Chapter 13 - The Call - The Bahamas trip takes a turn
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28 June 2018

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Amy finally gets a turn

About fucking time I got a turn.

Speaking of fucking, apparently an 'Amy good fuck' can disable a young man. Yes, it damn well can. It's my superpower.

So, let me backup and share why being a part of this family is so special to me. When I met Bob, and the kids, I was at a rough spot in my life. They don't know any of this and appear to believe that I am this put together chick without any issues. Ha! I had so much shit going on and a lot of it was sexual. Surprise, surprise. But first, nursing school was a bitch. It is an incredible amount of hard work, with long hours of school and studying. A very difficult program. Unfortunately, about 6 months from graduating, I realized I hated it. Just hated it. I had done my rotations, thinking the next one would be 'it'. None were. Nurses are underpaid, abused, and taken advantage of. They are the medical professionals that keep you alive and have to deal with your shit. Literally. You don't fuck with your nurse. They're the only person keeping your dumbass doctor from killing you. You see your doctor for 5 minutes a day. Your nurse is the one making sure you survive.

Anyway, that was in my head, but I did make it through, graduate, and pass my boards, so I am officially an RN. For some reason, I'm not a practicing nurse. Why is that? Oh, yes, we're fucking rich. Oh, that made me sound like a gold digger didn't it? I'm not. One of the kids said we'd be just as happy in a trailer, and I know that's true.

My biggest problem was companionship. I'm sexual. Very sexual. I have been since I was about 9 and lost my virginity to a neighbor boy of 11. He sucked at it, really badly, so it wasn't much fun, but I actually did homework and made him learn how to do it right. We only did it a dozen or so times before he moved on, but his future partners have me to thank for making him the lover I am sure he is today. But it is worse than that. I am not monogamous. One partner? Fuck that. Or fuck them. I love sex too much. Men, women, love them all. I admit I didn't know I liked boys and girls so much, but once you've had a taste. Yeah, in this journal I can admit, I like'em young too. High school was OK. I found ways to fuck. A lot. I was discreet, yes discretion was my mantra too, but I got fucked at least a dozen times a week, but at least a half dozen different people. Threesomes were my thing too. What teenage boy can resist two girls at once, particularly if we got lezzie for him? And we did.

Then I hit nursing school and it all dried up. Not only was I busy, but who was I going to fuck? Not the other students. That would be messed up. I tried Tinder, but it was a crap ton of work. I got a few fucks, but a few days before I met my new family, I got raped. By a Tinder date. The whole thing. Drugs in my drink, woke up in a cheap hotel bed, bruised vagina. You get it. He was nowhere to be found and his profile was gone. What is so fucking stupid is if he had just asked me, I would have happily fucked his brains out. He was damn cute. But no, it wasn't about the sex, it was about power and control. Rape isn't about sex. I'm sure the family is going to freak when they read this, but they shouldn't. I've recovered. It's in the past. It's not like being fucked was a new thing. It took its emotional toll and when I came for the interview, I was just looking for a job. I needed some spending money, and once I met them all, it felt like the right job for me. I didn't count on falling for Bob so fast, Nerd Bob, at that. Not. My. Type. I liked the hunks. You know the type. Big and brawny. Not skinny and smart.

I was wrong the whole time. What I liked, what I needed, who I loved, was Bob. Do you believe in love at first sight? I do now. I fell in love with Bob about 20 minutes into the interview. Here was a guy whose life was totally turned upside down. He had a pretty nice life. Good job, lived on a boat, freedom, and that didn't mean shit to him. Three fucked up kids fell out of the sky and in the entire interview, all he talked about was how we needed to help them. It wasn't an act. I saw inside him. I saw the man he was. I liked it. Who wouldn't? If women would just realize that good men are the right choice, we'd have a fuck lot less divorces.

I hid it for a while, but I pushed their buttons. I had too. If Bob was my future, I had to be me. I had to show them I was sexual. I had to make sure he was into the whole open thing. Sharing. Lots of partners. You know. It was a risk, but I had to. I wasn't going to live my life as a monogamous housewife. That's not me.

I still remember the day he came out on deck and the girls were topless. Remember, this was when Morgan was 14, and still a bit ornery, and Leslie was a flat chested little girl. Oh, he tried to play it cool, but I saw him sneaking looks. What surprised me is most of his looks were at Leslie, not Morgan. That was interesting, but who was I to judge? I was a good fuck at 10, wasn't I? I watched for a bit from inside, letting him take it all in, then walked out. Topless. Breasts proudly out there. He was so cute. He stammered and fussed and turned red and, yes, got hard. He better have. I was putting on my best show.

It escalated quickly. I didn't know that he's already played with the kids when I was seducing him. I had to read that in the journal. You know what pisses me off though? He didn't tell the story of our first time. Oh yeah, discretion. Fuck discretion.

It was actually the first day. You know. Topless day. Once we'd all gone inside, I became the aggressor, much to his embarrassment and to the smiles of the kids. I dragged him into his bedroom and shut the door.

"Strip," I said. He did. What man wouldn't? I only had bikini bottoms on, so I was out of them quickly. We both needed a shower, so I headed into the tiny bathroom. I got the water right and got in and then shouted out the door "Where the fuck are you?" Yes, he understood. It was TIGHT in the shower, but boy were we clean. I was impressed he didn't cum yet. His control was impressive. I pushed him down on the bed, then climbed between his knees and started sucking him. After just a few seconds, he sort of tapped my head and I looked up. He made this circular motion with his finger. What? Oh. I spun around and dropped my pussy right onto his face. Oh, he had skills. Mad skills. Why had I ignored the geeks for so long? He had me over the top in record time and just wouldn't stop. I went from orgasm to orgasm until I finally had to roll off. Oh my. I had been beaten and I was the master. But I wasn't done yet. I climbed on him, facing him, and gently slid down on his cock. I took his left hand and put it on my breast and took his right hand and took the index finger and touched it to my clit. He was a fast study and damn good at clit rubbing too. Too many men attack it. A clit is sensitive. Even though I was pounding up and down with some fury, he was gentle. Well, not on my nipples. They were getting a workout. Again, I didn't last long, but he did. I kept going off, over and over, until I felt him swell. I dropped and waited and with a groan, he filled me up. Full. Finally, I felt him softening, and I rolled off beside him

Still testing his limits, I rubbed the side of his head and pointed down to my pussy. Would he eat my cream pie? His own cum? Yes, yes, he would. Masterfully I might say. He later admitted he'd never done it before and hadn't tasted cum until he tasted Orlando's. Yeah, that's when I found out they'd played first.

So, the story of two adults having sex isn't probably very exciting, but it was our beginning. Just as we laid down next to each other, the door burst open and all three kids barged right in.

"You done fucking yet?" said Leslie.

"Yeah, don't we get any action?" said Orlando.

"I needed fucked too. Who is going to do the honors?" said Morgan.

That sort of laid out our future, don't you think? I can't believe the kids took that risk. It was HUGE. They didn't risk themselves, they risked Bob. I could have sent him to jail in a heartbeat. But they knew me already. They became the aggressors. Leslie plopped right down on Bob's face and Morgan started blowing him. He got hard pretty fast and she climbed up and dropped onto his cock. Leslie and Morgan started making out, playing with each other, while Morgan bounced up and down.

I didn't see all this very clearly though because Orlando literally flipped me over and pulled me up onto my knees. He slid into me in one smooth stroke. 12-years-old, a 6-inch (15 cm) cock, and skills. Damn. Orlando was a mad man, er mad boy, and was really pounding me. I like it easy and I like it hard, so I was fine with that. He didn't last long, but did wait until I came, being the gentleman he is. At the last minute he pulled out and came all over my back. I collapsed on the bed, worn out. I could feel someone scooping up the cum and looked over my shoulder. They all were. Leslie, Orlando, and Morgan were all scooping up and eating Orlando's cum. That is the instant I knew this was my forever family. Bob finally came inside Morgan and Leslie and Orlando took turns eating out the cream pie. Morgan clearly liked that. We collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. I know in Bob's version of my first day, I went home, but that was bullshit. I snuggled up to Bob and Leslie spooned me. Morgan spooned Bob, and Orlando did the same to her. A 5-layer sandwich. A way we would sleep in the future. A lot.

