The kids arrive

22 March 2018

Tim Buchanan

This is my very first story on Nifty. I would love feedback. I enjoy it, but could always use suggestions.

This is a republished version as I have restructured it a bit and cleaned it up and combined some chapters. I also converted to HTML, as it is a much easier and pleasing read, at least to me. I'm still learning.

Formerly Chapters 1 through 9

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I'll be honest. I never thought I would have a story that I thought was worth sharing. I lived a pretty boring life, keeping to myself, and didn't often have a lot going on. This is really my journal, but for the first time I thought it might be an interesting read, so posted it here. Enjoy.

Bob gets the call

My name is Bob. Even my name is boring. I was 22 years old and lived in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, which is right between Clearwater and St. Pete. OK, that didn't help. It's all part of the Tampa area on the west coast of Florida. I worked as a web designer, having started in high school. Once I graduated, I was already fairly well known in my area, so I skipped college and kept on working. For my age, I made a pretty decent living, and didn't have much to spend it on (boring, remember?).

Probably the most interesting thing about me was that I lived on a boat. A 1970 Christ-Craft 55 Commander, to be exact, one of only 57 made. I bought it with my savings and, to be honest, it was in pretty ratty shape, which is the only reason I could afford it. The basics were sound, including the hull and rebuilt engines, but the interior was just trashed. I got a deal, figuring I could do the work myself. I'm pretty handy.

It's a beauty of a boat. Three bedrooms -- the Master stateroom in the back, with a bath, a second bedroom in the back, with twin beds and another bath, and a small room in the front, under the bow, with the third bath. Yes, three bedrooms and three baths, all on a boat. In between is a nice living room and a surprisingly complete kitchen.

When I got it, there were no beds, the cabinets were ripped out and the appliances were gone. Literally gone.

I had owned it a couple years and you would not recognize it as the same boat. I worked on the interior first and had it perfect. New carpet, new appliances, refinished cabinets, new beds, the works. Every paycheck contributed a little to the project, and I slowly cleaned it up.

The exterior still needed work, but one project at a time. I mostly stay in port, but did take it out and cruise occasionally. It was my one draw for co-workers, so sometimes I took some of them out, but couldn't say I'D developed much in the way of true friendships. I'D always been a loner, so that was OK with me. Someday I'll cruise the Caribbean. With 1,500 gallons of diesel, I could go pretty far.

I guess I had become a loner because that has always been my life. I was the second child of an older couple. Yes, the classic oops baby. My parents were already in their forties and my only sister was 18 and just graduating high school when I was born. They tried their best, but I always knew that they were excited about being empty nesters and then I came along. They spoke often of their dream of traveling, but, you know, me. I never really got to know my sister, since she had graduated college before I hit kindergarten. We rarely talked, as she lived in the Midwest, somewhere in Nebraska. I didn't even know exactly where, as I had never been invited to visit. I thought she had kids, but didn't know much about them. Our parents died pretty young, so it is basically just me. There was nothing wrong with our relationship. We just didn't have one.

One Monday in the early spring I happened to be taking the day off and was just being lazy around the boat. I had a lot to do and didn't feel like doing any of it. It was a nice day, so I was just lounging in the sun. I'm tall and wiry (6'2", 165), but was as white as can be, so thought a little sun couldn't hurt.

Then the phone rang. It startled me, as who the heck would be calling? The caller identified himself as an attorney in Lincoln, Nebraska. I wasn't sure exactly where that was, but he said he was the attorney for my sister and her husband. Then he dropped the bombshell. They had both been killed in a car crash the night before. A drunk driver drifted across the line and they died instantly. It was startling, but as I mentioned, we were not that close, so I thought the call would be short. Oh, but he was not done. They had named ME as their children's guardian. Apparently I was the only family on either side. As I mentioned, I didn't know a thing about their kids, not even how many there were. Apparently there were three. A 14 year old girl named Morgan, a 12 year old boy named Orlando and a 10 year old girl named Leslie. Just like my sister, perfectly spaced and alternate genders, favoring girls. I would later find out that their nick names were Mor, Or, and Les. Get it? More Or Less. I just hope she hadn't actually planned that.

Anyway, back to the crisis. I was in shock. What did he mean I was their guardian? I'm 22. I couldn't be a father to three kids. That's where the pressure started. If I didn't take them, the state of Nebraska would. They'd go into foster care. They'd be split up. Pressure. I finally came to the truth that I needed to step up. He did share that there was a generous trust fund, paid by their life insurance, that would cover their needs through college, so at least they had planned for that.

That began the frantic planning for their move to Florida. Not only did they lose their parents, but they were moving cross country to live on a boat with an uncle they've never met. I couldn't imagine. The attorney was surprisingly helpful. The kids were at a neighbor who agreed to get them to the airport. Flights were already arranged and they would arrive that night at 8:30pm. Wow. I was going to have a crazy day. I didn't even have sheets for any of the beds other than my own!

The kids arrive

After a full day of shopping, cleaning and more, I was headed to the Tampa airport. I had no idea what kids liked, so I'd stocked up with books, stuffed animals, and snacks. I figured we'd get the details right together. They were traveling as unaccompanied minors, so I got there very early to get a pass to meet them at the gate. I realized I had no clue what they even looked like! I waited at the gate over to the side. I scanned everyone coming off, but didn't see three kids together. Finally, after everyone was off, a flight attendent came off with three kids -- two girls and a boy. That had to be them. I approached them, introduced myself and showed my id to the flight attendant. With that, I was the guardian of three kids. They looked to still be in a state of shock.

The oldest, Morgan, had a look of defiance on her face. I wasn't that far removed from being fourteen, so it didn't surprise me. She had her headphones on and was holding her phone. She reluctantly took them out of her ears to say hello. While she did, I gave her a close look. My god she is gorgeous. That perfect fourteen year old. Tall, thin, developing nicely. The kind of girl I dreamed about at her age but with whom I never had a chance. I'd say she was about 5'5", 120 pounds, all legs. Pretty dirty blonde hair. She was developing into a woman, so she had a nice flare to her hips and small, B cup breasts. I could tell they were firm, as I could see she wasn't wearing a bra. She was wearing white shorts that appeared to be a size too small (can you say camel toe?) and a forest green tank top that accentuated those firm budding breasts.

Settle down Bob, you're her new guardian.

Her brother Orlando was a 90% facsimile of Morgan, but a boy. About 5' tall, maybe 100 pounds, he looked like he was some sort of an athlete. I'd guess a swimmer or surfer, as he had that uniquely strong but thin body. He was wearing flowered board shorts and a plain white T-shirt. He looked a little lost, but gave me a nice, if wan, smile.

The littlest one, Leslie, was clearly still a little kid. About 4'6" and 70 pounds dripping wet. Clearly no development yet for her, as the t-shirt she was wearing didn't have any bumps at all. She was in cute pink shorts with a Hello Kitty T-shirt. She was clutching what appeared to be a stuffed dog that had seen better days. I am not sure she exactly knew what was going on, or was doing well to hide it, as she was the only happy one of the three.

They each had a backpack with a few changes of clothes and I would soon find out that was it. Weird, I thought, but I'd worry about that later. After awkward hand shakes and hugs, we headed to the car.

Being Midwesterners, they were excited to see I drive a convertible. An Audi S5 convertible to be exact. My second pride and joy after my boat. We all piled in and they insisted we put the top down. By now it is 9:30 at night, so getting late, so we headed straight to the boat. I explained my living arrangements on the way. I finally got a little reaction out of them, including Morgan, about it being on a boat. Being from the cold Midwest, it appeared to have some appeal. We go to the boat and I showed them around. Orlando would be in the front cabin and the girls would share the double bed cabin in the rear. That clearly didn't excited Morgan, but I showed them how the couches in the lounges converted to beds too and told them they could sleep out there on nice nights. The only quirk was that the only way to my bedroom was through the girl's, so we'd have to deal with that.

By now it was almost midnight, so I shooed them off to bed, over their objections. They were clearly wiped out though, as by the time I tidied up and loaded the dishwasher, they were out cold. I walked through the girls room and glanced over. That's when I remembered the only clothes they had were in a small backpack. Leslie was asleep and the sheet had drifted down. She was wearing just her panties and had a bare chest. Nothing to see, but I admit my cock jumped a bit. What's up with that, I thought?

I looked over and saw Morgan, also asleep, but on top of the covers. She still had her tank top on, but had stripped down to her panties too. My mouth dropped when I realized they were surprisingly sheer. As in "I could see everything" sheer. Again, my cock jumped.

I realized I should check on Orlando too, and reversed course to the front of the boat. I eased open his door, to the sounds of light snoring. He too was on top of the covers, but to my surprise stark naked. The fact the my cock jumped again surprised me. Like any guy, I checked out his equipment quickly. For twelve it was pretty impressive. A solid 5 inches and it wasn't even hard.

As I walked back to my cabin, I was in a fog. Apparently I was turned on by all of them, even Orlando. I never thought of young kids that way before, but my cock was so hard it hurt. I'd have to be really, really careful. They were my responsibility.

