A family party

2 August 2018

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Tim Buchanan

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Bob plans a party

Bob here again.

So much has gone on in our lives. Chris has joined our family. We met most of the Avengers, and see Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johanssen almost every time we visit New York. He does love our moving walls. It had been two weeks since we got back from Paris, and we were already bored.

Chris keeps winning races. Leslie flies everywhere. They're teaching each other, which is awesome. Morgan is ready to move up from carts, which scares me a little, but she loves it. She tests with the Andrettis fairly often. Apparently she is their rabbit. They put her in an IndyCar and challenge the other drivers to beat her. They do, but not all the time. Mario told me that if she was older, one of their drivers would lose their ride, because the seat would belong to Morgan. Damn.

Orlando's being that amazing brother. He's racing some with Morgan. He's drag racing. Apparently he is something called the 'virgin whisperer'. I haven't asked, he hasn't offered. I trust him though. I trust them all.

And what about me? I am blessed. Amy married me! Yeah, I still can't get over that one. And we're stupid rich.

We decided it was time for a family party, even though many of us just got back from Paris. Hadn't had the whole crew in, well, ever. Sophia and her kids were flying over with Marco, Gianna, and their kids. Lance, Linda, Matt, and their kids were invited. Billy I was invited, of course. Juanita's parents and siblings were coming. Amy's parents were coming. Tom and Jess. Alison and Blake. The whole crew. Ted couldn't come, as he is in full race mode, which made Juanita sad, but she supports him. They've agreed to still see each other when they can, but to not be exclusive. I think that's good. Juanita did ask if she could bring a friend, and assured us the friend was 'cool'. I don't know anything other than the friends name is Eva. I don't know if Eva is all girl, but didn't think it was my place to ask. I am sure I'll find out more, um, intimately.

All our 'extended family'. There were going to be a ton of people, but it isn't like we didn't have the space. We were making a week of it. The kids had activities planned. I'm guessing a lot of them involved us being nude. Cool.

The logistics weren't that bad. Only two groups were not local. One in Ohio and one in Italy. I knew Leslie would want in, but assumed she'd pick Ohio. Nope. She argued for Italy. That meant the 767. She wanted to solo. I wanted Tom or Jess to go along. We argued. She won, sort of, as we compromised. She got to fly solo, with Chris in the co-pilot's seat, but Tom or Jess had to be on the plane. She argued, but I pointed out I wasn't letting two 11 year olds fly to Europe alone, even if they could! She grumbled, but picked Jess. OK by me. In the end, they made it a girls trip and Alison went too. She wanted some seat time in the big jet anyway. Seemed silly to fly a giant plane to Europe, but she was right, the operating costs were not much more than a G650 and instead of sleeper seats we got bedrooms. The ability to carry cars underneath is particularly handy for our family.

In this case, applicable too, as we had a lot more cars to bring home. We just weren't going to Italy enough to use them there. Our friends were going, which was nice, as we loaned out the house often. Marco had found an obscure loophole through which I was going to be able to register the 917 as street legal. It apparently involved brake lights and little more. Tires were a problem, but I wasn't going to use it as a grocery getter. We'd add some of them to the new museum. Amy was already scouting muscle cars, having a new excuse from Leo.

Amy's parents came in tonight on a FlexJet. Leslie and team landed at the same time. Alison left the helicopter there. Everybody else dribbled in over the afternoon. Even the locals were going to stay.

The Europeans would be tired tonight, so Alison had dinner catered. Everyone arrived by 3, so we had an early dinner. The kids had worked out activities and games for every day, but we weren't allowed to know the details. They shared that some would be silly, like Pictionary, and others would be, well, more sexual. They did say that payment for almost all the games had a sexual component. Of course it did. Once dinner was over, Orlando got up to tell us about tonight's game.

"OK everyone. Tonight's game is quite simple. The goal is to be the winner in getting your partner off the fastest. Speed counts. The team wins that has the lowest time from start to orgasm. There will be a men's division and a women's division. Hopefully none of the men did much today, or you won't be a winner. Each person gets to choose the partner who will help them out," said Orlando. "For example, I might choose Leslie, or Blake, or Terry, but it is my choice. We'll go through all the men and all the women. To make it competitive, and given we have 33 people, we'll do it a few at a time."

Everyone started talking a bit about who they'd choose and how they wanted to do it.

"Quiet," yelled Orlando. "I'm not done with the rules. The method must be HANDS ONLY. Your partner can only use their hands. No mouths, no cocks, just hands. Have you had a hand job lately guys? You're getting one tonight. Have you been fingered to orgasm lately ladies? Tonight. Tonight you will. We drew names out of a hat to determine order. We'll start with four men. First up we have Bob, Clay, Jesse, and Juanita. Yes, we're making Juanita play in the men's division because, you know, she has a cock. She agreed that would be fair. Come on up and take a seat. Two to each of these couches."

"OK gentleman, choose your partner. As we move along, you can choose a partner that has already been chosen. Maybe you liked their technique. Maybe you secretly have a thing for them. Doesn't matter. Teams vary. Heck one person could be on the winning team in both divisions," continued Orlando.

"OK, I guess I'm first in choosing," said Bob. "I choose Leslie."

"Oh, a bold move, not choosing your wife, the incomparable Amy," said Orlando. "Went with the young sexy wench. Can't blame you for that choice. Hope you don't have to sleep on the couch tonight though."

"I guess I'm next," said Clay. "This is easy. I choose Cindy."

"Oh, keeping it in the family. I'll bet she has a lot of practice giving you hand jobs, doesn't she?," said Orlando. Clay and Cindy both turned bright red. Busted.

"OK, my choice. It's a tough one. I haven't played with that many of you, but I think a guy knows a guy," said Jesse. "I think Blake is hot, so I choose Blake."

"Ah, the bro method. We'll see if that works," said Orlando. "Last up is Juanita."

"Oh, this is easy," said Juanita. "Chris. It has to be Chris. Just the sight of those puffy nipples will get you off." You would have thought Chris won the Olympics. She jumped up cheering and stripped off her top.

"OK, nothing in the rules says your partner can't be naked. Much of sex is visual. Enjoy the view," said Orlando. With that, all the partners stripped off. No surprise, Blake was hard. An awful lot of nipples were too.

"Now, everyone works to completion. This is timed, and the order of completion is important to tomorrow's activity," said Orlando. "I'm the time keeper, at least until it is my turn. Ready, set, go."

Each helper had a container of lube and all but one liberally spread it on their partner's cock. Blake went with the dry rub. Risky, but has potential. The room was filled with moans, and everyone else crowded around to watch. Apparently their were alliances, as each person seemed to have people cheering for them. Amy was cheering for me, which is good. I guess it wasn't going to be the couch tonight.

It wasn't long before Jesse took the lead. A bro with a dry rub seemed to work. I was pretty close behind, and Clay wasn't but a few seconds behind me. Juanita was in last place. We all were sitting here with cum all over our chests, not sure what to do.

"Not fair," said Juanita. "I fucked Eva and Alison today. My third cum takes longer." Everyone laughed.

"Oh, did I forget to mention clean up duty," said Orlando. "It's the job of your partner, and I don't mean with towels." Nobody seemed to mind, and they all attacked, licking away. Soon we were clean. I think all of us had our own cum passed to us in a kiss. Well why not. I sure liked kissing Leslie. Who wouldn't? I admit I copped a feel, which got a laugh and a playful slap, but with lust in her eyes. I'm sure she'd be chosen as a partner a lot.

"Next up are four women," said Orlando. "The chosen group starts with our newest guest Eva, then Linda, Mary, and Elena. Interesting. Three adults and a 7 year old. Can she take the crown?"

So, that answered the question about Eva. She stripped down and was a sight to behold. Blonde hair and the drapes matched the carpet, so to speak. A nice full bush, which you don't see often anymore. Nice C cup breasts with truly enormous areola. Very hot. About 5'6" and curvy. Not fat, just sexy.

"Well, I don't know any of you very well, but I've always liked red heads, so I choose Amy," said Eve.

"A solid choice, for sure. Amy has skills like you have never seen," said Orlando. "Too bad she can't use her tongue. Her tongue is magical." That got a groan out of Eva. Oh, she'll get her chance.

"Nobody knows me like Lance," said Linda. "I know he's good at it. I choose my hubby."

"The safe choice," said Orlando. "Guess there is no couch in your future tonight."

"Well, John's good at it too, but I think I want some variety and will go a different way," said Mary. "I choose Ruby."

"Oh boy, choose the 8 year old," said Orlando. "Risky move or crafty strategy? We'll see."

"I may be young, but I'm horny as hell," said Elena. "I'm about to go off already. I'm confident in Leslie's skills, so was going to go there, but Chris, damn Chris is sexy, so I choose Chris."

"So the youngest among us chooses the newest member of our family," said Orlando. "Let me assure you, you've made a fine choice." Ready, set, go.

Again, the cheering section. It was so fucking hot to watch. I wanted to watch Amy and Eve, but I couldn't resist cheering for Elena and Chris. It was a good choice, because Elena went off first. I guess she was horny. There was a little gap to second place, but Eva went off, hard, in second place. Yeah, Amy's good. Amy couldn't resist, and leaned in and started licking Eva, taking her over again. Chris must have thought it was a great idea, because Elena was soon riding a wave. This must have been good for the others, because Linda and Mary came almost together. Glad I wasn't the time keeper. Their partners dove in too. I guess the men got cleaned up. Might as well let them women get off again. Finally it calmed down and it was time for round two of the men.

"OK, the second group of men includes Roberto, Gabriel, Luca, and me. Guess it is the younger guy group. I'll pass the narrator role to Leslie, unless one of the boys picks her. She'll be the timekeeper too."

Leslie got into the spirit and asked Roberto who he chose.

"Well, never say an 11 year old can't learn. Blake was a winner as a partner in the first round, so I choose him."

"Ah, go with success," said Leslie. "A tried and true choice."

