No Brakes

(Standard disclaimers apply this is another work of fiction by or RJ)


One guy tried to grab him but missed. I managed to catch him by the waist and pull him off of the runaway bike before he crossed the red light or smashed into god knows what or if he made it all the way down to the wharf the boy would have been toast. Pulling the boy off the bike, he had such momentum he knocked me off balance I grabbed him close to me as we fell to the pavement holding him as tight as I could so he wouldn't be hurt. I hit the ground head pointing downhill my shoulder taking the brunt of the impact trying to protect the boy I flipped over still cradling the child, after the second flip and roll I landed on my back. I looked into the eyes of a terrified Asian boy splayed on my chest. He burst into tears burying his head to my chest.

I couldn't speak and could barely breathe. I knew I was in trouble but the boy seemed to be alive from the incident but I had no idea if he sustained major injuries. If my life was to pass at this moment in time it seemed a worthy cause to save the life of a child.

"Neither one of you move an ambulance is on the way boy are you alright? What about you mister?"

The rider less bike continued down the hill missing the cars at the light only because the drivers swerved to avoid it until it plowed into the back of an SUV.

The child said "I guess so, my arm hurts".

Not only did he knock the wind out of me, by the time the ambulance arrived and took us to the emergency room I had a cracked rib from the back flip and summer salt maneuver. After the x-rays and the nurse taped my ribs they brought the boy into my room with a cast and a sling on his arm and put him in the bed next to me.

The doctor came in a moment later and said "Do you know each other?"

I rasped "No, little Evel Knievel tried killing himself down Mason Street heading for pier 39. With the speed he had going he might have made it to Alcatraz without the ferry. Is he alright?"

The doctor said "Yes he will be fine. He has a fracture of the wrist but nothing serious. According to the police and the witness statements you saved his life. He wanted to be with you so we brought him in here. We are trying to contact his parents now".

I looked over at the scared child. I said "What were you doing?"

He started to cry. He said "We stole the bike, it was a dare. I didn't know it didn't have brakes. Thank you for saving my life".

The doctor said "You both need rest. We couldn't get any insurance information from you when the ambulance brought you in. I cannot admit you overnight without insurance coverage".

I said "Where's my wallet and my suitcase. I am supposed to be flying home this afternoon".

The doctor said "I don't think that is wise. I would recommend that you do not fly for a couple of days if possible".

The boy said "Maybe you can stay with us".

I said "What is your name? I am Mark Wilson".

"Adam Wong"

I said "I guess I can stay in San Francisco for a couple more days".

The doctor said "I will check back when the boy's parents arrive".

I was checking the boy out. Not a bad looking kid, straight short black hair, brown eyes about four feet three inches tall maybe seventy pounds or so and I guessed to be ten years old or so. We waited for a good hour before a young attractive Asian woman came into the emergency room.

"Adam what happened?"

Adam said "Mama this man saved my life. I borrowed a bicycle and it had no brakes. He grabbed me off the bike. We both hit the road really hard. They brought us here in an ambulance".

She said "I am Lea Wong are you alright?"

I said "I'm Mark Wilson. The doctor said Adam has a fractured wrist and I have a cracked rib. The bicycle isn't so lucky it smashed into the back of an SUV on Mason Street". I left out the part about him stealing the bike, at least for now.

The doctor and nurse came into the room. The nurse said "Mr. Wilson the ambulance driver just came back. He had your wallet and your luggage". I pulled out my insurance card and handed it to the nurse.

The doctor said "We can admit you for the night if you wish".

Adam said "Mama can Mr. Wilson stay with us? I am the reason he has a cracked rib. He can sleep in my room".

I said "All I need is some rest I can get a hotel room. And you don't have to call me Mr. Wilson my name is Mark. You call me Mr. Wilson I am looking for my father I am only twenty-eight. I do have to change my flight though".

Lea said "Nonsense. If you stay in the hospital they will charge you an arm and a leg. Hotels in this city are just as bad unless you like staying at dive motels. You are more than welcome to stay with us for as long as you need to heal. Our apartment isn't large but it is comfortable. Adam can take care of you unless I break his other arm for riding a bike down Mason Street. We live in Chinatown so it sounds like you were already there".

I couldn't argue with the logic. I was running out of money and the thought of sleeping in the same room with a cute boy just might pan out for other things. Maybe only a peak maybe something more. He does have nice lips that I would like wrapped around my cock but that would be wishful thinking at best or at least an image of fantasy in the shower.