I went into my cabin, shut the door and laid down on my bed. My mind was all over the place, but my hand drifted down. I just couldn't stop myself. I stroked my cock thinking about the three visions I had just had. When I blew my load it was the biggest and hardest of my life. So much so that I accidentally gave myself a facial! Hmm. Cum doesn't taste quite as bad as I expected.

That's when I remembered the security cameras installed throughout the boat. I traveled, and had installed them so I could ensure nothing bad was happening when I was gone. Every room had a hidden Ultra HD camera in the ceiling. In the bedrooms, they were pointed right at the beds. Well, that was a dilemma for another day.

Or maybe not. I grabbed my laptop and opened the app. I admit, bad as it sounds, I jacked off again, with two cameras split screen. Once showing the girls and one showing Orlando and his nice cock. There was even something sexy about flat chested Leslie.

Shit, what have I gotten into.

Bob needs some help

I had told my employer what was going on, and they gave me family leave for the week to work everything out. I didn't have to wake everyone up, so they slept in. I crept thorugh the girls room and started figuring out the day. I knew I needed to plan for school, but first things first. My two issues were getting the basics, including more clothes, and figuring out what to do with them while I was at work. Morgan was old enough, but that seemed like a lot of responsibility. It sure wouldn't work for the rare times I traveled.

So caregiver or helper was first on my list.

I admit I was at a loss. The marina is not exactly condusive to finding a caregiver. I'm fortunate that I had enough money to work with, as the kid's trust would cover these costs. So I resorted to the savior of parents everywhere and tried Craigslist. Being Tampa, there were a lot of ads, so I narrowed it down to three that appeared perfect. All were in the area. After emailing with them, I realized only two had the flexibility for after school care and occasional over nights, so I schedule interviews. One for early afternoon and one later in the day. The first woman was retired, a former teacher, and seemed like a good choice.

She came over and I had a nice chat with her. The kids seemed to think she was OK, so I told her the truth -- I was interviewing another candidate later and would make a decision tonight.

A few hours later, the second candidate arrived. She was the polar opposite of the first candidate. She was a nursing student at the local college, but her classes were in the morning. As long as she could study some, she could do the overnights too. She was quiet petite, maybe five-one, but I couldn't tell much else as she arrived for the interview in her nursing scrubs.

After much deliberation and discussing it with the kids, we chose the second applicant, Amy. They felt more comfortable with someone nearer their own age. I called her that night and she agreed to start immediately. Even though I'd be around for the rest of the week, I had things to accomplish and this way I could interact with her enough to ensure I made the right decision.

The next afternoon, she arrived right on time. Today she was wearing simple shorts and a t-shirt. I still couldn't tell anything other than she was pretty cute. She had flaming red hair, pale skin and freckles. The typical red head look, rare as it is. I immediately headed off to the store, to stock up on staples and simple things like more sheets and towels. After a few hours of shopping, I arrived back at the boat to find all three kids on the upper deck sunning themselves. Since the deck is pretty secluded, the three younger kids were all just wearing bathing suit bottoms. Little Leslie was adorable. Just a little pink bikini bottom and nothing else -- her flat chest getting a bit red from the sun. Orlando was back in his board shorts, but surprised me with the tent he was showing in his pants. Apparently having his sisters topless was affecting him. What particularly surprised me was how big he clearly was. I couldn't tell much, but I'd say at least 6 inches or more. He's twelve! When I saw Morgan, I almost fell overboard. She was wearing yellow string bikini bottoms that barely covered anything. I guess they were in her backpack, but they must not have taken up much space. They were pulled tight, so her camel toe was clear and, I have to say, impressive. No wonder Orlando was hard. I felt myselt getting hard too and shifted around to hide it.

Just then Amy stepped out onto the deck carrying a tray of snacks. I did a double and then triple take. She was wearing cute purple bikini bottoms and nothing else! What I couldn't see before was right on display. For someone so tiny, her D chest was impressive, as where how firm and enticing they were. Her big pink nipples were erect and must have been nearly an inch long.

I couldn't even find words and felt like I was back in junior high. She gave me a big beaming smile and said "I hope you don't mind our being topless. It just seemed a shame to waste the sun". Somehow I stammered that it was just fine, although I think it came out as more of a mumble. I think I had died and gone to heaven. Apparently I made the right hiring choice.

Everyone suggested I join them, so I went down and changed into a bathing suit and came back up. Amy immediately commented that I needed suntan lotion and I should lay face down to start.

Suddenly I felt four pairs of hands spreading cold lotion into my back, neck, and legs. I couldn't tell who was who, as they kept shifting positions, but someone was occasionally letting their fingers slide up my legs far enough to brush my balls. What was even more confusing was I didn't know who I hoped it was! After considerable time, moving from lotion to massage, Amy said "Roll over".

What can I do, I thought? My cock is rock hard. Oh well, now or never, and I rolled over. She said close your eyes and we'll do your front. She proceeded to gently caress my face, forehead, and ears, making sure she covered me well. Other hands were doing my chest and stomach and someone was paying VERY close attention to my nipples. The last pair of hands was working their way up my legs, getting closer and closer to my manhood. Each time they rubbed up, they bumped into my balls and slid just a little over my cock. Finally Amy declared they were done, and the person on doing my legs gave my cock a firm squeeze. I almost came in my pants, particularly when I opened my eyes and realized it was young Orlando.

What's going on, I thought. I've never been attracted to guys, but that was HOT.

I was still laying on my back when they decided it was time to tickle me. Again, four pairs of hands went to work. Leslie took it very seriously and climbed up on me to attack my chest. It was all great fun until I realized she was sitting right on top of my hard cock. What was even worse was she kept wiggling against my cock. It soon became apparent that she knew EXACTLY what she was doing.

Wow, I thought, these kids have experience that I didn't expect. Oh, it felt wonderful.

Finally they tired of the game, which was good, as I was about to soak my shorts and Leslie's bikini bottoms with an amazing load of cum.

All three girls immediately plopped down on recliners. Little Leslie announced that she needed more suntan lotion and that I should apply it. Ever the doting Uncle, how could I say no? I squirted some lotion on my hands, rubbing them together to warm it. I started at her feet, working my way up her legs. As I got right up to her bikini panties, I would swear she pushed herself against my hand. I felt her cleft clearly and it was amazing. I quickly pulled my hands back and warmed more lotion. This time I started at her face and worked my way down. I covered everything I could, but skipped around her little nipples. She was clearly having none of that and grabbed my hands and pulled them back up, announcing I had missed a spot. Holding my hands, she rubbed them over and over her nipples. I could feel them getting hard. Finally she let go and I was done.

Orlando had gone downstairs, leaving me with three sexy girl-women. Morgan then announced it was her turn and I repeated the process with her. This time it was even more clear, as when I got up to her string bikini, she grabbed my hand and pressed it directly on her pussy, rubbing my fingers against what felt like her clit. I let her for a moment and pulled away, thinking this was getting out of control. I then started at her face, and she repeated exactly what Leslie had done, pulling my hands onto her small breasts. This time I couldn't resist and squeezed and rubbed a bit before pulling away.

I quickly realized that Amy was watching all this when she announced: "I wish I had such a caring Uncle like you Bob". She then asked if I could lather her up too. I was a little freaked out, as she was older -- my age -- and as I mentioned I am a nerd around women. She had clearly observed well, as her motions duplicated Morgan's closely, except when she pulled my hand to her, she pulled her suit bottoms aside and massaged herself all over with my hand. She even took my index finger and briefly inserted it into her now wet pussy. I was in heaven, as was she. Both younger girls were clearly watching and enjoying the show. That's when I realized Orlando had come back and was watching in the performance in awe. As you can imagine, my job wasn't done until her breasts were well covered and her nipples were hard.

Not to be outdone, Orlando announced that he too needed lotion. Not knowing what would happen, I started him at the top, doing his face and chest. I then moved down to his legs, working my way up. The show must have made him bold, as when I reached near his waist, he pulled his shorts down and placed my well lubed hands right on his hard cock. All three girls gasped, as he moaned from the experience.

I don't know what came over me. I was out of control. I began slowly jacking him off as he continued to moan. I think I was moaning too. Amy came over and squirted more lotion directly on his cock and reached down and started gently masaging his young balls. Soon he couldn't take it any more and much to my surprise shot an amazing amount of cum all over his own chest, my hands and even a little up onto Amy's fine tits.

Morgan quickly came over with a towel and wiped off my hands and Orlando's chest. She then surprised me by wiping off Amy's tits and finished by cleaning up Orlando's cock.

Wow. That was quite an experience.

At this point, I knew trouble was in the air and made them all sit through a lecture. I told them that what we had done was amazing, but wildly illegal. If anyone found out, I would be in trouble, Amy would be in trouble, and they'd all go to foster homes. They swore themselves to secrecy.

It was getting late, so Amy and I made sandwiches for all and then she headed home.

