Life is spectacular

17 April 2018

Tim Buchanan

Formerly Chapters 10 through 12

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Settling in

The next couple of weeks were uneventful. I worked full-time, the kids went to school, and Amy worked and went to school. No exciting visitors, of any age, for a play date. That was just fine, as we needed to settle into a routine. That's not to say that there wasn't regular sex, but just that it was 'in the family'. I even got used to walking into the lounge and seeing Orlando doing Leslie, Morgon, or sometimes even Amy doggy-style (apparently his favorite position). We kept a lot of condoms handy. He admitted he enjoyed Leslie the most, because he didn't have to use a condom.

I suspect they were all getting a little more, just outside the boat, and didn't fuck and tell, which I respected. I wondered about the school bus, because occasionally they, particularly Leslie, would come home disheveled. Again, more power to them. They all understood safe sex and discretion, so I wasn't that worried.

Until, early on that next Monday morning, I got a call from Mrs. Johnson, at DFS. You know, social services. For kids. I initially panicked, but kept my voice even (I hope). I relaxed when she explained that Nebraska had transferred the kid's case to Florida, and her job was to come meet us and do a home study to ensure it was a safe environment. She shared that it was supposed to happen before the kids moved in, but their backlog was significant and they focused on the youngest kids first.

I shared with her that the kids were already in school, that I had a comfortable job as well as the kid's had trusts and that we had a nanny that was also a nursing student. That all went over well.

Learning that we lived on a boat didn't. She was clear that she didn't like it, but would consider it when she arrived. I assured her it was larger than she probably expected, with three full bedrooms. She was still concerned, but would discuss it with us at 5PM sharp on Tuesday. She required that Amy attend as well.

That night, I had a heart to heart talk with them all, including Amy. I'd done my homework. If we failed the home study, the state would take the kids. Foster care didn't do families, and they'd be split up, possibly to never see each other again. This scared them, but they needed to know the truth.

They needed to be well-dressed, polite, and respectful. Harking back to years past, I told them to only speak when spoken to, answer the questions simply, and to then stay quiet. In other words, you can't get caught in a lie if you don't lie or don't speak. We even practiced a bit, and I thought they were ready.

5 pm came fast, and we were all waiting for Mrs. Johnson. I expected a frumpy, late 50s gray haired biddy. That's not what we got. Mrs. Johnson was in her early thirties and quite attractive. In the spirit of her role, I'll leave it right there.

She introduced herself and appeared quite nice. She started off positively by saying the boat was bigger than she expected and quite nice, but she would still need to review the sleeping arrangements. We started off with the tour and she took copious notes, but didn't say much. She did comment that everything was very neat and clean, which led to a discussion of how living on a boat required discipline and neatness. That resulted in a full paragraph note on her clipboard. She was taking a LOT of notes. Was that bad? Was that good?

We finally returned to the lounge, and ended up around the kitchen table. The kids sat off to the side, so the adults could talk. I had to laugh, given I was only 8 years older than Morgan and 12 older than little Leslie.

"Well," said Mrs. Johnson. "This is certainly an unusual case. We usually discourage arrangements where the guardian is so young. We definitely discourage it when there are three kids involved. Then you throw in the whole 'living on a boat' thing and I honestly don't know what to think."

As you can imagine, our spirits sank at that point. She was preparing us for the worst, wasn't she?

"However," she continued. "I am impressed with what I have seen. You enrolled them in school faster than most new guardians. I've already spoken to their teachers, who tell me they are model students, all getting straight As and making new friends. In circumstances such as these, that is extremely rare."

She turned to the kids and addressed them directly.

"Kids, you seem to be settling in well, given the circumstances. I'll be honest, there are things I don't like about this situation, but you're old enough for me to consider your input. This is your chance to speak up. So I'll ask you all the same simple questions. Are you comfortable and happy here? Are there any issues you'd like to discuss? Do you want to stay here? If there is anything you want to discuss with me in private, just say so."

One by one she asked each child. They're responses were universally wonderful, expressing their sadness at their loss, and how moving in with me provided stablity that was already helping. They shared that they were making friends and already doing well in school. You would have thought I had scripted it, but their comments were clearly from their hearts. You could tell even Mrs. Johnson was moved.

At that point she ended the interview, shared that she would get back to us within two days, and asked Amy to step outside with her. We all wondered what that was about, but waited patiently for Amy to return.

A few minutes later, Amy returned.

"Well that was really weird", said Amy. "She asked me all the right questions about what I was seeing as an 'employee', but it seemed like that wasn't her agenda. She stood really close to me, almost rubbing her pelvis against me. Really in my space. She spent the entire time gently rubbing my right arm, almost erotically and licked her lips a lot. At one point, I thought she was going to lean in and kiss me. Finally, she kind of gathered herself up and said goodbye. Maybe I am reading that wrong, but it sure felt like Missus Johnson wanted something and what she wanted was ME'.

Things take a nasty turn

The next few days were stressful and quiet. We didn't do anything 'special' together. We were waiting for Mrs. Johnson's decision and it was nerve racking. She had our entire family in her hands. I had already made the decision that I would trade boat life for suburbia if that's what she required, but none of us liked that. We had a good thing here and we knew it.

Finally Mrs. Johnson reached out, but not how we expected. She didn't call me, she called Amy. She insisted that she had more questions of Amy and couldn't make a final decision without meeting with her personally, alone, at Amy's apartment.

Amy was confused and called me. The kids were in school, so we could talk privately. She asked if she could come over. I could tell she was rattled, because she'd never felt the need to ask before and knew she didn't need to. Once she arrived, we talked.

"What does she want?," said Amy. "Is the legit or was I reading it right? Is sleeping with me a requirement for her approving? It's not that I mind having sex with a woman, and she is attractive, but it feels a little like whoring myself out."

"We're not asking you to do that," I said. "Never ever would we do that. We'll get through this the right way. If nothing else, if she does try to make the move on you, we'll have reason to file a complaint."

"No, that won't work and you know it," said Amy. "She's a long-time employee of the government. They'd never believe me, they'd believe her. She's probably done this for years when she thought the situation would allow it."

We sat quietly for awhile, as we both knew she was right. Then I had a brainstorm.

"What about a nannycam?," I asked.

Amy just gave me a confused look.

"You know, one of those hidden cameras that families use to make sure their kids are safe with a babysitter."

The lightbulb quickly went on for her.

"That might work. Do you know anything about them?," she said, with what I suspected was a smirk.

Now did not seem to be the time to discuss the boat cameras, so I just replied that I'd read about them and some were in things like clocks and stuffed animals. We quickly went on line to Amazon and searched for what we wanted. We decided more was better, so we got one that was in a smoke detector, one that was in a wall clock, and one that was in a stuffed animal, all for delivery today.

Everything settled down for a couple days. I installed all the cameras while the kids were at school and we tested them out. We won't talk about the video material we made 'testing' them. Let's just say I now knew that Amy liked the kink of hidden cameras. It was time to tell her about the boat cameras, but that could wait until after Mrs. Johnson. Finally the afternoon arrived for their meeting. We added one more thing to our plan, or more accurately, one more person - me. We decided I would wait in the bedroom and listen in. The risk was somehow they came into her bedroom, but we made sure I could slip into the closet. Yes, a cliche, the guy hidden in the closet, but whatever works.

Finally we heard a knock at the door. I went into the bedroom and gently shut the door, leaving it open a few inches so I could hear. Amy then went to open the door.

Our suspicions were confirmed when Amy opened the door. This was not 'conservative in a pants suit' Mrs. Johnson. This was 'surprisingly small and short sundress without a bra' Mrs. Johnson. Maybe it was a coincidence, but that was quickly cleared up when she made a too obvious point of bending over and letting Amy look down her dress. Amy later told me it was an impressive sight and that she started to get wet. That was confusing, but hey, hot is hot.

They moved to sit down and Amy sat on the couch. Rather than choosing the chair, Mrs. Johnson sat on the couch right next to Amy. RIGHT next to Amy and immediately started the touching her arm and even touching her leg.

"This is nice," Mrs. Johnson cooed (what's with the cooing?). "Let's get to know each other a little before we get down to business." I'd swear she stressed the word business in an erotic way. Who can make the word business erotic?

She rambled a bit about her background and asked Amy innocuous questions about nursing school, all the while turned a little sideways and stroking Amy's thigh. Her hand kept getting higher and higher until she was pushing Amy's skirt up more and more. Amy let it happen, as she knew what we needed. Finally Mrs. Johnson leaned in and gave Amy a passionate kiss. Ever the trouper, Amy let that happen too, which apparently encouraged Mrs. Johnson, as she swung her body over onto Amy, ending up sitting on her lap facing her. She went in for another kiss, while placing her hands right on Amy's breasts. The noises were enough for me to sneak in the room.

Amy saw me out of the corner of her eye and surprised me. She used her hand to wave me back into the bedroom. Ever the obedient guy, off I went, gently closing the door all the way. I listened, getting ever more horny from the moans and noises I heard. I would swear I could hear the sound of a tongue lapping something. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and once I heard what was most assuredly the SECOND person cumming, I opened the door and stepped out.

