The top dog

16 September 2018

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Tim Buchanan

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Given the last chapter was a touch political, and you haven't gotten enough fun recently, I decided to post this next chapter quickly. I'm developing more story, so yes, there is often less fun, but I hope you've begun really seeing my characters like I do.

Enjoy! The funny thing is that this chapter continued the politics, but I deleted it. Even I thought it was too much, even though I loved the story.

This chapter is pretty fun filled.


Chris here.

I was fucking hyped the next morning. You know what I mean. I was the top dog. The big kahuna. In charge. OK, my head needed to go down, so I needed time with my siblings. I woke them all up and dragged them into my bedroom.

"OK, I'm done being fucking powerful," I said. "Now I need a powerful fucking. I know we have to be careful, but everyone is gone. I need my siblings." Everyone agreed. Careful didn't mean celibate.

Leslie and I started with a pleasant 69. It had been too long and we were both horny so we didn't last long. Boy did I cum. Orlando and Morgan had been orally copulating. I loved that term, but they stopped when we went over. I had Orlando lay down, and mounted him, facing him. I motioned Morgan back on his face. We were making out and Mom and Dad walked in. Oops. We should at least lock the doors.

They looked at each other and started undressing. Fuck yes. Finally. Dad walked over and pushed me over. Amy lubed him up and lubed me up and he slid right in. DP. Oh yeah. It didn't take long for me to go off and keep going off. It was too much for the men and they came in me. Hard. Leslie and Mom took turns cleaning me out. I was wiped. It was wonderful. So wonderful.

Both recovered quickly, which was good, as we had more girls than boys. I got to watch Orlando fuck Mom while Dad fucked Morgan. Sweet. Both were passionate, but slow. More making love and reconnecting than fucking. Finally we were just left with Leslie and it is a good thing a 13 year old could recuperate quickly. Orlando and Leslie didn't make love. They fucked. Hard and fast. You could tell they needed it.

Finally, the family was back together.

I'm going to turn this over to Orlando for a bit, as my politics are probably boring, but he had a LOT more fun than I did. Yes, that fun.

Oh God, Nova

Orlando here.

Today was a bit of a milestone, and I'm not talking about Powerful Chris. Yeah, yeah, she rules the world. LOL. I'm talking about our parents reintroducing fun. Yes, that kind of fun. Since we were going to be here a little longer, they invited Aldo, Freja, and their family over. There rules were simple. Most of the day was 'visible play'. Waverunners, swimming, boating, you get it. What the cameras would catch. Yes, there were still lots of cameras, usually on boats, but sometimes a drone. The DNR -- the police of the lake -- ran them off, but they came right back.

Some of the day, though, we got to spend inside. Yes, you get my drift. For now, it was kids with kids and adults with adults.

We did test the media's limits though. Six year old Nova was naked, at least at the pool, much of the day, and for part of it so were 7 year old Nicolo (penis!) and 9 year old Ellie (puffies!). Aldo and Freja were not worried about it and nothing ever came of it. None of us did it. Yet. I admit it was hard to not bend all of them over and fuck them, but I held off, at least outside. We were still popular, and yes, some of the shots (clean) made it to the gossip rags.

Eventually we went inside and allowed ourselves an hour. We opened up the walls on our fourth floor, to give ourselves some room, and some beds. We decided to play the 30 second game. It was essentially spin the bottle, but the rewards went beyond kissing. We had a stack of cards that defined what you should do and with whom. We arranged ourselves in a circle. Our four and their six. Four boys, seven girls. 6 to 16. Fuck yeah. We boys were going to suffer and it was going to be oh so good.

We spun the bottle and landed on Nova. Sure, start young. She drew a card and it said "Lick or suck the person three to your left". Three to her left was Alma. This will be fun to watch. Everything was limited to 30 seconds. Alma ran over to the bed and laid down, spreading her legs wide. Oh you know Nova dove right in. She pulled Alma's lips apart and she was so wet already. Her clit was peeking out of the hood and needed to be licked. Nova began to lick, then used one hand to tweak Alma's nipple on her small A cup breasts. It was quite a sight. My cock was going to hurt from being so hard. This was smoking. Nova didn't get Alma off, but clearly close. As the game went on, everyone would get off.

Next up, after the spin, was Morgan. From youngest to oldest. She pulled a card that said "Get fucked, three to the left" Well, three to the left was Nicolo. You would have thought he won the lottery. He was dancing around and waving his hands and his hard little cock was waving in the wind. Morgan got on the bed, on her knees, and was so wet it was dripping down her leg. No lube needed for her. Nicolo didn't hesitate but shoved his cock right in and started pounding. I think he wanted to get off, but when time was called he just moaned and pulled out. Clearly he was close, but as soon as he pulled out, Morgan went off. She started shaking and fell to the bed and we all watched her squirt. She squirted so hard it shot off the bed and hit Ellie square in the chest. Ellie just laughed and rubbed it in. Sure, why not. I guess Morgan was out. You cum, you're out.

I was up next and pulled a card that said "Fuck, two to the right." Well that's a fun card. Two to the right was Arturo. Oh, I liked fucking Arturo. He liked me fucking him. Hard. Morgan helped lube us both up, since she was already out. She took on the task of 'lube girl'. Thirty seconds seems short, but when you're fucking a tight ass, it can be hard not to cum, so to speak. I concentrated and barely made it. I think Arturo was close too, just from getting fucked.

Next up was Ellie, with her cute little puffies. Her card resulted in her getting fucked by Arturo. Poor guy had been close to cumming, as he didn't make the 30 seconds before he pulled out and came all over her little puffies. Normally we'd call for a clean up, but she refused, as she said she was too close to cumming. So she sat back in the circle, still dripping a LOT of cum. Damn that was sexy.

Down to eight of us now.

Leslie was next and got 69, two to the right.


Damn they were horny. Neither one lasted the 30 seconds. They didn't care about the timer anymore and just kept going. Over and over. I loved watching them. Another spin.

Uh oh, Ellie again. And me. My turn to fuck Ellie. She laid on her back and scooped up a lot of Arturo's cum and rubbed it into her pussy, right as I slid in. Yeah, not going well for me. I didn't make the 30 seconds and added my cum to her puffies. She still didn't want cleanup. Yeah, it was dripping down onto her pussy, and every time some did, she pushed it in. Damn.

The boys were dropping like flies.

Next up was Nova again, licking Ellie for 30 seconds. Good luck with that Ellie. No she didn't make it, so Nova kept going and cleaned her completely up. We all just watched. Turns out it was a bad decision on Nova's part, because she went off just from the fun of it.

Interesting. Down to Benito and Nicolo. 7 and 11. A fight to the finish, so to speak. The rules were clear. The last two standing did a 69 to the death, so to speak. These two boys were damn good at it. I know that from experience. They lasted far longer than I expected, but finally Benito pulled out to give Nicolo a facial. Oh yeah, that was in the rules too.

Winner's choice, of course. Nicolo wanted to finish where he started and fucked Morgan, doggy style. Little Nova slid underneath and licked Morgan and Nicolo. Oh, Morgan got Nova off, and finally Morgan just exploded. Nicolo didn't have a chance.

Great fun with great friends.

Enjoying the extended family

Bob here, finally! No, it's fine. I just haven't contributed recently.

We all flew back to DC and spent the night at our new DC house. It was actually the first night we'd all spent their together. Barb and Davis were there too, as she was working to get the new research staff going. Amai enjoyed spending the evening with her parents, as they were in DC more than Florida. We encouraged Amai to spend time with them, around school, of course, as she could do her job from anywhere. It was nice for Chris to have her around too, as Chris was going to be in DC a bit.

The kids had made an impassioned plea to take a full year off and do school virtually. It's a great program in Florida and did give us a lot of flexibility. They'd been in the program for a while, but in addition to school. All four of them were a full grade ahead in their studies. Leslie and Chris should be in sixth, but were doing a little 7th, and mostly 8th. Morgan should be in 10th, but had really pushed and if all went well would actually graduate at 16. Orlando was the real star and, as put it, wasn't wasting time with silly things like ruling the world. He should have been in 8th, but was doing mostly 11th grade work. He actually could graduate at 15. Morgan and Orlando had a plan to graduate in time to work full time for the Hayden PAC and do a huge push coming into 2020.

More power to them.

It's nice that the pressure and fear has fallen a little. We're still just 'family fun', but at least we're doing that. The kids insisted we do the spin the bottle game, hands only edition, but with all of us. We were in and so were Davis and Barb. The game starts off with everyone naked, so that's a plus. They'd played recently. We hadn't. I missed it. This version was different though. The title explained it all. No cards needed. The person pointed to was pleasured by hand by the person to their left. Seating was random and changed with every spin.

