Chapter 12 - The Call - Morgan goes racing
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24 June 2018

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Morgan here.

Finally! My turn. I know, I know, this isn't going to be as exciting as Leslie and her airplanes or even Orlando, the virgin whisperer, but it was incredible to me, so here it is.

It's all about racing. My journal goes back a bit, to when I talked to Dad about a racing cart. I knew he'd agree, so I'd already found the cart, but more importantly, already found Ted to coach me. This was before Ted and Juanita became an item.

I'd reached the point where I got all I could out of the simple carts we had and there wasn't a rush anymore. So, I did my homework on racing and bought everything I needed except the cart. I bought the racing suit, the helmet, well you get the idea. These carts are crazy. A few inches off the ground, and incredibly fast. I'd made sure of the minimum age. There were kids' classes, but for the serious carts, you had to be 15, without a waiver, but I didn't need one.

The story starts the day that Ted showed up with the cart and Dad agreed. We got right to work. Now I admit, I'd seen Ted's picture in several articles, but they didn't do him justice. Fuck, he was a hunk. About 5'10," maybe 165, dirty blonde hair, kept short, and that three-day stubble that drives women (and girls) wild. He was dressed casually, in jeans and a Pearl Jam T-shirt. We'd done everything over the phone, and I think he thought I was older.

He got out of his truck, and I walked up. I introduced myself and we shook hands. Yes, yes, we both scoped each other out. He did that guy thing where they start at your eyes but work their way down. I was dressed pretty much like he was, but in shorts and a T-shirt. He didn't ask me how old I was, which was cool.

"Hi," said Ted. "I'm Ted, but you already know that. Who else would show up towing a cart?" adding a little laugh.

"I'm Morgan," I said. "I'm the future racer in the family."

"What is this place, a resort?" he asked.

"No, it's our family's house, and we need to talk about that. I want to race, and I don't want to be treated like a diva that's playing with Daddy's money, so we're going to keep this quiet, OK?" I said. "Maybe someday, but for now, I need you to keep this as a secret."

"You're the boss, and I mean that literally. You hired me and I follow your lead. Someday I'm hoping you'll tell me the story," he said. "But I realize it's none of my business."

I did share the short version of our story, that we can all tell in our sleep and while I was doing it, Mom and Dad came out and introduced themselves. I hadn't gotten to the Mom and Dad are 20 and 23 part yet, so he was really confused now. He was the same age as my Dad and older than my Mom and I'm 15!

Dad realized where I was in the story and laughed. He finished the story, almost word for word as I would have. That cleared things up, but it is confusing. They both gave him the obligatory "keep our girl safe" lecture and wandered back inside.

"Let's go to the track," I said, hopping into his truck. I pointed down a road beside the garage. You know, the 10-car garage.

"Wait, you have a track ON YOUR PROPERTY?" he asked, clearly surprised.

"Yeah, but it sucks. Dad's already agreed that if you think I have promise on what we have, he'll rent a track to get me farther. If that goes well, there is room to build a proper race course, and we'd like you to design it. You'll see."

We drove around the property, past the helicopter pad, which got raised eyebrows, but nothing else. We pulled up to the track and in the background, you could see all three big boats. He just pointed at the boats, then pointed at me. I nodded, and he shook his head. I don't think it had quite set in that when I said pretty wealthy, I meant stinking rich. He'll learn.

I went into the bathroom to change into my driver's suit, wondering if I'd have to do it in private long. Yes, I was already thinking about seducing Ted, which is why I never mentioned my exact age, but now that he met Mom and Dad, he knew. I didn't want to scare him off but wanted to see him naked in the worst way. I know, I know, I'm always horny. Always. But it's a nice lifestyle.

I came out, in my suit, which is basically a fire-retardant jump suit, so hot as fuck. I don't mean cute, I literally mean hot. I was carrying my helmet.

"Well, you look the part," said Ted. "But you might want to consider a shorter haircut. Nothing extreme, but most of the girl racers had a short bob. Your hair has to fit inside the helmet in racing, and it is safer. Show me what you've got on your carts first."

A haircut. I've had long hair my entire life. I'm proud of my long hair. But I wanted to race, and if that's what it takes, that's what I'll do. I hopped onto the fastest of our little inexpensive carts -- yes, I knew which one was fastest -- and did a couple warm up laps. They were pretty fast, I think. I pulled over and stopped after about 10 laps.

"OK," said Ted. "You're clearly comfortable at this, and I can see you're a natural, but you don't have the science down. You're not always taking the fastest line around the track. I'm going to show you. What cart is about as fast?"

Oh, he was on to me and knew I took the faster cart. I blushed a bit and pointed at another one. He climbed on, no helmet or anything, and said "Follow me."

So, I did. And it was tough, but after about 10 laps, I was running reliably on his ass, so to speak. When we finally stopped, I'd shaved a solid 5 seconds off my best time ever. On our short track, that was major. What he was doing was obvious to me, once he showed me, and I was confident I could read the line, at least on our track.

"Wow," said Ted. "You are a natural. I was all out racing, as hard as I could, and I couldn't shake you. Now I don't know the track well, but I should have kicked your ass. You really do get what I was teaching you, don't you?"

I just smiled.

"OK. Let's fire up the new cart. The line will be the same. For the most part, the line doesn't change for a faster car. You just have to learn the speeds for each corner. Your little carts can go flat out around almost the entire track, and you were, but this cart can't. You'll enjoy the hay bales if you try, so ease into it," said Ted. "I'm going to do a couple laps, so you watch."

So, he did. Holy shit, I don't think he was even trying very hard and he did a lap in a little over half my best time ever. Half! That damn car was fast, but I'm sure a lot of it was Ted's skill. After all, he's the champ. He got out and told me to do a few laps no faster than the little carts. He could see my face fall.

"You'll get there, but you need to learn the cart," he said. "They react differently than your carts. It's instant and brutal. You really don't have any idea yet."

So off I went. I held back but could tell I was going slightly faster with each lap. He was right, brutal is the word, but I got smoother and smoother. He finally waved me off.

"You don't always listen well, do you?" he said, with a smile, pointing at the timing board. I'd cut almost 15 seconds off my best time, and I admit, I wasn't really trying yet. I let out a whoop.

"Damn, that rush is better than sex," I said, getting a quizzical look from Ted. Yeah, I said it. Might as well get the idea in his head.

"It's a rush for sure," said Ted. "But if it is better than sex, you have things to learn about sex too." With that, he gave me a slight leer. Oh goody.

I'm going to skip ahead a lot now, because as much fun as learning was to me, I doubt reading about it has the same excitement. I worked my way up to where our track was limiting, so Dad rented a local track that Ted recommended. After a week or a little more, every day, Ted said I was ready for my first race, this weekend. I was shocked. So soon? Was I ready? I don't know. And yes, I'd gotten the little bob and I admit I rocked my new haircut.

The race was about 75 miles away, and started with practice Friday evening, practice and qualifying Saturday, and the main event on Sunday, if I made the field. Ted warned me that this was about the race experience, not the race, and that most drivers didn't qualify the first five or even ten times they tried. Well fuck that, I was going to be in the race.

We headed out as soon as I got home from school. Ted was waiting, with the cart on its trailer attached to my Toyota. That was good, since my having a car probably made me seem older. I could even drive it, if he was in the passenger seat. I didn't have to tell him I only had a permit, did I?

We got to track pretty quickly and found a spot to park in the racer area. I got registered, and Ted wandered off to arrange fuel and other incidentals while I just looked around. Damn, these people were serious. A few carts were on simple open trailers like mine, but most were in enclosed trailers, with complete mechanic setups. One even had a lift built into the trailer. Most had sponsors too. Their carts were newer too, and many had body work that mine didn't. But I knew I was just starting out, and my goal was to make the main event. I'd never even driven a cart in traffic, so my expectations were reasonable.

Finally, I was out on the track, flying around, in traffic. My God it was a rush. Even my pussy tingled. I finally pulled in.

"You're doing great," said Ted, pointing to the timer board. They were timing the laps, and had a ranking, just for information. I was sitting in the 11th position. 1 through 10 make the main event, so I was close, but not there. I wanted to go back out, but Ted shook his head.

"This wears you out more than you think, and a tired driver is a slow driver. We're going to have dinner and go to bed early. We'll be back here when the track opens. Qualifying is just like this, basically practice with them timing every lap. At the end of the three-hour session, the Top 10 are locked in. You're close, and I think you can get there. I know the drivers in 7 through 10 and they don't have your skill," said Ted.

So, with that, we did have a nice dinner and laughed and talked. Ted told me hilarious stories about his career and shared his dream of moving up, but his problem with finding sponsors. I was going to fix that, he just didn't know it yet.

We went back to the hotel and had adjoining rooms. I didn't want to scare him off, so we each went in to our room and I was asleep earlier than I expected. It WAS tiring.

The next day was simply amazing. Three solid hours of driving. Most drivers only drove an hour or so, either locking into the top 10, or realizing they weren't going to. I was on the cusp and had to push harder. At the end of the first hour, I was in 13th. Not good enough. At the end of the second hour, I was in 11th. Ted even asked me if I wanted to stop.

