by Funtails

3 months later...

Friday evening dinner at the country club. Billy was leaning over the rail of the terrace looking out at the Georgia sky as the summer sun drifted to the horizon. His ass was so cute in his khaki shorts, especially with his polo shirt riding up and exposing his smooth lower back.

I helped Krista into her seat. With her belly three months pregnant, I didn't do the normal thing and slide the chair forward. Her hair was up tonight, exposing her slender neck, and ears where diamond drop earrings hung, elegant in the low light. Things like that helped here at the club, where Krista and I were new members still trying to feel like we belonged. I took my seat opposite her and smiled.

"Billy, don't do that," she said to her son. "It's dangerous."

"Aw, mom it's barely one story up."

"Come back here, Billy," I instructed him, keeping my eyes on Krista who was managing to make her maternity dress look sexy. Who was I kidding? She was sexier because of it, because I knew my child was growing in there.

The waiter came over. Billy took his seat between me and his mother, a cute pout on his lips.

"Wine for me," I said to the waiter. "Grape juice for the lady." I looked over at Billy and raised an eyebrow.

"Wine," he said to the waiter.

"He'll have chocolate milk," his mother said.

"Awww," he muttered as the waiter left.

Again I smiled at Krista, feeling fortunate. She returned a shy smile, glancing around warily.

We were interlopers here in a way, me being a member only because my boss liked me and my family enough to consider us worthwhile. Like most of the people in the county, he knew that Krista had a dark past. Her current state was little better for the morally upright, with her pregnant and living in sin. Unlike most people, however, Mr. Drake was a real Christian, happy to let someone work for their redemption.

Plus I think he had a crush on Billy and always had the boy caddy for him when he did his usual nine holes after church on Sundays.

Still, some of the club members had been cold to us. But Mr. Drake had laughed if off, pointing out that half the wives in this place had been whores of some sort before.

"You look beautiful," I said to Krista.

"Oh, God, not this again," said Billy, rolling his eyes.

"You don't think you mom is beautiful?"

"Of course she is. But ever since you got her pregnant it's like that's all you can talk about is how she's glowing with life and all that."

His mom seemed worried and said, "Billy, it's not that James is--"

"It's okay, Krista, I think we should let him be honest about this."

But he had gone quiet.

I stroked his slim shoulder and arm. "C'mon, buddy, you can tell us. We don't have secrets."

"You do too have secrets." He looked surprisingly upset, his blue eyes shiny. "Like that time you and mom went to Chik-fil-A without me and afterwards you said she had a doctor's appointment."

"Your mom was having cravings."

"Yeah? Well me too."

"Yes, we realized that after we came back and we didn't want you to feel bad, so--"

"Billy," said his mom, "are you jealous of me?"

"A little," he admitted, his head dipping down. "Like yesterday when James came home, I hugged him at the front door and he ended up just going to talk to you where you were sunbathing at the pool."

I joked, "Did you see how your mom looked in that bikini, with her belly bumping out?"

He looked at me like I was dumb for not realizing that he could indeed see that she was gorgeous that way.

I said, "Billy, buddy, I love you more than ever. It's just that every day is something new with your mom and this pregnancy. You can't blame me for paying attention."

"I don't blame you. I just feel left out."

His mom stroked his hair. "It's okay, baby. Nothing wrong with having feelings like that. Change is hard."

He looked at me and then Krista and said, "I'm still glad about the pregnancy and the baby brother and all that. I mean, I'm happy it happened. Plus mom's been even hornier than usual."

And as we laughed, the mood shifted and our family dinner just clicked into our usual joyful gathering.

About an hour later, Mr. Drake came by and greeted us. Just before he left for his own table, he gave me a questioning eyebrow. I gave a slight nod, letting him know everything was on track.

As I fished in my jacket pocket a minute later, however, I realized I might have a problem: Billy.

Soon after, the solution came to me. I signaled the violinist and he closed off his piece and walked over. He then lifted his instrument and played a long rising note that drew Krista's attention. Billy too. And most of the people on the balcony. While the violinist segued into a quiet, romantic piece, I knelt on the wooden deck between Krista and Billy. Krista looked down in shock. She knew right away what I was about to do, but I was about to disappoint her a bit.

I spoke to Billy instead, pulling out the box with the diamond ring and opening it for all to see. "Billy, you and your mom have made me happier than I have any right to be. You give me comfort and joy and a place to be myself. I know you've had her for your own all these years and it's not always easy having to share her, but I think we work better all together. Please, I'm asking you-- and her too of course--" the crowd laughed. "I'm asking you, Billy...I want to marry your mom." Krista's eyes were wet with happiness. She nodded slightly at me to show that she understood why I asked Billy instead of her. For his part, Billy seemed to be having a hard time processing the situation. He reached out and took the ring like he was examining an alien artifact. He held it up, the diamond sparkling in the light, a serious contemplative look on his face.