I said "Doctor if you can release me then I will take Mrs. Wong's offer".

She said "Please call me Lea and it is Ms. Not Mrs. Now doctor is there anything else I need to know or can I take these two home?"

The doctor said "Adam needs to be in the cast for six weeks. You can bring him back here or have your own physician look at him. As for Mark keep the bandages tight and no strenuous activity for twenty-four to forty-eight hours. You should be able to fly after forty-eight hours. When you get home check with your own physician. Otherwise there is no reason to hold you any longer. I will sign the paperwork at the desk. Just check in at the nurse's station before you leave. I will write you prescriptions for the pain for both of them".

I was wheeled out in a wheelchair with Adam holding on to the arm of the chair walking next to me. They loaded us into a cab, Adam in the middle holding my hand with his good hand, the touch of his contact with me was making my cock swell. I wondered how far the savior complex could go as the cab climbed the hills of San Francisco back up to Chinatown.

We pulled up to an apartment building with `Wong's Fish & Meats' on the ground level. I pointed to the sign and said "Any coincidence?"

Lea said "My grandparents, they raised me since I was a baby. They live on the first floor over the shop. Adam and I live above them. My cousin lives on the third floor. The other two floors are rental units. There is a small elevator in the back of the building, it is usually only used for groceries or furniture but you can use it so you do not hurt your ribs anymore".

I said "I can walk up. I will just take the stairs slow". I thought `Wong's huh, a whole family or community that will protect the honor of this woman or the innocence of her child son. One wrong move around here Wilson and you will be hanging in the store window next to the chickens and the pigs. What the hell did I get myself into all you had to do was kill some time before you got to go home, but no you had to be a stinking hero risking your neck for a kid'.

Adam put his small hand into mine "I will help you Mark, I will come for your bag in a moment"

Lea paid the cabbie and put my suitcase into the meat shop and said something in a language that I had no idea what it was. Since they live in Chinatown I took that as the first guess. Lea grabbed my other arm and guided me to the stairs. My ribs did hurt but it wasn't that bad. Adam's small hand trying to support my weight and help me up the stairs was making the hairs on my arm stand on end. The thoughts of risking my neck for him quickly faded away as his hairless arm touched mine as we climbed the stairs to the second floor.

Lea opened the door to the apartment revealing a modest place with Asian curtains and beads hanging acting as door coverings rather than actual doors. She said "Please sit, I will go to the pharmacy and the market I will not be gone long Adam will get your bag. I should have asked this earlier but you do like Asian food yes?"

I said "As long as it is not too spicy".

Adam came back upstairs with my suitcase. "I will put this in my room Mark". He came back to sit with me on the couch. His good hand returned to my arm sending more electrical shocks through me. I took a slight chance and lowered my hand that he was rubbing to the inner thigh of his thin mocha colored legs. My hand was just below the leg opening of the slender shorts he was wearing. He kept rubbing my forearm my hand closed around his thigh in a gentle touch that two people; well a man and a boy that just had a traumatic experience could relate too.

I said "How old are you Adam?"

"Ten and three quarters". I had to laugh which was not a good idea for me, the age of a boy when every year, month and day counted.

I kept feeling his silky mocha colored thigh my fingers getting closer to the opening of his shorts he had to take his hand off my arm to reach into his crotch to make an adjustment as he shifted his small ass closer to me on the couch, then his good hand returned to my forearm playing with the hairs on my arm.

Lea returned carrying a bag of groceries and two bags of prescriptions. I lifted my hand away from his leg I tried to see if he was getting aroused but also didn't want to get caught in the act ogling a ten year old boy. She said "My aren't you two comfy". I figured I was busted.

Adam said "Mama I'm just trying to take care of Mark to make him feel better".

I said "So Lea what do you do for a living if I may ask?" trying to change the subject.

Lea said "I work as an administrative assistant for Trans America downtown what about you?"

I said "I work as a loan officer for a branch office of Citibank outside the Chicago area".

She said "Chicken and shrimp lo mien, not to spicy sound good?"

I said "Yes anything is fine. I feel like I am intruding on you".

She handed us both a glass of water and two pain pills. "Take these, they have Codeine in them so they may make you groggy but they should relax you as well, you can have more before you go to bed".

