The happy couple

7 November 2018

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Tim Buchanan

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Just the two of us

Morgan here.

Our first night in our new home for just the two of us. I suppose I should be surprised that Mom and Dad bought us a mansion, but I'm not. I suppose I should be surprised they let me move to England with my girlfriend at 16 but, again, I'm not. They're very special and I know I have said it before but they are my role models and my heroes.

Tomorrow was a big day for us both. I don't know why but I hadn't told the family that I started school tomorrow too. Sophia was in the advanced program and a junior, which is pretty amazing at 18. I was a freshman, at 16. Now they didn't call them freshmen and juniors but you get the idea. We were both in the international business program which was a win for me, as she could help me.

It wasn't a sudden decision. Sophia and I had applied together months ago. I know the family thinks we were naive about our love but we weren't. We have known since the first week after we met. We will be together for the rest of our lives. Count on it. We understand Mom and Dad and don't feel a need for monogamy which is good because we both like dick. Yeah, I went there.

I don't exactly know why Oxford accepted me being a 16 year old American but maybe it was because I was a 16 year old American that not only blew away my standardized tests but also had some notoriety. Fame is never bad for a university. They even agreed I could miss some classes to race just like any other athlete. I don't play lacrosse or field hockey but I am a world class race driver. The fact that the F1 race was just up the road and we had invited the university president to our box was just a bonus. Oh I won. You know I did. He was nice enough to keep my secret during the race. He knew the university was going to win too.

We weren't making a big deal about my age in hope that it was just a nonissue.

I won't bore you with the details of my first day but it was awesome. I did have a hilarious third class. My professor was railing on and on about how rich people were evil and that the were destroying the world. He kept using the fact that they drove 'wasteful Ferraris' as proof. About half the class knew I'd driven to school in my 488C. Yeah well I did with my stunning girlfriend in the passenger seat. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. Oh I wasn't going to be disrespectful but his poor attitude was annoying. He damn well knew there were students of wealth in his class but he sure hadn't experienced me yet.

When he brought up Ferraris again, some of the class actually laughed and looked at me. He referred to his seating chart.

"Is there something you would like to add to the discussion Miss Morgan?," he said. "Your classmates seem to think there might be."

"If you don't mind, professor, may I ask if you are married?," I said.

"I am not sure it is relevant but yes I am," he said.

"And you are telling me that if you came home in a Ferrari tonight and suggested going out to dinner in it, your wife would not find that exciting and would be just as happy driving whatever car you own?," I said.

"I assure you, she would much prefer driving our Prius which is a more socially conscious choice," he said, with considerable disdain.

"Ok. Are you up for a wager?," I asked.

"What do you propose?," he said. I pulled my keys from my purse and held them up.

"Take my keys. Drive my car home. Take your wife to the nicest restaurant around, one where you would never go. My treat. Tell me the place and I'll ensure you have a reservation," I said. "In class tomorrow, if you admit your wife had a great time in my Ferrari, then I get a guaranteed A for the semester. Oh, I'll do the work and earn it anyway but that's your promise."

"And if she prefers the Prius?," he asked.

"Then you can keep the Ferrari. Sell it, drive it, donate it to charity, whatever you want," I said to wide spread gasps from the class.

"Well I suppose if you actually drove a Ferrari that would be a wonderful wager for me now wouldn't it?, he said. At that point at least half the class couldn't hold it and burst out laughing.

"Professor," said one of my classmate. "Are your familiar with The Manor farm?"

"Of course," he said. "It is both beautiful and historic. I understand it recently sold. I hope the new owner will treat it well", turning back to the board.

"Oh I will," I said. He swung back to me.

"So your parents are wealthy enough to own The Manor?," he said, almost spitting it out.

"Why yes, they are," I said. "But they don't own it. I do." That got me a look. "But none of that matters. Do you accept the wager? You can't miss it. I'm confident it is the only white Ferrari in the student lot."

He shook his head and said "I accept", and rattled off the name of a restaurant. That got a gasp too.

"You'll never get a table," said another student. I held up a finger and walked into the hall and called the restaurant. Three minutes later, I had the reservations and I prepaid the bill, with no limit. I told them to bring our finest wine. Stupid money wins again. I walked back into class.

"Your reservations are at 19:30," I said. "The bill has been prepaid. No limit. It is a table for four. Being another couple if you'd like. Up to you. I've taken the liberty of preordering a wine." I rattled off the name of the wine to more gasps.

"That's a £4000 pound wine!," said someone. I just smiled. I suppose I would have a reputation but the professor annoyed me.

"However, I have a question. What is to prevent me from driving your car all night long and just lying? That simple lie would end up with me owning a Ferrari," he said.

"Nothing other than your own moral character. Given your clear beliefs in doing the right thing for everyone and that no one should benefit more than anyone else, that would be a surprising outcome, now wouldn't it?," I said.

"I suppose it would but the risk to me for this wager is essentially zero," he said.

"Yep," I said, handing him the keys. The entire class was enthralled.

After class, several students came up to me. After introductions they started asking me about the bet. At least a couple were just nosy and wanted to know how I owned a Ferrari. Little did they know. Finally someone just got the nerve up to ask. He had introduced himself as Malcolm. He was hot, very hot, so I was more inclined to answer.

"I'm just going to ask what everyone is dancing around. How does someone your age afford a Ferrari and a house like that? Clearly your family must be rich but there is rich and there is rich," he said.

"Well my last name is different than my Dad's," I said, sharing his name. That got me a lot of looks. You know, those looks.

"Oh!," he said. Yeah, oh. "Wait, don't you have a young sister that races? Just won the F1 race here. Won the Indy 500. Won them at 16." Damn. This was going to out me. Oh well.

"No," I said.

"But I am sure I have the right family," he said. Then the lightbulb clearly went on.

"Oh," he said. He loves that word. "It was you. You own a mansion and drive a Ferrari and are a world-class race car driver and go to Oxford and you're 16."

I just smiled. Just then, Sophia walked up. I introduced her as my girlfriend. Malcolm's face fell. Again, I couldn't resist. I leaned over and quietly whispered in his ear.

"Don't worry," I whispered. "We both like cock too. Usually together." Yeah that got another emphatic Oh. I gave Sophia a quick kiss, as she had to get to her next class. I had a free hour. We'd Uber home, but since I had a free hour... The weather has been nice and I really had been wanting a convertible. I'd done the research and narrowed it down to four. A Mercedes AMG S63, for when we had friends, an Audi R8, a Lamborghini Huracán, and a McLaren 570S. All very nice, all very fast, all admittedly expensive. The Audi and Lamborghini were really the same car with different bodywork. I thought about an Aventador, but we already owned one, so I wanted something new. I'd done the research on the web, and knew each had a nearby dealer and exactly the car I wanted. I needed a ride home, so I got on the phone. My goal was to buy one over the phone and have it delivered to the school so we, you know, could drive home. I called each dealer and told them I would buy it over the phone, if, and only if, they could deliver it by 16:30. Surprisingly, all four could and would. Well, that didn't help. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, they're all $300K+ cars. I did the only thing I could. I bought them all. I arranged for them to deliver the Audi, Mercedes, and the McLaren to the house around 1800, and the Huracán to school at 1630, in front of the administrative building. Everything was done, so they'd just drive up, hand me the keys, and we could drive home. The Huracán was navy blue, which was going to be awesome. The 570S was a bright orange, which also looked awesome. The R8 was a dark green, a little darker than the classic British racing green. I'd look good in them all. I'd ruled out the Aston Martin DB11 Volante, as it used the Mercedes AMG V8. A fine engine, but not in a car priced at that level. I'd just buy the Mercedes AMG GT C. I might anyway. I had a Project One coming soon but it just wasn't a convertible. Oh, and I did have the S63 arriving tonight, in matte white and it had the same engine.

