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3 July 2018

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Tim Buchanan

Formerly Chapter 25

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The last cruises

Bob here.

So our other planned cruises all fell apart. It was a mess. We just couldn't get the families lined up, with summer camp, and jobs, and everything else. We had fun day cruises here and there, but nothing more. Until Orlando had a good idea.

We owned a house and part of a business in Italy, right? No, his suggestion wasn't that we head to Italy. That would be in the fall. His idea was that most of Europe closed down in August for the summer, unlike the US. Why not invite Sophia and her two 'kids'. He also observed that while all the families weren't available, a lot of the kids were, so asked what our limit was on kids. There would be three adults. Amy and I discussed it and decided on 9. Three per adult.

He suggested that instead of doing island hopping, which we'd already done, we should do the east coast of the US since it was all knew to our Italian friends and would be educational for all the kids. He'd thought it through and his plan was St. Augustine, Florida and Charleston, South Carolina

We'd see two historic cities.

Then, we'd 'power run' up the coast, for three days in the city. New York City. Be tourists. Take in a Broadway show. Just be silly.

These kids and their ideas. It's not like our boat couldn't handle the twelve of us comfortably. And oh, we miss Sophia.

The kids said to leave it to them, so we did. Sophia and her kids at the St. Pete airport on a Friday afternoon. Amy picked them up in the, gasp, car and brought them back to the house. The extra kids that were joining us were all supposed to arrive that afternoon too, so we'd have a night at the house and leave in the morning. Turns out they had cheated a bit, but only because they invited Jake and Bella back.

Jake and Bella......ooooh.

Sorry, a little fantasizing there.

Sophia and her kids were along, which we loved.

You'll be pleased to know Brittney is back with us on this trip. She knows how to liven the party. Her brothers couldn't come, unfortunately.

We got to see, well and enjoy, Leslie's little friend Jimmy, who we hadn't see in awhile. We hadn't played with him ourselves yet, but Leslie assured us he was 'in'. Can't even complain about a 10 year old boy that wants to be in you, so to speak.

Also joining us were Juanita's little brother and sister. If you remember, Gabriel is a little adorable 10 year old with a surprising 4 inch cock and even more surprising oral skills. Ruby is the cutest little 8 year old, who, well, loves to fuck. Juanita and Ted were off to Paris, so it was perfect timing for us to bring the kids. Give Juanita's parents a break too.

Four single digit, eight double digit, three adults, and Sophia barely qualified.

Our first night was in St. Augustine. The kids decided we needed local experiences and had booked us suites or rooms in local boutique hotels. Local hotels recommended by Jamie. Oh boy. We got into town late in the afternoon, and Leslie had arranged a car service, well a small bus service, to transport us to the hotel. When we got there, it looked like an old school Florida mansion, which I am sure it was, or used to be. We all walked in and were clealy expected. There were only seven rooms in the hotel, and somehow we had the entire place. The person behind the counter was a young boy, maybe 9, and he introduced himself as Elijah and that he was 9 and available for any service we required. He stressed any. He was fucking adorable. He was wearing a speedo and nothing else. It was a small speedo and we could all see his package and it was clearly hard. Perhaps he had been busy before we arrived?

Just then a young girl walked in the room, wearing nothing but incredibly brief, incredibly sheer panties. She was topless and her tiny little nipples were hard. OK, I think Elijah was busy. She introduced herself as Emma and shared that she was 5. Five. Damn. So cute. So, well, five. She looked at Elijah, and he nodded.

"I am a great cock sucker and pussy licker," she said. "The boys can fuck me, but not the men. I'm little."

Yes, yes, you are.

She walked over to Jake and Bella.

"You're cute," she said. "Can we fuck now?"

"Sure," said both of them.

Emma went over and locked the front door.

"You're our only guests," she said. She walked over to the nearest couch, and slipped off her panties. Elijah walked over and slipped off his speedo. Jake and Bella were naked in a flash.

"They can fuck, but I want to suck some cock and lick some pussy," said Elijah.

"Take your pick," said Amy. "Any of us."

Just then, two more kids walked in the room, naked. One was another little girl, maybe just a little older. Perfectly formed body, hard little nipples, the tiniest little slit, but with a prominent clit poking out. The other was a boy, about 12 or so, quite hard, and large, about 5 inches. The girl introduced herself as Milly, and said she was 6, and liked men to fuck her and loved to lick everyone's pussy. OK then. The boy introduced himself as Alex, and proudly said he was 9. Seriously? 9 with that cock. Damn. I wanted some of that. Hell, I wanted some of all of them. He said he mostly liked to fuck men and boys, but would fuck girls too. He said he also liked a big cock in his ass.

New friends.

I'd like to say we spent the afternoon touring St. Augustine, but, well, that would be a lie. We spent the afternoon touring Elijah, Emma, Alex, and Milly. Alex did like to fuck, and was good at it. He fucked Jake, Orlando, and, um, me. I got to fuck him and Milly. Oh Milly. I completely lost track of who did who, but I know Amy said that Elijah had some skills, both orally and with his little cock.

We did spend time that evening and the next morning sightseeing and had a wonderful time. The little hotel team joined us, clothed of course, but were wonderful tour guides. We'd be back.

We went on to Charleston and had a wonderful time. We were actually tourists! Oh, we had fun on the boat, but you knew that.

We finally made it to New York and docked at the marina the kids had arranged. It was right at the bottom of Manhattan, so in the thick of things. We had tickets to Hamilton for that night, but it left the afternoon free. Apparently Amy had plans, because she said that everyone but us was going to have a quiet afternoon on the boat, with Sophia in charge, but we had something else to do. OK, Amy's in charge. We left Sophia with all the kids, with admonishments that it would be a late night and not to wear each other out. We also reminded everyone we were in port, which meant clothes, even in the hot tub. That got a lot of moans, but I reminded them that the bedrooms were private, which cheered them up. I'll let Sophia tell the story of their afternoon.

Sophia tells a story

I get to add to the journal! I'll post my own entry one of these days. We owe so much to Bob and Amy. For now, I'll talk about our afternoon, and what an afternoon it was. Too bad Bob and Amy missed it.

I guess our afternoon follows many others which we've shared. We didn't both with games, we just fucked. Yeah, I said it. Remember, it was 9 kids, plus me, the only real adult and for this afternoon, I was a kid and one that liked to fuck. Jimmy got his first piece of a real woman, so to speak, and he enjoyed it. Oh God did he enjoy it. Well, me too. What can I say?

Brittney got to experience both Gabe and Ruby's skills and yes, she enjoyed it too. Something about watching Brittney spread Ruby's little lips and start sucking her clit, while Gabe took her doggy style turned me on. Well, hell, it all turned me on. I did think it looked like fun, so I did exactly the same thing with Jake and Bella. Bella and Jake. Such skills in those so young. The boy on boy action turns me on too. At one point, Luca was laying on the bed, and Orlando was teasing him. He was licking his balls, and his shaft, but wouldn't take him in his mouth. Luca was moaning from frustration. I think this all got the better of Gabe, with Orlando's ass up in the air like that, so he squirted some lube and massaged it into Orlando's ass. With his cock. He got a nice motion going so not only was Luca being teased, we had a porn show going on he was watching. That didn't seem fair to Ruby, so she climbed up on Luca and sat right on his face. I think that was too much for Gabe, as he came in Orlando. As soon as he pulled out, Jimmy started rimming Orlando. I think all of this was too much for Luca, as he came all over Orlando's face, just from getting his balls licked. Orlando has skills. This left Orlando bent over, getting fucked, with his face covered with cum. It was an amazing sight and Ruby went off hard. Luca was still lying under Orlando, and seemed to be enjoying the show, so Bella climbed up to clean off Orlando's face and then fed Luca his own cum.

Shit that was hot. Oh, I was frigging myself silly, standing right next to them. I couldn't hold back and when I came I squirted. They all took a hit. That was enough for Jimmy to get going and he started pounding Orlando. One last cum, by Jimmy, and everyone fell onto the bed, just kind of cuddling. I didn't know where Chris, Morgan, and Leslie were at this point, but then they walked in. with that telling flush and climbed in with us. Twelve of us, naked, in a big bed, on a giant wet spot. Then we did the impossible. We fell asleep. Hey, we were worn out. Perhaps not the most comfortable nap, but certainly comforting. When I woke up, everyone was gone except Leslie. I noticed Leslie, because she was between my legs, licking me. Oh I didn't last long, and went off hard enough to squirt again. That's when I realized she was wearing a doubled-ended strap on. A big one. A really big one. Let's just say we enjoyed that too.

By then, Bob and Amy were back. Too bad they missed it all.

What Amy wants, Amy gets

Back to Bob, right where I left off.

We heard someone call up from the dock. Amy leaned over and told him we'd be right down, and we were.

He stuck out his hand to Amy, and said: "Hi, I'm Jonathan. We spoke on the phone and we're all ready to go." He shook my hand too, and I introduced myself. I still had no clue who Jonathan was, or what we were doing, and Amy didn't seem to want to volunteer anymore information. I'm sure Jonathan assumed I knew, but I just followed along. He'd arrived in a Mercedes-Maybach, with a driver. I'd never seen one, but it certainly was luxurious. We hopped in the back.

"OK, I have four showings setup for today, for the homes you previewed online. Two, as you know, are in your original price range, but the third is more expensive. The fourth is off the charts, but my favorite and you'll see why. You mentioned that wouldn't be a problem. That one happens to be last, for no other reason than availability," said Jonathan. Ah, apparently we were house hunting. Sure, why not. After all, I bought an estate in Italy without even telling Amy. At least I got to go along.

"The first home is in Tribeca. 6 beds, 7 baths, 11,000 square feet. It has an indoor, full length lap pool and, for NYC, a rare two car garage," he said.

We arrived at the home and it was a 6 floor masterpiece, with outdoor patios at two levels, one for the 'kids' and one for the 'adults'. I loved it, but kept my mouth shut. Apparently it was a steal at $30M. Sure. I filed it in the 'like it a lot category', and we were off to the next choice.

The second place was also in Tribeca, and larger, with 7 bedrooms, and over 14,000 square feet, but considerably more expensive at $59M. Honestly, it was sterile and did nothing for me.

"Nope," said Amy, after zipping through it pretty quickly. "Boring and sterile. Just not our kind of place. I liked the first place better, so this is off the list." Yes, we did have similar tastes, didn't we?

The third was an overwrought mess. Too much molding, too much gold leaf, it was a disaster. We didn't make it out of the foyer, before Amy spun and got back on the elevator.

"Oh God, that was horrible," she said. "Wildly overdone." Jonathan laughed.

"Yes, I think so too. I was surprised you were interested. The location is amazing, but for the money, it is terrible," he said. We both nodded agreement.

