Chapter 55 - The Call - Amai has an impact
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3 February 2019

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Athena the author

Athena here.

I'm new to Dionysus and only 9, but this is my second journal entry. I think it is because there is a lot of sex in my journal. I have no idea who approves these or picks them to be included, but I write a daily journal anyway, so I'll keep submitting the fun ones.

And this is a fun one.

If you remember, Andreas mentioned there were five more families we had not met, beyond the incredible family next door. If you don't remember them, re-read that journal. Hot with a capital H.

We knew we could work our way through the families one by one, but hey, we're all about the parties. Why live in a mansion if you don't use it for celebrations.

So we decided to have a block party. Seven families. Ours, our next-door neighbors, and the five others. We weren't sure if anyone would even accept, since they hadn't met us, but they all did. All of them.

19 more kids. Whoo fucking hoo. Yes, I know my American slang. I'm 9. I'm not stupid.

It would take me pages and pages to even introduce them all, so I'll stick to talking about sexual antics. You're cool with that, right?

I guess I'll start with two of the families that I met before the party. Horacio introduced me to their kids our age. There were others, but he was closest with these two. They all came over after my first day of school. I'll go ahead and hit their whole family. The first family had two kids. Abel was 7, so just a little younger than me, but bigger. He was big for his age. Calisse was 9, but looked older. She had freaking puffies at 9. They were both French and had that sexy look and accent. Their dad was Calix and a freaking hunk. Big thick cock hunk. Yeah, yeah, I got to see it and suck it, but it was too big for me. He was a dealer at the new casino. Their mom was Fabiola. Oh my. I could live between Fabiola's breasts. OK, that didn't make sense, but she had firm D cups. Big ones. They were particularly huge given she was short and petite. They sure felt real to me though. Did you get that? She was something called a pit boss at the new casino, which means she was a manager on the floor. I'm not sure I know what all that is, but she was important enough for a nice house. The casino hadn't opened yet, but it was close and she was helping get it there.

The other family I met had twins. This place has a lot of twins. In this case, 9-year-old boy/girl twins but they were little. Littler than me little. She was just so damn cute and always horny. Kind of like me! He was just as cute, just as horny, and had a small cock, maybe 5 centimeters, but it felt good. He had other skills too. His tongue. Oh.

They lived with just their mom. I don't know the story, but she was just a kid too. She was only 23, which means she was a baby when she had them. That's probably part of the story. She acted like a kid some, but was a chef at Alpha and apparently a pretty good one. I know I loved it when she baked. Yep, first night. Cookies. Yum.

Oh, they were Derek and Dahlia and their mom was Greta. About as German as you can be. I know Dahlia liked to boss us around, but, well, we kind of liked it. Greta was petite with big D cups and curvy. I loved hugging Greta.

So, our first afternoon was Andreas, me, Abel, Calisse, Derek, and Dahlia. 3 cocks, 3 pussies. One set of amazing puffies. We all liked those damn puffies.

Everyone came to my house and we all did our homework first. We're good students first, you know? Oh, we were already naked, but hey, who needs clothes? Our parents wouldn't let us swim without someone older, so that was out, but nothing else was. It was Dahlia that decided, no ordered us what to do.


As she put it, she wanted the boys to last, so we all needed to get them off once. That sounded fun. She paired me up with Derek, Calisse was with Andreas, and Dahlia took Horacio. I'm sure his huge cock didn't have anything to do with it. Nothing at all. Round one was a simple 69. Oh DAMN Derek was good at it. I actually squirted! He came in my mouth, but nothing. That was OK. He was the aggressor by then, because he flipped me up on my knees and started pounding away. All three of us girls in a row, bam bam bam.

That's when Mom got home. She watched. Yep. Stripped down, sat on the couch, and played with herself while she watched.

I gave Derek credit though. After he finished with me, he asked Mom if he could fuck her too.

He might be small, but he was pushy. Kind of like me.

Oh she let him. But she made him get her off first. He was good, remember? She squirted too. Horacio offered Mom his cock and she sucked it. She even gave Andreas a hand job too.

Andreas and Horatio can cum and cum they did, all over Mom's nice tits. I was going to call cleanup, liking tits and all, but Dahlia beat me to it.

It was fun to watch.

So, that was the next two families we met. Writing this made me horny, so that's all you get. I need to find Andreas.