The problems of being rich.

The rest of the day was uneventful, but word had clearly spread. A lot of people stopped and either commented on my being a race car driver or on giving the professor my Ferrari. All seemed interested, but none treated me like anything but a fellow student. Clearly it is an upper class school, so rich isn't unusual. I guess the good news is we were making some friends. I think Malcolm was stalking me a bit, but I didn't mind. He was with his unbearably cute friend Paul. They're opposites in so many ways. Malcolm is tall, blonde, and regal. Typical upper crust British. Paul is a little shorter, maybe 5'10", dark hair, and from a rougher part of London and it showed. He was flirting too, but he had seen Sophia and I think his sights were higher. You go Paul. Good luck with that. Although we were both horny, now that the family was gone. I ran into them both just as my free period was ending and decided to be spontaneous.

"You boys interested in having dinner with Sophia and me tonight? I thought we might get a table at the place where the professor is going and see how that all works out. Both boys went from big smiles, to scrunched up frowns, in a heartbeat. Oh, got it. "My treat, of course." Yep, smiles were back. Hell, I didn't care. I had the money and they were cute.

"Sounds good, but we don't have cars and I don't think you do either. Should we just Uber?," said Paul. I assured him we'd have it under control and to meet us at the commons at 1630. We could go hang out at our place before dinner. I'm pretty sure they hoped that 'hang out' meant 'fuck like monkeys' and, well, it might. Depends on how we hit it off and if we were sure they'd be discreet. Of course, if they'd fuck each other, that would be a draw too. We liked that.

They headed off to class, and I had just long enough to do two things. The first was to get a us a table, with a request that we be in a dark corner, away from the OTHER table for which I had a reservation. Money talks, so they agreed. The second was to call the McLaren dealer and have it delivered at 1630 too. That way Sophia and I could both drive. I suppose it would have been easier to just go get one of our SUVs, but hey, why not. For that matter, I could have just switched to the S63, but today was my statement day, right?

At 1630, we all converged. They both clearly appreciated Sophia too. You'd have to be dead to not appreciate Sophia. I gave her a big kiss, but Malcolm had clearly clued in Paul, as they both smiled. I'd have to talk to him about discretion. That wasn't cool. I pulled him to the side.

"Did you tell Paul about what I told you?," I asked. He grinned sheepishly.

"That's not cool," I said. "Not cool at all. That was your one and only chance. If you pull a stunt like that again, don't ever plan on getting in my pants. There is nothing I value more than discretion. If I think you're going to fuck and tell, you'll never fuck, and let me tell you, I would be the best you will ever have, from now and forever." I delivered that in a pretty stern whisper, so no one else could hear.

"I am sorry. You're absolutely right. We Brits are known for our discretion, and I clearly blew it. It will not, ever, happen again. I will ensure Paul understands that as well. You have my word," he said. OK, one chance. Still not sure we were going to fuck them tonight though. Their loss. Ours too, I suppose, but after they went home, I still had Sophia and they didn't.

Just then, both cars pulled up. The two drivers got out, and both asked if one of us was Morgan. They looked at each other, when they realized they were both looking for me. I smiled, and took the keys from them, and handed the keys to the McLaren to Sophia. I kept the keys to the Huracán. I was right, it looked amazing in blue, but the orange McLaren was hot too.

"Hop in boys," I said. "Paul, you can ride with Sophia." We all got in, and headed towards the house. The fact that Sophia took the keys without asking a single question didn't surprise me at all. I was sort of Amy and she was sort of Bob in our relationship. You get what I mean, don't you? As soon as we pulled away, Malcolm was full of questions.

"Let me get this right," he said. "You loaned your Ferrari to the professor, so you rented a Lamborghini for the night? Did you then rent the McLaren after you decided to ask us both out? Most people would have just Ubered."

"No, I didn't rent anything," I said.

"What! Are you telling me you BOUGHT both of these today and had them delivered?," he said. I smiled and left it at that. He was going to be a bit surprised when the R8 and S63 showed up. Of course the Nissan GTR, 911 GT2 RS, and the ZR1 would be a bit of a shock too, as they were in the garage.

About then, we got to the that garage. I put up the door and we pulled in. There was plenty of parking, as the garage was huge. Dad had challenged me to fill it up, so I know it was OK that I bought a few cars. The Audi dealer and the Mercedes dealers must have been early, as the R8 and S63 were already parked in the garage. Alfie or Poppy must have taken delivery. The keys were in the key drawer. We all got out and I thought the boys were going to drool.

"These are all yours? And you bought a McLaren and Lamborghini today? Why?," asked Paul. Sophia must have clued him in.

"Bought the Audi and S63 too. It's a nice night. I wanted a convertible and couldn't pick," I said. About then, they noticed the three racing 488Cs at the end.

"Yeah, the family races in the Ferrari Challenge," I said.

"Sure. Of course they do. I'm surprised they let you do it," said Paul. I laughed.

"Oh, I've been banned. I did one and they banned me forever. Can't say I blame them," I said. We came out the door on the other side to head to our house, and the helicopter was sitting there. Well, what can I say? Did I mention I certified in it too?

"You seriously have a helicopter parked at your house. That's awesome. Who flies it?," said Malcolm.

"I do. Be nice to us. We also have a house in London, Paris, and Venice. We can get to London and Paris in the helicopter. Venice requires the jet."

"The jet. You have a jet. Here in Oxford? You have a jet," said Paul.

"How else would we be able to get back to Venice and to her parent's house in Florida," said Sophia.

"Well, most people use airlines, but I'm sensing that you're not most people, now are you?," said Malcolm. "Should I assume you fly that too?" I just smiled, which I was doing a lot. I really did like these two guys.

We went inside, and much to the boy's disappointment, we really did just hang out. We didn't need to talk about it. They hadn't won our trust yet. We liked them, but still. We have a pretty awesome gameroom, so we played pool, pingpong, and some foosball, and then it was time to go to dinner. It did seem silly to take two cars, even on a nice night, so we switched to the S63. You knew that, though, didn't you. It is pretty damn luxurious and damn near as fast as the supercars. I would have gone with the S65, but not only is the S63 cheaper, it is much quicker. It was also AWD, which made it more capable in the winter. Who knew? I knew.

We got to the restaurant about 1915, as we wanted to be there early. We got to our seats, and ordered, just as the professor and his wife walked in. She was very pretty and all smiles and laughing. I sent Paul to the bathroom, as he wasn't in the professor's class, and he slowly walked by their table. When he finally came back, he was laughing.

"I walked by slowly. By the time I got there, they were having a bit of a fight," said Paul. "All about why was he a professor, and didn't make enough money, and she liked eating at restaurants like this and she wanted, as she put it, a damn Ferrari. I couldn't listen to much more, but by the time I walked back, they were both sipping wine. This is weird, but it looked like they were swooning. Over the wine. Swooning."

Yeah, I get that. Pretty sure they WERE swooning. Tomorrow was going to be interesting.

"Oh they were swooning," said Sophia. Her sexy Italian accent still makes ME swoon. Damn I'm lucky. Now I know how Amy feels about Bob. I always knew that Dad was head over heels in love with Mom, but now I see Mom's side. Remember, I'm Amy, she's Bob. Got it?

"Does that wine REALLY cost £4000 a bottle?," asked Malcolm. Paul actually gasped.

