Bob wants to snow ski

21 October 2018

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Tim Buchanan

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Snow skiing in Florida?

I have never been snow skiing. That seemingly simple statement likely just cost me north of $25M. I found a place in Crested Butte, Colorado. The house was nice but only 5 big bedrooms. But it was on 1600 acres with private ski slopes. Slopes plural. Price was only $16M but I'd want a bigger house. Wouldn't you?

I called the travel agent and made an appointment for noon tomorrow. It was going to take all day to get there because I was going to go cross country solo in the King Air. I was making great progress and this was going to complete my multiengine certification. I actually had a lot of Mustang hours in too so once this was done I'd do my certification in the Mustang.

Think what I could buy if I could fly my own jet. My various instructors all said I was quite good. Tom, Jess, Alison, Leslie, and Chris.

I just wish they hadn't all been so surprised.

I asked around to see who wanted to go with me and found exactly zero takers. I widened to my friend network. Zip. Ok solo meant solo. Surely they weren't worried about flying with me. Hope not. I left early and flew to Austin. Might as well stop off there. Had a quiet night rattling around a giant house. Aldo and Freja and their family were on vacation. Even Cam and his kids were out of town. Too bad. I needed to make more Austin friends.

I got up early and left for Crested Butte. The agent, Ash, met me at the airport. I think he formed an opinion based on my Dark Side of the Moon T shirt and the King Air. Eclectic and moderately well off. I think he was doubting my ability to buy. He hadn't done his homework which was disappointing. Good grief. We were pretty hard to miss. SI had a picture of me going one on one with LeBron on their cover. I was shirtless and I thought held my own OK. You know, owner of the Orlando Magic and friend to the stars.

Let him stew. It was summer so not exactly snow covered. He was in a Lexus SUV so we got in and headed out. It was about 30 minutes from the airport. I saw a number of helicopters so I'd have to figure that out. He started the spiel about the place and he was clearly tentative.

"You're already annoying me," I said. "My impression is you didn't do even the basic homework about me. That's not good."

He stammered a bit about it happening fast.

"You had 24 hours to Google my name," I said. "This is utterly ridiculous. Perhaps you know my daughter, Chris Hayden, and the charity she started with a $5B donation. From me. Don't let the T-shirt fool ya. Seriously, they have Google in Crested Butte."

He gave me the look. You know the look. I KNOW the look.

"You're Chris Hayden's Dad?," he said. "How is that even possible?"

"Adopted Dad. Dude, read a paper once in a while," I said. "We'll chalk this up to an honest mistake, but try harder next time. I flew the King Air in because I wanted hours in it. I could have had one of our pilots fly my in on our G650 or even our 747." Yeah, his eyes got big on that one.

"You own your own 747?," he asked.

"Yeah," I said. "I do. So let's go look at the property, OK?"

"Sure and you are absolutely right. Big fail on my part. I took the appointment and got busy and failed Realtor 101. Won't happen again," he said. OK, I can accept an apology. With that, we pulled into a side road with a large gate. He rolled down his window and typed in a code and the gates opened for us. Cool. I like things that open. It's one of my things, you know. Walls, gates. We drove up a driveway that keep going and going.

"It's quite a driveway. The property is a little over a mile by about 2 1/2 miles. Pretty big. You have your own snow plow and it isn't a small one. There is a couple that lives onsite. They're hoping to stay on, of course, but that's your choice," said Ash. "They're quite young - mid twenties -- but I guess that isn't all that young to you. They're both accomplished skiers and would be wonderful at teaching any novices. The property is actually zoned commercial if you want to build a resort. With lifts, it would be amazing. You have miles of runs, from novice to black diamond, and it is totally undeveloped."

Well first, I'd done my homework, starting with Jamie and Jackson. The 'friend' network is vast, and wouldn't you know it, there were not that many degrees of separation. Turns out the caretaker's parents were friends of a friend of Jackson's and our two future employees had started out having fun at a young age. Just like Oliver and Charlotte, they were brother and sister, but it wasn't common knowledge. Cool by us, for sure.

Finally after about a half mile, the main house came into view. I knew it was large, but only 5 bedroom, which wasn't large enough for us long-term. There was a caretaker's cottage -- just a little one bedroom place -- and that wouldn't do either. The property was $16M, but I knew we'd have to put a heck of a lot more into it. Good thing that was chump change to me. Weird. Our lives are weird.

We pulled up to the house and when we did, a young couple walked out of the front door. We got out of the car and they introduced themselves as Tyler and Ashley. You'd sure never know they were related. Tyler was tall, probably 6'3", olive skin, dark hair. Ashley was about 5'6", so not small, but blonde and fair skinned as can be, with a trim athletic figure and what looked like no bigger than A cups. She looked much younger than the 24 I knew she was. Both stunning.

I introduced myself and they laughed.

"We know who you are," said Ashley. "Who in the world WOULDN'T know who you are. You're famous. Your entire family is famous. Hell, you just created a superteam in Orlando. You're friends with LeBron, Warren Buffett, and Taylor Swift. You're friends with everyone. You have to be one of the most famous people in the world. Oh, and I love the T-shirt."

OK, Ash the realtor actually blushed.

"You didn't know who he was?," said Tyler. "Do you live under a rock?"

OK, I liked these two already. Even Ash laughed at that one.

"Would you like us to show you around, or walk it without us?," said Ashley.

"Oh, by all means, lead the way," I said. They gave us a wonderful tour, highlighting all the positives, while being honest about the negatives. There was a giant barn that was also the garage and when they said snowplow, they were not kidding. It was a giant truck with what looked to be a 10 foot plow. It looked pretty damn old though.

"That, for example, is one of the weaknesses," said Tyler. "It it old, creaky, and unreliable. We've been trapped a couple times until I could get someone to plow us out and then another person to repair it."

"OK, I'm in. Give us a minute and we'll talk. We would definitely like you to stay on," I said, which left them smiling. I walked over to another part of the barn with Ash.

"OK, here's the deal," I said. "Love it. Will buy it. Overpriced and we both know it. My offer is $11.5M, cash, paid today, with immediate occupancy. As in, I stay here tonight." Ash did the 'too low' dance, which didn't surprise me.

"You're a buyer's agent, not a seller's agent. It is your job to convey my offer, not maximize your commission," I said. "Last chance."

He pulled out his phone and made the call. I only heard his side, but heard things like "Yeah, cash paid today" and "Sleep here tonight". It went back and forth for awhile. Finally he covered the phone.

"They want to counter," he said. I shook my head no. He shared that with whomever he was talking with.

"OK, they accepted, but only if you can pay today," he said. "I don't think they believe you can." He gave me the payment info and through the magic app, I'd paid it in full in less than two minutes. Slow. Must be the coverage in the mountains. Ash laughed when he got the notification.

"Well, I guess that wasn't a problem," he said. I waved Tyler and Ashley back over.

"Guess I am your new boss," I said, with a laugh. "Listen can you drive me into town after we've had a chance to talk? I need to buy a car." They both agreed they could, so I shook Ash's hand and sent him on his way.

I turned to Tyler.

