Ruby the powerhouse

9 October 2018

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Let's party some more. Finally

Bob here.

After all the excitement and pressure, our family needed a break. Well, I didn't, because I didn't do jack, but not doing anything is draining. Oh yeah, that's BS, but still. I had spent some time arranging some fun. We hadn't had fun in a while. Yes, the target on our backs was even bigger, so we couldn't do things like the tank top game anymore, but we could have fun in private.

So we took off for Austin. It's a pretty safe place, with lots of indoor room, and honestly, we needed to play on a lake and run around in ATVs and swim. Normal stuff. Of course, Aldo and Freja and their kids were in town and we invited them all for a sleepover. We also took Masako and her family. She was a key part of our charity team, so nothing unusual about that. Chris wanted to bring Noah, so we brought the whole family. Surprised us too. Neighbors, you know. Chris really did like Noah. Their relationship was still casual, but they liked each other a lot. I liked that too. So sweet. She might be only 11, but not in any way other than chronological age. Leslie wanted to bring Hunter and Hallie. Now that was an interesting dynamic. They were a trio. In everything. I wondered where that would head. Don and DeeDee couldn't come, but that was OK.

We couldn't quite all fit in the helicopter, so we used it as an opportunity to rotate some cars out of the Florida living room. OK, museum-ish living room. We brought our only Duesenberg and also the Porsche 550. Beautiful cars, but you like to rotate your artwork, don't you know. Chris and Noah rode with me in the Duesenberg. It had dark tinted windows and they pretended I was their chauffeur. They also fooled around a bit. I had a rear view mirror, even in an old car, so I got to watch. They were fairly discreet, but let's just say it involved Noah's fingers and Chris moaning. Then she returned the favor and, well, ducked below the windows, if you follow, and I'm sure you do.

Sota and Koki drove the 550 and when we got there, they were laughing.

"Well, it was pretty obvious when Chris disappeared for a bit," said Koki. "We were behind you, so no one else saw, but we knew."

Noah and Chris owned it, with big smiles. We all laughed. Of course, the helicopter beat us, and Aldo's copter was parked there too, so the gang's all here.

We'd hired a caretaker for Austin recently and he had lunch prepared for everyone. It was a nice hot buffet. He laughed and said he'd had it catered. I knew he was a fantastic cook, but there were a lot of us. Cam was a wonderful hire, in many ways. He's 31 and 6'3" of blonde beefcake, with a long 7" uncut thin cock. Ask me how I know that. Oh, you know.

Cam was unique in our caretaker family, so to speak. Usually we hired couples, but for this job we only had Cam on board. He might have to hire some more people, if we started using Austin enough, but we trusted him. You see, he's Freja's brother and Chloe has known him forever. KNOWN him. Yeah, since elementary school. He was in an interesting situation. He was divorced, but had custody of his kids. His ex-wife had basically left their lives after the divorce. She lived in Sweden now, having been homesick, I guess. Her loss, I suppose. We seemed to attract twins, as Davy and Gracy were adorable, fun loving, 8 year olds. He was a miniature version of his Dad, and she looked so much like Freja that if I didn't know better, would assume was her daughter. Hmm. I wonder if there really was an ex-wife. Nah. Those Swedes, I guess.


Lots of people to keep track of, so if you get lost, check the list at the bottom of the journal. We try to keep that for future reading, as it even gets confusing to us. Lots of fun. Lots of FUN.

After lunch, most people just played outside. We did use lots of sunscreen and, um, helped each other apply it. We were still on the no nudity or activity outdoor rules, which was just common sense anyway. Well Gracy and Nova, who had nothing to show, didn't wear tops, but, hey, they're Swedish and first cousins. Everyone else did. At least outdoors. Around two, we decided to move indoors, both because the afternoon was hot, but also because, well, we were hot. You know HOT.

It was a really big group and reasonably well balanced, but given we were all flexible, that didn't matter as much. I have to say, Davy and Gracy were awfully tempting. I had barely met them and really wanted to MEET them.

After lunch, we went down to the first floor. Cam had arranged the walls to create a large, windowless inner room. Safe, you know. He's scattered a number of mattresses around, on the floor, with nice clean sheets and waterproof mattress protectors. Those were important with this group!

We started off with a new game, which we called Pairs. No pretense about this one. Just two random people, plus a sex act. We were really simple and drew straws to pick the two people. We had an 'extra', so the last group would be a threesome.

Then the first person chosen picked a card that would say either 'give' or 'receive'. We could have used bottom or top, I suppose.

Lastly, a sex act. In this game, it was to completion, not a timed 30 seconds. Completion was defined as both orgasming. If one came first, they were free to help their partner cum in any way they wanted.

We decided to do them one couple at a time, at least to start, so we could enjoy the show. If the sex act was impossible, say fuck in the ass, but two girls, toys were added.

The first two chosen were Nicolo (boy, 7) and Airi (girl, 13), but Nicolo got receive and the sex act was fucking. Well, toys to start the day. You haven't lived until you've seen a 13 year old girl using a double-ended dildo to fuck a 7 year old boy in the ass. Not surprisingly, she got off first, since he wasn't getting direct stimulation. That made the next step her choice. She pushed Nicolo onto his back and climbed up and grabbed his small cock and sat right down on it. He had some skills and played with her clit while she bounced, and bounce she did. She went off again, and that was all he could take and he did too.

Yes, we all clapped. It was quite a show. You probably don't want me to go through all the groups, do you? Oh, you do. Perv.

Next up were Cam and Will. Two big, muscular men. Cam got receive and the act was 69. Oh, a win for them both. Oh, the rules for men were to pull out. Preferably a facial, but other places were OK. You just had to clean up your own mess. Cam did give will a facial, but Will moved quick and sprayed his cum all over Cam's cock. Yeah, he cleaned THAT up and by the time he was done, Cam was painfully hard again. Will offered to finish, but Cam said he wanted to save it. I couldn't say I blamed him.

Next up was Noah and Chris. Aw, an actual couple. It ended up that he was supposed to fuck her. Aw again. I figured we'd see an amazing power fuck, but no, they made love. We might as well not been there. They used a position we'd learned called the pretzel. Look it up. It was wonderful to watch these this couple in love. I don't give a shit that they're 11. They know. We know. Noah being the gentleman that he is made sure that Chris got over the top first. Repeatedly. His stamina was impressive, but only Sota, Koki, and I knew he'd already had some fun today. In the end, we all clapped. I heard snippets like "they'll get married" and "they're destined for each other". Maybe not, but I think so.

Oh, Amy is up next. Pick me, pick me. Nope. Koki. Interesting. He was young and wasn't packing much, but looked like he'd grown at least a little from what I remembered. Koki was the bottom. Interesting. Then the last card and it only read 'threesome'. Oh boy. That meant they got to pick. Koki was getting fucked, for sure. Amy and Koki whispered about it for a bit.

"We picked Orlando. He'll be in the middle of a train. He'll be fucking Koki and I'll be fucking him," said Amy. Oh yeah. He'd like that. We all liked that. Remember though, Koki had to cum too, before their turn was over. After Orlando filled him up, Amy pushed him on his back and climbed on. To be 9 and get ridden by Amy must be a spectacular experience. Hell, I'm 23 and it is for me. There wasn't a person in the room that wouldn't declare her the best ever for now and the future.

