Supermodels part duex

7 Sept 2018

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Tim Buchanan

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Supermodels everywhere

Orlando here. OK, a slight diversion from our new home in Austin. It's cool, and we'll enjoy it, just like we do all the other places, but Florida is home. I know, I know, I wasn't born here, but this is where my life began. And who really is born in Florida? Anyone? Anyone?

If you remember, I had a ball doing Fashion Week in New York. Oh, a literal ball. I was tired and sore when I got home, from all the vigorous exercise. Yeah, that kind of exercise. All women, no men, so a lot of fun, but not much variety. Oh shit, I'm complaining about 9 supermodels. No, I'm not. They were, um, great.

Being the King of Discretion, no word got out, which was perfect. No one wants a scandal, particularly if they ever find out my real age. Oops.

So anyway, I asked Dad if I would have a little party. You know, with some of my supermodel friends. We thought about having it at our New York apartment, since so many were nearby, but what fun is that? I invited all 9 models who were my roommates, and got 100% acceptance. Several asked if they could bring a friend that wanted to 'play with me'. Well, sure. There was interest in my siblings too, which didn't surprise me. They're fucking hot. And incredibly sweet. A winning combination.

I didn't know the male models as well, but invited a dozen that I had met. I was surprised that all of them accepted too. A few also asked if they could bring a friend that, and I quote, "would enjoy me". I think this party might just rock.

I guess I should mention that these are the young models. The ones that need a chaperone. Not one of them is 18 yet.

A half dozen or so were flying in commercial, but the concentration of all the guests were in the New York area, so Chris and Leslie agreed to do a quick trip to pick them up. We left Thursday afternoon and stayed in the apartment. I'm sure many parents would be shocked that a 13 year old and two 11 year olds spent the night alone, but given we landed in our helicopter, I think we were OK. We had a wonderful dinner at our favorite "transplanted from Paris" Thai place. They're so nice. Robert and Scarlett were both gone, so no Avengers, just a quiet sibling night.

OK, I admit watching Chris and Leslie in a 69 is fun. Very very fun. Too tempting fun and yes, I slid right in Leslie. Damn she was wet. That, combined with Chris licking me as I slid in and out meant I didn't last long. I pulled out and covered everything, Chris' face, Leslie's pussy, everything.

Then we had great fun cleaning it all up.

We're close as a family, you know.

The next morning, the models showed up. It was easiest to have them come to the apartment, and we'd ferry them to LaGuardia. It would take two trips, so when the first 'load' was ready, the girls flew them over. Chris stayed with them on the plane, and Leslie came back for the rest of us. One model, one of my favorites, if you get my drift, still hadn't shown up. I texted her, and got a reply that she was running a little late and would be an hour or so. Super model or not, we weren't waiting. I texted her that she was still welcome and to let us know when she arrived at the Tampa airport. Oh, she was pissed. Too bad sweetie. You may pull that prima donna shit on others, but not me. It's not like there weren't a dozen smoking models already on the plane, none of which were the complete package like Chris and Leslie.

Everybody got a tour of the cockpit, and even though the models had flown the helicopter, most of them were confused that they were the pilots. Well, what can I say? All were surprised that we owned THIS plane. Silly, given they had been in our apartment and our helicopter, but it is imposing. We took off and then had a couple hours to kill. What to do, what to do. 10 female models, 11 male models, 6 bedrooms. What to do, what to do.

One of the male models -- one of my favorites -- started it off by walking over to me, and quite publicly, asking me if he could blow me. Never one to turn down a blowjob, I stood up and started to take off my pants.

"Wait," he said. "Don't you want to go to a bedroom?"

"Why?," I asked. "Anyone bothered that he's going to blow me right here? Anyone else not yet a member of the mile high club? Enjoy yourselves. Feel free to use the bedrooms, but it is more fun out here together, isn't it?" No one objected, so I dropped my shorts. Commando, of course. Yes, my cock was hard already. I sat back down and waved him over.

"Wait," I said. "Why do you still have clothes on? Why do any of you still have clothes on?" Yes the magic nudity fairy was on board the plane. The view was incredible. I'd seen most of the girls, but not all, and none of the boys. All were ripped, as you would expect, but of varying, um, endowment. The nice thing about this group of 27, including me, was the diversity. I was gonna get me some of everything, for sure.

It was interesting as the pairings surprised me. Oh, a lot of girl on girl and boy on girl, but most of the girls seemed to be rejecting the boys. Wait, did she point at me? I don't even know her. Why is she pointing at me? I had to know. I pushed him off, before I even came, that was the level of my curiosity. I walked over and took her hand and led her to a quiet corner. Yes our plane was big enough to have a quiet corner.

"So," I asked. "What's up? I saw you blow him off, but point at me. He's smoking. How come? If I am being too forward, tell me." She actually blushed and looked at her feet.

"Hey, I didn't mean to embarrass you. No one has to do anything. Why don't you go put on your clothes and find a quiet spot to ride. I will too, and we can talk," I said.

"You'd do that?," she said. "You've pass up all the fucking and sucking to talk to me?"

"Of course," I said. "You're clearly a successful, beautiful young woman, and my guest. I'll make them all get dressed if it bothers you. This is supposed to be fun, not scary. I feel like you might be in over your head. You didn't have to take off your clothes. This isn't about peer pressure." With that, I got up and walked into the main living room.

"Listen up, folks," I said, interupting quite a bit of fun. "I got carried away, and it just wasn't fair to some of you. We're going to be more circumspect. If you want to have fun, find a bedroom. If one isn't free, then wait, or ask if you can share. Be polite. NO ONE pressures anyone. If you feel pressured, find me, my sisters, or my parents and tell them. Don't be bashful or feel like you can't come forward. This is a weekend for fun. Some of you will have sexual fun, and a lot of you won't. Both are the right answer. So, I again apologize, because my actions put pressure on people and that was just wrong. I think I just created a gigantic #MeToo moment and that sucks. I'm better than that."

"So, if you're out here, put on your clothes," I said. With that, I did. A number of other people got dressed, and a few headed back to the bedrooms. Good choices for them. I went back and found my new friend in the same spot, but dressed this time.

"Again, I'm so sorry," I said. She laughed.

"That was really sweet what you did, but the nudity and sex didn't bother me that much," she said. "We're models. Until this year, we all changed in a big room. I'd seen every one of them naked, except you, because you're new. I didn't blow him off because I was offended. I blew him off because Mary told be that you made her first time special. She said you were gentle, and caring, and made what could have been a bad situation amazing. We've all heard that your first time sucks, but she said that you made hers wonderful. I wanted you to make my first time special too. Just not in public."

