing Jeff behind his ear and neck, I said "Keep sucking her nipples Jeff is your butt clean?"

"Yes sir".

Katie's hands roamed all over the boy, her moaning getting louder as Jeff sucked her tits, I moved down the boy's body licking him and sucking him as got closer to Katie's pussy. Jeff was grinding his boy dick into Katie's belly. I opened his ass crack and started ramming my tongue into his rose bud boy hole. My tongue went down his crack to the back of his hairless balls before I got to her pussy.

Katie Moaned "Oh Dan you must fuck me, please fuck me".

I said "In due time my lady, in due time, I plan on enjoying this".

I slid Jeff down her body a little more so his little cock lined up with her blond pussy and guided him inside of her. I kept my tongue roaming around both bodies, his ass, his balls, and his dick as he figured out with help from Katie how to use rhythm I moved back up his back with my tongue until I got to Katie's small tits for my own nipple pleasure.

The giggles from Jeff and the moans from Katie were matched down the hallway in the other bedroom. I pulled Jeff out of Katie and rolled him off of her so his three inch nail that has been seasoned with pussy juice was now in my mouth and his balls each little acorn in my mouth savoring his flavor. I held his ankles up in the air so his asshole was also available.

Jeff moaned and started to convulse on the bed as the boy climaxed a dry cum in my mouth. I let the boy rest as my tongue found Katie's pussy licking her clit. Katie held my head in place as I licked her clit.

"Dan you are going to make me cum soon".

Jeff turned around and guided my cock into his warm mouth and started to suck my cock and lick my balls.

I said "That's a good boy, but come here".

I turned the boy around and lay him on top of her again between her legs. I spread his legs so my cock was in the crack of his ass as I pushed my seven inches into Katie's pussy for all purposes I was fucking both of them at the same time. Katie wrapped her legs around both of us as she climaxed with a loud scream calling out to god as I pounded her pussy, her pussy juice dripping down on both of us. Katie dug her nails into my back as I fucked her pussy and the crack of Jeff's ass. I pulled out of her pussy just in time to roll Jeff over on his back still on top of her and I shot my load on both of them, covering both of their faces and most of Jeff's smooth chest with my cum.

The noise down the hall had also stopped. I picked Jeff up off of Katie letting her up and headed for the bathroom to clean up. I carried the eleven year old with me and Katie followed. The three of us got in the shower to clean up. I washed Jeff his little pecker came right back to life after his first climax.

Katie said "I hope Annie got as much out of Bill and Brian as I did, Bill isn't known for his stamina in the bedroom".

I put my finger in the crack of Jeff's ass playing with his boy hole. We dried off and headed downstairs.


Johnnie and Kirsten O'Malley were in the pool when we came downstairs. Brian and Jeff jumped in the pool naked to join the others. Bill and Katie started working on the grilled chicken.

Danny got out of the pool and ran to me and dragged me to the pool. "Dad you're it". The nine tweens and teens scattered around the pool with me as the official chaser but I changed the rules of the tag game.

Tommy was the first child I caught I picked him up and put him on the side of the pool his legs hanging in the water. His three and a half inches of hairless circumcised boy cock and his hairless balls were the first in my mouth as part of the `dad is going to suck or fuck each kid in the pool while the grilled chicken gets cooked'. Tommy held my head in place as I sucked his boy tool until he gave me his drop or two of boy juice in my mouth. I picked him up and tossed him to the deep end with a splash and a torrid amount of laughter and giggles each tween and teen hoping to be the next victim of the tattooed mad man.

Danny was the next victim to be caught in the pool, his smooth hairless body tormented and tickled, his circumcised three and a half inches was the next to give me boy nectar before being tossed to the deep end with a fit of laughter.

Kirsten O'Malley, the thirteen year old twin, strawberry red hair half way down her back, with her lemon sized breasts, and a strawberry patch of pubic hair over her pussy was the next victim to fall to my tongue and lips sucking her tits and licking her pussy until she joined the others with a noisy messy climax on my face.

Jeff Wilson was caught to get his three and a half inch hairless boy cock and balls sucked again to a dry climax before he was also tossed to the deep with a giggle and a splash.

I caught Johnnie O'Malley, the other twin with his red hair on his head, his three and a half inch circumcised boy cock and took his drop of nectar before I was exhausted and called timeout to get something to eat and have a beer or two before I could continue.

Brian Wilson took over as `it' while I caught some air. Brian specifically targeted Lisa, sucking her nipples and her budding breasts and her almost bald pussy with only a few dozen light brown hairs around it. I knew Lisa was going to take Brian to the next level but my girl follows orders and rolled a condom down his six inch hairless circumcised cock before she would let him into her pussy. Brian was ecstatic with the idea that he was actually going to get to fuck a girl.

Brian said "Uhm Lisa, uhm I have never done this before".

Lisa said "It's no problem we can all teach you, ask my dad if you need help".

Lisa lay down on a chase lounge and brought Brian over top of her and aimed his six inch dick to her young pussy. Lisa used her hands on his hips to get him in the right motion. I took an opportunity and I went to the lounger as the teens fucked.

I said "Brian have you ever had a finger in your ass, I promise it will make you cum even more".

Brian shook his head no, but kept his humping Melissa and Matt took position on another lounger Matt pushing his four and a half inches into his girlfriend.

Matt said "Dad2 why don't you fuck me while I fuck Melissa, then Brian will know what to expect if you fuck him later".

I lubed up Matt's ass and stuck my cock in his ass as he fucked Melissa, Matt did all the work, pushing into Melissa and then pushing his asshole against my cock.

Brian said "No offense Mr. Wallace but if someone is going to put a dick in my butt I think I want it to be Chief Williams or maybe Judge Meyers first. Yours is too big for the first time".

Bill Williams took his cue and the lube and lubed up Brian's ass as he continued to fuck my daughter. Brian didn't last another couple of minutes before he shot his load in the condom inside Lisa. Bill must have hit the prostate with his finger causing the boy to climax. Matt didn't last long with Melissa with my dick in his ass but he never does.

Annie and Katie got into the action with a three way girl fest taking Kirsten to another lounger the adults eating her strawberry haired pussy and each others, sucking on each others tits.

Danny and Tommy were not to be left out and started to sixty-nine each other on the grass who were soon joined by Johnnie and Jeff right next to them in the same position.