OK, that's a little 'first time we met', so now I'll move forward. Bob promised to share more about our 'family cruises', but never did. Remember those? I think I'll play narrator but make them fairly short vignettes. Yeah, I know, focus on the fucking. Hmm. I just reread what I wrote, and I failed at both keeping them short and focusing on the fucking, but it is a fun read and a funny story.

Jake and Bella. Bella and Jake

We ended up only doing two cruises. The weeks just didn't line up well, so we did the first week with Hunter's family. You remember Hunter and Hallie, the now 11-year-old boy/girl twins. Insatiable. Aggressive. Always horny. Those twins. DeeDee is the mom, and as smoking at Hallie, just grown up. Don, the dad, is the classic tall, dark, and handsome. I was proud of Bob, he didn't ever act like the intimidated nerd. Why should he? He was just as hot, and he had me on his arm! Don has asked if they could bring two of the kid's cousins and assured us, they were 'just as much fun'. They'd promised to give DeeDee's sister and her husband a week to vacation themselves, and the weeks lined up. We agreed, with Don's assurances it would still be 'fun'. We asked about the kids, but he brushed it off, saying we'd love them, and it was a surprise. What's up with that?

The big day finally arrived. We decided to leave on Friday afternoon and go out about 40 miles and hover for the night. That got a little distance in and let us enjoy dinner on the boat. We were, of course, well stocked. Don's family arrived and all piled out of their SUV. The last two out were the cousins. Oh shit. They were tiny. How young were they? We liked them young, but this felt too young for us. The kids, they could play, but Bob and I wouldn't.

Don introduced us to Bella first. Bella proudly announced that she was 7 and had just had her birthday. Oh God. 7.

Don introduced us to Jake next. Jake shared that he was still 6. He told us they were Irish twins, although I'm not sure he knew what that really meant. That means he had just turned 6.

Bob and I both gave Don 'the look'. You know the one. The WTF look. He just smiled.

"Trust me," he said, with a big grin. "I didn't bring them for you. Got it?" Yeah, we got it.

Bella turned to DeeDee and asked: "Can we take all our clothes off now?"

"Not quite yet, dear. Let's get on the boat," replied DeeDee.

So, we did. We took the carts out to the boat and all got on board. Bella and Jake were stunned, you could tell, but settled quickly. We cast off and headed out. After we were a couple miles out, DeeDee whispered something into Bob's ear and he put the boat on hover.

"Apparently we're needed upstairs for a 'show'," said Bob. Yeah, no clue, but we all trooped upstairs.

They put Bob and me together on the couch, with our kids at our sides.

"Put on a show kids," said DeeDee.

Jake and Bella proceeded to put on the most sensual striptease you have ever seen. I'm serious, a pro stripper wouldn't have done as well. The moves, the peeks, everything. I let my hand drift and confirmed that yes, Bob was hard. I know I was wet. Finally, they were both naked and just stood there, arms akimbo, showing themselves to us.

They were about the same size, which is SMALL. Bella was a perfectly formed little human. Tiny nipples, and just the hint of a slit. She had her legs spread, so we could see it all. This wasn't supposed to be sexual, was it? A 7-year-old, but fuck it was. It was all about her attitude. Jake was a muscular little boy, with a tiny 2-inch (5 cm) stiffy. Yeah, guess it turned him on too. It sure as fuck did me.

"Is the show over kids?" said Don.

"No!" they both shouted. With that, Bella dropped to her knees and took Jake's little cock in her mouth. Yes, the 7-year-old girl was sucking the 6-year-old boy. None of us could turn away. Finally, Bella pulled away, and asked if anyone wanted a taste. I've never seen Orlando move so fast. He was down there sucking Jake in a heartbeat. Morgan wasn't far behind and pushed Bella onto her back and started licking her. Vigorously. This went on for a bit and I swear Bella came. Could she? Finally, we her Bella say "Stop", very firmly. Our kids know the importance of that word and you would have thought they'd been shocked they moved away so quickly.

"The show is not over," said Bella, who then go on her hands and knees. Jake slid up behind her and started fucking her doggy style. Damn. Fucking in miniature. It. was. awesome. By then I had Bob's cock out and was gently stroking it and Leslie had her hand in my shorts. I couldn't take it anymore and went over the top. Everyone cheered, but it had an effect on Jake. He tensed up and clearly came into Bella. I'm sure it was dry, but still. Holy fuck.

Bella stood up, clearly still in control.

"I need a real cock," said Bella. Seriously? She could take a larger cock and wanted to?

She led Orlando over to the lounge. She climbed up and lifted his cock. She put it in the right spot and slid down just enough to get it inside. Slowly, very slowly, she slid down until his entire cock was inside her. Damn. It was amazing watching Orlando fuck Bella but what really had me dripping was Bob sucking Hunter. We'd clearly stretched our boundaries.

I looked over and Bella was sitting on Orlando's legs. She was dripping cum out of her pussy, but her face and chest were covered with it too. Oh, got it, Orlando came inside, then pulled out and gave her a facial. That would be a picture worth saving. Oh, we did. They were being captured in UHD, of course. It's one of my favorites when I self-pleasure. I don't do that much. Too many mouths and cocks available.

Don, DeeDee, Morgan, Hallie, and Leslie had been left out. Leslie got up, pointed at the four of them and told them to follow her. All four of them? Could Don survive that? They came back out about 45 minutes later and the answer is barely. Bob had been left out too, but he got to sleep with me.

By then the other boys had recovered and wanted a little bro time. I thought they'd go down to a room, but no, they were fine putting on a show. So, us girls lined up on a couch to watch. Hey, they were putting on a show. I was in the middle, with Morgan and DeeDee on my left and Leslie on my right. Hallie saw an opportunity and climbed on my leg. I couldn't resist and was, well, pleasuring Hallie. Jake and Bella had run downstairs. I wonder why?

Now Hunter was clearly in charge. He had Bob, Orlando, and Don on their knees, side by side. He went down the line squirting lube on each ass and fingering it in. He went back to the beginning, which happened to be Orlando, and started fucking him. Orlando just started moaning, but really groaned when Hunter pulled out. He shifted down to Don and started fucking him, getting similar moans.

So here we were, with Hunter fucking everyone. We all just watched and stroked and fingered each other. I heard random girls going off. I'm sure I heard everyone at least once, if not twice. I looked over and Morgan was between DeeDee's knees, eating her out. This inspired Leslie who got between my knees, but not for my benefit. She spread Hallie's legs and started licking her. It quickly took her over the top, and she started vibrating. Leslie also had a finger pumping in and out of me, and Hallie was playing with my clit and sent me over. I don't squirt often, but I did this time, spraying Leslie. She laughed and took it well. That was enough for DeeDee to go over too. That just left Morgan unsatisfied.

Morgan went over and pulled Don out of the row of men. Now we had two things to watch. Hunter fucking Bob and Don fucking Morgan. What to watch? What to watch?

It was way past dinner and we hadn't eaten yet. Well, we had eaten, but not in the nourishment sense. We all showered on the swim platform and went up to make sandwiches. Do you think any of us bothered to get dressed? Yeah, right. I admit I couldn't keep my eyes of Bella and Jake. I can't explain it. I thought Hunter and Hallie were at our bottom end, so to speak, but no, just no, at least to watch. Too young to touch though.

We played some cards and watched some TV and eventually the kids, oh heck, and the adults, were getting tired. Don and DeeDee got one of the queen cabins. Morgan claimed the other and said she wanted Jake and Bella with her. Morgan, how could you? Oh, yeah. That left two twin cabins. Orlando invited Hunter to join him. That left Leslie and Hallie, who were happy to have the last twin cabin. My guess is one of the beds wasn't used. In either twin cabin. Good thing our kids were good at changing sheets and we had a washer and dryer on board.

