Leslie turns blue

5 October 2018

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Tim Buchanan

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So much more than furniture

Bob here. I know I told Sara and Nathan that I'd give them Curt's contact info for the buildout of the dealers, but I always felt that a personal introduction was better. So I invited them over to discuss our options. Yeah, yeah, discuss our options. Seriously, there was a business part of the meeting, but that was going to be short compared to the fun part of our meeting. Let's face it, all the kids were going to enjoy themselves. I invited them on Friday afternoon, for the weekend. Every business meeting runs through the weekend, right?

Lance, Linda, and Matt were off at our place in Paris, so Clay, Cindy, Terry, and Renee were staying with us. I know they were reluctant to ask, but we always laugh. Like more kids would be an issue. Especially their kids. I just saw Noah run by too, but that was pretty common. I loved that Gail and her family often just wandered over. After all they lived just three doors down. Noah and Chris were getting pretty serious for 11, but I loved them together. Hey, not that way. OK, that way too.

They arrived within minutes of each other, so we did introductions in the driveway. Amy and Morgan joined me. All three had been here before, separately, but never together. Nathan and Sara were both driving nice cars. Well, Curt was too. Sara was driving an SL65 that was just perfect for her. Matte white and sexy. Nathan had gone a little more practical and was driving an SUV. An X5M in Matte gray. What's up with all the matte? OK, I liked it. Curt's new job must be taking care of him, because he was driving a nice M5.

Why was Morgan with us? Nathan. Remember? Although Curt and Sara were quite a draw too. We all went inside and I took the three newcomers back to my office. We did have business, remember? We talked about what we were trying to accomplish and Curt had excellent suggestions, as I knew he would. Did I mention he'd been promoted to lead their commercial division? We finally agreed on the approach and were done with the meeting. It was tempting to just have them all strip, but there were too many other fun people around, so we were going out on the boat. Of course, I'd privately cleared it with all three that play was OK. We were done so we headed off to the boat, rounding people up on the way. I interrupted Noah, Chris, and Clay, but they took it well. The boys particularly appreciated that I sucked each of them a bit. Well, I'm a thoughtful host.

We were taking the 475, which I love, since it has the giant slide. It is damn fun. Blake and Alison were on board and so where Juanita and her entire family. Amy's parents, John and Mary, were with us too. Always fun to see them. Jenny, of course, and Charley hadn't gone home yet. I wonder if he ever would? There was something between them and it was fun to watch.

Julia was in charge of dinner today and while we were having standing rib, because we do a lot, she said we'd enjoy the way she seasoned it. I'm sure I would. She had also made her variation on lobster bisque and I had no doubt it was spectacular too. I do write about our food a lot, don't I? Well, it's damn good food. Food and sex seem to go together, don't they? Breakfast would be in Nassau. Oh, you didn't see that coming, did you?

We had decided to make this a nice run, and had asked everyone to bring their passport. That always confuses people, but they do it, because they know we are always having an adventure. I didn't even know why this time, but Amy shared we had an appointment in Nassau with our favorite clothing shop. We all needed to be remeasured and we were going to have our guests measured too, if for no other reason than they needed the special underwear. I did find it funny that we were heading to another country with so many kids that weren't ours and none of their parents even blinked. The run to Nassau took a bit, so we'd do it overnight. Jenny had shared that Charley had passed the Coast Guard course, so could help. Yeah, that implied he'd be around a bit, didn't it?

Just then I saw Leslie walked by with Jimmy and Jackie, the short term foster kids that stayed with us awhile back. With them were a boy and girl I didn't know. Given we were now over a hundred miles from home, I thought I'd better check on what was going on.

"Leslie, what's going on? You know we're headed to Nassau, right?," I said.

"Sure Dad. Mom said it was OK and Vicky helped them get passports. They're staying with the perfect foster family that, um, gets them, and Vicky called and said they could really use a week off and could we take them. This is Marc and Sunny, their foster brother and sister," said Leslie. "Mom agreed, of course, but it was this week. It took some magic, but they're all passport holders now. Vicky said the Dad had called and said he needed a week off because if he didn't want his dick to fall off from all the fucking. I guess that's a good problem to have, isn't it?"

Well, I wouldn't want my dick to fall off, but I got her point. So this was quite a group now. The more the merrier. More choices for me. I went over to welcome this kids. I admit it didn't surprise me that this was all arranged without me. Remember, I have no role.

"Hi kids, welcome aboard," I said, being all nautical and shit.

"Hi Bob," they said, in unison. Even Marc and Sunny. I must be famous or something. Or someone told them to stay away from me. Nah.

"Thanks for having us back. You'd be proud of us. We know how to act right now. We still get to fuck a lot though, and we like that," said Jackie. I assured them both I was very proud of them.

"Do you think I'll get to fuck Amy?," asked Jimmy.

Leslie and I laughed. Shooting for the stars.

"I'm sure you will if you say please," said Leslie. Yeah, teaching kids to say please when they fuck a Goddess. Well, yeah.

"Will you please fuck me, Bob?," asked Jackie. Well, she did say please. Jimmy set off to find Amy, and Jackie took my hand and Leslie's hand. Apparently she already knew the way to the bedrooms. Hell, I was in. She's adorable. Jimmy would have been fun too. As it turns out, it worked out, as a minute or so after we went into the Master suite, Jimmy came in holding Amy's hand. Amy was grinning. Oh, did I mention Marc and Sunny came with us too?

"Well, he did say please," said Amy.

Good think ke knows his manners. By the time the door closed, all the kids were naked, including Leslie. Amy shrugged and we stripped too. We were standing there and saw five, yes, five gorgeous naked kids in our bed. Luckily it is a big bed.

"You promised me I could fuck you," said Jimmy. Amy climbed onto the bed, on her knees, and we all could see she was wet. Jimmy didn't wait and slid right in. Jackie assumed the same position and, yes, she was just as ready, so I slid right into her. Marc and Sunny wanted in, so Marc slid under Amy and she took him in her mouth. A nice endowment for his age. He went to town licking her and Jimmy. I'm pretty sure they liked it. Sunny must have liked the idea, because she slid under Jackie and Jackie started licking her. I felt Sunny's tongue and, I admit, it felt nice. It all felt nice. But where was Leslie. Oh, got it. She was holding a camera. Yeah, go for it.

I lasted longer than I expected, but finally couldn't hold off and Sunny got quite the facial. Luckily all the little kids understood clean up. Jackie and Jimmy cleaned up Sunny and Marc was nice enough to clean me off. Yeah, that got me hard again.

"Can we please watch you fuck Leslie?," asked Marc.

"Well, he did saw please," said Leslie. She laid down on her back and Sunny slid a pillow under her ass. How thoughtful. I slid right in. Damn she was wet. Marc sat next to Leslie and started playing with her clit and nipples. Oh, she wouldn't last long. Jimmy offered hs cock to her and she sucked him right in.

I was right, she didn't last long and as soon as she went off, she pulled off both Jimmy and me. I think we both groaned. Leslie laughed.

"It's a long weekend. We have to save you both," she said. I didn't like it, but I understood it. Amy couldn't stop laughing. I glared at her.

"Well, it is a weakness of the male of the species," she said. "We females don't have the same problem." With that, she laid back on the bed and pointed. Jackie actually pushed me out of the way and went down on Amy, to great success. Damn, that little ass wiggling was tempting, but I held back.

We went back up and it was dinner time and yes, it was amazing. After dinner, the kids had arranged a game. You probably remember it. Porn improv. Oh God, it is hilarious. Let's get right to it.

Outstanding improv

Leslie here. I'll take the pen for a bit. Most of the scenes were mine, although Renee and Terry helped. Damn they're imaginative. You know, it's been a long day, so I am not going to go through them all. Just suffice it to say that everyone got their fair share of cum and Mom got more than most. If we could patent a cum protein drink we would, but we'd lose money since we'd drink all the product.

Oh, you want at least a couple? OK, OK. We changed up the game a little that we were the directors so we got to cast the parts. We were going to make them accurate. The first episode was MILF times two staring Julia and Mary. Two fine looking women, by any measure. The premise was that the boys had to leg wrestle for the right to fuck them, but they had to do it with a girl sitting on their face. Oh, I'm not sure this was improv as much as we just wanted to watch.

We started with Nathan and Orlando. Pretty evenly matched. We put Jackie on Nathan's face and Sunny on Orlando's. Two little cuties. The challenge of leg wrestling, when you're naked, is that things get rubbed. So what we were really watching was their hard cocks. It was competitive, but to win, you had to not only win the leg wrestling, you had to get your girl off.

As it turned out, that wasn't an obstacle, because Sunny and Jackie went off in a heartbeat. Nathan finally bested Orlando, and got his pick of Mary or Julia. Given the loser got the other, it was a win-win-win-win. Is that a real thing? The finale, so to speak, was us watching Nathan fuck Mary and Orlando fuck Julia. For losing, Orlando had to be fucked by Noah.