Lea said "Mark I do not want to make you uncomfortable in our house but some things need to be said and addressed" (Oh shit here it comes, she caught me almost fondling her son) "Adam about the bike how did you come to borrow it and from whom? Mark said it was wrecked and I will have to pay for it, you know I don't make a lot of money".

Tears started down his cheeks, he dug the nails of his good hand into my forearm "I'm sorry mama I was trying to be cool with Gary and his friends. They stole the bike and dared me to ride it down the hill. They said if I made it then they would let me hangout with them and become their friends. I didn't know about the brakes, I swear".

I said "None of my business, but is Gary and his friends the same boys that were laughing at the top of the street when you went down the hill and we wiped out?"

More tears poured "YES".

I said "Friends like that Adam you won't need enemies and you won't last long either. After I pulled him off the bike crossed a major intersection on the red causing another accident before slamming into the SUV. I wasn't going to say anything about you lying to your mom but it seems that it needs to be said now".

Adam's eyes swelled with puffy tears "I know I'm in trouble but thank you for saving my life, I promise mama I will never do it again".

Lea said "Oh yeah young man you are in serious trouble but we have a guest so things will wait".


It must have been the codeine taking effect on both of us Lea was making supper in the kitchen with her back to us on the couch. Adam's hand moved from my arm to my crotch squeezing my semi-hard cock.

I whispered into his ear "I like that, can I do that to you?"

He whispered back "Yes" my hand went to his shorts and found his hard boy cock.

I whispered "You're a horny little devil aren't you?" "Yes".

Lea broke the trance "Okay you two what are you up to? Mark can you use chop sticks or do you want a fork instead?"

I said "I can manage with either". She brought me a lap tray so I didn't have to get off the couch with the lo mien and chopsticks with a fork just in case.

Lea sat opposite us in a rocker chair. She said "Can I ask if you are married?"

I said "I tried it once but it didn't work out. How about you? You seem young to have a ten year old son?"

Lea said "Marriage no. I made mistakes when I was younger that I am not proud of. I got pregnant with Adam when I was sixteen. His father wanted nothing to do with responsibility so he ended up killing himself and an innocent bystander in a drunken driving accident before Adam was born. It has just been us, plus my grandparents and our cousins ever since".

I said "No parents?"

Lea said "I was born in Taipei. My parents were killed by Chinese insurgents when I was baby. My grandparents left Taiwan with me and my cousin to come to America to get away from the civil war there. This has been our home ever since. Are your parents still alive?"

I said "Yes, they live in Cleveland with my little sister, she just turned fourteen her name is Krista". I handed over a photograph of my sister I think I just noticed a twitch from Lea looking at my sister.

She handed the photo back. "She is a very striking girl" She said something to Adam in Chinese which he responded to also in Chinese.

It sounded like Adam changed to a different Language or at least a different dialect.

Lea said "Excuse us we should not speak in languages that you do not understand Mark".

I said "Languages?"

Lea said "Yes I speak seven Adam speaks five languages currently". "Ohh". Lea got up and cleared the bowls and the utensils.

Lea said "May we speak freely Mark?"

I said "I am a guest in your house you may do anything you want".

Adam started to giggle. Lea said "You may wish that you didn't just say that".

I said "I don't understand".

Lea said "Mark my son may have a crush on you for saving his life. He asked me if I think you are gay. He hopes that you are. I am also attracted to you so I hope you're not gay. I have to give Adam a sponge bath. I can do the same for you so the bandages don't get wet. I know the doctor said no strenuous activities but I do believe my son and I can satisfy your desires without causing you pain".

Adam grabbed my cock through my pants right in front of his mother. "Mama it feels nice and big".

Lea said "Leave him be Adam, he might not be into such things".

I said "Adam can leave his hand right where it is with your permission I would prefer if my hand were inside the shorts he is wearing. As for being gay the answer is no I tried to have sex with a grown man and that didn't work out either. Sex with a willing boy and a willing mother sounds like a dream come true. I accept your offer".

Lea held her hand out "Come Adam it looks like Mark would like to see you naked for your sponge bath". Adam stood up they both grabbed my arms helping me to get out of the couch.

The five foot tall, black haired, brown eyed twenty-six year old Asian woman led us to the bathroom. Lea said "I be right back". She returned with two plastic folding chairs and set one in the middle of the tiled bathroom right over the floor drain "Sit Mark" I sat down a foot away from them.

Adam stood still as Lea pulled the shirt over his head being careful not to move his arm much. Lea knelt down to untie his sneakers and remove his socks. She undid his button and lowered the zipper of his shorts. She turned his back to me as his shorts came off showing light blue underwear.