The next day we got into Nassau fairly early because Bob got up and got us moving while everyone else slept. He's nice like that. Leslie had arranged for customs and had done a nice job because they were waiting on the dock when we arrived. She formally shook the hand of the lead agent, which I thought was a little odd, until I saw him slip something in his pocket. Had Leslie just bribed him? Customs was almost instant, with just stamps in our passports and waves as they left. I pulled Leslie to the side.

"Leslie, did you bribe that guy?" I said. She burst out laughing.

"Mom, I did my homework. It's not a bribe, it's a tip. An offering. There's even a tip scale. No tip, they tear your boat apart and are here all day. They might even plant something. $50 they still search pretty well, and do pat downs, especially on the women, if you get my drift. $500 and you'll be done in an hour."

"They were done in 5 minutes. 5. What the hell did you tip him?", I said.

"A thousand. Worth every penny. Honestly, a boat our size would have caught his attention if I'd offered any less. Let's face it, it's four fairly young people and a bunch of kids on a yacht they shouldn't be able to afford. We scream mules. We're not, but still," she said. "Get used to it. I brought cash for every port. This isn't even the most expensive. Just make sure I'm the only one that does it. If it goes wrong and an adult does it, things could get fucked up. I'm 11. I'm damn near immune."

Shaking my head, I walked away. Bob pulled me to the side.

"Did she bribe him?" said Bob. I assured him that she didn't. It was just a tip, and he should just let it ride. That Leslie.

Orlando had arranged transportation for the day. Scooters. Yes, scooters. The minimum age was 12, so we had six of them. This really, really pissed Leslie off, but she got over it. We all practiced a bit and it was pretty simple. Bella climbed up behind Bob and Jake climbed up behind me. I could even feel his little stiffy poking me in the ass. Leslie got behind DeeDee, and I heard a gasp. Leslie was holding on to DeeDee's breasts. Leslie laughed and dropped her hands, but a moment later DeeDee slapped Leslie's hands again. Luckily no one was around. Hunter got on behind Morgan and went through the same dance, getting the same slap and laughter. Hallie got behind Don and that left Orlando without a passenger, but he didn't seem to mind. The kids had planned the day, and we explored the old city, the shops, and more in the morning. Orlando wore a backpack, which was brilliant because we put all our trinkets into it as we shopped. We swung back by the boat and emptied the pack, right before lunch. Orlando had insisted we pay with credit cards and keep the receipts and when we got on board, he asked for all the receipts and filed them by each person's name into prepared folders he had in a drawer.

"This is for US customs," said Leslie, our customs queen. "We likely won't reach the declaration limit, but if we do, we'll have all the paperwork, by person. Since we're out for a week and visiting multiple countries, we want to be careful." Yes, little Miss organization.

The kids had made reservations in advance at the hottest beach club restaurant in town. We pulled up to valet parking, on our scooters, to looks of clear disdain from the valet guys. Orlando went up to the podium, and did the same handshake move. Suddenly the valet boss came around the podium.

"Welcome, welcome," said the boss, in the heartiest of voices. "We will treat your scooters with honor. Mr. Orlando shared that you have reservations so you should be all set."

I don't know what he tipped, but the valets got the drift and were quite nice riding off on our scooters. Yeah, we're weird.

Lunch was amazing. It was the most incredible seafood buffet I'd ever seen. I suspect it was pricey, but Orlando wouldn't tell me. He'd paid, and tipped, in advance. He did admit that getting tables for eleven took a 'special tip'. The looks we got were hilarious. The vast majority of the diners were older, clearly wealthy people, dressed in their Sunday best. Most of the men were in suits. All of the women were in dresses. We were in shorts and T-shirts and, to them, all children, even Don and DeeDee. You could see the disparaging looks, but as lunch went on, they all calmed down because we were as quiet and respectful as they were, even the littlest amongst us. Bella did observe at one point that these people all must expensive sticks up their ass to look like that. She didn't say it THAT loud, but at least a few heads swiveled. One other gentleman lost it and couldn't stop laughing. He stood and came over to the table.

"Yes, young lady, they're not only expensive, but made from a special stick up the ass tree that grows only here on the island," he said. That got a smile from everyone. "Don't mind these people. You're clearly having fun and they've all forgotten what fun is. We saw you ride up and for the valets to have treated your scooters with such care and for you to have a table for 11, by the window, means that your group has more money than anyone else in this room. That realization generally makes the stick slide in a little farther." That got actual laughter from our table, and even a few nearby. It certainly loosened the mood in the room.

"By the way, I am the mayor of Nassau," he said, introducing himself. "Please feel welcome in our city, as everyone should. I don't know how long you'll be here, but we're having a little reception tomorrow afternoon and would love to have you all attend. Come dressed just as you are. Just ask any cabby to take you to the mayor's palace. They know where it is. 2 pm sharp." He then pulled up a chair and sat down and had us go through all the introductions. He figured out we were two families and quickly caught on that Bob and I were the parents of three kids we shouldn't have been.

"Ah, I know your family. You try to hide it, but you're pretty well known. That's your Sunseeker 131, isn't it?" said the Mayor. We admitted it was.

"You have such an amazing story and are clearly good parents. The joy in the children's faces is so clear. Enjoy our city, our island, and our country, and I sincerely hope we see you tomorrow. There will be plenty of children there," he said, and returned to his table.

All the time we were chatting, Orlando was on his phone. It was a little rude, but he was discreet and very focused. There was a reason. As soon as we stepped outside, he motioned us off to the side and made a phone call. Who would he be calling?

"Hellooo, this is Jimmy Smith, from the Miami Herald, calling for the social secretary please," he said, in the weirdest high-pitched accent. Who was Jimmy Smith and what social secretary?

"Yeth, this is Jimmy. Oh, so pleased to meet you finally. I was just calling to confirm the fashion details for tomorrow's Mayor's gala. I'm all about the fashion," he said, ending with a giggle. Yes, a giggle.

"So, no change from previous years. Formal for the men, cocktail dresses for the women. The cutoff it about 12. So, I can probably reuse last year's pictures. Oh, I'm kidding, I'll take advantage of the photos you release like I always do. It's the event of the season!" he said. "We had heard rumors of a major shift to casual beachwear," he said, almost spitting out the words casual beachwear.

"Well, you know how those rumors are. Just rumors until they're true. I wish I could be there tomorrow. Do have fun. Toodles", hanging up the phone. Everyone tried to talk at once and he held up his hand.

"Quiet. One more call," he said, dialing. This time he used his deepest manly voice. About as opposite as you can be.

"Yes, this is Frank, from Franklin Security. I need to speak to your chief of security about tomorrow's event please," he said. After a pause, someone came on the line, although we couldn't here.

"Ah, Bill, so pleased to speak to you. This is Frank, at Franklin Security. We've been advised that our clients are last minute invites to tomorrow's big event," he said, naming both our last names. "I just wanted to confirm the level of security and whether we needed to have security onsite or just at the perimeter. You know the newly wealthy, they think they're all that and in danger," almost hissing out danger.

"Yes, yes. Military onsite. Well, we can't compete with that. Can you confirm that you have the number of attendees from our group correct? Yes, yes. 11. Thank you so much for your help," he said, hanging up.

I held up my hand to everyone else, and just raised my eyebrows to Orlando.

