So they really like cars

12 May 2018

Tim Buchanan

Formerly Chapter 15

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Morgan's learners permit requires a car, right?

After an amazing time in Cuba, we wound our way around a bit and slowly made our way back home. It was a glorious family time, with lots of good food, fun games, swimming, and more. Yes, that more, but that was incidental to the wonderful time we had. John and Mary welcomed us into their family and it just felt right. Finally it was time for them to fly home and Mary absolutely insisted that they fly home commercial, and in coach. So they did. Amy told me later that once they were home, her Mom did admit that a private jet was awfully nice, so I suspect their future visits would be a little more luxurious. We had assured them before they left they could come any time, even if just for the weekend, and we could ensure no time was wasted on airports.

John did take me to the side again and challenged me a bit on where my money came from, so I told him the story. As I got to the appropriate point in the story, he started muttering "$460 million dollars" over and over and I had to laugh. Like daughter, like father. His eyes got even bigger when I shared that the stock had gone up more than expected and our total net worth was rapidly approaching the billion dollar mark. Then he started muttering "Billion. with a B" over and over. He promised that he would only share the story with Mary, but I suspect that had a little to do with her willingness in the future to fly private.

We settled in and were soon going to embark on our family cruises, but had a couple weeks at home. If you recall, the kids had crossed birthdays and Morgan was 15. She insisted that we go get her driving permit, as she had been studying and really wanted to drive. I had arranged a private trainer, and knew she'd do fine. On our way home from the DMV, she asked which car would she be learning in, the E63S, the GLS63 or the RS5. Realizing the RS5 was the lowest horsepower at 450hp, and that both Mercedes were over 600hp, I realized that another car was in our future. Once we got home, Amy and I discussed it, privately. My suggestion was a Prius, and Amy wholeheartedly agreed. It's not like we were particularly green (the Gulfstream G650 threw that out the window), but it is a nice reliable Toyota and why not be a little thrifty and good for the environment. We thought about a Tesla Model 3, but they still were impossible to get. I sure wasn't putting her in a Model S that could be quicker than anything we already owned.

So later that day, we had a Daddy-Daughter afternoon and headed to the nearest Toyota dealer. Since I loved cars, and had purchased a few, we hopped into one of my favorites, our Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster. Ours was a brilliant blue and was a bargain at a little over a half million. Oh how my tastes have changed. And no, Morgan wasn't learning to drive in that either.

We got the exact same treatment we did at the Mercedes dealer. I don't look that old and all the experienced salesmen (yes, all men) could see was two kids wasting their time. Finally a young man came over and asked if he could help us. He had to be an adult, but he looked like a kid. About 5'8," maybe 130 pounds, with black glasses, he looked about 16. He introduced himself as Nathan and laughed when he shared that we were his first customers on his first day.

We shared that we were looking for a nice Prius and would pay cash today. His eyes brightened and he gave us a big smile. Morgan lit up too, as this nerd did have a nice smile. As we walked around the lot looking at the Toyotas, Nathan shared that his Uncle managed the dealership, he had just turned 18, his Mom made him take the job and he was still in high school. The high school Morgan would start in the fall as a 10th grader. Nathan shared he was the oldest in his class, and would just be starting the 12th grade. They clearly hit it off as we walked around. It was almost normal, for us.

As we walked past the end of the row, a Toyota Highlander SUV caught Morgan's eye.

She asked: "Is that SUV a Hybrid? That's what it says on the back".

Nathan assured us that it was, a top of the line model with every available option. He clearly knew his Toyotas. It was a beautiful pearl white, with a tan leather interior. Morgan looked at me and smiled, and I nodded. Nathan ran off to get the keys.

"He's nice and cute, isn't he Dad?," said Morgan. I always had an internal laugh when a 15 year old called 23 year old me Dad, but I did love that they all felt that way. I assured her he was and that it was nice that she would know someone in her new high school.

By then Nathan came back, a bit breathless, with the keys. We took it for a nice test drive, with me driving and Morgan riding shotgun and Nathan in the back. Nathan shared that all the other salesmen razzed him when he got the Highlander keys that he was just wasting his time. When we got back, we told Nathan we'd take it, if the dealership could drop it off. He promised that he would deliver it personally, if we could give him a ride back, which we could. Morgan asked when he got off work, and when he said 5, she insisted that he come for dinner and a cruise. He was a little confused on the cruise part, but his rapture with Morgan inviting him quickly had him nodding in agreement. I am pretty sure that if she had suggested he jump off a building, he would have asked which one. Skinny nerd boys don't get asked out by girls that look like Morgan. Ever. Trust me, I know. The fact that I was married to Amy still stunned me.

When we got back inside, Nathan brought his Uncle Jeff over and told him that we wanted to buy the SUV. At first, I don't think Uncle Jeff believed me, but I pulled out my checkbook and assured him we did, and if he moved quickly enough, he could check with our bank, as we were prepared to write a check. Uncle Jeff still scoffed.

"You know, Nathan did such an outstanding job and was so knowledgable about the SUV that we won't even dicker on price. We'll pay the sticker price," I said.

Even doubting Uncle Jeff had to at least see if we were serious and he picked up the desk phone when I told him our bank and branch. Once he told them our account number, he put it on speaker, I'm sure trying to embarrass us.

I recognized the bank manager's Ken's voice. I chimed in and said "Hi Ken. Why don't you just share our current balance. The car dealer doesn't seem to think our check will clear." Ken knows my voice. Well.

After actually laughing out loud, which confused Uncle Jeff, Ken said: "Let me look it up really quickly. OK, here it is. The current balance is $11,345,422. In his checking account." Jeff had turned the phone up LOUD, confirming my belief that he wanted to embarrass us. When he heard the number, Jeff collapsed in the chair. At this point, everyone in the dealership was looking at us, which was a little weird, but understandable. I saw a lot of whispering going on.

I didn't want to let it slide.

"You know Jeff, your attitude and treatment of us sucks. You scoffed at our ability to buy a car and your all male sales team wouldn't even talk to us. The only person that treated us well was Nathan and he was not only an outstanding salesman, but a true gentleman. You could learn from him," I said.

Pointing at the gathered sales people, I continued "and all of you not only missed a big sale, but if I wanted I could buy an entire fleet of cars and I assure you none of you would ever get that sale. I hope you all learn something from this experience."

Turning back to Jeff: "And let me tell you Jeff, I'm going to talk to the owner of the dealership and walk him through exactly what happened. He might let you keep your job, but I wouldn't. What I have to decide now is whether I want to buy this dealership just for the pleasure of firing you. Oh, and none of you our particularly attentive. I'll bet we would have gotten better treatment if you noticed the car we had arrived in", pointing out their front window at the Lamborghini. Every head swiveled and I heard at least one gasp.

Morgan and I walked out and got into our car. I admit that my frustration got the better of me and there was now a rubber stripe leading out of the dealership.

At about 5:30, we heard Nathan's voice yell hello. Morgan and I went out to meet him and Amy tagged along. Amy and I stood there as Nathan spoke to Morgan. I could tell he was almost quaking at having a conversation with her. I stood with my arm around Amy's waist and enjoyed the situation. Nathan was me, a few years ago. Heck, Nathan was me last week. My act at the car dealership was just that, an act, although I did make a mental note to call the owner of the dealership.

"This is yours?," he asked, sweeping his arm at our boat. "You live here? On this?"

"Well, it's my parent's," said Morgan said, pointing at Amy and me. I don't think that cleared much up, given we look like we're in our early twenties, which, you know, we are. "It's a long story, but yes, we live here, Bob and Amy, and my younger brother Orlando and my little sister Leslie. Bob and Amy are our adoptive parents, as our birth parents died." That stunned Nathan a little.

"It's OK Nathan, we've dealt with it and are incredibly lucky to have such wonderful new parents. It's not about the boat or the money, they really love us. We'd be happy if we lived in a trailer," said Morgan.

I admit, my eyes welled up a bit and glancing at Amy, I saw the tear slide down her face. Morgan was right, nothing mattered but our being a family. Being rich was nice, but it wasn't what it was all about. Oh, did I neglect to mention that Amy and I had adopted the kids? Mrs. Johnson came through for us on that and it happened fast. That reminded me, we really needed to check in with Mrs. Johnson.

Morgan welcomed Nathan on to the boat and he finally remembered to close his mouth as he looked around.

"Amy, why don't you call out Orlando and Leslie and introduce them," I said. "Morgan and I are going to cast off". While that was true, I wanted a moment along with Morgan.