Oh. Got it. I gave her my best smile.

"OK, if that's what you want, I am happy to help you out. Your first time, and every time after that, can be special, with the right person," I said. "But not on the plane. If you can wait, maybe not this weekend. My suggestion would be that when we get back to New York, we send everyone else away, and we have a quiet night together. A party isn't special. Now, having said that, have you ever been with a girl?"

She blushed again.

"Yes, many times. It's amazing," she said.

"Then I have a suggestion, and you can say no," I said. "Find one of your girls friends that you can trust, and have her join us. Have her there to get you off, so you're ready. Have her there to hold your hand, if that helps. If you don't have anyone, ask one of my sisters. Any of them. I've, well, helped other girls and they've helped too." Her eyes got HUGE.

"Your sisters? Any of them?," she said.

"Any combination. All of them if you want," I said. "They've seen me, well, in action before. Doesn't embarrass us."

"Well, they are beautiful. Why aren't they models?," she asked. "They're a lot prettier than almost all of us." I laughed.

"I don't know about that, but they are beautiful," I said. "I guess because no one asked them."

"You know, I'm not the only one," she said, quietly. "There are at least five other girls on this trip that want you to be their first. Oh, and three boys too."

Wow. Really?

"I'm happy to help them," I said. "And have them talk to me. Just not this weekend. I'll spend some time in NY, if that helps." With that, Leslie announced we were almost to Tampa and for everyone to strap in. I took her hand and knocked on the cockpit door. Yes, I remembered the password and Chris opened up. One of the benefits of the new plane was two cockpit jumpseats. I had her sit in one, and sat next to her in the other. It is an amazing view of landing. She was clearly enthralled. We sat quietly, and just watched. The girls are so efficient, each knowing what the other was going to do. No wonder they're a perfect race team. Wait, what? Chris is left seat? That surprises me. I guess Leslie was feeling generous today.

We landed and taxied up to the hanger. I saw our normal helicopter (can a family helicopter be normal?), but there were two others sitting there too. One was almost as big as ours, but looked like it was made out of glass. You could see through the whole thing. The other was similar, in that it was glass, but was one of the sightseeing helicopters I am used to, which hold the pilots plus 6.

Alison was standing next to our helicopter. Chris shut things down, and actual stairs drove up and Leslie went and opened the door. We all trooped down. There were 23 of us, so it should be three trips to the house.

"What's up with all the helicopters Alison?," asked Leslie.

"Your Mom bought them," said Alison. "She wanted sightseeing helicopters. We were renting them so often, it made sense. The big one is cool, and hold 12. The smaller one holds 6. So we have capacity for 28, not counting pilots, if we have three pilots. Amai and Jess are certified now, although they need hours. For now, the three of us fly.

"Wait," said Chris. "Mom bought two more helicopters for here? Seriously?" Yeah, my reaction too, but the group of models were just staring. Hell, they just got off a 747, and Alison was casually mentioning that Mom bought a couple more helicopters. I think that made 9!

"Yes," said Alison. "But you both need check rides. We'll all fit into the bigger two, so you load up the one you can fly, and I'll fly the bigger new one. We need to name them. This is confusing." Yes, it was.

"OK folks, load'em up," I said. "The two big helicopters. Don't worry about which one. We'll do sightseeing flights all weekend. Did everyone load the party app? If not, you really need to if you're going to have maximum fun." Yeah, we have our own party app. Doesn't everyone? I had noticed that it had signup times for four helicopters. Was there another? I just didn't know we'd bought the damn things. We flew over to the house and as we were landing, I noticed the helipad was much bigger and had three H symbols. Well sure. I mean, they could have parked two on the 475, but maybe Mom has more in mind. Oh wait, there IS one on the 475. Another big sightseeing copter.

"Alison," I said. "There is another one on the 475. What's up with that?"

"Oh yeah," she said. "She bought that too. Some of your parties are pretty big. Mick's going to fly this weekend. He's staying with Blake and me." I'll bet he is. Can't stop laughing. Look what $35B will do for you. It makes you collect helicopters.

"In fact, you're all on the 475 for the weekend. Your Mom thought that would be fun," said Alison. "Plenty of room, and people can have singles or double up. Room for 53, so we thought you and your friends and the girls," she said. "Jenny is on board, so you don't have to stay docked. Your parents are up there in the upper lounge. Take everybody up. Leslie, Chris and I need to go do check rides and pick up your other friends at the airport. They're all coming in about the same time. If you're out on the water, we'll land there.

With that, they went on to the 475 and took off in the new helicopter, well that new helicopter, with Leslie and Chris piloting. Check Ride = one trip to the airport. I get it.

We all climbed aboard the 475, with a lot of chatter about all the boats that our neighborhood has. Guess I'll have to clear that up. I mean, let's face it. 475, 131, 52, 24, two race small race cats, one large race cat and, wait, another Mastercraft? Dad liked the one in Austin, so I am not surprised. At first I thought it was one from the 475 (it holds two), but the colors were different. Dad and his boats.

OK, enough on the family's new purchases. I followed the group up to the upper deck and Mom and Dad were meeting all the models. Morgan, Blake, Juanita, and Amai were up there too, and offered to show everyone where the bedrooms were. Mom had shared that some had queen beds and some had two singles and they could choose whatever they want. She mentioned there would be maid service every morning, and that you didn't have to be in the same room all three nights. Well, hell no.

"Oh, and Orlando," said Mom. "I brought stuff over for you. I gave you the master. The three girls each have a small room, for now."

The master. Well cool.

"Now, to all of you," said Mom. "If you can't swim, find a buddy that can. It's not like we have life guards. Tomorrow and Sunday we'll have people to teach you the wave runners. You can go wake boarding or tubing, as we'll have four boats running. The go-carts are ready to go, and we have a coach for that too. Just be respectful of each other and the property. Have fun." She introduced Jenny, who gave them all a short safety lecture.

"Did everyone remember their passport?," asked Jenny. Everyone said they did.

"Good. We're having dinner in Cuba. We're going to leave now. We'll come back overnight, so we'll be back here to play tomorrow," said Jenny.

Cuba for dinner. If I recall, that's a few hundred miles. People are going to be a bit surprised by the 475.

"But what about the other people? Our other friends?," asked someone.

"They'll find us. We'll go slow for now," said Jenny. With that, I felt us backing out. I glanced over and saw Morgan at the controls. She took us out through the no wake area and then started going. By everyone else's standards we were flying. I went and looked and we were doing about 40 knots. Close to 50mph. A couple of the other guys wandered in and saw the display.

"That can't be right," he said. "40 knots? On a ship? That just can't be right."