"OK, here's the deal. The mayor is a douche and was setting us up. We are on the list, which honestly surprised me, I thought he'd turn us away at the door, but apparently, he wanted to be a dick in front of everyone. Remember he told us to come dressed as we are? Well now, wouldn't we have stood out. The dress code is tuxedos or dark suits for the men, cocktail dresses for the women and girls. Young boys can be in a suit, but many wear shorts, a dress shirt, and a tie. You know like British boys. We would have been the laughing stock of the party and quickly been escorted back out. I suspect it would have made the front page of the local paper. I don't know why he did it, maybe jealousy, but it was a douche move at a new level. Now we have to decide what to do. We have two choices. The easiest is to just not go. The harder one will kill our afternoon, but if I get a vote, it is the one I'd do. It will cost us though. A LOT. There is a very, very upscale clothing store in town. I doubt the Mayor can afford to shop there. It is the Bahamian shop of an incredibly upscale Italian firm. They make Armani look like they're off the rack crap. Yeah, that expensive. They've been known to pull rabbits out of a hat, for a price. They can make all the suits overnight, plus dress all the women and girls, but we'll basically have to take over the store for the afternoon," he said. "Plan on $10-15K. Each."

That caused quite a furor, including Don and DeeDee turning red.

"Stop," I said. "We'll put it to a vote. Don and DeeDee stop worrying. If the vote is we go, it's all on us. It's nothing and I'm pissed. I vote go."

Our entire family jumped in with yes votes quickly. Don and DeeDee's kids, including the cousins, stayed quiet, knowing this wasn't their call. They'd vote with the adults. I was impressed. DeeDee turned to the kids.

"Kids, I'm impressed you're holding your vote and letting us decide. That's very mature of you. We do want your opinion though. Do you want to give up the afternoon or do you just want to go play?" she said. She polled them one by one, from youngest to oldest. Every single one wanted to go to the party. Every single one used the word douche. It was hilarious.

"OK then," said DeeDee, facing Bob and me. "The votes in. Doesn't matter what we vote. Let's head to the store."

So off we went to the store, on our scooters. As you can imagine, the manager immediately came over, intending to shoo us out of the store. Then Orlando took over. He took the man's arm and moved him to the side and spoke to him quietly. The manager soon came back, Orlando at his side, all smiles.

"I am not familiar with the word douche," he said. "But I do know our Mayor and suspect I do know synonyms. What he did was wrong. Orlando assures me that cost is not the inhibiting factor and we need six dresses and five suits, but mid-morning tomorrow. It can be done. We will close the store to walk-ins and begin immediately. First, we must start with measurements of everyone. Please come in the back.

We entered a large room that was clearly a big changing/measuring area. Not a changing room in sight. I think everyone's eyebrows raised.

"Oh, you Americans and your modesty. It always makes me giggle. No, we do not have changing rooms and yes, to measure you we need you out of your clothes. You can leave on your underwear. Chop chop," he said, with an actual clap.

Looking at each other, we all shrugged. He was going to be a bit surprised because I knew I was going commando and I'm willing to bet many in our party were. Honestly, I wasn't that surprised when we all doffed our shirts and shorts that there wasn't a single piece of underwear in sight, not even on the kids.

"Oh, well that was unexpected," he said. "But it will make the measurements even more accurate", adding a laugh. A team of another two men and three women came in from a side door. One of the women started with the kids, starting with the youngest, while the others started with adults. The manager just supervised, but out of the corner of my eye, I think he was just enjoying the view. Fine with me. I was impressed their professionalism in measuring, giving the young woman was having to grope my breasts and run a tape measure through my crotch. The men all handled it better than I expected. Not a single erection in sight. I guess being a little pissed will do that. I know you expected an orgy to follow, but we were quickly all measured and back into our clothes. We were then led into a beautifully appointed room with a series of couches and told to sit. Fabric samples would be personally selected for each of us and offered to us for our choice. The adults were offered glasses of champagne and asked if the children could have small glasses. Well sure, why not? We're the shit now, aren't we?

It wasn't ten minutes before they were back, with piles of cloth swatches. The young woman that measured me handed me two samples. The first was a bit stereotypical, green for the redhead, but it wasn't a classic emerald green. It was the lightest shade of green I had ever seen. The material was incredibly soft. It was amazing. The other was a floral design on a beige background. I'm not that big on floral, but that might not even be the right term because there were no flowers. They were all plants, like stylized house plants, in different shades of green, from a light green, to a dark green so dark it was almost black. It too was amazing and with my hair I would rock it. She asked me what style dress I preferred. Things like sleeves, etc. Finally, I just couldn't make up my mind.

"I want them both. Do you feel comfortable making each dress in a different style and making the choice for me? You're the expert, I am not." She just beamed. I think I had made her day. She assured me that she would make a choice that pleased me. The manager did insert himself long enough to say that sales were final, even if I didn't like the choice. I just laughed and assured him I knew that. I turned to the group.

"Ladies, and young ladies. If you like both fabrics, pick them both. I have chosen to allow them to choose the style that they believe fits me the best. You are welcome to do the same or make your own choices," I said. That caused a buzz around the room and all the female voices instantly agreed. All the female fabrics were set aside quickly. Bob jumped in.

"I too am having an impossible time making a decision and I have been offered three choices. Did all of the men get three choices?" he asked. The manager assured him they did.

"OK then," said Bob. "If it doesn't overwhelm your team, the men will make the same decision. Three suits each, at your discretion of style. Give us some variety. The ladies will all need proper undergarments, say a dozen complete sets, as will then men. The men will all need a dozen shirts, four white and eight assorted, plus a dozen ties. Each. You pick for us. We will all need at least three, no four, pairs of shoes. Can you select those as well? Feel free to fill in anything I have missed. Cuff links, etc. Use a budget of $50 thousand for the extras. Spend it all."

"Oh wait. This isn't fair. This isn't fair at all. Why should we get three? Please choose another fabric for each woman, of all ages, and make a third dress."

The manager, whose eyes had grown large, assured us that all that could be handled. Bob handed him the Amex Black and I thought the manager would swoon.

33 outfits, plus accessories, plus $50K. A little over a half million dollars. Pretty sure we made the guy's month.

Orlando came over. "We can leave. We have an appointment at 10 tomorrow, at the boat. They will deliver the clothes and bring the seamstress to make any changes we desire," he said.

"They can do all this overnight? All of it?" I asked.

"I'm guessing they'll be tired. I heard the manager tell his assistant to call in every single staff member for an overnight session. The assistant confirmed he meant everyone, and he did," said Orlando.

With that, we returned to being fun loving families on our scooters and enjoyed the rest of the day around the island. We had so much fun just being completely silly. We had a very nice dinner in what I suspect was a part of town we shouldn't have been in. We got a LOT of stares when we walked in, but everyone was pleasant to us and accepted us and we had the most authentic local food any tourist has ever seen. We ended up staying for almost three hours and by the time we were done, all the tables had been rearranged and we were spread out amongst the locals. They took us, probably from our clothes and scooters, as poor white trash, which we did nothing to dispute. Finally, we got up to leave and just as we cleared the door, we heard a loud cheer.

Bob started laughing. I gave him my best raised eyebrows.

"The manager probably told them I'd covered the bill for the entire restaurant. I'm surprised it lasted that long. I'd been doing it all night long, but the deal with people that left earlier was they had to keep quiet, and they did," said Bob. "I suspect we will soon be an Urban legend."

On that note, we headed back to the scooter rental placed and returned our transportation. It made me think and I turned to Bob.

"How are we getting to the party?" I asked. He assured me Orlando had it covered and it wouldn't be scooters. We played cards and Pictionary for a while then everyone drifted off to bed. It had been a long, tiring day. I admit, it was pleasant to be in bed with just Bob and make leisurely love then fell asleep together. I love our life, but we didn't do that enough.

The team arrives

The next morning was quiet; just breakfast on the boat. Everyone made sure they were showered and squeaky clean by the time the team arrived, promptly at 10. We were all casually dressed and yes, we all had underwear on. Well, none of the women and girls had bras, but we'd need the new ones.

The team swept on the boat. It was the entire team from yesterday, plus a young woman we hadn't met and a young man, carrying equipment. She asked politely where she could setup her sewing machine. I suggested the middle deck dining table, which she declared perfect. We all went into that lounge because it had a bit of privacy.