"I may be 10, but I know success too. I would have chosen Orlando, because I know he has skills, but he's not available," said Gabriel. "I'm going with experience. The new face in the crowd. I choose Billy."

We all laughed. "Well, he should have experience stroking a cock, even if it was only his," said Leslie, again breaking up the crowd.

"I think they're going down the wrong path," said Luca. "There's only one person here that can stroke it as a woman, but knows about a cock. I choose Juanita. Don't let me down Juanita."

"The dual purpose choice," said Leslie. "Bold. Innovative. Sexy as fuck." That got a cheer from the crowd, and Juanita bowed.

"Guess I'm last. I might be the one in this group that has sampled the most potential partners," said Orlando. "I'm going with personal experience. Nobody will be better than Morgan." Morgan jumped up, pumping her arms in the air.

"So, an even split boys and girls, even if Juanita does have a little extra going for her," said Leslie. "Ready, set, go."

Blake stuck with his dry rub and so did Billy. I guess they know what works for them. Juanita and Morgan lubed up their partner. Morgan understood the rules were hands. It didn't say anthing about where those hands could go, and she immediately pushed two fingers into Orlando's ass, causing him to moan. She had really had him going. I was confident he wouldn't last. Juanita paid attention and since she was lubed up already too, she shoved a finger into Luca's ass. She got a little scream, then a moan. The technique worked, and lube or not, Orlando shot off, quickly followed by Luca. It was close those, as Roberto and Gabriel weren't far behind. I was impressed, all the boys came buckets and their partner dove right in. Billy clearly enjoyed himself and once clean, he took Gabriel in his mouth. The competition was complete for Gabriel, so why not. It didn't take long and he had Gabriel bucking again. Ah, youth. Billy pulled off and showed everyone the cum on his tongue before he turned to his left and kissed Morgan, passing her the load. They made out for a bit, and Morgan clearly enjoyed his experience, because she came away flushed, which got a cheer from the crowd.

"OK, round two for the girls and I have to pass the mic back to Orlando, as I'm first up," said Leslie.

"Next up are the mother and daughter pair, Gianna and 9 year old Angela. Finally, the one of the two sexist 11 year olds I've fucked, Chris," said Orlando.

"Hey, I'm 11," said Clay, getting a laugh from the crowd.

"I stand corrected," said Orlando. "The crowd is full of sexy 11 year olds I've fucked."

"I'm first up and who could I pick but my loving sister who introduced me to masturbation," said Leslie. "I was 5 and she was 7. We have a lot of years of getting each other off."

"I don't know that many of you," said Gianna. "But I plan to get to know ALL of you better. Count on it. I don't know if we'll win, but I am enchanted by young Ruby, so choose her."

"I may be 9, but I know boys jack off more than girls, so I'm picking a boy," said Angela. "Billy had some skills with Gabriel, so get back over here old man." That got a laugh from everyone, but no one laughed harder than Billy.

"Choices, choices," said Chris. "Can you all just line up and everyone gets me off? OK, I guess not. Well, I'm going for sexy. I just met Sophia, but damn girl. I will require you to be naked though." With that, Sophia stood up and stripped. That got a room watching, for sure. I needed to fuck her again. Soon. Pretty sure every one in the room felt that emotion right now.

"Ready, set, go," said Orlando.

Morgan quickly squirted lube on Leslie, but not on her pussy. Oh, fingers in both holes. That's nice. She pumped for awhile, then moved her finger to Leslie's nipples. Leslie does have sensitive nipples.

Ruby went hard at Gianna's nipples, tweaking them roughly, which pumping two fingers in and out, and using her thumb on Gianna's clit. She was rough, and being really aggressive. I wonder where she learned that. Would she do that to me? I had to find out.

Billy took the gentle approach with Angela, working on her clit and tiny little nipples. He squirted a little lube and started pumping in and out. I could tell he was startled to not find a hymen, but let's be honest, there wasn't an intact hymen in the room.

Sophia went with the pussy and ass route, and was really going to town, but putting a lot of effort into Chris' clit too. Whatever she did, it worked, as Chris went off like a rocket after a very short period of time. I'm sure she's in the lead, but a big margin. Well, Sophia will do that to you. Gianna wasn't that far behind. I guess rough works. Angela and Leslie went off next, together. Leslie surprised me a little, as she usually cums fast, but any given time, any given fingers. I think she and Morgan were disappointed, but Morgan went down on her and Leslie stopped caring.

"Well now, we're coming into the home stretch," said Orlando. "We still have two groups of men, so let's get that next group up here. The group is led by Billy, one of tonight's most popular participants. Oh, and next up is Blake, also a player. The older crowd is represented again with John, and our last contestant is Tom. Show us that military might Tom."

"We went from all boys to all men," said Orlando. "Can the men do it better?"

"So Billy, what's your choice," said Orlando.

"So many choices. So many," said Billy. "But I have to say, a naked Sophia is pretty damn impressive. That's where I'll go." She got up and did a little shake. Damn girl.

"Guess I'm up. The correct thing to do would be to chose Alison, but I'm going the bro route. Bob, get over here," said Blake.

"A fine choice, if I do say so. He has skills, let me tell you," said Orlando. "So John. Going with the wife? Maybe that smoking daughter of yours that I call Mom? Maybe a granddaughter -- you have a new one, you know. Or maybe a grandson?" John laughed with that one.

"Oh my. I agree. So many choices. I need to shake things up and bring in a new contestant," said John. "Let's go with young Renee. Maybe those young hands will do the trick." Renee hopped up and stripped. Well sure. Give him a view.

"So I'm last, am I," said Tom. "I've spent a lot of time flying with Leslie, fully clothed. What fun is that? I'm picking Leslie. Nude Leslie." Surprisingly, Leslie had her clothes back on, but that didn't last.

"Ready, set, go," said Orlando. The teams went to town. Sophia almost forgot the rules, as she leaned down to take Billy in her mouth. He caught her though and shook his head and she laughed. She went the prostate massage route. Not sure if he'd be first, but he was sure as hell enjoying it. She got up on her knees so he had a full frontal view. I'm sure that helped. I caught this out of the corner of my eye, because I was working on Blake. I went the dry route, on his cock, but lubed up his ass for the prostate massage. The way he was groaning, I think he was close already. Renee stood up, and was stroking John with a well lubed hand. With her other hand, she was finger fucking herself, putting on a show. Fair game I guess. He was sure mesmerized. Leslie was following Renee's lead, but alternating fucking Tom's ass and playing with her pussy. Quite a sight for him.

Leslie's skills won the day and Tom came everywhere, spraying himself, Leslie and even some on Renee. She laughed. It must have been enough, becuase it put John over the top, causing a chain reaction with Blake and Billy. Blake gave me quite the facial, but was nice enough to clean me, after I cleaned him. Leslie apparently decided to clean Tom's cock with the inside of her pussy, as she was bouncing up and down. It apparently inspired Renee, because she sucked John hard again and climbed right on. I think he was in heaven with a tight 9 year old pussy and filled her pretty fast. Finally Orlando broke it up, reminding them we still had contestants.

"OK folks, we have nine women remaining, so this round we'll bring up five of the lovely ladies. Oh yes, a fan favorite Sophia is up first. Let's add in Juanita's Mom Julia AND her sister Ruby. Oh boy. Side by side. Mother and daughter. I'd pay money to see that, but the show's free folks. Oh my, the last two are another mother and daughter pair, Amy and Morgan. Let me tell you, they both have skills. Tell me that firey red hair doesn't turn you on. It sure does me," said Orlando. Everybody laughed at his over the top descriptions.

"So, Sophia, what's your pleasure or more accurately who is your pleasure," said Orlando.

"Well, I've heard the best approach is defense, so I'm taking her husband off the table by choosing Bob. Any man that buys a 917 appreciates a fine piece like me," said Sophia.

"I'm next," said Julia. "I need a young man, so I'm choosing Clay. Do me Clay. Do me well."

"You go Julia," said Orlando. "Maybe this is the plan, but I'll bet he'd do you, after he does you if you get my drift." Julia smiled big at that.

"A litle girl needs a little girl," said Ruby. "Come on Elena. Help me out here."

"Little girl on little girl action," said Orlando. "It's going to be a show. Well Mom. Dad's off the table. Who is up for you." She crooked her finger at Orlando.

"Oh boy. Guess I'm in play. Leslie, back to you," said Orlando. Leslie hopped up, still naked.

"Last, but definitely not least, my lovely sister Morgan. She's got some mad orgasm skills folks," said Leslie. Morgan followed Mom's lead and just crooked her finger at Leslie.

"Uh oh. Backup to the backup announcer is up," said Leslie. "Here you go Chris."

Chris hopped up and stripped.

"Feels like the announcer should be more involved," said Chris, thrusting her puffies out there.

"Ready, set, go!," said Chris.

Elena quickly lubed up Ruby, and focused on her clit and her nipples. Ruby was clearly horny and I'll bet the winner for the night, because she didn't last 30 seconds. Clay had some mad skills, because Julia didn't last much longer, and as soon as she came, he climbed on and started pumping in and out. Not the plan, but what the hell. Amy and Morgan didn't last much longer and came almost together, along with Sophia. That whole group might be the top 5. Amy got into it and pulled Orlando up and on her. Damn she's fine to watch, but I didn't get much opportunity, as Sophia pulled me up and in. Fuck she was tight. And damn sexy. She had to come visit more, or we had to go to Italy more. She was on one continuous orgasm and I didn't last long, filling her up. Eva actually pushed me out of the way and went down on Sophia and cleaned her out. Well, Eva's a fun new friend. The sight made me hard again, and I slipped right into Eva, after asking permission first. I got her up and over, but pulled out. I wanted to save my final cum for the night.

"Well, the hour is late folks, so we're going to do the final two teams together. The woman's team is led off by young Renee, followed her equally young best friend Cindy. Our final two female competitors are Jess and Alison. On the men's side, we have our one remaining young competitor Terry, our 9 year old friend, followed by the remaining men, Matt, Terry's Dad, Lance, Matt's friend, and finally Marco. Three car buffs here at the end, in the buff" said Orlando. "Now we pick partners. We'll alternate to make it fair.