Nathan complained that wasn't punishment and he should have gotten to be fucked too, so Bob stepped in.

Lots of fucking going on. We kind of gave up on the game at that point and everybody started fucking and sucking whomever was near them. Clay and Terry happened to be near me, so they got to enjoy the joys of DP with me. Yeah, I liked it too. The play went on forever, by which I mean a couple hours, and we were all worn out. Most people fell asleep basically where they were. I fell asleep on the floor, with Terry cuddling with me and his cock still inside me. It was nice.

Nassau in our underwear

Bob here.

When we go to Nassau, we did just what you expected us to do. We rented scooters. Basically rented them out. We spent the morning scooting around town and laughing. Yeah, we laughed a lot. We went to the beach, parking our huge line of scooters, and played in the water for awhile. Yeah, we have our own beach, but it isn't filled with scantily dressed people of all ages.

OK, let's be honest. Our beach usually is full of scantily dressed people of all ages, but still, it's nice to see more scantily clad people. Amy and I played our who would you fuck game and reaffirmed our position that we're pretty open to fucking just about anyone. Your body type doesn't necessarily match your skills. We started discussing our upper age limit, but given Marcel and Margot, that was out of the water. We were pretty comfortable with our lower limit, and it was very specific to the individual. It seemed like we centered around 7 or so, although we had a spirited discussion about whether just oral had a lower limit. We decided it did. Heck, if we ever had our own country, we would be prepared to make the rules. I wonder how you do start your own country.

Focus, Bob.

We scootered back to the boat and all showered and got cleaned up. Well, short and T-shirts cleaned up. Orlando had made us reservations again at the same restaurant, but I'll tell you, when we showed up on our scooters, with a ton of kids, they didn't even bat an eye. I guess we'd been good customers and I suspect the story of the Mayor's party had spread. Legendary, as they say. The food and service was outstanding, as expected, and I texted Antonio to add them to the free wine program. That will be a nice surprise when it arrives. We ate, drank, and laughed until our appointment at the tailor shop.

Yes, we scootered over and they had even blocked parking spaces in the front for us. Now that's service and it made us laugh. A day of laughter, for sure. We went back into the big changing room and everyone stripped. No pretense for this group. Hell, the little kids were probably naked more of their life than dressed. The manager had an entire team working, including his son Tim. Remember Tim? Morgan became his, uh, friend. Oh, he made sure he measured Morgan. And Chris. And Leslie. And Orlando. Yes, Orlando, who got hard while he was doing it. No embarrassment on either part. Hmm.

The entire process took a couple hours and all the little ones were amazing. Maybe it was the half glass of champagne that helped. Finally we were dressed and ready to go when Orlando pulled me to the side.

"We have dinner reservations at the casino. First, we have to change. Everyone has appropriate clothing on the boat. Not this nice, but good enough," said Orlando. "Tim is going to come with us for awhile, is that OK?"

"Sure," I said, knowing damn well Tim was going to have the time of his life. We went back to the boat and everyone just played around for a couple hours. The slide was busy, as were the waverunners and the wake boats. For some reason, I didn't see our kids or Tim for the entire time.

I wonder why...hmm. Oh, Orlando asked for the pen. I guess we'll find out.

Making Tim's day

Orlando here, as Dad said.

I know that Tim was hopeful of a repeat of his experience with Morgan, but I think we might have overwhelmed him a bit. She talked to him and offered him a group experience, suggesting Leslie and Chris...and me. His eyes got really, really big and he stammered a bit, but admitted he'd like that. We felt like the risk was pretty low, on our boat, in the Bahamas. We all went into Morgan's room and before we stripped, we all sat on the bed talking. We didn't want to push him to things that he didn't want to do. He was pretty new to all this. We got him talking about his fantasies and he had two major ones. The first was he wanted to watch two girls together. All three laughed and assured him that dream was more than possible. To cement the point, Leslie leaned over and kissed Chris, and openly rubbed her through her clothes. No, not up there. Down there. You know. His shorts tented but then again, so did mine.

He was clearly hesitant to share his other fantasy and we assured him there was no pressure. He could watch the girls and then take his pick. More than one if he had the stamina. Finally, he took a deep breath.

"I want to learn more about playing with another cock. I'd like to have my cock sucked by a boy and I'd like to suck a cock. I'd like to fuck a boy in the ass, but am not yet ready to be fucked," he said. Damn, that was a mouthful.

"Thank you for sharing that," said Morgan. "All of that can be done, in this room, today, with complete discretion. You can stop at any time. How about Leslie and Chris put on a show for you, and while they do, maybe Orlando could suck you a little."

Yeah, he liked that idea. Morgan undressed him, and then undressed me. He never took his eyes of me, and openly stared at my cock. The three of us got on the bed and sat leaning on the headboard. I was on the left, Morgan was on the right, and Tim was in the middle. Chris and Leslie stood at the end of the bed and undressed each other and it was fucking hot. Morgan stroked Tim a bit, and then I did. He noticed and he liked it. He reached over and even tentatively gave my cock a couple strokes. I leaned over and took him in my mouth, to a gutteral moan. Morgan told him to warn me because she didn't want him to cum.

Oh he had me stop pretty quickly. I sat up and the girls were in a 69, cross-wise on the bed, with Leslie on top. Damn. Sexy AF. They didn't take long and soon they both went over. Tim's cock was just bouncing. Yeah, mine too. The girls collapsed, and to my surprise, Tim leaned over and took me in his mouth. Oh, he wasn't bashful about it and had some skills. I finally had to push him off, as I wanted to save myself. I wouldn't play with the girls in front of him but I was fucking somebody later today, that's for sure.

As it turns out, Tim had stamina and all three girls enjoyed him. Oh, he had more stamina than you think, because before he did that, he fucked me. Hard. I think I'm still dripping. It's not like any of the girls could clean me out, you know? So that's the end of my story. We were off to dinner, and had a great time, then we all, um, had some more fun. You know what happened. I finally crashed with Cindy and Nathan. Cindy was pretty damn insatiable and we both enjoyed her.

Overnight and the next day

Amy here.

This was a short trip and back home, but we still needed to pick up our clothes. Yes, the manager pulled in his team again so we could bring most of our clothes home with us. He focused on casual stuff we'd wear immediately, which we appreciated.

The night at the casino was hilarious. Casinos here are pretty damn informal about age limits, particularly when you are dressed well and buy everybody stupid large markers. The littlest kids just watched, but you know damn well that our four gambled. They were pretty good at it too, and after a long evening, we all ended up just about breaking even. That's a win in a casino.

We did have a bit of a wild night that night. We didn't play any specific games, just paired off and had fun. Well, paired isn't quite right. Grouped off sounds weird, but you get the idea. Let's just leave it that I got filled up repeatedly in every place I could fill up, you know? I still wish my parents and I had worked this out a long time ago. Mom and Dad are fun as hell. Mom's a horny little thing and Dad has skills.

Of course I enjoyed the other direction too. For example, Sunny's oral skills are stunning for her age. Damn. At one point I had Jackie, Sunny, and Ruby all, um, servicing me. Yeah, you're imagining it, aren't you. I lived it. Barely.

Heading home now.

Dealing with the dick

Leslie here. I get another turn. Yay! Anyway, I'd spent a crap ton of time in the seat of an F/A 18. I didn't just fly around for hours on end, I practiced the maneuvers. For several hundred of the hours, Cliff managed, with the General's help, to get his hands on another F/A 18. Let me tell you, he's ready for the Blue Angels too. The General and I have both encouraged him to put his name in for the next crew. He'd have my support, like that would do anything.

It was finally time to head to Pensacola. The dick, which is what I still call him, wouldn't ever agree to an actual air show, but he had agreed to a training session. I'd take the place of their newest member. I flew up in the morning. He made a point of telling me to arrange for a ride back, as he was keeping the plane. Yeah, well fuck him and the horse he rode in on, but Chris followed me up in the BFP. Hell, the Mustang would have been fine, but sometimes you make a point.

We both landed and taxied up to the hanger. I climbed out just as the ramp came down. Yeah, Chris had camped it up. SHORT shorts, a tight T, showing off the little puffies. Braided pigtails. Sort of a 9 year old slut look. You just have to laugh.

The Commander stormed out of the hanger. Does he ever just walk? He looked at Chris and demanded to speak to the pilot of the 747. With that, Chris used the remote to close the ramp and just stood there. It took him longer than it should to realize he WAS talking to the pilot. That threw him off stride and I think he forgot what stupid thing he was going to say.

"Fine," he said. "Cliff said you knew the simple formations, so we'll do a few and you're GONE." He listed off a few of the dumbass simple ones. Yeah, no.