"Yeah, I know," said Morgan. "Sorry we're going so slow, but we need to let the helicopters catch us. Once they're locked down, we'll get up to full speed." Yeah, that confused him. Just then as message showed up on the display. Oh, they're close. Morgan slowed us down and headed into the wind, at about 3 knots. Both of the big sightseeing helicopters landed. All the other guests got out of one, with Alison and Chris. Leslie got out of the other one, by herself. Of course. They'd landed flawlessly, so the automatic locking system went around the struts without effort. Once Morgan saw they were properly locked, and confirmed it on her monitor, she took us up to speed. Ok, show off. She went into burst mode and set the cruise at 100 knots. About 115mph. Less than three hours.

"Holy shit," said the same guy. "100 knots. I've been around yachts my whole life. My Dad owns a 90 foot yacht, although you appear to have two that are bigger. It cruises at 24 knots on a good day. Nothing this big can go this fast."

"Well, it is a new experimental jet drive," said Jenny, who had just walked up. "Morgan's being conservative. We can run three hours at this pace. We can hit 115 knots now, but only for two hours. For Cuba, this is the sweet spot."

"Hey," said the other guy. "I know you. You won the Indy 500. Wow, fast and sexy." Smooth dude. That line wasn't getting you anywhere. Although Morgan was wearing a bikini that was both too small, and reasonably seethru. It would be spectacular if she got it wet. And I know she was going to get it wet.

"Smooth, doofus," said Morgan. "Has that line ever worked?" OK, he blushed and she laughed. "Yeah, I didn't think so. Jenny, it's all yours. I'm going down the slide. Anyone else?" With that, she ran towards the slide and jumped in. Both guys followed her. Who wouldn't? That started something, as the slide got really busy, as did the upper pool and the lower pool. I'm not sure who started it, but it wasn't long before it was naked swim, at least for most people. A few stayed in suits, but there wasn't a girl left with a top on, not even my sisters. You know, looking at all these models, all three of my sisters do put them to shame.

We played for a couple hours and then we were getting close to Cuba. Jenny told us to get dressed and shorts and polos were fine. The restaurant was at a resort, and we would go through expedited customs. The boat was too big to dock, so we'd anchor offshore and use the tenders to get in. I felt bad, as two crewmen had to stay on board, but I guess that was their job. They would run us in on the tenders, then pick us up when we were done. Jenny brought a small radio, as our cell phones were not reliable. The tenders are so cool. They're basically jet boats, but designed to land on a beach or at a dock, and they launch from the front garage. One is the Castoldi JT 33 and the other is the JT 33 Convertible. The regular one holds 16, but you lose two seats in the convertible. Think of it as having an automatic convertible top. Wouldn't want to get rained on, would you? I know, I know, I've gone all boat tech geek, but this think is amazing. The rear garage holds 10, yes 10, wave runners AND a pair of Mastercraft X26. Yeah, Dad does love those. What's really cool is the rear garage could hold both of the girl's jet boats -- they're a little smaller than the X26 -- and even better, one of the bays will hold their big 52 cat. Let's face it. That's not much of a 475 foot boat. Given the speed of the 475, we'll probably go to a lot of races in the ship, and have it give birth to their race boats. Fuck yeah.

We had a wonderful dinner and entertainment at the resort. Amai arranged it, of course, and it was spectacular. They knew who our group was, and a lot of photographers were clearly there for us, but that's cool. We're fucking models. And Oscar winners. And race champions. And pilots. Oh, you get the idea. Apparently our movie had played on the island, which I admit surprised me. A LOT of people came up to discuss that. Juanita helped, thank god. We do need to learn Spanish and I talked to her about it. She laughed and said she'd help, and so would Gabe and Ruby. Yeah, they're fluent, just not us rubes.

It wasn't just dinner, but was also a dance and acrobatics show. It was wonderful. Not only were their moves incredible, but they were all beautiful - men and women. Hey, supermodels or not, I like attractive people. They also served us all beer, but Chris and Leslie didn't have any. Not because they couldn't but because they'd be flying. Morgan and Jenny abstained too. They'd be flying, but on the water. We didn't break up until almost midnight. We were both excited and wiped out.

We finally got back on our boat, and everyone found a place to crash. Some just slept on the outdoor chaise lounges, as it was a beautiful night. Mom and Dad went down to a room. I'm not sure why they gave me the master, but it was nice of them. They did ask me if they could share a story, but before I do, let me tell you about my night.

Lidia approached me as everyone was pairing off and finding rooms.

"Can I talk to you?," asked Lidia.

"Always," I said. "I am your friend for life", giving her what I hoped was a sincere smile.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?," she said. "I don't mean, you know, that, I just don't want others to pressure me anymore and if they saw me with you, they'd stop. You're the top dog here. I would just love to cuddle and fall asleep. I am really tired. I know it is a lot to ask, because you could have your pick of any of these girls or boys." That was a lot to process. I'm the top dog? Really? I could have my pick? That's amazing and crazy, but not tonight. Tonight Lidia and I were going to cuddle. I took her hand, and headed towards the elevator. We were alone on the elevator, so I gave her a little hug, which she returned. It was pleasant, and knowing nothing would happen took a lot of pressure off. I may be Top Dog (capitalized, of course), but I am an insecure 13 year old boy. Sometimes I think everyone forgets that about my sisters and me. We're mature, but sometimes want to be kids. OK, cuddling with Lidia wasn't the average 13 year old boy experience, but you get the idea. She's only 14, so I get it.

We got to the room, and I closed the door. I was surprised when Lidia started undressing and told her so.

"I may be a virgin, but if I'm cuddling with a sexy boy, I'm doing it naked," she said. OK, I'm good with that, and I stripped off too. We got into the bed and just pulled a sheet up to our waists. I admit, the view was spectacular. There is a reason these girls and boys were chosen to model. She could have been the model of a famous statue. Just beautiful. We hadn't turned the light off yet when the door burst open and Leslie was standing there. Her eyes got really big.

"I'm so sorry," she said, stammering a bit. "I should have knocked. I just didn't want to, you know, SLEEP with anyone, and didn't want to sleep alone and thought we could cuddle like we did when we were little. I'll leave. I am sorry."

"Wait," said Lidia. "Cuddle with me too please. I'll tell you a story, and maybe you could help us out." Leslie made sure she meant it, and then Lidia and I got to watch her undress. When she dropped her sundress, Lidia actually gasped.

"You are so beautiful. You are in perfect shape," said Lidia. "You must model with us. Your whole family must model with us. Even your Mom and Dad. Especially Amai. You must." Leslie just laughed and slid into bed next to Lidia.