"Replace the truck. Best available, top of the line. I don't know what those things cost, but seriously, best commercial quality you can find. I don't care if it costs a million dollars, it needs to be reliable," I said. "Donate that one to someplace that needs it. Maybe the high school for a vocational class." He laughed and said he would, but shared that we were talking under $200K. He laughed again when I just said whatever.

We walked back into the house and sat at the kitchen table while Tyler whipped up lunch. What is it about the men doing the cooking? I don't care, but it is interesting. I asked them about their current compensation package and it was frightfully low. I walked them through our package, including benefits. I also shared the 'access to houses, planes, etc.'. They sat at the table stunned.

"Why?," asked Ashley.

"Oh, it's simple. A big part of it is discretion," I said. "We're very discreet too. For example, I know you're brother and sister. I also know that you have interests that are outside the accepted norms. We love that and only ask that you are discreet as well." I ran them through the "can but don't have to story", and they kept smiling bigger and bigger. I think they got it because, Tyler stood up and dropped his shorts to the floor and offered me a thick uncut cock. At least 7 inches.

Not one to pass on an offer like that, I took him in my mouth. I think they were both surprised that I could deep throat a cock that big, but I may not work, but I have practiced. At least that. I could tell he was close and pulled off, leaving him hanging. He let out a groan.

"Don't worry," I said. "You'll get to finish. I just didn't want to waste that." I asked if he'd come today and he said no.

"Oh good," I said. "First load in my ass, then I want to watch the two of you together. I like to watch, and I like to help."

With that, we retired to the master bedroom.

"So, let's hope you have lube and even better, a strap-on. Do I need a condom?," I asked. In a flash, Ashley produced a good size strap-on and large bottle of lube and said no condoms. Awesome. I took on the role of director.

"Me first, with the strap-on, then Tyler can switch to me and you can use the strap-on with him. I like a train, don't you?," I said. They just smiled and Ashley inserted the strap-on. Like us, they preferred the strap-on with a double-end. More pleasure for her. Tyler took the task of greasing me up and preparing me and he did it with abandon. Finally, I knelt into position and she slid it right in. Given how big it was, I was a little surprised, but Tyler had used three fingers. It was heavenly, but after not long I called out "switch". I stayed where I was and was filled back up with what was obviously hard cock. Both feel nice, but a cock feels better. He stopped long enough for Ashley to pump into him and then we got into a wonderful motion. I was so hard it almost hurt and this felt so damn good. Tyler had stamina, but finally I heard a groan and could feel him filling me up. A lot. He stayed where he was but finally pulled out. I am sure I was dripping, but before I could move, one of them was rimming me and licking it all out. They finally finished and I turned to see Tyler pushing cum into Ashley's mouth with his tongue. Fuck yeah.

That's all we did, for now, as we needed to leave. We were just laying in bed, with me in the middle, completely worn out, just from that one session.

"So, does the entire family play, even the kids?," asked Ashley. I assured her they did.

"Oh good. I can't wait to play with them. Chris could be my slightly smaller twin," she said. Yes, yes she could.

"Our family does too," said Tyler. "Mom and Dad are great fun and we have a younger brother and sister that we've taught well, just like we were taught. Perhaps you'd like me to invite them all over for dinner? Our brother is 10 and our sister is 8 and has the cutest little puffies."

I love puffies. I told them I loved the idea and let's do it up well. Great food, great company.

"If you want to buy a car today, we need to get going," said Ashley.

With that, we piled into their clearly aging small SUV.

"Don't forget, buy two new vehicles and blow every penny. Not much choice near here, so go to Colorado Springs and buy a nice Mercedes or BMW if you want. Heck, the Bentley SUV is quite nice. We have one," I said. Again, stunned looks.

"You've got to get past the stunned looks," I said. "Your life has changed dramatically. It's all good, so enjoy the ride. One thing to remember is that our family likes to eat well, so stock up on steak, lobster, crab, and the like when you know we're coming. Eat it every day if you want. On us. We'll need to build a gym though. On that note, I'll be back with our architect soon. The current house will be a guest house. We'll build something bigger. I'm also thinking a dozen or so cottages. We have lots of friends that will want to come throughout the year. I'd suggest you find someone like us, if you get my drift, and hire them as a full-time housekeeper, and go-to. Maybe a student, given the tuition program. Part-time is fine, whatever you think we need. Just remember, many, but not all, of our friends are like us. Don't assume."

With that, we got to the Ford dealer, which was the highest end dealer in town. I had them drop me and said I'd meet them at the house. I suggested they hit the grocery. I gave them a couple thousand in cash, and promised their Black AMEX would arrive tomorrow. I'd already texted Jason, so they were in the air already.

As I walked up to the dealer, a sales guy sauntered up. Yes, sauntered. He was dressed western, complete with a cowboy hat. He looked ridiculous, but clearly thought the look worked. The giant belly, hanging over his belt didn't scream working cowboy. I told him I was interested in the largest, nicest SUV they had. He looked at me with what was clearly distain, and suggested maybe we should start with a nice Focus. Fuck you, dipshit. I gave him the same look and walked around him into the dealership. I walked up to the young receptionist. A fine looking young receptionist.

"Maybe you can help me. The douchebag cowboy wasn't interested," I said. "I'd like to speak to the youngest, newest sales person you have please. Maybe they'll take my money."

She stood up and stuck out her hand.

"Hi, I'm Lauren, age 20, and the youngest, newest, eager sales person," she said, with a laugh. "Which is why I spend most of my time playing receptionist. Neither the sales manager nor the customers take me very seriously."

"Well that sucks," I said. "So tell me, what is a good month for a sales person here. What would the record cars sold in a month be?"

"You're in Montrose, in the middle of the summer. Selling one is a good month for most of us. The record was set by the douche, a few years ago, when he sold three cars in a month. The douche is also the sales manager," she said. Damn, so he was still winning. Well, fuck him, I needed a car.

"OK, let's break that record today," I said. She just looked at me with the look. So stuck out my hand again and re-introduced myself as more than just Bob. I used me whole name. Her eyes got really, really big.

"I just bought a place in Crested Butte," I said.

"You bought the Simpson place, didn't you? 1600 undeveloped acres. My dream home. Tyler and Ashley are my best friends. My VERY best friends. I am great friends with the ENTIRE family. His little brother and sister are SUCH fun," she said.

"Excellent. They became my best friends about an hour ago," I said. Yes, we understood each other. "Let's start with the biggest, baddest Expeditions you have."

We walked out to the lot and she had three of the largest. Stickered from $65K to 80K. White, black, and grey.

"Now let's look at your top end Explorers," I said. They had a larger selection, but only four that were at a level I'd accept.

"Lastly, do you have any Focus RS," I asked. They had two. Blue and Red.

"OK, I'll take all three of the Expeditions we saw. I'll take the four best equipped Explorers. I'll take both of the RS," I said, and handed her my Amex. "You'll have to figure out how to put them on that card. And I'll need everything except the red RS delivered, preferably today. The RS I'll take with me."

She stood there, just looking at me.

"Oh fuck, you're serious," she said. I just smiled and nodded.