I said "You're driving me wild you are going to make me cum in my pants".

Lea said "Oh please don't do that, that would take the fun and adventure out of it".

Adam was looking over his shoulder at me as Lea lowered the light blue material. His mocha colored ass cheek came to view then the other. She lowered the underwear down his thin legs until they were at his ankles so he could step out of them. Lea grabbed his hips and slowly turned the boy toward me revealing his boy package. Hairless I expected, circumcised I did not expect. The size was nice as well.

I said "I didn't expect him to be circumcised may I?"

With a huge smile on his face Adam stepped forward putting his four inch circumcised boy cock into my hand to play with. I ran my fingers along his acorn sized balls.

I said "Very nice Adam I am impressed at your size for a boy your age".

Adam said "Undress him mama, let's see what Mark has".

Lea said "May I have the honors?"

I said "Be my guest". Adam sat down in the other chair. Lea carefully lifted my shirt over my head protecting my taped ribs. She ran her fingers though the hair on my chest that was above the wrapping. She undid my shoe laces and removed my socks adding them to the pile of Adam's clothes. Lea unbuckled my belt, undid the button of my pants and lowered my zipper. I lifted my ass up so she could strip me of my pants and my jockey's. My seven inch circumcised cock sprang up as soon as it was free of the underwear.

Adam said "I like that one mama".

Lea said "So do I, I prefer circumcised men it just seems cleaner". She wrapped her hand around my cock rubbing her thumb over the crown. "Hmmm you are already leaking pre-cum. Mark might not last too long Adam".

I said "I told you that you were driving me wild. This whole day is beyond my wildest dreams. At first it was a nightmare but it is really turning me on now. My rib may be broken but my hands are not are you going to let me undress you?"

Lea said "You need your rest". She ran her hands through my hair and down my cheeks she turned her back to me and unbuttoned the blouse, when she turned the black lace bra was pushed to my face for a moment before it was retracted in a perfect tease maneuver. The red blouse hit the floor. Another turn away and the slacks she had on started to go off of her slim hips only showing one ass cheek then the other with a black string in the crack of her ass and around her hips. Her hips moved to a rhythm that must be in her head as she did the striptease dance for my enjoyment.

I said "I have the feeling you have done this before on stage. I didn't bring a handful of dollars with me".

She lost the sandals before the slacks joined the rest of the clothes. She said "No you brought my son back to me so this show is on the house". She backed her thong to me. I tried to bend over to get a whiff but my ribs stopped me. She turned and had her lemon or lime sized tits aimed at my face still covered in the black bra. Her longish black hair waving in my face. She unhooked the bra dropping it to the floor but her hands took coverage still teasing me. When I reached for her she backed away "Not yet big man, not yet". I put my hands down to my sides to enjoy the rest of the show. Her tits returned to my face then she moved her hands to grasp each nipple before showing them to me. I was going to cum but willed myself not to blow a load yet.

I said "This is so hot. If you won't let me play with you yet can I have Adam to play with?"

Adam got off the chair and came to my side giving me full access to his hairless boy cock and his balls. I fondled him as Lea continued the professional stripper act in front of me. She turned to face me and grabbed the strings of the thong and seductively as she could she lowered them down her pussy showing me a perfectly shaved pussy with soft mounds to die for. The thong was the last thing to hit the floor.

She brought each of her nipples to my mouth for my first taste of the Asian delight. She took my other hand and brought it to her bald pussy. She said "Adam was bad today and needs to be punished. You were a good boy today saving his life. What do you like better Mark, bad little boys or bad girls the choice is yours"?

I said "I have never been hornier in my life I want both". My big head kicked in for one second over my little head. "The eroticism is maddening but this is San Francisco the AIDS capital of the world I don't want to go home and die that way".

Lea said "We are very clean and healthy as long as you are not already carrying the virus then we cannot give it to you. We do not do this with everyone only very select few. Believe me when I say we don't want the AIDS virus anymore than you do".

My little head took over the thinking again. I said "Adam can you cum yet?"

He said "No but my cousin Ronnie upstairs can if you want that he is thirteen".

Lea thought for a second "You didn't come to San Francisco to be with an at risk partner did you?"

I said "No. I came to take a vacation and visit some friends in Fresno. San Francisco is the closest direct flight home so I spent a couple of days seeing the sights. I took the cable car to Chinatown this morning just trying to kill time. I hate sitting in an airport unless I have to".

