Pajama Party

My next door neighbor has two kids Dillon is ten and Nell is five and a half. Both kids are relatively small. Dillon is about four foot tall, sixty pounds or so, light black skin, brown eyes and real short curly black hair with small wire framed glasses. Nell stands about three foot six inches, about forty pounds, light black skin brown eyes and her hair is styled in dread locks.

I have lived next door for six years to Tony and Verona and have baby sat for the kids a few times over the years. The kids are always in my fenced in yard because I have a yellow lab that the kids love to play with. The other day Dillon and Nell had friends over and they were running around playing hide and seek. What I found interesting about the visitors is the three kids all had pajamas on and it was still the afternoon.

The oldest boy had desert colored camouflage pajamas and the younger boy and girl both had identical blue power rangers pajamas on. All cotton fleece one piece with the zipper in the front. Dillon was wearing sweat pants and a tank top t-shirt, Nell had on what looked like pajamas as well.

Well Nell wanted to show off and pet Charlotte so she begged me to unlock the gate so they could get to Charlotte. I caved in and unlocked the gate so they could get into my back yard. Well Charlotte weighs ninety pounds so she can and did knock the kids over. Dillon and Nell are use to it and it becomes part of the game, which means I pick them up and get to cop a feel.

I looked at the two in the power rangers pajamas and I assumed that they were twins and about eight years old. Justin and Carla. Well Charlotte knocked them both to the ground so I picked the boy up first, I grabbed his waist and stood him up he was laughing. Hum he’s not wearing any underwear, and the fleece pajamas felt great on my hands. I put the boy down he was just a little shorter than Dillon also with light black skin green eyes and small wire rim glasses like Dillon’s.

I picked up Carla; hum no underwear on her either. Nell picked a tennis ball and tossed it Charlotte chased it and brought back to me. The five kids started to run around which will get Charlotte exited and jumping she clobbered the oldest boy in the camouflage pajamas. I figured him to be about eleven years old four foot four inches, seventy pounds or so, darker skin than little brother and sister, brown eyes. I helped him up and the grass off of him. Yep no underwear on him either. I asked his name and he said Roland.

The five of them didn’t need Charlotte to knock them down now it just became a game Dillon was hanging on my arm so I picked him up by his crotch and spun him around my hand feeling his small package. Well if it was fun for Dillon then the others wanted the same thing. I had Roland my hand between his legs my other hand on his arm. I spun him around a couple of times Charlotte barking at him as he was airborne. I put him down on the grass his camouflage pajamas tenting in the front as he laughed. Each one had to have a turn, one hand in their crotches the other holding an arm right by the arm pit. They were having a ball I was making myself dizzy.

Tony called over the fence to retrieve the kids back to his yard and to leave Mr. Mike alone. I said it was no big deal after all I was feeling up his kids and the new kids in the pajamas. All three boys had tents going Justin tented his pajamas and Dillon tented the front of his sweats.

Tony said “Mike you wouldn’t want to watch them for a couple of hours would you?”

If I could find away to get inside the pajamas I would be happy to watch them. I said “What do you have in mind Tony?”

Tony said “Well since my sister and her husband are in town with the kids, if Verona feeds them now, and if you can watch them for a little while then we can go out to dinner for a change. I would really appreciate it Mike”.

I said “I don’t see it as a problem. I can handle them; do they need baths or anything?”

Tony said “Dillon and Nell will I will have to check for the others”.

Nell looked up and said “I want Carla to take a bath with me”.

Tony said “I guess I will leave it up to you Mike, I owe you one”.

I said “Take your time, get them fed, I have to feed Charlotte and let her out again, I will come over in a little while, I can bathe them and then put them to bed, they are staying over right?”

Tony said “Oh don’t you have to go to work tonight?”

I said “No I am on vacation all week. I have to use it or lose it. Maggie has closing hours tonight so she won’t be home until eleven or so. What time is everyone’s bed time?”

Tony said “Nell is seven o’clock Dillon is eight so you might as well put them all down by eight. Put Carla in with Nell, the futon opens into a bed the other two can sleep on the floor. We will get all the pillows and blankets ready for you. Thanks again Mike”.

I waved him off. What the hell; you are going to let a forty something married closet pervert have access to your kids and your niece and nephews at the same time. It would have been better if all the kids were white, blond haired and blue eyed, but four light skinned kids and one darker skinned black kid works out as well. You don’t get to choose much these days. Besides the kids aren’t bad looking at all. My wife and I aren’t the only white people in the area but definitely on the minority list. But we get along with all the neighbors; everyone helps each other and watches out for trouble.