"OK," said the manager. "Let's start with the adults. Off!" We got his drift and dropped our shorts and t-shirts and stood there in underwear and bikinis. Our underwear got a sneer, and he waved one of the young women over. She selected from marked bags and handed each of us new choices. We clearly hadn't been bashful yesterday, so we stripped and replaced ours with theirs. Oh. Wow. I'd never felt anything like that. I would never wear anything else. I actually heard DeeDee moan a little. I looked over at the men and their new choices were sculpted to them. They commented that they had never felt anything so soft.

All this got smiles from the group. The managers shared that even the underwear was hand-tailored. Of course, it was. Bob ordered another two-dozen pair for all eleven of us, on the spot. He suggested the manager keep our credit card info and measurements because we would be ordering often over the phone. He beamed.

Six chairs were pulled over from the table and one put behind each of us. We each had a dresser, which was a little weird, but I could get used to it. She handed me the green dress first. They had made it as a spaghetti strap sundress, one of my favorite styles. She put it over my head and had me stand and it shimmied down my body into place. I heard the word "Damn" from several people in the room, including, I think, the manager. He looked a little embarrassed. They'd brought a full-length mirror on a stand and she led me over. Damn was right. It hugged my body in all the right places and felt so amazing against my body. I asked the young woman if I should wear a bra and she just shook her head and said "you don't need one. At all", in a tone that implied she enjoyed the sight. I know I can't describe it well, but this was my new favorite dress. I walked a little and the dress movements were sensual. I think every cock I passed would get hard. The young girl had me sit again and put on a pair of strapped sandals, with a two-inch heel, in a matching green. OMG, I think they were made out of several layers of the same fabric. I asked and was assured they were. I asked what the material was, and the girl laughed and replied "cashmere, of course". A cashmere fucking sundress and shoes. Well sure.

I know, I know, I'm focusing on me, but that dress. Damn. The floral print was a more conservative, a bit, cocktail dress, still sleeveless, but with two-inch straps. Shit I looked good in that too. I was curious what the third choice would be.

When she pulled it out of the bag, I thought it was a classic LBD. I suppose it almost was, but it wasn't black, it was deep gray. Just enough off black to be unique. Not quite spaghetti straps, but close, and with a little bit of built in bra/foundation. Conservative and sexy. You could wear this dress to meet the Queen. But could I pull off the color? I tried it on and, damn, yes, I could. That dress even got a comment from Bob. The other dresses didn't?

Yeah, I know, all about me, but it IS my story. By the time I was standing there in my LGD (is that a thing?), DeeDee was in her third dress, which was also a floral, but with actual flowers and tiny sleeves. It was perfect for her and it was the third dress. I'd seen the first two, at least out of the corner of my eye, and they were amazing. She was glowing. Our biggest problem was going to be what to choose for the party.

I looked over at Don and Bob. Shit. Damn. Fuck. I'd do the both right now, on the floor, in front of everyone. I love Bob's disheveled beach bum look, but shit. Damn. Well, you get the drift. He was in a double-breasted suit, in a dark blue, with a thin chalk stripe. He was wearing a pink shirt, with a slightly darker pink tie. I could see the cuffs were French cut and when he shot them, I could see diamond studded cuff links. I walked over and pulled up the sleeve.

"Are those real diamond?" I asked.

"Well, might have gone a bit over budget," said Bob. "I saw them at the jewelers as we walked by and couldn't resist. Three half caret stones in each link." Well of course. Why the fuck not.

Don was in a soft gray suit, single breasted, that I would bet was cashmere, but cut perfectly for his body. He was in a nice white linen shirt. He had a good tan going and the contrast was amazing. He was wearing a red striped tie and also had on cuff links, with what I suspect were real rubies. After all, Bob.

The manager started saying "Off, off, off", and we got his drift. Everything was hung back up and the young man was started steaming everything with a small steamer.

"So," I said. "What do you recommend as our choices for today? Surely you dressed others that are attending." The manager jumped right in and suggested that the men wear the last suit they had on, in that combination. They'd dressed them in that last intentionally, so the women could approve, and we did. For DeeDee, they suggest a pale-yellow sundress, similar to mine, but in a heavier fabric. Apparently, sundresses were fashionable at this event. Then he looked at me.

"Do you really need to ask?" he said. "Really?" I smiled back.

"The green one," I said. He just bowed his head. I hope that meant agreement, but he then assured me it was my only real choice. We then all sat to the side and watched them dress the kids. Little Jake and Bella were fucking adorable. They dressed them through all three, but ended in their recommendation, a classic seersucker, complete with bow tie. OMG. Perfect. Bella ended up in a slightly longer sundress, with thicker straps, in a soft pink. She quickly pulled up her dress, to show us she was wearing yoga shorts, in white, underneath.

"Well, the kids will be playing," said the manager. Yes, they will.

Hunter and Hallie looked like the prom king and queen, in miniature. He was in an actual tuxedo. Seriously? She was in a light blue chiffon prom dress. I don't know how else to describe it. You could have put them on top of a big wedding cake. It was a stretch, but it worked. They pulled it off with confidence, standing there, holding hands. Yep, yep, yep.

Leslie was next and I guess her dress started as a sundress, for a child three years younger than her. It was pretty short and pretty tight, in a soft, almost t-shirt material and bright, almost hot, pink. She was clearly braless and, um, excited about the party. Our 11-year-old exuded sex. It oozed out of her.

"I love it," I said. "and she pulls it off, but for this party?"

"Oh yes, oh my yes," said the manager. "This will be the toughest crowd. Girls that age are mean as hell, especially to outsiders, especially here. The only way to overcome that it to trump them. Trump them all. Leslie does. By a huge margin. Walk with confidence and hold your head up high and expect, yes expect, them to treat you as their better. We could dress her down, but she'd be shunned and be on the side of the party. She'll be the life of the party. She'll be surrounded by the young men, much to the chagrin of the young women. Trust me, it will be glorious. After all, they tried to fuck with you." I think he realized he had used the word fuck.

"Yes, they did try to fuck with us," I said, taking him off the hook. "And my guess is that it won't just be the mayor that knows."

"Oh no, it will be common knowledge," said the manager.

Next up were Morgan and Orlando. Orlando was dressed similarly to Bob, in a double-breasted suit, but in a soft gray, with a light-yellow shirt and a contrasting blue tie. It was interesting but worked. He had on dress shoes that glowed and looked well beyond his 13 years.

It was Morgan, though, that was a revelation. She got the floral print. But not just any floral print. A floral print on a thin soft fabric. The fabric itself was translucent. Seriously, see-thru. The flowers were strategically placed to cover all the important areas, barely. It was easy to tell she had no underwear of any kind on. You couldn't see details -- it wasn't that clear -- but you knew it was see-thru. Right on the edge. It shimmered on her body when she talked, and her breasts, which were now a solid C cup, bounced a bit with each step. If Leslie's little number would attract the 11 and 12-year-old boys, Morgan's would be a magnet for every other male at the party. It was exotic and interesting. It showed absolutely nothing it shouldn't. It wasn't slutty at all. It just let the viewers imagination run wild, and wild they would. Could we let her wear this dress?

"Mom, I'm wearing it," said Morgan, apparently reading my mind, or at least my expression. "I look fucking hot and worth fucking and there won't be a dick in the room that doesn't get hard when either one of us walks by. Hell, when DeeDee and Leslie walk by too. Hold our heads high and fuck them right back. Let them imagine what it would have been. I'm wearing it and that's that."

That broke up the room, including the entire team from the shop. I'm sure they didn't expect that from her mouth. I did notice the young man with the steamer had been shooting steam into the air, nowhere near any clothes, for several minutes, while staring at Morgan. I also noticed he was hard as a rock. I almost pointed it out but thought that would just be mean. But I realized Morgan had noticed it and she did several more passes, making sure to walk as close as she could to him. I'm impressed he didn't cum in his pants. Finally, she pulled the dress up and off, handing it to the young man, while standing right in front of him, naked. Now that was just mean.