"Yeah, no," I said. "Just no. I am so fucking tired of your attitude. I thought we'd cleared up who had the power in our relationship. You can either get the stick out of your ass, or leave it in there and enjoy retirement. I am just done with your shit. Done. D. O. N. E. Here's the formations we're going to do and if you say pretty please, I'll teach you how to do an inverted loop in this stank ass F/A 18 you fly. Got it?" Then I listed their most complex maneuvers. I think the top of his head was about to blow off.

Oh boy. He wasn't going to budge. I had to do it again. I pulled out my phone and called Joe. We went through the hi how are yous.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me," said Joe. "Again? Is he really that fucking stupid?" Yeah, I'd put it on speaker.

"I'm on speaker, aren't I?," asked Joe.

"Yes sir," I replied.

"Commander, you have three hours to be standing in front of my desk. Take the trainer, as your plane is being flown today by your XO," said Joe. "You may or may not come back to Pensacola. You don't fucking get the power of this young woman. She is a godsend to our program. She will fly what maneuvers she wants to fly and she will be a guest pilot in actual air shows. You're relieved. I assume your XO can hear me. If not, Leslie, tell him he is acting commander. Good bye." With that, he hung up.

Yeah, the XO heard. The Commander looked shocked. Fuck head. Finally he stormed off. Still didn't know how to just walk.

The XO came up and actually saluted me. I laughed and stuck out my hand, which he shook, also with a laugh.

"Can you teach us all how to do the inverted loop?," he asked. I assured him I could. Chris couldn't stop laughing until I gave her a look.

"Let's go in the ready room and plan out the order of things we want to do. Turns out our Commander is still being a dick, and took his plane, so one of us will fly the trainer. Flies just the same, so no worries there. First, to be honest, we'd like you to walk us through the inverted loop and we all want to try it," said the XO.

"Cool," I said. I walked them all through the timing of the afterburners.

"You can actually still make the loop?," said one of the other pilots.

"Apparently," I said. "Haven't missed one yet." That broke up the room and you could feel the tension leave. I asked what the smallest pressure suit they had was. The XO gave me a funny look.

"Oh," I said. "I'll take the trainer. I thought Chris could ride rear seat." With that, a crewman ran out and then back in with a surprisingly small suit. Chris let out a big whoop. I told her that she couldn't wear the T, just the shorts and underwear and she whipped off that top faster than you can blink. I guess we didn't think that through, as she didn't HAVE a bra on. Lots of big eyed stares, but she just pulled on the suit. Yeah, now we'd both shown our nipples to lots of military people.

"Next time, maybe in the rest room," I said and the whole room laughed. Oh, they liked it.

We headed out and all climbed in our aircraft. Nobody challenged me anymore.

"You've got a wide runway here. Have you taken off in the Delta formation?," I said, into the radio.

"No, but that would work," replied the XO. "Let's do it. I'll take one. He assigned everyone else. He put me in 3, which is immediately behind him and to the right.

"Let's show them how it is done," said the XO. "Take off diamond, to vertical afterburner, to standard loop. Leslie, that's a lot for your first maneuver."

"Nah, Cliff and I have done it several times," I said. "Easy peasy. Once you learn the inverted loop, it's more fun that way. We could even do it in the Delta." That actually got two distinct gasps.

We took off, as expected, then did the flyaway, where the rear four plane veers off. Once we had, I walked the XO through an inverted loop, not quite on his wingtip, but pretty close. Mine was smoother, but I'd done thirty or more by now. We regrouped, flew the diamond, with me in the 4. Then 1 and 4 barrel rolled into the Double Farvel. We did a half dozen other difficult maneuvers. Finally they all wanted to do the inverted loop, so the XO and I flew around wingtip to wingtip while they tried. Of the three, only one succeeded. I got the XO onto a private channel and told him what I wanted to do. Inverted loop to the peak, than a double roll into a standard loop, than I'd roll on the downward part of the loop and we'd come out wingtip to wingtip, but I'd be upside down. After he told me I was fucking nuts, he agreed.

It was beautiful. We did the inverted loop, which meant at the top we were right side up. Then we rolled together, but I did my own roll and timed it. We came out of the loop right on each other's wing tip, but I was upside down. Well, Chris was too. Finally we did another loop, which meant mine was inverted and his wasn't. That took timing, but we did it, and I rolled at the top, and we came out next to each other and tandemed landed. Fuck yeah.

Everyone else landed behind us and when we all pulled up, everyone came out of the ready room and gave us a standing ovations. The XO grabbed me in a hug and picked me up, then did the same to Chris. Yeah, he was hard, but that might have been exhileration, not our tits. Or it was our tits.

I asked if there was video of our final maneuver and several of the other pilots said they caught it all. I had the best one emailed to me, and I forwarded it to Joe. I got a one word text back.


He did let the Commander come back, properly chastised. The commander himself delivered one of the planes back to PIE and apologized. He seemed sincere, so I flew him back to Pensacola in the BFP and let him fly right seat. Yeah, I signed his logbook. From that point on, he was surprisingly nice. Yes, I flew a number of exhibitions with the Blue Angels. It was a blast.

To Italy we go

Amy here.

So excited to be off to Italy, for so many reasons.

We made Charlotte and Oliver fly, gasp, commercial. No, not to Italy. To Florida. OK, they did fly first class at least. Alison picked them up and brought them back to the house. Yes, it was a tad surprising to them, but given we were on our way to pick up four racing Ferraris, I think they were getting the situation a little better.

Since we were taking the BFP, and hadn't been to Italy in a long time, we took a big group, including Amai and her parents, Juanita and her parents and siblings, our family, and, of course, Oliver and Charlotte. Blake, Alison, Tom, and Jess all had committments, so didn't make this trip. Still a fun group, for sure. Sixteen of us, so not a big dent in the BFP. I admit I was feeling the need for some Davis. I'm pretty confident he would accomodate me. I was still intrigued by Leo too, since he hadn't made a visit yet. Sophia sure looked happy after their tour.

Finally we were all on the plane. We were barely in the air before I dragged Davis into the master suite. I was feeling a little kinky, so we role played a bit. I made Bob my cuck. Oh, we don't do it for real, but it is fun sometimes. I made Bob strip down to just a pair of tight panties. Sheer, white panties, that were a bit too small. He was hard as a rock and already leaking copious amounts of precum. Then I made him undress Davis, while I watched. Oh, they made it hot, hot, hot. The contrast of Bob's white skin and Davis' dark skin was spectacular. As each piece of clothing came off Davis, I got hotter and hotter. I had two fingers pleasuring myself already.

Finally Davis was naked and, to my surprise, he'd managed to make it through all of this without getting hard. Oh yes, I ordered Bob to his knees to fix that problem. I wanted Davis' second cum, not his first, but I made Bob stop once Davis was hard.

The door opened and Julia came in. OK by me! She quickly stripped and finished undressing me, while the men watched. Then Julia got into the spirit and ordered Bob to lie on the bed. Julia knew where the toys were and went and got a giant strap-on. HUGE. It was a double-ended, so I helped her insert it and, well, licked her clit for a bit. I just couldn't resist. Finally she climbed up on the bed and generously lubed up the strap-on and Bob. She didn't take his panties off, just pulled them to the side. How fucking hot is that? Oh he felt that go in. Davis and I watched. He stood behind me, looking over my shoulder, while one hand damn near attacked my breast while the other gently caressed by clit. If it had been a contest on who would cum first, I won. I could barely stand, and Davis held me up until my legs recovered.

With that, Julia pulled out and I pushed Davis to go take her place. Something about watching his BBC slide into Bob's ass just did it for me. Julia wasn't done though, and took off the strap-on and climbed up on Bob's face, after turning to face Davis. They both lasted a lot longer than I did, but when Julia finally went off, Davis pulled out and shot his cum all over her breasts. It was a LOT of cum. It dripped down her body. Since Bob was under her, it dripped onto his face, and into his open mouth. Such a good cuck, he swallowed it all. Davis and Julia climbed off, and Bob was a mess. Face, chest, everything still sticky with cum. Did we let him clean up? Fuck no. He still had work to do. He cleaned up Davis and got him hard again. It was MY turn. I took his spot, on my back, and Davis slid right in. Bob still had a job. His job was to play with my nipples and use his other hand to stroke my clit and Davis' cock. We went at it for a LONG time. I kept going over and over and over. I told Bob to suck my nipples, as I knew Davis was close. Yes, he pulled out and gave Bob quite a facial. We were finally done, and left Bob, covered with cum, in his panties, hard as a rock, lying on the bed. We all left and went downstairs, leaving him, after telling him NOT to touch himself. He just had to lay there until someone 'saved' him.