I was starting to worry that my gambit to make him not feel left out was going to backfire. Then he looked over at his mom and smiled. She smiled back. He reached with his free hand for her and slipped the ring over her finger. The crowd cheered and clapped while I brought Krista to her feet and kissed her.

- - -

In the car, going home, Krista and I held hands silently in the front. Billy splayed out in the back, texting his friends about the news.

After a while, Krista said, "Thank you so much, James."

"I'm pretty sure I'm coming out with the better part of this deal."

"Oh, I know that," she said, a laugh in her voice. Then she got serious. "I mean for how you did it. I grew up respectable, but since then I've had these issues, feeling like I'm not good enough, feeling like dirt, white trash. Being that stereotype single mom stripper. And to get a romantic proposal like that at a country club having all those people cheering us...it felt like a dream. Me and Billy, when he was a boy, I'd promise him that one day we'd find a place where we were wanted. And you gave us that." Her voice broke a little and I understood that final look that had passed between them before Billy put the ring on her.

"I love you, Krista. Every which way you are." She squeezed my hand and gave me a knowing smile. "Don't worry," she said. "I'll always be your dirty little slut when you want me."

"Good. Because tonight's not over." Before she could react, I added, "I'm thinking of the resort at Rapid Bend for the wedding. End of September."

"Oh, yes," said Billy from the back. "That place is cool. They have the new water slides and the Terrorcoaster."

"And a lovely forest grove near the river with a full-service reception tent."

Krista seemed doubtful. Rapid Bend was near her parents. She knew what I was asking. "James, I don't know. My father's not going to want to come and trying to even convince him is going to be a lot of stress."

Krista's father had disowned her once she ran away. He and her mother had not spoken kindly to her since and refused to acknowledge Billy's existence.

"Don't worry about it, babe," I said in a cheerful voice. "I know how to win him over. I'll handle it. If it doesn't work out you'll never have to deal with him."

- - -

After we got home, I took a piss and then I sent an email to Fred Lewiston. Krista's father was in for a great big surprise once he clicked my link. But that would bear fruit over the next few months. Tonight was for other business.

The projector was already set up in the living room, the movie cued up. I stood behind Krista, the two of us watching the blank blue screen. "Is it bad?" asked Krista, a fearful note in her voice. She knew these flashback sessions could be humiliating. Seeing her trepidation made my cock harder. And knowing her, she was getting wetter. More proof that we were the perfect fit. It was odd how much changed once you got to sex. All that stuff before where I was sweet to her, where I took pleasure in our tender ways with each other, that was real. I respected her, I adored her. But in the bedroom, I got off on that edge of rubbing her face in her dirty past. In manipulating that guilt she had from her sexual adventures and, of course, over the fact that she was not only letting me molest her pre-teen son, but encouraging it and even fucking the boy herself.

I stood close behind Krista, looking at the wall as Billy started up the movie. Krista gasped as the title came on the screen: Pregnant Bukkake Sluts 9.

"James, no..."


"James, I can't let Billy see this."

Billy was staring at the screen as she said this, his smooth naked body glowing in the pale light so that he looked angelic.

Fifty-six men, of all races, ages and sizes are talking, lounging and laughing in a large black-walled locker room. They're in various stages of undress as they openly pump their cocks and tell the camera about how much they're looking forward to shooting their load all over the face of the movie's star. Many boast about how much cum they have waiting.

Sixteen-year-old Krista is led into the room. She's about 7 months pregnant.

"You can't hide this from him, Krista. Better he find out this way, okay?"

She choked up a bit and nodded.

Young Krista's face flickers with doubt as she looks at the men--and cocks--arrayed for her defilement.

"This was the worst part of the whole thing," she said quietly. "Right at the start."

"Really?" I asked, knowing how this movie ended.

"Yeah. I was so conflicted. The men treated me like this object and it made me feel so vulnerable, but after things with my dad, I kind of got off on that too, you know? So I was worried and horny all at once."

The men are in a ring against the back wall of the locker room set. Krista takes a slow lap to greet them all, smiling shyly. They pinch her tits and slap her ass and call her slut. One guy leans her over and loudly says he needs to kiss them sweet lips before they get all ruined today.

