New millionaires

12 November 2018

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Tim Buchanan

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Playing with Rylee, so to speak

Bob here.

We were having a play day out on the 475. Rylee was with us and her parents were too. Now that's a fun trio. Yum. Oh, we were going to have to hover for awhile. OK, focus.

Right now, I was grilling steaks. Ribeyes to be exact. I had a big pot boiling with 10 pounds of shrimp. Very large shrimp. Yes I'm lazy so they had already been peeled. Finally a good use for stupid money. I had a fiesta mix of veggies grilling too. I love grilled veggies. Oh I'm a foodie. Yeah well. I need my energy for later.

I was chatting with Molly, Rylee's Mom. I was also enjoying the view. I always do. Not just Molly, which was wonderful, but all the kids in the upper pool. Oh, and Amy. You know she's the view I love the most. Damn, still the luckiest guy in the world, and I'm not talking about the money.

"Rylee is so disappointed. She was selected for the upper level computer programming class. It is hard to get into. Unfortunately the teacher was hurt in a minor car accident and won't be able to teach for two weeks of school. Some stupid state rule may force them to cancel the class. They've tried to find a sub but can't find anyone with advanced Java skills," said Molly. "Let's face it. Anyone with those skills isn't working for substitute teacher wages. If they don't find someone today, it is cancelled."

"What's involved in becoming a sub?," I asked.

"It is a complicated background check. I doubt if they can even get someone approved," she said.

"What if a Level 2 volunteer was qualified?," I asked. "And would do it for free?"

"I don't know. But who would do that for two full weeks? Maybe three," she said.

I just smiled at her and waited her out.

"Oh!," she said. "You would do that? You don't even have kids in the school anymore."

"Well, I am awfully busy doing almost nothing," I said. "We are talking two or three weeks. It might be fun. It might not. Still willing to do it. Who should I call? I'd better do it quickly."

She rattled off the principal's name. Cool. Still the same principal. He knows us, if for no other reason than we always asked for weird exceptions. That and our $2 million donation to build a new media center. Tim Cook come through and it was truly state of the art. I called him. No not Tim Cook. The principal.

I called the school and asked to speak to the principal. They told me he was busy until I told them who I was. I'm actually not cool with that.

"Hi, Bob here," I said. Yeah he knew my voice. "I'm standing here with Rylee's Mom and she mentioned your dilemma with the advanced programming course. You may be aware that I'm a programmer. Could the weeks where the teacher is out be taught by a Level 2 volunteer? No pay, of course." Probably the weirdest use of a satellite phone ever. Calling for a job where I'd work for free. We were about 25 miles out, so it was my only choice. You know, international waters.

"You would be willing to do that?," he asked. "Yes absolutely a volunteer can do it. It would save the course. Do you have any teaching experience?"

"Nope. But if I can parent Leslie and Chris, I think I can do it. I probably know half the kids already," I said.

"Yes I think that qualifies as an appropriate background," he laughed. "How are they? Have they graduated from high school yet?"

"Yes," I replied. "They just completed their last class."

"Seriously? That's amazing. I assume Orlando and Morgan have too?," he asked.

Now it was my turn to laugh.

"Yes. They have. We dropped Morgan off at college recently," I said.

"That's wonderful! Stanford?," he said. "I always guessed Stanford."



Yes, wow.

"I've seen Chris all over TV and followed Leslie and the other kids in the media. They are truly amazing," he said. I thanked him but he was right.

"Back to the topic at hand, can you come in tomorrow morning for orientation? The class starts at 10, so please be here at 8," he asked. I assured him I could and made sure I understood the dress code. Pants and a collared shirt. Oh, formal. But 8AM?

I went back over to Molly and told her we were all set, and I would start teaching tomorrow. She jumped up and down and damn I enjoyed that, particularly given she was naked. Yes, the entire conversation, including with the principal, had been with me naked. We all were. Molly called over Rylee and Amy followed. Rylee squealed and, you guessed it, jumped up and down. I just had to do more things to cause women to jump up and down. Just had to.

By then everyone else had gathered and suddenly all the kids were jumping up and down. Cooper wasn't, but it was affecting another body part. He got hard. I got hard. Orlando got hard. All hard here folks. That seems to have given the girls ideas. Yeah, those ideas. I'm OK with that. It seemed that Rylee wanted to thank me. By getting on her knees and taking me in her mouth. Not that far from being a virgin Rylee. She didn't suck me long, but quickly stood and led me over to a chaise lounge. She pushed me on my back and climbed up my legs and lowered herself onto me. Oh God. What a celebration we had. It seemed to be the trigger and everyone went at it. Orlando was quickly on his back with Molly riding him and Morgan on his face. Cooper was next to me, with Chris riding him and Amy on his face.

That left Leslie. What could she possibly do but climb up on my face. Wasn't it handy how the numbers worked out? I just know I got absolutely drenched when Leslie went off. That set off a chain reaction. All the people that were riding a cock slipped up and off, and I heard three slaps as cocks dropped. You know what I mean. All I know is I gave myself a facial. I looked over and Cooper and Orlando had done the same.

That's OK. Plenty of people helped clean us up.

And that was round one.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing. No I don't mean that, although people did disappear off and on to do that too. Me, I found some time with Rylee again, but with Amy. That was a lot of energy in one bedroom and they wore me out. They were generous, though, and only made me cum once. Saving me for someone else, I guess. This time that cum found it's way into Amy. You know I like that. You know she liked that Rylee understood cleanup duty. You know I liked that my cum ended up in my mouth from an incredibly sensual kiss from Rylee. Damn, that girl is a fast study.

We got out all the toys. We used both of the X26 boats and hooked up our newest toy, a parasail. Amy and I are both terrified of heights, but even we tried it. We went together and held hands and I'm pretty sure we both screamed the whole time, but we did it. The kids were fearless and absolutely loved it. Our fun must have attracted attention though, as while we were playing, a Coast Guard copter approached and landed on our deck, even though we were clearly in international waters. Luckily we were all clothed at the time. Well, not completely, as all of the women and girls were topless, but they could just get over that. We were curious, but who would get out other than the Commander and XO that landed on our boat way back when. You remember the XO, right? Amy and I sure as hell do.

"We felt it was critically important to check out this large yacht mysteriously sitting offshore," said the Commander. Yeah, he couldn't hold it and started laughing, then we all did.

"We really shouldn't have done this," said the XO. "But we're pretty confident you won't out us." No, we wouldn't. In fact, we topped of their tanks, which took any argument away. They would land with more fuel than when they took off.

They were in uniform, which we quickly took care off. Orlando and Leslie took them down to the 475 version of the closet. Hmm, took them an awfully long time to find a bathing suit and somehow the process seemed to have them a bit winded. I wonder how that could be. Can you see my smirk?

What impressed us all was the Commander came out in a speedo. A fairly small, fairly transparent speedo. Damn, that's some endowment. Easily 6 inches and he wasn't hard. Oh boy. What impressed us even more than that was the XO came out in a tankini. A tankini bottom. Just a tankini bottom. Oh, and she didn't have tan lines.

I liked these two. Of course, we took them parasailing. Wouldn't you? We broke out the wave runners too. Morgan took out one of the X26 wake boats and made BIG waves for people to jump. That's truly a hoot.