Oh, did I not mention it was the extended family? Juanita and her parents and siblings had met us in DC. Ruby and Gabe. Gabe and Ruby. Oh my.

Barb went first and Chris was to her left. Yeah, pretty sure they planned that. Chris had some skills and got Barb 'oh so close'. She was really writhing and it was fun to watch. I was so hard it almost hurt.

Oh damn, I was next and Ruby was to my left. I was hard and horny, but I survived the 30 seconds.

Juanita was up. With Gabe to her left. She made it through, barely.

Then Davis, with Leslie. Yeah, he was toast and managed to cover both Leslie and himself. No cleanup in this game. You wore it with pride.

Oh. Morgan. With Amy. Yeah, good luck Morgan. Oh, she didn't make it, but Amy took the brunt of the squirt. You go Amy.

Amy ended up next. Davis was to her left, but was out of the game. We talked about it and decided that you were only out for receive. That made Davis happy and he made Amy happy.

In the end, I won. I admit I was surprised, but we had flown over on the BFP and Amy and I had taken a 'nap'. Repeatedly.

22 wineries and a nudist resort

Later I got a call from Antonio. Nothing surprises me in these calls anymore. The last call resulted in three California wineries and a house in San Francisco. What was next, wineries in the south of France?

Yes. OK, well, that's not a surprise.

"So this one is complicated. You told me to stop asking and to just work with Jason, and I have, but there is one question that I think you should answer before we go," said Antonio. "Wineries in Bordeaux are small. That doesn't appeal to us, as while we are high-end, we have scale. Jason and I have been looking, and have found a collection of 22 wineries that are all adjacent. We believe we can buy them all, through a series of intermediaries, so no one realizes there is one buyer. All that is ready to go, and we're doing it today. It will give us almost 700 contiguous acres, which is amazing. That's all good. What's confusing is that we will trap a resort in the middle. I think we should buy that too, and so does Jason, but you would become hoteliers. It is an excellent business, would be surrounded by elite boutique wineries, which you would also own, so we could do amazing wine tours. The layout is nice. A main, small hotel with a dozen luxury rooms, a collection of 17 very nice cottages, and at the very edge of the lot is a mansion. It's huge, but hasn't been occupied, so would need a major overhaul. The property would be a bit of a steal, as the owners are aging, and once restored you would either have the most amazing getaway place, or expansion for the resort. The resort is $32M, but you'd need to double that to do upgrades for both the mansion and the property. It's fine, but you'd want it to be more than fine. The assistant manager and his family live on property and is wonderful. You would keep them on." He took a breath, so I jumped in.

"I don't see a downside. What kept you from just buying it?," I said. "There has to be something, because this is obvious."

"Well, because it is a family nudist resort. The most renowned in Europe, but I didn't know if you wanted that right now," said Antonio. Oh. He's got an interesting point. I told him to wait, and had Amai find Amy and had Antonio repeat everything with both of them listening. When he was done, Amy started laughing.

"It's perfect," she said. "We're acknowledged nudists. Antonio just told us that this is the elite of the elite families that go here and it would be even more so if we invested and upgraded. We'd be hobnobbing with the elite of Europe. Nude. It would get a bit of attention, but normalize it quickly. Hey, if our family is OK with it, with our money and power. I'll bet we'd get families from the US who want to try it out. We MUST do this and we need to go over the top with rebuilding and upgrading. Tear it down if you have to, but I will bet you don't. Can you get enough cottages for 21 of us? We have 16 with us, and your five, with Sophia. Let's make reservations, but go ahead and buy it. Get a cottage for each set of adults and we can spread the kids. However you think works. When should we come?"

"I'll get it all done tomorrow. Fly in the next day to Bordeaux–Mérignac. Let us know when you'll arrive and we'll be at the airport. The resort will send shuttles, although you'll want to have a few cars onsite. The mansion has a six car garage, and we'll upgrade it to your quality and add security. If that's OK, we'll see you in two days.

It was and we would.

Goin' to have some wine. Nude

Amy here, just for variety. We are loading the plane now. We loaded the X5N, the GLS63, S65, and the SQ7, as we realized we wanted wheels. Oh, Bob made us load the R8 too. He does like convertibles. The flight was uneventful. All the pilots traded off, so no one was too tired. Oh, you thought I meant traded off flying. No, I meant traded off fucking. No better place to play than an airplane over the Atlantic.

It had been WAY too long since I got to enjoy this big a group. Mostly I watched, believe it not. Oh, I was playing with myself, but it was fun to be a voyeur.

I did miss Ruby, though. And Gabe. They reminded me why. Then they did again.

We'd actually left at night, which is really why so many pilots flew. We kept them to a 90 minute max before resting. Leslie said it wasn't really an issue, since we were on autopilot, but better safe, you know. We landed at the Bordeaux-Merignac airport, and apparently caused quite a stir for two reasons. Leslie and Chris landed and their fame had spread. Yes, the controllers knew them. The other reason was that we were in a 747, and ground control panicked a bit because they didn't have the equipment to offload us. We assured them it wasn't a problem. We pulled up to the FBO and saw a car that was clearly customs pull out onto the tarmac, but it appeared they parked UNDER the back of the plane. That would be a problem. Leslie said she radioed ground control and had a struggle explaining why the car needed to move. Finally Amai called the FBO. Turns out Amai is fluent in French. The things you learn. She finally got someone to walk out and asked them to move it to the front of the plane. They did and we lowered the ramp. That appeared to startle them a bit, but it was clear when we met them that they now understood why they need to move. Crushing the customs agents would have been bad. Actually, the ramp wouldn't have lowered, but still.

We didn't want to explain that Leslie was the pilot, so Tom and I went down the ramp. He presented his credentials and passport and invited them on board. As we got to the top of the ramp, Amai was waiting, just in case they wanted to speak French. Oh they did, when they saw five cars in the hold. I guess this was some form of an issue, but it finally came down that it would involve a tax of $1000 per car. OK, fine. We all went up the elevator. At least in the 747, the elevator was much bigger, so we went up in two batches. We walked into the living room and they started jabbering again. Amai laughed and told us they just liked the plane. Customs was actually pretty simple, and Tom paid the tax and entry fees with his Amex. Leslie didn't even have to bribe anyone. That reminded me, we must go back to the Bahamas.

Then they recognized Leslie and Chris. I thought, at first, from their movie, but no, because they were 'famous pilots'. We ended up taking pictures of the agents with the girls. They were thrilled. We all walked down the ramp, well, except for some adults to unload the cars. The customs agents stayed to watch and it is pretty cool. Finally they were off, just as a car came screaming across the taxi way and two men jumped out. What now? Ah, the manager of the airport and the director of the tower. They wanted to meet Leslie and Chris. Of course they did. They DID recognize Morgan and Orlando too. Both from the movie, and because Morgan had just weeks before tried her hand at Formula 1 and won the Grand Prix de France.

FINALLY, we headed out and made our way to our new resort. A smaller group would tour the wineries. Antonio had tough choices, as he needed to decide who to keep on. His first plan was to keep everyone and see. They were really nice boutique wineries. Bob and I knew a number of their wines. Ain't we somethin'? We'd add some to the free program, but not many. They couldn't handle the output. Maybe just really high-end places. But we'd get to drink a lot of nice wines!

When we got to the resort, there was significant security at the gate. The entire complex was walled, which was good. They were expecting us, so our parade swept to the main hotel. An older couple immediately walked out and they clearly knew Antonio. He got hugs and kisses, then he pointed out Bob and me and WE got hugs and kisses. Antonio had told us much more of the story. It turns out that the resort was close to closing. It badly needed an upgrade, and the owners were in their 70s. They didn't have family, and had more debt than we realized. We'd essentially saved the place. Antonio had made a decision, which we thought was wonderful, and had offered them one of the cottages for life. Hell yes. I guess at first they had stammered they couldn't afford it, until he finally got them to understand he meant for free, including all resort facilities, including the restaurant, for free. Yes, hugs and kisses. They were charming couple and it was such a good choice.

Did I mention they were naked? We found out Marcel was 73 and Margot was 71. They were now my goal for our seventies. They were gorgeous and yes, I'd fuck them both and I know Bob would too. Who knew?

Everyone we saw was naked. All ages, shapes, and sizes. All casually naked. We loved it. I turned around from speaking to the couple and there wasn't a clothed member of our group left, except Bob and me. Well, when in Rome, or in this case Bordeaux. So we stripped. God Bob looks good. I married a wonderful nerd, and now I'm married to, well, a wonderful nerd, but now he's fucking ripped. Bellman took our luggage, and valet's took our keys. Marcel and Margot suggested a walking tour, so off we went. We walked around the main house, and there was a HUGE pool, with tons of people both in the pool and on chaise lounges. Old, young, adults, children, black, white, asian. You name it. Margot commented that they had a huge international clientele and that Antonio had mentioned the wineries and they were so excited. They'd even arranged an impromptu tour of two wineries for this afternoon, limited to 20 people, and it had sold out in under five minutes. They saw it as a huge win. They had worked with Antonio and there were two tours a day now and they were sold out for over a month, at $250 a person.