My mind was swimming with what had happened, particularly realizing that it was only Wednesday and that Amy would be back tomorrow afternoon.

We all slept soundly that night. I don't think anyone moved at all.

Getting to know the kids even better

I woke up early the next morning, with the sun just peeking in my window. I am not sure what woke me, as the boat was quiet. Whatever it was, I couldn't fall back to sleep for two reasons. First, I had to pee. No surprise there. Second, I woke up with a morning woody that was so hard it hurt. I think it grew an inch overnight. Unfortunately, those two problems are incompatible, so I had to try to distract myself. After thinking about the complex bug I still had remaining in my latest web page, I finally was able to get up and pee.

Luckily I did so quickly, because just the touch of aiming my cock made it start to grow again. Shit, I am as horny as the next guy, but this was ridiculous. What in the heck was I going to do?

I laid back down, as I didn't want to wake anyone yet. I realized that my bedroom was now my only place of privacy.

I picked up my laptop, intending to work on that bug. Yes, that was my intention, but not what I actually did. I couldn't resist opening up the camera app. I told myself I was just checking on the kids. All were asleep; all modestly under a sheet, so nothing to see and they were fine.

One feature of the camera app was that it saved recordings. Yes, everything that happened so far was saved. I thought I should get rid of the evidence, but hey, one last memory? I scrolled to the camera on the deck from yesterday. Amazingly, it was aimed just perfectly to see EVERYTHING. I relived the afternoon through the videos, stroking my cock gently. When I got nearly to the end, I exploded just as Orlando did on the video, just painting myself with cum. I don't know what came over me, but I dipped my finger into the pool of cum and brought it to my lips. Salty, a little strong, but not bad. Before I knew it, I had scooped up all I could and swallowed it. Hmmm. I guess I do have a new side of me.

Contrary to my intentions, I didn't delete the videos I liked. I just moved them to a safe and secure spot no one could find or access. Why waste them? I was falling deeper and deeper into a hole and enjoying every minute of the experience.

Soon I heard stirring in other parts of the boat, so I forced myself out of bed. I opened my door to leave my room, forgetting that it opened right into the girls room. Leslie was gone, but I opened it just as Morgan bent over to put on her panties. She was bending away from me, so the view was spectacular. I mean I saw EVERYTHING. Just then she realized I was there and looked back at me while still bent over. I thought she'd scream, but instead I got a little smirk and a wiggle of that amazing ass. I tried to play it cool and just walked right through.

I walk into the kitchen and find Leslie and Orlando already having a bowl of cereal. Naked. As the day they were born. I tried to not make it a big deal, but did ask them why they didn't have clothes on. The story I got is that their family were all nudists. They rarely wore clothes around the house and didn't see why they needed to on the boat. Given my newfound interest in young boys and girls, I found myself agreeing that was OK.

That's when they shared that they'd already discussed it with Amy who was fine with it too, if I was.

OK, I admit, my mind went to a vision of all four of them naked. I couldn't help it. My cock started to rise. It got hard. Very hard. Tenting out my pants hard.

That's when they all giggled and suggested that I seemed to like the idea. And should lose my shorts. In for a penny, I thought, dropping them to the floor.

That's when I realized they were all staring raptly at my hard cock. Then they exchanged what appeared to be knowing glances and I saw Morgon almost imperceptibly nod at Leslie, who broke into a big smile. She pushed her chair back and walked over to me.

Much to be surprise, she dropped to her knees and took the head of my cock into her mouth.

What the AF? I knew I should have stopped her. I intended to stop her. My little brain won, when she took my balls in one hand and gently started rubbing them. I looked down to see just the top of her head as she expertly bobbed up and down on my cock. I looked past her head and saw her flat chest, with tiny nipples, and kept looking down to the cleft between her legs. I'd never seen anything so hot in my life.

Just then, I felt hands caressing my ass. It was Morgan and she was rubbing me and pulling my cheeks apart. I had no idea what is going on until she dropped to her knees and started rimming my ass. OMG! I'd never had that done before and it was AMAZING.

This went on for awhile and I was surprised that I had successfully held back. I guess jacking off earlier was a good thing. Suddenly I felt Morgan pull back, and a fresh breeze on my ass, but she's still holding my ass cheeks apart.

Before my mind quite figures this out, I felt a hard rod pushing against me -- and sliding right into my lubricated ass hole. Yes, to my amazement, Orlando had just slid his cock in my ass and I liked it!

We got into an amazing rhythm. I pushed back and Orlando went in deeper. I pushed forward and my cock slid into Leslie's mouth. By now, Morgan was also on her knees, licking my balls. Apparently Orlando was closer than I was and I felt his cock head swell and then he absolutely filled my ass with cum. Well that was all it took and I did the same to Leslie's mouth. I came so forcefully that it leaked out the side of her mouth. Leslie stood up and starts tongue kissing me and I realized she still has my cum in her mouth. She pushed most of it into my mouth and I swallowed it. My ten-year-old niece! Morgan, meanwhile, was alternately cleaning my cock and Orlando's, with her tongue.

I could barely stand and collapsed on the couch. Luckily there was a towel I could spread as my ass was liberally leaking cum.

So in 24 hours I had jacked off a boy, been fucked by the same boy, gotten a blow job from a pre-teen and had enjoyed every minute.

Seems like life had taken an interesting turn.

Looking at the clock, it was only 10:30, so we had the rest of the day. Amy would come over at 1:00, so we needed to organize lunch and get some chores done. Before we started, I thought this seemed like a great time to lay down some ground rules. Admittedly, my position of strength might have been weakened by a ten year old girl blowing me while a twelve year old boy fucked me, but I needed to reestablish my position. Before anything, though, I needed the whole story of their family.

So I sat them all at the kitchen table for a 'talk'.

A new car leads to more

Oh boy. Where do we go from here. I'd been sucked off by a cute 10 year old girl. I'd been fucked by a 12 year old boy and I thought I was straight -- but I loved it. What in the heck was I doing?

All three kids were sitting on the couch, in the main sitting area of my, no make that our, boat. All were stark naked and gazing at me with rapt attention. I was starting to appreciate that they are really well behaved kids, particularly given their parents just died and they were dumped on an Uncle they barely knew.

So, where did I go from here. I liked that they were naked. I loved what we were doing. I absolutely knew it was wrong, at least by society's standards, but damn, it did feel good. These kids, yes kids, had opened up a side of my sexuality that I never knew existed. Add on top of that Amy, perhaps the greatest find in babysitter ever, and my life had been completely upended -- for the better.

Thinking with my little head, not the one with a working brain, I knew I wasn't going to stop this. What we needed to work out was how to keep each other safe. I didn't want to lose them, as I was all they had. Oh, who was I kidding, I loved the sex too.

And I hadn't even played with the one person my age yet!

Using my best parenting voice, I started. "Kids, we have absolutely got to talk about this," I said. "What happened here the last two days was wrong, and we all know it."

The look on their faces was incredibly sad. I'd just taken the one thing in their life that gave them pleasure away. I didn't mean to do that. I didn't WANT to do that.

"Wait, I didn't mean that we had to stop," I said. "I just meant we have to be careful."

I now know what the term "frown turned upside down" means. All three kids went from almost crying to smiling and laughing. It was a beautiful sight.

"We'll talk about it more when Amy is here. We just have to be absolutely and completely careful. NO ONE can know anything about this, or you will be taken from me and I will go to jail and likely Amy will too. I need your promises. I need to be able to trust you," I said.

A chorus of "I promise" rocketed around the room.

"So here are some simple ground rules. Never speak of about this outside of the five of us. NEVER. When others are around, we're a typical family and Amy and I are in charge. You'll wear clothes, even if you don't want to. You can ONLY be naked if absolutely no one can see you. That means inside with the blinds drawn or outside if we are far away from any other boats. Anything sexual can only happen inside. No repeats of outdoor fun. If there are exceptions to these rules, I will make them. ONLY I will make them."

"I'm fine with nudity inside, but you need to keep clothes nearby, so if someone wants to come aboard you can quickly get dressed. My only other rule is that my cabin is off limits without permission. I went from the entire boat being mine to just my cabin, and I'm OK with that, but want some privacy."

"Now, go straighten your rooms, and bring out any dirty clothes. It's time for a lesson in using the washing machine, then we're off to Target to buy you some clothes. School starts soon and we have to be ready. Florida school clothes are quite a bit different than you're used to."

They all headed off to their rooms, grumbling as they went. Yes, kids they are, but they did come back. I guess the advantage of nudity is that all the clothes get clean. After doing the basic chores and cleaning up, I sent them to get dressed. Amy would be here soon and we'd head off to the store.

Oh wait, that makes five of us. My little car wouldn't hold that. I guess I had to suck it up and buy another vehicle too. Amy could follow us. What to buy, what to buy. Money wasn't our issue, although we didn't have lottery money. I'd need something with at least 5 seats. Preferably with storage in the back. I hated, absolutely hated SUVs, so what does that leave? In the back of my mind, I remembered an article I read about an offbeat supercar. Let's look into that, I thought.

