by Funtails

The flirting started at dinner.

Well, to be honest, the flirting never stopped in the house since we had gotten everything into the open, but on the day I'm talking about, I had just arrived from the factory and my girlfriend, Krista, had just finished one of her amazing stews. As we sat down, Billy came to the table, after spending the afternoon on his sixth-grade homework. He was Krista's son and the three of us had been living together for a year.

I sat at the head of the table and Billy, his blond hair a little tousled, sat to my right. He was in a polo T-shirt and neat little khaki shorts. Krista was on my left, radiant in her house dress, her auburn hair in a neat braid down her back. I held their hands to say grace. Despite all the craziness of what we three had become, I remained a very traditional man believe it or not, and I could not continue living my blessed life without remembering to thank the Creator at meal time.

We squeezed each other's hands gently and reassuringly as we prayed, but Billy made sure to give me an erotic little fingertip slide just as I lifted my hand away. His mother saw and she shook her head in wonder at his incorrigible horniness. I gave her a quick peck on her lovely lips then attacked the food.

"Did you finish your homework?" I asked Billy.


"All of it?" asked Krista, knowing how he was.

"Yes. All of it. James, tell mom to stop hassling me."

"Listen to your mom, Billy, you know how this works."

No playtime if homework wasn't done. That rule was working out great.

Krista turned to me and asked, "How was work, honey? That new client for real?"

"Oh yes," I said. "He's taking me on a fishing trip next week."

"Fish," said Billy with a scornful look. "Yuck." Billy remained a city boy despite moving to the sticks to live with me. He looked at me and asked, "You're not going are you?"

"Well, Mister Fenton's bringing his son along. I saw a pic. Cute boy. Very cute."

Billy showed just a touch of panic and then rolled with the joke by saying, "No one's cuter than me." I felt a little bad at denting his armor. This world the three of us were building with each other was still new and Billy was an insecure boy to begin with. I spooned up some stew and fed it to him as a peace offering. When he'd swallowed, Billy licked his shiny lips and my cock twitched. I took another spoonful of food for myself.

The lamb was amazing. Part of the joy of having Krista as my woman was that she excelled at the domestic stuff despite her wild and sordid past. Her father had been a strict and traditional man in his own household when she was growing up. Maybe if he had kept his hands to himself, she would have remained that epitome of middle-class, Christian virtue instead of—well, there aren't any nice words for what she became.

There was a tension at the table, as there was most nights for the last month. We knew what was going to happen after the dishes were put away, but all three of us valued our little family scene too much, so we stayed in our roles, soaking up this new reality. I had been a lonely bachelor before these two came along. Krista had been a stripper, fucking clients in the backrooms for extra cash. Billy had been a discard, a kid with no friends at school, tagged by his teachers as a troublemaker, and too crass to gain sympathy from any other adult.

But we had been good for each other.

Nowadays, Billy was a diligent student who left for school on time every morning, neat and smelling like clean laundry (Though his hair remained charmingly resistant to combs.) His mother had become a modern version of the classic American housewife—polite, demure, dressed with classy pearls and sensible fabrics while she sold cookies at the PTA sale, yet still a tiger in the bed. And I had changed too. My coworkers wanted to know why I was so happy all the time and the change had spilled over into earning me the latest manager spot to open up at the lumber mill.

Our dinner continued our happy vibe. We smiled at each other, made jokes, poked each other with toes and fingertips, and we looked at each other with undisguised lust.

Three months ago, I had begun fucking Billy. I know that's not a polite way to say it, but it's not a polite thing what he and I do. I stick my cock up his tight ass chute and give him a good hammering, until I fill his little boy hole full of hot seed. What else should I call it?

He and I had liked each other from our first meeting, when I'd gone to pick up Krista for our third date. He had tried to hide it of course. A boy with a mother like that learns fast that the men in her life are like the pollen floating through the open window, never staying for long, potentially irritating and ultimately of no consequence. But I could see the spark of hope under the world-weary contempt of his gaze. Young Billy wanted a friend. And that's what I was for nine months. Then Billy needed a lover. And that's what I happily became.

His mother knew from the start. From early on Billy and I had always snuggled. Often when we all watched TV as a family, I'd end up with him pressed against me while his mom made comments about him stealing me away from her.

