Morgan moves up

10 August 2018

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Tim Buchanan

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When Marco calls

Bob here.

Time flies, and amazingly it was getting to be the end of summer. It was the first week of August, and I was doing absolutely nothing, which was my strength. I got a call on my cell and saw it was Macro. You know, Marco Andretti.

"Hi Bob," said Marco. "It's Marco." Yeah, we all have callerid Marco. "We have an opportunity for Morgan, but I didn't want to approach her without your permission. So here's the deal. We're running three cars at Indy, in the Nascar race, in early September. September 9th. One of our drivers managed to wreck his car. His freaking Prius, and broke his leg. We could go try to find another driver, but we'd get the dregs. We could just run two cars, but that seems silly too. We found an obscure loophole, and wanted to see if we could have Morgan fly up and test in the car. If she's as good as I suspect she'll be, we'd like her to run the race. Like I say, we found a loophole and think we can push her through it. Your family appears to be good at that. The loophole is she would run as an amateur. The sponsors can sponsor the car, but she couldn't win the prize money, or she could donate it to charity. Didn't seem like a showstopper for your family. I'll stop for a minute, as that's a lot to process."

Wow. A jump from carts to NASCAR. At Indy. At 15. Could we? Would we?

"Wow, Marco, that is a lot to process. When do you need to know? I need to talk this over with Amy," I said.

"That's the thing. We have to enter the car, with a driver's name, by 3PM today. If you say no, we run two cars. If you say yes, we run three. No pressure. We get it is a little crazy," said Marco.

Damn straight it was crazy.

"I'll call you in an hour," I said. We said goodbye and I hung up. I had no clue where Amy was. She was somewhere else, doing absolutely nothing. I actually had to text her. She replied that she was by the pool and I obviously hadn't looked very hard. Well no, why would I when I could text and ask?

I wandered out and told her that Marco had called. She sat up and my God, I had a tough time not mounting her there. She was wearing bottoms, and only bottoms. Those breasts. Fuck. OK, I've lost my train of thought, and she knew it. She actually wiggled and made them bounce. Cruel.

"So Marco called," I said, repeating what he told me.

"NASCAR? At Indy? At 15?," she said. "That's nuts."

"Yeah, it is, but Marco thinks she can do it, and we both know she can. Can we really say no without telling her," I said.

"Yes, we can. We're her parents, but that's not the question. Will we?," she said. "It is a stunning opportunity. We both know we have to let her decide."

"Yeah, we do," I said. I texted her. Yeah, she was running her cart. We took a golf cart and drove down to the track. We told her about Marco's call.

"NASCAR? At Indy? At 15?," said Morgan. We both laughed and she looked at us.

"That is word for word what we both said," I said. "We decided it had to be your call. You can go test in the car, then say no. Everyone will support that. Marco suggested you fly right to Indianapolis. They have the track leased in two days. You run right on the track, with their other two drivers. You can simulate qualifying and racing. See how you feel."

"I'll go with you," said Amy. "There's an amazing muscle car collection for sale about a mile from the Indy track. Kill two birds. OK, maybe I shouldn't have phrased it that way." We all laughed.

"Leslie can fly us up in the big plane. That way if I buy anything we can fly it home," said Amy. "She'll be up for it. Let's ask Jess, Alison and Chris too. Make it a girls trip."

"Hey, I want to see my girl run too," I said. They both laughed.

"Yeah, you do Dad," said Morgan. "You also want to be the only man on the trip too." Well, sure, who wouldn't? We let her call Marco back and were in the air that afternoon. Amy wanted to meet with the collector tomorrow, then go to the track first thing the next day. We'd just sleep on the plane. Amy made reservations at someplace called St. Elmos and we got into town in time for dinner. Damn, it was a great steak place with an amazing spicy shrimp cocktail appetizer, but I digress.

The others stayed on the plane, while Amy and I went to meet the person with the collection for sale. She was a really sweet woman in her 60s. It had been her husband's passion, and he'd passed away, but she knew her cars. We got to her house and she took us out to their warehouse.

"So, which car are you interested in kids?," she said. Kids, well, yeah, to her.

"All of them," said Amy, which got her the raised eyebrow looks.

"You know there are 21 cars," she said. Amy nodded.

"Some of them are really rare," she said.

"We know. We know the value of them all," said Amy. "You're asking, in total, $41M. Piece by piece, you might, and I stress might, get that, if you put them up for auction. But you'd take a 20% hit in auction fees, and the risk is high. You paid over $13M for the Cobra alone. Miss the mark there and you lose millions."

She looked at Amy with surprise in her eyes. Yeah, never underestimate Amy.

We entered the warehouse and it was bright and spotless. The cars were amazing. Two C2 L88s. One coupe, one convertible. Another C3 L88. A Camaro ZL1. 21 cars. All cool.

"So what's your best price, for a cash deal?," said Amy. "Pending inspection and confirmation of provenance, of course, but we could put the money in escrow today."

"Today?," she asked.

"Today," repeated Amy.

"Well, you're right about the risk. Best case, with every auction hitting the high end, I get $40M, less 20% so, $32M. We both know that wouldn't happen, so I'm more likely in the $28M range. Best case. You put $25M in escrow today, they're yours after inspection," she said. We went through the text stuff, and the money was in her account. Amy had already arranged Marco's chief mechanic to come by later that day. He was a real muscle car freak. The lady even had a lift, so he could inspect them all well. We headed out and met the others for a nice lunch and had a nice afternoon. Amy got a text saying they were all perfect about 3 that afternoon. Muscle cars are big, so we could take 6 with us. Amy spent time that night deciding which ones. She also reached out to Leo, to find out which ones he wanted first. He gave her a list of six cars, including three from this collection, and said she could have the Yenko back. That made her happy. She told him three of his list were still in Italy, and let him pick three more. They had it all worked out, and Tom and Jess would fly them over and enjoy a week at our place. A little second honeymoon. I'm sure Sophia would never be in their bed. Yeah.

The next morning we were at the track bright and early. Right when it opened. Marco and crew were there too, and had the car Morgan would drive ready. She looked small next to the car, and next to the other two drivers. She was so excited, she was almost jumping up and down. The other two drivers were confused as hell. Apparently no one had let them in on their third driver. You could see them exchanging glances and talking about her. Finally one of them walked off and I couldn't resist as he passed.

"So, who's the young chick?," I said. "She can't be a driver, can she?"

"Yeah, crazy isn't it," he said. "Never heard of her. Have no idea if she's any good. She looks like she's 15." adding a laugh. "But, I hear she's damn good. Hope so. It would be good for the team. That's all that matters."

I agreed with him, and loved his attitude. We watched as she climbed in the car and then pulled out onto the track, following the other two drivers. They got up to speed and fuck it was fast. The three cars were inches from each other. Morgan was the third car and drafting. As they came around the fourth turn, coming up the front straight, she made a dive for the inside and passed them both like they were standing still. Even losing the draft, she was faster. She ran a little different line than they did, and it seemed to work. By the end of the scheduled 15 laps, she had about a 6 car lead. They did a cool down lap and pulled into the pits. We had come prepared with our fire suits, so were there to meet her.

She climbed out of the car, and the other two drivers ran up. I was curious what their reaction was going to be.

"Holy fuck," said the first driver. "You're damn fast. I know for a fact you have the slowest car. You still kicked our ass."

"Yeah, that was amazing," said the second driver. "You're running a tighter line than we are. I tried to follow and my car just got skittish. How the hell do you do it?"

"Well," said Morgan. "My coach always said winning is following the right line. You're both swinging too wide at the beginning of the turn. It's forcing you out, and the line is a little longer. It's also scrubbing speed. You're right though, the cars are skittish on my line. They need less wing. Let's get them adjusted and go back out."

Marco had been listening and jumped in.

"The wing is right, and you're running the wrong line. We had them setup and the guys are doing it right," said Marco.

"You're wrong, and I can prove it," said Morgan. "Give me one degree less wing, and you can take your pick of the other cars. I'll beat you."

Marco took the challenge. They adjusted her wing and filled up both cars and put on fresh tires. They both went out and did a pace lap and came up to the line, side by side. Indy is a narrow track for NASCAR cars. Morgan took the inside line. They had a 15 lap race. By the 10th lap, Morgan was leading by a half lap. By the 15th lap, she crossed the finish line while Marco was in the 2nd turn. They both pulled in to the pits and got out.

"Damn," said Marco. "When I am wrong, I'm wrong. You know you just set the track record?"

"What?," said Morgan. "I what?"

"Yeah, by almost 2 seconds," said Marco. "That record has stood for 4 years. That's over 8 mph. You averaged 194."

Morgan actually jumped up and down. She ran over and hugged Amy and hugged me too. Leslie got the last hug.

"So what does that mean?," asked Morgan.

"It means the ride is yours if you want it. We'd need you back several times in August for practice. Qualifications and the 250 mile race are on the 8th. I'll be honest, fast lap or not, the chances of you placing are slim," said Marco. "But you'll have fun and you'll get a lot of attention. We'll get you the schedule, but be here early on the 7th. It's an all weekend event. Drivers meeting is noon on the 7th. Be there."

