The Virgin Whisperer

22 June 2018

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Tim Buchanan

Formerly Chapter 22

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Sandy goes to school

Still Orlando.

Monday rolled around and I asked Mom to take me to school a little early. I wanted to be there when Sandy's bus arrived. I thought she might need me. The girls had redone her braids, so they'd be ready for morning.

I was waiting for her bus when it arrived. As the kids got off, I heard snippets of things like "Who is that girl?", "Have you ever seen her before?", "She must be new". Sandy was one of the last off the bus. I could see why then had said those things. She stepped off, with obvious confidence. The girls had chosen wisely. She was in yoga shorts again, but in a soft gray. They might have been a touch small, as she had a pretty visible camel toe. Damn. I found out later she'd done it on purpose. Now that's a confidence swing. Her top was a hot pink athletic shirt, almost a tank top, but with tiny little sleeves that made it legal. It too was tight and yes, her nipples were hard. The administration might freak, but she was legal. She walked off with her head high and strode into the school. She saw me, but strode right past. I got it. This was her moment and I might spoil the surprise.

I saw her go into the cafeteria and I got in line about 5 people behind. She chose the hot meal line, which is usually served by a 20 something young man. As she got to his spot, he looked up and actually dropped the spoon he was holding. He got flustered and kept staring, eventually catching himself. Sandy kept her breasts pushed out and stood with her legs just enough apart that he was getting a shot of her camel toe. She was performing and enjoying the moment. He recovered quickly, and served her.

Sandy got to the checkout and I saw the checkout lady, a mid-fifties woman, screw up her order three or four times. I know a look of lust when I see it. Even the old lunch ladies loved the new Sandy and wanted in her shorts.

I ate with some friends at the table next to where Sandy sat down. She picked a table to herself and it was amazing. People that didn't have a clue who she was suddenly wanted to meet the 'new girl'. A few of the nicer people in our school, she let sit, but she told the head cheerleader and the football quarterback that the seats were saved. She did it to the senior class president too. It was glorious. She ended up with a table of nice, middle-of-the-school kids. I overheard one.

"So are you new to the school," he asked. "I don't even know your name."

"Really? I sat in front of you in English class for the last four months. Did you know my name then?," she said.

That resulted in a collective gasp from the entire table and at least a few people from nearby tables that were listening in too.

"Sandy, that's YOU Sandy," he said. "Holy shit. OMG. Holy shit."

"Yeah, it's me and it is pretty fucking sad how much attention I'm getting today. I always had this body, but none of you were willing to look past my clothes and how shy I was. It took a special person to get me out of my shell," she said. With that she stood up and walked over to me and held out her hand and gave me a smile. I took her hand and stood up and we walked off, leaving our trays behind. The noise level in the room went over the top as word spread that the 'new hot girl' was Sandy, the little bohemian girl.

We walked to homeroom, which we had together. Before we got to the door, I stopped, and pulled my hand free, which got a funny look from her. I just shook my head and she got it and smiled. I signaled for her to wait and went in first and sat down. Her seat was in the front row, befitting the shy studious girl. She saw down and opened her binder, ready for class. The teacher was Mr. Sympson, who was pretty new out of college, so probably about 24 or 25. He was also smoking hot. I'd let him fuck me, but I digress. He had clearly been watching her as she sat, and was taking in the view. I saw movement and realized he was adjusting himself. Yeah, that sight would get me hard too.

"Excuse me miss," he said. "Are you in the right class? I wan't notified of a new student and that seat is assigned."

"Seriously Mr. Sympson?," Sandy said. "It's been my seat all year long. Don't you recognize me? What could possibly be different?"

"What the fuck?," said Mr. Sympson. He clearly realized what he had just said. "I'm sorry Sandy, very sorry. Your transformation is pretty spectacular. I had no idea of your..."

His sentenced trailed off, because he couldn't possibly say what he was thinking. "your sexy body", "your scrumptious tits", "the beautiful swell of your pussy". Nope, he couldn't.

Mr. Sympson gathered himself and started taking attendance. Every other class, he got up and took attendance while walking around. Today he sat behind his desk. I wonder why, I wonder why. Too bad, though, I'd love to see how endowed he was. But again I digress. That was the only class I had with Sandy, so breaking from the family tradition, I'm going to let her continue this journal. And yes, by the time she did, she'd read the earlier ones. We had to stop and fuck a few times, as they turned her on so much. Particularly the chapters on family sex parties. I suspect she wanted an invite. The little slut.

The little slut

Sandy here.

Little slut? Little slut? Oh, yeah, I guess that is true, isn't it. It was hard controlling myself on the first day, because I was confident that damn near every student in that school would have gone into the band room with me. Boys and girls. The rest of the morning was a variation on the first class. Not one teacher recognized me. Most didn't react much, except Mrs. Francois. My French teacher. I'm surprised she didn't actually drool. She has always been a touchy teacher, but she took it to the next level. She stood behind me, which I was working on an assignment, and put her hands on my shoulders. I'm confident that what she really wanted to do was slide those hands down over my breasts. Oh, I wanted that too. I did take the opportunity to 'accidentally' lean back, which ground the back of my head into her pussy. She tried to stifle the moan, and it was so soft I am sure I am the only one that heard it, but heard it I did. I tilted my head up and gave her my brightest smile, then a wink. I think she almost passed out. I'm not sure how I could seduce a teacher, but I wanted to seduce her. Maybe a threesome with Mr. Sympson. Concentrate girl, concentrate. You're conjugating verbs. In french. Yeah, not very good that day.

I had a free period after lunch and so did Bonnie and Anna. Free periods were truly that, and I convinced them to go for a walk with me. They were full of questions. They were both very shy, which is how we bonded. They weren't dressed as conservatively as I had, but were not 'flashy' either. Anna was about 5'2", thin, and her little puffies pushed out her shirt. I think I appreciated them more today. Bonnie was her opposite. Taller at 5'4", average weight, and nice C cup breasts. As big as Morgan's. Amazing for a 12 year old. She had on a T-shirt and I could see the outline of a boring bra underneath. We needed to talk.

"What the hell," said Bonnie, the more outgoing of the two. "Who are you and what have you done with Sandy?"

"Seriously," added Anna. "I just want to eat you up." She realized what she just said and blushed as red as I do. I needed to give her an out.

"That sounds wonderful Anna," I said. "I can show you some of my oral skills I learned. I promise I can get you off." That caused some outcry.

"Oral skills? Oral skills?," said Bonnie. "Where did you learn oral skills? Dish girl. We need the details."

"Nope. You'll learn all about discretion. If you want to have your pussies licked, you can't be licked and tell. Just like I'm not going to tell you about losing my virginity,", I said.

"Your virginity!," screamed Anna. I'm glad we were pretty far away from school, as that scream would have echoed across the campus.

"Yep," I said. "And I think you both should too, and I have just the right person. He's gentle and carrying and he'll make it memorable, in a great way. I'll never forget. He has reluctantly agreed to 'help' you two out, if you're interested and I'm confident you can keep a secret."