One night after she and I had made love and were lying in bed, I said, "Billy groped my cock tonight when we were watching the movie."

"He's always putting his hand on your crotch. You two are so immature with that grab-ass shit."

"No," I said, holding her so she understood I was serious. "He, like, squeezed it and caressed it and— Honey, I think he might be gay."

"Hmmm." She didn't say anything more, but caressed my cock back to hardness and had me fuck her once again.

The next night, it was clear Billy and I were feeling each other up the whole time as we shared one end of the couch while his mom watched with sidelong glances from the other. She said nothing as we graduated to kissing.

The next night went similarly. And the next too, with Krista tense, but not objecting. At first, I figured she was in denial or maybe she was letting me molest Billy because she was scared of losing her new life, but when she started asking questions, I understood. She wanted to know about what we did and what it felt like and what Billy thought about it. After Billy and I went on an overnight trip one time, she asked me what we had done, her voice overly casual. I knew she wasn't interested in hearing about the theme park we'd visited.

"We took a shower together at the hotel," I said. She seemed to shiver. Hearing this was turning her on! "I soaped him up." Another shiver. "All over." A big shiver. "Then I made him do me. His hands felt so good on my cock. I don't know if I've ever been harder. When I came, I splattered Billy's whole stomach." Judging by that last series of trembles, Krista had cum hearing about us.

And so it continued, escalating, until one night after I'd brushed my teeth, I said to Krista, "Honey, I'm going to spend the night with Billy. It's time for, you know— the big boy thing."

"Oh," she said, shock and nervousness mixed with hope and arousal on her face.

I kissed her passionately, thinking about the fact that I was about to go screw this woman's son in the ass. Again, don't get me wrong...what Billy and I did was always for mutual fun, so I don't want you to feel I ever treated him disrespectfully or crudely. But standing there, holding her, the plain reality of it sunk in. I was going to ass fuck her 11-year-old son. I think it made her even hornier than me.

As I left our bedroom, I said, "I'll leave the door cracked open."

She gulped and nodded.

Knowing she was watching gave everything I did with Billy that first time an extra thrill. The second time we made love that night, I said to him, "Your mom's watching."

He froze, ceasing to thrust his hips up against my cock.

I said, "She's been watching from the start. Mommy saw her boy suck me. She saw her little boy lose his virginity to my cock." He moaned in arousal, holding me tighter and as I pumped his ass, his little dick vibrated in a dry orgasm between us.

That next day, I took Krista out for a romantic dinner. As we walked on the riverbank afterward, she asked me, "So what was it like?"

"It was amazing. Your son...his little ass feels like Heaven when I'm in it. He's like an angel when I'm holding him against me."

She gave a little groan of frustration.

"What is it?"

"I don't know..." She looked down. "It's just that I'm his mom, I should be protecting him, but thinking about you two together, seeing it...it just makes me feel so confused. It's like I wish I could be a boy for you and also at the same time I wish I could have him the way you do and— I feel so dirty."

"You know what?" I said, holding her closer. "It is dirty. But that's okay. It's okay to be dirty. You're a dirty woman and you raised a dirty boy and now we're all happy together."

Except we weren't quite all together, were we?

About a month after I had started fucking Billy, I was once more in bed with him, plowing his ass, with the bedroom door wide open.

"Mom's watching again," Billy panted against my ear. "I can see her in the shadows."

"How's that make you feel, knowing she's watching you fuck her man?"

"Good in a way," Billy said. "Like I beat her at something because she can't keep you to herself."

"But?" I said, sensing he had more to say.

"But kinda bad too. She's my mom. I don't want her to lose out on anything because you're with me. I mean, you're fucking me and she can't even see it properly."

I knew it wasn't what Billy had intended, but I seized the chance and turned to the door. "Krista, Honey?"

No answer. But I could hear her heavy breathing.

"Honey, Billy wants you to come inside. We don't need to hide this, do we? We're a family. Me and Billy, we're happy to show you how much we love each other."

Still just breathing.

"Yeah, mom," Billy added. "Please."