"Oh, and tell the douchebag, you want the rest of the day off, at the insistence of the best customer he has ever seen. Perhaps you could show me around the area, and then join Tyler, Ashley, their family, and me for dinner," I said. She just beamed at me and went off to do the paperwork. She warned me it would take time, so I found a comfortable chair and called Jason.

"I want to buy a Ford dealer in Montrose, Colorado," I said. "I also want to get a Mercedes dealership here. The closest one is too far. Can you see if you can buy it in the next 20 minutes? I want to make a point. Just text me if you did. Then have someone work on getting the Mercedes franchise."

He didn't even argue. For one, most of my whims have been profitable, but also, he knew in the overall scheme of things, this wasn't a big deal. It didn't take him 20 minutes. He texted me in 12.

"It's done. You own it."

I tracked down Lauren.

"Perfect timing," she said, and introduced me to the finance manager, who was a stunning women in what I guessed was her late thirties. Wait, she looks a lot like Lauren.

"This is our finance manager, Beth, and I can tell from your face that you see the resemblance. She is also my Mom, which is how I got this job. I think you'd really like to get to know her too. If you're OK, perhaps she could join us for dinner and later? My Dad would enjoy coming with us too."

"By all means, bring the family. Any brothers and sisters I'd like to meet too?," I asked. They both laughed.

"Well, she does have a younger brother, who is in high school. He'd love to come. He's great friends with Tyler's whole family. He really likes playing with the little kids," said Beth. "If you're comfortable with that. He would be." I assured them that he was welcome too. Very welcome. That got beaming smiles from them both. I found out they were Tony and Austin. Austin was 14. Oh God. 14. I love teen boys and yes, that's what I mean. I took a moment to text Tyler that we'd have a big group and if he could find someone, catering or take out was fine. He replied back that he'd take care of it and that I would just love Lauren and her whole family. Yes, yes I would.

I signed all the paperwork, much to the delight of them both.

"Ready to go?," I asked Lauren.

"Not quite. I haven't told the douche yet. He may fight me, even with all these sales," she said.

"Tell you what," I said. "Let's make it easier. We'll go up to him together and you can say the words to him that I suspect you have both dreamed about."

"What words would those be?," asked Lauren.

"You're fired," I said. That confused them. A lot.

"I thought this dealership needed fresh blood. Are you interested in the sales manager job?," I asked. "Oh, I just bought the dealership." That didn't seem to surprise them that much, which I liked.

"I'd love it, but I go to college too," said Lauren. "Not sure that would work."

"Oh, sure it would," I said. "We can talk about our tuition reimbursement program too. Do you accept?"

She laughed and assured me she did. The two of us walked outside to the douche. I never even learned his name.

"I thought I'd introduce you to Bob," said Lauren. "He just bought nine new vehicles. For cash." The douche gave me a look, surprisingly of disdain.

"Yeah, sure," he said. "Nine. Nice try." Just then a nice Expedition pulled into the lot and an older guy hopped out. The douche stood taller. Oh, I'll bet this is the former owner. I intercepted him before he could say anything and introduced myself and asked him to wait a minute before he announced anything. He'd know when it was his turn. He smiled and agreed. We walked back over to the douche and Lauren.

"Lauren, I believe you had something else to add," I said. She looked at me, and I just nodded.

"Oh yes, I can't forget this," she said, looking at the douche.

"You're fired," she said. He started to protest, but the former owner knew it was his turn.

"If she says you are, you are," he said. "Given that this nice gentleman just bought the dealership from me at a very favorable price, she can do anything he says. I should have done it years ago. You're a real douche. If you weren't my brother-in-law, you never would have worked here." Turning to me, he asked if I knew who the new sales manager would be. I just pointed at Lauren. He gave a quick laugh and stuck out his hand to her.

"Congratulations," he said. "I have absolutely no doubt you will do a fantastic job." Just then I got a text from Jason. "Mercedes deal approved. Start ordering inventory."

"Oh, I suspect so, particularly given she is also the sales manager of the new Mercedes dealership we'll be building here in town," I said.

"Mercedes? You got a franchise approved already?," said the owner. "I've been trying for 25 years!" Again, I just smiled. With that, he laughed. Hey, I had to use stupid money. The douche walked by with a box in his hand. I could see the trophies of high school glory. I am a little sad for people that peaked in high school.

"So perhaps this group can help me," I said. "I'm looking for a company that could pretty dramatically expand the property I acquired. Big home, cottages, chair lifts. Who around here builds the biggest, baddest ski resorts?" Beth and Lauren laughed and pointed at the former owner.

"He does," said Beth. "I think this dealership was just to give the douche a job. He is the master. He is also one hell of a lot of fun, if you get my drift. Austin loves him." Oh, I did, I did.

"Dustin," I said. "Might have a big project for you. You're open to working with outside architects? They don't know a thing about ski resorts, or lifts, or any of that, but they've designed a number of our homes."

"Sure," said Dustin. "Happy to. A number of your homes?" I just smiled.

"I'll let you know when they're coming," I said. "Hopefully tomorrow if I can get them on a plane." With that I called Chloe and yes, she agreed to be on a plane. I told her to just charter something and fly right here. A lot easier than commercial.

"Did you just tell your architect to charter a jet? Sorry, didn't mean to eavesdrop," said Beth.

"Yeah, I couldn't get a plane to her quickly enough," I said. "You'll like Chloe and Ben. A lot." I could see confusion in their faces.

"You'll get use to it," I said. "Trust me. So Dustin, is there a Mrs. Dustin or little Dustins?" He laughed and said he was married and his husband's name was Kyle.

"Cool," I said. "Is everyone free for dinner? Be sure to bring Kyle. I can't wait to meet him."

Dustin gave me an appraising look.

"Yeah, that's what I meant," I said, with a smile. He laughed.

"Oh, so you know about how close we all are," said Dustin. "Well, I know you've met Tyler and Ashley."

"Oh, yes, I've gotten to know them very well," I said. "And Beth and her entire family are coming to dinner too." That got a BIG grin from Dustin. Yeah, I know, we're supposed to be careful, and I'm stretching it a bit.

I called Tyler to add two more. He laughed and suggested steaks on the grill. I covered the phone and confirmed everyone was OK and they were.

"OK, dinner at 7. Drinks at 6. Shorts casual. It's how we folks from Florida rock," I said, which got a laugh. With that, I headed home. Well, to this home. Lauren went with me. Yeah.

Fresh mountain air

The drive back was great fun. Back roads. Mountain air. A new Focus RS. We had a blast. We drove around a bit to get the lay of the land, and while there were amazing estates, there wasn't much else. The Mercedes dealer was going to rock. I talked to Lauren about ordering a lot of the AMG AWD models, from the small SUV to the largest. A few of the E63 sedans and wagons. Expensive but perfect for snow. Once this crowd understood they could buy local, they'd fill their garages.

"So I am not sure how to phrase this, but is there a snow equivalent of a yacht club? Someplace the rich folk around here gather to be rich together?," I asked.

"God you're hilarious. Yes, there is. There is a very private ski lodge which is where all the rich people ski. All of Crested Butte is mostly rich people getting away from people that aren't quite as rich as they are, but these are the richest of the rich. You have to be invited by a current member to join," she said.

