Pauly's 13th Birthday Surprise


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My best friend Pauly was approaching his 13th birthday and had decided to throw a sleepover with me and a couple other of our friends on the Friday night and Saturday following his real birthday as school was back in session. That sounded ok to me and I thought we'd have a pretty good time. He invited two other guys Ralph and Tony who lived in our neighborhood and were in our class. They were both 12 still but like me would be 13 before the end of the year. Ralph was built like Pauly and me and about as tall. We had started our growth spurts and even had sprouted a couple hairs above our dicks. Our balls had dropped and our dicks had all started to grow. But poor Tony hadn't yet. He was about 4 inches shorter than us in height and his dick was still only about 3 inches. Pauly's, Ralph's, and mine were all 5 to 5 1/2 inches. I know because we measured them every week. We had built a shack in the woods at the end of our street with tar paper and scrap wood.. We played and whiled away many hours out there. Pauly brought a Playboy one time that he got from his older brothers stash then over time we added a couple more mags including two we found in the trash behind our local "Mom and Pop" store. And as Pauly and I had learned (been taught) by a camp nurse how to jack off thats what the mags were used for to induce boners. We in turn shared our knowledge with Ralph and later Tony. Tony was interesting because he was smaller than us but he enjoyed "playing" and many times was the guy who started by dragging out the mags and wanting to play with his dick.

Anyway, Pauly invited all of us to his birthday party sleepover. We had pizza for supper Friday night and then went to the shack to set up our sleeping bags and get ready for bed. We had a fire place and a battery powered radio and flashlights and were quite comfortable out there. We got a surprise that night though. Pauly's older brother Frank showed up with his girlfriend to "check on us". He brought another pizza and BEER!!! Two six packs. He popped one for himself and one for his girl and one for each of us. They chugged theirs and popped and chugged one more each even before we had started to sip ours. Turns out Frank and Laura had finished off another six pack before they got there. Frank didn't appear to be drunk but Laura was all giggles and laughter.

It was starting to get dark and as we all sat around the fire just sipping our beers, talking, and listening to the radio Frank and Laura were holding hands and kissing as we all got comfortable. We were all watching them and I could see boner tents in Ralph's and Pauly's pants. I had one too. Tony was moving his "junk" around to try and get it more comfortable so it was obvious he had one too. As we watched Frank slid his hand up to Laura's chest and began to rub it and pinch it. She groaned and told Frank "Oh yeah Frankie! That's nice!" She leaned her head back and Frankie leaned down and kissed and licked her throat and neck. "Very niccceee! Ungh! Ummmm! Sssooo nice!" Frankie reached down and ran his hand up under her sweater. Her hand slid down to the front of Frankie's pants and began rubbing his boner. He grunted and groaned. When she did that Ralph and I began to rub up and down on our tents.

Then Frankie lifted her sweater up above her tits and brought his mouth down to her bra covered tit and rubbed with his nose and kissed it with his lips. I heard Tony gasp and he started to rub his tent too! Then I saw Frankie open his eyes and he saw what we were doing and winked at us. Then we heard his zipper being unzipped. She reached her hand inside his pants and fished out his huge dick. It was bigger than Brian's was when Pauly and saw his two summers ago and last summer too. Frankie reached around behind Laura and unsnapped her bra and then lifted it up over her tits.

"Oh God" I heard from Tony and then he hissed "Gonna cum!" as he started rubbing faster.

There were grunts from me, Pauly, and Ralph! "Ungh!" I was getting close too. I heard Tony unsnap and unzip and then Pauly too. So I saw Ralph shrudge his shoulders and unzip and unsnap and lift his hips up and pull down his pants to below his knees. So me and Pauly did too. We settled back to watch the show and jack off.

Frankie was munching on Laura's tits. Her head was laid back and she was gasping and moaning and groaning and grunting with his motions on her tits. Then he slid his hands down and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She pushed her hips up and he slid them down her legs down passed her knees and then shoved them off her legs. She swung her leg up over his and hissed "I want it now Frankie!" She slid her hand on down his dick and pointed it up at her pussy and sat down on it and his thighs and hips. Groaning as she slid down his shaft.

"Oh shit! They're fucking!" Tony hissed out. He really started flogging his little boy dick with his three fingers! "Oh my God! She's fucking him!" gasped out Tony. "I'm cummmmmming!" His little dick head got darker and a little bigger as it tried to push out the boy joy juice that wasn't there yet.

Ralph and Pauly grunted "Uhhh!" and they both got shiny blobs on the tips of their dicks as they came. That was all I needed to see and hear! I joined them and grunted out one shiny clear blob on my third pulse as I had my own cum!

"Make me cum, Frankie! I need it NOW!" She jammed her pussy down onto his dick and ground her hips into his pubes! "Yyyyyeeeeesssss! That's it! Almost There! Fuck me harder! NOW!!!!" She pulled up and slammed back down into him grinding her pussy onto his pubes and dick.

I heard gasps and a groan from Tony as he watched them fucking, madly flogging his little purple hard dick. "Me too! I'm cumming again!!! AAAHHH!!" It swelled a little again as he moaned out his third cum!

"Ahhhhh! God! So good, Babe! Cccuuummmmmmiiinnnggg NOW!" Frankie gasped out. He shoved up hard into her pussy humping his hips up off the ground grinding into her snatch!

"Cumming so good! Ungh!!!" she ground against him then bent down kissing him practically eating his lips and thrusting her tongue into his mouth in time with their hips thrusting.

Me, Ralph, Tony, and Pauly worked our dicks back to total steel hardness again watching them cum together! Grunting out "Ugnh!" on the first throb and then "Uh!" with each pulse after that as we flogged out one more cum. I didn't have a drop this time. My cum was totally dry. I think Ralph's and Pauly's were too! After the last pulse we all collapsed back onto our backs. Frankie and Laura had too. She was laying on top of him.

After about five minutes, Frankie slowly moved a now sleeping Laura off to his side, propped himself up on his elbows, and looked over at his brother, grinning and asked him "I saw that you had a good time watching! How many times did you cum?"

Pauly blushed and said "Three! And they were the best I've ever had!"

Ralph and I chimed in with "Me too!" Then Tony pipes up with "Four!"

Frankie chuckled and told his brother "Good! Happy Birthday!! I hope you enjoyed your gift!"

"Thanks Bro! I'll never forget this gift!!" Neither would we.