"You bought your professor and his wife a £4000 bottle of wine?," said Paul. "Jesus."

"Nope, just Morgan," I said, to the expected laughter. Just then a VERY attractive waitress came up to take our drink order. I think all four mouths at the table dropped open. She was just in a simple blue skirt and white top, but she had a presence that was fucking amazing and, well, would be amazing fucking. I'd do her. We'd ALL do her. OK, focus Morgan. Focus. She introduced herself as Cammy. I asked her what it was short for, and she said Camilla. Hell I'd asked her to recite the alphabet if she'd stay at our table longer. She asked if we wanted to start with a wine. Sophia jumped in and ordered a white from our Italian vineyard and a red from the Oregon vineyard. Oh, great choices. I knew them both. Yes, I was a 16 year old wine snob. Cammy looked conflicted about our choice. I'll bet.

"Cammy, perhaps you'd like to open a tab for the wine," I said, handing her my Black Amex. That got a nice look from her.

Apparently Paul was a wine snob too, or at least a wannabee.

"Wait. I love wine and have a Top 10 dream wine list that I will never, ever, be able to afford. Both of those wines are on my list. That's £7500 in wine," said Paul. Sophia laughed.

"Boys, just roll with it. You really need to get used to it and enjoy," she said. Roll with it was our family mantra. Sophia asked him about the other eight and he rattled them off.

Yeah, all from our wineries. You guessed that, didn't you. Thailand, Napa, Oregon, Italy. All covered. Sophia actually laughed.

"You find something funny about my list?," said Paul, a bit miffed.

"Oh no, not at all," said Sophia. "They are fine choices. Eight of your ten are on my Top 10 too. They are all truly outstanding."

"Wait, what do you mean? Do you mean you've actually HAD all eight of those wines?," asked Paul. Oh boy. Well, he got one of Sophia's smiles. You know. The melt your heart smiles, so I am pretty sure she could have cut out his heart and he would have died happy. I got a lot of those smiles, and they were my source of energy. My turn to jump in.

"Sure," I said. "We both have. We have all eight of them back at the house. Hell, we have a case of all eight of those and more back at the house. My parents own those wineries." That got the 'super eyebrow' look, even from Malcolm.

"I don't know wine as well as Paul does, but I do know that his list has wines from California, Oregon, Italy, and freaking Thailand on it," said Malcolm. "Your family owns them all? I guess you are rich. Those must throw off a ton of cash."

"Yes, I'm sure they do, but that's not the source of our money," I said. Sophia jumped in with our standard spiel. Suddenly Paul got a shocked look on his face. I wonder what just ran through his head.

"Fuck," he said. Well, that sounds fun. "I just realized who your family is. Malcolm, we saw the movie together. Morgan won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar." Now that was interesting. That was not a movie I would expect two high school boys to go to together. I had to get to the bottom of this. By then, Malcolm had caught up, but I jumped in.

"You knew each other before college? Did you double-date to the movie?," I asked. They both looked like the proverbial deer. Finally Malcolm responded.

"No, just the two of us. It was an amazing movie. Your performance was transcendent. All of you were," he said, softly. OK, I'm going to file that away, but push them when we do fuck. Maybe it would be tonight. That got me horny. Oh fuck, I'm always horny.

The rest of the night was just fun, with a lot of laughter. Finally we got the car and got in. I did notice that Cammy had written her telephone number on the receipt. Hell, I was calling her tomorrow. I knew Sophia would be in.

"So boys, do you want us to drop you off or would you rather come back to our house and fuck?," said Sophia. Well then, let's get right to the point. I have Paul credit for his response.

"Well, you do have a nice house," he said, with a laugh.

"OK," said Sophia. "But there are ground rules and you have to follow them. If you do, you can both fuck us both. Tonight. Want to hear the rules?" They both stammered that they did.

"The first is discretion. If we find out you told anyone, you're done. Never, ever, again," said Sophia. "And you'll see how big a loss that would be. Malcolm already screwed up once. Can we trust you? We love sex, so this could be a regular thing." They both assured us they could be discreet and Malcolm apologized again, but Sophia shut him down.

"OK, next rule," said Sophia. "We're girl friends, right? We like girl on girl action. Are you OK with that?" Again, they both said yes, with some passion. Yeah, what guy wouldn't.

"OK, last rule. What's fair is fair. You like to see us go at it, and we like it too," said Sophia. "Before you get to fuck us, we get to see you blow each other and fuck each other. Still in?"

There was silence in the car. For awhile. Sophia waited it out.

"This is silly," said Malcolm, finally. "We all know you figured out that we're more than just guy friends. Yeah, we like to suck. Yeah, we like to fuck. If that turns you on, this could be one hell of a night."

Yes, yes it could.

"I have one more rule," I said. I think that disappointed them. "It's simple. We like you and we like your company and I'm confident the sex is going to be amazing. But you need to know we're not looking for boyfriends. Friends with benefits? Sure. Friends to drink wine with? Sure? But dating, nope. We're dating each other, and that's it. You've got to be cool with that, because we like sex and you're not the only people we'll fuck." They assured us they were cool with that, but clearly were at least a little disappointed. I took that as a compliment.

We got to the house and went inside. Sophia set the tone by stripping as she walked down the hall. Good idea, Sophia. By the time we got to the master, we were all naked and let me tell you, Malcolm and Paul exceeded my expectations. They both had amazing bodies but the real win was their endowment. Malcolm was a solid seven inches of thick, uncut cock. Nice, very nice, but Paul. Holy fuck. Paul's cock was a little thinner, probably average, but was at least 11 inches long. 11! I know he was sweet on Sophia, but I was taking that in my ass. Tonight.

As promised, we started out with a show. Sophia laid back on the bed, and I climbed on board. I pulled apart those glorious pussy lips and started licking. She did the same to me and fuck I was horny. I'll be we both went off in less than a minute. I looked up, with juices all over my face, and the boys were casually stroking each other's cocks. Nice. I mentioned them up onto the bed, and we moved. They got into the same position, with Paul on top. Oh, Sophia decided to escalate things, as she was standing there with a double-ended dildo already inserted. She waved her hand and I grabbed the lube. Yeah, to get Paul ready, which I did. He moaned and took three fingers well. I moved and Sophia slid the dildo in. That got a full groan from Paul. They both stopped sucking and Paul just enjoyed getting pounded, and pounded he was. Sophia kept going until she got off and then pulled out. Clearly she couldn't wait for the main event. We pushed the boys off the bed, and both knelt on all fours. They got the idea. They were nice enough to ask about condoms, and we told them no. Malcolm slid that thick cock into me and I came in a heartbeat. I watched Paul do the same and she rode the same wave I was.

I won't go into all the details, but let's just say the boys understood cleaning a girl up. We were in bed for almost three hours. THREE HOURS. I liked these guys. We finally fell asleep, right in the giant wet spot. Worth it. Oh, and yes, I had that nice cock in my ass. And my mouth. And my...

Elitist professor much?

We woke up the next morning, all with bed hair. I told the boys were to find toothbrushes and we all showered. Surprisingly, we all just showered. After all, this was a class day, so we had to get moving. There were plenty of bathrooms. As I got out, I smelled bacon. Oh good. We all walked out at about the same time and Poppy was in the kitchen. She had a huge raft of bacon ready and was just finishing up scrambling eggs.

"I thought you could use a big breakfast," she said, with a grin. I gave the boys credit that they just rolled with it, but they did ask on the car ride back to school. Yeah, staff. Why not.