"So I have to ask," I said. "Do you really WANT to retire, or would you prefer to stay involved? If that is an interest, we would pay you quite well. It would maintain the history of the resort." You would have thought we offered them to be the King and Queen of France. If you've never seen two naked 70 year olds jumping up and down, it is an adventure. It was so obvious to me, and Bob and the rest got it too. I suggest that the six of us, Marcel and Margot, Antonio and Stella, and Bob and I have lunch and chat about the options. Margot said she had a lot of ideas to share. For now, we continued the tour and found our cottages. They were very nice, but would be spectacular with a refresh. Antonio had not hesitated, and there was a large crew working on one of the cottages already, as the model. He motioned over the foreman and asked about the progress.

"Oh, this one is done. We're just cleaning up," he said. "You said move fast, and, well, you pay well, so we had teams around the clock. Turns out we can do an entire cottage in 48 hours. The architect has some initial drawings for the mansion, if you're available at 1600." We were, we were. Oh, I don't think I mentioned that we had brought Chloe and Ben with us. If we're refurbing shit, they're in the lead.

We walked through the cottage and it was quite nice. Chloe had a ton of questions and ideas and discussed them with the foreman. He was clearly enchanted with both Chloe and Ben. Cool. His eyes lit up, as Chloe's suggestions were evidently well accepted. I'm sure it helped that Chloe and Ben were both nude. Wearing hard hats.

"Well, her ideas are better than ours," said the foreman. "So don't consider this done yet. It will take us another day to make the changes, except for the pool. That will take a bit." One of Chloe's suggestions was individual indoor/outdoor pools like in Austin. Too cool. Well, the rates are a-goin' up. They agreed to do the pools on half the cottages, so as to provide two tiers of rentals. They also discussed whether we could add cottages, and apparently we owned another thirty hectares on the back of the property that wasn't developed. I had to ask, and was told it was around 75 acres. Cool.

"Marcel, just a suggestion, but as soon as this is done, make it a model. Don't rent it yet," I said. "Encourage your guests to tour and see the future. In fact, consider having a selection of our wines available for tasting IN the cottage. All it will cost you is a waiter. We'll provide the wines," I said. Everyone agreed it was brilliant.

We were almost done with the tour when we came upon a walled in area. We could clearly hear laughter and splashing. There was a large double door, and two security guards.

"Oh, that's the adult play area," said Marcel. "Why don't the kids head back and play in the main pool, and the rest of us can go in."

Morgan asked what they considered an adult, and Marcel shared that it was 16, so Morgan got to stay. I suspect she'll be gloating. The younger kids grumbled, especially our 11 year old adults, but Orlando gathered up all the kids and looked like the Pied Piper, heading them back. Marcel actually waited for them to get a ways out before he motioned the guards to open the doors.

Holy mother of God. This was a hedonistic playland. There were people fucking and sucking EVERYWHERE. In the pool. In the giant jacuzzi. On chaise lounges. In the grass. Everywhere. We all turned to Marcel and Margot and they just laughed.

"This is France!," said Margot. "We love sex. This is only for very special guests. You have to have been here for three successive years AND you must be invited by a member of the special club. Then there is a detailed background process, plus interviews with the membership committee. It all revolves around discretion. This is NOT talked about. If you'll notice, there is a very fine screen over the entire area. You can barely see it, but it blocks any photography. In the 30 years we have had this area, we've only expelled one member for their lack of discretion, and that was over 20 years ago. No one wants to lose the privilege. Normally we would vet you, but, well, you own the place. We did check though, and several of our members know you personally and highly recommended you." She mentioned both Aldo and Jamie. Wow, we had no idea. This was going to be fun. I looked around and, wait, what, well Morgan liked it. She was on all fours on a chaise lounge getting pounded by a huge black guy. I couldn't tell, but as he slid in and out, it looked like at least 12 inches of BBC.

"Oh, don't worry. All our members are regularly tested. It's a requirement," said Marcel. With that, he walked over and started playing with Morgan's nipples. She clearly liked it. The man fucking her didn't last long, and pulled out and simply covered her back with cum. Marcel immediately started licking it up, while clearly getting hard. I just couldn't resist, and assumed the same position on the next lounge and waved him over, which is how I found myself being pounded by an attractive 73 year old man. He was good at it. He used his fingers too and I went over in a shot. Damn, he filled me up too.

Oh, and Margot cleaned out the creampie. She had skills too. I needed a nap. We did get a bit of attention, because we were new. Apparently word has spread about the new owners, because a number of people came up and introduced themselves. I'd bet more than half of the men were hard. Bob sure was. I looked at him, and just nodded. It didn't take him long to find someone to fuck, and he was gorgeous. Oh, you didn't expect that? Well, Bob's grown.

Finally our entire group was sated, and we headed back to find the kids.

"You all got laid," screamed Leslie. "Jess you have cum dripping. Damn." Marcel and Margot just laughed, but I could tell Marcel, and maybe Margot, both liked Leslie. Too bad we couldn't. They showed us to our cottages.

Sophia and her kids got a two bedroom. Our family got a three bedroom, and Margot pointed out that kids of all ages shared bedrooms, regardless of gender. Orlando liked that, but somehow managed to not get hard. Blake, Alison, Davis, Barb, Antonio, Stella, Chloe, and Ben were sharing a four bedroom. Jesse, Julia, Juanita, Amai, Ruby, and Gabe had a three bedroom. This was a working vacation for Chloe and Ben.

"Oh, we know the kids, and probably the adults, will be moving around a lot. That happens here," laughed Margot. Oh, they probably would, they probably would.

Once we were settled, some of us set out on a wine tour. We couldn't visit them all in one day, but we'd spread them out. Stella stayed behind, so Antonio was taking Bob and me. Tom and Jess joined, on the theory they would have to cut back near the end of our visit. Sophia and Morgan wanted to come too. Morgan was edging out of childhood, and it was France, so that was fine. She and Sophia were so close, in so many ways. All the other adults stayed behind. The kids were basically on their own, with the older kids paired up with younger kids. Marcel and Margot shared that given the security, most families let even their youngest kids roam. There were tons of activities for kids. Orlando was already coming up with new ones to suggest.

We decided that we could do four wineries a day, maybe a little more if we did morning and afternoon visits. We actually wanted to sample the wines, not freaking taste and spit, so we had to be careful. Two half glasses per winery maximum. Each car had a designated driver that got no more than one total glass on a trip. Tom and Jess mentioned that later in the week, they could do it, as they couldn't drink anyway. Today we all squeezed into the SQ7, and Sophia volunteered to be the driver.

"I live in a winery," she laughed. "and I am confident that we will go back to Italy with a wide selection."

I had asked Antonio which winery he considered the best and he laughed and replied "All of them." We'd bought some of the best. He arranged the trip on proximity, so we did them in batches. It had been a long day, so today was just four. Oh fuck, they were not serving wine. They were serving liquid heaven. We loved our existing wines, and these were not better, just different. The region is best know for reds, but their other wines were just as spectacular.

As we were headed back to the resort, I realized something. For the first time in a long time, since Chris' congressional testimony, I was relaxed. I knew we were not completely out of danger, but it was a nice feeling. I'm sure several glasses of amazing wines didn't hurt.

That night was quiet. Bob and I went to bed early and made love. It was sweet and wonderful. I suspect the kids had some fun too.

The next few days were lazy and wonderful. On our last day, Chloe and Ben asked if they could walk us through the mansion and share their ideas. We'd stayed out until they were ready.

Wow. That's all I could really say. Marcel and Margot walked through it with us. They were sad that it had not been maintained, but it was expensive to do so. It was a little over 3000 square meters. 27,000 square feet. 11 spectacular bedrooms, each with a bath. It had been restored many years ago, so still had the bones. It was from the freaking 15th century. Chloe had excellent ideas, but mostly it was just cleanup and restoration. It was a bit overdone for our tastes, but she shared it had to stay that way.

"I don't think you should restore it as your home," said Chloe. "It's a waste. Just be customers when you come and stay in the cottages. I can configure this into three family suites. Two four bedroom and one three bedroom. I've figured out the placement of small kitchens to give them some self-sufficiency, plus a dining area. You could pay for the restoration quickly, as the rent would be off the charts. Did you know that the back of the property is on the bay? You could easily develop the rest of the property and add a beach, and water toys. There is so much more you could do."