Bill kept working Brian's ass with his finger which became two fingers then three fingers before his condom covered five and a half inch uncut cock took the place of his fingers inside Brian's ass as the boy leaned over the picnic table getting fucked from behind.

Danny and Tommy released the sixty-nine with each other and knelt on the grass offering their small little asses to Johnnie and Jeff so they could get a piece of ass as well.

After all the adults and the kids had some type of orgasm for at least once during the day, all hands were washed thoroughly and the chicken, burgers and hot dogs were served along with side salads, ice tea and beer and wine for the adults. Annie made kids stay out of the pool for a good half an hour before the splashing resumed. It seemed to please the kids the most is how far `dad2' could throw them into the deep end and how much of a splash was created when a tween or teen hit the water.

As the afternoon progressed a few more kids showed up two being Danny's friends from school Travis and Paul who were quite taken aback when they came through the fence to see nine kids and four adults running around naked. At least they didn't see any sucking and fucking and with some convincing from Danny and the others their swim shorts ended up on the towels. Annie and Katie did resign to the house briefly one to take care of Dylan and when they returned to the outside they did have on light sun dresses that were almost see through but just a little more proper for a young teen nudist swim party at the new principals and maybe the future mayors house. They were carrying swim trunks for me and Bill so the adults were clothed at least for a while.

Bill got roped into the teen splash game as well he was on one side of the pool and me on the other side tossing naked kids into the deep end. Annie was nominated as the splash judge and Katie took care of refreshments and life guarding duties including water in the ears or someone forgot to close their mouth on impact with the water. Travis and Paul one eleven the other twelve soon joined into the game and didn't seem to mind much that Bill and I were obviously groping and fondling their small hairless packages, the first uncut the second cut, both about two inches long when hard as they were thrown into the deep end along with the others.

Lisa's friends Ralph and Alicia showed up as well. I remembered them from Lisa's birthday party and the horseback riding. The two thirteen year olds joined the pool party. Ralph was the only other boy than Matt that showed a patch of brown pubic hair over his four inch uncut cock.

By the time the sun started to set there were fourteen naked kids ranging from ten to sixteen years old in the new pool. Bill, Katie, Annie and I retired to the jacuzzi with glasses of wine in hands. One by one or in pairs the young visitors started to depart leaving the original nine kids that were involved in the sex play of the day, and they finally got tired of the pool and settled around the picnic tables.

Annie handed Dylan to Lisa to mind for a while and said to them "You four are welcome to stay the night if you want to or I can drive you home".

I said "Tonight is going to be a nice night and tomorrow is also suppose to be a good day. If you want we can setup the tent and the sleeping bags and you all can camp out in the back yard. Just call your parents and let them know you are staying over here".

They all thought that was a great idea so the boys dragged the eight man tent out of the garage and started to lay it out and get the poles setup. The girls brought out the sleeping bags and pillows for the campout along with folding chairs. Kirsten and Brian called their parents for permission to stay. Bill and I started another round of food on the grills to feed the small army.

Danny and Jeff approached us by the grills. Danny wrapped his arms around me; I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. Danny looked up to me a smiled and said "Thanks dad, I had a great birthday party but now the pool is done this is the greatest time ever". I smiled at him and kissed his forehead. He was right, the pool was a good idea and we could afford it.

Jeff said "Thank you Mr. Wallace I have had a great time".

I said "Jeff you don't have to call me Mr. Wallace here that goes for all of you. At the office is a different story. The same goes for Annie at school it is Principal Wallace, here why don't you just call her Ms. Annie or call us what the others call us".

Jeff said "What's that?"

Danny answered "Everyone calls them mom and dad or mom and dad two, Tommy, Matt, Melissa, even Johnnie and Kirsten have started calling them mom2 or dad2, you and Brian might as well start calling them that too".

Jeff said "Okay dad2, I know Brian said earlier he didn't want your dick in his butt because of the size but I am not afraid of you. I want you to be the first man to have his dick in my butt."

I said "What about Judge Meyers?"

Jeff said "He just likes to suck our dicks, he doesn't do like you do. When you had your tongue in my butt the feeling was awesome I have never felt anything like it before. It was great please do it again then put your dick in my butt. I don't care if you wear the condom or not, I know you will not hurt me".

Bill looked at me and said "Well I guess since I took Brian I should return the favor, do you think you can handle the grills in your own back yard Mayor Wallace?"

I said "I think I can handle the grilling Chief of Police Williams. Why don't you make it a good show and use the picnic table so everyone can watch".

Jeff said "Why don't you both use the picnic table at the same time. I'm sure my brother will get a kick out of me getting fucked out here".

Katie took the spatulas away from us and I grabbed one of the sleeping bags and put it on the picnic table. Bill grabbed the KY and led Brian to the table on one side and I led Jeff to the other side and picked the blond boy up and put him on the sleeping bag.

Bill knelt in front of Brian and sucked his dick into his mouth while everyone else sat around the table watching. I sucked on Jeff's dick and his balls before moving to his ass licking his ass crack before pushing my tongue into his hole causing the boy extreme pleasures as his ass was drilled for the second time. Bill used the KY on Brian's dick and turned around and bent over the table and spread his cheeks for the six foot blond to have access to his ass. I took the KY from him and spread it on my fingers.

I said "Jeff if I hurt you tell me to stop".

He said "I will, but I am ready".

I pushed my middle finger into hole and moved it around letting him get use to the feeling. Brian aimed his cock at the ass of the police chief in front of him. Danny and Tommy were on either side of Jeff coaching and cheering him on, rubbing his smooth chest and nipples as my second finger went into his ass. Lisa and Kirsten started to suck on Brian's nipples as he pushed his six inch cut cock into Bill's ass. I got a third finger inside of Jeff's ass twisting them to enlarge the boy.

Jeff was moaning with pleasure and excitement as I put the KY on my cock and lined my dick to his hole.

Brian continued to hump Bill. Brian said "You can do it little brother, you can do it".

I said "Are you ready Jeff?" He nodded and closed his eyes. Danny and Tommy held Jeff's legs apart and played with his nipples as I put pressure to his anus and the tip of my dick started to go into the virgin boy. A little more pressure and the head of my dick made a popping sound as it cleared his sphincter muscle.