"Morgan," I said. "Go slow with poor Nathan. He is completely out of his league in more ways than one. It has nothing to do with the money. It's YOU that is out of his league. He's a nerd and nerd's don't even talk to girls that look like you. If you make a move on him, you'll not only scare him off, but you'll have a reputation before you even start school."

Morgan laughed and slapped me on the arm. "Dad, you're crazy. I know all that. I like Nathan. He's sweet. I want to get to know him better, and the way to do that is to move slowly, not fast. Oh I might fuck him, and he'd love it, but it won't be for awhile."

I beamed with pride. Morgan was smarter than I was, although I admit a vision of Nathan fucking Morgan did flash in my head.

"I want to make sure Mom told Orlando and Leslie to cool it, but I am sure she did," said Morgan. With that she ran off, leaving me to cast off. Cast off I did, then went into the wheelhouse and pulled out of our slip. We drifted a little ways offshore and while I started burgers on the grille (a much better grille, I admit), the kids decided to go swimming. Before I could offer Nathan a suit, Orlando did. I'd bet money poor Nathan would come back out in a speedo that was too small for him.

All three girls, and in that group I included Amy, went below to change. All came out in what were modest swimsuits, at least for us. All were in variations of a women's speedo. Amy and Leslie were in matching one piece suits, Amy in neon green (which she rocked with her red hair) and Leslie in a hot pink version. Morgan's was a two piece, with what were basically boy shorts (the underwear style) with a sports bra, in a demure dark blue. I'm pretty sure that was called a tankini. She did look stunning, just not near naked.

Nathan and Orlando reappeared and I gave Orlando credit and would have lost the bet. They were both in board shorts. Nathan surprised me, as that skinny frame had unexpected definition. We later learned he was on the swim team, in fact the captain of the swim team. Who knew? He probably would have been at home in the speedo. But where Nathan gained all my respect was that he didn't even give Amy and Leslie a glance. I could understand Leslie, although she was developing into a truly beautiful young woman, but to ignore Amy required strong concentration. Nathan had that level of concentration and was laser focused on Morgan. I even noticed that after a quick glance, he looked at her eyes when they spoke, not her breasts. That was amazing. Heck, even I liked looking at her breasts. They are very fine breasts, let me assure you.

They swam off the platform for awhile, until I called out that dinner was ready. Orlando, Amy, and Leslie appeared first, and I glanced back and saw Nathan and Morgan sharing the swim platform shower. Nothing untoward, just laughing, but I did notice that Morgan was a little touchy -- on his arm a few times. Nathan looked to be in sheer heaven. I would have been.

Dinner was pleasant and we learned more about Morgan's new school. Nathan had as all laughing as he described all the cliques. He put himself in the nerd clique, even though he was a swimmer. He assured us that the jock clique only allowed in the football and basketball players, so he didn't qualify. Morgan put him on the spot and asked him what clique he thought she would be in.

He looked at her, doing an appraisal, with his hand on his chin and we all broke up.

"Well, it's tough, but if you have any interest, I'd put you in the cheerleader clique. They're all beautiful and athletic, but you would put them all to shame," he said. For a nerd, that boy had a way with words, as Morgan's face and neck turned a shade of crimson. Who would have thought he could embarrass her! The evening soon broke up and we returned to shore. We offered to give Nathan a ride to his car, as we had planned, but he insisted on just taking an Uber. After all, he'd made the biggest sale of the at the dealership.

We all went downstairs and Morgan was clearly in a dream state. Orlando and Leslie bluntly propositioned her, but she begged off, which was unusual. Usually she was one of the leaders in our fun. Orlando and Leslie took it well and disappeared into Leslie's room. Morgan went out on to the deck and laid on a chaise lounge, looking at the stars. After awhile, I drifted out and sat on the chaise next to her and asked her if she was alright. She assured me she was, just tired from the day and thinking about Nathan. I loved that she felt she could share.

"Dad, I have a question. I love sex. I love a lot of sex. But I really like Nathan. How do I balance that out? I still want to play with the family, and even outside the family, and I can't conceive of bringing Nathan in to that, at least any time soon.," she said. "How do I make that work? You and Amy are lucky, you have each other and are cool with it."

It was a really tough question and I didn't have an answer.

"Well, Morgan, this is all up to you. In Amy's and my case, we separate sex from love. We often make love, and that is special between us, but sometimes we fuck and that's different. Fucking, for us, can be just the two of us, or include others, but it doesn't compete with love," I said. "We are fortunate to have figured it out early, because too many relationships fail for a lack of symetry in their sexual needs."

"Wow, that makes sense. I hate to hide it from him, but we haven't even had a date yet. I'm not even sure he'll ask me. So, I guess I still have fun and work through it over time," she said.

"That's how I'd do it. Oh, and if he doesn't ask you out soon, do him a huge favor and call him and ask HIM out. He may never get the nerve, but you two are good together," I said.

"OK Dad, good advice. Thanks for talking to me," she said.

With that, she got up and wandered downstairs. I don't know if she went in her room for a little quiet time or went into Leslie's room. Either was a good answer and entirely up to her.

Bob's still pissed

The next day was spent on an amazing variety of errands, almost all completely useless. Morgan made up reason after reason to drive somewhere and commanded that either Amy or I join her. I have to admit, she was a good driver, and I remember how excited I was about driving, so we went along, although coached her that this wasn't going to happen every day.

I'd found out the name of the owner of the dealership and we'd agreed to meet at 2pm. At the dealership. Oh my. So off Morgan and I went, in her new SUV, and we arrived right on time. We entered the dealership to silence. Every salesman's eyes followed us as we walked to the owner's office, went in, and closed the door. What they didn't know is that I had already said my piece and this was entirely for show. A little fear of God was good for them all. We chatted for awhile about this and that and I learned more about the car dealership business. He was truly a nice guy and seemed like a good businessman and was seriously disturbed by his team's behavior. He was particularly stunned that his entire sales team was men -- he'd taken his eye off that ball. Every once in awhile, I yelled something pertient, and the three of us had to stifle our laughter. We could imagine that the team's nerves were getting worse and worse. After a solid 30 minutes, and an agreement to meet again to talk about investing in a dealership together, we opened the door. Morgan and I stormed out, stomping our way to her car and left. I thought we put on an Oscar worthy performance. Doug, the owner, later shared that as soon as we left, he called in Uncle Jeff and ripped him a new one. He let him keep his job, which we supported, but just barely. He was on probation. He even used that word - probation.

Morgan got a call while we were driving, which I, of course, wouldn't let her answer. I saw it was from Brittney, who we hadn't seen in a long time, so much to her horror, I answered the phone. After chatting a bit, I upped the level, I invited her to come out to the marina and join us on the boat. She agreed to come in about 45 minutes, as she really wanted to see Morgan and the rest of the family. I shared our slip had moved and the boat was a little different, but left it at that. By now, we had pulled into our parking spot and Morgan was slapping at me to get the phone. I laughed and passed it to her and got out, reminding her to lock the car. As I walked away, I turned and shouted: "She wants you to try out for cheerleading". I then climbed on board.

When Brittney arrived, I realized it HAD been a long time, as she must have turned 16, as she drove herself. That did make sense though, as she was going into 11th grade, while Morgan was going into 10th. Given how hot she was at 15, I admit to some shock that she looked, well, better. Stronger and more muscular and her B cups were now C cups. She bounced, yes bounced, on board, exclaiming "THIS is YOUR boat?".

Yes, bounced. OMG the jiggle. She was in a teeny tiny top with cheer shorts. I don't know what was under those shorts, but I'm pretty sure she bought them in kindergarten, as they were just buried in her cleft. Serious camel toe time.

Morgan and Brittney headed down below to change and get the tour. Apparently changing took a solid 45 minutes, as they didn't reappear for a bit and when they did, Orlando was with them. What startled me the most is that both Morgan and Brittney were topless. Gloriously topless. Brittney really had developed. She had a swell to her hips, just enough to be enticing. Her breasts were proud and pushed out, and had large aereola that were quite puffy, with large nipples. If you're a fan of puffies, whese breasts were for you. You could see here cheerleader shape, as she had the classic V only teenage girls could pull off. All in all, a sexy specimen. All three of them were sweaty and flushed, so if I had to guess, 13 year old Orlando just got himself some 16 year old pussy. The fact that Morgan was flushed too was both interesting and concerning. I pulled her to the side. She looked down and noticed I was hard and grinned.