They both stopped and looked at each other, and then at me. They thought for a while and it was Bonnie that spoke first.

"I'm not ready yet," Bonnie said. "I've never even kissed a boy and no one has ever given me a glance like you're getting today. Maybe soon, but not now." She added, softly, "I would like to be licked though."

"OK, that's the right decision for you, and I respect it. Wait until you are ready. In fact, my friend was very clear on that and wouldn't do it unless he was confident I was sure," I said, beaming. "I was sure. Oh I was sure. When you're ready, tell me."

"I'm ready. I'm tired of rubbing my own clit. I want to be licked to multiple orgasms and I want to be fucked. I have always heard your first time is a disaster and painful. You're telling me it can be precious and sweet. Well, I'm in," said Anna.

I admit I would have guessed the opposite, but I suppose I was guilty of big tit prejudice. Bonnie was closer to a woman and Anna looked like a child. But then again, so did Leslie and the things she can do with her tongue. OK, I digress. Again.

We made plans for a sleepover on Friday night and would have my Mom drop us at my 'friends' house. They had lots of questions, but I wouldn't say anymore. Class was about to start, so we headed back to school.

Just as we went in, Anna turned and said: "Friday. I have to wait until Friday to be licked. Damn." Bonnie and I both laughed.

The rest of the day was uneventful, until the last period of the day. A student stuck her head in the door and whispered something to the teacher. The teacher told me I was wanted in the office. Uh oh. I've never been called to the office. But let's be honest, it was my nipples that were being called to the office. I got there and was waved right in to the assistant pricipal's office. Well, that was a little relief, because our principal is an old man and we're all pretty sure he has lust in his heart. The assistant principal is pretty young and new in her role.

"Sit down, Sandy. We need to have a chat," said Ms. Smythe. She was pretty adamant about the Ms. "It has come to my attention that you have a different 'look' today and it has been distracting to the other students. I can see that you do. While I will admit the look is very attractive on you, do you think it is appropriate?" Hmm. Emphasis on Very Attractive. I'd lick her. I surely would.

"Yes, Ms. Smythe, I do think it is appropriate and you should too. It is completely within our dress code. My shirt has sleeves and my shorts are within 3 inches of my knees. I made sure," I said. "What would you say is inappropriate?" I wasn't about to make this easy for her. I wanted to hear the words nipples and vagina. Surpringly, I wasn't disappointed. She's young and new age, and I guess, not embarrassed about much.

"You're right, by the dress code, your clothes are legal. But, they are distracting to the boys, and some of the girls," she said. Hmm. Emphasized girls. I just smiled. She's going to get to dig her own hole. I waited her out, and she made it a full minute, which impressed me.

"I mean, I can easily see your nipples, and your shorts are pulled up into your vagina. It's a bit lewd," she said.

"Lewd? Why are you looking at my nipples and my pussy?," I asked. "Why is anyone looking at my nipples and my pussy? I know why, because this outfit is powerful. It's helping me be me and yes, my pussy is on display and it is a fine display, isn't it? I'll bet you're enjoying it yourself. Do you want to lick my pussy?" OK, that last comment might have gone too far, but she immediately turned bright red. Yes, she wanted to lick my pussy. I laughed. "Should we lock the door and 69?" Yeah, too much.

"Now see here young lady, you're going too far. My sexual preferences are not your business," she said.

"Thank you so much for making my argument for me Ms. Smythe. Your sexual preferences are NOT my business, although the offer for 69 stands. You'd enjoy it, trust me," I said, watch the red creep back up her face. "If your preferences are not anyone's business, why are my nipples? For that matter, why in the hell would you punish me for being distracting and make me miss a class. Why aren't we holding sessions in the auditorium about how a woman's body is not something that is on display and that young women should be respected, not made into objects. You're all about this new age shit, and you're the one telling me I should just be a meek girl and cover the hell back up? That's bullshit and we both know it." Yeah, I might have gone overboard, but dammit, I was right. Suddenly, Ms. Smythe was crying. Crying rivers. Oh shit.

I got up and went around the desk, but not before discretely locking her door. I wasn't going to do anything, but she deserved to cry in private. I leaned down and gave her a hug, pulling her face against my breasts. I didn't know what was going on, but I made the assistant principal cry. She really burrowed in, still sobbing. I stroked her hair, and eventually she calmed down. The balance of power had shifted, and now we weren't principal/student, we were both empowered young women.

"I'm sorry,", she stammered. "I'm so sorry, that was so unprofessional of me."

"No it wasn't," I said. "It was real human emotion. Let me guess. Everything you said was bullshit and you knew it but PedoJack made it your problem."

"PedoJack," she asked. "Did you just call the principal a pedophile?"

"Oh he is. He might not act on it, but he went into teaching because he likes them young. Boys and Girls. We all know it, which is why you get called in to his office so much. There isn't a student in this school that would go in his office alone. There is literally a network that shares that with new students the first week of school," I said. "It may not be true, but we won't risk it. On the other hand, I'm still happy to go down on you." I gave her a big grin and she laughed.

"Oh, if only I could take you up on that. I know it would be fun for both of us. I like girls, but I like boys too, so double the fun," she said. Her eyes got big and she just realized what she admitted.

I laughed. "You know, I'm the prefect person to have accidentally shared that with. A good friend of mine recently shared his philosophy on discretion, which he learned from his Mom and Dad. Teenage boys are all about conquests. This boy helped me out of my shell, and his sisters helped too. I'll bet losing my virginity was a much better experience than you had," I said. "And not one word has made it around the school. Nothing. Nada. I even got a friend that is a boy to ask him if he got in my pants, and he lied, saying that no, we hadn't even kissed and were just friends. He is a man, and PedoJack is a boy."

She gasped a little on the word virginity, and then sat for a moment, clearly deep in thought. She held up a finger, and picked up her phone. She looked at a phone number sheet and dialed the number.

"Yes, is this the reporting line?," she asked. "Yes, I'd like to report a problem at our middle school. It has come to my attention that our principal has a nickname of PedoJack. Yes, the students. They also ensure that no one is ever alone with him. That's why I get called into his office for meetings so often. They created a network to ensure all new students, including new classes, know the day they arrive. I have no proof, none at all, so this is unsubstantiated, but I will say that he has problems with his hands. He's good at it, and makes it seem like accidents, but he's rubbed against my ass and even run his arm across my breasts, more than once." The person on the other end spoke for awhile, but I couldn't hear what. Finally she said "Thank you", and hung up.

"Go back to class," she said. "I apologize. You're right, he made me call you in. He wanted to do it himself, but I fought him that I should do it. I'm pretty sure he wanted to scope you out. I've been in meetings where he wouldn't move out from behind his desk, usually with cute girls, and now I'm pretty confident it was because he was hard."

Which is how PedoJack had his last day at our school. He apparently went in to 'administration', and wasn't allowed around kids anymore. They had no proof, but couldn't risk it. Ms. Smythe became acting principal, as they didn't have anyone that could step in. Jumping ahead a bit, I'm pleased to say that in a few weeks, they took away the acting and she was the youngest principal in school district history. Apparently her courage was valued. Yay.

