Chris is fast

23 July 2018

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Tim Buchanan

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Drag racing is fun

Orlando here.

I'm sorry for Chris' family, but she is a great addition to ours. When we laid out on the chaise, we talked about our dreams, not the past. I knew she wanted to race boats and she knew I wanted to drag race. I'd never mentioned it to Mom and Dad, as there was just so much going on, but apparently Chris wasn't quite as bashful, because Dad came up to me the next day.

"I hear you want to drag race," said Dad. "How come you never mentioned it? What does it take and where can you do it?"

"Well, so much was going on, with Morgan racing, and Leslie flying, and now Chris joining our family, that I didn't want to add to your chaos," I said.

Dad laughed. "I don't work and I'm rich. What chaos? Tell me more," said Dad.

"Well, there is an 1/8th mile track in Clearwater. I don't think it is a great track, but a good starting point. There is a better 1/4 mile track in Bradenton and a really good one in Orlando, but I should probably start in Clearwater. I'm allowed to drive street cars, just can't drive them to the track, of course. People drive anything they want, so there are family cars all the way up to race cars, and everyone supports everyone. I've gone with friends and watched and met a few of the drivers," I said. "We have a ton of cars I could drive, but I've thought about it. I don't want to start too fast, as I don't know what I am doing. That's the problem. All our cars are too fast."

"So what would you start with, if you had your choice," asked Dad.

"Either a Ford Focus RS or a Civic R," I said. "They're both quick, but not too quick. They're about the same price new, and both have a following. I think the Ford would fit in better, because it is faster. You can get Red or Blue, and I'm partial to Red. There is one on the lot at the local dealer, and he's had it for awhile. They sticker right at $42K."

"OK," said Dad. "Let's go buy one."

"Seriously?," I said.

"Orlando. I bought Leslie a 767. You don't think I'd buy you a $42K car?," said Dad. "If you're any good, you can work your way through our fleet, then we can talk about an actual race car. If you're serious."

So off we went to the Ford dealer. Dad was a negotiator, so we drove the Toyota. No need to flash our other cars. Dad warned me that they'd ignore us. Oh, did they. We got there and I took his straight to the RS. Dad looks young, and so do I, so they completely and utterly ignored us. Nothing pisses Dad off more. He finally went up to the reception desk and asked to see a sales person. The girl at the desk tried to blow him off.

"You know I am done with this. Who is the owner of the dealership?," Dad said. The girl stammered a bit, but finally answered and acknowledged that yes, he was here. Dad was firm and asked to see him.

He finally sauntered over. Yes, sauntered, clearly not in a hurry. He introduced himself, literally with a sneer.

"So, is your dealership for sale?," Dad asked, which got him a strange look.

"Um, yes, it is, why are you asking," said the owner.

"Because I can tell you exactly why it is for sale. Your sales people, and even your receptionist suck. They ignored us and were downright disrespectful, but you're the worst. You took your sweet time coming over to see us. You were outright rude. I've never done this before, but I'll bet you know who I am, if you think it through. What other young guy in the area would be this fucking pushy about how badly you suck?," said Dad, I think all in one breathe.

"Shit," said the owner, realizing just who Dad was.

"Yeah, that's me, and I've made a decision. I am going to buy a Ford dealership, but just not this one. It will be my pleasure to push you into the ground. I'll undercut every price, every one, until you go out of business. Oh, you will. I can subsidize Fords all year long, until I see your dealership die," said Dad, who spun on his heel and headed towards the door.

"You fucked up," I said to the owner, then followed Dad. I looked back, and he was frozen in his spot, and his face was white.

Dad got in the car and called Lance and gave him the short version of the story. Lance was clearly arguing with him, but finally quieted down and Dad waited for a minute. Finally he hung up.

"We're going up US19. Lance told me the dealership to buy. He's looking into it, but I want to see if they're any better than this one. No point in buying another sucky dealer. Lance can run'em."

"Them?," I asked.

"Yeah, cars are fun. Why shouldn't I own some dealers?," said dad. Well sure, why shouldn't he?

As we were riding along, I got a text from an unfamiliar number.

"Orlando, this is Missy. Can I come over tomorrow? I have something to whisper to you."

Missy? Missy? Missy was the head cheerleader at our school. I'd never spoken one word to her. She's in the in-crowd and well, I'm not. I'm OK, but not, you know, cool. Why would she want to come over and 'whisper' something to me? Oh shit. No. Seriously no. Did someone tell her I was the 'Virgin whisperer'. That was a joke! But, I'm game. What the hell. I responded sure, how about 9am and added the address. She replied that she'd have her Mom drop her off. I told her to make sure to bring a swim suit.

I texted Sandy, and told her everything. She replied "Go get her big boy. You can thank me later." and ended with a smiley face. Ah, got it. Well, OK, I could fuck the head cheerleader. Sandy texted again. "Make sure to introduce her to Morgan and Leslie too. She'll need someone to get her ready. Didn't tell her about the three of you, so be careful." Oh my. Well, they'll be into it too.

We got to the dealership up by the mall and as soon as we walked in, a young man walked over and introduced himself. He shook both our hands and asked what we were in the market for. No hesitation, just good service. He was probably mid-twenties, tall and black. A good looking guy. When he heard we were interested in an RS, he perked right up.

"An outstanding car, simply outstanding. We have three in stock, but one is particularly special. Most come in red or blue, but this has a rare factory red and white paint job. It's actually here on the floor," he said, starting to walk. We followed him and saw it. Yes, I'm sure you know where we are headed. It could have been a twin of the planes and the new boat. Dad actually laughed and said "We'll take it."

The salesman looked at him funny: "You'll take it? Without driving it?"

"Yep, if you can deliver it. He can't drive it on the street yet. It's going to be his drag car," said Dad.

The salesman turned to me: "You race? I do too. In fact, I have a red RS and I race down in Clearwater. I'm racing tonight -- Wednesday is race night. Will I see you there?"

I looked at Dad and he grinned and nodded. I smiled and told the salesman I would. "But Dad has to drive. I've never actually driven a car before," I said.

That got us a funny look. "You're buying him an RS, as a drag car, paying cash, and he's never driven a car?," he said.

"Yep," said Dad. A man of few words.

Dad pulled out his checkbook, looked at the sticker and wrote a check for that amount. "You cover TTL, I'll pay sticker." He had to be overpaying, but the salesman was smart enough to just shut up and promise that he would follow us home. It took a few minutes to do the paperwork, and while we were, an older gentleman walked over and introduced himself.

"I'm Caleb, I own the dealership. I like to meet all our customers," he said. He was genuinely warm and nice. What an incredible difference.

"Oh, great, nice to meet you," said Dad. "I'd love to chat in private, if you have a minute?" Caleb waved his arm towards his office, and we followed him in.

"I understand your dealership is for sale," said Dad.

"Why yes, it is, but not officially on the market yet. How in the world did you know?," said Caleb.

"Let's just say I have my sources. I believe you've set an asking price. If you'll take $500K less, we can close the deal, in cash, today," said Dad. Caleb sat down, a bit in shock.

"Today. A cash deal today?," said Caleb. "Who the hell are you? Oh, wait, I know exactly who you are. You park your 767 at the hanger next to mine, don't you?"

"Busted," said Dad.

"Sure. I'll sell at that price, but why do you want to own a Ford dealership?," said Caleb.

"Oh, I want more than that. In fact, if you'd consider a six month contract, I'd like to hire you to scout other dealers to acquire in the area. Might have to extend that, if we find enough. My criteria is simple. I want to buy dealerships that are owned and run by people just like you. That have a sales team that welcomes anyone that comes through the door. That is nice, friendly, and supportive, even if they don't look like they have 50 cents to spend," said Dad. "That's who I want to deal with. I'd like for the management team to stay in place. I want to be a silent, behind the scenes, owner. I need dealerships that run themselves, with trustworthy people," said Dad. "Does that make sense?"

"It does, and you're starting with the right one. Our General manager is top notch and has skills beyond this small dealership. I'll take the 6 months, but I suggest you promote the Assistant manager here to GM, and make Owen your overall manager. Give him a President's title. He'll like that. He's that good," said Caleb.

"Done. Oh, that noise on your phone was the payment," said Dad. Caleb checked his phone.

"I'll be damned. By the way, I'll bet you went to our competitor down south first, didn't you. He's a dick," said Caleb. We both laughed and agreed with him.

"We've got to run. You tell Owen he has a new job. Give him a 50% raise and the President title. You guys come up with a nice generic company name. Keep our name out of it," said Dad. With that, he shook hands with Caleb, and we left. He threw the keys to the Toyota to Issac, our sales guy, and said we'd drive the RS home. Sure we would. Issac had shared that this particular car had a little over a thousand miles, because all the dealership leadership loved to drive it. The good news is that means it was broken in and we could run it tonight. Yay!

Dad peeled out of the parking lot, with a grin on his face. He slowed down so Issac could catch up. We headed down US19, and wound our way to our house. We pulled into the driveway and Dad started honking the horn as Isaac pulled up. Everyone ran out and loved the new car.

Isaac walked over, with the standard eyes wide look. Dad looked at Morgan and said "you explain." So Morgan took Isaac's arm, steered him to the side, and gave him our standard spiel. We all have it down pat. Shortly they drifted back.

"Isaac. Stay for dinner. Get to know the family. We can all go to the track together," said Dad.

"Oh, thank you sir, but I can't. I'm not off shift until 6. I don't have my car with me either," said Isaac.

"Call Caleb. Trust me, you have the afternoon off. We'll find you a nice car to drive tonight. Maybe something a little faster than your RS," said Dad. "Just call."

Isaac looked confused, but pulled out his phone and made a call. It was a short call.

"He said I should take whatever time you told me to take. He also said I should be nice, because you were my new boss. I have no clue what is going on, but I'd love to stay," said Isaac.