"Fuck that," I said. "I'm in the race. They just don't know it yet." We both laughed and he complimented my determination. I went right back out and after about 25 minutes, Ted radioed me to come in. It was the first time he'd used the radio, so I followed my coach's orders and pulled in. He didn't say a thing, just pointed over my shoulder to the scoreboard.

I was in fifth. I was in fucking fifth. I'll be damned. Fifth. Ted told me to shut it down. I wasn't going to get higher and I was a lock. I changed in the ladies´┐Ż room -- no locker room for girls -- and we wandered around, looking more like a cute couple than racers. We heard snippets of conversations.

"Who the hell is number 27?"

"That piece of shit cart is in fifth?"

"That was some serious driving and I've never heard of this guy Morgan."

Ah, guy. It was clear almost everyone thought I was a guy, not a girl. Fine with me. Stay under their radar and surprise them. We finally left for the day. The carts were quarantined, so stayed behind. I'd dropped to 6th, when the guy in 6th edged me a bit, but I was OK with that. 6th my first time. In the race.

We killed the afternoon wandering around the small town and had another nice dinner at a cool little romantic restaurant. We weren't looking for romantic, but other than the place we'd already been, it was that of McDonalds. As we finished up, it was clear that Ted was embarrassed when I paid.

"Listen Ted," I said. "You need to get over this macho bullshit. You're my employee and I pay, and you just sit there and eat." I couldn't hold it, and started laughing and he joined in.

"OK," said Ted. "But it is fucking weird."

We got back to the hotel, and I was going to open the door a bit. Actually literally. There was a door between our rooms, in case a family rented them both. We were a family, right? I opened my side and knocked on his. It took him a minute, but he finally opened his side. He was wearing gym shorts and nothing else. It took my breath away. Those abs.

"Damn," I said. "You're right. I'm sore in muscles I don't think I have. Thank God the race is shorter than today's practice."

He just stood there, not taking the bait. Shit, I was going to have to be less subtle.

"Listen, the muscles in my shoulders and back are really tight. Do you think you could rub them for a bit?" I said, being a lot less subtle. He looked a little startled, but finally responded.

"Sure," he said. "Let me put a shirt on."

"I've seen guys without their shirts, Ted," I said. "Now I've seen YOU without your shirt. You don't need to be quite that bashful."

I headed over to the bed and laid down on my stomach. I was prepared, wearing just cheer shorts and a T-shirt. JUST cheer shorts and a T-shirt. Lifting up just a little, I pulled off the shirt and threw it on the floor, then wiggled out of my shorts and did the same. He didn't get to see anything but my ass, but I do have a nice ass.

"You couldn't do much through the fabric," I said. "I hope you don't mind. I'm not very modest."

"No, it's OK," he said, in a gutteral voice. He climbed on the bed, sitting discreetly next to me and started rubbing one shoulder. This wasn't going to do.

"Come on Ted, that's silly and you know it. That's not going to help at all. Climb on and sit on my butt and rub properly," I said. He hesitated, but finally screwed up the courage and did what I said.

Oh, I see his problem. He was hard. His cock nestled right into my ass crack with only his shorts between us. What he might not have known was that every time he leaned forward, his cock was slipped out and rubbing my ass. It was awesome. Pretty soon I was sure he did know it, because he had to see that my ass was now slick with his precum. He worked his way down, rubbing my back, then skipped my damp butt and rubbed my legs.

"Come on Ted," I said. "You're a driver. You know my glutes are sore." After hesitating, he grabbed my ass and massaged it, pretty hard. He was really getting into it. Finally, he stopped and got up a bit on his knees, giving me a little room. I used the opportunity to flip over, showing him my naked body. He actually gasped. His cock was peeking out for sure but tenting his shorts. It was in what was clearly a painful position. Being a forward girl, I reached down and adjusted his cock. His eyes grew wide.

"That looked like it hurt," I said. "It would be better if you just took the shorts off."

"I don't think that's a good idea," said Ted.

"OK, let's talk and lay the ground rules. I think you're hot and I would love for you to fuck me. It is not a condition of your employment and if I went too far, I apologize. Just head back in to your room and it will never happen again. You're more important to me as a coach. That said, you're also fucking hot, and I like sex and I'll bet you do too. You even told me that I wasn't doing it right, so apparently, I need coaching in the sex department too. So, your call. Drop the shorts or walk out of the room. Either way is the right solution. It won't be off the table, either. If you walk out tonight, you can walk back in any time you want. We're going to be together a lot."

With that, he stood up, and I thought I'd lost him. Only when he pulled his shorts down and stepped out of them, did I realize that he was all in, so to speak. Damn, his cock must have been 8 inches. A little on the thin side, but 8 inches. A perfect cock for my ass, but that might be for another night.

He climbed back on the bed and I motioned him forward. I took him in my mouth and started sucking. I may have things to learn, but deep throating isn't one of them, and I took all 8 inches down my throat. I was determined to get him off because I wanted him to last when we fucked. I knew my plan was right and he pulled out a little but filled my mouth with cum. I held it in my mouth and showed it to him, then pulled him down for a kiss. You go Ted, he kissed me passionately and I pushed a lot of his cum into his mouth. He took every bit of it. He'd done this before.

He then slid down my body, kissing and licking my nipples and playing with my breasts. I don't exactly know what his technique was, but it was god-like. For the first time in my life, I came from just breast play. That got a smile out of him, and he worked his way down. He had magical orals skills down there too, and soon I was rolling on the crest of multiple orgasms. I finally had to push him away.

"You'll have to teach me exactly what you just did," I said. "My sister would love that." Oh shit. What did I just say? I just spilled the beans. He just raised an eyebrow.

"Isn't your sister 11-years-old?" he asked. I just nodded meekly.

"Well your family sounds like great fun," he said. "Don't worry, your secrets are safe with me. Hell, I'm about to fuck a 15-year-old. I could get in a shit ton of trouble." With that, he slid his cock in, all the way. Just buried it.

"You know I'm 15?" I asked.

"You don't think I do my homework about potential clients?" he said. "Of course, I knew you were 15. I even ran a credit report. I didn't know you were rich, but you do have good credit," he laughed.

All this while he was gently stroking in and out of me, using one hand on my clit and another on my breasts. It was heavenly.

"Oh goody," I said. "That will please Leslie. You'll like fucking her too." In for a penny.

His eyebrows shot up. "Leslie? Fuck Leslie?" he said. "At 11. Damn. Yeah, I admit that would be hot."

"From what I've seen so far, you'd like to fuck Orlando too, now wouldn't you?" I said, getting a blush from him. Men do blush you know. He stammered a bit.

"You know, we're being brutally honest, so yes, I'd like to fuck and get fucked by Orlando," he said. "I like men and women, and apparently boys and girls. I'm also the king of discretion." Ah, the family word. Discretion.

"OK, we'll make it happen. He's a good fuck. So is Leslie," I said. More raised eyebrows.

"You fuck each other?" he said.

I just gave him a smile and he thought about it for a bit. All the while fucking me and playing with me. It was wonderful. I couldn't last any longer and I went over the top, hard. He used that to start really pounding me. He started to pull back and I told him to cum inside me. He did. Oh, how he did.

Then, in our family tradition, he cleaned me up, with his tongue. I love a man that enjoys a good cream pie. I returned the favor and licked him clean.

As we were relaxing, leaning against the headboard, still naked, I saw a thoughtful look run across his face. He hesitated.

"Just ask," I said. "You have something to ask."

"You fuck your parents too," he said. "Don't you? Damn."

I watched him for a minute, and I could have told you he was imagining Mom and Dad naked. It's nice imagery, but the real thing is better. I didn't answer directly.

"Oh, you'd like to fuck them?" I said. "I know they'd like that. They're fun together too." Shit, so much for not answering directly.

"Damn. I'm envisioning this whole group thing, with all of you naked," he said. "Your Mom is smoking hot, but then again you are too, and Leslie just oozes sex. But I'd like to fuck with your Dad too. I'm open-minded that way." He was grinning.

"I'll bet you are," I said, but then I couldn't talk, because I took him in my mouth. Oh goody, he'd recovered. I got him hard, then got up into the doggy style position.

"So, you like to fuck people in the ass," I said.

"Seriously? I can fuck your ass?" he said. I pointed to the night stand, where he found a bottle of good lube. He prepared me well, with his fingers, then slid right in. Yes, the perfect ass fucking cock. He touched parts of me no one else had touched and did it without stretching me too much.

"Oh shit," he said. "This is wonderful. You're tight in both holes. I could get use to this." With that, he filled my ass with cum and then impressed again, by eating it all out. Yep, he's a fun guy.

The bed was a mess, sticky and a huge wet spot, so we laughed and went into his room and fell asleep in each other's arms in his bed. We could sleep in because the race wasn't until one, and I woke up with him just sliding his cock into my pussy. I must had slept through him getting me wet, because I was so wet. It was a leisurely fuck, from the side, and he finished inside me. A nice start to the day.

We killed the morning, with a lot of talk of strategy, then had a light lunch at the hotel. He told me to drink a lot because it would sweat out of me, but to be sure to pee before the race. Good pee advice.