About that time, Amy arrived. We'd all had lunch, so we decided to head to the car dealer. I'd taken the time to determine that the dealer had the exact car I wanted. I just couldn't let the dealer know that.

We arrived at the dealership in our two car caravan. As I suspected, we struggled to get a sales person to even talk to us. To them, we were five kids wasting their time. Finally, what was clearly the youngest sales person approached us. I had to keep my eyes in my head, as she, yes she, was stunning. She introduced herself as Sara, and asked if she could help us. My description will not do her justice, but I did find out more later. She was 23, Ameriasian -- an American father and Korean mother -- and knock your socks off sexy. I'm a guy, so not great at this, but I'd say 5'3", 100 pounds, nice small B cup breasts and a smile that lit up the room. I could sure see the potential for her to make sales person of the month. Repeatedly.

I explained that we were a newly blended family and that we need something that could comfortably hold 5. She immediately started talking about their small, boring SUV. I let her speak briefly and stopped her.

"What we're interested in is the new E63S wagon. I believe you have one in white?," I said. "We are in a position to buy it today, if the price is right and we like it".

You could have knocked her over with a feather. She, and everyone else at the dealership, thought we were a waste of time. I just told her that we wanted to buy a car that cost over $120,000 and would like to drive it away today. As you can imagine, the room brightening smile came right back.

"What an inspired choice," she said. "Perhaps your wife could watch the kids for a few minutes while we took a test drive. If you like it, the five of you can take it for a longer drive."

"Sound like a great plan, but Amy is the nanny," I laughed. "I'm the kid's guardian and can use all the help I can get."

Amy and the kids wandered off to look at the other cars while Sara and I headed out to the lot. She backed the car out and threw me the keys. Off we went, to the rumble of the 600+ horsepower V8.

As we drove down US19, Sara kept up a chatter about the features of the car. I was already hooked and knew we'd be driving the car home, but I let her keep talking. As she talked, she kept touching me here and there, finally settling with her left hand on my right thigh. You can imagine the reaction that created, as I got hard as a rock. Luckily my cock was positioned well, and it just grew up my shorts. I glanced down, just as she did, to realize that the head of my cock had just peeked out of the top of my loose shorts.

Now I saw a grin on Sara's face that put the others to shame.

"Take this exit," she said. "There is a nice spot I want to show you." We exited the freeway, and she guided me into a park that I didn't even know existed. She had me head around back and pointed to a spot behind what looked to be an abandoned county building.

"I found this spot in high school. Never had a need for it since, but now apparently I do," she said.

I pulled to a stop and before I could even put the car in park, her head bobbed down as she pulled my cock out of my shorts. This women knew how to give a blowjob. It was amazing. I let my hands stray, to her breasts, her pussy, and everywhere in between, but her skills took me over the edge. I came what must have been gallons, but she was up for it.

She sat up, and showed me the cum still in her mouth. To my surprise, she quickly put her hand behind my neck and pulled me towards her. This led to a french kiss and she pushed much of the cum into my mouth.

Another first for me, but damn, another good one. Oh wait, Leslie did that earlier. Damn. All the time we were kissing, I was massaging her breasts over her clothes.

Finally she pulled away.

"That was fun," she said. "I'll have to give you my number. You owe me a nice dinner."

We found our way back to the dealership and I quickly became the owner of a new Mercedes. I suspect I didn't negotiate at my best, but well, that was OK. The dealership agreed to drop both my car and Amy's at the boat, so off we went in the new wagon -- roaring out of the dealership driveway.

Me, with a satisfied look on my face, that the others attributed to my new car. Yes, that was part of it.

Off we went to Target.

Clothes shopping can be fun

As we were driving to the Target in our new car, my mind kept reeling. The kids were being loud, chattering about the car. Amy was talking to me softly about it too. I was stuck thinking about the fact that a blowjob from a car salesperson was the most 'normal' sexual experience I have had in awhile. No missionary position with a person my age for me! Now don't get me wrong, it was a hell of a blowjob, and I planned on taking that farther, but it didn't have nearly the sexual excitement of what had been happening in the last few days. The pictures running through my mind weren't Sara's amazing face or body (although they were, in fact, amazing). The pictures I were seeing were Morgan's amazing ass and Leslie's flat little chest. Even Amy's Barbie perfect body popped in occasionally, but admittedly with one of the naked kids too. But what really blew my mind was I couldn't take my mind off Orlando's cock. It wasn't a porn star cock, but damn it turned me on. I drove along hard as a rock, but every time my mind drifted to Or's cock, I felt an extra little spasm.

Suddenly I realized that Amy had gone silent. Had I missed something important during my daydream? I turned to look at her and realized what she was focusing on was my lap. Staring right at it. I looked down and realized that, once again, my cock head had peeked out of my shorts. This was going to be a problem if this happened often. Oh, who was I kidding, I was just fine with it. I looked back and realized she had a smile, no a smirk, on her face. She glanced back at the kids to ensure they wouldn't notice and casually reached over and stroked by cock, from my balls to the tip and back. Quickly taking her hand away, she started the conversation back up like nothing had happened. Amazing control that woman had. Me, not so much. I had to really concentrate to not cum all over myself. And this after I had just cum in Sara's mouth a little while ago.

We arrived at the Target and I took the time to give groundrules to the kids. In reality, I knew they'd be just fine, but I needed my hard cock to deflate before I got out of my car. Note to self: Cargo shorts -- these athletic shorts were not going to cover up enough.

As we walk in, I imagined a story right out of Penthouse Forum, where I bend Amy over in the changing room and take her from behind, but nothing like that happened. It was just a fun afternoon with giggling kids, buying school clothes. We laughed our way through the day, loading an entire cart with clothes, shoes, and more. Even Amy got into shopping when I insisted on buying her a few things. After all, she was the newest member of our new family, wasn't she? OK, I admit that while they were changing clothes, I got the occasional glimpse of a nipple slip and even Or's cock one time, but still.

We held off on school supplies, since we didn't know what they needed, and headed home, hitting the Wendy's drive thru on the way. After multiple trips from the car, we finally had all their stuff laying on their beds, for now, and sat at the table eating our burgers. A joyful family day all around, even if we were a new family, created out of a tragedy. I can't tell you how happy I was to see them smiling and laughing. It pleased me no end.

We were having to much fun, we actually ate lunch, gasp, wearing clothes!

But that didn't last long. No surprise there. I quickly discovered that Amy wasn't going to be discrete. She had the entire table laughing recounting the story of how she stroked my cock on the way to the Target and describing the scrunched look on my face when I was obviously trying not to cum.

Guess what that story did to my cock. I looked around the table and I could see Orlando trying to hide his hard cock (and failing). I saw three beautiful girls, of all sizes, and every one of them had rock hard nipples. It was at that point I realized that at some point they all had shed their bras (well, except Leslie who didn't wear one yet). Suddenly there was silence and we were all looking at each other. There was tension and......

No, we didn't all strip off and fuck. Yet. Amy broke the silence with a question.

"So, that was a really long test drive," Amy said. "Where all did you and Sara go? You were a bit flushed when you returned."

The grin on her face spread. The kids caught the message too.

"Spill the beans, buddy," she said. "We want all the details."

As I recounted pulling around behind the abandoned building, and Sara taking my cock in her mouth, I realized that everyone was paying close attention and their breathing had changed. Little Leslie clearly had her hand inside her shorts, working her finger in and out. Morgan had pulled Orlando's shorts down enough to give her access and was slowly stroking his hard cock. Not to be outdone, Amy had done the same thing to Morgan and not only was stroking Morgan's clit, but had her other hand in her own shorts.

I finished the story and I am not sure a single one of them really noticed. The girls were getting louder in their moans and were clearly close. Orlando was just smiling and enjoying the feeling.

Not wanting to be left out, I dropped to my knees and did the unexpected. I didn't bury my face into one of the girls beautiful pussies, tempting as that might be. I explored my new feelings.

I took Orlando's cock in my mouth. Using my hand, I gently stroked his balls. I know what I like in a blowjob, so I tried all those things on him. I licked the underside of the head, causing him to slip down a little more in the chair and let out a gutteral moan. I just couldn't stop myself and increased my pace. I planned on pulling off before he came, but being 12 apparently he didn't know blowjob etiquette and came without warning me. I tried and tried, but I couldn't swallow fast enough and some of it dripped out of my mouth and down my chin. My God, what a load for a young boy. You'd think he liked this or something.

I finally sat back to the realization that all three girls had stopped to watch the show. They actually did a spontaneous little clap -- my blowjob cheering section. Amy leaned over, licked the cum off my face, and gave me a big kiss. I don't even really know why, but I pushed my tongue into her mouth and passed the last of his cum to her. Did I plan that or really just enjoy the taste of his cum? Both, I suppose.