"What's up. Brittney isn't in the know. Did she see you and Orlando play?," I asked.

"Don't worry Dad, it's cool. We both played with her, but we didn't play with each other. I told you, we're not stupid," said Morgan. "She did enjoy Orlando fucking her though. She told us that she'd only had sex twice and no one had ever made her cum. After the fifth time, she had to ask us to stop. She licked her first pussy today too."

As she walked away, she turned and added: "Now, she did say some things in private. She asked me how I kept my hands off Orlando and shared she'd have him fuck her every day. Then she commented about how you were cute and so was Amy and a threesome, or more, would be hot. So there IS potential there."

She ran and dove off the back of the boat, and the three kids splashed and laughed for awhile. What to do, what to do. I DID want Brittney. I heard a laugh and looked up and saw Amy looking down from the upper deck.

She laughed and said "It's HARD figuring out what to do, isn't it?," with an emphasis on the hard. "Just go slow, but I have an idea."

She came down and we discussed it for awhile. She had a good plan to at least introduce the idea, so she went off to talk to Leslie, who was important to the plan. A few moments later, Amy came back out, now topless, and Leslie walked out behind her, stark naked. They climbed out on the swim platform and started chatting with the three in the water, as if nothing was abnormal. I watched and saw Brittney checking out Amy's tits, but Brittney couldn't keep her eyes off Leslie. She was drawn to her. Let's face it, Leslie might be the sexiest 11 year old on the planet and she knew how to rock nudity right. I'm not sure I've given Leslie the description her development deserves, so let me share. She still had the little boy shape, with almost no hips, but was a thin and tight girl. She didn't really have breasts yet, but was at that absolutely perfect age where she could wear a tight t-shirt and no one would think it was wrong, exactly, but admirers would flush at the sight. She had the beginning of breasts swells, I guess you would say. I mentioned Brittney's puffies, but Leslie's entire breast was a big puffy, with strong erect nipples. She was starting to show a hint of development down below too. That cusp of flowering, but not quite. More of a swell there too, that in a tight bathing suit really pushed out and showed the future. She had a really well developed clit, beyond her years, which was almost always visible, mostly because she could never stop rubbing it.

The three kids got out and Morgan pointed to the shower. Orlando and Morgan clearly got the hint, as they stripped off their suits and got under the shower together. As they rinsed off, they put on a show of 'accidentally touching', to the point where Orlando got hard. They stopped there and dried off and looked over to Brittney. She shrugged and dropped her bikini bottoms and rinsed off. It was quite a view and I saw that she had shaved, except for a tiny tuft. She was clearly excited, as she was engorged and a pretty dark pink. She looked ready to fuck. As she was done, she passed Orlando and gave his hard cock a couple strokes. Considering Amy was standing right next to her, and she knew I was watching too, that was aggressive. Things looked like they were progressing.

They all came up the deck and I found myself surrounded by naked people. Everyone was staring at me, and it wasn't at my face. Finally Leslie took action (no surprise there), and said "Come on, Dad" and proceed to pull my suit down and off. Suddenly I was standing there naked and rock hard. Brittney was definitely staring at the right place. Amy came over and gave me a few strokes and upped the ante significantly.

"You poor thing, all hard and no where to put it," she said, turning to the group. "Anyone want a taste? Brittney, any interest?"

Brittney looked slightly stunned, but walked over in a trance. She dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. Orlando and Leslie upped the ante again, as Orlando stood next to me and Leslie dropped to her knees and followed Brittney's lead. Brittney noticed. Oh how she noticed, but it was hard to have a surprised expression with your mouth full of cock. Leslie had obviously noticed Brittney staring, as she stopped sucking Orlando and took Brittney's hand. She led her over to the double chaise -- you know, the demonstration couch -- and laid down on her back. She just pointed at her crotch and pointed at Brittney's mouth. She got the hint, and got on all fours and started licking Leslie. Leslie liked it. She might be young, but her pussy was ready. Her clit was long, and Brittney might be new to it, but she knew to suck it. Leslie started writhing. Morgan took me by the cock, literally by the cock, and led me over to the couch. She pulled me to the side and said "Brittney, do you want some of this?" Brittney looked up only long enough to nod. Morgan pushed me around and positioned me and held Brittney open. I felt a shove and it drove me in to the hilt. I looked back and Amy was behind me laughing.

Brittney looked up long enough to mutter "I'm on the pill". Well that's good, given I wasn't wearing a condom.

Orlando escalated again, by ducking under Brittney and licking her while I stroked in and out. She had to feel that he was licking my cock too. At this point, I doubt it mattered, as she was moaning into Leslie's pussy. The only ones left out were Morgan and Amy, who were content to watch the action. Finally, Leslie and Brittney both went over the top. I couldn't hold it, so I pulled out and covered Brittney's pussy, her back, and Orlando's face with cum.

Before Brittney could move, Morgan dove in to clean her up. This drove Brittney through multiple orgasms. She finally collapsed and rolled over into the spot that Leslie had vacated. Her eyes were immediately drawn to Orlando, who's face was covered in my cum. He made a point of licking some off, with a grin. Morgan came over and licked the rest off, which resulted in a little gasp from Brittney. We got another gasp when Morgan came over and pushed some of the cum into my mouth. The finale, so to speak, was when Leslie and Orlando both dropped to the knees and cleaned me off. I think Brittney was about to pass out from the over stimulation.

Once we all took quick showers, we sat Brittney down to ensure she would keep our secret. Every time someone joined the 'crowd', it was another risk. We wouldn't have included her if we didn't think we could trust her, but wanted to reinforce the importance. She got it, thankfully. She did ask a lot of questions, mostly about sex, but a few about Orlando and me, as two guys together was new to her. We explained we were mostly into women, but didn't want to limit our fun. Given Morgan had gotten her off repeatedly, the concept was pretty understandable.

After a nice afternoon, including dinner, all naked, we eventually got dressed, headed in, and Brittney left for home, waving and grinning and shouting that she'd be back. I'll bet she would. Not twenty minutes later, Morgan came up and asked if Brittney could spend the night tomorrow. As I started to say sure, she added "and bring her 12 and 15 year old brothers". Oh boy. Risk/Reward be thy name. In for a penny, in for a pound. I'm all about the pithy quotes.

They all arrived early, around 10 in the morning, piling out of Brittney's BMW 328 convertible. I suspected wealth in their family, being the true oracle that I am. Damn her brothers were fine. Evan was 15, about 5'10," 165 and muscular. We later found out he was a two-way football player, both a running back and a linebacker. You could see it. He was wearing the male equivalent of cheer shorts -- basic gym shorts, that were too small. That was OK, as we saw the outline of a nice cock. Ricky was 12 and pretty impressive for 12. He was about 5'8," 140, and also fairly muscular. He looked like a just slightly smaller version of Evan, with a touch of Brittney thrown in. Their parents must be pretty damn good looking. Ricky was into soccer, not football, but still rocked a body. He was in soccer shorts, which on his team were apparently white, thin, and damn near see-thru. Standing next his brother, it was interesting (and hot) to notice that his cock looked a little bigger. By looked, I mean completely on display, as not only were his shorts white, he was clearly going commando. Neither boy was wearing a shirt. Brittney was in her cheer shorts, complete with the school name on her ass and a tiny, very tiny, bikini top from which she was spilling out. They bounced up onto the deck. What's with their family bouncing? Oh hell, I liked it. Why did I have a feeling that going commando was directly related to the expectation that their clothes wouldn't be on for long? There is that oracle in me again.