Tony called the kids again, they all petted Charlotte’s head, got their little hands and faces licked and headed for the gate. I closed and locked the gate behind them. I went inside to feed the dog and myself. I let Charlotte out again to take care of her business; she came in and headed upstairs for another one of her doggie naps on the bed.

I walked over to Tonys and was introduced to his sister Carmine and brother in-law Ricky. Everyone was thankful to me that I would watch the kids for the night so they could go out. I told them to enjoy themselves and don’t worry, they gave me cell numbers just in case.

The boys were playing with Dillon’s Sponge Bob game sitting on the floor, I looked at the wall clock it was close to six thirty so I said to the girls lets get a bath so Nell could get ready for bed. The boys weren’t paying attention to what was going on behind them so I pulled the thin material of Nell’s shirt over her head then hooked her tight cotton knickers and pushed them and her panties to the floor. I turned her away from me, my hand on her chest touching the tiny dots on her chest that someday would develop into her breasts. My hand slid down her front and rested on the soft little mounds of her little pussy.

I said to Carla “Are you ready?” she nodded her head, I turned her around away from me and reached for the zipper of the power rangers pajamas and lowered it down her front sliding my fingers inside the soft material to get between the pajama and her velvety soft skin. The zipper stopped at the mounds of her bald pussy. I peeled the blue pajama off of her shoulders and pushed the material down to the floor revealing her tight little ass then releasing her ankles from the elastic that kept them in place.

I picked up the clothing and told the boys that I would be right back. They never turned their heads away from the Sponge Bob game.

Nell and Carla followed me to the bathroom and waited for the water in the tub to fill to the right level. Carla was a few inches taller than Nell so I picked Nell up first and put her in the tub and Carla went in behind her. I soaped both of them up avoiding their hair because of the dreadlocks on their heads, but every other part of their bodies had my hands roving their young hairless bodies. My hands on their silky chests, my fingers between their legs touching the mounds and the slits of the virgin pussies tickling them. I ran my fingers through each ones ass crack, both girls giggling at being tickled and the attentions from the man that lives next door.

I rinsed both girls off and pulled them out of the tub to dry them off. My hands on the outside and the inside of the towels, touching the little pussies and their asses as I dried them. Carla’s power rangers pajamas went back on with the same care and feelings as they had come off twenty minutes ago. Nell’s pseudo pajamas were replaced by a warm nightgown being pulled over her head and a fresh pair of little girl panties. Both girls brushed their teeth and were tucked into bed and on the futon in Nell’s room.

I returned to the living room to gather the boys. I was hoping to have as much fun with them. I said “Okay boys it’s your turns, do you want to bathe together or separately?” I knew Dillon wasn’t going to be a problem for me but I wasn’t sure about Justin but I figured an eight year old should cooperate with me, but the eleven year old Roland I had my doubts.

All I got was “We are still playing”.

So I took another tactic tickling each boy through the sweats and tee, and the other twin in the power rangers and finally the camouflage pajamas.  I returned to Dillon removing the tee to get to his bare chest tickling him more until I managed to get the sweats off of him revealing his Sponge Bob underwear with a tent in them. More tickling of the other two and two more tents. The boys gave up all hope of returning to the game.

I had Justin in my hands, one hand assaulting his sides; still in the pajamas my other hand moved to the zipper and unzipped the blue power rangers right down the middle of his chest. As more of his skin became visible my hand moved from his sides to his underarms under the fleece pajama. My other hand continued to lower the zipper until the device stopped just below his groin. My right hand joined my left hand inside the cartoon character to find a hairless circumcised boy toy pointing up to his belly. My hand slid down the small shaft to find his nuggets equally as ticklish as the rest of his body. I pulled the pajamas off his shoulders and let the top hang while my right hand still explored his inner thighs for other ticklish spots.

Dillon conceded before I returned to him for more tickling and freed his woody from the cartoon clad undies showing his three inch hairless and uncut dick to his cousins. Justin’s blue pajamas were removed showing his dick was about the same size as Dillon’s. Justin’s balls just slightly smaller than his older cousin both sets high and tight with only a few wrinkles visible.

Roland wasn’t done putting up resistance to the onslaught of tickling from a complete stranger with a cool dog to play with. His resistance ceased when my hand made its way under the combat cover and found his small nipples rubbing them rather than trying to tickle them. He put up no resistance at all as the zipper of the pajamas found the bottom and my hand found his also hairless and circumcised dick. His hairless balls larger than the others and started to show signs of dropping as the left nugget hung just below the right one. His fleece removed in the same fashion as the others, as he turned he showed off his four inch dick angling up from his groin.

Never a whimper, not a one don’t touch me, you’re a stranger nope, three boys having fun and obviously happy to see me, or at least each other.

I repeated my question “Bathing together or separate?”