"Miss Renee, who is your choice," said Orlando. "And Terry, you're up next."

"Well, Juanita's hot. She's got a cock and tits. I'll bet she knows what to do," said Renee.

"Damn, you took my pick," said Terry, which got a laugh. "Since I can't have my twin, I'm reaching for the stars and picking Amy."

"You are reaching for the stars, for sure," said Orlando. "And very fine stars they are. Next up, Cindy and Matt."

"I just can't stop watching Sophia," said Cindy. "Do me baby." Everyone laughed at that coming from a 9 year old.

"Well, I guess I am next," said Matt. "Might be the hardest decision of my life, so to speak. Mary, something about you just speaks to me."

"Not hard for me at all," said Jess. "Boy cock. I'll take naked Luca." Luca hopped up and stripped down and was quite hard. Boys.

"I've wanted Chris ever since I met her," said Lance. "Maybe after she jacks me off, I can fuck her." Chris hopped up, still naked, and did a little spin.

"You think you can handle this, big boy," said Chris, which got a laugh.

"Well, experience or enthusiasm," said Alison. "Such a choice. Nobody put in more effort tonight than Ruby, so come on over her little one." Ruby hopped right up and stripped. Everyone was doing nude masturbation now. Not that I minded.

"Welcome to the US Marco," said Orlando. "What set of hands excites you tonight?"

"All of them," said Marco, getting the expected laugh. "But nobody knows me better than my own lovely Angela. Come on baby, get Daddy off."

"The teams are set. Two winners in this round," said Orlando. "Ready, set, go."

I'll focus on the women first. Luca went to town, but started with a focus on Jess' nipples. Interesting. He stood, showing her his hard cock, then quickly pushed in two fingers, and started massaging her clit. Jess was really bouncing now. Juanita had three lubed fingers in tiny Renee, and I could tell she was close. Oh, over already. Good for you Renee. It was hard to take my eyes off Sophia, working on 9 year old Cindy. That's a video I'd put on repeat, for sure. Cindy was bucking against Sophia's fingers and her breasts were bouncing. It took all I had to not drop and fuck her doggie style. I liked it, what can I say. Alison was bucking and Ruby was bouncing up and down. Too bad she didn't have anything to bounce, so to speak, although it was sexy. All three of the remaining women came within moments of each other. Hard work for our scorekeeper, but he was focusing well. I think he wanted to fuck Ruby. Who didn't.

I actually had Morgan watch the men, as I was, well occupied watching the women and, well playing with myself. Hey, you would too. She shared that the young girls, Chris and Angela, blew away the adults, so to speak. Chris had four, yes four, fingers up Lance's ass. Apparently Marco loved nipple play, and Angela knew it, because she jacked him off while attacking his nipples. They were actually erect and bright red when she finished. I think they must have hurt, but apparently that worked for him. The sexy women were not far behind in their efforts, but Terry edged out Matt. No, that's not fair. No edging in this competition.

The three scorekeepers, Orlando, Leslie, and Chris huddled, tallying up the scores. Honestly, I think mostly they made out, putting on quite a show, but hey, we all liked it.

"So the competition is over folks, and it was a close one. We'll start with the men's division. Blake's skills with the dry rub, and I don't mean BBQ, were exceptional, getting Jesse off in a blinding 45 seconds. Second through fourth were so close, with Orlando, Luca, and Tom all in the 52 to 58 second range. Your scorekeepers have chosen to award four prizes in the men's division. In last place was Juanita, who will get the booby prize, which does feel appropriate." That last line got a sharp laugh from Juanita.

"There is a prize for last place, should the winner, er loser chose to participate," said Orlando. "Prizes announced at the end."

Jesse, Blake 0:45
Orlando, Morgan 0:52
Luca, Juanita 0:55
Tom, Leslie 0:58
John, Renee 1:03
Lance, Chris 1:08
Bob, Leslie 1:10
Roberto, Blake 1:11
Clay, Cindy 1:12
Gabriel, Billy 1:14
Marco, Angela 1:18
Blake, Bob 1:21
Terry, Amy 1:28
Billy, Sophia 1:33
Matt, Mary 1:42
Juanita, Chris 2:45

"The women's division was absolutely dominated by the young girls. Renee and Ruby tied at a blazing 26 seconds, with Chris right behind at 28 seconds," said Orlando. "In last place was Mary, at a still speedy 2:02. The top four women were all assisted by other women, with Juanita the winning partner. Apparently women know women. Don't forget, they're team awards, so your partner wins as well. OK folks, thanks for playing." That got Orlando a lot of boos, and Sophia even threw her panties at him. Without missing a beat, he picked them up and put them against his face and inhaled deeply.

"Oh girl, don't tempt me," said Orlando. "But I am a winner, so we'll talk tomorrow."

Renee, Juanita 0:26
Ruby, Elena 0:26
Chris, Sophia 0:28
Elena, Chris 0:42
Julia, Clay 0:45
Amy, Orlando 0:51
Morgan, Leslie 0:51
Sophia, Bob 0:52
Gianna, Ruby 0:55
Cindy, Sophia 0:58
Jess, Luca 1:01
Alison, Ruby 1:04
Eva, Amy 1:12
Leslie, Morgan 1:16
Angela, Billy 1:17
Linda, Lance 1:35
Mary, Ruby 2:02

"OK, I guess you want to know the prizes. We have fourteen winners, with our close race in the men's division. Amazingly there were 13 different people involved. I thought for sure that we'd have more double winners, but I guess everyone was a winner tonight. Only Juanita was a double winner, with Luca in the men's division and with Renee in the women's divsion. Of course, she is also a booby prize winner," said Orlando. "So the winning teams are the masters tomorrow. For the entire day, they can walk up to anyone and ask for a sexual favor, right then, right there. Want to fuck? Ask them what position. Want head? Drop to your knees. Maybe they want to pleasure you? That's OK. Now, we all know that no means no, so anyone asked can decline. We would never require you to do anything you don't want. If you don't want to do what they asked, you're free to suggest an alternative, or just decline completely."

"Now, on to the booby prize. Yes, if the winners are the masters, you're the slaves. Again, no means no, but anyone, and I mean anyone, can asked the booby prize winners for a sexual favor at any time. That group includes Juanita, Chris, Mary, and Ruby. I guess that's the risk of being chosen so many times Ruby."

"Oh I'm in," said Ruby. "No limits. I promise to never say no. Fuck me, fuck me in the ass, whatever you want. I'm there."

"Strong words for an 8 year old," said Orlando, getting another laugh. "I'm guessing we'll test those limits tomorrow. I promise, you'll be the second person I fuck, right after Sophia." That actually got a cheer from Sophia.

"OK folks, it's later than we planned, so everyone off to the showers and bed. There are twelve bedrooms, so we'll have some pairing up. The couches both indoors and out are comfortable, and there are sheets and blankets over on the corner table if that's your preference. Sleeping under the stars truly is amazing. Oh, I forgot to mention the grand prize for the two winning teams. Each of the four are awarded a bedroom for the night, and they get to choose one or two people to join them. It's late, but who knows," said Orlando. "So let's go through the winners. We'll go ladies first, so Renee, you have the honors."

"Oh damn, I wish I had more time to think this through. Ok, I'll take Chris and Leslie. Some girl on girl tonight," said Renee. Chris and Leslie ran over and each took an arm and picked Renee up and carried her away. Given they were all still naked, everyone watched their asses as they walked away. Fine asses they were.

"Looks like some excitement from that group," said Orlando. "We'll go with the men's winner now. You're up Jesse."

"I'm partial to young," said Jesse. "I expect they're good together, so I pick Roberto and Angela." They both ran up and each sat on one of Jesse's knees, and Angela stroked his cock a bit. Roberto gave Jesse a big kiss, with a lot of tongue, and Jesse stroked Roberto's cock.

"Get a room!," said Orlando. "No seriously, go pick a room." Jesse stood up, sweeping both kids in his arms, and head towards the guest wing with his prizes.

"Does that mean I'm next?," said Juanita, getting a nod from Orlando. "Well, I brought Eva for a reason, so she's clearly my first choice, but I think she needs another cock. So many fine choices, but I know from experience that Bob has skills, so he's my choice. Sorry Amy."

"That's OK," said Amy. "I don't think I'll have that much trouble finding someone to share my bed." About 15 hands shot up in the air, about evenly men and women.

"Last up is Blake," said Orlando.

"Well, well. The choices. Do I do bro night? Two sexy nubile girls? One of each?," said Blake. "I'll let Alison have some fun elsewhere, so I choose sexy nubiles. Ruby and Elena, you're with me." They both jumped up and started celebrating. They walked over to Blake and stood next to him and then kissed each other. Passionately. They both started fingering the other. Oh hell, we all watched the show. They didn't take long and both came, hard. Yes, fine choices Blake, fine choices.

With that, the group broke up. I don't know who went where, but I know that Orlando slept outside with Morgan and Sophia. Orlando got the middle, on the two person chaise, so I'm pretty sure he had a heavenly night in more ways than one. Amy shared that she took Clay and Cindy, in more ways than one. Billy ended up joining Juanita and her crew, and the next day couldn't stop telling me about tits and cock. I think he had a new thing.

I'm not sure this story reads well, but it was sure as hell fun.

The next morning everyone wandered out slowly. Alison had setup a continental buffet, so everyone just ate when they wanted to. Orlando had ordered wristbands, you know the kind of rubbery ones. Winners wore green, losers wore red. How organized our sex party was. Ruby wandered out, naked, wearing both her red and green wristbands. She walked right up to me and said "Fuck me."

Well, she did have a green wristband. I followed her out onto the patio and she pointed at the double chaise. I laid back and she laid beside me. Just then Chris walked by and Ruby waved to her.