There is a black bean bag on the floor with a clear plastic bowl. Krista does a little dance around the bag once she's greeted all the men who will be cumming on her face, shaking her hips and wiggling her butt. There are no preliminary sex acts. Fifty-six men need to have their orgasm in the next 20 minutes. Krista reclines in the bag, her legs splayed, her head back, face upturned as she holds the bowl in her lap. The men cheer.

I kissed her neck and began unbuttoning her dress at the back. She shivered, whether from the air against her bare skin or the sight of her young son engrossed in his mom's degradation on screen, I couldn't say. I've made sure that Billy has never seen any bukkake videos before. The worst was the football team cumming on his mother three months ago but that was tame compared to this movie. He was in for a shock.

I knelt, kissing the rise of Krista's ass and sliding her panties down and off. I circled my hands around her pregnant belly and stroked the precious bump. Billy came over, his slim form moving with boyish grace, and leaned against his mother's side, sucking one breast. I twisted his hips to me and took his hard little boy nail into my mouth.

The first guy to come grunts and blasts Krista's sweet face with three spurts of thick cream, most of it curling across her forehead. She flinches and her body goes tense before relaxing slowly. The expression on her face is like someone who just realized they mistakenly got into the deep end of a swimming pool. The pearly streaks gleam against her skin.

"That looks awesome," said Billy. He looks up at his mom. "How did it feel?"

I reached through Krista's legs and finger her steamy pussy. She was totally turned on despite her nervousness and shame.

"It's heavy," said his mother. She stroked his back and neck tenderly. "Just one load of cum on your face takes up all your attention. It's warm and sticky and slides about so you're constantly aware of it. And the smell is so strong it feels like you're breathing cum."

On screen, a second and third load have been delivered, one spurt across Krista's top lip.

"James," said Billy, "I want to try that, taking it on my face. You've never cum on me before."

It was true. I always came up his ass or down his eager throat.

"Are you sure?" asked his mother.

Young Krista is going through shell shock. She's taken five loads now and it's overpowering her senses. The last guy rubs his cock around her lips, spreading his load across them. Her breathing is short and shallow. The next guy comes up and braces the head of his cock at her cheekbone. She shifts away a bit before remembering her place and lets him stay there, her expression apprehensive. She flinches worse than ever as he blasts a spray of cum down her cheek and it drips off her jaw.

Billy said, "Yeah. I gotta know what this is like."

I pulled Krista down, lowering her to the carpet. There was no need to watch each orgasm in a video like this. It was kind of repetitive really, except for the occasional super-spurter. The hypnotic appeal was in the way the effect of the continuing facials built, like those time-lapse videos of a skyscraper under construction where you find yourself fascinated by the accumulated effect.

I laid her on her back and knelt between her thighs. Again I stroked the pregnant belly. Billy lowered his head to her pussy and licked it. She had him carefully cover her in a sixty-nine position and began sucking her son's cock. He sighed and wiggled his ass a bit.

I was sorry to lose sight of her swelling stomach, but Billy's cute, smiling face was a good replacement. I held him under the chin and slid my cock head between his soft lips. Eagerly, the boy sucked on my cock and it jerked in his mouth at the sensation of warm wetness. The base of my shaft was resting on his mother's pussy cleft and I began to slide back and forth along the slit, poking the head further into his sucking mouth

A few heavy drips of cum hang off Krista's cheek and chin then separate and fall, landing in the clear bowl she's holding. The plan is that all the cum will end up there sooner or later, whether from falling directly or flowing down her neck and breasts. She smiles. With her initial shock over, she's into this now and actually licks her lips. Through eyes she has to squint because of the cum flowing down from her forehead, she spies the next ready cock and calls it over with a finger, oohing like a young girl asking for ice cream.

I tenderly stroked Billy's silky blond hair wondering if I'd have enough of a load when I came to blast his hair too. Billy smiled around my cock at my touch and I was filled with love for him. He was a treasure, this boy, so beautiful and eager to please.

His mother moaned as she kept sucking on him and I knew she needed my cock in her. I pulled back, getting one last kiss from Billy's red lips and then slid into Krista, our year of constant sex making us practiced at the act. She wrapped her legs around me and I held still as I enjoyed the sensation of my cock encased in her tight, gripping pussy. Even better was knowing that I was inside a woman whose stomach was swelling with my child.

I stroked her smooth thighs and hips, with one hand as the other continued playing with her son's hair. Billy pushed up with his hands, to a kneeling position, his mother still sucking on his stiff little cock. I leaned forward to kiss him tenderly on his lips and then pulled back and said, "Gotta make sure I kiss those lips before I come all over them."