OK, one more and then we'll move on. Only because I got picked next and so did Gracy. I think I moaned. No, I know I moaned. The card was 'gangbang'. Gracy actually cheered. You see the rules of gangbang were that the person on the bottom, in this case Gracy, got fucked until they said stop. Yes, you read that right. She could have every cock in the room, one after the other, if she wanted. It started with mine, because I was her chosen partner. She also got to dictate positions. Basically she was in charge. We started off woman on top, or girl on top if you will. Oh boy. OH FUCKING BOY. She was wet and tight and had practiced her Kegels, as she was milking it out of me. I got her off first, but then I filled her up. I was going to clean her up, but she shook her head no. OK, sloppy seconds. As it turned out, we got up to sloppy tenths. Yes. 10. In order, me, Hunter, Sota, Aldo, Benito, Will, Amai, Juanita, Orlando, Cam. Yep, she finished with her Dad. Did you notice anything else about her choices? All were old enough to actually cum in her. No dry cums for this girl. After her Dad finished, she rolled on her back and pointed at me.

Oh, I got the idea. It took awhile to properly clean her up, particularly given I kissed each mouthful to her. Let me tell you the tang of a mixture of 10 was unique and I loved it.

We might have gone on, but she kind of used up all the men.

A different kind of party

Orlando here. I'm going to grab the pen for a bit. While we were playing, I got a call and walked out of the room to take it. It was Taylor. You know, Swift.

"Hey buddy," said Taylor. "I'm in Austin for a few days and thought I'd see if you were here." I told her I was, with a big group, and would love to see her.

"Great!," she said. "I'm feeling the need to make some music. Camila arrives at the airport in about an hour. I think you briefly met my friend Kelsey Ballerini. She's with me too. So are Selena and Emma Stone. Oh and Gigi. We're having a girls get-together, but we all miss us some Orlando and his family. How about we come over and jam?"

"Awesome! I miss you all, even the people I haven't met yet," I said, ever the smooth operator. Yeah, that got a laugh. "How's Camila getting here?"

"She's landing at the FBO in about 40 minutes," said Taylor. "Want to pick her up?" Yeah, um, I do.

I went back into the room and about half the people were gone. The game had ended and they were off to the showers. I pulled Cam to the side and told him what was going on. He said he'd open the walls, drag the mattresses out of the way, and wall them in. He could deal with them later. I told him who was coming and he was pretty excited. His first exposure to our circle of friends. I found the family and told them to spread the word. Properly clothed. Don't say anything to mess us up. They all got it, from youngest on up. Nobody wanted to fuck that up.

I grabbed Leslie and asked her to go with me to pick up Camila. She laughed and we headed out to the helicopter. She even let me have some left seat time. I'm almost ready to certify, which will be handy as hell. Camila will be surprised, unless I let Leslie fly so I can properly welcome her. You know. I had told Taylor to sit tight. The hotel they were at had a helipad, so we were going from the airport to their hotel to pick them all up. We landed at the FBO before Camila so went inside and said hi to everyone. We're, um, pretty well-known, given we flew in and are 11 and 13. Fame. Yay (not).

Camila's plane pulled in and she came down the stairs screaming and jumped into my arms. It had been weeks since we'd seen each other.

"Oh my God!," she said. "I can't believe you're here! And I'm going to be with a bunch of girls all week."

"Not quite," I said. "We're picking them all up and heading to the house. We gonna JAM." That got Camila laughing again. We climbed on board and I decided to let Leslie fly. I sat in the back with Camila. Oh, we didn't have time to do much, but got some modest fun in. I'm big on giving pleasure, and she was wearing a short skirt, so......yeah, you know what I did. I had to laugh though, because the helicopter probably smelled like sex when we landed on the hotel. Oops.

We let the rotors spin down and I opened the door and we went off to find our friends. I left the door open. I doubt it would help much. Camilia asked me why I left it open and I explained. Yeah, she blushed. I had to laugh. I had to. Leslie, Camila, and I went in search of our friends. Camila knew Taylor's suite number so we went right there and knocked. Selena opened the door and screamed and grabbed me and pulled me in and gave me a big hug. I sort of got passed around and hugged a lot. So did Leslie. Gosh, a lot of beautiful women wanted to hug me. How horrible. By the second hug, you know what happened. I'm freaking 13, of course I got hard. Then the hugs started getting a little closer. Some of them ground against me. I'm surprised I didn't cum in my pants. They were all older than me, some Dad's age, but they seemed to enjoy it too. Then again, Dad's only 23. I played it cool and didn't push back, but damn.

Camila just watched and laughed. She whispered in my ear when they were done: "Most of them would do you. Hell most of them would do Leslie too." Really?

I encouraged them to get going. I told them we needed to head up. The word up confused them.

"He means to their helicopter," said Camila. That got a few mixed gasps and screams. "We're all going to their place. Why did you bother with rooms? You know you could have all stayed there." Good point, Camila.

"Because I freaking didn't think of it," said Taylor. "You need a reservation system." That would be cool. We do need a reservation system. Little did I know Dad was already working on it.

"You know you're all always welcome," I said. "You'll meet Cam. He's the caretaker. You can always call him directly. Or just text me where you want to stay. We have places everywhere just about."

"They do," said Camila. "They do."

"We just added a nice place in Tokyo, but it needs some construction," I said. "It will be nice once it is done. Pretty big too."

"Where exactly do you have homes?," said Emma. We'd just met, so she didn't know. Although I swear her grind was the best. My new friend Emma.

"Let's see. Clearwater, Florida, which is our home, New York City, Tokyo, Venice, Italy, Paris, London," I said. "For now. Dad is sort of addicted to Zillow."

"Your Dad buys houses because he likes to play on Zillow?," said Gigi, who was also new to me.

"Sort of," I said. "He can afford it."

"Yes, they can," said Camila. "Yes, they can. Surely you've seen the Hayden music video?" All of them had. Some were in it.

"That's on the rooftop patio of their New York apartment," said Taylor.

"What?", said Kelsey. "That place looked freaking huge. At one point you see a helicopter on the roof! I can't believe I missed that."

"Yeah, they like helicopters," said Taylor. "Now let's GO." With that, we walked out of the suite and Camila led the way. When we got in the elevator, she hit the button for the top floor.

"Don't we want the lobby?," asked Emma. She was still a little confused.

"Nope," said Camila. Just then the doors opened and she led the way down the hall. A security guard was waiting at an unidentified door. Of course, Leslie, Camila and I knew where the door led, as we'd come through it the other way. You could tell he was trying to hold back from his surprise at the people that were approaching him. It is quite a group. Hell, I'm still surprised to be a part of it. I gave Taylor credit though.

"Hi," said Taylor. "Thanks for getting the door for us. We really appreciate it. Want to surprise your friends with any selfies?" Pretty sure he broke something with his excited nods. I think he had been struck mute. One by one, everyone took a selfie with him, while Leslie and I stood to the side. Finally they were done and we were ready to go.

"May I have one with you too sir? And you Miss?," said the guard. "My wife would kill me if she knew I met you both and didn't get one." Leslie and I just stood there confused until Camila came over and poked me in the ribs.

"He means you, doofus," she said. "See any other guys here?" Me? Really? Leslie had the same look I did.

What the hell, we walked over and stood by him and he took our picture. I shook his hand and thanked him again. He told us that his wife thought we were the best and they loved our movie and TV show. He only wished they could have afforded to see the Broadway show.

Really? Us?

Selena walked over and grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted it up and over my head. I had no idea why.