"Eat me. Get me ready for Bob to fuck me," said Ruby. Chris dove right in, after stripping off her clothes. Fuck I got hard. Little Ruby was a vision. Flat chest, flat stomach. She was a beautiful golden color, showing her hispanic roots, and tan all over. Chris pulled apart her lips, which were nothing more than a slit, showing the pink insides and her clit. Ruby was already wet, so Chris slipped a finger in and leaned down and sucked Ruby's clit.

"69," said Ruby. Chris rotated, without missing a beat, and laid down onto Ruby. I couldn't see as well, but I saw Ruby pull apart Chris' lips and go to town. It didn't take long before they both bucked, and Ruby almost bucked Chris off. Chris stood, and Ruby climbed up on my and impaled herself. Chris climbed up and sat on my face, facing Ruby. Well, she did have a green wristband too. By now a crowd had gathered.

I heard Orlando say "All fours" and someone climbed up next to me. I heard Chris say "Hi sis", so it was either Morgan or Leslie. Once they were settled, I reached out and found a breast. Morgan. I felt someone else climb on, and from the new motion of the chaise lounge, Orlando was clearly fucking Morgan doggie style. Apparently public sex was the way of the day. Chris was clearly getting close and really ground herself down. She came, hard, and lifted up a bit, which was good, since she was smothering me. She really drenched me, which was apparently hot to Ruby, because she came hard too, milking the cum out of me.

"I call cleanup," said Renee, and she climbed up. Ruby laid back on my chest and spread her legs, so Renee had access to us both. She licked me clean then moved up to suck my cum out of Ruby. She stroked me while she did it and I, well rose to the occasion. Without any ceremony, Renne lifted up and slid onto my cock, while Ruby was still on my chest. Ruby slid down and ground her pussy against my cock, as Renee bounced up and down. It was truly an amazing feeling. Almost like fucking them both at the same time. I didn't, I couldn't last long, even though I had just cum, and filled Renee up with another load. She lifted off and asked Ruby to trade places. Ruby hopped up and Renee laid back on my chest, and Ruby cleaned us both up. It was so spectacular that the crowd watching actually clapped. I heard several men and boys say they wanted to try that. I also heard Ruby and Renee volunteer to do it over and over. I'll bet they did.

Just then Morgan walked up and announced the group needed to get together for the next activity, which would involve going out to lunch.

We all gathered around.

"This activity is called tank top time and it is not for the faint of heart. We have divided the group up into 6 teams. These groups will all go out to lunch. You will be going to fast food, so sorry about that, but it is what works for the activity. We have a selection of places, in a list, but two teams cannot go to the same restaurant. After lunch, you have to self-report your score. For this activity, we have tank tops for all the women and girls. These are usually called wife beaters. They're basically men's undershirts. They're thin white material and you absolutely will be on display. We have sizes for all of you, and your size has been carefully chosen. And by that I mean your shirt is WAY too small. You'll show belly, and more importantly, your tits, whatever the size, will be on display. Really, really on display," said Morgan. "The point of the game is to, well, shock people. You get points for anyone doing a double-take. A man, 1 point. A woman, 2 points. You get points for anyone coming up and criticizing your outfit. A man, 3 points. A woman, 2 points. Women are more likely to be offended. You get points for anyone complimenting your shirt. A man, 3 point. A woman, 5 points. If you're age 11 or under, the point values for a compliment are doubled. If you're age 8 or under, which isn't many of us, your point value for a compliment is triple. Let's face it, if a woman compliments an 8 year old for showing her nipples, she has the potential to be our friend."

That got a laugh out of the group.

"Oh, one more. If a man is visibly hard when scoping you out, it is 1 point. If that man looks to be 12 or under, it is 2 points. You should probably have a couple people keep score and compare notes. Odds are you'll get a lot of attention," she added. "Up to you how you do it. The women and men can go in as a group, or they can go in separately and pretend they don't know each other or any other approach you want."

"Now, no one is required to play. If you're uncomfortable, no worries. You can either dress more conservatively and go to lunch, or you can stay home. Same goes with the men. If you don't want to go, no problem, although once you see the women, I'm betting most of the men and boys go. They might be hard the whole time, but let's be honest, that's the goal," added Morgan. "Chris, Ruby, and I are going to model the tank tops. We'll be right back."

With that, Chris, Ruby, and Morgan went inside, but came back quickly. Oh damn. Hot damn. Fucking hot damn. They were going out in public? Let's face it, Morgan is a woman, and her C cups were on display. Her top was easily a size too small, and I'd bet two. She was showing a solid 3 inches of skin, and the shirt was skin tight. Her nipples were hard as a rock and easily visible. I don't just mean by shape. You could SEE her nipple through the shirt. If anything, Chris was even sexier. Remember, her breasts are basically just puffy nipples. Her shirt was way too small as well. You could see everything and if Morgan didn't make you hard, Chris did. Very hard. Even after all that, though, Ruby was stunning. She'd chose to wear a tiny tank top, showing a lot of skin, but paired it with bikini bottoms. Small bikini bottoms. 8 year old camel toe bikini bottoms, in hot pink. Your eyes started at her clearly erect nipples, but floated down to her camel toe. You couldn't look away.

"OK," said Morgan. "This is the look. We have chosen shirts that are not too off the wall for you, but it is your choice if you want to go smaller. Chris and I went one size smaller. Ruby went two. Each woman gets to choose what they were as bottoms. Chris has on cheer shorts that are a little too small. I have on just boring khaki shorts. Ruby went bold and is, well, on display. I might follow her lead."

The group exploded in conversation. The gist seemed to be that everyone was in, but then they asked for the teams. Leslie handed out the assignments.

"OK, I get the assignments, but what's the number at the bottom," asked Tom.

"That's the total age of the women on the team," said Morgan. "We tried to balance it out pretty fairly. An older woman, gets a young girl, and someone hot in the middle. Mary got two little hotties. We chose Saturday lunch, because the restaurants should be pretty full. Most teams have five, some have six. Come back with your story. Stay in the restaurant for exactly an hour. That's important. Some of these will have playscapes. Let the kids play if you want, or not. Your call. Push their buttons. We have enough cars, although most teams will need two cars. Try to get to your restaurant at 11:45. That's our target. Men, dress however you think it will help your team. Who knows, maybe we'll do this again with the men wearing tight white shorts, going commando."

Leslie and Chris came out and started handing shirts to all the women, while asking if they wanted a smaller size. I probably could have predicted those that did. Amy went three, yes three sizes too small. It was basically a strip of fabric across her breasts. All, yes all, the little girls went two sizes, and that included Leslie and Chris. Shit, I hope they made it back without somebody asking to fuck them. Hell, maybe me. Sophia matched Amy's three sizes. Wait, can I fuck her before we leave please? The rest of the women varied, with some going the proper, but tight size. The one that surprised me was Mary, Amy's Mom. She went all in with a three sizes too small, matching Amy and she rocked it. I saw her talking to her teammates, Leslie and Angela, and then they both whipped off their tops and went down a size. OMG. That team had an amazing change to win. This triggered a mad rush to swap sizes. By the time they were done, the total amount of cloth across all the women and girls wouldn't have made a decent t-shirt. They were slutty. Seriously slutty.

Then they all went off to find their bottoms. I admit, I have to share a few choices. Amy again led the way. She was in a hot pink bikini bottom that was little more than string. Her ass was falling out. I couldn't believe she'd do that, but damn. All the little girls followed Ruby's example and had major camel toes. Leslie and Chris took it one more step and actually pulled them in, so their pussy lips were showing just a little. That was a call to arms for Morgan, who did it too. Not one of them wore shorts. They all had various bathing suit bottoms. A few were just high cut bottoms. Juanita rocked a speedo boy short and went a size or two too small. In other words, not only were her tits on display, so was her cock. Oh. My. All of the men and boys went the other way, so as to not distract from the women, and wore shorts and a T or shorts and a polo. Well, except Clay. He wore a white speedo. He as visibly hard. Yeah Amy, sure. No points for Clay, but he'll draw attention to your group for sure.

Off everybody went and I have to say it was hilarious and, well, slutty. I was thrilled to be on Mary's team. I even took nipple duty and right before we got out of the car, I made sure all six nipples were erect. Mary's were so hard I thought they'd poke a hole in her shirt. Leslie and Angela were truly a pedo's dream. I won't tell our story, as I'll let our captain do so, but let's just say we scored some points and yes, Angela got several positive compliments, one from the girl behind the counter that took their order. She looked to be about 16, but based on her looks, I'm pretty sure she would have played with any, or maybe all, of our group. We spent our full hour and headed back.

Every team chose a leader to tell their story. Amy kicked off.

"OK, we're Team 1, and we went to Chick-fil-a. We thought that was a plus, as it tends to be a conservative group. You know, not even open on Sunday," said Amy. "Blake went in first, and got a booth by himself and was our scorekeeper. Clay went in with the girls. I knew we started off well, as a man was coming out as we were going in, and he stared at my tits so hard he dropped his milk shake. Oh, and yes, he was hard. I probably shouldn't have, but I, well, let's just say bumped his cock with my hand as I walked by and got an actual groan out of him. We sort of milled about, thinking abour our order, to put ourselves on display. One boy, maybe 10, came up and stood right next to us and just stared. He couldn't decide which one of us he liked best, and that clearly included Clay. We got points for him, as he not only popped a woody, it peeked out the bottom of his gym shorts. Pretty long cock for 10. The boy that finally took our order just couldn't get it right. He stammered and made mistakes and it was glorious. He really, really liked Renee, and couldn't keep his eyes off her. As we walked away, he leaned down and whispered in Renee's ear: "you look hot." That got us points. We did have one man come up and be critical, but I wouldn't let him get away with it and asked him why he was looking at my tits in the first place. That ran him off and I saw him arguing with his wife. I think he went all feminist on her, which made me laugh. Standing up for our rights to be sluts. Oh, one more story, but I shouldn't tell it and I shouldn't have done it, but, well, I did. One guy came up and complimented us all, and he was smoking hot. Mid-twenties, hispanic, ripped, and hilariously in a shirt just like ours. I got up and took his arm and walked him back to the rest rooms. They had a family rest room, so I pulled him in and blew him. He was shocked, but let me tell you, he enjoyed it. By then our time was up and we headed back."