Roland made a command decision, since he is the oldest “Let them bath together and I will wait, I don’t have to be to bed until eight-thirty, sometimes even nine”.

The two smaller boys led the way to the bathroom, me following and Roland bringing up the rear for moral support or just wanted to watch, either way it worked for me.

A new bath was started and Justin took the front with Dillon behind him. I knelt by the side of the tub and started to wash each boy in the same manner that I washed the girls the biggest difference was instead of running a finger between the girls’ legs to touch the small pussy was now fingers played with the boy tools the tips almost sticking out of the water, the boys lifting up out of the tub to give me more access to their prizes and joys. My soapy fingers still gliding up their ass cracks causing more fits of laughter along with oohs and aahs to complement the treatment they were receiving.

After both boys got the ‘shivers’ because I ‘tickled’ them to much the boys got rinsed off and removed from the tub for a complete drying mode, my hands inside and outside the towels. They were nothing but smiles at the end of the bath. I told Dillon to get his pajamas as the other two sets of pajamas were in the bathroom.

I said to the two younger ones to brush their teeth and asked Roland if he wanted help or was he too old to be bathed.

Roland said “If you are going to do the same thing to me as you did for them then we can pretend I’m four and need all the help I can get to get nice and clean”.

I drained and refilled the tub once again for Roland. With his darker skin than his brother and sister the pink and purple head of his four inch circumcised cock was a contradiction to his skin color. Roland’s smooth skin would be closer to dark chocolate versus milk chocolate of his siblings and his cousins.

Justin and Dillon brushed their teeth but waited in the bathroom with towels around their shoulders, and three inch woods still pointing away from their bodies for Roland to finish his bath before the pajamas would be put on.

I took my time soaping Roland, rubbing his chest and back, he lifted his legs out of the water so I could wash the hairless dark skin all the way down to his pink colored feet, then his dark arms to his pink colored hands. His white teeth and pink lips smiling waiting for me to finish him off. My fingers went to the tip of his dick, lightly squeezing the pink bulb a couple of times before taking his shaft and stroking the four inches a couple of times, my hand went between his legs to find the small dark acorns, my middle finger extending to his ass crack as I rubbed and washed his balls. My other hand came behind him also stimulating his ass crack and his sphincter muscle as I returned my left hand to his boy cock closing my fingers around his nickel sized shaft, my thumb rubbing his pink head and piss slit. Roland wrapped his hands on top of my hand so I could not remove it and made sure that I pleasured him satisfactorily.

He pumped both his hands on top of mine jerking him off and using my thumb to stimulate his piss slit, my middle finger of my right hand was still at his rosebud hole. I didn’t try to penetrate him just please him. Rolland was rolling his head from side to side and moaning as we jointly brought him closer and closer to climax. Roland extended his foot to the tub stopper to drain the water so his dick and balls were completely out of the water as we continued to please him. He lasted about another minute before arching his back pushing his dick up into my hand I moved my thumb out of the way to see if he had a wet orgasm but his was dry like Justin’s and Dillon’s.

Roland sat in the tub panting before he released my hand from his tool. He said “That was great Mr. Mike”. I turned on the water again and rinsed him off letting him come down from his climax. He got out of the tub and I wrapped a towel around him to dry him off. My hands roaming his body freely until he was dry. Roland brushed his teeth and waited his turn to have the pajamas put back on.

I started with Justin pulling up the blue fleece making sure that my hand got a good feel of his dick and balls before closing up the one piece pajama. Dillon had a two piece Sponge Bob pajama set so I pulled the long sleeve top over his head first and fed his arms into the sleeves, and rolled the remainder down his torso. I grabbed the bottoms and got the elastic at the ankles in the right place before I brought the bottoms up. I kept my hand on his package as well. Roland was last with me feeling and cupping his still hard dick before I pushed it flat against his belly so the zipper wouldn’t catch on it as the cammo’s covered the dark chocolate treat.

It was just after eight so I put Justin and Dillon to bed first. Dillon said that they were small enough so let Justin sleep with him in his bed. As I turned the light off and closed the bedroom door leaving it open a crack I could see the covers moving around it looked like each boy was playing and grabbing the crotch of the other. Well Justin had the advantage then because of Dillon’s two piece pajama set versus the one piece that would have to be and probably was unzipped again to give Dillon the same chance to grab some boy cock before the two fell asleep.

Roland argued that he didn’t have to go to bed yet so he settled on the couch next to me watching some TV. He started to yawn so he got up and grabbed a pillow and propped it against my leg and stretched out on his side. His right hand went to his own crotch outside the pajamas, his left hand found its way around the pillow to my crotch. He squeezed his dick then he squeezed mine through the sweats I was wearing. He yawned again with a few more squeezes each. I lifted his head and the pillow to get him a blanket. Roland said “No stay with me until I fall asleep, dad can move me later”.

