Their world changes

4 May 2018

Tim Buchanan

Formerly Chapters 13 and 14

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A lazy day takes a turn

The day started out uneventfully as most Mondays do. We were all exhausted. I'm not sure I'll ever recover.

My morning was interrupted with a phone call, which is actually pretty unusual. I do most of my communication though email and IM. I'm the proverbial man behind the curtains working away, contributing, but without many people giving me a second thought.

On the phone was a college friend, Mark Zukowski. I hadn't talked to Mark in years. I knew he did something in tech, in Austin, but nothing really registered.

"Hey buddy," he said. After some small talk, he got right down to business.

"You remember that programming you did for me back in college? I told you I couldn't pay you, but whenever we went public, I'd give you 1% of the stock."

I vaguely remembered that but not the details.

"What you probably don't know," he continued, "is that code was the core starting point." He named an up and coming startup in the social media space.

"We went public today. I gave you two percent, as I thought you really deserved it. Pull up our stock price."

I went to a popular finance site and entered the symbol he provided. The stock was up 25% today. My eyes drifted over to the company market cap.

$23,000,000,000 it said. $23 Billion, with a B.

Doing the math, I realized my friend had just told me I was worth $460 Million dollars.

"What?," I screamed into the phone. "This is a joke, right?"

"No joke buddy. The rules say you can sell one percent of your holdings immediately. Just give me the word and I'll have that dropped into your account by the end of the day. By then it should be worth over 5 mil. You can sell another 10 percent in a month. I'd sell it and diversify, but just between you and me, we expect to be over $50 billion in market cap by the end of the year."

That would put my net worth over a billion. A BILLION!

Guess I could retire.

He quickly ended the call as he said he had to call his Mom and tell her about her five percent. I didn't try to do that math.

I sat in stunned silence for awhile but then couldn't stop laughing. The funny thing is I was in a little bit of a dry period in my consulting and had just that morning finished my only remaining contract. I hadn't worried as I had planned it to take a little time off. Amy was graduating and the kids were just out of school today for the year and I'd planned an entire summer off. Guess I could take off a little more than that.

Amy came home first, to find me sitting on the deck drinking a glass of champagne with the bottle in a newly purchased ice bucket.

She took a sip and smiled.

"That is wonderful," she said. "I've never tasted anything like it."

I waved a hand at the ice bucket. She pulled out the bottle and read the label.

"Dom Perignon?!," she exclaimed. "What has gotten in to you. We can't afford this."

"Yes we can. I have a story to tell."

I recounted the story of Mark's call and when I finished, she sat there stunned.

She just kept repeating: "460 million dollars" over and over.

By the time the kids were home, we had finished off the bottle and had a second unopened bottle on ice. Today they got to taste champagne and we were going to set their taste buds properly. We told the story to them and they danced and danced around the deck. We finally got them to understand this was a family secret. Spilling these beans could be dangerous as people would take an interest in us and we had secrets. We did celebrate with dinner at the nicest place in town. The kids got cleaned up and I wore my one suit for the first time in a year. Amy was stunning in a short emerald green dress, with the new emerald necklace I'd purchased that day. What is the point of money if you can't spend stupid amounts on the woman you love?

We spent the first part of dinner playing game called "how would I blow the first million?." We discovered it was actually hard to spend a million dollars on a whim. Even starting with nice cars it took effort. This led to a real conversation about where we wanted to live. The kids needed school but other than that we could live anywhere. After much discussion, little Leslie (who was now a mature 11) chimed in.

"Why don't we just buy a bigger boat?"

Amy and I looked at each other and grinned. We all agreed that was the perfect solution. We all agreed that our limit was a boat we could pilot ourselves. Our privacy was important to us. I agreed to look into a boat. The kids decided to plan a revised itinerary as our summer goals were now unlimited. They threw out the Bahamas, Jamaica, and more. Amy challenged them to be less traditional. Find smaller, lesser known islands. Places we could anchor in a deserted cove and skinny dip off the swim platform. I upped the challenge with ports where we could stop for supplies. The challenge was equally unique locations.

Orlando asked if "snobby" places were OK. I assured him they were but reminded him that wealth or not, we were simple people.

Morgan changed the game however.

"I want to go on shorter cruises," she said. "We have a lot of special friends. I want to invite them along but they won't be able to take the whole summer. Why don't we do a series of one or two week cruises and swap families in and out. We could keep the weekends at each end to ourselves and have them for the week."

I knew the kids were smart but am always reminded of their brilliance.

Orlando piped in: "Why don't we figure out which port in the islands has the cheapest round trip flights from Tampa? That way they could meet us there and we wouldn't waste time coming back to Tampa. They'd also feel like they were at least contributing a little."

Yep, brilliant.

I daydreamed over dessert of all the people we already knew to invite. This summer would really wear us out. I had to make sure the boat had a spot for a little exercise equipment. We needed to be in better shape.

We spent the next few days planning. We decided friend cruises, as we started calling them, would start July 1st for 7 weeks. That gave us a month to buy a boat, learn what we needed to know, and be prepared. My research already showed that I needed a class. Luckily there was a local week long class starting in 10 days. I made that my deadline for buying the boat, even though I didn't need it for class. Apparently it is a pretty killer course, so I knew I had to focus. Leslie had announced we needed to know about customs on all the islands and how to deal with it and made it her task. Orlando was our tech head and announced he would research the best technology for the new hidden cameras on the new boat and find a discrete contractor.

Wait, what? Hidden cameras?

All the kids burst out laughing.

"Do you think we are that stupid?," asked Orlando. "You're not that discrete and the walls on our boat are thin. Morgan and Leslie heard you watching a video a long time ago. When you hear your own moans on a soundtrack, you can pretty easily figure it out."

Having been properly busted, we agreed that would be Orlando's task, but to be careful about it. We had narrowed our choices to two local, available boats and would decide soon. Neither was new, but wealth doesn't mean you can't be frugal. We decided to take one last look as a family and headed off in the wagon. On the way Morgan declared that while she loved this car, we needed something bigger particularly to get ready for our trip. So, on a whim, we whipped into the Mercedes dealer and made Sara's day by buying the most tricked out GLS63 SUV they had. Sara reminded me, privately, that I had her number.

Amy, loving to shake people up, pulled Sara to the side. She told her she knew that I had her number. Sara's shock and concern quickly changed to a smile when Amy assured her that she too was looking forward to Sara coming to visit. After a quick look around, Amy ended the conversation with a quick hug and kiss, with both her hands firmly on Sara's ass. That was going to be fun, but we had to be careful as Sara might not understand the breadth of our family's love for each other.

We got to the first marina and were welcomed in. They knew we were close to a decision and not that many people were in the market for an Sunseeker 131. As in 131 feet. We went straight to the second marina and checked out the Viking 93. Quite a bit of difference between the two, beyond the 38 feet. Smaller and more manageable versus bigger and considerably more luxurious. The morning had been long, so we stopped for a late lunch and had a spirited discussion about which boat to choose. Amy and Orlando were firmly in the camp of the 131. Morgan and Leslie were just as firm in their choice of the 93. Maybe they didn't quite have the same millionaire (billionaire?) taste yet.

They all looked at me, expecting me to make the final decision. I was fairly ambivalent so made the obvious choice. I picked the boat Amy liked. I'm not stupid. After a chorus of complaints from Morgan and Leslie that I was pussy whipped, I freely admitted that if I expected to live my entire life with Amy, I knew what decision I should make.

That comment struck the entire table into silence.

Amy looked at me and softly asked: "Did you just propose?"

Without hesitation and with my biggest smile, I replied "I guess I did."

I dropped to one knee, took her hand and in my most soulful voice said "With our children as our witnesses, Amy, will you marry me?"

This led to a resounding roar from the kids and lots of hollering. My taking one knee had already gotten the attention of all the other diners. The kids screams ensured anyone not yet aware was now staring. I stood up and Amy jumped into my arms, smothering my face with kisses while repeatedly saying Yes, yes, yes. That got us a standing ovation from the entire restaurant. After all, they probably don't see a lot of proposals at the Steak n Shake. As I clearly was unprepared, ring shopping was in our future. Amy, Morgan, and Leslie immediately started planning the wedding. Apparently that would mean I would finally get to meet Amy's parents. Can you imagine I had yet to meet them? We got back to the boat and everyone agreed a quick nap was in order. Amy's and my bed wasn't very big, but apparently family bed was in order, as we all conked out together.

The next morning we split up. Leslie and Orlando stayed home to do research. Hunter and Hallie came over to help, so my guess is they took frequent breaks.