The scene was amazing. Both women were naked. Mrs. Johnson was lying back on the couch. Amy was between her legs, licking at her clit, with three fingers from one hand pumping in and out of her pussy while two fingers of the other hand were pumping in her ass. I'm not even sure how Amy wasn't falling down, but damn, it was an impressive sight. I realized Mrs. Johnson's eyes were closed, so I did what any 22 year old man would do in this situation. I took off all my clothes.

I quietly walked over to them, with my rock hard cock sticking out. My initial instinct was to take Amy doggy style, but that wouldn't really cement the 'video'. So I carefully walked up and brushed the tip of my cock against Mrs. Johnson's lips (we still didn't even know her first name). There was a little risk, as if she was purely a lesbian, this could go all wrong, but the odds were that the Mrs. had a Mr., not another Mrs. Her eyes flew open, but instinct took over and she opened her mouth. My cock slid right in and let me tell you, I don't know her preferences, but she was an amazing cock sucker. The view of her heaving body, with Amy between her legs was too much for me, and I quickly got close. Remembering we were making the ultimate porno, I pulled out and covered Mrs. Johnson's face and amazing breasts with cum. Yes, they were amazing.

This pushed her over the edge and she screamed with a powerful orgasm. This was so hot that Amy came right then too, without anyone even touching her.

We collapsed into a bit of a heap, and it was Mrs. Johnson that recovered first. She clearly thought she was still in control, as her authoritarian voice came right out. She was quite blunt and started off with a threat about our home study if we didn't both keep this quiet and continue to 'service' her at her pleasure. Yes, she even used the word service.

She was a little surprised when I actually laughed. You should have seen the look on her face.

"You seem to misunderstand this situation," I said. "You're not in control here, we are."

The look on her face was a mixture of confusion and anger. She started to speak and I cut her off.

"Stop. We are in control," I said in MY most stern voice.

I went over to the chair and picked up the stuffed animal nanny cam.

"I'm sure you're familiar with nanny cams," I said.

The realization dawned on her and as her eyes got big and I pointed to the clock and the smoke detector.

"We have video from three different angles and I am sure it is going to be glorious," I said.

Amy chimed in with: "You have two choices here. You can either approve our study immediately, and maybe even enjoy nights like this in the future, or you're busted and might even go to jail."

Mrs. Johnson deflated before our eyes and tears even welled up in her eyes.

I shifted to my most soothing voice and said: "You really have nothing to worry about from us. We enjoyed this and we're consenting adults. We would like to do this again, but we need to get the formalities of the home study taken care of first."

Amy and I were by this time sitting on each side of her on the couch, all still naked. As I said those words, I gently stroked her, focusing on rubbing her clit. Amy reached over and teased her nipple, and leaned in to suck it. We continued for a bit, until Mrs. Johnson went over the top again. I think this sealed our pact, as she started smiling.

"Best home study I have ever done," she declared. "I've never seen a guardian more fit for the responsibility than you."

I'll leave the rest of the details to your imagination, but let's just say that Amy's shower was a tight squeeze. Mrs. Johnson finally left and Amy burst out laughing.

"Sorry," she said. "She was just such a great kisser."

We both dissolved into laughter. Checking the clock, we realized I needed to get back to the boat. Before we left, I pulled the SD cards from all the cameras to take with me.

Amy called after me with a parting shot: "I want those SD cards back, or buy more."

I guess it was OK to show her the boat cameras now.

Amy, Bob, and the kids dodge a bullet

I got back to the boat before the kids, so took the opportunity to watch a bit of the video. OK, I admit, I watched it on my laptop while stroking my cock, but I did at least hold off from cumming.

That took a lot of effort, because the video of Amy and Mrs. Johnson -- we just had to learn her first name -- was HOT, HOT, HOT.

OK, the cum shot finale was pretty cool too, even if it was autobiographical.

I heard the kids arrive and went out to greet all four of them. Wait, four? Where did an extra kid come from?

Turns out Morgan had brought a friend home. A boyfriend, or at least a friend that was a boy. After typical parental interogation -- oh no, I was becoming my father -- I found out he was a high school boy with a car. I'd find out later how Morgan was meeting high school boys, but he seemed very nice and polite. He shook my hand and everything. He seemed a bit of a nerd and was wearing khaki cargo shorts with a blue oxford cloth dress shirt. I admit, it is a classy look, and even a nerd with nerd glasses pulled it off. He shared that his name was Tyler.

More than once I saw him sneaking glances over towards the couch and that's when I realized we'd left a container of condoms out on the table. A big container -- well, we used them in volume. Not sure that's the message I wanted to send to a 16 year old boy, but better safe sex, I guess. I couldn't be too much of a hypocrite, given I'd used condoms from that jar to fuck Morgon myself.

After the obligatory questions about homework, Leslie and Orlando settled at the table to do theirs, but Morgan said she'd done hers. She went off change into her bathing suit, but Tyler commented that he didn't have one to wear. Orlando piped up to offer him one, and off they went to Orlando's room.

Morgan and Tyler came out at about the same time. Morgan was wearing a neon green Speedo one-piece what I would swear belonged to Leslie. It was small and tight. It rode up into her ass crack in the back and showed a nice camel toe at the front. Her breasts pushed out the top, and spilled over as ample cleavage. Yes, Leslie's suit for sure. She was clearly showing off for Tyler, but it was pretty damn nice for me too. I know I started to get hard, and I'd bet that Orlando did too.

Tyler came from the other direction. If Leslie's suit was small on Morgan, Orlando's was even smaller on Tyler. I expected a pair of board shorts.

"None of my shorts were big enough. This was the best we could do," said Orlando.

Of course, in hindsight, I could have loaned him a pair of mine, but at this point, no one was complaining. Every eye in the room was on Tyler, including little Leslie. No, they weren't looking at his smiling face, without glasses. They were looking at his chisled abs. They were also checking out his package, in a too tight Speedo. For a 16 year old, it was decent sized, and the impact that Morgan was having on him was obvious. His cock was growing to the point were it almost, but not quite, peeked out. A nice 5 or 6 inches, and thick, really thick.

I think he realized he was on display as he looked around. His eyes lingered on each of us, drinking us in too. I even caught him checking out Orlando's crotch and mine too. Given we were both hard by this point, we put on a bit of a show ourselves, even if we were just in loose shorts. Oh my, this could be fun.

They bounded up the stairs, leaving the remaining three of us a bit breathless.

"Back to work," I called to Orlando and Leslie, and they finally were able to focus on their studies. I went over to my desk, still in the lounge, and tried to get some work done, but I admit it was hard, so to speak.

Finally it was getting to dinner time and I walked up to the deck to invite Tyler to stay. As I quickly climbed the stairs, I caught a glimpse of a passionate kiss. They thought they pulled away fast enough, but the blush on both their faces would have been a give away. I let it slide, ever the polite adult. After determining that he could stay, and confirming burgers were OK with everyone, I decided to be spontaneous and take us out onto the Gulf for a nice dinner cruise. Everyone helped, and we were soon floating offshore, while burgers were grilling on our transom grille. I took us out of sight of the shore, and let the boat float.

Leslie declared she was hot and was going to jump in the water. To our surprise, she didn't go change, she just pulled off her top and shorts faster than I could react. Suddenly she was standing their stark naked, and all eyes were on her. She just beamed, as this was likely the effect she was going for. She wasn't about to let Morgan be the only temptation for Tyler's affections. The little imp dove into the water, while everyone else caught their breath. I noticed both Orlando and Tyler having to 'adjust' themselves, and turned away to do the same thing myself. It was one thing for Tyler to see Orlando pop one, but I needed to be more careful.

Not to be outdone, Orlando dropped his clothes just as fast. Leslie's effect on him was quite obvious as his hardon caught on his underwear and popped up, slapping into he stomach with a resounding pop sound. I noticed both Morgan AND Tyler enjoying the show, and Tyler even licked his lips a bit.

I pretended this was normal. Oh, who was I kidding, this was normal, and went about making the burgers. Tyler and Morgan hopped into the water too, at least wearing their suits.

We ended up having a pleasant evening and nothing else happened, but I bet Tyler wished it had. Leslie and Orlando even put their clothes back on for dinner. Tyler and Morgan did disappear downstairs briefly. Not long enough for much, but I'd be willing to bet he got a blowjob or at least a handjob. He sure came back up smiling.

Before Tyler left he agreed to a longer day on the boat tomorrow, since it was Saturday, and would be back at 10. This led to Leslie and Orlando wanting friends over and some phone calls to make all the arrangements. After all was done, all three had invited boys, so Leslie and Morgan were going to be the only girls. I think they both liked that. Deep down, I was OK with it too. I changed my mind though, and invited Amy. I admit I loved her in a bikini, but I will admit to myself that I thought that Amy's tight body, along with Morgan's and even Leslie's, would ensure all the boys spent most of the day hard. I hoped they all liked Speedos. Oh my, what was becoming of me.