You don't think that's all we did with them, do you? Orlando and Morgan seemed to have broken the ice, so I'll let Chris tell her story. She and Leslie entertained them. Yeah, that.

Finally it was getting late and we fired up the grill for a simple round of burgers and chicken sandwiches. Then they flew off into the sunset. No, literally, into the sunset.

6 inches. Soft

Chris here. So you want to hear the story, do you? I'll back us up just a bit. Remember how Dad said the Commander had a 6 inch cock when soft? It wasn't soft long and it was long when not soft. 11 inches long and thick. Yeah, baby. I had to have that and oh boy I did. He took me doggy style, which left me with nothing to do. The XO slid right under me to solve that problem. Damn, she can lick, but so can I. While that was going on, I heard the unmistakable sound of lube squirting. Then the Commander bent over me a bit. We just had to actually learn their names, but Commander and XO fit. I heard him moan and a different action started. Oh, got it, Leslie found something to do and that apparently involved fucking him in the ass. We had a train going and he was in the middle of two 11 year old girls and appeared to be enjoying it. I know I was. He filled me up and Leslie was driving him even deeper. She kept going and he was SLAMMING into me. I couldn't last, particularly given my clit was being licked, but I didn't go over first. The XO did. Hard. Yeah, you know what happened next and it involved me being filled up so much it leaked down onto her face. Finally he pulled out and, oh yeah, I leaked some more. She was in the perfect position to clean me up and damn if she didn't do a good job.

I needed a nap. So I took a nap. Why not?

7:30. AM!

Bob again. Yesterday was fun. Lots of fun. Let's just say the Commander had one more in him for me and the XO liked Amy. A lot.

I was awake, showered, and dressed at 730am. Me. Even I was proud of myself.

I'd even eaten breakfast. Alison was so shocked she got up and made me bacon and eggs. Just the two of us. Everyone else was asleep. Rightfully so.

Now the decision on what to drive. I decided to walk through the museum. Decisions. Decisions. Foreign? Domestic?

A convertible of course. Something, well, fast and fun. OK, we have a 1971 Hemi Cuda Convertible, in white, that is just beautiful. I drove it out of the museum and headed off to my new job. Not that long ago I WAS a programmer for a living. I'm actually looking forward to this. I got to the school pretty quickly and went into the office.

The school secretary went through everything I needed to know, including giving me a parking sticker. Yeah, that wasn't going to work.

"Can I put this on my dash? I won't necessarily be driving the same car every day," I said.

"Oh, I can give you two," she said.

"Um, that won't exactly solve the problem. I collect cars. I don't know what I'll drive every day," I replied. She looked at me funny and finally agreed just putting it on my dash would be OK. The principal had come out to say hi and overheard the exchange.

"Seriously? You collect cars? What did you drive today?," he asked. Dude, you know my family.

"1971 Hemi Cuda convertible," I said. He insisted on walking out with me to put my pass in the window. Somehow I suspect he was going to do that every day. I was going to have to up my game. Maybe even, gasp, cars that were not convertibles. Oh, maybe the 917 one day. That would be fun.

They went through the rest of the paperwork and then abandoned me in my computer lab. I did find the teacher's class notes, so figured out where they were in the curriculum. He wasn't going very fast for an advanced class. We'd have to work on that. Finally it was time for the class and they all filed in. I knew Greg, of Brady Bunch fame. Clay was in the class too. In came Noah, talking to Rylee. Cool. Mika walked in with another girl, but I didn't know her. Bonnie and Anna walked in together. This was an exclusive class, so only 13 students. I, um, knew 7 of them. Intimately. Careful Bob, careful. The kids were perfect. They acknowledged that they knew me as the father of a friend, but nothing more. Good on them.

Everybody sat down and I did attendance. All accounted for and I learned the remaining kids names. Clearly a class with intelligence and wit. A little snarky, but smart kids are, and they did it in fun. I can take it. I am pretty sure I was going to be a non-traditional teacher. I started by asking if the teacher of this class had also taught their intro class. I found out he didn't. That explained a lot. He was doing what too many teachers did. He underestimated his students. I know it well. I lived with it all through school.

Well not with me. Time to start with a question.

"How many of you are incredibly bored with what you're being taught in this class?," I asked.

Every single hand went up. Hell, they weren't even using a decent bootstrap. Good grief.

"How many of you already know how to program with a decent bootstrap?," I asked. Again every hand when up. Wow. This is nuts.

"Ok. How many have already used the Twitter bootstrap?," I asked. All but two hands when up. It's a decent and very common one. We would use that. I told them all to download it and install it. Rylee raised her hand.

"We are not allowed to install things," she said. Well that was limiting but I suspect not that limiting.

"Is there anyone in this class that doesn't know how to get around that and install it?," I asked. No one raised their hand.

"Do it. I'll take the heat," I said. "Let's keep going. How many of you have an idea for an app that you think could really be a success, particularly if you already have a design?"

Of the 13 kids, four raised their hands. Noah, Mika, Rylee, and Ethan. Ethan was the only one I didn't know.

"Ok. That's perfect. We are going to run four agile teams. We have three weeks to build your app to the point to get venture capital funding. If everyone agrees, the person with the idea gets 51 percent of their app so they maintain control. The remaining team members split 40 percent. The funding partner gets 9 percent. It is a pretty favorable deal to all. We are going to see how far we can get in three weeks. For the projects that I think are worthy, which might be all of them, I'll work with you after school to commercialize it and get funding. This question is for the four idea folks. Are you in?"

"Can I ask some questions first?," asked Ethan. I just nodded.

"You're Leslie and Chris' Dad, right?," he asked. I just nodded again.

"You run the BBF fund, right?," he asked.

Again I just nodded.

"And you're saying if you like our apps, you'll fund them. Will that be through BBF?," he asked. Good questions. I nodded again. He turned to the class.

"Guys, we have got to do this. This is a screaming deal. Better than we would ever get and let's be honest no VC is ever going to talk to us. He will," said Ethan. "Do you remember the article we read last spring in class about Amelia? She was working for a philanthropist running a VC fund targeted at high school kids?"

They all did.

"He is the philanthropist. I remember he set it up to benefit Amelia. She's worth something like $50M now," he said. I admit I laughed. I couldn't help myself.

"Amelia's worth a little more now. I haven't looked in awhile but last time I did, she was worth a little more than $4B," I said. That stunned them.

"Wait," said Oscar, another kid I didn't know yet. "If she is worth $4B, what the hell are you worth?" I just smiled. Rylee whispered in his ear.

"$85B!," he shouted. "What in the fuck are you doing here teaching us?" Ok we all laughed. I let the profanity slide.

"I'm a volunteer. It's not like I need to work," I said. Yeah that got more laughter.

I think it finally clicked for the kids. They were all in. I asked some pointed questions to each person so I could balance the teams fairly. All were pretty advanced but some were better at UI design and some at coding. I made sure each team had a good mix of skills. Rylee's team had four. The others had three. That's because Bonnie and Anna wanted to be on the same team and their skills were complimentary, so it worked well.

"Ok today you're putting together you proposal for funding. You need a slide introducing your product and what it does. You need a slide with the biographies of your team. You need a slide with projected sales. You need a financials slide which includes your projected costs for development, any ongoing costs like AWS, and any support costs. This should also project losses and profits. Finally you need a hard hitting summary slide. Got that?"