"Ouch it hurts".

I pulled out of his ass. "I'm sorry Jeff maybe you are not ready for this yet".

"No I want to do this, put it back in I just need to get use to it, that's all".

I put my dick back to his sphincter and pushed again the crown of my seven inch cut cock entered the blond boy and he did not cry out this time. I added a little pressure at a time as my dick slowly entered the virgin's love tunnel.

Danny said "You can do it Jeff, Dad has done this to all of us he won't hurt you, just think like you have to poop and he will slide right in".

Jeff pushed out and more of my cock entered his ass. "Oh my god I can feel you filling me with your dick".

I said "You're doing great Jeff, we will do this nice and slow, tell me to stop and I will".

Brian continued to bang Bill from behind until he arched his back and drove his dick further into Bill crying out as he climaxed inside the man. I still had not gotten completely inside his little brother when Brian had his orgasm. I pushed in and Jeff pushed out until my pubes and my balls were touching his smooth ass.

Jeff said "You're in aren't you?"

Danny said "Yes, you did it Jeff; Dad is all the way in your butt". I pulled back slowly and pushed back in.

Jeff said "This feels incredible keep doing it to me".

Tommy said "Wait it will feel even better in a second".

Tommy wrapped his lips around Jeff's three and a half inch cock and sucked it as my dick went in and out of him to the point of my crown was still in him and then pushing forward again. Jeff was crying out in ecstasy as he got fucked for the first time and getting a blowjob at the same time. Jeff climaxed twice as I continued to fuck his cute little behind. The boy was panting like a dog, rolling his head back and forth as I continued to violate him.

Melissa never gave me a chance to pull out of his ass before dropping my load she came behind me and stuck her tongue in my ass licking my hole which all the five regular kids knows that it drives me wild and will make me cum in a heartbeat so I emptied my load inside Jeff's ass.

I said "I'm sorry Jeff I wasn't going to cum in your butt, but Melissa was sneaky and they all know how to make me cum quickly".

Jeff just laid there laughing as I pulled my dick out of his butt, my non sperm filled juices running down his legs.


Annie took charge to get everyone cleaned up for dinner which included the bidet for Jeff and Bill along with the girls and then showers after dinner to get the chlorine and the chemicals from the jacuzzi. Annie used pajamas from Danny, Tommy and Lisa to dress Johnnie, Jeff and Kirsten. Brian put on a pair of my shorts and t-shirt that were way too big on his slender frame but would have to do. I started a fire in the fire pit as every settled down to enjoy the evening.

Brian was sitting on a chase lounge with Jeff sitting in front of him, his arms wrapped around his little brother. Matt and Melissa were in a similar position and so were Lisa and Tommy. Danny, Johnnie and Kirsten along with adults took positions in folding camping chairs around the fire.

Chief Bill Williams started to tell police stories and Annie told stories from school.

Jeff said "Uhm Mrs. Wallace, uhm I mean mom2 can I ask a question?" "Of course". "If we were naked all day in the pool and had sex with everyone here why did you make us put pajamas on?"

The five regular kids all started laughing and even Johnnie and Kirsten knew the answer.

Jeff said "What?"

In stereo from the seven kids "Because Mom and Dad have a pajama fetish".

The brothers both said "Huh?"

Lisa said "Mom likes to put them on you and dad likes to take them off. Wait until morning you won't get breakfast until dad strips you of you pajamas; probably sucks your dick or probe your butt or pussy as the case may be, which you may also do in return, then he will send you to mom who will get pleasure from you as well, since both of you lost your virginity today I recommend to keep your butts clean, literally, dad isn't fond of nasty butt, he does like to spank us when we are bad, but it is really so his hand is on our asses, trust me they will find a reason that you probably deserve a spanking you might get spanked by both if they really want to".

Brian said "So what do you think little brother?"

Jeff said "Dad2 can spank me anytime he wants, that goes for mom2 as well. This sure beats listening to mom and dad talk about court this or judge that. I guess I can live with pajamas as well. But Lisa why are you wearing boy's pajamas?"

I said "Lisa before you get up to clobber him, remember this is their first time here. Brian and Jeff if you do not want to leave here with black eyes or worse, comments about Lisa and her clothing will get your asses kicked in a split second. Ask these four if you don't believe me. Lisa is a tomboy at heart and has her third degree black belt in karate and can take on and take down someone twice her size. So I recommend you tread lightly".

Jeff said "Sorry Lisa I didn't mean anything by it".

Johnnie moved over to my chair and sat on my lap, his strawberry red hair under my chin smelling fresh of shampoo, my hand wandered inside the button down pajama top to find his little nipples, he put his head back against my chest my other hand found its way down his pajama bottoms fondling his dick and balls as Bill continued to tell his stories under a full moon.


Annie finally chased the kids into the tent for the night, I put the mesh cover on the fire pit to let it burn down, and the cover on the jacuzzi. Bill and Katie helped clean up anything that needed to be brought inside.

Bill and Katie decided to spend the night instead of driving home. Annie and Bill headed for her room with the baby. It is a strange feeling to have another man's wife curl up with you in your bed and trace her fingers along the outlines of the tattoos and rub your nipples, her face nestled into the crook of your arm and shoulder and say "Good night Dan, I had a great time today. I wonder if Sal and Karen Simms would get into the spouse swapping thing. I bet your dick is still bigger but I would still like to find out what Sal has to offer".

I said "They might go for it, so might Ron and Carrie Richardson, they should be coming home soon they already know that I have been fucking Tommy since I dropped him off in Texas four months ago".

Katie said "You really enjoy fucking little boys like my son don't you?"

I said "I enjoy fucking little girls like Melissa and Kirsten too. It's the tight little pussies being stretched around my cock, same thing for the boys their asses stretch just enough to give perfect pleasure. There is something different with women that have given birth your cunt will never be the same again. Don't get me wrong I like women, I adore my wife and we satisfy each other greatly. But if Bill offered me his ass like he did for Brian today, I would take Matt's, Danny's or Tommy's in a heartbeat. Well you can add Johnnie and Jeff, I might do Brian in a pinch or just to find out maybe I'll do him tomorrow".

Katie said "You're a strange man Mayor Wallace".

"Yep, Good night Mrs. Williams".