Ben and I quickly agreed with her plan and Marcel and Margot were excited. Chloe and Ben promised to share their ideas for the new acreage, but it would take awhile. They would find specialist restoration crews to begin work on the mansion immediately. Chloe ask if she and Ben could have a small cottage, as they planned on moving to France for a few months to supervise. Marcel and Margot immediately agreed, as they should.

The next day, we headed back to Florida, with many cases of wine in the hold. Leslie had figured out the customs paperwork, and let me tell you we paid a lot of duty. Worth it. Turns out Tom and Jess could have drunk all they wanted, as Leslie, Chris, and Amai did all the flying.

Cosplay. Really?

I am Bob.

We were at home, finally, and Amy and I were in the living room. Leslie and Chris wandered in. They patiently waited until Amy finished. Oh, I was going down on her when they walked in. They didn't have to wait long. She cums faster than anyone on the planet. Now, we did have the conversation with me a bit drenched, as Amy squirted pretty hard, but given I was naked, that wasn't that big a problem. So yes, I stood there chatting with the girls while naked and hard. Eh, just an average day.

"We're having a costume party in Austin this weekend and I think we forgot to invite you," said Leslie. This weekend? Yeah, nothing planned. Amy sat up. Still naked.

"That sounds like fun. Is it just for kids or are the adults invited?," said Amy. Chris and Leslie looked at each other. Finally Chris jumped in.

"Well, some adults are invited, including you, but you have to wear the costumes we designed and the adults are our servants for the entire weekend. Everyone we've invited already agreed. Adults are slaves, kids are masters. Even in the BDSM room," said Chris. Oh. Fun. Lots of fun.

"OK," said Amy, clearly answering for us both. "What do we need to do?"

"Just have your costumes fitted. Mia's here to do that," said Leslie. Oh, Mia. Sexy 17 year old seamstress.

"OK," said Amy, just the agreeable one. "Is Mia coming to the party?"

"Yes, but she turned 18, so she's an adult," said Chris. Damn, even better.

"So what are our costumes?," I asked.

"Mom's a maid and you're a butler. After all, you'll be servicing us," said Leslie. Somehow, I didn't think servicing was a slip of the tongue. We followed her back to the photography studio bedroom. We walked in and Mia was sitting there at the sewing machine, working on a costume. She was also naked. I was already liking this party. What surprised me, though, was the walls of the room were covered with photos. Very nicely done portraits, printed incredibly well, of everyone in their costumes. Oh shit, it was going to be a big party. A fucking sexy party. Every costume had been altered to take any cover off the, um, critical areas. No, that's not entirely true. Some had sheer coverings over the breasts, but every cock and pussy was easily accessible. They looked cute and fun in their characters, but were all basically naked. This was going to be an awesome party. I know you're probably tired of our parties, but come on. Mia waved me over and pointed to clothes that were on the bed. She'd finished whatever she was sewing.

"No, wait, come here first," said Mia. I walked over. Did I mention I was still naked and hard? I walked up and Mia took me in her mouth, while gently stroking my balls. Damn, she was good at deep throating. She got me close, and we could both tell, and she pulled away and laughed.

"I just had to see it at its largest for the costume," said Mia, laughing again. Not fair, Mia, not fair. She waved at the costume again and I put it on. The pants were basically crotchless leather underwear. More panties than men's style. Yes, I had to carefully pull them on over my hard cock. The shirt was sort of a tuxedo shirt, with a small ruffle down the middle, but the rest of the shirt was a white mesh. I'm glad I'd been working out, as it was skin tight. Yeah, that was the entire costume. She pointed at a mirror and damn, it was sexy as fuck.

"Go in the next room. Orlando will take your portrait," said Mia. I walked next door into the traditional studio and Orlando was in there with everything setup. At the moment, though, he was sitting in a chair with a girl between his knees, naked, blowing him. I waited patiently until she finished and then slid up his body and kissed it back to him. I saw her from behind, but I was pretty sure who it was. She turned around, smiled, and ran to give me a hug. Rylee. She really was into this now, which she proved by dropping to her knees and taking me in her mouth. She got me close and, you guessed it, stopped. Damn, is this punishment day? I groaned. She laughed. Now that's just cruel.

"Oh, I didn't stop because I wanted to punish you. I stopped because I wanted you to fuck me," said Rylee. With that, she dropped onto all fours on the carpet. Well, OK then. You know what I did. Hey, these costumes are handy. This is how Amy found me when she walked in for her portrait. She didn't even say a word, just laid down and spread her legs for Rylee. Damn, that was quite a view. Amy was in a French maid costume, if a tiny strip of fabric that didn't even cover her pussy could be called a skirt. She was topless, but wearing a bow tie. That was it. Strip of fabric and a bow tie. Given what I had seen in the portraits, she might be overdressed.

Are you surprised that Amy didn't last long? Are you surprised that I didn't last long either? Rylee had asked me to, in her words, "fill her up", so I did. After all, I was dressed to serve her. When I was done, Orlando pushed me out of the way and rolled her over and started to clean her up. That left Amy just lying there, post-orgasmic, with her legs spread. Well, being the adoring husband I am, I got her over the top again, with my talented oral skills. She finally told me to stop, but pulled me up her body. Oh yeah, I was hard again. She wasn't in the mood for gentle, so it was a power fuck. Once I finished this time, I got pushed off again, but this time by Rylee. I think Amy would attest that Rylee's oral skills were pretty damn good. We all ended up on our backs, out of breath. That's when Mia walked in, still naked. Orlando's young. He had one more in him, so we all got to watch Mia mount him and have a very fine ride. I decided it was my turn for cleanup. Mia appreciated it.

Well, at least our costumes fit. Orlando did do our portrait and had them printed and mounted in no time and added them to the collection. We had to be really, really careful about that room. I noticed Orlando locked it when we left. Then he, Rylee, and Mia headed back towards his bedroom. Ah, youth. Well, I'm still young too, so I had another in me too. While I was watching the three of them walk off, Amai walked by, saw my problem and took Amy's and my hand and led us to our bedroom. Let's just say I didn't have any more in me when we were done, but I did have Amai in me at one point. So did Amy.

That was nice

Amy here.

That was nice. Really nice. Rylee, then Bob, then Amai. I love to cum. But let's back up a bit. Let's talk about a few more of the costumes we saw in the portraits. I won't go through them all, because we can introduce them at the party, but some were just hilarious. I'll start with Blake and Allison. Blake was some kind of mechanic, I guess. He had on overalls, but overall shorts. I suspect Mia customized them, particularly given there was no crotch. None. He didn't have a shirt on either, and the bib portion was much smaller, so his nipples showed. Oh, did I mention that every cock in every picture was hard? I wonder who the fluffer was. My bet was on Mia. She was for Bob. Alison was a chef, which was appropriate. Her outfit, not so much. Basically white skin tight leather booty shorts, crotchless with a big chef hat. Nothing else. Nothing. Damn she has fine tits.

Tom and Jess must be attending as well. They were both in pilots uniforms. Fairly similar, actually. Small blue shorts, although not as small as Alison's. Oh Tom was hanging it all out there in his. They were both wearing red ties and pilot's hats. Yep, shorts, ties, and hats. Oh, I mentioned the guys were all hard. Pretty sure every girl in the picture had just cum. They were all glistening and puffy and red. Yeah, me too. Mia again.

I have no idea what Jesse's role was, but he was the cowboy. Seriously. Assless leather chaps. A vest, which was black mesh. A cowboy hat. Yeah, he rocked it. Julia may have been the old west hooker. I'm not sure, but she had a short, short, short dress on. Like my maid's outfit, but in bright red with a white ruffle. She had a pretty white blouse on. An actual white blouse, but entirely seethru. Barely there gossamer. Fuck she was sexy. Those nipples. Damn.

The last photo was Juanita and Amai together. They were dressed in the most beautiful kimonos. I have no idea why, but they looked wonderful. They were quite unique, because while they were still colorful, they were decidedly see thru. The other difference was the peeking through their kimonos were their hard as a rock cocks. Yum.

That was all the adults. No, not quite. Missed a couple. One was Tim. You remember Tim. Twelve inches of BBC Tim. He was a construction worker, in jeans shorts and a neon vest and hard hat. Oh, hard fit the description in more ways than one. Damn. I loved his cock. We all loved his cock. Wait, he was here and took this picture and didn't fuck me? I must be losing my touch. No wait, Mia's an adult too. I searched out her photo. Interesting. She was a construction worker too, in crotchless jeans, with boots. Her top was a vest too, but neon orange mesh. Yes, mesh. Oh, she was glistening in all the right places too. I wonder why the kids kept this from us? Odd.