We left him there for about fifteen minutes, but finally decided that was a bit cruel. Ruby volunteered to help him out, and stripped right there in the living room. Oh, Charlotte and Oliver noticed. We all noticed. There wasn't a soft cock or a soft nipple in the room, including Ruby's. I admit, I made poor Bob wait a little longer, as I pushed her down on the couch and pulled that tiny slit apart. So beautiful. I used my tongue as a little cock and started pushing in and out of her. Ruby was moaning while I did it and I knew she was close. Finally I sucked her little clit in my mouth and that was all it took. For the first time I knew, Ruby squirted. It was wonderful. I swallowed all I could, but was just drenched. Good thing I was still naked. Oh, didn't I mention we all came downstairs naked?

I guess I better let Bob tell the rest of the story.

The cuck

Bob here. Oh, I'm going to back up a bit. You know exactly what happened, but not how much I enjoyed it. My cock had never been so hard. Was it role play or was I really a cuck? A fine line, I suppose. I almost came both when Julia was doing me with the strapon and when Davis was fucking me. It took all I had to hold off, and no one had touched me yet. The sheer satin was rubbing over my cock though, and it was heavenly. The front of the panties was soaked with my precum.

Finally the door opened and Ruby walked in, naked. I could tell she had just cum, as her tiny little slit was red and engorged. She didn't waste any time. She climbed up on the bed and pulled down my panties. She didn't pull them off, but just pulled the front down and hooked them under my full balls. Oh the pressure was wonderful. She lifted my cock up and positioned herself and slid right down. She stopped when she bottomed out, which was a little cruel, and ordered me to use my fingers to get her off. Thank god it didn't take long and she finally started bouncing up and down. Oh, I'm sorry to say I didn't last but a brief moment, and filled her full with cum. FULL.

She bounced off the bed and took my hand and pulled me out the door and down the stairs. There I was, covered with cum, juices still on my softening cock, panties still hooked under my balls, on display. Ruby laid on the carpet and ordered me to clean her out. Yes, master. I got down on my knees and was licking her when I felt the cold of lube squirted on my ass, and a nice hard cock slide in. OK, I guess I was the fuck toy today. Fine by me. I looked back and it was Oliver. It was fucking hot, so he unloaded quickly. Gabe and Orlando where in a damn line waiting their turn. Their sloppy seconds and thirds didn't last long and I was dripped copious amounts of cum. They'd just pulled my panties to the side, so when Orlando was done, he pulled them back in place. Yes, they made me ride all the way to Italy full of three loads of cum.

Our sexcapades had filled quite a bit of time, so we all took a quick nap. Yes, me still in my panties, right there on the floor. Before we landed everyone got dressed. No, they didn't let me shower. They made me pull on shorts and a T-shirt, over all the cum. I still had dried cum on my face and in my hair. OK, some fresh cum too, as Davis had recovered. That's how I greeted Sophia, Luca, and Elena. They noticed. Oh they noticed. Sophia smiled, walked over, and licked, yes licked, some of the cum off my face.

"MMM. Davis," she said. Damn. Then she noticed the stream running down my leg. What can I say?

"You're not getting in MY cars like that," said Sophia. "Go get a towel to sit on. Move it!" Oh god, now Sophia is ordering me around. Am I the fuck toy for the entire trip?

Yes, yes I was.

Welcome to Italy

We finally made it to the house, and yes, I stained the towel, Hey, there were THREE loads in there. We got out of the cars and Antonio, Stella, and Leo were waiting to greet us. Yeah, with me still sticky and cum covered. Sophia grabbed my hand and dragged me into the house. She told Elena to strip me, until she noticed the wet, sticky panties, and told her to leave those on. Sophia pushed me down on the carpet, into the position, and ordered Luca, Antonio, and Leo to strip. Oh, they did. She lined them up and had Luca, then Antonio fuck me. Fourths and fifths. Yes, I was a bit sloppy. Finally it was Leo's turn. Holy mother of god. That small man had an enormous cock. Easily 10 inches and as fat as a coke can. Thickest cock I had ever seen. As I was looking over my shoulder, he positioned himself. He wasn't gentle. I am thankful there were five loads already in there. He pushed in and was simply pounding me. When he finally came, I could tell it was huge. When he pulled out, he moved around to the front and he was still hard. He had me clean his cock, with my tongue, and dammit, yes still hard. He pointed, at Amy, and at the spot next to me on the floor. She was naked, on her back, with her legs in the air in seconds. I had to watch while this fit, older man, fucked my wife with his giant cock. He lasted forever, but finally pulled out and covered her pussy, belly, tits, and face with more cum than I had ever seen come out of a cock. And it was his second cum! He pointed at me, then at her. Still dripping from my ass, I moved over and started licking her. I started at the top, and each time I filled my mouth, I pushed it into hers. Finally I had worked my way down. Instead of kissing the remainder into her mouth, I pushed it into her pussy. God it was hot. Finally she was clean and dammit I was going to be back in control. I pulled down my panties and slid my now hard cock into Amy. I was on fire and pounded her. I filled her full of cum. No, I didn't pull out. I found her panties and slipped them on her. Let her enjoy a pussy full of cum. She let me. She liked it.

"Welcome to Italy," said Elena. Welcome indeed.

Finally we all showered. I showered with Amy, and yes, I still had a little more in me. We got cleaned up in the shower, but made love in the bed. It was slow. It was passionate. It was wonderful. Yes, I'd been the fuck toy, but Amy was still mine and I was still hers.

We finally came out and everyone was enjoying a catered lunch. Just a sandwich and salad bar, which was perfect after a long flight where we really didn't sleep quite enough. The rest of the day was just fun, drinking a bit of wine, playing in the pool. Just being a family. The kids even played Monopoly. So, well, normal. Oh yeah, various people disappeared a bit. Leo was not only endowed but had stamina, as I saw him disappear repeatedly. I remembered back to when Luca and Elena gave him a tour. The thought of that monster in either of them was a bit overwhelming. No wonder they were worn out. What reminded me of it was seeing Leo head into the house, carrying Ruby. Yes, she came back out almost in a trance.

I'm going to let Charlotte tell the story of the next day.

Charlotte's web

Charlotte here. Wow, I get to tell the story of our day! (Yes, they let me read the journal. Wowza.)

We got up early and headed to the track. Leo couldn't come today, but we were going to leave his car and he'd get his time in. No one was that worried, given he was a previous F1 champion. He was excited to get back in the game.

That meant the our drivers for today were Amy, Orlando, and me. That left a car open, so we invited Morgan to join us. You know she wanted to, but didn't want to intrude, which was sweet. She did get me off this morning, so she can come with me, so to speak, any time she wants.

We go to the track to an almost royal welcome. I'm new to having all this money thrown around, so just the fact that I was in Italy was mindblowing, let along that I was dressed in a brand new fire suit and carrying a helmet. For Ferrari, I was one of the drivers, therefore I had money, therefore they were nice to me. We'd gone to the museum for a bit yesterday, and Leslie explained that all the cars were actually theirs, which is still confusing as hell, but something about her family saving the collection. I guess I am learning about stupid money, but Chris told me her story had how she went from scraping by to rich beyond belief for all the wrong reasons. I'm just a lucky as hell hanger on. I will bust my ass for this family, not the least of which because they're so damn nice to me. I love it!

So, here we are, standing next to the cars. Red, White, Blue, and Yellow. No Silver. Bob doesn't like silver. I got it. First they took us each on a few laps as a passenger. Amy picked Red. Orlando picked Blue. That left me with Yellow or White. I was partial to white, so that left the last car to Morgan, for today, and then to Leo. Yellow.

Fuck it was exciting as hell as a passenger. Their drivers were amazing. They said they weren't going that fast, but they sure appeared to be to me. They talked a lot about the line, which I followed, and I learned it over the 6 laps that I was a passenger. I was going to follow it faithfully.

Once we were done, they sent us each out, one by one, for five laps. They said to ease into it, so my first two laps were like my grandma, but my last three got faster. I was pretty happy with my last lap. Orlando went next, and he wasn't quite as tentative. He beat me by a full 3 seconds, which is a lot on a track this length. Amy went next and just about tied Orlando, but was 2/10ths slower. She was pissed. It made me laugh.

Morgan went last. Holy fuck. We could see three turns from where we were standing and she braked one hell of a lot later than I did and she got on it WAY earlier. When she pulled in, her best lap was 14 seconds faster than Orlando's. 14!

We noticed that the Ferrari crew was excited and babbling to each other, but in Italian. We didn't have a clue about what, but they were excited. They all came over together, and the guy in charge was in front. He came directly to Morgan.

"You just broke the track record by three full seconds," he said. "We watched and on this section you didn't even run the correct line. We do not understand how you did it."

"OK, let's do two things," said Morgan. "First, give me 1.5 degrees less wing. Then I'll take you for a ride and set another record."

"Less wing!" he shouted. "That cannot be. This is the correct wing for this track. We have thousands of hours of wind tunnel, track, and computer modeling to prove it."