Krista emerged into the room, her long hair loose and sweaty and a wet patch over the crotch of her sheer nightgown. She sat on the bed near Billy and he reached out for her. They held hands and she said, "Oh, baby, I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks, mom." As they gazed into each other's eyes I resumed fucking the boy, our naked bodies unashamedly grinding against each other until we came.

After that, Krista often watched us have sex. And Billy and I would have sex at the drop of a hat, anywhere in the house, any time. (As long as his homework was done of course.) One unexpected outcome was that since his mother was watching him get nailed, even openly fingering her pussy while she watched, Billy decided he would sit in on his mom's bedroom time too.

It was a rush, undressing Krista in front of her son, then, after warming her up with my tongue, laying her naked body down so Billy could have the best view of everything I did to his mother and then fucking her as he watched from different angles, taking it all in—a man's cock claiming his mother.

The insanity of this life wasn't lost on me. So much could go wrong. Krista could have regrets. So could Billy. Heck, so could I. And sharing has never been a thing humans are good at.

But then one day I came home early from work and Billy and his mom were out by the new pool, sunning themselves. They were nude, on separate deck chairs, holding hands. And they were talking about me. It was surreal. I almost laughed as they discussed what they liked about my cock.

"The way the veins run up the side when he's hard is so cool," said Billy.

"Really? You like that?" asked his mom.

"Yeah. You don't?"

"I've never liked veiny cocks. Kinda gross. But I tolerate it on James because his crotch smells so good. I don't mind getting all up close to it."

"He smells like my socks," said Billy laughing. "After I've worn them for three days."

"He smells like a man should smell. Like he's been out working hard to provide for his family."

"Or maybe he's been stealing socks from a middle school gym and stuffing them down his pants."

"James would never do something like—" Krista laughed. "Actually, he totally would do something like that."

Their conversation moved on to which parts of my body they liked and what each of them had noticed about my sensitive spots. Right then, listening to my two lovers share their love of me, I knew this life was golden.

"Mom?" said Billy finally.


"I'm really glad you hooked up with James. He's a great guy."

"I know, Honey. But don't tell him that. He's arrogant enough as it is."

I came out of the house, grinning, and said, "Too late, my little sluts!" I grabbed each of them by the arm and tossed them into the pool as they squealed and yelped. They surfaced and cursed my name while I stripped off and plunged in to join them. That afternoon I made love to them both, side by side, as they bent over the edge of the pool, their hips and shoulders touching while I shifted back and forth from their respective love holes.

A month ago, we took that final, inevitable step. I had been getting Billy prepared, telling him about what it felt like to fuck a woman in general and his mom in particular. He himself would give her compliments now, about her earrings or her dress or hair. To an outsider, it probably sounded just like what a good son would say to the mother he adored, but I knew it was the seed of lust I had planted germinating in his mind.

As for Krista, she was telling me more and more about her frustrations. She had found an outlet in sharing sex with me and Billy, watching us, even touching us as we made love, but more and more her body called out for her to go further.

I let her energy build until one night we were all in the master bedroom. Billy was watching me fuck his mother doggy style while I pressed close to her from above. By now Billy had copied his mother's habit and would caress me and her both while he watched.

"Krista, honey," I said softly, "I think it's time Billy did more than watch."

"He already does more than watch."

"I mean with you, honey."

She said nothing, but her pussy was gripping my cock in vice-like spasms as she considered the thought.

Billy leaned down and said, "I promise I'll do it good, mom."

She looked at him, her eyes holding a desperate wetness and asked, "You sure you want this, baby? This is a big step. We can't go back from here."

I couldn't tell if she was afraid he'd say no or afraid he'd say yes.

"Mom, I love you. I want to make you feel good."

I rolled Krista and me over, so she was splayed lewdly over my body. Billy knelt between our thighs and pulled my shaft free of his mother's pussy, saying, "Gotta get that smelly thing out of the way first."

"Careful how you talk, boy." I wagged a finger at him from below. "I might just stick that smelly thing up your ass."

He bit my finger playfully and I pulled it back. His mother reached up and drew him down. "Never mind him, baby. Mommy's ready for you now. Make mommy happy, baby."


A mother and her young son, sharing their bodies as lovers.