Amy took off in the SUV to look into provisioning the new boat. At that size, it was a bit like stocking up a hotel so they were off to meet with a commercial supplier.

I went to buy a boat. I had already let the other marina know of our choice, much to their disappointment. The purchasing experience was quite simple which I guess you would expect for millions of dollars. The marina sent me off with a pilot, to coach me through my first cruise and agreed to deliver my car and pick up the pilot. The service you get for writing a big check.

I had already arranged a new slip in our marina. We really wanted to stay where we were comfortable so the marina had rebuilt and combined four slips to accommodate us. It was expensive and my first reaction was shock. It takes awhile to realize that you are filthy rich. I suspected the slip was fairly temporary as a house with a deep water dock was likely in our future. After all, I was going to be an old married guy.

As much as I wanted to cruise around, I went straight home (piloting our new home -- it is a bit confusing).

By then everyone was back, and Hunter and Hallie had headed off, so our family got to explore our new purchase alone. To set the stage, it was a five bedroom boat. A master suite for Amy and me. There were two more queen staterooms and two smaller rooms with two singles, one as bunk beds. Well, actually, it came with the optional crew's quarters, which was another three smaller bedrooms that shared a bath. The kids had talked and agreed, for now, that Amy and Leslie each got a Queen room and Orlando got the smaller room. I was impressed, as he actually suggested it. They all knew that on family cruises, all bets were off and they got bumped out to the lounge. Or should I say lounges. Lots of rooms on this baby, including a dining room that seats 8!

I had thought ahead and at 6 the caterers from our favorite restaurant arrived with a special dinner. Well, they really didn't do catering but had a price that could overcome that obstacle. I was learning the ins and outs of being rich. We caught up on our various projects. The commercial supply company was a marine specialist. They were coming tomorrow to stock up everything. The kids had provided a detailed itinerary so arrangements had already been made to restock at the appropriate ports.

Orlando had a contractor for the cameras coming tomorrow. He was confident of their discretion. I thought he would talk to me first, so I queried him on why? He replied that he had hired them through our family attorney. That made anything they did fall under privilege. Our attorney was circumspect enough to not ask any questions but accepted that we needed a discrete security specialist.

Brilliant, need I remind you?

I won't go into the details but suffice it to day we christened the boat properly.

It was just Wednesday so we quickly arranged a kickoff cruise for Saturday. Tyler, Dave, and Hunter's families were invited. So were Jim and Tim. That was going to be a fun crossover. We assured everyone that all guests were in the know.

Our first guest cruise, though, was going to be Friday afternoon. We had invited Sara over. Might as well see what developed there. We first thought of doing it sans kids, but decided to include them. Worst case nothing happened. Best case Amy and I took her below. Anything past that was super bestest case.

Friday rolled around and Sara arrived right on time at 1 pm. I had forgotten how hot she was. If you forgot, she is 23, 5'3," Ameriasian, with nice firm B cup breasts. And yes, I can personally confirm their firmness. She arrived in a bikini with a sheer coverup, but quickly lost the coverup, so little was left to the imagination. She had a small white bikini with red polka dots that was cute as hell. High cut legs and deep cleavage made it particular appealing. We went into the main lounge for introductions.

Sara set the tone of the day quite clearly. She knew that the kids were aware a bit of what was going on as Amy's little show and grope at the dealer had been in full view of all three kids. So, she came straight up to me and gave me a big kiss on the lips, grinding her pelvis into me. She went over and gave Amy a kiss, but this time she was the one squeezing Amy's butt. She upped the ante a bit, as whe she brought her hands back around, her left hand gave Amy's breast a little squeeze while her right hand covered and pressed right up against Amy's pussy. She held that briefly become stepping away, and looked right at the kids, clearly looking for a reaction. The fact that none of the kids reacted at all elicited a little smile on Sara's face. It also apparently emboldened her.

We did the introductions of each child. By now, Leslie was not only 11, but both Morgan and Orlando had birthdays, so they were 15 and 13 respectively. She walked over to Morgan, who looked delicious in a brief hot pink bikini and gave Morgan a big kiss. Sara was patient and waited for Morgan to open her mouth, and they must have kissed for at least 30 seconds. I saw the Sara's hand had dropped and was gently rubbing what I suspected was Morgan's clit.

She next went to Orlando and gave him just as passionate a kiss. Orlando was wearing a Speedo and it was obvious to all that looked (and we all looked) that he was hard. During this kiss, Sara stroked his cock, just about giving him a handjob. She must have realized that neither Amy nor I had said anything, which further emboldened her.

She went to Leslie last. Leslie's chest was no longer quite flat, but now sported delicious puffy nipples. She was wearing a one piece speedo. Sara clearly decided to press our family's limits and see where it got her. It was a big risk, but we respected that. She gave Leslie her kiss and as she did, she brought the straps of Leslie's suit off her shoulders. As the kiss ended, Leslie's suit dropped completely to the floor. She kicked it to the side as Sara leaned down and took a nipple in her mouth. At the same time, she used a finger to stroke Leslie. Obviously finding her wet enough, she slid a finger right in. Not to be outdone, Morgan came over and unhooked Sara's bikini top while Orlando pulled down the bottoms. They both stripped off, while we watched.

They all three led Sara over to the big three person lounge couch. Ever practical, they spread towels and positioned Sara on her back in the middle.

As if by instinct, they each found their own position. Morgan on the left, Leslie on the right, Orlando in the middle. I could see both girls licking and sucking Sara's nipples. Orlando started with his tongue but quickly progressed to a hard and fast fuck. We moved around to the side to watch. Leslie was using her fingers to stroke Sara's clit as Orlando pumped in and out. It wasn't long before Sara let out a long moan and started vibrating, literally vibrating, through a massive orgasm. Orlando couldn't take any more and pulled out and just exploded. He covered Sara all the way from her breasts, to her face, and up into her hair. In the process, he caught Morgan and Leslie by surprise and gave them both a facial.

Amy and I both felt like clapping, but instead approached the lounge. I took Orlando's place and slid right in for sloppy seconds. Amy climbed up and sat right down on Sara's face, facing me. Did I mentioned we'd stripped while watching them? Something about this fuck brought out the animal in me. Sara too, from the evidence of how Amy was squirming. I held off as long as I could, through at least two of Amy's orgasms, but when her third was massive, I pulled out and drenched Sara and Amy with my cum. Amy collapsed and rolled off as I rolled the other way, sandwiching Sara between us. We all let out sighs and just laid there, a complete mess.

In what is apparently the theme of our family, all three kids descended on us. Morgan on Amy, Leslie on Sara, and Orlando on me. Tongues were flying everywhere. Soon we were measurably clean and significantly hornier. Not being able to resist, all six of us ended up in a 69, then kept swapping. Finally Orlando gave Sara a facial, which let to me cumming all over Leslie's newly puffy tits. As I was lapping my cum back off Leslie, I declared it was time for an actual boat ride.

We cast off with Sara and Amy in the wheelhouse with me and the kids playing on the upper deck. I missed my fly bridge, and had already arranged to have the retrofit installed soon. They ran around and played while we chatted and cruised out of sight of shore. Amy was on my left and Sara was on my right. As we were all tired and worn out, the rest of the cruise was just that -- a cruise. Oh, once we got off shore the suits came off, and there was a lot of stroking, but nothing like the earlier action. All the kids did take turns kneeling between Sara's legs and getting her off. Well, OK, I admit, I got one more fantastic blowjob from Orlando and Sara together.

Yeah, I guess it wasn't just a cruise.

We ended the day with an invitation for her to join us for our big cruise. That took us to 18, but not an issue on our new boat. I'm sure everyone on the cruise would enjoy the new addition. I particularly imagined DP with Tim and Jim. I had to make that cum true.

The first big cruise

Since this was our first big cruise on the big boat, Amy and I wanted to go all out. One of the things we had been discussing was that we couldn't sustain our friendships if they were only about sex. Beyond that, the kids were, well, kids and needed to be kids. This was especially true if families join us for longer cruises. So, while there was certainly going to be 'play' during the day, we realized we needed some 'normal fun' too.

This was our first themed party too. We called it the 'white underwear party'. No swim suits for anyone. No nudity unless it was required for an, um, activity. Everyone wore their tightest, whitest underwear. The men and boys were in tighty whiteys, either the traditional or boxer briefs. The women and girls were in simple cotton underwear. We did allow bras to be optional, and at the discretion of the individual. In the end, the adult women mostly wore bras and only Morgan of the younger generation did. Some wore traditional bras, some wore sports bras, and Amy chose to wear a very tight 'wife beater' but the common feature was they were cotton and thin. Amy knew I loved wet tank tops and ensured there was a large supply available in case any of the other females wanted to try it out.