Somebody fun to fuck

Orlando here.

Wow, it's been so long since I posted. I've been pulled in so many directions and, honestly, just having fun. Grace and I could spend every moment together and I'd be blissfully happy.

But today she kicked me out of the house. They were having a girl's day. No, that's not fair, I could have the house all I wanted. They were off at a spa in Athens, then were going to the gym, and then who knows what else. She said it would go all night.

Here parting words?

"Go find somebody fun to fuck," she said.

My first thought was no way, but hey, who knows? Everybody needs to fuck somebody sometime. Isn't that a song lyric? OK, maybe not exactly the song lyric. I wasn't really out looking for someone. I just wanted some coffee. On of the challenges of living on Prometheus, the middle island, was that there wasn't anything at all, other than the resort. So I went over to Artemis, what we used to call the near island, a lot. So did the family. We usually grabbed a helicopter, but we found we all still liked driving. So we did what everyone would do.

We built a parking lot. No, that makes no sense, but it does. We built a parking lot on the edge of town, that had a huge lot for golf carts. Anybody coming from Prometheus or Eros could drive over and then switch to a cart at the edge of town. There was a similar lot on Prometheus and on Eros. Oh, and on Aether, the island with the airport and the race track.

Makes sense now, doesn't it? I had the new Tesla roadster in my garage which seemed like a good choice. It wouldn't go into production for a year or two. We had a lot of Teslas on the islands. Given 100% of our power was solar generated, driving the Tesla's was really efficient. We had a lot of other electrics too. Everything from a little Nissan Leaf to the new Porsche Taycan to the Fiskar and Farrady. We tested a lot of them for manufacturers. Some never went into production. Some we invested in the company.

Damn, a tangent already.

I was sitting by myself at a table when a young woman walked up. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She couldn't have been more than about 11, but holy moly she was beautiful. You know exactly what I am talking about. Someone that just has a presence that knocks you back. No real development yet, but that didn't detract from her beauty. If I had to guess, I would have said Swedish. She was clearly nervous and I could tell she was really struggling to talk to me. Finally she screwed up the courage.

"Hi, I'm Gina," she said, sticking out her hand. "I just wanted to tell you how much I love your music. I'm new here and just moved with my family, but have been following your music." Of course I shook her hand and invited her to sit down. I think that surprised her. No, I didn't have an ulterior motive, she just seemed nice and didn't know very many people.

"So where did your family move from?" I asked. Smooth, right?

"Minnesota," she said. OK, I wouldn't have guessed that.

"I'll bet you guessed Sweden, didn't you? I do kind of have that look. Nope, a midwestern girl that only speaks English. I have a lot of catching up to do in so many ways," she said. Did she mean that as a double entendre? OK, I kind of hope so.

"What brought your family here?" I asked. Still smooth. Oh no, that was a dark expression she just got.

"Things weren't going well back home," she said.

"I didn't mean to intrude. You never have to share anything here. It's all up to you. Doesn't matter what it was, I promise it can be better here," I said. She smiled back at me.

"Oh, I know that for sure," she said. "My parent's friends moved here last year. They kept encouraging us, so we visited and never went back." That got a smile from me.

We shot the shit for a while and I found out that she played guitar and sang. I asked her if her parents would be OK if we went to my studio and played a bit. She's new, so they might not quite understand Dionysus yet.

"Sure. My parents have fully embraced Dioynsus. In every way," she said. Again, what did she mean? Oh hell, who cares. She was fun and musical. I went up and got us two coffees to go and we went out and grabbed a cart. My studio was here on Artemis and pretty close to where we were. You can't make music without good coffee, right? I did have to be careful about who I invited to record. It was common to see people "golf carting in the nude". Then again, we'd established ourselves as nudists a long time ago. The studio was quiet today though, so we had it to ourselves.

I took her into the main studio and sat her on a stool and handed her a guitar. She just looked so comfortable with it in her hand. Then she gave me a funny look.

"This is a 1939 Martin D-45. You just handed me a guitar worth at least a quarter of a million dollars. You just had it sitting on a rack in your studio. You have two thirties OM-45s on the rack next to a 58 and a 59 Les Paul. There's even a Gibson Explorer. That's easily a million in guitars," she said. Well, she knew her guitars.