Our evening ended uneventfully, with everyone worn out and we all slept well.

Making a LOT more friends

Saturday started early, getting the boat ready for a day cruise. Little did we all know how amazing the day would be. More on that later.

The kids were great and helped scrub the boat from top to bottom. I think they wanted their friends to be impressed. Everything was sparkling and everything was in its place. Amy arrived early and pitched in to help. The line between Nanny, friend, and maybe more was blurring, but nobody felt the need to talk about it. When she arrived, I got a big kiss, a BIG kiss and a little rub on my hardening cock, all in full view of the kids. Oh what a life we live. All three kids insisted on a kiss too, and all three found a way to grope Amy a bit. Leslie even reached down and stroked Amy's nether regions. The little imp coming out again. I had a feeling she was going to lead the way to an interesting day and I was not to be disappointed.

Eventually all the other kids arrived, and there were lots of parental introductions. The two younger kid's parents arrived at the same time were quite nice (and quite attractive) and not all that much older than me. We quickly exchanged numbers. I suggested that a future cruise should include the parents too, which received a consistent round of approvals from the parents and modest groans from the kids. Hey, what did they think I was? I'm a grown up. Sort of. Tyler drove himself again, so no parents to meet.

Orlando's friend was Dave, and could have been his dark haired twin. Where Orlando was surfer blond, with long locks and Dave matched him in long hair, but his was dark brown and he had brown eyes to Orlando's blue. Another healthy 7th grader, he was strong and slim too, and had about 2 inches on Orlando. He had a ready smile and appeared to be very excited about going out on the boat. He shared that he had never been out before and WAS very excited. I did see him checking out the girls, first Leslie, with a small smile, then Morgan with a big smile, and finally Amy with an almost open-mouth drool.

That was understandable, as Amy was wearing just shorts and a bikini top. A very flattering bikini top. I had already noticed both Dads checking her out and I was confident at least one Mom, if not both. Maybe the Moms were looking for competition, but my read was lust. Understandable, as you don't see many petite young women with firey red hair.

I saw one Dad scope out Morgan too, but he was pretty discrete about it. The other Dad wasn't all that all that discrete and was clearly checking out her body. You go dude. One Mom paid special attention to Leslie. Pretty touchy feely. That was interesting. My guess is these couples had a future. We just had to be really, really careful about how to get there.

My God, my mind now had other couples joining in, with their kids.

Leslie's friend was a different boy than last time. This one was Hunter. He as pretty big for a 10 year old, having broken five feet. He was almost Orlando's size. He was pretty average all around, brown hair, blue eyes and kind of shy. Couldn't really tell much more, as he was just in shorts and a T, but he was cute. I could see how Leslie liked him.

Off we went on our cruise, all six kids out on the main deck and Amy up in the fly bridge with me. It was pleasant running up the coast and everyone was having fun. I admonished them about sun tan lotion and soon everyone was lathering everyone. As I looked down on the deck, hands were touching everywhere and everyone. I'm pretty sure every kid groped every other kid a few times, including the girls on the girls and the boys on the boys. They were clearly having a good time.

I warned them to take frequent breaks from the sun so they wouldn't overheat. Who was I kidding -- I might as well have said: "Go inside occasionally so you can have sex". My kids knew that I knew, but I'm sure the other kids were always worried about getting caught. Maybe on a later cruise, but for now, we gave them privacy. Well, at least in person. The cameras were recording everything.

It was fun watching who went in together. The first round was by 'couple', starting at the oldest -- Morgan, then Orlando, then Leslie. What a polite way to do it.

It was even more fun watching the groupings. They were intriguing. Tyler and Morgan went in with just Leslie for a bit. I'm sure Tyler was pleasantly surprised. Orlando and Dave went in with Hunter for a bit. Three boys, having fun. Leslie went in with Hunter and Orlando. Finally all six shouted up that they were going to play cards for a bit and would be out later.

Cards, my ass. Unless they meant strip poker. Watching the video later, that is apparently exactly what they meant.

This went on throughout the day, and we finally made it back to the boat around 6 in the evening. Parents arrived and we made sure to greet them on the dock, as I wasn't ready to explain why the lounge smelled strongly of sex. There were some wet spots that I suspected needed attention too.

The Monday after our cruise I introduced Amy to the cameras, with a little trepidation. I needn't have worried, as she was clearly and visibly turned on by them. The kids were at school, so we had plenty of time to enjoy the videos, and ourselves. It was fun watching the small groups having fun, but the highlight of the day was clearly strip poker.

Not wanting to waste time, all six kids had stripped before the game even started. They sat in a circle, next to their original partners, and played. The betting was clearly (and visibly) sexual. The started out with kissing, timed to apparently 30 seconds. Some of the pairings were obvious and they started within their age group, but with Dave and Orlando kissing Leslie or Morgan. No one seemed to care that Orlando was kissing his sisters. Winner got to pick who they wanted to kiss. Cross generational kisses happened quickly too, with Tyler kissing Leslie and both Dave and Hunter kissing Morgan. Gotta give Hunter credit for reaching for the stars.

Where it got interesting was the next time Dave won. He picked Hunter. Hunter didn't even flinch, but hopped right into Dave's lap and liplocked him. Dave held him tight, by his cute little butt and their tongues were flying. This set everyone else off, and when Leslie won next, she picked Morgan. They put on quite the show, rubbing each other's breasts (or in Leslie's case, nipples), while they kissed. This cause all the boys to pop hardons, and did me too. Amy was casually stroking my cock as we watched, but I had to slow her down as I was too close.

They switched the game up soon, and the winner picked two other kids and told them what to do. This could really get interesting.

Dave won first. He showed his breadth of interests quickly, as his challenge was for Orlando to suck Tyler's cock. Neither even hesitated, and Orlando went to town with everyone else watching closely. Good thing there was a 30 second limit, as I don't think Tyler could last much longer.

Orlando won next and chose to have Dave go down on Leslie. I knew Leslie would love this, but was curious about Dave. So far, he'd shown a solid boy-on-boy side, so how would this go? He quickly proved he was bi, not gay, as his skills were impressive. He managed to get Leslie to orgasm in the 30 seconds. She obviously loved it. They kept going with oral sex for awhile and I'd swear everyone got to lick and suck everyone. I know Orlando licked and suck both his sisters and they both sucked his cock, but I'm pretty sure every other cock got sucked by every other mouth and every pussy too.

Little Hunter was the first to escalate the game. He was quite the director, and had Morgan on her knees, ass up, and Tyler right behind her. Orlando appeared with a tube of KY and generously helped them out, rubbing some on Tyler's cock and pushing his coated fingers into Morgan's pussy. Then the 30 seconds began and Tyler pumped away, with Morgan clearly enjoying it. They were through a variety of boy on girl rounds, with Morgan and Leslie both benefiting for the extra boys.

Hunter then escalated again (what a kid!) by not only suggesting boy on boy but changing the rules. He knelt down, wiggling his butt, and challenged Tyler to fuck his ass. Why not start with the biggest cock in the room. Leslie did the preparation honors this time, greasing up Tyler and getting two fingers into Hunter. Pretty sure he enjoyed that. Tyler was gentle, but was soon pistoning away into Hunter's ass.

That's when the game ended. Not the sex, just the game. They all went after each other and hands and lips and cocks were everywhere. At one point there was a train with Leslie getting fucked by Dave, who was getting fucked by Orlando, who was getting fucked by Tyler, all while Morgan sucked on Leslie's nipples. Not to be left out, Hunter was rubbing anyone and anything he could find, including his own cock. This orgy ended in all the boys cumming, mostly covering Lesle and Morgan. Even Hunter showed he had it going and came on Leslie's face. It seemed like they planned this carefully, as Leslie wasn't mature enough to get pregnant, but Morgan was.

At that point, Amy and I couldn't control outselves any more. You're probably heard of animals rutting. That was us. Fast, furious, and passionate. A hard fuck. We both came together and the collapsed. After showering, we realized we'd spent the entire afternoon watching and finally showered and got out of bed.

Expanding the fun

Things went along merrily for a few months. Oh sure, there was plenty of in-family sex. Plenty. But no outsiders except the occasional friend having fun with one or more of the kids. I guess when a few young kids having sex is nothing special, you know your life is both interesting and weird.

One afternoon Amy and I were sitting out on the deck, with a lazy breeze, mostly just dozing and chatting. The kids were in school, it was a beautiful day, and Amy was on a break from school. Heaven is Florida.

We both sat down after getting drinks and before we laid back, I said: "Let me ask you a few questions."

Amy turned and sat looking right at me, just a few inches away. Her knees touched mine. I took her hands in mine.

"Why do you still have an apartment? Wait, don't answer that question yet," I said. "Do you love the kids as much as I do?"

Amy just nodded and smiled.

"Do you love me as much as I love you, with all my heart?," I said.

Amy's smile turned into a huge grin and she nodded.

"Then why do you still have an apartment?"