"For your wife," Selena said. "Hey, any of you got a Sharpie in your purse?" They all dug around for a bit. Finally Gigi proudly held up a pink one.

"Great," said Selena. "Perfect for a white shirt." With that, she took the pen and in big script autographed my shirt. Then she passed the pen to me. I felt like an idiot, but signed my name. I passed it to Leslie and you would have thought it was snake, but she signed. We felt so out of place, but I guess we shouldn't. Then everyone else did, and she handed the shirt to the guard.

"I think your wife will like this," said Selena. "Make sure to tell her whose shirt it is. Tell her that he was the stud with all of us."

With that, she led the way through the door. We climbed the steps to the roof and they all saw the helicopter. Remember, it is a BIG helicopter. Those that were confused finally got it and we climbed aboard. Some of them were looking around, I suspect for the pilots. I did appreciate Leslie though. She got into the right seat, not the left. Thanks sis, let me impress. I told them all to put on headsets and they could talk. Then I walked into the cockpit and sat in the left seat. Once I put on my headset, I heard all the chatter about how we could be the pilots. I just ignored it and Leslie and I ran the checklist and I took off. She's a great instructor and an even better sister. She didn't touch the controls or say a word all the way to the house. I took the scenic route, around downtown Austin, out to Lake Travis, and then curled back to our house. As we were coming up on the house to land, I heard Kelsey.

"I thought we were going to their house," said Kelsey. "Not to a resort."

"This is their house," said Taylor. "All of it." The whole helicopter went silent. I think they were looking out the window. Remember, the main house is five stories and huge - something like 55,000 square feet, and has a giant slide into the pool. There's a pool house, a dozen cottages, four giant garages with apartments, but they're underground, so they just look like more big houses. The pool is a double Olympic. Yeah, like a bunch of our houses, we lived at a resort. It was just all ours.

After we landed and Leslie and I stood up, I gave Leslie a huge grin. She got it. I had further cemented my status. With another batch of Goddesses.

Waiting at the bottom of the stairs was Cam, and he introduced himself and offered his services to the group. If only he'd been in tails and a top hat, he would have come off as a butler. The rest of the family was off to the side, waiting patiently. Almost jumping up and down were Davy and Gracy. While Cam was talking, I went over and grabbed their hands and walked them over. They could barely contain myself. Cam realized what I was doing and gave me a smile.

I introduced the kids to each new arrival. They were so sweet and held out their hands to shake hands with each person. It was cool. They were in awe. They knew every single one of them, even Kelsey, who I didn't know!

Finally our family came over. They'd met about half of the people. Morgan and Mom got a big hug from Camila and Taylor. They're old friends by now. So did Dad, and I don't think he minded. He's smoking hot, so he got hugs from a lot of attractive women he'd never met. A lot of 'your place is amazing', which is to be expected. Considerable confusion of them being our parents, but we cleared that up. Finally I sent them all off to the pool house to put on swimsuits, so we could swim and boat. Yeah, they're all fucking gorgeous and came out in mostly tiny bikinis. Emma was rocking a tankini. Oh I loved that. I already had on my board shorts and didn't have a shirt anyway. I was a little surprised that no one even asked why I didn't have a shirt on, but well, our family, you know. It was almost lunch time, so once everyone came back out, Cam asked if a cold salad bar was OK with everyone. They were models, actresses, and musicians. They thought it was great. He mentioned that dinner was planned to be a standing rib, lobster, and crab. I thought they'd balk, but oh no, they were all in for that.

With that, most of them ran and jumped in the pool. Several pointed out the slide and asked how to get up. Oh, I showed them. After all, they got me up earlier. Just kidding, but, well, they did.

After swimming for awhile, I took them out on the 52. Yeah, we still called it that, even though it was a different 52. Cruising up and down the lake, on a boat filled with beautiful young women, was a pretty damn good life. My sisters joined us, as did Mom and Dad. We made sure that Cam, Davy, and Gracy came too. The other families played on the waverunners and other boats. Oh, everyone got to meet the stars. It is hilarious that all of them were older than Mom and only Camila was younger than Dad. I did have to do the explanation about that. I'd done the standard spiel. I think we should record it. We had a great time, riding up and down. Then they decided they wanted to go tubing. Oh that is going to be hilarious. We docked the 52 and all got on the 26. It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but we were all friendly. I looked over and Mom was on Dad's lap. Let's be honest, my Mom and sisters were the hottest on the boat and the rest were all smoking hot. Kelsey is married, but the others, no so much. Oh, I was thinking ahead, you know I was.

Perhaps the most fun of the afternoon was that I was assigned as the official sunscreen applier. More than one of them made a point of pulling my hand under their bikini top, and in a couple cases, into their bikini bottom. The future is bright.

Oh there is more story, but I'm Mr. Discretion, remember? Use your imagination. It was hotter than that.

We spent the rest of the afternoon making music. It was great fun. Davy and Gracy are pretty good. So were some of the other kids. We did a rousing Bohemian Rhapsody with everyone. You know we did.

Can we still be partying? Yes, yes we can

Still Orlando.

Well, that was great fun, and exhausting. Who knew making music could wear you out? Yeah, yeah, you thought I was going to cheat and share some sexual exploits, didn't you?

Discretion, remember? I just said that. I did MISS Camila though. Got it? Got it?

We dropped Taylor and her crew back at her hotel and had an evening for just family and friends that were staying. You know. FRIENDS. Cam had setup some of the first floor rooms in themes, and tonight was Photography 501. Yeah, not 101 because this was some pretty advanced stuff, and I don't mean the photography. One of the rooms was the bedroom. You knew we had a bedroom. Another was setup with a barn theme, complete with hay bales. A third was just a traditional studio with some back drops. A fourth was, well, the BDSM room. Oh my. Cam had some ideas for other themes, so if we did this again, we'd rotate out. Each room had multiple high-end still cameras and 8K cameras. Yeah, we had them at all the houses now. We loved landscape photography. Yeah, you thought that was a joke, but we really do.

I'll tell a little then hand over the keyboard, because I wasn't in all the rooms at all the times. I started off in the bedroom. Did you expect anything else? I was the photographer for awhile. I really like it as a hobby and I think my skills are improving. I started with Nova, the little 6 year old blonde girl, Koki, the 9 year old Asian boy, and Gracy, with her dark hair. It was nice diversity and they'd pop, so to speak. The big King size bed was made up in all white, with a fluffy comforter. I setup the scene with the kids all in pajamas. The girls had little boy shorts and very thin spaghetti strap tops. You know those little girl tops. Kiki was in a pair of pajama bottoms with Minions on them, without a shirt. I wanted to put down the camera and...well, you know.

I started the video cameras to record everything. I knew I could edit that into something amazing. I started the photo shoot with them under the covers, with them pulled right up to their chin. We did a lot of shots with the comforter strategically pulled down. One girl, then the other, then all three. Use your imagination. Then the comforter was pulled down farther, and I realized the girls shorts were loose. Great pictures right up the leg hole loose. Oh yeah, their tiny little slits were so adorable and, well, fuckable. Nova was clearly enjoying this, as her pussy was glistening. She was already getting wet. Damn. That's when I realized that Koki was hard. His cock was small, about three inches, but visibly tenting his shorts. Yeah, I get it dude.