I just shrugged. What could I do? She just shook her head and started playing a bit. I'm no idiot, I went into the booth and started recording, both audio and video. I came back out quietly and stayed out of the camera view, but I wanted to listen. She was simply incredible. Her vocal range likely would have matched Mariah Carey. Her guitar skills were incredible. I didn't recognize her song, but I think it was an original. I just sat, mesmerized, as she played song after song, all clearly original. She was in a totally different place and it showed.

Finally she played the opening chords of one of my songs. It made me smile, so I grabbed a stool and pulled it up next to her. She started over and we sang song after song of mine as a duet. The harmony was flawless. For at least half of them it was a better song than I had released. I sure hoped her family would agree, because whether she knew it or not, we'd just recorded her first entire CD, all in one sitting. Finally we wound down. I left the recording running and started talking to her about her music. I didn't really mean to, but it turned out to be an incredible interview. Oh shit, we were using that too. We talked about her music and her family and she was just glowing. She was a different person than the shy girl I met in the coffee shop. Her confidence was incredible, when she was in her element.

Finally I waved her into the booth. I stopped all the recordings and went over to the video editing console. I started at the beginning. I hadn't even realized it, but we'd recorded almost two hours of material. Shit, this was an HBO Special. Unedited. Just start to finish. We sat next to each other watching it and she was just so fucking excited. I realized her hand was on my leg and, well, I was kind of excited too. I wasn't sure what to do. She was new, and a kid, and confused.

She turned and couldn't stop thanking me.

Then she kissed me. Shit, that was quite a kiss, but she pulled back and looked shocked at herself.

"I shouldn't have. I'm so sorry," she said.

"Oh no, that was wonderful. You're welcome to do that any time you want," I said. Still smooth. She stammered about Grace. Time for a talk. I walked her through the whole situation. I walked her through the can, but don't have to. I asked her what her parent's position was, because she was eleven and had to have permission.

"I know all that," she said, with surprising strength. "That's the biggest reason we moved here. My parents would be fine with me doing anything I wanted to. Hell, they'd be thrilled, because I haven't done very much and they worry about me. But you wouldn't want to. I know you wouldn't. There are things you don't know about me. You just wouldn't."

"I think you're wrong," I said. "There's a lot you don't know about me too, but one of the things is that I love everyone. Everyone," I said. I don't think that helped.

"Do you trust me?" I asked. She thought about it and nodded.

"Then trust me that if we reach a point where I want to stop, or you want to stop, or I am worried about you, we will stop," I said. "I already told you. No means no and it is the mantra of our country." She clearly thought about it and emotions raged on her face. Finally she stood up and faced me.

She pulled the straps off her sundress to the side and did the classic move of letting it drop to the floor. OH. Got it.

You see, when her dressed dropped to the floor, her hard, 4-inch (10 cm) cock popped out. Rather than talking, I did what I, well, wanted to do. I got down on my knees and took her in my mouth. She moaned. I moaned, around her cock. I gave it my best, and finally she pushed me off.

"I want to save it. Can I fuck you too? I never have," she said. I just smiled and nodded. I took her hand and we went into the apartment. What? You're surprised there is an apartment in my studio? Do you even know me?

I took her into the bedroom and had her lay on the bed. I did a sexy little striptease. Shit I was hard. I sat on the bed and gave her a little of the speech again. I also made sure she understood this was just sex, and I was committed to Grace.

"Would you shut up and get on your knees and tell me where the lube is," she growled. I handed her the lube from the nightstand and did as ordered. She wasn't gentle. Her first time was going to be a power fuck and I liked it. I liked it a lot. She growled again when she filled me up.

She sat back down behind me. Oh, she needed a lesson.

"We clean things up here on Dionysus," I said, still on my knees. She laughed.

"OK, where are towels?" she asked.

"That's not what I meant," I said. It took her a minute, but she didn't answer. She started licking and sucking. She was a quick study, as I got her cum in a kiss. She was a damn good kisser. Finally she got up on her knees.

"Fuck me, but be gentle. I've never done this before, but I've never wanted it more in my life," she said. So I did. Gentle, passionate, powerful and yes, I cleaned up after myself and yes, she got it in a kiss. Finally we rolled back and were lying side by side. We were quiet and I realized she was crying. I rolled on my side to face her, but before I could say anything, she spoke.