She answered me by throwing herself on me and covering me with kisses. As enjoyable as it was, I finally sat up and we had a real heart to heart.

So that's the day Amy officially moved on to the boat full-time. No more Nanny Amy. She officially, or at least unofficially, became Mom. The kids were as joyous as we were, with Leslie asking, with a stern face: "Why did it take you this long? WE have all known forever. We talk about it all the time." They even agreed to new rules of 'quiet' to allow Amy to study when she needed to. Nursing school is TOUGH.

I guess I had too, but it took me awhile to screw up the courage to risk losing her. Amy later confided that she knew within the first week, but had the same fear.

Yes, we were a non-traditional family. We were 22 and 20, with kids 10, 12, and 14, but it worked and it worked really well. We were fortunate about a lot of things. First, with my job and the kid's trusts, money wasn't an issue, particularly given we lived on a paid for boat. Second, and a whole lot more fun, we all knew each other's sexual needs and were OK with it. It didn't seem any of the five of us were particularly monogomous. Amy and I even discussed it and agreed that wouldn't change at all, but the one rule was we did it together. We could fuck our brains out with other people, but we'd never go off alone. We even agreed that their might be exceptions to that rule, but those exceptions were to be agreed upon in advance, not be a surprise after. We did agree that if an opportunity occurred that was unique, we could make a solo decision and the other would support it, but possibly object to future occurrences. Think Sara's blowjob behind the building. Yeah, I know, complicated rules, but they would work for us.

We continued on for awhile, with occasional fun with Jim, Tim, or both. What we hadn't done was introduce any more kids into Amy's and my fun. I think our kids regretted that, because they wanted to share the fun with us. We hadn't, and wouldn't, tell them about the cameras, so they didn't know we were living vicariously thorugh them. As much fun as it was, it wasn't the same.

Leslie finally declared that it was time for another cruise, and they would invite Dave, Tyler, and Hunter and that their parents would be included. She included the parents with such sincerity that I suspected something was up. Even Tyler's parents were included, and we'd still never met them.

So it was all planned for the next weekend. 8 adults, 6 kids. Wait, no, not 6 kids. It turns out each friend had a sibling and they were invited too. 8 adults, 9 kids. The boat was big, but it would be rocking. I had to make sure we had enough life jackets and other things to be legal with 17.

Morgan, Orlando, and Leslie made us promise that they could do all the planning and that we didn't need to know. We were not even allowed to call the parents. They would arrange it through the kids. Laughing, we agreed to their rules and promised to do nothing other than ensuring the boat was gassed up, the water tanks were full, and that there was plenty of food and drink for the fun. They stressed we needed LOTS of food and drink, so we got carried away and filled up multiple coolers.

The big day rolled around and everyone arrived at almost exactly 9 am, as planned. All the guests showed up with what were obviously overnight bags, so we turned to the kids, who were grinning. They finally admitted that they had invited everyone for an overnight trip, which was why they stressed extra food and drink.

17, over night, on this boat was going to be interesting. There was room, it just meant the kids would get the floor and the adults the beds. The chaise lounges outside would work too, as it was going to be a warm night. We'd worry about that later, and soon cast off, and motored offshore.

So let's recap who was on board, as it can be tough to keep track.

Our family. Bob, 22. Amy, 20. Morgan, 14. Orlando, 12. Leslie, 10.

Tyler's family. Jamie, 37. Jeannie, 36. Tyler, 16. Annie, 12.

Dave's family. Mike, 35. Melanie, 35, Dave, 12. Danny, 11.

Hunter's family. Don, 36. Deedee, 35. Hunter, 10. Hallie, 10 (turns out he had a twin sister).

That's a lot of people. So let's add in the descriptions of the new people. You need a great mental image, don't you? Apparently matching first initials were a requirement for the couples. Amy and I were falling down on our jobs.

Let's work our way backwards, for no reason in particular.

Hallie was petite and adorable. Little at about 4'8" and maybe 70 pounds, but advanced beyond her years with nice A cup tits. A blue-eyed blonde, she was something. She came aboard already dressed in her little bikini, which was a bright pink. It was a little big on her, so she kept flashing us. Sometimes we saw her little slit, when her bikini bottoms slipped. Often we saw her nice breasts whenever she leaned over even just a little.

Hunter, if you recall, was taller, at over 5 feet with brown hair and blue eyes. You never would have guessed they were twins if you weren't told. He looked a lot older. He was wearing a white Speedo that outlined his little package nicely. Something made me guess that it would be nice and transparent when wet.

Deedee was the spitting image of Hallie. You could see the resemblence. She wasn't even that much taller at about 5 flat. She was about Hunter's height. She was probably about 140, and carried it very well. She was wearing jean shorts (jorts?) and wearing a pink bikini top that matched Hallie's. I was willing to bet the bottoms did too. The top wasn't equally loose on her, as she was at least a D cup, if not a double D. She proudly stuck them out there for us all to admire.

Don was tall, dark, and handsome and Hunter had clearly picked it up from his Dad. He was a solid 6'3", dark hair, striking blue eyes, and reasonably muscular. He didn't have well-defined abs, but was in darn good shape for a Dad. He was in shorts and a T and I admit I was looking forward to him wearing less.

Now on to Dave's family. Dave, if you recall, was thin and had grown to about 5'4". He had a shaggy mop of dark hair and looked like a surfer boy. He was in board shorts, without a shirt, but he'd gotten bigger and his shorts hadn't. They were tight, and short for the style, but no one was complaining.

Danny was Dave at 80%. About 5' tall, maybe 20 pounds less than Dave, and the same shaggy mop and board shorts. I admit I was wondering if he was as sexually adventurous as his brother, but he's 11, probably doesn't know what sex is, and we were unlikely to find out this weekend. Oh, how I was wrong about almost all of that.

Melanie was tall. About 5'8" tall, with long dark hair in a pony tail, tucked through the back of a baseball cap. She too was in shorts, but these were cutoffs that had been seriously cut off. The nice globes of her thin ass hung right out the back. Her top was a bikini, almost, as it was quite tiny. It covered the nipples of nice B cup breasts, but not much more.

Mike was just a touch taller at about 5'9" and the only one of the group that was at least modestly overweight. He wasn't fat, but you could tell he could drop a few. He was in simple shorts and a T-shirt too. At quick glance, I could have sworn I saw the outline of his cock coming almost to the hem of what were reasonably long shorts, but that can't be right.

Finally to Tyler's family. Annie, OMG, Annie. Only 12, going on 25. Slim, trim, 5'3" with delicious larger A cup breasts. She was in a flowered bikini that I'd swear fit her when she was in kindergarten. No other covering for her. She clearly liked her body and was OK what we knew it. The bottoms rode into her crotch, showing a very nice camel toe. Amy actually elbowed me so I'd stop staring. Her top was equally tight and rock hard nipples pushed out of what was clearly unlined fabric. I thought I'd died right there.

Tyler, as you recall, had the nerd look going on, but under those shorts and a T, there was a finely scuplted body and an impressive cock. I wonder what his parents would think that I knew about his cock. Time would tell.

Jeannie was sex on wheels. I see where Annie got her confidence. Solid C cup breasts, threatening to escape a small bikini top. Have you ever seen those bikinis that are always see-thru? Well I had now. Her body flared nicely down to shapely legs. Legs that went on and on.

Jamie was clearly the weight lifter of the entire group. Not that tall at about 5'10", but a hell of a lot of muscle. Calves that were amazing, as were his biceps. Anyone would bed him. Anyone. Depending on what I learned, I'd have to introduce him to Jim and Tim. Carefullly though.

Now that we were all introduced and the bags were stowed away, we cast off. The kids had planned the route too.

Soon we were offshore and stopped to just float a bit. Jamie came up to me and asked if there was somewhere the adults could all talk for a minute. I told all the kids to stay out on the deck and that no one could go into the water until we were back. They all quickly agreed. Too quickly. They knew something was up.

The eight parents trooped into the lounge and shut the door.

"I have been nominated by the kids to have this conversation," said Jamie. "This cruise could be uncomfortable, and it doesn't need to be. You see our kids all know each other well, and I know they can keep a secret, because every kid out there already does. You see they confided what goes on in their homes to each other and once they realized the similarities, Tyler came to me and asked me to have this talk."

"You see we all have unusual interests that might not be accepted by most people. We ALL do," he said. "Every kid out there is sexually experienced, with both sexes, and every one of them regularly plays with each other and with their families."

We all looked at each other but no one commented yet.

"We can have a hell of a lot of fun on this trip," Jamie continued, "We all know this now. Bob, go get the giant container of condoms I've heard about and be sure to bring out plenty of lube. We'll need them both."

With that, he startled us by stripping off his clothes and standing there in front of us naked. It certainly made the point and in a flash there were 8 naked adults. Being adults, we all carefully folded our clothes and set them aside.

Jamie walked over to Amy and me and used his two hands at the same time -- one to quickly stroke my cock and the other to stroke Amy's clit.

"Now, let's all get out there and start this cruise right," he yelled.

