Chapter 5 - The Call - The burbs
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17 May 2018

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Leslie is a strong young woman

Bob here.

The next few weeks were cruises, but not as many as we originally planned. It's complicated. I know you expected me to thrill you with those stories, and maybe I'll come back to them later. They were certainly fun-filled, and we had a great time. There was plenty of sex, but it wasn't the focus of the cruises. It was extended family vacation and we got to know the area well, with one surprise cruise. I will say we experimented with things I had never personally tried, but I leave that for when I eventually tell the story.

Once we got back, it was time for the kids to start school. Morgan moved up to high school and Leslie moved up to middle school, so Orlando was with Leslie now, not Morgan. Morgan tried out for the cheer squad and to absolutely no one's surprise made the team. The fact that Brittney was the captain that year might have helped, but I saw her practices and she was very good. OMG, watching high school cheerleading practice was hard, so to speak, but at least I had an excuse to do so. I admit to an occasional fantasy of being taken by the entire team. Somehow, I suspect Morgan had stories. Maybe she'll tell them.

Leslie tried out for the middle school squad and became a cheerleader too. As hot as the high school girls were, the middle school girls turned me on even more. All those budding breasts - remember I love small breasts. Their outfits were even skimpier than the high schoolers, with every girl living with a perpetual camel toe. Either the person that picked their uniforms didn't realize they were all grown up, or they were an outright pervert. Once I met their coach, and saw how she looked at the girls, I voted for pervert.

Leslie shared that the coach's office had a big one-way mirror looking into the girl's locker room. It was an open secret WHY there was a one-way mirror and the girls all delighted in parading around nude for the coach. She shared that they all liked to bend over to put on their panties with their ass facing the coach, with their legs spread apart, so the coach had a great view of everything.

Leslie came home one day laughing about something and at dinner shared the story. Apparently, she and her friend Misty were the last one's in the locker room. Leslie described Misty as about 5'0" (152 cm), maybe 90 pounds, with A cup tits. They were both standing there chatting, facing each other and at a profile to the window. Both naked and unconcerned about it. Suddenly Misty had kissed Leslie and Leslie kissed back. It turned into a passionate tongue kiss and Leslie let her hands start to roam. She tweaked Misty's nipples than reached down and push a finger into her. Misty moaned and started humping Leslie's finger until she came, surprisingly fast. Misty then dropped to her knees, using her tongue to return the favor for Leslie, who said she also came fast. They collapsed on the floor and the was all apparently too much for the coach. The coach came out of her office, and just looked at the girls. Leslie said she knew the coach wanted to join in, but after just a few seconds, the coach turned and went back in her office, slamming the door.

Leslie thought it was great fun but creepy. We all kind of did too, and were horny, but suppressed it. Amy and I gave the obligatory "be careful" speech, as we didn't want anything leading back to us. This caused Leslie to clearly think about it, and she agreed she shouldn't take those risks. But that sure was hot. It was clear it was both fun and it bothered her. We'd have to pursue that with her.

There is something about Bob and cars

The next day I went on a quest to invest in a company. You remember when I said I liked cars? A lot? Well, I've gotten carried away. I'll introduce the cars as they come up but suffice it to say we're over the number of spots the marina gives us. Worse, cars like an Aventador are, gasp, parked outside.

My solution was a little unusual. I'd found a local shop whose specialty was restoring vintage muscle cars, both domestic and foreign. They were masters at their craft. I'd dropped by to see a 1967 Sunbeam Tiger they had for sale. If you've ever seen reruns of the campy 1960s classic Get Smart, it is the car he is driving in the intro. Basically a classic 60s 2-seat British convertible stuffed with a Ford V8 and engineered by Carroll Shelby. Sort of a precursor to the Shelby Cobra, but a lot less powerful and a bit more civilized.

Oh, and if you're wondering, yes, I bought it. British racing green and simply beautiful. I spent way too much time there that day, as the folks that run the shop are fun to talk to. They co-own the shop. Lance is the all-around everything, from sales, to mechanic, to designer. I really do mean designer though, as they have their own CNC machine to recreate impossible to find parts. That's cool. The second co-owner is Linda, who also happens to be Lance's wife. I'll bet you quickly went to Linda being the office manager, or something like that, didn't you? Well, Linda is one of the mechanics and also specializes in paint. They also have their own in-house paint shop and Linda is an artist. She can recreate the paint techniques from every era. It really is art. The final owner is Matt, who is not that much older than me. He's the primary mechanic for anything engine related. He can tear down an engine that others can't salvage and have it running better than new in no time, sometimes taking advantage of Lance's CNC skills. They also worked with a local auto upholstery firm, that performed their own magic. The cars out of their shop are special, and they're known far beyond our area. If you want your car restored right, they're the team, but their backlog is significant. The concurs winners they've created are numerous.

Once I got to know them, Lance shared that he was afraid they were going to have to shut down. While they did restorations of cars that people brought to them, their love was finding the cars themselves, restoring them, then selling them -- which is how I got the Sunbeam. The problem is that requires an inventory of cars, an investment in cars to rebuild, and space to house them. In addition, apparently rich people suck at paying on time. Their problem wasn't ability, it was cash flow.

Which is why I was going to see them. I had cash. My investment advisor thought I was nuts, but I had money and I loved cars and I was likely to be their best customer and I wanted them in business. They also had something I coveted -- an enormous warehouse. They had space, lots of it, and I needed space. My proposal was simple. I'd own the inventory. Lock, stock, and barrel. As soon as a car was done, no matter the car, I'd buy it at fair market value. We'd leave them in the warehouse and Amy and I could drive them whenever we wanted. Even though we owned them, we'd leave them for sale by the business, unless it was something I just wouldn't part with. If someone made an offer above my investment, I'd have the option to match it and keep it, or they'd sell it and we'd split the profit along the lines of our ownership. I didn't want to steal their business, so my proposal was 30,30,30,10. I'd have a little, the 10%, for floating the money and I'd get the toys to play with. I loved the idea. My investment advisor didn't. Tough. My call. Or more accurately, our call, Amy and me, and she loved the idea. I think because it meant I'd leave the boat and give her peace, but hey, whatever.

Amy wasn't quite as into cars as I was, but close. I had apparently married a woman that had her own subscription to both Road & Track and Automobile. Have I mentioned she's special? She had her own list of dream cars and was bringing it with her, as her topic for today's discussion was prioritizing the list and getting the cars in the queue. Her list was eclectic, but I loved them all, so I suggest we do her list first, with emphasis on first. I knew that gleam, and somehow, I suspected that many of these were not going to be available for resale. Ever.

Lance knew I was coming, but thought it was just to look at one of their available cars. They had a 1969 Corvette L88 Convertible. 427 Big Block. 4 Speed. In the original blue. Lovingly restored by the team. The last one at Barrett-Jackson sold for $577K. They were asking $625K. See why inventory was a problem? This car was on both our lists. Amy also wanted to look at another car they had, a 1969 Yenko Camaro with the rare automatic transmission. Only 30 were made and few still existed. This one was thought to be the only remaining 1969 convertible (Hey, we live in Florida). They were asking $325K, which was at the high-end, but it was particularly rare. The other nice thing about their shop was that they researched the provenance, and everybody, I mean everybody, trusted them.

So yes, Amy and I were considering dropping a cool million on two Chevy's. How nuts is that.

We arrived and I introduced Amy to the crew. The interaction was interesting, as I expected Lance and Matt to be enthralled by both Amy's looks and her enthusiasm, and they were. What I didn't expect was the look of raw hunger in Linda's eyes. That was something for the future.

Amy immediately asked to see the Yenko and Matt led her off to find it. I asked to see the L88 and Lance took me in that direction.

"You're interested in BOTH cars?" Lance asked. I replied that we were.

"That would be amazing. It would solve our cash crunch a little longer. No pressure, but we're near the end," he said.

I held off bringing up the topic, as we wanted to do it with all five of us in the room. The L88 was, as I expected, perfect, and buying it was a no brainer. We headed back to the office and got there just as Matt and Amy did. They were still talking about the Yenko when they saw us. Amy screamed that she loved it. Yes, screamed. Matt started laughing.

"She agreed to marry YOU?" Matt asked me.

"Yeah," I replied. "and before I was rich. I think she's a little loco." Everyone laughed at that. Hey, it's true, isn't it?

"OK, folks, we'll clearly take both cars. I'll have the funds wired today, but Amy and I have something else we want to discuss," I said. "We don't want to lose you and have an idea how we can help."

I outlined the basics of the idea to them, and each had good, pointed questions. The discussion was spirited, and the excitement level was high. We ended the conversation with the basics but agreed our financial advisors should talk and shake out the details. I warned them that ours wasn't on board, and they laughed again. We sealed the contract with a handshake. That's all it took for me. We stuck around for a while and got to discussing our family situations too. They were all a bit stunned that Amy and I, at 23 and 21, had three kids aged 15, 13, and 11. Even with the explanation, it is a bit hard to understand.

It turned out that Lance and Linda had two kids. Clay, who was 11, and Cindy, who was 9. Matt understood our situation better than most, as he was the single Dad of 9-year-old twins, Terry and Renee. His wife had died in childbirth, so he had raised them alone. Wow, what can I say?