Yeah, I think Morgan wants you to stay too, from the puppy dog looks she was giving him. Down girl.

I think the feeling was mutual though, as Isaac couldn't take his eyes off Morgan. Given that Alison and Mom were both wearing pretty skimpy speedos, and Leslie and Chris were in bikinis that left very little to the imagination, that was focus, especially considering Morgan was just in shorts and a T-shirt. She'd fuck him. Before dinner, was my bet.

"Let's go pick a car," said Morgan, taking Isaac's arm again, and leading him towards the garage. They disappeared inside and we were all smart enough to not follow. Yeah, there was a nice couch in there. My guess was it was going to get a workout. We all went inside the house, and Morgan and Isaac came into the kitchen about 45 minutes later. Yeah, 45 minutes to pick a car. Sure. Morgan had a bounce in her step, but Isaac looked completely worn out.

I walked up to Morgan, reached down, and used my finger to scoop up the cum on her leg. Isaac looked mortified, until I stuck my finger in my mouth, in full view of everyone, including our parents.

"Tasty," I said. "Looks like you had fun." I think Isaac thought he'd better run, and run, fast, until the entire room started laughing.

"Don't worry Isaac," said Mom. "We're not exactly a traditional family. We do value discretion though. Can you be discrete?"

Isaac assured her that yes, he was the king of discretion.

"Oh good," said Mom, walking over and taking his hand. "Let's give you something else to be discrete about. Come on Bob, let's test his limits". She led Isaac towards their bedroom, with Dad following.

Isaac's first day with us was going to be interesting. I'd let Dad take over, but let's be honest, we all know that Isaac had the best time of his life. OK, maybe Leslie and Chris together would be better, but not sure we're ready to go there.

They didn't come out for close to an hour. Damn, stamina. Dad just winked at me, which was likely a hint that I'd get to have fun eventually too. Isaac was a stud, so that sounded good to me.

We had an early dinner, as we wanted to get to the track pretty early too, since we were new. The whole family wanted to go, so we made it a family affair. We caravanned over, with Dad, Chris and me in the RS, Mom, Isaac, Morgan, and Leslie, in the E63S, their choice to run tonight, and Blake and Alison in the Aventador. OK, discretion wasn't going to work well here.

We got there and paid admission, then went to tech to sign up to race. All the adults signed up, and Morgan asked if she could too. Yeah, my thing, but Morgan does love cars. They all started side bets on who would be the fastest. It would be hard to bet against Morgan. Who else in this group has driven an IndyCar?

Some nice racers explained all the rules to us, and we were some of the earliest to line up to race. The first race was Dad in the RS against Mom in the E63S. Sorry, Dad, she's going to toast you. And she did. Dad ran a solid 8.6, which is fast for an RS. Mom blew him away, and ran a 7.3. She got waved off and told to go see tech. They explained to her that the E63S was done for the night, as any time under 8 required helmets, which we didn't have with us and under 7.5 required fire suits. We owned them both, just didn't know we needed to bring them. Damn. Yeah, that meant one run in the Lambo before it got thrown off too. Dad got the honors, and didn't even beat Mom, coming in at 7.4. The E63S is a beast. In wagon form. We knew the drill and parked the Lambo too, leaving us with just the RS we could run. Live and learn.

So throughout the night, everybody got to run the same car. Fair way to bet, I guess. I got to ride along a lot, as did Chris and Leslie. Every driver wanted a run alone, to get their best time, but as it turned out not one of them had their best time alone. I guess our weight wasn't as big a difference as driver skill and experience. By the end of the night, the rankings were:

1) Morgan
2) Isaac
3) Mom
4) Me
5) Blake
6) Dad
7) Alison

Yeah, Dad was going to have a tough time living that down. You see the top three were REALLY close, down to hundreths. Then there was a gap, and our bottom 4 were close, but over 2/10ths slower. In the 1/8th mile, 2/10s is a lot. Mom kicked Dad's ass. She gloated. A lot. Until Morgan put her in her place. It was hilarious. I hadn't been paying attention to the betting, but apparently we were betting sexual favors. Of course we were. I wonder if Isaac realized Morgan was 15. I'd bet not. I know he knew I was 13, but I'd been getting side glances from him all night. We got back to the house and were all in the kitchen when it was time to pay up. The top three got to pick from the bottom four, and have them do anything they wanted. Anything. Mom announced that since we had an odd number and Isaac was our guest, he got to pick two. Chris and Leslie announced they wanted in too, which got a laugh from Mom and Dad. Mom said that means I got a pick too. Lucky me. Isacc couldn't stop staring at Leslie. Well, so much for our secrets, but well, Leslie.

If he hadn't before, Isaac had now completely figured out our family and knew that everyone was game, including, I suspect, family on family. Morgan made it easy, and chose Blake. Why take a sexy kid from the pool? Isaac took a while to choose, and Mom reminded him he got two, and his choices were Dad, Alison, Leslie, and Chris. Any two. Any.

He struggled. A lot. He asked several times if any really meant any. Finally he chose. He picked Dad and Chris. Well that was a combo that could kill him. I had expected Leslie, but puffies, you know?

Mom picked Alison, which left me with Leslie. I was cool with that. She's a damn good fuck. The light bulb really went on when Isaac realized I was going to fuck Leslie. Yeah, that could shock you.

Morgan went first, and winner's choice, she went traditional. Missionary position. Blake did pull out and cum all over her tits (and very nice tits they are). I think Chris forgot that Isaac was there, as she dove in and licked Morgan clean. Isaac gasped when she did, but he clearly enjoyed watching.

Well, on with the program. Isaac was up, and his choice. He and Dad talked privately, and Isaac announced he would be fucking Dad in the ass and do a second round with Chris. Well sure. I know Dad liked that. Dad climbed up and assumed the position so to speak. Chris started blowing Isaac, which he clearly liked. Leslie moved in with lube and opened Dad up with three fingers then pushed Chris out of the way and lubed up Isaac. Something about a sexy 11 year old stroking your cock that makes it extra special hard. Isaac was not only in outstanding shape, he had a thick long cock, at least 8 inches, with a nice mushroom head poking out of his foreskin. Yes, uncut. Mmm. He got up behind Dad and started to ease his way in, with Leslie standing there watching. She got tired of him going slowly, and moved behind him and shoved his ass, burying him in Dad. I guess she figured her fingers were already lubed up, so she stayed there and shoved them in Isaac's ass. Every time he pulled out of Dad, Leslie's fingers buried themselves harder. Nothing like a prostate massage when you're fucking a nice ass. Leslie kept it up until Isaac couldn't, and he emptied himself in Dad's ass.

Chris came over with a wet washcloth, and first cleaned off Leslie's fingers, then Isaac's cock. He was in heaven and clearly loving it. I think his discretion was probably safe, as he was looking at both girls with what could only be called lust. They saw it too, as both whipped off their tops and dropped their shorts, and stood their naked, one on each side. Each took one of his hands, and placed it on their puffy breasts. He almost collapsed, and moaned out loud. Come on Leslie, I think that's cheating. It did work though, as he got hard again almost immediately. Chris asked him how she wanted to fuck her. Something about this small 11 year old, with just puffy nipples, asking this toned black guy with a big cock how he wanted to fuck her. Damn. He finally chose girl on top and laid down. Chris climbed up and without much ceremony dropped right on. Isaac moaned. Yeah, I get that moan. It wasn't Leslie's turn, but she wasn't exactly a rule follower and climbed up and onto Isaac's face. He was game and started licking. He used one hand on Chris' clit and the other hand on Leslie's. Yep, some skills. The girls didn't take long and came together. Leslie must have been really turned on, as she drenched his face. That was all she wrote, and he filled Chris up with cum. I think we killed him. Chris rolled off, and Leslie dove right in, cleaning her off, then licked Isaac clean too.

"That. Was. Amazing.," said Isaac. He got the standard discretion speech, which he easily agreed to and asked if he could come again. We assured him he could, because there were still people to fuck. Not many, but some. Morgan took him in to shower, and he truly did have skills, as she came out with a freshly fucked look and he made his goodbyes. He'd called an Uber to take him to his car and waved goodbye to us all.

Oh, we hadn't forgotten, but I suspect Isaac had, because he missed quite a show that Mom and Alison put on. He even missed me fucking Leslie, but he said he really needed to get home.

We all jumped in the pool to cool off and clean off and had fun splashing until we were all just too tired to continue. Off we went to bed. Who knows where everyone ended up, but Chris ended up in my bed. Nothing happened, she just needed someone close. I was happy to oblige.

Missy, Missy, Missy

We got up in the morning and Chris shared that her coach was arriving soon. Seems like I should just let her take over. She'd caught up on all our journal entries and had some things she wanted to try, but that would have to wait. We were up late, so had barely gotten dressed when we heard a car in the driveway. Oh shit. Missy. I'd forgotten. Yes, I'd forgotten the head cheerleader wanted to come over for a fuck. Yep, that's my life.

I went out front, and Chris joined me. Both Missy and her Mom had the gaga look everyone has, and Chris launched into the spiel. They were, as everyone is, blown away.

"Wait," said Missy. "Morgan and Leslie are your sisters. Who are you Chris?" That got her the short story, and appropriate sympathy, but I saw the look in Missy's eyes when she looked at Chris. It was hunger. What surprised me, OK maybe not that much, was the hunger in her Mom's eyes. Maybe a future opportunity there. Missy's Mom was hot, which wasn't surprising. I'd love to watch her eat out Chris from my position fucking her doggy style. OK, getting ahead of myself, but that could happen today with Missy.

Mom wandered out and introduced herself, which resulted in a little more of the story. Not sure her goal, but Mom was dressed in a bikini and it wasn't much of a bikini. The top was little more than pasties and barely covered her, well, large nipples, which were quite visibly erect. Oh yeah, I know that look. Missy and her Mom, Melinda, wanted Mom badly. Mom saw it too, because I caught the quick smirk. She told us kids to go have fun and invited Missy's Mom inside.