We got to the track, and I was in my driving suit, with my hair pushed up into a ball cap. It covered enough of my curves that I could be mistaken for a shorter boy. We finally lined up on the grid. We did a pace lap and then we were racing. I have never felt the adrenaline like this. It was a 25-lap race. I started 6th. By the 7th lap, I was up to 5th. My lap 15, I was up to 3rd. I'd love to say I won my first race, but I finished in 3rd. I pulled into the pits and Ted was jumping up and down. I stepped out of the car and he grabbed me and swung me around, screaming 3rd place, over and over. He finally set me down and let me take off my helmet. I did it quickly, and put my hair back in the cap.

"3rd place. 3rd fucking place," he said. "I didn't get my first 3rd for at least a year. You're fucking amazing."

I leaned in and whispered in his ear: "And an amazing fuck too." That just made him laugh. He led me over to the awards area, and as we pushed our way through the crowd, we heard more snippets.

"Who is this Morgan?"

"His first race? Seriously?"

"That was damn fine driving." I liked that one.

"Really has a future. First damn race."

"A little guy, but that's great for carting." Little did he know.

Ted pushed me towards the podium. The second-place driver was already on his spot and I climbed up on mine. His driving suit was covered with sponsor badges. Then the winner climbed up and you could barely see his suit, from all the badges. Then there was little old me, without a badge in sight. Ted later told me that my suit caused quite a buzz. He overheard more comments.

"Third place in that piece of shit used cart."

"No sponsors? No fucking sponsors? Who is this guy?"

They handed me my trophy and then they handed the trophies to the two guys. The winner then pulled us both up to pose for pictures. Just before they took the shot, I pulled off my hat, threw it down, and shook out my hair. There was a collective gasp from the crowd. Even I could hear a lot of comments.

"It's a girl. She's a fucking girl."

"A girl? No girl drives that well. Tech needs to look at her cart." Yeah, thanks asshole.

But he was right. Tech DID go over my cart, and only my cart, but once they realized it was Ted's old cart and he was my coach, it was cursory at best.

3rd fucking place. Now on to 1st. I only had run one race, and I already needed a new cart. We headed home after the race. The head of the race commission was really sweet and congratulated me heartily. That was nice. I hadn't let the family come, knowing I would probably suck for my first few races, but I sure did have news.

"OK, Ted," I said. "We have to talk about my new cart. I can't be first with inferior equipment. I need the best. Brand-new, state of the art, top of the line."

He started to counsel me that they were really expensive. I started laughing and he joined in.

"Yeah, I guess that's not really a problem, is it?" he said.

No, no it wasn't. We talked about how you ordered it and he said it was really easy, you just ordered it online. He knew the perfect cart for me, and my size WAS an advantage. I made him pull into a rest stop.

"OK, I'm driving now, and you're ordering the cart. Here's my Amex card," I said, handing him my black card, which got an eyebrow raise. He told me I couldn't drive, and I assured him I could, on my permit, which was a little late, given I'd driven to the race. He just mumbled something about fucking a girl with a learner's permit, but he did climb in the passenger seat. Long before we got home, the order was in, and he's signed me up for a race in two weeks. I'd pushed him for expedited delivery, so the cart would be there by Thursday. That gave me a week to learn it. We spent the rest of the trip talking about rebuilding our track.

"OK, here's the deal. I want a track. Not just any track. Build the track of your dreams. The track you would have built if money wasn't limiting you. That track," I said. "And do it fast," I added with a grin.

"Oh, I already have the design. I've been working on it since I was 12. I update it every few months and have for years because I've learned more. It's my dream track, but no one would every build it. The materials alone are five times more than a normal track," he said.

"I. Said. Build. It," I said, with a laugh. "You know damn well that cost isn't our issue. My Dad just bought my sister a damn 767." Ted gave me a quizzical look.

"What? That can't be right. I know the 767. It's a wide body," he said. "Nobody owns a wide body plane as a private plane." I assured him we did, and described the cargo hold.

"Wow, that opens up the race choices. You can race anywhere, as long as it doesn't interfere with school. Lots of the top races are around the holidays, to allow top racers to fly in. You're young, but not unheard of young. The top teen racer is a boy from California that's 17. You're better. I know it. He's ranked 15th in the country," he said. "You're saying the plane could hold an SUV, a trailer and the cart?"

"No, I'm saying it could hold that and more," I said. "We'll need more than an SUV if the family comes along. It will be perfect. We'll arrive with Florida plates and they'll think we drove across the country and underestimate me. This is weird, but we need to rough up my new cart to make it look used and creaky."

He laughed and added "You're devious. I love that about you. Great plan."

About then, we rolled in to the driveway. The entire family ran out, including Blake, Alison, and Juanita. That last person is important to the story, but you already know that.

I shared my third place and they were all screaming. Ted jumped in and told them how insane it really was. He turned to my Mom and Dad: "I hope it is OK, she made me order her a new cart." and then shared the price. They both laughed and told him it was fine. We started to talk about the track, but they waved us inside. Blake, Alison, and Juanita drifted off, so it was just the family and Ted. The funny thing is he'd never been in the house. I think it blew him away.

"Orlando and Leslie. Take Ted on the tour. You know, the full tour," I said, emphasizing full. They both raised their eyebrows, and I just nodded. Mom and Dad laughed.

"Yes, apparently he needs the full tour," said Mom, duplicating my use of full. They each took a hand and disappeared into the kid's wing. We didn't see them for at least an hour. When they finally came out, Ted looked all worn out, and both Leslie and Orlando walked a little funny. Yeah, our family will do that to you.

"I think I like your family," said Ted, with a grin.

"But you haven't seen our wing," said Mom. "Bob and I need to give you that tour."

He was worn out, but he was game. Mom and Dad each took a hand and led him away. Leslie and Orlando said he'd already cum twice, once in Leslie and once in Orlando. I hope he had recovery skills. They came back in about 45 minutes and he must have had skills, because they were all three flushed. Mom and Dad were both in athletic shorts, and only athletic shorts, and they both had drips of cum on their legs. I pointed at them, and they looked down, and just laughed. Yes, our family is fun. And Mom's tits are fantastic.

Ted was family now.

Vegas baby

All of this led up to our loading the 767 and heading to the Vegas cup, in, of course, Las Vegas. I'd had two more Top 5 finishes, and it took three to get an invite to practice. You had to be Top 40 in practice to be invited to qualifications. I was going to be in the race, dammit. I hadn't won yet, but I had a 3rd, a 4th, then a 2nd. I was so close. 4 races, 3 top 5 finishes. There was a buzz about this 'girl doing it on the cheap'. I hadn't run the new car yet, which was a conscious decision. There was risk, doing it in a big race, but I had hundreds of laps in it. I was fast.

We flew out with Tom and Jess taking turns in the right seat. No surprise, Leslie never gave up the left seat. That floored Ted, but it was just our normal. We landed and taxied to our parking spot, and most of the family walked down the stairs. Ted, Tom, Jess, and I went below and dropped the ramp, much to the surprise of the guy pulling up in a fuel truck. We had backed in, so it was easy to pull the Toyota off, pulling our new, but abused, enclosed trailer. Dad loved my thinking, so we pulled off a 15-year-old Suburban that he'd bought to keep up the confusion. We headed out to a cheap hotel near the track. We couldn't exactly stay at the MGM, could we? Tom and Jess rented a car and headed towards the Grand Canyon, so it was just the family and Ted, six of us. We rented two connecting rooms, with two queen beds each. Plenty of room for this group. You never knew who was going to sleep with who.

We slept in, played in the crappy pool, then headed towards the track for my make or break practice. Top 40 should be doable, but I was still nervous. The family stood by my pit area and I ran about 15 laps before Ted radioed for me to come in. When I got there, he pointed at the board. I was in 8th. Oh, not good. Too high. He me go out and finish the session poorly, and I dropped to 36th. Perfect. It was hard driving poorly, but I did it. The new cart was fast as fuck. Perfect for me.

Orlando and Leslie wandered the crowd and came back to share some of the things they heard.

"Yeah, you knew she'd fade. She's just a girl."

"She'll never make the field. Ever."

"Why the hell is Ted wasting his time with this chick. He should work with MY boy."

"Girls," followed by a raspberry, from a grown man.

I didn't need to get fired up, but I was. This was bullshit and they didn't understand they were being setup. Ted told me that the way to win, or at least do well, was all about field position at the start. You can't pass 24 cars from the 25th position. So, I was supposed to let it all out tomorrow. Everything I had.

We went out to a nice restaurant and enjoyed dinner. Nothing flashy because we didn't want to be seen, and then headed back to our rooms. We were all fired up, but nobody was feeling that sexy, so we just chatted and fell into bed. Mom and Dad took one room, and the four of us took the other. I slept with Orlando and Leslie got to snuggle with Ted. I think he liked that. In the middle of the night, something woke me up, and I looked over and watched Leslie blow him. It was nice, and she is good. She took it all, then kissed him, and they went back to sleep.

I wanted every possible lap on Saturday, so we were all there early. Orlando and Leslie wandered a bit again.

"Drove all the way from Florida."

"Did you see that piece of shit Suburban. At least that Jap SUV is nice"

One guy, when someone mentioned my name, just spit. Seriously, he just spit.

Nothing like spit to fire me up.

The track was crowded with 40 cars, but some dropped in and out, so it felt more race like with 25 or so cars. I just ran as hard as I could, and Ted kept me posted on the radio. I started slow and was in 35th place. I'll bet that got comments. I rapidly moved up. 30, 27, 21 -- in the race --, then dropped back to 24, then kept climbing. As the final flag was waved, I pulled into the pits to the family all screaming. I looked at the board. I had qualified first. First.