The boys made all the oohing and aahing noises that anyone does when they see our boat. Yes, I know, yacht is more appropriate but I just can't do it. I'm not a yacht owner, I couldn't be a yacht owner, except, well, I was a yacht owner. No, it was a boat. Maybe the size of a small ship, but it was our boat. We headed out and were barely offshore when I saw the kids all running around, including Leslie and Orlando, naked as the day their were born (there's my pithiness again. Is pithiness a word?). Amy climbed up onto the fly bridge with me, equally as naked. My guess is that Evan and Ricky enjoyed THAT show. Hell, they are 12 and 15. They were enjoying the nakedness of everyone. I looked over the back of the fly bridge and they were all standing and talking, still doing the introductions. Not even introduced and already naked. It was interesting to watch the dynamics. Evan was enthralled with Leslie, well Leslie's puffy little tits, but couldn't help himself from looking at Orlando's cock. Repeatedly. Even some stereotypical lip licking when he did. Yes, you read that right. Fifteen year old Evan, the stud, was interested in 11 year old Leslie, not 15 year old Morgan (although I suspect he enjoyed them both). Ricky, on the other hand, was shooting for the stars and chatting up Morgan and Brittney. He was clearly enjoying the show, but it was hard to tell whether he was looking at Morgan more or his own sister Brittney. Both boys, plus Orlando, were clearly enjoying the situation as they all had rock hard cocks that only teenage boys can rock. Evan's cock was a solid 6 inches, thick and had a slight upcurve. Very nice. What surprised us was 12 year old Ricky. His cock was even thicker and a solid 7, if not 8 inches. I had a matching up curve, but ended in a huge mushroom head. That would stretch an opening. Damn. Even Evan couldn't keep his eyes off his little brother's cock. We couldn't hear what they were saying, but could tell the conversation had just reached the same point, talking about Ricky's cock, as every eye swiveled to it and we could see Ricky's face turn red. His sister walked over, whispered something in his ear, and took his cock in her hand, giving it several good strokes. He looked like he almost came, as his knees buckled a bit, but Brittney stepped back quickly, with a laugh.

Oh yes, this was going to be an interesting day. Amy and I had agreed we would just be voyeurs, unless we were invited in by one of our guests. We thought we might put on a show, even a clinic, at some point for them, but just the two of us. We had encouraged the kids to keep the fun out in the open so we could enjoy it. I don't think any of our guests had noticed it yet, but the big jar of condoms was on display in the main lounge.

I shouted down "sunscreen" from above. Our kids laughed at the 'voice from above' and ran over and dragged the massage tables out to where we could watched. Leslie pointed at Evan and at one table. Morgan pointed at Ricky and pointed at the other table. They both laid on their back, cocks pointing to the sky, but someone must have told them to roll over, as they both did in unison. Damn, they were a sight from the back. Sculpted shoulders, defined muscles and tight, tight asses. Wow. I could tell Amy was enjoying the show too, as she was rubbing her clit. She saw I had caught her and laughed, reaching over to slowly jack me off as we watched.

Leslie and Orlando started massaging lotion into Evan's back. When they got to his ass, each took a cheek, so there could be no surprise from Evan who had shown an interest. Brittney and Morgan started doing the same to Ricky, lingering longer on his ass. As if on cue, Leslie pulled Evan's ass cheeks apart and Morgan did the same for Ricky. Morgan motioned with her head for Brittney to watch Orlando. Orlando squirted a big glob of lotion right on Evan's anus, causing him to jump a bit. Orlando then proceeded to put one, then two fingers, in Evan's ass and started pumping. Leslie took that moment to walk around to Evan's head and start talking, I'm sure to reinforce the point that it was Orlando's fingers, not hers. Evan didn't seem to mind. We could hear the moans even from up here.

Brittney was a quick study and squirted lotion on the same spot on Ricky, resulting in the same jump. She followed the lead and started with one, then two fingers. Ricky pushed back, pushing the fingers in deeper. Morgan made the same move Leslie did, and I think Ricky was a little surprised that his sister was finger fucking his ass, but it didn't stop him from humping back against her. To cement the situation, Leslie and Morgan both knelt down and offered a nipple to be sucked, and sucked they were. Soon Orlando slapped Evan's butt and told them both to turn over. They did, with obvious relutance, and their cocks must have been painfully hard, as if anything they were a little bigger. The lotioning was clearly going to wait, as if timed, Orlando and Brittney each took a cock in their mouth. Not to be outdone, Leslie hopped up and settled down on Evan's face. Morgan took the hint and did the same for Ricky. Evan and Ricky were either experienced or just lucky, as both Leslie and Morgan came surprisingly fast. We knew, because we could hear the moans and see the drenching their faces took.

Apparently this excited young Ricky, as Brittney was clearly surprised when he came in her mouth. Ever the trouper, she tried her best, but a lot of cum leaked out and down his cock. She pulled off and the resiliance of youth was shown, as he stayed hard. All of this put Evan over the top too, but Orlando pulled off, receiving quite the facial. Evan too stayed hard. Morgan started cleaning up Ricky's cock and Leslie did the same for Evan. Brittney gave Ricky a big kiss, and clearly surprised him when she pushed some of his cum into his mouth. Orlando offered his face to Evan, who eagerly lapped it up and they ended in a pretty damn passionate kiss. I guess that pushed me over, quite unexpectedly, as I came buckets. Amy was surprised too. The only problem with our looking down from above is that my cum had nowhere to go but down. Suddenly all the kids realized they were getting rained on and looked up. It took a moment for Evan and Ricky to register it wasn't rain. Morgan, Orlando, and Leslie didn't even looked surprised. It was a lot of cum and ended up with another 'cleaning session' as I yelled down "Sorry" and Amy and I both broke up laughing. Guess we were going to participate just a little.

Amy and I went down and everyone took a quick shower on the swim platform. We sat around for a few minutes and Amy and I had a passionate talk about the need for absolute discretion. Brittney had heard the talk and had obviously already impressed it upon Evan and Ricky, although it was clear they didn't know that the play could include Amy and me, although from Ricky's continued starting at Amy, particularly, you know, her breasts, I think the idea was just fine with him. We followed with the safe sex lecture and the girls all chimed in that while they were on the pill, condoms would always be used. Orlando got an eyebrow raise from Ricky when Orlando added "with me too," as Ricky quickly figured out that meant that someone was fucking Orlando. Evan didn't even bat an eye, cementing his bisexuality. Yay.

Leslie, in the nicest possible way, asked the boys what their experience was. Evan shared that he'd gotten blow jobs, and turned quite red when he admitted that many of them were from other boys. I was impressed, because when Morgan and Brittney badgered him for names, he wasn't giving any up, boys or girls. That's the ticket Evan, discretion. He admitted he was still a virgin, which at 15, and looking like him, surprised me. Brittney was so sweet about it and shared that she had very limited experience too. Her discretion was solid too, as she didn't share that her only experience was Orlando and me, well, and Morgan, Leslie, and Amy. You know, all of us, yesterday.

Ricky finally admitted that he had one blow job in his life and had gone down on one girl in his life and both had happened within the last few minutes. Well, today was going to be FUN for him. Everyone assured him that was just fine and Evan jumped in and coached him that if he wanted to have regular sex he should never, EVER, share names and exploits. As Evan put it, real men don't do that. Go Evan.

Leslie, ever blunt Leslie, asked the boys which of the four of us do you want to fuck first. Yes, with an emphasis on the word first. It took both boys a second to realize that count included Amy, and they both looked over at me. I just grinned and shrugged. They almost made exactly the choices I expected. Evan picked Leslie. Lovely, sexy little Leslie. He skipped a chance with Morgan and even Amy to make that choice. Ricky couldn't take his eyes off Amy and I was sure that's where he was going and he hesitated for a second. He finally screwed up the courage, but the name that popped out of his mouth wasn't Amy, it was Brittney. That got a look of genuine surprise from Brittney.

"You want ME to be your first little brother?," said Brittney.

"Yes," he said firmly. "I've wanted to fuck you since I started masturbating two years ago. It wasn't until today, watching them (waving his arm at all of us), that I thought it was possible. Oh I want to fuck more than that today, but I really want you first. It's truly my dream come true".

"Ricky, I would be truly honored," said Brittney. "I am all yours". With that, she got up and took his hand. I'm sure she knew she could choose a bedroom, but no, she led him over to the chaise.

"What position do you want to do first," she asked.

"I have absolutely no idea," he replied, with a grin. "I am truly clueless. I haven't even had health class yet."

That got a laugh out of the whole group. I was impressed that Evan was going to let Ricky go first, but I realized that wasn't Leslie's plan. She positioned Brittney on her knees on one side of the lounge and climbed up next to her on the other side and assumed the same position. She called out: "Orlando, grease us up". So he did, liberally. I'm pretty sure both girls were ready, given Orlando got them both off. Twice.

Morgan came running out of the salon with two condoms and expertly rolled on one each boy. She then led Evan over to Leslie, grabbed his cock, and guided him into her. She then repeated this with Ricky, guiding him into his sister.

"I think you know what to do now," Orlando announced.