"Yeah, and I beat your track record on the fifth lap I had ever driven. Fuck your models. My car. Less wing," said Morgan, much to the dismay of the entire team, who went off on a lot more Italian.

"I am NOT crazy," said Morgan. "I DO know more than you do. I don't appreciate insults in Italian either." She had to translate for us, because she said all that, to them, in Italian. I didn't even know she could SPEAK Italian. They clearly didn't either.

After considerable argument, all in Italian, Amy finally stepped in and told them do it, or we were leaving and would enter the Porsche challenge. Oh, that stung. I don't exactly know the process, but they worked on the wing for a bit.

"Do you want me to show you by myself, or is one of you brave enough to ride along," said Morgan, thankfully in English. They all looked at each other and clearly no one wanted to volunteer. Finally the guy in charge stepped up, by getting in the passenger seat. Someone handed him a helmet. I think he believed he'd need it.

Morgan pulled back out on the track. We watched the board. She ran ten laps, each just a little faster, until she'd cut another 4 full seconds off the track record. That's amazing. It's just not done. Track records are beaten in tenths, or even hundreths. They came back in and both got out. OMG, their team leader had wet himself. He pulled off his helmet and had no blood in his face. He was white as the proverbial sheet.

"I spent the entire ten laps screaming and praying," he said. "I even wet myself." He said that last part a little sheepishly.

"I couldn't drive that line. No human could drive that line, with that wing. I do not understand how she can, but that record will never be broken, unless she breaks it," he said.

"What's the record in your F1 car?," asked Morgan.

They told her, and it was another 15 seconds off her best time.

"Bring it out," she said. "Take off 1.5 degrees on it. I'll break it."

They started arguing again, this time in English at least, that they couldn't let a little girl drive their F1 car. Oh, the little girl comment made Morgan laugh. Amy showed me her phone, and it was the photo of Morgan, on the winner's pedestal, shaking hands with Justin. It was a lead to the article about her dominant win. Their driver was on the 3rd place podium, looking dejected.

Amy handed her phone to him. His eyes got wide and he passed the phone around and they all had the same look.

"You won at Montreal. For the second time. You broke every record. You kicked our ass with an inferior car," said the team leader. He turned to one of the other men and said "Bring it out. Reduce the wing." They argued again, in Italian. One of the made a cellphone call. A few minutes later, a car was pulled out by a little tug, and a driver was walking behind it. Ah, third place dude. HE argued with the team leader, about HIS car. He lost. He looked at Morgan, and spit on the ground. Oh, that can't be good.

They adjusted the wing, and the seat, and waved her in. She got in and they explained the differences in controls from the Mercedes-AMG car. She roared out of the pits, and came around pretty fast. On her first lap in the car, she beat the record. She did ten laps and pulled in and had taken a little over 3 seconds off the record. She climbed out and went over to their driver.

"Your turn," she said. "Want to try it with my wing adjustment?" He looked like she hit him. He just turned and walked away.

The team leader let loose with more Italian. Morgan laughed and responded with "No thank you" and walked back to us.

"They just offered me the number one driver position for the full season. That's the job currently held by the guy that just stormed off," said Morgan. "I declined, but I am going to talk to my team. Their car IS better than ours. I can tell them how. Who the hell let's a competitor drive their car? They got caught up in it and shouldn't have."

We all laughed at that.

With that, we all got in OUR Ferraris and roared back on the track. Except Morgan. She just watched. She couldn't lead us around. None of US could drive her line either. Well, Orlando probably could, but even he was a little conservative with a new car. We ended up spending three full days at the track, and all got better. We ran races against each other and they were damn competitive. In the end, all of us had won at least two races. Orlando was clearly the best, but Amy and I were pretty evenly matched, and improving. He was too. They shared some information on the pace run by other drivers in the challenge, and we were going to be competitive. DAMN this was fun.

We had been having a wonderful time exploring Venice and the surrounding areas too. I, well we, lived a pretty sheltered life and this is so new to me. I'll pass this back to Amy for now.

On to Paris

Amy here. I loved reading Charlotte's post. It's cool expanding someone's world. The Ferraris were great fun and I am looking forward to the challenge races. I think I have a shot, but it will take practice. I wonder where we can build a track. I'll have to have Amai look into buying some land a little inland. Close though.

Anyway, I think we're done in Italy, but what's the point of going home? Where is home anymore? We all talked about it and decided our next stop would be Paris. Ah, Paris! Of course, Oliver and Charlotte are like, what? Yeah, we shared we had a place in both London and Paris. Haven't shared Austin, Napa, LA, or San Francisco yet. They'll catch up. I wonder what Bob has up his sleeve next? He did JUST buy Montreal. Gotta block Zillow.

I'm writing this from the BFP. We're almost to Paris and somehow every bedroom is occupied. I'm out in the living room typing this and Bob is over playing on his iPad. That's not that unusual, but the fact that Elena is on her knees blowing him at the same time is, well, normal I guess. I'm not really in a position to talk, given Luca is between MY legs. Oh god that feels good.

Oh yes, we brought Sophia and her kids with us. Wouldn't you?

People started trickling out of the bedrooms before we landed. Orlando, Oliver and Julia. Morgan and Sophia. Could have predicted that one. Davis and Charlotte. Ruby and Amai. Yep, yep. Anyway. You get the idea. Once we landed, we all piled onto the helicopter. It had taken awhile to get approval to land on our apartment, but in the end it worked out. Good thing it was structurally sound. We were there in a few minutes. So much nicer than Paris traffic. We were all hungry, so where do you THINK we went to lunch. Thai food, of course, with our wonderful friends.

The funny thing is that we really didn't have any journal worthy stories of our visit to Paris. Charlotte and Oliver had never been there and neither had Jesse and Julia. We were tourists and walked and walked. We threw a lot of stupid money around to make our days easier, but that's the way we roll, ya know? We stayed for four days because, well, we could. Oh, the families in the building did walk with us some and we all, um, sampled each other, but nothing in the way of exciting games or anything. I will say that 10 year old Simeone had been practicing, and was clearly watching Orlando's moves, because he had really improved. Oh, I got tingly just typing that.

Fuck waiting

Amy here. Fuck waiting for January. The Watkins Glen race was in two weeks. Amai was able to rent the track for 3 days, at a considerable cost, to start in just two days. We were still in Paris and the cars were in the hold. We flew to LaGuardia, because we could clear customs and pick up the helicopter. A car carrier met us and we loaded the four cars, then we flew to our apartment. We spent the night, then flew the helicopter directly to Watkins Glen. The cars were already there, so we were all set. We'd rented the entire track, so what the hell. Everyone had their suits and helmets and we didn't have to tell anyone how old the kids were. Leslie and Chris had a blast. They'd never driven a car, so their first experience was a Ferrari 488C on the Watkins Glen road course. Damn they were both naturals, but given their flying and boating experience, I can't say I was surprised. Morgan blew us all away, but we mortals were all pretty close. Leslie even edged me on a few laps. She just kept getting faster and faster. Cool beans.

On our final day Morgan declared we all needed to be rule breakers. She took each of us for a ride in our cars. We all screamed at least once. Then she took us through several laps that she had personalized for each of us. She was the most aggressive with Orlando. Leslie and Chris were a little less. Charlotte was back just a little more. She did line adjustments for Leslie and me and a bigger one for Orlando but none for Charlotte. Then she sent us back out to try our new line. It was a little scary at first but got more comfortable. We all were faster. Charlotte beat the prior track record and the rest of his beat Charlotte. From slowest to fastest it was Charlotte, Chris, Leslie, me, Orlando but we were close. We didn't count Morgan as she obliterated the record. She's going around the world setting records that may stand forever.

It turns out there are multiple classes. Some are for novices, which is all of us, except Morgan. That left five of us that wanted to drive. Nobody had thought to set a minimum age for a racing program that involved $300K cars. All 4 kids, plus Charlotte and I wanted to drive. We were short a car. Amai searched and found one in the US, that we could buy. A black one. Couldn't have silver! Chris went a picked it up, and flew it back to LaGuardia. The same truck driver brought it over. We extended our track rental a day and ran races against each other. Even if we never ran a real race, it was a ball.

Finally race day. Morgan ran in the top class and ran away with it. Then they banned her. She didn't blame them. It wasn't fair.

We all ran in the lowest class and came in 1-5. Orlando, me, Leslie, Chris, Charlotte. Closer than we expected. We're all improving. We all got moved up a class for the next race. Apparently no one had ever moved up before their third full season. We did it in one race thanks to Morgan's coaching. Morgan kept getting approached by other drivers wanting her coaching but she said it was only for family.

Someday I was going to run her line. I know Orlando will. He already did in IndyCars.