"Maybe," said Leslie. "But someone has to ask us first." I suspect that Lidia would make that happen. Lidia explained her entire situation to Leslie, who was very understanding, as you would expect.

"You couldn't have made a better choice," said Leslie. "I've seen him and helped and he is so kind and gentle. It will be the most amazing experience of your life, and future lovers will have a high standard to meet." With that, Lidia turned and gave Leslie a huge smile and then apparently couldn't resist. She leaned in and gave Leslie a kiss. A little tentative one, but Leslie returned it, with passion. I just watched. Tonight was not my night. They were being both gentle and passionate. Just two friends enjoying each other. I did see Leslie's hand move under the sheet, and then Lidia gasped. Lidia was trying to push harder against Leslie's hand, but Leslie wanted to be gentle. Leslie let out a small moan, and Lidia must have reciprocated. They mashed their breasts together and were clearly exciting each other's nipples. It didn't take long for Leslie, as it never does, and she went over the top and took Lidia with her. Wow.

They laid back, with the fresh flush of orgasm.

"You know," said Leslie. "It doesn't seem fair to leave Orlando with what I suspect is a very hard cock. Have you ever touched a boy?"

Lidia turned bright red, and shook her head no.

"Would you like me to teach you? You could just give him a hand job, or you could blow him. Do you know what those are?," asked Leslie. That got a nod of assent from Lidia.

"I'd really like to, if Orlando is OK with it," said Lidia. Stupid grin time for me. I answered the question by lowering the sheet. Yes, my cock was painfully hard. I'd just watched two beautiful girls get each other off. Leslie played the role of instructor, and Lidia gripped my cock. She squeezed a little too hard, and I gasped, and Leslie laughed. Hey. Leslie's coaching was quite good and after a bit, Lidia leaned down and tentatively licked the head of my cock. That send Leslie into a new set of instructions and before long Lidia was happily bobbing up and down on my cock. Happy for me too.

"I'm going to cum," I warned. "You might not want to swallow your first time." She kept going, I think it finally registered and she pulled her mouth off, but a little too late. Her first blow job and she got quite a facial. She just laughed and laid back, which was good. Leslie went into cleanup mode and started licking the cum off, then kissing it into Lidia's mouth. Oh they got into it. Finally she was, well, clean.

"That was awesome," said Lidia. "It doesn't taste too bad, especially when I get it in a kiss. You didn't mind licking up your brother's cum?" With that, Leslie and I both blushed. If I looked like Leslie, my face was a deep crimson.

"OH!," said Lidia. "I get it. You're closer than most brothers and sisters. I promise, I won't tell. I won't. It's safe with me, but do you, you know, fuck?" I think we got even more red. This was a hot conversation and I'm 13, so yes, I got hard again. Lidia noticed.

"Would you, show me?," said Lidia, really softly. "You could teach me what to expect. I really want to and I want Orlando to be my first. It would help if I knew what to expect." Leslie and I looked at each other, and she finally nodded. She knew the first position, so I just laid back and she climbed over Lidia.

"OK, the first position you'll learn is girl on top," said Leslie, sounding remarkably clinical. I think she realized it too, as she laughed.

"OK, that sounded like an instructional video, but it is still true," she said. "That way you're in control. How fast to drop down, when to break your hymen, and how fast to go up and down."

"Oh, I doubt I have a hymen anymore," said Lidia. "I've been riding horses since I was little and I've read that usually breaks it."

"Well, that's good," I said. "It will make your first time so much better."

With that, Leslie lifted my cock into the right position and slowly lowered herself down. Once she was sitting all the way down, she stopped.

"He's all the way in, and it feels wonderful," said Leslie. "This also gives him access to my clit and my nipples." With that, she started pumping up and down and I played with the aforementioned clit and nipples. She'd just cum, so I knew she wouldn't last. I got her up to the plateau and held her there as long as I could last. Finally, I couldn't, and I filled her up. FILLED her up. So much it surprised me, since I had just cum. Leslie laid back.

"In our house, we clean up our messes," said Leslie. Got it sis. I proceeded to lick and suck her and filled my mouth with my own cum. I turned to Lidia and showed it to her on my tongue and leaned in for a kiss. She accepted it, moaning, as I pushed it into her mouth. The moan might have been because I was gently rubbing her clit. I pushed her back on the bed and went down on her, using every skill I had. I got her up on the same plateau and kept her there until she moaned 'stop'. I did, of course. She glanced at me and saw that I was hard again. Hey, 13 remember?

"Fuck me. Right now. This way. Right now," she said. Being a rule follower, I slid up and slipped slowly in, letting her get used to it. Finally I was all the way in. I started pumping gently. So much for girl on top, but I don't think it mattered now.

"Wait," said Leslie. "Condom. You need a condom."

"No," gasped Lidia. "Pill. Cum. In. Me."

With that, I increased the pace. Leslie leaned over and started kissing Lidia and used her fingers on Lidia's clit. Leslie leaned down and started sucking Lidia's nipple and that was all she could take. She went over so hard she squirted, which was all I could take too, and I came, hard, inside her.

"Oh my god," said Lidia. "I squirted. I've never done that before. Or this before. Or, oh fuck, that was great. We have to do that more. A lot. All the time. Fuck, fuck, fuck." Well sure, but even at 13, I wasn't up for round four and told her. She laughed and said she understood, so we'd better all sleep so we could wake up and fuck.

With that, we did, and then we did. Twice. And then once with Leslie. 13 year old fuck stud. That's me.

When we were done, Lidia got up and opened the door and strode down the hall, still naked. Not only that, but she had a stream of cum dripping down her leg. She wore it with honor, and went up to breakfast. What a way to announce to the world that you're not a virgin any more.

Oh yeah, Mom asked for the pen. I did tell her Lidia thought we should all model, including her and Dad. That made her laugh, but it turns out, that's a story too.

Bob and Amy join the fun

Amy here. I get the pen. Whoo hoo.

Bob and I do have a surprising story, as we thought the most exciting part of our weekend would be seeing beautiful naked models then fucking each other. Not exactly a bad outcome. I did laugh at Orlando's suggestion I could model. I'm short, with red hair. Yeah, no.

So anyway, when we got back from dinner, two of the models came up to us. They reintroduced themselves, which was nice, since we'd met so many people. The girl was Milena, and stunning. Tall at about 5'8", temping A cup breasts, well, you get the idea, a model. Not a short red head. The boy was Daniil, 6 feet of tall, dark, and handsome.

"We have a problem and we're hoping you can BOTH help us out," said Daniil.