Once we realized we had such similar families, we did the obvious thing, and asked them out on the boat on Saturday. You could see Matt doing the math in his head.

"All of us?" said Matt. "With your kids, that's 12 of us, isn't it? That's a lot for a boat, will it handle it?"

We assured them that it would, quite comfortably, and that all they needed to bring was themselves, swimsuits, and towels. We'd have everything else ready to go. We agreed on 10 am and left for home, the happy investors in a lot of cool cars. Before we left, I shared the car for which they should be on the lookout. A Lamborghini Muira. It had always been my dream car. We left the Aventador there and took the Yenko. There was no way Amy was leaving in a different car. On the way home we did have a different discussion. Amy thought it was time for a house, not the least of which because she wanted a garage for the 'car of the week'. I saw her point that the boat was amazing, but we could easily have a house too. That led to a spirited conversation of WHERE we needed houses. Houses plural. Amy must have been thinking of this already, as she rattled off New York, Napa Valley, Rome, and Sydney in her first breath.

"Hold on, honey," I said. "One house at a time."

That got me a resounding slap on the arm. Which I deserved. I quickly realized that the conversation was a setup and we were not going home. We had an appointment with a realtor to view a house. Not houses, a house. Amy hadn't seen it yet but had been doing her homework. On the tip of the island, with views to both the gulf and the intercoastal, and in the same schools, which was important to Amy. She had three we could look at but believed from her research that this was the house.

So off we went. She texted the realtor that we were on our way and would meet her at the house. Her. Hmmm.

We pulled up, with the 427 in the Yenko roaring. This wasn't just a house. This was an estate. I don't use that work lightly. Just then, realtor pulled up in her Lexus SUV. She bounded out of her car and came over as we got out.

"A Yenko Camaro?" she shouted. "I'll be damned, I've never even seen one. I didn't even know they ever made a convertible. This thing is sex on wheels."

I think I liked our realtor. She introduced herself to us as Bethany. Damn this was one fine looking woman. About 5'8," 140 or so, nice C cup breasts, glistening brown hair with highlights. She was wearing a blue realtor suit, but she outshone the suit. Damn, again. We got to chatting as we walked up to the house and shared our unusual circumstances as a family. She shared that she was the single Mom of three, two boys and a girl. Austin was 12, Eric was 11, and Hannah was 9. I knew she was the right realtor, because she never once acted like we couldn't afford this house. I suspect she had done her homework, but still, it felt nice.

As we walked up, she gave us a bit of a rundown.

"This estate is the tip of the island, which is pretty obvious as you see it is on both the intercoastal and the gulf. To the left, there are two docks. The largest is designed for a yacht, and should handle anything up to 200 feet, but their boat was smaller at about 75. The other has a built-in lift and was overbuilt, so it will actually lift anything up to about 60 feet. To the right you see the views across the Gulf. The total land is a little over 38-acres," she said. "The main house itself is 8-bedrooms, with an ensuite bath in each. There are four additional bathrooms in a guest wing. In addition, there is a servant's quarters, or it could be a guest house. It's designed for a live-in couple. It's two-bedrooms and 1,110 sq. feet, so not small. Right now, the owners have a couple that are all-purpose staff. He's the butler, driver, and responsible for leading the maintenance and landscaping crew. She leads the housekeeping staff, which are all brought in from outside, and is also the chef. She trained in Paris, but apparently does a mean sloppy joe too. They're available to stay, if you would like, and I can introduce you. My suggestion is to keep them on, but that's up to you. You'll love them."

A staff. That immediately got a look from Amy, as that could be an issue. We'd meet them, but...

"The one nice thing," she continued, "is the garage. It holds 8 cars, and has a full mechanics bay, including a lift. Blake is also a mechanic, and certified by Ferrari, Mercedes, and BMW, and could get certified on other brands quickly. He's also trained as a marine mechanic. I can tell you, he would fall in love with the Yenko. His wife is Alison and you haven't lived until she's cooked for you. I forgot to warn them you were coming, and today is their day off, so I have no idea how they'll be dressed. The house is actually empty, so they have the run of the place."

We walked in the front door and it was enthralling. The view was through a foyer to what must have been the main living area. We could see through what was a glass wall, or at least must be sometimes. Right now, they were folded back, literally taking the wall off the house. There was a large negative edge pool, and a stunning 180-degree view, with the Gulf to the right and the intercoastal to the left. We walked straight through and out to the pool, just as a young woman pulled herself out of the pool. Naked.

She noticed us just as we noticed a young man on a chaise lounge, equally as naked. They both stammered their apologies and we quickly cut them off, assuring them that it didn't bother us and that we were often nude on our boat. I could see Bethany's ears perk up at that, and a small smile, as she must have connected that meant we were nude with the kids too. I think she liked that.

Sucking it up, Alison, the chef, came over and stuck out her hand, not even trying to cover up. We found out she was 32, about 5'9," no more than 125 pounds, with delicious, perky B cup breasts. Yes, I looked everywhere, and she appeared to like being nude, because we could tell she was aroused. Nice, full lips, and neatly trimmed. Blake came over and also offered his hand, also not trying to cover up. I could resist, and noticed a nice cock, about 5 inches flaccid, which bode well for hard. Their all-over tan certainly implied this was not an uncommon occurrence.

"Oh, so you're closet nudists like us? How interesting," said Blake. "That's a little surprising, as why would a couple need a house this big?"

We quickly explained the family dynamics, and Amy and I both saw Blake and Alison grin at each other when the combination of nudity and our kids clicked in their brain. It not only clicked in their brain, it clicked elsewhere, as Alison's nipples hardened, and we got to see that Blake was a solid 7 inches hard. Neither change escaped Bethany's notice either, and she wasn't even casual about staring. I think her brain disconnected a bit at that point, because Bethany reached out and gave Blake's cock a quick stroke. This causes both Blake and Alison to break up laughing, which set us all off.

"So, your kids are nudists too?" said Alison. "That must be quite enjoyable," putting an emphasis on quite.

"Yes, I think I'd like that a lot," said Blake, putting his emphasis on a lot.

"Me too," said Bethany, in almost a moan.

It appears we might have found sympathetic new friends. We'd have to be careful, but the potential was there. We decided to go all in, and invited all three to join us on Saturday, mentioning that two other families that were new business associates would join us. We encouraged Bethany to bring her kids. All instantly accepted.

"A good opportunity to get to know each other and see if there is a good fit," said Amy, with her emphasis on the word fit. She must have been feeling particularly frisky, as she took the opportunity to gently stroke one of Alison's nipples. This resulted in huge grins all around. If we weren't careful, we'd all drop to the ground and fuck.

Yes, yes, this could work out.

We toured the rest of the house and instantly fell in love. This house was amazing. I realized I'd never asked the obvious question, although I am sure that Amy knew.

"So, how much IS this house," I asked, eliciting a puzzled look from Bethany.

"Oh, it's an absolute steal at only $75 million," she replied. I was newly rich, so I only choked a little on that amount.

"How long has it been on the market?" I asked. "and what is it appraised for?" Look at me, sounding all knowledgeable.

She replied in realtor speak: "Well, it is such a unique house, looking for just the right buyer. It's been on the market for about 18 months. There isn't a recent appraisal, but we would do one after the offer."

"OK, that's code for the price is too high," I said. "What did they pay for it and when?"

"I don't know," said Bethany.

"They paid $26M for it 12 years ago," said Amy. "I looked it up. Honestly Bethany, you should have known that. I'm guessing you did too."

We asked for a minute and Amy and I talked.

"We can make a wire transfer today, for immediate occupancy for $35 million," I said.

Bethany paused a moment.

"Well that's significantly less than their asking. I think that offer would be an insult," Bethany said. Amy and I both laughed.

"All they can do is turn it down. It is a reasonable profit. They asking price was stupid, for anywhere in on the west coast of Florida. The likelihood of an offer of any size is small. A cash offer, even smaller. A cash offer for immediate occupancy is infinitesimal. Make the offer. Can you call them now?" I said.

Which is how we left the house $35 million poorer, but one house richer. Move in tomorrow. Once the deal was done, she admitted that the seller forced the price and was stubborn. They'd barely showed it, let alone had offers. Well, yeah.

We took off, Yenko roaring. Oh, Blake did love the Yenko, but had the presence of mind to put on clothes before he went to see it. He was a closeted muscle car guy, even with the Ferrari certification. I sure hoped it worked out to keep them on.

As we drove off, Amy declared that we absolutely had to go furniture shopping. She clutched a floor plan of the house to her chest and announced we were going to pick up the kids and go to the furniture store. She got on her phone and called around. I think some of the stores didn't even believe her, but one store assured her that if we picked what was in stock, they could deliver and setup the entire house the next day. I heard her inquire about bedding, towels, and more and her smile implied they could handle that too.

We got to the boat and Amy wouldn't even let me go in. She rounded up the kids and we loaded up into the GLS63. Orlando stopped to look at the Yenko and Amy pushed him on and in her sternest voice ordered him into the car. What in the hell? I gave Orlando credit, he just rolled with it and got in. Morgan didn't even whine to drive. Amy hopped into the driver's seat, so I clearly understood again who was in charge and got in the passenger side. On the way there, Amy told them we had bought a house, that we were on the way to buy furniture and that we moved in tomorrow while they were at school. This resulted in every child asking questions at once, but Amy quieted them. She assured them their schools wouldn't change, that yes, they got their own room and could pick out their furniture and we were keeping the boat, as the house had a dock. This resulted in even more shouting and questions.