You see the other rule of the day was related to water. You were expected to keep your underwear wet at all times. If you were found to be drying, everyone had access to strategically placed large water guns and would ensure you were once again wet. Yes, the root of the games was how sexy I considered seeing glimpses of nudity through wet clothing, but I was confident that everyone would enjoy the game.

Jamie connected me to a network of people that would work parties and were comfortable with what went on. Who knew there was a network? Since it was going to be a long day, and we had the money, we over did on hiring and tried to bring in two people for every role. That way they could take frequent breaks. Some wanted to play too, while some were just there for the paycheck. Given their discretion, the paychecks were substantial. We also considered this a bit of an interview cruise, as we would need a lot of help and we were confident that some of the people would become regulars.

I'm not sure the best way to introduce everyone, so let me summarize the roles of the staff.

Captain -- to help run the boat -- Billy, 44. Jenny, 42.
Waiters -- food and drink -- Alex, 19. Alexa, 19 (twins)
Dealers -- to teach and deal poker -- Jayden, 26. Juanita, 29
Massage -- to provide massage and suntan lotion services -- Clay, 53. Dawn, 34. AJ, 38. Sam (Samantha), 20
Scuba -- to teach beginning diving -- Ed, 35. Janet, 29. (Brother and Sister)

To remind you of the families:

Tyler's family. Jamie, 37. Jeannie, 37. Tyler, 16. Annie, 13.

Dave's family. Mike, 36. Melanie, 36, Dave, 13. Danny, 11.

Hunter's family. Don, 37. Deedee, 35. Hunter, 11. Hallie, 11.

Also on board were Jim, Tim, and Sara, who, when introduced, clearly all liked what they saw.

You'll note some birthdays had occurred in the families.

We started the cruise out simply, by just going out of sight of anyone else. Captain Billy let the boat float, in 'hover' mode, which is kind of cool and holds the boat in position. Everyone gathered around for the initial wetdown. We had a shower on the swim platform, so one by one everyone took their turn. The results were glorious. You could see but not quite see everything. The water was a little cold, which benefitted nipples all around. Another thing started to stiffen that was an interesting surprise -- Juanita's cock. Oh my, that will be a first for me. Juanita was about 5'4," petite but well endowed, with solid large C or small D breasts and now I knew had a nice cock.

The only real rules were that anyone could say no to anything. Everyone knew to be a bit forward and just ask or suggest what they wanted.

I'm not sure I saw everyone of them in action worth describing, but I'll share some stories.

Captain Billy came down from the upper bridge, leaving Jenny in charge. He got into the spirit of the day, wearing white briefs. Small white briefs. He also wore a Captain's hat, which made for an interesting combination. Billy was in his mid-forties but in fantastic shape. He was about 5'9" and 160 pounds of tanned muscle. We would quickly learned that the tan extended to his fat 6 inch cock. He approached Hunter and Hallie and whispered in their ears. They both grinned and he took each on by the hand and pulled them onto a larger chaise lounge. I couldn't resist and followed to watch. Billy and Hunter quickly dropped their underwear. They got right down to business, with Hallie taking Billy's cock right in her mouth. I was impressed with how thick it grew, and with Hallie's ability to take so much in. Her skills were improving. Hunter stood next to the chaise and offered his cock to Billy, who took him in his mouth. It was quite a sight. Once Hallie got Billy wet and hard, she climbed up, pulled her panties to the side and absolutely slammed herself down on Billy's cock. She immediately started bouncing up and down, while Hunter used his free hand to tweak her nipples and rub her clit. After a short while, Billy motioned her off his cock. I thought maybe it was so he wouldn't cum, but he was just swapping playtoys. Hunter hopped up and took Billy in his ass in one quick stroke. Hallie climbed onto Billy's face, facing Hunter. The kids proceeded to grope each other and kiss. Finally Hallie was clearly cumming and Hunter did something that surprised me. He came hard, shooting onto Billy's stomach and coating Hallie's chest. He hadn't even been touched. All this clearly pushed Billy over the top, and he came deep in Hunter's ass.

The kids skipped off quickly and I saw them rinsing off in the outdoor shower, before Hunter put this briefs back on. From nowhere, Sara drifted over and cleaned up Billy with her tongue, and drifted away just as quickly.

Apparently this was the 'demonstration' couch, as who should walk up but Alex and Alexa, holding hands. I admit I'd whispered an interest in seeing them together. 19 year old twins. Alex wore the briefest briefs I have ever seen. You could see the outline of his cock before even the water. He clearly enjoyed what was coming, as he was already hard and had a thinner 5 inch cock, but still beautiful. Alexa wore matching boys briefs and had originally gone topless, but borrowed one of Amy's tanks (they were becoming popular and I was OK with that). Incredibly firm small B cup breasts pressed against the material. What was so striking was their physical similarities. They were both about 5'8," maybe 130 pounds, with shoulder length bright blonde hair. I was pleased they decided to join the spirit. Apparently they were show people, as they turned and asked the crowd what they wanted to see. They said they'd follow directions. As they spoke, they stripped off what little clothing they had on.

Leslie stepped forward, much to my surprise (Not!). She used her most stern voice and said, Alexa, on your knees. Alex, eat her ass. Strong words, strong suggestion, coming from an 11 year old. Alex and Alexa immediately jumped to do her bidding and it was hot as I expected. The position left Alex's ass up and open, and Leslie immediately leaned over and started rimming him. Hmmm. Was that her goal? She stepped back and laughed, motioned to the crowd and said "Next!"

Don, Hunter's Dad, knew an opportunity, as Alex's ass was glistening. He stepped up, showing his impressively large cock. Sam, the young massage girl, ran up with a large tube of KY and squirted a liberal amount on Alex's ass. She then squirted a lot on Don's cock and stroked it a few times. She then stepped back. Sam was a "Florida blonde." 5'5," thin, athletic, with impressive, firm C cup breasts which she was displaying sans bra.

Don moved into position and gently stroked into Alex's ass. He started pumping pretty furiously, but that's all I got to see of this show. I felt a tap on my shoulder and found Amy standing next to me holding Juanita's hand. Yes, Amy can read my mind. She motioned towards the stairs and then headed towards what I was sure was our stateroom. Like a puppy, I followed obediently, likely with my tongue hanging out. What I didn't notice was young Danny right in my footsteps. By the time I got to our stateroom, Amy and Juanita were already inside. As I stepped in and started to close the door, Danny pushed it in and gently closed it. He stood there, already naked and hard, and grinned. Every face in the room grinned back.

This was Amy's show, so I let her lead. No one spoke, but Amy motioned for me to lie on my back. Once I had, she repositioned me a bit. I realized she was moving me for the cameras. She motioned Danny and Juanita over. She pointed at Juanita's hard cock and pointed at my face. She pointed at Danny's head and pointed at my cock. Taking the hint, Danny took me in his mouth and Juanita offered me her cock, which I licked and sucked like a maniac. After just a minute or so, Amy pushed both Danny and Juanita away. She pointed at Juanita and mimed getting on all fours. That's when I saw that she was wearing a strap-on. A HUGE strap-on. She pointed at Juanita's ass and my cock. She handed Danny the KY and he dutifully greased up my cock. He then used one, two, then three fingers to open up Juanita. I knew the next step and slowly eased into her ass.

Amy held me still and motioned to Danny again. He lubed up the monster dildo and then repeated his efforts on my ass. It felt amazing. Amy took her position with some effort and a hell of a lot of discomfort on my part, was soon balls deep in my ass. Rubber balls, but still. I could see it all in the mirrors and the train was impressive. She then pointed at Danny's hard 4 inch cock and reached back and opened up her pussy for him. Once we got the four person train going, it was amazing. Every time Danny slammed into Amy it reverberated through us all, forcing me deeper into Juanita. I'd like to say that we lasted for hours, but before long I could feel and see Amy going over the top. That was all it took for Danny and me to unload. Eventually we untangled, but Amy wasn't done. She had Danny lick out my ass and Juanita suck out her cream pie. We all knew Juanita needed help, as she was hard as a rock. Amy laid down in the perfect position, and motioned for Juanita to enter her. Juanita fucked Amy hard and fast. It was amazing to see her cock plowing in and out of Amy while they fondled each other's breasts. Finally Juanita pulled out and drenched Amy with cum. Amy immediately scooped some up and used it as lotion on Juanita's tits. She then motioned Danny to lick her clean and motioned me to do the same for Juanita. Certainly an amazing first time experience orchestrated by my loving fiancee. All of this occurred without one word spoken.

