The neighbors are fun

7 August 2018

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Tim Buchanan

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The neighbors are playful

Leslie here. I had to take over, given that Chris was going to be occupied. I guess I should start by better describing our new friends. Noah was 11, like Chris and me. I'd actually seen him around school, but he wasn't really in the same crowd. He was in the preppy rich kid crowd. You'd think I would be, but no, we're just rich poor white trash. Yeah, that's a thing. He is really tall for his age, but so are his parents. He's got to be about 5'7". He's really thin, but has a nice 5 inch cock that he knows how to use. His Dad is tall, blonde, and handsome. He's about 6'3", and easily 220 pounds, but muscular. Not weight lifter muscualar, but works out every day. You know what I mean. He's got a very nice, very thick 7 inch cock. I wish he'd picked me. I'd love that thing in me. I'm sure I'll get my chance. Gail is tall, easily 5'9" and muscular too, for a woman. She had an athletic body, but not a waif, if you know what I mean. What blew me away was her big D cup breasts, with not a hint of sag. She has the biggest nipples I've ever seen. The areola were huge, and dark pink, but it was the nipples themselves that were so tempting. Easily a full inch long. I've never seen anything like it. I was going to suck those, for sure. She surprised me with a trimmed, but full bush, that was blonde too. She had huge lips too, spread wide, and full. Her clit was already peeking out and must have been an inch long too. So many things to suck.

Gail was a director. You know, the kind that takes charge. She laid down on the chaise and told Morgan to sit on her face and told Sophia and Gabriel to take turns eating her out. They really got into it, alternating and kissing each other. Little Gabriel was hard, of course. How could he not be. Gail must have had some skills, because Morgan was bucking on her face fast. Really fast. She got off, and just sat on the lounge to watch. Gail told Sophia to take her place and told Gabriel to fuck her, hard. This put Sophia and Gabriel facing each other, and somehow he managed to both fuck Gail and play with Sophia's clit. Sophia didn't last long either and got off and sat on the other side of Gail, leaving Gabriel fucking away. Sophia reached down and started playing with Gail's clit, but also leaned over and took one of those amazing nipples in her mouth. Morgan latched on to the other one. Gail started moaning and was clearly close, with Gabriel still pumping away. Apparently this turned Luca on, a lot, because he pushed Gabriel over a little, lubed him up, and shoved his cock in his ass. Gail laughed and said "the more the merrier." Luca pounding Gabriel pushed him farther and farther into Gail, who finally went off with a scream. This cause Gabriel to cum, and Luca pulled out and shot too. It was QUITE a cum. A little went on Gabriel's ass, but most of it covered Sophia's and Morgan's faces. Luca stepped away, but Gabriel collapsed, snuggling into Gail's breasts. She hugged him and held him. Sophia and Morgan started making out, over both of them, and licking off the cum. It was all quite wonderful to watch.

Oh, I think I have to pass the pen, so to speak. Somebody just pushed me over a chair and started fucking me. I don't even know who. I don't care. If feels great.

Who is it? Who is it?

I guess I have to take over. This is Alison.

Oh, and it is Billy that is fucking Leslie. What she doesn't know is that Blake is fucking Billy. She's the front of a train and is just enjoying it. I really don't think she cares who it is. Damn.

I guess I'll tell Will's story next. He was a director too. He had Elena lay back on the chaise and got between her legs. She is so beautiful. Just so innocent. Flat chest, tiny nipples, the smallest slit. He pulled her lips apart and started rubbing her, making sure she was wet. Oh, she was. He slid a finger in and then leaned over and started licking her and sucking on her tiny clit. She was bouncing, but he kept at it. He did stop long enough to turn to Orlando and say "fuck me." Being good at accepting direction, Orlando did. Bob helped out and lubed up Will's ass and Orlando's cock, and Orlando slid right in. He wasn't being gentle either, but was doing a power fuck, which Will clearly enjoyed. His concentration was impressive, as he was still focusing on Elena and Elena just went OFF. It's wonderful to see such a beautiful young thing go over the top. The look of sheer pleasure is amazing. Will had Elena turn over onto her knees, and asked Orlando to pull out for a second. Will moved up behind Elena, and very gently slid into her. He must not have been moving fast enough for her liking, as she suddenly slammed back against him. You go girl. Orlando slid up and pushed himself back in. Yes, another train, with the sweet little girl at the front. It didn't take long, and Orlando filled up Will's ass with cum. I guess Roberto wanted in, because as soon as Orlando pulled out, he started rimming Will. Will looked back and just groaned and said "fuck me". Roberto didn't need another invitation and shoved his small cock right in. Little at the front, little at the back. Roberto must have been seriously horny, because he didn't last long, but as he came, so did Will. So much cum that it leaked out of Elena. Roberto pulled out, then Will did too. He just slid down a little and went back to licking Elena, who kept going over the top, or maybe just stayed there. I actually heard the slurpping down of Will sucking his cum out. He must have held some, as he waved Roberto back over and exchanged it in a kiss. A passionate kiss. So cool seeing this big man kissing this small boy and they both loved it. Finally they all collapsed on the chaise.

Oh. My. I can't. Seems like it is my turn to get fucked. I'm not looking back either.

Now who?

Blake here. I'll take over. For the record, it is Luca fucking Alison. Why not? Tonight is the night of trains, and little 9 year old Terry shoved his cock into Luca. Bam, bam, they were going at it. Oh, but my job is to tell the story of Noah. Remember, he has Chris, Amy, and Juanita.

First he told Amy to suck on Juanita and Chris to suck on him. They both did their jobs well, as both cocks grew to the occasion. Noah whispered something to Juanita. We heard her one word response "Top". Ok then. Noah laid back on the lounge and lifted his legs high in the air. Amy jumped in with the lube, and after lubing up Juanita's cock, she went to work on Noah's ass. By now Gail and Will were, well, done, and the were standing nearby and watching their son. Amy was really getting into it, until Juanita pushed her gently away.

"Gentle or not," said Juanita.

"Not," said Noah.

With that, Juanita slammed her big cock into Noah's ass, getting a yelp out of him and a laugh out of Gail.

"He does like a big cock, doesn't he?," said Gail, watching closely. She was lazily stroking Will's cock, which had gotten quite hard. Ruby wandered over and didn't even have to bend down very far and took Will into her mouth. Damn, that little girl can deep throat. Even I can't do it that well. You could actually see her throat bulge with each stroke. That's skill.

Noah waved Amy over and pointed at his cock. Amy sucked him right in, timing her moves with Juanita's pounding in and out. Noah reached over her and started playing with Juanita's tits, pretty aggressively.

"Tits and a cock," said Noah. "I like this." Well, yes, we all do.

Chris just sat next to Noah, and he reached over and started fingering her and playing with her clit. She was just watching intently and enjoying the show. After a minute, she called out Gail's name, and patted the chaise next to her. Gail laid down and Chris positioned her carefully and climbed into a 69. She had her pussy right in Noah's face, still giving him access. Yes, his mother was licking Chris, while he was fingering her, hard. Chris and Gail must have been really turned on, because they both came fast. Chris spun a bit and latched on to Gail's amazing nipple, licking sucking and biting. Chris waved Bob over and pointed at Gail's pussy. Bob got the hint and shoved his cock right in, pounding away. Tonight was the night of the hard fuck. About then, Will came in Amy's mouth. She saved it, and kissed him, passing it back, just as Juanita pulled out and just covered Noah and Amy with her cum. I mean covered. Some splashed on Chris too. This was too much for Bob, and he pulled out, adding to the mess and giving Chris a serious facial. There was cum on everybody. Right then, Ruby pulled off Will's cock and actually aimed it at the pile of bodies, adding Will's cum to the mess.

"Cleanup," yelled Terry, and he climbed right on, licking any spot on any body he could find. Gabriel jumped in too, and there was cum flying. As they collected enough, they pushed it into the mouth of the nearest person. Amy, Noah, Juanita, Gail, and Leslie all got cum filled kisses. Eventually they were pretty clean and everybody got up and went to the pool shower. This left Terry and Gabriel on the lounge, and they were the final show of the night. They got into a sixty nine. Something about a 10 year old boy and a 9 year old boy in a 69 that was just hot as fuck. Everybody quieted down and watched. It wasn't long, which didn't surprise me. They both sat up and showed the load of cum in their mouth. They finished in a passionate kiss, and both swallowed.

Wow, just wow.

"I think I like your family," said Gail. "I haven't even met some of the people yet. For example, this young man (pointing at Gabriel) already fucked me and I don't even know his name."

Gabriel walked over and formally stuck out his hand. "I'm Gabriel. I'm 10. Thank you for letting me fuck you. It was fun."

The whole crowd broke up laughing. Leslie ran and jumped into the pool, and all of us followed. By then it was pretty late, but nobody cared.

"Well, we had a great time," said Will. "But I suppose we should head home."

"Why?," said Amy. "We have plenty of room and I'm confident pretty much anybody would welcome you in their bed. Pick someone that appeals to you. Heck pick two. Then when you wake up, you'll be ready for some fun."

The three newcomers looked at each other and all grinned.

"We get to pick again?," said Noah.

"Why not?", said Amy. "We are all happy to sleep with anyone. It's not like we haven't all fucked", which got a laugh from the crowd and a bunch of "too true" and "Damn straight" and "hell yeahs".

"OK, I'll let Dad and Mom go first this time," said Noah.

"Thanks buddy," said Will. "I'm feeling a bro night. Let's go big and little. How about Blake and Terry?" This got a round of good choices and the three actually high-fived.