They all did. They all grouped around their team leader and got to work. I told them they could do some of it tonight.

"Tomorrow Ethan and Rylee will each have half the class to do your pitch. Think shark tank. The other two teams will present the next day. Get going."

I spent the rest of class walking around and giving them pointers on their slides. They were all going a great job and I loved all four ideas. These had potential.

My first day wrapped up. I thought I should check in at the office. The principal waved me in and asked me how my day went and what I was doing with the curriculum. I told him. I suspected it would be a problem.

"That is awesome. You're willing to do that?," he asked. I assured him I was.

"I'm not trying to be nosy. I know your kids are amazing but are you rich or something?," he asked. Really, no Google at the school? I didn't say much but did say I was doing pretty well. The assistant principal has walked in just as he asked the question and burst out laughing. She handed her phone to him.

"Third! You're third on the Forbes 400!," he said. I hated this part. The funny thing is that our family was the only one that really didn't run anything. Jeff has Amazon. Warren has Berkshire. We're just, well, rich.

"Yes but that's not important. If you're ok with my curriculum, I need more time. Is there any way for me to have the kids more class hours? Can I have them work in the afternoons and evening in the lab? Either I'll be here or I'll find another Level 2. Mostly me," I said. "You are going to have to push the teacher though. His curriculum was truly a joke. It was boring them to tears."

He quickly agreed and said the best way was after school because he couldn't get the whole class at once. He had me work with the assistant principal to send something home with the kids. We included that I would arrange a bus to bring them home. Why not? Chump change. I put Luna on that.

The three weeks flew. On the last night we invited all families to come to their final presentations and demonstrations. Every team had a fully functioning prototype and most had a decent percentage of all the code done. I already knew I'd fund them but I invited Amelia to attend as she is much cooler than me.

One by one each team presented their final deck and did a demo. Each team had 20 minutes. Oh they blew it away. It was stunning. I'd seen presentations for high schoolers but these kids were mostly 11 with a few that were 12. Their normal teacher was there plus most of the school leadership and several people from the school district. Somehow I knew at least one of them was going to be a dick.

At the end of the night, Amelia and I met with the kids and their parents and outlined the BBF process. I let Amelia run the show. The parents I knew helped.

And yes, the next day I got a call from an attorney at the school district insisting that any programs developed as part of a school program belonged to the school district. I admit I laughed. I asked him for the statute that supported his position. He hemmed and hawwed a bit and finally said it was just 'understood'. Yeah, I really laughed at that.

"You're a piece of shit. You and anyone else involved in this shakedown. You're trying to steal money from 11 year old kids and their families. You please feel free to sue for your piece. I will crush you and I mean you personally. Go for it. Just think of the publicity. School district shakes down kids. You have picked the wrong person to go after. I have Anderson Cooper on speed dial," I said. "Just fucking go for it."

And he did. I was shocked. It ended up being the school board that was greedy and it came out in the local and national papers quite clearly. Oh you know we had an impressive legal team. Which is also how I ended up on the school board. I know the kingmaker. She swept them ALL out and the entire board is now made up of parents. Three of us are the parents of students in my class, including Molly. Our school district was going to change. Get me angry and I can be a force. Get Chris angry and you're done.

Sorry, slight diversion there.

Want to guess which ones broke into the Top 20 in both the Apple and Google stores in their first month?

All of them.

You know what that means, don't you? We had a party. Well, two parties. One for the entire class and their families. The other was for the families we knew, um, better.

Oh, and Rylee bought the house next door to Noah for her parents. It was $7M. She paid cash.

Let's do this differently. We had an amazing party, but the next entry is about an even bigger blowout. You can imagine this one. Middle schoolers and their families. Yes, you can.

That was a party. This is a PARTY

Amy here.

It is time for the party of all parties. Yeah, I know we just had two parties, but this was THE party. Two weeks long. Multiple cities. It is going to be amazing.

You see we are going to celebrate birthdays. So much has been going on that we didn't do anything beyond a simple cake. Morgan turned 16 a long time ago but since then Orlando turned 14, both Chris and Leslie turned 12, Bob is an old man at 24 and I can legally drink. Yes through everything that was going on, I could not legally drink.

I do love my wine though.

We are past the elections. Our situation seems to have settled down but we are super careful. We going to do a cruise with many of our friends that we have been almost avoiding. We are also having house parties for our more famous friends. We are starting with a big blowout over three days in Austin. Then four days on the 475 with our special friends. Then an entire week at Morgan and Sophia's place. We are timing it so Sophia and Morgan will be on break and going to stay there for Christmas. We are going to pack them in as much of our extended family is coming in. Cam and his kids from Austin. Jesse, Julia, Juanita, Gabe, and Ruby. Daniel. Our six plus Sophia's two. Davis, Barb, and Amai. Blake, Alison, Tom, and Jess. Antonio and Stella. John and Mary, Amy's parents.

The crew from Napa was not coming. Most of them are in training and all the others decided to stay and celebrate with them.

Oh. Chloe and Ben. Will, Gail, and Noah. Don, DeeDee, Hunter, and Hallie.

Can't forget Freja, Aldo, and their kids. Oh, and Billy, Chris' Grandpa.

Let's count them up. Damn. 48 people for a full week. It would easily have broken a hundred if everyone we invited could have come. Jamie and his family. Masako and her family. Lance and Linda. You get the idea.

I guess I should mention that Chloe had worked her magic over the last couple months and added a number of cottages to the property. Just getting approval from the town board required super human effort. She had built six cottages. Three with two bedrooms and three with three bedrooms. All in 26 bedrooms including the two main houses so we would fit for sure. She had done such an amazing job fitting them in architecturally. They looked as old as the main buildings and she had arranged them around a central commons. Basically we had our own little village, at least visually.

Oh and Bob got his proper garage. The weather should be cool in December but not ugly.

Did I mention the four day cruise was across the Atlantic? I can't believe I forgot to include Jenny in my list. 49. She had was positioning the 475 in New York so we would all fly in there and set sail to Southhampton. We are all so excited. The 475 was easily big enough for us all. We could have done it in two, but decided to go 'slow' at only 45 knots or so. That makes me laugh. Slow. Of course, the people already in Europe were not on board. Sophia and Morgan. Antonio and Stella. Daniel. So 44 on board. 26 adults and 18 kids. Nice balance.

The biggest disappointment was Grace couldn't come. Orlando would visit her family after we got back.

We decided to forego a crew on the trip. The 475 didn't need one and we could all pitch in. Even Leslie and Chris could officially man (woman?) the helm since they'd turned 12. We would cruise overnight too.

The one time we had a crew had not gone well. We learned our lesson. We had brought a pair of new boats in the garage and would play with them as we crossed when it was smooth enough. Yeah Bob bought them for the trip. The X26 would have worked but he was always looking for an opportunity to buy new toys and these could keep up with a faster pace. Yeah the X26 could only do 45 knots, which is what we planned, but any excuse is a good excuse. They were beautiful pieces of machinery. They were both Midnight Express 37 Opens. Basically 37 foot center consoles with a ton of seating. Oh, with quad Seven marine 627HP outboards. Yes, 2,508HP on a 37 foot boat. They'll top out over 100 knots, nearly 120mph. Bob and I actually discussed it. He could have gone faster with the pleasure version of a race boat, but they could only seat a half dozen people. These were fast, yet pretty darn practical. With these two boats and the two tenders, we could actually get all 44 off the boat at once. Now, that would probably never happen, but when you're rationalizing spending a couple million, it is important to have reasons, even silly ones.