He laughed and said, "Like you care. You'd kiss me even if I looked like mom in the video." We both glance over at the wall.

Krista's face is absolutely caked in gooey cum, luminescent under the lights. He facial expression is pure sexed-out bliss. She has gone to that zen-like place where she floats on pure sexual emotion.

Billy leaned toward me and began licking my nipples, giving them gentle bites on occasion. Still stroking his hair, I started slowly pumping my cock in his mother's pussy. Even after so long, I still had to shake my head sometimes at the amazing situations I found myself in with these two. Making love to a sexy mother and son... I rocked back and forth, stroking down Billy's smooth shoulders. Slowly I built my speed. Krista gave brief squeaky moans under us with each stroke I made. She always came faster in these three-ways than when she was having sex with just me or just her son. Today was just the same. Muffled, she cried out and her pussy shivered around me, squeezing me so hard I almost lost control. I held still a moment, deep inside her, until the shuddering ended.

She went limp, and must have stopped sucking Billy because he eased off her sideways and said to me, "Let me fuck mom now." I pulled out and tapped Krista's thigh lovingly. "Roll over, babe. Time to give the boy a turn."

She complied with a dreamy air, getting onto her knees, with her shoulders and the side of her face pressed against the thick carpet and her round ass in the air. For a second I was tempted to go back to fucking her, but the anticipation on Billy's face was too much and I could not deny my boy this treat.

"Give her a little tongue action first," I said softly to him.

While he crouched and began slurping on his mother's pussy, making her moan, I knelt at Krista's face and presented my cock to her, hard and dripping with her juices. She smiled when she saw it and got on her elbows. She was a more experienced cock sucker than her son, so she knew that it didn't require anything fancy. Unlike Billy, who sucked cock like was playing a game for his own amusement, Krista got down to the business of pleasing her man.

I stroked her hair and admired her pretty face, which retained its sweetness even with all she had lived through from the time she was a girl. I leaned backward and lay flat. Krista held my cock upright, the diamond on her new engagement ring glinting. On the screen, that same innocent face was masked in flowing cum a sluttish and almost animal lust animating her expression. Billy ended his pussy eating and began fucking her, making her body rock gently as she sucked me.

I asked softly, "How does that feel, Krista?"

She looked up at me, questioningly.

"How does it feel to have your own son fucking you? What do you think all those women at the club would say if they could see you now? You think they'd still clap and cheer you for marrying me? You think they'd want you in their club, a woman who lets her own son fuck her?"

Krista moaned, turned on by my shaming of her.

I continued, "A woman who enjoys it? Is that the kind of high-class woman you are?"

Billy had a short fuse, like most boys. He came with a grunting and shivering behind her.

"One day when Billy cums, he'll have a load to shoot in you, babe. He's gonna make you pregnant. I bet you'd love for them to know that at the club, wouldn't you?"

The thought sent Krista wild and she was coming again. She paused her sucking, her lips hovering over the head of my cock as she panted--her warm, excited breath washing over me as she moaned. As her orgasm ended, she half fell against my cock, the precum smearing along her cheek as her lips came to rest at the base of my stiff shaft.

Billy pulled back, a satisfied smile on his face. He and I helped Krista lie flat on her back, her swelling baby bump rising and falling with her deep breaths.

"You," I said firmly, pointing at Billy.

"Me what?"

"You need a good fucking," I said menacingly.

"Damn right, I do!" Billy was bouncing on his heels. I loved this kid. I loved his eagerness to have fun, the energy that had blossomed in him since our paths had crossed, changing him from a cynical, beaten-down brat to a lovely sprite.

Following my signals, he got on his knees, facing the wall. His mother was crossway under him, his head over her breasts. She stroked his neck and shoulders as he licked and sucked her, then she smiled at me. Most times, I'd be giving her a hard time right now, teasing her about how dirty she was to be letting her own man fuck her son, and for getting off on it. But tonight I wasn't just her man. I was her husband-to-be. And the look on her face was beyond sex. She loved Billy. She loved me. She loved that Billy and I could be so close while still loving her. I stretched out my hand and stroked Billy's shoulders too, her hand under mine. She silently mouthed the words 'Thank you,' to me and I nodded reassuringly.

Then I got ready to fuck her son. He was, as usual, all greased up back there, ready to take me on. I steadied the leaking knob of my cock against his tight pucker and pushed insistently, breaking through. Billy grunted and then sighed. I stroked his hip tenderly with my free hand and slid all the way in. Billy was always warmer than his mother inside. Tighter too. Fucking him always turned out more intense.