"OK, we've moved fast. The last one is interesting, and from what I've learned in a short period of time, may just be perfect for you," he said. "You see it isn't done. It's the top two floors, overlooking Central Park, in a new building. There are a number of drawings for various ways it could be laid out, but it is literally two completely open floors, with an amazing patio. They're asking too much, as the price is without buildout. They're having trouble finding a buyer with a vision to make it happen. It's priced at $59M, but buildout would easily be another $50M, particularly at New York construction pricing. It would also require frequent visits to oversee construction and to make all the key choices. Remember, it is two full floors. I should note, that there is a small place just two floors down. A quarter floor, so about 4,000 sq feet with four bedrooms, available for $15M, which is a good price. It just became available today, and hasn't even been advertised yet. My company is listing it."

"My suggestion, if you are adventurous and money isn't an issue, is to buy the smaller place and the larger place together. Both are offered by the developer. That gives you a smaller place to live in during contruction and I am confident you could flip the smaller place for a profit. The total asking price is $74M between the two. I'll let you think on that as we go, but between us, the developer is overextended and the bank is calling the loan on the big place. They're hurting. We'll tour the place with the developer, as they are also the architect with the drawings of several layouts."

I did the math in my head. If a quarter floor was 4,000 square feet, then two floors was 32,000 square feet. I think Jonathan saw in my head.

"You got 32,000 square feet, didn't you?," he said. I smiled and nodded.

"Not quite. It's 27,000 of covered space, plus a 5,000 foot patio off the upper floor. So just a tiny little place," he said, with a laugh.

We arrived and the location was wonderful. Truly overlooking the park. It had a garage and four slots were reserved for each floor, so we'd get eight spots with the penthouse. That's nice. We like cars, but do I really want to drive in Manhattan?

We met the developer in the lobby. I admit, I was surprised it was a woman, and a fairly young one at that. Oh, stop, Amy was just as surprised.

"Hi, I'm Chloe and you must be Amy and Bob," she said, shaking both our hands. "Let me guess. You expected a 55 year old man, not a 35 year old woman." Amy and I both laughed lightly.

"Busted," said Amy. "But we're not typical either, given that Bob's 23 and I'm 20. I appreciate that you even taking this meeting." Now it was Chloe's turn to laugh.

"You still think you're incognito, don't you?," she said. "You're the most famous but not famous family in the world. Sure, Forbes didn't mention your name, but have you googled yourselves lately?"

We hadn't. Oh. Oh well.

"Shoot, Leslie is famous in her own right, and Morgan already won the Vegas open," she added. She had done her homework. Well done. It didn't come across as creepy, but as professional.

We rode up the elevator, using her key card, and it opened onto the lower floor. Literally opened. There was nothing except a staircase. 16,000 square feet of open space, with views in all directions. It was actually a little disorienting.

"Disorienting, isn't it?," said Chloe.

"Can you read minds too?," I asked. She just smiled.

"Well it is. It's also glorious and rare and I can see the potential. I am just having trouble finding a buyer that can. Oh, I can finish it out, and may end up doing that, but my dream client would be someone that has the passion to work on it with me. This can be truly special and I want the buyer to be a part of creating it. I've laid out some designs, but they're high-level thoughts. I want that special buyer. Maybe that's you," she said.

Maybe it is, maybe it is. She led us up the stairs, and my simple math said it had 20 foot ceilings.

"The ceilings are 20 feet, so very open," said Chloe. OK, this is getting a little scary.

The second floor was just as open, and like the first, the walls we completely glass, floor to ceiling. The fourth wall was entirely glass too, and we could see the patio, complete with brick. We could see a smaller glass sunroom on the patio, and an elevated exercise pool was inside and what I suspected was a steam room and sauna. Chloe pulled a remote control from the pocket of her dress and pressed a button. With that, the entire wall to the patio folded back, leaving it entirely open to the room. OK, this would be our third house with a folding wall, but I like them, OK?

"OK, we want to see your drawings, but also want to see the available apartment," said Amy. You could see Chloe's face fall.

"No, no, we don't mean in lieu of," said Amy. "We mean in addition to." That got Amy a brilliant smile. Damn, Chloe was fucking hot. I was trying to ignore that and be professional, but damn.

She suggested we visit that apartment, and then go down to her office off the lobby to review drawings.

"This apartment is actually the model for the building. All the other units are sold, so we're putting the model up for sale. It's available furnished, or unfurnished, although our preference is furnished, as we don't have to deal with anything," she said.

She opened the door and we realized it was the corner with spectacular views. One side was to the park and the other to the city. It was arranged in a bit of a U, with the living room taking all the glass except for enough for the master bedroom, that overlooked the city. I'd guess the master was 800 of the 4,000 square feet. The living room, or more a great room, with a dining area and a large, open kitchen. The remaining three bedrooms were smaller, but appointed nicely. This place was amazing. Honestly, I would have been happy with it, but Amy's sights were higher and since we'd just crossed $2.5B, I didn't care.

Amy turned to Chloe and Jonathan.

"Will you be the general contractor for the build out?," she asked.

"Well, I hadn't planned on it, and I am not cheap, but I'd be happy to do it. It would be GREAT fun working on it together," she replied, stroking Amy's arm. "Great fun." Oh yes it would.

"OK, here is where we are. We're interested in both, but we both know you have too much into the bigger place and it's hurting you financially. We don't want to steal it from you, but I did my homework and know what you have invested. You're still asking a premium price and you've held out too long. We'll make an offer on both places, cash, with immediate occupancy. And by immediate, I mean we sleep here tonight," said Amy. Chloe's eyes were wide.

"Cash," said Chloe. "Cash today?"

"Yes. I already positioned the money. Here's the offer. You're asking $15M for this place, unfurnished. We'll pay that, but furnished. If this is your taste, we're going to work very well together, as I love it," said Amy. Chloe nodded that it was.

"$59M is too much. You don't have more than $35M in it. We'll say we're apart by $20M, even though it is a little more. We'll split it. Our offer is $49M, so $64M total, wired to your account in the next 10 minutes. No negotiation," said Amy.

I expected a comment, but what Amy got was a hug. A passionate hug, if a hug can be passionate, and kisses on both cheeks. Being the person she is, as Chloe turned back to face her, Amy leaned in for a real kiss and what a kiss it was. I thought they were both going to cum on the spot. I know I got hard, and I glanced over and Jonathan was too. Yeah, that kind of a kiss.

"We are going to LOVE working together," said Amy. Yes, yes they were.

Amy pulled out her phone and asked Chloe for her banking information. She sent a text and not 30 seconds later, Chloe's phone beeped. We knew this drill. She pulled it up and had a notification from her bank.

"That's it? You paid? We haven't even done paperwork," she said.

"Yeah, that's Jonathan's job. He just earned almost $5M. He can do the forms," Amy laughed. Jonathan assured us he'd be happy to and would go take care of it, if we didn't mind being left with Chloe. We assured him that was fine.

"Chloe, please don't take this as too personal, but our family is with us and we're going out to dinner and a show. Would you care to join us and is there someone you'd like to have join us?," I asked.

"Just me and my cat," said Chloe, with a laugh. I texted Orlando, telling him to find another ticket to the show. He replied and said they already had one, as they thought one more kid would be coming. How convenient.

"OK, I just confirmed with Orlando. We're having an early dinner at 6," I said, naming a popular restaurant in the theater district. "And then we're going to see Hamilton and have an extra ticket if you'd like to join us."

"You have a spare ticket to the hottest show in town? How is that possible?," said Chloe. "I don't understand your family at all, but look forward to meeting them. You're something else." With that, we went down to her offices and she spread out architectural diagrams on a large table.

"I'm kind of old school. I do these on the computer, but prefer to work from paper," she said. "It's so much easier to visualize."

There were three choices, and she carefully explained her thinking on all three.

"OK, wait. These are all nice," said Amy. "But they don't show your personality. They're just nice, bland choices. We can work with them, but they need so much. Let me guess. You have a fourth design. You have the design that you would build for yourself, but it is a little out there, a little off, or interesting, and you don't show it to people, because they wouldn't understand."

Chloe just stared at her for a moment, then spun on her heels and came back with another set of drawings. She swept the others off onto the floor and opened these up.

"All the other designed had eight to ten bedrooms, as I thought a place this size would normally have. This one doesn't. It has six bedrooms. I could never sell 27,000 square feet with only six bedrooms, but this is my plan. No media room. I don't like them. Really, nothing stupid like that, even if they are all the rage. This is my design."

She laid it out and Amy's eyes gleamed. I saw it too. This was spectacular. It flipped the floors completely, and put the kitchen upstairs. It was similar in design to the smaller apartment, just on an incredibly grand scale. The upper floor was essentially one giant great room, with a spectacular kitchen, clearly designed to entertain. The kitchen and storage area looked to be about 3,000 square feet. Yes, that large, but that left an 8,000 square foot great room. Yes, you read that right.

The floor below was basically designed at six apartments. The best corner was the master, and was a quarter of the floor. Separate bathrooms and dressing rooms for the couple, and nice sitting areas, but the point of the room was the elevated area for the bed, pointed towards the corner. The views would be amazing. Five more bedrooms were scattered around, each with ensuite bathrooms and dressing areas. One part of the floor was a gym, or whatever else you wanted that space to be. All the rooms were simply huge.

Shit, I loved it and I could see Amy would too. It would be an impossible sale for almost anyone. It didn't have a media room and all that other shit. It didn't need it.

Amy turned to Chloe: "Build it."

Chloe's eyes got big and this time we both got kisses. Yeah, those kisses. I had wondered if Chloe was gay, but given the way she ground into my hardening cock, I am pretty sure the answer is no.

"Yes," said Amy. "but I have ideas for the bedroom floors. Let's reposition the bathrooms and closets a little, so they're all interior. Why waste the view. I want all the other walls to be folding, electrically. Essentially I want to be able to open the walls and have one giant living quarters.

Chloe thought for a minute, then her eyebrows raised.

"That would be for a special kind of family, wouldn't it. Now I really need to meet your family," said Chloe. "Consider it done. I'll get your new diagrams shortly, plus the pricing for the buildout. The funny thing is this is the least expensive buildout and the fastest to do, because it is minimalist. Now, before we break up, I will meet you at the restaurant, but there is one important thing I forgot to show you in the smaller apartment. Let's ride back up."

We did and she let us walk into the apartment first.

"This is what I wanted to show you," she said. We turned around and she was standing there, wearing only her heels. Yes, ONLY her heels.

"Perhaps I misread you both, but I thought perhaps we could celebrate our new partnership," she said.

Amy assured her that was a wonderful idea, and we were all out of our clothes in a flash. I had mentioned I thought she was hot, but she was truly beautiful. She was about 5'6", and clearly an athlete. She had smaller B cup breasts, and thrust them out there. She was completely shaved, and had an 'innie'. She looked like she was about twelve. Amazing.