I have to divert a bit, because Mom's story is fun.

Missy's Mom, Missy's Mom, Missy's Mom

Yeah, Amy here. I don't know what I was doing that morning. I knew Missy was coming over and I'm not stupid, I knew why. Orlando seems to have a role in breaking in virgins in his school. Not sure exactly how they find him, but he is a wonderful choice. I am confident he is making their first experience memorable and wonderful, and setting a pretty high bar for future boyfriends. It's a little weird, but every girls' first time deserves to be a good one, and if he can offer that, more power to him. I thought I'd go introduce myself and quickly put on a swim suit. It really wasn't planned, I just grabbed the first one out of the drawer, as they were already here. It was revealing and I should have changed, but I saw the looks I got. They wanted me. Mother and daughter were both cheerleader stunning, so, well, why not.

I sent the kids off to go have fun. You know. I invited Melinda into the house for a cup of coffee. I realized that Orlando barely knew Missy, so his skills had a broad audience, but Melinda was really nice. Not the stereotype of a typical cheerleader Mom at all. In fact we laughed about it. We got a cup of coffee and went and sat by the pool. The kids were all splashing and having fun. I quickly realized all the girls, including Missy, were topless, but it didn't seem to bother Melissa, so I let it ride. Orlando was in a Speedo, and visibly hard, but shit, there were four sexy, topless teenage girls.

"Looks like Orlando is enjoying the view," said Melissa. "He's hard as a rock. That must be uncomfortable." OK, that surprised me.

"I'm sure it is," I laughed.

"Well, Missy came over to lose her virginity, so I guess she'll take care of that," said Melissa. Wow. Did she just say that? I just looked at her.

"Yeah, startled you, didn't I?," she laughed. "Missy and I talk. We've talked for years. I know she has wanted to lose it for awhile, but was understandably scared. Missy and Sandy have been friends since kindergarten. Wow, talk about a transformation in Sandy. Sandra and I have been pretty close too, but recently became MUCH closer and I am confident you understand my meaning. Anyway, Missy told me yesterday about Orlando. Don't worry, I am the queen of discretion. I talked to her about it, and she shared the truth. That Sandy had told her the whole story about Orlando and how special he had made Sandy feel. Sandy credits Orlando, and your entire family, for "New Sandy" as she calls it. Well, if it is going to happen, and I'm not stupid enough to believe it won't, than this sounds ideal. So yes, I know Orlando is going to fuck my baby girl today and I'm OK with it."

I just smiled, and didn't really have anything to add.

"Now, the bigger question, for me, isn't about the kids. Sandra is incredibly discrete, so she won't say a word, but my introverted friend, who hid behind big sweaters and long skirts, has suddenly started wearing yogo pants and skimpy tank tops and rocking them," said Melinda. "It's hard to believe that is a coincidence that she has also recently become your friend. Now I may be making a leap of logic I shouldn't and maybe this is a little forward, but I'd love to go back into your bedroom and, well, have fun. I haven't met your husband yet, but I know Sandra has come home with a freshly fucked look, and she isn't dating, so by my logic leap, you're both fucking her. If so, you could fulfill one of my long held fantasies. Did I read it right?"

OK, she shocked even me, but I smiled at her. Just then Bob walked out, but at least he was wearing board shorts. He stood watching the kids in the pool for a bit, then came and introduced himself. Yeah, by then he was tenting those shorts a bit. He had just watched four sexy topless teenage girls.

"The girls are sexy, aren't the Bob?," said Melinda. "Looks like they got you hard. Amy and I would be happy to take care of that for you." OK, that was forward, but Bob's not stupid, so he just grinned.

"How about you show me your bedroom Amy," said Melinda.

So we did. Melinda was an animal and, like me, enjoys anal sex. She was also masterful with her tongue, but so are Bob and I. We were in the bedroom for well over an hour before we all fell back on the bed, admittedly exhausted.

"Well, it's lunchtime," said Melinda. "You got any food in this joint?" We all broke up, and went and showered. Well, that took a little more time. When we walked out, the kids were still swimming, but the bottoms were gone. >From all of them. Melinda clearly enjoyed the view of all of the kids. She licked her lips when she saw Orlando's cock, but the real revelation was how she looked at Missy.

"So, Melinda," said Bob. "Is Missy as good at oral sex as you are?" Yes, Bob had noticed. Melinda actually turned red. Bright red.

"It's OK," I said. "It's not like we're in a position to judge."

Melinda stared at me, then at Bob, who just smiled.

"Damn," said Melinda. "Damn." Yeah, she got it. She turned and stared at Orlando, on the diving board, on full display.

"Think he'll have anything left after he breaks in Missy?," she asked.

"Well, since it seems like you and Missy are close," I said. "Maybe you'd like to be the one in the room with them. Orlando believes that a girl should cum several times before their first fuck, and he likes help in doing it. Would mother/daughter freak out Missy?"

Melinda laughed. "It's our shared fantasy. We talk about it all the time. She's always said in her dream world, she'd lose her virginity with me in the room, and then watch me get fucked too. Seriously, he'd do that?"

"He's all hormones. He'd do it. Repeatedly," said Amy.

With that, we called the kids to lunch. Yes, they all came naked, and yes, Missy noticed that no one mentioned it, even her Mom. I'm also confident she noticed Melinda checking out Orlando's cock. At one point, I saw Melinda off to the side talking to Missy. Missy squealed and hugged her Mom. Missy then walked over to Orlando and held out her hand. He took it, and I watched Orlando head back to his room with Missy and Melinda beside him. Once they were out of sight, the girls all laughed.

"You go Orlando," said Morgan. "Mother and daughter and the daughter is a virgin. This is a porn flick in the making." Well, it kind of was, given the cameras, but I'll let Orlando take back over.

Mother AND daughter, oh my

Honestly, I don't have a big long story. Yes, Missy is no longer a virgin. Yes, Melinda had fun too. She helped me get Missy ready, and was right there with her, holding her hand, stroking her nipples, and finally playing with her clit. I pride myself in my partner getting off first, and she did, repeatedly. Finally I couldn't hold back and filled up Missy. Her Mom pushed me away and, yep, licked out the cream pie. I thought maybe she'd exchange it with Missy -- which would have been hot -- but no, I got it back. Wow.

That's all it took for me to get hard again, and I fucked Melinda doggy style, while she continued on Missy. Lots of moans during that session. Finally we could do no more. Oh, Missy did clean out her Mom and yes, I got all my cum right back. They were clearly up for more, but that's all I had. Didn't stop them. They had more.


Chris here. I get my own journal entry already! Wow. Having fun with Missy was HOT, HOT, HOT. You know we got our turn too, right? As we laid in bed, we heard a car drive in. I threw on clothes and ran out.

It was my new coach, Chuck. He got out of an old Camaro. Nothing like Mom's Yenko, but pretty nice. About the same vintage. Mom started talking to him about his car. I think he assumed she was Chris, his new female student. He got confused when she finally introduced herself as Amy.

"If you're Amy, who is Chris?," asked Chuck. I walked up and stuck out my hand. He did a double take.

"You're my new student? No way. You're a little kid," said Chuck. Yeah well, fuck you too. OK, I didn't say it, I just thought it.

"Yes, I suppose to you, I am a kid. But it's my boat and I'm the driver and I intend to be a champion. I have my family's support and a brand-new boat," I said. "You can suck it up and take the gig and be impressed with what I can do, or you can climb right back in that Camaro and drive off. I'll find another coach. You, on the other hand, would miss out on being the coach of the youngest race winner ever."

Chuck actually laughed. "If you can channel all that into your skills, you will be the youngest winner ever. I apologize. I was out of line, but I've never met a driver under 18, let alone whatever age you are," said Chuck. "If you're still in, I am too, and I won't underestimate you again, I promise. Do you want to hop in and we'll drive to whatever marina has your boat?"

"Yeah, we don't have to go anywhere. The boat is here on our dock," I said. "We'll take a cart. Morgan, Orlando, Missy and Leslie are going to run a chase boat. Oh, and I'm 11. So's Leslie. She can fly a jet, can you?"

Chuck's eyes got big and I think he thought I was punking him about Leslie, but he was becoming the king of underestimating young women. We got to the dock, and he saw all four boats lined up.

"These are ALL yours?," he asked. We assured him they were.

"We're going to take the 52," said Morgan, point at it. "That way if you need a break, we don't have to come back in."

"You're piloting that?," said Chuck, pointing at the 52.

"Dude, your job is going to be short lived if you keep underestimating the young women in this family," said Orlando. That was sweet, but he was right.

"OK, OK, my bad. OK, Chris, let's hop in. I'll take right seat first," said Chuck.

"You will not take the fucking right seat, you moron. This is your last warning. I am in charge. You are my employee and dangerously close to being unemployed, at least by me. I want your coaching, but will not accept your condecension, or your orders. You may ask me what I want, but you will not tell me what I want. If that is not crystal clear, than we are done, done, done. Consider yourself on probation. Fuck it up again and you're fired. We're paying you well, and I know your finances and you need the money. You didn't think we hired you without a backround and credit check, did you?, I said. "I may be 11, but I'm not fucking stupid."

He kind of muttered something which we didn't hear, but I'm pretty sure this was going to be his first and last day on this job, but I wanted some wheel time and I'd get what I could. I grabbed my flotation suit and pulled off my shirt and shorts to put it on. I admit, I forgot I was commando, but too late now, and I pulled on my suit.

"What, you like naked little girls Chuck?," I asked. He stammered a bit and said he just didn't expect it. Well, neither did I, but I guess Chuck got a little show. He pulled off his shirt and pulled his suit on over his shorts. No nudity for Chuck. Kind of too bad though, as he was in pretty nice shape. Yeah, I admit it, I wondered what he was packing. He's male. I'm always horny. You know.