Adam said something in a language I couldn't understand, his mother nodded. Adam's actions answered my question. He knelt between my legs broken arm, codeine and all and put his lips around my swollen cock. He licked my crown and my shaft then stuffed as much of my cock into his mouth, only using his lips and tongue to suck me off. I leaned back into the plastic chair as much as I could to savor the pleasures of my cock in a young boy's mouth. I was rock hard and wasn't going to last long.

Lea said something to him then said "Sorry I told him not to finish you off so I can have some as well".

Adam removed his lips from my cock to my disappointment but Lea's lips took over where he left off sucking my cock like a pro. She knew I was getting close to the edge of orgasm and released my cock with her lips and tongue. She straddled me sitting on the chair and lowered herself with her bald pussy onto my cock. Her vagina muscles contracting around my cock with no other movement to cause me pain. I reached for her nipples playing with the lime sized tits and blew my load. I don't think I have ever cum that much in my life. Despite the cracked rib and panting like a wild animal I had the best orgasm I have ever known.

Lea released herself from my cock. "There will be plenty more of those if you stick around until you're completely healed. Meanwhile I know two boys that need a bath. As Adam said if you want a boy that can produce sperm Ronnie is available. He started shooting about six months ago. He is uncircumcised so I recommend you clean his dick thoroughly, you never know where a thirteen year old might put it or how often he cleans it".

Lea moved Adam to the other chair and started a sponge bath on both of us Adam first washing everything on the boy that wasn't in the cast. Adam's cock was twitching from his climax as the sponge and warm soapy water was applied to me making sure the bandages stayed dry.

Two more codeine pills for each of us and Lea tucked us into his bed, me propped up on plenty of pillows, Adam resting his head on a pillow, his broken wing on a pillow and his good hand under the head pillow holding my forearm.


When I woke all I could think of was `What a crazy dream, no not a dream a nightmare' I looked to my left to find a naked boy still sleeping comfortably. I looked down to my chest, it wasn't a dream, it happened. I had to take a piss so I managed to get out of the bed without disturbing Adam and without too much pain to myself. I emptied my bladder and popped two more codeine pills.

I managed to get a pair of shorts on without killing me, I found Lea at the kitchen table wearing a kimono style robe that barely covered her waist her bald pussy showing just below the silky material.

I said "Maybe it's the drugs but that was incredible but also very strange".

Lea said "My grandfather took me to his bed when I was seven. My grandmother will pretend she does not or never knew. Papa took Adam to his bed when he was five and Ronnie was eight both at the same time. My cousin Karna has also shared his bed. We keep our secrets in the family if you get my meaning. You are now part of the family".

I said "I will keep your secrets safe. I am twenty-eight I live alone with very few friends. Besides if I tried to tell anyone what has happened to me no one would believe me except for the cops who would be happy to arrest me. Can I ask you a question?"


I said "When I showed you the picture of my sister you showed a peaked interest in her".

Lea said "That was not a question but a statement but true. The same interest you displayed with Adam with your hand almost in his shorts when I came in the door. You were trying to fondle him without being caught. If the opportunity arose for me to explore your sister's body in a similar way I would very much like to do so. My desires seem to follow yours, you prefer younger boys to men but also like women. I like young teen girls and men. A full adult woman can be fun sometimes but the younger flesh and developing body of a young girl along with a man that knows how to satisfy a woman properly is the best orgasm for me".

I said "Then you are right, because having a boy Adam's age with his lips on my cock and my lips on his is my true fantasy. I have never acted upon that fantasy because of the legal repercussions. I could easily change that fantasy to include you on my cock and his in my mouth".

Lea said "I will wake Adam and make sure he has washed himself. We will use my bed so you can maintain your comfort level. I must go to work later today but I will ask my cousin Karna and Ronnie to come down to take care of you. I will inform them that you are family and to treat you as such. You will be able to do as you please with them as well".

I said "Don't you know someone that would fill your desires a teenage girl. I would offer my sister but that may not work out since she is in Cleveland right now".

Lea said "Perhaps you will return to San Francisco sometime to show your sister the sights".