"Oh, a bro night for you," said Gail. "I suppose I could go with a girls night, but I like cock too much. I am enamored with young Ruby. Her oral skills on Will were impressive. Ruby, would you join me tonight?"

"Sure!," said Ruby. "I lick pussy really well too." Yes, yes she does.

"OK, do you want to pick someone with a cock for us," asked Gail.

"Hmm. Tough choice. They're all nice cocks. Can I pick two?," said Ruby. Gail assured her she could.

"OK, I liked the one big, one little," said Ruby. "Let's go with Clay. I like him." She actually blushed, and so did Clay. "And for our big cock, I'll let you decide between Jesse and Juanita."

"Oh, tough choice there too. Do you have any rooms with two beds," asked Gail. Amy laughed and said sure. "OK, then I choose them both. Two girls, two boys, and an amazing girl with a cock. Feels JUST right." Even Juanita laughed at that.

"I need to invite more friends over," said Juanita. "You folks are gonna wear me out. I can't be the only tits and cock. I have just the right person to add to the fun." That actually got a clap from several of the people. OK, I was one of them.

Everybody drifted off, to find a place to stay. Alison went home, but took Billy with her. Why not? As I left, I noticed Orlando on one of the chaise lounges, with Chris snuggled right up to him. I stopped and covered them up with a light blanket, and got two smiles in return.

"You know, you're a good big brother Orlando," I said.

"That he is," said Chris.

"Oh no, you have it backwards," said Orlando. "I'm blessed with three wonderful sisters. No luckier guy in the world."

With that, I left them to enjoy the stars. I realized that Luca was on another lounge, with Cindy snuggled on one side and Angela on the other. I got them a blanket too. One last blanket, as Sophia and Morgan were on the last occupied lounge. They were chatting, and lazily playing with each other's clits. I admit, I stood there for a minute watching before I covered them up. When I did, I got two glowing smiles. Sophia waved me over.

"We need to thank you for your generosity," she said, sitting up. The blanket fell down, showing her truly lucious breasts. B cup, firm, erect nipples. Yeah, I was hard. She leaned over and took me in her mouth. Her mouth was heaven. She worked hard at it, stroking my balls and playing with my ass. I didn't stand a chance and filled her mouth with cum. She turned quickly and exchanged it with Morgan. She laid back, leaving her breasts exposed and simply said "good night". I smiled and waved and walked towards the house.

Don't make me run! Please!

Back to me, you know Bob, now.

The next day was a free day, so nothing really scheduled, as it was our last day. Everybody except Sophia and her kids went home this afternoon. They were staying a little longer, since their trek was so far. Amy's parents had to get back for work, and the locals had, you know, lives. Not everyone gets to just fuck around every day like Amy and me. It is a life. Even the kids have more responsibility than we do!

Blake, Alison, Amy, Juanita, and I were in the gym. We'd been training, hard, even during the vacation. I'd done the 10K and done OK. Amy had beaten me, which didn't surprise me. Next weekend was our first marathon. It was a local event, but really popular. 26.2 miles. Was I nuts? We went through our routine, which was a little lighter. Juanita was slowing us on the weights, but upping our running. After we worked out, Amy and I set out for a run. Blake and Alison had run before we worked out. We each had our style. I think it frustrated Amy to go so slow, with me, but she was nice about it. By the time we went out for our jog, Noah and his family had gone home. They were in their front yard when we jogged by and we waved. Fun neighbors. Who would have thought? Chris had told Noah to come over whenever he wanted, particularly, as she put it "when you're horny." She added that even if she wasn't in the mood, there would be somebody to fuck or someone to fuck him. Well, yeah.

Today was an actual training run, and Juanita had planned out an entire 26.2 mile course. It wasn't our first, as we had been training for awhile. We'd checked and the average time for a marathon for a guy was about four and a half hours. For a girl, it was four and three-quarters. That's the average, so a lot of people are slower. Our goal was to run in under five hours for our first real marathon. Our last two training runs had beaten that, and we were shooting for the 4:30 mark today.

Which is how, almost exactly 4 and a half hours later we ran into our driveway. Amy was the timekeeper, of course, and she wasn't going to miss our goal, which meant the last block was a sprint. I thought I was going to die, but she looked fresh. Damn her. OK, I smiled while a thought that. I did have to laugh. A year ago I don't think I could have jogged a mile. Not long after the three kids jogged in. They were running the 10K. They're goal was a one hour run. The stopped and we shared that we finally broke the 4:30 mark. They were very happy for us. We asked what they'd run and they shared they'd run 0:55. Damn. That was good for a first race. We'd actually miss their finish, as the 10K was in the middle of the marathon. Blake, Alison, and Juanita were running with us, so Sophia were going to be there to meet the kids. That was disappointing, but is what it is. School started later in Italy, so they could stay through the race. We'd take them home the week after.

The race was next Saturday, so Juanita had a light week for us. All running, but no major distance. She did think sex was good exercise, so we all spent the week exercising with each other. Sophia and her kids really helped out too. Next weekend was the last of the summer before school started. Saturday were the races and on Sunday the kids were having a party. Leslie' cheer squad, Orlando's swim team, and Morgan's cheer squad. Leslie's team had a cheerleader move away unexpectedly, and in no surprise to anyone, Chris tried out for the spot and was picked. Let's face it, sexy sells, and there are no middle school girls sexier than Leslie and Chris. It was good for Chris, as she met some people before she started at her new school. She was a little freaked, but she's tough. We're not stupid and Jackson and Sofia were planning the party. We didn't know if parents would drop their kids or stay, but the invitation said that they could do either. We'd made sure everyone was bringing a swimsuit and we had permission from the parents for the kids to play on the toys: boats, waverunners, gocarts, etc. We did make the parents sign a waiver. We were too rich to risk it.

The week shot by and it was finally race day. We both woke up to early and had the 'sex before athletics' discussion. We finally decided the right answer was yes, and made love. It was nice. We played so much that one-on-one pleasure was actually kind of rare. Whenever we do, I am reminded how lucky I am. I am married to the sweetest, most beautiful sex machine. She was nice though, and didn't wear me out. We came out for breakfast just as the kids came out. Oh, they made the same decision. It was the cum dripping down Morgan's leg that was the give away. I pointed, and she laughed. Chris used her finger and then licked it off. That's how we roll.

We took two cars and the marathoners would come home in one and the 10K runners would come home in the other, with Sophia. We started a half hour before the kids, but parking was going to be a mess. We wanted to fly, but couldn't get a permit to land. We might for next year. We didn't think of it until too late.

We got our number assignments, and I made Amy promise she would run her race, not mine. I knew, and she knew, she could beat me and I didn't want to slow her down. Everyone was faster than me, and I knew it. We started off together, but soon I was on my own. Four hours and twenty-nine minutes later, I crossed the finish line to a huge welcoming committee. Everyone had waited for me, including all the kids, plus Sophia and her kids. I was proud of my race. I finished. Everyone else did better, but that was OK. Amy actually finished 14th in her age group, which is stunning both because it was her first race and because, well, she's short.

We asked how the kids did. Orlando was in 21st in his age group, a fantastic finish. The girls paced each other for the entire race, and Morgan ended up 12th in her age group. Leslie and Chris finished 5th and 6th in theirs. They tried to cross the finish line together, but the photo finish put Leslie in front. Chris was OK with that. 5th and 6th! Wow. Everybody's race was a huge success. The kids announced that next year they were running the marathon, and I had absolutely no doubt they would. Oh good, four more people to beat me. No, I was going to work harder.

"I want to run Boston," said Amy. "It's in 6 months. That means I have to place in a qualifying race to get an invite. There is a race in Orlando in 6 weeks that would work. I've already signed us all up. If I don't qualify there, I have one more shot two months later in Charlotte. Let's all try. We might not make it, but maybe some of us will."

Yeah, probably not me, but that WAS motivation.

We were wiped out. We headed home, and decided that shorts or not, we'd stop at the Island Way Grill. Of course, Juanita's entire family was with us. She trained and raced with us. The restaurant would either let us in, or they wouldn't. There wasn't much of a line, as it was early, but the manager came running down and held out his hand -- to Chris.

"Miss Chris, Miss Chris," he said. "It's such a pleasure to have you and your family back. Right this way." He led us around the line and out on to the patio. He whispered something in Chris' ear, then left.

"He said we're underdressed, but he'll make an exception this time," she said. "He has something to tell us, so will be right back."

He came back carrying a bottle of champagne. I'd learned enough to know it was good champagne.

"Although she can't drink it herself, this is a gift for young Chris," said the manager, who we found out was Charles. "I doubt you are aware, but her efforts that night had an impact on that family. There is sad news, followed by good news. As it turns out, the husband regularly beat his wife and son. They stayed, as many women do, because they felt powerless. That night, he hit her and she hit back. She broke his nose and called the police. They took him away and, for the first time, she pressed charges. She got a restraining order that barred him from their home. Just this week, he was sentenced to three years in prison. I only know this because just today she came back and asked if there was any way I could contact Chris. I would not share your information, but was going to call you this week and give hers to you, and you can choose if you want to reach out. You see, she credits Chris with saving her, and her son's life. You empowered her to be strong, by standing up to him in a way she couldn't. You even took the time to speak to their son and impress upon him that he needed to change. The boy remembers that and listened. They're safe now, because of you. You are a hero."

We all clapped for her, and she blushed. We said to share our information with the woman, and she was welcome to call. As you can imagine, it was the talk of the dinner, much to Chris' embarrassment. We had a joyful time, and yes, Chris had lobster again. I admit, she is sexy eating it with melted butter. Damn.