We arrived at the furniture store and piled out. Amy marched in, with us almost running to catch up. We got similar treatment to the Toyota dealership, but Amy knew who she had talked to on the phone and asked for Curt. Eventually Curt was found, and this young guy came over to help us. He couldn't have been over 20, and was a tall, maybe 6'4" (193 cm), black guy. Thin and surprisingly regal for his age, he was soft spoken and clearly well educated. Amy's eyes sparkled as she introduced our family. I think she liked Curt. I know the kids did. I could even see that Orlando's pants were tenting.

Amy walked over to a dining room table and spread out the floor plan. This was the first that the kids had seen it too and they were stunned. Stunned wasn't even the word for Curt's expression. Amy shared that the house was empty, we needed furniture for eight bedrooms, to start, three living areas and if they carried it, the pool area. We'd also need everything for the apartment over the garage (there was an apartment over the garage?). We'd need all the bedding, all the towels, everything you needed to move in. She confirmed that we could choose tonight and have it all delivered tomorrow. There would be an extra charge (surprise!) but Amy didn't care, which meant I didn't care either.

Amy then asked him how his commission worked and how it was split if another salesperson helped. He didn't quite understand the question but shared that he got 80% and they got 20% on the part they sold. Given the entire store was dead, Amy suggested he pick three sales people he liked and send one off with each kid to fill up their rooms. They'd need TV's too, but she'd handle that for all the rooms, directly with Curt. They'd do that last. We only had three hours (three hours!) until they closed, so we'd better get hopping. She asked if they installed TVs and he assured her that they did, and they arranged for the installers to arrive with the furniture.

She turned to the kids just as Curt returned with three sales people, each around as young as he was. You would have thought they all came from central casting, as they were all gorgeous. Nicole was about 5'4" (163 cm), 110, with nice B cups. Pretty brown hair, in a short bob. She had a nice flare to her hips and pulled off cute and sultry all at once. Curt assigned her to Morgan. Mario was a solid 6'2", 195, and Italian. Need I say more? He was assigned to Orlando. Alexis was about 5'5", maybe 120, with small A cups. She had long blonde hair and looked really young, with her hair in pigtails, but I think she was going for the pedo look. She succeeded. She got Leslie. I noticed, and I am sure Amy did too, that each salesperson checked out their assigned kid. I noticed Mario checking out Orlando's package. Apparently, their feelings were mutual, as both Orlando and Mario were tenting a bit.

You could tell all three were a little confused. Amy turned to the kids and told them:

"You each have a budget of $20,000. Here's copies of the floorplan to your room," said Amy, as she handed them each a sheet of paper. "That needs to include a bed, dresser, nightstands, a desk and desk chair and a small couch and chair. The rooms are big enough for all that. It also needs to include a least three full sets of bedding. No wait make it $30,000. That's a lot."

Curt, Nicole, Mario, and Alexis all stood there stunned. $30K. For each kid? That would make their month.

Amy turned to the four of them and said "Listen, we don't want you all to get screwed on this deal. You'll all get 100% commission on your sale. We'll personally make up the difference. So, each of you," pointing at the three newcomers, "get the commission on $30K, if you use it all up and I am sure you can."

"You," pointing at Curt, "get 100% on that $90K plus what we spend. Should be a bit more. Now off you go. Meet here in an hour so we can see how we're doing. I have final approval, so make good choices."

"You," pointing at Curt again, "take us to bedrooms first. I'm thinking Danish modern. King, preferably California. Flowered couch and love seat. No desk stuff in the master, but we do have two full offices to fill out. Go!" she said, in a bit of a bark.

Curt took off at fast pace, with me trying to keep up. Hey, I'm not 6'4" (193 cm). We made amazing progress in a single hour, having outfitted our bedroom, three living areas, a dining room, the offices, and the kitchen areas. We went back to our meetup point, with only the pool area and the apartment to furnish.

We all got there about the same time.

Amy, clearly still in charge, asked each sales person how they had done. All were done, but each had barely broken $25K. I was impressed, as a salesperson that leaves budget on the table has my vote of confidence. Amy wanted to see all their choices, so we quickly wandered through. Morgan had gone with a red oak in mission style that was stunning. Orlando must share Amy's tastes, as he'd gone with Danish modern too, with a few pieces matching our choices. Amy had gone old school white, complete with a four-poster bed. It fit her personality perfectly. All had made good choices in the other pieces and Amy quickly approved. We trouped off as a group and fairly quickly outfitted the apartment with simple, but nice furniture, and the pool area with enough furniture for a small army to bed down.

We got back to the front of the store at about the two hours mark and tallied up the total. Apparently, news of the shopping crew had made it around, as the manager came over and introduced herself just as the total was complete. She was quite nice and treated us as real buyers, which was a surprise. Her eyes opened wide when Curt announced at the total, with the TVs that Amy selected, was a little over $300K. She even went over his figures with him and confirmed it was $300K+. Amy made a point of sharing her promise to each sales person with the manager and was a bit pushy until the manager would share their compensation plan. It turned out that the three junior sales people each made about $4,000 for the evening and Curt had made about $45,000. He exclaimed that he'd made a year's salary and the other three each congratulated him. That's class.

Amy turned to the manager and said "I was impressed that the three sales people working with the kids left budget on the table. Round them each up to $20,000. Curt did an outstanding job and believed in us when most sales people wouldn't. Round him up to $100K. Figure it all out please and just add it to our bill." She then handed Curt our Amex black card. You know, the one without a limit.

"We've got to run but will be at the house at 8 am. Please get the furniture there as close to 8 as possible. If that means an overnight crew you don't have, just add it to our bill," said Amy.

With that, she swept out of the store, with us following like lost puppies. But not before I made sure we had every one of the sales person's cell phone numbers and a promise to go on a cruise with us. I'm not stupid. Amy might be in charge of furniture, but I saw fun potential in the people. Lots of fun potential.

We got back to the boat a bit exhausted, with take-out Chinese for a late dinner. After all, the kids had school in the morning. We spent a surprising amount of time at dinner speculating on the sexual prowess of all four sales people. You know where our minds go. We shared more about Blake and Alison and our hope that we could keep them on and that they, along with Bethany, were invited on a cruise on Saturday. Orlando finally got to ask about the Yenko, and we realized that in the heat of shopping, they didn't know we were also in the car restoration business. That got a lot of hollering, especially when I described the Corvette L88 and that they were looking for a Muira. We realized that we'd met 12 people today, or at least that many with their kids, that would be joining us on Saturday and with the potential of four more. Let's be honest, we all wanted to see Curt naked. ALL of us. Just the thought of that 6'4" (193 cm) hunk with Leslie was amazing.

So damn much furniture

The next morning, we were up early and at the house at 7. The kids were at school. Amazing what a $35 million purchase will do. All the required people were there for the ownership change before 7:30. Everyone left, leaving us standing in an empty kitchen. Alison and Blake knocked and then came in. This time they were dressed in shorts and T-shirts, much to our displeasure. I admit, I liked them naked. They quickly set the tone, as Blake walked right up to Amy and gave her a pretty passionate kiss. I only got to see the beginning, because Alison did the same to me. Let's just say there was tongue involved. We all stepped back, a bit out of breath. They cemented the situation by switching and giving us each just as passionate a kiss. Blake even ground his clearly hard cock into mine. Wow.

"I hope we didn't misread the signals," said Alison. Amy and I laughed and assured them their signals were spot on.

"You know," Blake said. "You bought this place without ever getting to see the servant's quarters. Why don't you let us give you a quick tour?" He took my hand and pulled me to the door. We walked over to their place with my hand still in his, and Amy's in Alison's. The quarters were quite nice. They had a nice large living area and a big second bedroom, setup as an office. The last stop on the tour was a surprisingly large master. Alison walked over to me and placed her hand directly on my cock, rubbing it.

"Are you ready for more?" she asked.

Amy answered with actions, not words, by skimming her top off. Since she was braless, it was a sight that always took my breath away.

"Apparently," I said. "But we only have about twenty minutes, as the furniture arrives."

It was enough time. Let's just say that both Amy and Alison had to walk around with occasional drips, and not from their respective spouses. It was wonderful, but we still had to clear the kid hurdle. That was both dangerous and critical. We'd see how the afternoon went. The trucks, yes trucks, arrived right at 8 on the dot. Curt climbed out of the lead truck and shared that the manager insisted he come to supervise. He was in athletic shorts and a tank top and looked even better than the night before. I saw that Amy, Alison, and Blake were all staring a bit as Curt was introduced to Blake and Alison. We all pitched in to help the moving crews know where the furniture went. Multiple TV installation crews had arrived at the same time and by 1 pm the entire house looked like a home. It was amazing. The crews took off, but Alison insisted that Curt stay for lunch. She had been shopping, as the kitchen was completely stocked, and she whipped up a great lunch in a short time. As we sat around the new kitchen table, the five of us got more acquainted. As soon as lunch was over, Amy stood and said, "How about a swim?"