Yes, yes, they did. Two teenage boys first time isn't about sensuality and making love. It's all about fucking. Given that they'd just cum, they lasted longer than I expected and managed to each make their partner cum. Well, that's good. As the girls went over the top, the boys did too. Evan just plunged in and came inside Leslie. I am sure she'd be dripping if he didn't have a condom on. Ricky was more of a showman, as he pulled out, whipped off the condom and covered his sister's ass with this cum. It was quite a sight. Morgan came over and pushed his head right down. He got the idea and started licking his own cum off his sister. Evan jumped over and started to help. Morgan pulled Brittney's ass cheeks apart and both boys took turns rimming her. Ricky stuck a finger in her pussy and Evan stuck a finger in her ass and she had a terrific orgasm, showing both boys what squirting is all about. They all collapsed into a family sandwich. My guess is that whenever they were home alone, somebody was going to be fucking somebody.

For the next few hours, we had a pleasant cruise and enjoyed a quiet lunch. The kids chatted and swam and even played a rousing game of monopoly. Very age appropriate. As I was walking through the dining room, I heard Leslie.

"Well boys, what's next? Want to fuck somebody else? Maybe try some boy-on-boy?," she asked.

This got a blush from them both and Ricky spoke first. He was apparently their family's version of Leslie.

"I want to fuck somebody in the ass," he announced. "I've seen it in porn and it looks cool".

"OK," said Leslie. You have seven choices. Who do you want to fuck. It took a bit of mental math to realize she had offered everyone else's ass, including his brother's. I saw the light go on in Evan's eyes about the same time I figured it out.

"Really?," said Ricky. "Anyone?"

"Anyone," replied Morgan, taking over.

"Yes, anyone," chimed in Orlando. It looked like Evan was going to object, but then he stayed silent. Hmmm.

Ricky thought about it for awhile, looking from person to person. We were all in the room by then. Finally he made up his mind.

"Well, it's my fantasy, so I want to fuck Amy in the ass, but I want to suck Orlando's cock while I do it," said Ricky.

Looks like we had a plan and execute that plan we did. I'm sure you can create your own visuals, but it was spectacular. Let's just say Amy ended up with a load of Ricky's cum all over her, but all of Orlando's cum went right down Ricky's throat.

Next up, Evan got to answer the same question about what he wanted to do next.

"I wanted to get fucked in the ass," he said quietly. I was impressed that no one had even the most mild reaction to that.

"Who do you want to fuck you?," Brittney asked. "There are only three choices and Ricky and Orlando just came"

Evan looked right at me and said: "looks like you're up, so to speak."

Yes, yes I was, in more ways than one. Let's just say Evan assumed the same position on the same lounge. Brittney did the honors of lubing us both up. I was gentle, and eased in, but as soon as I was balls deep, the entire group cheered. Nothing like getting your ass fucked for the first time at 15, with an audience cheering you on. I did use a condom, but liked Ricky's style, so I pulled out and took it off and came all over Evan's ass and cock.

Nobody moved faster than Brittney to clean him up, including a nice rim job.

Well, that was it for the day. We were all fucked out. We even went to bed early, anchored offshore. I think the kids even went straight to bed, much to my surprise.

The end of another very, very nice day. Damn, three hot new kids and everybody wore themselves out.

Cheerleader Morgan. Oh yeah

Without much discussion, the next day was more about fun and play, no not that play, than about sex. That's not to say no one had sex, just not in groups and not for extended periods. I know Evan and Ricky both got off at least twice. Ricky got his first ass fuck from Orlando too, at Evan's encouragement. Evan fucked his first ass and, to no one's surprise, picked Orlando. Brittney took all four of us at one point or another. She was damn tight is all I'll say.

The most entertaining part of the morning, though, was cheer practice. Brittney decided to show the other girls cheer moves and have them join in. She was pushing Morgan to try out, and wanted her to start practicing. Leslie and even Amy joined in. The only thing is they did it nude. Nude cheerleaders. Nude. The boys and I all sat on the couch and watched, and, I admit, we all stroked our own cocks while we did. It was amazing. At one point, Leslie was on her back and pushed herself up on her arms and legs. What it did for us was it pushed her pussy out and open, and it was clear she was aroused. She held the position and Ricky couldn't resist and stood up, looking down at her, stroking his cock. He didn't last, and shot off all over Leslie's open pussy and up to her puffies. He just covered her. She laughed and told him to "clean up his mess" in a stern voice. He did.

At another point all four of them were in a line, doing the splits and Brittney had them roll onto their backs, holding the splits. Yes, imagine it. Four amazing girls, spread wide open. Ricky had clearly recovered, as he immediately dove in and started licking Amy. Shoot for the stars Ricky. That spurred Evan, who did the same to Leslie. That left Morgan and Brittney. Orlando went after Brittney, which left me with Morgan. OK by me. We all licked them to orgasm and then mounted them missionary style. Oops. No condoms. Oh well. The girls all wrapped their legs around our backs, forcing us to really push in. Ricky came first, which was surprising as he had just cum, but that set us all off and we filled all the girls with cum. Leslie yelled "switch," so we rearranged to eat out the cream pie. I ended up with Ricky's cum, licking it out of Amy. Let's just say that fun ended with multiple orgasms.

About middle of the day, Morgan got a call and wandered off to take it privately. She came back, but didn't share, and we didn't pry.

We headed back to the marina and off Brittney and team went. We were confident that they were going to be experimenting constantly. Did we corrupt them? Maybe, but we taught them the importance of safe sex and discretion. OK, maybe not completely safe, given the cheer fuck, but still.

After they left, Morgan came over to Amy and me.

"The call was Nathan, asking me out. He was fucking adorable. He could barely get the words out. He fumbled and stammered. I let him for a bit, but then felt bad for him," said Morgan. "He was heading towards asking, and almost there, and couldn't spit it out. So I let him off the hook and asked him if he'd like to go to the new Avengers movie tomorrow. I figured any teenage boy would like the Avengers, and I like it too, so win-win. I could feel his smile over the phone. We agreed he'd pick me up at 1, we'd see the afternoon matinee, and then grab dinner. I made him promise dinner would be on me, since I know he can't really afford much, and we can. Did I do OK?"

"Honey, you did great," jumped in Amy, and I just nodded agreement. "Be nice to Nathan. He's a nice boy. Just don't jump him in the movie theater. You'll scare the shit out of him."

"Mom," said Morgan in that long drawn out whine only teenagers can do. "I know that. In fact, Dad already had this conversation with me." I just shrugged.

"We had a long talk about love and sex and the difference and how you too manage to be so syrupy in love and still fuck a lot of people," said Morgan. "You're my role model in a lot of ways. I love sex. I love to fuck. I'm never going to be monogamous, but I know not to attack Nathan. Eventually it may become an issue, but shit, it is just a movie."

Damn, she listened. A teenager that listens. They were amazing kids.

The next morning, Morgan, Amy, and Leslie disappeared for what seemed like the entire morning. Leslie came out and made them sandwiches and then disappeared again with them. Around 12:30, they rolled out onto the deck. I was reading a book and Orlando was at the table studying. Leslie and Amy came out first, apparently to allow Morgan her entrance and what an entrance it was.

Shit. Nathan didn't stand a chance. He was whipped and may never have even seen a pussy. Morgan was dressed in a sundress, but not any sundress. It was a pale yellow dress, and while not transparent, it was a really light fabric and close. It had flowers - those damn flowers -- in an intricate pattern, and the pattern ensured that strategic areas were more opaquely covered. It was pretty obvious she wasn't wearing a bra, but she didn't need it. It had spaghetti straps, so I don't know what the mechanics of a bra would have been. I could see, at the sides of the dress, that she was wearing panties, but mostly my inferance, not seeing them. As the material shifted, I figured out she was wearing small boy short panties, but pretty smooth ones, as they really didn't show. They had really worked on her hair, and it hung from her shoulders in waves, catching the light. If a sculptor was asked to create a statue of the perfect teenage girl, this would have been the result. Let's just say it got me hard.

Nathan was toast. Just about then, we heard a car pull up. Nathan was early. Early! Down, cock, down. It wouldn't do for him to see me hard because of how my daughter looked.

I glanced over the side and he'd pulled up in an ancient Corolla, complete with mismatched doors. I remembered that car. No, not that specific car, but it is about what I drove in high school. Hard to be the BMOC driving that car. They needed something better for their first date. I actually had to look down at the parking lot to see what was there. I'd, well, bought a couple cars and some were parked around the lot where I could beg people for their extra spot. The challenge was they were all awfully powerful, but Nathan seemed like a good kid and they were safe cars. I decided on the brilliant blue C63s convertible. Fast, but safe. I grabbed the keys before he got up on the deck.