Yeah, leave it to Amy to blow a stranger during our game.

Team 2 was up and Morgan and Chris argued over who got to tell their story and finally decided to do it together.

"Well, I'll start off with our super slut award. Yeah Amy, you sucked off a 20-something guy. I sucked off a 12 year old," said Chris, which started the whole group talking. "I would have blown all his friends too, but we were out of time. I think the next time, blowing someone in the bathroom should get us points."

"Yeah, she did," said Morgan, shaking her head, then laughing. "I admit, I would have blown him too. He was cute. So anyway, let's start at the beginning. When we walked in, there was a young guy changing the trash bag by the door. Let's just say he struggled with his job as we walked by, and we got the points for him getting hard too. I walked really close to him and let my hand run across his cock as I walked by. I got a groan too. It was just us girls, as we sent the men in first too. We went up to order, and did the same thing, standing around wasting time, just to show off. The manager behind the counter looked like he was going to say something, but ended up just standing there staring. I think he would have married me, or Chris, hell Jess too, right there. We did have one woman come up and read us the riot act, while her son, maybe 9, stood behind her. It was hilarious, because while she wasn't looking, he copped a feel from both Chris and me. Got really into it too, playing with our nipples. It was so nice of him to get them hard again, and we let him do it. Being that bold should get points too. She turned around and he dropped his hands just in time, but she clearly noticed our nipples had gotten hard. She dragged him out of there, and he turned back and waved to us before they made it out the door. Hilarious. Hell, he was cute too. In different circumstances, I would have taken his virginity."

"It was great fun," said Chris. "This may be my new outfit of choice. I know Jess liked it. I saw her nipples." Jess laughed and agreed it was fun.

Leslie was Team 3's spokesperson. I was shocked. OK, no I wasn't.

"OK, let me tell you, Mary is smoking. My ego would like to say the Angela and I got the most looks, but nope, we barely got noticed," said Leslie. "Now the fact that she might as well have been topless might have had something to do with it. Our experience started on the way in the door too. A guy was coming out, carrying a drink and his food bag. He was so enthralled by the sight of Mary's boobs that he walked straight into her. Yeah, spilled his drink on her. So, when we went into Hardees, Mary was wearing a WET T-shirt. She went straight to the counter and asked for a towel, explaining a previous customer had spilled on her. The guy she asked for help couldn't have been more than 16 and he was frozen in place, staring at Mary's nipples. The manager came over to help, and he locked up too. So, they were both just standing there staring and not talking. A young girl finally walked over to help. I loved it. She looked at Mary and uttered, in a surprisingly loud voice "Damn". That shook the guys out of it. The kid picked up a towel and I swear, reached out and started drying Mary's tits. She just stood there and let him until the manager came to his senses and slapped the kid's hand away. They both stammered an apology and the girl laughed. She actually said "I wish my tits looked that good." It was an awesome start. Oh, and yes, both the manager and the boy were clearly hard, so points for us."

"We got our food, and they had these high tables and we sat at one. Sort of put ourselves on display. These two teenage boys kept walking back and forth. At least that time, Angela and I got looks too. About halfway through lunch, Angela went over and got a cup of water, came back to the table, and poured it down her shirt. Now I'm sitting with a woman and a child, both in wet t-shirts. The next time by, one of the boys actually tripped and face planted at our feet. When he looked up, I realized he had a great view of my crotch, so I opened wide. WIDE. Since no one was looking, I pulled my suit to the side and flashed him my pussy, really quickly. He groaned, and then didn't want to stand up. When he finally did, we realized he'd cum in his pants. I considered that a success, and that should be points too. We didn't get any points for complaints. No one did. Just lots of horny divorced Dads with their kids. One guy in his early 30s came up and hit on Mary. It was awesome. Well, I guess that's our story."

"Well, not quite," said Mary. "Remember when I went back to the bathroom? That young guy was just coming out of the men's room. I dragged him into the family bathroom."

"Oh, did you blow him too," asked Angela.

"Well, no. He fucked me," said Mary. "I'm still dripping. It was awesome." Everyone cheered.

Team 4 was up next and they let Elena go first.

"I had a lot of fun. I tore my shirt up and only had a little strip across my nipples. I thought it was a good idea, but it kept slipping down, so I was mostly showing my nipples the whole time," said Elena. "Several men found seats around us, and were clearly looking at us all. One guy was staring directly at me, and I played with my nipples for him. He slid deeper into his booth, and moved his newspaper onto his lap. We all realized he was playing with himself. Finally he put his paper back on the table and had turned it over. It was covered with cum. He slid out of the booth and winked at me and left. I made him cum! Oh, I guess I should mention that my bikini bottoms were too big too. I realized while I was sitting there that they'd kind of opened up, so anybody that walked by and looked down got a great shot of my pussy. A plus, I guess."

I loved how proud of that she was.

"Eva and I decided to raise the heat level," said Linda. "So we started making out. Just little kisses, and little rubs, but it got us an audience. I looked around, and the only people watching were clearly there for the show, so I started playing with her nipples. At least one other guy came in his pants. At least we get to count those as hard-ons. Finally a middle aged woman came over and started yelling at us. We just kept smiling at her, and every time she made a point, we kissed. I think smoke started coming out of her head. Finally she had attracted enough attention that the manager came over and tried to calm her down. In the middle of her sentence, she realized that Elena's shirt had slipped again and she just stopped, and stared at her nipples. Elena thrust her chest out, and tweaked one nipple, and pulled her shirt up. The manager let out a groan. I think she liked Elena. She finally asked the lady to leave, but didn't say a thing to us. Bathrooms must be our thing though. I went back to use the restroom and the manager was just putting up the closed sign on the family bathroom and had a mop. I pushed her in and closed and locked the door. I stripped really quickly and pointed at my pussy. She got on her knees and started licking and fingering me. I didn't last long. I suspect have the restaurant heard me moan when I came. She stood up and she was a little thing. Maybe 5 feet and 90 pounds. I picked her up and put her on the edge of the sink. I stuck my hand under her skirt and pushed her panties to the side and started fingering her and rubbing her clit. I used my other hand on her breasts, over her shirt. She didn't last long and really squirted. I noticed when she walked out that it was dripping down her leg and that bathroom smelled like sex. It was great fun."

"Yeah, but you missed some fun too. Another guy sat in the booth, and had a paper. Elena and I went over and sat at his table. I sat across and she sat next to him. Elena reached under his paper and gave him a hand job, while he and I chatted. He didn't last long, and Elena pulled her hand out and licked the cum off, while he watched. He was in shock. We moved back to our table and he got up quickly and left. We thought we'd pushed it, so as soon as Linda came back, we left."

Team 5, with Sophia leading. Between the Italian accent, and the tank top, I thought I'd cum just from listening.

"We let Ruby lead the way into our McDonalds. She strutted in, chest pushed out, camel toe showing. She stood just inside the door, with her arms on her hips, and let the restaurant drink her in. Three teenage boys at a table stopped talking and just stared. We saw at least one of them adjust himself, but our scorekeeper said they all got hard. Hell I would have too if I had a cock. I followed her in, and had torn more of the bottom of my shirt off, and the same boys stared so hard one of them dropped his drink on the floor. He got up to pick it up and the front of his pants were wet. It wasn't from his drink. Julia came in last, but she got the looks from a whole different crowd. There were a lot of Dad's with kids there, and they all stared at her. Oh, I got my looks too, but she got by far the most. We ordered, and the girl that took our order couldn't keep her eyes off my tits. Well, I do have nice tits. Several of the boys working behind the counter all crowded around to get their peeks, and then even the manager came up. He offered to bring us our food," said Sophia. "We sat down and eventually he brought out our tray. Both Julia and I made sure we bent over, and gave him a complete view down our shirts. He actually gasped. As I sat back up, I 'accidentally' brushed his cock. Yep, I got a groan too."

"Then a woman came over and got right in our faces about how we were corrupting Ruby. I was about to say something," said Sophia. "But Ruby jumped in."

"I said they're not corrupting me, lady. I'm just fine. It's fucked up people like you that are screwing up the world," said Ruby. "I told her she needed to get laid. It sort of startled her and she stormed out. We realized the guy near her was her husband. No one was looking, so Sophia flashed him. Not her tits. Her pussy. I think he almost fainted."

"Yes, we got to count that as a hardon for sure," said Julia. "It was so empowering. All these men and boys staring. I did flash my breasts at one 20-something that wouldn't stop staring. Pretty sure he was rubbing himself. If he wasn't before, he sure was after. We don't have a bathroom story though."

"Uh, yes we do," said Rudy. "I went back to the bathroom and there was a teenage boy just coming out of the bathroom. Maybe 13 or 14. He stopped and stared, so I flashed him. His eyes got big. I was standing right next to the family bathroom, so I opened the door, grabbed his hand, and dragged him in. I thought about letting him fuck me, but there wasn't a good place to do it, so I pulled down his pants and blew him. I'm pretty sure it was his first blowjob, because he came almost immediately. I pulled my bikini to the side and took his hand and put it on my pussy. I showed him how to finger me. He did OK, but I didn't cum. I gave up and let him leave first. I passed him and his friends, and he was trying to tell them the story, but they didn't believe him. I laughed."

Damn these stories were hot. Just one to go.