The day was uneventful, except my third period class. Sophia and Paul both walked into class with Malcolm and me, just in case we needed our witnesses. We didn't. As soon as the professor saw me, he waved me up to the front of the class. As I walked up, I realized he really wasn't very old. I'd bet late twenties at the latest. I also realized he was fucking hot. Well, interesting.

"Class, settle down," he said. "I see we have a couple guests in the back, but you won't need them Miss Morgan. I'm going to tell you the truth. It wasn't until late in our dinner, but I did see you over in the corner, and I realized that the gentleman in the back probably heard our argument. It doesn't matter, as I would have been honest," he said. "Painful as it is." That got a titter out of the class.

"You see my wife absolutely loved the Ferrari. She loved the entire evening, from the food, to the wine, to our late night, although I guess I don't have to go there," he said, with a laugh. You go professor, your wife is hot.

"The hardest part of this soliloquy is that I loved every minute too," he said. "Every bloody minute. The car was incredible. The wine was like drinking heaven. The food. Well, you get the idea. Now, that doesn't change my opinion that income disparity is a crisis, but it does make me yearn for more wine." Not to self, send wine. Now it was my turn.

"Professor, what you're missing is I completely agree with you. It's a crisis in the world and we need to do something about it," I said. "We have too damn much money and as fun as it is, our family is trying to give back. We still live an amazing life, and your night last night was my every night, but it doesn't mean I don't care. Your lecture is right, you just handle it wrong. You don't have to make everyone equal. We just have to bring up those that are on the bottom. Have you ever heard of the Hayden Foundation?"

"Of course," said the professor. "No organization in the world is making an impact greater than Hayden. I know it was started with an effing $5 Billion dollar donation by Chris Hayden's adoptive parents. Now that family is giving back. Chris Hayden is the kingmaker. Through her efforts, I have hope that the entire world will change."

"Chris Hayden is my sister. The donation was from my parents," I said, quietly. The entire room went silent.

"I had no idea. I do owe the entire class an apology. My intentions were good, but my anger was misdirected at an entire class of people. That's not fair. I still have that anger, but there are exceptions and clearly your family is an exception," he said. "Wait, wait. Shit, I know who you are now. I was at the race. You blew away the entire field. You're 16 years old, are a world class race driver, and won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Your sisters shared the Best Actress award, and your brother won Best Supporting Actor. I cannot believe I did not recognize you. We've seen that movie at least ten times."

Well, if I wasn't famous before...

The entire class erupted and we ended up not having a lecture. The professor had me sit with him and we had a conversation, with the entire class asking questions. It was pointed, and difficult, and talked about all the problems in the world. He quizzed me on how to solve each one, and I am Chris' sister, so I had pretty good answers. As the class wound down, I asked the professor if he'd like Chris to join the class the next time she was in town. I think he swooned again. Finally class was out.

Oh Cammy, oh

During my free period, I made a phone call. Are you keeping up? I called Cammy. I was hoping she was as beautiful out of those clothes. I was hoping she was interested in getting out of those clothes. Although even if neither of those things were true, I could always use another friend.

"Hi Cammy," I said. "This is Morgan. You wrote you number on my receipt last night?"

"Why yes I did," she said. "I hope that wasn't too forward. I found you and your girl friend to be nice and very attractive. I'd love to get to know the two of you better."

"Interesting. We were there with dates," I said. "What made you call her my girl friend?" She actually laughed.

"Oh, I have no doubt your evening ended with some pretty powerful fucking," she said. "I got that vibe too, but it was pretty obvious who the couple was at the table. Although, if I had to make a little bit more out there guess, I'd say the boys liked each other too." I didn't respond. Discretion, you know.

"Oh, I get it. Discretion," said Cammy. "I like that. Listen, let me be even more forward. I'm off tonight. Would the two of you like to get together? It can be as simple as hanging out, or we could get naked and I could show you my skills. Hell, bring the boys if you want, I like cock, but was hoping for a girls night first."

Girls night it is. I invited her to come out to the house and have dinner. She was clearly taken back when I told her where we lived, but she pushed through. I called Poppy and arranged for both a dinner buffet and for Alfie and Poppy to give us privacy. I had no doubt they would but played it safe. Although they were both pretty damn fun. They reminded me a lot of Blake and Alison, but I'm on a tangent. I met Sophia at the house, as we had driven separately and told her I'd invited Cammy over. She brightened right up. I knew she would.

Oh, and yes, we gave up on driving the Honda and the Kia. I drove the R8 and Sophia drove the ZR1. She said a Corvette in England got a lot of attention. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the smoking hot Italian girl driving it. Did I mention this entire conversation was in Japanese? Sophia was as good at languages as I was. She already spoke French, Spanish, and, of course, Italian, so we were adding German and Japanese next. It was fun to fuck with people when we were out in public.

Cammy arrived right on time, wearing a midrift baring tank top, and an incredibly short skirt. Clearly no bra, so I admit I wondered about panties. I decided to take the initiative and walked up and lifted her skirt. Nope. I rubbed her shaved slit and slid a finger right in, as I kissed her. Started off with a bang, so to speak. Dinner can wait. We didn't even make it out of the living room. Her skills were powerful, and her body was incredible. She was tall, probably 5'9', and thin, with small A cup breasts. It did cross my mind to call up Orlando and have her model. She was that attractive and had just the right body for it. After we'd all cum multiple times, we decided to have dinner.


It was quite a night, and we'd made a new friend, beyond just the sex.

"This has been amazing. I'm glad I wrote my number down. I'd never done that before," said Cammy. Really? Wow. "I mean I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend, but damn, they'd both love the two of you. I keep trying to get them into a threesome, but haven't gotten there yet. I think it is more because they're both dating me than lack of interest. Maybe I'll bring one of them over. Hell, my brother and sister would love you even more." As soon as she said that last sentence, she stopped and clearly almost freaked. She turned red and looked really worried.

"Calm down, Cammy," I said, trying to figure it out. "Literally nothing you could possibly say to us could ever cause you a problem. We are the perfect people to open up to. Trust me." She still looked worried. Sophia jumped in.

"Let me guess. Your brother and sister are underage. They're also as sexy as you are, and sexually active. I'm guessing with each other, and with you," said Sophia. "If that's true, and that's your worry, stop. Just stop. Hell, bring them over." That got the eyebrows from Cammy.

"Really? Bring them over? You don't even know how old they are," said Cammy.

"Nope. But still bring them over," said Sophia. "We'll swap stories someday, but if it makes you more comfortable, we'll both go first with them. Tell us about them."

She had calmed down and clearly had made a decision. She pulled out her phone and found a picture and showed them to us.

Damn. Her brother looked to be about 11, and tall and thin. Her sister looked to be maybe 12. About the same height, with small AAA cup breasts. Enough to be called breasts, but not much more. Wait, oh.

"Twins, right?," I asked. "Maybe 11 or 12? Damn, I'd do them both. Together." That got a laugh from Cammy.

"Right on. 11. Twins," said Cammy. "Want me to have them come over now?"

"Sure," I said. "How would they get here?"

"Our parents would bring them, no problem," she said. Then she realized what she just admitted to. Yep. Sophia and I just smiled.

"Oh good," said Sophia. "Invite your parents too. We'd LOVE to meet them." Oh, Cammy got the meaning. She clearly got the meaning. She sent a text and then smiled.

"10 minutes," she said. Almost exactly 10 minutes later, the doorbell rang, and Sophia got up to answer it. Did I mention she was still naked? Go for it babe. She opened the door and I heard an actual gasp. I might have heard four gasps. Sophia is gasp worthy.