We stayed for awhile, and tipped very well, to make up for keeping the tables. Finally we left for home and had a quiet night, just reading and watching TV. We were all BEAT. I know, the story of our becoming runners isn't very exciting, but we are working hard at being healthier. Everyone should.

And what a party it was

We were all up early the next morning, mostly because Jackson and his crew arrived. I liked that we had absolutely nothing to do other than show up. The party started at 11 and ended whenever it ended. We repeated our stock story over and over, until all 30 kids were here. Some of the parents stayed, but most didn't. So it was our extended family and about a dozen other adults. They were welcome, of course. We liked people. Maybe it wouldn't be an exciting party, but that was OK too. By the time everyone arrived, it was lunch time, and we fired up the grill. A couple of the other fathers helped and we kept hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken coming as fast as we could. 34 athletes, plus all the other kids and adults ate a lot of food. A lot! As I was finishing up grilling, I looked up and saw Morgan and Brittney walking across the patio, topless. Oh shit. What were they up to? One poor boy actually fell off the diving board. One of the parents that was helping me burned himself a little, as he got distracted. Well, yes, it was distracting. After showing off, the girls ran inside and came back out with tops on. I couldn't decide what to do, so I just let it slide. The Dad that burned himself was the father of one of the middle school cheerleaders. He turned to me.

"Did I just see that? Did two girls just walked by topless? Damn," he said. "Wait, wasn't one of them your kid? I know this is wrong, but she's smoking hot."

I laughed.

"Yes, she is. I admit being her Dad at 23 can be hard," I said, laughing again and emphasing the word hard. "I suspect it was a dare, so I am choosing to ignore it."

Just then Leslie and HIS daughter walked by. Two 11 year olds. Also topless. Shit, his daughter had solid B cup breasts at 11. This caused several boys to quickly jump in the pool, I suspect to cover up their hardons. Hell, I was hard, so I stood next to the outdoor kitchen to hide it.

"Oh shit," said my new friend Cooper. "That's my kid. What the hell."

"Just wait. They'll go in and get dressed," I said, and they did. "You can make a big deal or you can let it slide. Your choice. I'm going to ignore it."

"That's hard to do. I haven't seen her topless since she was 7. This is weirding me out," he said. "My 11 year old daughter just gave me a hard on." He surprised me by turning to show me. Damn, that's impressive.

"Yes, she did," I said. "And an impressive one at that." That got a laugh from him.

"Well nobody has ever complained," he said. "Even in the locker room when I was in middle school." He suddenly realized what he just said and blushed bright red.

"Don't worry about it," I said. "All boys experiment in middle school. Some of us still enjoy it." What the hell, might as well throw that out there. He looked at me funny.

"You still like to play with other guys? Damn, that's hot. You're married to that hot chick and you still want cock," he said. Now it was my turn to laugh. In for a penny.

"Sure. We both do. Why not?," I said. "I probably shouldn't share this, since we just met, but we play together sometimes. We can separate love from sex and often do. We also play alone, but always share. It spices up our sex lives. Heck, I'm hard as a rock. I'm not ashamed to admit that teenage tits turn me on."

"Yeah, apparently they do me too," he said. "I'm going to have to talk my wife Molly. We've talked around the fact that our sex life has gotten boring. She's actually hinted at a threesome, but she means another guy. I was too freaked out to admit that made me hot. Maybe I should," he said. "It's risky, but you make it work. Can I share that with her? Do you think Amy would talk to her about it?"

I assured him she would. I even admitted that if they were interested, we were too. That got a look and a smile.

"You're let me fuck Amy?," he said. "Damn." I think he almost came in his pants.

"Maybe. But only if you'll fuck me too," I said. That got a big grin from him.

"Fuck yeah," he said. Oh goody.

Just then we heard the sound of two helicopters. The kids were surprised when the two sightseeing helicopters landed. Why not? The parents were just as excited and we assured them they could sign up for rides too. It broke the mood, and I think I missed a chance to blow Cooper, but I think it would come back.

"Are you fucking kidding me?," said Cooper. "What the fuck do you do for a living?" I left that there. We were on our 38 acre estate, and he could see our big helicopter. What else could I say?

We used the iPads again to sign up for the gocarts, the waverunners, tubing and now the helicopters. I suspect the other parents will be upset they didn't stay, but hey, they could have. We'd hired pilots for the 24 and the 52, so everybody got rides out on the water. We had a couple trainers for the waverunners too, to keep the kids safe.

The pilot for the 52 was Jenny, a woman who we knew, and Morgan came up to me and asked if they could take a girls only trip on the 52. I looked at her funny.

"Dad," she said in that long drawn out way that only a teenager can. "We want some privacy. Get it? Privacy. It's not like you and Mom won't be able to watch later."

"Oh, got it," I said. "Sure."

She ran over to the girls and I heard a lot of squealing. There was a little argument as the older girls wanted to go alone, but Chris and Leslie were having NONE of that. I saw Chris whisper in Morgan's ear and that got a laugh, and Morgan agreed they should go together. OK, I admit, I WAS going to watch those videos. They weren't gone that long, as apparently some of the girls had helicopter rides scheduled. Morgan put on a clinic in the gocarts, showing off in her racing cart. The boys had a new appreciation for her, beyond her looks. She challenged them all to races, using the regular carts and kicked everyone's ass. Orlando was the closest, but she edged him out too. Then she showed them her skills in her race cart. I think she was the boy's hero. I think they all wanted to fuck her too. After all, they were all 13 and she's 15 and clearly out of their league. I did see her checking out a few of the boys with some hunger in her eyes, but she held off. I suspect she'd ask Orlando to help her fuck them later. No, I didn't suspect. I knew.

Shortly after, I decided to take a steam and invited Cooper to join me. We wandered into the steam room to quite a sight. Apparently the boys were taking advantage of the girls all being gone and were taking a steam in the nude. Well, boys will be boys. I heard Cooper gasp. Well, yeah. Every single boy was jacking off, except those that were getting blow jobs. Three boys were getting blow jobs, one from Olrando, so I know that was a good one. Oh, wait. One boys was getting plowed in the ass. Orlando pulled off long enough to say "Hi, Dad." That freaked a lot of the boys out.

"Carry on boys," I said. "Don't mind us. The girls will be back soon." With that, I climbed up on a high bench and Cooper followed me. We both had our suits on, and I thought that best, even though I was sorely tempted. Too soon. Cooper clearly enjoyed the show. A lot. He was seriously tenting his shorts, and damn, I wanted to see that. It didn't take all that long for the boys to finish. I was surprised when one of the boys sucked the cum out of the ass he'd just fucked, but all the boys seemed to think that was normal. Two boys even exchanged cum in a kiss. It was quite a show. The boys all drifted out, leaving Cooper and me alone.

"Hot damn, that was amazing," said Cooper. "Did you see him lick the cum back out of that boy's ass. That must feel amazing. I'd love to do that. Both jobs."

Yes, he was cumming along nicely. I just couldn't resist, and stood up and pulled Cooper's shorts down. He lifted his ass to let me. Holy shit. His cock must have been at least 9 inches and as thick as a Coke can.

"Wow, Molly must enjoy this monster," I said.

"Well, not as often as I'd like," said Cooper. "And she won't take it in the ass, but I can understand that."

"I would. I sure as hell would. So would Amy," I said. That got a smile out of Cooper.

"Really," said Cooper. "Wow. It would be my first time. It scared people before I met Molly, and I haven't been with anyone since."

With that, I leaned over and took him in my mouth. I couldn't take much, but I tried my best. I didn't want him to cum, so I just sucked a bit.

"Sorry, I'm not going to make you cum. Let's save that. You're not leaving here without fucking somebody," I said, which got another grin. We walked back out to the pool area and realized that all the boys were still naked.

"OK boys," I said. "I see the boat coming in. You sure you want to be naked? You all just came and might not put on your best show."

"Not really a problem Dad, we're young," said Orlando as he stepped out of the pool, hard as a rock. Oh yeah. Boys. I realized Amy and Molly were standing over by the outdoor kitchen watching, so we wandered over.

"All those cocks," said Molly, in a dreamy voice. "All those ripped boys. I could eat all of them. Hell, I hate to say this, but Orlando is amazing. I'd let him fuck me."

"I'm sure he'd like that," said Amy. "You're both hot. He's a teenage boy full of hormones."

"Wait, that doesn't shock you," said Cooper.

"Why should it," said Amy. "Seriously, he's 13 and we know he's sexually active. We talk about it openly with the kids. He commented to me earlier about how hot you both were, and I just laughed. I don't know who he fucks, but given the chance, he'd do it, so I guess it is up to you."

"Wow," said Cooper. "Wow. I admit, it turns me on, but this entire day has turned me on. But that's illegal and wouldn't he tell all his friends?"

"Yeah, I suppose it is, but no he wouldn't tell a soul. He wouldn't even tell us. If there is any single thing we've taught the kids it is discretion. It is our mantra," I said. "We're not suggesting you have to do it, but we don't care. Orlando's head is in the right place. If you decided to cross that line, I suppose this would be the right place to do it. You know he'd enjoy you Cooper. You just saw him blow one of the other boys."

"What?," exclaimed Molly. With that, Cooper told Molly and Amy what we saw, and even included that I sucked him a little. I guess that was a test. Molly let out a little moan.

"Was that for me sucking Cooper, or the boys fucking each other," I asked.

"Both," groaned Molly. Yeah, she was getting there.

"OK, we're not going to push," said Amy. "It's up to you, but you both have needs that aren't going to be met. We'll fuck you, when we find the right time, but if you want Orlando to do it, just go over and ask him to give you both a tour of the house. He's not stupid. He'll figure out what you mean."

