Preteen Runaway

At sunset, I come into the marina and climb aboard my boat. That's odd, I think, I didn't close the hatch. I live on a thirty-eight foot sloop, in San Diego. It has all the amenities of an apartment, but it's a lot cheaper than renting. I always close the boat up when I leave and often lock it too, but not today. I slide the hatch open and step down into the cabin. Has someone been aboard? Everything looks normal. I peer into the quarter berth, but it's empty. I open the door to the fore cabin and switch on the light.

"What the hell. . .?" There's a young girl sitting on the starboard berth, her arms hugging her knees to her chest. "What are you doing on my boat?" I'm pretty pissed, I don't want strangers walking into my floating home.

"Please don't hurt me," she says.

"I'm not gonna hurt you. Just tell me why you're here."

"I've run away. I couldn't find a place to sleep. Your boat looked deserted and the sliding thing. . ."

"The hatch."

". . .the hatch was unlocked. Please don't call the cops, please!"

"You ran away from where?'

"A foster home. In Riverside."

"Are the cops looking for you?"

"I don't think so. I ran away on Wednesday." This is Friday, I doubt if there's a big manhunt in progress.

"Why did you run away?"

"They were always hitting me. It was awful. I hate that place."

"Were you sexually abused?"

"Not exactly, but their son was always waving his dick at me and telling me to suck him off. It was gross. The place was filthy and the food sucked. I was like a prisoner, like a slave. I'm not going back."

"Why didn't you just report them to the social worker or the cops/"
"They'll just stick me in a group home and then into another foster home and it'll start all over again. I wanna get to Mexico"

I smile. This girl in Tijuana would be picked up, sold and working in a whorehouse within twenty-four hours. She doesn`t smell too good. "When did you last take a bath?"

"Monday, Tuesday, I don't know."

"When did you last eat?"

"I can't remember."

"What's your name?"


"I'm Tony. I might be pleased to meet you, but I'm not sure."

This girl seem more like a victim to me than a dangerous intruder. I'm not sure that I want to turn her out into the night.

"O.K. Cindy, here's what's gonna happen. First thing - you take a shower. Then we'll eat. When did you last sleep?"

"Day's ago. I've been walking forever. I'm exhausted."

I open my closet and rummage through it until I find a T shirt that I never wear, because it's too small for me. I toss it on to the berth were the girl sits. "I'm gonna show you how the head and shower work. Get undressed, shower and wash your hair, put the T shirt on then come out with your dirty clothes. I'm gonna trash them and get you some new stuff. Then we'll eat and talk about what I'm gonna do with you."

While she's showering, I open a can of soup and some franks and beans. I slice a loaf of French bread, and have strawberries standing by for desert. Ten minutes later, dressed in nothing but my T shirt, she's shoveling food down. The dirty clothes, except for her sneakers, go into a garbage bag for later disposal. The T shirt just covers her butt and I starting to think that this slender young thing looks kinda pretty.

"How old are you?

"Fifteen," says Cindy.

"Yeah," I say sarcastically, "in a few years, maybe."

"Thirteen, actually."

"Eleven," I offer. "I don't see any boobs and you're too skinny to be past puberty." Actually I think I can see slight swellings under her T shirt, but it's hard to say.

"O.K., twelve," says Cindy. "I'm twelve, really."

I think about the implications. A twelve-year-old girl, alone with me on my boat. The possibilities are interesting. O.K., I confess, I'm into little girls, and young boys too if you must know, though I like my boys a little older. They have to be past puberty. There's no fun in sucking off a boy if he's not going to cum. And with boys the pickings are pretty thin. Young boys go for young boys, they don't like a twenty-something like me. But little girls have crushes on older men, so who knows? Maybe I'll get lucky, but I'll have to be excruciatingly careful.

A lot of people would think I belong in jail, but I've never done anything with an underage youth against his or her will. I know most accused child molesters always say `he/she seduced me', and they may be right. All I know is that no kid ever has, or ever will, suffer at my hands, not scared, not freaked out, not embarrassed, not even made slightly uncomfortable. I want to be liked, even loved. I don't think I'm a monster and I really am in a position to help her.

She's finished eating and looks like she's about to nod off.

"Bed time," I say and show her into the fore cabin. I give her some sheets and pillows. "I'll be sleeping in the quarter berth," and I show her where it is. "Don't run off, don't steal anything, sleep well and we'll talk in the morning. I promise I'm not gonna turn you in."