"Thank you. This is a turning point in my life. In Minnesota, I was a freak. I was taunted, and bullied, and beaten up. No one did that to me here, but no one knew I wasn't a girl yet," she said. "You found out and treated me like I was normal. Hell, you let me fuck you and you fucked me. It was amazing. I want to do it every day. I know my dad, deep down, wants to fuck me, but he was scared to ask. Not anymore. When I get home he's fucking me and I'm fucking my mom and we're going to be rabbits every day."

Well, that sounded fun and I told her that, which got a laugh.

"I might even fuck my brother. He's 13. I think he'd like it," she said. I assured her that if he tried it, he'd like it.

"But what do I do at school? I haven't done PE yet. I keep making up excuses. There's just one locker room. Everyone will see me naked and it will start all over again." She started crying and I took her in my arms and hugged her.

"No, they won't. I absolutely and completely promise they won't. Not one person will. No one. In fact, just the opposite. They'll all want to play with you. You're new and fun and beautiful and unique in so many ways, not just because you have a cock," I said.

"You're sure?" she said.

"Positive. The next day they have PE, just go into the locker room and change. If anyone says anything, call them on it. Or just be honest and blunt. I'll bet they won't though, unless it is something positive," I said. "Now, it's getting late. Let's run by your house and if your parents agree, let's have dinner." Just then I got a text from Grace.

Tired of the girls already. Want to have dinner?

I turned to Gina.

"Listen," I said. "Grace just invited me to dinner, but dinner with you is more important to me right now. If you're OK, she'll join us. If you're really OK, she'll join us for round 2 of what we just did." Gina's eyes got huge!

"Grace! OMG Grace! I love Grace. I want to be Grace!" she said. "Hell yes she can come to dinner. Did you mean what I think you mean? I might get to fuck Grace?"

I laughed and assured her that yes, that could happen tonight. I promised her that Grace and I could teach her a lot. And we would.

I texted Grace back and told her that I was bringing a new friend that she'd really like and enjoy. I said we'd meet her at 1800. I got a smiley face back. Yeah, we're still kids.

We showered and fooled around a little, but I wouldn't let Gina cum again. I reminded her she only had so many in a day and she shouldn't waste them. Yeah, I got a big grin. I do think she enjoyed me drying her off. I know I did when she dried me off. Finally we went out to the cart.

She gave me directions to her house, which was a nice house, but not on the water. Hmm. We walked in the door and the family was all in the kitchen.

"Orlando fucked me and I fucked him," screamed Gina. Well, that's quite a way to meet someone's parents. Well, given the grins she got in return, plus the fact that her dad and brother clearly got hard, it seemed like they accepted that pronouncement.

We did the introductions.

Dad was Mickey. I found out he was a plumber which was a desperate need here. Mom was Kate. She was the new manager of the coffee shop at Gamma. Oh. Gamma. Yeah, this family was fun. Her brother was Kenny and he was the male twin of Gina, but a little older, bigger and stronger. Very masculine, but beautiful. You know what I mean.

We sat and have a nice chat. A pretty blunt chat. They knew who I was, which wasn't surprising. They were sweet and funny and a great family. I could tell by the looks that Gina was getting from all three of them that things were happening when I left. I asked if it was OK if Gina went to dinner with Grace and me. Her parents were thrilled but Kenny was clearly disappointed. I caught Gina's eye and got a huge smile and nod. Yeah, she got it.

"Would it be OK if Kenny came too?" I asked. "We're going to the resort to dinner, but will probably hang at our house after. We might be a bit late."

"Sure," said Kate. "They can even spend the night if you want." Oh she meant what I thought she meant.

"That sounds great," I said, and meant it. "Go pack a bag, both of you." They ran off into the back of the house.

"Thank you," said Mickey. "Thank you so much." I just laughed.

"For what? Spending an incredible afternoon making music with a truly cool person?" I said. I handed him the flash drive I brought.

"Watch this. You'll enjoy it," I said. They both got shocked looks. Oh. Yeah, I laughed.

"It's a recording in the studio of Gina playing and singing. Some is with me singing with her," I said. "Watch it. Then we'll talk. She has huge potential." Hell, that got an even bigger look. Just then Kenny and Gina came running back in, with backpacks, and we headed out to the cart.

Oops. I drove a two-seat car today. Oh, no worries. I'll borrow something from Gabe and Carlina. I explained we needed something else to get us home, as the car I drove only had two seats. We got to Gabe's and no one was home, so I texted Gabe that I was borrowing his F-61 and would bring it back tomorrow.

