This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any existing people or events is coincidental. If a story involving sexual contact with minors bothers you or is illegal where you live, stop reading now. This is the second part.

Pretty Naked - Wednesday

I thought after I got to go to States that things would kinda get back to normal. I wouldn't have to do that stuff with Coach Harkins anymore, and Dad was paying a whole lot more attention to me. I felt sort of bad about what I did to Dad, but really he had it coming. He told me that we shouldn't do it anymore and that was ok with me. He said he wouldn't tell about Coach if I wouldn't tell anybody that he let me. Still, I was glad to know at least one way to make him put his stupid phone down.

That's what I thought would happen. Turns out things got even more weird.


The week after States I went over to Naomi's house after school on Friday. She said I could stay over. When I got there, Becca answered the door. She said, "Oh. Hi, Tuesday." Then she said that Naomi and her mom were out shopping and would be back in a while.

I followed Becca back to her room. She sat on her bed and I sat on Naomi's. I was confused about what she said. "Um. You know it's Friday, not Tuesday, right?"

She grinned at me. "Of course I know what day it is, you dork. You're Tuesday now. That's your name."

I was even more confused. "How come?" was the best I could manage.

"Cuz you're Coach's Tuesday girl."

I felt my face get red.

"You think I wouldn't know?" She laughed. "I know everything that goes on there, Tuesday. I know, because I'm Friday. I was Tuesday when I was your age, though. So I know all about Tuesday."

"You mean you..."

She rolled her eyes. "Yes, I sucked Coach's cock every Tuesday. That was the first time I got to go to States."

I still didn't get it. "But now..."

"Then I got to be Wednesday. Wednesday was harder. I was Wednesday for almost a year. But I got to go to States again. And now... now I'm Friday, and I get to know everything. And... do everything."

"H-he has a different girl... every day?"

Becca nodded. Then she stood up and walked over to me. "Monday is the youngest. Tuesday is a little older. You get the idea. Friday is the oldest. But when you're Friday, you get to help Coach find the others. Like I found you, to be the new Tuesday. Naomi tried to be Tuesday, but she just couldn't get the hang of it. I guess you did though. Lift your arms, Tuesday."

I was having trouble taking all this in. I was thinking so hard I didn't really hear the last thing she said. She got annoyed. "Arms up, Tuesday. You've got no reason to be shy anymore."

I did what she said. I'm not really sure why. I didn't think I really had to impress her anymore. But something in the way she talked felt like it was making me. When I put my arms up, she pulled my shirt over my head and off. I had this strange memory of the lady in the store when I was little. Then she got down and took off my shoes. "Lift your butt," she said. I did it. She pulled my shorts and underpants off at the same time. I was naked again.

What she did to me the first time was scary but it felt good, so this time I wasn't really scared. I just watched as she took off her clothes too. Then her hand on my chest, like last time. She pushed me down hard onto the bed and laid on me. Her knee went between my legs and she kissed me on the mouth. Her lips went to my ear. "Coach says you're really pretty with your mouth full, Sarah. He says you're a natural. Spread your legs." Her knee pushed my legs apart and her hand went down there. She grabbed me kinda hard and rubbed. It made me squeak a little. She rubbed all over.

"You liked it, didn't you? You liked taking your clothes off for him. I could tell, when I did you. You like being naked. Seeing his cock get hard when you strip. Pretty, naked Sarah. Spread wider." She pushed my knees til I was almost doing a split. "He said by the fourth week you had him all the way down your throat." My face was burning hot and I felt her finger pushing at me, between my legs, down below my kitty, down between my butt cheeks. "He said he wants you to be the next Wednesday, Sarah. That means you're special. But I have to show you what that means." Her finger was slippery from my kitty. I couldn't help it, it just got gooey like that. It even did it when I was doing the thing with Coach.

"So wet. You little slut. He's right, you're made for this."