We moved into the traditional pillow fight scene. You have to have one. At one point, the dropped the pillows and started wrestling, without any prompting. Damn. It escalated when Gracy tore off Nova's top. Yes, just grabbed it and tore it off, straps breaking, fabric ripping, the whole thing. I think it startled Nova, but she reacted well and did the same thing, almost. She didn't tear off Gracy's top. She tore off her bottoms. Yes, we had one topless girl, one bottomless girl, and one smiling little boy in between. They started laughing at this point, and all three stripped off their clothes. They were all on their knees, with Koki in the middle, facing me, and the girls on each side, facing each other. OMG. I think that's when both girls realized that Koki was hard. They pushed him back onto the bed, and I had a great shot right up his legs to his little stiffy. Each girl was very aware of the camera, as they came in from the side. Gracy latched onto one of Koki's nipples, and he let out a groan that intensified when Nova took his cock in her mouth. Yeah, that would make me groan.

A little bit of Bob here.

I was the photographer of the barn scene. It seemed silly, but a lot of wearing plaid shirts and flashing. Not many bottoms though. The look worked for all ages, including Amy and especially Chris. Peeking the puffies, if you will. Lots of opportunities for studly cowboys too. Let's just saw both Amy and Chris wanted to pose with lots of men and boys. Yeah, just pose. Right...

We'll leave the other stories for now. Maybe we'll tell them, maybe we won't. Let's just say my photos were in the BDSM room and I wasn't in charge. At all. Got it?

Let's run away

Orlando here.

Well, that was all fun, but tomorrow was a damn big day for all six members of our family and we had to travel today. You're expecting sex, aren't you? Or politics. Nope. Neither. If you remember a few chapters back, we all ran a marathon and Mom qualified for the Boston Marathon. Dad was close and I'll bet he qualified next year. This time we stepped it up and were competing in the Chicago Triathalon, which is the biggest in the nation. Oh, they balked when we registered, but if you go to their webpage and scroll to the bottom, you'll see the Hayden Foundation as a sponsor. Now, we were careful, and the actual donation came from Chris herself, from her shoe fortune, and it was well documented. Couldn't be too careful. And yes, I said her shoe fortune. It had passed $300M recently. She's fucking 11.

We were competing in the age brackets. Competitive. No recreational for us. I was guaranteed the win if I finish. I was the only guy in the 10-14 age group. Chris and Leslie were racing each other. Yep, only girls in the 10-14 group. Guess they're both on the podium. It turns out Morgan had a little more competition, as there were a half dozen women in her group. Four at 19, two at 18. Yeah, that will be interesting. Morgan is an absolute monster on the bike. That will help her.

We flew up and stayed at our new house in Lincoln Park. It was within walking distance of the race start. Oh, did I say new house? Yeah, Mom bought it this time. You know. For the race. I don't know what she paid, but it was 24,000 square feet in Lincoln Park, so I'm guessing it wasn't cheap. Yeah, well.

This is a pretty short entry, but the race was fucking grueling. We'd done practice races -- the full length -- but this was the real thing.

Mom and Dad both won their age groups. That's particularly impressive for tiny little Mom. Dad broke four hours, which was a first. Mom not only broke five hours, which was a first for a women, she did the course in 4:34, good enough for 13th overall. OVERALL. Oh, Dad won. WON. Overall. He had taken his training really seriously. No losing to Mom anymore. He had the time too. More than the rest of us (Oh, he's not going to like that sentence)

I did pretty well, and paced Dad for a long time. He beat me in swimming, which he always does. He's still a little taller, and that helps. I'll get there. I finished in 4:09, good for fourth overall. That got their attention.

Morgan blew away her age group and was the second woman in the race history to break five hours. Yeah, Mom was the first. She finished in 4:43:10. That 10 is important, as she finished in 16th overall by 2 thousands of a second.

Chris and Leslie crossed together in 5:08, good for 49th and 50th overall. Damn. Next year they'll break five hours. We all know it. I can't wait. I think we have a shot at 1-6. Seriously. We were going to really bust it. We wouldn't do many actual races a year, but we were going to be competitive.

Oh, they made all six of us pee in a cup after the race. Random my ass. We were clean, of course. I can't say I blamed them. The triathalon was kind of a closed sport with well-known participants. We were new and kicked ass.

We went back to the house and celebrated. But you knew that. It was just the six of us, which in a way was wonderful. We're very close. Close. Yeah. We stayed a few days and had fun in Chicago. It was a town that was new to us, which is silly, but since we had the house, we wanted to explore. Oh, we explored inside too.

Powerful Ruby

Chris here. We'd just been home to Florida for a short while when Ruby came up to me and wanted to talk. I'll be honest, talking was not the first thing that came to mind with Ruby.

Anyway. She wanted to show me a video that she and Juanita had made. She thought it would be good for the Hayden foundation. We went into the living room, and I waved Orlando and Leslie over, since they were nearby. Ruby picked up the remote and hit the button to play her video. Juanita had walked in and was standing next to Ruby.

"This is something that speaks to me. I've seen how people treated Juanita and don't like it. I had something to say about it," said Ruby. You go Ruby. An activist at 8.

"I may only be 8, but all this happened when I was 4 or 5 and it sucked. So what if Juan became Juanita. Who the fuck cares? They need to stay out of other people's bedrooms," said Ruby. Right you are little one. Just then the video started. Ruby and Juanita were standing in front of a simple backdrop. The same one that Chris used for her first video. Juanita is in a simple sundress and looks stunning, as Juanita always does. Ruby is in shorts and a Hayden polo, looking wise beyond her years. She looked like a miniature adult. OK, we all look that way a lot, particularly Leslie and me, but you get the idea. That's when it struck me that this wasn't just cute little Ruby. Ruby is beautiful and I don't use that term lightly. Seriously. Model beautiful. She fucking glows. Just then Orlando turned to me.

"I never truly realized how truly beautiful Ruby is," he whispered. "She's one of the most attractive people I have ever seen, made only better by the fact she is truly a wonderful person."

Damn straight.

"I'm going to talk to my agent," said Orlando. "Shit. She has a future." That's cool. That's really cool. Just then Ruby started talking. On the video.

"My name is Ruby, and this is my sister Juanita. We're here to talk to you about something that is a passion for me. Yes, I may only be eight years old, but I am allowed to feel passionate about a cause I believe in. I don't wear this Hayden shirt lightly."

"You see when I was four years old, my brother made a decision that was difficult for him, and for his family. At the time, he was a successful coach and school leader in Ocala. He loved his family. He loved his job and most of all, the kids that he mentored loved him. He was an amazing person and doing wonderful things for the people around him, including me. His decision would change all that. A simple decision to live life as the person he knew he was would take that all away from him. Away from us all. We come from a modest background. Our Mom was a maid in a small motel. Our Dad worked as a maintenance man. We were OK, but our lives were made better both with my brother's presence, but I'll be honest, they were made better by his financial support too."

"That vanished overnight. What happened? Did he die? Did he leave us? No, all he did was quietly and politely announce to the world that he wasn't Juan. He was Juanita. Yes, my brother is now my sister and this is her standing next to me."

"Do you know what my reaction was when I was four? I was the first person he told. He sat me down and explained that some people were born in the wrong body and tried to live their lives that way, but it was hard. Others, like him, recognized it and made the tough decision to change. He told me that from now on, he wasn't Juan. He was Juanita. When he did this, he was wearing a dress, and nice makeup, and to me, he was Juanita. Do you know what my reaction was to him telling me this? I hugged him, no I hugged her, and said OK. That's it. OK."