Lea propped me up with pillows Adam straddled my chest on his knees with his arm in the sling making sure not to put any pressure on my chest as his four inch circumcised mocha colored boy cock entered my mouth. I held his waist guiding him into my mouth. I let his cock go for a moment to savor the taste of his balls and licking the shaft of his cock that was pinned between his belly and my face before taking the entire cocklet back in my mouth. Lea sucked my cock and each ball into her mouth, her tongue licking between my balls and my ass. Her wet pussy replaced her lips as she lowered herself onto my cock again. She used her pussy lips to close on my cock and moved up and down ever so slightly she rubbed my balls as she fucked me. Adam and I continued to fuck my face.

Adam said "Here it is". He pushed his cock further into my mouth fucking my face until he stopped shaking from his dry climax. The pleasures going through my body far outweighed the pain in my chest as I stepped into nirvana.

I started to push my hips Lea said "Don't I will take care of you". She continued to ride my cock in a slow gentle motion giving extreme pleasure to me without pain and she was satisfying her own needs at the same time.

Adam's twitching cock still pulsing in my mouth. I released him from my mouth and licked his balls and the underside of his shaft again. I said "Can you turn around and is your butt clean?"

Lea said "I figured you might be interested his bottom is spotless can you manage to hold his weight?"

I said "You could put the Sears tower on my chest at this moment and I wouldn't feel it or care".

Adam turned around so his feet were at the headboard his legs spread across my chest on his knees. With my hands on his hips I lowered his ass to my face. Lea was right, no odor at all. I spread his ass cheeks to look before I leaped. I went further to open his sphincter nothing but a pink muscle. I put the tip of my finger inside his hole and brought the finger to my nose. Nothing he was clean.

Adam said "It's alright back there mama cleaned me out".

I took a leap of faith and did something I have never done before and put my tongue into his ass. Amazingly his ass didn't taste like anything at all except for a hint of soap or solution, whatever Lea used to clean him out. I pushed my tongue further into his ass causing him to moan and squirm.

Adam moaned "Mama, Papa never used his tongue before, it feels weird but I like it".

I pulled my tongue out for a second and said "I have never done this before either". I put my tongue back into his ass.

Adam giggled "Whatever you are doing it right I am going to cum again in a second".

Lea whispered "Its time". She squeezed my balls and her pussy clamped on my cock in a sucking motion literally extracting the cum from my balls through my cock and exploding inside her without a single wince of pain from me.

Lea's pussy was replaced by her tongue on my cock collecting any bodily fluids left behind. Lea said "There is a tube of vaginal jelly in the nightstand in case your tongue isn't the only thing you plan on putting inside Adam. I need to get ready for work and you boys need to rest. Adam Karna is upstairs if you need anything". She kissed her son who was now resting on his side next to me his broken arm on a pillow. She kissed my forehead "Welcome to the family Mark and thank you again".

I rolled over on my side without too much pain so I was now spooning Adam my softening cock between his legs right at his ass crack and balls. We must have both dosed off due to our climaxes and the pain killers.

We woke together still in the spoon position. Lea must have moved the jelly within reach it was at the top of the bed. I said "Are you ready for another round?"

Adam said "Your dick is bigger than papa's and Ronnie's but it should fit in my butt. I'll tell you if you start to hurt me". Well that answered one question of where Ronnie put his dick.

I lubed up my dick and spread some jelly into his ass. I aimed my cock to his ass and pushed in a little, his ass opened to take my seven inch long, and as thick as an old silver dollar cock. It felt warm, tight and wonderful as I rocked back and forth spooning him. I reached around him with my hand that I used to lube my dick and his ass to take his four inches and bring him to a climax as well.

Adam said "This feels good".

I said "I have only dreamed of penetrating a boy I would have been satisfied if I just got to see your dick and maybe touch it when I agreed to stay here with you. I don't think I want to go back to work knowing that there is a cute boy willing to make love to me in San Francisco not to mention his mother".

Adam moaned and his body shook as he climaxed in front of me sending a shockwave through my body and a spike of pain in my chest but it did not matter anymore. In less than twenty-four hours I was in love with the boy and his mother as well. I was nearing my climax so I said "Do you want me to pull out before I cum?"

Adam said "It doesn't matter mama will clean me out again". I pumped a few more times into his ass then dumped my second load of the day deep into his ass.

Adam said "Are you hungry I'm".

I pulled out of his ass my cum dripping from the small boys ass. I said "Yes I am".

He went to the phone, held the receiver between his shoulder and ear as he dialed a number. When he put the phone back in the cradle he said "We should get dressed Ohda will make fish and rice. Karna and Ronnie are coming down as well".

I said "Who or what is Ohda?"