We made our way up to the deck and started to join in the festivities. Danny followed her and joined an in-progress poker game. The table seated eight and every seat was taken. Juanita took the dealer's position and Danny took an open seat near the other end. Leslie and Hunter were at the table, along with Dave and Annie. The only other adult at the table was Mike, and he had the most chips.

I glanced over at the massage tables and saw Jamie face up on one. Jayden, the dealer on break had just climbed up on the other one. AJ was working on Jamie and I noticed Jamie's cock was rock hard. Sam started working on Jayden and the view of the 20 year old beauty got him hard pretty quickly too. OK, her sucking his cock a bit helped. I guess I never described Jayden. He was in his mid-twenties, with beautiful coffee color skin, with an interesting flat top fro. I got to see he had an impressive 8 inch cock. I filed that away for future reference.

We had been careful to go beyond the territorial limit, so were in international waters. We didn't want any issues when the people that were being paid were also having sex.

As I rounded the tables, I noticed that while AJ was working on Jamie, Jim was on his knees sucking AJ's cock. Now there is a benefit not listed in any employee handbook.

I walked out on the main deck and saw both Ed and Janet in the water with what must have been the first diving class. Floating around them Tim, Sara, Deedee, Tyler, Morgan, and Orlando. They had clearly decided to combine classes, which made sense - safety in two trained divers. All 8 of them wore life vests and they were in the lecture part of the class. Ed was in his early thirties, with a bit of an unshaven beach bum look. Decent, if not outstanding shape, he certainly pulled off the look with shaggy dark hair. His sister Janet was late twenties, about 5'7" and muscular. She almost looked liked an MMA fighter which I later found out she was. Remind me never to piss her off.

Amy and I grabbed a beverage from a cooler and found a cool spot to lay on a lounge. We spent the next hour or so in fun conversation as various people stopped by to chat. It was great fun, with great people. At one point I saw Clay and Dawn head downstairs, following Leslie. That little minx. A little later I saw Mike, Jamie, and Tim head down. A little bro action. Soon after, Hunter and Hallie headed down and who knows where they were going.

Soon after, Sara walked over while we were chatting with a good size group. She sat down on my chaise and proceeded to pull my underwear down without so much as a word. She stroked me until I was hard and then climbed up on me, pulled her panties to the side and dropped on my cock. The conversation continued as if this was an everyday thing. She bounced until she got off (with Amy gently stroking Sara's clit the whole time). She stepped off and drifted away, leaving my cock flapping in the breeze. Melanie stepped over, grabbed my shorts and pulled them up, giving my cock a little kiss through the fabric when she was done. What a day.

I glanced over to the other side of this big room and noticed Tyler, Annie, and Dave had pulled out a big tub of lego and were busying with construction, just feet away from my show with Sara.

Amy and I wandered around a bit. Someone had started a puzzle on the kitchen counter, so we added a few pieces, then drifted on.

About that time, the dive class ended and they all climbed up on the big swim platform and showered. They must have all agreed they didn't want salt water in their underwear as all eight were gloriously naked. They broke up in groups, with Morgan leading Tim and Tyler to the lower deck and Orlando leading Deedee and Sara. You go kids. I admit I was looking forward to both those videos. Orlando with Sara, with Deedee helping? Yum. Morgan tagged teamed by Tyler and Tim? Double yum.

Just then Jenny came down from the pilot's bridge and as she got halfway down the ladder, I noticed she was naked. She shouted: "Who wants some of this?." I saw at least a half dozen hands shoot up so I knew she was going to have some serious fun. Jenny was in her mid-forties, but you would never have guessed it. She was about 5'7," solidly built but not fat and sported firm D cup breasts. They were topped with huge nipples that poked out at least three quarters of an inch. Someday I was going to suck those nipples.

I'm exhausted recounting all this, so let's just say the rest of the day was just as eventful. I'm confident that every female had at least five orgasms and at least most of the males had three. I know Amy and I met those standards. I'd gotten to watch Amy with a variety of people, including good fucks by at least five of the men and boys. I loved watching her get pleasure. It made me happy.

The day was long and fun and went all the way into darkness. We surprised everyone with our very own fireworks show, launched remotely from a raft. By the time of the show, everyone had taken a proper shower and when we returned to port we looked like any group of wealthy people, with lots of khaki shorts and polo shirts. Who would have ever guessed?

I knew we would use almost all of the crew again, but I admit I was intrigued with ensuring Juanita came around more often, as a friend, not just an employee. Something about D cup breasts and a 6 inch cock. It wasn't that long ago that I was convinced I was straight. Who knew?

The wedding. Already?

"I'm tired of planning a wedding," declared Amy.

"We have been engaged for three weeks!," I said. "We haven't even picked a ring. How can you be tired?"

"Well I am. So we are getting married on Sunday. In the Notre-Dame cathedral. In Paris. By a local magistrate," she said. "We need to go get a license today."

"What in the absolute hell are you talking about? None of what you said can possibly true. The most famous cathedral in Paris. In less than a week and NOT by a priest," I said. "None of that is at all possible."

"It is all arranged. We need a license and rings. We will do that today. Go get dressed. The girls and I will get dresses tomorrow. You and Orlando need to buy tuxes. Pay whatever it takes to get them done in time. Buy nice ones."

So I went to get dressed. She might be delusional but she was in charge. That's how Amy ended up with a beautiful platinum wedding ring set with an amazing one carat diamond. She could have gone much bigger but that's not what she wanted. I chose a similar platinum band; a very simple one. The kids all approved. Since all three kids had pierced ears, each got a set of platinum earrings with half carat diamonds for each ear and Amy got a matching set. They would all look great for the wedding.

We split up the next day, with the women off for dresses and Orlando and I off for tuxes. Amy called later and told Orlando and me we were on our own for dinner. Being men, we went to a sports bar for dinner, and Orlando enjoyed the waitresses skimpy outfits. I, of course, did not even notice. Yeah, sure. Our waitress was adorable. We learned her name was Jenna, she was in college, she was 19, and I have to say, her tight little body and C cup breasts were wonderful. She had chosen her bra carefully (all the waitresses wore bras), as hers was very thin and we could see her nipples clearly, even through the t-shirt. I'm guessing that helped her tips. When we got the check, she had written her phone number on it, with a comment "would love to see you both again," with the word both underlined. File that one away for a fun time in the future.

I don't know how, but the girls arrived home around 9, each carrying a dress bag. They wouldn't show us, insisting we were not allowed.

Apparently money accomplishes a lot as Friday afternoon we left for Paris, all prepared for the wedding. No first class for us, we flew in a very nice Gulfstream G650. I could get used to this. We checked in the Hotel George V and you would have thought we were the royal family. I guess we were, as we were led to the two different suites. Amy and I were in the penthouse which even included a private terrace with a view of the Eiffel tower. The kids were in the Presidential suite, which was two bedrooms. Amy's parents arrived a little before us, first class from Nashville, via New York, and had their own suite a few floors down. They were the only guests at our wedding and I admit our dinner that night was much more terrifying than the actual wedding.

Amy had arranged a private dining room at Le Chateaubriand. Sure, the of of the most prestigious places in Paris, on short notice.

Money is fun.

Amy's parents, John and Mary, turned out to be wonderful, down to earth people. Mary kept complaining about all the money we were spending and insisted they just needed a regular room and could fly home coach. Amy kept assuring them it was fine and the kids kept giggling. Amy finally assured her Mom they would not be flying home first class, while giving me a wink. Her Mom didn't see it but her Dad did and gave me a quizzical look. I just gave him a little shrug as once again, I was not in the know.

The plan was for John, Mary, and the kids to return to Florida on Monday and they would stay on the boat with the kids while we enjoyed a week in Paris. I was thrilled they all hit it off, as it was asking a lot, given we had all just met them. True to form, we were married on Sunday, by a magistrate, at Notre-Dame. It was amazing and Amy was stunning in a slightly off white gown with a train. The girls were slightly darker long dresses and were the co-maids of honor. Orlando and I wore traditional black tuxes, and looked stunning, if I do say so myself. Orlando was the best man, of course. Given how small the wedding was, we asked John and Mary to stand with us. John stood with Orlando and Mary stood with the girls. I think they were really touched and it made up for us not having a big dream wedding. Honestly, though, this would have been hard to beat. We had a private reception (otherwise known as dinner). After a long day, and a long weekend, we all retired to our rooms. It was an amazing night. Let's just say we didn't get much sleep. My suspicion was that Morgan, Orlando, and Leslie didn't either, as they woke up tired and grumpy.