We climbed on board and I fired it up and pulled around to the fuel dock. I gave him credit for not even commenting on our having our own fuel dock. Orlando topped off our tanks, and we idled out. We waited for them to catch up in the 52. I could see them up on the fly bridge. They picked a spot and put it in hover, so they wouldn't chase, they'd just watch.

Chuck gave me some solid pointers, and I took it up on plane. We did some simple maneuvers, at about 70mph, and he made the appropriate noises about how I was pretty smooth. I should be, I've been driving boats since I was 4. I told him we needed some speed runs, and he started to balk, but remembered his thin ice. I took us up to about 120 and did a pass by the 52, then cooled it down and did a wide loop and headed back. I shut it down and gently drifted up to their swim platform. We tied up to them and both climbed on board.

"Wow, that was amazing," said Chuck. "You were serious this was your second time in the boat? In any race boat? If that's true, and I have no reason to doubt you, you have skill. Natural skill. You don't need me around all the time, so put in as many hours as you can. Make sure to bring a spotter, as it is the only safe way to go. If you'll still have me, I'd be honored to continue as your coach. Today's Thursday. Can you put hours in over the next week? There's a race in Sarasota next weekend and qualifying is Friday. I'd be stunned if you qualified, but no reason to not try."

I didn't quite control myself, and jumped up and down a bit. Wednesday. Damn straight I'd be ready. We went back in and Chuck headed off and I started begging people to be my spotter. They all agreed and we went back out. Just Morgan this time, in the 24, as I couldn't use up all my spotters at once.

The next day I was back out at 8am, this time with Amy spotting. I put in about two hours, and she radioed we needed to go in, as my Grandpa had dropped by. Through some magic, there was already another lift installed, so Amy and I each pulled up onto a lift. I climbed out and Grandpa was on the dock. I gave him a big hug, but noticed he kept looking at the race boat.

"Wait," he said. "You were piloting that by yourself? Who the hell would let you do that?"

"We would," chimed in Amy. "She has a good coach, who thinks she is a natural. She's qualifying in Sarasota on Wednesday."

"But where did the boat come from? Did you already own a race boat?," said Grandpa.

"Nope. They didn't. They bought it for me yesterday," I said. His eyebrows almost popped off they went so high. He turned to Amy, who just shrugged.

"I'll be damned. You any good? I'll bet you are. Can I come watch you qualify?," asked Grandpa.

"Yes, I'm good. Yes, you can come to qualifications," I said. "Want to go for a ride?" His response was a huge grin, so someone handed him a suit. He stripped down and put it on, which is how we all saw Grandpa naked. I think he forgot he was commando too, as he blushed. I'd seen it before, so it didn't bother me, and it didn't seem to matter to my new family either. Too cool. I took Grandpa out, and everyone else went out on the 52 as our chase boat.

Yeah, we hit 120, with Grandpa screaming. It was hilarious.

I got a lot of hours in, with the help of my spotters, and was confident I could qualify. We trailered the boat down, with Amy driving, and Grandpa and Morgan riding along. Everyone else came down in the helicopter. No real need to hide your wealth when an 11 year old owns a $700K race boat.

Amy went with me to sign-up at tech and Chuck met us there. I filled out the form and handed it back. The guy looked at it, and looked at me, then looked at our boat.

"You're not serious. You can't qualify. You're a kid," he said. Well, here we go again. It took arguing with the entire leadership team of the race, but they had no leg to stand on, particularly when Amy said she'd sign any waiver they needed, since she was my Mom. That threw them a bit, because she looks 20, since, well she is 20. Finally I got my race card, and we launched the boat. Chuck explained the process and Morgan said it was just like her racing. Everyone out at once and the top 10 boats qualify. I was damn sure going to be one of them. It was a short, tight course, and my strength was fast turns. I'd bet faster than most. Chuck used the term 'fucking crazy'. Yeah, maybe.

It was a blast running in traffic. These boats were flying, just inches from each other. I loved it. I passed a lot of boats in the corners. A lot. The horn finally sounded and I pulled up to an empty spot on the dock. Leslie was first to greet me and was jumping up and down, pointing at the big scoreboard. 4th. I'd qualified in 4th. Well fuck you all those people that said I couldn't. Suddenly a crowd appeared, led by the head of tech. He insisted on impounding my boat. It was pretty obvious mine was the only boat he was impounding, but fuck him too. It was stock and legal, and it didn't take them long to figure that out. I did give him credit for congratulating me.

Fourth. Whoo hoo. The race was tomorrow, at 1pm, and the boats stayed here, so we all flew home and got a good nights sleep. We flew back in the morning and got there in plenty of time. As I walked up to the boat, I saw there was a camera crew and I recognized the young local anchor doing her spot in front of my boat. She finished, and the camera went down. I couldn't resist and walked up to her.

"I hear the driver is new but fast," I said to her.

"Are you kidding? We don't know much about her, except she's young and qualified fourth. We're hoping to interview her, but haven't seen anyone that could be her," she said.

"Yeah, how old is she?," I asked.

"We don't know, which is making it tough to find her. We don't know much of anything. I'm guessing late teens, or early 20s, but we haven't seen her yet," she said.

"Yeah, you're looking for the wrong person," I said. "She's 11."

"11? The driver is 11? That can't be, can it?," she said. "Oh shit, you're the driver, aren't you. Wow, I had no idea. Can we interview you?"

"No," I said, much to her dismay. "There are better, more established drivers here. I promise, when I win today, you get the first interview, but I'm not upstaging anyone. Ever."

"Well, I can't argue with that. That's a very mature position, but you're wise beyond your years, aren't you?," she said.

"Maybe so, maybe so. In fact, you have no idea," I said. By then, the family was all gathered around, as was Chuck, but they didn't intervene. No need to out themselves yet. I got it.

She left and I climbed on board. Everyone wished me well, which was nice. My family wished me well. My family. Damn.

Chuck gave me some final pointers, little things, like how the fucking start worked. I didn't know shit. No one expected me to be in the field. What the hell, I was up for it. We all lined up, and the start was a sprint. I was lined up in 4th, my position in qualifying. I timed the start and punched it a touch early, but knew it took time for it to build before I'd go. I timed it better than the boat in front of me, and passed him almost immediately, moving up to 3rd. OK, if I just hold it here, I'm on the podium. No, fuck that, I wanted to win. I ran balls to the wall, even through the turns. No one else did. The race was only 25 laps, so surprisingly short. I gained a tiny bit on every corner. On the 16th lap, I passed the boat in 2nd. I was in 2nd! My problem was the boat in first was faster than me. I gained in the turns, he took it back in the straights. I got more aggresive, which scared even me a bit, but I could drive, dammit. I wanted to win. Finally, we were on the 25th lap. Last lap. I was right on his ass going into the final turn. I had one shot. Only one. I could ride it out and place 2nd in my first race. Or I could go for it. I thought back to Morgan's journal entry from the Vegas cup. She hung it all out there.

So would I. In the final turn, I cut it TIGHT. So tight, I skipped the rear of the boat out of the water. I expected it though. It would catch right, and I would win the race, or it would catch wrong, and I'd flip my brand new boat. Wasn't up to me at that point. It was karma. The waves. The boat. Whatever you believe in.

It caught right. Just perfectly. I rocketed past him, inches from the finish line. It was so close I didn't know who won. Neither did he. We both pulled up to the winner's area. The third place boat was in his spot. My opponent was just drifting, not knowing what to do anymore than I did. I opened the canopy and drifted up to him. He opened his too. I stood up and climbed out on the boat and held out my hand. He scrambled out and took my hand. I'm guessing that was a photo op. We talked for a bit, and waited together. Finally the score board lit up. I'd won. By 2 thousands of a second. I could see he was stunned, but he surprised me and jumped on to my boat and gave me a hug, then jumped quickly back. Now that was class.

We pulled into our spots to dock, and got out to join the third place driver. We climbed up onto the podium to sheer bedlam. I pulled off my helmet and my hair tumbled out. Just like Morgan, Chris can be anything. The difference is I'm 4'11". Yeah, a little thing. I pulled my podium mates up to the top and we did a photo op. They towered over me. Suddenly I felt them each grab and arm and lift. The best photo, our heads were all together, and my feet were a good foot off the ground. It was hilarious.

I kept my promise and did an interview on camera. It was embarrassing, but I planned on it being a regular thing, so I had to start somewhere. My podium mates crashed the interview and we all talked too. They were so gracious and said such nice things. I'm pretty sure there were a few bleeps, because 'fucking nuts' and 'can't believe she pulled that shit' popped out a couple times. Yeah, well, I like to win.

Finally I got to meet the family, who couldn't stop hugging me. It was amazing. I wish my parents could have seen me, but who knows, maybe they did. I was so conflicted. It they were alive, I'd never have gotten to race. Ever. How fucked up is that. Chuck came up and read me the riot act for my final pass. He was HOT. The words stupid, dangerous, and lunatic all ended up in one sentence. Finally he calmed down and gave me a big hug. I think I'd won him over. He offered to drive the trailer back, so we could all fly home. Yeah, all fly home. My life was weird now.

It was still only late afternoon when we landed, so Mom and Dad suggested going out for dinner. It was a big affair. Blake and Alison joined us and so did Juanita and Ted. I'd read about Juanita, but I had to get me a piece of that. Simply gorgeous and a cock. Yeah, I wanted some of that. I'm 11, but I know what I want. Mom and Dad invited Grandpa and Chuck too, and you could see they appreciated it.

They asked me to pick the restaurant, but I told them that wasn't fair. I've been to two restaurants in my life. McDonald's and Steak n Shake. They were offering a real place. I was in. They asked me what I liked to eat and I couldn't even answer that. Finally Mom and Dad picked a local restaurant they like that has a wide variety of choices and isn't busy early. After all, we were a big group. Dad called and they agreed they'd have a big table ready when we arrived. My guess is they knew Dad and that he's a big tipper. Did you notice I just called him Dad? Yeah, that's hard, but he is. It's not disrespectful to my, well, first Dad. It's meant to honor my new Mom and Dad. If the other kids can go there, so can I.