Everybody converged on New York over a couple days and we were ready to go. Some came a little early and went sightseeing. Others came in at the last minute. Since the 475 was docked we had plenty of sleeping space. We had brought the big Florida helicopter and were going to add the NY helicopter. With the one in Oxford, we could ferry almost everyone at once. Yes, Morgan had finished her certification. She had been very determined because, as she put it, seeing a helicopter sitting in the yard and not being able to fly it was just annoying. She had been using it to go back and forth to Silverstone to get practice laps in. She was comfortable in her CJ4+ and had been flying all around Europe with her friends. I am sure there are a ton of stories to tell if she ever gets around to adding to the journal.

We had sent over the Ferrari Challenge cars and already had them at Silverstone. We had rented the track for a week so everyone could have fun. We had Morgan's cars too, which gave us a bunch of track ready cars. I'm pretty sure she had bought some more. Something about a McLaren 650S GT3 and another Project One. I think a Bugatti Chiron and a Hennessey Venom F5 were mentioned. Of course, she already had the 488C, the ZR1, and the GTR. Chloe must have built quite a garage. As it turns out, she had, but at the racetrack. Somehow we were leasing land on which she built a nice, secure garage. That makes sense, as Morgan was flying over, so the cars needed to be there.

We were dying to hear all about the girl's first semester and what was going on with them. Of course we talked all the time but nothing like being there in person. We hadn't visited that much although we made sure Luca and Elena had been over several times. Luca was damn close to being able to fly them over himself. He just needed to certify in one of the transatlantic planes. The funny thing is Gabe and Ruby ARE certified, so they flew Luca and Elena over a couple times. How crazy is that? We might have to buy Luca his own plane. In fact, I'm going to do that as his Christmas gift. I'll talk to Leslie. She had mentioned that Cessna had shelved the Hemisphere. Ours was an early development model since we, well, knew the CEO so well. We were actually having to return it to Cessna. We'll switch to the G650 for that size plane. We felt bad, but were moving away from the Cessnas as we needed range. I think we'll just swap out Morgan's plane for a G650 and get Luca one too. We'd paid to lengthen the Oxford airport to 6000 feet, so the G650 fit now. OK, too much detail. It would be handy to have more jets, since some of us were going on to other places. I talked to Amai and she promised to have two G650s on the ground at Oxford by the time we got there. One for Morgan and one for Luca. We'd figure out the logistics later and what to do with the CJ4+.

Why don't we start with leaving New York. Start the journey at its beginning. We all got on board early in the morning so we'd get a jump on the day. We'd set 8 am as 'leave time' and everyone made it. We had thoughtful friends. No sudden text messages about being an hour late (remember that one?). Both helicopters were locked down, so we were set. Amai, being Amai, had arranged a catered buffet breakfast, so at least one meal we didn't have to prepare ourselves. Amai had even created signup sheets for the entire vacation for each meal and chore so people could volunteer. And by signup sheets, I mean an app. We are modern, you know. It was a new extension of our reservation app. Bob still loved to program. But how people signed up was novel. We'll get to that later.

Everybody was reconnecting and some were meeting each other for the first time. For example, Freja and her Austin based family hadn't met Will and his Florida based family. Oh they were going to have fun. Noah and Chris were getting closer, which was fun to watch. They were treating a relationship exactly like Bob and me and just like Noah's parents. Very close, very special, but sex was sex. Good for them. Oh I was going to taste that boy on this trip. Hell, I planned on fucking and sucking every single one of the entire group. More than once. I'm like that, you know. Everybody from 6 year old Nova to 55 year old Billy. Every. Single. One. Whoo, calm down girl. We're 5 minutes into the trip.

I got a plate and loaded it up with bacon and eggs. Paper plates. Smart. I do love bacon and I needed my protein to survive this trip. Although I was sure I was going to get a lot of protein shakes right from the tap. You got that, right? Right from the tap? Get it? I actually managed to get a spot at the big dining room table. I was between Cam and Amai. Oh, they had eyes for each other, but I could see hunger when they both looked at me too. Cam's twins, Davy and Gracy, were across the table and I was getting the same look from them. OK, fun after breakfast. I suggested it and they were all in. Five to start. Yep, that's about right. We didn't rush, as we had plenty of time, and I even went back for more bacon. Did I mention I loved bacon? None of that turkey bacon for me. An abomination.

Finally we finished up and talked about where we wanted to have fun. We were still under the 'no sex outside' rule, but the dining room was connected to the giant living room. An indoor living room. Why go hide in a bedroom when you could have an audience? We didn't mess around with any parlor games. We just stripped down and got right to it. Fuck I was horny. I was already dripping. No surprise, Davy, Cam, and Amai were all hard. Gracy and I were going to have FUN! I decided a little taste of Gracy was a nice start, and laid her down on one of the double chaise lounges. She is SUCH a cutie. I started by kneeling over her and giving her a kiss. She opened right up and put her hands on my head and held me there. Damn, 8 years old and a master level kisser. I moved down to her neck, then gave her tiny nipples special attention. Did I see a little puffiness? Maybe. She was growing up. I worked my way down and finally got to nirvana. I pulled her open just a bit and started licking from the bottom to the top. Everytime I got to her little clit, she pushed harder into my face. Oh she was into it. I got her up and over, but I wasn't done.

The show must have been a success, because I felt the lounge shift as someone climbed up behind me. Cam was lying next to us, and Amai was bouncing up and down on his cock, so that meant Davy. He wasn't that endowed, but he knew how to use it. He knew to play with my clit while he pumped in and out. I loved that and he knew it. Amai was clearly having fun bouncing, with her own cock slapping Cam's stomach on each downstroke. I would have enjoyed just watching, but Gracy's pussy wouldn't play with itself. By then, we had quite a crowd. Billy climbed up on the chaise and offered his cock to Gracy. That was a nice sight. Billy was pretty buff by now. What a transformation from when we first met him. Gracy's little mouth could barely take him in, but she was game. Somehow I don't think he had cum in awhile, as he didn't last long, and pulled out and just covered Gracy's chest with cum. Well, I knew my job! I slid up and started licking up the cum and Davy moved right with me. Some skills that boy had. Just as we did, I felt him tense up and could feel that he was cumming. Nothing came out, of course, but you know how it feels. For me, it felt great and it took ME right over. It took all I could not to collapse on Gracy. But I had work to do and finished cleaning her up. Gracy and Billy both got a mouthful when I kissed cum to them. They both liked it. We finished with Billy giving both Gracy and Davy surprisingly sensual kisses. I love Billy. Such a cool guy.

Oops. I guess we're not done. I felt another cock slide right in and this wasn't a small one. In fact, I could tell it was a BIG one. I didn't even look. I just enjoyed it. Suddenly another person took Gracy's spot and gave me something to play with. A nice 5 inch cock this time. Ah, Benito, Freja's 11 year old. Pretty damn nice uncut cock for an 11 year old. Yes, I got my protein shake, just about the time Davis emptied into me. Yes, I'd figured out it was Amai's Dad. I'd cum so many times I had lost count, and finally just rolled off and laid there.