I wasted no time and began pounding him. After all, he had already had an orgasm. Krista had cum twice. I'd been biding my time through two blowjobs and it was time to finish in style. As I fucked his sweet channel, the scene from 11 years ago played out on the wall for Billy. His mother watched too, looking sideways.

The bowl is halfway full of creamy cum now. Krista is practically unrecognizable except for that familiar expression of her sexual high. Cum is even pooled in the hollow of her collarbones. Someone hands her a spoon and she begins scooping the film of white stuff off her breasts and neck and into the bowl.

Billy was rocking under my vigorous fucking now, jostling his mother and making her boobs jiggle. He made a game out of catching the nipples in his lips, or trying to at any rate. As I continued to fuck him harder and harder, he stopped, bracing himself on his elbows for balance, his face bouncing against his mother's breasts as he slipped into the sex trance he had inherited from his mother.

Time for the big finale. The half-filled bowl of cum collected from 56 men is ready. Krista's nose wrinkles as she brings it to her lips. I can only imagine how intense it must smell.

"Watch the screen," I told Billy, slapping his ass to break his trance. His head popped up and he took in the scene. He looked back at me after realizing what was about to happen with the bowl, but not believing it. I smiled back and said, "You'll want to see this."

Krista knows this is a show. She could probably drink it all in one go, experienced slut that she is. But she makes it last. She takes the first mouthful of cum and opens her mouth to the camera, smiling, then swallowing with an exaggerated gulp. She does this for every mouthful that follows. In between each swallow the camera cuts away to show her pregnant body, the shiny wetness of the cum on her skin, accentuating the 7-months-pregnant curve of her belly. But, even after a minute of this, she's only finished a quarter of the cum.

"See?" I told Billy as I enjoyed the heat and tightness of his ass chute, fucking him with rapid strokes. "That's what your momma fed you. All the cum she could find. That stuff is what went into nourishing you...making you what you are. Your skin, your bones, your blood...even your soul, I reckon. No wonder you still love the stuff."

I had a tight grip on Billy's hips now, my climax building as I verbally toyed with Billy.

"Tell you momma 'thanks', Billy."

Krista looked at me, then at her son.

"Go on," I told him. "Tell her thanks for feeding you the cum you needed to be a good little boy slut."

Billy smiled and said, 'Thanks, mom. Thank you for all the cum."

"You're welcome, sweetie," she told him.

I pulled out and started jacking my cock. "Time for you to take it for yourself, Billy. Turn around."

He faced me, his head resting in the valley between his mother's breast and her pregnant bump. I walked over on my knees, straddling his chest and as soon as the head of my cock touched his chin, I erupted from the sensation of that touch. Pleasure ripped along with my squirting cum and it fired a thick rope that stretched from Billy's top lip across his pert nose and smooth forehead into the tumbling locks of his blond hair. The second massive shiver of orgasm took me and my aim suffered. This blast of cum sprayed wildly down his right cheek to his ear. Two more jolts of electric pleasure raced through me and I spattered Billy's nostrils and covered his left eye in a streamer of pearly white. As the climax ran its course, I sprayed a few drops over his mouth and chin and his tongue darted out to lick it up.

Finally, I pulled back and rested my butt on Billy's crotch, his hard cock pulsing under me. His boyish face was beautiful under the spreading mess I've made on him. "How's that feel?" I asked him.

"Awesome!" Billy was smiling. "It's just like mom said. It's heavy and smelly and it's all I can think about right now."

Krista was looking at her son's face in shocked silence, an odd smile growing there, like she wished she'd been able to do that to him herself. I moved to one side and took hold of Billy's stiff boy dick and began jerking him off. His mother scooped up a finger of cream off his nose and brought it to his red lips. Wordlessly, he slurped it and then swallowed.

Krista said, "Momma wants some too, son."

He cleaned the line of wetness on his right cheek and held his finger up for her to take a sample. She sucked and licked it all off his finger. They took it in turns like that as I stroked him until he stiffened and came, his cock still not able to make any juice.

We ended up spooned on the carpet as we watched the final moments of the movie. Billy was up against his mother's back as I lay against his. Together we stroked her large belly fingers entwined.

Krista has finally taken it all. Or almost all. She scrapes a final load off the bowl with her finger, holds it up to the camera then smiles and licks it clean.

I contemplated the fact that Billy still wasn't shooting sperm yet. But I chided my impatience. 'Soon enough,' I assured myself. 'He'll be ready.'

To be continued in 3 months.

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June, 2016

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