They both looked at each other, and I admit I was surprised that it was Molly that took the initiative. She went over and talked briefly to Orlando. He smiled, but not too big, and went over and pulled on his suit. Smart move Orlando. He waved Bob over and they all headed into the house. I'll let him tell his story for a bit.

Molly AND Cooper

Orlando here. I did get their permission to share the story, of course.

The tour consisted of my bedroom, but you knew that. We walked in, and I turned and locked the door and dropped my suit. Yeah, I was hard. Both Cooper and Molly just stared.

"Did I misread the tour request?," I asked, and Molly responded with a moan.

"Oh good," I said. "Then why do you still have clothes on?" Both of them stripped in a flash. Damn. 9 inches and thick as fuck. Molly may be Rylee's Mom, but she is smoking hot. She's got a flat stomach and perky B cup breasts with hard nipples. Well sure.

"So, what do you want to do first," I said. "Or do you want me to lead. Any boundaries?" Both of the moaned, so I took the lead.

"On the bed Molly, and spread those legs," I said. "Get the lube out of the nightstand Cooper. You'll need it. Here's how we'll start. I'm going to get you off Molly, repeatedly, with my tongue. I'm good at it. While I do, Cooper is going to lube me up and spread me open with his fingers. Then he is going to ease that monster cock in my ass. Finally, as soon as he knows you're going off, he's going to pound me and cum in my ass. Then you're both going to take turns eating it back out. Finally, once Molly can't take any more orgasms, I'm going to fuck her, and it's going to be hard and fast. Sound good?"

Both of them moaned, and Molly hopped up onto the bed in position. Cooper found the lube, so they seemed to like my ideas.

"Oh, Molly, are you safe, or should I use a condom," I asked.

"Safe. Cum in me. Please," said Molly.

"OK then, one more task," I said. "Once I'm done, you're eating out the cream pie Cooper." That got a moan from them both. They moaned a lot.

I climbed up on the bed and knelt between Molly's legs. She had a beautiful pussy. Full lips, clearly engorged. A very visible clit, poking out. I spread her open, and started licking from the bottom. I pushed my tongue inside, getting another moan. I pumped my tongue in and out, and reached up with one hand and started massaging her breast and tweaking her nipple. Yes, more moans. She was clearly horny, as she was incredibly wet. I kept that up for a bit, then moved my tongue up and started gently licking her clit.

While this was going on, I felt Cooper spread my ass cheeks and squirt a lot of lube. Damn, cold. He started with one finger, which got a moan out of me. He worked his way up to three fingers, then pulled out. I couldn't help it, that got a moan too. I felt him press the tip of his cock against my ass, but he was tentative.

"Push harder," I said. "It will pop in. When it does, wait and let me relax, then push all the way in. I can take it."

I stopped licking Molly while this happened, as I wanted her to watch. She clearly loved it. Finally he popped in, and waited.

"Ok," I said. "Slide it all the way in, then pump gently in and out. Remember, when Molly cums, really start pounding me."

With that, I went back to licking Molly, and switched breasts. I was really tweaking her nipples hard. I pushed my tongue in and out for a bit, to bring her back up, then licked up and licked her clit. She actually bucked at that. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked gently and that's all it took. She went over, and over, and over, and just drenched me. Cooper was watching, and forgot his task, as he was so enthralled.

"She's never cum like that. She's never squirted like that. You have to teach me," said Cooper. With that he remembered, and started picking up the pace. Before long he was pounding me hard. Molly was clearly loving it. Just then I felt him swell, and he emptied into my ass. He actually fell over me when he was done, and his cock popped out.

"Don't forget you jobs," I said. Both of them moved quickly and I could feel them alternate their tongues. One of them sucked hard, getting a lot out. Finally I laid down and turned over, just in time to see them swapping cum filled kisses. Damn. Progress.

Finally they sat back.

"OK, Molly, what's your favorite position," I asked. She hesitated.

"We always do missionary," she said. Oh.

"OK, then I'll pick. I like woman on top. Cooper, before we started, go clean off your cock. There's everything you need in the bathroom. I like it clean before I suck you. He literally ran into the bathroom, and came out shortly, hard again. Well good.

"I'm going to lay back, and you're going to be on top," I said. "That way you're in control. Fast or slow, up to you. While we're doing it, Cooper can offer both of us his cock. I want him to pull out though, and cum on your tits. That's hot."

Molly climbed on the bed, and sat on my legs. She grabbed my cock, stroking it a couple times, and held it upright.

"Wait," she said. "Cooper, get over here and help. Hold his cock and put it in me." Oh, a little cuckold action. Cooper did what she said, and grabbed my cock. He used his other hand to find the right spot, fingering her for a bit. He moved my cock in place, and nodded. She didn't wait. She slammed down on me.

She just sat there for a minute and enjoyed the feeling. She pointed at Cooper's cock and then at my mouth. He knelt beside me, and I took him in. He started pumping in and out, just as she started bouncing up and down. Oh my. I may only be 13, but I have some skills. I took one hand and played were her breast, pretty rough. I took the other and played with her clit, really gently. Cooper was getting more and more excited. I pushed him away and pointed at Molly. He shifted positions and she took him in. She did better than I did. I guess she had more practice. Suddenly, she went off. This clearly stimulated Cooper, as he pulled out and just covered her tits with cum. It dripped down, and I used some of it to keep rubbing her clit, keeping her going. Finally it was too much for me, and I came deep inside her. We sat for a second, and then I rolled Molly on her back. She was a vision. Cum covered tits. Cum leaking out of her pussy.

"Clean her up," I said sternly. "With your tongue. All of it."

When they were done, we took a shower together. I pushed Cooper down, and he licked Molly to another orgasm. Once we were done, we dried each other off.

"So many things we've never done," said Molly. "We were stuck in a rut."

"What hadn't you done?," I asked.

"Well, everything man on man, of course, but I want to see that again. A lot. Such a turn on and I think Cooper liked it. Oh, wait, we forgot something. You didn't fuck him in the ass," said Molly.

I laughed and suggest my Dad would be happy too, which got a smile from them both.

"I'd never tried that position before. I loved it. He'd never cum on my tits before. He'd never licked out my creampie. Damn, all this time and all the things we missed. He's going to clean me up every. single. time," said Molly.

"Oh yeah. I will. Happily," said Cooper. "If only I'd shared my interests earlier. If only we'd been honest with each other."

"So what do you want to try that you haven't?," I asked.

"I want to be with a woman," said Molly. "Both ways." I assured them that was possible too.

"I want to fuck Rylee," said Cooper, which got him a startled look from both of us.

"You do?," said Molly.

"Yeah, I do. I've wanted to for a long time. You got to fuck a teenager, why shouldn't I?," said Cooper.

"Well, I guess that's fair, but how? We don't even know if she is sexually active," said Molly. I told them I'd find out and introduce the idea of an older man, if they wanted. They both nodded.

"Well, then I get to help. I want to lick her," said Molly. "But the person I really want is Chris. Those little puffies get me hot." I laughed and said me too. That got me a stare from both of them.

"Do you fuck her?," they both asked, almost together. "Oh God, I hope you do," added Molly. Well, that was unexpected.

"Sure, all the time. Leslie and Morgan too," I said. "Why wouldn't I? They're the sexiest girls around."

"Wait," said Molly. "You've fucked Amy too, haven't you. Oh, and Bob's fucked the girls. I get what he was hinting now. Damn, your family is fun. Can we play to? Can you help us get Rylee interested?"

"Yes, to everything except the last one," I said. "I can't push her if she doesn't want to be pushed."

With that we got dressed and I let them wander out first. No point in advertising. I was spent. I went back out and all the kids were back and everyone had clothes on. Too bad.

Bob and Amy put on a clinic

Back to Bob.

I saw them all come out, and Molly and Cooper came over to Amy and me.

"Damn," said Molly. "That was hot. Next time I want to watch Orlando fuck you Bob." Oh. Well good.

"No, that's not right. I do want to see that, but I've got a lot of other things too. I want to eat out Amy. I really want to watch Cooper fuck Rylee." Wow, that was a leap. She was really into it now.

"Really. That turns you on?," I said.

"Yeah, but we don't even know if she fucks. Orlando is going to get Morgan to find out. He'll help," said Molly. Yes, he would.

"He will, but at her pace," said Amy. They all agreed that was right.

"So, still have any stamina?," I asked. They both laughed. Cooper said he needed a minute, but knew Molly was still ready. She nodded that she was.

"Let's go," I said. With that, I took Molly's hand and Amy took Cooper's. We passed Morgan and she noticed I was holding Molly's hand and gave me a copy of my own leer.

"So Morgan knows exactly what we're doing, doesn't she?," said Molly.

"Yes, she does. We don't hide it from them," I said. "You clearly know that now."

"We haven't even had a talk with Rylee yet, and your kids are fucking. My God, did we wait too late?," said Molly.

"Shit. You haven't had a talk with her yet? You're nuts," I said. "She's 11 and looks 18. I just saw her tits."

"What?," she said. "How did you see her tits?" I explained what Rylee and Leslie had done and she laughed.

"Sure, and Leslie's," I said. "We're human. They're tits. We like tits. But I'd bet $10 that Rylee is already sexually active, at least something like blowjobs. Our kids obviously are."

That got a laugh and then a frown out of her.

"You think Rylee might be fucking someone?," said Molly. "Or blowing someone. She's my little girl."

"She is not that little. Not at all. Have the talk. Or better yet, let Leslie or Morgan do it," I said. "They'd be happy to and it would be more natural."

"Orlando offered to do it with Morgan," she said. "We agreed."

"Sure. I'll ask Morgan too, to be safe," I said. We'd just passed Morgan, so I called her over.