Man, watching that I almost came without touching my cock. The love between them made me jealous. There was no way two people could ever be more closely bonded. What they had as they held each other close, tasting the forbidden erotic pleasure most mothers and sons would never share, was the most special thing in the world. Even now, after a month of us being a true threesome, I never got tired of watching them.

Tonight, as Krista loaded the dishwasher and cleared up the sink after dinner, I was hard just remembering it. I went over to her, pressing my hard cock against her round ass and nuzzled her neck.

"I love you, Honey. You and Billy both."

She kissed my lips gently and said, "We love you too, you pervert."

"Pervert?" I rubbed my hand up her thigh, under her conservatively cut dress. "At least when I fuck Billy it isn't incest."

Krista stiffened. This was a sore point with her. Now, I don't want you to get this wrong. I'm not into tormenting my women. But the fact was Krista totally got off on the incest aspect of letting her son fuck her and the reason was that a deep, old-fashioned part of her mind knew how demented and fucked-up it was. And feeding that sense of sin and transgression made each new act of incest a minefield of pleasure for her.

"Oh, James," she said, "What kind of mother am I? How can I keep—?"

"You're the best kind of mother. The kind every boy wishes he had—sexy, beautiful and willing to break the rules to make him happy."

From the living room, Billy's voice floated in. "Guys, what's taking so long? I've got the movie all ready to go."

Again Krista stiffened. These videos were another way I fed her sense of shame and lust. It was amazing how mere images made of red, green and blue light could take a person back through time. They always made her uncomfortable, but today's was going to be a doozy.

I took her hand and led her out of the kitchen. In the living room, the lights were off. The home theater projector in the ceiling was down, casting a blue glow on the giant screen that had been lowered at the wall opposite the couch. The fold-out couch had been flattened to make a bed.

Billy was of course naked, his hard boy nail bobbing up and down as he eagerly shifted on his feet.

"Ah," I said, pulling him to my side, "My favorite boy, all ready for action."

I leaned down and kissed his soft lips, rubbing the firm curve of his ass with my free hand. He tasted like his chocolate pudding desert.

His mother stepped to one side and started unbuttoned her dress in the corner of my vision. Billy reached for my belt buckle and I pulled back and opened it. We got done faster than Krista so we ended up standing there naked, watching her step out of the dress. She shook her hair out, and it I could see the wicked side of her mind creeping into her slight smile.

Billy stepped forward first and he and his mom hugged. She was quickly stroking his back in erotic swirls while he licked at her hard nipples one after the other. They both gave off groans, Billy's prepubescent voice high, Krista's deep with lust.

I hit 'play' on the laptop sitting on the side table and then walked over to join the mother and son. I enveloped them in my arms, crushing Billy between us. He purred and wriggled his butt against my thighs while my hard cock painted his smooth back with my leaking juice. Krista and I kissed, out tongues seeking each other out in slow, but intense, swipes.

With one hand I stroked her hair and the soft skin of her back. I slid the other hand between them, fingering Krista's wet pussy and Billy's belly-button in turn. This felt so right to me, having these two lovely creatures so close to me, giving and taking pleasure from each other. Unlike Krista, I had no hang-ups about this to break through. I just felt the peaceful sensations of love and lust in a warm bubble.

On the giant wall screen, the action had begun. A Catholic schoolgirl, her hair dyed blond like most porn stars, is hitchhiking down a lonely road, until a bus carrying a football team stops for her.

Billy knelt. Given his slim frame and the fact that I was a big guy, he fit easily between my slightly spread feet. I pulled Krista to me, her breasts smushing against my chest as we continued kissing. Billy's silky blond hair tickled the bottom of my balls as he ate out his mother's pussy. He was quite good according to her, but then again, moms always say their son is the best at everything.

The porno playing on the wall was one of Krista's films, from when she had first run away from home over a decade ago. She had lost count of how many she made, but my 'research' had turned up dozens of scenes which I used for our special sessions. "See?" I whispered in Krista's ear. "See how slutty you were from the start?"

In the bus, the girl finds there aren't any empty seats, so she sits on the lap of one of the players, a big guy with dark hair. She giggles shyly as he slips his large hands under her sweater. Her skirt is riding up her thighs as he spreads her legs lewdly.