I close the door.

It's only eight o'clock and the stores are still open. I lock the main hatch. I don't want her taking off. If there's a emergency she can figure how to get out of the fore hatch. I head for the mall and an hour later I'm back with my purchases: two pairs of white cotton panties, with matching tops, two pairs of white ankle socks, a short skirt with an elasticized waist so I know it'll fit, and a boy's white tank. I think a girl looks really sexy in a guy's tank. One girl I knew (relax, she was an adult ) wore a tank and guy's briefs and I nearly came in my pants, just looking at her. There's enough clothing to get her through a couple of days, if I hand wash stuff every night.

I step aboard and unlock the hatch. Instead of going inside, I go on to the foredeck and look down through the fore hatch. It's made of tinted Plexiglas and she's left the light on. I know that she can't see me, but I can see her. She's sprawled out on the bunk and she has the sheet pushed down. It's a hot night. I can just see her pussy, quite hairless. Eleven, I think, on the edge of puberty. My dick gets hard in my pants. I stand looking for a minute to so, then she rolls over and I can see her cute little butt. I want to bury my face in the crack of her ass.

I quietly go below, stow my shopping, get into bed, and jerk off, thinking about how hot Cindy looked, and how hot she'll look if I get to peep on her at some time in the future. I'm so aroused, I cum in about twenty seconds, spraying cum all over my chest. I wipe it on edge of the sheet.

I lie back, feeling guilty. I know I shouldn't take advantage of this young innocent. I'm in a position to help her, and that should be my focus. I drift off to sleep.

* * *

I lie in bed until about nine thirty. It's Saturday, no work today. I get up, wearing just my boxers. I should point out that these boxers, in light blue brushed cotton are size S, which means they are quite short, and a tight enough for the shape of my cock to be revealed. I can also, with appropriate leg lifts and squats, 'accidentally' let my cock show out of the leg, but I'd better be careful with this stunt. Some guys I know like that stuff, but girls are generally put off by it. My girl, as I'm starting to think of her, is going to have to get used to seeing me in my undies if we're going to spend time together in this confined space. I knock on the fore cabin door, pause, then open it. She's asleep. I open the fore hatch and let the sunlight flood in. This wakes her up.

"Morning, Cindy. I've brought you some clothes. I'm just starting breakfast. We eat in about ten minutes." While I'm cooking, she uses the head then closes the fore cabin door to get dressed. Bacon and eggs are ready when she comes out in her new short skirt and white tank, which is loose enough for me to look down, but there's not much to see, just little nipples. After breakfast we sit up in the cockpit while I tell her what I think we should do. She's sitting on the port side, me on the starboard and I can see up her skirt. She's not too careful about keeping her knees together, so I get a nice flash of white panties. You may think that as I bought and unwrapped these panties last night, they would no longer be too exciting, but looking up the skirt of anyone of any age, even up a Scotsman's kilt, is a big turn on for me. Panties are a whole lot more erotic when there's a girl inside them. I'm still in my boxers, but there's no one on the dock to see me. I doubt if they`d care. It doesn't seem to bother Cindy.

"I have a friend," I say, "who's part of the juvenile court system. She also supervises a young girl in foster care whom she mentors, like teaches and stuff, and she has a lot of clout with judges, social workers and so on. If my friend can short circuit the legal system and get you directly into a good foster home, and I'm sure that any family she recommends will be a good one, then we should go for it. It's a long shot, but worth a try. I`m gonna see her this morning, so you're are on your own for an hour or so. If anyone asks, you're my niece." I set her up with a DVD, a Disney piece of shit I figured she would enjoy, to keep her busy.

* * *

I'm going to digress for a moment. I don't want you to think that I'm just a pedophile who exclusively lusts after young kids. Let me tell you about a incident that happened a couple of weeks ago. I was standing on the bow of my boat, wearing very short nylon running shorts, under which I had on my white briefs. A guy, probably in his thirties, came by in a kayak, paddling right underneath the bow, and he looked up at me. Having anticipated this, I'd lifted my foot up and placed it on the lower rail of the pulpit. This gave him a splendid view up the leg of my shorts. He was so distracted he nearly collided with the dock. I stayed there as he reversed course and came my way again, staring up at me. I was really enjoying this, showing of my white underpants. As he came by the second time, I called, "Hi. That looks like hard work."

"Tell me about it!"

"You look kinda hot. Wanna cold beer?"