Curt demurred, saying he didn't have a suit.

"Neither do I," Amy responded, again whipping her shirt off her head. Within a minute, the kitchen floor was covered with clothes and the five of us were naked. We didn't even try to keep our stares off Curt. The naked lust showed clearly. He reacted, as you would expect he would, and we saw he had a nice thick 9-inch (23 cm) uncut cock, with large heavy balls below. It was my first uncut cock and I admit I was intrigued. That just made ME get hard, which led to Blake getting hard, so here we were, three guys and two girls, with three hard cocks. We all looked at each other, but once again Amy was in charge. She walked out of the kitchen in the direction of the master bedroom, and we all followed her without question. When we got to the master, Amy pushed Curt onto the bed, on his back, and Alison and Amy dove in, licking and sucking in tandem. After a short time, Amy pushed Alison away and climbed up, and just slammed herself down on Curt's cock. She started bouncing away, moaning all the while. My curiosity was peaked, based on Curt's lingering on Orlando's stiffy last night, so I walked to the head of the bed and offered my cock to Curt. He didn't even hesitate but took it right in his mouth. Alison found a position that let her lick both Amy and Curt, as he pistoned in and out. Blake kneeled on the bed and offered his cock to Amy, who gobbled it right up. This went on for longer than I imagined it could, until we all came in an almost synchronized orgasm. Curt filled up Amy, I filled up Curt and Blake pulled out and came all over just about everyone. We laughed and all ran out the French doors, leaping into the pool.

We lost track of time, and that's how the three kids found us. We'd arranged their new bus route and they arrived from the bus, to their new house, to find five naked adults, two of whom were their parents, in the pool. Curt was a little bashful, staying in the water, but Alison and Blake popped right out of the pool, introducing themselves while stark naked.

"Why don't you join?" said Alison.

The kids looked to us, and we just smiled, so in a flash, three naked kids hopped into the pool. This still didn't completely answer the question, but it was Curt and Leslie who actually sealed the deal. He was standing near the edge of the pool, chatting with Leslie. They were in waist deep water, for Curt, so she was visible from just below those amazing puffies. She motioned, and he leaned down for her to whisper in his ear. He just grinned, and hopped up on the side of the pool, with his legs still in the water. Leslie moved between his legs, grabbed his cock, and started sucking him off. Everyone in the pool watched for a moment, then Orlando took the initiative and hopped into a spot right next to, and I mean RIGHT next to, Curt. It was Blake's turn to take the initiative and he came over and took Orlando's cock in his mouth. Morgan wasn't going to be outdone and moved into the spot on the other side of Curt, reaching down to stroke his balls while Leslie sucked him. I think that was her intention, but Alison drifted over, pulled Morgan's legs apart, and went down on her. Amy and I just stood to the side and watched, pleased with the outcome. I guess we had a staff! The situation ended with lots of orgasms and cum flying everywhere. It was awesome.

After a while, Curt left in an Uber, after making sure we had his number and Alison insisted on making us dinner. They offered to give us privacy and while we shared that we might do that some, tonight was not that night. We ate at our new outdoor table, still naked, and laughed our way through dinner. Finally, the kids headed in to shower and do homework, leaving the adults at the table.

"Well, that worked out nicely," I said. "We weren't sure we could trust the situation and knew it would take a unique couple to be comfortable. Apparently, you're that couple. We certainly hope you'll stay on. We don't know what you make, but can offer you whatever it is, plus 50%. There is absolutely no pressure for anything sexual, and you can stop at any time, just know you're welcome to continue that too. We only ask that you respect the kids and ensure they are doing what they want to do. They set their own limits, we don't, and they're pretty adventurous, as you've already seen."

"We accept," they said in unison.

"This afternoon was the most fun we've ever had," said Blake. "We're both bi and knew of each other's interest in, well, the younger crowd, but had never acted on it before. It. was. amazing."

Amy laughed, "Yes, it is, isn't it?"

With that, we adjourned to our rooms, and Amy and I made love in our brand-new bed, in our brand-new house. I was a little surprised I even could, but I managed nicely. Then we both fell into as sound a sleep as we've ever had.


We woke up to the smell of bacon, which is a wonderful way to wake up. We'd slept in and had even missed the kids going off to school. They were more responsible than we were and made it on the bus without problem.

We found Alison in the kitchen, making us breakfast. Blake was apparently off ferrying cars, using Uber to go fetch them. We found out the GLS63, the E63S, the L88, the Yenko Camaro were already in the garage, and Blake was off to fetch the Highlander. I was impressed, as he somehow had not only arranged to pick up the L88, he'd done it before opening hours. Blake and Lance were old friends, and he'd heard from Lance that he had a new investor that had also bought a Yenko Camaro. He'd put two and two together and gotten the car. He'd stopped there, not knowing what else we wanted in the garage. It left two open slots, plus the mechanic's bay.

"Don't you want a couple slots for your cars, Alison?" asked Amy.

"Wow, you haven't really even seen your whole property, have you?" Alison said. "Our house has a two-car garage. It's just on the other side, so you didn't notice it."

Well, that left me with a challenge to fill two spots with new cars. I know, I know, I had the Audi and the Sunbeam, but they were already in the warehouse with the Aventador. What to buy, what to buy. This being rich as hell thing was fun. Today was Friday, so my focus was on bringing the boat around to our dock. We also had to decide what to do with the lift. I'd realized it was time to sell the Chris-Craft, but made that decision with some sadness. It had served us well. Amy promised to let all our guests for tomorrow know not to come to the marina, but to our new address. So much had changed in 72 hours. It would be nice to have something a little smaller for quick outings. Taking out a 131-foot boat required some effort. It was like moving your house, which was exactly what it was. But that was next week's task.

I went and got the boat and worked out the details of the slip and put the Chris-Craft up for sale, all before lunch. Just as I made it back to the house, Bethany, our realtor called. She wondered if she could drop by a little gift around 5 and if it was OK if her kids rode along. We assured her it was not only OK, but insisted they stay for dinner. Alison overheard and laughed and promised that dinner for four more was not a problem. She said that she and Blake had plans that night but would get dinner ready and head out.

Bethany showed up right at 5, kids in tow. Our kids were already home. We were introduced to the kids. Austin was the oldest at 12, going on 21. He was already a solid 5'7", and chiseled, with sandy blonde hair. Eric was his mini-me, at about 5'1", with the same healthy look and blonde hair. Hannah was clearly the baby of the family, about 4'9" (145 cm), skinny, and with dark hair and glasses. All cute as a button.

The kids all quickly disappeared into the bowels of the house. Blake and Alison headed out, leaving dinner to be served as a buffet, whenever we were ready. Morgan popped back out and asked if the kids could swim before dinner, and I just nodded, and she disappeared quickly.

"But they didn't bring their suits," said Bethany.

"I'm sure they'll work something out," said Amy.

With that, we heard laughter and screaming, followed by splashing so they indeed must have worked something out.

The adults all drifted out onto the patio to discover that while they indeed had worked it all out, it involved all of them skinny dipping. It was a sight to behold.

"Uh oh," said Bethany. "This doesn't surprise me of my kids, but I hope it is OK. Someone is always running around our house naked."

"No, it's fine," said Amy. "That's our house too, and often it is the two of us," leaving a bread crumb for Bethany to pick up.

"Me too," Bethany laughed, opening up the opportunities.

I looked over and got my first clear view of Bethany's kids. As I'd mentioned, both boys looked very similar. Austin had an uncut 4-inch (10 cm) cock, and Eric's was about 3 1/2 inches and also uncut. That didn't mean much, as you know the old adage, they could be showers or growers. Then I spotted Hannah as she stood on the end of the diving board, clearly nervous about jumping. She was truly a vision. Her chest was flat as a board, and below she had just a slit with a small bump on top. No puffiness, no lips showing, nothing. I am not sure I have ever been more turned on in my life. What was happening to me? Between the boy's uncut cocks and Hannah's little slit, I was almost drooling. I'm pretty sure Bethany noticed.

"Adorable, aren't they?" she said. "Couldn't you just eat them up?"

Yes, she noticed.

"Yes, eat them all up," I said, in almost a moan. Bethany cleared up any risk of confusion by reaching over and stroking my now rock-hard cock through my shorts.

"Yes, you could, couldn't you?" she said, giving me her biggest smile. "There are a lot of things around here worth eating, aren't there?"

As if on cue, Orlando popped out of the water into almost the exact spot he was yesterday. That encouraged Hannah to jump off the diving board and swim over to him. She popped out of the water between his legs, and immediately latched onto his cock with her tiny mouth. We could hear his groan from across the patio. That opened up the floodgates. Orlando patted the spot next to him and Austin and Eric obediently sat down. Morgan swam between Austin's legs and Leslie swam between Eric's. Both started sucking and the boy's cocks grew. Austin's ended up an impressive 6 inches, while Eric's was not far behind at about 5.

"Well, our kids certainly seem to be getting along, aren't they?" said Bethany.