It was also how, the very next day, we had a series of all school sessions in the auditorium, about how to treat people with respect. She'd asked me in advance if she could name me, and I reluctantly agreed. I dressed a little more modestly, in regular shorts, but I'm a rebel now, and my sports top was too tight and my nipples were on proud display. Hey, I liked my nipples, and once they were free...

I even invited my Mom to attend. It was risky, but I wanted her to see that I was a powerful girl. No a powerful woman. She met me in the principal's office, before the session, and did a double take at my outfit.

"What the heck, Sandy," she said. "You're showing everything! You need to cover up. Did they call me here because you're being punished?" It confused her when both Ms. Smythe and I laughed. Ms. Smythe gave me a look and I just shrugged my shoulders. I reminded Mom that I had invited her.

"On the contrary. You're here because your daughter has had a powerful positive impact on this school. She put me in my place yesterday, and she was right. I scolded her for her nipples, just like you did, and she schooled me. She also got our principal pulled out of our school for being a creep," said Ms. Smythe. I'm pretty sure my Mom got stuck on the word nipples.

We headed down to the auditorium and there were seats front and center waiting for my Mom and me.

"OK, quiet down," said Ms Smythe. "Today might be the most important thing you've learned in this school, and to succeed in life, you need to listen."

She went on for about 10 minutes about respect and discretion, and even used some words I had used on her. She finally got to my part.

"You're in this session because of a very powerful young woman, who lectured me that I was wrong," she said. "I was wrong, because I was blaming her clothes and shaming her because she looked good. She went from mousy long skirts to some pretty amazing clothes and a lot of you out there couldn't handle it. The school's solution was going to be to have her cover up, but that was wrong. The solution is that you all need to learn how to handle things better. I'm going to ask her to come up now, and be embarrassed in front of all of you. She actually suggested it, and it takes a lot of courage.

I went up on stage and stood next to her. I'd helped write this part.

"OK everyone. Take a good look," she said, pointing at me. "Those are called nipples. All of you have them. They have a purpose, at least on women, and that purpose isn't sex. If you're struggling getting through the day because you can see a nipple, covered by a shirt, than YOU have a problem. Sandy doesn't. Although I do appreciate that she didn't wear the yoga shorts today." That got a laugh from the audience and a quizzical look from my Mom. She let me sit down, and eventually the session ended.

I'll bet that was boring, so let's fast forward to Friday night. Anna and Bonnie were over and we were all in my room. Anna was almost bouncing off the walls, and clearly didn't want to wait. I was screwing with her, talking about this and that, and she finally got fed up, stood up, and stripped off all her clothes. She laid down on the bed and pointed at her crotch. Being able to take a hint, I stripped too.

I climbed between her knees and started slowly, licking from the bottom and working my tongue in. She was getting hot, so I licked up a little farther and started sucking on her clit. Bonnie was watching and I noticed as Anna was getting hotter and hotter, Bonnie started taking off her clothes. I gently inserted a finger into Anna. She was so beautiful, it was hard to go slow. She might not have been very developed up top, but she did have nice firm puffy nipples, just waiting to be touched. Her pussy was much farther along, so to speak, with nice full puffy lips, a clearly engorged clit, and even a sprinkling of hair coming in. I couldn't wait to get up close and lick, but I started started pumping in and out with my finger. My finger went in further than I expected, and I looked up at Anna.

"Well, I'd blame horseback riding or something, but honestly, it was a carrot," she said. That got a laugh from me and a shocked look from Bonnie. "And that carrot was tasty!"

Bonnie laid down right next to Anna. I told her to suck Anna's nipples. It took her a moment to register that, but she leaned over and started sucking and licking and doing a fine job. It didn't take long, and Anna went over the top, with a yell that was too loud.

A few seconds later my Mom opened the door. "Is everything...", she said, before she saw what was happening. I gave her credit, as she just closed the door and walked away.

I switched over to Bonnie, and she came even faster. Bonnie was more than a girl, she was a young woman. I had mentioned her high, firm C cups, but her entire shape was womanly. Nice flared hips, a well developed lips, and, well, naturally hairy. Interesting. I do think they both liked this. Finally, when they both came down, I pushed them off the bed and laid down. I just looked at them. They both got wide eyed, then Anna got a big grin on her face and knelt between my knees. Bonnie took her spot and started sucking my nipple, while massaging my other breast. Anna was a natural at this, and followed the path I had used on her, including two fingers. I didn't last long either, but I have learned to control my volume.

The next day, Mom dropped us at Orlando's house. I gave her credit, not a word about what she had seen. I wondered what that meant. She'd let me go to school in my new clothes too. What was particularly confusing was that this morning, she was wearing yoga pants and a loose top. My Mom doesn't own yoga pants, or at least she never did. Let me tell you, she has a nice ass, but then again, she's barely 30.

Orlando, Leslie, and Morgan ran out to greet us, and we went through the whole 'living in a resort' thing. My Mom laughed and said to let her know when to pick you up. Morgan jumped in and suggested another sleepover, but we'd have to clear it with Anna and Bonnie's Moms. She said it was fine for Sandy. Before she got in the car, she pretty obviously checked out Leslie and Morgan, I'm sure wondering if we were, you know, pleasuring. She also scoped out Orlando, who was wearing a surprisingly small Speedo, particularly to greet my Mom. She literally stared at his crotch for a moment, then recovered. She pulled me over to the car before she left.

"I don't know what's going on here, but after last night, and seeing Orlando now, I just want you to be careful," she said.

I assured her I was, and reminded her I was on the pill. That took her back.

"So you are fucking him?," she said, being surprisingly blunt.

"Yes Mom, I am, and he is the most gentle, kind person in the world, and you wouldn't know we were because he doesn't talk about it to ANYONE," I said. "Oh, and he is a damn good fuck." Yeah, I was trying to shake her up. She just shook her head and got in the car. Before she could leave, Orlando's Mom came bounding out and invited her to stay for lunch. I'll let Orlando take his journal back.

Nope, not your turn

I would take my journal back, but Mom just has to tell her little story now. She has to.

Amy's turn

Amy here. I never thought I'd be journaling, but here I am. I will post my own one of these days and tell a bit of my backstory. The kids don't know it all, even Bob doesn't know it all, and I'm embarassed to tell them, so the journal is our way to share. Yeah, they'll hassle me once they read this, but I am strong!

They want me to tell a story about Sandra, Sandy's Mom. After she agreed to stay, I told her we were eating on a the boat, which got a stare. I then shared she needed a swim suit and to come with me. I didn't give her an option, just took her hand and pulled her with me. I got a little of her backstory as we walked, which has already been told. Pregnant teen, no father in the picture. What the kids don't know is that her father beat the shit out of her and threw her out of the house when she told her parents. So her view of men is a boyfriend that fucked her -- once -- getting her pregnant and dumping her, and a Dad that beat her for it. She found out later it was a game to the boy and that she was the third girl he had gotten pregnant and dumped. That sucks.