Disciplined family that we are, we took a break to clean up the table and put the house in order. I was the king of scissors, cutting tags off for all the kids. We had remembered to buy hangers, so everything was properly hung up or put into drawers. About the only thing 'exciting' about the process was when my job was to open the packages of underwear and cut the tags off bras. I was so far gone that even the feel of cotton panties (and Orlando's tighty whities) got me hard.

One thing about living on a boat -- you can't get behind on keeping things where they belong. It was a big boat, but there were four and a half of us living on it now (Amy gets at least a half, doesn't she?)

Tired from the day the kids all decided to lay down for a bit. Kids that sent themselves off for a nap -- who knew? Being the kids they were, they all quickly stripped off and tumbled into Orlando's bed. I thought this might be the start of something, but they just wanted close comfort and all quickly drifted off to sleep.

What was up with their always being naked though? This clearly wasn't a new phenomenon, so I would have to be direct and ask. Neither was their sexual skill. These kids had experience. For their age, a lot of experience. I wasn't complaining, but I did what to understand. That's what Dad's do, right? Wow. I was using the term Dad, at least in my head. What an insane week.

Amy and I puttered around and finally went up to the deck to lay in the sun and enjoy a cold beer. Seeing her in her minimal bikini was glorious and I did get to ensure the suntan lotion covered everything, but beyond that, we just chatted and got to know each other better. Our luck was amazing, finding someone like Amy to be our nanny. Well, maybe it wasn't luck. Maybe it was karma, trying to balance things out just a little bit.

The day got away from us and before we knew it, Amy was off to home, we all had enjoyed a nice dinner, and we were off to bed. No more excitement that day.

School registration is different than it used to be

By the time the kids were stirring, I had done the research on schools. They were kids, so they went to school, right? As it turns out, our address was squarely in the zone for some amazing schools. I learned that the schools in Florida were good and bad, depending on exactly where you lived, and we lucked out. Leslie would be in elementary school. Leslie was going into fifth grade. Orlando would be in seventh and Morgan would be in ninth at the local middle school. School had already started, but barely, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Being the planner I am, probably because I am a programmer, this was our next big project. We decided to do all the arrangements as a family, and hit both schools in one trip. I had made sure they were open for registration and had gathered all the important documents to take with us. I was impressed by my sister, as she was obviously organized. The lawyer had sent along shot records, birth certificates, and more. He'd even included all the necessary court documents showing I was their guardian. How he had gone to court already I didn't know, but apparently Sis was a planner.

We started at the middle school. Amy came along, for no particular reason other than she was available and wanted to. It wasn't even time for her to work. What's up with that? A thought for another time.

We trooped into the school office as a team. Schools in Florida were obviously different than my midwestern upbringing. The middle school looked more like a small college, with multiple buildings and a surprisingly open campus. Even the lockers for the kids were outdoors. Ah, Florida.

I tried to explain the situation to the school secretary, but she quickly understood our circumstances were not typical and ushered us into the principal's office.

I explained the situation to the principal, Mrs. Foxborn. She quickly suggested we call her Jenny, which took some getting used to. Schools are different now. Jenny was about 5'3", with amazing......OMG, I was about to describe the perky breasts of a 40 something principal. What in the hell is happening to me? Well, they are nice breasts.

After explaining a bit about how things worked, she shared that the person we needed was Mr. Smithson, the guidance counselor. She offered to walk us over to his office, after making sure he was available. Apparently he is also the athletic director, and is sometimes teaching a PE class or coaching a team. This place was huge. It was bigger and more populated than my high school.

As we entered the counseling office, Mr. Smithson came out to meet us and Mrs. Foxborn, err Jenny, excused herself. Mr. Smithson quickly became Jim and shared a bit of his story. He was new to the school and a recent college graduate. He was just 22 but clearly enjoyed his job and established a camraderie with all three kids. I have to admit, he is worthy of description. Being the athletic director, you would expect him to be in good shape, but that doesn't describe it at all. Think Adonis. About 6'3", or even 6'4". He was wearing 'coach's clothes'. A tight t-shirt -- a very tight t-shirt -- with the school's name on it. So tight you could actually see his abs through the shirt and let me tell you, they were amazing. I know, I know, I'm new to this admiring guy things, but the straightest man on the planet would have been appreciative, or jealous. He was wearing those weird polyester coach's short shorts. I've never seen them anywhere but on a male coach. In his case they were REALLY tight. I couldn' resist quick look and was a bit stunned. They were so tight you could see a bit of an outline of his cock going down the leg of his shorts. WAY down the leg of his shorts. If it was any longer, it would have poked out. Hard, I guarantee it would. It had to be at least 6 inches -- soft. Maybe 7. I glanced around and noticed that little Leslie was mesmerized -- staring at his cock.

He was so open and so friendly about sharing that he was new to town and didn't know anyone. Before I could even react (and likely do the same thing), I heard Amy invite him out on the boat this weekend. She explained the living arrangements and how she was the nanny and that everyone would love to have him. Was it just me or did she stress the "have him" part a little?

He spent a moment thinking about the invitation. I noticed that his eyes did the up/down look of Amy and clearly liked what he saw. What surprised me was he did the same look towards me. What REALLY surprised me was that Morgan, then Leslie, then Orlando got the same look. His self-control was amazing, as I would have popped a woody. He didn't, but I did see it twitch, especially when he checked out Orlando.

Was I imagining it all? I had to be, didn't I? Middle school guidance counselors don't check out the kids, do they? Hmmm, maybe I understood better why he was a guidance counselor.

He accepted the invitation and he and Amy worked out the details. I had to smile, as she didn't even live on the boat, but that didn't matter. I was just along for the ride, so to speak.

Once we got all the paperwork taken care of and Morgan and Orlando signed up for classes, Jim offered to take us on a tour of the campus. The kids would actually be staying and attending their first day, while we went to the elementary school and also got school supplies. They was so excited to make new friends. With their personality, and looks, I had no doubt they would be popular kids.

As we wandered around, classes got out and we were surrounded by kids. It was a madhouse. I was looking everywhere and at everyone. When did middle school kids start looking like THIS? When did they start wearing so little clothes? Well, it is Florida, and it is HOT, so I guess I understand that part. Before the kids moved in, I wouldn't have even noticed anyone this age. Now I couldn't STOP looking. The pert breasts. The cute little asses -- on the girls and the boys. Almost all of them were sexy as hell. Some of them looked about 22. Some of them looked their age. All of them looked amazing.

What was even more interesting was the looks we got. You could tell everyone was checking us out. Oh, they were checking out Coach Jim too, and it was obvious I wasn't the only one that could see the outline of his cock. The girls, and more of the boys than I expected, could boldly look and then giggle.

He knew it too. It was obvious he knew it. He didn't walk around campus. He strutted. I don't mean that badly, as he's a nice guy, but he was here for more than just coaching. I'm not saying he was doing anything about it, but he clearly enjoyed it.

I was starting to really look forward to the boat ride. Was I going to get to see it? Suck it? Get fucked by it?

Wait, wait, wait. Stop it. Stop it right now.

Ah, to hell with it. I wanted all that and more, but better focus, or I'm going to show my cock in a state I shouldn't. At least I wasn't wearing tight short shorts.

We finished the tour and stopped back at Jim's office. The last thing Jim did was talk to both Amy and me about volunteer opportunities. He gave us both the forms to complete for background checks. His last words were:

"I'm sure you would really enjoy working with the children."

Maybe it was my imagination, but as he finished that line, I swear he winked at me and looked directly at my crotch.

Or was that wishful thinking?

We said our goodbyes to Morgan and Orlando. Jim sent us back to the main office in the company of one of the students. Madison was smart and cute and wouldn't stop talking. I, on the other hand, wouldn't stop looking and I noticed Amy was just as enraptured. Tall for her age, about 5'4", Madison was slim and trim, wearing tight white shorts and a simple white T-shirt. I suspect it was last year's T-shirt, as it was quite tight. Apparently her parents did not believe she was growing up, as there was clearly no bra under the T-shirt. She wasn't very developed, but her perfect perky puffy nipples (say that 10 times fast) pressed out of the soft material. As it was a white shirt, even the wonderful pink of her nipples were visible. Or maybe her parents DID know she was growing up and enjoyed this view too. No, no, can't have those thoughts.

Oh boy. I hope no one noticed how hard I was as we walked to the car.

Elementary schools are fun too!

Amy noticed.

Leslie noticed.

As soon as we got in the car, they all laughing and talking about my problem. I gave up and readjusted, as my cock was bent into a painful position. Amy reached over and stroked my cock a few times.

"Poor baby, having to live with that hard cock. We'll have to take care of that later," said Amy.

That led to more laughing from the back and choruses of "I'll help!"

It just keeps getting worse. Or better. Off we went to the elementary school. At least at THAT school, I wouldn't be tempted. Oh, how wrong I was. What was I thinking. I was turned on by Leslie, so.......

My life keeps getting weirder and weirder. Every. single. day.