You know what happened next. They impounded my car and almost took it apart looking for how I cheated. I gave them credit because when they returned it, the tech director shook my hand and congratulated me. Class. I got why they had to check out the nobody.

We had a nice dinner and returned to the hotel. Everybody showered, and I was last and walked out naked.

"I'm sore. Who's going to rub me down?" I asked. I heard every voice say "Me." Ah, to have a loving family. I laid face down on a bed, and Leslie hopped up and sat on my ass. Orlando sat at my head and lets his legs fall on my sides. Yeah, they were both naked. Everybody was. He focused on rubbing my head, which he knows I like, and Leslie worked on my shoulders and back. Finally, she slid down my legs a bit and startled me by fingering my pussy. I let her, moaning a bit because it did feel nice. Finally, I dumped her off and rolled over.

"OK, who's going to fuck me and who is going to sit on my face," I asked. Well, let's just say they were all in. Dad went first, with Mom on my face, looking at him. They made out, while I ate her out. Orlando pushed Dad over, and lubed up his ass, and then waved at Ted. He eagerly climbed on. Every time he pounded Dad, Dad pounded me. Orlando and Leslie reached in the pile and played with my tits and clit until I exploded. Nobody stopped. They just kept going. I was in sensory overload when Ted finally unloaded in Dad, which let Dad unload in me, and Mom went off too. We collapsed in a heap. Leslie and Orlando stood up, and she motioned at Orlando. She climbed on the bed and we all watched as he fucked her hard, doggy style. Remember? His favorite position.

This led to another round of showers, and all of us falling into bed exhausted. We switched up and Ted got to sleep with Mom, Dad slept with me, and Orlando and Leslie were together. I'm not even sure they showered. I think they just collapsed in place. I'm sure the maids wondered because it had to stink of sex. Ah well.

We again got to the track early and just hung out a bit. The two drivers in 2nd and 4th both came up and introduced themselves. They were so nice, not like the random people we'd heard. It was clear they appreciated a new young competitor. They both looked closely at my car and then the guy in 2nd laughed out loud.

"I'll be damned," he said. "You snookered us. This isn't some beat-up old car. This is the absolute latest model. I've never even seen one. I hear they're fast, but a serious bitch to drive -- twitchy as hell. I followed you and you followed the line rock solid in a car I am not even sure I could drive. Damn."

They both started laughing and patting me on the back. The promised to keep my secret but couldn't stop chuckling.

The guy in 3rd was the 17-year-old phenom that I mentioned earlier. Yeah, he didn't stop by, so I went to find him. He wouldn't even talk to me. Literally turned his back when I stuck out my hand. I guess I muttered "asshole" a little too loudly, because his Mom, yes, his Mom, came after me, with clinched fists, apparently ready to beat me down. Ted pulled me back and the driver kid pulled his Mom back and calmed her down. It was transformative for him.

He came over and apologized and shook my hand.

"I'm sorry. I was rude," he said. "Mom and Dad kept telling me I had to be tough, but that was just too much. It's bullshit. This is supposed to be fun. I'd love to learn more about you and how you got here so fast. Do you want to get a snack after the race? Compare notes? I've never gotten to do that before."

His Mom started jabbering about how that would never happen. He turned.

"Fuck you Mom," he said. "I'm a kid. This is supposed to be fun. You're ruining it. You and Dad are banned from the pits. Go sit in the stands. I'll see you after the race and after Morgan and I chat."

By then, security had arrived. They asked him if he was serious. Apparently, the driver is the master of their pits.

"Damn straight I do. I want to win and don't need this shit," he said. Good for him. Security lead his parents off, leaving him alone in his pits.

"You can't do that," I said. "You need a crew. You can't race without one."

"Then I won't race," he said. "It just sucks."

"No, you will. I'll be right back," I said. I went and got Orlando and Leslie and explained the problem. They had to have fire suits to run crew, but we had them in their size, because they'd already crewed several times for me.

"Here's your crew. This is Leslie and this is Orlando. They're good, and they take direction well," I said. "Just tell them what you want. Leslie is really fast on the tire changes. The fastest I've ever seen."

"You'd do that for me? A competitor?" he said.

"Damn straight. My parents were shits, worse than you can imagine. They died and I don't miss them. My real Mom and Dad, who are over in my pits, took us in and saved our lives. Nothing is more important than family to us. They'll help you and they'll do everything they can to help you win, because they know if they don't, I'll come after them. I don't mean physically. I mean I'll be disappointed. That's how we roll."

He just beamed and introduced himself to both of his new crew. It was funny, him with all his sponsor badges and the three of us in plain suits. Someone would figure it all out, but for now, anonymity was good.

The race finally started, and right after the flag, Dom (yes, his name was Dom -- a true Italian boy), started challenging me. It was good for us both because we pulled away from the rest of the pack, by a pretty big margin. He eventually passed me, which didn't surprise me, but I kept right on his ass, benefitting from his draft. On the last turn, I saw my chance and made a risky move. It would run me off the road, or I'd make it. Nothing in between. I shot the gap and passed him, not 15 feet from the finish line. Yes, my first win, in the Vegas Open, no less.

My parents and Ted were freaking out when I pulled into the pits, and Orlando and Leslie ran up, with Dom right behind them. Dom gave me a huge hug, which surprised me, but felt awfully nice.

"Damn. You beat me fair and square. That move was slick. Not one driver in a hundred would have made it. The other 99 would have been in a hay bale. You put it all out there and deserved this win," he said. Somehow, I'll bet his parents didn't agree.

And they didn't. When we got to the podiums, they were already there, and they lit in to him.

"Shut up. Just shut up," said Dom. "She made a move I couldn't make. Ever. She is new, but I wouldn't even have tried it. I would have been thrilled with 2nd in my first big race. She wasn't and hung it all out there. So shut the fuck up, shake her hand, and congratulate her, or I'll find a new crew. I have sponsors. I. Don't. Need. You."

Her Mom actually spit on the ground at my feet. You know how I feel about that. They pivoted and walked away, leaving their son with our family.

"Damn," Dom said. "I guess I didn't believe they'd walk away." He gathered himself up and turned to Ted. "Ted, I need a coach and a crew, preferably near LA. Can you recommend someone?" Ted assured him that we would all help.

We climbed up to our spots on the podium and after receiving our trophies, I pulled both of the other drivers onto the top level. Dom surprised me, by sweeping me into a big kiss, which is why the framed photo of my first win shows me being kissed by the driver in 2nd place. It's glorious and will always be a prized possession.

Ted discovered that not only had his parents walked away, they'd loaded up his cart, and left. Seriously, they left and headed home, leaving him behind. He was clearly a little stunned.

"Don't worry, Dom," I said. "We will get you home. We're going to a nice celebratory dinner at the MGM, then heading to the airport. We'll drop you in LA. Unless you'd like to spend the next couple weeks in Florida, practicing there. You're welcome."

"I completely don't understand what you're telling me. I don't care about my parents, or even that cart because I have a new cart that should ship this week, but what do you mean airport?" He pointed at our two SUVs and said, "You drove here."

"Um, not exactly. Just trust me and hop in," I said. We went by the hotel and checked out and Dad loaned him some clothes. It's the first time I saw him in street clothes. Damn. Yes, I was remembering the kiss, and yes, I got wet.

Mom had arranged a private room in the nicest restaurant at the MGM Grand. Dom was flustered, but Dad whispered something in his ear, and he calmed down. I have no idea what. We had a loud, raucous, celebratory dinner. Apparently, word got out, because there was a knock at the door. Dad opened the door and Mario Andretti was standing there, with his grandson, Marco. I knew Marco had started in carts, and now drove IndyCar.

We, of course, invited them in and did introductions all around. We asked them to stay for dinner, but they politely declined.

"Listen, we just wanted to congratulate you on your win Morgan. We didn't know Dom would be here too, so congratulations to you too. Given his parents, I admit I am confused, but more power to you," said Mario. "I just had to stop by and tell you that you made the gutsiest move I have ever seen in a cart race. Ever. And I've seen a lot." waving his hand at Marco.

"Yeah, you did," said Marco. "I was good, and a champion in carts, but I never would have made that move. I couldn't have made that move. I know the cart you're driving, and it is twitchy as hell, and I don't know a single driver past or present that could have pulled off that move. It was incredible. The sponsors will line up now."

He turned to Dom, "How'd it feel getting beat by the new girl," Marco said, with a laugh.

"Wonderful," said Dom. "Seriously, wonderful. You're right, that move was impossible. Maybe she's too new to know that, but I don't think that's it. I just think her balls are bigger than ours." That broke up the room.

While we were talking to Marco, I noticed that Mom was talking quietly with Mario. I had no idea what. He walked back over. He stuck his hand out to Ted.

"Ted, it's great to see you again. I doubt you even remember meeting," said Mario, which got a look from Ted that yes, he did remember.

"Amy says you're interested in moving up. That's exciting and I remember your racing. Can you be at Pocono in a week? Let's try you out for the team. I know you've never driven an IndyCar, but I'll bet you do well," said Mario. Ted was clearly rocked, but managed to stammer that yes, he'd be there whenever they wanted.