She admitted that she had been in a shell, protecting Sandy, ever since. I just let her talk and we walked back to the guest closet. I never let go of her hand, and squeezed it at key parts of the story.

"Sandy doesn't understand," said Sandra. "and I've never let her understand. The last few weeks have been transformative and the assembly at school knocked me back. My shy little girl, who I hid behind crappy clothes, had grown up. Your family is a part of that, although I don't exactly know how. I am, however, grateful for it. I even admit she rocks her new clothes." With that, she blushed, which was so adorable.

"Yes, she does," I said. "You'll find out that Orlando is the exact opposite of your boyfriend. He's a friend first and never, ever would he talk. I'm proud that we taught the kids that. They came from a rougher life than you can imagine and are growing up just fine, so things do change with time. Your life can too. I promise."

By then we had gotten to the closet and we went in. I explained the purpose of the room, and she, like Sandy, was taken aback. She insisted she couldn't, and I insisted she could. We were not leaving that room until she had a new wardrobe. A complete wardrobe.

"You know our story Sandra. This is a lot of money to most people," I said, waving my arms around the room. "To us it's coins found in a couch. The kids have fun buying it and so do I, so you're walking out of here with a suitcase full of clothes. Sandy has a pile over there, that Orlando has been bringing to school an outfit at a time. Now you can just take it all home. But we're in here to dress you, and I'm going to help. So, off with the shirt."

Sandra just stood there. I saw I was going to need to help, so I walked over, gripped the bottom of her bulky shirt and pulled it over her head. As expected, she was wearing a Mom bra. You know what I mean.

"Off with everything please. We need to measure you," I said. She just looked at me like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Oh please. We're both girls, with the same parts. We're also really casual about nudity in our family, so the likelihood of you seeing a naked body or two today is pretty high," I said. "We just ask for the same discretion we provide. Strip." I said that last word as more of an order but she still didn't move. So I took the initiative. No, I didn't strip her, I stripped me. I had on my favorite Speedo, boy shorts and a sports bra, and I whipped the bra off and dropped my bottoms in a flash, standing there naked. OH. I get the problem now. She liked it. I just stood there and let her drink it in, her eyes roamed and she unconciously touched herself, just briefly, but I saw it. She clearly hoped I didn't. She needed to be shaken up, so I took a chance. I walked over, took her face in my hands and kissed her, holding the kiss long enough that she opened her mouth. In went my tongue and she returned it, with surprising passion. When I stepped back, she was literally shaking.

"I, um, oh, ah, I've never done that before," said Sandra. "It's not right."

I laughed and said: "Not right, huh. Pretty sure your nipples disagree, even in that Mom bra," I said.

She looked down, then looked back up with surprising resolve. She reached back, unsnapped her bra and dropped it to the floor. She pushed down her yoga pants and was standing in front of me naked, even looking a bit defiant. Damn, she looked good.

"Wow," I said. "You have an amazing body. It's a shame you cover it so much."

"Yes it is," said Sandra. "And it took my daughter to show me that. OK, let's 'shop'. I'm in."

I looked at her and cocked my head.

"Are you sure you want to shop first?," I asked. I walked over, took her hand, and pulled her down on the thick carpet. I leaned over, kissed her lightly, then took a nipple in my mouth, while tweaking the other one. This got the first groan out of her. I slid down her body, kissing her stomach, then her belly button, which made her giggle. She knew where I was going and opened up her legs. She was so beautiful. Full lips, engorged and dark pink. Erect clit. So ready. I started licking her, more forcefully than I might have, because I thought she needed a good cum.

"I've......never......done......this......before," she said, in gasps.

She was wet as hell, and I was making her more wet, so I slid in a finger, than two. By then, she was bucking against me and then went over the top. I didn't slow down. I wanted her on that crest for awhile. She rode it well, finally saying "Stop". I immediately stopped.

"Stop is important," I said. "You're in control here, not me."

She offered to return the favor, but that was moving too fast, and I told her that. I assured her that I welcomed it and it would happen, just not right now. She asked about Bob and how he felt about it. I laughed.

"Our family is non-traditional. You know that. Bob and I were open with our sexual appetites when we met and agreed that trying to stop would only lead to our failure as a couple. So yes, it's OK with him that I got you off and that you'll get me off. He's also happy to join in, when you're ready, and he can show you what a real man is like. Unless I am mistaken, you just told me you have been fucked once in your life. Once. That's just wrong. Sex is important. I hope you find someone special, now that you're opening up, but for now, I'll share Bob if you'd like."

"What? You'd share Bob?," she asked. "How? Why? What?"

I laughed again, and assured her that I'd be there too. Who else could get her off before the main event? I shared that the best sex is after an orgasm or two, and that was my job. The talk shifted to clothes and we worked our way through.

The first was a little black dress -- the proverbial LBD. I have one I really like, and there are several of them in the room. We measured her and I went over and picked the size 6 off the hanger. I threw it at her. She asked for underwear and I laughed.

"Girl, that dress doesn't allow for underwear. It's your smoking third date dress. You know, the date you most likely give it up," I said. She looked a little like I punched her, and I assured her that 3rd date for her might be 23rd date. The woman was in charge. That calmed her a bit.

She slipped it over her head and it dropped down, with the spaghetti straps stopping it on her shoulders. She looked stunning. It showed a lot of cleavage, which it was supposed to do, and clung to her body.

"I can't possibly where this in public. My tits are about to fall out!," she said. I made her promise to take it, and also promised that she would wear it, for the right man, or woman, when she was ready. She cocked her head when I said woman, but it got a grin.

"Well, maybe I'll practice on girls," she said, with a laugh. "Think I can find a man that's up for threesomes?" That made ME laugh, and I assured her she could. I thought that was a milestone in breaking out of her shell.

We went through the closet and loaded her up. Business dresses, sun dresses, and more. At least a dozen dresses. I think she was starting to enjoy stripping for me between outfits. We then went to shorts, slacks, and jeans. We loaded up on panties, from practical to sexy, with the same in bras. Once we had gotten that far, the pile was significant. She tried to say no, again, but I insisted.

The last thing to try was swim suits. I started her with a demure one piece, and she liked it. I didn't, but I knew she needed it. I then put her in a Speedo like mine, and I could tell that would be a favorite too. The last two were bikinis. She balked at the first one, which was a pretty full coverge bikini, but I put it in her pile anyway. It was fun for her to complain, while also naked. The last bikini I pulled out was teenie tiny, and I told her that it was see-thru when wet. That wasn't a surprise she needed. She said, and I quote, "No fucking way", but I held it out to her. She needed the confidence. She put it on, and I took her over to the mirror. She gasped.

"I look hot," she said. I quickly agreed that she did indeed look hot and encouraged her to wear it today. She wouldn't, which didn't surprise me, and stripped it off, leaving us both naked. She took my hand, pulling me down to the carpet. She had learned quickly, and duplicated just about every step I had done on her. It didn't take me long to ride the crest, and I rolled over and did it to her again. She just kept cumming and cumming, letting it ride, until she finally pushed my head away.