"They've never had a sex talk with Rylee. She didn't think she needed to yet and now she's freaked out. Could you talk to her?," I asked.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Have you seen that chick? She's fucking hot. I'd do her in a heartbeat and so would every boy at this party," she said. "Yeah, I'll have Leslie suggest a sleepover. We will all talk to her. I'll find out what she's done and teach her about safe sex. She should be on the pill." That got a shocked look from Molly, but she nodded.

We went back to our bedroom and Cooper did show he could perform. Molly got her wish, and even a 69, as the girls got each other off. Cooper and I enjoyed the show. Then we did a traditional swap. Cooper fucked Amy doggy style, and Molly insisted on being on top. She shared that Orlando had just taught her the position and she loved it. Neither Cooper nor I lasted very long.

"Wait," said Molly. "Cooper has a job to do. He has to clean me up. Do you want him to clean you up too Amy?"

"Sure," she said. "It's usually Bob's job, but I like variety." With that Cooper cleaned up Molly first, than Amy, and his oral skills were improving as they both got off. I am sure it helped that they were kissing and fondling each other the whole time.

We wandered back out to the party and everyone had a blast. About ever half an hour, two different girls would walk by topless. Apparently it had become a challenge. They were all sizes and shapes, but let me tell you, I enjoyed all their tits and Cooper did too. A lot.

"Damn. This is hard. Hell I'm hard. I admit, it is hard not to fantasize about fucking one of them, but Rylee is on the top of the list," said Cooper.

"Yeah, they are hot," I said. "Particularly hard for me. I'm close to their age. I suspect I could fuck one of them. Maybe all of them."

Cooper looked at me. "Yeah, I'll bet you could. I'd pay money to see that," he said. "You know, it's stupid. These girls are more than ready, physically and emotionally. Too bad they don't all have the same attitude that you and Amy do. What fun we'd have."

Finally the party broke up and parents picked up their kids. Cooper and Molly hung around and Rylee ran up and asked permission to spend the night. They readily agreed. We all decided that Cooper and Molly should go home. We'd introduce more fun to Rylee at the right pace. Soon it was just our family and Rylee.

We just had sandwiches for dinner, and then the kids disappeared together. I'll let Morgan pick up the story.

Morgan and THE TALK

Morgan here.

We went back to the game room, and I asked Orlando to give us some privacy. He understood and went into his room. That left just us four girls.

"So Rylee, this is a little awkward, but your Mom asked us to talk to you. She said she'd never had the sex talk with you. You're 11, and look 18, and somebody should have. Consider this an intervention," I said, laughing a bit. "We're hear to teach you, and show you, if you want." That last line got raised eyebrows for sure.

"Show me," she said. "Oh." she added, with a little groan. "I don't know squat. I know I like boys and girls. Can I admit that?"

"We all do," chimed in Chris. "We all do. We can teach you a lot of things." Rylee moaned a bit.

"So let me turn it around," said Rylee. "Have you girls even seen a boy naked? I never have."

"OK, we're going to just be blunt with you. It may startle you, but first we need to talk about discretion. It's a BIG deal in our family. Nothing leaves this room. Ever. Ever. You have to promise that. You have to mean it," said Morgan. Rylee quickly agreed.

"We're all sexually active. With boys and girls. A lot. We like sex. A lot. We know a lot about it, and have tried just about everything, and like just about everything. There is just nothing like a hard cock cumming in your pussy," I said. "Well, getting off from a girl licking you is pretty great too." I admit, I went for the shock factor, and I got it.

"You've all been fucked? You've all been with girls?," said Rylee. "Wait, do you play with each other? I'll bet you do. I would. You're all smoking. Wait, wait, does Orlando fuck you too? Oh." That last Oh was closer to a moan.

"I really want to be fucked," said Rylee. "I've been ready for awhile, but I'm scared. I know it will hurt and I know my first time will suck. That's what everybody says."

"Are you serious that you're ready?, said Chris. Rylee just nodded.

"OK," said Leslie. "We call Orlando the Virgin Whisper. He is absolutely the right person to be your first. He's caring and gentle and will go at your pace. But first we'd suggest you let one, or all, of us go down on you. If you cum a few times, it will go better."

"A few times? A few times?," said Rylee. "Is that possible?"

"Oh yes," we all said. "It certainly is" added Leslie.

"Take off your clothes and pick which one you want to lick you first," I said. With that, the three of us stripped. Rylee's eyes got big and she just looked at us. Finally she got up and undressed. Damn. She looked at least as old as me, if not older. I wanted her. Badly.

"First. Really?", she said.

"Sure. Pick an order," said Chris. "We promise you at least one orgasm a piece, and not a little one."

"Oh," Rylee groaned. "OK, Morgan, Leslie, Chris, in that order. This time."

I pushed her back on the bed and got between her legs. Clearly nobody had discussed trimming either, as she had a really full bush. I'd talk to her about that later. I spread her lips and it was a nice sight. She was oozing liquid, from just our conversation. I slipped a finger in, and was pumping in and out when I started to lick her clit. That's all she took, and almost bucked off the bed.

"Jesus Christ, that was amazing. I've never cum anywhere close to that," said Rylee.

"Oh, just wait," I said, moving out of the way for Leslie. It took less than a minute, and Rylee came even harder, squirting all over Leslie's face. Leslie got up, dripping and climbed up Rylee's body. She pressed her breasts against Rylee, and started grinding her pussy. Then she kissed Rylee, and pushed in her tongue. That lasted until Rylee and Leslie both came, from the grinding. Chris pushed Leslie over, and dove into Rylee.

"Do me, Morgan," said Leslie. I was happy to help. Both girls climbed the mountain and Chris and I didn't let them down until they yelled stop. Rylee was left panting, hard.

"What the fuck was I waiting for. Sex can't possibly be any better than that," said Rylee.

"Oh, yes, it can," said Leslie. "And I have good news. You don't have a hymen. Many girls don't by now. It's not going to hurt. It's going to be heavenly. Do you want us to get Orlando?"

"Fuck yeah," said Rylee. With that Chris got up and ran out of the room. Naked.

"Wait, doesn't she need to put on clothes?," said Rylee.

"No," I said. "Our parents know what's going on back here. So do yours."

"WHAT!," screamed Rylee. "They can't, oh God, they can't."

"Yes, they can," I said. "They asked us to teach you. They know what we meant. They know that, if you want, Orlando is going to fuck you. They're worried, but understand that if you're ready, they'd rather you be with friends, and a boy you can trust. Your parents are cooler than you realize."

"Wow," said Rylee. "Wait. I saw them going back towards the bedroom. My Dad was holding your Mom's hand and my Mom was holding your Dad's hand. Did they? All four of them?"

"We don't know, and even if we did, we wouldn't tell you," I said. "That's discretion. They can choose to tell you. No one else. We won't tell anyone about tonight, not even your parents, but we give you permission to tell them, if you want to. If you give us permission, we'll tell our parents. We pretty much tell them everything. It's the way our family works."

"Oh wow, oh wow," said Rylee. "OK, I'll tell my parents, and you can tell yours."

Just then Orlando walked in, and scoped out that we were all naked and sweaty.

"Oh good, I get to join the party," said Orlando. "Please sit up. We need to talk first."

"OK, here's the deal. You're completely in charge. If you say stop, I stop. I don't care if I am in mid-stroke, I pull out and we're done. You are absolutely and completely in charge," said Orlando. "We can just talk, and that's it. I can show you my oral skills, and you can tell me if I am as good as the girls. I always want to improve my skills. I can show you my cock, and you can just enjoy the view, or we can teach you how to give a handjob, or a blowjob. I can fuck you. Or we can do all of those things. Your call."

"Wait, WE can teach you how to give a hand job or a blow job?," said Rylee. "The girls would do that?" Orlando laughed.

"Oh stop," said Orlando. "The girls already told me you know what we do." Rylee laughed.

"Yeah, and I'm jealous," said Rylee.

"Don't be," said Orlando. "You're part of the team now. We like sex. We like you. We will do anything you ask, any time you ask. Until you stop asking."

"Wow," said Rylee. "Wow. OK, I want it all. I want to know how to give a hand job and a blow job and I want you to fuck me."

"That's good," said Leslie. "You should make him cum once. Then he'll last longer when he fucks you." Orlando stood up and peeled off his shirt and dropped his shorts. Yeah, he was hard. Damn, he is fine looking too.

"Damn," said Rylee. "Can I touch it?"

"You're going to do more than that. Let me lie down," said Orlando. "Somebody show her." With that, Chris grabbed his cock and demonstrated. Rylee tried it next.

"That's good," said Orlando. "But squeeze a little harder. Oh, wait, not quite that hard." Rylee really got him going until he said stop. She jumped like his cock was on fire.

"No, no, you were doing great," said Orlando. "I was going to cum. Try licking it and then sucking it like a popsicle. Do you want me to cum in your mouth?"

"I don't know. What does it taste like?," said Rylee.

"It's salty and a little weird, but not that bad," said Chris. "You should. Boys like it."

With that, she leaned over and gave him a tentative lick. Then she took him in her mouth and started bobbing up and down. She was doing pretty good for her first time. He wasn't going to last long.

And he didn't. He warned her again, but she didn't back off. He obviously came pretty hard, as she choked a little and pulled off. He wasn't done, so cum sprayed everywhere. It hit her in the face and her cute tits, which made her let go. Then he shot all over his own face. Finally he was done. Chris pushed her onto her back and climbed on, licking off the cum. Leslie started licking Orlando off, which got big eyes from Rylee. Chris worked her way down Rylee's body, licking and sucking her nipples, and finally sucking on her clit until Rylee came again. Chris hopped off. By now, Orlando was hard again, and he laid back.

