story codes: M/b, (M/b F/f), oral, anal


This story is fantasy and should be treated as such!

I don't condone or encourage the actions depicted in this story whether legal or not. In fact, there is a big difference between fantasies like these and reality. This story depicts sexual acts between a grown man and a teen boy, if this offends you, do NOT read on.

Orphanage Beach

It was – of course – a product of the new legislation regarding minors: children younger than eighteen were bound by law to obey adults, within the limits of the rest of the legislation, so no grievous harm, no kidnapping, etcetera. At the same time a law was introduced lowering the age of consent to twelve, effectively making children who didn't protest subject to an adult's wishes. The name Orphanage Beach was never official, but the conflagration of a clothing-optional beach and an orphanage with very stringent entry demands made the name almost inevitable. Except, of course that it wasn't an orphanage, it was more a boarding school that also took on orphans (in exchange for some handy subsidies). The demands for entering the school were very stringent and peculiar: not only was a pupil evaluated on skill and docility of character but also on physical appearance... The required age for admittance was twelve... All highly coincidental of course. In any case, orphanage beach had acquired something of a reputation by the time I moved there and I could scarcely contain my curiosity. Amongst other things. Newspapers reported a place where the pupils of the Father Flannigan boarding school – all good-looking boys and girls aged twelve to seventeen – roamed the beaches... Stark naked. In fact the private causeway between the school and the beach meant that they didn't need to bring any clothes at all. On the beach they succumbed to the demands the beach-goers, men and women of all ages but equally naked, more or less willingly. The beach town where everything happened was remote and the beach was patrolled by the police checking for sex felons so the ratio between visitors and 'pupils' was about fifty-fifty. The visitors had their picks, but so did the children. The geography of the – pretty small – beach was such that you could be out of sight but not out of earshot of a raised voice, so anything out of the ordinary and not to the consent of the participants would be noticed. Although the children were submitted to the adults and they were within the age of consent, penalties for transgressions against any other laws were harsh, so the beach rarely saw trouble that wasn't sought after by both (or more) participants.

I moved early in the spring, so there was no beach activity yet, but a month later, forecasts were good. Being of a careful disposition and not accustomed to my new home town – although I had been greeted warmly by the inhabitants and the few pupils I got to see – I decided to take a look first before getting, well, involved myself. Having parked nearby, I left the car and made my way to the beach, conservatively dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. Some other people were arriving and once on the beach, I noticed some others amongst whom I recognized the friendly middle-aged couple who lived two houses down the street from me. My surprised face was greeted with a knowing smile as they dumped their bag and proceeded immediately to undress. I said hello and asked if it would be frowned upon if I just walked around a little, getting to know the place and its customs. While they answered that that was more than alright, my eyes were drawn towards the smattering of naked kids wandering by the waterline. They were all walking unaccompanied and were visibly eyeing the older visitors with varying degrees of audacity, including me. I glanced back at a few of the boys and girls who were all attractive with a few absolute stunners among them. Suddenly I recognized one of the young boys as the lad who had asked me to find something for him at the supermarket and who had been mightily impressed when I had found his item almost immediately after telling him it was my first visit. He had struck me as a good-looking boy then, about thirteen or fourteen. Seeing him in the nude made me re-evaluate my judgement: he wasn't merely good-looking, he was one of the absolute stunners! A slender body, nicely defined but not overly muscular, with dark olive-colored skin smooth as silk an gently gleaming in the sunlight. Like the other kids he had no pubic hair, although he was old enough to have developed it. His penis was – like many on the beach – halfway between flaccid and erect, occasionally stiffening a little, then growing soft again. As I ogled him and the others, the big dark pools of eyes that had looked at me with boyish admiration in the supermarket glanced in my direction, lingered a little, then moved on. As he walked past, the muscles in his round butt highlighted the perfection of his narrow brown ass glowing in the sun. I felt a distinct twitch in my pelvic area and was so distracted that my neighbor had to tell me twice that I really should strip naked, adding that nobody would frown on an erection here after catching my cursory glance to the front of my shorts. His wife assured me that even an erection wasn't an invitation per sť, but that sex had to be solicited explicitly. So I took a deep breath and threw off my shirt and shorts, leaving them with my neighbors for safe keeping. To my relief my penis didn't immediately blossom into full erection, but did grow noticeably. I decided to take a look near the dunes where the occasional sound could be heard.