Team 6

"We picked a Chick-fil-a on purpose," said Juanita. "The company is so anti-gay. But let me tell you, this one wasn't. I strutted in first, and let me tell you it was a strut. I didn't have much shirt left either, and my shorts didn't leave much to the imagination either. I admit, I was hard by the time I went in the door, and it was pretty obvious. We all walked up together, and I put my arm around Alison. Everyone at the counter quickly scope out my tits, Alison's tits, and then my cock. They knew. Once they had their view, Cindy moved in front of us, and moved back, clearly grinding into my cock. Her nipples were clearly hard and showing through, and the kids behind the counter forgot us, and all stared at Cindy. Can't say I blame them that much. They offered to bring us our food and actually fought over who would do it. When they finally did, it was a young boy, probably barely old enough to work there, and a young woman, who I think was the assistant manager. Probably barely 18 herself. The boy was focusing all his energy on Cindy, but the girl had me in her sights. She moved to where she could clearly see my cock, and set down the tray. When she did, she knocked a french fry into my lap, and it was pretty obvious. She apologized and actually reached into my lap to get it. She missed though, and put her hand right on my cock, rubbing it a bit, and giving me a big smile. She was cute as fuck and in the process managed to give me a view down her polo shirt. Nope, no bra in sight and the cutest little breasts. She was a thin one, but I liked it."

"We sat and ate, and had no less than 6 men and boys come up and say nice things and try to hit on us. The funniest was the little 9 or 10 year old boy, who came up and tried his best to hit on Cindy. He was clumsy about it, but Cindy was sweet. She asked him if he knew where the bathrooms were and if he would show her. I don't know what happened then, but they headed back there together."

"I can tell you," said Cindy. "They had a family bathroom too, and it had a couch in it. I dragged him in and pulled off my pants and got up on the couch on my knees. He didn't even know what to do. I had to explain that he was going to fuck me. His eyes got big and he pulled down his shorts. He didn't know what to do, but I showed him, and he was actually a pretty good fuck. He came in me, although not that much. I let him leave first, then cleaned up and went back to the table."

"Oh, I knew she'd been fucked," said Juanita. "It was pretty obvious. When I thought no one was looking, I stuck a finger in Cindy's pussy and licked it off. Turns out someone was watching. The little assistant manager was and I thought she was going to faint. I got up and headed to the bathroom, and nodded at her. She followed me right into the same family bathroom. I locked the door and asked her if she wanted me to fuck her. She answered by pulling off her pants and climbing up on the couch. She was dripping she was so wet. I didn't want her to miss the whole experience, so I moved her to her back and dropped my shorts and started fucking her. I pulled my top up and put her hands on my breasts. She clearly loved it, and she was good with my nipples. She asked me not to cum in her, so I pulled out and she dove right in and swallowed every drop. She even thanked me. Nice to initiate another into the world."

None of the men had that much to add, but had clearly enjoyed themselves. Clay admitted he'd rubbed himself so much he came in his pants. Billy admitted he had too, and everyone laughed with him. When we finally tallied up the scores, it was surprisingly close, but all the men hitting on Juanita, Alison and Cindy won the day. We didn't really have prizes for today, but I'm sure they got congratulated, just as the other teams did. Billy did offer his services to fuck any of the winners, and it was Cindy that took him up on it. Wasn't that fun to watch.

The rest of the day was just play time. Some people ran the go carts, some went tubing. Some just swam and others took naps. Well, at least they went into bedrooms. The rule of the red and green bands was public sex, so the chaise lounges were busy a lot. A lot. At one point, Chris and Sophia wanted me. Oh I wanted them too. It was spectacular. I love Amy and she's the best I have ever had, but both Chris and Sophia were damn good. Close. Not quite there, but close. I think I'll help them practice.

Twister at a whole new level

The next day, the kids had some fun, so I'll let Chris tell the story.

Yes, Chris here now.

The kids decided to play Twister. But we added a twist. See what I did there? We've all see the posts where people put paint on the circles and they end up all covered with washable paint. We thought that would be fun. Morgan took it to the next step though and found edible paint. Yes, paint you could lick off. So the rules were simple. You played Twister. When someone fell, the game stopped and the players moved off the mat. Whoever fell, had to clean up the person or persons that didn't. Not everywhere, that would be too much. Just THERE. You know what I mean. Nipples. Crotch. Face. THERE. We'd draw straws for random teams of boys and girls.

Oh, there were rules for the adults too. They could watch, but ONLY if they were nude and were playing with themselves. Visibly. Even if they came, they couldn't get up, or they couldn't watch anymore. They just had to keep playing. Cum is good lube.

We decided that Morgan was the oldest 'kid', but Sophia wanted in. Well, we wanted Sophia, so we moved the age to 18. Amy argued for 20. Well, technically she couldn't drink, so... Well, who were we to say no, so Amy was in too. Let's face it, we all wanted to lick Amy. Even better, nobody licked better than Amy. We hoped she fell. A lot.

First round was a two person team. We drew lots and Elena and Clay were first. He was a lot bigger than her, so it would be interesting. We spun for them and it was, you know, right foot red, that kind of thing. No point in explaining all the steps. Let's just jump to the good part. Elena fell first, knocking down Clay. They were COVERED in paint. They got off the board on the sheets we'd laid out. Clay laid on his back. Let's just say his cock and balls were a deep blue, but not because of, you know, that. Elena dove right in and licked.

"Mmmm," said Elena. "Blueberry." Damn, they were flavored?

The rule was to clean them quickly, so hopefully they didn't cum. That rule didn't work very well when there was that much paint and poor Clay shot off. Well, maybe that's not poor Clay. Maybe that's happy Clay. Elena took most of it in her face. Clay decided that the winner had the option to clean up the loser. OK, good rule. He laid Elena down and started my cleaning off his cum, then pushing it to her in a kiss. Damn, anybody that wasn't horny before, was then. Well, everyone already was, so I guess that didn't mean that much. Clay licked down her body and cleaned off her nipples, then her belly button and then started going down on her. He pulled her lips apart and licked every little bit of paint off. It was pretty obvious the paint was all gone, but he wasn't done. He put in one, then two fingers. It was hot watching him pump into her unformed pussy. No lips at all, just pink and flushed. When he licked her clit, that was all there was and she went off. She actually screamed a bit. By then Clay was hard again, and he slid up and slid in. Yeah, not part of the game, but watching 11 year old Clay, with his tight little butt cheeks, pump into tiny little 7 year old Elena was hot as fuck. I admit, yes, I fingered myself while I watched. Who cares if this wasn't in the rules. It wasn't that long before Elena went off, over and over, and Clay filled her up. Ever the gentleman, he cleaned her up vigorously.

Damn, this was going to be a hot morning, and I don't mean the temperature.

We picked a three person team for the next round. Luca, Cindy, and Amy. Two kids and, well, a big kid in so many ways. They lasted longer than I expected, but this game did not favor the young, or more accurately the small. Cindy fell. Of course, that knocked down Amy and Luca. OK, I don't think it actually knocked down Luca, but he made sure his cock was covered with paint. Cindy was all in though. She started with Amy, working her way from her paint covered face, to her breasts. Those breasts were spotless when she was done. She licked a path down, like a small stripe, and dove in. Amy was clearly hot, as she was engorged and dripping. Visibly dripping. Cindy pulled her lips apart and slowly inserted a finger. Sure. Clean her inside too. Cindy's goal was clearly to get Amy off, and she succeeded more than she expected, as Amy squirted all over her. It was hilarious, as the paint on Cindy all started to run. Cindy shifted over to Luca, who was lying next to Amy. She dove right in, and licked him clean pretty quickly. I think he was disappointed he didn't cum. Amy actually picked up Cindy and dropped her on Luca's face. He didn't seem to mind, particularly when Amy climbed up and slid right down on his cock. She started bouncing, but then started making out with Cindy. They kissed, then Amy started playing with Cindy's clit, while Clay licked her. Amy was very focused, which was impressive, as she was still slowly bouncing up and down on Luca. Cindy quickly went off, followed by Amy, but Luca still hadn't. They climbed off, leaving him lying there with his hard cock standing up. That was mean. Apparently Terry thought so too, as he knelt down and took Luca in his mouth. Fuck that was hot. 9 year old Terry sucking 13 year old Luca. Apparently it was hot for Dad too, as he went up and whispered something in Terry's ear. Terry's answer was to wiggle his little ass. I got the drift, so I grabbed a tube of lube and went to help. First I lubed up Terry's ass. Damn he was small, but sexy. I got two fingers pumping in and out, and got a groan, so I took that as he was ready. Orlando had beaten me to Dad, and was stroking lube onto his very hard cock. Dad kneeled down, and gently stuck his cock in Terry's ass. Every time he stroked in, it drove Luca's cock farther down Terry's throat, until he was balls deep. I loved watching the guys get it on. Something primal about it. Luca went off first, and Terry took it all. That was too hot for Dad, and he pulled out and covered Terry's back with cum. He came so hard some of it shot over Terry completely and hit Luca. Luca didn't seem to mind. There was cum everywhere, and a cleaning crew descended on them all. Ruby cleaned off Luca. Billy licked off Dad's cock, and Gabriel licked out Terry's ass. That, of course, left Gabriel's ass wide open, which was too inviting for Roberto, who dove in and gave him a rim job. He got him pretty wet, wet enough to slide in his ass. Roberto's cock wasn't very big, but Gabriel clearly liked it and was hammering back to take it deeper. That wasn't the way to make Roberto last, and he didn't. When he pulled out he was so excited.

"I came! I really came!," said Roberto. "Stuff came out. It never has before." Well, the right of passage. Isn't that nice. Of course, that meant Gabriel needed cleanup. Tom and John realized it at the same time, but John got there first. It was so hot watching Amy's Dad lick the cum out of 10 year old Gabriel's ass. I thought for sure someone would fuck John, but finally everyone was pretty cleaned up and they all went over and showered, leaving the rest of us sitting there, horny as fuck. I mean I was, for sure. I'd been fingering myself the whole time and gotten myself off at least four times.

Oh good, I was up next for Twister. Thank god. I was up with Terry and Leslie. Oh good. Terry hadn't cum yet, although I planned on getting fucked by a bigger cock. I think Terry and Leslie did too. We had a blast, and lasted longer than most, but finally I decided I wanted to fall. We ended up in a pile with Terry's cock right in my face, so I gave it a quick suck before I pushed him off.