We wandered back out and I cornered Leslie.

"Why did you hide the party from us?," I said. She looked a little sheepish and then took a big breath.

"Please don't take the the wrong way, but we wanted to plan the whole thing ourselves. If we'd told you, you would have wanted to help, which means you would have taken over. We usually appreciate that, but this was our thing," said Leslie. OK. Got it. Fair point.

"OK, I see your point. Not offended at all, but next time just tell me to back off and I will," I said, giving her a hug, and, well a bit of a grope. Who could resist? She couldn't, because she groped me right back. One thing led to another and we ended up in a 69 on the couch. Damn she had skills. When we finally came back to earth, I knew I had another question, but my mind was a bit scrambled. Oh yeah.

"I get why you didn't tell me, but why didn't you tell your Dad?," I asked.

"Because we all know you can read his mind," said Leslie. Really? They think that? Well, kind of. I would have known he was hiding something and he would have spilled it. But I was OK with them thinking I could.

"Well, sure," I said. Let them think it. Maybe it is true. I'll never tell.

Naked Cosplay. What a great thought

Amy again. I don't know how Bob does it. I really don't. This staying on the sidelines and not being involved is overwhelming me. All the things I could be doing. All the improvements I could make. Yeah, I get it. All exactly why they hid it from me.

It's still hard. Make that difficult. Hard has a much better meaning in our lives. It was finally time to go. Leslie finally shared that there were no more adults than that, except Cam, Aldo, and Freja, who were already in Austin. There were a lot more kids though. A lot. All the parents had agreed to the weekend. I suspect they were all dancing on the tables to have a free weekend. Some of the kids were being dropped at the plane, as apparently it would have taken too many trips to get everyone there. Too many trips? Given we have four helicopters, that seemed extreme. How the fuck many kids were coming? Once we all got on the plane, I wandered around an did a kid-ventory. See what I did there? The adults we know. Bob and me, Tom and Jess, Alison and Blake, Amai and Juanita, Tim and Mia. Oh, they're not a couple. I just put them together for convenience. I think. On the way over, he was fucking her on one of the couches, so who knows? It was fun to watch. Oh, back to the kids.

Morgan, Orlando, Leslie, and Chris
Elena, Luca - wait, what? They're with us? That sent me on a quest to find Sophia, who was in a room with, surprise!, Morgan. Yeah, I joined them. So did Bob. We had fun.

Sorry for that diversion, but I guess there is one more adult - Sophia. Back to the list.

Hunter, Hallie, Valeria, Pedro, Maria - good, hadn't seen them in too long
Gabe, Ruby, Clay, Cindy, Terry, Renee
Greg, Peter, Bobby, Jan
Cisco, Gabby, Curtis, Max
Sandy, Bonnie, Anna, Noah, Rylee

And of course, when we got there, we'd add more.

Arturo, Alma, Benito, Ellie, Nicolo, Nova

36 kids and just a few adults. This weekend might kill us. We were the servants. Holy fuck. The plane was packed (yeah, yeah, it's a 747, so not that packed).

I could have filled a half dozen journal entries on the plane ride alone. Maybe someone else will. I know by the time we landed, I could barely move. And yes, Tim had another one in him. Or in me. Well, you get the idea.

Leslie gets the pen

Leslie here. Damn straight I get the pen. My idea, my pen. Yeah, the whole damn party was my idea. Kids, costumes, cocks? What more could you as for?

The stories on the plane would be fantastic. Maybe I'll tell just one. Just one. A few of us went into a bedroom and played spin the bottle. No, we didn't just kiss, but you knew that. Hunter, Pedro, Clay, Terry, Gabe, Luca, and me. Seven of us. Oh, you caught that I was the only girl. Better odds for me. I like cock, what can I say? I put six cards in a bowl. Two each of 'Ass', 'Pussy', 'Mouth'. Oh, you already get it, don't you. If you spun the bottle, the person to which it pointed pulled a card. If it was a boy, and it read Ass or Mouth, that's where they took it. To completion. If it read pussy, the cocks came to me. Yes, cocks. I got them both. Leslie's choice. When it was my turn to spin, oh, you were feeling a strap-on. No card needed. They all wanted me to spin more, but fair is fair. The boys were nice and let me go first. Yeah, sure, nice. I spun the bottle and it pointed at Pedro. Sexy 13 year old Pedro. By the smile on his face, he liked the idea.

Oh, I forgot to mention. One more bowl. "Small", "Medium", "Large", "Gigantic". Yeah, strap-on size. I let him pull the card. Oh boy. We were starting with gigantic. I required preparation, and had no shortage of volunteers. Luca, Clay, and Gabe all got me off, one after the other. Each had a different style that ended in the same result. I felt for them though, as their cocks looked painfully hard. Nice cocks all. Hunter and Terry prepared Pedro. Oh, yes, they used lube, but they started off by taking turns rimming him. He liked it. He liked it a lot. Finally he was ready and so was I. Gigantic was that size for my end too and it really stretched me out. I liked it. Pedro was bent over and I tried to ease it in, but he wasn't having it and slammed back taking the whole thing with a grunt. This was timed, as I didn't want to waste their cum, so it was two minutes. Oh, I came again. Twice. I'm surprised Pedro didn't, but he sure moaned when I pulled out.

What a start.

Next up was Hunter and he spun and it pointed at Clay. Oh that was going to be fun. Clay pulled a card and got Pussy. Oh boy, it WAS going to be fun. That meant Hunter in my pussy and Clay was Leslie's choice. I hadn't done a decent DP in awhile, so I climbed up and on Hunter and Clay bent me over. This time Gabe and Luca prepared me, yes first by rimming me. Who knew that could take me over, but it did. Then Clay slid in. The boys got quite a rhythm going and lasted and lasted. I didn't. At all. I rode that wave for hours, or at least it felt that way. Clay came first, almost immediately followed by Hunter. I loved this game. When they pulled out, Gabe took it upon himself to clean me out. Both places. Damn, can I live through this game?

I won't go through them all, but Hunter and Clay were out now, leaving Pedro, Terry, Gabe, Luca, and me. Pedro spun and it pointed right at Luca. Luca pulled a card and it read mouth. Nice. We all watched and learned as Luca blew Pedro. He was clearly quite accomplished and finished by pushing all the cum back to Pedro in an incredibly passionate kiss. Pedro was out. Next up was Terry and the bottle pointed at me. I picked mouth too. Oh, Clay might have been good, but I'm better. I am also not stupid, and when he started to cum, I pulled off and aimed it at my tits, then my pussy. Oh no, someone will have to clean me up. Oh good. Terry knew his responsibilities and dove right into my pussy and Luca attacked, yes attacked my breasts. I thought I'd died. Finally I was clean. Yeah, clean.

Down to Gabe, Luca, and me. Notice how I never left the game? My rules. Gabe spun and it pointed at Luca, but Luca pulled pussy. Oh good. We were going to finish on me. I pushed Gabe on his back and climbed on. I leaned over and started making out with him and motioned Luca over. Oh, he got the point and got on his knees and fed us both his cock. We took turns licking and sucking him while I bounced up and down. I could tell he was close and sat up and aimed him at my tits. What can I say, I like cum. He came buckets and, surprise, it dripped down on my pussy and Gabe's cock. Gabe has grown too. He has a nice 5" inch cock that is surprisingly thick.

I like it. A lot.

Gabe came in me and Luca and Gabe took turns on cleanup. Pedro had apparently recovered, as he pushed them out of the way, lifted up my legs and slipped right in. I was solidly OK with that. The other boys all got on their knees around me and started jacking off. Then they started jacking EACH OTHER off. Pedro pulled out and went off first and caused a chain reaction. Do you know how much cum six boys produce, even their second time? Well I do, because it was all over me. Pedro leaned down to clean me up. He's so thoughtful.

"Stop," said Hunter. He proceeded to hand me my tank top and cheer shorts. Oh really? Really? Yes, really. I pulled on the T-shirt and it was like I was wearing a wet T. No, I was wearing a wet T-shirt; it just wasn't wet with water. The shirt stuck to me and went completely transparent. We walked out together to the living room and Mom was the first person to comment.

"Someone sprayed you with water?," said Mom, quizzically.

"Not water," I said. Yes, that got a big laugh from everyone in the room. Just then Chris announced we were landing, so we all strapped in. Yes, sticky little me. Did you notice I didn't fly the plane. I love to fly, but six. young. men.

Still sticky

Yes, still Leslie. I still want the pen. It took two flights to get us all to the house, and that was with Aldo flying his helicopter too. A lot of sweet young flesh on this trip. Oh, some sexy servants too.