This is too damn much fun. I looked it up. The next race is in a month. In Suzuka. Which is in Japan. The closest airport is Nagoya and it can handle the BFP. I put Luna on the task of arranging transport for the cars. It's about 50 miles around the bay. I also asked her if she could arrange a rental helicopter, if the track would let us land. It's a shorter hop across the bay. She could. Cool. We'd never even been to Japan, so we decided to make it a nice trip and see Tokyo too. Tokyo was a challenge, as finding a place big enough for all of us was rough. EVERYONE wanted to go to Tokyo. So Luna basically bought out the Penisula hotel for five days. It took stupid money. Some of our clan decided to just do the next trip, but we ended up with an interesting mix. Our six, of course, plus Oliver and Charlotte, because Charlotte was racing. That took us to nine. Juanita and her family added another five, so we were up to fourteen. Lance, Linda, Matt, and their families added another 7. Lance had some cars to look at too. Since we were taking five, it still left room to bring some others home. Where were we. OK, up to 20. That topped us out. The hotel had ten total suites, each of which had one bed. Not that fancy, by our standards, but we took them all. That gave us enough beds, but we'd have to rearrange so the youngest kids were with an adult. We accidentally had 10 adults and 10 kids, if you counted our four as kids, which probably isn't fair. Oh, we'd swap around. It would be fun!

Some news!

Morgan here. Some news!

I knew there was an F1 race there too, but Mercedes had only signed me up for the Montreal race. I guess they saw my appeal as being primarily in North America. Which is why I was surprised to get a call from the director of the F1 program right before we left.

"Morgan, I see your family is signed up for the Ferrari challenge this weekend. Will you be with them?," he asked.

"Sure. We have never been to Japan. Dad bought tickets for us all for the F1 race. Should be fun although it is more fun in a car," I said. "Why?"

"As it turns out, we have a third car but no driver. It is our experimental car based on your coaching. Not completely sure it is ready for the race, but do you want to drive it? We brought it to get some track time but your family rented the entire track. Call it a win-win. You get seat time, we get track time and if it seems worthy we will do a last minute entry and you can race," he said. "Interested?"

Play it cool. Play it cool. Oh screw it. I screamed yes in to the phone which got a laugh.

I hung up and ran to tell the 'rents. Play it cool. Play it cool.

"I'm driving in the F1 race!," I screamed. Ok, not the day to play it cool.

We arrived at the track and the Mercedes team was already there. Only one Ferrari was offloaded so I took it out to learn the track. The Mercedes lead engineer rode with me and was crying when we got back. Well I did set the Ferrari Challenge track record but it was just a quick ride for me. Men. They cry at the littlest bit of drift.

I look their new car out and yes within a few laps I broke the track F1 record. Huge improvement. Damn they actually listened. I let the factory driver try it but he couldn't match my times but did beat the old record. He just laughed and admitted he would never catch me.

"Still too much wing," I said. This time they didn't even argue. They suggest a half degree and I wanted a degree and a half so we compromised on one.

Much better. Shaved another full second off. The other driver wouldn't even try it with that wing. I put in a few more laps than turned the track over to my family and chatted with the team. What we didn't know is the garage area was going to be open to the other Ferrari drivers to bring in their cars, which meant virtually all of the competitors were there. Oh heck, we just opened up the track to everyone and had a blast. We really got to know the other drivers well. I didn't drive anymore in the Ferrari. It didn't seem very nice to do so.

I went back to talking to my team director.

"At least you're not arguing with me as much," I said.

"You're not human. Why argue?", he said. "We have learned, for the most part, to just agree. But you didn't argue for the other half degree."

"I was on the edge. Probably could do it but risk reward wasn't there," I said.

"My god. The non-human has matured," he said. Yes we both laughed.

That night we explored the area. Then went back to the plane.

I'm sure you're expecting some exciting game here, aren't you. Well, sometimes you just want to fuck. We didn't put any pretense around it at all. Everybody took off their clothes and just matched up with someone else. Some pairs. Some threesomes. I know Oliver and Charlotte got to, um, meet a lot of people. In my case, I hadn't seen Cindy and Clay in a long time, so I dragged them back to a bedroom. They're just so damn cute. He's grown a little so we're about the same height, but he sure is skinny. Well, except for his cock. I remembered a thin 4 inch cock, not a thicker 6 inch cock. Uncut. Yum. Cindy had grown a bit too. I know we talk about it all the time, but she had those nipple bumps. You know, not quite breasts, or even puffies, but bumps that were almost all nipple and fine nipples they were. She was showing a little bit of development down there too. Not quite a woman, not quite a little girl. I made then show me their skills, on each other, first. I wanted Clay's second cum, not his first, and when they got into a 69 on the bed, you just knew this happened at home. A lot. Cindy's a bit of a screamer, and went over quickly. Clay didn't last long either, which is why I wanted his second round. He pulled out and came all over those incredible nipples. My turn. I pushed him out of the way and started licking. It turns out they were super sensitive too. Of course, my two fingers pumping in and out probably helped.

Oh, did I mention that I was on my knees doing this? Clay recovers fast. He's also got some skills. I think I had one continuous twenty minute long orgasm and yes, he lasted that long. He'd pump away, and then stop to recover, then fuck some more. He did it over and over until he pulled out and came on my pussy and my back. I collapsed on Cindy and Clay was ever the gentlemen.

He licked it ALL out. We got cleaned up and wanderd out to the living room. Dad and Orlando were on their knees, side by side, and getting pounded by Lance and Matt. Damn that was sexy. Mom was going down on little Renee while her twin Terry pounded her. Charlotte was in a 69 with Linda. Oliver was making love to Chris, and yes that's what it was. I know more was going on but by this time Blake had pushed me over a couch. That was OK with me.

Damn, that was fun. Orlando and I were pretty keyed up, but knew he needed to get to bed. We shared a bed, don't you know. He wore me out a little more and we finally fell asleep.

The challenge is within the family

What can I say about the Ferrri Challenge? Our family dominted every class in which they were entered. It was awesome.

After the challenge race, I was chatting with the Mercedes team leader. Just then the number 2 driver literally stumbled up to us. He looked green. Literally green. He started to say something, then turned and vomited. He missed us, but hit his own shoes. Damn. Finally he shared that he had eaten something at a local place and thought he had food poisoning. Then he passed out. Yeah, on the ground passed out. Luckily there was an ambulance crew and they carted him off to the hospital. Oh, he wasn't going to drive tomorrow. Our team leader was in a panic. The points race needed all three cars. Turns out that's why they were so eager for me to drive.

"Oh, there is a simple solution," I said.

"Really? Where the hell am I going to get a driver for an F1 race that is TOMORROW that already knows this track?," he asked. I whistled loudly and waved Orlando over.

"Oh fuck no," said the team leader. "He's 13 freaking years old."

"Yeah, and I'm 16 and he is the ONLY person that can run this wing on that track," I said. "Let him prove it to you. We'll close the track to everyone but Orlando. Take a degree of the wing off the car that is open and let Orlando prove himself. He won the damn Ferrari Challenge." After considerable discussion in German, they handed Orlando a helmet. He casually put it on a climbed in the car. They explained the controls -- which made me think of Marco and the IndyCar. No one needed to talk to him about the line. He'd carved it up in the Ferrari. They topped off the tank and sent him out with warnings to take it easy.

He did. For one lap. On lap two, he was the fastest driver ever to run the track that wasn't named, well, Morgan. By lap 10, he was close to my times. Real close. Finally they called him and and after he got out of the car, the entire team hugged him. Orlando shared later that half of them were hard. Of course they were.

Looks like Orlando was getting his chance.

We explored again that night. Unlike Montreal, the Ferrari race was the day before the main event. The F1 race was the centerpiece to an entire weekend of events. I got recognized a few times, but was pleased that Orlando and the others got even more attention for the Ferrari challenge. So cool. Little did they know he'd be racing too!

It had been a long and exciting day and not that much happened. We all went to bed a little early. Oh, well, Dad did fuck me in the ass, but, you know. I ended up falling asleep cuddling with Leslie. It was nice.


Morning of the race. Always a time of butterflies. Sure I was on the pole and Orlando was beside me. Our team mate was in 6th. After much discussion he decided they didn't want the changes without track time. The implication was that I was insane but they already believed that. They must realize insanity runs in our family.

It's a short race. 53 laps. About 190 miles. My team mate won last year. We jumped to a fast start and I pulled away a little each lap with Orlando right on my ass. We lapped a few cars and then one of them tried to pass back by ducking under. Sounds the my first Nascar race doesn't it? Luckily I avoided him but damn near hit the wall. Flat spotted the tires too. Had to make an unscheduled stop and pulled back out in second. Damn. Fourteen laps to go. I guess I couldn't be too upset, as it was Orlando I was chasing.

Remember Vegas? My first major cart race?

Yep. Took an insane line through the last two turns and ended in a photo finish. Took forever but they finally ruled Orlando the winner. I couldn't have been happier. Another SI cover as the winning gap was under an inch. Brother and sister. It was a great article.