We finally left the room, and I found Alison and asked her to find something for Sandra to take it all home. Sandra surprised me, and chose the tankini to wear. Damn she looked fine. She was almost my dark haired twin, her in lemon yellow and me in hot pink. We walked into the living room, where all the kids were sitting and chatting.

"Mom!," shouted Sandy, who recoiled a bit. "You look amazing. You're fucking hot!" This got a smile from Sandra then a stern comment about cussing. That made me laugh a bit.

"Wait," said Sandy. "You're both all flushed. I know that flush. You just got each other off."

Sandra was torn between being caught and saying something about how Sandy knew, but chose silence as her defense. Just then, Bob walked in, wearing a Speedo. A white Speedo. You know. Damn, for a nerd, he has a chisled body. He's really taken to the gym and it shows. I realized Sandra was staring, and so was Sandy. I looked at Sandy and raised my eyebrows, and she got my drift and looked away. Sandra did not. She drunk it all in.

Back to Orlando.

That was fun!

When Mom and Sandy's Mom walked out, we all knew. It was pretty obvious. They both had that fresh orgasm flush that we all know so well. Yay Mom, get Sandy's Mom out of her shell. We did find out that Sandy's Mom is Sandra, so for simplicity, I'm going to use that. All of us saw her checking out Dad too, which is understandable, as he is ripped. He was also showing off in a white Speedo and semi-erect. I know that cock. It was an enjoyable view for me, so I am confident it was for Sandra too. Sandy had shared the story, and it was so sad.

Sandra walked out in a Speedo tankini. Damn, she looked fine. So fine that Sandy gasped. Mom shared that already, but seriously, smoking hot. She was clearly embarrassed, but kept her shoulders back and her head high, which we all enjoyed.

"OK kids," said Dad. "52 or 131". Sandra had no clue what he meant, but we argued for a minute or so and finally agreed on 131. He walked out the door, waving us to follow, and the carts were there waiting for us. Sandra got in the front seat of one with Mom, Sandy and I got on the back, and the rest of them piled on to a couple other carts. We headed towards the boats.

As we rounded a corner, you could see the helipad. With the helicopter.

"Is that YOUR helicopter?," cried Sandra.

Mom laughed and then said: "Oh, you have no idea Sandra. Ask Leslie about her flying if you have an hour or two."

"Wait, you don't mean she flies planes, you can't," said Sandra. Mom just grinned and nodded her head. Sandra shook hers, in clear disbelief. About then, we rounded another corner and pulled up to the boats.

"That is 24, that is 52, and that is 131," said Mom, pointing them all out to Sandra. Sandy had never seen them either and was just as stunned. Let's face it, 52 was huge, but the 131, from where we were sitting, looked like a damn cruise ship.

We all piled out and showed the newcomers the way on board. Sandra followed Mom and Dad into the wheelhouse, and the kids went up to the Jacuzzi deck. Leslie being Leslie, suggested a jacuzzi and immediately stripped off her suit.

"No suits in the jacuzzi. It's my new rule," said Leslie. Sandy laughed and stripped down. Morgan and I weren't far behind. Bonnie and Anna looked at each other. Leslie did assure them she was kidding and they were welcome to wear their suits. After a moments hesitation, they stripped down. Wow, good looking girls. Bonnie had a body that was so similiar to Morgan and Anna had a body similar to Leslie. In the dark, I'd have trouble telling them apart. I was willing to try, but it would be tough.

We hopped in and spread out a little, but not too much. Bonnie and Anna sat on each side of Sandy and Leslie and Morgan sat on the outside, and it became clear pretty quickly that they were playing with with each other. The three new girls just closed their eyes and let it happen, until they all clearly went over the top, almost at once. Just as they did, we heard a cough. I looked over and there were Mom and Sandra, standing at the top of the stairs. Morgan and Leslie quickly shifted apart, but we all knew we'd been busted.

They walked over, and I noticed Sandra taking in the suits on the deck. She surprised me, as she smiled and took off her suit too. Damn, she is one fine looking woman. The thought of fucking mother and daughter together ran through my mind. It would have you too. Mom stripped too, and soon we were all in the tub.

Mom and Sandra sat really close to each other. Really close. Soon it was obvious to us all that Mom was pleasuring Sandra and Sandra was returning the favor. Just as the both went off, we heard another discrete cough. Yeah, Dad. He walked over, also noticing the suits. His eyebrows raised when he realized that both Mom and Sandra were naked too. He smiled and pulled down his Speedo, stepping out. He was rock hard, which is understandable. Sandra and Sandy both gasped.

"I told you," said Mom. "We're pretty comfortable with nudity here. That's natural too, so the kids have all seen a hard cock before. You know Sandy has too. I don't know about Bonnie and Anna. Maybe it is their first, but just let it go."

Sandra gave Mom and smile and patted the deck on the other side of her. Dad slid in, sitting just as close to Sandra as Mom did. I think that's when it hit her that Mom and she had gotten off in full view of the kids.

"Oh my god," said Sandra. "I just got off in front of Bob, and I just got you off in front of the kids. That's so wrong."

"Shh," said Dad. "It's natural and you know it. We're in the hot tub, so they really didn't see anything, but even if they did, they just saw their friend's Mom, Sandy's Mom, get pleasured for what I suspect is the first time in a long time. We teach them the importance of sex and not to be embarassed by it. We also teach them discretion."

"Well, not that long. Maybe 45 minutes," said Sandra with a laugh, which set us all laughing. Damn, Sandra was getting some.

We all sat and chatted for a bit, but I was watching the adults a bit. Dad had gotten quiet. Really quiet. Oh. I could see a little movement. Sandra was gently jacking him off. Wow, that's a turn around. Finally he pushed her away, and stood up and sat on the deck, with his legs wide, showing his hard cock.

"Amy, can you finish me," said Dad.

"No, I want to," said Sandra. With that, she knelt between his legs and took him into her mouth. She clearly had some skills, but perhaps a little rusty. It didn't take long, and he warned her that he was about to cum. She didn't slow down a bit, and pretty soon he unloaded in her mouth. She swallowed like a trooper, with only a little escaping her lips, and dripping down her face. Suddenly Sandy moved quickly, and went over and licked it off her Mom's face, and gave her a big kiss.

"Sandy!," said Sandra. "What are you doing?"

"I couldn't resist Mom," said Sandy. "You looked so hot. Now you need to let Bob recover a bit, and you, Amy, and Bob need to go on a boat tour, particularly the master suite. Particularly the master suite," she repeated.

Sandra sat there for a bit, then smiled shyly. "I think that is a fine idea," she said, startling both Mom and Dad, who then both grinned.

After not that long, Dad stood up and said: "Time for the tour." It sure was, he was hard again. You go Dad. We all stayed up in the jacuzzi to give them privacy. No story to tell here, sorry, as Mom and Dad wouldn't share, but I'm pretty confident that Sandra got fucked and fucked good. They eventually wandered back out, still naked. At the time, I was sitting on the deck and Sandy was sucking my cock. I did notice a streak of cum sliding down Sandra's leg, so my confidence was high.