Which is how we found ourselves flying up on the 6th, with the extended family. We had a suite in the second turn. Yeah, that cost us, but who the heck cares? Marco allowed us one spot in the pits, and we let Morgan pick. She picked Leslie, who could not have been more excited. Marco had kept Morgan a bit of a secret. Morgan showed up for the meeting, and they tried to turn her away at the door. No one would believe she was a driver. It took Marco coming over and insisting she was his driver, but even that didn't work until the other two Andretti drivers insisted she was and, in their words, 'a badass'. Finally the meeting started, and they called the rookies to the front. Morgan went up, with 5 other drivers, all men, all older. They razzed her a bit, but Marco said she took it well. Once they all passed tech, they went out for practice. Marco told her to run middle of the pack and not to show anything. She didn't like it, but did it. Leslie said later that she walked around and listened in on the other teams. Apparently everyone ignores an 11 year old girl. She heard things like 'out of her league', 'a waste of a car', 'gonna get run over'. Yeah, bad move guys. You pissed her off.

Saturday was qualifications. Marco told her to run her line and do her best. Well, she beat her previous best by almost a full second. She was the first racer in NASCAR history to turn a lap with an average over 200mph in a NASCAR car at Indy. No other driver ran faster than 190. They impounded her car, but returned it soon. They're only comment was on the wing. They commented that everyone else was running 1 to 3 degrees more wing.

"How do you do it?," said the tech lead. "Every other driver would hit the wall with this wing."

"My line is tighter. They'll all running the wrong line," said Morgan.

"You're saying every NASCAR driver ever, in 25 years, has run the wrong line," he said.

"Well, who set the lap record?," asked Morgan.

"OK, OK," said the tech lead. "You did. Maybe you're right. We'll see tomorrow."

The race started on time and was scheduled for 160 laps. Morgan led the first 152 laps. On lap 153, a slower car tried to duck under her and clipped her left rear tire. It spun her into the grass, tearing the wheel off. She was fine, but the car wasn't. Her teammates went on to place 1-2, driving close to her line, but they both admitted they couldn't drive hers. We were disappointed, but not as much as Morgan.

We did go to the winner's circle and Morgan stood and watched her teammates climb the podium. I could tell she was about to cry, but she held it together. Just as they were about to award the winner his prize, he waved Morgan over. He pointed to the spot next to him, high up. He also dragged their team mate up to the top too. What a photo op.

He spoke to the crowd.

"I shouldn't be up here today," he said. "I should be down on the big number 2, and our teammate should be down on the 3. This young woman raced a race none of us could match. Except for a stupid, utterly stupid, mistake by an experienced driver, she would have been up here. Most of you don't know her, but we're proud to call her our teammate and our friend." The crowd absolutely went wild, and Morgan did lose it and start crying, but then again, so did her two teammates. The guy in third place waved a bit and wanted to say something. The crowd quieted down.

"They're right, and we all know it," he said. "I shouldn't be up here at all. I was getting my ass kicked by the best new driver I have ever seen. She's smart, ran a hell of a race, and can drive a line that not one of the drivers in the field could match. We were outclassed. We were ALL down a lap to her. She had it in the bag. I'm sorry she didn't win. She has my respect and I hope to race against her again. It's not like she'll retire anytime soon." The crowd both cheered and laughed, and Morgan stood up a little straighter.

Finally they all stepped down and we walked over to the Andretti garage.

"I had the race," said Morgan. "That piece of shit knocked me out."

Just than, the other driver walked up and stuck out his hand.

"Hi, I'm that piece of shit and I owe you an apology. I ducked under, but didn't count on you running that line. You're fucking nuts, but it was amazing to watch. I screwed up badly, and you didn't win because of me, and I am truly sorry," he said. Morgan turned bright red.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that," said Morgan. "But it was the truth. You've driven this race what, 15 times? You're a pro, and pros don't make a move without anticipating the other driver. Yes, I drive a different line, but you should have watched me before you made the move. Hell, you were what, a lap down? Why the hell did you do it at all?"

"No, it's OK. You're right. It was a piece of shit thing to do. You were leading the race and I was a TWO lap downs. I should have gotten out of your way. You are one hell of a driver. I can't believe I've never met you. Is this really your first NASCAR race? You're amazing. Who runs the Brickyard as your first race?," he said. "What series were you running?"

"Carts," said Morgan. "It's all I can race. This race took a weird exception."

"Carts? You've only raced in carts? That's insane. Why the hell did Marco give you a ride?," he said. "Well, that's a stupid thing to say. You clearly deserve the ride. But why can you only drive carts?"

"Because I'm 15," said Morgan. I think he was about to faint. Just then Marco walked up.

"No fucking way you're 15," he said. "You just can't be. You set the lap record. You're the only driver to break 200. You cannot be 15. You don't even have a license!"

"She is," said Marco. "She is also the best driver I've ever seen in my life, and I include my Dad and my Granddad. They'd both agree. Best ever. She's smart, reads a track better than any of us, and downright fearless. But it runs in the family. Leslie, come here."

With that Leslie walked over. The driver had clearly seen her around, and from his expression said some things in front of her he shouldn't have. Amy and I just watched this unfold.

"This is Leslie, Morgan's sister. She's 11. She's the youngest to ever certify as a jet pilot. She flew Morgan and her family here on Thursday. Solo. In their 767," said Marco. "This family is special."

"They clearly are, and everything you said was right. I fucked up. Worse mistake of my career and I will always regret it. Except for me, you would have won. It wasn't even a race," he said. "Did you know that every single other car was a lap down? Your team mates were 2-3. You'd lapped them both. If I hadn't seen it, I would have said it was completely and utterly impossible. Damn fine racing. Now I'm going to watch some tape. I'm going to watch my mistake over and over, and I'm going to watch your line, but honestly, I don't think I'm capable of driving it. Maybe my balls just aren't as big as yours are." With that, he walked away, shaking his head. Morgon was still pissed, but she'd gotten respect.

Just then, a woman with a camera man walked up. I'd noticed she filmed the entire exchange.

"Excuse me," she said, introducing herself. She was from ESPN. "Can we interview you, and Marco? We'd like your permission to air that conversation too. We already got his permission. I believe his quote was 'Sure. I fucked up. Might as well air my apology. That girl is our future. She will save this sport.' We're airing that too."

Morgan looked embarrassed, and looked at us. We both just shrugged. Her call. Finally she stood straight.

"Sure, you can interview me," Morgan said. "I'll try not to say Piece of Shit and Fucked Up." That got a laugh from the anchor and Marco. "But I want my parents in the interview too, and my sister Leslie."

"Absolutely," she said brightly. "We'd love that. We heard what Marco said about Leslie. That can't be true, can it?"

"If you're going to start the interview by underestimating powerful young women," said Morgan. "I'll find another network to talk to." Ouch.

The anchor actually looked like she'd been punched. "Damn, I just did that, didn't I," she said. "Well, I'll say it. I fucked up and I apologize." Yeah, we all laughed.

They proceeded with an outstanding interview. Other than introducing ourselves, Amy and I didn't say anything. It was not our day. Leslie said a little, as she wasn't stealing Morgan's day either. They talked to Morgan for over 45 minutes. It was a marathon interview. Morgan was amazing. Simply amazing. She was poised. She was articulate. She only slipped and said fucked up once. Once the interview ended, the anchor startled us all.

"That was the most amazing interview I have ever done," she said. "I've interviewed every major driver in every class. Every one. None were as poised and articulate as you were." Yeah, good words.

"I've also interviewed a dozen other drivers about you before I came over, from your fellow rookies, to Dale Earnhart Jr and Jeff Gordon," she said. "I have a quote on tape from Jeff and Dale. Here, let me play it for you."

The camera man pulled out an iPad. He already had it queued up. They were ready. The face of two of the most famous drivers ever were frozen on the screen.

"I have never seen anyone drive this track on that line," said Jeff. "I couldn't do it. I wouldn't do it. I don't have the cojones for it. She is better than I am."

"Yeah, she is better than you," said Dale, which got them both laughing. "But you're also right. I've driven thousands of miles on this track, in NASCAR and IndyCar. I couldn't do that line in a NASCAR car. I couldn't do that line in an IndyCar either. Make an exception IndyCars. Let her in the 500. Hell let her run the entire series. She will kick ass and it will be a ratings bonanza. She deserves the seat. She can run both IndyCars and NASCAR. It can be done."

"Oh yeah," said Jeff. "She does. There is not an IndyCar team that wouldn't bump their best driver to give her the spot. If she can run that line in an IndyCar, she will blow away the qualification record, even though the cars are less powerful. She will dominate the race. If IndyCar doesn't let her in, they're downright stupid. I would love to see her run the road races too. She comes from carts. She'd absolutely kick ass. St. Pete is in February. I want to see her there. Hell, I'll start a team if that's what it takes. Dale would do it with me."

"Yeah," said Dale. "I sure would." With that, the recording ended. Morgan looked like she was in a state of shock.

"Run IndyCars," said Morgan. "I mean I test in them all the time, but race? Wow."

"Wait," said the anchor. "What do you mean you test in IndyCars?"

"For Andretti," said Morgan. "I'm the rabbit. Their drivers don't like to lose to me, and it helps them improve. They're having a tougher time now. They can't beat me much." She said that so innocently. It was just a fact. I know that she hasn't lost one of their races in months. She was nice enough to not say it.

"Oh she has a ride if IndyCars will allow it, and Amy and Bob approve," said Marco. "No doubt about it." Somewhere a driver just lost a job and didn't know it yet.

Just then a man walked up and the camera came up again. I wondered what was up. We all did.

"I just wanted to introduce myself," he said, offering his hand to Morgan. "I heard what Dale and Jeff said and they're right. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Jay Frye. I am the President of IndyCars." He introduced himself to me, Amy, and Leslie. OK, he knew something.