"Good, good, Amy gave me your cell number. My team will call and arrange your flights," said Mario. That's when Leslie piped in, being Leslie.

"We'll bring him up, no need for reservations, I can fly him," said Leslie. This got a quizzical look from both men, and a glance at Mom. She just nodded.

"Your family is certainly interesting," said Mario, sweeping out of the room with Marco.

Ted actually started jumping up and down. We all patted him on the back.

"How did you do it?" Ted said to Mom.

"I didn't do anything. He knew of your record and skill. I just mentioned you were looking for an IndyCar ride. He did the rest. I figured, what did I have to lose?" said Mom.

The rest of the dinner had an added celebration. Dom did lean over and whisper to me.

"Leslie is going to fly Ted to Pennsylvania? How is that possible? You told me she is 11," said Dom. I just laughed.

"Yeah, she will. She'll probably take the Citation. It's just the right size," I said, leaving it at that. He'd see soon enough. We had gotten him to agree to come to Florida, and he'd already messaged the manufacturer to ship his new cart to our house. It was very similar to mine, and yes, it would require practice. The good news was that while we were gone, the construction crew had texted that the finishing touches on our new track were complete and it was ready for signoff. Hot damn. He called his parents and they wouldn't even pick up, so he left them a message that he'd be gone for a couple weeks but didn't tell them were. Let them stew, he said.

About then we got to the airport and were waved through the security gate.

"You get to drive onto the airport?" said Dom. "How?" I just made the Shhh sign and laughed. Dad was clearly showing off, because when we got to the back of the plane, he drove right on board. Not to be outdone, Ted did the same thing, pulling the trailer. They both stopped in the perfect spot and got out to lock everything down. Dom got out, wide-eyed, and clearly confused. He started asking questions, and I again shh'd him. I took him by the hand and pulled him over to the elevator. We rode up together. It wasn't that tight, but hey, I took advantage and pressed myself against him. He liked it, I could tell. I felt him grow. Cool.

We got out of the elevator and I took his hand and led him into the front living room. He was starry eyed.

"This is yours?" he said, and I just nodded. He laughed.

"I guess you don't need sponsors," he said, and I just broke up. We were both still laughing when the family joined us. We had decided to spend the night on the plane, and leave in the morning, because Tom and Jess weren't back yet. Leslie suggested I give Dom the tour. You know, the tour.

I led him through the seating area and started with Mom and Dad's suite. I showed him Leslie and Orlando's rooms, and the guest room, ending in my room. Subtle, aren't I? I sat on the bed and patted the spot next to me. For a hardcore racer, he was clearly nervous, but his cock betrayed him because it was tenting his shorts. He did sit down, and I turned to him.

"You get to choose," I said. "You can sleep in the guest room, or in here with me." Making my point, I leaned in for a kiss and forced, ok gently, my tongue in his mouth. He responded appropriately, pulling me to him. I grabbed his hands and pulled them to my breasts, which got a groan out of him. I returned the favor and grabbed his cock through his shorts. He came, instantly, and then was incredibly embarrassed.

"Don't be embarrassed. It's natural. It just means you'll last longer when you fuck me," I said.

"Fuck you?" he stammered.

"Yes, fuck me. Would you like to fuck me?" I asked. He thought for a moment, and then spoke.

"I would love to, but I've never done it before. I don't even really know what to do," he said.

A virgin. I hadn't counted on that, but I know how to be gentle. If Orlando can do it, I can too.

"OK, that's cool. There is no pressure from me at all. You can stop at any time, and I won't say a word. I won't pressure you," I said, stealing Orlando's best lines.

"But what about your family, your parents?" he said.

"They won't bother us," I said. "My parents know I love sex and they are OK with the choices I make. I'm on the pill and won't just fuck warm bodies. I'm discriminating," ending with an obvious leer.

That got a laugh out of him. I stripped down quickly, and he just stared, mouth open. Shit, I don't think he'd ever seen a naked girl. I pointed at him, and he quickly undressed. Anybody that thinks that carting isn't a physical sport doesn't get it. He was a wiry, athletic, and ripped. I know why Ted has a similar body. No, no thinking about Ted right now. Dom was already ready and hard again. He had a nice 6-inch (15 cm) cock. He was standing there, unclear on what to do.

"OK, we're starting the lesson now," I said, with a laugh. He joined in, which was good.

"First we're going to learn about foreplay. It's important to a girl, and the better you are at it, the more likely you'll get to fuck her. We like good foreplay. Now some may feel 'yucky', but I assure you it is not," I said. "But again, you don't have to do anything you don't want to."

I laid down on the bed. I had him climb on top of me, on his knees, and we made out for a while, then I pushed them away. He made a sad puppy dog look. I managed to not laugh.

"Now you're going to learn about breasts and nipples," I said, grabbing mine. "They like attention, and they're pretty tough. You can squeeze them, and lick them, and suck on them, and even tweak them." I demonstrated tweaking, which got a smile. I grabbed his head and pulled it down. Oh, he's a fast learner. He licked and sucked and even nibbled a little. I got wet. Very wet. Then I pushed him off again.

"OK, that lesson went well. Now you're going to learn about my pussy. Have you ever seen a pussy up close?" I asked. He shook his head no.

"Well, mine is waxed, but most girls will have some hair. Some a lot. I like it smooth, and if you're up for what I suggest, you will be too," I said. I pulled my lips apart. I slid a finger in.

"This is where your cock goes, but before that you're going to use one and then two fingers. This is my clit," moving my finger. "You're really really gentle with my clit, but it is my magic orgasm button. Trust me. You're going to play with it. If you're the adventurer I think you are, you're going to lick and suck down there too." That didn't shock him, so at least he had seen porn. Once again, I grabbed his hand, folded all his fingers back except his middle finger, and pushed it in me.

"In and out. Slow and steady. Vary the motion. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Use your other hand to touch my clit. Be gentle," I said. He was a little rough and I slapped his hand.

"Gentle," I said. That was all he needed, and he got into a fine motion, really focusing. I had him insert a second finger and it didn't take long and I went over the top. It was a good one. Something about a virgin. When I came down from the high, I said.

"That was wonderful. Any questions?" I asked.

"Just one. You clamped down on my fingers. Will you clamp down on my, um, you know, if you cum?" he asked.

"Yes, I sure will and trust me, you'll love it. If we get there, you'll go off too. Don't count on it though. Most girls don't get off when they fuck. I do, most times, but maybe not tonight. Now we're on to the next lesson, which is optional. In this lesson, you finger me again, but you use your tongue on my slit and my clit. Are you up for that?" I asked. He quickly nodded, showing the puppy look again. OMG, he dove right in, with abandon. I didn't last long and apparently, I forgot to tell him to stop when I cum because he kept at it. I finally pushed him away.

"It gets too sensitive, just like your cock, right?" I said. He smiled and nodded.

"Now for the main event. Get into position and straddle me. Then just slide it in. Once you're all the way in, stop for a minute," I said.

Ever the order follower, he did slide right in. I was so wet, it wasn't a problem, but I'm still young and tight and I'm confident it felt good. The big groan he let out was probably a hint too. I told him to pump in and out, and he did, with vigor. Not too fast, not too slow, just right. He then surprised me and held his body up with just his right arm and used his left hand to rub my clit. That's athletic prowess. It didn't take long, and I went off. He dropped his arm back to support his weight and buried himself deep and emptied himself in me. Yes, quite a load, young man. I decided I wouldn't push his limits and ask for him to eat my cream pie. He fell beside me, a little winded.

"Why did I wait so long?" he said. I asked him what he meant.

"My parents are religious wackos and really controlling. They beat into me, literally beat into me, that sex was dirty and only something you did in marriage and even then, only to have kids. I'm an only child, so they sure didn't do it much. That's messed up. That was the most wonderful thing in my life. Ever. Why would they pass up that? Thank you," he said.

I laughed, which got a funny look. "No, I was laughing at you thanking me. You don't have to thank your partner, although it is nice that you did. Your parents are fucked up. The next couple weeks you'll learn what parents are really like. Mine are amazing, although not that much older than me." He asked about that, and I gave our family spiel. He was going to be with us for a couple weeks, so what the hell.

"I'll warn you, my family is also pretty casual about nudity, particularly out on the boat, so you'll probably see everybody naked. You don't have to, it's entirely up to you," I said. His eyes got big and I could imagine him running through family member by family member. I imagined him working his way from youngest up, because he drooled a little. Pretty sure that was for Mom.

"Us kids all like sex too, so if it doesn't freak you out, you'll surely get an opportunity to fuck Leslie too," I said. I wasn't going to Mom. Yet.

"Leslie? Little Leslie? She's 11!" he said.

"Yeah, she is, and she flies a jet. She flies THIS jet. She's not typical. And she's an amazing fuck. Oh, and she HATES being called little Leslie. Don't make that mistake," I said. His eyes kind of glazed. I decided to go for it, just a little more.

"OK, this one might throw you, and I'll understand if it does. Orlando likes girls, a lot, but he likes boys too. So, if you've ever been curious, he'd be happy to teach you, just like I did. I hear he gives great blowjobs. You could just get one, if you don't want to give one, but if you do, he's in. I don't mind, any more than I mind if you fuck Leslie. We share in our family," I said.