"I think we need guest cleaners," I said. "Bob, Terry's cock needs attention. Clean him off." With that, Dad dove right in. He cleaned his cock, and then lifted Terry's legs and rimmed him. Mom lubed Dad up, and he slid right into Terry. Orlando started sucking Terry from the side, leaving his ass up in the air. Jesse took care of that hole. It was so hot. Dad stroking into Terry, than Orlando at an angle sucking Terry, while Jesse fucked him in the ass. Orlando's cock was just dangling there, which was apparently too tempting for Clay, who slid under and took him in his mouth. Fuck. Two men, three boys, going at it. I couldn't even figure out who came first, but cum was flying and it was all over everyone. Suddenly Sophia stood up.

"Out of the way everyone," said Sophia. "I got this."

We all just watched, as she licked all five of them clean, kissing cum into all of them. "Damn girl," I said. When she was done, she stood up and faced the crowd. She was covered with bits of cum, including in her hair. I've never seen her look hotter, and she's always hot.

"Who wants a piece of this," said Sophia. I thought she was going to get mobbed. She ended up in a DP with John in her ass and Blake in her pussy. Marco was in her mouth, and she had Billy and Lance's cock in her hands. Five cocks, all at once. From the bro fuck to this. Well, you can imagine how that ended. She was laying there, covered in cum from head to damn near toe. Gallons of it. OK, maybe not, but a lot. Just laying back, legs spread. Damn. I couldn't resist.

"I got this," I said, getting a laugh from the crowd, but they let me. I licked up a mouthful, then kissed it to Sophia. I kept doing this until she was clean, and then we laid down and made out. I actually came from just kissing, it was that hot. Sophia was that hot.

I know more people played Twister after than, but I was wiped. Sophia and I jumped in the pool, than laid down on a chaise together and fell asleep. We both needed it.

OK, this chapter of our journal was pretty deep in sex. That's not all we did, of course, but it was, well, a central theme. We decided to go out to dinner again, but we were a big group. Alison made a few calls, and managed to get us the entire patio at the Island Way grill, one of my new favorites. I'm guessing that cost stupid money to get a private party in two hours.

We decided to do it up right, particularly us girls. The men all went business casual, with sport coats. The closet had plenty of sport coats in almost every size for those that didn't bring one. I have to say, the men cleaned up well. They looked great, all the way from 10 year old Gabriel to 51 year old Billy. It's the first time I'd ever seen Billy cleaned up. I'm not sure I've ever even seen him in long pants. He even shaved! Damn, if he'd do this more often, he'd get laid more. I told him that, and he just grinned.

"Yeah, you're right. I know it too," said Billy. "I talked to Juanita, and I'm going to come over every morning and join their work out. I don't know if you noticed I disappeared for a bit today. I went to a meeting. An AA meeting. It's time for me to clean up my act. I already lost you, because I couldn't take care of you. Don't get me wrong, you're still in the best possible place, but I should have been ready. I am going to get healthy, and dry out, and be a better man."

I couldn't believe what I heard. I was so happy. I just hugged him so hard. I was proud of him. OK, I wanted to blow him, but now wasn't the time.

The girls all took forever to get ready. Some of it was choosing outfits, but we really worked hard on each other's hair. We all pushed the limits a bit in our outfits. None of us wore a bra. I didn't need one. Hell none of us NEEDED one, but the women had more out there. All the women picked sundresses, some more conservative than others, but all of us rocked them. Mine was made out of t-shirt material and was strapless and, well, tight, in a light blue. My nipples rubbed against the soft material and I was pretty sure they'd be hard all night. Leslie picked the same dress, in pink. She's got a little more than me now, although not that much, but her breasts were pretty obvious and she had the same problem with her nipples. OK, not really a problem, but damn. Amy and Morgan really pushed it and wore their outfits from the party in the Bahamas. Mom looked as close to naked while fully clothed that was possible. Morgan was basically naked except for the strategic spots. They broke out all the jewelery too, and we all got to wear some. Orlando said Mom had added to the collection, and that between us we were wearing over $10 million in jewelry. Damn. We all looked good, but no one looked better than Mary. She was in a simple yellow sundress, and it was really pretty. But when the light was behind her, you saw everything. Everything. It was magical.

We broke out the fleet, so to speak. A bunch of adults picked a car. Mom picked the Corvette L88, which surprised Dad, who thought she'd pick her Camaro. John picked the Muira, and I rode with him. Dad decided to drive the 917. Yes, he'd gotten it registered. It was fucking nuts. Blake loves the Aventador, so he picked that. Jesse picked the Sunbeam Tiger and Julia went with him. They looked amazing in that car. Marco picked the new ZR1 and Juanita picked the new 911 Turbo. John and Mary picked the C63S convertible, and Orlando rode with them. Morgan insisted on driving, so Linda rode with her. Dad let her drive the GT40. I can't believe he did. No, that's silly. She'd driven IndyCars. She could handle the GT40. Lance picked the Countach. Gianna picked the BMW M1. Matt picked the 959. Sophia picked the Pantera. Dad had left the Quattro in Italy, for her. That's all I really noticed, but we were quite a group. Oh, wait. Jess picked the Maserati Bora. I love that car. I think that was all of them. If you're wondering, yes, that's more cars than fit in the garage. Dad and Blake moved them over so we could play with them during the extended party. The kids all just found a car to ride in. Nobody worried about who rode with who, but Mom did insist on a count off. Couldn't lose a kid.

Mom led the way, and wound up through the islands. Too bad, because we had all these beasts and just went stoplight to stoplight. It was a beautiful night, and lots of people were out walking on our route, and we got a lot of attention. I mean think about it. These are once in a lifetime cars. If you ever saw a GT40, you'd be in a rare crowd. Same with the M1, the 959, the Bora and more. Dad brought up the rear in the 917. He said people actually ran out into the street at stop lights to take pictures. Mom had warned the restaurant, and they'd roped off part of their parking lot. They moved the rope when we got there and everybody parked. Well, except Dad. They asked him to park in the front, right by the door. He was nice and did it. I think it was really because that thing is a bitch to back up!

We walked up and there was a line, which wasn't surprising since we wiped out their entire patio. We heard people getting in line talking about the cars. Most were wondering about where the car show was this weekend. I didn't have the heart to tell them it was just at our house. I heard snippets as I walked by. "M1", "Muira", "Is that a fucking 917?" Yes, yes it is. We got to skip the line, since we had the patio.

I heard a ton of gasps as we walked by. Let's face it, we looked hot. About halfway up the line, I felt somebody's hand grab my ass. Hey, that's not OK, even if I do look hot. I turned quickly, and this little boy of maybe 8 just grinned at me. OK, I guess I can excuse an 8 year old playa. I heard Leslie yelp and am pretty sure he grabbed her ass too. Then I heard a slap and turned around. Ruby was standing there and had slapped the kid in the face. Hard. The kid's Dad looked like he was about to hit Ruby, so I ran back. Leslie followed me.

"Stop," I yelled and the man just looked at me. "He deserved that slap, asshole. He grabbed my ass and my sister's ass as we walked by. We were nice enough to not cause a scene and let it slide. But she is 8. You don't grab an 8 year old's ass."

"Well you girls are all sluts, so I am not surprised," said the man. "You dress like that, you should expect a little grab ass."

I ignored him and turned to the kid.

"Listen. I see why you think this is OK, but it is not. Your Dad is a jerk and an asshole, and the sooner you learn to respect women, of all ages, the better you'll do in life. You act like him, and one day a strong women like me will make your life miserable, just like I am about to do to your Dad. Watch," I said. The Dad looked at me funny, having heard what I said to his kid. He started to talk.

"Shut up, asshole," I said. "I was going to kick you in the nuts, because you deserve it. But I think I'll take a different approach." By now, Mom and Dad had come over, but they held back and let me deal with it. I love that about them. Just then a man, who I'd guess was the manager, walked up. I motioned for him to step to the side. I explained what had happened and asked what he was going to do. He said he'd take care of it. He walked over to the guy.

"Sir, I am aware of the incident. It might have been possible for me to excuse your child's behavior with an apology, if these young ladies had been willing to accept it," he said. "However, I heard what you said about them. It was horrific. That behavior is unacceptable and unwelcome in our restaurant. Please take your entire party and leave the premises. We have your name from the register and you are banned from our establishment. We will not tolerate this, and are willing to accept losing your business. Your car has been brought around. Leave now."

The man got all blustery and asked the classic question: "Do you know who I am?".

"Yes, I do," said the manager. "You're the man who insulted our guests and set a terrible example for your child. Beyond that, no more information is required." The man got blustery again, and refused to leave.

"Well, I anticipated your reaction and the police are on their way. In fact, I hear the sirens. Your choice. You can leave peacefully now, or you can leave in handcuffs. What will it be?," said the manager.

The guy stormed out. Yes, that term applies, and his child and a woman I assumed was his wife followed. She looked completely cowed. My bet is he hit her. What an ass. As he was walking away, the entire line cheered. That clearly made him even more mad, but I appreciated it. The crowd all started talking to me and I heard things like "You go girl", and "I like strong women" and "Me too". I couldn't resist and took a bow, which might have been a bad idea, as I am pretty sure I just flashed by little breasts to the entire crowd. Oh well, all part of the show folks.

Just then another boy, maybe 11 came up to me.

"Are those all your cars?," he asked. I told him they were.

"The 917 is cool, and so is the GT40. Heck, they're all cool, but the Muira is my dream car. I never thought I'd get to even see one. It's amazing and the orange color rocks," he said. "My name is Noah, what's yours." He even stuck out his hand. Cool.

"I'm Chris," I said. His parents had walked up behind him, but were letting him talk. I think I like that.

"This is my Dad Bob and my Mom Amy," I said. His parents introduced themselves as Will and Gail. They were early 30s and dressed as well as our family. Gail could have joined our group. She was dressed in a sundress that was both sheer and short. No bra either, as I distinctly saw nipples. Mom jumped in.

"Nice to meet you all. Listen, we have the entire patio. Would your family like to join us? Our treat," said Mom. "But first, would you mind if I took Noah for a quick spin in the Muira? I'll understand if that makes you uncomfortable, given you just met us."