"OK, you're in charge, so you're going to be on top. Climb on and put it in the right spot, then lower yourself down," said Orlando. "Oh wait, Chris, get a condom." Chris ran and got one and expertly rolled it on.

"If you think you're going to do this again," said Leslie. "then your Mom will take you to get the pill. Mom already talked to her. We're all on it. That way the guys can cum in us. It's more fun." Rylee just took that in. Finally she climbed up and held Orlando's cock, and slid right down. She sat there for a minute, all full of cock.

"This is the best thing I have ever felt in my life, and all the others were in the last half hour," she said.

"Just wait. Go up and down," said Orlando. With that she started slowly going up and down, but couldn't stop herself. Soon she was bouncing and slamming down. Suddenly she moaned and had what had to be her biggest orgasm. That was enough, and Orlando filled up the condom. She fell over onto his chest, and he held her. Finally she sat up and rolled off. We heard the pop as he slipped out.

"I need the pill. I want your cum. I want it a lot. I want other boy's cum," said Rylee. "Do you know other boys that will be discrete?"

"More than you can imagine," said Leslie. "Anybody in particular you want?"

Rylee got quiet. Finally she spoke.

"Yes, but I can't tell you," she said, really quietly.

"OK," I said. "It's your secret. We're fine with that."

"But I want to tell you. I want it to happen," said Rylee. "I guess you all just did have sex with me and promised to be discrete. I want my Dad to fuck me." OK then, taboo lifted.

"OK," I said. "Your parents told us what to tell you if this came up. Our parents too. We're going to trust you. That can happen. Your Dad wants to fuck you too. Your Mom is OK with it. It's dangerous for you all, so you have to keep it secret. Absolutely secret. The only people you can talk about it with is our family."

"Wait, your family? Your whole family? Your parents too," said Rylee. "Oh shit, your Dad fucks you girls too, doesn't he?"

"They have given us permission to tell you, if we think we should, so yes, he does," I said.

"Me too," said Orlando.

"You mean you fuck your Mom?," said Rylee.

"Yes, I do, but no that's not what I meant," said Orlando. It took her a minute but her eyes got wide.

"Oh," she said, in a moan. "Oh God. I want to watch."

We all laughed and promised her she could.

"Can I go down on your Mom?," asked Rylee. "She's smoking hot."

"Fuck your Dad first, and let us watch," I said. "If you let us do that, you can do anything with anyone. It's our safety net."

Rylee just noticed that Orlando was hard again.

"Fuck me again," said Rylee. "Hard."

He flipped her over, and Leslie rolled on another condom. Then he taught her doggy style. Chris slid under her and licked her clit and Orlando's cock while they fucked. She kept going off, and he lasted forever, before he finally came. Rylee saw the opportunity, and licked Chris to orgasm too. Chris shared she was pretty good at it.

We all sat up, and chatted, while still naked. Rylee really is smoking hot.

"Hey, we have something else to teach you," I said. "Let's go in the bathroom." Everyone followed me in, even Orlando.

"Sit on the toilet seat and spread your legs," I said. By now everyone knew what I was doing. Chris warmed up the water and got a wet towel and pressed it in place. I got a fresh razor and the shaving cream. Rylee's eyes got wide.

"You'll cut me," said Rylee. I assured her I wouldn't. I stood up and showed her my pussy.

"You don't think this is just me, do you? I'm 15. I'd be as furry as a bear," I said. "We shave each other. Didn't you notice that Orlando was clean shaven too? Do you think he'd let me shave his balls if I wasn't good at it?"

She relented and no, I didn't cut her. My god she looked even better clean shaven. I wiped off the shaving cream and just couldn't resist. I leaned over and started licking her again. She opened her legs and it didn't take her long to go off.

"You're all going to kill me," said Rylee. "When do I get to fuck my Dad?"

We laughed and I promised to go tell my parents right now. With that I walked out. I think she was still surprised I went out nude. She'd get used to it. I talked to my parents, and they suggested that Cooper and Molly come over tomorrow. Rylee could decide who she wanted in the room. I went back to my room, and Rylee and Leslie were in a 69, and Orlando was eating out Chris. Damn, I missed my turn.

I let all of them cum and then talked to Rylee.

"OK, your parents are coming over tomorrow," I said. "Do you want it to be just your Dad? Do you want your Mom in the room? Do you want one of us in the room? It's really your choice."

She thought about it for a minute.

"Well, I don't want to be alone. If nothing else, I need someone to make me cum first, and you girls are good at it. I guess it doesn't matter, but you're apparently my mentor Morgan," said Rylee. "Would you be in the room? Although I'll bet my Dad will want to fuck you too."

I laughed and told her we'd focus on her, but if he did have some extra energy, maybe he could fuck me while she licked me. She thought about it for a minute.

"Oh, you mean like Chris did?," said Rylee. "I'd get to lick his cock too. That would be hot as fuck." Yes, yes it would.

With that, we all tumbled into bed, all 5 of us. It was a little packed, but we slept well.

Cooper and Rylee. Lord take me now

Morgan writing now.

The next morning, we all woke up, and took turns showering. Oh, I don't mean we showered alone. I do think it shocked Rylee a little when we walked in the bathroom, and Orlando had Chris bent over the sink and was fucking her. You see, he was fucking her in the ass. Rylee's eyebrows shot up and we had to explain it to her.

"Damn," said Rylee. "And that feels good?" We assure her it did and the best was when you had one in each hole. There went the eyebrows again.

After we got cleaned up, we all headed out to the kitchen. Sure, we were still naked and sure enough, Rylee walked out naked too. Alison was cooking breakfast and Blake was sitting at the counter and Rylee started to freak.

"It's OK honey," said Alison. "Nothing we don't see every day around here." That calmed Rylee down, but I think it confused her a bit too. Just then, Mom walked in from the pool. Yep, naked.

"So Rylee," said Mom. "I hear you want to lick my pussy. Sounds good to me." I think Rylee was about to faint.

"But your parents will be here in about a half hour, so maybe later," said Mom. Rylee looked at Alison and Blake, with a panicked look.

"Oh, don't worry about them," said Mom. "Heck, they'll both fuck you too if you want. Let me tell you, they both have skills." Blake and Alison just looked at Rylee and smiled. Yeah, they would.

We had a nice breakfast and then we heard the doorbell.

"Go answer the door Rylee," I said.

"Like this?," she said.

"Sure. We know it is your parents. They'll enjoy it," I said. A few minutes later, Cooper and Molly walked in the kitchen, smiling. Cooper looked and realized that all the kids, plus Mom, were naked.

"I think I like your house," said Cooper, and got a playful slap for it from Molly.

"Oh, who am I kidding. I do too," said Molly. "Chris, I could just eat you up."

With that, Chris just turned and spread her legs wide open and smiled. Molly looked a little shocked, but I give her credit. She got down on her knees and went to town on Chris. Chris was bouncing in her seat. Guess we could trust them.

"So Rylee," said Cooper. "You really want to do this?"

"Oh yes," she said, almost moaning it out. "I've wanted to forever. Haven't you ever wondered why you kept getting 'accidental peeks'?"

"No, but I enjoyed them," laughed Cooper.

"Me too," said Molly. That got a smile out of Rylee.

"I asked Morgan to be with us," said Rylee. "She'll help me get ready. Dad, if you still have energy, you can fuck her too." Cooper just groaned. Yeah, you can fuck me. I can see the size of the tent in your shorts.

"Mom, why don't you and Orlando entertain Molly," I said. "Maybe the others would like to join too. I recommend Blake, Molly." Blake perked up. Molly moaned.

We went back into a guest room as there was still a big wet spot on my bed. Rylee and I were already naked, so Molly and Cooper joined us.

"Holy fuck Dad," said Rylee. "That thing is HUGE. I'm not sure it will fit."

"It will Rylee," I said. "He'll be gentle and I'll help. Personally, I can't wait to get fucked by that monster. I hope you brought condoms Cooper." He had. Big ones. I had Rylee lie back on the bed and got her off quite nicely. I then motioned to Molly. She dove right in. Rylee looked down and realized who it was.

"Oh God Mom," said Rylee. "You've got skills. Why haven't we always been doing this. Swing around. I want to lick you too." Molly did, and we got to watch. It was wonderful. They both got off, hard.

I had Cooper lie down next to them and watch. OK, his cock was huge. I got out the lube and liberally lubed him up. Cum or not, she'd need lube. I had her position herself and had Molly hold Cooper's cock. Yeah, I went there. Rylee settled down just a little.

"It's stretching me so much," she said. I told her just to go slow. She slowly lowered herself until he was all the way in.

"Wow, that feels amazing," said Rylee. She started lifting herself up and sliding down until she got a rhythm. Before long, she was slamming up and down. Molly was playing with Rylee's clit and Cooper was, well, mauling Rylee's breasts. I just watched. Finally Cooper was about to cum, and we all knew it. Rylee lifted up and off, which made Cooper moan. She ripped off the condom and took him in her mouth, just was he came. So much that it leaked out the sides. I don't know what gave her the idea, but she slid up Cooper's body and very obviously pushed his cum into his mouth. Molly moaned. Rylee had saved some, and turned and kissed her Mom, pushing in the rest. Molly actually came. Just from that. Awesome.

Their lives were going to be a lot more fun.

"I need fucked," said Molly. "Get me a cock. Any cock. Cooper is going to fuck Morgan. I need a cock."

Any cock, huh. Well, let's up the ante. I sent a quick text and told her it would just be a minute. The door opened and Juanita walked in. Everybody got a confused look, which just made Juanita smile. She dropped her shorts and her cock sprang out.