"How do I figure out who the members are to see if I know anyone," I asked. She was stumped by that one. I pulled over to the side of the road and pulled out my phone. I texted Amai to find a member to sponsor me and Lauren. Tyler and Ashley too. Not sure if I could get us all in, but they weren't going to turn me down. Hell, I will have Chris call if I have to. I pulled back out and told Lauren what I had done.

"Oh, they'll let you in, but Ashley and the rest of us will never make it. Dustin has been trying for years, but no one will sponsor him because he's married to Kyle. He's plenty rich and they buy their Fords from him, or did, but they suck," said Laruen.

"Well I will and that's going to change if I have to buy the damn lodge," I said. I guess I said it pretty firmly.

"Your jaw is set. It is so cute. You really would, wouldn't you?"

Damn straight I would. Just then we pulled up to the house. As we got out of the car, Tyler and Ashley ran out with a teenage boy. They all three hugged and kissed Lauren and I don't mean a chaste kiss. She ground herself against the boy. Finally they broke away and they all introduced Austin to me. Got it. She was grinding her brother.

"This is my brother Austin," said Lauren. "Ashley went and got him." He stuck out his hand to me, and I took it, but pulled him in for a kiss. I knew how to grind against someone too, and he returned it. Our kiss was passionate, with lots of tongue, and finally we broke apart.

"Now that's an introduction," said Austin, which broke us all up. We all went into the house.

"Ashley and I are getting ready for our guests," said Tyler. "Why don't the three of you do a little tour. The big guest room has fresh linens." Oh, we got it. With that, Lauren took my hand and Austin's and led us off into the house and into the correct bedroom.

"Strip," she ordered. Austin and I both did. She was in charge. Oh fun. She pulled a bottle of lube out of her purse. Probably used to be a girl scout.

"Bob, on your knees. Austin is going to fuck you," said Lauren. Oh, I followed her orders. She used her fingers to lube me up. Three fingers. Then she greased up Austin. Something about her stroking her little brother's cock made me even harder. He got up behind me and he wasn't gentle. Damn. I know I was moaning. Lauren climbed up on the bed and slid underneath. Her tongue. Oh God.

Of course, that left her right there for me. Such a beautiful flower with her clit poking out. She did the to me, so she was getting teased. I used my tongue and my fingers on her. I didn't get near her clit. She was moaning, with my cock in her mouth, which was a challenge. Hold off, Bob. Finally I sucked on her clit. Hard.

You know what happened. It caused a chain reaction. I pulled out and just covered her face and chest, then Austin did the same. She got a second dose of cum, but my cock got covered too. Austin pulled out and I rolled off.

Austin understood cleanup. First he licked off my cock and, of course, I got it in an incredibly sensual kiss. Then he dove in and cleaned out Lauren. When he had a mouthful, he slid right up her body. Watching them exchange cum was so sexy and, of course, I got hard again. Lauren noticed.

"Fuck me," she said, in a stern voice. Well sure. I taught her the golden arches and she loved it. I felt someone get on the bed and felt a cock slide right into my already lubricated ass. I didn't even look, but when Ashley climbed up and latched onto Lauren's nipple, I got an idea it must be Tyler. His cock was thick. Given I had already cum, he came first, covering my ass and my back. Someone cleaned it up. I didn't even look, because I pulled out and covered Lauren's chest and Ashley's face.

They clean enjoyed cleaning each other off.

Then I got to watch Austin fuck Ashley and it was quite a show. We all fell onto the bed laughing. Finally we showered and while I had another in me, I saved it.

Dustin and Kyle, don't you know.

By the time we got cleaned up, it was time to get ready for dinner. Dustin arrived with Kyle and, yes, I was quite appreciative. Tony arrived with Beth. I whispered in his ear that I liked to watch, and he just grinned. We had a wonderful dinner and really got to know each other. After dinner everyone got up and started undressing. I guess I could see where this was going. I won't go into all the details, but will say I got three, yes three, loads in my ass and managed to cum twice more. Four today! Once in Beth and once in Kyle.

Oh I cleaned them both out.

Chloe gets in, with friends

The next morning I had Tyler and Ashley position one of the Focuses (Foci?) at the airport at the FBO for Jackson and Chloe. I thought they might enjoy it. They guessed just after lunch, and they were right. They pulled up to the house, followed by a GLS63, with Amy, Orlando, Ruby, and Gabe. Right behind them was a 911 GT2 RS, but not one I recognized, out of which got Morgan and Leslie. I was surprised that Leslie was driving.

Tyler, Ashley, Lauren, and I met them in the driveway. Yes, Lauren had spent the night, but not with me. Remember, best friends. Ok, OK, Austin had spent the night with me, but he'd already gone home.

I did all the introductions and there was a LOT of confusion on the three faces of the locals.

"OK, I have to ask," said Ashley. "You didn't buy the Porsche and Mercedes anywhere near here, and I doubt they are rentals. You told us your family was in Florida last night. Now they're here, driving these cars. The Porsche has Florida plates and the Mercedes has Ontario plates. How?"

"Well, they flew out in the BFP," I said, which didn't help.

"Sort of," said Leslie. "I flew out in the BFP. Chris picked up Chloe and Ben and flew them out in the Mustang. You've got enough hours to solo the Mustang home, so we brought it for you."

"And I get to solo the King Air home," said Amy.

"What!," I shouted. Amy just grinned so big.

"The girls have been teaching me. I wanted it to be a surprise and this seemed like a good time," said Amy. I gave her a huge hug.

"That didn't help. At all," said Tyler.

"Dad flew himself out here in our King Air twin turboprop. It was the last thing he needed for his multi-engine certification. He's now ready to fly solo in a small jet. The Mustang is our small jet, so Chris flew it out so he can fly it home. Mom is ready to solo in the King Air, so she will fly it home. I flew out here in the BFP, which stands for Big Fucking Plane," said Leslie. "We brought the Porsche and the Mercedes in the BFP."

"Still didn't help all that much," said Lauren. "I followed everything up to you and Chris flying and the BFP."

"Chris and I are both pilots of just about everything and are instructors too," said Leslie. "We're teaching Mom and Dad to fly. The BFP is our 747, which is big enough to carry around 10 cars, and has a ramp to drive them up. So, I flew out here with everyone else, and the two cars. Make sense?" "Well, if unfucking believable is making sense, sure," said Ashley, which got a laugh.

"Yeah, it's confusing," said Morgan.

"It got confusing when an 11 year old was driving the Porsche. The 747 just complicated it," said Tyler.

"I can fly them all too," said Ruby. "Even the helicopter and the BFP." Ruby is already certified in the BFP? WTF?

"That didn't help," said Ashley, with a laugh.

We explained that the girls were the king of exceptions. Suddenly it clicked.

"Wait, where's Chris?," I asked. Just then, over the edge of the mountain, rose a Airbus EC225 Super Puma helicopter, like ours in Austin. "OK, did you time that?" Everyone laughed, except, well the new people. The helicopter landed in a clear spot, and as the rotors spun down, the door opened and Chris climbed out. By herself.