"What did I care? Juan became Juanita and it made her happy, which made me happy. She was still the same wonderful, talented, giving person that she was the day before. Really. Why did it matter?"

"I am sad to say it did matter, to other people. People that were not a part of our lives. People that were mean, vicious and, I'll say it, stupid. Small people and I don't mean in stature. He was fired from his job. The students staged a protest that spread across the entire school district. Did the administration listen to them? No, they suspended them and it affected the future of many talented students. Their crime? Supporting someone they valued."

"Then it got worse. She doesn't like me talking about it. She doesn't even like remembering it, but she agreed I could, for this video. She was attacked, and beaten up, repeatedly. The worst of those beatings almost killed her. They did not expect her to survive and the doctors told my parents to bring in a priest for the last rites. But my sister Juanita is tougher than that and she did survive, but it scarred her. Our family moved away from the community we loved and the students that loved Juanita. We had to. It was the only way Juanita would survive. What is even worse is that Juanita knew all the people that beat her up. Every single one of them. She gave the names to the police. Do you know what happened?"

"Nothing. Not one damn thing. They didn't even investigate it. Do you know why? Yes, you do, don't you, but I'll make sure. Some of the people that beat her up were the police. One was the school resource officer at her school."

"We left. We had to, because we wanted to save her life. This is our story and it is personal, but it is the story of thousands of young men and women around the country and around the world. Men, women, and even children are dying at the hands of bigots and somehow that is OK."

"I am here to tell you that it is not OK."

"What makes me sad is when I see small children that are already hateful. You've seen them on TV. A four year old child doesn't hate. I can personally attest to that. For a four year old child to hate, they've been taught to hate. Say those words to yourself. They have been taught to hate."

"Our family has truly been blessed, unlike many others. When Juanita was at her lowest, she got a job with an amazing family. People that I now consider my family. You all would know who they are. I am wearing this shirt because my friend, my family member, Chris Hayden, also became a part of this wonderful family after she was adopted following the tragic death of her parents. I am sorry to bring that up, but you needed context."

"Now some of you are probably getting upset that I am being used. After all, no eight year old could have written this or read it without coaching. Well in the words of another smart young woman, I call BS. I wrote every word. I'm eight, but I'm not stupid."

"With this video, I am announcing the founding of a new charity, the Juanita Fund. This new charity is associated with the Hayden Foundation, but money donated to the Juanita Fund will be used to focus exclusively on issues related to the LGBTQ community. I have the commitment of the Hayden Foundation that 100% of donations to the Juanita Fund will be spent helping those in need. All administrative costs will be covered, not by the Hayden Foundation, but by my new family. They are good people. I am hopeful that other good people, like those watching this video, will find it in their hearts to help, even if it is a small amount. We may not change the world, but we will try, one person at a time."

"Please go to, as we will keep you updated on everything this new foundation does to help."

"Thank you."

With that, it faded out. I realized Mom and Dad had come in and were standing next to us. Everyone was crying. I guess we were just an emotional family. I turned to Mom, as I knew, I just knew, she was in on this.

"You agreed to cover all the costs? All of them?," I said. Mom just smiled and nodded.

Damn I love them. Just then, the doorbell rang. That can't be a coincidence. Mom clearly knew what was happening. She turned to the group.

"That's for me, for all of us, and I hope I made the right decision. I am intruding on your lives, but I think it is important and I think the message it sends will be powerful. Bear with me," said Mom. She went to answer the door.

Mom came back with two men, one in a nice suit, and one in a sport coat. Cops. Or at least sport coat guy was. The other guy looked like a lawyer.

He was. He was the assistant US Attorney for the Middle District of Florida. Fancy title for a Federal prosecutor that covers the middle of Florida, including Ocala. Get it? Ocala. Mom told everyone to leave, but asked me to stay. I have no idea why. She told Ruby to leave, and she refused.

"There is no fucking way I am leaving," said Ruby, with surprising authority. "She's my damn sister." You go girl.

"She can stay," said Juanita, softly. Juanita looked so sad. Reliving this was horrible for her. We went back into Mom's office and sat at the conference table.

You don't need the details beyond one thing.

Juanita may finally get some justice

Mo' modeling

Orlando here. Wow, this is a heavy chapter of the family journal. I'm proud of my family -- my extended family.

But I'm going to take this to a little more light hearted area and we had one hell of a lot of fun doing it. No, no, not that. Well, that, but oh anyway.

I got a call from my agent. No, not my movie agent. Not my music agent. My modeling agent. Damn, I sound pretty fucking pompous, don't I?

"Orlando, do you know Noah?," he asked.

"Sure, he lives three doors down. He's sweet on my sister Chris," I said. Yeah, I was fucking with him.

"No, I mean," he said, and I cut him off.

"Of course I know Noah," I said. "Hottest menswear brand around. I love their stuff. I wear it all the time. Upscale but not too weird." Kind of like me. Except the weird part. And the upscale part.

"You have to keep this under wraps, but they're expanding into a women's line and a children's line. They want to do a big photo shoot. They're looking to do a broad, diverse shoot, and would like two things. First, they'd like your family to be the centerpiece of the shoot, and second, they'd like to do it on the balcony of your apartment," she said. "They said something about wanting the helicopter there, but I didn't follow that part."

"My family? The girls and me?," I said.

"And your Mom and Dad. They were adamant about wanting both your Mom and Dad," she said. Cool. Very cool.

"They want it to be a big shoot, so they've also told me to get a nice diverse group to be a part of it, but they want fresh faces. People no one has ever seen," she said.

"How many people?," I asked.

"They've said up to 40 total. Huge shoot. Where am I going to fine a diverse set of unknown models of that size?," she said.

"You're not. I am. Can I have a few days? I'll get you head shots. All ages, right?," I said.

"Yeah, for sure. They even mentioned 'hot middle age people'," she said. "But it is mostly about the kids. You can find people?"

"Yes, but 40 is a big ask. Are they flexible on time?," I asked.

"Well, the didn't think I could find 40 fresh faces overnight," she said. I told her to leave it to me.

OK. Diversity and sexy kids. I could do this. I started with just thinking through people that I remembered and then went to a party list or two. Here's my tentative list. Sorry it is so long. I had to tell them about it, but that not all of them would be picked. That was going to hurt some feelings, but I didn't really have a choice.

Juanita and her family was an easy choice. Ruby's video made it so clear she could, no should, be a model. If I could convince Jesse and Julia, they'd be in the shoot in a heartbeat.

Amai and her family was another no brainer. Are you kidding? That was diversity all by itself and they're all stunning.

Sara. Oh yeah, Sara.

Masako and her family. Yum.

Curt, Jonny, Jamie. Oh yeah. Curt and his little twin niece and nephew.

Billy I. Tell me he isn't perfect. Fifties, ripped.

Missy. And her Mom. Let's add the cheerleader vibe.

Rylee and her parents. Let's stick with the cheerleader vibe. And Rylee. Let's stick Rylee. Focus, Orlando, focus.

Penny. I know, lots of cute blondes, but she gets in on her tits alone.

I think that's enough adults. I can always add more later. I'm going to pull some kids and see if their parents are OK with it. We have some from Gabe and Ruby's party that would be perfect.

Cisco and Gabby. 10 and 6. Cute AF.

Oh, gotta go with Curtis and Max.

The twins. Tara and Kara.