But this group knew you had to clean up. Chores, you know. My eyes were closed, but I felt a tongue start lapping at me. Damn I was still senstitive and I went right over again. This trip was going to kill me. I opened my eyes to see Will, Noah's Dad, licking me. I thought I was clean enough so I pulled him up and he slid right in. He has a nice thick 7 inch cock, so it filled me up nicely too. He has stamina and it was wonderful. He finally pulled out and covered my tits with a serious load of cum. Cleanup! Ruby jumped in and then fed it all to me. I think I need a nap.

We're not much more than an hour into the trip and I needed a nap.

I don't know what else was going on around the boat, but there were a lot of people missing. I guess they were all working off their breakfast too. I did see Jenny on another couch getting pounded by Don. Little Nova was sitting on Jenny's face. She's friendly that way. That meant someone else was at the helm. I was going to bet on Bob, so I took the elevator to the top deck. He could have been at the primary helm, but if it was Bob, he would be in the flybridge. As I climbed the stairs, I saw him sitting there. Yes, he was at the helm, but cute little 12 year old Alma was between his legs blowing him. He saw me and waved.

"Great, can you take the helm for a few minutes?," asked Bob. I sat down and he picked up Alma and bent her over the seat right next to me. She must have been ready, since he slid RIGHT in. He was slamming into her pretty hard and every time he bottomed out she let out a gutteral sound. My job was mostly to just sit there, since we were on autopilot, so I let my hand stray. First I played with her nipples, then I reached under and started on her clit. That was all it took, and she rode the wave. Yeah, that's all it took for Bob too and he pulled out. I think he was going for her back, but he must have been pretty turned on as about half of it hit my face. Awesome. Suddenly we heard clapping and I looked up to see Hunter watching. He walked over and pushed Bob out of the way and slid right into Alma. Not sloppy, but seconds. I don't think she even came down from her high -- he was pretty damn good at it. His twin sister Hallie was watching too and she came over and licked all the cum off of my face and Alma's back and fed it to her brother WHILE he pumped in and out of Alma. That was some talent. We all watched until Hunter emptied into Alma. She actually laid down on the deck and Hallie licked her out. They flipped into a 69 and both clearly enjoyed it.

Still less that 90 minutes into our trip. I needed more sustenance and headed back down to the buffet. I did admonish Bob for forgetting the no outside sex rule. He actually got a little bit of a shocked look on his face and agreed it was a mistake and reminded the others.

"If you want to fuck while you're driving the boat," I said. "Use the inside helm." That got a laugh from Bob. I left him up there enjoying the sun. I'd noticed he was running us at about 60 knots, so we were gaining a bit of time, but damn it was windy on the deck. We'd warned everyone to be extra careful. He said his goal was 200 miles off shore and then he thought we'd break out the new boats. It was supposed to be pretty calm. They'd handle rougher water, but better safe. Our rule was going to be life vests on the boats if off the big boat.

I wandered into the kitchen and saw there was a rollicking Monopoly game going on at one end of the dining room table and someone had setup a puzzle on the other end. Barb, Julia, Noah, and Ellie were playing Monopoly. What an interesting group. Noah and three sexy as hell women of all ages. Apparently passing Go included some serious groping. I had to learn these rules. As I was watching, they all cheered and Barb got on her knees and started to blow Noah. Yes, these were good rules.

At the other end, Gail, Arturo, John, and Chris were focused on an incredibly complex puzzle. I walked over and put a few pieces in then got some more breakfast. I was going to head down to the gym, so needed more protein. That's my story...

I'll pass the pen to Orlando. You don't want to hear about my time on a Stairmaster. Well, maybe one thing. Did you know that you could get fucked from behind WHILE walking on a treadmill. You can!

The Coast Guard? Way out here?

Orlando here. I just had a nice time catching up with Freja and Nicolo. You know, our kind of catching up. Mostly Freja and me with Nicolo on cleanup duty, but he did, well, fuck me. It was really nice. I missed our playdates with friends. This was going to be a hell of a trip.

I was heading down to get the new boats ready. I was taking one out and Leslie was taking the other. We'd put it in the app, so had a lot of people signed up for rides. Something about a ride in the middle of the Atlantic was kind of cool. I'd convinced Dad to hover for a bit, as it was glass smooth, so I'd put waverunner time in the app too. We had a dozen on board. Between the 12 waverunners and the two boats, we had damn near everyone out on the water. 200+ miles from shore, and we're romping around having a ball. We made sure we were outside of the shipping lane, but one cruise ship did pass by less than a mile away. I'm sure they were having to answer the question of why their ship didn't have waverunners. Leslie and I spent a lot of time making waves for them to jump. Then we'd romp across the water in an impromptu race. I'll tell you, those front seats were pretty windblown at 100+ mph. We couldn't hear them scream if they were. We'd agreed on an hour, so as the time approached, Leslie and I played cattle dog and wrangled the waverunners back into the front garage. Once they were all in, we parked in the rear garage. We all went up on the top deck, because our rule was that we had a 'count off' any time we left the boat. We sure as hell didn't want to leave someone behind in the middle of the ocean. Just as we all lined up, we saw a helicopter approaching. It was a US Coast Guard helicopter, which was weird, given we were 200 miles offshore. Dad shouted down that they were going to land and to just be nice to them. He didn't know what was going on either.

Once they landed, Mom and I went up to them and insisted that they lock their helicopter onto the deck. We had a third mount point now. They were pissy about it.

"Your choice," said Mom. "But when it blows over the side, you can explain it. I hope you have some serious range, because by the time this our conversation is over, we'll be over 200 miles from shore." We got the typical incredulous looks. As we were talking, Dad built up speed. He'd been listening and clearly heard the officious shit giving us a hard time. We were all smart enough to be standing where the wind was blocked. They weren't. Dad took it up FAST and they all literally got knocked on their asses and had to crawl to where we were.

"What the fuck," said the Commander. "How fast can this ship go?"

"It can cruise forever at 80knots. It can do 70knots just on solar power. My guess is you just felt the effects of a burst, which is roughly 120 knots," I said. They all just looked at us like we were crazy. I leaned around the corner and waved at Dad to shut it down. He slowed and finally brought us to a stop.

"Now," said Mom. "Please feel free to politely explain why you boarded a ship in International waters. I stress the word politely, as you haven't impressed us so far." With that, the commander actually laughed.

"OK, I admit, we came across as officious pricks when you asked us to lock down the helicopter," he said. "I am glad you did though. I'd hate to pay for one of those birds." He gave us a big grin, which calmed everyone down. By now, Dad had come down too. We did the introductions and once we did, he was suddenly really nice. Hard to miss our names these days. He particularly reacted when Chris introduced herself. The kingmaker is WELL known now. I thought he was about to bow.

"Well, we got the craziest report from a cruise ship and after much debate, were sent out to check it out. They said they saw a ship that, as they put it, "spit out two boats and a fleet of waverunners". We didn't have a clue what they meant, but it seemed odd, once they gave us the position," he said. "I was going to say that can't be true, but something tells me you're going to tell me it was you."

Now it was our turn to laugh. Dad assured him it was us, and that the description was reasonably accurate. Dad looked at Mom and, I think, communicated telepathically. It must have drifted over to me, as I knew exactly where they'd go. We had plenty of time, so wasting another hour or two just meant we went faster overnight.