"Let me guess," said Ashley. "That's yours too? Does it fit in the BFP?" We all laughed.

"No," said Chris. "I just bought it from the dealer at the airport. Gave me a screaming deal. Apparently there wasn't much call for one so tricked out. Only seats 16, but damn it is nice."

"You bought a helicopter after you landed here in something called a Mustang," said Tyler. Chris just grinned and nodded. "You're 11 and can BUY a helicopter and, of course, you can fly it."

"You people are weird," said Ashley. "This is going to take some getting used to." Yes, yes it will. With that, we went inside. Tyler had laid out a cold buffet, so we all to know each other and snacked.

"You adults have stuff to do, so us kids will get to know Tyler and Ashley," said Chris. Tyler and Ashley had grins like you wouldn't believe. All four of ours plus Gabe and Ruby? I hope they survived.

While the kids all had fun with our new team, Chloe and Ben showed us the first draft of their plans. They'd worked on the plane, and these were damn near ready to go.

"The cottages are very similar to the ones in Austin. The only real difference is that all the pools are indoors. They're small, in an enclosed tiles room, and are Endless pools," said Chloe. Oh, Endless pools are cool. "We went with a dozen, but pick a number. We decided to make four two bedroom and six three bedroom and two much larger four bedroom. They are all quite large, because, you know, you have 1600 fucking acres. All have a two car garage, except the four bedrooms which have a three car garage. We figured you'd position a nice SUV in each and the other would be available for their car or your car or whatever. All the garages are climate controlled. Oh, we're proposing a nice house for Oliver and Ashley too. Two story, four bedroom."

"The main house really is a ski lodge. We built it that way in case you ever wanted to commercialize it. We arbitrarily picked fourteen suites, each with a kitchen, dining area, sitting area. Basically fourteen apartments. Some connect, and have opening walls, which can give you a two bedroom, or three bedroom, for a family, but given the cottages, I doubt you'll do that much. That doesn't count the family wing, which is six more larger apartments, so 20 total. We figured you'd want a guest suite in the family wing. So, 32 bedrooms in cottages, 20 in the main house, and five in the existing house. We also assumed you'd want a basketball gym, but we doubled it and did an indoor tennis court too. There is an Olympic pool, again indoors, that could be used as a training facility. We stole that design from Ellen. She thought it sounded great and they want to train here when it is ski season. I told them I was sure that would be OK."

"The garages will just be the same design. I was thinking two to start, but we made these with a single very large apartment.

"Oh, and covered walkways, with heated concrete, connecting everything, including all the cottages. We didn't touch the ski areas. We'll leave that to Dustin. I emailed these to Dustin from the plane, and he gave me cost estimates and times. I pushed him on the times and suggested 24/7 crews during the summer. He agreed, and didn't really even uplift that much. He thinks that if they start immediately, he can have crews started in parallel, like we did Austin. Materials are tougher, but the Super Puma will really help. Nice call Chris."

"Depending on the order, you can use it all this winter. Dustin will be here shortly to discuss lifts and to get your approval to start."

"Hold on," said Tyler. "By my math, that's something like 61 bedrooms, across a lot of different cottages and things. Plus an Olympic quality swimming training facility. Plus an indoor gym, for basketball and tennis. Do I have that right?"

I looked at Chloe and she nodded.

"So you're turning this into a resort?," said Ashley.

"No," said Amy. "Just for us and our friends."

"61 bedrooms. For you and your friends," said Tyler. I just shrugged.

"Yeah, and once they're built, you'll need a much larger staff, particularly in the winter. Food, maid service, ski instructors," I said. "We'll talk, but I'd start hiring early. All have to be understanding. They don't have to play, but they have to be cool with it. We'll talk about how to make sure. You OK running all this?"

Tyler and Ashley looked at each other and both said "Sure."

Just then we heard a car drive up. I walked to the front door and recognized the Expedition that pulled up. Dustin. He and Kyle were a LOT of fun. He came absolutely bounding out of the truck and almost ran up the sidewalk. He gave me a big hug and came inside.

"Chloe, I must see Chloe," he shouted. We all started laughing. She walked out and he picked her up in a hug.

"My God young lady," he said. "You're designs are simply amazing. You can never, ever leave. We will build together forever." Yeah, she's mine. Back off. She is that good.

"Hey," said Ben. "Some of the designs are mine. All the cottages are mine." Dustin ran over and picked him up and swung him around in a big hug too.

"Oh, I like this man," said Ben, which got a nice laugh from us all.

"You have NO idea," I said. "You'll see. You'll like him even more."

"OK," he said. "I have my drawings too." It was then I realized he was carrying rolled up designs. We cleared the dining room table and he unrolled them and walked through them. Oh my. The ski slopes of heaven.

"Now," said Dustin. "You said cost is no limit. These are the designs of my dreams." Chloe and Ben started laughing, which got them a funny look from Dustin.

"Sorry," said Chloe. "We don't mean to laugh, but we ALWAYS get to build our dream designs. You just HAVE to see their New York apartment we designed with their help. Fucking amazing."

"I have seen it, at least parts of it," said Dustin. "We have YouTube."

"OK," I said. "Let's do it. All of it. How fast can it be ready?"

"Depends on how many crews I can round up and what order is preferable," said Dustin.

"The order that you think makes sense. We don't second guess the experts," I said.

"They made every single decision for the New York apartment in less than 40 minutes. Amy did. Bob isn't much different. They hire us to do amazing things and let us," said Chloe.

"Well, he overpaid for my Ford dealership just so he could fire the sales manager, so I'm not that surprised," said Dustin.

"You bought another car dealer?," asked Amy. I just shrugged. "Another one just so you could fire someone?" I shrugged again. Dustin couldn't stop laughing.

"He's done this before?," he said. Amy just grinned and nodded.

"He bought nine vehicles too," said Dustin. I shrugged again.

With that, we were done, and Amy took Dustin's hand and Chloe's hand and led them away. Well sure.

The rest of us found things to do.

After, you know, we all had a blast romping around the grounds on ATVs. Apparently a bunch of them came with the house.

But we don't know how to ski!

Bob again and we're back in Florida. What a great time.

I guess buying the place in Colorado was a bit rash, given I'd never been skiing. What if I don't like it at all? Still a cool summer place, and our friends will love it, but now I was curious. I started researching where you could ski in the summer. Our summer.

I did a lot of homework and found some pretty amazing places around the world in New Zealand but that was, well, around the world. Staying in the Western hemisphere shouted for South America. The biggest place was in Catedral in Argentina. If I'm going to learn, biggest was OK. I found a little boutique hotel that had small apartments. It would be tight, by our standards, but would be OK since we wouldn't be there long. Four tiny bedrooms so we would fit. We will be on the slopes, right? The actual lodge, which looked amazing, was completely sold out and stupid money couldn't fix it. That was rare. I did text Jason to see if the lodge was for sale. He said he'd work on it, but we shouldn't count on rooms tomorrow. OK. I guess I can live with that.