"I see you like my look. Does it remind you of anyone? Maybe a family member?," she said. Oh direct. We didn't respond, but it did open up some doors.

"Oh stop, I can tell. I've seen photos of you and your kids. That Leslie is hot as fuck and we all know it," she said. "And I'm willing to bet Morgan and Orlando are great fucks too. Maybe I misread you, but I haven't yet." With that, she pushed us into the living room. She disappeared for a minute, and came back carrying the comforter from the master bedroom. She spread it on the floor.

"Nothing like a fuck with a view," she said, and laid down on the floor. "Who's going to eat me and who is going to kiss me?"

I dove right in, which left Amy as the kisser, and a fine kisser she is. Chloe was as sensitive as Amy and was bucking under my tongue in a heartbeat. She pushed me away and motioned Amy into her spot, and dove right in. Amy was thrashing quickly, but all I could focus on was the view I had of Chloe. Her pussy had spread open and was so inviting. I moved up behind her, and touched my cock to her opening, testing to see if it was OK. She pushed back quickly, taking me in one stroke. OK, I guess it was. I started pumping in and out, while she let Amy ride a massive orgasm.

"Cum on Amy's tits, please," said Chloe. How polite of her. We were all horny, so I didn't last long. I moved quickly beside them and aimed at Amy's tits but, well, I gave Chloe quite a facial too.

"You made a mess Bob," said Chloe. "On my face. That was bad. Clean me up Bob."

Well sure. I licked every drop off her face, and then fed it to her in a kiss. Oh she liked it. She pushed me away, and leaned over and started licking the cum off Amy's breasts, while fingering her, hard. Amy peaked and stayed there. It was beautiful. We were wiped out, but had the energy for a shower. Together.

We got back to the boat about four, and everyone asked where we had been. Amy just said that we would show them tomorrow, and that we had a new friend joining us for dinner and the show. We'd sworn Chloe to secrecy about our choices, and she was just going to introduce herself as a designer. Let them assume whatever they wanted.

We all got dressed, taking advantage of our new clothes. The men were all in suits, and the women in beautiful dresses. Amy was torn between the little gray dress and the floral, and finally decided on the gray dress. The shade matched one of my suits, I suspect on purpose. We looked great, if I do say so myself. We'd brought dress up clothing for everyone, and I have to say all the kids dressed up nicely. Some were with us in Nassau, so had new clothes. Some weren't but Morgan and Leslie had gone shopping for them. The boys looked great in nice suits and ties and the girls all looked older than their years.

We got several Ubers and arrived at the restaurant just as Chloe was stepping out of a cab. She clearly sized up all the kids, including the youngest, with a gleam in her eye. We introduced Sophia last, and explained a touch of her situation. Sophia got a kiss to match the ones we had received, and clearly relished it. Fuck I was hard. I'm sure the other boys were too.

We went into the restaurant and there was a line to even reach the maitre'd. He saw us arrive and skipped the line, offering his hand to Orlando.

"Welcome, welcome, we've been expecting you," he said, leading us around the throngs. This was our new thing, apparently. We were led to a large table set up for us.

"Mr. Orlando already ordered for the table," he said. "Your food should be out shortly. Ah, here are the appetizers and drinks now." Yeah, Orlando is organized.

We had a joyous dinner. Chloe was sitting between Sophia and Jake. At one point, I heard an intake of breath, and she flushed. Someone was playing with her. I wondered if it was Sophia or Jake. Oh, Jake, because suddenly he sat straight up. I'm guessing Chloe was rubbing him. He sat that way for not that long, then suddenly melted into his chair. Oh boy. Nice job Chloe. Not five seconds later, Chloe gasped. A minute or two later, she melted into her chair.

After a light dessert, we headed towards the show. As we approached the door, one of the team members in uniform saw us, and ran up and shook Orlando's hand. We were escorted around to the side, and in the cast entrance. We found ourselves in the dressing room, and were introduced to the cast, who all clapped. I have no idea why, but we were then escorted to seats that were clearly the best in the house. Two rows of six seats, front and center, and roped off for us.

The show was amazing. Simply amazing. At intermission, I asked Orlando about the whole 'meet the cast thing'.

"Well, seats weren't available, so I asked what the director's favorite charity was. Turns out he likes puppies too," said Orlando. "I asked if a hundred thousand dollar donation to the shelter would free up some tickets, and it did. I didn't mention that donation also got us to the island. Turned out to just be a happy coincidence. We're invited to a cast party after the show too."

The show ended spectacularly, and after the curtain calls, the director came out onto the stage and thanked us to the audience for our generosity. Embarrassing.

We did join the party and they were all such nice people. What a night.

As we left, it was close to midnight, but everyone was completely wired. Amy asked me if we should swing by the new place and show them. Why not?

So our Ubers dropped us at the curb to the new building. Everyone had tons of questions, but Amy shushed them. We all went in, to the guard desk, and Amy introduced herself to the guard, taking his hand, and making it personal. She's like that. Once he verified who we were, we rode up to the small apartment. Once inside, everyone was oohing and aahing. Chloe was trying not to laugh. Finally Amy spoke.

"Now, this apartment is temporary. Chloe is a designer, but also the developer and architect for this entire building. She's designing our real apartment. It's bare walls now, but let's go up," said Amy.

We went to the top floor first, and everyone was stunned. The views, at night, were incredible.

"This place is huge," said Morgan. "You're building this entire floor out for us?"

"Not quite," said Amy. Just then I heard Leslie shout out.

"There is a staircase," said Leslie. "Do we have two fucking floors?"

That broke us up, and Amy said, yes, two floors. The kids all ran down the stairs, and we followed. Amy explained the overall layout and they started arguing for their corners. Ah, our life.

I wandered over to Chloe, and invited her to come spend the night on the boat. I suggested the morning would be special time. She understood and accepted. With that, we piled in another set of Ubers and headed back to the boat.

We had a nice dinner on the boat, but nothing really happened. The kids seemed particularly wiped out. Sophia shared it had been a busy afternoon. I'll bet. We all went to bed, and Chloe joined us. You knew she would. We just had a pleasant time before bed. By pleasant, I meant that they got off repeatedly. They also took turns teasing me with their tongues, which was both mean and wonderful. Finally Chloe took pity on me and climbed up and slid right down on my cock. Oh my. So smooth. So tight. With those firm B cup tits right there for my attention. Amy didn't want to be left out, so she made Chloe's clit her focus, with her fingers. Yeah, that sent her over and she milked the cum right out of us.

Chloe gets some

I woke up the next morning to Amy and Chloe in a passionate 69. When they saw I was awake, they actually stopped.

"Chloe and I had a long talk," said Amy. "She's good. I want to introduce her to the family, if you get my drift. We can't do it outside, so we can't have a big group. I let her pick," said Amy. "She's enamored with Chris and Leslie, which is understandable. Hell, with the pussy of hers, SHE looks 11 or maybe 13. But she needed cock too. She also wanted a show. You know, from the boys. So she picked Gabe and Orlando. I admit I shared that Orlando was, well, particularly skilled." Chloe just sat their grinning like she'd won the lottery. I guess she had. With that Amy and I left, leaving Chloe to her fun. We found out later than Orlando and Gabe hadn't been enough, so all the boys got a turn. Luca, Jake, and Jimmy. Damn. Well, I can't complain. I got my turn. Repeatedly.

After an amazing morning, the adults were all sitting around the table, drinking coffee.

"So Chloe," I asked. "What other projects are you working on right now?"

"Honestly, closing down this project was my priority. I'm thinking about a few new projects, but haven't even started lining up investors yet," said Chloe. "If Amy is interested in working with me, I thought we'd focus on your new place for awhile. I can work on my next deal in the background."

"That sounds wonderful," piped in Amy. "What do we need to do first?"

"Since you're going with my design, the bulk of the remaining work is making choices. Things like colors, carpet, hardwood, whatever flooring you prefer," she said. "We should probably bring in a specialist to do the kitchen design. My suggestion is very much a working, professional kitchen, but almost with a second, smaller family kitchen built-in, if that makes sense. You likely won't be entertaining a hundred people often."

"You might be surprised," I said. "We do have a lot of friends, and will be visiting a lot. It's pretty easy for us to fly up. Leslie can get us there in a few hours."

Chloe did a double-take, then: "What do you mean Leslie can get you there in a few hours. Leslie?"

Amy and I both laughed a bit. "Leslie is our family pilot. She can fly us up in either our big or little Citation whenever we want," I said. "If it is a bigger group, we have pilots to fly the big plane, although Leslie generally flies the captain seat."

"Wait, that's a lot to process. First, Leslie is a pilot? Didn't she say she was 11?," said Chloe.

We laughed again. "Yes, she is 11. Youngest to ever jet certify. She flies the Citations all the time. Hard to keep her out of it," I said. "The 767 requires a co-pilot."

Oh, pie plate eyes.

"767. Did you say 767?," asked Chloe.

Amy smiled and said "Yes. It's pretty nice. Only seats about 50, but that's because of the bedrooms."

"Bedrooms," said Chloe. "Sure, the bedrooms. Makes sense, given I am sitting on your yacht. That and the fact you just blew $65M on apartments."

That got raised eyebrows from Sophia.

"If you're not working on anything else, why don't you cruise down the coast with us and we can work at our house for awhile. We have plenty of room, and if you need to hop back up for meetings, Leslie can fly you up. Trust us, you'll have fun," said Amy. "Even more than this morning."

Chloe's eyes glazed over a bit. "More," she said. "How is that possible?"

"Oh it is, it is," I said.

She agreed and left to get packed. I shared we were sightseeing today and tomorrow and wouldn't leave until tomorrow night. That worked out well, as she could close down some projects. She asked if we wanted to meet a kitchen designer at our new place in the morning. I suggested that Amy meet there, and Sophia and I could take the kids on some touristy things. Orlando had us all booked up doing different things, including Lego store, a trip to the Statue of Liberty, and the tour of the new Tower.

Chloe left and we had an amazing day. All I mentioned and more. Morgan had arranged our meals, so we had food truck food for lunch, but went to a nice restaurant for dinner. She chose wisely, as it was the top-end of 'can wear our shorts'. The food and service was fantastic. Morgan paid, but I made sure she tipped well. She laughed and assured me she would. The server was a little confused when our teenager whipped out her black card, but I shrugged. I do that a lot.

The next morning, we were off to the MOMA and a few other places. We did things fast, as the youngest kids had short attention spans, but they were game. I'll let Amy take over, as she wanted to share a bit.

Chloe and Ben. Ben and Chloe

Amy here.