We arrived at their elementary school. At least it looked like a school. One building, but it was larger than I expected. Turns out even elementary schools have over 700 students in Florida. Wow. We stopped in the main office and went through a similar process getting Leslie enrolled. She was very polite, but clearly excited. At least this time, I won't describe the principal beyond noting she appeared to be at least 60. I haven't gotten that weird.

Elementary school teachers, on the other hand, are a different animal. I remember fifth grade teachers and they looked NOTHING like Leslie's new teachers. Yes, teachers. Leslie had one teacher in the morning and a different teacher in the afternoon. At least they were more formal and were Ms. Brown and Ms. Johnson. Since describing hot people appears to be my new thing, Ms. Brown lived up to her name with amazing carmamel colored skin and short brown hair. She was tall and quite thin -- a runners body, which turned out to be true. Very small pert A cups, certainly smaller than Morgan's, but wow. She must have been at least 5'10". Ms. Johnson was her polar opposite. Tiny and a blue eyed blonde. A true southern belle, complete with the Georgia accent. Staying with the theme, she was wearing a flowered dress that would have fit in at Tara. White with big flowers and a modest length. Modest does not describe her cleavage, however. Not only was this petite 5'0" woman a solid D cup, she was almost spilling out of her dress.

My guess is that the Dads loved both teachers. Probably some of the Moms too. They were both very sweet and welcoming, and clearly were going to be great with Leslie. I made sure to mention to both teachers that Amy and I were both going to get certified as volunteers. Ms. Johnson made a point of taking my arm and pulling me against those magnificent breasts and cooing (yes, cooing) "that would be just wonderful".

We were finally on our own and Amy and I headed back out to the car. Since she refused to be 'on the clock', I insisted on at least treating her to a nice lunch (amazing, all that done by lunch time). We enjoyed a nice seafood lunch at a local favorite of mine and got to know each other better. No, not that way, we were in a restaurant, but did learn about each other. I found myself attracted to her as a person, which could be good or dangerous -- hopefully the former. Her spirit was amazing and she would clearly be a good example for the kids.

As we got settled in the car after lunch, Amy said "so show me the abandoned building."

You could have knocked me down. Being quick on my feet, I enthralled her with my pithy response: "OK."

Off we headed to the park, which was just as empty as it was the last time (was that really just yesterday?). We pulled around the back of the building. Amy immediately leaned over and unzipped my shorts, pulling out my hard cock.

"Was this how Sara started?," she asked.

All I could do was groan.

She leaned over and took me briefly in her mouth.

"Is this what she did next?", she asked. "Show me how you touched her"

Being good at following directions, I immediately started rubbing Amy's breasts, straying down to rub her clit through her panties. Luckily she was also wearing a short dress, just like Sara, and I had good access. Soon my fingers were inside her panties and she was groaning as hard as I was. She got closer and closer until she went over the top. This was just too much for me and I filled her mouth with cum. Being a quick learner, she kept much of it in her mouth, and we exchanged it in a post-orgasm kiss.

"That was fun," she said. "Something pretty sexy about doing it in a car, in public. I'll bet Sara was amazing too. Was I better?"

Not being stupid, I assured her that she was much better, hoping that never came back to haunt me. The proverbial bird in the hand, so to speak.

"We have got to invite Sara over," Amy said. "I'd love to taste you both."

Could this really continue to get better and better?

Apparently the answer is a resounding yes.

We headed back to the boat and for the first time since the kids arrived, I actually found myself making love to a beautiful woman, in my bed, by myself. Heaven. Or at least variety. No heaven was right. I was smitten.

All about the kid's first day

Things were moving so fast I was dizzy. I was also exhausted and Amy and I fell sound asleep, sharing the wet spot. We only woke up when we heard banging when Leslie came onto the boat. She had arrived by bus, apparently cementing her 'incredibly cool' status by being the only student dropped at a marina.

Completely ignoring my major rule of never coming into my room, she stormed right in. Of course, being in Florida, Amy and I were lying on TOP of the covers, stark naked. Leslie didn't even react; just started talking about her day. I finally stopped her and told her we would talk about it at dinner, when Orlando and Morgan were home, and to remind her that she should KNOCK. As soon as I said that, she stared right at us, drinking in our naked bodies. She even reached over and gave my cock a little pat and caressed my balls. She then reached over and stroked Amy's left breast, causing the nipple to pop right up.

"Out!," I shouted, trying to control my laughter. She ran out of the room laughing, but at least closed the door.

"I have to buy a lock for that door," I said to Amy. "I've never needed one before, but now I clearly do."

"No, you don't," Amy said sternly. "You do not want to send that message. It's not like they haven't seen us naked and rule or not, you want them to feel like they can trust you and more importantly that you trust them. No lock."

I looked at her with growing respect. She was right, of course, but I couldn't let it slide.

"You just like your nipples rubbed," I said. We both dissolved in laughter, ending with a passionate kiss. I could get to like this.

After a short discussion on what was the correct move, Amy and I decided to go out to the kitchen dressed as we were, so to speak. The kids were obviously comfortable with nudity and we didn't see any reason to change that. The three of us sat around the table enjoying a soft drink.

Not to be outdone, Leslie shouted "Why am I in clothes. I hate clothes!" and immediately stripped off.

"Clothes by the door," I reminded her, and she carefully folded her clothes and put them on the couch near the door.

Time got away from us as we were chatting, and we were pretty focused, so we didn't hear Morgan and Orlando get on the boat. We all looked up as the door opened and in came Orlando and then Morgan. Relieved that it was them, we all calmed down, but just for a moment.

Immediately behind Morgan, in walked Coach Jim. Amy and my eyes got wide and panic set it.

Jim looked over and said "Cool". That's all he said. He gently closed the door and surprised us all, by whipping off his T-shirt. We didn't have much time to react before his shorts and underwear hit the floor too. Not to be outdone, Morgan and Orlando were out of their clothes mere seconds behind Jim.

There was complete silence in the room.

I finally stammered: "It's not what it looks like. We're nudists". Even I knew how weak that sounded.

Somehow I don't think Jim believed me.

So he showed me how MUCH he didn't believe me by walking over and taking my face in his left hand. With his right hand, he took hold of his cock (yes, at least 7 inches soft) and brought it to my mouth. Instinct set in and I opened wide. It was incredibly thick, so I couldn't get much in, but it started to grow, and grow, and grow. Everyone in the room was focused on his cock, which easily broke 10 inches hard.

It was wonderful.

Morgan was the first to break out of her trance and got on her knees. She started caressing his balls and licking the one closest to her. There was a free for all as the remaining people in the room jockeyed for the remaining ball. Leslie surprised me by winning, but Amy lined up right next to her and Orlando lined up right next to Morgan. I was impressed with their ability to share, as all four took turns licking his balls and shaft as I continued to stroke him in and out of my mouth. I could tell he was close, as his cock got harder and even a bit larger. He quickly pulled out as he began to cum. I've never ever seen that volume of cum, certaintly not out of my cock, but not even in a porn video. He took the time to aim it at each of us, covering all the girl's chests with cum, from Leslie's flat chest all the way to Amy's C cups. For Orlando and me, he aimed a little lower and ensured our cocks were well covered with his cum. When he finally finished, he stepped back.

"That was wonderful. I could get to like this," he said, while gazing at our cum covered bodies. "Aren't you going to clean each other up?"

I mentioned that towels were in the hall closet.

He replied "No towels. Tongues." I think he enjoyed being in charge. We enjoyed it too. Being the fair family that we are, we made sure everyone got to lick everyone else. This evolved, or devolved, into an oral orgy and he soon joined in, right there on the living room floor. Everybody got off at least one time (Orlando and me) while the girls had multiple orgasms.

As we came down from this high, we all realized that Jim was hard again. Rock hard. There were only limited things he could do with that monster, so we asked how we could help him.

"I want to start with Amy. I don't think this will fit in the little girls...yet.", he said. "Then I want to finish with you Bob, and I don't mean your mouth".

I was stunned. My fantasy from earlier in the day would come true and I admit I was scared. That thing looked like a baseball bat.

But I wanted to try. Oh how I wanted to try.

Amy immediately got down on her knees, opening up for him. He knelt behind her and without any prelimaries slid right in. The kids all formed a circle and raptly watched the action. OK, I was part of the circle and did too. Between him pistoning in and out and Amy's moans, this would have made an amazing porno. Oh wait, I have hidden cameras. It WAS making an amazing porno, with three naked kids watching. Note to self: Watch video.

After taking Amy repeatedly over the top, Jim pulled out, pointed at me and said: "Your turn".

Amy slid into my spot and I took hers, kneeling over. He was patient and caring and understanding and walked me through each step. I had shared that I had only been fucked once, by a very small cock -- I think he inferred it was Orlando's -- so he took it easy. Before long, and easier than I expected, he was pistoning in and out of me and it was incredible. Every stroke bumped up against my prostate, causing a spasm of pleasure.