Will and Gail looked at each other while Noah outright begged.

"I guess that would be OK," said Gail. "We'd be happy to join you, but are you sure?"

"Oh yes," said Dad. "Chris has made a new friend and we like new friends. Come with me, and Amy will take Noah and be right back." He turned and asked who had the Muira keys. John handed them to Amy and warned her to be careful.

"Yeah, Dad. I'll be careful," said Mom, with a laugh. "Your Dad is always your Dad, isn't he." That broke up Gail and Will. I liked that Gail was clearly in charge. Strong women.

Our whole group headed in, and I saved a spot for Noah. Fuck his parents. I didn't care where they sat. Well, OK, I would fuck his parents, but that was another conversation. We got to talking and discovered we were in the same grade and would be going to the same school soon. Cool. I know a boy already. He kept dropping hints that made me believe he was, well, active. I was getting a vibe that his family would fit in, but I couldn't say for sure. I looked around and Gail was sitting right next to Mom. RIGHT next to Mom. I saw Mom jump. Damn, Gail had just done something under the table.

"I know I shouldn't say this, and maybe I'll get slapped, but you're beautiful. I've never seen a girl my age that looked as beautiful as you," he said. "Can I admit something else?" I just nodded.

"When you bowed to the crowd, I saw your tits. I like your tits. They're the nicest tits I've ever seen," he said, blushing.

"Thank you. That's nice of you to say. I don't have much in the tit department, but I like them," I whispered. "But how many tits have you seen? Do you have a lot of comparisons?" He got really quiet and I think realized he'd said something he shouldn't. I leaned in really close.

"Tell me the truth. You've seen lots of tits. I'll bet you've played with your Mom's gorgeous tits. I'd sure like too," I said, going for broke. To really cement my point, I reach under the table and put my hand right on his cock. His hard cock. He took in a quick breath and just smiled.

"I'm not supposed to talk about that," said Noah, which got him a big smile.

"Oh, it's just fine," I said. "I think your family would like my family. Hey, I need to go to the bathroom, will you walk with me?" He hopped right up and I took his hand. Dad caught my eye and winked. Oh, so did Noah's Dad. Interesting. We walked back to the bathrooms. Oh good, a family bathroom. I dragged him and and locked the door and turned to him.

"Do you want a blow job or do you want to fuck?," I said, seeing if that would shake him up. It didn't.

"Both, but we don't have much time. Suck me a little, then I'll fuck. I'm horny as hell, so I won't take long. Might not have time to get you off, but I promise I will next time," he said. Oh good. He's thoughtful about my orgasms. I sat on the couch and he dropped his pants and I took him in my mouth. Showing off a little, I deep throated him. I could tell he wouldn't last long, so I just did it for a bit. I turned around and leaned over the couch and pulled up my dress. You didn't think I had panties on in this dress, did you? I was already wet, so he slid right in and hammered me. Not much time, I agree, but shit he was pumping away. He was wrong about my getting off, and as soon as I did, he filled me with cum. A lot of cum. He was a good guy though, and leaned over and licked and sucked as much as he could back out. I was still going to leak, but not as much. We got dressed quickly, flushed the toilet and headed back to the table.

As we walked up to the table, I saw Gail lean over and whisper something to Mom. Mom laughed and turned and kissed Gail. Seriously kissed Gail. Lots of tongue, right here on the patio. I think Noah and I were the only ones really watching, but I saw Mom reach up and squeeze Gail's breast. Oh, no, Will noticed. He turned and kissed Dad! Dad was into it, and I saw his hand move under the table. Pretty sure he was groping Will. Oh good, new friends. By then the whole table had noticed. Dad was sitting on the other side of Gail, and he turned and kissed her too. Will turned to the person on HIS other side, who happened to be Leslie. Oh yeah, she got the kiss, just as the waitress rounded the corner. Oh, she liked it. She was wearing the standard black skirt/white shirt outfit and her nipples popped almost instantly. I couldn't resist, and waved the waitress over. She leaned down to talk to me and I got a GREAT view down her top. She was wearing a bra, but she was only a small B cup, and the bra dropped too. Yep. Erect nipples. I reached up and put my hand behind her neck and pulled her in. Oh she went with it, and I opened my lips and her tongue went right in. She was bold, as she grabbed my breast too. She pulled back and pulled out her pen and took my hand. She wrote Penny and a phone number on my hand. Well, OK. She had to know I was young, but seemed to be into it.

Dinner was great fun and I got lobster again. Noah told me it was sexy as hell that the butter made my lips shine. Oh, he just wanted another blow job. Finally dinner broke up and Dad came over to Noah and me.

"We've invited Noah's family out to the house," said Dad. "Can you ride with them and show them the way?" I said I could, and followed them out. We got into a nice Mercedes S class, so they weren't poor. I told them just to follow the crowd and I'd direct them if we lost them. I turned and realized that Noah had taken his cock out. It was just standing up, hard, clearly visible in the moonlight. Just then his Mom turned to say something, and noticed.

"Oh, sorry, I won't bother you. Have fun," she said and turned back. Cool.

Hand job or blow job. Which would it be. I started with a hand job, but whispered he should tell me when he was close. It didn't take long, and he just said "now". I leaned over and took him in my mouth just in time, and he came, hard. I saved it and sat up, kissing him. He opened up, and I passed it into his mouth, and he swallowed.

"That's the way to take your cum, Noah, just like we taught you," said Gail. Yeah, she'd watched. Yeah, they were going to be fun.

"So Chris, will Will get to fuck you too?," she asked. "He likes young girls. Are all the girls at the table in play?"

"Sure, he can fuck me, but only if I get to go down on you," I said. "And yes, they're all in play. Which one strikes your fancy Will?"

"Elena. She fucks?," said Will. I assured him that she did.

"So are you into boys too Will?," I asked. "All the boys are in play too."

"All of them?," he said.

"Everyone at the table. Every single one," I said.

"Damn," they both muttered.

About three houses before our house, Noah pointed out the window and said "that's our house." Oh my. Cool.

We pulled in and Will and Gail commented that they wondered who had bought this place. Well, it was us. Everyone was already inside, which surprised me. We left there car and everyone was standing and sitting around the living room.

Naked. Mom and Dad walked up, in all their glory.

"Hope we didn't misread the situation," said Dad. They assured him that they were very excited.

"Good, good. So why are you still wearing clothes?," said Dad. 30 seconds later they weren't, and neither was I.

"Take your pick. One or many. Any combo. They're all fair game," said Dad. "They all ready to entertain you. Stay together as a family, or split up. There are plenty of bedrooms, but we usually fuck in here or on the patio. We like an audience."

"Oh good, we do too," said Gail. "It's nice to know we have new fun people in the neighborhood. You'll have to meet some of your neighbors. We live just three doors down."

Will walked over and pointed at Elena and at Orlando. They both hopped up and led him off to the double chaise. Glad we'd added a couple more.

Gail saw this, and walked over and pointed at Sophia and Morgan. They hopped up, but she was clearly looking for someone else. Finally she pointed at Gabriel. Nice choices.

"So Noah, do you want to make choices, or are you too worn out?," I asked.

He smiled, and pointed at me, which which was sweet. He had goals though, and pointed at Amy. Sure, why not. His last choice was Juanita. Oh, goody. He walked over as she stood, and dropped to his knees and took her in his mouth. After a few sucks, he hopped up and led her to the patio, by her cock, with Amy and me trailing behind.

I love new friends. I'll let your imagination fill in the rest.

Characters in the story

Characters in the stories


6,16 ,17


Billy I
Gabriel (Gabe)




The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
The youngest
Adopted daughter
Family personal trainer and more
Amy's Dad
Amy's Mom
Co-owner, classic car restoration in Clearwater
Co-owner, classic car restoration in Clearwater
Lance and Linda's son
Lance and Linda's daughter
Co-owner, classic car restoration in Clearwater
Matt's son
Matt's daughter
First home staff. Mechanic, general purpose everything
First home staff. Chef, runs the house and more
Yacht dealer's Dad and Chris' grandfather
Juanita's brother
Juanita's sister
Juanita's Dad
Juanita's Mom
Italian car restorer
Real estate agent and Marco's wife
Marco and Gianna's son
Marco and Gianna's daughter
New Italian friend and Goddess
Sophia's son
Sophia's daughter
Flight instructor
Flight instructor
Juanita's friend
Chris' new friend
Noah's Dad
Noah's Mom


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
4'11" - 80, slim, glorious puffy nipples
5'9" - athletic, petite, D cup, 5 inch cock
6'0" - fit, 8 inch thick cock
5'4" - 120, D cup, Red hair
6'2" - reasonably fit, average cock
5'5" - healthy but not fat, firm C cup
5'1" - skinny, cute, 4 inch uncut cock
4'8" - skinny, smaller version of Clay, flat
6'0" - average in every day, including a 5 1/2 inch cut cock
4'11" - average, 3 inch cut cock
4'10" - average, just a hint of puffies
6'2" - 185, blonde, ripped, 7 inch thin cock
5'9" - tall, athletic, blonde, simply stunning, B cup, model gorgeous
5'11" - rugged, handsome
5'0" - 90, cute, 4 inch cock
4'11" - 85, sexy, flat
5'11" - 175, Vin Diesel, but with short hair, 6 inch average cock
5'6" - 125, stunning, D cup on a small frame
5'11" - Very italian
5'6" - beautiful, C cup
5'3" - little Marco, 4 inch uncut cock
4'6" - cute, flat
5'7" - stunning, simply stunning, B cup
5'4" - chisled, smaller, male Sophia, 5 inch uncut cock
4'5" - sexy AF
6'0" - 175, trim, 7 inch thick and cut
5'9" - 140, small B cup, runner's body
5'6" - C cup, voluptuous
5'7" - thin, 5 inch average cock. Big balls
6'3" - 220, Muscular, 7 inch and thick
5'9" - athletic, D cup breasts, but no sag. Giant nipples
5'4" - 120, B cup

End of Chapter