Motorcycle Mayhem IX - Election Day


The polls opened at six in the morning at the fire department and the elementary school gymnasium. I knew it was going to be a long day and I wanted to rub salt in the wounds of the little fat bastard on election day. Since the police department, fire department and ambulance squads were all part of One Municipal Plaza you could bet money that the fat bastard Tills would be at the firehouse trying to get last minute votes and convince the people that he was still the right choice as mayor and the people needed him. This town couldn't possibly survive without the rollie-pollie half wit in the suit and his band of legal cronies.

The schools were all closed for the day and a lot of the businesses in town including mine would close for a half a day to allow the employees a chance to vote.

The American Legion hall a couple of blocks from the municipal complex also now known as `Wallace-Tippenhouse Headquarters' was packed with supporters, news people reporters and I think half the town that just wanted a place to go to hear the results as the day progressed. I could barely move around without someone sticking a hand in my face to shake the hands of the people that promised change in this town. Former Principal Joe Tippenhouse and his wife Betty were circling the room greeting and thanking the supporters, the volunteers and most importantly the voters that flocked to the Legion to report on the happenings. The newsies were broadcasting live and updating the exit polls and projected forecasts every couple of minutes.

Annie had Lisa, Danny and Tommy in a corner at a table handing out stickers and buttons that said `Yes I Voted for Wallace-Tippenhouse'. I thought it was overboard and unnecessary but the volunteer staffers raised all the funding to make sure Mayor Tills went down in a ball of flames and to make sure the bastard suffered as much as possible.

Someone grabbed my shoulder from behind and spun me around. As I turned all I could hear was "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY SON YOU BASTARD". The ringing in my ears made me instantly think of what child I may have inappropriately touched and ran home and told daddy that the about to become mayor is a pedophile.

I blinked my eyes to snap myself out of the thought. Standing in front of me with the biggest smile on his face and a cowboy hat on his head was Ron Richardson and Carrie standing next to him smiling like she ate a canary as well".

I shook my head "What the hell, you got extended".

Ron hugged the crap out of me and said "I wouldn't miss this for the world, now answer my question where the hell is my son?"

I hugged him back and then Carrie, I said "He's in the corner with Annie and the kids, come on". I wrapped my arms around both of them and pushed our way through the crowds to the corner. People still with reaching hands I said "Excuse us long lost family has returned I will be right back, Joe Tippenhouse is around as well".

Tommy's eyes lit up then his lip started to quiver when he saw us coming.

Ron said "Hey big man remember us?" Tommy burst into tears and jumped into Ron's arms knocking the cowboy hat off his head in the process. Carrie joined the hug and Tommy wrapped his arms around both of them bawling like a baby. Soon Lisa was hanging on Ron as well tears running down her face. Annie and Danny came around the table to join in one huge hug and not a dry eye among us.

Tommy pulled his head up and choked "You said you weren't coming home until Christmas Daddy. God I have missed you. I love you mom and dad". Tommy buried his head back on to his father's shoulder tears rolling down his face again.

Annie looked at me and said "How, did you do this again?"

I said "Don't look at me. I didn't know anything about it".

Ron said "We couldn't miss my best friend's election and to see the other parents that are raising our boy. Not to mention my favorite daughter and the other son that our son never stops talking about".

Danny had a bad look on his face when he said "Does this mean you are going to take my brother away to Texas again?"

Carrie grabbed Danny's face and said "No sweet one, it just means your brother will live two doors down again. I am home to stay and Ron will be home permanently in a couple of weeks. He is getting transferred back home". The tears of happiness started rolling down everyone's cheeks again.

I said "Ron what happened I thought you were getting extended for six months or so".

Ron put Tommy and Lisa down and said "We have time to talk later I'm home for a week. Now there is a voting both around here isn't there? I didn't fly home on the redeye for nothing you know".

Tommy said "Hey what about me, I'm your son remember?"

Ron smiled and said "Yeah we remember now do something useful and put one of those stickers on me and your mom". Tommy slapped a sticker on his father with everything he had. Mom got one without such force.

I said "I haven't cast a ballet yet either so let's take a walk. I know Tills will be at the firehouse doing everything he can to get the votes".

Carrie said "From all the people in here he isn't doing very well is he? It's only seven o'clock in the morning".

We walked the two blocks to the firehouse with a mob behind us all wearing the buttons or stickers, some carrying banners and posters all for `Wallace-Tippenhouse'. Sure enough the fat slob was working the entry way with all his cronies trying to tip the scales. We walked past him and his re-election team without a word said. Inside people were lined up at the registration tables and every available voting booth had at least six or eight people in line to cast a ballet. The registration ushers were calling names from people milling around to get in a line of six booths when the line got down to two or three more names were called to wait in line.

I signed the registration form and the woman said "Sir we will get you right in you do not have to wait in line".

I said "No thank you. If these people are willing to wait in line then so am I, please put me on the waiting list like the others". I looked around and everyone's eyes were looking at me. I said "So I do not cause a disturbance or try to influence anyone in any way I will leave my son here. Danny you cannot say a word, when you hear my name called run to the Legion and I will come back to vote. I suspect it will be about forty-five minutes correct?"

She said "Yes sir. You know Mayor Tills was the first one here this morning to cast his vote and he has not left the property yet".

I said "I am not surprised at all, that is the reason I am running against him. Danny please take your button off and sit quietly please".

With a huge smile on his face "Yes Sir Mayor Wallace" Which gave the woman at the table a large grin on her face as well.

Ron and I started to walk back to the Legion and we saw the Mayors limo and chauffer in his reserved spot in front of the municipal building. Ron started laughing "Hey Dan remember your wedding when McKinsey had one of his trucks parked in that spot and Tills went ballistic because someone took his reserved spot, he threatened to have the vehicle towed and the owner fined".

I said "Yeah I remember, what's your point?"

Ron said "What are you going to do with that spot after your elected and sworn in?"

I walked over to the driver's window and knocked, the chauffer lowered the window. I said "Excuse me I don't know your name but do you have any skills other than driving that will keep you gainfully employed so you can support your family or maybe start one?"

The driver said "What do you mean?"