We ended up having a ball and I got to eat steak AND lobster for the first time. I'm hooked. Dad said it was Filet, whatever that is. It was fucking delicious. The lobster in melted butter was even better. It was heaven on the tongue. Apparently, I am now a foodie. Yeah, OK. We laughed a lot, which was nice. I can't believe I'm laughing already. It almost feels disrespectful, but I am blessed and I know it. And, fuck it, I won my first race! We still got home pretty early, Chuck headed off. Nobody was tired, so we all jumped into the pool. No clothes needed and yes, Juanita's tits and cock were awesome. Everyone crowded around me, and asked me if I wanted anything, or anyone. You get my drift. OK, you asked. I said I wanted to suck and get fucked by Juanita. She laughed and said she'd be happy to, but Ted would want in too. Would I suck him off? Well, sure. Grandpa just watched, but I saw he got hard. Morgan noticed too, as she got down and started blowing him. Well, he was nice looking for his age.

I was learning that sex in this family was a spectator sport. I told Juanita to lay down, because I was going to be on top. First I sat on her face, and let her lick me to a couple orgasms. She was pretty big, so Leslie helped lube me up and lubed up Juanita. I lowered myself down, and the sight was amazing. A nice thick cock in me, and nice breasts to play with. I think I could get hooked. I started bouncing, and playing with her nipples when a cock showed up in front of my face. Oh yeah, Ted. Sure. I opened up and he slid in. I was full of sensations now. I don't think he'd cum in awhile, because he came pretty fast, but pulled out and shot on my little puffy tits. Apparently cum on your tits causes a crisis, because a clean up crew descended on my breasts. Can you really call puffy nipples breasts? Anyway, Orlando licked one side and Morgan licked the other, then I watched them exchange the cum in a kiss. Fuck that was hot. I pulled Orlando up and latched onto his cock. Why not, I needed more cum. He didn't last either, drenching my tits again. This time Dad and Morgan dove in. Yes, exchanging cum too. Oh goody, another cock. This time Dad came on my tits. Juanita had staying power, because she still hadn't cum. I think she was enjoying the view. I do have oral skills, you know. Anyway, the only cock left was Blake's so naturally it ended up in my mouth too. I would have sucked Grandpa too, but he'd just cum in Morgan's mouth. Once Blake had cum, yes, on my tits, Juanita couldn't hold it and filled me up. FILLED me up. Mom came up and pushed me off and climbed on. She started with her tongue on my tits, and worked her way down, to eat out the cream pie. That's really a thing with this family. She got me off and was truly mean. She wouldn't let me come down. I finally yelled stop, and she popped right up. Yep, the magic word. Her face was covered in my juices and I pulled her up into a kiss. A passionate kiss.

I loved my new family.

I'm wiped out just remembering. I'll pass the journal back now.

New cars, just to race? Yep

Yeah, back to me. Orlando. We all slept in on Sunday, but had a lot going on. Morgan had a race, but it wasn't local, so Tom and Leslie flew her somewhere. I don't even know where. Chris got some hours in her boat in the morning, but that afternoon was open runs in Orlando. This time we knew the rules and had our fire suits and helmets ready. Dad had spent Thursday and Friday giving me a crash course in driving. OK, maybe that was a bad choice of words, but I'm a pretty good driver. I was already second fastest in the carts. It's not that much different. I think I will see if I can race carts with Morgan though. Maybe we can be a team. I do love cars.

We caravanned again. I was in the RS with Mom. Dad drove the GLS63, towing a two car trailer with his new Corvette ZR1 and his new 911 Turbo. Yes, Dad spend close to $400K on a cars so we could go drag race. Sure, why not. Leslie rode with him. Blake and Chris rode in the Aventador. Alison and Juanita rode in the E63S. Four cars. Why not? We got to the track pretty early and clearly confused them with our array of cars. We finally all got registered. The lines were fairly long, but not too bad. We were all in full fire suits, which was a little nuts, but, well, we all wanted to ride in the fast cars. We all had helmets too. We made sure the rules allowed passengers, if they were properly attired.

Our first run as a family was me, driving the RS in the quarter mile for the first time. Well, the first time at the track. I won't admit that I practiced launches on a back road, because, you know, that would be wrong. I lined up against a Civic R, my other car of interest. I should be able to kick his ass, but it was my first quarter mile run ever. I launched pretty well and ran a 13.5. Not bad, given the best runs in an RS so far were 13.3. Room to improve, but I did beat the Civic by more than a second.

Next up was Dad and Blake, in the ZR1 and 911 Turbo. Running against each other. Dad was ignoring every rule of break-in, because both had less than a 100 miles. They were evenly match cars, both capable of a 10.6 quarter, both at around 130. The ZR1 had trapped at a higher speed, but neither one knew squat about drag racing. The Aventador could, in theory, do a 10.4, so some pretty matched rides. In the first race, Dad won, with an 11.0 against Blake's 11.1. Both around 125 trap speed. Pretty darn fast.

Next up were Alison in the Aventador and Mom in the E63S. That's a hilarious pair. The E63S could do about an 11.3 stock. Mom's wasn't stock. This was going to be a real race and freak everyone out. They'd just seen 11 second runs in what everybody thought were monsters. Mom was a better driver. They ripped down the course and, in the end, Mom edged out Alison. Both beat the men. Alison pulled out a 10.7, pretty close to as good as the car could run. Mom ripped off a 10.1 run at 141. I told you it wasn't stock anymore. The crowd went insane. She pulled back around in line and commented that her launch needed work. 10.1 and she was worried about her launch. She was determined though, and wouldn't give up the wagon. Everyone else traded in and out, and I even got to do a couple runs in the Corvette. I wasn't very fast, but damn it was amazing. Finally we had worn down, but Mom wanted one more run. We all thought it was a hoot, so Leslie, Chris, and I got in with her. Yes, she was doing a run with three passengers.

She lined up against a guy in a newer Mustang GT. He had just arrived, so had no idea what he was running against. He saw a petite redhead woman in a station wagon, with three kids, all in fire suits. I heard him joking with his buddies about how he was going to eat her up. In his dreams, in any way your interpreted his words. I saw Mom's jaw set. She was hot. I had to fight from laughing. They ran and, of course, she destroyed him. Just killed him. I looked up and she'd run a 9.9 at 149. She'd broken into the 9s. The only car to do it that day. A rare car indeed. She pulled back around, but didn't get into line, but a crowd gathered. The Mustang driver sulked and wouldn't come over. He'd lost by almost 3 seconds. Yeah, eat her up.

The tech lead came over and talked to Mom. Apparently, even with fire suits, she wasn't allowed passengers any more. He got into an argument with his own assistant, because the assistant wanted a full roll cage. Finally he was overridden and Mom would be allowed to run, in the fire suit, with her helmet, but alone. I heard her talking to Dad about needing more power and better tires. She wanted drag radials. Go Mom, Go.

We had heard that Morgan won her race. She didn't think she would, so didn't want us all to come. I wish we had. They landed at the Orlando airport, and we all decided to spend the night on the plane and fly home in the morning. We figured out a way to get all the cars in the cargo hold, so would fly home together. It was tight, but they fit. Balancing the weight took some creativity. We had a crowd of ground crew watching. One finally came over to talk to me and ask what company we were with that had all those amazing cars. I laughed and said they were all Dad's, and the plane was too. He just shook his head and walked away. We'd kept the GLS63 and the E63S off to load in the morning, so we could go out to dinner. It was tight, but we fit in the two cars. We'd added Leslie, Morgan, and Tom. Jess wanted in, so she'd flown over in the Citation Mustang, and brought Ted with her. Because, you know, she could.

It was a trek, but we went to a place called Christner's Prime Steak and Seafood. They gave us the entire outdoor patio, because Mom was smart enough to call in advance and when they balked offer them stupid money. We got a lot done with stupid money. I know Chris was in heaven, getting lobster again. Well, me too. We all laughed the night away, and it was wonderful to see Chris laugh right with us. She sure had become part of the family fast. We all loved her so much, and we don't say that lightly. OK, another hot 11 year old was nice too, I admit. One group wanted to stay, but some were ready to leave, so we split up. I rode back in the 'early car', with just Mom, Alison, Chris, me, and Leslie. Everyone else fit, barely, in the GLS63, so we were good to go. I was between Leslie and Chris, in the back seat, and the both fell asleep on my shoulder. OK, I might have dozed off a bit too, as Mom woke us all up when we got to the plane. We climbed on board and sat in the living room, watching stupid TV. I folded out one of the couches into a bed, and the girls and I snuggled while we watched. Mom and Alison disappeared, doing what Mom and Alison do. Go Mom. I'll bet the three of us didn't last 20 minutes, before we fell sound asleep, with both girls curled up and tucked into my side. God I was a lucky boy. Three amazing sisters, with equally amazing parents.

We did get woken up when the others arrived. They'd hatched a plan that we'd head to New York in the morning, as the new place was just finishing. Sure, New York, why not. Neither girl woke up, so we stayed out there. I wasn't leaving them, so we all slept in the small fold out couch. Someone covered us up, which was nice. I think it was the first time in a long time I hadn't slept naked with someone. It was very familial.

We actually woke up on engine start. Leslie was pissed, because she wasn't flying. Too bad sis, not every time. You know, I'm tired, I think I'll pass the journal to Mom.

The walls are moving!

Lazy Orlando. Guess it's my turn. Amy here.

I wasn't in on the NY plan either, but Chloe had texted it was done. Six bedrooms, twelve people. Guess the kids will have to double up. I'm sure they'll be crushed. Although we do have the smaller apartment too. Maybe we do need to keep it. It's likely to appreciate, so wouldn't kill us. Heck, be honest. $15M is a rounding error to us.