"How about this," said Mom. "It's about lunch time. Why don't the four of you join us for lunch. Feel free to tell whomever you report to that we absolutely insisted. I'm pretty confident that once you tell them you had lunch with Chris Hayden, there won't be any pushback at all." The Commander laughed.

"I can confidently say that is true," he said.

"Great. So why don't the two of you go with Orlando," said Mom, pointing at the Commander and the one other guy.

"And the two of you go with Leslie," said Mom, pointing at the two young women. A very balanced crew, for sure.

"They'll get you outfitted in some nice swimsuits. Then Orlando and Leslie can take you on an in-depth inspection of the situation. Lunch is in about an hour. We have four standing ribs coming out of the oven, along with several very large pots of simply oustanding lobster bisque. We know we have enough to feed you all and we insist. We're not in a big hurry and can make up time, so we'll just hover here for a bit longer."

The commander looked at his team, who were all grinning from ear to ear.

"Lead the way," he said. The two women followed Leslie and the two guys followed me. It wasn't long before we came back. I'd given them board shorts and like the last time we were boarded, all four of them were in great shape. To no ones surprise, Leslie had them in tankinis similar to her own. I think the Commander was about to pass out. They sure did look fine. No, that description wasn't entirely accurate. They were in tankini bottoms. Not one woman or girl on the boat had a top on. It was our new thing. I'm pretty sure the Commander had never seen the female members of his crew topless, but from his shorts, he liked it. We all did.

"OK, we need to go down to the lowest deck. That's where the garages are," I said. "We can take the boring elevator, or the fucking amazing slide. I'm taking the slide." With that, I took off and jumped into the slide. To absolutely no surprise, Leslie and the other four were right behind me, as were about a dozen other people. After all, if we're opening up the garages again. As we climbed out, all four of them were laughing.

"That was fantastic," said the Commander. "I could do that all day long." I assured him we did, but it was even more fun at night. The tube was DARK.

"Leslie, run get a chase boat out. Once you do, I'll let them out on waverunners," I said and Leslie ran off, followed by about a half dozen people that wanted to ride along.

"We don't let waverunners out without a chase boat. Why don't you all take a waverunner and when you want a ride in the boat, just wave us down and someone will surely swap with you," I said. We headed towards the front garage and our friends had clearly counted, as a dozen or so followed us. Eight adults and some ride along kids. I took us into the garage and hit the remote for the door and the side of the boat literally slid open. The waverunners were all on popup docks, and the water level rose to float them with the door open. We ignored the two tenders as everyone got life jackets on.

"Life jackets are required," I said and they all put one on.

"Aren't these the chase boats?," asked one of the women. I laughed.

"No, these are just tenders. The chase boats are bigger and faster. Sometimes we cruise and the chase boats go with us. They'll both do north of 100 knots. These top out around 50, and that slows us down."

"Wait," said the other woman. "You have bigger and faster boats than these? These look to be around 30 feet."

"Yes. The chase boats are 37. You'll see," I said. With that, everyone launched and headed out the door. I left it open, and took the internal corridor back to the rear garage. It was open and the Commander puttered in.

"This is freaking huge. Wait, is that a Class 1 boat?," he said.

"It is. Leslie and Chris race Class 1. Ask nicely and they'll take you for a ride, although you might scream and wet yourself." I wasn't kidding, he might.

"Wow," said the Commander. Yes, wow. He puttered back out and then went ripping across the ocean. The rest of us hopped into the remaining boat and pulled out. Leslie was running big circles at speed, so I chased after her. After a bit Leslie headed in, and I suspect I could predict why. A few minutes later, the Midnight Express came back out, but I could see that Dad was a the controls. Then we heard the roar. I knew that roar.

Chris and Leslie came out in their race boat. You know they did. I ran beside them and got up on plane and took it to full throttle. I looked and we were going 102 knots. Over 120mph.

Then Chris and Leslie simply walked away from us. It is a sight to behold. Oh, did I mention that their boat was retrofitted with a hybrid drive? This year wasn't going to be competitive and they blew the competition away LAST year. Walked away? That doesn't describe it. On water this smooth, they topped out over 200 knots. 230 mph. Yeah, not sure I wanted to ride in it and I'm pretty fearless.

For an hour or so we had great fun and then Mom messaged us that lunch was ready. We rounded up everyone and got them in the garage and then Dad and I put our boats on the lift. Chris and Leslie docked theirs too. We locked everything down and took the elevator up. Mom had everyone lined up.

"Why is everyone lining up?," said one of the Coast Guard women.

"We do a count off any time a garage opens," I said. "There are 44 of us on board. We'd like to make it to England with all 44." She laughed.

"Sounds like an excellent plan," she said. With that, she eyed me up and down. Damn, if only. I did ask where they were based, and she said Norfolk. Oh hell, I got her number. Don't know if I'll ever be in Norfolk, but what the heck.

With that, we broke up for lunch and Chris and I sat with the Coast Guard crew. They had a bunch of questions about offshore racing. They stayed away from politics, which was nice. We'd been buried in it recently. Finally they realized they needed to head back.

"What's the range of your helicopter with full tanks?," asked Chris.

"Safely, 400 nautical miles," said the Commander. "Why?"

"Because we were silly. We should have kept going. We can top off your tanks," said Chris. With that, she called over to Jenny who came over. "Can you please top off their tanks? I don't think any of the guests know how."

"Sure," said Jenny. "Oh, got it. I'll tell your Dad he can go ahead and go. What's the drop dead?"

"Let's go with 350 nautical miles," said Chris. Jenny just nodded and took off.

"Wait," said the Commander. "You have fuel for our helicopter?"

"Ours don't run on air," said Chris. "We have plenty. No problem filling you up. That let's you play on the slide another hour or so." With that, they all laughed, hopped up, and ran to the slide. They did have a great time, and I found the moment to take my new friend Anna on a tour. Yes, I did. Maybe I would need to find my way to Norfolk.

And so ended our first day on the boat. We had evening events planned, so dinner was light. Just sandwiches on your own. Right at 7, we met in the main salon. Yes, it was easily big enough to hold us all. Oh, and that was 7 Eastern. Who knows what time it was out here. I'll let someone else take the pen for this part.

Not for sale on eBay

I guess I get the pen. Leslie here. Not sure why, but I'm game. It's not like I wasn't paying attention. After all, I was being auctioned off.

Auctioned off? Yes, let me explain. If you remember earlier, chores were mentioned. This was anything from cooking, to cleanup, to maid service, to laundry, to cleaning bathrooms. It takes a lot to run a ship with 44 people on board. We didn't want a crew, so everyone agreed to pitch in. Originally Bob built the app to just allow people to sign up for chores. Each chore was assigned a complexity, so people could see if they were being pretty fair in signing up. You could see the total score of everyone.

But that was boring. Hallie, yes Hallie, had an idea she shared with Bob and he quickly implemented it in a 'secret' part of the app. You know, a part only our 'special' friends could see. He built an auction. Now, in a typical auction, an item is up for bid and money is currency. In our auctions, chores were currency. Each evening, we would have an auction and the currency was the next day's chores. You could win big at the auction, but to do so meant you would spend time the next day doing chores. It was a balancing act between winning the auctions you really desired, and having any free time the next day to have fun.