"Yes, you both," enphasized Milena. "You see everyone else here is under 18. They can do anything they want to each other. Orlando didn't realize we'd both had a birthday, and we're 18. We checked. In Florida, we can't touch any of them. We can each other, and we will touch each other, but that's just so, limiting. We were hoping you'd spend time with us. Maybe overnight?"

Oh. OOOOh. Got it. Fuck yeah. I'm pretty sure Bob was thinking Fuck yeah too, from the grin on his face.

"Why don't we go downstairs," said Bob, and we did. As soon as the door closed, Milena gave me a big passionate kiss and Daniil did the same to Bob. Awesome. What a way to start.

Daniil climbed up on the bed and wiggled his ass. Bob got the idea and Milena and I did too. I grabbed a bottle of lube and helped get them both ready. Very ready. Bob damn near came ready. He took a deep breath and calmed down a bit and slid right in. Melina beat me too it, and slid underneath, taking Daniil's cock in her mouth. Daniil had a perfect position to go down on her, and did. Damn, what do I do now? Oh, come on, you know, Bob. I pulled a double-ended dildo out of the drawer and pushed him over a bit. I lubed my 'cock' up, and then his ass and slid right in, to a moan from him. I was really pounding him, which forced him into Daniil, which forced his cock into Melina's mouth. Yeah, no one was going to last long and we didn't. Bob pulled out and gave Melina a facial, just as Daniil pulled out and did the same. She was simply covered in two batches of cum. Bob actually pushed Daniil out of the way and went to town cleaning her up. Yeah, she got all of it in a kiss. Well, not all, he saved enough for Daniil and me to have a taste.

And that was just our first round. I'd describe more to you, but I need to go back to bed. They wore me out.

Fun time Saturday

Back to Orlando.

Saturday was just a blast. We docked at the house, but played on the slide a lot. Everybody wore some kind of swimsuit bottoms, as we'd learned from experience that naked on the slide burned. Some girls even wore tops, but damn, they rocked them. Morgan was in one of her transparent bikinis again and I admit, it made me hard. They all made me hard.

No stories out of school, but a lot of people had a lot of fun. You know what I mean. Remember the girls and guys that wanted it to be their first time? We found a way to do that, for one of each, during the day. That's what the bedrooms in the house are for, you know? With the girl, Morgan helped me out. Well. With the guy, we might have gone off the rails a bit, because Amai did. Let's just say his eyes got wide and he not only had his first time, he had his second. Both ways. Pretty sure he enjoyed it.

Saturday night we had a talent show. Yes, we're middle schoolers with a talent show. It was fucking hilarious. Most people just were silly, but some people were outstanding. One couple did a version of Morgan and my kitchen scene. They'd seen the movie WAY too many times, as from my recall, they got the dialogue pretty damn close and they did a nice job. Morgan and I couldn't resist and broke into the line and followed them with OUR version. They probably got the words closer, since we'd only done it once, but we burned up the room. It's amazing how fast we got back into character. It was powerful, and vicious, and a little scary. When we ended it and just stared at each other, the entire crowd gave us a standing ovation. We did our bows, of course. I'm pretty sure Morgan showed the entire audience her tits when she did, but they'd seen them all day anyway.

Finally it was my actual turn, and harking back to the Austin party, I did an acapella rendition of Somebody to Love. I thought I did OK, but got another standing ovation. Come on, I was just playing around. I didn't want to give up the stage, being the ham I am, so I waved my sisters up. They knew what I wanted. It was our go-to having fun song. We sang a rousing rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, with all the parts. We had trouble not laughing, since we were having so much fun.

It just kept going on and everyone was awesome. Two other models sang and did a great job. One had brought his guitar, and one of the girls sang while he played. They were great. All through the evening, people were pressuring Chris and Leslie to do their scene where they tell off Harrison Ford that he might lose them. Finally they relented, with Dad taking Harrison's part, which was hilarious. The entire place went silent and fuck that was powerful. Chris' hands went white from clenching her fists. Leslie's face was bright red from the anger she felt. They WERE the characters. Dad was just sitting there with his mouth open, taking the punches. Oh, nobody hit anybody, but they were body blows. Over and over. Finally Dad just slumped in the chair, at scene end. I think he really was overwhelmed. I was. The girls were too. When they turned to the audience, they were both crying. I think almost everyone was crying.

No one could top that, so the talent show was over. Maybe we did need to do more acting. It's a shame to waste their talent. Well, maybe all our talent, but that sounds pompous for me to say.

With Morgan? Oh yeah

Everybody slept in on Sunday. Ending with Chris and Leslie's performance drained everyone, but so did an entire day of play. People wandered out on deck over a couple hours. Some just waking up, some, well, flushed. Lidia walked out with Morgan and oh boy were they both flushed. I saw them, walked over, took their hands and turned them around. They went with it.

You really don't need the details, but let's just say I had enough in me to satisfy them both. Get it? Yeah, you get it.

Finally breakfast. Well, no, I'd missed that, so lunch. Had we really spent two hours in my cabin? Worth it. Definitely worth it.

28 times. 28 fucking times

Still Orlando, in case you're confused.

Finally, peace. One hell of a weekend. We were back in our New York apartment. Just the family and Amai. No, that's not fair. Just the family -- Amai is family. Lidia had been the last to go. We'd broken a cardinal rule, but given she knew that I fucked my sisters, it probably wasn't a huge risk. Amai had fucked her. Repeatedly. She just kept chanting "tits and a cock", which made us all laugh, but so true. Pretty sure Amai enjoyed it.

Chris walked into the kitchen, where we were all sitting around the table finishing breakfast. She'd just gotten a phone call and had left to take it.

"Harrison is on board. So is Steven," said Chris. "They'll do it." Since we had no idea what the hell she was talking about, we just looked at her.

"Oh, yeah, I never explained," said Chris. "The party gave me an idea. I think we should do the movie on Broadway for a limited run. Four weeks, 7 shows a week, as a fund raiser for the Hayden Foundation. If we can do it soon, Harrison said he'd do it. Steven said he'd direct." We all just looked at her. The fund raising part was great, but reliving the movies 28 times? 28!

"Yeah, I know," said Chris. "28 times. It will be tough, especially doing it twice on Sunday, but I found a theater that will donate their space, and with solid ticket prices, we'll raise about $20M. That's not much, but the donations that go along should be a lot more. Most important, it will bring new attention to Hayden. That's the point. Oh, and the networks are bidding on showing one of them live."

Wait, she found a theater, on Broadway, that would give us a month, for free, since last night? And had the networks bidding? And talked to Steven and Harrison. It's 11AM on Monday. Well, sure.

"You did all that since last night? Broadway Theater, Harrison, Networks? On a Monday morning," said Dad. "Did you wake Steven and Harrison up?"