"They sure are," said Amy. "I think we should join them," once again pulling off her top. She quickly dropped her shorts and dove into the deep end. Bethany and I were not far behind, and dove in, naked, behind her. Seeing a pattern, I popped up and sat right next to Eric, Bethany and Amy popped up, but Amy deferred, and let Bethany slide between my legs. I reached over and stroked Eric's balls, which he seemed to enjoy. Amy swam back and forth, touching and caressing anything she could, from all our balls, to the girl's breasts, each of a different size. She stopped behind Hannah, who was still going to town on Orlando, and we heard Hannah moan around Orlando's cock. It seemed that Amy was fingering young Hannah. She didn't last long and started vibrating in an orgasm and Amy had to hold her up. That was enough for Orlando, and all us men. Orlando pulled out and we all followed suit. All four, from little Hannah to Bethany, with Morgan and Leslie in between, got covered in nice facials. Every one of us, including Austin and Eric, leaned down and quickly licked it up, pushing most of it into the mouth of the person who got us off. To hell with synchronized swimming. We were synchronized cumming. After we all rinsed off in the poolside shower, we went in to dinner. We all served ourselves and the kids went outside to eat while the adults ate at the kitchen table, with everyone still nude.

"So fun to meet you and your family," said Bethany. "We don't often meet likeminded families. That was great, but we certainly hope to continue this again and, well, go farther."

"Oh, we would like that too," replied Amy. "So many possibilities and options to explore. We're being joined on the boat tomorrow with two other families. We don't know if they're, um, open-minded like us, but hope to soon find out. Nothing like a boat ride to lower the inhibitions. We will let the kids lead the way again. Safer that way."

"It sure is, isn't it?" replied Bethany. "Hannah often finds the fun in our family. Just look at that sexy little nymph. There is nothing like watching the boys DP her."

"DP? Really?" said Amy. "I'd pay money to see that," she laughed.

"Me too, me too," I added. And I would, I would. I'd pay more money to be one of the cocks. I wonder if I'd get the chance. I wonder which orifice I'd prefer. Decisions, decisions.

The kids came in and asked if Bethany's kids could stay the night. After all, we were leaving the next morning.

We looked at Bethany, who laughed and agreed. She suggested she go home, that way she could come back with all the proper suits and towels in the morning.

The kids spent awhile arguing over who was sleeping with who, but finally settled on Orlando with Hannah, Austin with Morgan, and Eric with Leslie. Somehow, I didn't think they'd go right to sleep. Amy and I did, as it had been a long, tiring day. We fell asleep pretty quickly but were wakened later by someone jumping on the bed and pulling down our covers. From the dim light through the windows, I saw that it was Hannah, still naked.

"Orlando already went to sleep and so did everyone else," said Hannah. "I need someone to play with."

She settled down between Amy and me, and lazily started stroking us both. It was Hannah's finger going into Amy that actually woke her up. She looked down, saw it was Hannah and smiled. By then, I was hard, again. It was Hannah's turn to smile and she hopped up, taking me in her mouth. Somehow all this activity must have woken up Austin and Eric, because almost like apparitions, they appeared at each side of the bed. Austin took the lead, climbing up and offering Amy his hard cock. Eric followed suit, offering me his slightly smaller cock. Somehow, I think we had been setup, but that was just fine with me. Both boys started stroking in and out, and Hannah climbed up and slammed down on my cock while still fingering Amy. I reached down to rub Hannah's little clit. Hannah's skills were amazing. My cock barely stroked in and out, but the feeling was heavenly. Add in Eric sliding his cock in and out of my mouth and I think I could have died a happy man. OK, maybe not died. This lasted for quite a while, which wasn't surprising given how many times the boys and I had cum, but it was Amy that went over first. Hannah must have some skills, as it is rare for Amy to be a squirter, but there it was. The sight was too much for the boys, who both pulled out. I turned just in time to see Amy get quite a facial from Austin, just as I got one from Eric. This sight put Hannah over the top, causing her little pussy to pulse. I quickly came in her. Given how many times I'd cum that day, and I'd lost track, I was surprised at how much leaked out. The boys were cleaning Amy and me off and exchanging kisses full of cum with each other.

We all collapsed on the bed, and that's where our kids found us in the morning, all cum covered and sticky. They wanted to hop in and join us, but I reminded them we had guests coming and hopefully they'd get to really enjoy the day later. We all got cleaned up and went out to the kitchen to find Alison cooking up a storm. I challenged her about being there on a Saturday, but she laughed and said she thought they owed us some days, given the house had been empty for eighteen months. I invited her and Blake on the cruise, as friends, not employees, explaining that there was a large, potentially very fun, group, and she laughingly accepted.

The morning was interrupted then by a call on my cellphone. From Mrs. Johnson. You know, DFS Mrs. Johnson. Oh shit, what now.

"This is Mrs. Johnson, from DFS. This is Bob?" she asked. Once I confirmed my identity (who exactly did she think she called), she went on. It became obvious why she was being careful.

"I'm on my way to the marina. I have two foster kids with me that you'll be keeping for few days," she said.

"Wait, what? You barely approved us for our own kids, and you want us to take more?" I asked, somewhat surprised.

"Yes, and I'll explain why. I'll be there in 10," she said.

"Wait, wait, you're going the wrong place. An awful lot has happened since you saw us last. We'll explain when you get here, but the simple answer is Amy and I got married and we just moved into a house. You'll see," I said.

"That's wonderful, even better," she said.

I gave her the address and rounded up everyone in the house and told them to get dressed. This resulted in a lot of groans, including one from Alison, who I just noticed was naked. How could I not notice someone that was frying bacon was naked?

"Now!" I almost shouted. "Mrs. Johnson from DFS is on her way. We have to be perfect. Tell your new friends and make sure they're on their best behavior. Better yet, stay in your rooms until we call you out."

They said they'd be in the game room.

"Game room? We have a game room?" I muttered.

Alison laughed again and said: "You never saw the game room? Did you literally miss an entire wing of your house? There's a game room, fully stocked, including a bunch of classic video games, a full library, stocked with books, including many first editions, a dance studio, and an entertainment room that's damn near a ballroom. I don't think that was listed in the square footage, but it must be another 10,000 square feet. It's down a long hall. You might not even have noticed the door. Remember, this house is on 38 acres. There may be a lot of things you haven't found yet. We'll have to do a new tour. Oh yes, there are three, no four, more bedrooms in that wing, plus a full kitchen setup for entertaining at least 100. You do know you have a small zoo, thought, right?"

"A zoo? We have a freaking zoo?" I asked.

Alison couldn't stop laughing. "Yes, a zoo. The property is actually licensed as a zoo, weird as that sounds. There are no actual animals now, but there could be," she added.

This shit just kept getting weirder and weirder. I had to ask Bethany later what else we'd missed. How could she not have shown us all that? I guess we did swoon over the main house and made an offer quickly. She probably just decided to shut the hell up at that point.

Just then we heard a car come into the driveway. I guess we probably should close the gate more often. We wouldn't want the elephant and lion to escape. A zoo, a damn zoo. I know this all sounds unbelievable, because, well, it is. I see why it took 18 months to sell too.

Amy and I walked out from just as Mrs. Johnson got out of her car. We HAVE to find out her first name.

"What in the absolute hell? This can't be your house. I saw your financials. What the hell?" she said, giving us her most stern DFS look.

Amy laughed out loud and said: "Yeah, we get that. A lot has happened. Bob came into a crap ton of money and it sort of changed our lives. Heck, look at the new boat," waving her hand towards the, well, yacht.

Mrs. Johnson looked at the boat, and back at us.

"There are many things in life I don't understand, and this is one of them, but I still need your help with two VERY unique kids. Let's go inside and I'll explain. I'll stay with you today to make sure it works. It's a short-term problem I can have fixed by Monday, but I am out of ideas. And don't worry, I know EXACTLY what goes on in your family and honestly don't care. Maybe we could work on that sometime too," she said.

Amy and I looked at each other and Amy shrugged.

"Can we at least know your first name?" Amy asked.

That got an actual laugh out of Mrs. Johnson, a deep belly laugh. It was the first time we'd ever heard her laugh and it was great.

"Vicky, my name is Vicky," she said with a grin. Like her laugh, her smile was wonderful. Vicky was a different person than Mrs. Johnson. We also found out that she wasn't Mrs. Johnson anymore - that divorce was a long time ago, but she kept the name as it was better for work.

Just then, she opened her car door and out hopped two perfectly formed tiny humans. I don't know how else to describe them, as they were really small.

"This is Jimmy," said Vicky, pointing at a little boy wearing only a pair of tighty whiteys. "He's 10 and in the fourth grade."

"This is Jackie," she said, pointing at a little girl wearing only tight cotton panties and a spaghetti strap tank top. "She's 9 and in the third grade"

Wait, what? These miniature people were 10 and 9? That can't be, can it?

By then, Morgan had come out of the house and was standing off to the side. She wasn't supposed to, but when she spoke up, we appreciated her thinking.

"Let me take the kids, Dad," said Morgan. "so, you and Vicky can talk. Come on kids." I did notice her emphasis on Vicky and a little smirk.

The kids ran right over to Morgan, and she led them away, holding each one by the hand. We waved Vicky into the house and settled at the kitchen table.