I went off in an Uber to meet Chloe at the apartment. It was a new guard, so I went through the intros again. Apparently, we were becoming known, as he knew who I was. I was dressed down, but I'm not too bashful to admit he enjoyed the view. I was just wearing short shorts, plus a thin pink tank top. Yeah. Thin. No bra. Bounced my way in. The guard was a hunk, so I know my nipples popped right out. He noticed too. He was 6'3" of black Adonis. His name tag was he was Drew. I wonder if we got to fuck the guards. Probably shouldn't, but, well, maybe. Might as well be bold.

"So, are you discrete?," I asked. He assured me that the guards were all very discrete, and would lose their jobs if they were not.

"That's good news," I said. "As I need some advice. Is it OK to fuck the guards? There are so many of you that I'd like to fuck."

He looked shocked, but caught it quickly.

"Some will, some won't," he said. "Some would prefer your husband. Some of us like both."

"Oh, my husband will be pleased to hear that," I said. "I'm a little early for my appointment. Is there someone that can take over for you and someplace convenient to fuck?"

"Well, yes, I can get another guard, but the only place to fuck is the guard's bathroom. You know, a lean over the counter fuck." I just gave him a smile, and tweaked one of my nipples through my shirt. He quickly called over another guard. Damn, they're all fuckable.

I followed Drew through a door behind the counter and into a small bathroom. He shut and locked the door. I'm not shy, so I pulled off my tank top, and he liked the view. I shimmied out of my shorts, because there is nothing like a good shimmy. This was going to be fast, so I pulled him over to the counter and unzipped his pants. They dropped to the floor. Oh good, commando. He was already hard, a nice 6 inches of thick uncut cock, but everybody likes a blow job, so I sucked him, just long enough to get him wet. I turned and leaned over the counter and said two words.

"Power fuck," I said.

And he did. He was nice enough to ask where he should cum, and I told him in me. Of course, so he did. I love a quick power fuck.

We parted, and I rode the elevator to the top floor, that opened into where the kitchen would be. Chloe was already there, with a young man. She glanced at my legs, and I looked down and noticed a drip of cum running down my leg. I reached down and scooped it up and licked my finger, which got a smile from Chloe.

The young man introduced himself as Benjamin, and was pretty flamboyent. He failed though, as I caught him checking out my nipples. Let's set this straight.

"So, is the gay vibe just an act, or are you bi?," I said, catching him off guard. Chloe roared with laughter.

"Busted, Ben," she said. He actually blushed.

"Yeah, when you're trying to shoot out the gay vibe, it's best not to check out my tits. They are fine tits, but you wouldn't have been interested. Just be yourself, OK?," I said. He actually blushed a little more.

"Well, the society women all expect me to be a gay kitchen designer. I usually pull it off, but you're right, they are fine tits and I was drawn to them," he said. "Oh, I am bi, so a good looking guy interests me too, but I lean more towards women. I'll just be myself. I can see you don't need all that bullshit. The cum on your leg also screams FUN."

With that, I lifted my shirt and flashed him. His jaw dropped and Chloe laughed again.

"So ya like'em, do ya?," I said. "Stop talking about it. Actions speak louder than words." He stared at my breasts, then looked up at me, and I was smiling. He reached out, and rubbed my breast, gently.

"Come on, come on, they won't break," I said. "Play with them right. Suck them. See if you can get me off with just my breasts."

That was enough, and he went at it. He did lick and suck, and tweak and rub, but he cheated, as he used one hand down my pants. I know he could tell I was more than wet. As he sucked, he rubbed my clit, and that was enough and I went off. I could barely stand.

"Yep, we'll work well together," I said. "Let's look at some kitchen designs, then I'll blow you." I said it very matter of factly, and he did a double take and grinned. We walked over and he started describing the design and the layout on the floor. He did as Chloe had suggested, and had a big area that was a professinal kitchen, but the divider to what would be the great room was at bar level, and included a sink, gas ranges, an ice maker, and a dish washer. The ovens were convenient, and commercial grade. Overall what he described sounded perfect.

"Do you have drawings?," I asked, knowing he did. He suggested we go down to Chloe's office, but I just sat on the concrete and they did too, and spread them out. We walked through each of the areas, and the cost estimates. We went into a lot of detail, and while I made a couple small suggestions, overall it was perfect.

"OK," I said.

"OK? What do you mean OK?," he said.

"I mean OK, approved, build it," I said. "Not sure what you mean. It looks great, I'm on board, call in the crews and build it."

"That's it?," he said. "You don't want new drawings, you don't want to show it to your husband, you don't want a 3d mockup? Just OK?"

"Yep," I said. "Are any of those steps going to change what you do, other than slowing you down? Is this how YOU would do it?"

"It's my dream kitchen. I have always wanted to build this, but it is out of the budget of everyone. Everyone. You just approved $10M for a fucking kitchen. I thought you'd fight me on everything," he said.

"Nope. Looks good. Budget approved," I said. "Are we done? Can I blow you now? You can say no. This applies to you too Chloe. I love sex, we all do, but it isn't a condition of employment. It's just fun. If you want to, I'll blow you and if you can get it up again, you can fuck me, while I eat out Chloe. Sounds good?"

He stammered a bit, but nodded. I took his hand and got on the elevator, which confused him. We went down to our other apartment, and I opened the door. I turned to Chloe and told her to get the comforter, which she did. Once it was spread out, I started stripping and so did Chloe. Ben wasn't stupid, and quickly laid down. I got between his legs, and started licking, and then deep throated him. He was in nice shape. A swimmer's lean body, about 5'11", with a thick 6 inch cock. A THICK 6 inch cock, with a giant mushroom head. He really stretched my mouth, and was hard to deep throat, but I have skills. Chloe handed me a bottle of lube, without my even asking. I lifted Ben's legs, while sucking him, and inserted a lubed finger in his ass. He moaned, and appeared to like it, so I put another finger in. Between my massaging his prostate and deep throating him, he didn't last long, and shot into my mouth. I exchanged much of it back to him in a kiss, and the rest to Chloe. I laid her down next to Ben, and went down on her, after telling Ben that when he was ready, I liked doggy style. He watched us for a bit, lazily stroking his cock, and recovered quickly.

He got behind me and that thick cock stretched me there too. I was dripping, you know, with cum, so no trouble getting in. He was pumping slowly, but that's not what I was in the mood for. I lifted my head and told him to fuck me hard. He clearly understood, as he was soon pounding me, each time driving my face into Chloe. She went off and I didn't let her come down. It wasn't long before I did too, and that was just too much for Ben and he filled me up. He pulled out and apologized for not asking if it was OK to cum in me. I laughed and said it was fine, but he had to clean up the mess. That got a big grin, and I laid back and he and Chloe both took turns lapping out the cream pie. It was wonderful and they were both very talented.

"That was amazing. And that wasn't just my cum," said Ben. "Glad you saw through my persona."

"You ain't seen nothing yet," said Chloe. "Wait until you see the kids. Leslie's a hot little fuck and she's 11." This time my eyes got wide. I couldn't believe Chloe said that.

"Oh, don't worry Amy," said Chloe. "I've watch him fuck younger. Trust me, he's cool. My entire design team is cool. It's a requirement." I relaxed, a little, but it did worry me a bit. I needed to talk to her that these were our decisions, not hers.

"I am sorry, though," said Chloe. "That was absolutely not my place. It will never happened again." OK, we're cool.

We were all sitting there, cross-legged, still naked.

"So, have you thought about floor coverings," asked Ben. "I have some ideas."

"Let's hear them," I said.

"Well, if it was me, I'd rip out the brick on the patio. It's nice, but what I would do is a nice slate tile on the entire floor, inside and out. We'll get sealed slate, so it works in a kitchen environment, and if you take it all the way through the great room and out on the patio, it's perfect for entertaining. No worries about spills, or anything else. I'd even put a drain in the center of the patio. In a real mess, you hose the whole thing down and squeege it into the drain. I'd go with a muted gray, a little lighter than traditional slate, as it gives you options in furniture and wall covering," he said, all in one big breath.

"Chloe, what are your thoughts?," I asked.

"Oh, I will differ on very little from Ben on this apartment," she said. "We've discussed our dream design over drinks so many times that we can both share. Tile would be perfect. Now, for the bedrooms, I'd go with hardwood. My two choices would be a red oak or what I call old fashioned school house. You know the 2 inch boards, in a light finish?"

"What's your first choice?," I asked.

"I'd do the floors in the school house, but I'd contrast it with cherry trim and cherry doors. The contrast would be amazing." Ben chimed in and agreed.

"OK, what about wall coverings," I asked.

"Paint. Keep it simple and go paint. This place is too cool to deal with wallpaper. It's open and airy and you want a nice, simple paint. Most would go with a light beige, but I'm partial to a really soft yellow. It allows any artwork to really pop," she said, and again Ben agreed.

"What other decisions would need to be made?," I asked.

"Really just fixtures. Door knows, sinks, etc. I'd go with a brushed nickel and very minimalist. Not knobs, but levers. The other thing I would do is have our sound engineer build in a whole house system based on Amazon Echos, imbedded in the ceiling in each room. I'd let it control all the lights, fans, and blinds. No curtains, just blinds. Do not block these windows."

"OK, let's say we did everything you said. How much and how long," I asked.

"Well, none of those are hard to find choices. Assuming you want the absolute best quality in everything, and I suspect you do, all in, we need another $20M, above the $10M kitchen. No, wait, and another $5M for the moving partitions. That's a cool idea," she said. "So, $35M. Less than I thought, because we're not doing a bunch of showy bullshit."

"Approved," I said.

"Wait, what? Approved. What's approved?", asked Chloe and Ben together.

"All of it. Are we done now? Is there more to discuss?", I asked.

"Are you serious? You made every major design decision, based only our our description, in less than an hour?," said Chloe. "That's not the way this works. That's not at all the way this works."

"Why?," I asked. "Why does it have to be hard? We bought this apartment as a convenience. Why would I have to over think all this shit. When can it be done?" They talked back and forth a bit.

"Depends. Are you in a hurry? Regular time, about 6 months. There is a backlog, and it requires a lot of coordination. Or, there is super speed, where a crew descends and does everything at once. That will cost you, but with our focus and designs, and the money, it's done in 3 weeks," said Chloe.

"Three weeks. How much extra?," I asked.

"15% across the board," said Ben.

"So another $5M or so. Also approved," I said. They were almost apopletic.

"This is fucking nuts," said Ben. "Are you for real?"

"I was when you were fucking me, wasn't?," I said with a laugh. "What about furnishings? I absolutely love what you've done in this apartment Chloe. What would it take for you to do whatever you think works in this apartment. The whole thing, top to bottom, done very, very well?"

"Tough to exactly say, but I put a solid million in this place. This is some nice stuff," she said. "Give me a minute."

"I'd ask for a budget of $15M, including some decent, but not incredibly expensive, artwork," said Chloe. "Might not spend it all, but could. My commission would be an additional 10%."

"Done. Guess we didn't need to buy this place, did we?," I laughed. "Oh well."