Sophia led them in and they were all naked before we were even introduced. Oh, I liked them. Cammy's Mom was Phoebe and her sister was Sienna. Her Dad was Toby and her brother was Jenson. The twins were stunning. Hard to believe they were the same age as Leslie and Chris. They were beautiful, but kids. Leslie and Chris are tiny adults. You know what I mean. You could clearly tell these two were twins. Same lean body. Same blonde hair. From the back, it would be hard to tell them apart. Jenson had longish hair for a boy and Sienna had shortish hair for a girl. In other words, the same length. From the front, though, oh they were different. Jenson rocked a nice 5 inch uncut cock for such a young man but given Toby's nine inch cock, and thick at that, I wasn't surprised. Sienna was a vision. Just tiny breast bumps. You know what I mean. You see girls in tank tops without a bra with just that sexy little bump. Right on the cusp of womanhood. Whenever I see that, I get wet. Like right now. Phoebe was only slightly taller. I'd bet the kids were right at five feet. Phoebe was maybe 5'3". She had small A cup breasts and the same blonde bob. You could easily mistake her for the older sister. Fucking hot. I had no idea where Cammy's C cups came from. I think she read my mind.

"Yeah, I don't understand my breasts either," said Cammy, with a laugh. Maybe not, but I liked them all.

Oh, and Toby. 6'3" inch blonde hunk. He was going to fuck me. Hell, so was Jenson. I needed a good fuck. I hadn't been fucked since, well, last night by Malcolm and Paul, but still, you get my drift.

I'm sure they had questions, but we had some fucking to do first. I gave Jenson credit. He walked right to me.

"May I fuck you please?," said Jenson, in that incredibly sexy upper crust British accent.

"Yes, you may," I said, with a grin. "Would you like to go back to the bedroom?"

"No thank you. The rug in front of the fireplace is fine. Do you like doggy style?," he said. Rather than answering, I just walked over and got on my knees on the rug. I waved Sienna over her and had her slide under. Oh, she was fine with licking my clit and her brother's cock. Very fine, I might add. Sophia came over and assumed the same position, and Toby and Phoebe obliged. Cammy sat on the floor between us and used a hand on my clit and Sophia's. Cruel. Wonderful and cruel. Between Cammy's fingers, Sienna's tongue, and Jenson's cock, I didn't last long. Jenson pulled out and aimed at his older sister, covering her C cups with cum. Toby followed his lead. Cammy was laughing as all that cum started dripping down. Oh, I knew my job. I pushed her on her back and slid up her body, getting us both covered in cum. I kissed her and worked my way down, cleaning her on the way, until I got to the magic place. I brought her over so hard she had to push me away.

"But you're still messy," said Sienna. She pushed ME over and duplicated what I'd done. Of course, that left her sticky too. Yes, we worked our way through everyone, until we all went to bedrooms and showered. I showered with Toby, and found out how skillful he was with that nine incher. Very skillful, I must add.

We played until late in the night until we just didn't have any more in us. Luckily it was Friday night.

They made noises about heading home, and Sophia and I laughed and insisted there were plenty of beds. Sophia and I fell asleep with Sienna between us. It felt a bit like old times, with Chris, but not the same. I did miss my sisters and brother.

But I was Sophia's and she was mine.

That craving for Thai food

Sophia here. I don't get enough turns with the pen. My turn.

We all slept in and finally wandered out to the kitchen, well, naked. Poppy was there making everyone breakfast. Tony and Phoebe were standing there chatting with her, while Cammy, Jenson, and Alfie were sitting at the table eating. What was interesting was that everyone was nude, including Alfie and Poppy.

"I can't believe you're friends with Toby and Phoebe," screamed Poppy. "They're our best friends in the world." Well, that explained a lot.

"And fine friends they are," said Morgan. Yeah, that's for sure. Sienna got a plate, which seemed like a good idea, so Morgan and I joined her and finally Poppy came and sat down too. It was nice. We were expanding our circle of friends in a good way. I liked they were not really associated with school.

While we were eating breakfast, Morgan declared that she was in the mood for Thai food for lunch. I admit I laughed out loud which got me some strange looks.

"Do any of you have plans for the day?, I asked. All admitted that they didn't and it was just a lazy Saturday.

"Would you like to join us for Thai food? We would want to leave now," I said.

Yeah that got quizzical looks. We get that a lot.

"Well we need to go home and change," said Phoebe.

"No you don't. Let us show you our closet room. It is in the other house," said Morgan. With that she got up and headed for the door. Yeah, still naked. Toby shrugged and got up to follow her, swinging in the wind. Finally we all followed. Hell why not. We crossed the walkway and entered the big house and Morgan led us to the closet. She explained the purpose of the room.

"Oh we couldn't," said Phoebe. "This is a lot of money." Yes, I laughed again.

"I know we are new friends but we insist. If you are joining us for lunch, you'll see a bit of a surprising side of us," I said. I appreciated they just, as our family says, rolled with it. Yes I said our family.

Morgan and I got dressed too. So did Alfie and Poppy. Yes I've been turned on to the Bahamian underwear and it is glorious. Even Phoebe commented on it which meant Morgan had to explain it. She gave a short version which seemed to satisfy them. Once dressed, Morgan led the way out the back door and around the garage. Yeah, the helicopter was there. Both kids screamed and I laughed. Morgan walked over and unlocked the door and led the way on board. It is a pretty luxurious cabin and we all found seats.

Except Morgan. She climbed into the cockpit. Before she sat down, she turned.

"Sienna, do you want to ride up here? Jenson can ride up here on the way home," said Morgan. Sienna screamed again and went forward and Morgan got her all strapped in. The engines spooled up and we took off. This helicopter is quiet enough that we didn't need headsets. As soon as we got to our altitude, I turned to Jenson.

"Want to the mile high club?," I said. "We have about an hour." He hopped up a stripped and I did too.

"You're welcome to join us," I said to Toby, Phoebe, and Cammy. And of course Alfie and Poppy, who came along too. Oh they stripped in a heartbeat. Before you could blink, Cammy and Poppy were in a 69, which left Cammy open for Toby. Damn that looked fun. Alfie went around and put a pillow under Poppy's ass and slid right in. That put Alfie and Toby facing each other, so they started kissing. Phoebe just watched and played with herself. I gave Toby credit though. As soon as he came in Cammy, he was ready for Phoebe too. Everyone must join the club!

Jenson pulled me down onto the carpet floor. He was on his back and I climbed up and on. The vibrations of the helicopter were powerful and I didn't last long. None of us did. Jenson did clean me up. The others all cleaned up too. We got dressed just in time to look out the window and see Paris.

"We are in Paris!," exclaimed Pheobe. We actually flew by the Eiffel tower and landed on the apartment. We waited until the rotors stopped and got out and walked over to the stairs.

"Where are we? What is this?," asked Toby.

"My family's apartment," said Morgan. "It seems like you all need a quick shower." We went down and before the showers, gave them a tour. Yes our kind of tour. After all, Morgan and Sienna hadn't gotten to play. That wasn't fair.

We had only met them last night and we'd fucked in our house, our helicopter, and our Paris apartment. What could tomorrow bring?

Once we were dressed, we went down for Thai food. Anurat wasn't around, but Mai greeted us all warmly. She found us an open corner and asked if she wanted her to just order for us. We immediately agreed and, as a group, got to know each other. After all, we'd already gotten to know each other. Biblically.

What's better than a party?

Sophia and I decided to do what our family always does.

We decided to have a party. Now we don't know how to throw a party. That's what Jackson is for, although our party was going to be tame.