"Like mother, like daughter," said Sandra, with a laugh. Wow, talk about a transformation.

Dad called us down to dinner. We all got out, leaving our suits behind. What was the point? We had a nice dinner, all still naked, and Sandra was clearly getting more comfortable with it. Dad asked if they'd all like to spend the night on the boat, which got excited squeaks out of them all. We all adjourned to our bedrooms, and I worried a bit about Sandra, but Sandy cleared that up. Apparently, Sandra was occupied, as she joined Mom and Dad in the master suite. I'm guessing they didn't sleep much.

But before we went to sleep, Sandy talked to me about Bonnie and Anna and what they wanted to do. My suggestion was that Bonnie go with the girls and that Anna join us. We talked to them about it, and Bonnie just about ran to Morgan's room. I don't have too many details, but I'm confident it went well.

Anna followed us into my room, clearly nervous.

"You don't have to do anything," I said. "We can just talk and you can go to bed. There is no pressure, regardless of what you told Sandy. If you do want to continue, you can stop at absolutely any time. Even in mid-stroke, just say stop, and I will. This is about you, not me."

She smiled and assured me she was ready. She plopped down on the bed and looked at Sandy: "Prepare me, wench." We all laughed and Sandy dove right in. I joined them on the bed, and I gently stroked Anna's nipples and started kissing her. She was a good kisser, and really got into it, although I think she almost bit off my tongue when she orgasmed. Sandy was getting good at this and kept her going until Anna said "stop" and Sandy instantly did.

Anna turned to me and said, in a throaty voice, "Fuck me". Sandy handed me a condom, which I rolled on. Anna wasn't on the pill and we're not taking any chances. I slid between her legs and positioned myself. I promised her I'd stop when I hit her hymen and warn her.

"No worries there," she said. "No hymen. Fuck away."

I slid in, surprising us both, when I slid all the way in. She was so tight, but so wet, that I didn't have any problems. Sandy joined us and played with Anna's clit and nipples, and we both took turns kissing her, with a lot of passion. It wasn't long before Anna came, loudly, but I wasn't done and kept stroking. This got an extended "oh, oh, oh" from her and she came a second time. That was all I could handle and I came, hard. I rolled off, and Anna just laid there, beaming.

"That was awesome. I need a boyfriend. I can't always borrow yours," she said, mostly to Sandy. Boyfriend, I thought. Hmm. We'd need to be sure we were on the same page, but I liked the sound of it.

"Oh, you can borrow Orlando all you want. I'm not sure we're boyfriend and girlfriend, but it does sound nice," said Sandy. "But I know him, and he'll need more than me, and I'm OK with that, particularly with my friends. Just call him the Virgin Whisperer." Well, that issues was apparently settled.

Sunday was fun, and uneventful, if you consider Dad fucking Sandra and Mom on the lounge uneventful. Sandra, like Sandy, was a new person. The fact that she not only got laid, but was willing to do it with us watching, was amazing. And hot. We all swore Bonnie, Anna, and Sandra to secrecy. I hope that worked.

We all slept in, having worn each other out. The three of us slept in my bed, and woke up together. We showered, which was fun, and wandered up to the kitchen. Mom and Sandra were cooking, but Dad had bacon responsibilities. He looked hilarious, as he was wearing an apron to cover the parts that he didn't want to burn from bacon grease, but that was all he was wearing. We all saw his ass. A fine ass is. Mom and Sandra were still naked. Wow, talk about a changed person. We had dressed, not being sure, so we all stripped. Morgan, Bonnie, and Leslie walked up as we were taking our clothes off, looked around, and took theirs off too. This was a fine cruise, for sure. Dad and I were the only men. I could live with that.

We had a nice breakfast, then Bonnie came up and asked if she could talk to me. We went up to the top deck and sat on one of the couches.

"I've changed my mind. I talked to Anna and Sandy and they are so over the top with their experience. I am interested, but was scared. I can't imagine the opportunity for my first time to be better," she said. "Would you fuck me?"

"Bonnie, I would be honored, but this is a big step. You can't go back, once you have. It's a one-way trip. Are you sure you don't want to wait, and think it through more? I'll still be here," I said.

"No, I'm sure. I wanted to all along, but was scared. I talked to Morgan about her first time, and to Leslie too. They both tell me that you're the right guy, for sure and I think they're right," she said. "But I'd like Sandy and Anna to both be there with me. Is that OK?"

I laughed a bit. "Hmm. Three sexy naked girls. Nope, I can't possibly have that. Not at all," I said, and got a laugh in return. "When? Now?" She nodded, shyly.

We went downstairs, and she got Sandy and Anna. I gave Mom a look, and she just nodded. She understood and would make sure no one bothered us. We went down to Morgan's room, as she had a Queen bed. I was sure she wouldn't mind. We did lock the door.

"OK, Bonnie. Sandy and Anna know what you need to do first, so go at it girls," I said.

Sandy got between Bonnie's legs and started licking. It was so hot to watch. Anna was on the bed, licking and sucking Bonnie's nipples, and playing with them too. I saw that Sandy had two fingers in Bonnie, but was clearly bottoming out. Yes, she still had her hymen. I wanted to last for her first time, so I explained that I needed to get off once before we started.

"Oh, can I suck you?," asked Anna. "I've never given a blowjob." I answered by laying down next to Bonnie. Anna knelt between my legs, right next to Sandy. She started licking, but clearly didn't know exactly what to do. I coached her, and she took advice well. Very well. I wasn't going to last long. I warned her I was going to cum, and she pulled off, but too late, so she got a face full of cum. She moved quickly, and took the rest of it on her puffy nipples. She was quite a sight, and I admit I laughed a bit, and she slapped me. Right on my cock. Ouch. I told her to switch with me, and she laid down. I straddled her and kissed her, then began to lick my cum off. I started with her face, then worked my way down to her chest, and she started to moan. Well, I was right there, so I went farther down and started going down on her. Sandy and I were side by side, each going down on a sexy girl. I enjoy it, so I put my all in it. I'd started late, but both girls went over the top together. That was fucking hot, so naturally I was hard again.

Bonnie looked over at me and said "Fuck me". OK, I'm in. I moved over to straddle her, and Sandy handed me a condom. Bonnie shook her head.

"I've been on the pill forever, for cramps. Just fuck me. NOW," she said.

Sandy grabbed my cock and positioned me, and I slowly slid in. I pumped in and out, but just a bit, lightly bumping her hymen. We'd explained everything, so she knew to expect.

"Stop fucking around," said Bonnie. "Just fuck me. I know it will hurt. Do it quick."

So I did. I slammed hard, and broke through, and was buried. She yelped, and I stayed right where I was. She was breathing fast, but finally slowed and nodded. I started slowly pumping in and out, to her repeated "Oh my God's". I think she liked it. Finally, she said "Fuck me hard".