In the morning we all rode to the airport to send them off with promises of a longer European vacation in our future. Amy did promise no first class but that didn't quite appease Mary as they climbed the steps to their G650. Mary was almost apoplectic that they couldn't be flying in this plane, while John just couldn't stop grinning. The kids were clearly getting used to this, as they treated it as just gettin' on a plane. John did pull me to the side and in his most stern voice asked me if I was into 'illegal things'. I laughed a bit, and explained that while I certainly understood his concern, I was an early investor in a tech startup and had come into an unexpected fortune. I also shared we tried to keep it a bit quiet, but he would understand more when they got to our 'little boat' as the kids kept calling it.

Amy and I spent a wonderful week in Paris, exploring the city and exploring each other. There was one night that was a little different, as we met a very nice French couple while at dinner. As we left, we invited them to our room. They were quite a couple. Jacques was about 5'11" and trim. Marie was about 5'3," and also trim, with small A cup breasts. We barely made it to the room before clothes started flying off. Amy got a passionate kiss from Jacques and I got an equally passionate kiss from Marie. They quickly made their intentions known as next Amy got a similar kiss from Marie and I got one from Jacques. I saw Marie both grope Amy's breasts and quickly rub her clit. I didn't see if Amy did the same, as I was a bit distracted by Jacques' tongue in my mouth and his hard cock rubbing against mine.

We all fell into the big King size bed in a giant heap. We let Jacques and Marie lead, so I found myself lying on my back with my legs up in the air. Marie positioned Amy on my face, looking towards my toes. She climbed on and sank down on my cock, facing Amy. They started kissing and groping. I felt my legs being lifting and cold cream being massaged into my ass. Then Jacques quickly stroked into my ass. The triple sensation was wonderful. Amy's juices flowing down my face, Marie bouncing on my cock and Jacques almost gently stroking in and out of my ass. Suddenly Marie almost hopped off, pushing Amy off my face and I felt Jacques pull out. From three amazing sensations to none, in a heartbeat. That's when I got my first view of Jacques' cock. Oh my. Uncut. A first for me. About 7 inches, moderately thick and with the most amazing foreskin. Marie came back from the bathroom with a warm washcloth and cleaned off my face, then ensured that my ass and Jacques' cock were clean.

She then directed Amy and me to kneel next to each other. Jacques offered us both this interesting new cock and we took turns sucking him while Marie watched and fingered herself. He lasted awhile, but finally pulled out and gave us both a facial. I know we both kept our mouths open, as when Amy and I kissed, we both had cum to pass to each other. This pushed Marie over the top and we heard her moans of orgasm.

We took a break in the giant bathroom hot tub, then tumbled back into the bed. Before the night ended, Jacques had deposited a load in both women and a large load in my ass. I had matched him cum for cum. We had all licked, fucked, and sucked every possible thing we could. We ended the night with an open invitation to visit us. I wonder how they would feel about the kids? I suspected I knew. Jacques and Marie left and we tumbled into bed, satisfied and exhausted.

John and Mary? Oh!

I woke up the next morning to an email from Leslie, which she had sent late last night, but early in our morning. It was cryptic, and only one line:

"Watch the video in my room, starting right at 10:00. Be sure to turn on the audio."

Well, that was curious. Amy pulled out her laptop and went through the complex security of accessing our camera system remotely. We couldn't have anyone stumbling into it. Once in, she found the right recording. Since all the cameras are motion activated, the recording started just before 10. It showed a great view of Leslie's room, and Leslie and John, Amy's Dad, entered. John was in loose athletic shorts and a T-shirt and Amy was in a pair of little girl pajamas, but ones that she hadn't worn in awhile, as they were too small. The shorts were boy shorts and clearly rode up, as even on the camera we could see a camel toe. The top was at least two sizes too small, which meant it really showed her puffy breasts and was too short, so it showed a few inches of bare stomach. We didn't exactly know what she was trying to do, but it was sexy as hell. She was right on the cusp of girl/woman, and was clearly playing it up. She even had her hair in french braided pigtails. I was surprised that Mary allowed this, but quickly pushed that aside as they started talking.

"You didn't have to come tuck me in bed, Grandpa John," said Leslie.

"I'm happy to do it for my new granddaughter," said John, in a surprisingly syrupy tone.

Amy moved around, pretty obviously, at least to us, positioning John to me sideways to the camera. It's then that we realized that John was hard. Very hard. Tenting out his shorts hard. Tenting them out pretty darn far. About 8 inches far. Don't forget, Amy's Dad is only 46 and fit, so certainly not outside the boundaries of our family play. We saw where this was going.

"Is there anything I can do for you Grandpa John?," Leslie cooed. There it was again with the cooing. There was silence for a bit while John was clearly struggling with what his response should be. He was clearly conflicted, but then his cock bounced a bit. Leslie saw it, as she was staring at his cock, and must have decided to take the initiative. It was an incredible risk, but Leslie is very good at reading the situation. She reached out, grabbed his shorts on each side and pulled them down.

His cock bounced up and slapped him in the stomach and we got our first look at it. It was 8 inches, at least, thick, with a big mushroom head. I wasn't sure how Amy would react, given this was her Dad, but I glanced over and she was mesmerized. Leslie kept up the initiative, and leaned over and took John into her mouth. We could hear his moan on the audio, and his legs buckled just a little before he caught himself. Leslie was doing a fine job, licking and sucking, and using one hand to gently stroke his balls. Leslie pulled off just long enough to whip her top off, which led to another moan from John. She took his hand and placed in on her breast. This was clearly planned, as she picked the hand away from the camera, to keep from blocking anything. He started rubbing and tweaking her nipple as she latched right back on his cock. From our angle, we saw her other hand snake around his waist. We knew it was coming, but he didn't, and she pretty forcefully pushed her finger into has ass. It was just too much for him and he started cumming. Leslie pulled back a bit, obviously to give us a show, and he came buckets, on her face, in her hair, and all over her glorious puffy tits. He sank to his knees.

We heard him whispering, over and over, "I'm sorry." Leslie got down on the floor with him and explained that it was OK, she wanted it, and it would be there secret. He calmed down and we heard her tell him that tomorrow night could be even more fun. Then she escalated (if there was an escalation) and pulled his face to her chest. He started nibbling on her nipple.

We heard her sternly say "Lick it up."

Like a puppy, John started licking. He started with her breasts, then her face, and Leslie leaned in and kissed him and pushed her tongue in his mouth. Just as he started to get hard again, she hopped up and said "Good night," and walked into her bathroom, closing the door. We could hear the shower running, and saw John quickly compose himself, pull up his shorts, check himself out in the mirror and let himself out.

That's when Amy realized she had an email too, as we were using her laptop to watch the video. Her email was from Morgan, and also one line.

"My room, 2:30 yesterday, with audio."

Wondering what we would see, we fired up her camera. It started just as we saw Morgan and Mary, Amy's Mom, enter the room. Both were wearing shorts and T-shirts. Morgan's room is bigger, but we saw her position herself so they were both profile to the camera and facing each other.

"This is my room, Grandma Mary. Isn't it nice?," said Morgan.

They went on briefly with smalltalk about the room and the boat, then we heard Morgan say "Let me get my suit." She reached into a drawer and pulled out a pink bikini. We knew that bikini. She didn't wear it often and by now clearly would have outgrown it. The problem wasn't just that it was very small, which it was, it was that when it got wet it became transparent. She had to be careful where she wore it. As she turned around, she dropped the suit on her bed and in one motion whipped off her T-shirt, then dropped her shorts to the floor. Suddenly she was standing there naked in front of Mary.

"It's just us girls, isn't it?," cooed Morgan. There is that darn cooing again. It's like a trigger.

Mary was clearly in awe and dumbstruck. You could see her try to say something, but she couldn't. You could even see by her movements that she wanted to turn away, but even that was impossible. Morgan just stood there, with a grin on her face, waiting it out. It was a bit like watching Amy, as Mary is a 44 year old version of Amy, down to the red hair. I was seeing future Amy and it was nice.