At first, he just stood there, staring at Morgan. I almost laughed, because it was pretty obvious he got hard. Amy clearly noticed too, but I gave Morgan credit for not obviously looking. He was in a bit of a trance, so Morgan walked up to him, and gave him a kiss on his cheek. It left a little lipstick, which made her laugh, and she rubbed it off with her thumb. Somehow she made that incredibly sensual, whether she meant to or not, by holding his other arm when she did it, and bumping into him. He turned bright red, as I am positive she ground herself lightly into his erection. So she basically sent him a message that it was nice he was hard, she took it as a compliment, she wasn't offended, and it didn't scare her. Nice job Morgan.

I walked over and handed her the keys. She looked at that tag. Yes, we have to tag the keys now that we're a bit over the top, car-wise. She just nodded, and took his arm, leading him down on to the dock. He started to steer her to his car, but she steered him in a different direction, and as they got close, handed him the keys. He did a double-take, and looked up at me, and I just nodded. He let her into the passenger seat, and went around to the driver's seat. They didn't put the top down, which didn't surprise me, given the amount of time she'd spent on her hair. I'll bet they did on the way home. I heard the car rumble to life -- the sound of the 4L twin-turbo was intoxicating -- and they backed out and drove off. I'll let Morgan take over the story for a bit.

The first date

Nathan is so damn cute. Oh, I don't mean physically, although he is good looking, but he's just such a fucking nerd. He's sweet, and respectful, but clueless around girls. I don't break. He doesn't need to freak. I'm just me. I can't believe I generated this reaction. I've never thought of myself as that special, but my self-confidence has improved, with Mom and Dad's help. No, get your mind out of the gutter. I mean their help with my emotional well being. Then again, I did look stunning! Mom and Leslie helped. This was one of Mom's dresses, but I think I rocked it. I could see Nathan stealing glances as he drove. Concentrate boy. When I'd gotten in, the dress had ridden up a bit, and I just left it. I like my legs. Nathan apparently does too. I didn't realize for a minute that the left side had been pulled up high, by the seat belt, so he could see leg all the way up to, and including, the bottom inch or so of my boy shorts. Let him look. Maybe it will make him bolder. We got to the movie theater and got snacks and when we went into the theater, I dragged him up to the back row. I wasn't going to fuck him, but maybe I'd at least get a little action. Yeah, yeah, go slow.

We chatted a bit and then the previews started and we shut up. He was holding our big tub of popcorn that we were sharing, so I kept reaching over to take a little. The previews were good, so when I reached over again to get some popcorn, I missed the bucket and managed to jam my hand right down into his crotch. It was an accident, I promise, but boy did he jump. Yeah, lost a little popcorn then. My hand had ended up right on top of his clearly hard cock. Man, he was going to be uncomfortable if it was hard already. I apologize profusely, in whispers, so he at least realized that time was an accident. The matinee wasn't full as it wasn't opening weekend, and we had the entire back two rows to ourselves. How fortunate. The movie finally started and he moved the popcorn over to the seat next to him, as we'd eaten a lot. I knew he wouldn't make any move, so I reached over and took his hand. Holding hands is nice. I had to put our hands somewhere, so what better place than on my leg. I could feel his arm almost vibrate. OK, maybe I was pushing his buttons, but I wouldn't push too hard. After all, the movie was good! I was distracted, though. Here was this nice, sweet guy, who was surprisingly hunky, right next to me, and I had to go slow. I'd fucked boys within minutes of meeting them, and I had to go slow. I know I wanted to fuck. I suspect HE wanted to fuck, but society said go slow. What the absolute fuck should I do? Go slow. Shit.

After about thirty more minutes, I was almost vibrating myself. I needed something, anything, so I turned to him and whispered "kiss me". His eyes got wide, but he was game, sort of. He gave me the most tentative quick kiss. I whispered again: "kiss me like I'm your girl, not your Mom". This got a slightly better kiss, with a little more passion, and a little longer. Still no tongue. Still kind of dry. Better, but I'm guessing not a lot of experience. I decided to up my game.

"Kiss me like you want to use that hardon in your lap to fuck me," I said. There you go, saucer eyes again. He started to stammer something, and I just put my finger on his lips to sush him. I put my hand behind his neck and pulled him to me. We started to kiss and I opened my mouth a little and just flicked my tongue against his lips. He instictively opened, and I pulled my tongue back. He needed to work harder at this. He did, oh good. His tongue came out and came into my mouth, and I sucked on it like a tiny cock. We kept this up for a bit and finally he pulled away, gasping a bit. Better, much better. I gave him a little break and we watched the movie again. I waited him out a bit, and he finally turned towards me. This time he put his hand behind my neck and pulled me towards him and we started quite the tongue dance. It was quite nice. I'd forgotten how nice it was just to make out. Too used to jumping to the next event, so to speak. After a bit, I took his other hand and pulled it to my breast, over my dress. He even moaned a little, but started gently caressing my breast. I know he could feel my nipple get hard. I know I did. I couldn't resist, and reached into his lap and stroked his hard cock, over his pants, just a bit. Suddenly he groaned. Oh shit. I'd made him cum in his pants. My bad. He pulled away, and I'd be willing to bet he was bright red.

"Sorry about that, but perfectly normal," I whispered in his ear. "Just go to the men's room and clean up a a bit and come back. We have more kissing to do."

He shuffled off to the bathroom, and was gone a bit. I did feel bad, as I hadn't intended that, but I know he liked it. Luckily he was in dark shorts. He finally came back and sat down and leaned over.

"Yeah, that was a mess. I'm commando now," he whispered in my ear. Damn. Commando. Damn. At least he was brave enough to admit it. Other than kissing, we didn't do much more and finally the movie ended. We waited through the credits, and there was one hidden scene that was so cool. He was surprised I knew there might be.

"Hey, I love these movies. I can be a girl and still into Marvel," I said. "Never underestimate me."

"Oh, you've exceeded any possible expectations I had," he said.

We left the theater and it made me wet knowing he was freeballing. I thought he might suggest we head home, but he didn't, and got props for that. He'd planned on fast food, but I reminded him I was paying and that meant I got to pick. We headed to Mom and Dad's favorite little french restaurant. I had let them know we were coming and arranged a private room and menus without prices. No heart attacks on my dates. He was clearly confused when we arrived and the host walked around the entire line to welcome 'Miss Morgan', complete with air kisses, and insisted I introduce my young friend. There was grumbling in line when he escorted us into the restaurant, straight to our room, assuring us our waitress would be right in.

"What the hell, Morgan," said Nathan. "They know you, we skipped the line, and I know what this place is. It's too expensive."

"Bullshit," I said. "I'm paying, I like it, and you'll love it. Did you not notice our boat? Did you not notice Dad wrote a check for my car? We're fucking rich and you can enjoy it or be freaked out by it. I choose to enjoy it. If it inimidates you, get the fuck over it." I did at least laugh a little.

He smiled, somewhat wanly, but did sit down. Our room had a U shaped booth, set with both our place settings together. Yeah, I did arrange that. So what of it?

We both checked out the menu and he was clearly searching for prices.

"Yeah, Nathan, no prices. Mine either. Order what you want," I said. "I'm having the surf and turf, a filet with two lobster tails. I'm hungry. Let's start off with an appetizer. Do you like Calmari?"

He fumbled a bit, but decided to match me. I don't think he knew what calamari was, and I wasn't going to tell him until he tried it. There was a knock on our door, and I called out for her to come in. Discretion here. What can I say.

"Hi," said a vision of beauty that stunned even me. "My name is Tabitha, and I'll be your waitress." She ended her statement with a smile so bright we could have turned off the lights. This young woman was fucking hot. I'd have done her on the table. The closest I've seen in a long time to Mom and that's one high threshold. She was about 5'8," so a big girl. Dark blonde hair, with piercing blue eyes and strong cheekbones. Her hair was in a french braid, almost to her butt. That always gets me. Her body was hidden behind black pants and a man's white shirt, but even that shirt couldn't block it out. High firm breasts, great hips, simply a knock out. She carried herself well, and seemed sweet, not a mean girl.

"What can I get you?," she said. "I'm here to provide anything you want." Damn, anything came out breathy and sensual. I almost wished I was here with my brother and sister. We'd have locked the door and stripped her in a heartbest. But no, no, I had to be a fucking sweet 15 year old, on a date with a nice boy. Fuck. I glanced over at Nathan and he got about a billion brownie points. He wasn't looking at her at all. He was focused on me. Me! Well, I guess no threesome. Kidding. Sort of.