What were we auctioning? Tonight it was a night with one or more kids. Yes, we were the products being auctioned off. No limits to what you could do with the prize you bought, within reason. As always, no meant no. The order of the 'product' had been chosen at random. I don't even know when I am being called up. It's a bit of a gamble on the adult's part. If your particular choice was later in the auction, but all the chores were taken, that 'product' might not be available for purchase. Once that happened, the remaining kids were free agents and got to pick where they wanted to spend the night. So, you could potentially not bid at all, but still get your choice IF, and only IF, they chose you. Do you risk it? Do you bid big? Let's face it, the cute young one like Ruby and Nova were going to get big bids. We used up hags of 12 weren't. OK, I'm kidding. I might be a little older, but my skills are well known. I want to be clear though. No one had to participate. If you didn't want to be auctioned off, no problem. You didn't want to bid in the auction. OK. No pressure. That's just not right. We never ever pressured anyone. You've read about games we play but always with consent. Period.

OK, that needed to be said. There is some gamesmanship in partnering. Adults can play together, bringing their purchases with them. I might end up with three or four adults if they partnered up. Oh God I hope so. I'm horny as hell. The rules were no sex after 4PM. For anyone. Until after dinner. Saving ourselves, I guess. Fuck yeah.

As it turns out, first up for auction was Hunter. His reputation clearly preceded him, even with those that didn't know him. Aldo opened the bidding. Really Aldo? With all those sexy boys of your own? The bidding got a little spirited. After all, this was the first auction on the first day. After a bit, everyone had dropped out except Aldo and Amai. Aldo asked for a moment, and went and talked to Amai. She grinned, and stopped bidding, giving the prize of Hunter to Aldo. My guess is they were teaming up and then splitting the chores. Fuck, that's a great team. So Hunter was off the board.

Next up was a pair. The software randomly put small groups together for auction, mostly in the interest of time. This pair was Gabe and Gracy. NICE. This group got spirited bidding too, and in the end, Dad won. I was willing to bet he and Mom were partnering, so I was interested to see what she bid on.

Oh, I was in the next group, with Nicolo. Oh I liked that a lot. He had skills for such a young guy. His tongue. Oh my. Interesting. Mom was bidding. Gabe, Gracy, Nicolo, and I would be a nice grouping, wouldn't we? In the end, she lost out to Davis. Oh I like his big fat cock, so I didn't mind at all. Barb was cheering too, which also made me happy.

The next group was Novo, Ruby, and Chris. Shit. Three sexy as fuck girls. That bidding was REALLY spirited and in the end Jesse won, and Tom ran over and high-fived him.

The next group was Orlando and Hallie. THAT would be fun. Cam won that one. I know he really likes Orlando, so Hallie was a bonus for him.

So who is left? OK, Davy, Noah, and Arturo were up. Bro night or fulfilment for the right woman? It ended up being fierce between Will and Deedee. They talked, and must have come to an agreement, because Will won. I'm sure they'd share the chores. Don was just as happy, so it must be the three of them getting some boy love.

That left Alma, Benito, and Ellie. Oh yeah. Juanita wasn't giving up on this group, and since Amai was standing with her, these three were going to enjoy a double helping of tits and a cock. That also meant Hunter was joining them. There were just a few chores left over, so they were left for the kids and remaining adults to volunteer. That's cool. In the end everyone would do their fair share and this was just a fun way of pairing off. Since the groups were randomized by the computer, who knew who you were going to be with day to day. We only had three nights on the boat, but this would continue. That would add in Luca and Elena. I don't know if Morgan would be a child or an adult. My guess is she'd be whatever she wanted. That's my big sis.

The auction was over and Gabe, Gracy, Nicolo, and I crowded around Davis, Barb and Amai. I think I was actually dripping down my leg. We were theirs to command. I'm sure others have amazing stories, but since I have the pen, I'll go first. They actually led us downstairs to one of the larger suites, which surprised me. I thought we'd fuck on the deck, but I was game.

Oh, I see why. They'd laid out scarves. Our family doesn't use scarves when they are cold. They use them in batches of four. You'll figure it out. Barb pointed at me and Gabe. Gabe started to ask a question and Barb held her finger to her mouth. Oh, got it. No talking. Interesting. Gabe and I put on a bit of a show undressing each other. The 'product' were all dressed in skimpy swim suits, the better for the bidders to choose. Gabe hooked his thumbs in my tiny bikini panties, and pushed them all the way to the floor. This left him kneeling in the perfect position to lick me. Oh, he did, and added two fingers. Told you I was wet. He worked his way back up, latching on to my nipple, while gently carassing my clit. Oh, I went off, less than a minute into the evening. I actually fell back on the bed. Gracy helped out though, and skinned Gabe's Speedo down and took him in her mouth. Just for a bit.

We both laid back and Amai and Barb tied us down. Oh boy. I was already really sensitive.

I know everyone else had a wonderful night, but I was a bit tied up.

Break out the cameras

Amy again.

The next morning everyone stumbled out late. I suspect the 'buyers' were getting their money's worth. Wouldn't you? I joined Tom and Jesse, with Novo, Ruby, and Chris. You didn't notice that I didn't win a bid? I was lazy. I decided to let the others win and I'd just join a group. Who could resist me, right? Well, everyone could, unless I took some chores. Damn them. Tom and Jesse gave me the best deal, so I took it. The labor negotiations were hard. So were Tom and Jesse.

TWO new planes?

I got a text from Morgan as we were getting close to Southampton.

"There are two brand new G650s in our hanger. Two?"

I guess the Christmas presents were out of the bag.

I texted back: "Merry Christmas"

She replied: "2?"

I sent one word: "Luca"

I just got a smiley face back. She will keep the secret. I know Sophia will be excited. She missed her little brother and sister. Yeah, yeah. We are going to let a 13 year old fly his 7 year old sister to England. You've read our journal. As has been said before, it doesn't even make the Top 10 of weird. Yeah we could have just hired more pilots but the kids love it. Elena is actually a pretty good pilot already -- at 7. Not ready to solo a jet but a good right seat for Luca. I suspect others will go with them. I can just hear the calls from their friend's parents. Like you read, Gabe and Ruby were already flying.

"Luca has been telling fibs about flying himself to England in his own G650. I thought you should know."

"Thank you but he is not fibbing. He is leaving this Friday afternoon. Did he invite your child to go? Our place in Oxfordshire is quite nice."

The funny thing is our close friends like Will and Gail wouldn't even blink to let Noah go. Other parents? Yeah no. Those parents we will have to get to know better and no I don't mean in that way. Well, maybe I do mean in that way. Our fun friends already trust their kids more. This is a reasonable step.

I went up to the fly bridge and Bob and Jenny were already there. I overheard Jenny talking on the phone to a local pilot who insisted that he had to be on board to dock. She wasn't really fighting him, but I could tell by her impression she thought it was silly. Hell, with the right coordinates, the damn ship would dock itself. I'm betting that she'd let the pilot on board and do just that.