That made him sit up straight. I thought he was offended at the idea of boy-boy action, but when he spoke, that is not what came out.

"I have always been curious," he said, really softly. Yeah, curious for sure, he was hard again. I stroked him a bit.

"So, what will it be. You look like you're ready. Want to fuck me, or Leslie, or get blown by Orlando?" I said. "Your choice." That set him back a bit.

"Now?" he said.

"Sure. I'm always ready, so I wouldn't object to another round, but I'm sure Leslie's horny too. I KNOW Orlando will blow you," I said.

"Could we, um, do both? Maybe Orlando sucks me, but not all the way, and then...," he said.

"And then you fuck Leslie?" I said. He just nodded.

"Yep. No problem. It's easiest if they're with you together and, honestly, I'd love to watch. You OK with that?" I said. His eyes turned into saucers, and he nodded so hard I thought he'd hurt his neck.

So, I got up, opened the door and left. Yes, I walked out naked and I know he noticed. I came back in trailing Leslie and Orlando, who had both stripped off in the hall. I'd explained what was going on to them and they loved that he'd been a virgin.

As soon as he saw them, he gasped. I guess he wasn't used to naked kids wandering in to fuck him. Orlando took the lead and pushed him back on to the bed and had him position himself in the middle, with his head up on a pillow. He got between Dom's knees and took him deep into his mouth. Dom clearly liked it, because he ran his fingers through Orlando's hair.

"It's different from me, isn't it?" I said. "A boy knows what a boy likes." It wasn't long before he pushed Orlando away. He got up and stepped to the side. Dom asked for a minute. I suspect he got too close to cumming. Leslie had been rubbing herself while she watched and I'm pretty sure came at least once. I didn't think Orlando or I should help yet. A few secrets at a time. Once his breathing slowed, Leslie climbed on the bed. She faced him, straddled him, and dropped right down his cock. She waited for him to get used to it.

"You'll like this position, Dom," said Leslie. "You get to play with my breasts. I like that." With that, she grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts. He'd learned from my lesson because he was tweaking and rubbing like the best of them. Leslie started slowly bouncing up and down, and Dom went "Oh" on every downstroke. Yeah, he was enjoying it.

Orlando watched for a while then approached the bed. He climbed up on to the bed and offered his cock to Dom.

"Your choice, Dom," Orlando said. "I'll get down if you'd rather not." Dom didn't use words to answer, he used his tongue. He licked the tip of Orlando's cock. Orlando moved forward, and slid just some of his cock in. No need to choke him. Leslie sped up, and so did Orlando. Orlando warned Dom he was going to cum, but Dom kept going, taking the load and swallowing. Wow. That pushed Leslie over the top, which pushed Dom over the top and he filled her up. He had staying power. Guess that first cum helped.

Leslie rolled beside him. "OK, since cum doesn't bother you, I have a lesson I doubt Morgan taught you. Get between my legs and lick it out. All of it. My guess is you've tasted your own cum." Dom gave a sheepish grin but followed orders. Soon he was really licking, getting every drop, and pushed Leslie through continuous orgasms. She finally pushed him away.

"I think your training for the night is complete," I said.

"I hope so. Any more and it would kill me," said Dom. "You've all changed my life. You not only saved me from my parents, you took me in, and then introduced me to, um, you know."

"Sex. We introduced you to sex," said Leslie in a stern voice. "Learn to say it, if you ever want to get laid again. You're a hunk and you damn well know it. Girls are getting wet just looking at you. You've been passing up opportunities to get laid because you just don't know how to read girls. That's our job over the next two weeks. Orlando will teach you to read boys. We're going to teach you."

We all laughed at that.

Leslie and Orlando left, leaving Dom and me in my room. I suggested a shower. It's a small shower, but we managed to fit. I dried him off, which he liked, and he returned the favor, which I liked. He started to pull on his shorts, and I lightly slapped him, shaking my head. I pulled off the comforter, which was a bit sticky, and grabbed a clean one from the small closet. Yes, we have spares. We need them. I climbed in and patted the spot next to me. If he'd never fucked, I'm confident he had never spent the night in a bed with a girl. Naked.

We both drifted off to sleep, after he rolled onto his side, facing me. He fell asleep, holding my breast. It was nice.

Dom appreciates all Florida has to offer

Oh boy, I get to keep going with my story. That night was hot, wasn't it? He got laid for the first time, by two girls, and sucked and swallowed. That's a night he'll remember. But we did have two weeks to top it, and we'd damn sure try.

We woke when the engines started and wandered out into the living room. Everyone else was up, and there were breakfast rolls and stuff on the tables. They warned us we'd take off soon, so we should sit down. Dom started to head back to the area with regular seats, but I just waved him over to the couch. We both grabbed rolls and a juice box and sat down. I reached behind me and pulled out the seat belt. He saw that and pulled out his. We all strapped in.

"Where's Leslie?" asked Dom.

Dad just nodded his head towards the front of the plane. "Left seat today."

Dom's eyes grew big. They're were going to stick that way if we stayed with us too long.

"Wait, what? Leslie's flying the plane? No, really, who's flying and what do you mean by left seat?" Dom asked.

Orlando jumped in. "Yes, she's flying. Left seat means just that. The pilot's seat. Jess, one of our pilots, is in the co-pilot's seat. She's also an instructor, but Leslie doesn't need that in this plane, because she is certified in a 767."

"How in the fuck can an 11-year-old be certified in an airliner?" asked Dom. He realized what he had just said and turned bright red. It was so cute.

"It's OK Dom. We all know the word fuck. We get that it is confusing. Let us get off the ground and you can go into the cockpit and see for yourself," said Mom. I doubt his mom would have reacted quite the same over the word fuck, but then again, my mom knew that he'd fucked me. I didn't actually tell her yet, but she knew. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they watched. You know, cameras and all.

Just then Tom walked out and told us we were ready to go. Before he chose a chair, he grabbed a muffin, and turned up the sound on the radios, so we could hear.

"767 Heavy requesting permission to take off," said Leslie, sounding a little tinny. Ground control gave her permission to taxi and told her she was number one. They must have timed this well, given how busy this airport was. We rolled for a bit, then stopped. Then we heard the engines spool up and started down the runway. We rotated (yes, I know the term) and flew off into the sky. It was a little bumpy on the way up, something about heat off the desert, but soon we were at cruising altitude. I asked Dom if he'd like to see the cockpit. Out came the puppy look again, and he nodded. A lot. I took his hand and we walked up to the cockpit door. I knocked and they asked the code. Even we had to be careful, and if you didn't know the code, they didn't open. I had to think for a minute because it had changed, but I finally got it right and the door opened. I walked in, pulling Dom behind me.

We stood at the rear of the cockpit. It's a BIG cockpit, in a big plane. Leslie turned and smiled and waved us up. No one had their hands on the controls and that seemed to freak Dom out.

"Don't worry, Dom. It's on autopilot. It will fly itself all the way to Florida. I just have to land it," said Leslie.

The view out the windscreen was amazing. If you've never seen it, it is spectacular. Dom was in awe, and just stood there for a minute, slack-jawed.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" said Jess. She introduced herself to Dom. Not being bashful, she continued. "Ooh, you're cute. I hope you girls have gotten a piece of that."

Dom's face would have lit up the room, he was so red. I shooshed Jess and assured her we were all just new friends. She laughed and said, "Yeah sure. I get it. Discretion. Well, if you haven't yet, you should," laughing again. She unbuckled and started to get up, which clearly freaked out Dom.

"No, it's OK Dom. She's the best pilot on board, by far," said Jess, getting a quizzical look from Dom. "Oh, I mean it. I've trained a lot. Best ever. And I've trained some good ones. Now, sit down. The view from here is different. Just don't touch anything."

With that, she moved out of the way, and with a gentle push from me, Dom sat in the co-pilot's seat.

"Amazing, isn't it?" said Leslie. "Here, let me take it off autopilot." With that, she took the controls, and flipped a switch. She told him to put his hand on the wheel and his feet on the peddles. She proceeded to give him the basics of a flying lesson. In a 767. Up, down, left, right, banking, the whole bit. He clearly loved it.

"OK, now your turn. Take up 500 feet, then back down to flight level. Gently," she said, taking her hands off the controls. His eyes got big, no huge, but he did what she said, quite smoothly.

"OK, now, a smooth turn, left 2 degrees, then back," she said. He did that flawlessly.

"That's all we can do for a lesson because we're on a filed flight plan, but I'll take you up in the TTx and let you fly properly," said Leslie. That got a grin from Dom.

It seemed like a good time to head back, so we went back into the lounge area. Our parents noticed he was flushed, and Mom didn't help out at all.

"So, Dom, do you know what the mile-high club is?" asked Mom. She got an embarrassed nod.

"Good, good. Morgan, go fuck him. He needs to join," added Mom. I know good advice when I hear it and pulled him back to my bedroom and did the ritual initiation. OK, there is no ritual, but I did teach him doggy style. He rolled off and we laid there for a minute, just relaxing.

"Your family is unusual," said Dom. "You know that, right?" I laughed.

"Yes, but compared to yours, I'll take a mom that likes sex, wouldn't you?" I said, which got a laugh and agreement out of him.