My breath went out of me when I felt her finger push up inside my bottom. She wiggled it and wiggled it til it was all the way inside. Her boobs were all pointed and I felt them on my chest when she started moving down me. She kept her finger inside all the time she was kissing down there. I didn't want it but she held me and I couldn't get away and then I didn't want to get away anymore. It was weird but her finger there made it feel even better than before. I squeaked louder when I felt her push another finger inside. It was so tight and full... my legs went stiff and my butt jumped all over and I squeezed inside, over and over.

After I was done squeezing she climbed back up onto the bed. I was laying back and staring at the ceiling, trying to figure out what all this meant and still kinda twitching all over. Becca handed me a pillow and I put it behind my head. I thought that was nice of her. Then she slid up and sat on my chest, with her knees by my ears. She looked down at me and she said, "Now my turn. Lick my cunt while I tell you all about Wednesday." She leaned forward and pushed it right in my face. When I squealed and tried to get away, she reached back and pinched my nipple really hard. I screamed and she slapped my face with her other hand while she was still pinching me. "I got you to States, didn't I?" She was still pinching and I nodded. "That's what you wanted, wasn't it?" I nodded again. "Well, if you want to stay at the gym, you'll do as I say. Now lick my cunt. I just showed you how. Do it like I did yours."

She held my hair and my nose was right in her kitty and my chest hurt so I did it. It smelled weird and it tasted bitter and strange but she smiled at me in a really nice way and she stopped pinching. She reached back more and rubbed me and that made it better. Then she took my hands and put them on her boobs and told me to feel them. I thought I'd get back at her and I pinched her nipples too, but it didn't make her mad. It just made her press her kitty against my mouth more and call me a nasty little slut. She told me things to do with my tongue and finally I felt her kitty hug and hug and hug it.

Even after that she didn't move off me though. She stayed there and made me lick more and she talked to me. She told me about Wednesday. She laughed when my eyes got big and I shook my head. "We already know that you like it. You just proved it. I felt how hard you came with my fingers up your butt."

We heard her mom's car in the driveway. Becca got off me. She threw my clothes onto my tummy and she said, "Get dressed, Wednesday."


I was really in a muddle about everything that Becca said. I didn't even understand some of the stuff that she told me about Wednesday. At the gym I stayed quiet and tried to not talk to anybody. But at practice the next Friday Chloe sat with me when we were stretching.

Chloe's 11 and she's the best on floor. She can tumble like mad. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Hi Tuesday." I stared at the mat we were sitting on and didn't say anything. She poked my arm and said, "It's ok. I used to be Tuesday. And Monday. I was Monday when I was 7, and I was Tuesday just before I turned 9. I was the youngest Tuesday ever, Coach said. Now I'm Wednesday. But Coach says that I'm ready to be Thursday." Her face looked kinda red but she said it like she was bragging.

Cloe's blond with a long ponytail. I couldn't stop myself imagining. He probably held it. Really tight. And pulled. And held. And I didn't even want to think about what Thursday was.

I still didn't say anything. Chloe giggled and said, "Becca said to give you the Wednesday stuff." She took a paper bag out of her backpack and she put it in mine. It was so strange that all I could do was watch her.

I said, "I don't want to be Wednesday."

Chloe seemed surprised. "Oh." Then her face was almost sad. "I thought you wanted to stay. I wish you would. You're so good at the beam, and I bet you can medal on the horse too."

"I do want to stay." Maybe I said it too loud. Some of the other girls looked at me. I said it again in a whisper. "I do. Want to stay. Y-you mean..."

Chloe shrugged. "I dunno what's gonna happen if you tell Coach you don't want to be Wednesday. Becca already told Mikala that she could be the new Tuesday. Malika was jealous since you got to be Tuesday without being Monday first. Everybody's gonna be really mad at you. Especially Coach. He really likes Wednesday, and I guess he thinks you'd be the best one ever. That made me kinda mad too, actually. But I'll be more mad if I don't get to be Thursday."