The 767 was too big for Teterboro, so we landed at LaGuardia. Turns out our apartment has a helipad, on our roof, so I'd arranged a chartered helicopter that could hold us. It was actually a private helipad, accessible only to us. Well sure. It was a quick trip, and we were in our new apartment by 10 in the morning. None of us had seen it and I have to say, Chloe outdid herself. Chloe and Ben were there when we landed, which was good, as we didn't have our keycards yet, so were trapped on the roof. She had them, so every family member put one in their wallet. I'd let Chloe know about Chris, so she had one for her too. She's family. Chris was both excited and surprised. All the employees got cards to both apartments too. Never knew when they might bop up. They all had access to planes whenever they had a pilot. Given three of them were pilots, that might be regularly. Juanita had started lessons with Alison, but wasn't working at Leslie's pace. Chris had asked if she could too, and I was pleased that Leslie didn't consider her competition.

Every decision that we had made, with Chloe and Ben's final tweaks, was a win. The tile on the second floor was amazing and ran all the way across the outdoor patio. The wall was open when we arrived. Chloe had had them add glass panels above the railings, so it was safe up to a five foot height. I liked that, because I'm afraid of heights and the patio kind of scares me. I love it, but am a little scared of it. We went downstairs and the hardwood and contrasting cherry trim was amazing. It lit up the place. The light flooring really made it brighter. Chloe had left the walls open, so it was a bit surreal. Basically beds scattered around in six different places. You can imagine, this got a lot of looks from everyone.

"No walls," asked Morgan. "I'm all for family time, but no walls?" Chloe laughed and looked to the sky, so to speak, and said: "Alexa, close all walls."

As if by magic, doors hidden in the side of the actual walls, meaning the closets and bathrooms, opened and walls started moving out. It was like a dance. Eventually, we were all left standing in what was the master bedroom, which now had complete walls.

"That is so fucking cool," said Orlando, and everyone agreed.

"You can rename the rooms, but right now they're just Master and Bedrooms 1 thorough 5. If you walk out that door, you'll find a new hall that wasn't there before, that leads to the staircase. All the bedrooms open on the hall," said Chloe. "You can group rooms, if you have a certain set you want to open. For example, I made the smallest room number 5. It's also called guest. The other four are called kid's rooms. Let's step in the hall for a minute." We did and it looked magical. Walls, real walls, had appeared. Crazy.

"Alexa, open kid's rooms," said Chloe. With that, walls started moving again, and four bedrooms became one, but the walls for the Master and the Guest room stayed where they were. These four were arranged in a U, and I'd bet money that these walls would stay open. Although I'm pretty sure we'd all make walls open and close a lot, just because we could. The kids started running around checking out the view and arguing over whose room was whose. It didn't seem like it should matter, but it did to them. I reminded them they'd be bunking together when we had extra guests, but they still wanted rooms. OK, they can fight it out. I just watched. Orlando proposed that Chris should get first pick, and the other two quickly agreed. How sweet of them. They all walked around, and she picked bedroom 3, which put her in the middle. The girls let Orlando go next and he picked bedroom 4, which put him next to Chris, in the middle. Morgan and Leslie got the end rooms, but bedroom 5 had the best view. Leslie offered it to Morgan, which put her next to Orlando. That put Leslie right between us and Chris. Felt right. With that settled, we all trooped back upstairs. It was almost lunchtime and Ben had arranged for lunch to be delivered. The kitchen was amazing too, and could clearly handle a huge party. Chloe had tricks though.

"Alexa, close kitchen," she said. With that walls came out and enclosed the commercial part of the kitchen, leaving the family kitchen wide open. Wow, that's cool. In a party, the mess and effort would all be hidden, but on normal days the view would be wide open.

"I couldn't resist," said Chloe. "It was Ben's idea, but I knew you'd love it. You do love it?" We assured her we did.

Ben had arranged a salad bar. Huge bowls held the toppings. There was fresh crab, lobster, salmon, sea bass, chicken, and filet, all cut into bite size salad portions. There was a choice of dressings and three kinds of salad makings, a traditional iceberg, a spring mix, and spinach. It looked like a commercial salad bar, with all kinds of vegetables, eggs, and even three kinds of olives. We all grabbed plates and loaded up. Ben reminded us the refrigerator was stocked, but asked if the adults would like wine. Tom and Jess begged off, being our pilots, but everyone else agreed. Ben waved us over to what we found out was our wine closet. We had a wine closet.

"You were under budget by a little less than a million," said Ben. "I hope you don't mind, but we used it all on wine. We did have Sophia ship us several cases of all your own vintage, then added some excellent, but admittedly expensive choices. If it is not OK, they can be returned."

Bob was clearly thrilled, so we quickly agreed it was OK. We admitted we didn't know a good wine from Mogan David, and asked Ben to choose. He chose both a red and a white. The red was from our vineyard, and the white was Californian. They were amazing. I did ask him what they cost, and he shared that our red sold for $3,400 a bottle, if we'd paid for it, which apparently we didn't. The white was a little over $2,000 and exquisite. Who knew we were wine people? We let all the kids have a small taste, except Leslie, who insisted she'd be flying. OK kiddo. None for you.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Who in the world would be ringing our doorbell. Wait, the elevator opened directly onto our floors. How does a doorbell work? Chloe explained that the doorbell was in the lobby, and she hoped we didn't mind, but she'd invited a couple people that lived in the building and were good friends. She told Alexa to show the lobby camera, and all the TV's around the room turned on and showed a camera view around our private elevator in the lobby. Right in the center of the view were Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johanssen. We heard his voice say "I hope you don't mind, we brought a couple friends". He moved to the side and we saw Chadwick Bozeman, Lupita Nyong'o, and Michael B. Jordan. I thought Chris was going to faint. Just then one more person walked up. Samuel L. Jackson. Holy shit. Bob handled it well, just said "Come on up" and Chloe said "Alexa, open elevator" and it did.

We welcomed them to our new home and suggested they wander at will. Lunch was ready whenever they were, and everyone would introduce themselves as they wandered by them. Leslie and Chris came up, formally introduced themselves, and offered a tour of the lower floor. They didn't mean THAT kind of tour. Did they? Well, let's face it, I'd fuck them all. All six faithfully followed the girls to the stairs, and Bob and I followed them down. We'd left all the rooms closed up, so Leslie called out: "Alexa, open all rooms." Magic happened, and all our guests were enthralled. Chris explained that any room could be opened or closed. Chris called out "Alexa, close master." As soon as it started, she added "Close guest". That started too, leaving the kids bedrooms open. Chloe added: "Alexa, close hall", which did just as she asked. She opened one of the doors into a kids room, and we walked in to see the rooms were still open, just had one wall to the hall. I'd bet they'd keep that open too, as the wall blocked a view.

"Well, this takes a special kind of family, doesn't it?," said Scarlett. She looked right at Chris and added "Are you a special family?" I'd swear she was scoping out Chris' little puffies in her tank top. God, that was a mental image of the two of them together. Chris assured her that we were a very special family. Oh my, Scarlett's nipples got hard. What I'd give...

We all sat out on the patio. Chloe had bought us two tables that each sat 15, apparently planning for a party. We spread out and everyone ended up moving around to talk to everyone else, and had a joyous lunch, while listening to the sounds of the city, far below. They were so nice and down to earth. I learned that both Robert and Scarlett had half floor apartments, on the same floor, directly below us. We shared they were always welcome whenever we were in town, but that we were not here that often. That launched into a conversation of where we lived. Chris got a little animated with her description and we had to slow her down. She apologized and mentioned she was the newest member of the family and had only been adopted on Tuesday. That set off a flurry of questions.

"OK, I have to ask the question we're all thinking," said Sam. Yes, I get to call Samuel L. Jackson Sam. He pointed at Bob and me. "You're kids. Clearly barely in your twenties. These kids look to about about 10 to 17 or so. Maybe I'm off a bit, but how the fuck does that work? Which leads me to my second question. I thought about buying this apartment and now that I see it I wish I had. But I know you have over $100 million in it. What the fuck do you do?"

We all laughed, having expected this question.

"OK, who wants to tell the family story," said Bob.

"I will," said Chris. "I need the practice", which got a laugh out of everyone. She had their full attention and did a great job with our standard story. She had only heard it a couple times, but had clearly listened.

"So let me get this straight," said Lupita. "I get the money and that part is cool, but you were a single guy and took in these three kids that you didn't know existed? And you were the nanny and married him? And this beautiful young woman just lost her parents and even though you didn't know her well, you adopted her within a week? Can I possibly have this story right? It is a Disney script, not real life."

"Yes, that's basically the story," I said. "I was the nanny, but I knew I'd marry Bob the day we met. I had the same reaction you did. He had a cool life, living on the boat, and it was entirely upended. I will always remember my interview for the job. All Bob cared about was these kids. He was laser focused on giving them a good life. Remember, this was before the money came in. He didn't care about anything else. They were broken and they needed them and he was there for them. How could I not fall in love? Trust me, they were not the confident, self-assured kids they are today."

"Well, that's sweet and all," said Bob. "And I suppose true, but look at her", waving his arm at me. "Who at this table could say that I didn't win. Both with Amy and with all four kids. I've heard all the kids say it. We could live in a single wide and be just as happy and it's true. They have, all five, blessed my life."

That caused a lot of side conversations, with a lot of smiles, so I guess that's good. I found myself sitting between Chad and Mike. You know, Chadwick and Michael B. My new friends. I was chatting with them and thought "Damn, I'd fuck them both, right now." From the startled looks on their face, I realized that I'd said that out loud. Oops. They both got big grins on their face. Mike leaned in and motioned Chad to do the same.

"OK, we're in," whispered Mike. "But only if Leslie and Chris join too." I was in a trance, and just whispered "OK". Fuck, I can't believe I did that. They both got startled looks, and exchanged glances.