"Did you just seriously say 'Oh well' over $15M," asked Ben. I just smiled. With that, I leaned down and took him in my mouth. He started getting hard. Oh goody.

"So, Chloe, do you want a turn?," I asked.

"I can have him any time I want," said Chloe. Just then the doorbell rang. How could anyone get up here.

Chloe looked out the peephole and turned. "It's your husband," she said. Ben panicked, and I laughed out loud.

"Let him in, of course," I said, so she did. He walked in, noticed Chloe, was naked, then saw me on the floor, holding Ben's hard cock.

"Want a taste dear?," I asked.

"Would love it, but the kids are all downstairs. Is it OK to bring them up?," he asked. I quickly assured him it would be wonderful.

When they all walked in, Ben's eyes grew big. It was quite a collection of kids. All ages, shapes, and sizes.

"We don't have that much time," I said. "So Ben, you're going to have to choose. Two to play with right now. The rest of us will go upstairs to the new place and walk around. 20 minutes."

He was clearly conflicted. He'd never even met them. There WERE so many choices. Finally, he pointed, since we hadn't even told him their names yet. He pointed at Sophia and Jimmy. Nice choices. They were at least nice enough to introduce themselves as they got undressed. Jimmy took control and told Ben to get on his knees. He told Sophia to let Ben lick her. She liked that. I handed Jimmy the lube and we turned to leave. The last thing I saw before we left was Jimmy just pounding Ben. Fun new friends.

We went upstairs, but exactly 20 minutes later the elevator opened to the three of them. With that, everyone headed down, but I stayed back for a minute to talk to Chloe and Ben.

"That. Was. Amazing.," said Ben. "I'm wiped out. So many of them, so many choices, so much cum." I just smiled, knowing he was right.

"So Chloe, I guess you don't have to ride back with us, since we've made all the decisions, but the invitation still stands. You're invited too, Ben, if you'd like to come. We're cruising straight back to Florida, and then hanging out at home. Leslie can fly you back when you're tired of us," I said.

"Leslie can fly us back," asked Ben.

"Just roll with it Ben," said Chloe.

They both agreed that would be fun, and we headed down together. I told them where to meet us, as we would be leaving around 4 that afternoon, to make a little progress before dark. We all got back to the boat, and everyone was wiped out, so we declared New York done, and just hung out. I texted Chloe and Ben to come whenever, as we were ready to leave if they wanted to come early. They both arrived around 3.

They climbed on board, and Ben was a little stunned at the boat.

"You said boat. You said boat. You didn't say big fucking yacht," said Ben.

"Yeah, well, it is a boat," I said, laughing.

Leslie ran up. Jake and Bella trailed with her.

"Let us give you the tour," said Leslie.

"Careful, tour is their code for wring you dry," said Bob. All of us laughed, but Chloe and Ben looked a bit overwhelmed.

"Remember, nothing you don't want to," I said. "No means no. Of course, then you miss out on Bella's oral skills, and Jake's amazing fucks, and Leslie, well, Leslie."

Chloe had played the night before, but Ben hadn't with Leslie, Jake, or Bella. Ben was clearly hard and Chloe's nipples threatened to break out of her tight little top. Yep, they'll do that to you.

The five of them disappeared downstairs, and Bob and I cast off. He put the pedal to the metal, so to speak, to make some time. For a big boat, it could get up and move. The plan was for us to run fast until about 9PM, which should get us to Ocean City, Delaware, mostly to fill up the tanks. Running fast burned diesel. Bob and Orlando had worked out a schedule so someone would be on the bridge at all times. It was on autopilot, but still required a Coast Guard approved pilot. That was Bob, Morgan, Orlando, or me.

We were offshore, so most everyone was naked, in and out of the hot tub, and with various people disappearing for a bit. Fun was being had by all. Finally Chloe and Ben reappeared, glorious in their nudity, both looking entirely wrung out.

"I think this trip is going to kill me," said Ben. Chloe echoed his thoughts.

"Yeah, they take stamina, don't they?," said Bob.

The four of us chatted, but Chloe finally commented that the two of us were the only clothed people on board. Well, that didn't last long, and we were both nude in a flash. Ben reacted, which I think even surprised him. Not sure if it was for Bob or me, or both, but it was a compliment.

"Damn, I can't believe I can even get it up," said Ben. We all laughed a bit.

"Want to put it to good use?," I asked. "Lots of choices and lots of holes to fill." Just then Sophia wandered in, also gloriously nude. If you remember my description, she looks very much like a young Sophia Loren. Just stunning. I could see both our guests just drink in her beauty.

"Oh, nice," said Sophia, while starting right at Ben's cock. "We were going to play our version of strip poker, if anyone would like to join."

"How do you play strip poker, if we're all already naked," asked Chloe.

"Oh, we skip that step and go right to sexual bets," said Sophia. "It's quite fun. 30 second limits. Winner of the hand gets to pick the partner, the partner gets to choose the sexual act. Sometimes it is as simple as a kiss, sometimes it's a cock in a hole, often it is licking wherever they want to be licked. If you cum, you're out. The men have an advantage, particularly if they've already cum. We girls can all cum at the drop of a hat. Hey, why don't we play right here, so everyone can play?"

I stayed on the bridge, and Amy stayed with me. I'm sure they all had fun. We had time for a slow sensual fuck, which was nice.

After a rousing few hours of Sex Poker, and one winner, they decided to have dinner and came and got us. Ben was the winner, which was no surprise. I'm not sure he'd have the energy to cum again for weeks. Orlando had arranged catering, so it was really just setting it out. He'd arranged cold lobster salads, a variety of fresh sushi, and corn dogs. Yeah, corn dogs. Have to have a kid alternative, right? OK, it turns out Ben really, really likes corn dogs, and Jake and Bella love sushi, so maybe not all the stereotypes. We had a quiet evening, and eventually everyone drifted off to bed. I have no idea who slept where, just know I had a nice quiet, peaceful night with just Bob, which was special. Another night for a slow, passionate evening. It was nice.

I woke up the next morning to find Bob on the phone. I'll let Bob take the story back.

Fuck, fuck, fuck and not in a good way

Bob again.

I was on the phone with Billy I, the father of the owner of our favorite boat dealer. Apparently there had been an accident at the shop, and Billy II and his wife, and Billy's brother, were all hurt pretty bad. They were all expected to be OK, but it was going to be a long haul. Billy I was calling and asking for our help. He needed to oversee the dealership, and be involved in their care, which left a problem. Chris and Billy. If you recall, Chris is the 11 year old hottie that sold us the 52, and Billy is her horny little 9 year old cousin. Apparently the three injured were the only parents of the two kids and Billy I was the only grandparent and he was overwhelmed and was asking for help. He needed someone 'special' as he put it.

I assured him we'd be there later in the day to pick up the kids. I didn't tell him where we were. He didn't need that stress too. I hung up and called Alison. I explained the situation and asked her to come pick us all up. We figured out we could meet at Virginia Beach. Alison and Blake would take over the boat, and the rest of us would fly home. The problem was we all wouldn't fit in the Hemisphere, so Tom and Jess would fly up the 767. That worked. We'd meet them in three hours. It timed out fine.

I hung up and explained the situation to Amy. We called everyone around, and explained the problem and that we needed to help them out. Everyone, of course, understood that our cruise would be cut short. I said that Tom and Jess would pick us all up in Virginia Beach and we'd be home by early afternoon. I saw Leslie counting, and nod. She'd figured out we needed the big plane. We docked at the marina, and Alison and Blake were waiting, and told us that Tom and Jess were waiting too. They'd arranged a car service, with a large van, so we all piled in. There were sixteen of us, including our guests. Ben clearly counted it out.

"There are 16 of us. I'm guessing you have your own plane, but what plane holds 16 plus two pilots," asked Ben. Amy just told him it was handled, and to not worry about it. We got to the airport and were directed to the FBO. It is kind of hard to miss a 767, in brilliant red and white livery, and Ben saw it as we approached.

"No fucking way. This just can't be. No, no, no," said Ben. We all laughed. They let us pull up to the plane, and the ramp was down. Easiest way to deal with getting on board, if there is not a handy stair truck. We got out of the van, with the driver shaking his head, and all walked up the ramp. As soon as we were on board, Orlando raised the ramp, and Leslie headed towards the elevator first. We all made our way up, and into the living room. We got settled and strapped in, all comfortably fitting on various couches and chairs.

Ben looked around and finally asked "Where's Leslie?"

Amy pointed forward, just as Tom walked out and took a seat. He turned up the radio volume before he sat down.

"I never get to fly when Leslie's on board," said Tom, in his grumpiest tone. He couldn't hold it thought, and laughed. Just then the speaker squawked.

"This is 767 Heavy, requesting permission to take off," came Leslie's voice through the speaker.

"Wait, what? That's Leslie. She's manning the radios?," said Ben. That set almost everyone off into laughter.

"Yes, I suppose she is," said Amy. "She's also flying the plane." Those words came out just as we rotated and took off. Ben turned white.

"Leslie, Leslie is flying the plane?," said Ben, clearly troubled.

"Best damn pilot on board," said Tom. "Better than me. Better than Jess. You're in good hands, my friend. Jess is in the co-pilot's seat too, and she has thousands of hours on this plane. She won't do anything though. Leslie won't let her."

Ben just sat there, a little stunned.

"Hey, Chloe and Ben, have you joined the mile high club?," said Ruby, Juanita's 8 year old little sister. That got a reaction from them both, who finally admitted they had not.

"Oh goody," said Ruby. "Come on Ben. Chloe, pick somebody to fuck and come with us." She surprised us a bit, by going over and hold her hand out to Jake, the 6 year old sex machine. She then stopped and held out a hand to Jimmy, Leslie's hot little friend. He hopped up too, and the three of them followed Ruby and Ben to the back. Amy called out and offered the master suite, and Ruby just waved.

Once they were out of sight, Morgan grabbed the remote, and turned on the TV and tuned it to the Master cabin camera. We saw the five of them come in the room. Oh, we were going to watch, for sure.

Ruby started undressing Ben, and Jake and Jimmy did the same for Chloe. Once they were naked, they pushed them on the bed. We heard music through the TV, and the three little ones started doing a strip tease. A very sensual striptease.

Let's just say they exercised all their skills. Both Chloe and Ben were filled right up.

When they all came back out, they saw the TV was on and that the camera was on the now empty master suite.

"You watched?," said Chloe, rather incredulously.

"Sure," said Morgan. "It was hot AF."

Ben and Chloe just shook their heads and sat back down.

Soon after, we landed in St. Pete. The helicopter was there, but we didn't have a pilot, so Blake had staged the old Suburban, the GLS63, and the E63S for us. We all piled in, with Tom and Jess telling us to just leave the luggage. They'd get it brought over later. That was good, as we needed to go. Amy and I took the E63S, leaving the others to filled up the two SUVs. Sophia took one and Morgan took the other, after ensuring that Chloe was in the passenger seat and was a licensed driver. Chloe said she was, but was clearly confused, but let it drop. Morgan was still driving on her permit.