Suddenly, Leslie, being the little imp that she is, popped onto her back and slid right under me, quickly taking my rock hard cock in her tiny mouth. Every time Jim stroked in, it forced my cock into Leslie. As he pulled back, I did too. The pleasure was immeasurable. Talk about another porno.

Finally Jim reached his limit and filled me with cum. I would swear he came as much as he did before, as it leaked out into Leslie's hair. Of course, this all sent me over the top and I pumped my load into her mouth.

Jim then surprised, no shocked, us all by dropping to his knees and proceeding to lick and suck his own cum out of my ass. Heaven here I am.

Once complete, we all fell onto the floor. You would have never thought we could even get up. One by one (ok, some two by two) we took quick showers and invited Jim to stay for dinner. He couldn't as he had plans, but had one parting shot as he was leaving:

"Damn, I think I love Florida".

I'm pretty sure we all agreed.

Morgan brings a friend home

The rest of the week was uneventful. It included things as mundane as school supplies, Amy hitting the books (nursing school won't wait) and my going back to work, at least part time. Finally the weekend rolled around and it was time for a nice cruise down the coast. The plan was an early start, a ride down to Fort Myers for a late lunch and a leisurely cruise home by dinner.

I had told each of the kids that they could bring a friend along and that their parents could call me. I spoke to the parents of Morgan's friend and Leslie's friend, but Orlando insisted I didn't need to speak to his friend's parents, so I guess his friend would be a surprise.

Jim would join us tomorrow, so the Saturday cruise was just the kids. Even Amy begged off to catch-up on studying, so it would be me herding six kids. So much for my bachelor lifestyle. Oh wait, this was better. Much better.

Morgan's friend Brittney was the first to arrive and certainly added to the beauty on the boat. You could tell she was an athlete too (soccer, as we found out) as she was tall and lean. Long legs that went on forever, with pert B cup breasts. She arrived in short daisy dukes and a bikini top, leaving little to the imagination. Apparently cloth is expensive, as there sure wasn't much in her top. It was hot pink and barely covered her nipples. I couldn't wait for the reveal of her losing the shorts. Brittney was also a cheerleader and was encouraging Morgan to try out. I liked her and was impressed that she wasn't a vacuous teen, but clearly whip smart.

Leslie's friend showed up next. I had been surprised that she had invited a boy, Jimmy, but my idea of normal was somewhat shaken. He was almost exactly Leslie's size, and from the back they both had that boyish shape. I could see Leslie's attraction as he was adorable and funny. I was starting to learn their type. He also appeared to be pretty smart, which appeared to be a defining type for them all. He was in khaki shorts and a T, but proclaimed he had his suit on under.

Orlando's friend showed up last and and who should show up but Madison, the young girl that escorted us back to the office. We already felt like we knew her and she would fit right in. You go Orlando, I was impressed. She arrived in simple shorts and a T, more modest than at school the other day.

Everyone put away their bags, with towels and changes of clothes, and got the tour of the boat. Soon we cast off and headed down the coast to lunch. I admonished them all that suntan lotion was important and no one came out on the deck without it, or without having it applied soon after.

I'd helped buy my kids suits (see, my kids), but this was the first time they wore them, so I'll do a quick summary.

Brittney's shorts had come off and her bikini bottom made the almost pasties on top look huge. There was a thin strip of fabric covering her essential privates and everything else was a string -- with the one in the rear disappearing. That one thin strip wasn't doing a very good job, as it was clearly wedged in and the lips were peeking out on both sides. I'm pretty confident she knew it too, as she tended to stand to point it at anyone male, me included. Sometimes the show pointed Morgan and Leslie's way too.

Morgan's suit was modest by comparison. It was a high cut bikini in a flowered print. Imagine Ms. Johnson's southern belle dress as a bikini. She looked stunning.

The two girls grabbed a bottle of lotion and proceeded to put on quite the show rubbing it all over each other. More than once I saw fingers go under their suit and linger a bit. I didn't mind watching one bit.

As if on cue, Jimmy and Leslie came out of the cabin. They clearly had lotioned up inside, as there were bits of lotion not rubbed in. Leslie was in a blue speedo one piece that molded to her body. My guess is she enjoyed getting lotioned up, as her nipples poked hard out of her suit. Jimmy was in the smallest of boy speedos, more of a sack than a suit, and even I could see a little 3 inch stiffy straining at the suit. There were bits of lotion surprisingly close to the fabric, so I suspect I'd find a little lotion under the fabric too. It seems that he was enjoying himself.

Orlando bounded out in traditional board shorts, with Madison close behind. She had shed her clothes and was wearing a small bikini, in a glorious white terry cloth. It was the thinnest material I had ever seen and molded to her puffies, really showing them off.

The plopped down on the other lounge chair and almost put on a show lathering each other up. No, it wasn't almost, it was a show. More than once I saw Madison's hand slide up the leg of his shorts, easily far enough to be stroking him. I saw Orlando massage her puffies through the suit and sometimes under. At one point she climbed up on him to lather up his chest and was obviously grinding herself against his cock.

I looked around and all four of the other kids were watching. Little Jimmy's stiffy poked the front of his suit out and he was unconciously rubbing it a bit. The girls were all just about drooling, and Brittney was absentmindedly rubbing Morgan's ass. Morgan didn't seem to mind.

Deep down, I knew I should put a stop to it, but I couldn't. I just couldn't. So far, it was all excusable, so I was OK. For now.

As the trip down would take awhile, one by one each couple declared that they were hot and spent a little while by themselves inside. The rest of us automatically respected their privacy and waited for them to return. Little did they know I'd be enjoying every minute of their time alone once I got to review the videos.

Morgan and Britney disappeared first, eventually returning. Both were quite flushed and I don't think Morgan realized her suit top was on inside-out. We were all respectful enough to not mention it.

Leslie and Jimmy disappeared next, to 'get drinks'. They must have gone to the store to get them, as they were gone for a solid 20 minutes. I don't know what happened, but I do know that Leslie came out almost red with flush and Jimmy didn't have a stiffy anymore. I know when I was 10, I didn't know anything. More power to them. More time to enjoy.

Orlando and Madison were last to 'take a break'. Orlando whispered in my ear asking where he could find a condom. I was proud of him that this was a worry and pointed him to my nightstand drawer and even offered him the use of my cabin. He must have some stamina, because they took a full half hour. I don't know what Madison was thinking, but she came out wearing only bikini bottoms. As much as I enjoyed the view, and oh my god I did, I had to ask her to put her top on.

I couldn't help but wonder where this was leading. I had to be careful, as this was so dangerous, but there wasn't a kid on this boat with whom I didn't want to play. From Jimmy's little stiffy through Brittney's amazing pussy lips, I wanted to have my mouth everywhere.

But not on this trip. Not that fast. And not as a group. I convinced myself that introducing others had to be a one at a time thing, and probably in the future not now. I decided to discuss it with Amy. Coach Jim was an anomoly, and he is an adult.

But Jimmy's little cock mesmerized me. I knew I could take his cock and balls in my mouth together and damn if I didn't want to.

The rest of the day was surprisingly uneventful. A nice lunch at a marina restaurant and a return home to their waiting parents. Morgan had at least turned her top right side out, and being outside so much no one smelled like sex.

What a day and I didn't get to do ANYTHING!

Sunday brings Jim and...

Saturday was such a pleasant day. I woke up on Sunday pleasantly sunburned (Note to self: Someone must lather ME up). I wasn't in a hurry and had no real plans. I rolled over and my leg hit something. Make that hit someone. Well I'm not used to THAT.

I looked over and realized it was Amy. Naked.

Well that's nice to wake up to. I must have woken her up, as she opened her eyes and smiled.

"Hope you don't mind. I got done studying and dropped by," she said. "I guess I didn't realize how late it was, as you were all asleep. I didn't want to drive back home, so here I am, naked in your bed."

I gave her my most grumpy stare, but couldn't hold it and laughed.

"I can't imagine any red blooded male complaining about waking up to a naked angel in their bed," I said, meaning every word.

I won't go into the detail, but will leave that to your imagination, but let's just say I got to demonstrate my oral skills. Well, on a woman. The had been mostly used on men, err boys, recently. Until earlier this week, I'd never touched a man and now...

I heard the kids stirring, which is good. I noticed my phone was blinking and found a text from Jim. You know, Coach Jim, asking if we were still on for 10 am and if we minded if he brought a friend. I confirmed we were and assured him his friend was welcome. I didn't ask any details, as honestly it didn't matter. A friend of Jim's...

We puttered around for the morning, cleaning up, stocking the coolers, and having breakfast. Around 9:30, I made everyone put on clothes, much to their grumbling. I reminded them of the no stranger rules and that Jim was bringing a friend. While Jim was in our inner circle now, his friend was not, and we couldn't risk it. I couldn't risk it. Amy couldn't risk it.

So when 10 rolled around and we heard a hail from the dock, we were ready. Orlando and I were both in simple board shorts, me with a T and Orlando without. The girls, including Amy, were in shorts and bikini tops. I was again reminded of what an amazing body Amy has, with Morgan not far behind at 14. Leslie just rocked cute, and rocked it hard (so to speak).