"Billy is a dirty boy because he had a dirty mommy."

Krista groaned in a mixture of anguish and lust and kissed me even harder, still watching the scene with her flickering eyes. Billy was watching too, taking it all in as he slowed his licking at his mother's crotch.

I kissed my way down Krista's neck, along the smooth roundness of her breasts and down her slim stomach, until I joined Billy at the place of his birth. We competed, our tongues brushing as we playfully fought to poke into Krista's snatch. Eventually, I let him win for a bit, then kissed the flavor from his mouth as I held his head to me. After I took my own turn flicking my tongue against Krista's clit and into her slick opening, I kissed Billy again.

Krista the schoolgirl has lost her sweater and shirt. She's on her knees in the aisle of the bus, a cock in each hand, taking turns to suck them. One jock is kneeling in front of her, sucking a breast while his hand moves about under her plaid skirt. In the background another football player is twirling her panties in the air with a grin.

Billy and I worked on his mother until she could take it no more and her breathing became panting. I rose and held her upright as her body shivered, Billy's expert young tongue driving her through her orgasm. When she was finished cumming, I laid her on the couch bed and pressed my lips to hers softly. Billy crawled up her body and he joined us for a sloppy three-way kiss.

I stroked his back and his ass then stuck a finger into his hole. Typical Billy, he was already lubed up. Lying on my side, I watched the boy kiss his mother, then I said, "Spread your legs for your son, honey. He's ready to show mommy how pretty he thinks she is."

She broke her kiss and looked into Billy's eyes with wanton lust then said, "Oh, baby, yes, I want you to fuck me. Fuck mommy, baby."

Billy and Krista shifted around until he was set to mount her and then I leaned in and kissed her. Over my shoulder, I felt Billy start rocking as he entered his mother and Krista moaned into my mouth. The sofa bed started squeaking as he picked up the pace. I rolled back to watch the spectacle of a boy fucking his mother and then hugged them both. I kissed Billy on his mouth, my hand resting on his butt as it rose and them he plunged into Krista's pussy, again and again. Krista moaned, the wicked thrill of being fucked by her own son quickly overpowering her until her whole body shook in reluctant groans.

Billy came soon too, as he always did his first fuck of the night, and gasped as he dry-fired his cock at the womb he had left 11 years before.

Breathing hard, he rolled off Krista, coming to rest between me and his mother, the three of us on our backs, we adults holding him as we watched the larger than life porno action on the wall.

The action has moved from the bus to a set made to look like the 50-yard line on a football field. School girl Krista is totally naked now, kneeling on the painted grass, a huge black cock in her mouth while a red-headed guy with freckles on his back is pounding her from behind. Her eyes carry a dazed look. I've seen that look before. On Krista. And on her son. School girl Krista is on a sexual high.

"See how your mommy takes it?" I said to Billy, though I was really targeting my words at his mother. "You've got a lot of catching up to do if you want to be as good a slut as your mom."

I fondled his prick, which was hard again.

He got a dreamy look on his face and I told him, "One day, I'm gonna put you on a fifty-yard line just like that and let a couple dozen guys fuck your ass all night. Might even have all the kids from your school come fill the bleachers."

That wasn't true of course. For one thing, I liked having Billy to myself. For another, I didn't know fifty pedophiles. Heck, I didn't know even one if you ignore people I met on the internet. But this slut talk was for Krista. She was looking at me with hunger and guilt as she pictured her son up on that wall taking the gang fuck she once had.

She let out a stifled sigh.

I propped myself up on my elbow and watch the sexy boy beside me, his slim torso and hairless crotch and smooth legs. I placed a hand firmly on his far hip. I said in mock menace, "In fact, I don't think I should wait. I'm gonna fuck you right now, whether you want it or not."

Billy had horrible acting delivery, but to his credit, he knew his part and jumped right into it. "Oh no, mister, please don't fuck my little ass." Then he looked up at Krista, "Mommy, please, I'll suck his cock if you want, but I'll never be able to take that monster."