"Yeah, both of them, but they were nice about it," said Chris. "I thought it was a good idea." She continues to impress. "It's not like the president of any of the networks would say no to my call." No, no they wouldn't.

"Everybody in?," said Chris. "A month in New York. Big committment. Lots of exposure, which I know isn't that good."

Yeah, we were in. Who could say no to Chris? Not Harrison or Steven.

"Well, I have something too," said Orlando. "I got a call from Taylor Swift this morning." Yeah, that got a few eyebrows.

"She had two things she wanted to suggest. The first is that apparently videos of our two songs Saturday night are on youtube and went viral. That's disappointing, as I thought everyone understood discretion. I'll find out who, and they won't come back. Anyway, here are two suggestions." I said. "The first was that our family is musically talented. She suggested the four of us record You're My Best Friend as a video, with some backup singers, and release it for the benefit of the Hayden Foundation. Sort of a Live Aid thing. She said she'd do back up and she'd already talked to Charlie Puth, Sam Mendes, and Lorde and they have agreed. So have Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Dua Lipa, and Ariana Grande. Evidently they're all close. If we agree, she'll recruit more. She said she hadn't called them yet, but she was sure Camila Cabelo, Halsey, The Script, and the Chainsmokers and Twenty-one Pilots would do it too. As she put it, not being invited would be a dis, so everybody would be in. She suggested we mostly target young artists and also use it for a get out the vote campaign. She said she'd work to ensure diversity, both in people and musical genre. We talked about where to do it, and agreed a studio was wrong. I suggested we do it out here on the balcony with Central Park and New York in the background. I had to explain the apartment. She liked the idea, but she's coming over in an hour to look at it."

"What?," screamed Leslie and Chris, together. "Us? We can't sing. Why would they want us?" Yeah, the fact that Taylor Swift was dropping by wasn't the issue. Weird.

"Because we can sing. Have you watched the video? No, I guess not. We're fucking good. I admit I was surprised," I said. "But us because everyone knows us from the movie and Chris is fucking famous. Well, all three of you are. Me, not as much, but I'm reasonably well known from the movie. Which leads me to her other topic. She thinks she can get me a record deal, but I need a track to shop. She said she had the perfect song for us to do as a duet and once we did, the record producers would run to my door. She wants to talk to Mom and Dad when she gets here. It's embarrassing, but kind of cool."

It was fucking cool. Orlando, rock star. I liked it. The girls ARE famous, and me not so much. This could be my thing. Oh, and I really wanted to meet Camila Cabello. Who wouldn't? I guess it took awhile to explain, as just then the doorbell rang. I flipped on the video and there stood Taylor Swift. With Camila Cabello. Well, I guess I was getting my wish. They were an attractive pair, for sure. I told Alexa to open the elevator, and a minute or so later the doors opened and they stepped out.

"Holy fuck," said Camila. "This is awesome." With that she ran out onto the patio. Yes ran. Taylor and I followed her. That's where all the family was, so they started introductions.

"Are you kidding," said Camila. "I know all of you. You're famous. Between the movie, the TV special, and everything else you do, you're sure more famous than I am."

I started laughing. "I don't think so," I said. "One billion views. Billion with a B." Now it was her turn to laugh.

"This apartment is amazing," said Taylor, with Camila nodding. "But this is the whole floor. Where are the bedrooms?"

"I'll answer that," I said. "But give me a second." I texted Robert and yes he was here and yes he wanted to show the walls to Taylor and Camila.

"OK, the answer to that question requires another guest," I said, which got odd looks from them both. With that, the elevator doors opened and Robert walked out. Both women screamed. Yeah, guess they hadn't met him. He laughed and introduced himself.

"It is my role, whenever they have new guests, to give the bedroom tour," said Robert. "And no, I do not mean that in the incredibly creepy way that sounded. Follow me." I couldn't resist, so I followed along. OK, now the whole family did. We walked down the stairs and the walls were all closed. Robert told Alexa to open them all, which left a completely open floor, with six beds. Then he showed how the Master and Guest room could close.

"You appear to be a very special family," said Camila, with her thousand watt smile. Oh yes, we are, Camila. Would you like to get to know my family better? I didn't say that outloud, did I? I don't think so, but she smiled again. Damn. Hopefully she doesn't know I'm 13. I want.

We headed back upstairs, and Taylor, Mom, and Dad talked about my musical career from the parents perspective. I talked to Camila. I had my priorities straight.

"I love your music," I said. "A million or two of those views are mine. That song speaks to me, maybe because we've been to Cuba a few times."

"You have?," said Camila, obviously surprised.

"Sure," I said. "We had dinner there on Friday night", naming the place.

"You had dinner there," she said. "That's only accessible by boat. You were there Friday and you're here today."

"Long story. Fast boat. Home Saturday morning," I said. "I do know that song by heart. I sing it a lot, with, I think, a credible Young Thug." She laughed and couldn't stop. Yeah, I don't exactly look like Young Thug, do I. Oh shit, she was going to test me. She broke into the song, right before his part. Fuck, I'm game, and yes, I did his part, and then sang the rest of the song as a duet. We were so focused, we hadn't noticed everyone had gathered around. When we finished, we got an ovation. A fucking ovation. Camila and I both laughed.

"OK, who has a decent camera that can make a video," said Camila.

"Hold on, be right back," said Dad. He was back in a flash with one of the Red 8K cameras, on a tripod.

"Are you kidding me," said Taylor. "You just have a $100K 8K camera laying around?" We all laughed, but not for the reason she thought. Oh what I'd give to make that movie with them.

"OK," said Camilla. "From the top. Duet. You do the Young Thug part."

I'm in. We did the entire song in one cut. Hey, it's our thing.

"What else do you know that well that I might know," said Camila.

"Can you be Halsey?," I asked, with a laugh. "Chainsmokers. Closer."

"I love that song," screamed Camila. She looked around. "Well, we don't have a bed, but that double lounge will work." Did she. Did she really? She laid back on it. Oh, I'm in. I said on the end of the lounge, and took off my shirt. Method acting. She laughed and sure enough, pulled off her shirt, leaving her sitting there in shorts and a bra.

"This won't do," she said, and stood up and dropped the shorts, leaving her in a cute bra and panties set. She laid back down. I started singing. She sat up and started the video. You know. Put her arms around me. I turned around and we sang RIGHT to each other, with her on her back, and me kneeling over her. RIGHT over her. Yes, at the right spots, we kissed. Yes, Dad caught it all on video, including her dropping her shorts.