I shouted "Come aboard" and felt the boat rock as they climbed on. Jim came in, followed by his friend. I admit I, make that we, all stared a bit before we were introduced. Jim introduced Tim as his gym buddy (Jim, Tim, you'd think that would be confusing, but...).

If you recall Coach Jim is 6'3" of amazing human specimen.

Next to Tim, Jim looked like a jockey.

Tim was easily 6'8" and I'd bet 250 pounds of solid muscle. He was also coal black to the point of almost glowing. His smile rocked perfect white teeth.

In other words, when all our mouths dropped open, we were drooling. I'll bet I'm not the only one who was wondering about his cock and how we could get to see it. I know I checked out his shorts, but his loose shorts didn't show anything.

We did the introductions all around and it was clear that Tim was a nice guy like Jim and would fit in well with us all.

I went up to the fly bridge and asked the kids to cast off the dock lines. They have been learning quickly and coiled up the rope on the deck perfectly. Tim, Jim, and Amy joined my up high and the kids milled around the deck. I shouted down, reminding them of suntan lotion, and could see that they were all helping each other out. It didn't escape my attention that both Jim and Tim turned around to watch them. I don't know how much of a show they put on, but I'd be willing to bet quite a bit, as I could see both of them start to tent out their shorts. I knew of Jim's 'interests' and now started to get the feeling that Tim shared them. But what man wouldn't at least be turned on by Morgan. She was, after all, a 14 year old hottie. But 22 year old Amy was standing right next to them, in a bikini that covered little, and that's not where their eyes were focused.

I told them we were having lunch up the coast this time, but that I was taking us out a bit to have some privacy. Every face on the boat lit up, which again made me believe that Tim might be in on our secret. That both worried and excited me, but thought I'd go with the flow. After the kid's 'show' was over, Tim came over and sat next to me. RIGHT next to me, with his leg clearly and intentionally touching mine.

As we cruised up the coast, Tim and I were just chatting. He is one of those people that talks with his hands, which mysteriously ended up with touchs on my arm and leg. Finally, we hit a pause and his left hand was resting on my right thigh. HIGH on my right thigh, absent-mindedly rubbing my leg. I was really enjoying it and wondering where it would lead when Leslie almost ran up the ladder, and plopped herself down on Tim's lap. Tim's hand never left my thigh, but his right arm went around Leslie's waist and he pulled her tighter against his chest. Just keeping her safe, I'm sure.

This lasted for a little while, with Leslie fidgeting on his lap. It was pretty obvious she was rubbing herself against his cock, and he clearly didn't mind. It reached a crescendo with Leslie letting out a gutteral moan and clearly cumming. I'm surprised I didn't cum myself from the show. I realized that Jim had drifted up to my left and Amy up to Tim's right and were watching what had become a show.

Leslie rested for a bit, then suddenly jumped up. She turned around, dropped to her knees, and skimmed Tim's shorts down to the deck, all in one smooth move. It happened faster than I could react and before I could say a thing, the tip of Tim's cock was in Leslie's mouth. I say the tip, because that's about all the Leslie could take. We thought Jim's 10 inch monster was impressive, but Tim's hard black cock easily reached 12. The head was huge!

I couldn't stop myself, and reached over to caress his balls while she was sucking. The grinding had clearly gotten to him as he didn't last long. At the last second, he pulled out and covered Leslie from head to toe with cum. It. was. amazing.

So I guess Tim was in the know. If not before, he was now.

Well, our simple cruise to lunch had gotten more exciting. Here I sat, with Tim beside me and Leslie between his knees, just covered with cum.

That's when I realized that Amy, on Tim's right, had her hand inside her bikini bottoms, furiously rubbing away. Tim noticed too, as he pulled her close, pulling the bikini bottom down too. His tongue snaked out and started lapping from the bottom up to her clit. She quickly shed her top and somehow Morgan had materialized and reached around to rub Amy's nipples while Tim was licking her clit.

I also realized that Jim had dropped his shorts and was offering his hard cock to my mouth. I started licking it and realized that Orlando was with us too. He reached around with his hands and started caressing Jim's nipple with one and his balls with the other.

Leslie clearly felt left out, as I felt my shorts being pulled down and a small mouth start licking my cock from bottom to top. Naturally, I was already hard.

This went on for a bit, with Amy cumming, apparently repeatedly, but neither Jim nor I had cum. We had to stop for awhile, or we would. We decided on a short break for a snack. No one bothered to dress, and Leslie ran off for a quick shower. She must have been really sticky from all that cum. I noticed Morgan trail after her, so I'm guessing the shower stall was full and they both found it pleasurable. (Note to self: Add camera to shower).

We just floated around for awhile and everyone was in and out of the crystal clear water. We could barely see land, and no one was around, so it was our little private ocean (OK, Gulf). I looked over and Orlando was sunning himself on a chaise lounge and absentmindedly stroking himself. Tim must have noticed too, as suddenly he was kneeling next to Orlando and took him into his mouth. There was something hot about this small 12 year old boy being sucked by this 6'8" giant. I watched (who wouldn't!) and Leslie was standing next to me watching too. I noticed she was using her left hand to rub herself. Her right hand came up and started lightly stroking me. She was stroking so gently that it was almost tickling me.

We moved closer to enjoy the show and by now I was massaging Leslie's little nipples, which were erect, of course. We were all enjoying ourselves and engrossed in the show. Finally I couldn't hold off anymore and came, hard, with my cum shooting out and drenching both Tim and Orlando. Apparently this was enough for Orlando, as Tim pulled off just a little and was rewarded by a facial from Orlando, with more cum than I would have imagined.

Suddenly we hear clapping and realize Morgan and Amy were off to the side enjoying the show. From their flushed faces, my guess was that they were not just watching.

Luckily all this action was in the perfect position for the deck camera, so would be enjoyable later.

Now I wonder where Jim was?

Suddenly it felt like rain. I looked up to see Jim standing on the fly bridge, just finishing jacking off to all the action. What I thought was rain was actually cum. I reacted with a bit of surprise, opening my mouth just in time for a big glob to drop right in. He couldn't have done that if he'd tried to aim. Leslie and I ended up pretty drenched, with some splashing all the way to Amy and Morgan (OK, this time I am sure he aimed).

This left the entire group, except Jim, with cum on their bodies. I started to move towards to water, but heard Jim say "No, no, no. You know how we clean up."

Yes, yes I did.

I'm sure you understand what happened next, so we'll just say that even a giant cock does fit in my mouth. Didn't get to try it anywhere else. Yet.

We finished up, so to speak, with a quick dip, then a rinse in the shower, as I took us up the coast to lunch. Lunch was a fun, joyous affair, at a wonderful outdoor place on the water. I can't remember when I last laughed so hard and was pleased the kids did too. I was a bit surprised that they were handling their new life so well, but kids are resiliant. And they were having a lot of orgasms.

The trip home was a little more sedate, if by sedate you mean the sex was inside and in smaller groups. I was the pilot, so mostly saw people disappear into the cabins, but would view the video later. The pairings were interesting. Tim spent some time with Amy, which was understandable. Jim spent some time with Leslie, which was a little more surprising. Tim spent time with Morgan and Orlando together -- and I'll bet that group was great fun. Amy and Leslie disappeared for awhile -- good to see they were getting along :). After that I lost track, but I was confident everyone would sleep well tonight.

I appreciated they didn't want me to be left out, as one by one, they came up to the fly bridge and sucked and played with my cock a bit. Jim and Tim both had talent! Each one got me to the edge and stopped, which was hot AND infuriating. As we neared home, the three kids came up and said they wanted to finish me off, as a team. Orlando led the way, with the girls touching and tickling until I couldn't hold back. Orlando proved he could handle the load and it was hot as hell when he swapped my cum with both Morgan and Leslie. Then all three gave me a big kiss, each one pushing my own cum in my mouth.

All with an audience of Jim, Tim, and Amy, of course.

The day ended soon after that and I was right, all five of us fell asleep early. Amy didn't even try to go home, but fell asleep in my arms, in my bed. I admit, I could get used to that.

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Jenny Foxborn
Jim Smithson
Ms. Brown
Ms. Johnson


Early 40s


The man that received the fateful call
The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
The youngest
The new Nanny
The outstanding car salesperson
Middle school principal
Middle school guidance counselor
One of Leslie's teachers
Leslie's other teacher
Middle school tour guide and Orlando's friend
Morgan's friend and a cheerleader
Leslie's new friend
Jim's friend


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'3" - 100, dark hair, Ameriasian, small B cup
6'3" - ripped, 10 inch thick cock
5'10" - caramel skin, runner's body, A cup
5'0" - voluptuous, D cup, Southern Belle
5'4" - slim, amazing puffies
5'8" - tall, athletic, B cup
4'6" - 80, 3 inch cock
6'8" - 250, Black, 12 inches of fun

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