"I'm sorry, I don't know your name," she said to the young man. He croaked out "Timmy."

"Timmy, I have several dresses down in my room that are all wrinkled and I forgot my steamer. Can you come with me and help me out?" she said. Leslie reached over and unplugged the steamer, clearly understanding what was going on. Morgan took Timmy's hand and led him over and down the stairs, still naked. I knew damn well she didn't have any wrinkled dresses and I'm pretty confident the whole room did, but I could see the look of jealousy in the manager's eyes. He coughed.

"Timmy is a fine young man, in his last year of high school. He is my son," said the manager. Well, if your son was a virgin when he got on board, he wasn't going to be when he got off, so to speak. I guess I never described any of them. Timmy was a good six feet, muscular and Caribbean black. Just a beautiful young man. The steaming of our new clothes was halted for about 30 minutes. She finally reappeared, with Morgan in shorts and a t-shirt, and Timmy wearing his t-shirt inside out. His father quickly went over and whispered in his ear and Timmy ducked into the bathroom and came out with it correct. Timmy spent the rest of the morning smiling. He couldn't stop smiling. I'll bet not.

By now it was almost 11:30 and we were wrapping up.

"Oh," said the manager. Someday I'll know his name. "I took the liberty of arranging a team to come deal with hair and makeup for all of you. All the men and boys need at least a shape trim, and the men need a straight razor shave. The women will get blowouts, and for some of you, braids. Trust them. They are the best. It is a gift from the shop."

Wow, we hadn't thought of that. Glad he did. They were arriving at noon, so the crew packed up and left and we had a quick snack. The party started at 2, and would have plenty of food, so we wouldn't need much.

I did take the manager to the side and ask how many people total, had worked overnight, to pull this off. He counted in his head and answered 29.

"OK, please add an additional charge to Bob's card. I am also a signer. Please awards a $10,000 tip to anyone that helped up both yesterday and today, $7,500 to those that were just there one of the days, and $5,000 each to those that just worked overnight. And please add a tip of $20,000 for yourself," I said.

"But Ma'am, that is too much. That is a year's salary or two or even three to almost everyone," he said.

"Good. We were not being treated well and we showed up at your shop, looking exactly the same. You treated us with respect and pulled off the impossible. You earned it. Oh, and please charge the hair team to us as well. It was generous, but we cannot accept. Ensure that each hair team member receives a thousand-dollar tip too," I said.

I think he was finally speechless. He even muttered a bit as he left the boat. I checked later and he did follow my instructions to the letter.

At 12:30 a crew of six swept on to the boat. Where did they even find all these people? We rounded up six chairs and blankets to put under them. The men sat in five of them, including the boys and they did simply beautiful haircuts. They wouldn't take any suggestions. They were the artists and artists they were. I'd never seen this Bob and I liked it. Rich Bob finally showing up. Don and Bob were a little freaked out by the straight razors but sat through it. Bob waved me over and had me rub his face. Wow. It was like rubbing Bella's ass. I'd never felt his face so smooth. They were all told to sit and watch the transformation and to not touch their hair. As each person neared the end of their haircut, they were asked to get dressed, and the final touches were done after they were. The crew helped everyone dress. Yeah, lots of nudity again.

They had Hallie and Bella sit down next. They were pretty quick, which a cleanup trim, but then they started braiding. Bella's hair is very long, and she got two braids along the top, joining into a magnificent French braid down her back. Morgan was smart and was taking lots of pictures of the transformation. Hallie's hair is a little shorter and they gave her a page boy. Seriously. I don't think I'd ever seen one, let along seen one done so masterfully. Once they were done, they had her stand next to Hunter. Shit. Awesome choice. They looked like the twins they were. She rocked that cut.

Leslie and Morgan were next. For Morgan, they did tight braids, but did the entire thing as an up do, with just some strategic strands falling down her neck. She looked so elegant and, in her dress, her neck was going to be so beautiful. The store had brought jewelry and we'd forgotten to try it all on. I went over to Morgan's bag and opened a long box. Think of a ruby tennis bracelet, but as a choker. Yes, the entire size of her neck. I went over and put it on. Wow. There were matching ruby earrings. I turned to Bob and raised my eyebrows.

He came over. "Oh, I forgot to mention, I had the manager send someone over to the jewelry story. We'll have to see what all this cost. I gave him a five-million-dollar budget," said Bob. Of course, he did. Those were real rubies for sure. I wonder what I got? I had to peek and went and looked. I had a simple necklace, if you consider a necklace made entirely of what looked to be half carat diamonds, with a sapphire pendant. There were matching sapphire earrings. I looked at Bob again.

"Yeah, that one chewed up a million or so," he said. On my neck. A million dollars.

For Leslie, they made her a pedo's dream. They went with French braid pigtails. Of course, they did. For her, they had a diamond tennis bracelet. She was a little disappointed, until Bob walked over.

"Leslie, they told me that a necklace didn't work with that dress and they chose a tennis bracelet, and it does look stunning. Don't lose it. It was the second most expensive piece and was over $600K. Those are all real flawless diamonds," he said. That both shocked her and cheered her up.

DeeDee and I were next and got adult cuts. Hers was trimmed beautifully and thinned just a touch and then pulled back with two diamond encrusted clips. She got a simple silver chain with an emerald that matched one of the flowers in the dress. Simple and elegant.

For me, I was the only woman with my hair down. They blew it out and straightened in and worked it to near the end of its life.

Since I was last, when I was done, we were all ready to leave. It was about 1:45, and just then two cars pulled up. Not any cars. Two Bentley limos. Where did Orlando find these? The drivers got out, dressed in tuxes, complete with gloves. The footmen got out of the other side. Yes, footmen. Style, we got style, baby.

We headed down and the driver shared that it would be about 30 minutes to the mayor's palace, due to traffic, but that would be a perfect arrival time. Most people actually arrived at this event early, so we'd be one of the last. By then they would likely assume we were not coming.

When we finally arrived, the police officers directing traffic tried to wave us to the front of the line, but Bob told them to decline. There were only a dozen or so cars. Nothing like coming in behind a small crowd. We could see, at the front, the Mayor and what looked like his family greeting each car load of guests. Yes, they were all dressed well because were all the guests. Still a douche.

Finally, it was our turn, and both the driver and footmen opened doors. You could see the Mayor was curious but couldn't see in the tinted windows. Everyone allowed Bob and me to get out first, then got out and formed a group behind us. It was glorious to see the range of emotion on the mayor's face. From shock, to disbelief, to displeasure, to clear recognition he'd been busted. We all decided to follow Bob's lead.

He stuck out his hand and re-introduced himself to the mayor, and then to his wife. He then introduced me, and each of our children and waved to Don to do the same. By the time he had, our kids were chatting animatedly with the mayor's children. Children aren't born with hate.

"Sorry we're a touch late, my new friend, it seems that there was a bit of a line. Quite an event you have going on here," said Bob, completely letting the Mayor off the hook. I saw him almost sigh, then put on his game face.

"Quite alright, quite alright, you're just on time. We've been telling everyone of our new friends. They'll be so pleased to meet you. The kids are all excited about new children to meet," said the Mayor. Yeah, I'll bet he'd been telling everyone about the rubes. I looked at our group, and glanced at others, and even I have to admit we looked GOOD.

We drifted into the party and immediately began to attract attention. It happened over and over. Men, with wives in tow, would come introduce themselves to Bob and, well, lust over me. They'd get a shocked look when he said his name, but all recovered fast. Most of them transitioned into a 'yeah, the mayor is a douche look', at least briefly, which we appreciated. The wives all made small talk with me, asking if we had moved to the island. I shared that we were just visiting on our boat. Most knew that was the 131 because word obviously got around. This went on, over and over, to Don and DeeDee too.