"I would have been over sooner, but I was on the phone with the IndyCar board," he said. "We voted unanimously to create an age exception. To be safe, it involves a track test both on an oval and a road course, but we're sure you'll pass. Not many young drivers will have access to a car to even test, but I'm pretty sure Marco will offer you one." Marco just grinned and nodded.

"You'll need your parent's permission thought. After all, you're 15," said Jay, adding a laugh. He looked at us.

"Probably," said Amy. "We need to discuss it as a family. She's in high school. School comes first. But we can probably figure something out." Morgan went from fear to happiness in that sentence. Jay laughed.

"Well, high school isn't an issue we've had before," said Jay. "But we'll help you figure it out. I understand you have some resources most families wouldn't, including access to planes."

"And pilots," he added, smiling at Leslie.

Finally the crowd dispersed.

The anchor from ESPN walked back over.

"One last thing," she said. "I just got off the phone with the President of the network. They'd like to take this interview, this race, and the other stuff we taped and create a one hour special. We'll need all your permission and releases to do it, and Amy and Bob, you'd have to sign for Morgan and Leslie.

"Not our call," said Amy. "It's Morgan's." Morgan looked thoughtful.

"Sure," she said. "I don't want the publicity but it would be good for the sport. I want approval rights of the final cut, though."

"Uh, we don't do that," said the anchor.

"OK, then no," said Morgan. With that, she spun on her heels and pulled Leslie and grabbed a cart and drove away.

The anchor looked stunned. "Did she say no?," she asked.

"Yeah, she did," said Amy. "You better got get an exception to whatever rule you have and ask Morgan really, really nicely. You still underestimated a powerful young woman. Badly."

With that, Amy took my hand and we walked away. Remember our mantra. Never underestimate a strong young woman.

We left the anchor shaking her head and talking into her cellphone.

The Andretti's had arranged a private room at the Capital Grille. Our immediate family was invited, so the rest of our well wishers headed off to dinner elsewhere. When we walked into the room, the entire place cheered. Suddenly we heard a chant of "Speech, speech. Talk to us Morgan." She turned bright red, but Marco dragged her to the front, and Mario hugged her.

"Why should I give a speech?," she said. "I didn't even finish the race." They all laughed, but she was serious. I know she was.

"I had a wonderful time and can't believe I even got a chance. It was amazing and dammit, I would have won," she said, getting a round of applause.

"But tonight is not about me, and I won't listen or speak another word about me or my driving. We're here to celebrate the 1st and 2nd place winners. Our friends. It is an amazing accomplishment, and I am proud to be their teammate and their friend. Let's celebrate them, and this entire team. Not another word about me. Not one," said Morgan. Damn that girl has class, and everyone honored her requests. Champagne was flowing, but, of course, Morgan couldn't have any. How messed up is that?

We got back to the plane really late. Everyone else was already asleep and had left the bedrooms to us. Morgan asked if she could sleep with us tonight. I think she just needed the comfort. It was an emotional day.

I was wrong.

We got into our bedroom, and Morgan stripped in a flash. She was in director mode. She told me to strip Amy, which I happily did. She told Amy to strip me, which I happily accepted. When we were all nude, I saw the hunger in Morgan's eyes. She climbed up on the bed and laid back.

"Mom, get me off," she said. "Dad, your cock, my mouth. You need to cum. I want you to last."

Oh, and I did, I did. She didn't even mess around, she just swallowed it all. Then she went off and it was powerful.

"Mom," said Morgan. "Get him hard. I'll be back. I need more cocks. Lots more cocks."

She left the room, and came back. She'd brought Orlando, Gabriel, Blake, Tom, and Juanita.

"OK, here's the deal. I'm amped up and I'm horny. You are going to fuck me, and it is going to be a power fuck. One after another, until I say you're done. If you can get it up a second time, I want that too. If it takes all night, so be it," she said. Damn.

"I'm going to kneel. Doggy style. Fuck me, cum, and get out of the way. Juanita, you're last and I want to be on top," said Morgan. With that, she moved around. "Gabriel, go."

He might be young, but he got the rules.

"Mom, get your hand under here. Rub my clit. Now," said Morgan.

Amy took it to the next step and slid underneath, and started licking Morgan and Gabriel. Morgan dove into Amy too. Soon both women were bucking and Gabriel came.

Morgan lifted her head. "Gabriel move. Orlando you're up. Don't make me explain this again. One after the other. If you're hard again, do it again. Juanita, let them wear themselves out. Dad, get in line too."

With that, we all did what she said. Orlando, Blake, Tom, me, back to Gabriel. The men did her twice. Gabriel and Orlando did her three times. So much cum was dripping out that Amy's hair was completely wet, and the bed was a mess. Finally all the boys and men were spent. She wasn't done. She move a little to the side and motioned Juanita to lay down. She climbed up and slammed herself down on her cock. She was bouncing like a maniac, and playing with Juanita's tits. It didn't take long and Juanita blew inside her. She rolled off and pointed at Gabriel.

"Get her hard again," said Morgan. Gabriel jumped on the bed, and did his work. A fine job.

Morgan climbed back on and if anything was more frantic. She looked over and saw that Orlando was hard again.

"Oh good," she said and leaned over. "DP."

I greased up Orlando, and fingered her open. Orlando eased in and then it was power fuck time. He was bouncing. She was bouncing. The bed was bouncing. Finally she screamed, just as they both filled her up. Orlando rolled off and she rolled the other way.

"Thanks," she said softly. "I needed that." We were all in awe. It was amazing. Yeah, we kept that video. She was leaking, no pouring cum out. Gabriel jumped on the bed and cleaned. her. out.

Blake was hard again, and couldn't resist. He squirted a glob of lube on Gabriel's ass and fucked him hard. It was a sight.

Finally we were done and she shooed everyone out. They had to shower elsewhere. She and Amy hopped in the shower. I started to change the sheets. They were just soaked with cum. I looked into the bathroom and Amy was on her knees, licking Morgan, while Morgan washed the cum out of Amy's hair. It was so sensual. I saw Morgan buck, and she came again. Soon Amy stepped out and Morgan waved me in. It was my turn, and Morgan kneeled while I washed her hair. She took me in her mouth and I was amazing that I got it up again. I was done with her hair and she stood up and whispered in my ear.

"Go make love to Mom," said Morgan. "I'll sleep somewhere else." With that, she took a towel and walked out of our room, still dripping. I know good advice when I get it, and Amy and I made slow passionate love. Needless to say, I lasted a long time, since it was my third cum. Amy didn't. She came almost throughout. We finally fell asleep holding each other.

Morgan IS an amazing, powerful young woman. She had needs and needed what happened, but still recognized how important Amy and my relationship is. That's the moment when I realized she was going to race. She had to. It was our job to make it happen.

NASCAR and IndyCars. On a Sunday

We headed home, but had a decision to make. The next weekend there was a NASCAR race in Las Vegas and an IndyCar race in Sonoma. The two series overlapped too much for her to participate in both full-time. We talked about it with Morgan, and she preferred IndyCars, but wanted to actually compete in the whole season. So her decision was to finish out this season, through the November end, in NASCAR, then switch to IndyCars with the first race, here in St. Pete, in February. Her challenge to Marco was she wanted to run the Indy 500 in Indianapolis, and the Charlotte 600 NASCAR race in Charlotte, NC, on the same day. It was possible, but barely. It required finishing the first race, getting in waiting helicopter to the airport and a very fast plane to Charlotte. 1,100 miles racing in one day. It had been done before, but not by a rookie. Certainly not by a 15 year old female rookie.

Tom said he had an idea. He'd call in some favors. He thought it would be good publicity for the military if they flew her in an F16, an FA18, or even an F22. We'd cover all the costs, to prevent any issues, but they'd get photo ops. We'd stage them in advance, so we wouldn't slow the process. We had months to set it up, so he took that project.

The remaining ten races in NASCAR were their 'playoffs', for their best drivers. Magically an exception was granted for their newest driver. Her popularity on social media eclipsed every other driver. In 24 hours. The races were all on Sunday, so we'd be spending weekends on the road, and she'd do school during the week. We were practical, and would split up and have different adults attend. We do have three other children. Realistically though, Leslie would go to all the races. Most likely, at least for these ten, the whole family would. It is pretty damn exciting. We put Juanita on the quest of getting us a suite at every race. Tom and Jess were willing to trade off and fly the 767, but we thought the smaller jet was probably OK for most of the races. Most were on the east coast, or at least the middle of the US, except for Las Vegas and Phoenix. Las Vegas was next weekend. Juanita had already arranged hotel suites, so we could take the little jet, which meant that Leslie could fly us. Chris was far enough along to get some right seat time, with Leslie as her instructor. Our FAA friend, yes we call him friend now, laughed heartily at Leslie being an instructor, but he approved it. She was that good.

There was something a little otherwordly about flying cross country in a jet being piloted by two 11 year olds. Yeah, our life.

Morgan was again amazing, but didn't win. She was close, but one of her competitor's cars was just that much faster. Her skill couldn't beat his car. She did come in second. Second. In her second race. The press went wild, but she wouldn't even talk to them until they interviewed the winner. She was NOT stealing anyone else's thunder. Her teammates came in 3rd and 6th. Cool.

The funniest part was after the ceremonies in the Andretti garage. She had made it through, all pleasant smiles, but Hot Morgan showed up in the end.

"Marco, their car was faster," said Morgan. "And not a little faster. I outdrove him. A lot. I couldn't catch him on the straights, and he stuck in the corners at a speed I couldn't maintain. Our car is good. Our car is better. He was cheating. They were cheating."