I don't need more direction, so I sped up the pace. Sandy reached in and started rubbing Bonnie's clit. Anna came from the other side and started sucking her nipples. That was all it took, and Bonnie went over the top. I wasn't ready, so kept pumping and we kept Bonnie going. Over and Over. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and emptied into her. A lot. A surprising amount. I rolled off and laid next to her, exhausted.

Anna dove right in, and cleaned her up. She learned fast. It took Bonnie over again, repeatedly, and she finally asked Anna to stop, who immediately did. We all four collapsed on the bed.

"That was fucking amazing. I want to do that all the time," said Bonnie. "Why was I scared? Fuck that was great."

We went up on deck and Mom said we had to go in. She wanted to redo a room and Curt was meeting her in a few minutes. We docked and all got off the boat. The girls all wanted to swim, and I just wanted a nap. Later Mom asked to tell a story, apparently with Sandra's permission. Remember, discretion.

Curt? Oh! Curt

Yeah, Amy here. I couldn't resist sharing the changed woman Sandra had become. I had unleashed something primal. I think that is good. I hope it is good.

Sandra, Bob, and I did have a wonderful night, but not like the kids assumed. We talked late into the night, all three of us. At first, Sandra was bashful around Bob, but opened up. I think it was really enlightening to talk to a man that was clearly so supportive of women. Yeah, nerds rule. Her experience had been with jerks, including the ultimate jerk, the sperm donor that got her pregnant. Now, she loved Sandy like you couldn't believe, but knew her life had been as mess. As she put it, right before we all fell asleep: "Why didn't I meet you two ten years ago?"

I admit, I laughed, and reminded her I would have be 10 and Bob would have been 13, which set us all off laughing.

"Yeah, but I'll bet you both still would have been good fucks," she said.

"Well, I would have been, but I'm pretty sure Bob's only experience at that point was with his right hand," I said. That set us all off laughing and ended the night. We just fell back on the bed, with me in the middle, and were asleep in minutes. What made the transformation even more obviously complete was we were all naked and had been through our entire conversation. She went from frumpy to nudist. Cool.

I woke up the next morning to the feeling of a tongue between my legs. Bob was still asleep next to me, so through my outstanding powers of deduction, I determined it was likely Sandra. But then someone started licking my nipples. That opened my eyes. It was Sandra licking my nipples, and Sandy licking my clit. Mother and daughter. Well that's a fantasy. I just let it ride and in short order was cresting a wave. Finally I pushed them away, and Sandy plopped down next to me. I looked down at Sandra, and she had lust in her eyes, but not for me, and not for Bob. She was looking at Sandy. She was a sight, naked, flushed, and with her legs spread invitingly. Sandra looked at me with puppy dog eyes and I just nodded.

She got on her knees, and started licking Sandy, who bucked in surprise. Sandy quickly realized who was licking her. I couldn't resist, and leaned over and kissed Sandy, and started playing with her breasts. She didn't last long either. She woke up Bob, but he was smart enough to just watch. Once Sandy calmed down, she quickly stood and pointed at her spot. Sandra hesitated, and I nodded again. She laid down, and Sandy returned the favor. I did my role of kissing and fondling and soon Sandra not only went over the top, but squirted forcefully, all over Sandy's face and chest. Sandy didn't even blink, but climbed up her Mom and offered her soaked nipples to her. Sandra latched right on, and reached down and started fingering Sandy. Sandy was too close and didn't last long, and collapsed on her Mom, who hugged her tight. Finally Sandy got up and left, leaving the adults alone.

I noticed that Sandra was crying. I leaned over and kissed the tears away and asked her what was wrong.

"How can this be so wrong and feel so right?," she asked. Bob and I both understood her dilemma.

"It's just right," I said. "Not wrong. I know it is not traditional. I know others would judge you, but not us. I think it is time to let you in on a little secret. You know our kids are sexually active, including Leslie. You know we're pretty open about it. What you haven't seen, because we needed to be sure you were ready, is that we're one big HAPPY family. I assure you Orlando is a good fuck, and can be gentle or powerful, and Bob would tell you the same about Leslie and Morgan. I can personally attest all three have powerful oral skills. We just let you in on a dangerous secret, so we hope you'll keep it."

Sandra's eyes were huge, as she processed all that information. Finally, in a quiet voice she spoke.

"Would Orlando fuck me?," she asked. That made Bob and me both laugh, and we assured her he would. We suggested we needed to find a time when Anna and Bonnie weren't with us, as they weren't ready to know. Sandra was clearly disappointed, but understood. It felt like a good time to mention that Curt was coming over.

"So, Sandra. How do you feel about big black studs, with big thick cocks," I asked. Her nipples answered before she did.

"They're hot. Most of my fantasies are about black guys," she said. "I've never. Well, you know that."

"Next question. Have you reached the point that, when offered, you'd have no-strings sex with a hot guy, with me participating if you want. Heck, with Bob participating if you want," I asked. She just laid there for a minute, and I wondered if I'd pushed her too hard. Finally she answered.

"Yes," she said, in a surprisingly husky voice. "Would I get to see the two men fuck too? I've always wanted to." I laughed and assured her that was in play. I saw Bob smile at that too. He'd done a good job staying, well, not hard, but that question did it. Sandra noticed too.

"Can we help you with that," she asked. Bob demurred saying he wanted to save it for later.

"Why don't we do this," I said. "Let's go in and you can take the two girls home. Then you and Sandy can come back. Curt should be here by then. I do want to ask, though, what your boundaries are with Sandy. Curt is, well, in the know. He might want to fuck one of our kids. Should we tell him no today?"

She thought about it for a minute. "That's up to Sandy. You've been good teachers and she clearly likes sex," said Sandra. "She needs to set her own boundaries. Up to now, she's only fucked Orlando." With that, Bob blushed. Bright red.

"Oh, apparently I am mistaken. So, you've fucked my little girl, have you Bob? Was she a good fuck?," said Sandra, in a surprisingly scary voice. Oh shit.

But Sandra couldn't hold it and started laughing.

"Why yes, Sandra, she was, but not as good as you," said Bob, getting more laughter from us all.

With that, we got dressed, and told the kids to get dressed too. I thought just Curt was coming, but I wasn't positive. We docked and took the carts up to the house. Sandra and the girls left. Bonnie and Anna didn't know that Sandra and Sandy were coming back. They didn't need to.

Just then Curt pulled in and got out, and two small children climbed out of the back. My expression must have changed, because Curt laughed.

"Don't worry. This will only improve our fun," he said. Really? He introduced his niece and nephew, who were 8 year old twins. Jonny was tall for his age and strong, and Jamie was even taller. Girls do develop faster. For eight, she was pretty developed, with visible little breast buds. Not much, but not just nipples. They had the most beautiful caramel colored skin.

"They're my brother's kids. Donny and I have been playing since we were younger than these two. He introduced them to play was well," said Curt. "I thought you might enjoy them and they know to keep quiet."