"This is a really weird situation and I honestly don't know how to handle it. For the first time in my life, I haven't told the whole story in my official reports, as I don't know how to solve the problem. I'm not sure the problem is truly solvable in a traditional way. Here's the deal. We took them from their Mom, as she was arrested for prostitution and dealing meth. They lived in a tiny apartment that was truly disgusting. We put them in an emergency foster home yesterday, with a nice older couple that is used to strange situations. Just not this strange. You see they're VERY religious. At about midnight, I get a call from the wife, almost screaming in the phone. She finally calmed down and told me that she'd heard noises and when she went into their room, she found them fucking. Doggy style. Apparently, they looked over, grinned and asked her if she wanted to join in. Remember the very religious part?" Vicky said. "She demanded I come over immediately, and what could I do, I got dressed and went to their house. She opened the door, literally pushed them out, and slammed it. Now I'll deal with that situation later, but for now, the kids need supervision and it will take a special family to do it.

"I want to hear the story about why I'm sitting in the kitchen of the most amazing house I have ever seen, but first I need to be blunt. I owe you an apology, as I took advantage of you both. You busted me for it, and I deserved it. You may not believe me, but it had never happened before and has never happened since. I don't even know what came over me. I've never had a lesbian experience, or even feeling, in my life, but I was mesmerized with you Amy and something took over control of me. Now, that said, I do know one craving I've had and I've successfully suppressed it, but I know, I absolutely know the two of you DON'T suppress it and I promise, I'm not going to bust you for it, in fact, I am going to take advantage of it. I know you're fucking your kids. Don't bother to deny it. I saw the giant jar of condoms, and I smelled the sex in the air, and I recognized some of the stains on the carpet. You're fucking them and you're not likely to stop. Honestly, my only reaction was that I wanted to figure out how to get Orlando to fuck me. Worse, after my experience with Amy, I have been fantasizing about Leslie and Morgan too, particularly Leslie. It sure has made me understand some of my clients better, but I can't say anything to anyone, ever, except the two of you."

After this long soliloquy, we sat there a bit stunned. It was a LOT to absorb. Amy reacted faster than I did.

"OK, here's the deal, Vicky," Amy said. "You've been honest with us, so we'll be honest with you. First, you don't need to apologize. It was a weird situation and I enjoyed it as much as you did, and I know Bob did too. Furthermore, yes, we fuck the kids. A lot. And they love it. We also have a much broader circle of friends and we fuck them and their kids too. It's glorious. Today, you're likely going to find out how glorious, as in a few minutes, I'm going to call Orlando out and he's going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before. And while he is doing it, Leslie is going to sit on your face, and you're going to get her off. Once that happens, we're all good, and we can make this work. We're not doing that just for your fun, although I assure you, it will be fun, but to cement our understanding. You could say we're using our kids, but they'll love it too. You're very sexy and we all know it. The people on the boat today are NOT in our circle. We think they might be soon, but we have to be careful, as I am sure you understand. There are three kids here right now, staying with our kids, and they ARE in the circle. It's confusing, I know."

Just then, Morgan came out, alone.

"Mom, Dad, can I talk to you privately about Jimmy and Jackie?" she asked.

"It's OK, you can speak in front of me. Trust me, nothing you say with surprise me. Nothing," said Vicky.

"Well, we weren't even in the house yet when Jimmy asked me if he could fuck me and Jackie asked if she could too," said Morgan. "I just kind of ignored it, but they're back there basically asking everyone they meet if they can fuck. Sorry for the crude language, but that's what they're saying. Everyone is saying no, but if they ask this in school, it could be a real issue," said Morgan.

We assured her we understood and brought her up to speed on the problem, and that Vicky was in the know about our family. That got a surprised look from her, then a lustful look at Vicky. That made Vicky smile, and reach over and rub Morgan's leg. Before they started stripping off right there in the kitchen, Morgan continued.

"Wow, that's messed up. OK, here's the deal. You need to leave this problem to us kids to fix. Adults can't fix it. They need to hear it from other kids. We won't even try to stop the behavior -- I'm not sure we want to -- but we can teach them when and where and the difference between public and private. I hate to say this, but they can't go to school until we're sure they get it," said Morgan.

All three adults sat there a bit stunned at the maturity of Morgan's suggestions. She was right, absolutely right. Adults tried to fix them and that didn't work. Kids couldn't fix them but could teach them control. We all agreed on the spot and sent her on her way to get started.

"Did she call you Mom and Dad?" asked Vicky.

"Yep," said Amy. "We didn't ask them to. They just started doing it and we didn't stop it. It feels nice and it confuses the hell out of people, which is just a bonus."

We then took a minute to share why we lived in a mansion and had a yacht. Vicky was enthralled by the story and at the end couldn't stop laughing.

"That's amazing. Talk about winning life's lottery," she said. "Don't get me wrong, the kid's situation was tragic, but this," waving her arm around at the kitchen. "This is amazing."

"You have no idea," said Amy. "Apparently there are parts of the estate we haven't even seen yet. There's a zoo, but no animals. A zoo."

Vicky was amazed that we'd just moved in yesterday. Stunned might be a better word. At that point, Blake and Alison wandered in and said our first guests had arrived. They introduced themselves to Vicky, who struggled with the fact that they were our household staff. We assured her they were our friends too and joining us on today's cruise. We also told her that they were in the know, which caused raised eyebrows on all three faces, then big grins. Alison and Blake were unabashed at checking Vicky out. She returned the favor. Alison walked over and gave Vicky a big wet kiss, while gently squeezing her breasts. I now know what the word swoon means.

We wandered around front just as both new families spilled out of two cars. Bethany pulled up in her car too and got out.

"What the absolute fuck," screamed Matt. "What the fuck. This is ALL yours?"

"As of yesterday," said Bethany. "I was their real estate agent. You won't believe this place. There are parts I don't think they've even found yet."

Yes, yes there were. Including the zoo.

Wanting to mess with Matt again, I said: "Yeah, we haven't found the zoo yet." He just stared at me and Bethany laughed.

"I don't think I did mention the zoo, did I?" said Bethany.

All this time, Lance and Linda and all the new kids just looked on. Finally, a little girl walked up to me, stuck out her hand and said: "I'm Cindy. Lance and Linda are my parents." I shook her hand, impressed with her formality and grace. We did introductions all around and by then everyone had spilled out of the house. I saw that Jimmy and Jackie were actually dressed in clothes, which was a big step. They stood to the side, a bit bashful. Morgan pulled them over and introduced them as "really good friends that were staying with us," which got a beaming smile from them both and broke the ice. All twelve, yes 12, kids ran into the house, leaving the adults in the driveway. I waved them all into the house and we walked through to the back patio.

The view elicited many gasps, and everyone started asking questions at once. We made it through all the explanations, and everyone sat for a few minutes.

"You know, a cruise would be amazing, particularly on that," said Lance, pointing at our boat. "But why don't we save that for another weekend. Your house is amazing, and it sounds like even YOU haven't explored all of it. Why don't we just enjoy an afternoon with this beautiful view, this nice pool, and this great company?"

That was a great idea, and we all instantly agreed.

Alison stood up and announced, "then I'll set out lunch." Amy reacted and said "you're not working today! We'll all set out lunch." A little sexist, but all the women disappeared into the house, leaving Blake, Lance, Matt, and me alone talking. We were sure outnumbered.

Just then, a blur ran by and I realized it was Jimmy and Jackie, once again, stark naked. Jackie jumped up onto a nearby chaise lounge and got on her knees. Before I even had time to stand up, Jimmy ran up and started fucking her. Hard and fast.

The four of us sat there a bit stunned and didn't move.

Finally, Lance reacted "that is so fucking hot." Matt quickly agreed. I just smiled.

Suddenly a new blur flashed by and it was Morgan, also naked. She grabbed the kids and pulled them apart and walked them back to the house, again holding their hands. All the men watched, clearly enjoying the view of Morgan's backside, and even those of the small kids.

"I have no idea what just happened, but my suspicion is that all of our family secrets are no longer secrets," said Matt.

"Yeah, looks that way," agreed Lance.

"Us too, I suppose," I added.

We all grinned at each other. Looks like the ice was broken for sure. Matt asked me about Bethany and Vicky, and I assured him it was cool. He was a bit confused, as she had shared she was from DFS, but again, I assured him it was cool. With that, he stood up, and completely stripped off and headed towards the kitchen. Blake, Lance and I exchanged glances and did the same thing. Four men walking into the kitchen, all at least half hard, caused a bit of a stir. Before anyone spoke, Amy smiled and pulled of her shirt. She was good at that. The women all looked at each other and in a flurry of flying clothing, stripped down.

Just then Orlando and Eric walked into the kitchen. They both smiled, stripped off, and ran back into the house.

I guess the party had started.

I followed Orlando and realized I WAS in a hall I had never been down. I looked into the rooms and discovered four bedrooms, all with nice ensuite baths. We'd apparently bought an entire home we didn't know about. I found the library and spent a moment looking at the books. I have no idea what books are worth, but given the care they were given, my guess is they were valuable. Temperature and humidity-controlled book cases and more. I'd have to have an expert come appraise them.

I found the ballroom. I don't know what else to call it. Actually, looking at the floor, I think it was actually a basketball floor. Oh shit, we had a full court basketball gym. I found the exercise room off to the side and realized they'd left all the equipment -- enough to start a fitness club. I'd have to look into a trainer. I could use it. Maybe a sexy one...stop it Bob.