"Somebody called for a hard cock?," she said. Molly actually raised her hand, which made us all laugh. By then, Cooper was hard again. I knelt on all fours and Molly knelt beside me.

"Get under your Mom, Rylee," I said, and Morgan did. I told Cooper to just shove it in. I was sure wet enough.

Cooper and Juanita shoved in at the same time and just pounded us. It wasn't long before they both came, deep inside us. That's when I taught Rylee how to clean out a creampie. Juanita got hard watching.

"Oh goody," said Rylee. She pushed Juanita down on the bed. I rolled on a condom and Rylee climbed up and just slammed herself down on Juanita's cock. She stared playing with Juanita's breasts.

"Tits and a cock," said Rylee. "I like this." Don't we all, don't we all. Even though it was her second time, Juanita didn't last. Rylee hopped off, pulled of the condom and motioned for her Dad. Cooper didn't hesitate and took almost all of Juanita in his mouth. He got her hard quickly and I was impressed that Juanita came again. Cooper looked over at me, and climbed over Juanita and passed me the cum in a kiss. Awesome.

We all collapsed on the bed.

"I love sex," said Rylee, getting a laugh from everyone.

"Me too," said Molly. "Me too." We had broken down their taboos. They were going to have a lot of fun.

Just then Dad walked in. Yeah, naked.

"We're getting tickets to a show for this afternoon. Do you all want to come? Our treat," he asked. Everyone said sure.

"OK, get cleaned up and dressed. We'll have to leave soon," said Dad. With that, he walked back out.

We all showered and dressed and wandered out to the kitchen.

"Oh good. We're ready to go," said Mom. "We'll fit. Hop in the carts." We did, and drove around to the helicopter. I realized that Cooper and Molly had never seen this one. Well, we were weird.

As we climbed on board, Alison hopped in the pilot's seat and Leslie got into the co-pilot's seat. Mom motioned us to all put on headsets. We did, just in time to hear Alison say "Take us up, Leslie." We saw all three of our new friend's eyes grow big, just as Leslie did just that.

"What? Leslie's flying?," said Cooper.

"Oh, you have no idea," said Mom.

"Where exactly IS this show," said Molly.

"New York," answered Mom. "Broadway."

"What!," screamed all three of them. Just about then we landed, pretty close to our 767. Tom and Jess were standing there and waved us up the ramp. They said we needed to move pretty fast.

"We should be fine," said Alison. "I made arrangements to land on the hotel next door." Sure she did. This just got confused looks from all three of them. We took them up the elevator into the living room and told them to sit down. Jess and Leslie went into the cockpit, and Tom sat down with us, after turning up the sound to the radios. We showed them all how to strap in, and just got it done in time, as we started taxiing.

"767 Heavy requesting clearance for takeoff," said Leslie, through the sound system. She got an immediate approval and soon we were in the air.

"OK, I don't understand ANY of this," said Cooper. Molly and Rylee quickly agreed.

"But my first question is: Is Leslie actually flying this plane?," said Cooper.

We all laughed and it was Tom that spoke up.

"Sure," said Tom. "She is the best pilot I have ever trained. Ever. If I could get her seat time in an F22, she'd be the best at that too. Jess is just up there to chat with her. Leslie doesn't need her. She can solo this plane."

Yeah, we got the stunned look from them all.

"OK, I don't get that, but on to my next question. Isn't this a 767? You own a 767?," asked Cooper.

"Well, a 747 just seemed like a little much," said Mom, which broke up the group. "But Leslie is certified in those too."

"I'll just skip right past that. We're going to New York for an afternoon show. What did Alison mean by "we'll land on the hotel next door"," he asked.

"Oh. She means that we'll take our helicopter and land on the hotel. Then we can walk next door to the show. We're going to see the Book of Morman. It's supposed to be great," said Mom.

"But we just left your helicopter at the airport," said Molly.

"Different helicopter," said Mom.

"Sure. Sure. Different helicopter," said Cooper. "Of course."

He just kind of sat back, defeated.

"Hey, we have a couple hours," said Dad. "Anybody want to go back into one of the bedrooms and fuck?" Every single hand went up. Rylee's eyes got big.

"OK, Cooper," said Dad. "How about a little bro time." Cooper damn near lept out of his seat and followed Dad to the back of the plane.

"Dad?," said Rylee. "Dad?" she repeated.

"Sure," said Orlando. "Bro time is fun. I've recovered. Do you want to fuck?"

"Oh yes," said Rylee.

"Want to go in a room, or do it here for an audience," said Orlando. "Any or all will join in, at your request."

She looked around and in a husky voice said, "Even Tom?"

"Sure," said Tom. "I'd be honored." With that, he stood up and dropped his pants. Oh yeah, he'd be honored.

That's how we ended up fucking in the living room. Let's just say we all got off. I'm pretty sure Molly likes 13 year old cock. I know Rylee liked Tom's skills. Right in the middle Jess walked out to see how we were doing. She walked out, saw Tom fucking Rylee doggy style, and sat down to watch. She started to play with herself and Rylee noticed.

"I'll help you with that," said Rylee, which is how Rylee ended up licking Jess to orgasm while Tom fucked her.

Virgin yesterday. Not so much today.

We all showered and got dressed. Pretty sure Molly and her family were both confused and pleased that our airplane had five bedrooms and five showers. I'm pretty sure Molly and Morgan showered together, if you get my drift. I know Cooper and Chris did.

"Wow, Cooper has a big cock," said Chris when they walked out. "He really filled me up, both in size and in the amount of cum." That got a laugh from everyone. Molly and Rylee just shook their heads.

"Oh don't give me that," said Chris. "You both know what a nice cock he has. Why shouldn't I enjoy it?"

About then, we could feel we were headed in for a landing. Leslie did her usual outstanding job of just kissing the runway. We taxied up to the hanger and went down the ramp and right onto the helicopter. Of course, Tom and Jess were joining us. Leslie got us a quick clearance and we took off and headed into the city. It was amazing, flying over Manhattan. Our three guests just hung at the window.

"I've never been to New York," said Rylee. "It's amazing." Wow, her first trip and it was a doozy.

We landed on the hotel, and there was a security guard waiting. He escorted us through the bowels of the hotel and out the back door. We walked across the street and right up to will call.

"Oh yes, we've been expecting your party," said the woman behind the counter. She passed through our tickets. We all went in, and, big surprise, we had front and center seats. I know they reserved those for last minute celebrities, but apparently that was us.

The show was simply amazing. Truly and utterly amazing. After the show, we gathered around in the lobby.

"So, do we want to head right back or go out to dinner and spend the night," asked Mom. Cooper and Molly looked really uncomfortable. Finally Cooper spoke up.

"This has been wonderful, but to be honest, we can't afford a New York hotel room," said Cooper. Mom laughed, and then realized she shouldn't have.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to laugh. I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing at the thought of a hotel room," said Mom. "We have an apartment. We can stay there."

"But there are 14 of us. How can we fit," said Cooper.

That was my turn to laugh.

"We'll fit," I said. "Trust me, we'll fit." They were once again confused, but agreed. We went back to the hotel and got in the helicopter.

"Morgan, text Robert and Scarlett and see if they're in town and want to join us," said Mom. "I'll make reservations once we know."

I sent the text, and got a quick reply.

"They said they'd love to, but they'd have to bring Sam and they were sorry about that," I said, which made our family laugh. Again, Molly and family looked confused.

Mom sent a text to our favorite restaurant.

"You can get reservations, in New York, for what is now a party of 17, on this short of notice," said Molly.

Mom just smiled.

"Well, we found a place we really liked and it was always too busy. So we bought it," said Dad. "They keep a room in the back available if we think we might be coming. I texted them earlier that it was likely."

"You bought a restaurant because you had a tough time getting reservations," said Molly. Their confusion was growing.

"Well, yes," said Mom. "But it was a fantastic investment. They feature our wines now too, so that's a double win."

"Your wines," said Cooper. "Should I even ask?"

"Yeah, Mom and Dad own a winery. In Venice. You know, in Italy," said Chris.

"Of course you do," said Cooper.

We landed on the roof of our apartment, and all got out. Mom opened the door with her card, and we walked down into the living room. It is a fucking amazing view. When we walked it, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansen, and Samuel L. Jackson were all sitting at one of the tables on the patio, and the wall was open.

"Hey guys, hope you don't mind, we let ourselves in with they key you left us," said Scarlett. "Seemed like the easiest way to meet you."

I think Rylee fainted, or damn close. This day was a little overwhelming, wasn't it? We did the introductions, and all Rylee could do was stammer.

"Yeah, we get that a lot," said Sam. He at least got a smile from Rylee. Sam reached out and gave Rylee a big hug. She just melted into his arms.

"I just got a fucking hug from Nick Fury," said Rylee, which got a big laugh from the group.

"Yes, you did, young lady," said Sam, in, well, his voice.

"We going to your place?," said Scarlett. Mom nodded we were.

"Fantastic. We can never get reservations. It's too hot even for us," said Robert. Seriously. Robert Downey Jr. couldn't get in, and Mom got us a room for 17.

"Oh my," said Mom. "Remind me to fix that when we're there." Everyone smiled.

"This place is beautiful," said Molly, "but where are the bedrooms."

Robert jumped up. "Oh, can I show them the walls?," he asked. We all laughed and said yes. He waved them along, and went over to the stairs and headed down. They clearly hadn't noticed the stairs. They came back up in a few minutes.

"That is fucking cool," said Cooper.