It was late afternoon and the party was tomorrow so today was just fun play. We gathered in the living room, as there were some ground rules. Freja and her family were already there and had a large cottage for the weekend. They actually used our place more than we did. Freja shared they were there almost every weekend and it was great, because so many of our friends would come without us. She shared that it was about 50/50 on whether they got to play or not, but either way they loved it.

I guess we built giant houses for friends now. Actually, Mom and Dad do. They love to share.

"So listen up," I said. Everybody quieted down. "There are some ground rules. The first is no nudity or sex outdoors or near a window. We have to be careful. Second, try to save yourself just a bit for tomorrow. Oh, you know what I mean. Third, for the servants, I mean adults, no sex for you until the party. Nothing." Yeah, there were a lot of groans. Let's face it, there were 36 kids standing around them. All naked. Well, except me. I was still rocking my sticky, see-thru shirt.

"Hey, we need you saved up to serve us," I said. "In fact, no servant is allowed any sexual activity without the permission and participation of a kid. None. All weekend. That's it. Have fun." Mom came up to me, hot.

"What do you mean no sex today and only with permission," said Mom. I just looked at her for a minute.

"Servants do not speak unless spoken to, wench," I said. I then turned and walked away. Oh God I loved it. I'm not sure she did, but when I looked back, she was laughing. The rule didn't apply to the kids, and I noticed that Hunter was madly fucking Ellie doggy style, next to Orlando fucking Benito in the same position. I guess they missed their Austin friends. While I was watching, they both pulled out and turned and drenched each other. Interesting. Nova and Nicolo had been watching, and they pushed the boys down and Nova started cleaning up Hunter while Nicolo cleaned up Orlando. They both got hard again, but must have listened to me, as nothing else happened.

I walked into the kitchen to get a drink and Alma was bent over the kitchen table, getting absolutely pounded by Curtis. Had they even met? As I watched, he pulled out and she quickly turned around and took his load in her mouth. Damn that was sexy, particularly when she pushed it back into his mouth, while he groped her.

"Hi, I'm Curtis," he said, holding out his hand.

"I'm Alma," she said, taking his hand and shaking it. Yeah, that's about right, a fuck then introductions. Now I was curious, and just wandered around to see what was going on. Not much saving themselves. I did see Sophia watching Morgan getting fucked by Greg while in a 69 with Rylee. Yeah, that was hot, but Sophia looked unhappy. I walked up to her.

"You OK?," I asked. She turned to me with fire in her eyes.

"Your damn rules. I'm finally here with Morgan and I am a fucking adult," she said, pretty harshly. Oh. Got it. Well, rules are made to be broken. Just then, Greg filled up Morgan. Before the could do cleanup, I stopped them.

"Sorry, Morgan, I need to talk to you and Sophia. Cleanup will have to wait," I said. I took them upstairs to Morgan's room.

"Who says I can't make an exception?," I said. With that, I walked out, leaving them alone. I turned just as I was closing the door and Sophia was already cleaning Morgan out. We didn't see them again until dinner. Good for them.

Dinner was in, gasp, clothes, as it was an outdoor cookout. I'd brought in a team for that, so we'd all gotten dressed before they arrived. Hey, even I didn't want to make the servants feed 40+ people. Another team would be here for breakfast, but once they left, the party started. The evening was spent playing games, and no, I don't mean those games. We had Pictionary, Monopoly, Yahtzee, Guesstures, Sorry, and more. What made me laugh the most is that very few of the kids played a game of Sorry, but the adults had some spirited contests. I heard them betting sexual favors, but they were going to have to save them. It had been a long day, so I declared a 10PM bedtime for all. Given there was no sex for the servants, they grumbled a bit, but agreed.

But I wasn't done yet.

"OK, listen up again," I said, standing on a table. "Sleeping arrangements are the kid's choice. All the cottages are open and ready. Now, the servants will be dispersed with the kids. If two or more kids pick you, than that's your sleeping group for the night. No more than four in a bed -- we do need some sleep. But don't forget the rules. No servant sex. You can watch, but you can't even touch yourself. You can, however, service the kids. Servant, remember? You follow their orders." With that, the kids scattered, finding adults and teaming up. It took a solid 30 minutes to get it all worked out, but groups drifted off. Me? I really missed Luca and Elena, so we teamed up. We picked Amai. Yeah, she was going to watch us with that sexy hard cock in the wind. OK, I laughed. We all went up to my room and climbed in bed. You'll get so much sex tomorrow, I won't bother you with tonight's details, but I had made it clear that adults could have cleanup duty. After all, they're servants, right? We made Luca stop after two, so he'd have some for tomorrow. He got to fuck Elena all he wanted, so I got both loads, one in my pussy and one in my ass. Yes, Amai faithfully cleaned me out both times. She didn't even complain once. We didn't leave Elena hanging either. Servants could give pleasure too, so Elena got off three times, once from each of us. We would have done more, but she made us stop. After all, Luca and Elena were jet lagged. We fell asleep in a jumble with Amai in the middle. We were asleep in minutes.

Leslie, the Grand Mistress

Morgan here. I'm taking over the pen, because I'm the big sister and I can. No, seriously, Leslie was too busy bossing people around. I mean, arranging things, Yeah, arranging things. Breakfast was great, and Mom got her bacon, but we were all glad when the catering crew left. It was time to get into our costumes and go into the big room on the first floor.

It's party time.

Cam had the room set up pretty mildly. It was one huge open room, easily 80 feet by 100 feet. Big. The walls were closed in one corner. Yes, the BDSM room. Who knows if those walls will open today. My guess is yes, as everyone will want to watch. Right in the center of the room was a king size bed, on an elevated platform. Even I didn't exactly know what that was for, but I think we can all guess, particularly given the bed was surrounded by cameras on tripods. The 8K video cameras and the still cameras. Oh boy. Yes, we had to be careful, but still. and movies.

I was already dressed in my costume. Orlando and I dressed as a couple. I was dressed in crotchless jeans, boots, a vest, and a baseball cap. My hair was pulled up under the cap. What? You say that sounds like a guy's costume?


Orlando was dressed in one of the t-shirt dresses. You know, the ones that Chris favors. No straps, just held up by the stretchiness around her small tits. In fact, it WAS one of Chris' dresses. Wait, you way that Orlando has nothing to hold it up? No tits? No so fast. Today he was wearing a strapless bra, a padded strapless bra. He had nice A cup breasts. Oh, and you realized that he is significantly taller than Chris, didn't you? Yes, he is. Which mean the dress stopped just above his cock. Got it? Got it?

Oh, he was going to get it.

There were large TV monitors on the walls all over the place. I knew that when the walls closed, that put one in every room, but they were on, but just showing a blank screen. I had no idea what they were for. Leslie. Yep, Leslie. Just then, the TVs all came to life.

"To the bed please. Valeria, Cindy, Bobby. Instructions to follow."

Seriously? Who's deciding this stuff? Oh hell, who cares. We're all going to roll with it. Bobby was one lucky guy. Eight years old and teamed up with nine year old Cindy and fifteen year old Valeria. Damn, I still can't get over how hot Valeria is. I need to spend more time with her. She's also incredibly sweet.

They all walked up. It took me a minute to figure out Bobby's costume. Oh, got it. Royal child. You know. Shorts, a long sleeve shirt, and suspenders. Oh he rocked it, particularly given that his small 3 inch cock was hard as a rock and coming out the crotch. His shirt was sheer. Very sheer and his nipples were even hard. Cute and fucking sexy. Valeria was dressed as a fox. A fox is a fox. Works for me. Basically fur covered panties, with a tail. She also had a headband with ears and she had whiskers. Oh, that's it. Foxes don't wear tops, now do they? Is you imagination getting all this? Cindy was an angel. Tiny, tight, white, sheer leotard. I think she had makeup on her nipples, as you could clearly see them, with her little hard nipples. She had little wings and a halo headband. Oh, and she was dripping down her leg. I think I was too.

The all climbed up and sat on the bed, looking at the TV screens. I don't know who was running this, but as soon as they sat down, the screens switched.

"69. Cindy on the bottom. Valeria on the top. Bobby fucking Valeria. Timed."

Oh, they followed the instructions. The girls were really going at it. Bobby waited a bit and just watched. The TV put a timer up: 03:00. Bobby clearly figured out it wouldn't start until HE started, so he waited. And waited. Once both girls went off, he got up on his knees and slid right in. As soon he slid in, the countdown timer started. Three minutes is a long time. Could Bobby makes it without cumming? We all watched, enthralled. This was damn fun. We're all voyeurs, I guess. As the time wound down, you could tell Bobby was trying his best to hold off.

He didn't succeed. We all knew he had emptied into Valeria, which managed to take both the girls over. Time ran out and the all laid back, as the TV changed.

"Bob to the bed for cleanup."