"I know," said Marco, quietly. This calmed down Morgan a bit. "I know they were. They had to be. There car didn't improve that much in a week. But here's the thing. Do you want to be remembered as an amazing driver, or the whiney kid that protested in her second race. The tech crew isn't stupid. If they don't figure it out this race, and they might not, they will soon. You're not in the points race. It doesn't affect you. My advice is to let it slide, as hard as that is. You'll win. You'll win soon. Since you're in on an exception, they're skipping over you in points, so no one gets hurt in the Cup hunt. Just have fun and learn."

Morgan was thoughtful for a moment.

"OK," said Morgan. "That's good advice, even though it royally sucks. I also don't want to have my first win have an asterisk. I want to win fair and square."

On an interesting and related note, the team that won withdrew from the series that week. No explanation was given and no penalties were assessed. The NASCAR organization came to the same conclusion. Do it quietly, don't make Morgan the focus, let her win fair and square. The next race was in Richmond, VA, so close to home. We were taking a big crowd, as we were able to get two large adjoining suites. The 767 for sure. We loaded it up with SUVs and station wagons, to transport everyone, but that's a story to tell after the race.

Lovely Amai

When we got home, I was excited that my latest construction project was complete. If you remember, one of the first parties we attended, Jamie had setup a photo studio to do photo shoots from modest, through sensual, to downright graphic. It seemed like such an amazing idea, we decided to setup one of the bigger guest rooms as a permanent studio. We weren't professionals, but it was going to be fun. I'd done a lot of reading, having, you know, plenty of free time. We'd gone overboard, but what was the point of having money if you couldn't burn it. We went with very professional, but soft lighting. Jamie had found a construction crew with photo studio experience, with a willingness to not freak out that we were doing it in a room with a king size bed. It might have helped that Chris blew the construction foreman during our first meeting. Not after, during. We're talking away about what we want, and she's on her knees sucking him off.

I got a little carried away. First I started with five 8K video cameras. I went with the Red Monstro 8K VV in a Canon mount. With lenses, they're about $100K a piece. We added 10 Canon EOS 5Ds cameras, at 50+ Megapixels and a huge variety of lenses. That knocked off another $200K or so. Lighting was about $185K, with construction. We wanted it integrated into the room, but inconspicuously. Oh, and we setup the bathroom too. Two of the video cameras, and two mounted 5Ds. Let's face it, bathtubs and showers are fun. We added in complete video and photo editing systems from Apple. Oddly enough, the best 8K monitors were from Dell. We decided to go all out, and the editing systems with software were close to $20K. One for each child, plus one for each of our offices, plus one for Blake and Alison took us to about $120K. Lastly, what's the good of 8K content on 4K TVs. We have 19 TVs scattered around the house. We picked the new Sharp 70 inch models, at about $14K each installed, plus new sound systems. So about $20K per. I'll let you do that math. Let's just say I blew close to a million on a new hobby and I wasn't sure I'd like it. But I am visual. And who else could record what we, you know, do. Oh, I know this was a lot more than you wanted to know, but I don't get to geek out anymore. This is damn fun, particularly given the content.

We had to be incredibly careful with our content, of course, so we installed a central server that was not and never would have internet access. We're not stupid.

Of course, we would bring a ton of this equipment on the road to Morgan's races, Chris' races and now Leslie's races. Oh, and Orlando's. With Morgan moving up from carts, Orlando had a shot at the title. Yes, he'd gotten really good and could run most of Morgan's lines. No one else could. Luckily the seasons didn't overlap that much so we could go to a lot, but it was a bit insane. Just the coordination was going to be crazy. Amy suggested it was time to have an assistant to manage all of this. Not really a secretary, and not really a party planner. An assistant. Someone that could keep track of everything. We, of course, went to Jackson and Jamie, but it was Juanita that brought the winning candidate. Yes, she was sure her friend was 'appropriate' if you get my drift.

Amy and I interviewed her. She was cute and sweet and had good experience for being just 21. I mean, who were we to judge? We'd told her to dress casually, and she came in a really pretty sundress and sandals. We told her it was perfect work attire and that we were incredibly informal. We introduced the kids, and it was obvious she was enamored with them, both boys and girls. She was very touchy-feely, which the kids clearly liked. Hell I did too. She was quite striking. She was Japanese, but born in California. She'd completed college, at Stanford, as 20. She had a degree in social work, and was in Florida to complete her Masters at USF. This would be a part-time gig, and it was perfect, as we were incredibly flexible. Get your job done and we don't care when or where you do it. We also pay stupid money, remember? We offered her the job on the spot, with flexible hours from 15 to 40 hours a week, depending on her schedule. She'd just tell Blake at the end of the week, and our accountant would pay her. We offered her $75 an hour, plus benefits. Yes, stupid money for a part-time job, but a base of $150K was our norm. She was a little wary when we told her the rate.

"We get it," said Amy. "But this is our standard rate. We're not just hiring your for your work, we're hiring you for your discretion." She went through the standard spiel about playing if you want to, but not required, just discretion. Amai smiled through the whole thing and we had Juanita come in and assure her it was alright. We also offered her a car, which is also our standard, and told her that her first assignement would be to go buy it. We asked what her dream car was, price no object.

"Oh, that's easy," she said. "A dark gray Mercedes SL65. Two seats, biturbo V12. Yum."

"OK," said Amy. "Your first task if you accept the job is to find the perfect SL65 and buy it. The Mercedes dealer will put it on our account. Be SURE to ask for Sara. Sara will take care of you, beyond your wildest dreams, if you'd like."

"Oh, and our house is your house," I said. "Be here whenever you want, on or off the clock. Play with the toys, and there are a lot of them. We'll put you through the Coast Guard course so you can drive the boats. It would be handy to have another certified driver. Make friends with Chris, Leslie, Tom, Jess, and Alison. They're all pilots and are always up for a road trip. Want a weekened in Bermuda? Someone will fly you and we'll pay for it. You'll see our schedule is crazy, and it is yours to manage, but you'll have help."

"Wow," said Amai. "Can this be real?"

"Yes," said Amy. "We have stupid money. We have fun. You'll have fun. Are you in?"

"Yes," said Amai. "I'd be stupid not to be, but there is one more thing. You know I am Juanita's friend, right?" We said we did know.

"Well, you hired Juanita, and she says your family is, and I quote, 'a shit ton of fun'," said Amai. "Does that mean you're open to another female employee with a cock?"

We laughed.

"Sure," said Amy. "We don't care. We weren't sure, but we honestly didn't care. You're qualified, and you're sweet, and you'll fit in well. Cock or not, we were going to hire you. You just have to decide if that means you're going to have extra fun or not. Your choice." By this time, all the kids had joined us, as had Juanita, Blake, and Alison. They heard what Amy said.

"OK then," said Amai, standing up. She pulled the spaghetti straps to the slide and let the dress fall. Yep, naked underneath and hard. A nice thick 6 inch uncut cock.

"Does someone want to suck this?," said Amai. Well sure, we all would.

"Well, that's up to you," said Amy. "We all would be happy to. Pick who you want and decide if we do it right here with an audience, or you go to a bedroom."

"Oh, my choice? Anyone?," she said, and we all nodded, particularly the men. Let's face it, B cups and a cock was a thing for us.

"So many choices, but I'm sure I'll get plenty of opportunity," said Amai. "I'm sure you have some lube around. How about if Bob fucks me while Amy blows me. Might as well get to know my new employers. Oh, and I love an audience."

So we did. Passionately. She was a great addition to our family.

"Can I make one more request," said Amai. We assured her she didn't need to ask. If she wanted someone, ask them. They'd say yes, no, or not now.

"Oh good," said Amai. "Can I fuck Orlando?"

"Yes," said Orlando, quickly.

So she did.

Photography is fun. So fun

So, back to photography. The bedroom was setup to allow a backdrop for more traditional portraits, or a, well, bedroom scene. Think of some of the sexy non-nude little girl photos, and take them to the next step, all the way up to, well, you know. We already had videos, but this was intended to be better quality and more visual. More stimulating if you must.

We had it all setup and started with simple, lay on the bed in sexy outfits, progressing to less and less clothes and finally to playing with yourself. Chris insisted on going first. We started her off in a sheer babydoll nightie, with sheer panties, in white. Holy fuck, it was hard not to take her right there. Amy did french braid pigtails, and we use props. First we used a big teddy bear. Then we used a very large lollipop. Then we had her, well, eat a banana. All in the seethru outfit. We went from demure all the way to wide spread legs. We posed her in every position and made sure we had plenty of 'nip slips' and 'pussy peeks'. We worked our way up to less and less clothes. First the top 'slipped down', revealing her tiny breasts. Then she took it off. This left her in just tiny sheer panties, which was amazing. We shot pictures of her sitting up, which clearly showed her puffies nipples, and then laying down, which caused them to flatten and took years off her age. Something about her laying back, legs open wide, with sheer panties as so fucking hot. We could see everything, yet it was still covered. Our final shots were without panties at all.

OK, maybe not the final shot. I noticed Orlando just couldn't hold back and was naked and stroking his cock. I had him climb on the bed and jack off over her. I shot him from the back, and then the sides, and it was so hot. Then she was stroking him and then he came all over her. She aimed it at her face, her little breasts, and just covered her pussy. Our final shots were her from all angles, just covered with cum.