So we hired Jackson. He was happy to do it and instead of a fee, we traded him a week at the London apartment and a week in the Paris apartment. All we had to cover was his airfare. Talk about a win-win. I know he would like Daniel. Pretty sure he'd get to know our Paris neighbors too.

He would need time so we decided on a Saturday afternoon party in three weeks. The first thing we did was have nice invitations printed up. We had to be careful so not only were they very obviously numbered but had a second number that only showed up under UV light. We were doing valet parking not because we had a challenge with room but because we wanted to control keys. You traded your invite for a wrist band. No wrist band and you were escorted out. Do it again and you'd enjoy the local constabulary. Yeah we would do that. We have learned. People try to scam us all the time.

We were torn on inviting the family. Not that we didn't want them, but it was our first party. In the end, family won. You knew it would. Mom, Dad, the sibs, and Luca and Elena were all coming. They'd come in Friday and leave Monday.

So I rented the track for Sunday. Hell to the yeah. (Ok, does anybody say that anymore?)

We met so many people in that three weeks of school and invited so many that we had to do a second printing of invites. Word spread and it became the party to attend. Given there are over 20,000 students we had to be selective. You had to be in at least a class with us. We could break that rule of course. No one could extend an invite without asking. Given we were both in five classes and three of those were 200+ lecture halls, it ballooned pretty quickly. We ended up giving out over a thousand invites. I'm betting they all show up.

Then word got out to our broader friends network. I had no idea how but I suspect Orlando. They invited some age appropriate friends, including Grace. Orlando and Grace. Makes me giggle, in a good way. They'd fly the BFP into Heathrow and we would do a couple runs in the helicopter to pick them up.

Then I got a call from Camila. She asked if she could come with a few friends and if we could setup a stage.

Yes, yes we could. She said it would be a surprise but she would work with Amai and they could all fly over in the BFP. Sure.

I told Jackson we needed a fully setup stage and he just laughed.

"Of course you do," he said.

Then Scarlett called. You've heard it before but our lives are weird. She said they were filming in London that week and wondered if they could come to the party. I, of course, agreed. I didn't even ask who. I just asked for a rough count. She said twenty or so.

That will perk up a party.

Every party needs the family

Finally the fateful Friday rolled around. They timed it to land about 1630, so we would be done with classes. Leslie had texted me surprising news yesterday that the BFP could comfortably work at the Oxford airport. It was all about weight and since we always ran extremely light it wasn't a problem. Our plane also had incredibly advanced engines - the only 747 with them.

Cool. That opened things up. I did call the FBO and warn them. It took a it of convincing as they thought I was punking them. Yeah I get that.

Oh boy the plane was full. Amai is smart though and had arranged rooms for anyone that wasn't family at a nearby BNB.

So let's run through the attendees. No not the entire thousand, just the folks you'll know.

My direct family, so 5. Sophia's direct family, so 2. Then just Amai. She's certified in the BFP now, so that gave them three pilots. Mom and Dad can take some seat time too. It's not that far.

The kids added Gabe, Ruby, Hunter, Hallie, and Rylee. Oh. Goody.

Then the musicians got off the plane. Not as big a group as I expected but damn.

Camila, of course. Taylor and Selena, no surprise. Halsey. Nice.

Ok, I guess this is sounding an awful like a lot of parties we have described, isn't it? It wasn't like the party broke out into a thousand person orgy.

Although that would have been fun. Note to self, research world's largest orgy.

I'll bet you are more interested in learning about what happened after the party. After all, we missed our family so much. Yeah, I'll get there.

For now, I'll just say that we cemented our reputation as the coolest couple at Oxford. I think the combination of our music friends with most of the Avengers helped. We did get to meet Danny Boyle, who was directing the movie and was also going to direct the upcoming James Bond film. He clearly made a point to meet my sibs, but that's not surprising. He was enamored with Sophia too, but everyone is enamored with Sophia.

Finally just the family

Morgan here.

The next morning, everyone had left except the extended family. Yes, the extended family clearly incudes Grace now. Hell, they'd get married if they could. They would.

We were headed to the track, but we missed our family and friends. We decided to play the two names and a sex act game. It was quick and was really just to pair up interesting people. We didn't have much time, so we picked cards until everyone had been chosen and, um, went at it.

The first two out of the jar were Grace and Hunter. Both seemed pretty happy with that, particularly when the card they pulled said Bonus person. Yeah, that meant pull another name. They pulled Mom's name and celebrated a bit. The first card was 69, which meant Grace and Hunter would 69. The second card was fuck, when meant Mom was wearing a strap-on and fucking one of them. Yum.

Next out were Rylee and Elena, with fuck. Oh boy. A double-ended dildo for those two.

Next up were Ruby and Amai, and they got a third, and got me. The cards were in our favor, as I ended up in a 69 with Ruby while Amai fucked me. Oh yeah.

Sophia got Luca, which was nice. Homecoming. Or Homecumming. Their card said make love. Perfect. A slow gentle fuck.

Only four left. Mom got Gabe and Dad got Hallie. I'm pretty sure they were happy. I didn't even catch what they were supposed to do, because Amai was fucking me and my face was buried into Ruby's tiny, incredibly sensitive pussy.

I don't think anyone lasted long, and when I looked up, it was a scraggly, cum covered group. We all liked that.

Ruby was pissed

Still Morgan.

We caravanned over to the track. Amai, Mom, and I drove the 488c race cars. Dad drove the ZR1. Sophia drove the McLaren. Poppy drove the Lamborghini. Alfie drove the Audi R8. Orlando drove the GT2 RS. Leslie drove the GT-R. That left the Chiron for Chris. Had I not mentioned I'd bought a Bugatti Chiron?

Mom was upset that she didn't have a wagon. I expected one to show in the garage within a few days. The kids spread out. We had fire suits and helmets that fit everyone.

We got to the track and met the fire and ambulance crews. They were required. I knew all of them, given the amount of time I rented the track. We decided on an impromptu fifteen lap race, just as we were, with the drivers in the cars they brought, and the kids riding a long. The cars were surprisingly well matched and it was incredibly competitive. It probably wasn't fair, in that Orlando and I pulled away, but we were trained race drivers. The GT2 RS is a match for the 488c, so Orlando and I made quite a race of it. I didn't keep track of the finishing order, but I did see how much Mom had improved, although Leslie was right on her ass the entire time.

We'd arranged a caterer, so it was time for lunch. Of course we invited the crews to join us and it was great fun. I won't mention which ones I had fucked, but well, all of them. Yeah, what can I say. The back of an ambulance works when your adrenaline is high from racing.

After lunch we let the kids drive. Almost all of them were new to driving. What a way to start. Leslie and Chris didn't count, as they were licensed drivers. So was Luca now. Hunter, Hallie, Grace, and Gabe were our new drivers. Ruby was pissed. It's not that we wouldn't let her and Elena drive, but they were two short to reach the pedals. She insisted she was going to find a car with pedals they could reach and buy it. I had no doubt she would.

Three of our new drivers were tentative and careful, which was awesome. They eventually got up to doing comfortable laps at 50 or 60 mph, but not more.

Then there was Grace. When she blew by us after her first lap, she was fucking flying. It's a long front straight and I guarantee she had it pegged. She was driving the ZR1, as it is a great 'starter' car, but she admitted after she came in that she saw 170 on the front straight. We pulled the other three in and Orlando, Chris, and Leslie went out with Grace. Orlando was in the Porsche, Chris was in the McLaren, and Leslie has in the Lamborghini. They had one hell of a race. It is a testament to the ZR1 that it is competitive, given how much more the other cars cost. They ran a full 15 lap race and, as you would expect, Orlando won, but not by as much as you would think. Grace came in a close second. They all pulled in and climbed out.