Oh, he must have been watching, as he was on the bed in a flash. Oh, he cleaned up Bobby first, then went on to Valeria. The timer started again, at 02:00. She didn't make it the first minute before she was bucking and he kept her there until time ran out. They all started to get off the bed, and the TV changed again.

"Cindy too."

The timer reset to 02:00. Well that was fair. Who in the hell is running this? I see Leslie, Orlando, and Chris, so not them. I can't figure out who is missing. Once Dad was done, they all got off the bed to cheers and clapping. The TV screen went dark.

But not for long. The next order flashed up.

"Morgan and Sophia to the bed please"

Oh, I'm up. With Sophia. No complaints from me. We both got up on the bed and the screen changed.

"69. Sophia on top."

Then a timer lit up. 15:00. Seriously? Fifteen minutes? Oh boy. We got into position and went at it. I glanced over and the timer started. Sophia and I both went over and I looked at the time. 13:40. Shit. Good, I guess, but oh, oh over again. I waved at Orlando. He understood.

Yeah, I did. She wasn't going to remember anything. I'll take over the pen. They were bucking and moaning until the timer hit 08:00, then the screen changed, and the timer stopped, but they didn't see it and kept going.

"Luca, Hunter, Gabe, Peter to the side of the bed. 2 minutes each. Fuck Sophia"

The boys ran up and Luca went first, fucking his Mom. He was really going at it and didn't watch the timer. At 6:00, we heard a short but loud beep and the timer stopped. The girls didn't. Luca moved and Hunter took his spot. This went on and on until Gabe and Peter had their turns. I was impressed. Not one of the four came.

Oh, wait. You don't know the costumes. Morgan you already know. Sophia was a ballerina, if by ballerina you mean a tiny tutu and ballet shoes. In white. She rocked it. Those firm breasts are amazing. Sorry, off track, but they are.

Luca was Sophia's ballet partner. The longer Capri style pants that the men wear, but no codpiece, as he was hanging out. Matching ballet shoes too. Hunter was, well, a hunter. He had too small and too tight cargo shorts, and a hunter's vest. You know the vest, that can hold more shotgun shells. Where the hell they got one in mesh, I don't know. Gabe was a lion. Tight, fur covered panties, in lion color. He had a wig on that gave him a full mane. I'll bet that was hot, but he looked hot too. And hard. Peter was channeling the Brady bunch, in 70's bell bottom pants and a polyester shirt. Which was sheer. I have no idea where Mia got all these, but my guess is that she made most of them. She's a wonder.

I guess I'll keep the pen for a bit. Funny I mentioned Mia, as the TV screen changed.

"Mia, Rylee, Nova to the bed"

Well, that's a nice trio of sexy girls. They all RAN up. Yes, ran, and hopped up on the bed. Nova actually did a little dance on the bed. Mia was dressed as a competitive swimmer, complete with swim cap and a one piece Speedo, that had been very strategically altered. There were perfect circles that allow her breasts through and, of course, it was crotchless. It was also tight as hell. Her perfect body shown through. Rylee was dressed as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Remember the blue checked jumper? Her jumper was cut much lower and, oh no, she forgot a shirt. Oh, and the skirt was really, really short, but she was wearing the red slippers.

I have no idea what Nova's costume had been, because she was naked. Yeah, that's Nova. The screen changed again.

"Nova lick Mia. Rylee suck Mia's nipples. To three orgasms."

No timer on this one, and the two younger girls dove right in. Little Nova's ass was in the air and you could see everything. Her tiny little slit was red and leaking. Oh God, I wanted to. I really wanted to. But the screen changed.

"Max to the bed. Fuck Nova to completion for both. Others continue."

Max ran up. He is so good looking. A perfectly formed copper colored human. Seven years old with a thin five inch cock and yes, you read that right. He slid right into Nova and started pumping, while she continued on Mia. Mia went over, but Max didn't. He had amazing stamina and Mia kept going over and then Nova did. He kept pumping and pumping until finally he made the cumming scrunchy face. They all fell onto the bed. I think Mia needed a nap. Oh, Max. Forgot. He was a cop. Blue short shorts, with a badge clipped to the belt, and a cop hat. That's it.

The screen changed again.

"Almost lunch. One more. Teaching moment."

It stayed there for about thirty seconds and then changed.

"Bob and Amy to the bed. Amy on back, at edge, legs in the air. Fuck to completion. Cum on tits. Teach us how."

Well, they are fucking amazing and amazing fucking. They assumed the position and started slow. Dad worked on Mom's clit while he slowly slid in and out. He used his other hand to twist and tweak her nipples. He clearly got her very, very close and then stopped. Everything. Just stood there. Mom actually growled. He started back up and she quicky went over. He sped up and kept going, keeping her there. Over and over and over, for at least five full minutes. Finally he pulled out and emptied on her tits. Wow, a night of no action sure filled up his balls. She was covered from chin to dripping pussy. They stood there a moment and the screen changed.

"Chris to the bed for cleanup."

Chris came bounding up, and yes, bounding was the right word. It took me a minute to figure out her costume. Short skirt, very short. Nylons with garter belts. Very sheer top. Glasses. What was up with the glasses. OH! School teacher. Oh hell, she'd be a popular teacher. She got on her knees and started licking up all that cum and feeding it to Mom. Dad watched and damn, got hard again. Chris wiggled her ass and he couldn't resist and slid in. Suddenly a loud as hell siren went off and the screen changed to one word in giant red letters.


Dad pulled out and the screen changed again.

"Follow the screens. Nothing else. Penalty assessed."

Dad looked confused. We all looked confused. Penalty? What penalty? The screen changed again.

"Lunch time in the kitchen. Return by 1:00PM. NO ACTIVITY. Penalty assessed upon return."

Oh we all ate fast. The idea of a penalty was intoxicating. We didn't even know who GOT the penalty. Dad? Chris? Both? We were all back in the room by 12:45, but just milled around a bit, with dark TV screens. Our phones had been banned from the room, so we didn't even know what time it was. Finally a big timer popped up on the screen and start counting down from 05:00 minutes. At one minute, the timer moved to the side and a message displayed.

"Chris, Bob, Leslie to the bed."

They all moved to the bed. Chris and Dad clearly looked nervous. Leslie looked amped. Truly excited. Erect nipples, engorged pussy excited. I don't think it helped that Leslie's outfit was a Domninatrix. Oh yeah. Short leather skirt. Leather bustier. Studded collar. Her breasts were showing and the skirt was really short, so I know my description was accurate. She was actually leaking down her leg. Finally the timer counted to zero and a panel in the wall opened. We all stared and could see something on the shelf. The TV lit up again.

"Leslie to place clothespins on Chris' nipples."

Damn. That was going to sting. Oh my. I think Chris liked the idea. Leslie went over and came back with two regular wooden clothespins. She walked over and unbuttoned Chris' shirt and pulled it open. Oh, I got hard. I love her puffies. Leslie clipped on on each nipple, hanging down, then rebuttoned her shirt. Chris actually moaned. The TV changed again and another panel opened.

"Chris may leave. Clamps for one hour. Bob gets 10 spanks."

A small timer in the lower right corner started counting down Chris' hour. She wandered back into the crowd. It was pretty obvious that she fucking liked it. Dad climbed up on the bed, face down. Leslie walked over and pulled a paddle out of the opening. You know, an old-school paddle, but with holes drilled in it. I think that made it hurt more. She walked back over and spanked Dad with a tentative spank. We heard a buzzer and the TV changed.

"Much harder. Still 10."

Leslie hit him quite a bit harder, but the buzzer went off again.

"Still much harder. Now 12."

Damn. This felt like we were in Saw 12 or something. Leslie hit Dad pretty hard and he yelped. The TV changed to display a big number.


Leslie kept doing it and each time it counted down until the last spank and then it changed.

"Replace paddle. You may go."

Dad got up and his as was firey red. He waddled off and Leslie put the paddle back and the panel slid closed. The TV briefly went blank and then flashed up a message.

"Orlando, Gabby, Noah, Tim to the bed."

Guess I'll pass the pen.

Morgan here. I can't imagine what they're going to do with Gabby. She's a tiny little thing. No way any of these guys could fuck her. Certainly not Tim! Suddenly the TV changed.

"Gabby lay on bed. Noah on all fours beside her. She must have access to his cock."

They positioned themselves properly but I'll jump in with Gabby and Noah's costumes. This must have been planned by the TV God, because Noah and Gabby had coordinating outfits. Noah had parachute pants on. Seriously. He had a trident painted on his chest and a small mask over his eyes. I'm pretty sure he was Aquaman. Gabby had a tiny little bra made of coconuts and shiny green pants with scales on them. She could walk, but the visual was a mermaid. A tiny, sexy Mermaid. The center of the coconuts were cut out and we could see her tiny nipples. The pants/fin actually stopped below her tiny little slit. Visually it was amazing.