"OK," he said when we were done. Yes, he was visibly hard. So was Robert. Camila KNEW I was, because I was kneeling on her. She felt it. We all walked into the living room, following Dad. She was still in her underwear and I was just in shorts. We sat together on the couch. TOGETHER on the couch, with her hand on my knee.

Dad pulled the SD card and plugged it into the TV.

"Too bad the TV isn't 8K," said Taylor.

"It is," said Dad, which got raised eyebrows from our guests. He used the remote to play Havana. Holy moly, it was awesome. The words were a little weird as a duet, but my Young Thug wasn't embarrassing.

"That was wonderful," said Taylor. "You edit the words just a little and it is a duet. It would be an awesome remix. Orlando did great with Young Thug's part, but you need to let him do it. I know exactly the edits. Camila, isn't he here in NY? Call him. Have him come over. Let's make it here." With that, I was suddenly doing a duet of a remix of Havana with Camila and Young Thug, acapella, today.

"Acapella?" said Camila. "That might work. Too bad we don't have a karaoke machine. We could use that and do a version with the music." Dad walked off and came back with our karaoke machine.

"Sure, of course," said Taylor. That's when they both FINALLY noticed the helicopter.

"Yours?", asked Camila. I just nodded. "Who flies it?" Leslie and Chris raised their hands.

"Oh hell no," said Taylor. "You're the pilots. Can't be." Robert starting laughing.

"Take'em for a ride to LaGuardia and back," said Robert. "Show them your plane. They'll like your plane."

"I have no idea what he's talking about, but Young Thug will be here in a couple hours. He's bringing some guys, so we probably don't need the machine. But I do want an acapella version," said Camila. "Let's go."

The girls led the way, and Taylor, Camila, and I followed. I was getting somewhere. No way I wasn't going. We got in, and put on our seatbelts and headsets.

"Seriously," said Taylor. "You are impressive young women. At your age, I could barely ride a bike." We all laughed. LaGuardia was a pretty short flight, but we had to merge into air traffic, so we flew around for a few minutes. We landed right next to the plane. We all got out and they were both looking up at the plane. Up, up.

"No fucking way," said Camila. With that, Leslie hit the remote and the ramp came down. We walked up the ramp. I have no idea why, but there six amazing cars in the hold. Taylor and Camila just looked at me with raised eyebrows.

"We're ferrying them to Austin," said Chris. "Still room in the garage."

"Want to go for a ride or just the tour," asked Chris.

"You are the pilots for this too?," screamed Camila. We all just nodded and laughed. We went up the elevator and gave the tour. Smooth that I am, I asked if they'd like to come down to Florida for the weekend. I told them we'd bring them back. Taylor said she couldn't but Camila accepted. Was I reading her look right? Please, no one tell her I'm 13. They got the tour, but not the special tour. I can dream though. We flew back to the apartment and when we landed saw that there was a band setup on the patio and Young Thug was chatting with Mom. Can't say I blame him. Everyone looked at the helicopter, of course. We went down the stairs and did the introductions.

"So who flew?," said Young Thug. Leslie and Chris raised their hands.

"Cool, cool," he said. I loved that. So did they.

Taylor handed Camila a piece of paper. She'd edited it just a little, so it was easy to remember. Mom had setup two stools, so it was just us singing together, with New York in the background. YT said he'd walk into the shot for his parts. Yeah, I call him YT. Dad had setup three cameras, which got a big reaction. We read through it once, then went live with the acapella version. It was good, but not great. We did it again with the band. The band was fucking amazing. Dad had gone full out and had a complete audio setup, with mics for us, one behind us for YT, and one with band. He loved this shit. We did three run throughs, then went inside to watch it. It was raw, and needed editing, but was good. Really good.

"Hey, this isn't fair," said Taylor. "He's supposed to do MY duet."

"Have it with you?," I asked. Oh she did. She even quickly wrote in a part for Camila and YT. We brought out two more stools and sang it a few times. Dad recorded them all. We watched the last one. Fuck it was awesome. I'm in a Taylor Swift video, with YT and Camila.

"I thought this was just for fun, but we're editing that one and publishing. It's fucking awesome," said Taylor. Everyone agreed. It. Was. Awesome.

"Bob, can you do simple clean up edits?," asked Camila. He laughed and took us downstairs. Remember the empty room? A complete editing setup. He was really good. We all watched and commented and in an hour, we had an edit. All three cameras, beautiful fades, outstanding sound. He downsampled a 1080p version too. He did both videos.

"Damn," said YT. "That's production ready. Release them. Now, on YouTube. No announcement. Just see what happens. We'll all tweet that it is there. See if we can get it to go viral."

Dad handed them the keyboard and they all released them both on their own Vevo accounts, on YouTube. They walked me through setting up my own account and I released it too. Sure. I had to created a damn Twitter account, before they could tweet, as they all included me. We took everybody, band included, to our Thai place and broke out the good wines. We laughed and partied for hours. We all wandered back up to the apartment and checked out the views. Holy fuck. They had me check my Twitter first. I have almost 300K followers. 300K in 3 hours. What? I checked and my version of the videos both had almost 4M views. They each had a couple million more, but it was mine that was going viral. New face, I guess. The comments were amazing and all positive. They kept calling me a fresh face, but then people would reply with links to the movie, the TV drama, or Fashion week.

"I loved the movie, but you played a kid well. You walked in Fashion week and were no kid," said Camila. "Damn, I remember you. I remember thinking how hot you were." Well, that's sweet. She gave me an ENTIRELY different look. Lust, that was lust. Good.

With that the party broke up and I told Camila we'd leave at 9am. She promised to be back. With that everyone left, with promises to reconnect when we were back in NY. We'd shared about the play and promised them all tickets. The family stayed up for awhile, and I couldn't resist. When I went to bed about midnight, I had almost a million followers and over 15 million views on each video. They were staying pretty even. Most people must watch them both. I wonder what morning would bring.

A bikini and a toothbrush

When I woke up in the morning I checked. I had to check. 1.3M followers. 27M views. A note on the page that it was 'fast moving' and featured on the YouTube home page. Both videos. My phone had blown up with texts. I have no idea how they found me, but everybody wanted an interview. I decided to be enigmatic. OK, I didn't decide shit, I just wanted to focus. On Camila.

I was running late, so grabbed a cereal bar, just as the doorbell rang. Camila, with a backpack.

"Hi," I said, as she walked in. "Is that all you're bringing?"

"What more do I need?," she said. "A bikini and a toothbrush and honestly, do I really need the bikini?" Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.

I laughed, as I was expected to.

"Also, Morgan told me about the magic closet," she said. "What girl passes up free clothes?"

We flew to LaGuardia and got on the plane. Everyone spread out, but she sat on a couch with me. I could get used to this. Just as we leveled off, she whispered in my ear.