We later checked out the video, and were able to edit together an amazing short film, in 8K, from three angles. We had a lot to learn, but did a good enough job. We even had one of the cameras running at a speed to slow motion. Something about the cum shot, slowed down, just blew me away. So to speak.

For a first effort, it was amazing. Now these were for our family consumption only. No sharing even with friends. Just too risky. Way too risky.

For our second shoot, Amy wanted to duplicate Chris' shoot. Same sheer outfit. Same pigtails. Same props. This time, though, to show an even greater contrast, Gabriel took Orlando's role. So Amy was older, although she looked more early teens than 20, and Gabriel was so young. It clearly turned him on though, as I have never seen him cum that much.

This shoot became a staple in our first outing. We did it with Leslie. With Morgan. With Alison. All were amazing. We mixed up who the man/boy was. I came on Leslie. Blake came on Morgan. Jesse came on Alison. One of the hottest shoots was with Julia. She might be 43, but not in this video. We used Orlando again. Whoa.

But we have one girl left to do. Ruby. Holy mother of God. Remember when we first met her and we said she oozed sex? Yeah, the photoshoot really, really, really showed that off. We even got creative for the final shots. You know, the cum shots. In this shoot, we used Amai. Tits and a Cock. Perfect. Just perfect. Ruby took it to another level though, as when she was stroking Amai's cock, she reached under and stuck a finger in Amai's ass. The video clearly showed finger in, cum out. Damn.

Ruby wanted another shoot though. She had her own ideas. This time, instead of sexy lingerie, she went little girl. She wore girls summer pajamas, in a light sheer yellow. But she mixed them up. The bottoms were about three sizes too small, and disappeared in her pussy, pushing her tiny slit apart. The top was a couple sizes too large, so never would stay in place. It either fell out, or down, so her nipples were almost always on display, but as peeks, which is even more sexy. She stood on the bed and did the most erotic slow movement dance. She pulled the top around, hiding and showing her nipples. She ended up leaving it so just one was exposed. Then she started playing with the panties, teasing us, pushing them down in the front and just showing a little, then back up. Then she pulled them to the side, giving us an open shot of her tiny, closed slit. So little to see, so erotic. Next, she pushed the panties down and stepped out of them. She used her fingers to pull her pussy wide open. WIDE open. So open we could see inside and see she didn't have a hymen. Oh God, we needed to do a shoot with a girl with an intact hymen. A before and after. File that away.

Ruby then inserted a finger, pushing it and out. She laid down, and started fingering herself and pinching her nipples. We let her do this until she very, very obviously had a powerful orgasm. On tape. Damn.

After the Ruby shoot, we all sat around the table having dinner, brainstorming the next sets. We decided to duplicate the set, but this time with Orlando and Gabriel. Wearing sheer panties. We managed to do the first shots with them soft, which was a challenge, and then had photos that showed them growing. In Orlando's case, he grew until the head slipped above the waist band. That was so hot. We had them lie together, and stroke the other boy's cock, through the panties. Finally, they pulled them down, but just a bit. Gabriel leaned over and gave Orlando blow job, showing the cum in his mouth when he was done. He then very obviously pushed it into Orlando's mouth. Gabriel went rogue and pushed Orlando up on his knees. He started rimming him, and Orlando's moans were clearly on camera. He then mounted him, pushing his small prick into Orlando's ass. This no slow gentle fuck. This was a power fuck. At the end, he pulled out and shot over Orlando's ass. We have an amazing shot, that shows the "cum face" on Gabriel and catches his cum in mid-air, just before it lands on Orlando's back. The final shots are Gabe licking up his own cum, and displaying it on his tongue. Wow.

We had so many other ideas. Men and girls. Boys and Women. Men and Boys. This was going to be an enduring hobby. Let' face it. It was sexy and lots of people got to cum.

We thought we were done, but Chris, Leslie, and Ruby wanted to do one more shoot. They came back in the room in tiny bikinis and said it was a bathtub shoot. Chris was carrying a cucumber, and not a small cucumber.

We all managed to squeeze behind the cameras in the bathroom. It was a big bathroom. The girls filled the tub with water, with bubble bath and all three stepped in with Ruby in the middle. They played around a little, in the bikinis, putting soap all over. Finally, Chris took off her top, and covered her nipples with bubbles. This led to a whole series of all three girls doing that. Next the bottoms came off, and we got a ton of peek shots. The bubbles would pop too, showing nipple here and there. Leslie picked up the hand held shower and slowly and deliberatly rinsed off Ruby, then rinsed off Chris. Ruby took the handheld and rinsed off Leslie, leaving all three deliciously nude. They turned off the water and did a whole series of shots with Ruby pulling Leslie's, then Chris' pussy lips apart, and licking them. Their facial expressions were priceless. They started making out and playing with each other's breasts, with Ruby on her knees licking. Both of them finally came, so much that there were visible drips down their legs. Finally they pulled up Ruby. Leslie picked her up from behind and held her to her chest, while Chris opened her up, showed her off, then started licking. Once she got Ruby really wet, she grabbed the cucumber and very slowly put it in Ruby. At least 6 inches in Ruby. Then she stroked in and out, also rubbing her tiny clit, until Ruby just went off. Leslie set Ruby down, and they all faced the camera. I thought the shoot was over, until I saw Orlando move in, naked and hard. He went down the line, offering his cock to each girl, who rubbed, then sucked it. They positioned themselves perfectly, from the side, so we saw Orlando's cock move in and out. You could actually see Ruby's throat bulge when she deep throated him. Ruby's turn was last, and he finally pulled out and covered her face and nipples with cum. Our last shots were Orlando on his knees, licking off his cum. In the shots, on either side of his head, you saw Leslie and Chris' pussies.


Were we done? Oh no. Morgan had another idea and took us back in the bedroom. She made the bed, with a fresh white sheet, but no comforter. She then stripped. She is truly one of the most beautiful young women I have ever seen. Taking her clothes off, she looked so innocent. Not a striptease. Just undressing. She slid under the sheet and covered herself up to her chin. She let the sheet down and holy moly it was sexy. You didn't see anything, but the sheet molded to her body. We just started taking pictures and letting her go. She pulled the sheet tighter and tighter into her pussy. She thrust her breasts out. Then she started over, letting it lay softly on her. She then moved around like she might in her sleep. Exposing a leg. Exposing an elbow. Exposing one cheek of her ass. Then a little hint of a nipple, followed by one breast. We must have taken 500 shots of her in various positions, each sexier than the last. Her final shots were completely uncovered. One from the back, where you didn't see anything except her ass. Then she rolled around and got more and more sensual, then sexual, then erotic. Her final shots, she was lazily playing with her nipples and her clit, until she went off. She actually squirted, and we caught it. Perfectly.

Were we done? Nope. I kept thinking we were, but the kids kept having ideas. We finally decided on one more shoot, and then we'd list the ideas for the future. Chris wanted to do Morgan's shoot, but with Gabe. They did, and it was amazing. Little flashes of them both was hot, but then they got closer, and their arms would be placed in specific spots, but they would feign sleep. Gabe's hand on Chris' breast. Chris' hand on Gabe's ass, then his cock. We did a series there, of her hand resting on his balls, and his cock growing until it was fully hard. Finally they spooned, with Gabe's hand firmly on Chris' breast. He was still hard and decided to finish on high note, I guess, as he slowly slipped his cock in from behind. I am not sure they even remembered we were there. He didn't fuck her, he made love to her. Slow, sensual, building. He stopped several times, probably so he wouldn't cum, and kept going until she whimpered in orgasm. That set him off. Our final shots were him slipping out and the cum running out of her, almost in slow motion.

Well that was a wrap, as they say.

Fuck, I'm horny just describing it.

We gave Amai the task of tracking photoshoot ideas. On paper. Locked in the safe. No fuckups.

Finally the weekend rolled around and it was a busy one. On Saturday, Orlando had a cart race in Nashville and Chris and Leslie had a boat race in Miami. Then on Saturday night, we'd all fly to Richmond for the NASCAR race. To our surprise, Amai was a huge race fan and followed both NASCAR and IndyCar. She admitted she recognized Morgan during her interview, but didn't want to be too forward.

For Saturday, we had to divide and conquer. Jess flew Orlando, Amy, and Amai to Nashville, for the cart race, in the Hemisphere. Alison and Chris flew Leslie, Blake, Juanita, and me to Miami for the boat race. Yes, I said Chris. She was getting seat time in the helicopter. Leslie loved it and hated it, because it was the only type of aircraft she couldn't fly together. Chris promised the seat to Leslie on the way home. Fairness abounds. Tom flew Morgan to Richmond for qualifying in the Mustang. We were unhappy to not be there, but Morgan wouldn't hear it. She knew we'd be there for the race, so wanted us to go with the other kids. We would end up with three planes in Richmond, but hey, that's life. Our life.

We were apparently close to a G650, even though we said we wouldn't need one. The President of Gulfstream keeps calling Leslie. He's apparently upset that Cessna is getting all the attention. He's even called Chris, as he heard she was pretty close to her certification. He offered them both, plus Alison, Tom, and Jess, free training. Like we cared about that. But then he kept dropping the price of a plane. He was getting a little pushy. I offered to intervene, but Leslie said she'd handle it. She finally told him that when a free G650 pulled up to our hanger, she'd go to training. He wasn't there yet. I think he might be close.

I'll let Amy tell Orlando's story first.

All hail the King of carts

Amy here. We just landed in Nashville. Amai had a car and driver waiting. She was already on it. We drove to the track and Orlando's car and trailer were already there. We had a service drive it up. We sure didn't want to.