Amai arranged everything including lessons for us all. We are Florida people so it's not like we grew up skiing. Water skiing maybe. The family all fits in the G650 and we finally reached the the point where Amy and I can fly it. It also attracts less attention. We let the girls fly right seat since they were so much more experienced. Amy and I took turns. It is a pretty long flight, over 10 hours, but with such great views. We finally landed at the nearest airport. Amai had arranged customs so we were through quickly. The rental SUV was waiting for us. Nothing fancy, just a GMC Yukon, but nice enough. Amy offered to drive since I'd done more of the flying. It was only 20 minutes away. The kids weren't thrilled because their licenses weren't valid, exception or not. So it was Amy or me.

We checked in and dumped our stuff in the room. It was late in the day so we explored and found a nice restaurant and had a great, fun filled family dinner. We headed back and hung out in the lounge for awhile. There were a half dozen kids so they drifted off and Amy and I sat on a small couch in front of a fire. It was nice and relaxing. We caught up as we had all been running all over.

Another couple came up and pointed at the couch next to us and asked if we minded. We all introduced ourselves and it turned out they were Americans from New York. They were Gary, who was early thirties, tall, dark, and oh so handsome. She was Ruth, maybe a little younger, and tall and slim. We just given them our first names in hope of some anonymity. They shared that two of the kids in the group were theirs, their 9 year old son Ray and 10 year old daughter Rachel. We mentioned that four were ours and when we rattled off the ages you could see the typical confusion. We gave them the very abbreviated version of our being their adoptive parents. We were having a nice chat when Leslie and Chris came over and asked for some money for snacks.

"Just put it on the room," said Amy. "If they won't, use your Amex."

We both turned around to face our new friends again. Uh oh. Busted.

"They're your two youngest?," Gary said. We just nodded.

"We will keep your secret but our kids will immediately recognize them. That movies was life changing for them. For all of us. We had dinner conversations about it for weeks. Then they did the TV drama and it all started again," Ruth said. "Were all four of the kids in the movie yours?" Again, we nodded.

"So your older two were in the movie with Grace," Ruth said. "What a shocking ending. Amazing."

What do you say at this point?

"I know all our kids have crushes on your kids," Gary said. "Hell, I do too." With that his wife slapped him and laughed. But we could visibly tell he meant it, if you get my drift. Visibly.

"So do you think she will be President the year she turns 35 or just be the kingmaker?," she asked. We laughed at that. We chatted for a little longer but we could tell the husband was still, um, interested. Just then Orlando came over and said they were heading up to our rooms and taking their new friends, the kids of our new friends. He whispered in my ear we should give them some time. I'll pass the pen for a few minutes.

New friends are such fun

Orlando here. Ray and Rachel are super nice and we got a vibe. You know what kind of vibe. They were both touchy feely, in a pretty overt way. Rachel even managed to brush her hand across my cock and I saw Ray manage to grope Morgan a bit. They amped it up a bit to make their point. Finally we decided to invite them up to the room to see if anything would develop. They jumped at the invitation, and we were pretty sure.

As soon as we got in the room, Rachel came over and grabbed my cock through my pants. Well, I think we read that right. Ray walked over and Rachel moved her hand and Ray did the same thing. Oh good. With that Rachel turned and grabbed Ray's cock. Even better. Then she moved over and kissed Leslie. Oh, I mean KISSED Leslie, and started massaging Leslie's breasts. Leslie responded by pulling Rachel's shirt over her head, with left her topless. She might be 10, but hadn't started developing at all, so Leslie just started playing with her nipples.

Ray came over and pulled my shirt off. This was going to be interesting. I returned the favor, then unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. Commando. No surprise there. He was already hard and had a nice 4 inch uncut cock for a 9 year old. I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth, which elicited a moan from him. Just then I heard Leslie moan and looked over and Rachel had pushed her down on the couch and was going down on her. I could see two fingers deep inside. Chris was next to her on the couch and Morgan was between her legs. Morgan was in just the perfect position -- you know the position -- so I led Ray over. He got the idea and slid right in. Damn we missed this. Ray was sliding in and out of Morgan and I leaned over and whispered in his ear asking if I could fuck him in the ass. He just grinned and nodded.

I grabbed a bottle of lube and used one, then two, fingers to open him up. I lubed up my cock and slowly slid in. This pushed him farther into Morgan, which she clearly liked. I fucked him hard, but pulled out before I came. Why you ask?

Because Rachel was still between Leslie's legs. On her knees. Oh you're picturing it. Well now picture it with me balls deep in Rachel. This time I did cum. She insisted I cum inside her. Leslie cleaned her out. You know she did.

We tried every other variation of two boys and four girls that you could imagine.

Better check on the kids

Back to Bob.

"You know," said Ruth. "We should really check on the kids. I'm sure they would like us to join them. VERY sure." We walked up to our room and quietly slipped inside.

We saw Orlando in a train, fucking Ray, who was fucking Morgan. Nice win little guy. Rachel was going down on Leslie and Chris was naked on the couch, just playing with herself. Gary and Ruth stripped quickly and Amy and I caught right up. Ruth led Gary over to the couch, by his cock, and pushed him down in front of Chris. He got the idea and pulled her lips apart and started licking. He used two fingers and then sucked on her clit and she went right over. Chris liked to cum. She actually grabbed Gary's hair and pulled him up. He got the idea and slid right in. He was gently fucking her while playing with those glorious puffies of hers.

Ray took one look at Amy and broke up the train. He grabbed Amy's hand and actually pulled her towards a bedroom. You go, little man. Rachel came over and took my hand and we followed them into a bedroom. They told us to sit and watch for a minute. Rachel got up on her knees and Ray started fucking her. They put on a nice show. Ray stopped before he came and pulled out. He motioned me over into his spot, and for Amy to get on her knees next to Rachel.

We managed to fuck them, while they kissed. It was a beautiful thing. Ray and I both pulled out and gave Amy and Rachel quite a facial.

They made us clean them up. We were OK with that.

Oh to new friends.

The slopes! Well, the little ones

The next day we all hit the bunny slopes. We're all pretty athletic, so we caught on pretty quickly. We mostly stayed on the bunny slopes, but by the time we were done, we had graduated to the intermediate slopes. Damn it was fun. We had three more days of skiing and, um, not skiing. Yeah, you know.

As our vacation ended, we asked our new friends if they wanted to ride home with us instead of flying commercial.

"You have a plane that will hold us all?," he asked. We assured him we did. We didn't mention the BFP. "May I ask what plane? I get to ride with clients often."

"A G650," responded Amy.

"But aren't you headed back to Florida?," she asked.

"We have an apartment in New York. We thought we would head there for a bit. The kids want to meet up with some of their New York friends," I said. They asked where our apartment was and we told them the major cross streets.

"That is only a block from our apartment," Ruth said. "We are neighbors. Which building?" Amy shared the building.

"Oh I love that building. It is amazing. I have a friend that has one of the smaller places. She described a party she went to in the most amazing two floor penthouse. Ruth said she met so many famous people. She said something about moveable walls but I didn't quite follow. Have you gotten to see that apartment?"

Amy and I looked at each other and she clearly noticed.

"Oh. That's your apartment," Ruth said. "Isn't it?" We just nodded.