We headed straight for the boat dealership, but I called Billy I as we drove out. They were not at the dealership, but were all at the hospital. They'd been transferred to Tampa General, which was not a good sign. We headed over the Courtney Campbell causeway and then up 275 and finally got to the hospital. We were directed to the surgical waiting room.

"I am so glad you're here," said Billy I, pulling us away from Chris and Billy. It was just the three of them in the surgical waiting room. "There's a problem. It was much worse than we thought. Chris doesn't know yet, but her Mom died about two hours ago. She does know her Dad is in surgery, but not a lot of the details. It's touch and go for him too. I don't know what to do. I'm a wreck." He was clearly fighting back tears, but trying to be tough for the kids.

"Billy's Dad is doing OK, but they transferred him here too, so they'd all be in the same hospital. It will be months, though, before he or Billy II are capable of doing anything. I'll do what I need to do, but even just a few days will help. Chris will fight you, as she won't want to leave. Billy is just a little out of it and not understanding much. I hate to ask, but could you tell Chris about her Mom? I just don't think I can do it."

We assured him we had it covered. We also told him the kids could stay as long as necessary. Months, if that was what it took. We were here for him. He knew our story, and that we had taken in our kids, and finally couldn't hold it together and started crying. Amy steered him out of the room, and I went over to the kids.

"Hi kids," I said. "Do you remember me?" They both did, which was a good start.

"So your grandfather called us and asked us to help. We know about your parents and that they're hurt. Your granddad needs to put all his energy into helping them get well, so you're going to go home with us for a bit. Hopefully not long, but you know our family, and we're here to help," I said.

Billy just nodded, but Chris' body language said it all. She was going to be stubborn.

"I'm not leaving," she said. "No fucking way am I leaving."

I hugged her, as I thought that was what she needed, and she started crying into my shirt. Let it out, little one, let it out. Finally she calmed down, and I took them by the hand and led them out. I caught Amy's eye, and she hugged Billy I, and caught up with us. No one really spoke and we got into the car in silence. It was a bit of hike back to our house, and by the time we were a few miles from the hospital, both kids had fallen sounds asleep. They were wiped out.

"I spoke to Vicky," Amy whispered to me. "Billy I agreed, and spoke to her on the phone. Vicky already has a court order awarding us temporary custody. It makes everything simpler. We have no idea how long they'll be with us, but I assured Billy I we had his back. He cried a lot, as you can imagine."

We got to the house, and it was surprisingly empty. The only people there were our three kids. We carried the two kids in from the car, and put them on the couches in the living room. We didn't want them to wake up in a strange room and panic. We pulled the kids into the kitchen to talk.

"We sent everyone home," said Morgan. She could see the confusion on Amy and my faces.

"We talked about it and agreed it was best. Our friends were easy. Chloe and Ben thought it best, so Tom is flying them home in the Mustang. Leslie offered, but we thought she should be here, as she's Chris' age. Sophia and her kids are on a G650 we arranged and will be home by morning. Everyone understood that our focus needed to be on these two kids," said Morgan.

Damn, our kids were thoughtful.

We brought them up to speed on everything, including the fact that Chris' Mom had died and we needed to tell her.

"I'll do it," said Leslie. "She needs to hear it from someone that can be her friend, not an adult, even adults as cool as you."

Just then, we heard a voice.

"You'll do what. I need to hear what," said Chris, who had just walked into the kitchen. Leslie went over and took her hand and led her out of the kitchen. I saw them head back to the kid's wing, probably to Leslie's room. That's one tough task to take that on.

They didn't come out for about 45 minutes, and Chris had clearly been crying.

"Leslie told me. I was there when the accident happened. I'd been prepared for this. I saw my Mom. I never thought she'd make it. They told me a lot of bullshit, cause I'm a kid, but I'm not stupid. She was just hurt too badly. It sucks, but she was never going to recover. As sad as it is, I know this is for the best. She wouldn't have wanted the life she would have had," said Chris. Wow, another tiny adult. "I just hope Dad pulls through. I need at least one parent." With that, she started crying again, and all three kids crowded around her and hugged her. Amy and I just stayed off to the side. Once she calmed down, she looked at the two of us.

"I'm sorry we're a burden to you," said Chris.

"You're not a burden at all," said Amy, and I jumped in agreeing. "You know our family situation. There is no better family in the world to help you out. We're here for you, as long as you need us. Anything you want, you just ask."

"Well, I've been in these clothes for three days, so I could really, really use a shower," said Chris, with a smile. The kids jumped up and led her off again. It was another 45 minutes and they all came out clean, in fresh clothes, and clearly flushed. Well, if that helps her out, more power to them. I had to hold back a laugh, as Chris was leaking cum down her leg. Amy saw it too, and got a wet towel and handed it to Chris, who looked confused. Amy just nodded, and Chris looked down. She let out a little laugh, and wiped it off. It was nice hearing her laugh.

"Well, I needed some comfort," she said, with a wan smile. "Your kids are really, really good at comfort." Right then, Billy walked in, rubbing his eyes.

"What's going on?," he said. Orlando walked over and took his hand, and said "I got this" over his shoulder. We saw him lead Billy out by the pool, and sat down next to him on a chaise lounge. They talked for a minute, and Billy buried his head into Orlando's shoulder. After a short time, Billy got up and ran back into the house and launched himself at his cousin. She caught him, and Billy just kept repeating "I'm sorry" over and over. Chris hugged him tight, and they both sat right down on the floor, there in the kitchen.

"Billy, you need to listen to me," said Chris, in a strong voice. "My Mom was hurt really bad. She couldn't recover and she died. It's sad, and I'm upset, but she's in heaven now, and watching over us. We need to be strong together. We're here for each other, and this wonderful family is going to help us out. Your Dad is going to be OK, and I'm telling you the truth. It just may be a bit."

"We're going to stay here?," said Billy, looking at Amy and me. We both nodded. "That's good. They're nice people. Do I get to fuck Leslie again?" Leslie let out a laugh with that one, and held out her hand to him.

"Hey big boy, you need a shower and fresh clothes too," said Leslie. "How about I help you out with that?" They disappeared and another 30 minutes passed, before they came back out, clearly scrubbed and both in fresh clothes. Billy was smiling that freshly fucked smile, which is startling to see on the face of an eight year old. Again, whatever it took. Our kids were there for them.

It was getting late, and we scrounged up dinner. Alison always kept us well stocked, so it wasn't that hard. I threw some steaks and baked potatoes on the grill and let them slow roast. I wrapped up some mixed veggies, in a little olive oil, and threw them on the grill too. Turned the steaks once, waited the right amount of time, and dinner was ready. I don't know when Chris and Billy had their last good meal, but they consumed an amazing amount of food. Well, all the kids did. I don't know where it goes, as they're all skinny. Of course, Juanita's regular workouts help us all. Guess we'll add Billy and Chris to that too. It will help them.

Naps or not, they were wearing down. We offered them their own rooms next to Leslie, not wanting to separate them from the other kids. They thought that was fine, but asked if they could sleep with our kids too. We smiled and said that was up to them. That night, Chris slept in with Morgan and Billy slept with Leslie. Leslie shared later that he cuddled up with her all night. Apparently Chris did the same with Morgan. I'm pretty sure Orlando would get turns too. They needed comfort and we were good at comfort.

The next morning, Amy and I woke up to Billy bouncing up and down on our bed, naked. Just then, Leslie rushed into the room, also quite naked.

"Billy, leave them alone," said Leslie.

"But I want to fuck Amy," he said, with a little whine. "I want to fuck Amy."

Amy threw off the covers: "OK, but you have to get me off first."

Billy dove right in and showed his skills for an eight year old. Leslie apparently thought I looked left out, as she threw off my covers and took me in her mouth. About then, Amy went over the top and Billy took that as a sign and positioned himself and pushed right in. He was in the mood for a fuck, and was pistoning in and out. Leslie climbed up and dropped herself on my cock, and started bouncing, and reached over and started rubbing Amy's clit. This sent Amy into a continuous orgasm and was hot as fuck to watch. I didn't last long, and filled Leslie up, just as Billy got off in Amy.

"I cum for real now," he said proudly. "But I'll clean her up." He dove right in and kept Amy squirming. Leslie rolled off and Billy announced she needed cleaned up too, and switched over to her, licking out my cream pie. This was one hot little boy. We finally finished up and sent Leslie and Billy away to get cleaned up. Amy and I took a shower together, and fucked leisurely in the shower. It was nice and she was oh so ready.

We wandered out into the kitchen to the smell of fresh coffee and sizzling bacon. Juanita was at the stove, cooking breakfast.

"My brother and sister told me what was going on, and Orlando filled in the rest," she said. "I know Alison and Blake are gone, and thought you could use some help." We really do have an amazing team. A family. Everyone else was around the table eating up, so we joined in. It almost felt normal, except for the cloud over their heads. I finished up and went into my office and called Billy I.

He answered, but was crying so hard he could barely speak. He finally calmed a bit.

"Billy II died in surgery. They tried and tried, but they couldn't save him. I don't know what to do," he said, in a near wail.

"Listen Billy. We still have your back. This is horrible, but you need to focus on you and your other son. We've got Chris and Billy and will as long as we need to. Forever, if that's what it takes. We'll tell the kids." He was crying hard again, but sputtered thanks, and hung up.

Shit. Shit. Shit. This was devastating. How in the fuck could I tell Chris. Just then I heard a cough, and saw Morgan at the door. I waved her in, motioning to shut the door, and caught her up.

"Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," said Morgan, echoing my feelings. "This is horrible. Billy I is a nice guy, but he is fucking clueless at being a parent. Chris doesn't really have anyone. Will you adopt her?"

That set me back a bit. Adopt her? Maybe. Maybe we would. She truly is a sweetheart and Morgan was right. Billy I couldn't do it. He wasn't that old, but he just couldn't.

"I don't know Morgan, I really don't, but we don't have to cross that bridge. We already have legal custody of them both. Billy's Dad will pull out and the good news is he is WAY farther along than they expected. He could even be out of the hospital in a few days. But Chris. Shit. I've got to tell her."

"Dad, no you don't. I will. Leslie told her about her Mom and it's my turn. She can't hear it from you or Amy. It has to come from us," said Morgan. With that, she spun and walked off purposefully. I followed her, and saw her go up to Chris and lead her over to a quiet corner of the living room. Moments later, we heard an ungodly wail from Chris. We heard her screaming No, over and over. She completely collapsed in Morgan's arms. Morgan pulled her over and laid down on the couch, hugging her, and let her cry it out. Billy ran in the room when he heard her wail, and Leslie steered him to another corner. We heard him start crying too. This just sucked.