The driver that nearly sent me into the wall? He filed a protest against me. Dick. Backfired though because after a review they fined and penalized him which dropped him 3 positions. Ouch. Dick. Oh I said that didn't I?

He actually came to our garage to yell at me. Remember the Ferrari driver I embarrassed in Italy (didn't really mean to, of course)? He ran over and got in the guy's face and they started arguing. In Italian. I'll translate.

"She fucking cut me off!," he said.

"No, you tried to pass on her line. Did you really not understand she drove a different line? Are you that stupid?," said my defender.

"Bullshit. No one can drive that line. No one," he said.

"I can," I said, in Italian. His head swiveled hard.

"You speak Italian?," he said, clearly surprised. "That cannot have been your line."

"You continue to underestimate me. Watch the replay of the race. Then you can publicly apologize," I said. "And I speak Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. I'm reasonably fluent in German. This week I am practicing my Japanese but I have a ways to go."

He just looked confused. His own team director walked up and handed him an iPad. Must be some video. He watched it intently long enough to have seen several laps. He handed it back and walked over. This time he was in English.

"I apologize. Entirely my fault. You should not be able to drive that line and I'm told you do it with less wing. Insane but you still almost won," he said. "In my defense, I have never seen you drive before. Still not an excuse. Why are you not at every race?"

"Because I drive both IndyCar and Nascar and am working to finish high school."

"High school! How old are you?"

"16. My brother, who WON the race, is 13."

He just smiled, shook his head and walked away. Our team leader came up.

"Idiot. By the way, I watched how your family and friend dominated the Ferrari challenge. Your brother runs your line and your mother is damn close. Are you teaching them?"

"Yes but it has to be natural. Most can't. Orlando, Mom, and Leslie can. Chris will."

"I still don't understand how she is your Mom." I gave him the short version. After all, he is German so doesn't know our family.

"13 and two are 11. You gave Ferraris to two 11 year olds and they placed top 5 in their second race in the elevated class," he said but in German.

"Yes," I said. "Let's have lunch and I'll tell you more unbelievable stories. I'll start with this one. Five weeks ago, Leslie and Chris hadn't ever driven a car. Their first time was at Watkins Glen. In their first 20 laps, they had both broken the track record in a 488C. They did it on the first tank of gas they had ever used." And yes I replied in German. Only Orlando had the same language affinity. It really helped. We would pick days and a language and use it all day. He is ahead of me in Japanese.

We had gotten food and sat down.

"How?," he asked.

"Well, they are the Class 1 offshore boating champions. They are 1 and 2 in the single class. They both are pilots and are instructors up to and including all the current Boeing models. They were the pilots that flew us all over here. In our 747. With the 5 Ferraris in the hold. Being good drivers isn't that big a stretch. Have you heard of the Hayden Foundation?"

He nodded and assured me that everyone had.

"Chris is Chris Hayden. She ran the foundation but passed that to Mom so she could run the PAC."

"The kingmaker is 11," he said. That made me laugh. Just then the entire entourage walked up. I did the introductions. He had only met Mom and Dad.

All the events were over, so we flew up to Tokyo. I'll pass the pen back to Mom.

I'm in love with driving

Amy here. What a wild weekend. I'm in love with driving. God it makes me horny. Well, it does. I am pretty sure it does everyone, because, well, you know. What a wild weekend, right?

We did catch a helicopter to the hotel, but one that Luna had arranged, so we didn't keep it. We'd mostly walk, as the Penisula was in the heart of where we wanted to visit. Even though it is a 5 star hotel and we had all the suites, it still felt a little like slumming. Look at me, all hoity toity. But it did. Hotel rooms here are small, even the big ones, if that makes sense. By the time we got to the hotel, it was late, and we just split up into various rooms. Older with younger, which is appropriate. Some of the younger, were older, at least more mature, but still. I ended up with Cindy and Clay, which meant that either someone slept alone, or we left a room empty. I'm voting for empty room. Bob later told me he ended up with Chris and Renee and almost died. I know Morgan was with Lance, Leslie was with Matt, and Orlando was with Juanita. Oh Juanita.

We fell in love with Tokyo. It was like New York on frenetic steroids. We didn't know the language, but Morgan and Orlando ONLY spoke Japanese, except to the rest of us, for the entire time in Tokyo. From the body language of the people they spoke to, they were speaking it pretty well. I was having trouble learning the basics of Spanish. The other girls had learned Spanish and a little French, but Orlando and Morgan really threw themselves into it. It was fun on the days they'd pick a language. Sometimes they would play a game where they'd pick three languages and switch off every time the speaker changed. It was amazing to hear, and they never messed up. Sophia shared that they were both at the level of a native in Italian. Juanita said the same of Spanish. I have not doubt that is true in other languages too. They have great fun when people try to speak other languages thinking they don't know it. They are good enough that they catch the meaning even in most languages they haven't studied. They can both do British English flawlessly which is hilarious in Florida. I've seen them at the mall playing tourist and messing with people. They'll switch accents and languages fast, and anyone listening in will get incredibly confused. They think it is too fun.


Yeah we loved Tokyo so what do you think Bob and I did? Yep. You knew. You're probably tired of all these real estate stories because they always treat us as suckers and we never are. Not a lot available certainly in our size range. We finally found a penthouse with an amazing view but the interior was ludicrous. They'd combined a 3 bedroom penthouse with two one bedrooms by basically just knocking down some small walls. Three living rooms. Three kitchens. Just silly. 7000 square feet of poorly used space. Nice views and the main living room was great. We brought Morgan and Orlando along but they didn't speak. It was awesome. The real estate agent and the selling contractor spoke to each other in Japanese, a lot. Both kids just grinned at me.

We finally got agreement that we could gut the floor and start over. Then we figured out that the four smaller apartments on the floor below were for sale so we walked through all of them too. Then the family talked privately. The kids couldn't stop laughing.

"Oh they don't think much of you. They think you're wasting their time. They're convinced that if you do anything it will be to buy one of the little apartments and don't believe you can afford that," said Orlando.

"They also had a long discussion about how their dream had been to build the two floor apartment and how the zoning authority had approved it but they ran out of money. If they don't sell all the units soon, they go bankrupt and lose them all," added Morgan.

"They had a long discussion about how all they needed was $8M US out of the two floors and they'd be good but they have zero prospects," said Orlando.

Pretty good intel. We called them over and I let Bob do the talking. Still a man's culture.

"Ok here is our offer. No negotiation. Take it or leave it. We will pay cash today for immediate occupancy," said Bob. We had done this rodeo before.

"$8M US. Wired in the next two hours. Total for both floors," said Bob.

They started to argue with us so we started to walk to the elevator. They frantically stopped us.

"Wait!," they both shouted.

"Did you have trouble understanding the offer?," said Bob. "Take it or leave it."

They looked at each other and finally the developer nodded.

"We accept but only for today," he said. He didn't believe us.

Bob asked for the bank account info and Morgan already had her phone out. He asked for both their cellphone numbers and she typed them in and clicked pay.

Thirty seconds later their phones buzzed. I love this part. I give them credit, they shook our hands and passed across a LOT of keys. As they walked away, Morgan called out to them.

"A pleasure doing business with you," said Morgan.

"Any suggestions on a nearby restaurant?," asked Orlando.

Both in Japanese.

The look on their faces was priceless. I couldn't resist.

"You underestimated and insulted us," I said. "Your loss."

They just turned and walked away. They were dicks and tried to back out but the terms of our payment were ironclad. All they did was damage their reputation.

We emailed the floorplans to Chloe. She suggested a scaled down version of New York. She did the homework and we could do the helipad too. We liked that. She found the right people to do it all and just managed it remotely. I'm pretty sure Robert would like the walls. We ended up buying one more apartment for caretakers. We were far from home. While we were there, we moved into the apartment, as is, and started to interview caretakers. Amazingly, Jackson's network was pretty global, or at least he had a good friend here, as all our applicants were considered 'safe'. Cool.

The first couple was so shy that it was difficult to even interview them. That was interesting, given we knew they were pretty freaky. The were kind of cute, and clearly in love, but they just wouldn't work. Their English was also iffy, and good English was a requirement. They could tell they were not going to get the job and must have really wanted it, because the woman whipped off her top and said just about the only word she said during the interview: "Fuck?". Nice tits, but no thank you.

The next couple were flamboyently gay. Really out there. We didn't want to discriminate, but they couldn't keep their hands off each other DURING the interview. I don't care about their sexual orientation, but good lord.