We placed our order and Tabitha disappeared. I knew we had a bit of time, and it was time to shake Nathan up a bit, but not until we had a talk.

"OK, Nathan, we need to talk," I said, starting a conversation in a way no boy likes to here. Puppy dog face came back. "No, no, this isn't bad at all, I promise. It's all about discretion and privacy. I value both. I like you a lot, and I'd like to get to know you even better, but I can't do that if I think you're going to brag to your friends. I need to know I can trust you and NOTHING we do will ever come back to me. Ever. I'll share a little more, but not until I get your committment."

"I would never tell anyone. That's just wrong. A lot of my friends boast about their conquests and I don't even want to listen," he said. "Heck, I know they're lying anyway. They throw out names of girls that wouldn't even nod at them in the hall and make all these crazy claims of what they've done. I think they're all virgins, like me." Suddenly, he realized what he just said and turned bright red. Light up the sun red.

"Thank you Nathan," I said. He cocked his head, not quite understanding what I was thanking him for. "Thank you for not wanting to listen. Thank you for defending those girls. Thank you for being honest with me about your being a virgin." He blushed again. Of course.

"So I'm going to be just as honest with you. I might scare you off, and you might not want to date me, and if so, I'll be sad, but I'll understand. You see, I'm not a virgin. And I like sex. It's fun, when it is done right, and with someone you like. It's not just about fucking, although fucking is fun, it's about making someone else feel wonderful and them doing the same for you. I'm good at it. I am also a patient teacher, and if nothing else, you'd go on in life being a better lover. Now if I just shocked you, or worse, pushed you away, then I am sorry. If not, wonderful, and I'll rock your world. You don't even have to answer right now. Our food will be here soon, so let's enjoy dinner and we can talk about it," I said. "Your head may be one place now, and I'll bet you have a lot of questions, and within reason, I'll answer them all. I'm not going to talk about who, or how many. None of your business. I'll talk to you about what I like. What I think you might like. That sort of thing."

He sat there, just looking at me for a bit, sort of slack jawed. It was a lot to absorb. I'd gone for it. The hail mary pass. Either it got dropped, and we were done, or he caught it and I absolutely would rock his world. Suddenly, he got a big grin on his face.

"You'll teach me?," he asked. "I truly have no clue. I've seen porn, so I know the mechanics, but not how to make a girl feel good, feel special. I'd like to do that. I have always wanted to go down on a girl. Can I do that? We can really fuck?" Damn, he did have questions.

"That's a lot of questions," I laughed. "Yes, I'll teach you. I'll teach you how to be a caring lover and how to make a girl happy. I'll teach you the importance of a girl's orgasm and how to get her off multiple times. I'll also teach you the other side of oral sex and blow you -- and that will rock your world -- and then you can fuck me, as many times as you can get it up. Have you ever had a blow job?" Oh, there is that red creep on his face again, and he started to stammer.

"Stop. Let me guess. Yes, you've had a blow job, maybe only once or twice. It probably happened at camp, or during a sleepover, and it was from one of your more experienced friends -- another boy. You might have even reciprocated and blown your friend too, and you're afraid to tell me the truth because you are afraid I'll think you're gay and this will all disappear. If I am even close, stop worrying. Playing with other boys, at your age, is normal. We will laugh about it together. It will not offend me. Hell, I think it is kind of hot. It's not like I've never licked a pussy and had mine licked," I said. Pie plate eyes again.

He gathered himself. "You're close. It was after a soccer game, in the showers, by a teammate. I didn't want to like it, but I did. I'm a guy. I got to cum. Yes, I did reciprocate and it wasn't that bad. His cum tasted weird, but I lived with it. We've done it a few times since, and I do enjoy it. I'm not gay, I just like to cum. And tell me more about your licking pussy," he said.

I laughed. "Cool. I'd love to watch. Maybe we can all get together. As for pussy, my girl friends and I do it all the time. It's just about getting off and, frankly, unless I teach you well, they're better at it than a guy is. You probably give better blow jobs than a girl for the same reason," I said.

"Did you just suggest a threesome?," he asked.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves," I laughed. Just then, we heard a knock, and they delivered our appetizer and refilled out drinks. Once they left, I introduced him to calamari. He loved it, and finally asked what it was.

"Squid," I said. He got a funny look and asked me what it really was. "Squid," I repeated. He just kind of shrugged and ate some more. More brownie points.

We finished it up, and had a minute, so I pulled him by the hand and had him sit on the end of the bench. I unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock, and started blowing him. He sputtered about someone coming, and I said they'd knock. He hadn't cum yet, when they did knock, and I called out "just a minute". We slid back in and I called "come in".

Tabitha walked in, carrying a big platter. "I hope you're really ENJOYING yourselves," she said. "I'll bet you're having fun. Wish I could JOIN IN."

"Really," I replied. "When are you off?"

"You're my last customer," she said. "I worked the lunch shift."

"Oh good. Once we're done, stick around," I said. She smiled a big smile and said she would and left.

"So, big boy, did you really want to see me eat pussy? Did you really want a threesome?," I said. He just nodded. Vigorously.

"Well good. Looks like Tabitha will help us out," I said. "These rooms are really, really private. Eat up, big boy, you'll need your energy." We finished up our food and a bus boy came in to clear the plates. Oh, he was cute too, but maybe not for tonight.

Finally Tabitha came back in and shut, and locked, the door. "So, are we playing now," she said. I told her to sit down for a minute and explained, much to Nathan's embarassment, the situation.

"Oh, a virgin. How exciting. He's going to love this. Why are we wasting time?," she said. When you're right, you're right. I pulled Nathan to the edge of the booth and announced I'd go first. With that, I kicked off my sandles, dropped my dress, and stood there in just my panties. Yeah, pie plate eyes again. I walked right over to Nathan and in my huskiest voice told him to take off my panties. He did, quite gently, which left his face right at pussy level. I pulled the lips apart.

"Here's your first lesson. This is where your cock will go. Soon. This is my clit. See how it pops out of the hood like a tiny cock? Vigrous in the hole, gentle on the clit. Touch me," I said. He was a little tentative, but soon got the hang of it. He was pumping two fingers in and out, while gently rubbing my clit. It felt nice. I was about to cum when I stopped him.

"Very nice. See how wet I am? That's one of the goals. Get me ready. Now, do the same, but instead of rubbing my clit, lick it," I said. He dove right in and was remarkably good at it. It didn't take long for me to cum. I sat back down on the carpet, and he looked very proud. Tabitha had been watching, and undressing, and laid down next to me. "OK, big boy, time to practice the same on me," she said. I looked over and damn, I was right. Solid C cup breasts with big erect nipples. Flat taut stomach. Shaved pussy with nice protruding lips, already engorged. Nathan didn't have to be asked twice, and dove right in on Tabitha. I leaned over and started sucking on her nipples. I stopped Nathan and showed him nipple play and let him practice a bit on Tabitha, but then told him to continue licking. She didn't last long either, and Nathan sat back up, with a juice shiny face.

"Strip," I said. And he did. A very fine young man for sure. You know he's about 5'9" and swimmers trim. He also had definition in his arms and abs that I hadn't expected, but saw when he was on the boat. A nice 6 pack with the classic V. No surprise, he was as hard as a rock. A nice 6 inch, moderately thick cock, with a nice mushroom head and uncut, which surprised me. The head was poking out of his foreskin, and looked so inviting. I got on my knees and sucked him, which caused a moan and earned a Shhh from Tabitha. I didn't want him to cum yet, since he had at the theater. I could taste his cum on his cock. Finally I laid back on the carpet, and said "fuck me". He looked a little lost, so Tabitha helped position him. She took his cock in her hand, which got a moan out of him, and positioned him in the right spot. She touched his back and he got the idea and slid right in; all the way in. I had him stop, just to enjoy the feeling of his first time. Finally he started pumping in and out. I started playing with his nipples and they stood right up. He then showed me his skills, by continuing with one arm, while tweaking my nipples with the other. Seriously, one arm pushups. Damn. I had my hand between us working my clit and it didn't take me long. I went over, hard, and my pussy started squeezing him tighter. That was all it took and he emptied inside of me, collapsing on me at the end. I pushed him off and he rolled beside me. Tabitha immediately cleaned him off, which got him hard again, but he needed a break, and he wasn't done with me.