"Sure, thanks a bunch." He looked hot in more ways than one.

I tossed him a mooring line and he climbed on to the dock, and - long story short - we ended up in my cabin sucking on beer cans. He too wore similar skimpy shorts with white briefs underneath, and we both sat there, legs agape, eyeing each other's packages.

"So you're a briefs guy, too." I said.

"Yep. Do you wear any other kind?"
"Come and look in my undies drawer." I showed him my stack of briefs, my various trunks and boxers, then pulled out a pair of panties, pink satin like short boxers with an inch of lace around the leg.

"Fuck me, they look hot! I bet you look sexy in those."

"Wanna see?"


"Then you're gonna have to take my shorts off." Again, to keep it brief, if you'll pardon the pun, he stripped me off, and dressed me in the panties. I pulled my rigid dick out of the leg and he couldn't wait to suck it. Then he tried on the panties and I sucked him. We ended up in a 69 position and we both came, almost simultaneously. That's a hard trick to pull off, no pun intended.

He got dressed and immediately took off. I haven't seen him since. That's the difference between gays and straights. No dinner and flowers for us, all we need do is show up. So it's not just little girls for me. I'm a broad-spectrum pervert.

* * *

I get back to the boat around noon and fix some sandwiches for lunch. "I spoke to my friend," I say, "and she told me I was crazy to harbor a runaway. It's stupid and I'm probably breaking the law. But on the other hand, she was sympathetic about your situation. At least she promised not to go to the authorities and she'll look for a decent home for you, but it's really a long shot. We better pray she comes through."

"I hope so," she says, giving me a peculiar look.

"What's up?" I ask. Something is bugging her.

"I know all about you," says Cindy.

"What do you mean?"

"While we were out, I switched on your computer."
Shit! I'd left it on `standby' so she hadn't needed a password to get into it.

"And I saw your pictures," she says. Fuck! I'm busted!

"All those little girls in their undies, and some entirely naked. You could see their pee-pees. You're a dirty old man."

"I'm not old," I protest, hoping she'll get the joke.

She smiles. "Relax, Tony. You promised not to turn me in, so to be fair I can't exactly tell anyone about your taste in girls."

"I just like pretty girls. All the girls in those pics are pretty, aren't they? You're pretty, very pretty, and I like you. If I were gonna do anything weird, you'd know by now, wouldn't you?"

"I guess," says Cindy, "but you like looking up my skirt." Shit! She's noticed.

"All guys like looking up skirts. You must know that."

"Yeah, it's hardly news."

I need to change the subject. "How would you like to go to Sea World?"

"Cool!" The awkward moment is over.

We have a splendid time, Uncle Tony and his cute niece. It costs a bundle, but it's worth it. It's quite late when we return and we swing by Burger King on the way home, fill up on junk and as soon as we're home, she's off to bed. The instant she closes the cabin door, I'm up on the foredeck looking through the Plexiglas forehatch. I watch as she undresses, my cock hard as a rock. I've never gotten this lucky before. It's so much more erotic than having an adult girl strip off in front of you. She looks so innocent as she goes to sleep in just her panties. Back in the main cabin, I hand wash our underpants, hang them in the shower, climb into my bunk and beat my poor fucking cock to death.

* * *

"Your clean undies are hanging in the shower," I say as I wake her this morning. After breakfast we're going sailing."

"Cool." Two hours later, we're motoring down the bay past Point Loma towards the ocean. I'm in a pair of shorts with my white briefs underneath, nothing else. Cindy's wearing her little skirt over the white schoolgirl panties that I love and the matching top. Is that an undergarment? Who knows, I like to think it is. I hoist the sails and switch off the engine. I show her how to haul on the jib sheet, wrap it round the winch and crank it in. I let her take the helm for a while, as I explain the principles of sailing. She's having a whale of a time. Soon we run downwind to the Southeast. The Coronado Islands are to far away given this light breeze and I want to stay out of Mexican waters. We drop the sails and anchor about 300 yards off Imperial Beach. I go below and return with a couple of big towels, and some sun screen..

"Let's go for a swim," I say.

"I don`t have a swim suit."

"Neither do I. I`m gonna skinny dip."

"But there are people on the beach."

"They're miles away. If one of them were naked, from here could you tell?"

"I guess not. Is the water cold?"

"Should be O.K."

"I should take a pee first."

"This isn't a swimming pool, it's the ocean, big enough to pee in. Last one in's a doofus."