Oh my. I think we would enjoy them, but how would Sandra react. We shared with Curt that Sandra and Sandy would be back. By then our kids were out, meeting the two new arrivals.

"It's fine Mom," said Morgan. "We can entertain them. We'd LIKE to entertain them. If Sandra feels cool, let us know. Although I know Leslie. She's playing with you. No she's playing with Curt." she added with a laugh. Leslie gave her a swat, laughing too, but admitted she wanted Curt to fuck her. Well that would be worth watching.

The kid's left with Jonny and Jamie and Curt and I actually did look at the room I wanted to redo. I wanted to fuck him, but wanted to save him for Sandra, and maybe Sandy. I told him that and he jsut grinned.

I'll leave the story there. It's been Morgan's turn for awhile. I know this story was a little short, but we'll come back to Sandra, Sandy, and the rest later.

Ripped. At 8

Morgan here.

Jonny and Jamie. Jamie and Jonny. Mom already described them but damn. Damn.

I took them back in the game room and introduced them to Leslie and Orlando, who were, well, naked. They both squealed with delight and took off their clothes. Mom's description of Jamie was right. She looked like Chris, you know the boat salesgirl, but in miniature. Oh, and that skin. The pink of her pussy lips really contrasted. But it was Jonny that was the surprise. He was 8 and ripped. Even more impressive is he was already hard and it had to be close to 5 inches and thick.

The first words out of Jonny's mouth were directed at me.

"Can I fuck you," he said. He's 8. I'm 15. That was bold.

"Sure," I said. Well, bold or not, I wanted him to fuck me.

Jamie went up to Orlando.

"Will you fuck me? I can blow you first if you want," said Jamie. Orlando, surprise!, agreed. We all went into my room and Leslie decided she'd be the fluffer. She went down on Jamie and we all saw her spread those small puffy lips. She inserted a finger and it slid right in. She finger fucked her and played with her clit until she went off. Jamie had been playing with her own puffies and it was a sight.

Leslie moved over to me, and Orlando moved Jamie and took her place. She got the idea and sucked him, just a bit, as he was already very hard. She climbed up and slowly sat down on his cock, with a big "Ohhhhhh." Just watching them was sexy as hell, and Leslie got me off quickly. She moved and Jonny climbed on the bed and offered his hard cock. To Orlando. Always ready, Orlando sucked him, but just long enough to get his cock wet. It didn't matter, I was juicy as hell. Jonny motioned for me to get on my knees. He wasn't gentle and slammed right in, and did a power fuck. He had skills, baby. After I got off, he turned to Leslie and asked for lube. She quickly handed it to him and I felt him spread my ass cheeks and drizzle it on. He was still inside me, gently pumping, and started finger fucking my ass. He got me over one more time and Leslie handed him a small towel. He wiped off his fingers and moved his cock. Oh yeah, right into my ass. This fuck was more leisurely, but finally he filled up my ass with a lot of cum for an 8 year old. He slid down and started eating it right back out. I liked this boy. Just then Orlando clearly filled up Jamie, but Leslie pushed Orlando out of the way and ate it all back out of Jamie. We all fell to the bed, spent.

Just then the door opened and Sandy walked in.

"Oh no," said Sandy. "I missed the fun." Leslie didn't miss a beat.

"No you didn't," she said. "Mom's got a friend over. He will do you and your Mom both. Let's go find them." With that, they both walked out, Leslie still naked. I have to pass the pen now to Leslie. I have to.

9 inches of...

Leslie here. Yes, trust me, she had to. By now Sandra and Sandy knew about the journal and liked being included.

We went straight to Mom and Dad's bedroom. Where else. We walked in and Dad was fucking Curt in the ass, with Mom and Sandra watching. Sandra was enthralled, and playing with herself while she watch. Dad looked over and saw us.

"I'm just an extra," he said. "We're saving Curt for Sandra, and Sandy if she wants."

By now, Sandy could see Curt's hard cock. 9 inches of thick, black, uncut cock. Her eyes got big.

"I. must. have. his. cock.," she said, and we all laughed. "But will it even fit?" Leslie assured her it would and that she knew from personal experience. That got raised eyebrows from Sandy and Sandra. We sat and watched. It is cool to watch Dad fuck another guy. If you don't think so, then you don't get it. Soon enough, Dad emptied into Curt. To my shock, as soon as he pulled off, Sandra dove in and cleaned him out. Sandra!

"First dibs," she shouted. Wow, what a transformation. She just said she wanted Curt to fuck her before he fucked Sandy. Wow. Just wow.

"Lay down Curt," said Sandra. "I want to be on top." Curt wasn't stupid, and he laid down, and that magnificent 9 inch cock laid against his stomach. She climbed up and Mom lifted his cock and held it in position. Sandra slid on, but stopped after about 5 inches.

"Oh, it feels so damn good," said Sandra. "What have I been missing?" With that she slid all the way down, and just sat there for a bit.

"Sandy, get over her. Sit on his face facing me," said Sandra. Sandy obeyed her mother.

Soon Sandy and Sandra were passionately making out. They each had a hand on the other's clit and one on the other's breasts. Oh. Wow. I went over and sat on Mom's lap and she reached around and played with my clit while we all watched. Sandy got off first, nearly drowning Curt. The sight pushed Sandra over, and Curt emptied inside her. Sandra slipped off and laid down, and Curt started to clean her out. While she did, Mom fitted a strap-on into Sandy. One of the two headed ones and Sandy greased up Curt and slid right in. Every time Sandy pounded into Curt, it pushed his face into Sandra. Finally Sandra went off and Sandy did too. By then Curt was hard and he pushed Sandy back. He picked her up and laid her on the bed. She pulled out the strap on and Curt slid RIGHT in, to Sandy's surprise. They fucked. Oh how they fucked, with Sandra latched onto Sandy's nipple. Finally, after Sandy had multiple orgasms, Curt filled up Sandy. It was my turn to clean her up.

They all went to shower, and I wandered back into my room and got cleaned up. By the time the group came out, Morgan, Orlando, and I were in the kitchen.

What stunned us was Sandra and Sandy came out in matching white tiny bikinis. The seethru when wet bikinis.

And they were wet.


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Flight instructor
Orlando’s science club partner
Sandy’s Mom
Sandy’s friend
Sandy’s friend
Curt’s nephew
Curt’s niece
Assistant principal
Home room teacher
French teacher


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
5'9" - athletic, petite, D cup, 5 inch cock
6'2" - 185, blonde, ripped, 7 inch thin cock
5'9" - tall, athletic, blonde, simply stunning, B cup, model gorgeous
6'4" - 225, Black, thin and regal, 9 inch uncut cock
6'0" - 175, trim, 7 inch thick and cut
5'9" - 140, small B cup, runner's body
5’5” - petite, long legs, B cup, big nipples
5'6" – petite, 120, C cup, sexy as hell
5'2" - thin, puffies
5’3” - average, C cups
4’8” - caramel skin, thin, twins, 5 inch cock
4’9” - caramel skin, thin, twins, puffies

End of Chapter