Finally, the last room (I think) was the game room. I opened the door and the smell of sex almost overwhelmed me. I walked in and found the kids. Everyone was naked. There was a lot going on. I couldn't even take it all in. Boys, girls, everyone doing everyone.

"Damn!" I heard, looking around to see Matt and Lance.

Matt didn't even hesitate. He walked over to where Jimmy and Jackie were and stuck his cock in their faces. They smiled and both took turns sucking him. Leslie walked over and took Lance's hand and tried to take mine, but I shook my head. She smiled and walked away with Lance, and I could hear her asking him his preferences. She was a damn travel agent for sex. I watched, and she led him over to Hannah. Leslie said something and Hannah immediately got down on all fours. Leslie pulled Lance by the cock and helped him enter her. So here I was, watching Lance fuck Hannah, which Jimmy and Jackie sucked Matt. No wait, they'd moved around. Make that Matt fucking Jimmy's ass and Austin balls deep in Matt. A train, already. Even though he was in the middle, Lance had Orlando's cock in his mouth. Boy time, I guess.

I saw Matt's own twins Terry and Renee over with Morgan. They had somehow managed to do a circular chain and everyone was sucking everyone. It was hard (ha!) to see the order of bodies, but I guess it didn't matter. Clay and Cindy were with Eric. Eric was fucking her missionary style while Clay had his cock in Eric's mouth.

In other words, everybody was doing everybody.

I turned and walked out, just as Bethany, Linda, and Alison found the room. They came in squealing. I don't know where they went, but as I was leaving, they were joining the fun. Blake walked in then, which meant the only person not in the room was Amy, so I went to find her.

I found Amy on the patio, laying in the sun, by herself. I asked her if everything was alright, and she assured me it was and that she just was letting everyone have fun. She patted the spot next to her and I laid down.

"Who would have thought," she said, then going quiet.

We laid there for a while, but I could see something was on her mind. I asked her about it and finally she opened up.

"It's not really anything," she assured me. "It's just all happening so fast. Sometimes I think I don't deserve it. Maybe God, or Karma, or whatever sent Jimmy and Jackie to us like they did our kids. I feel like they need us and need the kids. I know they're just supposed to be here for a short time, but I think we should keep an open mind about something more permanent."

I quickly agreed, as her thinking made sense.

"Besides," she added. "They're so damn cute. I can't wait to let Jimmy fuck me."

We both dissolved in laughter at that. The thought got me quite hard, and she pulled me over onto her. As much sex as we were getting, making love wasn't happening enough, so we made slow, passionate love until neither of us could last any longer. It was wonderful. OK, OK, she did have me eat out the cream pie, but it was still romantic.

After resting, I said, "Let's find everyone. Let's start a sort of a scavenger hunt and send everyone off in different directions. They can come back to report what they found. Our 38 acres has some hidden secrets. Let's find them. So, we gathered everyone up, and had them break up into four teams, to go explore.

The only rule of the game was that before your team could return, every member of the team had to orgasm once. At least once. When they returned, they could share what they found, but everyone had to describe how they had their orgasm.

Before everyone left, Bethany pulled me to the side and shared that there were cameras EVERYWHERE on the property. There were outdoor cameras that covered every square inch. There were indoor cameras in every single room, including cameras trained on the showers in the bathrooms. Every. Single. Room. All in UHD. All recording. She'd show me the control room later.


We all went in different directions and agreed to meet in an hour. 38 acres didn't seem that big, but there was a lot to cover. We met in the big living room and everyone got to report.

We started with team one. Team one was Lance, Amy, Terry, Eric, and Renee.

Lance got up and started to say what they had found. This resulted in a rousing round of boos, drowning him out.

He grinned sheepishly and said: "Oh yeah. Well, I started off with Terry and Eric blowing me, but finished by cumming in Renee."

That resulted in a round of cheers.

He continued and said "We found..."

More boos. I guess we decided stories first.

Amy went next: "I came from Renee licking me, then Eric fucking me, and it was GREAT. Lance and Eric finished, by licking out my cream pie." More cheers.

Terry said: "I came too fast. I came in Eric's mouth." Lots of "That's OK. More chances later" to that. He got hard as he talked and tried to cover himself. He had a nice 3-inch (8 cm) stiffy.

Renee went next: "I came. A lot. When Lance fucked me. When Amy licked me. When Terry fingered me and when Eric fucked me in the ass." Cheers around.

Eric was last: "Um, not much to tell as Renee already did. I got to fuck her in the ass. It was wonderful." Clapping all around.

Lance got back up and said "We found two things. Right by the pool, there is a building with a big sauna and a steam room. Um, I fucked Renee in the steam room. It was hot in more ways than one. We also, at the end of the property, found a circular concrete area with a big H painted on it. We think it is a helipad.

"Hey Blake," Amy yelled. "You a helicopter pilot too?"

"No," replied Blake. "But Alison is."

This resulted in a lot more shouting. Today was loud. Everyone asked for more.

"I was in the Army and flew helicopters in Iraq. No big deal," she said. "I made it home safe. Too many pilots didn't. I would need to refresh my certification, as I can't afford the air time."

"Let's make that happen!" shouted Amy.

I wasn't sure we were really helicopter people but paying for Alison to fly was a no-brainer. You could see the spark in her eyes when she talked about it. We'll send her on the quest. If nothing else, we'll get fun helicopter rides. I don't think any of the family have ever even been in one. I chuckled and thought to myself that we'd absolutely have to pick up Mary at the airport for their next visit. If she thought a G650 was a waste of money, I can imagine her thoughts on a helicopter. I don't think we'd even told them we've bought a house!

Finally, we got to team two, which consisted of Matt, Alison, Clay, Hannah, and Morgan.

Morgan got up as the group spokesperson. Clay kept tickling her butt while she was standing there, finally resulted in a resounding slap sound as she swept his hand away.

"We found," she started, resulting in another round of boos, which just turned her face crimson.

"OK, OK," she said. "Our big news was that Matt likes teenage girls and Alison does too. Alison and I did a wonderful 69, with me on top, while Matt took me doggy style. I'll steal some of their story, because let's just say they both found the situation over stimulating."

Understanding the rules, little Hannah went next.

"Clay fucked me doggy style, while Morgan and I did a 69. She licked me and Clay's cock while he fucked me. It was awesome. I lost count of how many times I came. Clay came on Morgan's face, but I licked it all off," said Hannah.

Wow, these stories were amazing. I noticed that she was right, a little cum was leaking down her leg. I don't think anyone noticed me get hard, mostly because every man and boy did too.

"I lost my virginity," said Clay, resulting in shouts of congratulations. "It was amazing, and I want to do it again." His cock showed that was true, as the head started peeking out of its sheath and he showed a nice 4-inch (10 cm) cock. Apparently, Hannah couldn't resist as she dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. She didn't do it long but proceeded to push him on his back and climb on, impaling herself on his cock. Cum must have been a nice lubricant. The entire crowd went silent, just watching them fuck. Lance and Matt couldn't resist and walked over. Lance offered his cock to Clay and Matt offered his cock to Hannah. This went on long enough for all three men/boys to cum, after Hannah shook with her orgasm. She ended up drenched in all their cum.

"Guess it isn't just leaking out of my pussy," she commented dryly, generating lots of laughs. All four of them jumped in the pool briefly and we continued the stories.

"We're up next," said Alison, standing with Matt. "Morgan was right, she did make me cum, but so did Clay and Hannah. Let's just say I recommend their oral skills."

"What can I say," said Matt. "I do like teenage girls. I liked boys, girls, men, and women. I doubt that is any different than most, if not all, of you. Yes, I fucked Morgan and it was glorious."

Hannah had clearly been keeping track, as she shouted "We found a beach! A nice beach. We even went in the water there."

A beach. That's a nice find.

"We also found four-wheelers in a small garage," added Clay. "We didn't ride them yet, but they looked awesome. There were lots of helmets too, which is good."

"The grounds are beautiful," added Morgan. "This is paradise. I think we should name this place Paradise at the end of the island."

Paradise it is and now it had a name.

Team three, with Blake, Linda, Leslie, Austin, and Jimmy went next.

Jimmy hopped right up. "Blake and Austin sucked my cock and I came on Blake's face. I liked it."

Blake showed a sheepish grin and added "Me too," which resulted in another round of cheers. "I got to fuck Leslie and Linda, but I came in Austin's ass."

Now it was Austin's turn to look sheepish "Yeah, he did, and it felt so great, I came with he did."

"Austin failed to mention I was sucking him at the time," said Leslie. "So, I got quite a facial. Blake was fucking me at the time, and I couldn't stop cumming."

"But I cleaned her up," added Linda with a grin. "She returned the favor quite well, I should add, and I don't mean my face."

I might just cum from the stories.

"We found a tennis court that also has basketball goals. We also found another smaller pool. It looks like it might be some kind of exercise pool, as it generates a current. Sort of like a swimming treadmill. It's cool. It's inside a small glass building, so I guess for year around," added Morgan. "We also found a go-cart track and a small garage with four go-carts. We didn't try them out, but I really want to. Lots of helmets there too."

That left team four, my team, which included me, Bethany, Vicky, Cindy, Orlando, and Jackie.