"Isn't it?," said Robert. "I'm having it done in my apartment. It's right below this apartment, although I don't have two floors, just a half floor. I'm not rich like these folks. Oh, by the way, didn't I just read that you made like $30B this week? I think tonight is your treat." Once again, we got the look from Molly and her family.

"Billion," stammered Cooper. "Did he say 30 Billion with a B?"

"Yep," said Robert. "Didn't you realize how rich they are? They bought this apartment on a whim for $100M. Didn't you just buy like $300M in classic cars too?"

We just smiled. It was embarassing. Cooper just sat there shaking his head.

"Listen," said Amy. "This is embarrassing. We made a crap ton of money because of some work Bob did in college. It was a freak occurrence. Now our money makes money, and we have an investment guy with the touch. We made investments in a couple startups. They went wild. We did squat. Now, listen up closely. We have a crap ton of fun and like having our friends with us. So, if our money bothers you, and you're nervous about letting us pay for things, get the fuck over it. We cannot possibly spend all this money, so help us spend it. Hell, even Sam let's us treat."

"That I do," said Sam. "That I do." That broke up the entire group, including Molly and her family.

"OK," said Rylee. "I'll speak for the family. Spend away." That got a laugh too.

With that, it was time for dinner. We told them it was a short walk. As in next door. They pointed out we were pretty informal.

"Yeah, the place required men in a jacket and ladies in a dress, but we have an in with the owner," said Bob, with a smile.

We rode down and walked next door. We walked in and the host dropped everything to greet us. We heard grumbling about skipping the line and our clothes. We were used to it.

"Folks, folks," said the host. "We understand your comments, but these nice folks are the owners of the restaurant. They won't be taking your tables and I'll be right back. How about a free glass of wine for everyone in line." He named our winery, which was clearly known to the crowd. The buzz turned positive. He knew it was OK to do, because we offered a free glass of wine to everyone, just left it up to the server's discretion to offer it. We sold a huge volume of wine, based on the first glass. The servers just didn't offer a glass to assholes. Anyone that disrespected a server was put on our "no reservations" list. It was entirely up to the server. We paid our servers well, and they made a fortune on tips. They were amazing professionals.

We got into the room and let everyone sit wherever they wanted. I was on one side of Scarlett and Cooper was on the other. I think he was tongue tied, so I'd help him out. Molly was next to Sam and Rylee was next to Robert. Our new friends would have stories to tell. Many of their friends wouldn't believe them. Who would?

It's always fun talking to Scarlett, and I did drag Cooper into the conversation. Once he loosened up, he was really sweet. I, of course, spent the entire dinner drooling. Finally, I just couldn't resist. I whispered in her ear.

"So Scarlett, do you like girls?," I whispered. "I could come down tonight and truly rock your world." She sat up quickly and looked at me. She clearly looked conflicted. She sat for a minute.

"Are you kidding, or serious?," she asked, really quietly. I smiled big.

"Rock. Your. World," I whispered.

"I can't. You're a teenager," she said. "Your parents would freak."

"I am a teenager. I can. My parents would not freak," I whispered. "Would it help if Amy came too? She's even better than me." Scarlett actually let out a quiet groan, which got her a funny look from Cooper.

"Oh God," whispered Scarlett. "Oh God. Amy too?"

"Sure. A little mother-daughter time," I whispered. "Rock. your. world." She just nodded, while biting her lip. Fuck, that actually worked. Damn.

We had a nice dinner and stayed quite awhile. I was actually dripping onto my chair. Who wouldn't? Finally we headed back. We all got to the apartment and everyone started to figure out who would sleep where. I pulled Mom and Dad to the side.

"Dad, Mom and I have plans tonight. You have to pick someone else to have fun with. We'll be out all night," I said. They both looked at me funny. "Just trust me. Tell everyone that I'm having some issues, and that I wanted to talk to Mom, and we're going to sleep down in the smaller apartment. They'll all buy it."

With that, I walked to the elevator. Mom followed, not knowing why, but willing to go with it. I pressed the button for Scarlett and Robert's floor, and she just raised one eyebrow. I suspect she wondered which apartment we were going to. Let's be honest, we'd both be happy with either one. We got to Scarlett's door, and I noticed Mom's nipples were hard enough to cut glass. I knocked, and Scarlett opened the door. Wearing a robe. A short robe. Holding a glass of wine.

"Come in," she said, in that sexy voice of hers. We followed her in. That robe was really short. See her ass cheeks short. She set the wine glass down and turned around. I just couldn't resist, I walked right up and pushed the robe off, and kissed her. Yes, I was making out with her as the robe dropped to the floor. I pulled her into the living room and pushed her onto the couch. Mom and I turned to each other and undressed each other. Scarlett was moaning, and fingering herself. Yeah, I would too. Soon we were naked, and I dropped to my knees and pushed her legs apart. Yeah, I'm good. Damn good. She was writhing on the couch in no time. Mom climbed on the couch and took her hand and put it on her mound. Scarlett started rubbing Mom and slipped one, then two fingers in. Mom was massaging Scarlett's breasts, and damn fine breasts they were. Scarlett went off, squirting all over me. I was drenched. I stood up and climbed into her lap. I put her other hand on my breast and kissed her. Soon she pushed me off and walked away, towards the bedroom.

OK, that's probably enough detail, but let's just say we didn't get much sleep and we all proved our skills in damn near every way you can. And yes, she owns a strap-on. We eventully fell asleep in each other's arms. About 7, we heard a knock at the door. Mom and Scarlett were still asleep, so I got up and looked through the peephole.


I, of course, was naked. Oh what the fuck. I opened the door.

"Want to come in?," I asked, emphasizing the word come. He stood there, in shock, but not for long. He walked in, kind of in a trance, and I shut the door.

"Amy and Scarlett are still asleep. Would you like me to rock your world while you wait?, I said.

"Mother and daughter," he muttered.

"Yeah, but we're not exactly traditional. We'll both fuck you," I said. "Here, we can use the couch. Strip."

He hesitated, I'm sure because of my age, but he knew Mom was in the other room asleep with Scarlett. I took matters into my own hands and unbuttoned his shorts, and pulled them down. Oh, commando. Handy. I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth. Damn, he got hard quick. I was so wet, I was probably ruining the carpet, so I got up and pulled him by the cock to the couch. I turned around, and leaned over, and wiggled my ass. He entered me in one smooth stroke. Just was we were really getting going, Mom walked out. She took in the view, and walked over and gave him a big kiss. She reached down and wet her fingers in my juices. I felt him jump. OK, Mom. The old finger in his ass. He sped right up, moaning, and emptied into me. Mom pulled him off, and dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. He was hard again in no time, and she took the same position on the couch I did. Before he entered her, I wet my fingers in her. Yeah, he knew what was coming and it was. He slid right in. I remembered something, and snuck into the bedroom and put on the strap on. I lubed it up well. I came back out, but he was pretty focused. I pushed him over Mom, and pushed in. He moaned and we had a nice train going. I was really pounding him and he was pounding Mom. Mom and I came together, and he emptied his second load in Mom.

I pulled out, and so did he. I realized Scarlett had come out. She arranged Mom and me on the couch. She pointed at Robert, then at me. He got the point and got between my legs and she got between Mom's. Oh, we had fun then. All clean, for sure.

Finally we all sat up.

"Well, that was a dream come true," said Robert. "Mother and daughter."

"Not sure it really counts, given we're six years apart," said Mom. "But it sure was fun." We all laughed at that and agreed.

"We really do have to get back upstairs," said Mom. "I love this move in our relationship. Either of you want to fuck Bob? He'd love it. For that matter, the other kids are pretty amazing too." That got looks from them, but after all, they'd both just fucked a 15 year old.

"Leslie and Chris," said Scarlett.

"Bob and Orlando," said Robert.

Oh yeah, they were in.

We got dressed and rode the elevator up. We got off and everyone was dressed and just about ready to go. Leslie walked over and pulled me to the side.

"You only came up one floor," said Leslie. "I noticed. Scarlett or Robert?"

"Both," I said, and she sighed.

We flew back to the airport and back home. We had a lot of fun on the flight. Molly and Cooper got to have fun with three 11 year olds at the same time. Yeah, we all watched.

Characters in the stories


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Gabriel (Gabe)




The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
The youngest
Adopted daughter
Co-captain for the big cruise
Family personal trainer and more
First home staff. Mechanic, general purpose everything
First home staff. Chef, runs the house and more
Juanita's brother
Juanita's sister
Juanita's Dad
Juanita's Mom
Flight instructor
Flight instructor
Cart driving coach
Chris' new friend
Noah's Dad
Noah's Mom
Rylee's Dad
Rylee's Mom
Cheerleader with Leslie and Chris


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
4'11" - 80, slim, glorious puffy nipples
5'7" - Solid but not fat, D cup
5'9" - athletic, petite, D cup, 5 inch cock
6'2" - 185, blonde, ripped, 7 inch thin cock
5'9" - tall, athletic, blonde, simply stunning, B cup, model gorgeous
5'0" - 90, cute, 4 inch cock
4'11" - 85, sexy, flat
5'11" - 175, Vin Diesel, but with short hair, 6 inch average cock
5'6" - 125, stunning, D cup on a small frame
6'0" - 175, trim, 7 inch thick and cut
5'9" - 140, small B cup, runner's body
165 - 8 uncut and thin
5'7" - thin, 5 inch average cock. Big balls
6'3" - 220, Muscular, 7 inch and thick
5'9" - athletic, D cup breasts, but no sag. Giant nipples
5'4" - 120, B cup
5'11" - 200, 9 inches and thick
5'5" - 120, trim, C cup
5'4" - sexy AF, B cup

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