Some nice diversity in that grouping. OK, let me count my list and see where we are. 36. I need a few more. I overshot on kids. And I still need more people. I could use Sophia and her kids, but the logistics would be tough. Same with Freja and her kids. I think I'll stay local for now. Lightbulb time. I'm going to suggest a shoot here too. Think of the locations. Pool side. Beach. On the 131 or 475 or both. I think they'll like it.

Back to the list. Adults were easy. I'll add Blake and Alison. For kids, I'll add Jake, Bella, Hunter, and Hallie. Oh, let's add Noah's entire family. Noah for Noah. OK, I laughed. If they need more adults, I'll do parents that I didn't pick. I guess I should see if my family is in. It's lunch time. Perfect. I wandered out to the kitchen and for the first time I can remember, all six of us were there for lunch. Great, Blake, Alison, Juanita, and Amai were all there. Better talk to adults before I talked to kids.

"I'm glad we're all together, as I got a call from my agent," I said. OK, that didn't help, did it. "My modeling agent. I know you all know the clothing line from Noah, or suspect you do, but they shared that they're branching out to women and kids. They asked if our family would all agree to be in the shoot."

"Us, model?," said Morgan. "We're not models. We're nowhere near attractive enough to model." At that point, everyone at the table that wasn't my sibling burst out laughing.

"Honey, you and your siblings are all beautiful. I saw all the supermodels that came here," said Juanita. "Not one of them was even your league. You all outshown them. By a mile." Morgan blushed.

"Well, I know Leslie, Chris, and Orlando do," said Morgan. "But not me." We all shook our heads.

"Morgan, stop," I said. "You are one of most beautiful young women I have ever seen in my life. I appreciate your modesty, but just stop. And they didn't mean just the four of us. They want Mom and Dad too."

"What?," screamed Mom. "I'm not..." Yes, she stopped herself. "Am I? I'm short and have red hair."

"Mom, please," I said. "Seriously, just please. Go put on your green sundress and look in the mirror and tell me that you're not model material. You can't, because you are. And don't start Dad."

Finally they all smiled.

"It would be fun," said Chris. "Where would we do it?"

"They've asked to do it on the patio of our New York apartment and even want to helicopter in the background," I said. "But I'm going to suggest they should do a shoot here too. Think of the variety of locations. Beach, boats, pool. They have a complete swimwear line coming out too."

"OK, I'm in, but only for Hayden," said Chris. We all quickly agreed.

"Great, but I'm not done. It is a HUGE shoot," I said. "They want at least forty people, with diversity, but want fresh faces, not models. I put together a list of my thoughts, but will probably need more as not everyone will want to or will be picked. That's the hard part. I'll invite some and they won't be picked, so we'll have to explain that. They wanted me to skew towards kids, so not every parent is picked, but I might blend more in. I put together a first cut and thought you could all look at it for me." I had printed copies and had enough for everyone.

"This has to be a mistake," said Alison. "You have Blake and me on the list."

"Do we seriously have to go through this again," I said. "Come on." That just got a smile and a nod from Blake. Fuck yeah they were attractive enough.

"OK, I won't say exactly the same thing," said Juanita. "I do agree that Gabe and Ruby would be great. Ruby has a presence that is amazing. I don't know if Mom and Dad will agree, but they'd tear it up." Yes, yes they would.

"I think your list is great," said Amai. "And appreciate the compliment. Oh God, my Mom and Dad would be incredible. I think Billy is an inspired choice too. If it was me, I'd do a big ad splash and then come back with family groupings. Some of the kids you chose could do a family grouping with the parents you didn't. That would bring them in. It could be an entire ad campaign. Let's be honest, there are some non-traditional families in here. Look at mine."

"That is an amazing idea," I said. "I'll propose it before I approach any families that I chose just the kids. Any other suggestions?"

"Yes," said Chris. "You missed Tom and Jess. They're in. Another one you missed is Mick. He would be fantastic."

"Consider them added," I said.

"Sandy, Sandra, Bonnie, and Anna," said Leslie. "Annie and I need to pose together and Bonnie and Chris need to pose together. Particularly Bonnie and Chris, in their swimsuit line. Two sets of puffies. Fuck yeah." We all laughed at that, but yeah.

"Kids are easy," said Morgan. "They could keep this campaign going forever just with our friends. Matt and his kids. Linda and her kids. Sophia and her kids. Hell, the whole swim crew. Cam and his kids. Freja and her kids. You should suggest that you have a lot more, but would do them on location. Do an Austin shoot, a San Francisco shoot. One in Venice."

Also a great idea. I was taking notes.

"You missed the perfect couple," said Dad. "Anurat and May. They'd be awesome." Yes, yes they would.

"Hanu, Haru, and their family. On the balcony with Tokyo in the background," said Alison. "But add some diversity to that one. Bring a group along."

Yep, yep. The conversation wound down and I went back to call my agent. I walked through all the ideas and she was blown away. I also suggested that we'd do some sample shots of everyone on the list and send them, but if they really wanted the sample shots to pop, they should send us clothes from the new line. Otherwise, we'd be sending them samples in competitor's clothes. I suggested they might even be able to use some of the shots. She laughed at that, but she was underestimating our photography skills. We could do shoots in clothes. We'd done tons of shoots. Just not in, you know, clothes. She promised to get back to me quickly.

Quickly was, well, quickly. She called me back in less than ten minutes.

"There first question was whether you really had a list of 53 potential models," she said. "I assured them you not only did, but could come up with another 100 if they needed them. They absolutely loved all the ideas, particularly the family groupings. They realize that some of them won't be all model gorgeous, but think that will work, and work well, to bring in more people. They particularly loved the idea of location shoots everywhere I mentioned, but were concerned about the costs. I couldn't help myself. I laughed. Then I told them that they were all your houses and you could add a few more, like London, Paris, and Tahoe. Hell, I told them you'd buy a house if they wanted a city you didn't have. Tokyo REALLY excited them, particularly when I told them that you'd bring a diverse group at your expense. You will, won't you?" Wow, that was a stream of consciousness.

"Yes, we will, but we have an ask too. We want back-end on the deal. Our family will do this without pay. They know that we're famous and would cost big bucks. I suspect some of the other families will too, but not all," I said. "We want a small percentage of profit growth -- very small -- to go to the JuanitaFund. Look up their website. We also want cards at the end of each ad, with a mixture of the Hayden Fund and the Juanita Fund. It's a good deal for them, because sales are going to spike. If they don't, they're not out the back-end. These are both charities they'll support."

She liked both ideas and promised to call me back again. Five minutes this time. Five. They agreed to everything. They also promised that by tomorrow, we'd have the world's largest collection of Noah clothing delivered. She said they were going to send sizes for everyone and that if we ended up with models they didn't send clothes for to let her know. I'd warned her that I had started at 6 years old.

I went back and told the family and they loved it all. Let's be honest, we all knew we were going to do the test shoots in the Noah clothes and then, for most of the people, do test shoots without the Noah clothes. Yeah, yeah, you get it. I sent Juanita off to get her family on board and Amai to do the same. We decided Mom and I would go talk to all the parents and get them on board. Mom can be persuasive. But you knew that. By the end of the day, every single person on the list had agreed. That surprised me, but I think the inclusion of the Juanita Fund and the Hayden Fund was powerful. Plus they all knew that we'd end up playing. You know, playing.

It was Monday, so we worked with everyone of the list to put together a schedule that mixed the people up over this week and the next. It filled the weeks, for sure. This story is going to last awhile. We decided we'd do all of them during those two weeks, then have a party on that Saturday. Everyone at the party could be in the clothes and we'd do both photos and videos. You know they'd use those. You know it. I hope you find this fun, as these journals are going to be long.