We all got together for one final evening.

Finally we couldn't take anymore and agreed to meet in the lobby at 9 to head to the airport.

Back to the Northern hemisphere

We got both our vehicles loaded and she and Amy traded seats so Amy could get their rental car onto the tarmac. We pulled up to the plane and the ground crew unloaded the luggage. I handed them my keys and told him to do the same.

"They will return it," I said.

"I could get used to this," he replied. Yeah, you could.

Before we got on the plane, I asked who was flying.

"I am, with Chris," said Orlando. "Go ahead and get on board. We will do the preflight."

The rest of got on board and found seats. The adults sat facing each other.

"What did you mean by who is flying?," he asked. "Aren't your pilots meeting you here?"

"Yes they are," said Amy. "And here they are." Just then Orlando and Chris climbed on board. Orlando headed forward while Chris closed and locked the door. Then she turned and headed forward too.

We looked back at our new friends and they had looks of horror. Amy laughed.

"Don't worry," said Amy. "They're both excellent pilots. Chris is an instructor on this plane too."

"I am too," added Leslie.

"Yes Leslie is too," I added. I handed my phone to him with the article from Aviation Week about Leslie winning Top Gun. He read it and handed it to her just as the engines spooled up. She read it as we taxied to the runway and handed my phone back just as we took off.

"Leslie won the Top Gun competition in an F22 at 11. How?," she asked.

"Oh that's her story," said Amy. "The story is amazing so ask her but allow an hour or so. It is worth it."

They both sat back.

"We are riding in a plane being flown by a 13 year old and an 11 year old. Your other 11 year old won Top Gun. All four are Oscar winners," Ruth said. "What is Morgan's superpower?"

"Racing," said Morgan from the back. "You tell them."

"Morgan just won the Montreal Formula 1 race. In May she won the Indy 500," said Amy.

With that we introduced them to our club. You know which club. The Mile High Club.

About halfway there, Orlando came out and I took his spot. Leslie took Chris' spot. It is a long flight and we couldn't leave them out, could we?

I'll pass the pen to Amy.

Amy gets the pen

Amy here.

We weren't done. Chris and Orlando needed some, um, help.

Once we landed, the crew came out and unloaded our luggage.

"I assume an Uber is the easiest way home?," Gary said. That actually got a laugh. That is when he realized the ground crew was loading all the luggage on the helicopter.

"Oh hell no," Gary said. "Where do you land? You land ON your apartment don't you?" More smiles from us.

"Who flies this thing?," she asked.

Leslie and Chris raised their hands. Our guests just looked at them but they got on board. The girls took us a bit of a scenic ride and then landed. As we landed, we noticed the balcony had at least 15 people on it and there appeared to be a band setup. Couldn't tell who but the people it could be were almost infinite.

We walked down the stairs and Camila and YT were in the kitchen opening a bottle of wine.There were five other bottles open on the counter. Our new guest's two kids actually squealed.

We all got a hug from Camila. The girls and Amy got a hug from YT and Orlando and I got a fist bump. We did the introductions and then told them to just introduce themselves to whoever was on the porch and to enjoy some wine.

"Who is on the porch?," she asked.

"I have no idea," said Amy. "Our friends use all our homes all the time. We don't pay that much attention. Too complicated."

He was looking at the wines that were open.

"These are amazing wines. The best in the world. This is easily $20k in wine and I see another $30k in empties. Your friends bring this quality wine?" YT and Camila laughed.

"No man. We raid the wine closet. They own every one of these wineries," said YT. "One of the reasons we all like them so much." That got a laugh from Camila. She waved them to follow her and took them into the wine closet. When they came back they had the classic stunned look.

"You own the wineries for all those wines?," he asked. "I counted 11 of the most famous wineries in the world and I think I missed that many more. There isn't a bottle in there worth less than $2k and most are more. There is at least $2M in wine. And your friends can just drink away. Who the hell are the people on the porch? On the bench in front of her were Barack and Michelle. Next to them were Scarlett and Chadwick.

The band happened to be Maroon 5 and chatting with them was The Script, Taylor, Charlie Puth, and Shawn Mendes.

Our new friends just turned and stared at us. We shrugged.

"This is very confusing," said Ruth. "Going beyond the obvious fact that Chris is chatting with the former President on your patio and you didn't know any of these people were here, your daughter ran and hugged President Obama and his wife and the Secret Service didn't even flinch. They're that close?"

"What did you call Chris?," asked Amy.

"The kingmaker," said Gary. "That's real? An 11 year old?"

"Never, ever underestimate the power of the children," said Amy. "They reach their potential at different points and that's OK. Ours got there a little early and we encouraged it. Maybe because we're still kids too. They'll ask to do things and you want to scream NO and protect them and you can't. Racing cars. Racing boats. Flying with the Blue Angels. All insane. All good choices."

Gary was clearly stuck on something.

"The Blue Angels? You mean they got a ride along. Surely that's what you meant," said Gary. I was ready for the question and handed him the phone with another Aviation Week article. It was longer and had a video of her teaching them the inverted loop. He clearly read it and watched the video and then handed it to Ruth.

"This is enlightening. We've been protecting the kids. Not in everything, as you well know, but still," said Gary. "Very enlightening." With that we walked them around and did introductions. Rachel and Ray were over talking to Taylor and Shawn. They weren't intimidated at all. Just then the band started up and we looked over. Rachel and Ray were sitting on the center two stools, between Taylor and Shawn. The band played the opening riff of Hall of Fame. One of my favorite songs. So damn uplifting. Rachel and Ray sang it, with backup from The Script, Shawn, and Taylor. Damn. It was awesome. Gary and Ruth looked shocked.

"You didn't know they could sing that well, did you?," asked Amy. They both shook their heads. We saw Camila walk over and talk to them. Taylor and Shawn got up and Camila sat down and YT walked over. They did a rousing rendition of the Havana remix that Orlando had done with her. That got them an ovation from the crowd.

"What's their favorite song?," I asked. They both laughed.

"Hell, we thought it was Let it Go," said Ruth. Just then, they sang that. Really well. I just looked at Bob. My telepathy must have worked in advance, because just then Orlando and Morgan walked out carrying the 8K cameras and tripods. Chadwick was following them carrying the mics and stands. They started setting things up and Bob went over to help.

"OK, decision time," I said. "They're going to make a music video with your kids. If you let them, your kids will be pretty damn famous by the end of the day. You've seen our kid's video supporting Hayden?"

"We have and thought it was the greatest thing in the world. Your kids are so talented. We've donated. The kids made us. They believe," said Ruth. "Are you serious though? Could you make it with the Hayden pledge card?"

I just nodded and went and told Bob. He turned towards Ruth and Gary and just beamed. Just then someone new came out from the kitchen. Of course, needed him to record Hall of Fame, didn't they? He came over and introduced himself to us, then went over and did the same to Bob. I have no idea who called him, but with this crowd it could be damn near anyone.