"Alright. We'll send a tender to pick you up. Yes, yes. Right now," said Jenny. She turned to Bob who just grinned. He'd caught everything and knew where to go. I'll bet he takes one of the Midnight Express boats. Yeah, I was right. I decided to ride along -- heck, it was a nicer day than I expected. We were all in actual pants, with light jackets, which was rare for us, but to us it was cold. We took the elevator down and Bob groped me all the way. I liked it and groped him right back. Yes, he was going to have to drive while hard. DWH. Is that a thing? I'd let him off the hook so he wouldn't have to be embarrassed, but honestly, I don't think he ever gets embarrassed. We took the rear elevator down to the garage and hopped on one of the Midnight Express boats. They needed a nickname. Maybe just Express?


We backed out and Bob closed the garage. I knew he would, because he wanted to show off when we got back. We ripped over to the dock and I mean ripped. Come on Bob. Stop it. OK, I was laughing too. We pulled up and introduced outselves as just Bob and Amy. He didn't need to know it was our boat. He hopped on and sat down and we, yeah, ripped back. He was grinning, so I guess he didn't mind. He was kind of cute too. Down girl. Down. Oh, I would have blown him right there, but we were still trying to be cool. We got to the 475 and Bob hit the remote. Surprisingly it didn't faze him at all. I could see just a flash of disappointment in Bob's face. I had to stifle a laugh. We rode up to the top deck and went up to the fly bridge. Jenny introduced herself as the Captain, which also didn't faze him. I liked this guy. He glanced at the control panel.

"So, does this have autodock?," he asked. Jenny assured him it did. For the first time I saw some excitement in his eyes.

"That's very cool," he said. "I've read of it, but never seen it. I can enter the exact coordinates if you'd like." Jenny brought up the correct panel on the touch screen and he entered the information. He looked at her with puppy dog eyes. Oh, he wanted to press the 'engage' button. I love that the designer called it engage. How very Star Trek of them. Jenny just smiled and nodded. He pressed the button and the boat started moving. It moved pretty gently and started the process.

"This is a beautiful boat. Largest private boat I've ever been on," he said. "When did you leave New York?"

"Four days ago," said Bob. His eyes got wide.

"Four days!," he said. "How is that possible?"

"Well, we weren't in any hurry so we went pretty slowly and stopped a few times to play on the waverunners," said Bob, with a bit of a grin.

"I'm lost. What's the top speed?," he asked. OK, my turn to appear like I know what I am talking about.

"In two hour bursts, 120 knots. It can cruise all day at 80 knots. It can cruise entirely on solar power at 70 knots. We cruised on solar, so no fuel," I added. I pointed at the deck. "The deck is entirely solar panels." His eyes got wide and we spent the remaining 15 minutes until we were docked explaining it all to him. At one point he asked what Bob and my role was on the ship and Jenny laughed and replied 'owners'. That got even bigger eyes. Finally we were docked and he was done but clearly didn't want to leave. Since blowing him seemed out of the question, we let him go as Customs came on board. They were nice, but boringly efficient and we were cleared pretty quickly, without any bribes. Just as they were leaving, we heard the sounds of a helicopter. Nice timing Morgan.

She landed on deck and the first batch of people were ready to go. Since we now had three helicopters, it was just going to be one trip. Jenny had argued that she'd stay on the boat, and none of us could stop laughing. We assured her that she was family and a part of the holidays. Amai had arranged security for the boat for our entire stay. I think she almost cried. She IS family. They're ALL family.

Tonight we were just having a lazy evening, as we'd gotten in fairly late. Morgan had arranged catering for almost all of our visit, so the chore list was much shorter. Tomorrow was a big party for all their local friends, some of whom had never been to their house and some who had not been since the cottages were built. That was going to be interesting. I'm guessing they might notice the three helicopters too. All the cars had been delivered to the house too, and we were out of garage space, so a row of five racing Ferraris was lined up off to the side. We just oozed wealth. Oh well.

Honestly, that party wasn't likely to have anything worth the journal.

Characters in the stories




Billy I
Gabriel (Gabe)




The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
The youngest
Adopted daughter
Leslie's new friend
Hunter's Dad
Hunter's Mom
Hunter's twin sister
Sota and Masako's youngest daughter
Co-captain for the big cruise
Amy's Dad
Amy's Mom
Lance and Linda's son
First home staff. Mechanic, general purpose everything
First home staff. Chef, runs the house and more
Yacht dealer's Dad and Chris' grandfather
Juanita's brother
Juanita's sister
Juanita's Dad
Juanita's Mom
Jake and Emma's son
Italian Vinter
Antonio's wife
New Italian friend and Goddess
Sophia's son
Sophia's daughter
Flight instructor
Flight instructor
Sandy's friend
Sandy's friend
Developer and architect
Kitchen designer
Chris' new friend
Noah's Dad
Noah's Mom
Rylee's Dad
Rylee's Mom
Cheerleader with Leslie and Chris
The family social secretary
Amai's Dad
Amai's Mom
Chloe's college roommate and long-time friend
Freja's husband
Freja and Aldo's son
Freja and Aldo's daughter
Freja and Aldo's son
Freja and Aldo's daughter
Freja and Aldo's son
Freja and Aldo's daughter
Cam's son, Freja's nephew
Cam's daughter, Freja's niece


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
4'11" - 80, slim, glorious puffy nipples
5'0" - cute as hell, 3 inch cock
6'3" - Tall, dark, and handsome
5'0" - 140, DD cup, clearly Hallie's Mom
4'8" - small A cup
4'8" - bedding breasts, big puffy nipples
5'7" - Solid but not fat, D cup
6'0" - fit, 8 inch thick cock
5'4" - 120, D cup, Red hair
5'1" - skinny, cute, 4 inch uncut cock
6'2" - 185, blonde, ripped, 7 inch thin cock
5'9" - tall, athletic, blonde, simply stunning, B cup, model gorgeous
5'11" - rugged, handsome
5'0" - 90, cute, 4 inch cock
4'11" - 85, sexy, flat
5'11" - 175, Vin Diesel, but with short hair, 6 inch average cock
5'6" - 125, stunning, D cup on a small frame
5'3" - 90, good looking, 3 inch cock
6'3" - 220, well-endowed
5'8" - voluptuous, A cup
5'7" - stunning, simply stunning, B cup
5'4" - chisled, smaller, male Sophia, 5 inch uncut cock
4'5" - sexy AF
6'0" - 175, trim, 7 inch thick and cut
5'9" - 140, small B cup, runner's body
5'2" - thin, puffies
5'3" - average, C cups
5'7" - athletic, smaller B cup. Hot AF
6'0" - swimmer's body, 6 inch thick cock
5'7" - thin, 5 inch average cock. Big balls
6'3" - 220, Muscular, 7 inch and thick
5'9" - athletic, D cup breasts, but no sag. Giant nipples
5'11" - 200, 9 inches and thick
5'5" - 120, trim, C cup
5'4" - sexy AF, B cup
5'4" - beautiful, petite, B cup, 6 inch uncut thick cock
6'3" - 195, handsome and black, gray hair, 9 inch thick BBC
5'6" - 120, stunning, mixed, C cup
5'9" - blonde, C cup, athletic
6'3" - 185, Italian, 7 uncut and thick
5'9" - 155, 6 uncut and thick
5'4" - A cup, thin
5'4" - 5 uncut, average
5'1" - puffies
4'6" - 3 inch uncut
4'4" - flat
4'10" - miniature Cam, 4 inch thin uncut cock
4'8" - miniature Freja, could be the kid's sister, not cousin, cute as a button

End of Chapter