I said "Your boss is losing the election and you will be out of a job on the taxpayer's dime. If you are good with your hands and can work I have friends in the construction business that may hire you. Stop by the American Legion or Touch of Class Graphics and I can give you a list of names and numbers to contact".

The driver looked at me like I had three heads and said "I am the mayor's chauffer even if Mayor Tills loses the election then I will become yours".

I said "No you won't, the job will be terminated and the car will be returned. As for this sign and the reserved parking the sign will soon have `Motorcycle Parking Only' on it. I just gave you an opportunity to find work, I would take it if I were you, as far as the legal crony pals of Mayor Tills I couldn't give a shit what they do once they are terminated". Ron laughed his ass off all the way back to the Legion.

Danny came running into the Legion hall about an hour later. "Dad they called your name, the place is a mad house over there, no one will leave and the fat man looks like he is going to have a heart attack. Someone waved a sign in his face and Tills tried to attack her, the cops had to drag him into the municipal building away from the firehouse. Chief Williams had to put cops there for crowd control. He said the elementary school is just as bad".

I started laughing as we walked out the door. I said "Well the town has spoken that they don't want Tills anymore, maybe I should vote for the bastard so he has at least a dozen votes for him, his and mine and his cronies".

Ron said "If you vote for him I will do my best to kick your ass even if you are ex-special forces and a master sensei in martial arts".

Danny said "Yeah that goes for me too dad".

I said "Come on, lets get this over with I would like to get a beer or two and celebrate the return of my best friend being reunited with his son".

I got in line for one of the voting booths and the person in front of me taped the person in front of him and pointed to me, he stepped out of the way and pushed me forward, the person in front did the same thing so I was the next to vote. I cast my vote for Wallace-Tippenhouse and Danny slapped a sticker on my chest as hard as he could giggling like mad.

As soon as I walked out of the firehouse a news camera and microphone were shoved in my face. The reporter said "Mr. Wallace according to our exit polling the incumbent Mayor Tills is losing the race and only has less than ten percent of the votes and you are currently at seventy percent. That number is based on a calculated sixty five percent of the registered voters have already cast their votes. We feel confident at this time to call this election a land slide and declare Wallace-Tippenhouse the winners of this election. Do you have anything to say?"

I said "We ran against Mayor Tills to invoke change in this town, and change is what we will deliver. The polls do not close for several more hours so we will wait for the official tally do start a victory party. If Mayor Tills wishes to concede the race I will be happy to accept his `I can't believe this town turned on me and voted for a tattooed motorcycle guy instead of me speech'. Maybe I can give the soon to be former mayor some advice, maybe there is a town somewhere else that will elect a corrupt Politian but State College is not one of them. As for the township's legal commission that sits on the town council your services will no longer be required on the taxpayer's expense. I will be looking for legal advice on a volunteer basis. The new town council will all be volunteer work. I promised lower taxes and I will deliver on that promise as soon as we are sworn into office".

"Oh as a parting gift to the soon to be former mayor, you can take that overstuffed leather chair with you when you vacate my office. I will bring one of my own with me".

The American Legion was a mad house people couldn't get inside so they mingled around the picnic area in the back. I went to the post commander and told him to start a tab on me if anyone wanted a drink. He said the bar doesn't open until two but five hundred dollars cash is good business for the American Legion and a simple thank you for the supporters that voted us in. I told him when the five hundred is gone then make it a cash bar.

When the polls officially closed Wallace-Tippenhouse on the independent ballet closed with eighty-two percent of the Mayoral election vote. The incumbent Mayor Tills had eleven percent, and seven percent went to write-in ballots.

Chief Williams came into the Legion. "Dan you better know this, Tills was just taken out of the municipal building in an ambulance he had a heart attack".

I didn't say what I was thinking which was `good the bastard deserves to die' I said "I wish Mayor Tills the best of health, and best wishes. Our thoughts and prayers will be with him and his family".

Bill said "Dan that's not all. Deputy Mayor Morrison has just been arrested for insurance and banking fraud charges. Judge Marlow wants you and Joe Tippenhouse at the courthouse first thing in the morning. You and Joe are to be sworn in as Mayor and Deputy Mayor at nine o'clock".

When we got back to the house Carrie and Ron had an announcement to make. As Tommy and Danny were just like brothers Dylan would have a younger brother or sister playmate in seven months.

After being sworn in and cleaning out the corruptness of the Tills era all in three weeks time Joe Tippenhouse, retired principal and deputy mayor, took over everyday operations including running the new town council meetings and the municipal operations. Its amazing what can happen and how efficient things can get done in mid-sized town when you take out the trash. I was back to work in the photo and graphics shop ninety percent of the time and only at One Municipal Plaza once or twice a month.

The last thing I heard about fat man Tills is he recovered from his heart attack and moved his family to somewhere in Florida.

Motorcycle Mayhem X The Grand Finally


Sal, Karen and Melissa Simms; Bill, Katie and Matt Williams; Ron, Carrie and Tommy Richardson; John, Jenny, Kirsten and Johnnie O'Malley; McKinsey; Riggins; Brian and Jeff Wilson; Annie holding Dylan, Lisa and Danny were all standing in the bay of the shop looking at the latest creation of A Touch of Class Photo and Graphics Design.

The first of two hundred and fifty custom RV's from the Cruising America Company. Each one of the rental RV's was to have a custom paint job depicting scenic America and a reason to rent one and go RVing. This thing is loaded soup to nuts as far as a road vehicle. King size bed in the back, fold down bunk beds, convertible couches, regular size bathroom, not one of those closet jobs in most RVs, full working kitchen. Storage space underneath along with a huge fresh water tank, waste tank and a washer/dryer unit. These things are luxury homes on wheels.

I got the contract a month ago from Mark Matson, the CEO of Cruising America. He came to see me and told me of his plan to have each of his new RV's be delivered to me for custom paint and artwork. When I finished one another would be delivered but must have a different theme on it. I showed him the design work I did for McKinsey and Riggins for their work trucks and Matson fell in love with the ideas I threw at him.

As part of special price offering, one because of the number of vehicles he wanted customized, and the other reason is I don't want to pay his rental fees to be able to take my family on vacation in one of his RV's so I cut him a deal on price and he will let me have five of the RV rigs all at the same time any time I wanted. Costs of fuel and insurance would be our liability but the rigs would be at no cost.