"Those little girls would fuck us?," said Chad.

Still speaking softly. "OK, here's the deal. I just fucked up and shared a family secret. Yes, the girls are sexually active, and as parents we support them and ensure they're safe, in all ways, and make good choices. So, yes, if either or both of you wanted to fuck them, I can almost guarantee they'd say yes. If you brought Scarlett or Lupita or both with you, I KNOW they would," I whispered. "You can just drop this, or the three of us can take the girls downstairs for an hour of your life you'll never forget. Your choice."

"What about Bob?," said Mike. "Won't he mind?"

"Only that he didn't get to join in," I said. "Unless one of you wants to fuck him too." Yeah, that got raised eyebrows.

"My suggestion is that you come visit another time. Let's not announce this to a crowd," I said. "Consider it an open invitation. We'll open the walls and you can fuck any and all of us. Or Leslie will fly up and pick you up and we'll rock your world for an entire weekend in Florida."

They both grinned, then one thing I said caught them both. It always does.

"Leslie will fly up? Leslie? Isn't she the little girl sitting next to Chris?," said Mike.

"Yeah, and she flys our two Citations solo, whenever she wants. She'd pick you up, trust me," I said. "She'd probably bring another pilot along, because she loves to fuck at 30,000 feet."

"Damn," I heard them both mutter.

"I don't know about Chad, but I'm in for a weekend. I'll be discrete. It's a risk for us all. But, why don't you and I go tour your bedroom right now. They won't miss us for a few minutes," said Mike.

With that, I stood up and headed for the staircase. What Mike didn't know is that his only risk was his own friends. I'd fucked everyone else in the room. I realized Bob and I hadn't christened our own bed, so I took him in the guest room and explained why. Pretty sure he didn't care what bed we were in. I doubt you're that interested in this story, given no kids were involved -- let's face it, their stories are hotter -- but I assure you I rocked his world. He was good, no damn good, but I'm better. By his third cum, I'd worn him out. We wandered back up to the party. As we stepped off the stairs, we heard applause. Yeah, the entire group cheered that we'd just fucked. So much for discretion.

The party started breaking up fairly soon after, and people just sort of drifted off. Tom, Jess, Juanita, Ted, Alison, and Blake had plans to for the evening, which I suspect was a ploy to leave us with some family time. I suggested that they just use the smaller apartment, which they thought was a great idea. Yeah, we're keeping both apartments. Chloe was blown away.

Chloe and Ben were the last to leave.

"You really must entertain," said Chloe. "I'll be shattered if you don't. My suggestion is a housewarming and invite the whole building. The buzz about you is fierce, and most of it is bullshit. Better to get in front of it and meet everyone. The smallest apartment in the building is your other one. Several are half floors and there is one full floor, owned by a name I shall not repeat, but who you would meet, as they love parties. All in, if everyone comes and bring a few guests, it's about 250 people. Easy for your place. Can I send out the invites? Say for a month or so from now?" I looked at Bob, and he just shrugged, so I guess we were in.

"Our only rule," said Bob. "Is the dress code is Florida casual. Shorts and T-shirts. Put on the invitation that anyone dressed business casual or better will be turned away. We're Florida people. New York needs a little Florida." Chloe was aghast and really, really didn't want to agree, but Bob dug in his heels. His party, his rules.

"An afternoon party, just like today. Oh, and no house warming gifts. Not like we need them. If they want, make a charitable donation, but no gifts," added Bob. That too flustered Chloe, but she agreed. She said she had the perfect party planner and would get her going right now. It would take the whole month.

Finally, about four in the afternoon, it was just the six of our family. It was going to take awhile to say six instead of five, but Chris fit right in. We were in New York and we did nothing. We stayed in, watched a little TV, and the kids broke out Monopoly, which one of them had brought. The afternoon was amazing, especially for me, but tonight was quiet family time.

The month flew by. It was busy, and there are probably some stories someone will tell, but I'm going to stay on this thread. Morgan raced, and won. Orlando entered his first cart race and did well. He wasn't going to be 'Morgan good', but he was going to win some races. Chris entered three more races and won two and came in second in the other. She was the points leader in the series and getting a lot of attention. I was surprised, but she thrived on it. Leslie was Leslie, and shuttled family members around the country at will. She just loved to fly. Oh, and yes, she fucked Mike at 30,000 feet, but that's a story I'll let her tell. I think she rocked his world even more than I did. Leslie did ask Chris if she could teach her to drive the race boat. Isn't that nuts? They can't drive the regular boats, legally, but there was an exception for 120mph race boat. Chris was excited Leslie wanted to, and they agreed to alternate flying and racing.

Now that's a party

Let's jump ahead. The party was scheduled for a Saturday afternoon, so we all came up on Friday. Somewhere in the month, Bob had been convinced to buy a second helicopter and keep it at LaGuardia. Seemed a bit much to me, but what's a few million. It wasn't crazy nice like our Florida helicopter, but pretty damn close. Apparently it was another 'couldn't afford what they bought' story of some kind. Bob had it painted to match. Apparently we were that kind of people now. I do have to say it was kind of cool having it parked on our roof. When you were on the patio, it was RIGHT THERE on the roof of the covered part of that floor. As you can imagine, it was talked about a bit. I admit, we were all enjoying New York more than we expected, so it would get a lot of use. Chloe had arranged a maid service, so we didn't have to do anything, which was about our skill level.

The kids all spent the entire morning choosing their outfits. I heard a lot of comments like 'too slutty' and 'not quite slutty enough'. Ah, the balance of getting slutty 11 year old just right. I cautioned them that New York was more reserved and they shouldn't put it all out there.

"Yeah, Mom, we get it," said Leslie. "Chris can get away with a tight t-shirt and she'll look really sexy. I think my boobs might be borderline on the innocent 11 year old scale now. It's too bad. I'll just wear something a little more opaque than she does. I'm sure as hell not wearing a damn bra." Yeah, Leslie will go into adulthood shunning bras. She's a funny mix of sexy and tomboy.

In the end, they were all fairly conservative. Chris even wore a skirt, but corrected me that it was culottes, and pulled up the skirt to show me. I didn't even know culottes were still a thing, but she rocked them. She pushed a little, as was in a plain white T that was probably a size too small. Not glaringly small, just a bit tight. She did pull off sexy 11 year old.

Leslie looked old for her years. She looked almost 12. She was in khaki shorts and a dark blue polo. Sweet and sexy. The preppy look. Orlando was dressed about the same, but black shorts and a salmon polo, and he pulled it off. Morgan went for a sundress. No, not the seethru one, just a simple sundress. It did move with her, and she did look great.

Bob and I were close to Leslie and Orlando. He was in khaki cargo shorts and a T-shirt for Ron's surf shop. He was playing the Florida card hard. I was in simple white shorts and a pink tank. I don't like bras any more than Leslie does.

Our guests started to arrive, just about on time. The first to arrive were Robert and Scarlett, each with a companion. We did introductions and shared they had the run of the place. Robert asked if they could show people the moving walls. I laughed and said that was fine. Both noticed the walls around the big kitchen were closed and commented how cool that was. I suspect some apartment redesign was in their future.

The rest of the Avengers showed up shortly after. Yeah, almost all of them. Robert had invited them, after asking permission. That was sweet. Like we'd say no. I think he spent most of the day showing his friends the moving walls. OK, I admit we'd already talked to Chloe about redoing the smaller apartment and turning it into a giant studio, but with the moving walls. Well sure.

The other guests started to arrive and all had honored the dress code. It got a lot of comments and laughter during introductions. Apparently everyone loved it and thought an afternoon Florida themed party was the best thing ever. Yeah, we got the stuffy out of them all.

One of the last guests to arrive was the mayor and his wife. Yes, the mayor came to our party, but it was his guests that caused a bit of a stir. He'd brought Bill and Hillary with him. Yes, that Bill and Hillary. Why the fuck not? It was hilarious to see them both in shorts, but they were clearly comfortable. Hillary should have rocked the look more. It might have gotten her elected. It made her more approachable. Even she made that comment to me. You know, my new pal Hillary.

Chloe mentioned that an invite to our party was considered the win of the season. I have no idea why, but sure, why not. The party planner had outdone herself. She'd rearranged all the furniture to make room for tables, both in and out. I did the quick math, and there were tables for about a hundred. There was a full buffet setup and it was constantly replenished as the afternoon wore on. Chloe had raided the wine room, and there were servers passing out all kinds of variety's there carried the bottle on a tray, with glasses, so everyone could see what they were trying. Chloe admitted she might have gone overboard with the wine, since she blew threw about a hundred grand in wine, but hey, they were good wines. I'd bet the buffet wasn't a lot less, given the amount of lobster, crab, and more I saw inhaled.

About 30 minutes into the party, Alison mentioned she needed to move the helicopter as another guest wanted to land. OK, I guess. She'd found a helipad next door to borrow, so was back pretty quick. You know, "hey neighbor, can I borrow your helipad." Our life was fucking weird. Not long after we heard the distinctive whoop-whoop and a large helicopter landed. It was a state police helicopter. That was weird. OK, not weird when the governor and his wife stepped out. Seriously? The governor, why not. His three daughters were with him. The more the merrier. I almost turned away and then noticed four more people get out.

Oh fuck no. Seriously fuck no. Barack Obama, Michelle, and their daughters. Seriously? At our home? We were all introduced and felt like we should bow or curtsy or something. They were so nice and genuine and apologized for crashing our party. Let me tell you, Obama looked GOOD in shorts and a T.

They mixed right in, and a few minutes later, I noticed the President. Oh wait, that isn't descriptive enough, is it? Seriously. Two former presidents at our party. I noticed President Obama, heading down the stairs with Robert. Yeah, he was going to show off the walls. How crazy is that.

The party was really rocking and showed no signs of ending, which was fine with us. About 5, Michelle Obama came up and asked if she could say something to the group. Why not?