"I'll do whatever I want, kid." I spread his legs wide and looked at Krista while I got in position to fuck her son. Billy was like me, taking his pleasure wherever he could without guilt or second thoughts. But Krista lived our role-play on a deeper level. I could see the dread in her eyes as she pictured this as a real scenario. Billy pretended to wriggle loose from my grip on his waist and I shouted to Krista, "Hold him down. Help me fuck your son's ass. Do it!"

With a gulp, she pressed down on Billy's shoulders.

"Mommy," he said, "what are you doing?"

"Quiet, baby. Give the man what he wants. Mommy needs to see him fuck your little ass."

I was all set and rammed my hard cock into Billy's very slick chute. I was all the way home in an instant. Billy still had some trouble adjusting to my whole cock even after all these months, so his acting improved dramatically and he yelled in discomfort and wriggled.

Krista put her weight on her arms, holding him still as I began fucking him. His warm, wet insides were heavenly around my eager cock. For a few seconds, I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feel of it, the knowledge that I was inside a cute young boy. Then I looked into Krista's eyes as I always did when we played this game and said, "See what a bad mom you are? Look at you helping a man fuck your innocent son. You're holding down your own defenseless child so I can molest him."

There were practically tears in her eyes at this point as Krista lived our fantasy.

"Go ahead," I said, "Kiss your boy while I fuck him. Tell him it's going to be okay."

She pecked him on the cheek and said, "Just hold on a little more, baby. Mommy's proud of her little boy. You're taking that big cock so well for mommy. "

At this point, the whole setup fell apart because Billy was having too much fun getting fucked and he moaned in pleasure before saying, "Oh, God, James, fuck me harder. This feels so good."

Krista and I both laughed, jolted out of our little roleplay and back into the fun family fuck night we were having. I leaned down and kissed him before getting up on my knees and taking deeper strokes into Billy's tight ass while holding his splayed ankles. His mother knelt near me and we kissed. Then she leaned down and kissed Billy as the boy squeezed one of her breasts with his left hand and stroked her neck with his other.

I heard a triple beep from the movie behind me, a little warning I had inserted earlier to mark the start of my surprise.

Without turning around, I knew what was happening on the screen. "Billy," I said, "Look at the movie. Make sure you watch the movie." His mom was intrigued by my tone and turned too. They watched, even as I kept fucking Billy.

School girl Krista is on her back. She's taken half a dozen cocks by now, though no one's cum yet. Yet another football player steps up to the action. Or rather kneels. This is the punter and the others have been ragging him all night as football teams do to punters. But this young man is special. His golden blond hair and fine nose have a familiar delicate look. With his pointed chin and thin face, he's cute rather than handsome.

Krista gasped. She hadn't seen any of the videos since they were made and the hundreds of guys she fucked during that period are mostly a blur, but like any mother, it wasn't hard for her to recognize the face of her son in the stranger fucking her onscreen.

Billy looked to his mom and then to me and then to the screen. He was a smart kid so the truth hit him quick. "Mom? Is that...?"

"Oh, God, baby...yes."

The football team is standing around the couple on the fake grass, yanking their cocks.

Krista looked at me with dawning dread, remembering how this scene went. She shook her head and mouthed to me, "No. You can't."

But it was too late.

One by one, the jocks come, blasting their loads on the school girl below them. Krista gave the production company her older cousin's social security number and stolen ID to prove she was eighteen, but she's actually just sixteen as these dozen men start coating her in semen from forehead to crotch. Her breasts become shiny as rivulets of white run down it at different angles.

The young blond between her legs is thrusting hard, lost in the moment. So lost that he forgets to pull out and he cums inside the high school porn star, gasping and grunting.

From the look in her eyes, it's clear that Krista just came during the bukkake shower too.

"See that, Billy?" I asked as I kept fucking the stunned boy under me while he and his flabbergasted mother stared at the screen. "You were born to be a boyslut. Your mother conceived you covered in the sperm of an entire football team after they all fucked her."

Billy continued to stare at the screen for a few more seconds then grinned at me and said, "Cool!"

I smiled back and said, "I knew you'd be happy about that."

Krista looked relieved that Billy took the video of his conception so well, but her own reaction was just what I intended, a flush of shame at having her slutty past exposed to her son.

I stroked her face and brushed her hair back over her ear. I said, "You know what I wish more than anything right now?"


"That I could get Billy pregnant by cumming inside him."