The sounds grew louder as I approached the dunes, noticing both kids and adults cruising the sandy hills. An older, fattish woman was approaching a young girl on the next dune and I stayed a while to see what would happen. The woman smiled and said something that made the girl laugh, inviting a soft stroke down her cheek and puffy, undeveloped nipples. The girl smiled a seductive smile and admiringly touched one of the woman's big soft breasts as they retreated to a valley in the dunes. I walked on in the direction of some frantic panting and got to the scene just in time to see an older man pulling out his penis from an older boy's red ass and offering it to his eager lips. The boy immediately sunk his face into the man's crotch gagging a little as the penis was entering his throat. A few head fucks later the man grunted and pushed all the way into the young mouth, the boy frantically swallowing the semen that was gushing into his throat but unable to prevent little spills leaking from both corners of his mouth. I turned back and headed to where the woman and little girl had met. There were some onlookers by now, a man who was having his penis lovingly sucked by an older girl while he was looking at the scene unfolding in the valley next to him. The woman and the girl had indeed hooked up but the tenderness of their meeting had evaporated: the girl was on her knees, face contorted and hand clutching helplessly in the warm sand as the woman was frantically moving two fingers in her asshole. Occasionally she stopped to slap the girls red cunt that was glistening in the sunlight, eliciting yelps and jerks from the young body. The woman's other hand was occasionally pinching the puffy nipples it had so tenderly caressed earlier. One more finger entered the stretched hole and the finger fuck continued, but not for long, as the woman turned the girl around and the two started kissing passionately. In between the kisses, the girls sighs were getting louder and louder and soon se arched her back, tightly clutched the woman and let out a loud moan. The woman held her panting lover close and stroked her back, once again tender and caring.

The display had finally given me a complete erection, not lost on the smiling couple below, who waved at me. I waved back and turned, penis swinging in front of me, only to see the supermarket boy looking at me, penis throbbing and hard in front of him but a look of disappointment on his face. He looked at me a while and then turned around just as I could swear he was beginning to cry. Puzzled, I ran after him. I caught up with him after a little while and asked him – carefully – if anything was wrong. To my relief he hadn't started crying but he still didn't look too happy. He was reluctant to tell me but eventually he confessed that my obvious excitement at seeing the two women meant that I'd probably prefer girls over boys. Then, face blushing, twisting on one foot with his arms behind his back and – very sexy – with slowly stiffening penis, he confessed that he had had 'the hots' for me ever since I saw him, now a month ago. I was thunderstruck at first, but the sight of a gorgeous, naked and visibly excited young boy telling me that he wanted me sent the right signals to my genitals and my penis soon followed the example set by its young counterpart. I smiled and confessed, truthfully, that I liked boys better than girls, although I liked both. The smile he displayed next could have split his pretty face, screwing up the cute button nose and making the big eyes narrower. Further down, his penis reached full, throbbing stiffness again. To get it out of the way I introduced myself and asked his name, which was Denis 'with one n'. I stepped closer and stroked his narrow chest, drawing circles around his nipples and slowly moving down. I didn't really know how to handle the situation beyond this gesture and I asked him what he liked. He answered by guiding my hand to his bottom and gently pushing my finger between the brown globes. I cupped his buttock, but moved my hand upwards first, gently stroking the smooth back, then moved down again. This time I gave him what he wanted and explored his secret valley. When the tip of my finger reached his little hole, he moaned a little and pushed his ass against my hand. He was loving this! I took the hint and exerted pressure on the tight entrance, getting only a little way inside. I moved my hand toward his face and he eagerly took the fingers in his hot mouth, sensuously sucking on them, while looking me in the eyes. I swallowed hard. I retracted my hand from his mouth and placed it back where we both wanted it to be. A little pressure made my finger glide in smoothly to the second knuckle, accompanied by loud moans. I fucked a little and put a second finger at his sweltering entrance while my other hand had started stroking and gently tweaking Denis' erect nipples. Although Denis pushed back on my hand again, it took some effort to enter him with the second finger and I remarked that he was tight. Panting, he replied that he always was at the start, but that his ass would 'get the message' eventually. After a while, it had indeed become easier to move my fingers and I went for the hat-trick. For a moment, Denis' face changed from ecstatic to slightly painful, but he pushed back again, grabbing his buttocks with both hands and pulling them away. This boy was tight and I was beginning to doubt whether he had ever been fucked by a man before. He gave me no time to wonder, though, as he gently but quickly removed my hand from his ass and sank down on his knees. My throbbing erection that was leaking a little pre cum by now was hanging in front of his face, but not for long. Hungrily, he wrapped his lips around my member and took an amazing length of it in his mouth. I could feel the head touching his throat as he started sucking and slurping enthusiastically. All of a sudden, his head moved even closer and I felt the tip of my penis glide into his gagging throat, I may have had my doubts about his anal experience, but this could surely not be his first blow job. Coming up for air from time to time Denis' delicious face, now sweating, slowly fucked and sucked my raging hard on. There was no escaping by now, the foreplay and this excellent display of skill were having their effects. I temporarily withdrew to hold it off a little longer, but not for long. I grabbed his head and lunged forward then made a few quick strokes, then pushed all the way down his throat, much as I had seen the older man do, and came. Grunting and moaning, I gushed my semen into his mouth, causing him to snort and cough while trying to swallow it all. At the same time his hand moved toward his ass and started moving to and fro. With muffled grunts, he squirted his seed onto the sand between my feet. Both spent, we sunk onto the sand and sat for a while.