I drop my shorts, peel down my white briefs and step out of them. She glances at my dick, which is under control for once. "Come on," I say, then I drop the swimming ladder over the stern and jump in. Shit! It's cold. I look up and she seems to be undressing, though I can't see much from my low angle. The I see her poised on the transom, naked in the brilliant sunshine, her body glowing, then she jumps.

She comes to the surface. "It's freezing!" she yells, swims towards me and wraps her arms and legs around me. "You lied! You said it'd be O.K." I wrap my arms around her.

"Come on, It's not that bad."

"I gotta pee."

"So pee." I'm still holding her so she can't get away. After a few seconds I feel the warm flow of her pee just above my dick. Normally this would get me as hard as a rock, but the water's so cold my dick has shrunk to about the size of my thumb, and doesn't react.

"Let's get out," she says, and I have to agree. It's way too cold. This is why California surfers wear wet suits, even in summer. I let her go and she swims the few feet to the ladder and climbs up it. Close behind I watch her cute slender body from below, getting a nice view of her butt as she steps over the transom. I follow her up the ladder and into the cockpit. She's shivering as she towels off but with the warm air temperature and the hot sun, she'll soon warm up.

She looks at me as I'm drying my back and laughs. "Your dick is tiny. Is that because of the cold water?"

"Yes. Us guys get embarrassed after we swim and our dicks shrink. Don't worry, it's not permanent." When she's dry, she spreads her towel on the port cockpit seat and lies face down. As I finish drying myself, she says, "Will you put sunscreen on my back?"

Does the pope shit in the woods? Of course I will. I start with her shoulders and work my way down to her butt, taking my time, then her calves and up to her thighs. I like it that she doesn`t mind my hands on her body. I want to slide them between her legs, but it will freak her out. My dick is rapidly returning to its normal size.

"All done," I say, spread my towel and lie down on the starboard seat on my back, my dick lying on my stomach. Her head's turned away from my but then she turns to look at me and smiles. She's noticed my dick, now almost fully erect.

She giggles. "It looks like your dick has warmed up."

"Oops." I grab my briefs and pull them on. She rolls on to her back and I get to see her naked body close up. I'm sure she's starting to grow breasts, those swellings are not puppy fat, but her pussy lips are not yet fully formed. There's a wisp of blonde hair on her pubis, and I think how I'd love to shave it off. She doesn't seem to mind me looking at her, in fact she seems very relaxed in my presence.

Later, I say, "You're starting to burn. You should cover up. Let's head back." I've got to get myself a digital camera, to record all these sexy visions. I bet she'll like posing for me.

* * *

Now it's Monday, and I call the office and take the week's vacation that they owe me. Cindy and I go shopping, first to Amvets on Pacific Highway where they have about an acre of racks of used clothing, most of it like new. We buy a couple of dresses, a pair of shoes, some tops and a pair of white shorts that are incredibly tiny. I doubt if they'll cover her butt. Then we're off the 99c-Only store, where among other things they have little girl panties. She selects a pair of tiny boy shorts, in white lace, which will conceal nothing, and two training bras. I get her a toothbrush, comb and hairbrush and tell her she's too pretty to need make-up.

"Do you need tampons?"

"Not yet." Good. Another problem I don`t have to face.

We lunch at the "Saigon" on El Cajon Boulevard, and she discovers she like Vietnamese food, devouring a bowl of noodle soup big enough to dive into.

Then back to the boat for a nap.

She goes into her cabin to try on her new stuff. I strip to my boxers and climb into the quarter berth. Soon she comes out and models a dress, sleeveless in pale blue with buttons all the way up the front.

"You look great," I say. "But then you look great in anything, or out of anything for that matter.

"Thank you. Thanks for all the stuff. You're very kind."

And well motivated.

She sits on the side of my bunk, next to where my head is. "What's gonna happen to me?" she asks. "I'm kinda scared. Will I end up in a group home again?"

"Not if I can help it. I won't abandon you, I promise you. You mean a lot to me." And the thing is, I really mean it.

She swings her legs up on to the bunk and scootches down beside me. Her dress rides up and I can see she's wearing the lacey boy shorts, and I was right, they conceal nothing. My dick is stirring again.