Finally Amy broke the trance, by reaching out, putting her hand behind Mary's head and drawing her to her breast. Mary allowed herself to be pulled forward and started licking and sucking on Morgan's nipple. At this point Mary was all in, as her hand moved back and forth from rubbing Morgan's crotch to rubbing her own. Finally Morgan pushed Mary back a bit and pulled Mary's T-shirt over her head. Yes, older Amy for sure, with C, almost D cup breasts that still jutted out with no sag. As we were scoping out her breasts, Morgan pulled her shorts down. Hmmm. Mary was commando, no bra, no panties. I see where Amy gets her adventerous streak too. Morgan pushed Mary down on to the bed and positioned herself over her in a 69 position, clearly making sure we had a view. They both went to town and didn't last very long. Mary went over the top first and it turns out she's a squirter, as she just drenched Morgan. That pushed Morgan over and she had a major orgasm, collapsing on Mary in the process.

At this point, Mary started the same "I'm sorry" mantra. Morgan and Leslie either planned things or have similar thinking, as Morgan pulled Mary to her and said "clean me up," in the same stern voice. Mary obediently started licking Morgan, her face, her breasts, everywhere she had squirted. Morgan ended the session with a passionate tongue kiss, then quickly disappeared into her bathroom, with a quick "I'll see you on deck." Mary laid there for a bit, clearly gathering herself, then used a towel to clean up a bit and got dressed and left.

Amy and I looked at each other with huge grins.

"My parents," Amy said. "My parents."

"Yes, your parents. And it was hot. Really hot," I replied.

"My God it was. They're in amazing shape. I hope my breasts look like that at her age," Amy said. "And his cock is impressive. I'd enjoy that cock."

I could see she realized what she said, as she had a look of shock on her face.

"I could too, and your Mom too," I said. "Seriously, how is that much different than our playing with the kids? They're in their forties and hot as hell."

This calmed down Amy a bit, and I could almost see her thoughts bouncing around in her head. We looked at each other and at the same moment said "Master Suite". We both laughed and Amy quickly said "Jinx". I'd pay for that and would be happy to do it.

We searched for the video from that night and found it started about 11. Mary and John walked in and it looked like a tornado ripped off their clothes. They were naked in a flash and in each other's arms, on the bed. They started in a 69, and were clearly into it when we saw the door ease open. They didn't notice, but we did, as Orlando snuck in, stark naked and hard. Someone this didn't even surprise us. He had something in his hand and we realized it was a tube of KY. We saw him lube himself up liberally, but John and Mary still hadn't noticed him. He almost glided over and positioned himself. Not behind Mary, but behind John. In one smooth motion, he squirted KY on John's ass and slid right in. John's head popped up, but not for long and he was back at it licking Mary. Mary's view was different, as she was below John, but she clearly had a view of Orlando stroking in and out of her husband's ass. This continued for awhile, then Mary went off first. She started bucking and from the way he tensed up, John was clearly filling her mouth with cum. Orlando pulled out and aimed his cock, managing to cover John's ass, John's cock, and Mary's face. I'm guessing he hadn't cum in awhile, as that was a lot of cum.

Orlando stepped back as John and Mary sat up. They didn't bother apologized at this point. We heard Orlando say "Clean each other up". Good grief again? Mary and John got into it and licked and licked until they were mostly cum free. Orlando helped, by eating his own cum out of John's ass. They both surprised us by then dropping to their knees and cleaning off Orlando with their tongues.

Orlando quietly slipped out, still naked, and John and Mary headed into the bathroom and the video ended.

Amy and I both sat back, almost exhausted by living vicariously through them. The first video surprised us, the second video escalated it, and the last video was stunning. We were both clearly turned on and I was hard as a rock and Amy and I had a good fuck. Not making love, a good fuck. Fast, hard, and furious, with me cumming deep inside her. I laughed when I pulled out, as Amy, in her most stern voice, said "Clean me up". I was happy to oblige.

AMy and Bob return to Florida and...

Amy and I flew back on our own G650 the next day. Apparently we were now in a program where we shared jets with other people that were also stupid rich. We flew into the smaller St. Pete airport and Mary and John were waiting on the tarmac next to the plane in the E63S. John kept raving about the car as we got in, and I promised to take him to the local drag strip and let him experience it the right way. He was beaming like a kid as he and Mary climbed in the back and I climbed behind the wheel. I would have actually preferred to ride, given the time change and long flight, but John clearly wanted to defer. We mostly made smalltalk on the way back until Amy said "Anything special happen while we were gone?" with a special emphasis on the word special. Amy had turned and was facing her parents and I quickly looked at them in the mirror. John and Mary exchanged a look that had a bit of panic in it, but quickly composed ourselves. Amy looked over at me and winked, but neither of them could see it.

It was lunchtime, so we decided to stop for a nice lunch. Without having to consult each other, Amy and I both knew where we were going. It was a lovely french restaurant that we knew had private rooms. They knew us well and some of the wait staff knew we liked to, um, enjoy the private room. Some had even given us their numbers, but we hadn't followed up yet. Oh, but we would. Only one time had anything exciting happened with a waiter. He was clearly hard when he waited on us, as he surprised us when he entered the room. Let's just say were were, um, touching each other. I don't know what possessed us, but I pushed the door closed as Amy got on her knees and gave him a quick blowjob. He came in her mouth, and she passed his cum back to him in a kiss. He took it happily, which was a good sign for the future.

Off that tangent, we stopped in and were immediately ushered into a room. This room had a booth in it. Amy grabbed her Dad's hand and steered him in one side, while I steered Mary into the other. Amy sat next to her Dad and I sat next to Mary. We ordered quickly, but knew that our orders would take awhile. Amy looked at me and gave me a smirk, which was apparently an unspoken order. I saw her hand snake over into her Dad's lap and while I couldn't see anything, I saw him quickly sit up straighter. Mary noticed and got a quizzical look on her face, but I cleared up the issue by sliding my hand up under her dress and stroking her. I quickly focused on her clit and she let out a moan. We were not going to be deterred and before our food arrived, I had gotten Mary off with an earth shattering orgasm and Amy had managed to get her Dad off. Luckily he was wearing dark shorts, because I know his underwear and shorts were drenched.

We had a pleasant lunch with no one even mentioning that anything had occurred. We got back to the boat and hugged and kissed all the kids. We would tell that John and Mary noticed the passion in our kisses. Most people don't use tongue when they kiss their kids, but we put on a bit of a show.

"We'll go move our stuff out of the master suite," said John.

"Now why would you do that?," said Amy. "There is plenty of room for the four of us."

This resulted in the kids dissolving in laughter while John and Mary turned beet red. The kids proceeded to then recount the stories what we saw in the videos, much to the chagrin of John and Mary. We loved it and were impressed that the kids were covering for the fact that we had cameras.

"Let's go for a cruise," I said. "I'm sure we will have a lot of fun" with stresses on sure and fun.

By now, John and Mary realized what was going on and apparently couldn't stop grinning. We were sitting on lounges at this point and Leslie plopped onto John's lap and gave him a kiss. Not to be outdone, Morgan did the same thing to Mary.

"Yes, a lot of fun," said Orlando.

Amy, ever the planner, had ensured that supplies had been delivered while we were gone, so we immediately cast off. John and Mary asked where we were going and Leslie immediately popped up.

"Cuba," she said.

Knowing Cuba required special permission and a lot of preparation, I challenged her.

"It's all arranged," she said. "I'm in charge of immigration, remember?"

Eleven years old.

So off we went.

John and Mary both piped up that they couldn't possibly go. They were expected back at work. John was an orthopedic surgeon and Mary was an Ob/Gyn. No wonder Amy was in the medical field.

"Yes, you can," said Morgan. "I arranged everything."

"But that's impossible, we have patients," said Mary.

"No, you don't. They're all covered. When they found out you had an opportunity for a cruise to Cuba, the people in your practice volunteered to cover all your patients. You're expected back one week from tomorrow. It's all arranged," said Morgan.

"You talked to our offices," said John.

"Yes. Now quiet down," Morgan ordered. "We're out of sight of shore now. Take off your clothes."

John and Mary looked at each other with startled looks. They saw all three kids stripping off and looked over at us. I just shrugged and started undressing and Amy did too.

"You heard her. Off," said Amy.

John and Mary looked like they had just had an alien sighting, but after looking at each other, they both started undressing.

Orlando pointed over at the massage tables that had become an integral part of our salon.

"On the tables. You need suntan lotion," he ordered.

John and Mary finally understood that for this cruise, the kids were in charge. We just stood to the side both laughing and in awe. What a difference a year makes. All of our lives were forever transformed. From tragedy to this.