This made me even more fuzzy in the head. "Y-you... I mean... you let him..."

She nodded. "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. That's what my Dad says, anyways."

My eyes got big. "Your Dad knows?"

Chloe laughed. "No way. He just says that so that I'll try hard at stuff. He has no idea. I mean, who would ever tell their Dad about something like that?" She rolled her eyes. I felt my face get hot.

"Ya. That would be so stupid. To tell your Dad." I rolled my eyes too, in case she heard the shake in my voice. I was quiet for a while but I had to ask her. "You... didn't mind? Coach doing that?"

Chloe shrugged again. "It's weird. And it hurts. Til you get used to it. I tried. But I guess I never totally got used to it." She gave me a funny look. "Becca told Coach that you'd be the best cuz you'd actually like it."

I shook my head slowly. Chloe just stared at me. "Two medals. Beam and horse. You know what that would mean, Sarah? If you medalled at States in two events?" I shook my head again. She raised her eyebrows like I was dumb. I felt dumb. "Tryouts for the National team. The National team, Sarah." I guess I still looked dumb. "Where does the National team go, Sarah? Like, every four years?"

I started to figure it out. It gave me butterflies. I'd never even thought about anything like that. "Oh. No. I mean, I'd never be able to..."

Chloe kept staring. "Maybe not. But somebody will. And Coach has sent more girls to the Nationals than anybody else. Just imagine. If you got a chance, even a little one, how could you not at least try?"

"I guess. It would be so amazing. But... how come we've got to do that stuff? Do they do it other places?"

Chloe thought for a minute. "I don't know. But I think there's something about what Coach does that works. Maybe because you go through... that stuff... it makes you know that you can get through anything. You can get through the sprained ankles and the bruises and the scary falls. And since you went through all that stuff, everything together, it makes you want to win even more. So that you know it was worth it."

I understood, kinda. In some ways, the Tuesday stuff had been worth it. It got me to States, and even got me to be closer to my Dad. In a totally strange and awkward way, but it did.

I was sweating. Coach saw me talking to Chloe and yelled at us. "Less yakking and more stretching, girls. Your secrets can wait until after practice." He had a weird look on his face. He walked over and tapped me on the head.

"So. Sarah. I'll see you on Wednesday. Is that right?" He looked down at me, and then at Chloe, and then at me. Chloe was watching me. After a minute she poked my arm. I was still looking down. I felt my head nod a little, almost like it was doing it on its own.

"That's my girl." I could hear Coach smiling. Chloe was chewing her lip but smiling too. He leaned over and spoke really quietly to Chloe. "Welcome to Thursday, Chloe. Be sure to have a visit with Becca between now and then. Do you understand?"

I thought I saw Chloe shiver a little as she nodded.


When I got home I unpacked my backpack. I forgot about Chloe putting the bag in there and for a second I didn't know what it was. Then I remembered. I almost just threw it away without looking inside. Some part of me wanted to know, I guess. So I looked.

Now I understood some of the stuff that Becca had said. She'd said, "Don't worry. He'll get you ready. He won't hurt you. But you'll have to practice."

I texted Becca.

'u cant be serious'
'what do you mean wednesday?'
'dont call me that. the stuff in the bag'
'what about it'
'what am i supposed to do with it'
'really? you cant figure it out'
'thats so gross'
'practice. youll be sorry if you dont'

I was shaking and I felt tears starting.

'im scared'
'i know. i was too.'
'what if i dont do it'
'then youll never know how good you could have been'
'its not fair'
'whats not fair about it. u liked being tuesday'
'i did not. i just wanted to go to states'
'dont lie. u watched his face'
'what do you mean'
'when he came u watched his face and u smiled cuz of how he looked at you'

I swallowed. He did look at me. Like I was the only person there ever was in the world. It made me remember things. It made me remember Frank from under the sink. And the lady in the store. And Dr Cooper.

'did he tell you that????'
'no. i just knew'

I turned off my phone and curled up in bed, holding my knees to my chest.