Yeah, I got another smiley face. We left the cart on the street so it would get moved back and went in the small gate.

"We'll borrow something from Gabe. He said it was OK," I said. We walked over to the F-61 and I keyed in the master code and the stairs folded down. Yeah, bug-eyes from both of them. It gave me an idea, so I looked to see what was available. London was taken. Barcelona was taken. Paris. Perfect. Thai food and great sex. I reserved it and texted Grace to pack us a little bag and that we'd be going to Paris with two new friends. Yes, another smiley.

I had them strap in and then flew over to our house. I told them we were going somewhere else, so to stay strapped in. I dropped the doors and a few moments later, I heard Grace call that they were ready. I folded up the stairs and we took off again. Paris is a pretty short hop, but once we were up I realized I should let them see the view. I used the intercom to tell them to all come into the cockpit. They did.


Good for you Grace. Kenny was hard as a rock. He had a nice 5-inch (13 cm) cock. Well, Gina was too. I waved Kenny over and gave his cock a few sucks. I am pretty sure he liked it. That's all we had time for, so I told them to go back and strap in.

"We need to get dressed first," said Gina.

"No you don't," said Grace. "Trust me."

We landed on the apartment and when I went back, sure enough, still naked. That confused Kenny and Gina, particularly when I put the stairs down, but I told them to just roll with it. What the hell, I stripped too. Yeah, hard. I led the way down and that's when they realized they were not at an airport. We took the elevator down. We gave them the quick tour of the apartment, but ended up in the bedroom. Surprise!

Dinner might be a little late.

Let's just say we did anything that four people with three cocks and a pussy could do. It turned out that Kenny was a virgin.

Not anymore. He fucked Grace first. What better could your first time be? Then he fucked me. A pretty good second time.

Then he made love to Gina. There is no other way to say it. Their bond was incredible. More power to them.

Then Gina made love to Kenny. Damn.

Tonight was not the night for me to fuck Kenny. Another time. We showered, and yes, that's where I fucked Grace. I also blew Kenny while Grace blew Gina. Good thing we were in the shower, because there was cum everywhere. Finally we dried off and confirmed that everyone liked Thai food.

It was fun to see Anarat and May. They joined us for dinner, which was spectacular, as always. We even had a little wine, although I abstained since I was flying. By the time we got back to the apartment, we were exhausted and just stripped and fell into bed. Yes, all in the same big bed. As we were lying there, Gina started laughing.

"What a fucking great day!" she said. Then we all fell asleep. We slept in and I woke up to the smell of bacon. Oh, did I not mention the new feature in the app? There was a box you could check if you wanted a chef to come make breakfast. A chef that wouldn't care that four kids came out of the bedroom naked.

Oh I checked the box. They all had standing orders to cook a lot of bacon. Our family liked bacon. I texted Kate that Gina and Kenny were spending the day with us and we'd have them back by dinner. I also texted Ruby and asked for a favor. I got another fucking smiley face.

We had a glorious day in Paris. We walked and did the sights and had a wonderful lunch at a little bistro. They'd never been to Paris and we didn't take enough time to be tourists often. Oh, funny story. While we were eating, Natalie Portman came in with her daughter. She saw us and came over to say hi. We invited them to join us, and they did. Natalie is so sweet and her daughter is adorable. Yeah, we know a lot of people and, no, I don't mean we know Natalie as well as you're imagining. Although that would be fun. I gave Gina and Kenny credit. They were polite and mentioned several of her movies that they loved but just rolled with it.

Gina's favorite was The Professional. Mine too, but not in a way I could share with her 4-year-old daughter there. Or should share. When Gina was talking about the movie, Grace rubbed my cock under the table. She had figured it out. Yes, I was hard.

Finally our day wound down and we loaded up in the plane to head back. I'd gotten the text from Ruby that I had expected. She had performed the miracle that I knew she would. She'd texted me the information I needed.

We flew back and I landed at the house, but not Gabe's house. I dropped the stairs and we climbed out. Nice choice Ruby, nice choice.

"Damn, this house is beautiful. It's huge and on the water and those yachts are amazing!" said Gina. I loved this part of our lives. Just then the front door opened and her parents walked out. Gina and Kenny got confused and both looked at me.