I called my agent back and told her to send WAY more clothes. We were going to really expand the party and if anyone popped, we'd do another shoot. Do you want to hear about all the shoots? Probably not. We'll see how it goes. Maybe we'll keep some back for a future journal. I'm pretty sure they're going to be HOT. Yes, all capitals hot. There were a lot of new people's families. I sent Amai on a quest and she got Luna involved, as it was complicated. Luna got added to the list, of course. Can't believe she was not on my original list. I KNOW I wanted to pose Luna and Amai together. Damn. Anyway, I wanted them to find everyone's parents. I'd told Alison and Blake privately what I was doing, because they wouldn't have family there, and they truly supported the idea. They thought it was great and appreciated that I worried about them. They asked if their family portrait could include the six in our family. I think I shed a tear, but assured them that it absolutely could. Finding the local parents for kids like Jonny and Jamie and Jake and Bella were easy and, I suspect, adding some new fun to our family. Others were harder, and they went WAY beyond what I expected. They found Mick's 78 year old mother Shirley. They setup his shoot close to the party and were flying her in from upstate New York. The chartered jet was a nice touch. Yeah, we were losing money on this, but fuck it. They found both Tom and Jess' parents and were flying them in too. They were careful, though, to make sure none of the parents were estranged from their kids. Sara's parents were a bit tough, as they had never married. That one, they actually asked Sara's permission and she agreed if her parent's agreed. It turns out her Dad was in the military and stationed in Germany. Chris arranged for a week's leave, which confused the hell out of him. Chris has pull. We all know she does.

Oh, I've got to start with that photo shoot, because the story is amazing. No, we didn't get to play with her parents. That's not the point of the story. It ended up being our first photo shoot. We invited Noah and his family, since they were close. We included pretty much everyone that was always around, and ended on a pool party scene too. The amazing part of the story is that Sara's parents, Vic and Jasmine, hadn't seen each other since she was born. They hadn't married and hadn't even dated. Sara was an 'oops' and knew it. Vic had been good, though, and had always supported Sara and been a part of her life. What we didn't know is that she'd spent summers with him a lot, around the world, wherever he was stationed. I was excited to find out she spoke French and German. So was Morgan. Yeah, we confused a lot of people that day. Anyway.

We started in the studio with traditional posed shots. Dad also did a professional quality headshot for everyone. My sibs and I had put together a biography sheet for everyone to fill out, as we thought that would be useful for the future ad campaigns. We even included two truths and a lie, which ended up being both hilarious and showing that these were interesting people. For example, Sara's mom Jasmine had walked over a hundred miles of the Great Wall. That is cool enough, but she isn't even Chinese. She's Japanese.

The shots of Sara and her parents were simply amazing. The joy showed in their smiles. Seriously. The joy. Joy about a photoshoot? No. Joy about seeing Sara? Yes, but that's not it. The joy was the chemistry between Vic and Jasmine. It was electric. Simply electric. It showed in real life and it leapt off the photos. I am pretty sure they could quit their jobs and all be professional models. Yeah, that good. After the shoot, I saw the three of them heading down the hall to the guest bedrooms. Fuck yeah. I wish they'd invited me. Sara did tell me after that we should include them ALL after the shoot. Yeah, all. Alright!

And we did. You want particulars. Maybe. But right now, I want to move on to the next shoot.

We'd managed to schedule three families at the same time, on purpose. Three familes from Gabe and Ruby's party. You remember. The three family's that Dad met. The families where his cock stayed hard. Those families. The demographics couldn't have been better. Hispanic, Black, Asian. We did a shoot that included our family too. 18 of us. We did that one by the pool, in their casual line. We did it again in their swim suits. Fuck yeah. And they, yeah, fuck. We took the whole group into the living room and hit the darkening switch. The glass panels could darken, which meant no one could see in. As soon as they were dark, no one was in a swim suit anymore. Oh yeah, Sara and her parents were still here. Juanita's extended family too. Something like thirty of us, naked. We'd already planned on the simple sex game. Two bowls. One with names. One with sex acts. Two from the first bowl, one from the second. We started off one group at a time, but that didn't last. Too many horny people. I'll share some highlights. This would be a hundred page journal entry if I shared them all. Oh, and if the two people agreed, they could pull another card from each bowl. Threesomes, two sex acts, to completion.

First out of the bowl were Chris and Cisco. 11 and 10. Cisco was a good looking kid, with a nice 5 inch cock. Wish I'd been picked. They picked again. Oh good, I was. Two cocks and a girl. Sounds like a porn flick to me. We let Chris pick the two cards. Fuck and Anal fuck. Good choices sis. We got to decide who fucked who and finally decided on a train. Then Chris changed our minds. She reminded us that DP fit the cards too. Oh damn. Just damn. I laid on my back and Chris climbed on and slid down my cock. She leaned over and I hugged her while Morgan prepared her. You know. Lube. Then Cisco slid in. A perfect thin 5 inch cock. Oh this wasn't a gentle fuck. We pounded her. She didn't last long. Neither did we. We filled her up. Morgan came back to help and pushed us out of the way. Just watching her clean out Chris and kiss all the cum to her got me hard again. It would you too.

That freshly fucked glow

OK, that's enough of that. For now. Let's go back to another shoot. We actually had three photographers going at once. We did indoor head shots first. Morgan did those. It was when everyone was at their best. Then Dad had, um, fun with them and then sent that group outdoors to me. That worked great, because everyone came out with that freshly fucked glow. I was the outdoor photographer. Morgan said she didn't have anything to share so just assume outdoor is me and indoor is Dad. I'll let you know when the photographer's moved. It will be interesting to see differences in imagination, particularly on the middle shoot.

The first shoot was Davis, Chris, Cisco, and the tiny Asian twins, Tara and Kara. Diversity in ethnicity and age. They all looked happy as hell, so I know Davis had a ball. Get it?

We started out with casual clothes. Davis was in slacks and a polo. The twins were in little black skirts and soft T-shirts. Cisco was in cargo shorts and a polo. Chris was in a short T-shirt dress. You know the dress. Sort of a long tube top. No straps. Just tight enough to stay on and really highlight her puffies. Davis was in a pale yellow shirt. Cisco rocked a dark pink. The twins were primary color red and blue. Chris' dress was sky blue. You would think those colors were weird but they popped together. Chris was, well, stunning.

Probably more information than you wanted but I wanted to give you a mental image. I started simple. Davis was sitting on a chair, with a twin on each knee. Chris and Cisco where on each side. I'll bet I took a hundred shots of that pose. Some were silly. Some were not. All ended up being awesome. I moved them around into different positions. One of the best I don't even know how Davis did it. He was doing the weight lifter pose. You know, arms extended straight out and then bent up at the elbow. Cisco and Leslie were each on a leg. That would be a cool shot. But then Sota and Don lifted the twins and set them on Davis' outstretched arms. He even held it while Cisco and Chris moved off. Then he freaking stood up, with them on his arms. I was glad I had a couple of the 8K cameras running.

I kept shooting until he wrapped his arms around the girls and set them down.

No way I could do that and I'm in damn good shape. This dude is 62 years old.

That would have been crazy enough but then he did it again, with Hunter and Hallie. Two 11 year olds.

He wasn't even breathing hard.

I sent them all into a cabana and they changed into swim suits. Yeah, they all went into one cabana.