I woke up and the sun was out and I heard the front door close and a car leave the driveway. I remembered that Mom had her yoga class that morning. I got up and peaked in their room. Dad was still in bed, reading a book. He smiled when he saw me.

"Hi princess. Mom just left. We can get breakfast out if you want."

I walked up to the bed. Dad started to look worried. "What is it, sweetheart? Is everything ok?"

Maybe I wanted to know that I could do anything. Or maybe I just wanted my Daddy to hold me. Or maybe I really was what Becca called me. I don't know, really.

"Am I pretty, Daddy?"

Dad nodded, but he was more worried. "You know that you are, Sarah. But... we talked about this. No more... with the Coach... and..."

I took off my tshirt. I still had my underpants on. Dad swallowed. He tried one more time. "We promised each other, Sarah."

I pushed my underpants down to my feet and stepped out of them. "Am I pretty, Daddy?"

He looked at me. I liked how he looked at me. He nodded.

"Did you ever want something really really bad, Daddy? Something you'd do almost anything for?"

"I-I... don't know, princess. I guess so. I wanted your mother that badly. And I want you... to be h-happy... more than anything."

"Then let me, Daddy."

I think I meant it two different ways. I meant, let me do what I came to your bedroom to do, right then. And let me do what I have to do to get what I want. Not right then. But let me do what I have to do on Wednesday. And then, maybe later, on Thursday...

I pulled the covers back from him. I could see how pretty he thought I was. I felt the warm between my legs. Becca was right. I wanted the look that couldn't look away. I wanted the hardness, and to know it was me that made it that way.

Maybe Daddy felt how I was feeling, or at least that I knew what I wanted. I didn't have to say another word.


The weekend seemed to take forever. I tried to practice with the stuff in the bag. It scared me more than I was already. I used the slippery stuff but it hurt wicked bad when I tried to push the widest part in. I texted Becca in a panic.

'i cant do it'
'calm down. i know its scary. but you want it'
'ya. i know that now. i figured it out. but i cant do it'
'you mean you cant get it in?'
'ya. it hurts so bad'
'push out when you push in'
'like you want to poop. push out'
'duh. poop first to be sure you dont have to'
'groossssssss :(('
'and rub your cunt when you do it'
'you like that word alot'
'i guess cuz i am one'


At practice on Monday I watched at the end. While we were all leaving, Coach put his arm around Samantha. Sam is 7 years old. She already has all her splits and her scorpion. Coach said she had promise. She was smiling brightly and talking a mile a minute as Coach led her into his office. The new Monday.

On Tuesday I saw Sam again. She looked different. Not a lot different. But she looked at the floor a lot more. Coach paid a ton of attention to her. Told her how well she was doing. Showed her how to tape her ankle properly. By the end she was laughing and talking a mile a minute, just like usual. At the end, he waved at Mikala and she followed him toward his office. She looked at me for just a second. Her teeth were so white when she smiled. I guess she knew what to expect. Or she thought she did. Welcome to Tuesday, I thought.

On Tuesday night I stayed up until I finally got the thing to go in. Then I couldn't sleep. On Wednesday I couldn't sit still in class cuz my butt was sore. I couldn't stay awake either. When I finally got to practice, Chloe squeezed my hand. But when she saw how I looked, her face changed all of a sudden. She said, "Don't you dare."

I blinked and said, "What?"

"Don't you dare chicken out. Don't you dare." She sounded so nasty.

I got mad and pulled my hand away. "I'm not. Don't worry. Thursday." My voice was nasty too. She relaxed and took my hand back. "Sorry. Sorry. I didn't mean it," she said. I thought she might be going to cry.

"Are you ok, Chloe?"

She wiped her nose on her sleeve. "Ya." Then, "Ya." Then, a whisper, "Becca just scared the crap out of me."

I only nodded. I already knew enough about how scary Becca could be, and my brain was too full of Wednesday to ask Chloe about Thursday.