I got the blanket and covered him and returned to the corner and he snuggled up to my leg, his head on the pillow. His right hand never left his own stuff, his left hand returned to mine, gently squeezing both of us as he started to fall asleep. He drifted off to sleep and started to dream, his bare foot extended out from the blanket and he rolled to his back. As he slept he twitched and kicked, his hands curled into fists then relaxed again, his legs would kick out and relax again. I tried to figure out who he was trying to fight off, was it me, his subconscious taking over his mind or was it something else. The smile on his face indicated he was enjoying himself instead of having a bad dream. It was something pleasant and not horrifying to the sleeping boy.

I slid out from under him trying not to disturb his rest and whatever dream he was having. The sleepy voice asked “Where are you going?”

I whispered “To the bathroom and to check on the others, go back to sleep you were having a good dream”.

I left Roland on the couch to relieve my bladder any way, the relief of my balls would have to wait. I opened Nellie’s door and the girls were sound asleep. I checked Dillon’s room and the boys were spooned together, Justin in the front of Dillon his pajamas unzipped all the way and the sheet and blanket down by their feet. They were both asleep with Dillon’s hand on Justin’s chest inside the fleece. I moved Dillon’s hand trying not to wake him and I zipped up Justin’s power rangers admiring his now soft three quarters of an inch boy cock before the zipper closed. Dillon’s pj bottoms were in the proper place. I pulled the sheet over both boys up to their arms and folded the blanket at the bottom of the bed and covered their bodies up to just over their waists to keep their feet and legs warm and in easy reach if the night cooled down any more. I didn’t think they would need the blanket any higher the way they were curled next to each other.  Dillon’s arm returned over the top of his cousin and neither boy stirred during the process.

I went back to the living room and Roland was stirring awake, he smiled, giggled and said “I have to pee, but I’m four remember I might need some help”

The thoughts were endless the only thing I could say was “Your parents will be home at anytime”.

He tried blackmail. He said “I was dreaming about you, if you don’t help me I will tell my parents that you touched me in the wrong places, if you do help me then I won’t say a thing”.

I took my chances and said “Go pee, and wash up we will see what happens afterwards, and I don’t mean just your hands. I do have to let Charlotte out one more time for the night. You’re not the only one I have to look after tonight”.

As Roland came out of the bathroom pjs unzipped his hard dick sticking out for more fun, the car lights pulling into the driveway came through the house, well so much for play time. Then the unexpected happened the car lights backed out of the driveway, it was someone just turning around, I guess they didn’t know the road is a horse shoe and could have driven around the block instead of using a driveway.

Roland came into the living room and I asked “What were you dreaming about?”

He said “I don’t know, I just like the way you touch me. It feels good. Can I see your dick?”

We were sitting on the couch I nodded and pulled my six inch circumcised cock out of my sweat pants. Rolland wrapped his hand around my shaft and started to pump my dick. I wrapped my fingers around his four inches again and started to play with his dick sticking out from his pajamas. We fondled each other for a few minutes. I didn’t want to drop my load on my neighbors couch so I said “Roland have you ever had someone suck your dick before?”


I said “Would you like to find out what it feels like? It is better than the bath I gave you I promise”.

He giggled and said “Really?”

I got up and knelt in front of him and took his pink cock head in my mouth. I moved down his dark chocolate shaft and then to his dark nuggets. I didn’t even get to finger his asshole again before he was holding my head as he climaxed again. Just as he climaxed headlights came into the house again and this time they turned off. His parents and aunt and uncle were home this time. I zipped up the pajamas on him and made him lay down on the couch and pulled the blanket over him. He feigned sleep as I sat in one of the other chairs hiding my hard on pretending to read a magazine.

The adults asked if everything was alright and I of coarse said everything was fine and the kids went to bed with no problems. They checked in on the bedrooms and wondered why Dillon and Justin were sleeping together, I said it was their idea and I didn’t see a problem so I let them. Ricky picked up the fake sleeping boy and moved him to the floor so they could pull out the couch for the adults to sleep.

I went home and let the dog out for the last call of the night. My wife couldn’t understand why I was so horny when she got home from work, but she didn’t complain as I fucked her for everything I was worth.

In the morning the kids were all smiles and happy as clams that I watched them. Roland, Justin and Carla couldn’t wait to come visit their cousins again and were looking forward to playing with Charlotte again. I was looking forward to playing with other things.

Thankfully Dillon is always coming over to either play with Charlotte or well he tries to help me when I am in the garage but truthfully he gets in the way more than help but he does let me get my hands inside his pants and the sponge bob underwear he is always wearing. Too bad he hasn’t let me do anything else with him. No Yet Anyway!

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