Which is how Michelle Obama ended up standing on one of the tables, in shorts and a T, addressing our party.

"I'm having so much fun today and want to thank our hosts, Bob and Amy, and all the kids, Morgan, Orlando, Leslie, and their newest family member Chris," said Michelle. Seriously, she'd taken the time not only to meet and learn all our names, she knew of Chris' story. I missed their family in the White House.

Her family was standing beside her, but, you know, on the floor.

"This might appear a bit spontaneous, and it is, but it is something I've been considering for a long time. I said I wasn't going to do it, but I've changed my mind," she said. I had no idea where she was headed. Oh wait, could she? Would she? Here?

"So, let this party be the day and time I offically announce my candidacy for the 2020 Democratic nomination," said Michelle. "And without a camera in sight", she added with a laugh. Yeah, Michelle, we all have camera phones. We all recorded it.

Bedlam ensued. If we weren't famous before, we'd just been seriously outed.

Bob walked up, and asked if he could say something. Michelle laughed and I heard her say, "Well it is your house."

"First, thank you all for coming, and thank you Michelle for livening up a dull party," said Bob, getting the expected laugh.

"Let me make the first donation to you campaign. I know I can't donate directly, beyond $2700, but you'll have that. But I can donated $10 million to a PAC supporting you, and this is my pledge to do so,", said Bob. $10 million. OK, why not. "I am hopeful that all of you here today can make similar pledges, at your own comfort level. We have over 250 guests today. All of you can afford a serious donation. My challenge to you is for Michelle to leave with committments from this group totally $250 million. I got us started. Ben can be our scribe," said Bob, pointing at Ben. "Be generous. You know we need her leadership."

Which is how, in a little more than an hour, Michelle had pledges for slightly less than a half billion dollars. A solid start, don't you think?

The party eventually started winding down, and guests drifted off. Since most lived in the building, it was simple for them. I realized that the governor and his family had left a little earlier, but left the Obamas. Weird. Eventually we were down to the last dozen or so, and Michelle came over to talk to me.

"I owe you an apology," she said. "I shouldn't have done that without your permission. I'd been considering it forever, and got caught up in the moment. Sure worked out though, didn't it", adding a laugh.

"Oh, it's quite alright," I said. "We're obviously big supporters. But it appears you've been abandoned."

"Yes, we have," said Michelle. "The security team is in a bit of a panic trying to figure out what to do. We need to head back to DC and it's not simple to arrange travel for us."

"Oh, that's easy. Give us about 20 minutes and Alison can fly you and your team down," I said. That got a quizzical look from Michelle, but just then I heard the sound of rotors. Uh oh, nobody warned their security detail. I stood up and almost shouted.

"Guys, guys, it's OK. It's ours. It's just Alison. You all met Alison," I said. A lot of guns were instantly put away. Oh boy. Note to self. Do not panic the secret service.

"Your chariot has arrived," I said. "Alison would be honored, no thrilled, to fly you to DC. It holds 12, which should be enough for you and your team. She'll even let you sit in the co-pilots seat if you want."

"This is so generous, but that seat is a problem. We're not allowed to fly without two pilots," said Michelle.

"Oh, that's no problem then. Leslie can fly right seat as long as Alison is flying left," I said. This got a really funny look from Michelle.

"Did you say Leslie? The cute 11 year old I met? That Leslie?," she said.

I laughed. "Yes, that Leslie. She's certified for a number of aircraft, and can solo fly them all, including the 767. But a helicopter is an odd quirk, and for that, she can only fly legally with an instructor, even though she's damn good at it. Luckily, Alison is an intructor. It's all fine for you. Two pilots. Too bad you're not in office yet, you could get an exception for Leslie," I said.

"Did you just say that your 11 year old daughter is certified to fly a 767?," she said. "Seriously, a 767?"

I laughed again. "Yeah, that's the reaction we get a lot," I said. She commented that they still had some pull and would work on the helicopter certification. She went off to talk to the security detail and the lead agent came over to talk to me.

"Leslie? Really?," he said. It was all he said, and I nodded. He shook his head, but said OK, we're good. I went and told Alison and Leslie, who couldn't stop jumping up and down.

Barack came over to talk next. Yes, I'm on a first name basis with two former Presidents. Hell, why not.

"Thank you so much for your generosity, both in hosting us and in your donation," he said. Damn, I'd fuck him. Oops, off topic, but damn I would. "Michelle and I would love to talk to you a little more and, honestly, ask for your help. Any chance you'd ride with us, then fly back?"

Sure, why not. Take a little flight with the presumptive democratic nominee and her unemployed husband. What the fuck.

I went and told the other three kids, who said they'd be fine, as the other adults were just downstairs. It was a pretty high security building, and Morgan was fifteen, so we weren't worried at all. I grabbed Bob and we all headed up to the roof. He was clueless why, but Bob being Bob, just faithfully followed me upstairs. I admit the security detail was hilarious, as the Obamas made them adhere to our dress code. They clearly didn't like it.

We all fit easily, and put on the headsets. It's hard to talk in a helicopter, even a nice one like this. We took off, and Michelle asked the security people for privacy, so they took off their headsets. I think they were enjoying the view of NY out the window. I heard Leslie ask if she and Alison could listen, and we told them they could.

"Again, thank you so much for hosting us and allowing us to take over your party, without even asking. We had such a wonderful time and you have such a beautiful family," she said.

"As do you, Michelle. We were pleased to host you. It was all a little unexpected. We're really new to this, including having money. We're just two kids, with kids, and fell into it. If you'd told me a year ago that any of this would happen, I would have laughed at you. I was a nursing student, with no plans at all. Bob was a programmer, living on a small boat he was restoring. Now we're flying our helicopter, with you. Fucking crazy," I said. "Oops, sorry about the profanity."

"Oh, it is fucking crazy," said Barack, and we all laughed.

"Well you're clearly handling it well," she said. "After all, your eleven year old is flying your helicopter. You must be doing something well."

"Hey, I'm a good pilot," jumped in Leslie, getting another round of laughter.

"So here is our favor. We hear through rumors that you have a home in Florida that could entertain a large group. Would you be willing to host a fund raiser, say in two weeks, at your home?," said Michelle.

Bob and I both laughed and assured them we would be happy to do so.

"Why don't you make it a weekend," said Bob. "Come down early, say Thursday. We have plenty of room for your entire family, plus your security team. PLENTY of room. Make it a weekend. We'll take you tubing, and out on the gulf, and have a blast. You're always welcome."

The Obamas looked at each other, and at their kids, who all nodded vigorously.

"We accept. You'll have to go through a lot of crap, with them inspecting your house, but you only have to do it once," she said. "We'll have our people get in touch with your people. Do you have people?", she added, with a laugh.

"Yes, and you met them all. They're all also our friends and part of the family. Alison and Blake are our live-in do everything team. Tom and Jess run a flight school we co-own and are the primary pilots of the 767."

"Hey," interjected Leslie, getting another laugh.

"Juanita runs everything else, including our basketball league," added Bob. Barack perked up at that.

"You run your own league?," he asked.

"Yes. Just friends. We have a court. We're all getting better, but are still pretty bad. We have fun thought. You'll have to join us. We'll add a Friday night game. I'm pretty confident they'll all clear their calendars." That too got a round of laughter.

"Oh I guess I forgot Sophia, but she runs our house in Italy," Bob added. That just got a shake of the head from all the Obamas.

About then we landed in DC, and they all climbed out. We took off, heading back to New York. It was just Bob and me in the back, and, well, we hadn't christened THIS helicopter yet. So we did. Repeatedly.

Oh, you want details. Did you know a helicopter only needs one pilot? How else would Alison and Leslie have gotten their turn? Oh, and yes, Leslie flew by herself and yes, we were comfortable with that. That's all you get.

Characters in the stories




Billy I
Gabriel (Gabe)




The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
The youngest
Adopted daughter
Morgan's friend and a cheerleader
Leslie's new friend
Family personal trainer and more
Co-owner, classic car restoration in Clearwater
First home staff. Mechanic, general purpose everything
First home staff. Chef, runs the house and more
Yacht dealer’s Dad and Chris’ grandfather
Juanita's brother
Juanita's sister
New Italian friend and Goddess
Sophia's son
Sophia's daughter
Flight instructor
Flight instructor
Cart driving coach
Orlando’s science club partner
Don’s nephew
Don’s neice
Developer and architect
Security guard
Kitchen designer
Boat salesman
Head cheerleader at Orlando’s school
Car dealer, now consultant
Ford car salesman
Missy’s Mom
Chris’ boat racing coach


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
4'11" - 80, slim, glorious puffy nipples
5'8" - tall, athletic, B cup
4'6" - 80, 3 inch cock
5'9" - athletic, petite, D cup, 5 inch cock
6'2" - reasonably fit, average cock
6'2" - 185, blonde, ripped, 7 inch thin cock
5'9" - tall, athletic, blonde, simply stunning, B cup, model gorgeous
5’11” - rugged, handsome
5'0" - 90, cute, 4 inch cock
4'11" - 85, sexy, flat
5'7" - stunning, simply stunning, B cup
5'4" - chisled, smaller, male Sophia, 5 inch uncut cock
4'5" - sexy AF
6'0" - 175, trim, 7 inch thick and cut
5'9" - 140, small B cup, runner's body
165 - 8 uncut and thin
5’5” - petite, long legs, B cup, big nipples
4’4” - cute as a button
4’4” - cute as a button
5'7" - athletic, smaller B cup. Hot AF
6'3" - 220, muscular, 6 uncut and very thick
6’0” - swimmer’s body, 6 inch thick cock
5’11” - average in every way
5’5” - blonde, sexy, B cup
6’2” - handsome, black, 8 inch uncut thick
5’6” - blonde, sexy, C cup, grown up Missy
6’1” - blonde, shaggy, good shape

End of Chapter