Orlando was getting some positive PR, but chafed at the references to "Morgan's little brother". I see why, but she was groundbreaking. He let it slide, mostly.

There were two heats, leading to a final. Orlando was in the second heat. They lined up according to points, and Orlando had joined late, but scored a lot of Top 3 finishes, so he was in the fourth position of 10. The first race was really exciting, and Orlando needed to be in the top five to advance. It was incredibly competitive, but he was solidly in third, and made a decision that all he cared about was top five, so drove a conservative race to make the final. Good, solid mature decision.

After a short break, it was time for the finals. We knew most of the names, as the best drivers were there. Orlando's decision did have a negative, as he was lined up fifth. I think he might take a different approach at the next race. The start was exciting, and Orlando got a quick jump on the two drivers ahead of him and was quickly in third. He drove his race, picking off the third place car to move into second. He was in second, drafting the lead car, going into the final turn and made his move. The leader expected it, but not what Orlando did. He dove deep into the corner, almost duplicating the line of Morgan's first win. It was nuts. We knew it. He knew it, but he put it all out there. He won by less than 6 inches. He won.

We were so excited and the local TV station asked for an interview.

"So Orlando," said the TV anchor. "You're following in the footsteps of your famous sister. How does that feel?"

"It feels like I am tired of the question," said Orlando. "Morgan is amazing and I'm proud of her, but she's not here, I am. So do you think you could ask questions about this race and my driving?"

The anchor looked shocked. He'd clearly been coached to interview Orlando about Morgan and it threw him off his game.

"OK, I get it. You're supposed to get great quotes about Morgan and maybe get some national exposure. Maybe even ESPN will pick it up. You're just doing your job, but interview Morgan after she wins in Richmond tomorrow. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I just ran two hard races and I'm ready for a shower. Have a good day," he said. With that, he walked away, leaving the anchor standing there. Good for him.

He took a quick shower and we headed back to the airport. In and out. We were heading straight to Richmond. No point in going home. All the hotels were booked up, but the 767 was coming in tonight, so we'd have a place to sleep. See, that's why it is better than a G650. But a G650 would do Tokyo non-stop. We'd be forced to stop in Hawaii in the 767. Well, it is Hawaii and we didn't have plans for Tokyo.

Orlando was amped up from his win. By amped up, I mean horny. Well, Amai and I were willing to help out. She hadn't even joined the mile high club yet. Orlando likes to fuck and be fucked and we could do that at the same time. Yep, a nice little train. Orlando really does have skills and he sent me over fast. Well, OK, Amai had already gotten me off with her tongue, but still. Amai truly is beautiful. An amazingly attractive young Asian women, with a incredible figure and perky breasts. And a nice cock. Yeah, I admit, I love Juanita and Amai is going to be a great addition to the family. I like tits. I like cock. Win-win.

Orlando showed his staying power and fucked Amai too. I was the beneficiary of a second train, as Amai fucked me too. Damn, we had fun. By the time we were done, we were landing in Richmond. We sure know how to fill a boring flight. We taxied to a stop and Jess came back. She sniffed the air and smile.

"Damn," she said. "I didn't get any."

We were early, so, well, I helped her out.

I'll let Bob have the pen back to tell you about the boat races. I hadn't even heard yet.

Chris and Leslie are fast! In the boats, silly

Bob here.

The energy around the race in Miami was electric. We had arranged the helipad on a nearby office building, and walked over to the course. Nobody recognized us. Why would they? Blake, Alison, Juanita, and I were the spectators. Each racer was allowed three people on the dock, so even with their coach, we could watch the race right from the water, since we had two docks. Their docks were side by side, which the racing committee arranged. They're not stupid, they know Chris and Leslie are a big draw. It helps that both girls like to walk around in bathing suits before the race. They both favored Speedo Tankinis and damn they rocked them. I know the local TV sports guy spent more time on them, in their speedos, than any other racer. I can't blame them. They might be 11, but sex sells. During practice runs, Leslie has a little white bikini she wears that barely covers anything. She likes to flaunt it. Heck, Chris would wear the sheer panties she was wearing the day I met her if she could get away with it. Oh, shouldn't have thought about that. Hard.

Let's face it. This was the largest crowd ever for this race, by almost 70%. It wasn't the other drivers. We watched as every other team came over to wish them both well. Yeah, camraderie. Yeah, preteens in sexy suits. Both girls played it up and thought it was hilarious. I suspect before the end of the season they might fuck another driver or two. Some of them were pretty hot. I'd fuck'em.

The morning was practice/qualifications. The girls did really well. No surprise that Chris was in the first position. She's that good. Leslie in third was a pleasant surprise. She mentioned that a race boat was very similar to flying a plane, you just didn't go up and down. I think she applied some of that to her approach and it worked.

Finally it was time for the race. The crowd was loud and excited, and they were mostly cheering on Chris, with an occasional Leslie thrown in. There were a TON of preteen girls. I guess our daughters are empowering. It was hard, so to speak, because every single one of those girls was in a swim suit, and many of them were, well, provacative. I tried not to look. Really. I tried. I failed, but I tried. Most were with parents that were young enough to be hot too.

The race started and nobody is as good at anticipation than our girls. Leslie was past the second boat in a flash. They knew each other's style so well, they basically ran the entire race nose to tail. By the last lap, they had a half lap on the entire field. They must have planned it, as Leslie pulled a little wide in the final turn and it looked like Chris slowed just a tiny bit. They crossed the finish line together, with Chris no more than 6 inches ahead of Leslie. They'd clearly practiced, but let's face it, our girls know what 6 inches is.

The photo finish was the cover photo for the Miami paper the next day, and was the home page of Sports Illustrated. Chris actually got a call to see if SI could interview both girls. They loved it, but asked why they weren't interviewing Morgan.

"Morgan? Wait, what?," said the person on the phone. "You mean the young woman that just qualified for the pole today at Richmond?" Well, we didn't know that yet.

"Yeah," said Chris. She had her phone on speaker so we could listen in. "That's our sister."

"Holy shit," came the voice through the phone. "Sorry, shouldn't have said that. Your family is amazing. We'd love to do a cover feature. Wait, wait. Do you have a brother too?"

"Yes, why?," asked Chris.

"Did he just win the cart race in Nashville today?," he asked.

"He won! We hadn't heard yet. That's so cool," said Chris and we all did a little cheer.

"I need to talk to your parents," said the guy. "We really really want to schedule an interview."

I jumped in. "This is Bob," I said. "I'm their Dad and on the phone too. Do you want to interview them in Richmond, or come down to Florida?"

"You'll all be in Richmond?," he said. "How? You're in Florida, Orlando is in Nashville. But the answer is both. We'd like to interview you after the race tomorrow, and send someone to Florida Monday or Tuesday. I'm holding the cover."

The cover? Seriously, the cover.

I laughed. "Yes, we'll all be there. We're all flying in. In fact, we're leaving shortly, so sure," I replied. "Just have them find us in Richmond. You can coordinate with Amai." I gave him Amai's number.

With that Chris hung up and we headed towards the helicopter. And yes, both girls got a lot of attention, walking over in their Speedos. They stopped and talked to every girl that asked, and signed a ton of autographs. They were both very gracious. I had one of the Canon's with me and took a lot of shots all day. None were better than when grown men and women were clearly lusting over the girls. I had brought one of the 8K video cameras too and had the whole race. Fun!

The flight back to St. Pete was short and we went straight from the helicopter to the 767. We'd shower and clean up on the plane. We needed to get moving so we wouldn't be there too late. It was only two hours flight time. We should land at 6. Amai had arranged for transportation, as we had quite a crew converging. She'd also arranged for a private room at a nice restaurant at 7:30, giving us a little time. I don't know how she pulled that off on race weekend, but I am confident it involved stupid money. She is a quick study. And sexy. Oh, and I had both cameras on board. Let's just say I got some nice candids. We had Jesse, Julia, Gabe, and Ruby with us now. I think I failed to mention that Sophia, Luca, and Elena had flown over to go to the races with us. They were wiped out, but on the plane. They slept on the trip up to Richmond. I got some really nice candids of them sleeping in the master. Nude, of course. Luca and Elena were both cuddled up to Sophia. It was sweet and sexy. Luca had a grip on Sophia's breast, and at least once it made her moan in her sleep.

We were stretched thin on pilots, so Leslie was in command, and Alison and Chris both got seat time. If riding to Vegas in a Cessna was weird with two 11 year olds, riding to Richmond in a 767 with two 11 year olds was off the charts weird, but, you know, just our normal. We really did need to get Alison certified in the 767, and she was close. The big issue was the helicopter.

We got to Richmond, got cleaned up and headed to the restaurant. We went to a place called The Roosevelt, which was southern comfort food, at upscale prices. As it turned out, it was well worth it. We actually saw Marco and Mario in line! We, of course, invited them to join us. We did all the introductions in the room, and had a bit of a cocktail party before we sat down to order. I happened to be chatting with Leslie, Amai, and Alison and brought up the need for a second helicopter pilot.

"We really need to figure out who is going to be our second helicopter pilot. With these weekends, we need another pilot," I said. "We have three, and almost 4, jet pilots, but only one helicopter. And yes, I realize how ludicrous my last sentence was," which got a laugh.

"I'd love to learn," said Amai. "I have my single and twin rating, and over 1,000 hours in the air." We all looked at her like she had turned into a unicorn.

"Really?," said Leslie, in an excited voice.

"But I am confused," she said. "Jess flew us to Nashville, and Tom flew Morgan here. I know they are your 767 pilots. Who flew the big plane here?"