He headed towards the lounge door and we all quickly followed him through. All kids turned and as soon as they saw us, they all started hollering and taking off their clothes. Soon there were 17 naked people off ages scattered around the boat.

Being the ever practical boat owner, I reminded them of the need for all over suntan lotion and offered to personally apply it to anyone that asked. That got a laugh from the group.

Hallie, showing the same spunk that Hunter had, presented herself in front of me and said: "Me first, and I need suntan lotion ALL over please."

Ever the accomodating host, I had her lay on her stomach and rubbed lotion all over her, paying particular attention to her cute little buttcheeks. No one else moved, except to crowd around and watch. I asked her to turn over, which she quickly did, spreading her legs wide. I started at her face, working my way down. When I got to her nice little breasts, I circled them first, then rolled her nipples with my fingers, eliciting a gutteral moan. I worked my way down to her waist, then skipped down to her feet, causing her to groan, along with at least two other voices in the crowd.

I worked up from her feet, getting closer and closer. Just as I reached my magical goal, I took hold of her legs and pulled her down towards me. I dove right in, licking her from the bottom to the top and paying attention to her little clit. This got a cheer from the crowd, who all started touching whomever happened to be next to them at the time. Man on girl, woman on boy, boy on boy on girl. Everything. I didn't notice though, as I was busy. Hallie really screamed when I started farther at the bottom and rimmed her cute little anus. I kept my attention up until she screamed in orgasm. She rested just briefly, then quickly sat up and grabbed me by the cock. Someone, I don't know who, tossed her a condom, which she expertly rolled on, then pulled me right up to and inside her. Another cheer rose from the crowd as I pumped in and out of her incredibly tight pussy. No surprise I wasn't going to last long, but she sensed it well and at the last minute, pulled off, ripped off the condom and took my load on her face, in her hair, and in her open mouth.

Suddenly I was pushed to the side and at least four kids descended on Hallie, licking her clean, all over, in a flash. I saw Tyler going to town on her clit and heard another scream as she came again.

I looked around and it is hard to even describe the scene. I can't remember every combination, but a few were particularly memorable. My eyes searched for Amy and I quickly found her off to the side, on the deck on a towel. She was being fucked from behind by Hunter (remember, he's an aggresive one), while simultaneously eating out Deedee. Deedee had Jamie's cock in her mouth, but was struggling to keep track of it, as Jamie was bouncing a bit from the pounding he was taking in his ass from Danny. (Remember when I said Danny probably didn't know about sex? I was wrong).

On another part of the deck, Morgan and Jeannie were on their sides in the classic 69 formation and clearly enjoying themselves. Jeannie was being fucked from behind by Dave, who was himself being fucked from behind by Orlando. Morgan was being fucked by Annie, who was wearing a strap-on (where exactly does a 12 year old get a strap-on?). Annie was being fucked, in the ass, by Don. Yes, twelve year old Annie was taking it in the ass. If you recall from my descriptions, I had seen a hint of what I suspected was Don's cock. Turns out that was real, as for a slightly chubby guy, he had an amazing cock. Lucky for Annie, it was fairly thin, but it was a solid 10 inches long. He clearly couldn't get it all into little Annie's ass, but it wasn't for a lack of trying.

That left four, but that was all that was on the deck, so I wandered in to the lounge. There they were! Melanie was on her back, taking it from Tyler. Leslie was on all fours, at an angle from them, sucking and licking Melanie's breasts. Leslie was being fucked, in the ASS, by Mike. As far as I know, Leslie had never been fucked in the ass, but there it was.

The men (boys?) didn't last long and Tyler pulled out first, stripping off his condom. He sprayed Melanie and Leslie. Leslie didn't stop, licking the cum from Melanie. This must have been too hot for Mike, as he pulled out and just covered Leslie's back with cum. I mean COVERED. I did make a mental note to remind him about condoms, but at least it was in her ass.

Mike and Tyler then dropped down and helped clean up Melanie and Leslie. They licked and licked and ended with a passionate kiss, passing some of their own cum back and forth. If I hadn't just cum, I would have right then. Hallie had followed me in, because I heard her moan next to me and looked to see her almost collapse from her orgasm as she fingered herself.

That show was over so we wandered back outside, where everyone was apparently done as well. Lots of naked bodies, covered in various bodily fluids, just lounging where there were. Amy saw me and gave me a grin, as a big blob of cum dripped of her chin onto her tits.

She stood up and declared "time for a swim!" Everybody laughed and took turns jumping off the swim platform for a good 45 minutes.

All this before lunch on the first day. Wow.

The afternoon was great fun, in more of a normal families getting together kind of way. We ate at a nice waterfront restaurant, with the kids at one big table and the adults at another. Our guests were kind enough to pay for our meal, at their insistence, and after lunch insisted on topping off our fuel tanks at their expenses. While not necessary, it was thoughtful, as a cruise like this used several hundred dollars worth of fuel.

We cruised and we sunned and we swam all afternoon. Oh, occasionally two people or a small group would disappear for awhile, but with our families, that was pretty normal. Usually an adult went along with a child or two, so I know they were having fun. I had shared that all rooms were available and that we'd change all the sheets before bed. If was kind of fun noticing who went together and I knew the after trip videos were going to be amazing.

For example, Jamie and Don disappeared with Leslie. I'm confident that Leslie had a wonderful time, as she came back smiling and flushed and with her hair still full of cum.

Morgan left with Jeannie, Melanie, and Deedee for what must have been some girl time. I'm sure they just sat and talked. Uh huh.

Mike went below wih Orlando, Tyler, and Hallie. That was an interesting group. Annie wandered down to join them a little later. Mike sounds like fun -- boys and young girls together.

Dave and Danny spend some time together, and Leslie joined in later. Leslie couldn't get enough today. Dave and Danny were enjoying some brotherly love.

Amy grinned and took Hunter and Hallie by the hand and went downstairs. You go girl. Twin 10 year olds. That's a dream come true. She came back with her hair a mess and a sticky blob on her breast, which I happily licked off.

Amy was nice enough to navigate and give me some time down below. It was a tough choice, but I chose Mike (if Leslie could take that cock in her ass, I could too) and added in Deedee and Danny. To enjoy all the permutations would take months!

We ended the afternoon with hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. Everyone was exhausted (wonder why?), so we all turned in fairly early. With the foldout bed in the lounge, we had enough beds for the adults. The kids scattered around, with many taking blankets up to the deck.

Apparently tonight was the night of tribute to the hosts. It started with a timid knock on the door. We called "Come in" and the door was opened by Hunter and Tyler. Quite the opposites, but both cute in their naked form. The stamina of youth showed, as the both sported nice hardons, but of different sizes. My guess is they either helped each other, or had a fluffer in the next room, as their cocks were still wet.

Unable to resist, they joined us on the bed. Tyler immediately dove in and started eating out Amy. Hunter knew exactly what I wanted and knelt next to my head, offering me his cock. As I suspected I could, I managed to get his entire cock and balls in my mouth at the same time.

My guess is that this was a planned strategy and they knew that Amy could cum repeatedly and I couldn't, so I got to give rather than receive right now. I saw Hunter's hand snake down and he started rubbing Amy's breast as he pumped in and out of my mouth. Tyler must have been pretty good at his job, as Amy was moaning away and started writhing in what was obviously a nice orgasm. The sight was too much for Hunter, as I felt him stiffen, then unload his hot cum in my mouth. He had a lot for a 10 year old, but I successfully swallowed it all down.

They both wandered off, and I imagined a handoff of some sort, as the next knock on our door came almost immediately. This time it was Danny and Annie (hey that rhymes). Danny hopped on the bed and immediately slid his hard cock right into Amy. Annie climbed up my chest and squatted over my mouth facing away. As I started to lick and suck, she took me in her mouth. Something about 12 year old pussy is pretty amazing and I am pretty skilled too, as I soon had her writhing. She sensed I was too close, and stopped sucking, apparently leaving me for someone else. Just as she did, she exploded in an orgasm, drenching my face with her juices -- and sweet juices they were. This clearly sent Danny over the top, as he emptied his load in Amy (Amy was on the pill, thankfully). Not to be outdone, but Danny and Annie proceeded to lap every bit of his cum right back out, exchanging it in kisses. The held some in in their mouths, and ended their time with Danny pushing it into my mouth with his kiss and Annie doing the same to Amy.

Wow. I wondered what could top that. I would soon find out.

The next knock at the door was Dave and Hallie, the remaining two kid guests. We found out later that they had literally drawn straws for who got to be last. Apparently I got to watch first, as Hallie climbed right up on Amy's face. Dave started fucking Amy missionary style, and Hallie used her tongue on Amy's clit while she did. This went on until Hallie came all over Amy's face. Dave's stamina was impressive, as he pulled out of Amy at that point and shifted over to me. In one smooth motion, he lift my legs and stuck his cock all the way in my ass. Hallie came over and started to lick my cock and waved Amy to come over and join her. It was quite a sight, looking down my body and seeing Dave pumping in and out while Amy and little Hallie shared my cock. I could see both girls were pumping fingers in their own pussies, and they both started moaning on my cock. That was just unfair.