Finally, I got to look around for the kids. I spotted Leslie first, almost surrounded by boys, from about 10 to 18. 18? Yeah, well. She was the center of attention, tiny breasts pushed out proudly, nipples hard. There wasn't a soft cock in that group. There was a knot of girls just off to the side, and I'm guessing it was the sisters and likely girlfriends of the boys. They looked pissed. Just as I was watching, I saw Leslie turn to them.

"Girls, girls, what are you doing over there?" she said. "Join us, I can't handle all these boys by myself." Yes, yes, she could, and I knew it, but it did break the ice and they blended into one big chatty circle. That's Leslie, make your point, make them sweat, and let them off the hook.

I finally spotted Bella and Jake, on a makeshift playground that had been set up. Good thing she had shorts on, because Bella was hanging upside down and her dress was over her head. The boys around her still enjoyed it though. Hunter and Hallie were holding court. Yes, that's the best description. They were standing side by side, holding hands, with a crowd around them, many sitting at their feet. No surprises there either.

Orlando was just walking up to Leslie's group and joined in. She welcomed him and it was obvious she turned control over to him for a bit. For our family was in control.

The only one left was Morgan. She wasn't in any of the groups. Finally, I spotted her, weaving in and out of the crowd, holding a champagne flute. Yeah, I wouldn't have carded her either. It's eighteen here and no way she looked 15. She would walk up to random couples, of all ages, put her hand on the arm of the man, say something short and walk on. Each time, I saw her bend over just enough to give the man a cleavage shot and when she straightened back up, she was looking directly at the woman. At least twice, I saw the woman slap the man after she walked on. She had a gait, a bouncy gait, clearly making her breasts bounce, which must have rubbed her nipples, because I could see they were hard from here. She was dominating every man that was standing with a woman, from age 13 up. She even did it to the mayor, and his wife was a slapper. That girl. Oozing sex and using it. I wasn't sure if I should be upset or proud, given she was 15.

Finally, she settled into a crowd of kids a little older than her. Probably 17 to 25. Well sure. She was the star but was as sweet as Leslie and didn't dominate the boys. Oh, I'd like to see her dominate some of those boys, but that's a different conversation.

We ended up having a joyous afternoon and as it was starting to wind down, the Mayor went up to the podium, tapped the mike, and asked for everyone's attention. He startled us, by calling both our families to come up and stand next to him.

"I want to start off my remarks with an apology. I played what I thought would be a fun joke on these two families and it has come back to me that apparently I am something called a 'douche'," he said. There were gasps and titters from the crowd, mostly from kids. "I don't know what that means, but I am sure it is both not nice and likely accurate. Many of you were in on the joke, and you share a little blame, because not one of you told me I shouldn't. Now, they could have handled it several ways. The most likely was they innocently showed up, dressed casually, and we all made fun of them and they slunk home embarrassed. Yes, in hindsight, that was mean. But I understand young Orlando was smarter than me and doubted that our party was casual. He used that darned internet and caught on. He is also responsible for the look they all carry today and all of us must agree, they all look stunning. No family here looks better or even approaches them," said the Mayor. "What you don't know is what they did for our local economy. All their clothes, and I understand more, were made overnight, here in Nassau, at a shop at which all of you aspire to shop. I know I can't, and I doubt many of you can either. Their jewelry was bought locally too. They put an incredible amount into our economy, just to attend this party. There are two more things you should know, but one might embarrass them."

"It has come to my attention that a team of over 30 people worked to help them, most overnight. Now that was a lot of money to their employers, but not necessarily to them. These families made it personal. Every one of those 30 went home today with at least a year's salary. Yes, a year's, as a tip. Many two or three years. I tried to screw them, being a douche, and they treated our families well in return. So maybe that embarrasses them, but it shouldn't."

"The last thing to mention is their class. Absolutely class. Did they mention any of this to any of you? I am confident they did not. Nothing to me. Nothing to my family. They never mentioned what I had done. I did not hear the word douche from them, although I am sure they would have liked to. They accepted my stupidity, rolled with it, and made our party better for their presence. For that, I both thank them and applaud them." He then led a too lengthy round of applause. He turned and asked if we'd like to say anything. Bob just shook his head no.

"Now for the rest of my remarks. Back to the party!", said the Mayor.

The party wound down, but not before a number of people came up and apologized. We all waved them off and thanked them for including us. Many of the women commented on the jewelry. Many of them had dreamed of some of the pieces, because they were familiar to many of them. Finally, the party wound down, and we headed out. Bob gathered us up.

"When we get out there, there will be an armored truck with a guard. These people now know we're wearing over $5 million in jewelry. Orlando was once again brilliant, and they will take it all back to the shop. He has made arrangements for it to be couriered to our home when we're ready," said Bob. And so, there was a truck, with guards, with guns. The approach was brilliant because it announced it was no longer in our possession and took the target off our backs.

We made it back to the boat too tired to move. What a long day. All the women and girls pulled their dresses off in the lounge and laid them over chairs, leaving many of us naked, or in the briefest of undies. Little Bella had her shorts on but looked around at all of the rest of us and stripped them off, smiling, leaving her standing their naked too. We fell back onto the couches. The men and boys had just watched, but apparently liked the idea, because soon they were all around us, just in their fancy new super comfortable underwear.

"That was a day," said Bob. "Most expensive party we'll ever attend", which got him a laugh. "At least we get to keep the clothes and jewelry. We'll hang them in the morning. I know it is only 8:30, but I'm going down to our room. Maybe a little reading, then lights out."

And with that, we were done with the island.

We had four more days and two more islands ahead. The first was a quiet cay on Antigua. It was literally a one buoy cove, with an amazing beach, that Orlando had found. It was privately held, meaning not a public mooring point, but Orlando had somehow arranged it. We spent two glorious days there, anchored to the buoy and using the rigid inflatable from the garage to putter in and out. Did we never mention the 24-foot boat in the garage on the boat? Well it was handy.

I'm sure you know everyone played with everyone. I'll let your imagination run on this one. Private, remember, so much of the fun was on the beach. I got sand in places sand shouldn't be. Ever. Worth it.

Our last two days were on a special beach, that Orlando had found with the help of Jamie. It was a very, very private beach, known only to select families. Select families, if you get my drift. It was, of course, clothing optional and, basically anything goes. So, again, lots of sand, in lots of places, but at an exponentially, um, higher, level. As we were about to pull into the cove, we were actually stopped by what can only be described as a gunboat. Small, but with an actual machine gun mounted to the bow. I panicked, but Orlando stopped us and told us to calm down. This was apparently expected, and was used to keep outsiders from making it in. We would soon find out why that was important. Orlando and Leslie went and spoke to the men in the gun boat, whose stance and attitude quickly shifted from menacing to all smiles. One of the men was invited onto our boat, and Orlando called us forward.

"Ok, here's the deal, and it is legit. To pass into the cay, we have to prove ourselves worthy. This kind gentleman is the gate keeper, so to speak. One of us must blow him, to completion. We can choose the person, but it cannot be an adult. That's the whole point of the test. They prefer that we offer him choices, and he picks. We can refuse, and leave, but to be honest, there is some risk in that decision. I knew of these rules, and so did Morgan, and we are both prepared to do it, but any of the other kids can offer as well," said Orlando. I didn't like this at all, but since I was getting a sense of the, well, freedom of the beach, I saw their point. I was also a little worried at this point about whether they'd let us leave. Bob and I just nodded, and Orlando asked if any of the other kids would be willing. No surprise, all of them were. Well, OK, the guy was 6 feet of muscular black guy. I'd have blown him too, but I didn't count. Too old at 21.

The man's eyes got big when he realized he had his choice. The boys stood in a group and the girls stood in a group. His eyes went back and forth, obviously having a tough time choosing. He finally called Orlando forward and whispered something to him. Orlando laughed and nodded.

"OK, he has asked for an exception," said Orlando. "and it is fine with me. He has chosen Hunter and Leslie to suck him together. Couldn't have made a better choice myself."