A few people had passed and some couples had formed when I felt a small hand against my thigh. Denis was looking at me, then my penis. His hand moved toward it and started gently stroking and squeezing. I couldn't contain my curiosity and asked him out of the blue if he had ever had a man up his ass, my penis growing bigger at the thought of burying it between the olive globes. Denis' penis reacted immediately, reaching almost full erection, although he himself blushed again and, with a dry mouth, confessed that he regularly stuck things up his ass to see how it felt, but that he'd never worked up the courage to ask a man to do that to him. His caressing hand, apparent shyness and evident extreme horniness at the idea of accommodating a large penis in his tight hole made my erection reach full strength and I told him somewhat sternly that now would be the time to try. Again a mixture of emotions was clearly racing through him as he looked apprehensively at my penis but didn't stop stroking it. The thought of fucking this boy was driving me by now, I would risk eviction from the beach to get my way with him. First, I told him to lube my penis with his mouth, which he enthusiastically did, once again taking the entire length and almost making me reconsider fucking him now. He retreated, however and got on all fours on a hillside, giving me access to his secret passage. I swallowed and got in position behind him. Gently, I stroked his back and told him what to do: brace himself, relax his sphincter and push like he needed to take a dump. Denis nodded and I placed my cock-head at the puckered hole, moving it a little for lubrication. Then I started applying pressure, slowly building up until the head started to move forward, stretching the flesh. I told him to relax once more and pushed still harder. Denis' breathing was becoming heavier and heavier and low grunts started to escape him as I slowly but surely pushed the head of my penis into his ass. He whimpered, flexed his sphincter but didn't move away. I held position and stroked his back again, telling him to push back. Denis took some time to react, relaxing the grip around my penis. I moved in again, the boy pushing open his sphincter this time and managed another little bit. The boy's ass was still incredibly tight and gripping, however and at this rate it would take forever, if it was possible at all. We continued our dance of minute movements back and forth until something changed: the canal remained tight but didn't try to repel the intruder anymore. I moved a little further, then back and was almost sucked in at the next stroke. Without trouble, although accompanied by heavy panting and whimpers from Denis, I moved half of my penis inside him. I could start fucking now, the boy pushing his delicious ass back against my movements and with a few supple strokes, I was lunging my hard penis all the way into the sweltering passage. We moved, groaned and panted in unison as I grabbed his hips and increased the pace. Suddenly Denis' moans and whimpers were getting louder and he temporarily froze up as he had his second orgasm. I continued fucking him but asked if I should stop in the least convincing manner I have ever asked anything. Luckily Denis urged me on so I focussed on the sensations of his hot ass engulfing my penis, at times still gripping it tight and varied the pace between long, slow strokes and fast lunges. Denis was still panting and moaning, hands gripping the loose sand, head moving from one side to the other, picking up yellow sand on the sweaty face. Mesmerized, I watched my penis disappear time after time between the brown globes of the wincing boy. I slowed down to postpone orgasm and managed to plough his ass for quite some time before I, too froze up, moaned loudly and filled the abused bowels with my semen. Only then did I notice my neighbors and some other onlookers, leisurely fondling their own or their partner's genitals, my neighbors' wife burying a young boy's face between her thighs.