"Face down," said Orlando and the two older adults complied. They proceeded to get great, extended massages, with all five of us chipping in. Finally Orlando told them to turn over and both hesitated a bit.

"It's nothing we haven't seen," chimed in Leslie. "Over."

They both slowly turned over and we saw why they were uncomfortable. John was hard as a rock and Mary was so wet it was dripping down her leg. Apparently they enjoyed the massage so far.

Still in charge, Orlando and Morgan exchanged glances. Morgan climbed up on John's table and quickly dropped down on his cock, taking in all 8 inches in one stroke. I guess she was turned on too. Mary gasped as she saw it happen, but turned her head quickly as Orlando had climbed up on her table and slid into her in one stroke. He started pumping in and out as Morgan started bouncing on John's cock. John and Mary both let out moans.

Amy glanced at me, then walked over and leaned down, offering her breast to her Mom's mouth. Mary eagerly started lapping and nibbling, which got a moan out of Amy. Not to be outdone, Leslie knelt in front of Amy and started giving her what I knew to be amazing head.

As the only one left, I wanted in the action too and walked around John's table. I offered my hard cock to him and he opened wide. Although he later shared that he had never sucked a cock before, he was very, very good at it. I got right to the edge and pulled out. I came all over John's chest and some even sprayed over onto Mary. This was enough to send everyone over the top and Orlando came deep in Mary as John came deep into Morgan and Amy collapsed onto Mary, shaking with her orgasm.

After we all recovered a bit, we heard Leslie say: "What about me?"

John and I grabbed her and plopped her down on one of the tables. We heard Mary say: "Out of the way everyone." We all stepped back and watched Mary go down on Leslie. Mary also shared later that this was all new to her, but her practice on Morgan must have helped because soon Leslie was writhing on the table and went over the top with a scream.

After a quick swim and showers on the swim platform, everyone used the massage tables properly and we lathered up with sunscreen. Amy and I went into the wheelhouse for both some privacy and to head us towards Cuba. We left John and Mary chatting with the kids and as we went up we heard them ask for more details about their experiences. We knew what experiences they meant and suspected that round two might start soon. We were tired, so I set the boat on autopilot and we just gazed out over the sea, sitting close to each other. I was sitting close to my wife, the most beautiful woman in the world. My life had taken quite a turn.

"This is a little hard to get my head around," said Amy. "Last week, my parents were just Mom and Dad. Now I've seen them having sex and was a part of it. I watched my Dad fuck Morgan and Orlando fuck my Mom, all while my Mom sucked my nipples. I watched my Dad blow you!"

I started to say something consoling, when Amy started giggling.

"It's fucking amazing," she said. "Why couldn't this have happened years ago? I don't know what's happening downstairs, but I hope not too much, because one way or another, Dad is fucking me tonight. Save yourself, because I'm going to watch you fuck my Mom. It's going to be legendary."

She snuggled up against me and I realized the crisis was averted.

Even though it was early, we wouldn't make it to Cuba today, but we did make good progress. We stopped off at the last US port and topped off our fuel and water tanks and resupplied what little we needed. We took advantage of their restaurant and had a nice dinner. We all decided to stay at the marina for the night and make the run to Cuba very early in the morning. Amy and I were wiped out, as we were six hours ahead on Paris time. We knew we'd be up super early, so would knock out most of the trip while everyone else slept.

The run to Cuba

The next morning, Amy and I were up by 4 and snuck out of the master suite. Yes, Amy had been fucked, hard, by her Dad and I had fucked her Mom, equally as hard. No foreplay, just a hard, fast fuck. Seemed like a good way to kickoff our newfound relationship. To think, I was worried about meeting her parents. Just 10 days later and I'd fucked her Mom and been blown by her Dad. So much more was in our future. I knew I needed that giant mushroom cock in my ass. John had shared he'd never fucked anyone in the ass, as his cock scared them off. I assured him that Amy and I were both up for the challenge and that by the end of the cruise, Mary would be too. After some initial stammering about it, she agreed that yes, she was up for it too and should have tried twenty years ago.

We set the autopilot for our destination, the Melia Marina Varadero. We arrived by mid-day and they were expecting us. Cuban hospitality was amazing and we explored the hotel amenities and the beach for the rest of the day. Orlando and Morgan were our travel guides and had arranged cars to take us into Havana the next day. Ever creative, what arrived was three 1950's convertibles. We split up and traveled to Havana in style. They delivered us to the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, which is a towering edifice and simply beautiful. We had two of their special suites, so four bedrooms holding a total of 8 people. After much arguing (apparently this part was not planned in advance), Leslie decided to spend the first night in our suite while Morgan and Orlando would stay with John and Amy. It was a little disheartening to realize that Leslie thought she had lost. They all agreed, however, that Morgan and Leslie would swap for the second night, which left Orlando beaming as the big winner. I suspect all five of them were disappointed they had wasted most of their week together platonically.

Somehow Morgan had arranged for us to join a tour, with a wonderful tour guide and a private air conditioned tour bus. We missed the first day, but joined in for the last two. We met our guide, Carlita and soon learned more about her. Apparently the tour guide job was very special and competitive and she was clearly outstanding at her job. Her dark slacks and mannish shirt didn't hide what looked to be a smoking body. 5'5," 130, and those had to be D cups pushing out against her shirt. Think the singer that sings the song Havana and you get the idea.

There were five other people on the trip, all from the US:

Chris and Amanda. Married couple
Chris, 38, 5'11," 165, muscular, 5 inch thick cock.
Amanda, 36, 5'8," 140ish, muscular, B cup breasts.

Justin and Emily. Married couple, on their honeymoon.
Justin, 24, 6'3," 190, 6 inch thin cock
Emily, 23, 5'6," 145, C cup

Aaron, 45, 6'2," 220, 8 inch superthick cock.

Yes, we can describe them this way because we learned ALL that about them.

We had a wonderful day learning about Cuba, including a trip out to Ernest Hemingway's house. Great fun. It turned out that dinner was at our hotel, and everyone except Carlita was staying there. All 13 of us had a great time, sharing about ourselves. The six others all knew their stories but shared again for our benefit. They were all very accepting of the kids and included them in the conversation and treated them as adults. This even included dinner, as all the kids got to drink wine with the rest of us.

Chris and Amanda hailed from Cleveland. Chris was a hospital administrator and Amanda was the head nurse, so naturally they talked with John and Mary and quickly hit it off.

Justin and Emily were newlyweds, on their honeymoon, and had gotten married just a few days after us. That revelation resulted in champagne for all (I whispered in Carlita's ear that I'd cover it) and bubbly was passed around to everyone.

Aaron was interesting too. He was gregarious and funny and very open about his story. He's been quiet the night before. He was supposed to be on vacation with his wife, but she had caught him cheating and moved out just a few weeks before. He was very open and told a hilarious story about getting caught with a cock up his ass. You'd think he would have toned it down, with the kids present, but the wine and champagne must have gotten to him. You could tell the details of the story were new to everyone. His wife didn't know he was bi, and he'd decided he was tired of hiding it and now would live openly as a bi man. The trip was prepaid and he didn't want to waste the money, so here he was, alone, having fun, and horny. Yes, he ended his story with "and horny".

As he regaled us with the story, Amy and I watched the others around the table. Every single person was listening with rapt attention. Justin and Emily were next to me and I saw her rub his cock, just a bit. Amy turned and cocked her head a bit towards Chris and Amanda, then smiled. Oh my. This could get interesting.

After dinner, Carlita dropped us at the hotel. We invited her up, but she declined, saying it was never allowed. Too bad, I wanted to see what was under that uniform. We did invite the other five up to our suites. They were adjoining, so we threw open the door and made it a big suite for a bit of a party. Everyone was just chatting, and drinking a bit, and nothing special was happening. As Emily got tipsy, though, she was chatting up Orlando and Leslie. Emily was sitting on an ottoman and Leslie and Orlando were both standing in front of her. She got a little loud, and we all turned to look, just as she rubbed Orlando's cock. Well, that escalated quickly. Orlando, of course, broke into a smile. Everyone in the room did, which broke the ice. Orlando took Emily's hand and pulled her to her feet. He started leading her towards a bedroom. I looked over to Justin, but before I could even see his expression, Leslie had his hand and was pulling him towards the same bedroom. They followed Emily and Orlando in, and the door shut.

There was silence in the room, until Aaron started a slow clap. That broke the ice, and everyone went back to chatting, as if nothing had happened. Then I saw John and Mary approach Aaron, and John whispered something in his ear. John walked towards another bedroom, with Mary and Aaron following. More power to you John. First bi experience this week, already hooking up with a stranger, with Mary.