Cindy hopped up. I loved these confident kids. "I lost my virginity too. To Orlando," she said, resulting in a round of clapping. "I'm still leaking too," pointing at the cum on her leg. She then scooped a little up on her finger and licked it off. Oh my. "But I came when Bethany went down on me. I liked that a lot."

Jackie went next "I got to cum when I was sitting on Cindy's face. No one has even been nice to me like that. It was fun." That caused us all to go silent for a bit.

Orlando went next. "Well, you know I came in Cindy. I'm glad she enjoyed her first time. I got to cum three times though, as Bethany and Jackie went down on me together and I couldn't hold off. I'll let someone else tell the story of my third time."

"Yeah," Bethany added. "This isn't conditioner in my hair. Oh, and I came from Cindy and Jackie going down on me. They're quite talented."

Vicky jumped up and shared: "I lost count of the number of times I came. Everyone went down on me. Everyone. But I'm the third time. Orlando fucked me and he fucked me hard. It was quite a pounding and I enjoyed every minute of it." Loud cheers to that one.

All eyes swiveled to me. "Well, um, you see. I came in Jackie's ass. I just couldn't resist. It's so cute." Jackie immediately jumped up and turned around, showing us that she was dripping out of her ass too.

Oh boy.

"Bob," said Amy in her most stern voice. "You know about cleanup." OK, I blushed.

Orlando got back up to tell what we had found. "We found the most beautiful gardens. All kinds of flowers and the smell was overwhelming, but pleasant. There is even a maze with hibiscus plants. Right in the middle of the gardens is the zoo. It's not very large, but it looks it included a tiger, a lion, and a chimp. I can't see doing that again though, as it is too small. That wouldn't be fair."

When he is right, he's right. No zoo for us. Little did I know we would soon be raising a cow and some chickens. Who knew 4H was a thing here? Looks like we had a lot to explore. This place was nicer than we realized and certainly came with more than we expected. What a life we lead. You could tell everyone was winding down from the excitement of the stories, as it was pretty quiet, and most people were lost in their thoughts. I hopped up.

"Listen, I think we're all pretty worn out and it is about dinner time. Why don't you all relax, maybe swim, and chat and I'll start the burgers."

Several kids and some adults hopped in the pool and the rest spread out in small groups. I could hear murmurs about their finds on the property and lots of fingers pointing in multiple directions. I went over to the outdoor grill, which looked like it was designed for a party of 300. It probably was. Alison had stocked the refrigerator and freezer next to the grill with hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, and more. There were also vegetables to grill and lots of chips and snacks as sides. I fired the thing up, after figuring out the controls that looked like they were from a space ship and threw on enough variety to feed us all twice over. I clearly couldn't keep up and Lance and Matt drifted over and picked up spatulas.

"Quite a place you have here Bob," said Lance.

"Sure as hell is," said Matt. "I know I probably shouldn't ask, but being as we're partners now, how the heck can you afford this? And what's with kids that are barely younger than you are? And how the absolute hell did you get Amy to EVER marry you. Money or not, she is seriously out of your league."

The last comment made me laugh as it was so true. Lots of questions in those sentences. I gave in and told them the short version of the story. I didn't share our net worth, but just enough to justify the estate on which we were standing. The story got me slaps on the back and hearty congratulations and assurances that they'd keep the cool cars coming.

All in all, it was a pleasant day with new friends doing unexpected things. I looked around to the whole group, all still gloriously naked. Kids running, laughing, and splashing. Adults chatting in small groups, with some right in there splashing with the kids. Every single one was smiling. I don't know about society and its arbitrary rules, but this was OK with me.

We went well into the evening and finally some of the adults started making noises about leaving.

Amy got up and made an announcement.

"Listen, it's been an amazing, tiring day. I know some of the adults have enjoyed an adult beverage. We have four fully made up empty bedrooms, plus an apartment over the garage. Anyone that wants to spend the night is welcome, including any and all kids. No pressure, just an offer. Anyone that doesn't, we'll arrange an Uber, just leave your car here. We don't want anyone to get hurt and, admittedly, we don't want to bring any attention to ourselves. For those that do stay, I'm confident that you could convince Bob to fire up the boat in the morning."

It was pretty clear all the kids wanted to stay, which just left five adults to make decisions. Lance and Linda immediately said they'd stay. Matt's and Bethany's kids put on a full court press, and they agreed to stay too, and it didn't take as much pressure as they got. Even Vicky agreed to stay, which both surprised and pleased me. The evening continued and eventually people drifted off a few at a time. The kids put themselves to bed, or at least in bedrooms, fairly early, leaving the adults sitting around a fire pit. Yes, we had a fire, even though we didn't need one.

This left Blake and Alison, Linda and Lance, Matt, Bethany, and Vicky and Amy and me on small couches. Yes, you read that right, Bethany and Vicky were both snuggled up close to Matt and he had his arm around them both. Interesting.

Even the adults only made it to about 10 before we all headed in. Blake and Alison headed towards their place. We showed Linda and Lance to a bedroom. We then showed Bethany a bedroom and Matt and Vicky followed her right in. Wow. Amy and I finally fell into our beds, after quick showers, and as much as I'd like to say we made passionate love, we were both snoring in minutes.

What. a. day.

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Character information

Name Chapters Age Description when introduced Stats when introduced
Bob All 23 Dad 6'2" (188 cm) – 165 (75 kg) , swimmer's body, 6–inch (15 cm) cut average cock
Amy All 21 Mom (and the Nanny, to start) 5'1" (155 cm) – 110 (50 kg) , bright red hair, C cup
Morgan All 15 The oldest of the new kids 5'5" (165 cm) – 120 (54 kg) , dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
Orlando All 13 The middle child and the only boy 5'0" (152 cm) – 100 (45 kg) , dirty blonde, 6–inch (15 cm) cut thick cock
Leslie All 11 The youngest 4'6" (137 cm) – 80 (36 kg) , brown hair, flat–chested
Brittney 1,4 16 Morgan's friend and a cheerleader 5'8" (173 cm) – tall, athletic, B cup
Vicky Johnson 2,5 Early thirties DFS Social Worker 5'7" (170 cm) – Very attractive
Evan 4 15 Brittney's brother 5'10" (178 cm) – 165 (75 kg) , muscular, halfback and linebacker on the football team, 6–inch (15 cm) thick cock
Ricky 4 12 Brittney's other brother 5'8" (173 cm) – 140 (64 kg) , muscular, soccer player, 7–inch (18 cm) thick cock
Nathan 4 19 General manager, car dealers 5'9" (175 cm) – 130 (59 kg) , slim, glasses, 6–inch (15 cm) uncut
Tabitha 4 Twenties Waitress 5'8" (173 cm) – slim, sexy, C cup
Missy 5 11 Leslie's cheerleader friend 5'0" (152 cm) – 90 (41 kg) pounds , cheerleader, cute AF
Lance 5 Forties Co–owner, classic car restoration in Clearwater 6'2" (188 cm) – reasonably fit, average cock
Linda 5 Thirties Co–owner, classic car restoration in Clearwater 5'5" (165 cm) – healthy but not fat, firm C cup
Clay 5 11 Lance and Linda's son 5'1" (155 cm) – skinny, cute, 4–inch (10 cm) uncut cock
Cindy 5 9 Lance and Linda's daughter 4'8" (142 cm) – skinny, smaller version of Clay, flat
Matt 5 27 Co–owner, classic car restoration in Clearwater 6'0" (183 cm) – average in every day, including a 5.5–inch (13 cm) cut cock
Terry 5 9 Matt's son 4'11" (150 cm) – average, 3–inch (8 cm) cut cock
Renee 5 9 Matt's daughter 4'10" (147 cm) – average, just a hint of puffies
Bethany 5 Thirties Realtor for new house 5'8" (173 cm) – 140 (64 kg) , dark hair, great body, C cup, stunning
Austin 5 12 Bethany's older son 5'7" (170 cm) – tall and thin, good definition, thick 6–inch (15 cm) uncut cock
Eric 5 11 Bethany's younger son 5'1" (155 cm) – thin, slightly smaller version of his brother, 5–inch (13 cm) uncut cock
Hannah 5 9 Bethany's daughter 4'9" (145 cm) – thin, flat, adorable
Blake 5 Thirties First home staff. Mechanic, general purpose everything 6'2" (188 cm) – 185 (84 kg) , blonde, ripped, 7–inch (18 cm) thin cock
Alison 5 Thirties First home staff. Chef, runs the house and more 5'9" (175 cm) – tall, athletic, blonde, simply stunning, B cup, model gorgeous
Curt 5 Twenties Commercial manager, furniture dealer 6'4" (193 cm) – 225 (102 kg) , Black, thin and regal, 9–inch (23 cm) uncut cock
Mario 5 Twenties Furniture sales 6'2" (188 cm) – 195 (88 kg) , Italian, great shape
Nicole 5 Twenties Furniture sales 5'4" (163 cm) – 110 (50 kg) , cute, B cup
Alexis 5 Twenties Furniture sales 5'5" (165 cm) – 120 (54 kg) , cute, small A cup
Jimmy 5 10 Temporary foster kids 4'8" (142 cm) – Tiny little boy, 2–inch (5 cm) cock
Jackie 5 9 Temporary foster kids 4'5" (135 cm) – Tiny little cute girl

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