"What?!" shouted Billy. He rubbed his flat belly at the thought. "I'm a boy. Boys don't get pregnant."

"I know. That's why it's just a wish."

Krista reached down and stroked Billy's tummy too. I knew her head was a whirl of images at the idea of 'what if' as she watched my big, hard cock continue to fuck her son's tight ass.

I almost came right then, but I held back. Tonight was too important.

"But there's something else I could do," I said. "Without wishing."


I looked at Krista and asked, "You remember what we talked about?"

"Yes." She looked at her flat stomach. I had asked her to stop taking the pill a month ago and hadn't cum in her pussy since.

"It's time. If you want it."

She looked down at Billy and rubbed his forehead, admiring the cute son her last pregnancy had brought her. Those had been desperate times and she had struggled to raise the boy well. Now she had a good life, with money and security. She was ready to try again.

"Yes," she said softly. Then she smiled and said a little louder. "Yeah, definitely, let's do it."

"Do what?" asked Billy.

"Your mom and I are gonna make a baby tonight."

"Really!?" He'd been asking for a few months now. "Oh, wow, this is so— Hey!"

I rose up and away from him, taking my hard prick with me.

"Sorry, buddy," I said. "I gotta give the sperm to your mom."

"Crap," said Billy.

"Oh, don't worry, baby," said Krista. "I'll finish you off."

She got on all fours over her 11-year-old son and slipped her lips over his hard shaft. He breathed in sharply and gripped her hair. I got behind her and slid into her dripping pussy, my cock ready to shoot off. I kept my pace steady as I fucked her, kneading her firm butt under my palms while she blew her son.

Leaning back on his elbows, Billy looked up at me with a smug smile, as if to say, 'Ain't this just the perfect life?'. I nodded to him and then he looked at his mother and a spark came to his eyes. He knelt, his mother leaving his little dick for just a moment before dutifully slurping it back into her mouth.

"Eiffel Tower?" Billy asked me mischievously.

"Yeah," I said, "Eiffel Tower." Then we high-fived over his mother and held it, forming the 'tower'.

Krista looked up for a moment and said, "God, you two are so immature."

"Hey," I said, "If you don't like that one, we can always do the Paris Catacombs."

"I've never heard of that," she said.

"It's where we make the tower anyway, but we bury you under us."

Before she could react, I flipped her onto her back and straddled her twisting waist, then sunk my cock right back into her wet slit. Billy got the idea right away and lowered his butt over his mom, so that his cock went in her mouth.

"Ahh," he sighed.

Krista got into it too, quickly getting back to sucking while I picked up the pace. I couldn't hold it for long. I signaled Billy for the high five and after we were holding it, I pulled him to me, kissing him hard and deep as I unleaded into his mother's twitching pussy again and again.

Thanks to the thrill of what we were doing and the Viagra I'd taken before dinner, I never got soft. Billy had cum, so he dismounted and snuggled up to his mom as I kept fucking her. She was well into her sex-trance as Billy kissed her and stroked and squeezed her boobs.

I imagined Krista's belly pregnant with my child, those boobs swollen with milk while Billy and I sucked on them. Just that image set me off.

I leaned quickly down and said into Krista's ear, "You made your first son covered in cum. And you're such a slut now that you're making your second kid with a child molester whose going to be kissing your first son as he shoots his load up your cunt."

She moaned, that familiar mix of arousal with anguish.

I turned left and Billy was already there, his lips ready. We kissed as I slowly put more and more effort into each thrust.

When I was right about to burst, I moved back to Krista's ear and said, "And this is just the first kid, Krista. Next year, we're gonna make another baby brother for Billy."

She looked at me, dread in her face as she could tell what I was leading to. Her neck throbbed and her body was trembling in lust.

I said, "Only next year, instead of me making a brother for Billy, we'll put Billy between your legs and let him do the work himself."

Krista wailed as she came, her passage going wild on my cock, squeezing and pulling. I grabbed Billy and kissed him as I unloaded once again, squirting and squirting, aiming for his mother's womb, until I had nothing left to give.

Billy and I each cuddled up to one side of Krista, and we held her close, stroking her stomach and dreaming together of the future.


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March, 2016

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