Finally Bob had it all setup. I could see the guys from Maroon 5 were going to play. The musicians all crowded behind Rachel and Ray, and even dragged our kids in. Then they pulled in Michelle and even Barack. Sure, why not. It was a pretty damn impressive group. Bob had set it up so you could see Maroon 5 behind them. They sang it twice and it was fucking amazing. They rearranged and Camila sat down with Ray next to her and Rachel in her lap. Everyone else scattered except YT, who stood behind them. Their rendition of the Havana remix was stunning. Just then someone else walked up to our group. Fucking Idina Menzel. Well sure. They must be doing Let it Go. We did the introductions and Gary and Ruth fawned a bit. I tried not to laugh. Idina went over and whispered something to Bob and he laughed out loud. I'll ask later.

They'd finished two run throughs of Havana and Rachel climbed off Camila's lap and saw Idina and her eyes got HUGE. Idina laughed and went over and hugged her and then Ray. She seemed so nice. Another new friend. Idina sat on one of the stools and put Ray and Rachel each on one of her legs. Bob pulled out the other stools and everyone else came and stood near us. Did the Maroon 5 guys really know Let It Go?

Yes, yes they did.

It was chilling how outstanding it was. So far we'd never had a studio balk. Let's hope we didn't this time. I could see Bob was taking the cards out of the cameras and he headed downstairs with Orlando following him. Bob had added a second editing setup and Orlando was pretty damn good at it too. While we waited we chatted with Will.I.Am -- or just Will, as he asked us to call him, and Idina. They shared who had called them and why and had come right over. They were both excited to have been invited to our place. That's fucking confusing. Excited to meet US. That's wrong. Just wrong.

It wasn't long and Orlando and Bob came back out and called everyone into the living room. They played them in order of recording them.

First was Hall of Fame and it was even better in the video. Bob had clearly mixed both versions together and pulled the best. His camera work was outstanding and New York is in the background. He highlighted the kids voices perfectly and they just rocked. The video ended with the Hayden card and Ray and Rachel cheered. They ran over to Ruth.

"Are they going to post our videos?," said Rachel.

"We'll be famous," added Ray. "Is that OK?"

Gary and Ruth just beamed and hugged them. It was a turning point for them. Once they settled down Bob played Havana. Damn. A smoky sexy song done by two young kids and it came across just right. The Hayden card came up and Bob had added a third line for's Cuba efforts. Camila turned and looked at him, with a tear streaming down her face. Damn Bob, you're a good guy.

Finally the Let It Go video came up. It too was stunning. Idina had done such an amazing job supporting their voices, but not overwhelming them. The card came up and Bob had added We knew them well and had donated from Hayden to them. Bob later told me it was Idina's request. Fuck yeah.

Just like last time, everyone got in line to upload all three videos after setting up accounts for Ray and Rachel. Yeah, maybe they did violate the terms of service by being too young, but fuck'em. My phone blew up, from the people I followed on Twitter, and all our friends were retweeting and reposting the videos. Yeah, Ray and Rachel were famous now. I pulled Gary and Ruth into the kitchen and warned them about how they had to be MUCH more careful now and not meet random people in hotel lounges. They immediately got it and thanked me. I did suggest they were always welcome to drop by when we were in town. They weren't in the 'use our house as much as you want' group yet, but I suspect they would be soon. Fun family.

It wasn't 15 minutes before I got a call from Tom Tighe, the President of Direct Relief. He was laughing and thanked me for using them on the video. He said online donations were already spiking. Cool. Very cool. I called Rachel and Ray over and put Tom on the speaker and he personally thanked them both for what they did for other kids. Once we hung up, I explained exactly who he was, but they already knew. Seriously, these little kids already knew. That even surprised Gary and Ruth. They were seeing their children through new eyes. This was one of those life altering days.

Just then Taylor came up and asked if she could speak with Gary and Ruth. She pulled them over to a corner and they chatted while having a glass of wine. Once they drifted apart, Ruth came back.

"She wants to introduce the kids to her record label. She offered to help get other people to be on their songs. She said she'd do it for sure and that everyone here had already agreed," said Ruth. "This has been transformative. Our kids are so much more mature than we ever realized. Thank you. You've changed our lives."

"No," I said. "We haven't. Rachel and Ray have. Let them grow. Let It Go." Yeah, she laughed at that and hugged me. Damn, too bad we couldn't go downstairs. Oh wait. We could. We have another apartment. Bob was busy, so I grabbed Orlando and we went down to the smaller apartment with Gary and Ruth. At first they balked at leaving Ray and Rachel alone, until Orlando started laughing. It took them a second, but they laughed too, and followed us. They didn't know where we were going, but followed us. We went into the little apartment. Well. OK, 4,000 square feet, so not little by New York standards, but we have high standards. Snooty, aren't I.

Remember the bed that faced the wall of windows? Oh I know you do.

You don't need the details. I'm Amy. Best they ever had.

"So who's apartment is this?," asked Ruth. Orlando snorted. He actually snorted.

"It's ours. We bought it during construction of the big apartment and just held on to it. Just a few months ago, Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg shared it for a month," I said.

"During the Broadway show," said Gary. "We took the kids. Blew a chunk on that, but it was not only a good cause, but worth every penny. The kids were amazing and their tailored the script for the stage so well." Orlando snorted. Again. He got a look from both of them and was forced to tell the story. Stunned look number 1,243. For the day.

The day finally wrapped up very late. Parties have a way of doing that. Given we'd flown 10 hours to start the day, we were exhausted. No more play, just sleep. Morgan came in and said her bed was too full and climbed in with us. There were six bedrooms. Her bed was too full. That was cool. We love our kids.

Of course he bought it

Bob again

The next morning Jason texted me that he could buy the lodge, for a slightly stupid amount, and did I want it. Sure. I texted Chloe and told her to build us a wing on the lodge. We wanted all the benefit of the lodge, but our own space. She promised she would get it done. We did love skiing. I told the family and they were excited. We decided to go back in a couple weeks and ski some more.

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Gabriel (Gabe)




The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
The youngest
Adopted daughter
Juanita's brother
Juanita's sister
Crested Butte caretaker and Ashley's brother
Crested Butte caretaker and Tyler's sister
Ford sales person in Crested Butte
Ford finance manager and Lauren's Mom
Beth's husband
Lauren's brother
Former Ford dealer owner, contractor
Dustin's husband
Ski friend from New York
Ski friend from New York
Gary and Ruth's daughter
Gary and Ruth's son


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
4'11" - 80, slim, glorious puffy nipples
5'0" - 90, cute, 4 inch cock
4'11" - 85, sexy, flat
6'3" - Olive skin, athletic, 7 inch uncut cock
5'6" - Blonde, athletic, cute
5'7" - Blonde, B cup, sexy and studious
5'7" - Blonde, C cup, sexy MILF
6'2" - Dark hair, OK shape, 6 inch cut cock
5'9" - skinny, sexy, 6 inch cut cock
6'2" - Great shape, graying temples, 7 inch uncut cock
6'1" - Dark hair, muscular, 6 inch thin cut cock
6'2" - Classic tall, dark, and handsome
5'9" - slim, sexy, A cup
4'11" - cute, nipple bumps, dark hair
5'0" - dark hair, slim, nice 4 inch uncut cock

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