"OK, if you want to be in the 'greatest lover ever' group, you're not done. You already told me cum didn't bother you, so prove it. This is your chance to go down on me and lick out your own cum. A girl is incredibly sensitive right now and this is erotic as hell," I said. He looked a little confused until Tabitha pushed his head towards the right spot. You could see the light go on in his eyes and he dove right in. Oh God. Right in. He licked and he sucked and he used his fingers. It barely took seconds before I went off. I rode a continuous wave until I had to push him away. When he sat up, it was quite a sight. Tabitha was riding my face and cumming herself. She was facing towards Nathan, so he got a full frontal view of us both. Tabitha saw the opening, and leaned over and we started a 69. It was amazing. After a few minutes, she lifted her head.

"You may not have noticed, but you have great access to me in this position. Get around there, get on your knees, and fuck me," she said. Ever the good student, he moved quickly, and slid right in. I don't think he realized exactly where this put me, and when I started licking his shaft as he went in and out, he jumped a bit, but settled right in. I told him to pull out when he was about to cum and to cum on my face. I think that confused him, but we were his teachers. He lasted a long time, certainly through Tabitha and I have at least a half dozen orgasms, but suddenly pulled out and started spraying her pussy and my face. Given it was his third cum, it was a LOT of cum. I was drenched. Tabitha rolled off of me and told him to clean me first.

He got a funny look and then dove right in, licking my face, my neck, my chest, anywhere he could find a drop of cum. He had watched porn, because he suddenly kissed me and pushed his cum into my mouth. I eagerly took it and swallowed. Once done, he didn't need any direction, and dove right in to clean off Tabitha. It was all over her too, and he gave her the same cum filled kiss. Finally we all all sat up, criss-cross, facing each other.

"So how was your first time?," I asked. All he could do was sit there with a big grin. After all, we were all still naked.

"Fucking awesome," he said. "Awesome." Yeah, he was at a loss for words.

"So, next time we'll include another boy," I said. "I want to see you suck a cock." He blushed, but didn't disagree. Oh goody. Now, how to make that Orlando's cock. Or Dad's.

We got dressed, paid the bill (and yes, Tabitha got a great tip, but the food service was excellent). Of course, we got her number. Wouldn't you?

We headed back to the boat, with the top down and the wind in our hair. It wasn't that late, about 7, so still light when we got back. As you can imagine, the entire welcoming committee was there. Leslie was the first to meet us, and she gave me the 'I can tell you got fucked' look. Well, when you're right. I think Tabitha opened up Nathan's eyes a little, because this time he stared at Leslie. Well, she was barely covered and wearing a teenie-tiny bikini, and it had ridden up into her crotch so far that her pussy lips were peeking out. Yeah, I would have stared too. Orlando was next to greet us, and putting on a show himself. He was in his white speedos, the transparent when wet ones, and they were wet. You could see his cock very clearly and it was half hard. Nathan stared and Orlando caught him. There was that blush again, but Orlando just gave him a smile. He looked around a bit, then crowded up to Nathan. He put Nathan's hand right on his cock and whispered something in his ear, before turning and walking away, with Leslie.

"Wow," said Nathan. "Wow." He repeated.

Just then Dad walked up: "Nathan, are you in a hurry to get home? We were just going to go out a bit and swim," said Dad. "You're welcome to stay and join us." Nathan readily agreed. Dad told us to cast off, and we'd get going. I showed Nathan what that meant, and felt the boat move. We went up to the top deck and found Leslie and Orlando in the hot tub. Surprise, I noticed their suits on the deck. Nathan finally caught it too, giving me a look with raised eyebrows.

"Yeah, more information about our family. We're not very bashful, so you'll often find some one running around naked," I said. "The chlorine in the water is hard on suits, so, we usually hot tub nude. Like right now," I said. With that, I dropped my dress, stripped off, and started to climb in. "Join us?"

Yeah, he turned red again, but he did strip and get in. We all just sat and chatted, which was pleasant, but then Orlando slid over and whispered in Nathan's ear. Nathan didn't respond, but eventually nodded his head. I have no idea what was said, but Orlando pulled himself up onto the edge of the hot tub, and spread his legs, showing his already hard cock. Oh.

"But what about your parents?," asked Nathan.

"Why, do you want to blow Dad too?," asked Orlando. "Or is it Mom you want to fuck? Don't worry about it. Suck." Nathan blushed again, but I think he liked the idea. But we weren't ready to go their yet.

So Nathan did. He dove right in, licking and sucking and using his hands. From my view, he was doing an outstanding job. Orlando warned him he was about to cum, but he didn't slow down. He took it all. He finally backed off, and turned and gave Leslie a big kiss. I wasn't quite sure, but it sure looked like he pushed Orlando's cum into Leslie's mouth. Did he? Could he? Finally he broke the kiss, and she licked her lips. Damn.

"I knew it. I just knew it. You all fuck each other, don't you. Damn. That's hot," he said. Oops. So subtle, weren't we.

"Nathan, how could you possibly think that," I said. He just laughed.

"Leslie took that cum like a pro. She damn well knows what Orlando's cum tastes like. She was falling out of her suit when we got here. She's a sexy little thing and it was on display," said Nathan. "I'll bet she gives great head too." With that, he hopped on the side and was hard. Leslie stood in the tub and I thought she was going to blow him, but she stepped out, naked, and took his hand, pulling him to his feet.

"Any one else coming?," she asked, as they walked away. Orlando and I followed, just like good puppies do.

Characters in the stories




Vicky Johnson


Early thirties


The oldest of the new kids
The middle child and the only boy
The youngest
The outstanding car salesperson
Middle school guidance counselor
Middle school tour guide and Orlando's friend
Morgan's friend and a cheerleader
Leslie's new friend
Jim's friend
DFS Social Worker
Morgan's high school friend
Orlando's dark haired twin and friend
Leslie's new friend
Tyler's Dad
Tyler's Mom
Tyler's sister
Dave's Dad
Dave's Mom
Dave's brother
Hunter's Dad
Hunter's Mom
Hunter's twin sister
Don's friend at the party
Juan's wife
Juan and Sofia's oldest daughter
Juan and Sofia's son
Juan and Sofia's youngest daughter
Don's friend at the party
Sota's wife
Sota and Masako's oldest daughter
Sota and Masako's youngest daughter
Sota and Masako's son
Co-captain for the big cruise
Dealer for the big cruise
Amy's Dad
Amy's Mom
Brittney's brother
Brittney's other brother
Toyota car salesman


6'2" - 165, swimmer's body, 6 inch cut average cock
5'1" - 110, bright red hair, D cup
5'5" - 120, dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
5'0" - 100, dirty blonde, 6 inch cut thick cock
4'6" - 80, brown hair, flat chested
5'3" - 100, dark hair, Ameriasian, small B cup
6'3" - ripped, 10 inch thick cock
5'4" - slim, amazing puffies
5'8" - tall, athletic, B cup
4'6" - 80, 3 inch cock
6'8" - 250, Black, 12 inches of fun
5'7" - Very attractive
5'11" - glasses, chisled abs, 6 inch thick cock
5'2" - dark hair, thin
5'0" - cute as hell, 3 inch cock
5'10" - muscular
5'5" - sexy as hell, C cup
5'3" - trim, larger A cup
5'9" - slightly chubby, giant cock
5'8" - long, dark hair, B cup
5'0" - Dave, at 80%
6'3" - Tall, dark, and handsome
5'0" - 140, DD cup, clearly Hallie's Mom
4'8" - small A cup
5'9" - muscular, Hispanic, 6 inches, thin, upward curve, mushroom head
5'2" - curvy, C to D breasts
5'5" - 120, C cup
5'7" - slim, 5 inch cock
5'2" - skinny, flat
5'8" - lean, 5 inch cock
5'8" - athletic, A cup
4'11 - petite A cup, puffies
4'8" - bedding breasts, big puffy nipples
4'8" - slim, 2 inch cock
5'7" - Solid but not fat, D cup
5'9" - athletic, petite, D cup, 5 inch cock
6'0" - fit, 8 inch thick cock
5'4" - 120, D cup, Red hair
5'10" - 165, muscular, halfback and linebacker on the football team, 6 inch thick cock
5'8" - 140, muscular, soccer player, 7 inch thick cock
5'9" - 130, slim, glasses, 6 inch uncut
5'8" - slim, sexy, C cup

End of Chapter