She leaned over to my ear. Her best-kept-secret-sharing voice. "It's ok that you couldn't get it in."

I gave her a blank stare. "You know what I mean, right?" she said.

I managed to guess. I said, "But I did."

Her eyes got big. "You... did?"

I shrugged. "Ya. It hurt but I did it."

Chloe looked down. "He said nobody does."


"At the end. My last Wednesday. Coach said that nobody ever gets it in at first. He said finally doing something I thought was impossible would make me believe I could do anything. So he made it impossible on purpose. It took me three months."

I could only stand there. It was really awkward.

Finally Chloe said, "Fuck. Becca's right. You're going to Nationals for sure."

Coach Harkins

I barely made it through practice. Coach could tell I was out of it and he didn't make a big deal. Mikala gave me a hug even though she looked like she hadn't slept the night before either.

Coach didn't need to call me after. Or look at me. I just followed him to his office. It's a pretty big room and he has some extra equipment in there. I never really paid much attention to it. I guess I was paying attention to other things when I was in there. There was a vaulting horse. My favorite event. My best.

He sat on the horse and had me sit next to him. It was adjusted low to the ground, like a bench. He put his arm around me. The leather on the horse felt and smelled worn in a comfy, familiar way. I was so tired that I laid my head on his shoulder. It was weird and surprising, but nice after being so nervous.

After a minute, he said, "What did Becca and Chloe tell you about Wednesday, Sarah?"

I thought about what he meant by the question. I didn't think he was asking me if I knew what he was going to do to me. Becca had made that really clear, and I was sure that she'd told him all about it. He wanted a smarter answer.

"They said... that Wednesday is harder than Tuesday."

He kissed my forehead. "Clever Sarah. That's just exactly right. Why do you think that is?"

I thought harder. I looked around the room. There were ribbons and trophies and pictures everyplace. It was like a hall of fame.

"Because Nationals are harder than States," I said at last.

Coach almost beamed. I never saw him so happy, I think.

He combed my hair with his fingers. It was really short. I got a pixie cut so it would be out of the way for States. Coach said, "Not much to hold onto here, is there?" I thought for a second he was upset, but his face seemed almost gentle. "I don't have to hold your hair anymore for you to suck my cock properly, do I?" My face got hot. I shook my head. "So much progress in eight short weeks. But it's true, Sarah. Wednesday is harder."

He lifted me down off the horse and stood me on the floor. "Naked now, Sarah."

It didn't take me long. I handed him my leotard like always. I was starting to understand how he thought, how he wanted me to know that he had my clothes and it was up to him to decide when I'd get them back.

He touched my cheek. "Pretty girl." He knew I liked to hear it. Then, his voice still gentle, "Tell me what's going to happen, Sarah."

For all of Becca's talk I was still pretty unclear on things. I know, I'm slow. I heard myself sounding like a clueless baby. "You're going to... do... stuff... with my butt?"

He gave me the look I expected, the one he kept for clueless babies.

"Your innocent lack of knowledge is almost charming, Sarah. Almost." He put his hand on the top of my head and looked me in the eyes. "I'm going to fuck your ass with my cock, Sarah. Say that, please."

"You're going to f-fuck my ass..." I couldn't help but stammer. He looked impatient. "W-with your cock?" I managed to choke it out.

"Is it a question, Sarah?"

I knew it wasn't. I shook my head. He just watched me, his big hand heavy on my head.

"You're going to fuck my ass with your cock." I felt it in my whole body as the words left my mouth. My knees were shaking. It didn't matter how much I'd thought about it when it was really happening.

"There we go. No more baby talk from you. No more 'thing' and 'stuff' and 'butt.' It's my cock fucking your ass. But..." He ruffled my way short hair. "Not until you're ready." I relaxed a little. "How do we get ready, Wednesday?"

I didn't like him calling me that. The question was easy though. "Practice," I said.