I looked at my family and my friends and said "Check it out inside and out and let me know what you think".

Ron said "Dan this has to be one of your best designs ever". They all started walking around the custom RV with the Grand Canyon painted on both sides, with the different views, the south side of the canyon which is the more popular, more touristy side, and the north side of the canyon which is isolated and even more beautiful than the south side. "Dan this looks like we are standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, one step more and we would be at the bottom in a hurry".

Everyone complimented on the 3D landscaping effect on the sides. It did look like you were standing on the edge and could fall into the canyon itself. I had to admit I was proud of how the design came out. Brian had a huge smile on his face as well since he helped with the design and the wrap. I have to give the teen credit he is not only a good cock sucker but he is very talented in the arts as well.

They all took turns checking out the inside as well and noted every fine detail of the design and construction of the fine vehicle in bay 1 of the shop.

Annie said "Okay Dan, we all know you are talented, but what is this all really about, why are we all here at the same time?"

I said "Christmas vacation is coming up and I was thinking of taking a trip. I brought all of you here today because I can get five of these at no cost all at the same time so I brought my friends and family here to see if you would be interested in a group road trip. Since I have the first one done I have all the measurements I need to crank out the next few RVs. All I have to do is change the scenic design on each which the computer will do for me. If I get a little help with the wrapping I can have them all done before the Christmas break. I plan on putting a trailer on this so all the motorcycles can go with us including the sled".

All the kids' eyes lit up with huge smiles to match. The adults started to look at each other and you could see the wheels turning in their brains. A plan was starting to form.

Annie looked around at the group and said "Dan this is great but we need to talk and talk freely. Will everyone agree that what is discussed here never leaves and is never repeated?" Everyone agreed to her terms.

Katie said "I guess I will start. I know most of you, some better than others which would be Dan and Annie. I think we all understand what goes on at their house. John, Jenny well you might be the wild cards in the equation I don't know but if Dan invited you I am going to go out on a limb and suspect you are aware. Gentlemen I know you are both friends of Dan's and I am going to make the same assumption. Sal and Karen, well you have to know our children are in love and they both think Annie and Dan are second parents to them both. They love the Wallace's and the Wallace's love them like their own. Ron and Carrie you have the same situation with Tommy as we do".

Ron said "We know, have for a long time. Tommy told us everything in Texas. We love Dan and Annie as much as Tommy does. That goes for Lisa, Mel and Danny, you too Matt. We are okay with the situation so don't worry about us".

McKinsey said "Well I guess it's my turn. I have a feeling where this is going and under the veil of secrecy Wallace has known Riggins and I since we all went to school together. Riggins and I are fierce competitors for business but Dan brought us together again as partners and now our businesses do not compete against each other, but actually thrive from each other. Me in major construction Riggins in plumbing and specialty bathrooms. To be honest we were high school lovers' way before it was acceptable in life for such things. Dan always knew and never let us get caught or would punish anyone with his ninja shit, well I should rephrase that, he threatened his ninja shit and that was enough to deter anyone from repercussions against us. If there was a whisper of the fag word at school or anywhere else Dan would have a quiet conversation with the individual and the word never was repeated. We both have wives and kids now that do not know about our pasts and I would prefer it stays that way. We both have done major work for Dan and he has done the same for us with his talents. All of our businesses are booming because of his barter system of business. You do this for me, I will do this for you, everyone profits, everyone is happy. Since he became the mayor it is even easier and better than before. I won't speak for Riggins but whatever happens is fine with me, count me in and my mouth shut".

Riggins said "I'm in let me know what you need. I have a few guys that need some work but I still have to pay so if you need labor I will give you some guys from my crew to help out".

Katie said "John, Jenny, Sal and Karen what about you? I should say that before Melissa and Matt got together and Bill and I found out what really goes on that I was a prudish cold person to my husband and my son. Our sex life was basically nonexistent. We all have our faults and I no longer harp on such issues. The Clan Wallace as the kids like to call themselves, I swear Matt loves them more than us but we have all come to terms with that. I went on a vacation trip that I never would have expected. Bill did the same with Dan and the kids on the ride to Myrtle Beach. Bill confessed to us that he had sexual encounters with men and Lisa. At the same time I had sexual encounters with Annie, while she was still pregnant with Dylan and Melissa which brought out feelings that I never knew could exist".

Katie continued "Since Bill and I have become much more open minded a couple of weeks ago Annie, Dan, Bill and I did some spouse swapping when we stayed with them. I slept with Dan and young Jeff here while Bill, Brian and Annie had the other room. I would like to continue that and openly have sex with all of you, men women and yes even the children".

Jenny O'Malley said "Mr. and Mrs. Wallace, Principal, Mayor or just Dan and Annie I don't know what to call you but when Johnnie and Kirsten came home from Lisa's birthday party and I found tell tale signs of physical abuse to minors and intercourse with minors I wanted you arrested and thrown in jail to rot in hell for eternity. I was so upset I cannot even begin to describe the emotions and anger that went through me. My children begged and pleaded to no end that they wanted it and you were not to blame. I still beg the differ but my children are now the happiest children in the world because of you and this extended family of yours. I will not condone your actions, nor will I act upon them. My husband has fantasies of his own he would like to carry out and he can do as he wishes. When I found out the Chief of Police is in your back pocket the point is futile. I will keep your secrets safe, my husband and my children are now on their own. I have a mother to tend to in Florida who is getting up in age. I never wanted kids in the first place, I was happy until John got me pregnant, then he gave me twins to boot".

WHOA, talk about a party crasher. Jenny stormed out of the shop, taking the car leaving John, Johnnie and Kirsten standing there with their jaws hanging on the shop floor not to mention the rest of us.

John O'Malley said "I'm sorry kids, this was a long time coming, your mom needs help and she won't get it from grandma. Grandma never wanted to have a child and she has pushed that on to your mom all her life. Dan can I borrow your truck? I need to get these two home now".

Bill said "I'll take you home, Annie want to come along please the kids are going to need support. Don't worry John I will make a few calls on the way, Jenny won't get far and we will get her some help".