"I don't belong to the mile high club. Yet," she said. Yeah, I'm cool, I'm cool. I stood up and held out my hand and we walked back to the bedrooms. Yes, I managed to not scream and dance on a table. Hot damn, naked was better. Damn straight better.

She crawled back up the bed, giving me an awesome full frontal view. I followed her up and kissed her. Oh my. We kissed for a LONG time, then I started working my way down her body. Her neck. Her nipples. Everything got a lot of attention. A little lick to her belly button, which got a laugh and then to nirvana. I spread her apart and pushed my tongue in deep. I was going to work this. I pumped it in and out, while tweaking a nipple, then the the other nipple. I teased her clit, but never licked it. Close, closer, closer. She was really writhing and I finally moved up slightly and sucked her clit into my mouth. The suction sent her over. And over. I didn't let her down. I kept licking, while using one, then two fingers. Licking. Licking. Finally she pushed my head away and uttered the two works I was hoping for.

"Fuck me," she said.

I worked my way back up and sunk deep. Before I did, I asked about a condom and she shook her head. I went slowly. Teasing still. Teasing. Sucking her nipple. Then I held myself up one handed and tickled her clit, which sent her over again. I put my other arm about down and gripped her sides and rolled onto my back, bringing her with me. I never pulled out, but now she was on top. In control. Now it was a power fuck. She bounced, yes bounced, faster and faster. I kept my hand on her clit and the other on her nipple. She went off again, squirting me, and I filled her. FILLED her. I let her come down, then rolled her back and started my slide down her body again. I licked her, I sucked her, I got as much out as I could and worked my way back up her body and fed it to her in a kiss. Finally, after so long, I rolled next to her and we lay their panting.

"My God," she said. "Oh my God. That was the best sex I have ever had in my life. SO much better. I could die now. How in the fuck does a 13 year old have those skills?"

Did she say 13? Oh. I casually looked at her and she laughed.

"Are you kidding? You played a kid. I had to look you up. Yeah, I knew, but I'd deny it. I just had to and damn, it was worth it," she said. All through this conversation, she was casually stroking me and yes, I got hard again.

"Oh I love stamina," she said and rolled back on me. This time she controlled the tempo and we went slowly. We didn't fuck, we made love. We made out. We caressed. We stroked. We lasted, but finally we went over together. Damn. Yes, I licked her out again. I had standards.

Finally we just laid there. After a bit, she spoke again.

"You fuck them all, don't you? Morgan, Leslie, Chris. You fuck them all. You've had a lot of practice," she said. "I'll bet you fuck Amy too. And you like cum. You and Bob too, I'll bet. I like this family."

I didn't respond. Wouldn't respond.

"Damn," she said. We got up and took a shower and yes, a 13 year old can perform for a third time. We went back out just as we were landing. Two hours again. Wow. Everyone was discreet, even Mom and Dad, which I appreciate. I did get a look from Dad that was a visual high-five, for sure.

We landed and one of the bigger sightseeing copters was waiting. We hopped on board. Leslie said we would do a little flight around. She showed us downtown Tampa and then down to the Skyline bridge then back up to the coast to the house. I saw outside the window that the helipad was full. Yes three already there so I knew we would land on 475.

"I'm confused," said Camila. "Why are landing on a cruise ship docked at a resort?" Ok, this was going to take some explaining.

"We are not," I said. "All these boats are ours and this is our house." Yep eyebrows.

"You have got to be kidding. What in the hell?", she said.

"Yeah, we are pretty rich. Dad made money on a startup, then more money on two more startups," I said.

"What, is your family on Forbes list?", she said.

"17, maybe 16," I said. "But we prefer anonymity."

"Yeah, your sister runs the largest foundation in the US, so that's out the window," she said. "But I don't think people realize you are personally this rich."

"Well, the first $5B came from Dad," I said. "Good thing you're not a gold digger." She laughed.

"It is not like we are dating," she said, much to my disappointment and complete lack of surprise. I laughed.

"Not yet," I said. "We will. In a few years." This time she laughed.

"Maybe so, maybe so," she said, giving me hope. "For now let's stick with family friends and fellow performer. Than no one will think anything when we are together and you can keep fucking me silly. So can I do your sisters too?"

"Oh yeah, for sure. Any and all. You should ask them for a tour and give them your thousand watt smile," I said.

"What about Amai?," she said. "She is so sweet and beautiful."

"That she is, that she is," I said. "She has such a pleasant surprise too." Yeah I left her hanging. She likes boys and girls. She will like Amai. Everybody likes Amai.

We had been chatting standing in the upper deck. Everyone else had taken off. I asked "elevator or slide" as we passed the slide. We were both in shorts and a T, but she gave me that smile I like and jumped on the slide. I was right behind her. When I landed, she was standing in the shallow water laughing.

"That was so fun!," she said. "We have to do that again." I didn't hear a thing. She was wearing a t-shirt. A formerly white t-shirt. She saw me staring and finally got its and looked down.

"Not like you haven't seen it," she said. As much as I enjoyed it, I had to tell her.

"Yeah, but you need to cover up outside. Our family is a target because of the PAC. Chris is the kingmaker. Drones are always around. Her eyes went wide and she dropped into the water. I went and found a dark t-shirt and she pulled it over her T.

"Wow," she said. "What do you mean the kingmaker?"

"The PAC Chris runs keeps growing. Right now it has about $70B. She will choose the next President. She will choose Senators and Congressmen. She will choose governors. She can overwhelm opponents with money. The money has been unbalanced. The people formerly in control don't like it," I said. Everyone else had gone up to the house, so we did too. The entire family was sitting around in the living room chatting, or reading a book. Just relaxing. Yeah, all naked. I guess Camila was one of us know.

"Damn. They're all fucking fine. Especially Chris. Something about Chris," she said. "I want her." Well doesn't everyone. I walked over and held my hand out to Chris and walked her over to Camila. I passed Chris' hand to Camila and off they went.

An hour later they came out. Yeah, they had fun.

That night we had game night. You know. Monopoly, Pictionary. Yeah, you didn't believe that for a minute, did you? The night started off with Camila getting to know Amai, with me. Yeah, that was a surprise, but Camila enjoyed it. A lot.

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The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
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Adopted daughter
The family social secretary
Supermodel and virgin (no more)
You know who she is


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
4'11" - 80, slim, glorious puffy nipples
5'4" - beautiful, petite, B cup, 6 inch uncut thick cock
5'7" - waif, B cup
5'8" - tall, thin, A cup
6'0 - Tall, dark, handsome, endowed
You know what she looks like

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