Coach nodded. "And how is your practice going?" He was watching my face.

I said, "Good."

He raised his eyebrows. "Good." He wasn't saying that my answer was good. He said it like he was making fun of how I said it. I thought harder.

"I did it."

He just looked at me.

"I put it in."

More staring.

"I put it in my... a-ass."

Just staring.

Finally I got mad. "I don't know what it's called, ok? I never had one before."

He smiled a little. "Of course. You wouldn't have, would you? I have to talk to Becca about language. It's called a plug, Sarah."

"Okay. I put the plug in my ass."

He shook his head. "Not bloody likely. Don't lie to me." His voice was low and kinda scary.

"I-I'm not. I did it."

A glare. "I put the plug thing... the plug... in my ass. Last night. It took all weekend of trying."

Coach went to his desk and opened a drawer. He took out another one of those things. Geez, did he have like a whole supply of them? Weird.

He handed it to me. "Prove it."

My tummy tightened up cuz I was already sore from doing it the day before. But I wasn't gonna let him say I was lying. I looked around the room. He raised his eyebrows again.

"The stuff," I said. More glaring. "The slippery stuff?" He sighed and went back to his desk.

"Lube," he said when he handed it to me. I hoped I could remember all the words.

I rubbed the lube over the plug and I put some on my finger and stuck it in my butt. I know I'd been doing stuff with Coach for a long time already but that was still embarrassing. He told me to lie on the horse on my back and put my knees apart. I never ever felt more naked than that, not in my whole life before or since.

I managed to only make a little noise. It hurt so bad, worse even than the night before. It made my nose run and I had to wipe it with my hand. And my eyes too. But then I felt it slip past the wide part and the stopper thing at the end was right up against me.

Coach was shaking his head. I didn't know what to think. He was staring right between my legs. His face was different than I ever saw it before.

I said, "See?"

I wanted him to say I did good. I wanted him to say I was pretty. Even if he said that I was pretty just and only because I had the thing in my butt.

He didn't say anything. He stood up and went back to his desk. He took out a roll of shiny silver tape, the kind that's sortof like cloth. He grabbed my legs and pulled me so my butt was right at the end of the horse. Then he held my arms over my head and he wrapped tape all the way around them and around the horse. I couldn't move my arms. My naked skin went goosebumps everyplace, like if I fell through the ice on a pond.

I lifted my head and tried to talk. "C-coach? Are you m-mad? I... I mean... Chloe said... she said n-nobody else did it at first... C-coach?" I started crying. I couldn't help it. I thought I was gonna pee myself. Maybe I did a little.

Coach hooked my legs in his arms and held them up and apart. And then he started licking. He held me and he licked and licked and didn't stop and I felt his chin against the thing in my butt and he pressed it into me harder and he licked more. I was already out of air from crying and then I couldn't get air cuz of the licking and I was pulling at the tape and I felt it tear at the little hairs on my arms and I smelled the leather and I saw the lights on the ceiling and my fingers felt the leather and my legs felt the hair on his arms and then all I felt was his tongue and his lips and the thing in my butt... and the thing... and the plug... and the plug in my ass and his tongue on my cunt.

I was full and wet and his mouth was sliding over me... a stab of pain and I was empty again, impossibly empty... and the mouth was gone... but then... full again. But different. A new pain. A stab and burn but then an ache... so much deeper... and empty again... and deep, an ache... now holding there, pressing into me, so deep I think I feel it in the back of my throat. The hardness that I made. I heard a scream and it was mine and I heard a scream and it was his and I opened my eyes and I lifted my head and I saw. I saw his face. I saw his face and his eyes. And his face and his eyes were mine. The look that can't look away.

I laid there for a while. Burning. Blinking. Bleeding? Bound. Breathing.

I know I thought it. Maybe I said it. Weird as it sounds, I almost laughed when the words rolled through my brain like the news at the bottom of the TV screen.

"Welcome to Wednesday."

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