At that point, Dave couldn't hold back anymore and pulled out. He came all over the girls faces and my cock. It was amazing. He immediately leaned down and joined the girls in licking up the mess, right off my cock. That was too much for me and I blew my final load of the day, all the way up to my face. That led to a spirited competition to clean me up, and they all managed to help, while sharing the cum mouth to mouth to mouth. They all, even Amy, saved some for me and after Dave, then Hallie gave me a hearty kiss, Amy ended the day's fun with an incredibly passionate kiss, complete with a mouthful of cum.

The kids took that moment to leave, and Amy and I fell asleep in each other's arms, in the middle of a legendary wetspot.

The day after

We woke up fairly early, as we had slept the sleep of the dead. We heard some commotion and smelled bacon and coffee. We wandered through Morgan and Leslie's room, which was empty, and found almost the entire crowd in the lounge. A few were up on the deck, enjoying the morning air.

Mike called out from the kitchen that breakfast was almost ready and we'd do it buffet style. He'd keep the eggs coming while Dave was manning the grille, cooking pound after pound of bacon. Don had coffee and toast duty. Apparently the men in the group were responsible for breakfast, but when I offered to help, they waved me off. Everyone was dressed, including us, which actually felt a little odd with this group. I suspect it started with Dave, who didn't want popping bacon grease to burn his nether region. Ouch, just thinking of it.

OK, maybe not completely dressed. By dressed I meant all of us had shorts or bathing suit bottoms on. None of the women or girls had tops on, just as nature intended. Looking around the room at the four adult women, I was impressed with the gravity defying abilities of their breasts. They were all attractive women, but none of our guests came close to Amy's beauty. I was a lucky man and I suspect all the men and women in the room knew it. I was definitely above my level, by a lot.

The girls were a pretty impressive group too, and I saw that their future mates were all going to be shooting for the moon too. The boys were a pretty attractive group too. I started to wonder if some of these child relationships would last into adulthood. It would be pretty rare to find other open minded families where there was so much sex. Little did I know how wrong that would prove to be (much to my delight).

We actually made it through the entire morning without any sex. Shocking! We went to a different marina for lunch, and I laughed as a man on the deck watched as more people kept coming and coming out of our boat. It's not often you see 17 on a boat that size. My guess is he was enjoying more than the count, as he was sporting a pretty nice hard-on by the time I was the last one off the boat. I gave him a quick wink as I passed by.

The afternoon led to less clothes and more suntan lotion. No surprise there. We were enjoying the last part of our outing together. More people disappeared, but since we were offshore, most just did whatever they wanted right there on the deck, with an audience. I think others watching was a turnon for everyone involved. It's funny, but at no point in the weekend did I see any adults spend time with their own spouse. I guess they had plenty of time for that. Amy and I were, of course, the exception, but every time even we played together, we were not alone. I lost track of how many times I came that weekend. I'm not even sure I could count high enough to keep track of Amy's.

It was fun watching the activities. Apparently all the men liked anal sex (giving and receiving) and every one enjoyed a strap-on attached to one of the young girls. All the women liked oral sex -- a lot -- particularly when done by the young girls. I guess they knew what they liked. I would say over the course of the weekend, every single person on the boat had something in every single orifice. I know I did.

I did enjoy playing with other adults, something I didn't do that often. How weird is that -- I had lots of sex with various kids, but not as much with adults. What a life.

I know that while I was navigating us home, every single other person on the boat took their turn sucking my cock a bit. Yes, 16 people had their turn. The day ended as we approached our marina with little Hallie doing the honors and taking my last load, which she generously shared right back with me.

I think I needed a vacation from our vacation.

After we docked, everyone helped get the boat under control, and all the families eventually drifted off. The five of us had a simple dinner of sandwiches and chatted around the table.

Morgan was the first to bring up an interesting conversation topic. Apparently every family with which we played over the weekend had at least two, and sometimes three, other families with which they played. Yes, you heard that right. That means at least six more families with which we might have future opportunities. Orlando piped in that the adults had all promised to introduce us, as a family, around.

My mind reeled.

I went to work in the morning and Amy and the kids all went off to school. My morning was interupted by a call from Don. He invited the family to come over to their house for an afternoon of board games with two other families, on Saturday. Having already had our talk with the kids, I suspected I knew what these four families would be playing, and it wasn't limited to board games.

That afternoon I got a call from Mike, with a similar invitation for Sunday. Three other couples in their case, all new to us.

Can my body take this? I don't know, but I'd die trying. Realistically, though, I knew that two days was too (two?) much, so I deferred Mike for a bit.

I shared the invitation with the family when they got home and they were all excited. Yes, 'the family' includes Amy. We may not be married, yet, but she was as much a part of our family as anyone.

It was hard to imagine that just a few months ago, I was a bachleor with little more going on than my job and now we were a happy family of five. And I stress the word happy.

The week was full, with Jim and Tim stopping over Wednesday night. Nothing like two hard cocks to entertain us. I don't mean to imply that we only used them for sex, as we enjoyed their company, but damn they are fine. Little Leslie really enjoys their company, just as they enjoy hers. She surprised them this night by asking them both to take her in the ass. Given their surprise, they were reluctant, and looked to me. I just shrugged and smiled.

Knowing it would be a challenge, we made it a family affair and laid a towel on the floor of the lounge for Leslie. Someone, I think maybe even Amy, brought up the idea of DP. Looking at this tiny girl next to these tall men, I wasn't sure, but Leslie jumped at the idea.

We, no Leslie, decided Jim would go first in her ass (first!) as he was smaller at 'only' 10 inches. So he laid back on the towel and had a whole team of fluffers preparing him. Finally Orlando did the honors lubing him up, while Morgan lubed up Leslie's ass. She sat down, slowly, on his cock, reverse cowgirl style, and eventually took almost all in. They stopped, for her to get accustomed to it, and she laid back on this chest. She was so small that her head tucked in nicely under his chin.

Tim knelt down, and positioned himself to her other opening. This time Amy and I got to help, with Amy bringing off Leslie once with her tongue to get her juices flowing. I took Tim in my mouth, not really to get him wet, but because it was fun. We lubed them both up and then Tim slipped right in. Tim groaned as he felt her tight pussy around his cock.

Time stopped as the three of them waited briefly to find the right position. Leslie sat up a bit and Tim gripped her by her upper body, while Jim reached around to play with her nipples. Tim lifted her up, pulling her up both their cocks, then let her drop down again, taking more and more of them in both holes. He repeated this over and over, with Leslie moaning, until Jim shouted he was about to cum.

That was it, as both men unloaded deep inside her as she went over the top to a massive orgasm. I think she even passed out, as Tim had to lift her off and lay her on the towel.

Wanting to enjoy the fun, Morgan and Orlando took turns lapping out the creampie, causing Leslie to have almost continous orgasms. Amy and I each took a different task in cleanup duty. Amy cleaned off Jim and I cleaned off Tim. Well, if by cleaned off you mean sucked them hard again and took a load in our mouths.

Don has a party and what a party it is

Saturday morning rolled around and we were all up early. I'm sure it was excitment and anticipation for the day. We had no idea what to expect, but were confident it would be hot. We were off to Don and Deedee's house and would be meeting two new families. Perhaps it was all innocent -- yeah, right.

To recap, Don and Deedee's family. Don, 36. Deedee, 35. Hunter, 10. Hallie, 10. If you need more details, check the bottom of this post. It's all there. If you recall, Hunter and Hallie are aggresive little things, which I suspect they learned from Don and Deedee.

We didn't even know what to wear, so went the casual shorts and T-shirts route. If all went as I expected, what we arrived wearing wasn't important. We did bring swimsuits and towels, as pools are often not private. We'll see.

We arrived just a few minutes after 10 and saw several cars in the drive. The house was HUGE so we didn't know if they were all their cars or if other guests had arrived. We would later find out it was a 5 bedrooms and over 6,000 square feet. For those of us living on a boat, we wouldn't know what to do with all that space. Maybe someday we'd find out.

Don opened the door wearing a terry cloth robe. He wasn't too careful about it, so we could all see he was naked underneath. He had a glass of orange juice in his hand and something made me suspect it wasn't just orange juice.

He invited us in and quickly closed the door.

"Welcome to our home," Don said. "We're so glad to have you." I swear he stressed the word HAVE.

"Here's how it works. The other two families are already here and scattered around. We'll just let you introduce yourselves, so wander around. We're very casual about nudity, well, casual about anything, so I don't think anyone still has clothes on. The backyard and pool are very private, so safe to be without clothes. Safe for anything really. Let's just say no one here is very bashful, so you'll get an eyeful."

He pointed to the dining room and said: "everyone puts their clothes in there."