"I did," said Leslie. "Chris flew right seat."

"What?," said Amai. "You're fucking 11." Yes, that got a laugh too, and the short version of the story. Marco and Mario had joined us and they had never heard the story either. Leslie had them all laughing. She tells the story well. She left out the parts that Marco and Mario couldn't hear.

"But, I'm more interested in how you have 1,000+ hours," said Leslie.

"Oh, that's easy. My Dad is a commercial pilot. He taught me how to fly as soon as I could reach the pedals. I certified on the 182 young, well, not compared to you, but young," she said. "He had a friend with a King Air, so I got a couple hundred hours in that too. I was also in the Civil Air patrol in high school and got a ton of hours in another 182. I love it! He always wanted to teach me to fly a jet, but it was way out of our price range. I've ALWAYS wanted to learn to fly a helicopter, but the same problem."

"Well, the jet is easy," said Leslie. "I'll teach you. We can start with the Mustang. It's stupid easy to fly if you can fly a King Air. Once you're comfortable, Dad will send you through the school." Her eyebrows shot up, and she looked at me and I just nodded. That's when we had two girls jumping up and down screaming. Well, three, as Chris joined in.

"We can go together," said Chris. "I'm ready, but I'll wait for you. I need an adult anyway. They won't let me come alone, even though we know the CEO." Amai looked confused, but let that slide. Marco and Mario just shook their heads. Nothing shocked them anymore.

"Alison can teach you to fly the helicopter, but not certify you. I have plenty of hours, but haven't found a loophole yet," said Leslie.

"Oh, that's easy. I know how to get you certified," said Amai. "I figured it out in high school, just couldn't do it." She went on to explain a complicated process that involved the Civil Air Patrol. Leslie would use any excuse for hours, so she was in. More jumping up and down and screaming. So much that the owner came in and we promised to quiet down.

"I'm pumped," said Leslie. "You're my hero Amai." That just made Amai blush.

"But I can't let you do all that," said Amai. "It's too expensive." Marco and Mario led the laughter.

"You don't quite get it yet, do you," said Marco, which got him a quizzical look from Amai.

"They're rich. Really, really rich. Billionaire rich. You're spending the night in their 767. You rode here in one of their jets. Morgan rode here in yet another one of their other jets. Leslie can fly them all and flies a helicopter. I hear they own two."

Amai just looked at me. "With a B," I said, with a smile. I think she almost fainted.

"So Amai, I never asked," I said. "How do you pay for college?"

"Well, mostly Pell grants and loans," she said. "My Dad retired and my Mom wasn't paid well, so I can't ask them. I'm already over $100K in debt, and it isn't like I am going into a high-paying field."

Leslie jumped in and is no slouch.

"But I'm confused," said Leslie. "Why aren't you using our tuition reimbursement program?", making up a new program on the spot.

"Your what?," said Amai.

"Tuition reimbursement. All employees get full tuition and books," said Leslie. "You do know about the student loan forgivement program, don't you?"

Amai just shook her head no.

"Dad, you didn't tell her about the entire benefit package?," said Leslie. I just shrugged.

"Dad forgetful sometimes, for someone so young," Leslie said with a smile. By now the entire group was listening. Apparently everyone else was learning of our new benefits too.

"The program is easy. Every month you're employed, we pay off $8000 of college loans," she said. "A little less that $100K per year. You'll have those paid off in 13 months." Nice job Leslie. Make up shit that sounds believeable.

"I am sorry Amai," I said. "I can't believe I didn't mention the program. We put it in a few months ago when we hired Sophia. She's in college in Italy. I don't think I remembered to tell anyone in the States. Thanks Leslie." Thanks for inventing a program.

Amai was in shock. Why shouldn't she be? The reality is I could already tell we wanted her to be a part of our family for a long time. We'd pay her program through her PhD for sure, but were already hopeful we could find a way to entice her to stay. I guess I was thinking about 4 years in the future.

"What Leslie failed to mention is that study time is paid time," I said. "So keep track and report those as hours too." If Leslie can make shit up, so can I.

"Sophia, you've been tracking your study hours, right?," I said. It was a gamble, but Sophia is quick.

"Of course Bob," said Sophia. "It's part of the program."

Score. We all drifted apart and Amai actually had to sit for a minute. I overheard her on the phone telling her parents and heard her Mom scream through the phone. We'd have to have her parents visit. I wonder? No, Bob, don't got there. OK, yes, I wondered.

Marco pulled me to the side.

"You didn't have a tuition reimbursement program, did you"," he asked.

"We do now," I said.

"Well played," said Marco. "Leslie's a natural. That sounded like a well designed, well thought out program."

"It was. She just did it on the fly," I said.

"Yeah, the paid studying was brilliant. That was news to Sophia, wasn't it? She's quick," said Marco. "I just want to know how you manage to hire such amazing people. They're all stars and, I admit, easy on the eyes."

I just laughed.

We had a glorious dinner and I ended up next to Amai. She wanted to keep thanking me.

"Amai, stop," I said. "I appreciate it, but it is entirely unnecesary. I told you the first night that we don't have employees. We just keep extending our family. Now we just have to figure out the role for a PhD psychologist." It took her a minute for that to sink in, but she gave me the most brilliant smile. Light up the night smile. She patted my leg under the table, brushing my cock.

"We have some time," she said. "But I'm confident we'll figure something out."

"So, tell me about your parents," I said.

"Well, Dad just retired at 60. I was a late in life adoption," she said. "Mom's 52, but looks 30. She is so fucking sexy."

"And where do they live," I asked.

"Cleveland," she said.

"Seriously?," I said. "How can we not have known? John and Mary flew in from Cleveland. You made the arrangements! Why didn't you say anything?"

"Well, it wasn't my place," said Amai.

"OK, you're still not getting it. You're our family, which makes your parents our family," I said. "Don't do that again. Family. They want to visit, you arrange it. Take the King Air. Once you're certified, take any of the Cessnas. Any time, anywhere. You know our schedule. If a plane is free, and one always is, it. is. yours. Got it?"

She laughed and assured me she got it.

"Hey Leslie," I shouted, down the table. "Feel like a couple hours in the air?"

"Sure, always," said Leslie. "What's up?"

"I need a roundtrip to Cleveland. Shouldn't be that far," I said. She pulled out her phone and checked.

"Yep, right at an hour. How many?," she asked.

"You and Amai out, two passengers back," I said. "Fly whatever you want."

"OK," she said and got up. I turned to Amai.

"Two things. Call them from the car and have them meet you at the airport. Figure out the FBO. Have them pack for a week. If they stay longer, we'll send them shopping," I said. "The second is more important. I assume I need to tell everyone to behave?"

She laughed. "Are you kidding? Dad will probably fuck Leslie before we take off," she said. "I know I'll fuck Mom. She doesn't belong to the mile high club. I don't think."

Well how handy is that.

"That's wonderful, but I thought of one more question," I said. "Is your Dad certified in a 767?"

"Oh sure," said Amai. "He has thousands of hours in one. He's still current."

"Hey Leslie," I said. "Take the big plane. One of your passengers is a 767 pilot." She just grinned. I'd just told her to fly the 767 solo. She turned to Chris, who leapt out of her seat. Oh, Amai's Dad IS going to have fun.

I'll turn the story over to Leslie.

Leslie AND Chris? That could kill ya

Leslie here. My turn. The race today was AMAZING. I love boat racing. I can race but not go for a pleasure cruise. Weird. I loved coming in second. I know that sounds weird, but Chris is better and will probably always be better. She's a great teacher. It's great fun parading around near naked too. Sexy time!

I have no actual idea what is going on, but Dad just told me to take the big plane to Cleveland, by myself, and I'd never pass that up. Chris was excited to come too. I love Amai. She's such a great addition to our family. Sexy too. I do love tits and a cock.

Amai spent the ride to the airport on the phone, so we didn't get to talk. I filed the flight plan on my phone and called and made sure the plane was topped off. We arrived pretty quickly and Chris and I did the precheck. I don't think it had quite registered with Amai why Dad had asked if her father was certified in a 767. He had just called it the big plane. Big it is. We walked up the ramp, and rode the elevator up to the top floor. Yes, all three of us fit in the elevator. It just involved a lot of groping. That's always a good thing. Amai was both confused and stunned when we walked into the living room.

"Wait, wait, wait," she said. "Your family owns a 767, and two 11 year olds are going to fly it to pick up my parents."

"Sure," said Chris. "Why, is that unusual?" That broke us all up. We asked if Amai wanted to sit in the living room or the cockpit jump seat. What do you think she picked?

I got on the radio and asked for clearance.

"You're cleared for takeoff. Have a nice flight Leslie," said the controller.

"How do you know my name?," I asked.

"Everyone does, my dear, everyone does," he said. Wow. Chris and Amai just laughed.

The flight to Cleveland was fast and uneventful. I'd radioed ahead to have Davis and Barb, Amai's parents escorted out onto the ramp. I wanted Amai to wave at them from the cockpit. It took them a minute to see her, but they were both clearly shocked and confused.

I was too. I looked at Amai and she laughed.

"Oh, did I fail to mention they were black?," she said with a smile. "It's not a problem is it?"

"No," said Chris, in an incredibly gutteral tone. "They're beautiful. If only..."

"Oh he'll fuck you Chris. So will she," said Amai. "If we're not in a hurry, we could go back to the bedrooms."

"We're not," said Chris and me together. "Jinx." again together.