Finally, we saw Chris and Morgan sit up and Chris walked purposefully over to Amy and me.

"What the fuck am I supposed to do?," she said. "I love Grandpa Billy, but he's fucking clueless. He's more of a child than I am. He can't raise me. I'd have to be the damn adult." Amy and I exchanged glances, and I just nodded.

"Honey, you will always have family here. We don't know what will happen and we are so sorry for you, but you have Bob and me, and as important, you have Morgan, Leslie, and Orlando, who have lived through what you're going through. We've been blessed to have come together as a family, and you have our committment that we will always be here to be your family too," said Amy, more eloquently than I could.

"We do need to let you know that right now we actually ARE your family. We spoke to our DFS case worker, who worked with us when the kids came into our family, and with your grandfather's approval, we are your legal guardians. That's just legal stuff, but it does mean we can take care of you and open our home to you," I said. "These are terrible times, so you do need to know that you have us, and will always have us, as long as you need us."

"That's sweet," said Chris. "But you don't even know me. We met a couple times when you bought a boat. Yeah, you're all great fucks, but why in the world would you take me in? I'm just a dumb little orphan now."

"No, you're not," Amy said, emphatically. "You're just not. We ARE your family. Period. We don't know if that is forever, but we'd be fine with that. We have plenty of love to go around. Plenty. You know our kids. You know us. Maybe not as well as you will, but you do know us. You know the resources we have. You know the support you have. You're home now. That's a fact."

With that, Chris started crying. We didn't know what else to say, but Orlando walked over and gave her a big bear hug, and she cried into his shoulder. He led her out to the pool and they laid down, side by side, on a big chaise. It was getting dark, and they just looked up at the sky and talked. We let them be, but I did notice that Orlando was holding her hand. Eventually, they both fell asleep and I went out and covered them up with a big blanket. Wouldn't hurt them to sleep under the stars.

Amy and I sat at the kitchen table.

"Are we signing up for this?," I asked. "I know we've done it already, but a fourth child?"

"Yes, we are," said Amy, emphatically. "We damn well are. If not us, who? No one has the resources we do. No one, just no one, can offer the love this family can bring that child. She's a kid with a future and this is a turning point. I'm in, are you?"

"Yes. I am," I said. "This time I know what I am in for, and my God that kid needs us. She has to want it though. I think we tell her, in the morning, that we are ready to be her forever family whenever she is ready. There isn't any pressure, as we already have custody. Let's talk to the kids first and I'll call Billy I right now."

I did just that. I know it was a horrible time and he had just lost his child, but Chris needed to know. It was tough to bring up.

"Billy, first we want you to know how sorry we are that this happened," I said. "Our whole family is devastated. The kids are OK, but are having a rough time. Remember that you're always welcome, so just show up whenever you want. You're their Grandfather and nothing will change that ever."

He thanked me, between tears.

"I do need to bring up something rough, though," I said. "Chris needs to know she has a stable home. She doesn't seem to believe that living with you would be in either of your best interests. We don't know. We've only heard her side."

"She's right. It makes me sad to admit it, but I'd be the child and she'd have to be the adult. I drink too much and I barely take care of myself, and I'm likely to see an early grave because of it," he said. "I don't know what to do. She's such an amazing child and deserves better. This isn't fair."

"OK, then let me say my piece, and then you can react," I said. "Amy and I will adopt her, if that is what she wants. We have three we've adopted already, and it is working pretty well, and no one has more resources than we do. We don't mean we'd cut you, or Billy, or Billy's Dad out, in any way. I meant it. You're her Grandfather. They're her Uncle and cousin. We're just saying we'd extend your family a bit. But we think this needs to be Chris' decision, when she's ready to make the decision. But with your permission, we will make her the offer in the morning. We're talking to our kids first, and they have a right to object, but they won't. I know they won't. We know they won't. She's broken right now, and they can help her heal."

Billy I started crying, and I was afraid I had offended him. Finally he calmed enough to talk.

"You'd do that for her? You'd do that for us? You don't even know us. You don't even know her," he said. "That's the most generous thing I've ever heard."

"I know you don't know our story, but here is the short version, as I think it is important," I said, giving him the quick version of our lives.

"Holy shit," he said. "I had no idea. You didn't even know your sister had kids and they got dropped on your doorstep. No, on your boat? And you took them? A single guy? Wow."

"Yes, I did, and I was blessed with Amy, and we've made a family, and found ourselves rich for no real reason," I said. "We have love to give. Think it over and let us know when you're ready."

"I don't have anything to think over. I can't do it. You can," he said. "I agree. Tell her when you're ready, and let me know you have."

By now, it was late, and everyone drifted off to bed. Amy and I went right to sleep, which is rare, but today took a lot out of everyone. I was up early, and heard the kids, and headed out to the kitchen.

"Hey kids, where are Chris and Billy," I asked. I got a chorus of 'they're still asleep'.

"Perfect," I said. "Please sit down, we need to talk."

"If you're asking us if we think you and Mom should adopt her, this can be a short conversation," said Morgan. "We've all talked it over and it really is the only choice. We're happy to gain a sister, just wish it wasn't in these circumstances. We're all in."

Yep, I knew they would be. They all got a hug from me, for sure.

"Yeah, but let us tell her," said Leslie. "She needs to hear it from us. She'll have questions she won't ask you. Let us do it."

With that, Chris rolled into the kitchen, sleepy-eyed. I don't know where she got the shorty pajamas, but they were way too small for her. A bad time to think of it, but they were tight across her puffies and pulled up into her crotch. I know I shouldn't have been, but it made me horny as fuck.

"Dad, give us some privacy please," said Morgan. "We need to talk to Chris alone."

I walked out towards our bedroom, and I have to turn the story over to Morgan.

And then there were four

Yeah, Morgan here. This sucks. Yeah, we've been through it, but our parents were shit. Chris had good parents. It just wasn't fair.

"Chris, we all need to talk," I said. She sat down at the table with us.

"We made Mom and Dad let us have this conversation, since we thought you could ask us questions you couldn't ask them," I said. Then Leslie jumped in.

"We know this is a terrible time for you. No one understands better than the three of us, but we want to offer you something," said Leslie. "You don't need to decide quickly. There is NO rush, but we want to put it out there for you to consider, when you're ready. Mom and Dad would like to adopt you. They've talked to your Grandfather, who would still be a big part of your life. Nothing would change your existing family, you'd just gain us. You'd live here, of course, in the room you have now, and go to school with us. You'd be in my class, I think. We're not pressuring you, but offering you a lifeline. We can all promise you it would be the best decision you've ever made, even in this terrible time."

"OK," said Chris.

"Good, you'll think about it," said Orlando.

"No, I mean OK. I'd like it if they adopted me. I've known that since the moment Morgan told me Dad died. I knew it last night, when Orlando laid outside, holding my hand, until I fell asleep. I knew it when Morgan held me on the couch. I knew it when Leslie took me back and literally showered me and dressed me. I knew you cared about me, just me, and were here to help. I'm not stupid. I'm in a pretty fucked up situation. I have three choices. Live with my Grandfather, which would be a disaster. Choice two is to go into the system. Choice three is to become a part of what is clearly an amazing family. Why would I have to think about that? I'm in. Today," she said. "Tell your parents. Make it happen. Why wait?"

So that was how our three child family became a four child family. It was so rough on Chris, but we were all her lifeline. We were there for her. She was sad, a lot, but we got her to laugh a lot. We also made her cum a lot, which never hurts. She liked Orlando fucking her. I think she wore him out the first week. She loved to have us girls go down on her and she loved to reciprocate. Yes, we had a lot of sex in the kids wing, but she needed the escape.

Her Dad died on a Thursday. On Tuesday our family was in front of a Judge. Vicky had pull. The Judge was surprised it moved so fast, and had a lot of questions for all of us, but Vicky's statement was pretty firm. Billy I was there and supported the decision and confirmed he would be in Chris' life. So on Tuesday, less than a week after the accident, Chris officially became part of our family. She cried in the courtroom, but it was a mixture of grief and happiness. Shoot, Alison and Blake weren't even back with the 131 yet. This was going to be a bit of a surprise.

The afternoon of the court appearance, we asked Mom if we could take her to the mall and get her some clothes. Silly question, of course we could. Mom told us to buy her anything she wanted, including brand-new furniture if she wanted to redecorate her room. This caused Chris to perk up.

"Why in the world would I replace perfectly nice furniture? It's better than any I ever had and it is very nice," said Chris. "That's just silly."

"That's fine," said Mom. "Perfectly fine, but it will take you a while to realize the options you have as part of our family. I know you realize we have money, but maybe not that we are as wealthy as we are. You have fuck you money, and that's a new level. For example, what's been your dream for your whole life? What have you wanted to do, but knew your family could never afford it? The craziest thing you've ever wanted to do?"

"Oh that's easy. I want to race boats. I've been around boats all my life and love them. I watch the races on TV every chance I get," said Chris.

"OK, is there a local racing club or events. What's nearby? What's age appropriate?," asked Mom.

"Sure. There is a local racing club. I'd start in the SuperV Lite class, which are still damn fast. They really don't start until you're 16 or so, but there is no real rule stopping a younger driver. I checked. It's just expensive and was out of our league. A decent used boat costs almost $400,000," said Chris.

"What's a new boat cost?," asked Mom. "The best one on the market. Top of the line. Beats everybody with a good driver. That boat."

"Are you kidding. That's easy too. I know the exact boat. They have it locally. I make, or I guess made, Dad take me over to look at it all the time," said Chris. "Gotta dream big. They're asking $725K, but I'll bet they'd take $700K. Like that's ever going to happen." She named the dealer where the boat was.

With that, Mom just nodded at me. Got it Mom.

"Come on Chris, we're going shopping," I said. "The Uber is on the way. Just the two of us."

When the Uber arrived, we hopped in the back and set off. Chris knew where the mall was, and quickly realized we were going in the wrong direction.

"Morgan, we're not headed to the mall," said Chris. "Where are we going?" It was then that the light bulb went on in her head. "No, no fucking way. We're going to the marina? Just to look, right? Just so you can see it. Tell me we're just going to look." I just smiled at her, and we arrived.

A young man came out of the office.

"Hi Chris. I heard about your parents. I am so sorry. We are all so sorry," said the young man. "I'm sorry, where are my manners. I'm Bret, the sales manager." He stuck his hand out.

"I'm Morgan, Chris' new sister," I said. That got a screwy look from him and Chris jumped in.

"Thanks Bret for your kind thoughts. It is appreciated. I'm still in a tough time, but Morgan is serious. She is one of my new sisters. Her family adopted me just today and I am truly blessed," said Chris.

"Today? Already? That's amazing. Your family must be very special," said Bret.