"Three of the bedrooms upstairs are available too," he continued. "For fun, the largest has been setup as a photography and video studio. We love rememberances, but are very, very careful and only share amongst ourselves. It's all automated, so nothing for you to do. You'll see a couple cameras on tripods, so you'll know you're in the right room, but there are a lot more cameras you won't notice. If that interests you, everyone here likes to be dragged into that room, so have at it."

"That's it. Other than that, have fun. If you have any questions, Deedee and I are around, but everyone knows our house, so ask just about anyone."

He turned to the kids and said: "You'll find giant bottles of suntan lotion, so lather up. Everyone would be happy to help you with that task. Off you go."

We all stopped at the dining room first and stripped down. We noticed Don had left the robe near the door and was wandering off bare ass naked. The kids took off towards the sound of a pool and Amy and I wandered along more slowly. We met a number of nice, sexy people along the way. There were too many people to describe everyone in detail, so I'll reserve that as a prelude to describing actions that are a little more fun.

We found ourselves in the kitchen. Several people were milling about, but what caught our eyes was what was going on in the breakfast nook. Don said no one was bashful, so we got a little closer to check out the action.

A man we guessed to be in his early thirties was sitting on as bench. Hard to exactly tell as he was sitting down, but he was hispanic, probably 5'9" and in decent shape. We later found out he was Juan. We couldn't tell much more, as his lap was occupied. We didn't know the girl, but would later find out that she was Mika. Mika was Asian, small, about 4'8", 11 years old, and had medium length black hair. She had the cutest budding breasts. Not even an A cup yet. More like extra puffy nipples, of a surprising size -- at least the size of a quarter. She was sitting on his lap, facing out, and gently bouncing up and down on his cock. Her eyes were closed and she was clearly blissful. I would describe his cock, but I couldn't see it. You see Hunter was kneeling between their legs and lapping away at anything he could.

After not too long, Mika let out a long moan of orgasm. This clearly brought Juan to the edge, as he lifted Mika up and off. His cock popped out, dropped a little and spurted, right in Hunter's face. He didn't even flinch, but took the facial, opening his mouth so he could catch some. When Juan was done, Mika climbed off and tongue kissed Hunter. We could guess what they were exchanging. She then took Hunter's place on her knees, and starting licking Juan clean. Even softening, Juan's cock was quite nice. I'd say about 6 inches, a bit thin, and upturned, but with a huge mushroom head. Hunter hopped up and offered his face to Juan, who proceeded to lick and kiss all his own cum off Hunter. To finish, he took Hunter in his mouth, but only for a few sucks before Hunter pulled away.

Hunter had seen us, and waved. He ran over, little hard cock bouncing.

"Hi! Welcome to our home. Please make yourself comfortable," he said, all the while with bits of cum clinging to his face and in his hair. You'd thing we was the greeter at Walmart, he was so polite.

I couldn't resist, and leaned down, giving him a big kiss, and licking several drops of cum off his face. I reached down and stroked his cock a bit. He returned the favor, but not to me. He reached over and ran his finger up and down Amy's slit, giving her clit a nice rub. She couldn't help herself, and let out a little moan.

He quickly popped up, waved and ran out the glass door towards what we could see was the pool. We slowly followed him outdoors just as he made a flying leap into the deep end.

The backyard was spectacular, in keeping with the house. The pool was huge, and looked more like a lagoon, complete with a waterfall. I could see a hot tub at the other end, with several people in it.

Just as we got outside, we saw a small table with what looked like a gallon pump jug of suntan lotion. There were two chaise lounges next to it, with clean towels spread on each. We were still under cover at this point, and not yet out in the sun. What was particularly nice was the three naked children standing right next to the pump.

"Welcome to the suntan station, I'm Airi," she said. "We're the suntan specialists. Please lay face down on a chaise lounge and we will start the process."

"Hi, I'm Valeria, I'm here to help," said another girl.

"Hi, I'm Koki. I help too!," said a young boy.

As they lotioned us up, they told us more about themselves.

Airi and Koki were brother and sister. Mika who we met earlier was their sister. Airi was a little older than Mika at 13 and I can now definitively predict what Mika would look like in 2 years. Airi was about 3 inches taller -- still less than five feet -- and just as trim. She had fine black hairs just coming in 'down there', so clearly more mature. She had A cup breasts, almost a B, with similar large puffy nipples. Her nipples were erect, so my guess is she enjoyed this job. I think I saw a hint of moisture down below too. She was stunning. Delectible. I could just eat her all up.

Koki looked like he could be Mika's male twin. Almost exactly the same size and build, but in a boy's frame. He had the cutest little two inch cock that was hard and stuck straight out. I felt for the kid, as I suspect he'd been hard for awhile. Maybe we could help him with that. Oh how my life had changed. I was thinking about sucking a nine year old boys cock, and fully expected to do so.

Valeria was Juan's daughter. She might have been only 15, but she was a full fledged woman. My God she was stunning. She was about 5'5", maybe 120. Nice curves, at the edge of womanly, but clearly athletic. Her hair was a rich black, parted in the middle, and hung below her butt -- amazing. She had solid C cup breasts that jutted out with small, dark, erect nipples topping it off.

I had only been semi-hard to this point, but the three of them took care of that. I glanced to my side and noticed that Amy was gently rubbing her own clit.

Obeying orders, Amy and I each chose a lounge and laid face down. They were modeled after massage tables, and even had a place for our face to not be obstructed.

Almost instantly I felt a pair of hands on my back. The lotion was cold and I jumped a bit, to the quick laughter of Airi. I heard the same laughter from Valeria and Koki, and suspected that Amy had the same reaction.

Airi didn't just rub in lotion, she gave me a full blown massage. I turned my head and saw that Amy was getting the same treatment, but as a four hand massage.

Airi started at my shoulders and worked her way down, kneeding and prodding my muscles. She was strong, so it was right at that pleasure and pain point. She massaged my ass briefly, but worked her way all the way down, giving special attention to my feet. Let me tell you, people would pay big money for a massage this good. She worked her way back up, and spread a lot more lotion right on my ass cheeks. A LOT more lotion. I quickly discovered why, as she spread my ass cheeks and scooped quite a bit right on to my anus. I felt a finger massaging my anus, then slipped right in. She pumped in and out for awhile, which was glorious, but stopped abruptly and told me to turn over. As a normal massage studio, I might be embarrassed, as I was hard as a rock, but no embarrassment here.

Amy later told me that she got a similar treatment, including fingers in her ass, but since there were two of them, they took turns fingering her ass and fingering her pussy at the same time. She shared that she had at least three orgasms before they turned her over.

Over we went, and I glanced over to Amy, receiving a beaming grin in return. The kids switched at this point, so Airi started lotioning up Amy. I could watch better now, and it was quite a show. She started by gently massaging lotion into her face, ears, and neck. She then drifted down. Before she lotioned Amy's breasts, she spent considerable time giving them attention with her mouth and tongue. Amy's face flushed as she did and for the first time I had ever seen, Amy reached orgasm just from having her nipples sucked. Airi must have taken that as a victory, as she completed lotioning and massaging most of her body, leaving one important part for last. She had Amy scoot down a bit, then climbed on the lounge herself. She came from the opposite direction, so ended up grinding herself into Amy's mouth. Amy took the hint, and started licking and nibbling Airi. Airi returned the favor, using her mouth and fingers and from what I could see, doing a fine job at it. It didn't take long until we discovered that Airi is a screamer, which set Amy off as well.

Valeria and Koki were kind, and let me enjoy the show, while gently rubbing me all over my body. By the time my attention had returned, they had lathered up almost everything. Almost. Then Koki climbed up, mirroring the position that Airi had taken. I found his little cock poised right over my face and instinctively took him in my mouth, all the way, licking and sucking his cock and balls all at the same time. I felt a mouth on my cock, but wasn't sure whose, as I also felt a tongue tickle my balls. I guess it didn't matter, as it was heavenly. They worked for a bit, but stopped, clearly not wanted to get me off yet. They let me relax, as they rubbed me all over, and only when my erection subsided did they lotion up my cock.

We were clearly done now, so we got up and wandered towards the pool.

As we approached the pool, we looked around to get our bearings. We saw two women on a two person chaise to the left of the pool. We watched them for a bit. They were chatting and lazily touching each other as they did. A nipple tweak. A clit rub. Even a finger, or two, inserted. Basically just keeping themselves on edge. As we watched, several people walked by them. Everyone took the time to stop and give them a bit of attention. We saw Hallie come up and take the time to nurse on a breast and lick a clit, before moving on. We saw a young hispanic boy, maybe 11 or 12, stop by and let one of the woman suck him a bit. Juan walked by and got a little suck too, but from the woman that was most likely not his wife. A young hispanic girl, who looked like a smaller version of Valeria, stopped by a climbed right up on one woman's face. She stayed a bit, clearly long enough to have a sparkling orgasm. It appeared that no one would walk by without a little attention of some kind.