We went down the elevator and put down the ramp. It's just easiest. The three of us walked down and Amai introduced us. Yes, both of them undressed us with their eyes. Davis was about 6'3", maybe 6'4" and about 190 pounds of muscle. He had gray hair and was, in a word, fuckable. Barb was 5'7, maybe 120, C cup breasts and had the most beatiful caramel colored skin. Amai had shared she was mixed. Oh, she was fuckable too. Amai said they were 60 and 52, but sure as hell didn't look it. I would have guessed them both in their early 40s.

Amai did the introductions and they were clearly nice, sweet people. They treated Chris and me as adults. Well, they both scoped us out too. I recognize hunger and so does Chris.

"There is clearly a lot we don't understand," said Davis. "Amai said she had a great new job, and called and told us about her tuition, which is amazing. Then she called and said to pack for a week and be at the airport in an hour. That's all really hard to believe, but now I am looking up the loading ramp of what appears to be a private 767? Half cargo, half passenger. Can that be? I can't wait to meet the pilots. Maybe they'll let me fly the jump seat." That last sentence came out with the excitment of a child.

"Well, I am confident the pilots will allow the jump seat," I said. "But they were hoping for a break and that you would take the left seat. But if you don't want to..."

I think Davis almost jumped up and down. There was a lot of that going around.

"They would!," said Davis. "Lead me to them!"

"I did, Dad," said Amai. He and Barb looked really, really confused.

"Leslie is the pilot," said Amai. "Chris is in training and flew right seat. Leslie is her instructor." Davis and Barb's mouths both dropped.

"Yeah, we get that look a lot," I said. "Come on board." I turned and walked up the ramp, and everyone followed. I showed them the elevator. Chris went up first with Barb and Amai. It was a tight squeeze with Barb in the middle. Chris made sure she was facing Barb. I'm guessing she groped and got groped.

I rode up with Davis. Yes, I made a point of standing too close and grinding him. That got a grin. Just before we stopped, I put his hand on my breast. He just moaned.

The doors opened, and all three of them were standing there, looking at us, with his hand still on my breast. Barb was the first to laugh.

"Well he does like them young," said Barb. "How old are you two?"

"11," we both said at once.

"Now that just can't be," said Davis. "It just can't."

"It can," I said. "So what will it be folks? Fly straight to Richmond, or would you like to go back into the bedroom first and fuck?"

The looked at each other and turned back and together said: "Fuck." We all broke up.

We led them back to the master, showing them the smaller bedrooms on the way.

"You three sit on the bed," I said. Leslie and I undressed each other, and kissed, fondled, and fingered each other. We put on quite a show, until we both had cum.

"Your turn," I said. "First Barb, then you can sit with us." She did a nice strip, and damn, 52 or not, I was doing her. She sat between us and Chris dropped to the floor and started licking her. I played with her nipples and watch the show. Barb didn't make it through the show before she came all over Chris. Amai and Davis undressed each other until they were both nude. Davis was a solid 9 inches of BBC. Damn.

I laid back on the bed and had Barb lay next to me. I had Chris climb up onto Barb's face. I wanted to watch. Amai entered Barb first. Wow. Then it was Davis' turn. You could see he was worried.

"Fuck me," I said. "Hard. Ram it in me." Oh, he did, he did. He was polite enough to ask where I wanted him to cum.

"Inside me," I said. "Then you can lick it out." That got a smile and he followed directions. He cleaned me out and Chris cleaned Barb out, both to multiple orgasms. Finally we were all in a heap.

"I guess we should go now," said Chris, to all our laughter.

"Ever flown nude Davis?," I asked. He laughed and shook his head no. I walked out of the room, still naked and he followed, still naked. Chris had the presence of mind to bring our clothes, and the three of them dressed. Barb joined us in the jump seat, at Amai's insistence. Davis finally decided he couldn't do it, and we got dressed. I sat in the co-pilot's seat and waved him into the pilot's seat. I ran the checklist and he got clearance.

"I haven't flow in a couple months," he said. "Never thought I'd fly a heavy again."

"Well, isn't it handy you met us," I said. With that, we took off and flew to Richmond. We were flying the group's hotel room, so we really did need to go. Amai let everyone know we'd be there within the hour, and they met us.

I could see Mom and Dad's reaction to Amai's parents, but only because I was looking. Davis and Barb must have caught it too.

"We're not what you expected were we?," he laughed. "We can't explain it either." That broke up the group. We did introductions all around.

"Oh Mom," said Chris. "You need to change your sheets." That got another round of laughter. Everybody trooped on board and did the elevator thing and ended up in the living room.

"OK," said Amai. "I adjusted room assignments." Well, that was weird. We always just, well, slept with someone. We'll try it. Not sure we'll like it.

"The adults get a room and the rest of us are on our own." said Amai. "No, having said that, I realize that pretty much no one is going to pay any attention to me and will sleep wherever the fuck the want. Or is that fuck whoever they want. Or is it whomever." We all laughed. I have no idea where anyone else ended up, but I ended up in the master, between Davis and Mom, with Luca on the other side of Davis. All I know is I woke up to Davis gently fucking me and I liked it.

The next morning was a bit frantic, as we all had to shower. Orlando was going to be in the pits with Morgan, so they had first dibs and left in an Uber. The rest of us had about 90 minutes. Amai had breakfast arranged. Did I say she was fantastic? There were still 18 of us left. Amai said she had it covered, and she did. We went down the ramp to find a small bus with a driver. Apparently we had it all day. We got to the track and wound our way to our suites. They were NICE. I'll pass the pen to Morgan. After all, it is her big day.

Yes, it IS Morgan's big day. BIG day

Morgan here. We just got to the track. Took us a bit to get through the gate. Had to call Mario to come get us. When will people believe me? Oh, maybe today when I WIN. Damn straight I am going to win. Flag to flag baby. I'd broken the qualifying record, with the first time under 20 seconds - 19.998 to be exact, which is 135.014 mph, so the first over 135 too. Given the restrictor plates have changed and we're down on power, I'm proud of that. I sure got a lot of backslaps. This track is a tiny D shaped 3/4 mile track. SO different from Indy.

We both went into the garage and got into our fire suits. I headed to the driver's meeting. At least this time they let me in. I saw drivers I knew and they welcomed me. It was really nice. Several of them whispered "flag to flag." That was really nice too. Some of the drivers believed in me. I loved them all.

Time flew and I found myself in the car, moments from the pace car taking off. Holy shit, I still can't believe it. We did the parade then the pace lap and as we hit the start finish line I was ON IT. No cheating cars today, I dove into the first turn in first place, on MY line. Every corner I pulled ahead a little. My first pit stop was amazing. In and out in seconds. By the end of Stage 1, or 100 of the 300 laps, I was ahead by about 2/3rds of a lap. By the end of the second stage, or 200 of 300 laps, I'd lapped the entire field. I just ran my race. The team had me pit, even though we probably could have made it, as being conservative made sense. A couple cars made it back on my lap, but I overtook them. The rest of the race was gravy and, yes, flag to flag. I won by about 26 seconds, which was one of the largest margins in the history of the race. I pulled into the winner circle and there appeared to be some confusion. I finally figured out that the winner got a big bottle of champagne and they weren't sure if they could give it to me. Finally somebody handed me a two liter of Pepsi. They were a sponsor, so I am sure they loved it. You don't drink the damn thing anyway. You spray yourself and the crowd. I really drenched Orlando. Finally my teammates, who came in 2-3, pulled me out of the car and walked the entire track, 3/4 of a mile, with me on their shoulders and Orlando beside them. The noise was outrageous.

By the time we got back, someone had gotten Mom, Dad, Leslie, and Chris into the winner's circle. Bedlam, sheer bedlam. It was fucking great. This time I did talk to the ESPN anchor first. Hell, I'd won. I pulled my teammates in and they talked to us about 1-2-3.

"Yes, technically it is," I said. "But I'm not points eligible. So these guys were really 1-2." I think they'd completely forgotten, as they got really excited. Who wouldn't. Finally everything calmed down and we made it back to the plane. We still had the SI interview to do, but that was scheduled for the morning. The race didn't start until 7PM, so I was tired. Wiped out tired. Could I really do Indy and Charlotte in the same day? Hell yes, but I needed to get back to my training with Juanita. I'd finally convinced Mom and Dad to let me do one semester of virtual school. Just through Indy, so once this semester was over, I'd be out of school temporarily.

Amai had a LOT of food catered, which was silly, as I am sure they had amazing food in the suites, but hey, why not. We made a serious dent in it, so I guess it was OK. I was horny as hell, but tired won, and I asked if I could have one of the little rooms and if Leslie would stay with me. I needed my sissy. We went back and actually went to bed. OK, she woke me up with her tongue, but still.

Let's stop here and the interview can start another chapter.

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6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
4'11" - 80, slim, glorious puffy nipples
5'0" - 90, cute, 4 inch cock
4'11" - 85, sexy, flat
5'11" - 175, Vin Diesel, but with short hair, 6 inch average cock
5'6" - 125, stunning, D cup on a small frame
5'7" - stunning, simply stunning, B cup
5'4" - chisled, smaller, male Sophia, 5 inch uncut cock
4'5" - sexy AF
6'0" - 175, trim, 7 inch thick and cut
5'9" - 140, small B cup, runner's body
165 - 8 uncut and thin
5'4" - beautiful, petite, B cup, 6 inch uncut thick cock
6'3" - 195, handsome and black, gray hair, 9 inch thick BBC
5'6" - 120, stunning, mixed, C cup

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