"You have no idea. Show us this boat Chris dreams of," I said. Bret laughed and said "Sure, not much going on now." We walked into the big building, and right in the center was the boat. I don't know if it was fate, but it was painted in livery that matched our airplanes. Perfectly. White with strong red accents. I don't know boats, but it looked to be a little longer than our 24. Chris started rattling off the specs, but I didn't understand most of it, but that didn't matter, because she did. Bret laughed when she was done.

"I keep offering Chris a job," said Bret. "She'd be the number one sales person the first week. Nobody knows these boats and this racing class better than Chris." Oh Bret, you have no idea how good a sales person Chris is. No idea. Yeah, I didn't say it, but it did make me smile. Chris gave me a wink, which made me laugh.

"So, this is the one, huh, Chris," I said. "What are you asking Bret?"

"$725K. It's a solid price for a fast boat," said Bret.

"How long has it been sitting here?," I asked. Bret looked a little uncomfortable at that question and Chris jumped in.

"It's been here a year. It's last year's model. He's stuck with that price and no one will pay it. Bret, you'd take $675K in a heartbeat. If you didn't, that would be stupid," said Chris.

Bret just grinned and admitted that yes, if a cash buyer walked through the door, he'd take $675K out the door.

"Deal," I said. Bret looked at me funny. Chris' eyes got really, really big.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Are you serious? You mean it?," said Chris. "Is this what Mom meant by fuck you money?"

"Yes, that's exactly what this means," I said, turning to Chris. "Give me your bank account info and I'll have the money wired. Obviously neither of us can sign, so you'd need to deliver it to our house, and Mom or Dad will sign the papers. It would need to be today for this deal to happen."

Bret laughed a bit and said that if he had the money today, he'd personally deliver it, clearly not believing me. I asked again for his banking info, and had my phone ready. Still thinking it was just two girls playing around, he rattled off the info. Knowing the drill, I heard his phone beep, not 30 seconds later. He pulled out his phone and checked it.

"Are you fucking kidding me? My bank just notified me of a $675K deposit," he said. "No fucking way. You're both kids. How in the hell do you have $675K?"

"Don't ever underestimate us again," I said. He smiled and assured us he never would. He asked us if we wanted to ride with him, as he could deliver it right now. We agreed, and he went and got a big dually crew cab pickup and connected it all up. By then a small crowd had gathered, all giving condolences to Chris. Finally one of them couldn't hold back.

"You really just bought this? You two kids?," he asked. I repeated my line about underestimating people, which got a laugh. We hopped in next to Bret. Chris sat in the middle and I'd swear I just saw her rub Bret's cock. I raised an eyebrow at her and she laughed.

"Oh don't worry Morgan," said Chris. "Bret knows my skills well. I tried to fuck my way to a free boat, but as good as I am, I guess I'm not worth that."

"Close, damn close," said Bret. Ah, a new playtoy. That's handy.

We got to the house and went through all the 'you live at a resort' shit. I pointed him down the road to the boat launch. On the way, I asked what fuel it took and Bret said it just took premium gas, nothing special. I had him pull up to the pump by the launch and fill it up.

"You have your own fuel station? How is this even legal?," he asked. I assured him it was and that he had no idea. Just then, I heard the distinctive whoop-whoop of our big copter. I hadn't noticed the 131 was in its slip. Blake and Alison are back. The helicopter landed and Bret just looked at me wide-eyed.

"Wait, both Sunseekers are yours? This isn't a shared dock?," he asked. I assured him it was our dock and our boats.

"Wow," he said.

"Before we launch it, we need a signature. While we're waiting, why don't you let us show you the big Sunseeker," I said, winking at Chris. She smiled back and led the way. We climbed on board and as soon as Bret looked the other way, we both stripped.

"There's something we want to show you over here," said Chris and Bret turned around to find two young girls, naked.

He stammered a bit.

"Which one do you want to fuck first?," said Chris. His eyes roamed back and forth. "Oh wait, you've fucked me, you should fuck Morgan first." With that, she led him over to the double chaise, and quickly stripped him. She had him lay back and took him in her mouth, which left her opened up to me. I started licking her and fingering her and it didn't take long before she went off and collapsed, letting Bret's cock fall out of her mouth. I rolled on my back and Chris returned the favor, getting me off fast, while Bret watched. I hopped up onto my knees and wiggled my ass, which gave Bret the hint he needed. He was clearly horny, as this was going to be a power fuck. We weren't 30 seconds in when we heard a very male voice clear his throat. We looked to our left and there was Dad, with a stern look on this face. Bret started to freak, but Dad couldn't hold it and started laughing, which confused Bret even more. He calmed down when Dad started stripping. Dad positioned Chris right next to me, and started pumping into her, just as Bret was pumping into me. I felt Bret jump a bit, and looked back and realized Dad was stroking Bret a bit as he pumped in and out. He might have jumped at first, but he clearly liked it, and he didn't last long, filling me up quite full with his cum. He pulled back and I laid back on the chaise, watching Dad pump into Chris. Just then he pulled out, covering Chris' back with cum, and getting some on my tits and even my face. With that, Dad turned to Bret.

"On our boat, we clean up our own mess," said Dad, who then leaned over and started licking his own cum off Chris' back. Bret got the idea and got down and started licking me. He started with the drops on my face, then licked my breasts clean, which really got me going. He slid down and showed he had powerful oral skills, both cleaning me out and getting me off. I thought I'd gone to heaven. He was GOOD at it.

Finally we all sat back, wiped out. That's when Dad introduced himself to Bret, which made us all laugh.

"You know, I'm still a little messy," said Dad. "Someone needs to clean me up too." With that, we ALL looked at Bret. His eyes got big, but he did finally lean over and take Dad in his mouth. Dad got hard immediately, but just then we heard a voice.

"Don't waste that on him," said Mom. We looked over and there were Mom, Orlando, and Leslie, all naked. Orlando was hard, which is his normal state, and Leslie was casually stroking him, while pushing a finger in and out of her own pussy. More wide eyes from Bret.

Bret had some skills. He 'enjoyed' Amy while blowing Orlando. He got it right back up for Leslie. Oh, did I mentioned I was clean up?

After we all calmed down, we actually introduced Bret to everyone. I never did describe Bret, did I? Mid-thirties, not fat, not thin. Right on the edge of where he'd be hot if he worked out, but wasn't bad looking. Maybe a touch of a belly, but we like'em all. He had a nice average cock, a little less than 6 inches and normal width. He was an average guy, but had some orals skills. Never underestimate the average guy.

Mom signed the papers and we all went down to look at Chris' new boat. It was MEAN looking, with an enclosed cabin. It was a racing machine, for sure. She told everyone all about it, but I think Dad was the only one that really appreciated it. Bret backed it in, with Chris in the cabin. It had two seats, and she invited Orlando to join her. She shared that most races were just the driver, but some had a two person team. Orlando was really interested, which was great. They had on life vests and helmets, which Bret had included. They strapped in and Chris fired it up. That thing was LOUD. She backed off the trailer, and put down the canopy. We all hopped on the 24 and followed her, as we wanted to watch. I drove. We got out through the slow speed bouys, and Chris brought the new boat up on plane, and so did I. She started accelerating, and I had to floor it to keep up. Our 24 was fast, and could do almost 60mph, and I kept up with her for awhile. All of the sudden we heard this roar and the new boat just flew away from us like we were standing still. She did a big loop, then slowed and stopped. We pulled up near them, and the canopy popped up. She shut down her engine, and we heard her laughing. Orlando joined in and they completely lost it. Finally they stood so we could see them.

"That was fucking amazing," said Chris, with Orlando nodding along. "I didn't even open it up yet, and we blew through 100mph. Fuck yeah."

"You have potential," said Bret. "You're really smooth, but you need a coach. I'm guessing hiring a coach isn't a financial challenge. I know just the right guy. His name is Ryan. I'll have him call you. Don't rip through 100 again, until you've had some coaching. Today is perfect, but not every day is. These boats are safe, but can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing." Good advice, for sure, and Mom agreed to call Ryan as soon as we got back in.

"Now, go again, but keep it around 50. You need to cool it down. Going from 100 to 0 is hard on the engine. Work your way down like you would on a treadmill," said Bret.

With a laugh, Orlando and Chris sat down, closing the canopy and fired it up. She went for a long loop, and we could almost keep up. Finally we pulled up to the dock. I waved her onto the lift for the 24 and pulled over to the dock. We hopped out, put out the fenders and tied up.

"We need another lift," I said. Dad said he'd take that one and get it installed.

"Just that easy?," said Chris, "You bought me a $675K boat today, and you'll have another lift installed and hire me a coach? Seriously?"

"Your going through a lot of change now," said Mom. "You'll find time to grieve and we'll be here for you, but there is no reason not to also have fun. We can provide the fun. We can provide the support. We're your family." Chris cried a bit with that, but gave Mom and Dad both big hugs, then each of us kids too.

"You saved my life," she said. Yes, Mom and Dad do that. They did for us.

With that, Bret took off, and we all went inside for dinner.

Characters in the stories




Gabriel (Gabe)




The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
The youngest
Adopted daughter
Morgan's friend and a cheerleader
Leslie's new friend
Leslie's new friend
Hunter's Dad
Hunter's Mom
Hunter's twin sister
Family personal trainer and more
First home staff. Mechanic, general purpose everything
First home staff. Chef, runs the house and more
Juanita's brother
Juanita's sister
New Italian friend and Goddess
Sophia's son
Sophia's daughter
Don’s nephew
Don’s neice
Manager’s son
Hotel helper
Hotel helper
Hotel helper
Hotel helper
Developer and architect
Security guard
Kitchen designer
Boat salesman


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
4'11" - 80, slim, glorious puffy nipples
5'8" - tall, athletic, B cup
4'6" - 80, 3 inch cock
5'0" - cute as hell, 3 inch cock
6'3" - Tall, dark, and handsome
5'0" - 140, DD cup, clearly Hallie's Mom
4'8" - small A cup
5'9" - athletic, petite, D cup, 5 inch cock
6'2" - 185, blonde, ripped, 7 inch thin cock
5'9" - tall, athletic, blonde, simply stunning, B cup, model gorgeous
5'0" - 90, cute, 4 inch cock
4'11" - 85, sexy, flat
5'7" - stunning, simply stunning, B cup
5'4" - chisled, smaller, male Sophia, 5 inch uncut cock
4'5" - sexy AF
4’4” - cute as a button
4’4” - cute as a button
6’0” - hot, muscular
4’11” - small, thin, 3 inch cock
3’11” - tiny, cute
4’5” - small, cute, fun
4’8” - athletic, 5 inch cock
5'7" - athletic, smaller B cup. Hot AF
6'3" - 220, muscular, 6 uncut and very thick
6’0” - swimmer’s body, 6 inch thick cock
5’11” - average in every way

End of Chapter