Our curiosity peaked, we wandered over and introduced ourselves, standing on the left side of their chaise, holding hands. The hispanic woman on the left introduced herself as Sofia. Sofia was a wet dream come true. Petite at about 5'2", slighly curvy, with solid C or even D breasts. Sofia was only 31, which with quick math said she was just sixteen when she had Valeria. We found out that the other two children we'd seen were Pedro, who was 13, and Maria, who was 10. Valeria was indeed their sister. The asian woman on the right was Masako. We'd met all three of her children, but had not yet met her husband Sota. Masako was 35 and tall for a Japanese woman at almost 5'8, slim, with small A cup breasts. I love small breasts on a woman. OK, I love any sized breasts, but you get my point.

They laughed, as they clearly had seen us watching and shared that yes, it was expected to pay tribute when passing by anyone laying on the two person lounge. They insisted their time was up and we must lay down. I looked at Amy, who laughed, and we took them up on their offer.

I took Sofia's spot on the left and Amy took Masako' spot on the right. True to their word, as soon as we settled, they both leaned over and gave us a big, incredible, passionate kiss. Let's just say lots of tongue was involved. As if in tandem, they then moved down between our legs. Sofia took me in her mouth just as Masako began to almost attack Amy. Her skills must have been amazing, as Amy was moaning and writhing immediately. I swear Amy had an orgasm in the first thirty seconds, but after all she was primed by her massage.

As soon as Amy calmed, Masako shifted up and sat directy on Amy's face, facing to her feet. Sofia used that exact moment to slide up and impale herself on my spit moistened cock. It was heaven. As she rode up and down, Sofia and Masako leaned towards each other and began both passionately kissing and rubbing each other's breasts. We were putting on quite a show, which because immediately obvious when I realized we had drawn a crowd.

I'm pretty sure everyone in attendance had gathered around. What a way to meet the new people in your group. Glancing around I saw interesting pairings. I searched out our three, as I was curious who they had met. Leslie was standing between Maria and Mika. They were standing really close. Maria was gently massaging Leslie's nipples, while Mika had two fingers deep into Leslie's pussy. Apparently pleasuring the new folks was high on their list.

I saw Morgan next. It was nearly identical to Leslie, except Valeria was fondling Morgan's breasts. Airi was fingering Morgan, pretty furiously. As I watched, Airi dropped to her knees and started licking Morgan. She really got into it and Morgan didn't last long. I saw her almost collapse as she came.

Finally, on the other side of the chaise, I found Orlando. He was sandwiched between little Koki and Pedro. They were alternating kissing Orlando, with what were obviously deep tongue kisses. I couldn't see the lower half of Orlando, as little Hunter and Hallie were both on their knees. I had a pretty good idea what was happening. As I watched, Hallie and Hunter pulled back a little and Orlando gave them both quite a facial.

We were destined to be popular, I guess, as Sofia and Masako got off us before I could cum. I kind of appreciated that, as it saved it for later, but damn I was having fun. They drifted off, only to be quickly replaced. Since the rules were you couldn't pass by the lounge without playing, and EVERYONE was about to pass the lounge, we were going to be busy for awhile. Amy and I smiled at each other and just laid back to enjoy.

Do you want the details? Oh, who am I kidding, of course you do.

Hunter and Hallie quickly ran over to us, wanting to be next. Hunter leaned over and presented me his cum covered face, as Hallie did the same to Amy. As we lapped away, I felt someone else climb onto the chaise. Hands reached over and lubed me up, so I had an idea what might come next. Hunter stepped away, and I looked down to see little Koki settling himself down on my cock. I glaced over to see Pedro pistoning in and out of Amy as Valeria climbed up on Amy's face. Not to be outdone by her sister, Maria climbed up on my face at the same time. I coundn't see at that point, but the motions made me believe Valeria and Maria were fondling each other. I know a hand snaked in to work on Maria's clit while I was licking. Meanwhile Koki had managed to take all of my cock and was lifting up and dropping repeatedly.

Soon Maria started shaking and from the noises I could tell Valeria was too. This was Koki's hint, I guess, as he hopped off before I could cum. I finally could see, and saw that Amy was covered in cum. Apparently Pedro had finished.

Airi and Mika walked up, holding hands, and got between our legs. Airi took my cock and cleaned me off with a warm washcloth. She then took me in her mouth while Mika started licking Amy. This was fairly brief, as I think they both knew I was awfully close. While they were doing it, Deedee and Juan were at our side. Juan offered his cock to Amy's mouth while Deedee just showed me her amazing frenching kissing skills.

I had lost track, but everyone took a small step back. I saw Don part the crowd, with his impressive long, thick cock swinging. I finally got to see the one man I hadn't met yet, Sota. I later learned he saw 40, but didn't look it. I saw a fairly small cock at 5 inches, but he had a nice swimmers body. Sota motioned Amy to turn over and get into position for doggie style. Don motioned for me to do the same.

Hunter and Hallie arrived again, this time with an industrial size bottle of KY. First they went to Amy and, well, prepared her ass and Sota's cock. They then came over and did the same to me. I almost came right there, from their fingers probing my ass.

Hunter and Hallie apparently wanted in the action again, as Hallie ducked under me and Hunter ducked under Amy. Hallie took my cock in her mouth and Hunter must have started licking Amy, as she started bucking. We couldn't resist, as I started lapping Hallie as Amy took Hunter in her mouth.

This appeared to be the finale, as the men timed stroking into us as well as any syncronized swim team. They both had stamina, but eventually they both moaned. I can't speak for Sota, but Don unloaded a huge load into my ass. It was just too much for me and I unloaded into Hallie's mouth. It was too much for her to take, and spilled down her cheeks. I looked over and Amy must have pulled away, as Amy's face amd breasts were covered with his cum.

Hands held us in position for a moment, as a tongue started eating out my ass. I looked over my shoulder and realized our own kids weren't in the act yet. Morgan was eating the cum out of Amy's ass while Orlando did the same to me. I saw movement and realized that Leslie was cleaning up Hallie's face and Amy's face and breasts.

Amy and I both collapsed to an uproaring cheer of the crowd. It didn't last long, as the crowd dispersed. Amy and I knew our time was done, so we showered and hopped into the hot tub.

The rest of the day was filled with getting to know new people, swimming, chatting, and, yes, more sex. I won't go into all the details, except one. I was surprised late in the day that everything around me got me hard again. Leslie noticed and pulled me over and laid me down on a lounge (no, not THAT lounge). She climbed right up and settled herself down on my cock. As she was raising herself up and down, I realized she wasn't quite so little anymore. She had developed amazing puffy little breasts, with nice erect nipples. I couldn't resist playing with my new found toys. It was a nice lazy fuck. Apparently Koki and Hunter noticed, and came over to watch. One stood on each side of my head and as I was pumping in and out, I took one, than the other, in my mouth, just alternating. Finally Koki let out a moan and did a dry cum in my mouth. That took Hunter over too, and he gave me facial. That was all it took and I filled up Leslie with cum. Some time was spent cleaning ourselves up, but that was the end of a glorious day.

I know, this entry in my journal was fun packed. My next entry is life-changing, in a good way. You won't believe it. I didn't.

Characters in the stories




Mrs. Johnson


Early thirties


The man that received the fateful call
The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
The youngest
The new Nanny
The outstanding car salesperson
Middle school guidance counselor
Middle school tour guide and Orlando's friend
Morgan's friend and a cheerleader
Leslie's new friend
Jim's friend
DFS Social Worker
Morgan's high school friend
Orlando's dark haired twin and friend
Leslie's new friend
Tyler's Dad
Tyler's Mom
Tyler's sister
Dave's Dad
Dave's Mom
Dave's brother
Hunter's Dad
Hunter's Mom
Hunter's twin sister
Don's friend at the party
Juan's wife
Juan and Sofia's oldest daughter
Juan and Sofia's son
Juan and Sofia's youngest daughter
Don's friend at the party
Sota's wife
Sota and Masako's oldest daughter
Sota and Masako's youngest daughter
Sota and Masako's son


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'3" - 100, dark hair, Ameriasian, small B cup
6'3" - ripped, 10 inch thick cock
5'4" - slim, amazing puffies
5'8" - tall, athletic, B cup
4'6" - 80, 3 inch cock
6'8" - 250, Black, 12 inches of fun
5'7" - Very attractive
5'11" - glasses, chisled abs, 6 inch thick cock
5'2" - dark hair, thin
5'0" - cute as hell, 3 inch cock
5'10" - muscular
5'5" - sexy as hell, C cup
5'3" - trim, larger A cup
5'9" - slightly chubby, giant cock
5'8" - long, dark hair, B cup
5'0" - Dave, at 80%
6'3" - Tall, dark, and handsome
5'0" - 140, DD cup, clearly Hallie's Mom
4'8" - small A cup
5'9" - muscular, Hispanic, 6 inches, thin, upward curve, mushroom head
5'2" - curvy, C to D breasts
5'5" - 120, C cup
5'7" - slim, 5 inch cock
5'2" - skinny, flat
5'8" - lean, 5 inch cock
5'8" - athletic, A cup
4'11 - petite A cup, puffies
4'8" - bedding breasts, big puffy nipples
4'8" - slim, 2 inch cock

End of Chapter