We cleaned up, yes, another shower, and headed back out. As we walked into the living room, they all cheered and clapped.

"Ah, the freshly fucked look," said Dad. They were NOT helping.

We watched a forgettable movie on the big screen and not long after started our descent. Tom turned on the radio again, and we heard Leslie talk to air traffic control. They guided us in, and we finally landed, just the gentlest kiss to the runway.

"Damn," said Tom. "No way I could have landed that softly and I've landed one of these hundreds of times. That daughter of yours is amazing."

Way to go Leslie, steal my thunder. Just kidding, there is no one prouder than me. Her transformation from scared little kid to powerful young woman has been incredible. When we got off the plane, Blake and Alison were waiting. We decided to leave the Suburban in the hanger, and Blake offered to drive the Toyota home. This conversation got confused looks from Dom.

"How can you leave the Suburban?" he asked. "Don't we need it to drive to your house?" I took him by the shoulders and turned him, aiming him at the helicopter.

"No. Fucking. Way," said Dom, generating laughter from everyone. Leslie finally came down and we climbed into the copter.

"Does she fly this too?" asked Dom.

"Not yet," said Leslie. "No loopholes for this. I can already fly it, but I'm not supposed to. It will be a few years. I'll certify on my 16th birthday. Piece of cake. Unless I can find another loophole..."

Alison took us on a leisurely flight, and we did a little aerial sightseeing. Dom had never been in a helicopter and was clearly loving it. We showed him the Skyline bridge, down near Sarasota, then up the coast, then finally landed. As we came in for a landing, he saw the property.

"OK, confused again. Do you land here at the resort and walk to your house?" asked Dom. That got a snicker from Orlando, but the rest of us held it.

"Hell no," said Dom. "This is your house? I saw a cart track. A big cart track. You. have. your. own. track!"

"Yes, they do," said Alison. "But you can play after lunch. It's later here and I'm hungry. I loaded burgers on the 131. Hope that's OK with you all." We all agreed that was wonderful and Dom just looked confused. I just patted his hand, then took it and pulled him to a cart. Leslie and Orlando piled in and everyone else followed us to the docks. I led him on board and up to the top deck. He took it all in surprisingly well.

"Well sure," said Dom. "You have a fucking airliner. Why wouldn't you have a yacht. That wouldn't make sense, now would it. Who do those belong to?", pointing down at the 52 and the 24. By now Orlando and Leslie had caught up and we all just smiled. He fell onto one of the benches and just sat.

"I appear to be in an episode of Twilight zone, but I don't remember this rerun," he said. We couldn't hold it, and all burst out laughing, which is how everyone else found us. Mom and Dad went down to the wheelhouse, and Blake and Alison went off to cook the burgers. Leslie grabbed Dom's hand and pulled him up.

"Let's get in the hot tub," said Leslie, pulling him over. He started to speak, but we all knew what he was about to say, and he stopped when he realized how quickly Leslie had gotten naked. Orlando and I just shrugged and stripped down too. With a shake of his head, he took off his clothes, and slid into the warm water.

"Ah, this feels wonderful," said Dom. "You have an amazing life." We all agreed that was true. With that, Orlando pulled himself up and sat on the side, showing a very visible hard on. He pointed at Dom, then pointed at his cock. A quick study, Dom got into position and took Orlando into his mouth. Which is how Mom and Dad found us. Dom pulled back, shocked.

"Don't mind us," said Dad, dropping his own shorts and displaying his own hard on. Mom quickly shucked her clothes too, and I could tell Dom was mesmerized. Hey, I am too, every time I see her naked. Dad sat down on the edge, and Mom got in and started blowing him, right in front of us.

"Carry on," said Dad, waving his hand. So, Dom did. Orlando and Dad came about the same time, and both Dom and Mom swallowed, then the boys slipped into the tub.

"Your lives are weird as fuck," said Dom.

"Yes, they are," said Mom. "They really are, but remember, I'm only three years older than you are. Heck, I might take you downstairs and fuck you myself. We're Mom and Dad, for sure, but we're friends too. We have hormones and had hormones at their age. We could try to force them to stop, but why? Sex is fun. It's not about the sex, it's about the caring and being careful. Morgan trusts you, so we do too. Don't disappoint us," those last words coming out pretty stern.

"Oh, I won't, I won't," said Dom. "Especially if I do get to fuck you." That broke everybody up. Mom took him seriously and stood up and held out her hand. They disappeared down the stairs, still naked. Oh my. A virgin yesterday and she was about to rock his world. Leslie and I are good fucks, but not "Amy good fuck." Not even close.

They were gone for about a half an hour and reappeared when Alison called out that lunch was ready. Mom came out all bright-eyed. Dom looked like he had been run over by a truck. Yeah, she'll do that to you. All I could think about was how to introduce Dom to the fact that we fucked each other. That would open so many things up. We all sat around the dining room table on the middle deck, enjoying burgers and chips from the grill.

"So," said Alison. "I saw Amy take you downstairs Dom. Was she a good fuck? I always enjoy MY time with her." Dom looked truly befuddled.

"You two, you...," stammered Dom.

"Sure," said Mom. "Alison has powerful pussy licking skills. She could teach you some things. So could the girls." Suddenly Mom's face looked stricken, just as the light bulb went on for Dom. He looked at Mom, then at Leslie, then at me, and finally at Dad. Dad jumped in.

"OK, Dom," said Dad. "Here's the deal. You know a secret you really shouldn't know. This secret could hurt us all, badly. We can put you on a plane home today, and go into denial mode, praying you'd keep your mouth shut, or you can go with it and have two weeks of true bliss. You don't have long to decide."

Dom sat up straight and said: "You know, sir, it's none of my business, and I admit it turns me on a bit. I'll take two weeks of bliss for a thousand." That got a decent laugh. We all went back up to the top deck and laid around on the lounges. Dom got to enjoy the view of Leslie going down on me, while Orlando fucked her doggy style. As I've said, in for a penny. Since we were all naked, it was pretty obvious he was hard.

"Enjoying the show Dom?" said Dad. "You're welcome to join in any way you'd like. Lube up Orlando and make it a train. He'd like that." Dom's eyes got big, and he started the head bob. Mom grabbed a bottle of lube out of a nearby drawer -- yeah, they were everywhere -- and took his hand and led him over. She squirted a lot on Orlando's ass, then grabbed Dom's hand. She folded his fingers, just like I did the day before, and shoved his finger into Orlando's ass. He pumped in and out for a while, until Orlando said he was ready. Mom handed him a towel, to wipe his hands, and then moved him into position. She told him to go slowly, and he did, but he let out a gutteral moan when he was all the way in.

"Quite a different feeling, isn't it Dom?" said Dad. "Wait until it is your turn. The pressure on your prostate is amazing." That got a scared look in Dom's eyes, and I reassured him that no one would force him. He started pumping in and out and I know Leslie enjoyed it because it bounced Orlando deeper into her. Leslie had trouble keeping her mouth on my clit, but she had skills. Dad walked over and offered me his cock, so I took it in my mouth. That got another wide-eyed look from Dom, but he kept pumping. Dad came first, giving me a facial, then licking most of it off. Leslie and I came together, which led to a cum frenzy with the boys.

"Yes, I continue to like this family," said Dom.

The next day I had school, so I made Dom promise he wouldn't use the new track without me. He had been homeschooled and already graduated. Well, that explains a lot. An entire school career for his mom to fuck him up. I got home and ran inside, but no one was around. I found Mom and Dad in the gym and asked them where Dom was. They pointed me to my room. I walked in and he was sound asleep. In my bed. I came in louder than I would have if I'd know he was napping, so I woke him up.

"A nap?" I said. "You need a nap?"

"Your parents. Wore. Me. Out.," said Dom. I couldn't stop laughing. I am sure they did. I am sure they did. He seemed pretty rested and we headed out to the new track. His car wasn't due until tomorrow -- yeah, not Thursday, Mom had made them ship it faster -- so we took turns in my car, but I got the first ride. Holy fuck it was fun. Ted tried a few turns too and we were all grinning like kids. We kept setting new fastest times. My track. I was the fastest. By hundredths, but the fastest. We took a break and Dom had something to share.

"I got a call from the Andretti organization. Apparently after they left our dinner, they had a talk. They invited me up this Saturday for some track time. Not IndyCar yet, but the next step up from carts. Aren't you headed up too Ted?" said Dom.

"Sure am. My big break, and now I just have to prove myself. Leslie promised to fly me up. Why don't you both come? Cheer us on?" said Ted.

Which is how we found ourselves back at the airport, boarding our Mustang to wing our way to Pennsylvania. Leslie offered Dom the right seat and he was like a little kid. Ted and I sat in the back. Well, not exactly sat. We're charter members of the mile-high club, right? So yes, he fucked me. Twice. We landed at the airport at the race track. Nice. We taxied up to where ground control told us to park. When we dropped the stairs, Mario and Marco were both there to greet us. He welcomed both Ted and Dom, and shook my hand and said hi to Leslie, who said she was just the little sister cheering section.

"Where's the pilot?" said Mario. "We'll ferry them to the hotel." All three of us pointed at Leslie.

"Wait," said Mario. "Didn't you say you were the little sister? Aren't you 15?" pointing at me.

"I'm 11," said Leslie, with a big smile.