Two weeks later we had a plan. With Riggins' help I had four of the five RVs done. The Grand Canyon I would drive with the motorcycles on the trailer, Ron, Carrie and Tommy had Wyoming and the Devils Tower; Sal Karen and Melissa had San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge; Bill, Katie and Matt were in the Blue Ridge Parkway RV and O'Malley, McKinsey and Riggins had the last RV that wasn't finished. We figured the kids would be bouncing from rig to rig and sleeping in the tents so Brian and Jeff Wilson got permission to come with us. Annie had all the kids' school assignments so we could keep them out of school for another week.

Ron said "Okay Dan are you going to tell us where we are going or are we just going to follow you wherever you want to go?".

I said "Well the Grand Canyon was the first RV done so that is where we are going. To the north side, we can setup the camps in the Grand Canyon National Forest. I haven't been there in years but the view is fantastic. We can pull the motorcycles off and ride all the way around the Grand Canyon. If we alternate drivers we can make it in a couple of days".

It took the five RVs three days to pull into Grand Canyon National Forest. We got our permits from the Ranger station and found our parking sites so we started setting up the tents and the fire pit. To our advantage no one else was there, we had the place to ourselves, which we asked for when we checked in at the ranger station. The kids started exploring the area and found a waterfall and a stream not too far from the campsites. The nine teens/tweens shed their clothes on the side of the stream all taking turns under the chilly water of the waterfall. McKinsey, Riggins, O'Malley and I got the motorcycles off the trailer, Bill and Sal unhooked the two cars in tow, the women started to setup housekeeping and kitchen duties, covering picnic tables and organizing all the food stores that were brought along.

By the time the kids came back from the waterfall their lips were blue and their teeth chattering from the cold water. We wrapped them up in blankets and took towels to them trying to dry them and get them warm. Ron started a good roaring fire in the pit so all the folding chairs were set around the fire the kids took over the chairs trying to warm themselves leaving the adults to all of the camp setup chores.

After the steaks, chicken, hamburgers and hotdogs were devoured and the kids had warmed up, still in blankets but nothing underneath, Katie was the first to make a move undressing Sal by the fire showing his chubby five inch uncut cock and hairy balls to the group before sucking him for starters then led him to the RV.

John O'Malley said "Dan I have never done anything like this before. I know you have had sex with the twins before so I think it only fitting that I have sex with your kids for a change".

Annie was the next to select a partner and chose Karen Simms. The two stripped each other for the group, kissing and licking each other's tits and fingering each other's pussies before they headed for our RV taking the bedroom in the back.

Brian and his brother Jeff opted for Riggins and McKinsey fishing their dicks out of their pants, the boys' lips wrapped around the high school lovers dicks. They headed for the unwrapped RV, I'm sure to repay the favor soon enough.

Ron and Carrie Richardson opted for Matt and Melissa, sharing the two teens between them. Ron had Melissa's pussy in his face; Carrie had Matt's small cock in her mouth before they headed to the Devils Tower RV. Bill took Tommy's hand and led him to the Blue Ridge Parkway RV.

I said "Danny, Lisa, Johnnie and Kirsten please come here. John, Annie took the bedroom but that still leaves us with the captain's chairs upfront. Shall we retire for a while, my kids are yours, I will take your kids as starters".

John followed me into the RV with the kids in tow. I started to get undressed when John O'Malley surprised me by grabbing my face and brought his face to mine. He kissed my lips and stuck his tongue in my mouth.

I pushed him away and said "John, I am not into men. You will have better luck with Bill, Riggins or McKinsey for that".

John said "I know but I want you as well. Can I at least suck your dick first before I have sex with your children?"

Danny and Lisa didn't wait and undid John's buckle and pants pulling them down with his boxers showing off his eight inch cut cock that was shaved clean as were his balls. They turned him around and his ass was shaved as well. When his shirt came off his chest was hairless as well.

I sat down in one of the captain's chairs John knelt in front of me taking my cock in his mouth for a few minutes before Johnnie took his fathers place sucking my cock. John sat in one of the other captain's chairs, Danny started to lick John's crown and down his shaft to his shaved balls. Johnnie worked my cock at the same time.

Lisa said "Danny move out of the way it's my turn".

Kirsten said "You too Johnnie"

Lisa climbed on to John, Kirsten climbed onto me, their knees around us and beneath them as they lowered their small pussies onto our cocks. I held Kirsten's waist to support her as she rode my cock and I sucked her small teen titties. John was doing the same to Lisa in the other chair pushing his cock up into my daughter as she lowered herself on him again. Kirsten was doing the same to me. I let go of her tits and guided Johnnie to me and steadied him as he stepped on the arm of the chair in front of his sister. Johnnie balanced himself with his feet on either side of me on the captain's chair and aimed his three and a half inch cut cock to my face. I held his waist to balance him and Kirsten had him from the back as she continued to fuck herself on my cock. Danny mimicked Johnnie and stuck his dick into John's mouth.

The noise from the bedroom increased in volume as Annie and Karen approached climax. The six of us in the captain's chairs were making just as much noise, moaning and grunting as we all approached our orgasms together. Lisa leaned forward to Danny sticking her tongue in his ass causing him to climax in John's mouth. Kirsten stuck her tongue in her twin brother's ass and clamped down with her pussy on my cock causing all three of us to climax at the same time. From the looks and sounds from the other chair Lisa and John O'Malley did the same thing. Annie and Karen apparently climaxed when we did.

I helped Johnnie get down then Kirsten released herself from my now semi-hard cock. Lisa and Danny did the same and the kids sat on the conversion couch. Annie and Karen emerged from the back. Karen knelt in front of Lisa spreading her legs and licking and tonguing the freshly fucked pussy. Annie knelt in front of Kirsten spreading her legs and doing the same thing. John decided that my cock was still worth sucking even after filling his daughter with my cum. Danny and Johnnie left the RV to see who was by the fire.

The group slowly returned to the fire, none of the adults bothered to dress joining the kids naked, the adults took the chairs with a child on their lap hands roaming freely or the kids sat on blankets around the fire. Jeff Wilson sat on my lap, me playing with his hairless body rubbing his chest and inner thighs, playing with his dick and balls as we listened to McKinsey tell storied.

I whispered into Jeff's ear "Did McKinsey or Riggins fuck you Jeff when you were in their RV?"

Jeff leaned back against my chest and said "No we sucked each other in a sixty-nine; Brian was with Mr. Riggins I was on top of Mr. McKinsey right next to them on the bed".