"Damn, that is one hell of a rush," said Grace. "Not better than sex, but pretty damn close. I know I had at least one orgasm. Your family has introduced me to so much fun."

"I couldn't believe it," said Orlando. "She was following me pretty closely, so I drove a normal line. Every lap I kept cutting it in a little, getting to our line. By the 10th lap, I was driving my line. Morgan's line. Grace drafted me for the last five laps. On that line."

"Isn't that what you're supposed to do?," asked Grace. "I've watch you and Morgan do it."

Morgan and Orlando laughed, and Grace frowned.

"No, no, we're not laughing at you," said Morgan. "We're giddy. You absolutely should not be able to follow that line. Every other race driver in the world, not named Morgan or Orlando, would have spun off the course in at least four of the turns. Seriously. All of them. You didn't. You're a marvel. We're getting you some serious track time."

Grace just looked surprised. We decided to run another race, with the three of us in matching 488c Ferraris. Everyone else just watched. We ran a twenty lap race. For nineteen laps, we ran with all three cars in a line, no more than inches apart. No matter what I did, I couldn't shake Orlando and he couldn't shake me. On the final lap, in the fourth turn, Grace went for it. She dove inside and passed Orlando. Dad managed to snap an outstanding picture at the finish line. It showed Orlando right on my tail, and Grace to the left of us. Half her car was beside mine and half beside Orlando's. Our door handles were almost touching.

She beat Orlando.


I walked over to Mom with an idea. Before I could talk, she did.

"Already ordered. Already entered. Parents arrived Thursday," said Mom. Great minds and all. What she meant was she'd already bought Grace her own 488c. She was already entered in next week's Ferrari Challenges. Grace's parents arrived here on Thursday.

"Oh, and I rented the track for the entire week. She'll need practice. My wagon arrives tomorrow," said Mom. Yeah, I'll bet it does.

"Oh, and Ruby and Elena will fit in an Acura NSX. Two of them will be delivered tomorrow," said Mom. "Haven't told them yet."

You go Mom. Wow. Too cool. Next weekend I was racing in Barcelona and the Challenge was the day before. Mom, Orlando, Leslie, Chris, and Charlotte were already entered. Oh, and Leo. Surprisingly they haven't banned him yet, but he is in the top class, as are Mom and Orlando. Leslie and Chris are down one class. Grace would be in the lowest class. I had to laugh. That means we own six of the 488s now. Of course we do.

"Oh, and everyone is staying. They're all in advanced virtual school this semester," said Mom. Cool. Hunter, Hallie, and Rylee too. I wasn't surprised. They're all super bright.

I don't think anyone mentioned that Grace's family were now next-door neighbors to Mom and Dad now. Grace had a bedroom in their house, but I don't think she'd every spent the night in it. She had her own bedroom in Mom and Dad's house too, but I'm also pretty sure she'd never spent the night in it.

Finally we went back to the house. Mom told everyone we were staying and that Grace was racing. She also told Ruby and Elena that their cars arrived tomorrow.

Special guest star

Morgan here. Since everyone was staying, I wanted Chris to go to class with me. I'd promised, after all. Yes, I had finally admitted I was in school too. Everyone was so excited for me. I can't even explain why I didn't tell them upfront. I guess Sophia and I wanted a little privacy, but in hindsight privacy sucks. So thrilled they'd be here all week.

And my going to school surprised no one.

Chris' lecture was fascinating. She just sat on a school at the front of the class and answered questions as fast as the class could ask them. She was so poised. These were tough questions and a lot of them were basically arguing with her, but she never lost her composure. She just shut them down with facts. Facts are fun. I won't go through it all, but you can picture Chris, in cheer shorts and a tank top, lecturing a college class and just blowing them away. It was incredible and you know what? It didn't surprise me at all. I love her so much. We all do.

Grace gets the pen

Grace here. Yes Grace.

Driving is a RUSH. Orlando has already promised to help me get my Florida license.

And just for the record, no I have never spent the night at my parent's house.

I have slept in my room at Bob and Amy's. Many times.

Just never alone. Can you hear my maniacal laugh?

We spent Monday and Tuesday at the track in England. I must have put it 12 or more hours in the Ferrari. Yeah I got better. More smoother than faster. I just freaking loved it. On Wednesday we flew to Barcelona in the BFP with the Ferraris in the hold. Well, not mine, since it was coming straight from Italy. Mine was going to be orange. I like orange. Charlotte and Oliver had met us in Oxford so they were along. I really like them both. Like them. Got it?

Sophia and Morgan would fly down Friday night in their plane.

Bob had rented the Barcelona track on Thursday and also Friday morning but Wednesday afternoon was free.

When we arrived there was a brand new helicopter waiting to take us to Bob's newest purchase in Stiga which was about 20 miles from Barcelona. This buying houses thing is a bit of an addiction for Bob but I admit this one is beautiful. Twelve bedrooms and about 25,000 square feet on 10 acres on the water.

Or so he likes to tell me.

Deep water dock for the 475 too.

What's next? Is he going to buy an entire country? It would not surprise me. It wouldn't surprise anyone.

We spent the afternoon playing in the waverunners and the boats.

Boats you say? Bob had bought two 40 foot or so boats. You'll have to ask him. He also bought something he calls the 187. I assume that means it is 187 feet long.

Bob and his Zillow addiction

Bob here. I have to jump in and clear up the details. They're important you know.

The house is historic and was originally built in the 15th century. Yes you read that right. It was modernized just recently and is cool as hell.

Yes the 187 is what you expect and has the hybrid drive. No one has had the guts to open it up yet, including me, but I did briefly see 140 knots. A little over 160mph. It got a little bumpy so I slowed down.

The smaller boats are still nice. One is a Searay 400 Fly. Sleeps 5 to 7. Handy.

The other is the Searay SLX 400. Forty foot open bow. Great fun.

Both have the hybrid drive too so will surprise you. The SLX may be my new go to play boat.

Ok now that we have that cleared up I'll pass the pen back to Grace.

Let's go racing!

Grace again. Glad all you geeks got that information. I just know they're fun.

It turns out we will have more people in the challenge than I expected. Leo, Amy, Orlando, Leslie, Chris, Charlotte, Bob, and me. Eight Ferraris. Well sure. According to Amy, Bob has really taken it seriously. He and I are running our first races. Everyone else except Orlando is one class up. Orlando is in the top class. He tells me they will probably ban him after this race, now that he is running IndyCar.

This family is weird and I love it.

It was my first time meeting Leo. All I can say is that I need a nap.

When we got to the track on Thursday morning there were two other cars there too. Amy said they were Acura NSXs. They looked as mean as the Ferraris.

"What or better yet who, are they for?," I asked.

"Ruby and Elena. They have pedals that will adjust enough," said Amy.

Seriously? Race cars for the 7 and 8 year old. At that age I was playing with Hot Wheels. Amy waved the girls over. They were already in their fire suits so they could be track side. Amy handed them both a key fob and they looked confused.

"Press the unlock button," she said. When they did, the lights flashed on the two Acuras. You should have seen the looks on their faces. Leslie and Chris walked over, carrying helmets.

"Your helmets are on the driver's seats," said Leslie. "These are ours. We are going to ride along. We will take it easy until you're comfortable."

They headed out on the track just as an officious looking guy drove up in a golf cart and stopped next to Mom. He looked pissed. He didn't even introduce himself.

"I've been told you have underage drivers," he bellowed. Yes bellowed.