Adam laughed "Ohda means grandma or great grandma in Taiwan. Its Ohda and Papa. Mama stopped at the market before she went to work. Everyone wants to meet you Papa will come up when the market closes for supper when mama gets home".

I said "Sort of meeting the in-laws huh?"

Between both our efforts we managed to get the cum dripping down his legs off of Adam and a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on him, I washed up myself and managed a loose fitting pair of shorts and a t-shirt before everyone came into Kea and Adam's apartment for lunch.

Karna looked to be just older than Lea and built the same. Five foot tall, one hundred ten pounds black straight hair, dark eyes and shapely hips with tits the size of lemons. Ronnie stood taller than Adam about four foot eight inches tall and about eighty-five pounds. Looking at Ronnie I told myself I would try to suck his dick to see what a boys cum tastes like. I figured I would be fucking Karna as well at some point.

Ohda looked to be about a hundred and ten years old which she might just be.

Adam retold the adventure and the act of heroism in English and in Chinese for the sakes of Ohda whose English wasn't nearly as good as the younger generations. Ohda returned to the market after lunch and thanked me for saving her kin.

Karna said "Is there anything I can do for you?"

Adam said "I didn't get clean very well before Ohda came with lunch can you wash us Ronnie can join us as well".

Karna picked up where Lea left off with a sponge bath for Adam after he had an enema bag inserted to clean him out. The only difference was Karna decided to keep her clothes on for the moment. Ronnie waited for his turn sporting a semi-hard uncut dick that looked like it would get to about four and a half inches, thick as a man's thumb and a few wisps of black hair just over the top of the base of his dick.

Karna finished Adam and said "There you go now you are all clean. Come on Ronnie your next".

I said "If you don't mind Karna would you give him an enema treatment and make sure his dick is extra clean as well".

Karna said "Shall I douche myself for you as well?" I raised my eyebrows in a yes please motion. She said "He will be clean and ready for you I will not let him orgasm until you have your way with him".

We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and the boys played games waiting for Lea to come home from work.

Ohda and Papa came up with supper chicken, vegetables and rice. Lea came in with another surprise, a young Asian teen that joined the group for supper. Lea said "This is Hong Tee".

Adam told the tale again in English and Chinese. After supper Ohda and Papa finally left for the night saying `busy day, busy day'.

Lea said "Mark I took your advice and brought someone for me tonight, Hong Tee she is thirteen if you are into young girls you are welcome to join in, but if my suspicions are correct I think you will spend your time with the boys while you have the chance. Ohda is gone so you can speak freely now. We will only speak English now".

I said "I am very open minded and willing to try anything, I just don't know if I have the stamina and strength to keep up with your family traditions. I will do my best to try though. I will take the boys for my pleasures Karna has prepared both boys in the same manner as you did and like you said you brought someone for yourself".

Karna said "Would you like to watch an Asian lesbian three way sex act for your enjoyment?"

Lea said "Adam's bed is too small for you with both boys we will pull out the futon cushions and use the floor in here. You can sit on the couch in comfort. You can choose anyone you want to service you until you have had enough then you will sleep in my bed. The boys can maneuver themselves so you can take pleasure in their offerings. Papa wanted to stay but we told him he could resume his actions once you have left our home when you have healed".

I said "Once again I will accept your offer but at this rate I may never heal".

Adam said "Good then you will never leave us".

I said "Be a good little imp and strip your cousin for me, please make sure his is good and hard but I want to make him cum. I have waited long enough this afternoon".

Adam and Ronnie started a striptease dance of their own in front of me. Karna and Lea settled me on the couch removing my clothes as they did. Lea came back with more pain pills and a glass of wine. Lea said "Do not drink too much because of the medicine".

Lea and Karna turned their attentions to the teen girl stripping her in front of me as well. Her small breasts starting to form with her nipples perky, the Capri pants, the sandals and the small panties were removed revealing a small patch of pubic hair over the small mounds of her pussy. The boys' strip dance almost complete Adam knelt in front of Ronnie removing his underwear he pulled Ronnie's small foreskin back taking the teen boy into his mouth. Lea and Karna stripped each other also in a striptease fashion.

Karna's tits just smaller than Lea's both with hard nipples, Karna's panties finally removed she also had a shaved pussy. Fuck me I must have died and gone to Asian heaven. My cock was so hard I could have pounded ten penny nails into concrete with it.

Adam said "He is ready for you Mark".