I said "Good, go get the KY from our RV I would hate to have your ass as sloppy seconds".

Jeff laughed, got off my lap, returned with the KY and lubed up my dick. He spread his ass cheeks before sitting back into my lap this time with my seven inch cock in his ass. The KY was passed around for other boys to get fucked. John O'Malley bent over the picnic table to take McKinsey, Riggins, Sal, Ron and finally Bill in his each man using a condom. I lifted Jeff up and down on my cock as stories were told, cocks being sucked or fucked, pussies being fucked, licked or being probed with a dildo.

My night ended with my best friend's pregnant wife and her son Tommy in my bed.

When the sun came up Annie had Lisa on the back of the Road Glide, Danny was behind me on the Ultra Glide with Tommy and Jeff in the sled, Matt was behind Bill on the Fat Boy, Brian rode with McKinsey on his Ultra Glide, Riggins was solo on his Street Glide, Katie was behind O'Malley on the Dyna Wide Glide. Sal, Karen, Melissa with Dylan were in one car and Ron, Carrie had the twins in the other car behind the motorcycles.

We rode for most of the day, stopping at the northern rim of the Grand Canyon first then around to the southern rim where it is much more populated. Every tourist was taking pictures of the Ultra Glide with the custom paint job and the sled along with the other bikes as much as they took pictures of the Grand Canyon itself. I met at least two dozen people that wanted a business card because they had some idea that needed graphics work.

The kids talked to other kids about the action adventures that A Touch of Class Photo and Graphics Design could produce for them. I did get stopped by the Arizona State Police and had to prove to the trooper that the sled was indeed legal with the two teenagers in it.

When the group returned to the RVs as the sun started to set on the horizon once the pipes were cool enough all the teens started washing drying and waxing the motorcycles for the next days adventure.

Dinner was cooked the fire started again, the stories being told, Brian became the boy whore for the night, each man took a turn at his ass as he laid on the picnic table. Even Ron and Sal joined us in sticking our dicks in the fifteen year olds hairless ass. Matt, Johnnie, Danny and Tommy each had their boy sized dicks in Jeff's ass while his brother was getting drilled by the adults. Lisa and Melissa were the targets of the women for the night.

The days passed on the motorcycles the kids swapping riding bitch or riding in the sled with everyday a different direction or road. The afternoons or nights were filled with more man and boy cocks getting sucked and fucked, woman and teen girls pussies, tits, asses or faces. Twenty people running around the Grand Canyon National Forest the youngest at eleven years old the oldest somewhere in the fifties range, all in a free for all orgy openly spouse swapping, or open sex with minors, men on men, women on women, teens fucking adults and visa versa.

It was the fifth day in the forest when another RV came into our area. It wasn't like we needed anyone else to join us or see us but a young man and two boys were in the other RV. The kids were in the waterfall and stream again. The young man looked to be in his early twenties and the boys seemed to be about nine or ten, all three with straight black hair. The young man approached with the boys asking if they could look at the motorcycles.

I said "Sure help yourselves. I am Dan Wallace". I introduced them to the adults. The new comers introduced themselves as Walking Bear, Wolf and Sky. Walking Bear was the boys' uncle and they are from the Navajo nation.

I said "Our kids are at the waterfall over there. I hope we do not frighten you but our group are nudists so the kids will be skinny dipping over there. The adults will be joining them nude when we get the fire going".

Bill was standing next to me and leaned to me and said "I guess we will in the RVs for our fun and games for the next two days". I nodded my head at him.

The Native Americans walked around the motorcycles making comments then went to their RV then to find the waterfall. I gave the kids about another twenty minutes and went to retrieve them so they were not blue or frozen again. When I got to the waterfall the new comers had shed their clothes and entered the water with the others.

I said "Okay my group, the fire is going so everyone back to the camp site to warm up before dinner". The nine started to depart the water. I was just in time before they had their teeth chattering again. I said "You're welcome to join us if you want".

Walking Bear said "Thank you we may join you in a little while, we are going to enjoy the falls for a little while first". He stood up out of the water showing me he had no hair on his body except for the jet black hair on his head. The two new boys were also completely hairless but that was to be expected for their ages. Walking Bear was showing a semi-hard uncut cock, I guessed about five inches long when it was fully hard. The boys' had maybe two and a half inch uncut hard ons sticking straight out from their bodies. I wondered but I herded our teens/tweens back to the RVs carrying their clothes.

We got the kids in blankets and around the fire. Lisa dug into her pocket and said "Dad my watch must have fallen out by the stream". Lisa got up and dropped the blanket and ran to the stream bare assed. When she came back with her watch in hand she said "Dad they are one of us. The older one was sucking both boys' cocks at the same time. Just like you do to Danny and Tommy, cocks together, the taller boy had his legs over the smaller ones. I know I startled them when I came back for my watch".

When the Navajo's came back they had their clothes on and looking extremely nervous at the prospect of being caught and stayed close to their RV. Bill tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to them.

I got up and said "Danny please come with me".

Bill said "Come on Tommy".

We walked over to the new comers. I said "I know my daughter caught you at the waterfall. It's okay, we are not only nudists. There is no problem as long as all the parties agree". I bent down in front of Danny and took his semi-hard cock in my mouth. Bill did the same to Tommy. I said "Feel free to join us if you wish". I led Danny back to the fire pit, Bill and Tommy right next to us.

The Navajo went into the RV and then brought chairs and a cooler of food and refreshments to the fire pit to join the party butt ass naked. John O'Malley took an instant liking to Walking Bear being completely hairless.

I asked the taller boy Wolf "May I also suck your dick?"

The boy answered "Yes. I like it very much".

Bill said "How about you Sky, do you like it as well?"

"Yes I do".

O'Malley took his shot "Walking Bear, are you only into boys like some people I know or do you like men as well?"

The young Native American adult said "I do not like hairy men, but since you shave your body I would be interested in you. Being a Native American hair on our bodies is uncommon. The other hairless boys I would also be interested in".

Two days later the five RVs packed up and headed north for home. Back to our jobs and school, all with stories to tell that would only be told in a very close knit, tight circle of friends and family.

Motorcycle Mayhem The Complete Series.

I hope you have enjoyed it. Comments welcome.

Later RJT