Davis, Cisco, and Hunter were just in board shorts. The twins were in simple one pieces suits. Chris was in Noah's version of a tankini. Cisco and Hunter had surprising definition for their age. Oh, Hallie was in a bikini. She had, um, grown.

We shot every combination of them sitting and laying on lounge chairs. My favorite was a big chaise and Davis was in the middle with the twins tucked next to him and his arms around them. Cisco and Hallie were chris-cross at the foot, facing each other. Chris and Hunter were standing on one side, facing each other and laughing.

Do you think anyone would notice Hunter was hard?

I shot a lot of them in the pool too. Some great shots freezing them in jumps into the pool from the side and from the diving board.

One shot is Davis in mid spin, high in the air. Turns out he was an Olympic diver back in the day.

Of course he was.

Time to pass the pen to Dad.


Bob here. I read what Orlando wrote and I'm surprised Davis had the energy to do any of that. This journal is getting long, so we'll come back to this topic later, but I had to share the shoot before the shoot, so to speak. Remember, it was Davis, Chris, Cisco, Tara, and Kara. I read that Hunter and Hallie were in the outdoor shoot, but they were not with me. We started with Davis and the twins in the bed. Big white king size bed with a big white comforter. Davis was shirtless and the comforter came to his waist. The girls were tucked down a little and the comforters came up to their neck. So far, nice and wholesome. We slowly pulled the comforter down. First where shots with just the girls nipples showing. A nip slip, if you will. We did it with all kinds of facial expressions. The best had both the girls laughing, and Davis just looking stoic. Then the comforter came down a little more. Davis was still 'decent', but the girls weren't. They were clearly naked and their little slits were red and ready. You know what I mean. On Tara, her little clit was even poking out. The next series of shots didn't change anything, other than Davis was clearly tenting the comforter. Damn, the cock of his was fine. Finally we pulled the comforter down far enough that his cock stuck right up. The girls sat up, on opposite sides. Each put a hand around his cock, but even both hands didn't cover it. Remember, he has a thick 9 inch cock. Even there little hands couldn't go all the way around. We took a whole series, with the girls playing with his cock, ending up with an amazing shot of them lying down, giving us a full frontal view, and each licking his cock from opposite sides.

Oh we went farther. My favorite shot was from the side. Tara had clearly taken his entire cock, which amazed me. Kara was sitting on his face. The girls were kissing, and you could see their tongues dancing.

The final shot was just the girls, side by side, covered in cum. Just COVERED in cum.

Then we did a series with Cisco and Chris. They contrasted so nicely. I won't go into it all, but let's just say they enjoyed the hell out of it, and at one point Davis got to join in. He was taking Chris doggy style, while Cisco was standing up and Cisco's cock was in Davis' mouth. Tara was underneath Chris and Kara was pushing three fingers in and out of Davis. Picture it all. I am.

Damn. Just describing it all got me hard. This was going to be a tough day. I needed my turn soon.

Characters in the stories




Billy I
Gabriel (Gabe)




The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
The youngest
Adopted daughter
Sales managers, car dealers
Leslie's new friend
Hunter's twin sister
Don's friend at the party
Sota's wife
Sota and Masako's oldest daughter
Sota and Masako's youngest daughter
Sota and Masako's son
Family personal trainer and more
First home staff. Mechanic, general purpose everything
First home staff. Chef, runs the house and more
Commercial manager, furniture dealer
Yacht dealer's Dad and Chris' grandfather
Juanita's brother
Juanita's sister
Juanita's Dad
Juanita's Mom
Flight instructor
Flight instructor
Orlando's science club partner
Sandy's Mom
Sandy's friend
Sandy's friend
Curt's nephew
Curt's niece
Don's nephew
Don's niece
Head cheerleader at Orlando's school
Missy's Mom
Missy's brother
Chris' new friend
Noah's Dad
Noah's Mom
Rylee's Dad
Rylee's Mom
Cheerleader with Leslie and Chris
The family social secretary
Amai's Dad
Amai's Mom
Gabe's guest
Cisco's sister
Gabe's guest
Ruby's guest
Ruby's guest
Ruby's guest
Part-time family assistant
Chloe's college roommate and long-time friend
Freja's husband
Freja and Aldo's son
Freja and Aldo's daughter
Freja and Aldo's son
Freja and Aldo's daughter
Freja and Aldo's son
Freja and Aldo's daughter
Austin caretaker, Freja's brother
Cam's son, Freja's nephew
Cam's daughter, Freja's niece
Sara's Dad
Sara's Mom


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
4'11" - 80, slim, glorious puffy nipples
5'3" - 100, dark hair, Ameriasian, small B cup
5'0" - cute as hell, 3 inch cock
4'8" - small A cup
5'8" - lean, 5 inch cock
5'8" - athletic, A cup
4'11 - petite A cup, puffies
4'8" - bedding breasts, big puffy nipples
4'8" - slim, 3 inch cock
5'9" - athletic, petite, D cup, 5 inch cock
6'2" - 185, blonde, ripped, 7 inch thin cock
5'9" - tall, athletic, blonde, simply stunning, B cup, model gorgeous
6'4" - 225, Black, thin and regal, 9 inch uncut cock
5'11" - rugged, handsome
5'0" - 90, cute, 4 inch cock
4'11" - 85, sexy, flat
5'11" - 175, Vin Diesel, but with short hair, 6 inch average cock
5'6" - 125, stunning, D cup on a small frame
6'0" - 175, trim, 7 inch thick and cut
5'9" - 140, small B cup, runner's body
5'5" - petite, long legs, B cup, big nipples
5'6" petite, 120, C cup, sexy as hell
5'2" - thin, puffies
5'3" - average, C cups
4'8" - caramel skin, thin, twins, 5 inch cock
4'9" - caramel skin, thin, twins, puffies
4'4" - cute as a button
4'4" - cute as a button
5'5" - blonde, sexy, B cup
5'6" - blonde, sexy, C cup, grown up Missy
4'8 thin, almost pretty, 4 inch cock
5'7" - thin, 5 inch average cock. Big balls
6'3" - 220, Muscular, 7 inch and thick
5'9" - athletic, D cup breasts, but no sag. Giant nipples
5'4" - 120, B cup
5'11" - 200, 9 inches and thick
5'5" - 120, trim, C cup
5'4" - sexy AF, B cup
5'4" - beautiful, petite, B cup, 6 inch uncut thick cock
6'3" - 195, handsome and black, gray hair, 9 inch thick BBC
5'6" - 120, stunning, mixed, C cup
5'2" - skinny, 5 inch thin.
3'11" - tiny and cute.
5'4" - mixed, 90, 6 uncut
4'8, mixed, 60, 5 uncut.
3'11" - flat, identical twins
3'11" - flat, identical twins
5'5" - 120, strong, Swedish, C cup
5'9" - blonde, C cup, athletic
6'3" - 185, Italian, 7 uncut and thick
5'9" - 155, 6 uncut and thick
5'4" - A cup, thin
5'4" - 5 uncut, average
5'1" - puffies
4'6" - 3 inch uncut
4'4" - flat
6'3" - tall, muscular, blonde, tan, 7 inch thin uncut cock
4'10" - miniature Cam, 4 inch thin uncut cock
4'8" - miniature Freja, could be the kid's sister, not cousin, cute as a button
6'2" - Blonde, muscular, military, 6 inch thick cut cock
5'3" - Japanese, petite, A cup, fine

End of Chapter