Just then the two Acuras absolutely blew by us. Elena was drafting Ruby and couldn't have been two inches from her bumper. On their second lap.

"Define underage. We have no drivers that are not specifically authorized in our rental agreement," said Amy.

Just them the scoreboard lit up with a time and speed and started flashing.

"Damn, those drivers just set a new production car record," he said, clearly distracted. Well sure they did. He gathered himself and came back on the attack.

"Our rental agreement is clear. All drivers must be licensed and no drivers under 18," he said.

"No it doesn't," said Amy. "The agreement signed by the track owner specifically gives us the authority to allow driver we designate to use the track during our rental period. We were very clear and I assure you the copy he signed and I signed stated that."

Just as she finished the Acuras blew into the pits and stopped right in front of us. The doors opened and Ruby got out of the front one and Elena got out of the back one. They took off their helmets and Amy jumped in.

"Nice job girls. You set the production car track record," said Amy. Chris and Leslie had gotten out too and they screamed and yelled a bit.

I think the track dude was about to blow a gasket.

"How old are they!," he screamed.

"I'm 8," answered Ruby.

"I'm only 7," said Elena.

I thought he was going to die of a heart attack. Then he kind of gathered himself and calmed down.

"Well I admit you are doing well," he said. "Fastest production car laps ever. You must have been driving for a long time."

Oh boy. This isn't going to help his heart.

"Oh no," said Elena, sounding like the little girl she was. "Amy just bought us these today. Those five laps were the first time either of us have ever driven a car. After all, we are little. She had to find a car where we could reach the pedals."

He actually sat back into the seat of his cart. I almost called the paramedics.

"Do you girls drive too?," he asked looking at Leslie, Chris, and me.

"Oh sure," said Chris. "We are all in the Ferrari challenge. Leslie and I are in Class 2 but Grace is in class 1."

"And how old are you?," he asked. Orlando walked up and listened.

"14," I said.

"12," said Leslie.

"I'm 12 too," said Chris.

"I'm only 13," said Orlando. "But I'm dropping out of the Challenge race."

"How come?," said Amy. "You've made it to Class 4."

"Class 4?," yelled the track guy.

"Yeah," said Orlando. "But they banned me."

The track guy actually beamed.

"Because Mercedes offered me a seat in their third car on Sunday," said Orlando. "I'm racing with Morgan."

Oh yeah. We all screamed. And danced.

"But the only race on Sunday is the F1 race," he said. "And who is Morgan?"

"Morgan is my 16 year old sister and we know the F1 race is the only race. She is the number one driver for Mercedes. I'm number three, at least for this race," said Orlando.

With that, he just drove away. Not another word. Who could blame him?

Bob walked up. He had been listening to all this but had been on the phone.

"I just worked it out with the track and the F1 organization and Acura. Acura is going to have two more cars and two factory drivers here this afternoon. They're going to race Elena and Ruby. If they do as well as I expect they will, F1 is going to add a 15 lap exhibition race right before the main event. A team competition. Acura's two drivers against Ruby and Elena. ESPN is going to broadcast it live," said Bob.

You know, as I have gotten to know this family, this does not surprise me.

Elena and Ruby's reaction was to climb back in their cars. Leslie and Chris didn't go with them. Those of us with Ferraris went out with them.

We had a freaking ball. The little ones were fast. I don't know what Leslie and Chris taught them about the line but they were brutal.

We all got called in at about 3. By accident, all the Ferraris were parked and we were out of our cars before Elena and Ruby came in. I think they took one more lap. I was standing next to the two Acura drivers.

"Damn. They are fast," said one of them.

"I know. I have hundreds of laps on this track and I've never had a lap that fast," he said. "I hate to admit it but I think they're going to kill us."

He turned to Amy and Bob, literally the only two adults in sight.

"Who the hell are they?," he asked. "I thought we knew ever fast NSX owner. There are some good ones but none that could compete with us."

"You'll see," said Amy. "We will let them introduce themselves. They're new in the cars. Just got them today."

"Today! They got them today!," he said. "Holy shit."

If he thought that was big news just wait. The girls came in hot but braked hard and stopped next to us. They must have taken their helmets off in the car as they were bare headed when they got out.

Damn they're little.

I'll turn this over to Ruby for a bit. It gets hilarious.

Oh Ruby makes me swoon

Ruby here. We got out of the cars and walked over to introduce ourselves. We both stuck out their hands and formally shook hands with both men.

"I'm Ruby," I said.

"I'm Elena," she said.

The two men were Shiro and Taizo. I gave them credit. They didn't ask ages. Yet.

"Girls, we understand this was your first day in these cars. That's pretty spectacular driving," said Shiro.

Everyone laughed.

"Well I guess it is our first day in these cars," I said. "It is also our first day in any car. We had never driven a car at all until this morning."

Damn I wish I had a camera to have caught their looks.

"Well, you are quite amazing," said Shiro. Yes, yes we are. In so many ways.

Shiro turned to Taizo.

"They are more than that," said Shiro. "They're sexy as hell. I'd fuck them both. I'll bet they're as good as your daughter."

"Yes, I'd fuck everyone here," said Taizo. "I'll bet that boy is as good as your son. He's a big boy for his age. I wonder if he is big everywhere?"

Oh, that conversation was in Japanese, but they had serious underestimated powerful young women. Hell, almost all of us.

"Yes, he is very well-endowed and knows how to use it well," I said.

"He'd fuck you both in the ass and you'd beg for more," said Elena. "And I promise you, I am a better fuck than your daughter."

Yes, we said that in Japanese too. They both got huge smiles.

"I'll bet you are," said Shiro. That's right about when they realized that we were speaking Japanese. They're faces hit just about every emotion before settling on one. Lust.

"Are your children here with you? Do your wives play as well?," asked Elena. They replied that yes, the entire family was with them and played. Oh goody. New friends.

"Perhaps after the race, you'd like to join up on our plane where the play could be more intimate," said Amy. In Japanese.

Yeah, they were hard. Can't say I blame them.

Characters in the stories






Late thirties
Early 40s


The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
The youngest
Adopted daughter
Leslie's new friend
Hunter's twin sister
Juanita's sister
Juanita's Dad
New Italian friend and Goddess
Sophia's son
Sophia's daughter
Cheerleader with Leslie and Chris
The family social secretary
Just Grace
Manor caretaker and Alfie's wife
Oxford FWB
Oxford FWB
Waitress and new friend
Cammy's sister
Cammy's brother
Cammy's Dad
Cammy's Mom
Acura test driver
Acura test driver


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
4'11" - 80, slim, glorious puffy nipples
5'0" - cute as hell, 3 inch cock
4'8" - small A cup
4'11" - 85, sexy, flat
5'11" - 175, Vin Diesel, but with short hair, 6 inch average cock
5'7" - stunning, simply stunning, B cup
5'4" - chisled, smaller, male Sophia, 5 inch uncut cock
4'5" - sexy AF
5'4" - sexy AF, B cup
5'4" - beautiful, petite, B cup, 6 inch uncut thick cock
5'7" - Blonde, model gorgeous, B cup
6'2" - Blonde, regal, very British upper crust
5'11" - dark hair, rough, bad part of London, but smart
5'8" - Blonde, stunning, C cups
5'0" - Blonde, thin, adorable,nipple bumps
5'0" - Blonde, long hair, 5 inch uncut cock
5'3" - Blonde, A cups, petite, sexy
6'3" - Blonde hunk, 7 inch uncut cock
5'9" - thin, dark hair, Japanese, 5 inch cut cock
5'8" - average, Japanese, 4.5 inch cut cock

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