She laid down with her head beside him. If she slid under, his cock would pop in her mouth, but she just waited. I'm pretty sure they didn't want to be punished. The TV changed.

"Train. Noah, Orlando, Tim. To completion. Cum on Gabby."

Mom handed them lube, which was apparently allowed, because nothing bad happened. It took them a minute, but they finally got to pounding away, and the screen changed.

"Gabby jack off Noah."

Oh, she was game. They were really pounding and somehow timed it well, because they all pulled out and all three of them aimed at Gabby. She was covered from head to toe with cum. I don't think there was a bare spot. Just covered. They'd sprayed so much on her little nipples that the coconuts had filled up with cum. Her little slit couldn't even be seen. The TV changed.

"Boys may leave. Renee to the bed for cleanup."

Noah climbed down and walked off, but Tim and Orlando turned and looked at each other. They each grabbed the other's cock and started stroking. What the hell are they doing? They're going to get punished! Oh. Got it. Yes, the alarm went off and the TV changed.

"Penalty for Tim and Orlando. Wait at foot of bed for cleanup."

Renee walked up and damn she was cute. Little with little. It's hard to explain, but Renee was a dog. A red dog, as in Clifford. She had red floppy ears and red leather crotchless panties, with an short tail. Oh, it worked. She was delicious. She climbed on the bed and slid up Gabby's body, licking as she went. She was covering herself with cum, but licking up even more and kissing it to Gabby. Oh they loved it. Just loved it. Finally Gabby was clean, but Renee wasn't. The TV flashed. Just then, Chris' timer reached zero and started flashing and there was a beeping. The panel slid open and Chris walked over. She unbuttoned enough to remove the clips, placed them in the shelf and the panel closed. She left her blouse unbuttoned and open, but nothing happened. I think that disappointed her. The TV changed again.

"Switch. Gabby cleanup Renee."

So they did. Quite well. They finished up and climbed down. Orlando and Tim were still standing at the foot of the bed. Oh God they were both hard. Orlando was such a stud now. He held his own next to Tim. Orlando's cock had grown in length and girth. Not Tim big, but big. Fun as fuck big. The TV flashed on.

"Morgan to the bed."

Oh, that's unexpected. I'll pass the pen to Chris.

Chris here. What the heck. They WANTED to get punished? Oh wait. I get it. The clothespins were interesting. They hurt and I fucking liked it. Oh, back to what's going on. I wonder what their punishment would be? Morgan was standing beside the bed, and the TV was dark. A drawer popped out from below the bed, right next to Morgan. She looked in and laughed. The TV flashed on.

"Tim and Orlando on the bed, next to each other. Morgan, you know what to do."

The men laid down next to each other and Morgan pulled scarves out of the drawer and shut it. Just then, two poles rose up from the middle of the side of the bed and unfolded. What the hell? Oh, wait, I got it and so did Morgan. She tied their arms over their head to the top of the bed. Then she lifted their legs up and tied them to the poles. It really spread their legs and they were completely exposed. You can imagine what I meant. The TV flashed.

"Morgan is done. Hunter, Pedro, Gabe, Greg, Cisco, Arturo, Benito to the bed."

Wow. That's a lot of boys. If I am figuring this out, it's all boys that actually cum. The TV flashed again.

"Fuck them. All of you. Both of them. Go."

They actually lined up. I'm not going to go into all the costumes, but they were wonderful. Hunter started with Orlando and Pedro started with Tim. Once they came in them, the next two took their place and they switched lines. It took awhile, but we all watched while all seven fucked each of them, depositing a load. Oh, the bed was getting wet. When the last one finished, the TV flashed again.

"Bob, Blake, Aldo, Jesse, Juanita, Amai to the bed. Same rules."

Seriously? Six more loads? That's 13 loads each. The guys were clearly into it, as it went faster than I expected. When the last two were finishing, the TV flashed again and another panel opened.

"Amy to the bed. Retrieve panties first."

Oh, I got it. Mom went up and got a pair of sheer panties for each of them. They're asses were red and clearly sore, but they were smiling. Mom untied their legs and slipped a pair of panties on each of them. They lifted up so she could slip them on. Finally she untied their arms and the posts retracted. The TV flashed.

"Free fuck until dinner. Have fun."

With that, another panel in the wall opened and smoke billowed out. It was cold, so clearly a special effect. Jackson walked out, wearing parachute pants and a turban. Oh, got it. He was a genie. The whole place applauded and he took a bow.

Well played, Jackson, well played. I saw Mom and Alison walk over and take him by the hand and dragged him up and onto the bed, right on to the giant wet spot. Oh they had their way with him in every way possible. It was quite a show. I went and found Noah and we found a quiet corner. Oh, he had one more in him. He's young. I had a lot more in me. Over and over and over.

Leslie here.

That's the end of the big Cosplay party. It was amazing. It was awesome. I was impressed with Tim and Orlando taking their punishment well. They wore those panties until bedtime. I am pretty sure they liked it. It was an incredible day. We had a dinner buffet, with standing rib, lobster, crab, and more. They even had a huge thing of bacon, I suspect just for Mom. We had everyone get cleaned up, except Orlando and Tim, who just pulled clothes over their panties. The evening was just groups chatting and laughing. We were tired!

Characters in the stories




Gabriel (Gabe)




The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
The youngest
Adopted daughter
Leslie's new friend
Hunter's twin sister
Juan and Sofia's oldest daughter
Juan and Sofia's son
Juan and Sofia's youngest daughter
Family personal trainer and more
Lance and Linda's son
Lance and Linda's daughter
Matt's son
Matt's daughter
First home staff. Mechanic, general purpose everything
First home staff. Chef, runs the house and more
Juanita's brother
Juanita's sister
Juanita's Dad
Juanita's Mom
Italian Vinter
Antonio's wife
New Italian friend and Goddess
Sophia's son
Sophia's daughter
Flight instructor
Flight instructor
Orlando’s science club partner
Sandy’s friend
Sandy’s friend
Developer and architect
Kitchen designer
Chris’ new friend
Cheerleader with Leslie and Chris
The family social secretary
Amai’s Dad
Amai’s Mom
Napa winery manager and Olympic swimmer
Chloe’s college roommate and long-time friend
Freja’s husband
Freja and Aldo’s son
Freja and Aldo’s daughter
Freja and Aldo’s son
Freja and Aldo’s daughter
Freja and Aldo’s son
Freja and Aldo’s daughter
Nudist resort owners
Nudist resort owners


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
4'11" - 80, slim, glorious puffy nipples
5'0" - cute as hell, 3 inch cock
4'8" - small A cup
5'5" - 120, C cup
5'7" - slim, 5 inch cock
5'2" - skinny, flat
5'9" - athletic, petite, D cup, 5 inch cock
5'1" - skinny, cute, 4 inch uncut cock
4'8" - skinny, smaller version of Clay, flat
4'11" - average, 3 inch cut cock
4'10" - average, just a hint of puffies
6'2" - 185, blonde, ripped, 7 inch thin cock
5'9" - tall, athletic, blonde, simply stunning, B cup, model gorgeous
5'1" - 100, cute, 5 inch thick cock
4'11" - 85, sexy, flat
5'11" - 175, Vin Diesel, but with short hair, 6 inch average cock
5'6" - 125, stunning, D cup on a small frame
6'3" - 220, well-endowed
5'8" - voluptuous, A cup
5'7" - stunning, simply stunning, B cup
5'4" - chisled, smaller, male Sophia, 5 inch uncut cock
4'5" - sexy AF
6'0" - 175, trim, 7 inch thick and cut
5'9" - 140, small B cup, runner's body
5’5” - petite, long legs, B cup, big nipples
5'2" - thin, puffies
5’3” - average, C cups
5'7" - athletic, smaller B cup. Hot AF
6’0” - swimmer’s body, 6 inch thick cock
5'7" - thin, 5 inch average cock. Big balls
5’4” - sexy AF, B cup
5’4” - beautiful, petite, B cup, 6 inch uncut thick cock
6’3” - 195, handsome and black, gray hair, 9 inch thick BBC
5’6” - 120, stunning, mixed, C cup
5’5” - 110, trim, sexy, small B cup
5'8" - athletic, C cup
5’2” - waif, A cup
5’7” - thin, C cup, 5 inch cut cock
5'9" - blonde, C cup, athletic
6'3" - 185, Italian, 7 uncut and thick
5'9" - 155, 6 uncut and thick
5'4" - A cup, thin
5'4" - 5 uncut, average
5'1" - puffies
4'6" - 3 inch uncut
4'4" - flat

End of Chapter