Which is how we all found ourselves watching those two suck, lick, and play with an impressively thick 9-inch (23 cm) cock. They'd pushed him back on the lounge and he was on full display. Of course, they'd both stripped. I think his eyes were rolling up into his head with pleasure. Leslie whispered something to him, and his eyes grew wide. That Leslie, never a rule follower. He smiled big and she slid down and much to my complete lack of surprise impaled herself on that monster. Not to be left out, Hunter shuffled up and offered his own small cock to the man, who eagerly sucked it in. They were putting on a quite a show. Jake and Bella were clearly into it because suddenly they climbed right up next to them and Jake started fucking Bella doggie style. About then, Hunter came and pulled out, which let the man watch Jake and Bella. Leslie didn't last much longer, but must have felt him getting close, because she slid up and off, letting that giant cock slap back down. He ended up covering his own chest with cum and giving himself a bit of a facial. We offered him the shower on the swim platform, and he cleaned off, dressed and got back on his boat, waving us into an anchor point.

Well that was an interesting introduction to a new beach. After we tied up to the anchor buoy, Orlando called us all around.

"OK, here's the deal. This is the most exclusive cove in the islands. Getting invited to anchor here is rare and via introduction only. Jamie connected me, but it took some extra effort. It was expensive, but not in a way you would expect. I had to show documented proof of a donation of a minimum of $100,000 to a well-known, public charity. Yeah, Dad, that was my sudden interest in the animal shelter, although I did like puppies and kittens and I did sign up to volunteer, but mostly because surprisingly loose, hot girls do too, but that's a tangent. Anyway, we were invited and just passed the test," said Orlando. "But this place is crazy. You've never seen anything like it, and you will see things that likely offend you and disgust you. Ignore them. You have to. If it is too much, our only option is to leave, but I wouldn't suggest that, because their security is tight and leaving suddenly might make them nervous. Now, that said, no one gets hurt, and they do have a minimum age, but it might freak you out that it is 5. The minimum of intercourse is 7. Child to adult is 9. Actually, pretty much what we follow too. I hear there is a little of animal play, which is not what I want from puppies and kittens, but apparently others do. I think it is gross, but who knows, maybe it is the last fantasy of one of you. Rover it on, so to speak. Approach anyone you want, ask anything you want, take no for an answer, all the time. You see a smoking hot 5-year-old and want them to blow you, just ask. You want to go down on that hot teenage girl, just ask. Want a threesome with her granddad, he's in to it as well. You get the idea. Now, let's have a quick lunch, and motor ashore."

So, we did, then we did.

We arrived on the beach clothed, but quickly saw how out of place that was, so we stripped and left the clothes in the boat. We walked along the beach to get our bearings. As you can imagine, we were a welcome sight and got a lot of attention. They all knew we were new, and no one approached us yet.

I noticed a cute young girl, maybe 6, playing with her dog. Wait, oh. Let me rephrase that. I noticed a cute little dog playing with a young girl. The dog was between her legs, licking furiously, and the little girl was clearly in heaven. Yeah, don't think I want to try that. A little farther along, an older man, probably in his sixties, was relaxing while a young boy, maybe 10, was blowing him. Next to him was a woman about his age, getting absolutely pounded by a 12-year-old or so boy. They had a little audience, which I guess was OK. As we watched, the little boy lifted his head and held out his hand. Someone handed him a bottle of lube and he squirted a lot on the man's cock, which was a solid 6 inches and thin. It was a very nice cock, uncut, with a slight upward curve, with big full balls. Hell, his balls were more than big, they were huge. He was shaved, so quite on display. The little boy then slid up and slowly slid down onto the cock and started bouncing up and down, his own little 2-inch (5 cm) stiffy bouncing away. His little cock was adorable, with barely any balls in sight, and, of course, completely hairless. He too was uncut. It was quite fun, but we walked on.

The next little group was apparently little girl play time because there was a batch of three girls in a circle lick (is there such a thing?). I'd say they were 5, 7, and 14 or so. Only the oldest was developed and even she was still fairly flat, so maybe 12, not 14. The youngest girls only had a small slit, given their age, but the older, at about 7, had a prominent clit, and the oldest girl was paying it a lot of attention. It stood at attention, pushing out of the hood, and every lick got a jerk from the girl. The oldest girl was more developed, with fleshy lips, and a defined flower that was gorgeous.

A crowd of boys was standing around them, all jerking off. Suddenly one of the boys reached his limit and it set the others off, because the group of girls were rained on with cum. The boys were respectful though and got on their knees to clean up the girls. Between their circle lick and the boys helping, the girls went off, one after the other. They quickly started pairing off and fucking. Hard. The resilience of youth.

We moved a little more and there were a group of the most adorable boys. Conveniently six of them, just lying there hard. Not sure why. Don't care. Bella ran up to the oldest and asked something, and then turned to us. She pointed at the nearest cock and then to her adorable little pussy. Then she looked at Orlando's cock and pointed at one of the boy's mouths. OK, got it. All of us girls picked a cock and, well, slid right on. We were pretty wet. I was bouncing up and down on the hard 4-inch (10 cm) cock of what looked to be a 10-year-old boy. Bella had chosen first and picked the oldest boy, maybe 16, with an impressive 7-inch cock. It stretched her and she liked it. Just then, Jake went first, kneeling and offering his cock. All the boys followed. The girls started going off one by one, and then each got, well, filled up. Bella shouted for the boys to stop sucking, much to the moan of our boys. She knew they had limited cums, so to speak and wanted to save them.

There are so many stories to tell about this beach. Maybe we'll come back to them one of these days. This could be an entire chapter. Or two.

For now, we were off to home.

Well, not exactly home, but to Miami, where our next guests were joining us, compliments of Alison and the helicopter, and would take Don, DeeDee and family home. What a week.

Back to Bob.

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Character information

Name Chapters Age Description when introduced Stats when introduced
Bob All 23 Dad 6'2" (188 cm) – 165 (75 kg) , swimmer's body, 6–inch (15 cm) cut average cock
Amy All 21 Mom (and the Nanny, to start) 5'1" (155 cm) – 110 (50 kg) , bright red hair, C cup
Morgan All 15 The oldest of the new kids 5'5" (165 cm) – 120 (54 kg) , dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
Orlando All 13 The middle child and the only boy 5'0" (152 cm) – 100 (45 kg) , dirty blonde, 6–inch (15 cm) cut thick cock
Leslie All 11 The youngest 4'6" (137 cm) – 80 (36 kg) , brown hair, flat–chested
Hunter 2,3,13 11 Leslie's new friend 5'0" (152 cm) – cute as hell, 3–inch (8 cm) cock
Don 2,3,13 Thirties Hunter's dad 6'3" (191 cm) – Tall, dark, and handsome
Deedee 2,3,13 Thirties Hunter's mom 5'0" (152 cm) – 140 (64 kg) , DD cup, clearly Hallie's Mom
Hallie 2,3,13 11 Hunter's twin sister 4'8" (142 cm) – small A cup
Blake 5,9-10,12 Thirties First home staff. Mechanic, general purpose everything 6'2" (188 cm) – 185 (84 kg) , blonde, ripped, 7–inch (18 cm) thin cock
Alison 5,9-12 Thirties First home staff. Chef, runs the house and more 5'9" (175 cm) – tall, athletic, blonde, simply stunning, B cup, model gorgeous
Ted 9,10,12 Twenties Cart driving coach 5'10" (178 cm) – 165 (75 kg) – 8–inch (20 cm) uncut and thin cock
Dom 12 17 Cart driver 5'10" (178 cm) – 150 (68 kg) , 6–inch (15 cm) , average
Mario 12 Sixties You know, Mario  
Marco 12 Thirties and Marco  
Jake 13 6 Don's nephew 4'4" (132 cm) – cute as a button
Bella 13 7 Don's niece 4'4" (132 cm) – cute as a button
Timmy 13 17 Manager's son 6'0" (183 cm) – hot, muscular

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