That left Chris, Amanda, Morgan, Amy, and me in the living room. Morgan looked at both Chris and Amanda, with hunger in her eyes. Clearly making a decision, she took Amanda's hand and almost dragged her into a third bedroom. That left Chris with us. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. Amy smiled back, took his hand and we both followed her into the fourth bedroom.

This was a fun tour group.

After everyone left, The seven of us all swapped stories (just like we all swapped partners).

John and Mary went first.

"It was the fattest cock I've ever seen," said Mary. "Easily as big around as a Coke can, and longer too, maybe 8 inches. That thing nearly split me open."

"Me too," chimed in John. We didn't know whether he meant the biggest he'd ever seen, or that it almost split him open, but by the grin, my guess was the latter. Apparently Aaron had fucked them both, then John fucked Mary (sloppy seconds) and finally John fucked Aaron. Lots of oral involved too, of course. The fact that Amy's parents were sharing their sexual exploits with all of us was different, but felt right to our family.

Morgan shared that Amanda was clearly inexperienced when they went in the bedroom, but not by the time they came out of the bedroom. Apparently Amanda had never been with a woman before, but the lure of the island had overcome her. Cum being the operative word. Morgan shared that she was a squirter, and had orgasms very easily. She even took to oral quickly and was quite good at it. Morgan's face reddened at that last little bit.

Leslie told the story of their room, which didn't surprise me. They started out conventionally, with Orlando fucking Emily and Justin fucking Leslie, but they both held off. Leslie made sure to tell us that Justin clearly liked young girls and had told her it was his first time. Orlando went down on Emily and when she closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling, Leslie sat down on her face. Emily was also new to the experience, but also a fast learner. Orlando wasn't sure if Emily was safe, so he finished off in Leslie. Leslie told Justin it was OK, and he finished in Leslie too. Our two kids then taught Justin and Emily how to clean out the cream pie. A night of firsts for them both too.

As for us, Chris was clearly very nervous. We found out that in his entire life, he'd never been with anyone other Amanda. They'd gotten caught up in the spirit and when Amanda went off with with Morgan, he was so turned on by the idea of her with a woman, he followed us like a puppy. He admitted that hearing Aaron tell his story at dinner had turned him on too, and it surprised him. We made sure that he didn't want to back out, and when he assured us he didn't, we assumed the role of teacher. We eased him into it, by both of us blowing him, passing his cock back and forth. We didn't let him cum though, and asked him what he wanted to try next. He shared that he wanted to fuck someone in the ass, as Amanda never let him. We filed that away for the future and asked him who he wanted to start with. He blushed, and almost whispered Bob. That was OK by us, and I assumed the doggy style position and Amy lubed us both up. Once he was in me, he let out a sign of satisfaction. He pumped in and out, until he saw that Amy had assumed the same position next to me. He pulled out, taking off the condom, and shoved his cock right into Amy. Not sure if it was on purpose, but he missed her ass and went right into her pussy. I wasn't thrilled, as he was without a condom, but when on the island I guess. Since he'd never been with anyone other than Amanda, he was probably clean.

I suggested he stop for a second, but stay inside her. He did, and I used the lube on my cock, after finding out if he wanted a condom. He didn't, which surprised me, but I lubed up and then lubed him up. First one, then two, then three fingers, and he was already grunting. I backed off and gave him a moment, then slide my cock right in. This 'almost a virgin, only been with my wife' guy found himself in the middle of a train. When I pumped in, it drove him into Amy. We kept at it and I could tell he was close, so I sped up until he couldn't take it anymore. That got me over too, and Chris got to experience his first ass full of cum. We collapsed on the bed and all Chris said was "I think I like this". We both laughed. We also taught Chris how to clean up a cream pie. He liked it too.

By the time we finished sharing stories, we were exhausted, and had an early day in the morning. Amy and I went to our room and Leslie followed us right into our room. That's not exactly how the two bedroom suite was supposed to work, but we all fell asleep quickly, intertwined on the big bed, naked, of course.

John and Amy later shared that they had split up into separate rooms. Literally John and Amy had. Orlando had slept with John and Morgan had slept with Mary. They didn't tell us what happened in the morning, but let's just say they all came out flushed and smiling.

In our room, I woke up to a double blow job. That's a feeling I could get used to. I did have to have them stop, and let it go down, so I could pee, and by the time I got back, they were in a feverish 69. The ass that was presented to me happened to be Leslie's. I slid my cock right into her super tight pussy, and Amy licked us both until they both went over the top. I stayed buried in Leslie and unloaded too. Yes, yes, Amy and I cleaned out Leslie too.

The rest of the day was our island tour, which wiped us out, so when we finally got back to our boat, late that night, we all went to the proper rooms and fell right to sleep.

Characters in the stories




Mrs. Johnson
Captain Billy
Sam (Samantha)


Early thirties


The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
The youngest
The outstanding car salesperson
Middle school guidance counselor
Middle school tour guide and Orlando's friend
Morgan's friend and a cheerleader
Leslie's new friend
Jim's friend
DFS Social Worker
Morgan's high school friend
Orlando's dark haired twin and friend
Leslie's new friend
Tyler's Dad
Tyler's Mom
Tyler's sister
Dave's Dad
Dave's Mom
Dave's brother
Hunter's Dad
Hunter's Mom
Hunter's twin sister
Don's friend at the party
Jan's wife
Juan and Sofia's oldest daughter
Juan and Sofia's son
Juan and Sofia's youngest daughter
Don's friend at the party
Sota's wife
Sota and Masako's oldest daughter
Sota and Masako's youngest daughter
Sota and Masako's son
Captain for the big cruise
Co-captain for the big cruise
Waiter for the big cruise
Waiter for the big cruise and Alex's twin
Dealer for the big cruise
Dealer for the big cruise
Massage/Suntan lotion for the big cruise
Massage/Suntan lotion for the big cruise
Massage/Suntan lotion for the big cruise
Massage/Suntan lotion for the big cruise
Scuba trainer and Janet's brother
Scuba trainer, MMA fighter, Ed's sister
Amy's Dad
Amy's Mom
Fun couple from Paris
Fun couple from Paris
First fun Cuba tour couple
First fun Cuba tour couple
Second fun Cuba tour couple
Second fun Cuba tour couple
Single on the Cuba tour


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
5'3" - 100, dark hair, Ameriasian, small B cup
6'3" - ripped, 10 inch thick cock
5'4" - slim, amazing puffies
5'8" - tall, athletic, B cup
4'6" - 80, 3 inch cock
6'8" - 250, Black, 12 inches of fun
5'7" - Very attractive
5'11" - glasses, chisled abs, 6 inch thick cock
5'2" - dark hair, thin
5'0" - cute as hell, 3 inch cock
5'10" - muscular
5'5" - sexy as hell, C cup
5'3" - trim, larger A cup
5'9" - slightly chubby, giant cock
5'8" - long, dark hair, B cup
5'0" - Dave, at 80%
6'3" - Tall, dark, and handsome
5'0" - 140, DD cup, clearly Hallie's Mom
4'8" - small A cup
5'9" - muscular, Hispanic, 6 inches, thin, upward curve, mushroom head
5'2" - curvy, C to D breasts
5'5" - 120, C cup
5'7" - slim, 5 inch cock
5'2" - skinny, flat
5'8" - lean, 5 inch cock
5'8" - athletic, A cup
4'11 - petite A cup, puffies
4'8" - bedding breasts, big puffy nipples
4'8" - slim, 2 inch cock
6'2" - 186, 6 inch thick cock
5'7" - Solid but not fat, D cup
5'8" - 130, 5 inch thin cock
5'8" - 130, firm B cup
5'10" - Coffee color, flat top, 8 inch thin cock
5'9" - athletic, petite, D cup, 5 inch cock
6'0" - average
5'6" - average body, D cup
5'10" - Skinny
5'7" - trim, blonde, C cup
5'11" - decent shape, blonde shaggy hair
5'7" - muscular, blonde, stunning
6'0" - fit, 8 inch thick cock
5'4" - 120, D cup, Red hair
5'11" - trim, 7 inch moderately thick cock
5'3" - petite, small A cup
5'11" - 165, muscular, 5 inch thick cock
5'8" - 140ish, muscular, B cup
6'3" - 190, 6 inch thin cock
5'6" - 145, C cup
6'2" - 220, 8 inch super thick cock

End of Chapter