"It's too hot," she says, and works the dress up over her head. She has on one of her new bras, two tiny triangles of cotton that support nothing but hint of the treasures beneath. She rolls on to her side, her back to me, and we curl together like spoons. Whether she's aware of my stiff cock pressing against her back, I don't know, but she doesn't recoil. I put my arm round her waist. Her breathing is deep and regular. I can smell her hair and feel the warmth coming off her body. My dick feels like it's going to burst. I roll on to my back and it pops out of my boxers, demanding attention. I start to stroke it, without moving my body. I don't want to wake her. Suddenly she rolls on to her back and I freeze. She appears to be still asleep, so I carry on quietly jerking off, and as I start to cum, I maintain the slow strokes, so my orgasm is prolonged, intense and almost painful and big blobs of cum fall on to my stomach. I clean myself off with a handkerchief that I keep under my pillow, and toss it out into the cabin. I doze off, and when I awake, about a hour later, she's sitting at the cabin table, reading a book.

"Did you sleep?" I ask.


What? She was awake the whole time? Oh shit!

"Did I keep you awake?"

"When you started to jerk off, I wanted to watch. You could only see one side of my face so I kept that eye shut and the other open. You thought I was asleep. It was awesome!"

"You saw me cum?"

" I saw you and I could smell you. I think you've lost this." She produces my cum laden handkerchief, still wet, and the smell of cum is quite noticeable. I drop it in the laundry hamper.

"Sorry," I say. "That wasn't appropriate behavior."

"I'm a big girl now. I'm not embarrassed. I know you like looking at me in my new undies."

"I have to confess, I have a thing about girls in their panties. Especially those full cut white cotton ones. You probably think they're just schoolgirl panties, but I think they're incredibly sexy."

"I know, that's why I changed back into them." She lifts her skirt high up above her waist and does a little pirouette, exhibiting herself flagrantly.

"You sexy little fox. I should spank you."

"I wish!" And she bends over showing me her butt. I give it a playful slap and as she straightens up, I hold her waist, and sit down pulling her on to my knee. She puts her arms around my neck and gives me a peck on the lips.

"You'd better be careful." I say. "I could lose control."

* * *

The following afternoon, I come home with some more shopping. "I've brought you a present, Cindy." She opens the shopping bag and pulls out a garter belt, a pair of thigh-high white nylon stockings with lacey tops and a low-cut bra.

"I think it's more of a present to yourself," she says. "Do you want me to try them on?"

Duh! Of course I do. She disappears into the fore cabin and after half a minute or so her head comes round the door. "What kind of panties should I wear?"

"How about none at all?"

She steps into the cabin and takes my breath away. Although she's only eleven or twelve, just on the edge of puberty, she's stunning.

"Dah-dah! How do I look?"

I'm speechless. My cock springs to life. I take her in my arms and hold her close. "I'm crazy about you," I say, and I mean it.

She looks up at me, her eyes huge and moist. "I'm kinda crazy about you too."

I'm in heaven. She wants me, she's mine. I hold her at arm's length and look at her childlike body, dressed so seductively. Then I pull her towards me and kiss her on the lips, and deep, long kiss. Her tongue enters my mouth, probing. Our tongues duel as she grinds her hips into me. Then her hand reaches down and gropes my package, feeling my rock hard cock. She breaks away and says, "I want to undress you." Dropping to her knees, she pulls down my shorts and boxers. I pull off my shirt. My dick is right in front of her face. She places a kiss on the tip. I push her down onto the port berth and drop to my knees in front of her. She opens her legs, lies back and says, "Do whatever you like."

I bury my face between her thighs, the smell of her sweat and sex making me dizzy. I thrust my tongue as far into her as it will go, then lick up her cleft to her clit, which I suck, in and out like I would suck a dick. She's moaning, her hips bucking and I think I'm going to have a heart attack. I come up for air and she pulls me up so I'm lying on her body with my knees on the floor.

"Do it," she says, and I slide my dick where it belongs, inside her. Waves of lust crash over me as I thrust my dick in and out and I know I can't last long. My arousal is far too great. I can feel myself cumming and I let out a long, loud groan as my dick pulses and shoots my load inside her. Half a dozen more thrusts and it's all over. I collapse on top of her.

"I love you, Tony, I'll always love you."

"Me too. I'm gonna take care of you forever."

"I think you like my garter belt and stockings, don't you."

"You bet I do."

But not quite as much as those white cotton schoolgirl panties.

* * *

A week later, my friend has found a home for Cindy, a nice family, certainly not child molesters or perverts like me. It had to happen, I couldn't keep her as a pet forever. All I have left is a single pair of cotton panties, worn once, never washed. I miss her.

The End

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