The third interview was another couple. Haru and Hana. They came dressed casually, both in shorts and Hayden polos. OK, maybe a little bit of a suck-up, but they had done their homework. Their English was flawless and they shared that they had just moved back from the US and had met in college at Stanford. They were in graduate school here in Tokyo, at the University of Tokyo. Their undergraduate degrees were both in Political Science, and they were getting their MBA in International Business. Our conversation veered all over the place and they were not bashful, even in an interview, in sharing their positions. They clearly were supporters of Hayden, and I don't mean just the shirts. They understood what Chris was going to do in the elections better than most of her opponents. It was such a fun conversation that we adjourned to lunch to continue to discussion. We asked them for a recommendation and they suggested a little hole in the wall nearby where we would likely be the only foreigners. It was within walking distance, so we all walked over. Hana introduced us to the owners of the small restaurant and we quickly realized they were her parents. We invited them to join us, and they did, briefly, and they were wonderful. They had to get back the their customers.

"Do they?," asked Orlando. Oh, we ALL knew what he meant.

"Oh yes," said Hana. "Oh yes. They are great fun. They have been teaching me since I was quite small. I have learned so much from them." Oh, we knew what that meant too.

"I love this place," said Morgan. "The food is so wonderful. With this food, I am surprised it is so small." We all were too.

"Well, real estate is so expensive here. They're doing fine, but if they could find an investor, the store next door is for lease, but they don't have the cash flow to jump on it. It's too bad, because they would be so successful. We're concerned because the building is for sale too, and they are not protected in their lease. They could get evicted," said Hana. Well that sucks.

"How much are they asking for the building, and what do you think it is worth," asked Morgan. Yeah, she got their first.

"30 billion yen. It's actually a good price. Haru and I did all the research, but it is so far beyond our family that it was just an interesting diversion," she said. Morgan asked what that would be in dollars. Yen is confusing.

"About 27 million. A little more," said Haru.

"Who is the broker?," asked Morgan. Oh, we all knew where we were heading.

Haru named a company and mentioned their office was here in the building.

"Can you call them and ask them to come down?," said Leslie. "Tell them you have a buyer that is interested in an immediate cash deal."

Haru and Hana looked stunned. Yeah, I have to use that word a lot. Hana walked over and asked her father to make the call. He got the same look. Not long after a small man in his fifties stormed into the restaurant. He would have been great in a bad Japanese gangster movie. Shiny suit, greased hair, skinny as a rail. You get the idea. With him was a huge Japanese man, probably in his forties. Tall and wide. Another bad movie stereotype. The smaller man went over to Hana's Dad, and was almost shouting at him. Her Dad pointed at us. Morgan and Orlando were clearly listening in.

He came over and didn't bother to introduce himself. He started by saying he must be wasting his time with children. He turned to his friend. Bodyguard? He let out a string of Japanese and the big guy blushed. I didn't miss that Morgan made fists under the table.

"We would like to buy the building," said Morgan, which threw him off his stride. "Our offer, for closing today, is 24 billion yen. We will not negotiate. Provide us your banking info and we will pay. Take it or leave us to our lunch."

They looked at each other and let out a stream of Japanese in an angry conversation. He turned back.

"Why am I wasting my time with a child. A girl at that," he said.

"Because this child just made an offer higher than you want for the property and you'll take it if you not stupid," said Morgan. "Are you stupid?"

He laughed at her. Oh boy. The he rattled off his bank information. Orlando already had his phone ready and typed it in quickly and hit PAY. The little guy was startled when his phone buzzed and he pulled it out and his eyes got wide. He grinned and stuck his hand out, to Bob. He just shook his head and pointed to Morgan. He finally shook her hand, looking disgusted and turned to leave.

Just as he got to the door, Morgan called out "One more thing."

"We would have paid a lot more if you didn't underestimate us. Never tell your friend what your minimum price is, even if you don't think we speak the language. It cost you 6 billion yen," said Morgan. In Japanese. Mouths around the restaurant dropped.

Oh boy. I think the top of the little guy's head was about to blow off. I hope the stereotype wasn't real! Finally, he calmed down and even laughed.

"Point taken," he said, and turned and left.

Hana's family was all jumping up and down and shouting, but I didn't understand a word. Morgan and Orlando were grinning and laughing. Finally they calmed down and all sat down.

"You speak Japanese?," said Hana, to Morgan.

"Not well yet, but good enough. Orlando is better," said Morgan, pointing at Orlando.

"That was amazing," said Haru. "So fun to watch." By now, all four of our new Japanese friends had sat at the table. We finally found out her parents were Taka and Miki. They must have been young when they had Hana, as they were both 40 and looked damn good. You could see the resemblence and Miki was a smaller Hana and no, I don't have that backwards. Miki's breasts were so small she looked like a young girl. I would later find out how small. Very small.

"How is that even possible?," said Taka. "You bought a building because you enjoyed your lunch?"

"No," said Amy. "We bought a building for the parents of one of our two newest family members. We don't have employees. We add to our family." With that, Hana and Haru both squealed.

"We can talk salary and benefits when we have some privacy," said Amy. Hana said we could speak freely, so we made them our standard 'too much money' offer, including cars and tuition. Our apartment came with four parking spots and theirs came with one, so they'd have room. Yeah, four stunned faces again and the inevitable 'why'. Amy explained, as well as she could in a restaurant, and it was clear that they all understood. Quite well. She invited them up to our apartment later for a small celebration. Oh, they got that too. Her parents wouldn't be available until their night crew came in at 7, but Haru and Hana were available now, so to speak, so we headed back upstairs. We just sat and chatted all afternoon. OK, that's not at all what we did. I was going to describe our first time with our new Tokyo friends, but I think I'll save that for a future journal. This one is getting long. You can use your imagination.

Characters in the stories




Gabriel (Gabe)


Early 50s


The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
The youngest
Adopted daughter
Sales managers, car dealers
Co-captain for the big cruise
Family personal trainer and more
Amy's Dad
Amy's Mom
General manager, car dealers
Co-owner, classic car restoration in Clearwater
Co-owner, classic car restoration in Clearwater
Lance and Linda's son
Lance and Linda's daughter
Co-owner, classic car restoration in Clearwater
Matt's son
Matt's daughter
First home staff. Mechanic, general purpose everything
First home staff. Chef, runs the house and more
Commercial manager, furniture dealer
Temporary foster kids
Temporary foster kids
Juanita's brother
Juanita's sister
Juanita's Dad
Juanita's Mom
New Italian friend and Goddess
Sophia's son
Sophia's daughter
Museum director and former racer
Chris’ new friend
Amai’s Dad
Amai’s Mom
Montreal caretaker
Montreal caretaker and Charlotte’s brother
Oliver and Charlotte’s Dad
Jimmy and Jackie’s foster brother
Jimmy and Jackie’s foster sister
Tokyo caretaker
Tokyo caretaker
Hana’s Dad
Hana’s Mom


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
4'11" - 80, slim, glorious puffy nipples
5'3" - 100, dark hair, Ameriasian, small B cup
5'7" - Solid but not fat, D cup
5'9" - athletic, petite, D cup, 5 inch cock
6'0" - fit, 8 inch thick cock
5'4" - 120, D cup, Red hair
5'9" - 130, slim, glasses, 6 inch uncut
6'2" - reasonably fit, average cock
5'5" - healthy but not fat, firm C cup
5'1" - skinny, cute, 4 inch uncut cock
4'8" - skinny, smaller version of Clay, flat
6'0" - average in every day, including a 5 1/2 inch cut cock
4'11" - average, 3 inch cut cock
4'10" - average, just a hint of puffies
6'2" - 185, blonde, ripped, 7 inch thin cock
5'9" - tall, athletic, blonde, simply stunning, B cup, model gorgeous
6'4" - 225, Black, thin and regal, 9 inch uncut cock
4'8" - Tiny little boy, 2 inch cock
4'5" - Tiny little cute girl
5'0" - 90, cute, 4 inch cock
4'11" - 85, sexy, flat
5'11" - 175, Vin Diesel, but with short hair, 6 inch average cock
5'6" - 125, stunning, D cup on a small frame
5'7" - stunning, simply stunning, B cup
5'4" - chisled, smaller, male Sophia, 5 inch uncut cock
4'5" - sexy AF
5’8” - thin, regal
5'7" - thin, 5 inch average cock. Big balls
6’3” - 195, handsome and black, gray hair, 9 inch thick BBC
5’6” - 120, stunning, mixed, C cup
5’6” - French, sexy as hell, simply beautiful, B cup
6’2” - French, dark, handsome, 7 inch thick uncut cock
6’1” - French hunk, older version of Oliver, with some Charlotte thrown in. 8 inch thick cock
5’1” - Dark hair, olive skin, skinny, 4 inch uncut cock
5’2” - Dark hair, olive skin, waif, A cup, almost B
5’9” - thin, dark hair, 5 inch average cock
5’4” - waif thin, pretty, A cup
5’7” - Attractive, 5 inch average cock
4’11” - tiny, pretty, AAA cup

End of Chapter