"Grandpa, we read about her. Remember? Youngest ever to certify in a jet. Certified in 7 Cessna models and three Boeings?" said Marco. "Is that you?" Leslie just smiled and nodded.

"I'll be damned. Your family has many talents," said Mario, and guided us to a waiting SUV. They dropped us at the dorm, for upcoming drivers. They were nice enough to give us two rooms, with a connecting door. How handy. Reception and dinner were at 6:30 and they assured Leslie and me that we were invited. Dress was shorts casual. We got there right on time, our first faux pas. Apparently, that's not done. But most people drifted in over the next 15 minutes. I got to meet a lot of amazing people and Leslie was clearly enjoying the buzz of her story circulating the room. The next morning came quickly and there was four hours of track time. An hour for Dom, followed by an hour for Ted, then back again. Give them a chance to rest. Leslie and I had brought fire suits, which meant we were the only family members to get to be on pit row. After about 45 minutes of the first session, Marco came over to talk to me.

"Want to try one?" pointing at the cars on the track. Are you kidding me? I'd blow him to try one, but I didn't say that. I looked up at the scoreboard, which had names and times. Dom was solidly in third and there was a gap to fourth. They were taking three drivers, so he had a good chance.

But I'm not stupid. They loaned me a helmet and strapped me in, explaining the controls. I caught on quickly, and the waved me on the track. They said I could run until time ran out, and I kept lapping until I heard Marco on the radio, calling me in. WTF? I still had time. I pulled in the pits and Marco and Mario were both standing there. I climbed out, ready to complain, but they were both grinning ear to ear. The rest of the cars were pulling in, so time was up. Marco just pointed towards the score board. I was in first. By 3 seconds. First. By 3 seconds. Leslie obviously knew but started jumping up and down. We walked over to Ted, and he was so excited. We were just ready to cheer him on, when Marco came over and took my hand and almost dragged me down pit road, to an empty IndyCar, with Mario standing next to it, holding a helmet. He handed me the helmet. Leslie told me later that my eyes looked like pie plates. What the hell, I'm up for it, and I climbed in. The first few minutes they sent cars out in small batches. None of the drivers had ever driven a car this powerful. I went out in the last group, and was, I thought, kind of modest. I'd learned well from Ted and had learned the line of the track. I followed the other cars in, and knew it was about time for free race. I figured they'd pull me out. They didn't even let me out of the car, just pointed at the scoreboard. I was in fourth. Fourth. In an IndyCar. When I thought I was just learning the track? Wow. I could see how excited Leslie was. The cars started pulling out. I was last, but Mario waved me out. Remember, I was last. We had 45 minutes, which was a lot of laps, so I decided to get aggressive. Not insane but drive my best. I was never going to get another chance. I just wanted to drive carts!

I started passing drivers and was soon mid-pack. I got even a little more aggressive and got up to the Top 3. Starting in the back, that meant I was fast. They were fast too, and I ended up staying in the spot until they flagged us in. I pulled up and looked at the scoreboard. My fastest lap was 2nd. My average speed was first. First. Ted was in first on the fastest lap, and second on the average speed, barely behind me. No one else was close. Marco took my helmet and Mario took my hand and dragged me up to Ted's car.

"Ted, you got beat by your friend," said Mario, in a stern voice. "She was faster than you. She's 15. What do you have to say?" Mario and Marco were holding it together, since I think they wanted to laugh.

"Well," said Ted, in his best fake Southern drawl. "I taught her everything she knows." The whole group lost it. Mario stuck out his hand and offered Ted a ride in the team's third car, on the spot. He couldn't stop grinning. Then he turned to me.

"Young lady, I have something to admit. We saw you race in Las Vegas. That last move that won the race was incredible. We both agreed we wouldn't have tried it. We suspected that you'd come up with Ted, but we confirmed it with your Mom earlier in the week but made her promise not to tell you. Do you think we have two cars adjusted for a 5'4" (163 cm) driver just hanging around?" said Mario. "I wish we could offer you a spot, I really do, but you are too young. It's not allowed. Go back and race your carts and call me in two years. We'll put you right into one of those," pointing at the car that Dom drove. "Consider it an open offer. You're good. Maybe the most natural I have ever seen and fearless. Maybe crazy too, but a little crazy is OK. Oh, and you're welcome back for track time in either car as often as you can convince Leslie to bring you. Nothing will speed up our team more than a 15-year-old girl kicking their ass. It will be good motivation."

He turned to Dom.

"Dom, you're the best driver of the pack, not counting Morgan, and we're only taking one. We'd like to offer you the job, including room and board, but you're 17, so we need your parents to sign," said Marco. "We were surprised they're not with you."

"They don't even know. They got pissed off at me for losing to Morgan. They took off and left me at the track. Morgan and her family saved me and took me home. This is a godsend for me. I can't live with Morgan's family forever, as much fun as it has been. But you don't need your signature. I got my emancipation paperwork last week. I'm 17 1/2 and apparently the fact that my science book was the Bible was pretty compelling. Not dissing their faith, but I didn't learn shit. For them, it was all about THEIR future fame," said Dom.

"OK then," said Mario. "Will they at least send you your stuff?"

Dom just shook his head no.

"It's OK," said Leslie. "We already have it all. It's at our house. If he's staying, we'll ship it up. No problem."

Dom gave me a confused look because he knew there was nothing at our house. I just smiled and nodded.

"OK then. Ted, you have four months, although we'll pull you for track testing a few weeks out of that. Morgan, you'll need a new coach by then," said Marco.

Damn, I hadn't thought of that, but this was too cool.

Mario then turned to me.

"Morgan, you're attracting too much attention without sponsors. You need to fit in better, or your family is going to get too much attention, and I don't think you want that. I'll hook you up with our sponsors. If you're OK, I'll tell them they just get to give you the patches, and permission to paint on their logos, but don't have to pay anything. They'll all agree in a heartbeat for a driver with the reputation you're earning. You even have our permission to use Andretti colors. Hopefully seeing them every time you drive will keep us front and center when you move up."

How could I not say yes? He was right, and it was incredibly generous.

All of this is how Ted, Leslie, and I ended up flying home without Dom. It had been fun, but life moves on. I had sent Dom to play with Leslie for a bit last night, so I could get all his sizes, including shoes and underwear. So, when we got home, Leslie, Orlando, and I went on a shopping spree. We loaded him up and shipped two big cartons, plus a smaller box with a brand-new top of the line laptop. Who can live without a laptop? It's not like we couldn't afford it.

Dom was clearly busy, but about 10 days later, we got the sweetest hand written thank you note for everything we'd done for him, including helping him with his big break. It was nice, but he earned his break. We were all going to follow his career. It wouldn't be long before he was battling Ted in IndyCar. Maybe I would too someday.

And yes, Leslie was willing to fly me to practice a lot. It was amazing. The rush.

Wow, this was long.

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Character information

Name Chapters Age Description when introduced Stats when introduced
Bob All 23 Dad 6'2" (188 cm) – 165 (75 kg) , swimmer's body, 6–inch (15 cm) cut average cock
Amy All 21 Mom (and the Nanny, to start) 5'1" (155 cm) – 110 (50 kg) , bright red hair, C cup
Morgan All 15 The oldest of the new kids 5'5" (165 cm) – 120 (54 kg) , dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
Orlando All 13 The middle child and the only boy 5'0" (152 cm) – 100 (45 kg) , dirty blonde, 6–inch (15 cm) cut thick cock
Leslie All 11 The youngest 4'6" (137 cm) – 80 (36 kg) , brown hair, flat–chested
Blake 5,9-10,12 Thirties First home staff. Mechanic, general purpose everything 6'2" (188 cm) – 185 (84 kg) , blonde, ripped, 7–inch (18 cm) thin cock
Alison 5,9-12 Thirties First home staff. Chef, runs the house and more 5'9" (175 cm) – tall, athletic, blonde, simply stunning, B cup, model gorgeous
Curt 5,7,11 Twenties Commercial manager, furniture dealer 6'4" (193 cm) – 225 (102 kg) , Black, thin and regal, 9–inch (23 cm) uncut cock
Ted 9,10,12 Twenties Cart driving coach 5'10" (178 cm) – 165 (75 kg) – 8–inch (20 cm) uncut and thin cock
Sandy 10,11 13 Orlando's science club partner 5'5" (165 cm) – petite, long legs, B cup, big nipples
Sandra 10,11 Thirties Sandy's mom 5'6" (168 cm) – petite, 120 (54 kg) , C cup, sexy as hell
Bonnie 10,11 12 Sandy's friend 5'2" (157 cm) – thin, puffies
Anna 10,11 12 Sandy's friend 5'3" (160 cm) – average, C cups
Jonny 11 9 Curt's nephew 4'8" (142 cm) – caramel skin, thin, twins, 5–inch (13 cm) cock
Jamie 11 9 Curt's niece 4'9" (145 cm) – caramel skin, thin, twins, puffies
Ms. Smythe 11 Twenties Assistant principal  
Mr. Sympson 11 Twenties Home room teacher  
Mrs. Francois 11 Thirties French teacher  
Dom 12 17 Cart driver 5'10" (178 cm) – 150 (68 kg) , 6–inch (15 cm) , average
Mario 12 Sixties You know, Mario  
Marco 12 Thirties and Marco  

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