Ronnie without a cue from me climbed onto the couch with extreme care not to shake me stood over me and aimed his cock to my face. I fondled his cock playing with the foreskin moving it up to his crown and back down his shaft. I licked his hairless balls first before taking his cock into my mouth. He said "I'll do the work if you wish". He put his hands on the wall behind the couch and moved his hips slowly so his cock went in and out of my mouth. I grabbed his soft ass globes feeling the soft skin as he was trying to give me pleasure as I sucked his dick waiting for him to cum. After moments of sucking his cock I tried to release him to ask a question of him but his boy cock continued to slowly fuck my face so I put my finger to his asshole trying to speed up the process. I wanted his boy cum and I wanted to watch the Asian lesbian act that was unfolding but he was blocking my view.

Ronnie cried out "Oh god now I'm going to cum but I don't want to yet".

I pushed my finger further into to his boy hole and twisted it until I found the magic spot causing him to convulse and two seconds later I tasted the sweetness of three or four small shots of watery boy cum for the first time in my life but something that I had dreamed about since I was twelve years old. The flashback hit me of the first time I tasted cum. It was a disgusting old man at the beach that forced his cock into my mouth when I was ten forcing me to swallow his nasty load. It tasted like salty nasty blue cheese, the sand from the beach, the ocean, with piss mixed in. It was the worst day of my life. This has been the best day of my life. I never did tell my parents about the episode and I don't think I will tell them about this one either. I moved Ronnie off of my face so I could see what was going on.

Lea and Karna each had the teen girl's small nipples biting, licking and sucking while the girl cried in ecstasy and pain at the same time. Lea moved to Karna's tits doing the same thing biting, licking and sucking. Karna went for the girl's pussy driving her tongue into the soft mounds. Lea leaned over the girl offering her a tit to suck on while Karna ate her pussy. The love nest was so hot to watch I was going to blow a load.

Adam knelt in front of me taking my cock into his sweet mouth. Ronnie got off the couch and lay on the floor with his head between Adam's legs so he could suck his cousin's boy cock. Karna and Lea switched positions giving Lea the girl's pussy. Karna squatted over the teens face the tongue flicking upwards to the bald pussy. Adam pushed further down on my cock I could feel his throat opening to take more until he hit my knee with his broken arm by mistake. He pulled off of me holding his arm in pain.

I said "Stop Adam come sit next to me". Adam sat on the couch and Ronnie took over his position on my cock. He sucked my cock and took each of my balls into his mouth then returned to sucking my cock. The girls on the futon turned into a three way pussy eating triangle. Ronnie took my cock to the base and put his middle finger to my asshole twisting it inside me doing to me what I did to him. I put my head back closed my eyes and shot my load right down his throat. When Ronnie had sucked me dry he moved over between Adams legs and finished what he had started. Lea and Karna started a sixty-nine with each other leaving the teen panting on the futon.

Everyone had their orgasms and took a rest. Hong poured more wine for everyone even to the kids with mom's approval.

The wine and the pain killers had their effect on me and Adam. I went to sleep in Lea's bed with my softening cock in Ronnie's ass after filling his ass with my cum. Adam was in front of Ronnie sound asleep with the broken arm on a pillow.

I woke up in the morning the boys were gone Karna was in the bed with me. She said "Good morning Mark".

I said "What happened?"

She said "I moved the boys to Adam's bed. I wanted my turn with you if you have the strength. Lea and Hong are sleeping on the futon".

I said "You may want to wash my cock first it was in your sons butt last".

Karna got up and came back with a damp wash cloth and gave me another sponge bath in bed before she took my cock into her mouth first then lowered her bald pussy onto my shaft.

Two days later I boarded a plane to Chicago, my ribs still sore but able to fly. Monday morning I went back to work at the bank branch. It was a slow day so I went onto the corporate website under employment opportunities I found a listing for a loan officer in Knob Hill, San Francisco, Ca.

When I got home after work I sent my resume for the job in SF. A couple of days and a two phone interviews I had an appointment for a face to face interview in San Francisco in two weeks.

I picked up my phone and called my folks in Cleveland.

"Dad, yeah hi it's Mark... Yeah the vacation was great, I broke a rib but that is a long story... Listen San Francisco was such a good place I applied for a job out there. They want me to fly out for an interview... Dad listen, Krista is out of school for the summer I was thinking about taking her with me to California I think she will love it..."

To Be Continued...

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