"Whose house is this?" demanded Gina. Oh, I just smiled. By then Mickey and Kate had gotten to us and they swept their kids up into a hug. Mickey had heard the question.

"Ours, Gina. It's ours," said Mickey. "A girl named Ruby knocked our door this morning. We'd heard of Ruby but never met her. Damn that girl is beautiful." Yeah, that got a slap and a laugh from Kate.

"And talented too," added Kate. Ah, the Ruby experience.

"She told us that she had been asked to coordinate the move into our new house and that the movers would be there shortly. She brought us over here in a cart and we were stunned. We kept questioning her, but all she would say was that it had been arranged. It was completely furnished! It's amazing," said Mickey. "Then she told us that the move would take a couple hours and if we were interested, she could entertain us. We didn't know exactly what she meant, but wow, she entertained us for sure."

"Oh hell, I learned a few things," said Kate. "No, that's not right. I learned a lot of things. That girl is special." Yes, yes she is.

"But we don't know how this happened. This house is over 15,000 square feet. It's on 5-acres. On the water. There's a big yacht, plus waverunners, a ski boat, and another yacht. Ruby says they're all ours, but we'll need to go to boating class," said Mickey. "None of this makes sense."

Gina just looked at me and grinned.

"Dad, you know Orlando's music because I play it all the time. I know you recognized him from that," said Gina. "But do you know the whole story of who Orlando is?" Mickey and Kate just looked confused.

"Let me introduce you to Prince Orlando of Dionysus. His family owns the entire country. His mom and dad are Queen Amy and King Bob," said Gina. She turned to me.

"You did this for me, didn't you," said Gina.

"They'll be here tomorrow to build the recording studio," I said.

"Of course they will," she said. I got a big hug.

"We watched the video. Over and over," said Kate. "It's simply amazing. Gina, you're a star."

"We need to talk about that," I said. "Listen, it's about dinner time. Why don't we take your 131 out? I'm willing to bet the refrigerator has chicken and burgers in it." I would have won that bet.

"131?" asked Mickey.

"Oh. The big yacht is your 131. The smaller is your 52. The wake boat is the 26. We call them by their length," I said. "It's easiest."

"131? You're saying our yacht is 131 feet long? I knew it was big, but 131? The little one is 52 feet long?" said Mickey. "Why would you do this for us?"

"Because he can," said Gina. "Because he can. Wait until we tell you about our trip to Paris." Yeah, that got us looks.

"But we could never, in our lifetimes, pay you back," said Kate.

"You can't, but Gina can. Or at least payback the Hayden Foundation. I'll explain in a bit," I said.

We got on board and I took us out. I got us up to speed a bit and took us out a ways. Mickey was sitting with me and I gave him the basics, but he'd need the class. He had experience, but with fishing boats. This wasn't a fishing boat.

"Can that be right? We're going 60 mph in a 131-foot boat?" he asked.

"No, that's knots. About 80 mph. Be careful, since all three of your boats can break 120mph. At that speed, people get blown into the water. They need to be inside or hold on." Mickey just shook his head.

"Thank you," said Mickey. "Not for all this, although I thank you for that too. Thank you for Gina. I've never seen her smile and laugh like this. You've changed all our lives." What the hell do you say to that?

"No, Mickey. You and Kate did. You moved here for her," I said. "This is all just karma paying you back." I truly believed that.

"Well Karma is sure our friend," said Mickey, with a laugh. Ours too Mickey, ours too.

Just then I got a text. Perfect. I slowed down to about three knots and aimed into the wind. Moments later a helicopter approached us and set down on the pad.

"We have a yacht on which you can land a helicopter," said Mickey. "I think Karma moved right in." OK, we both laughed. Wait until our guests get off. The stairs went down and Camila and Taylor climbed out. Once they were past the rotors, the doors closed and the helicopter took off. I owe ya Ruby.

Gina came running out onto the deck, screaming at the top of her lungs. Camila and Taylor both gave her a hug. They were chatting, but we weren't close enough to hear. I put the boat on hover and we all went into the second floor lounge. Everybody was talking at once and Camila was laughing.

"OK everyone, let's quiet down," I said. "We have things to talk about."

"Don't you need to be driving the boat?" asked Kate.

"No, it's on hover. They'll teach you that," I said.

"Who flew the helicopter?" asked Kenny.

"Ruby," answered Camila. Yeah, that got some looks. I loved this part. Still makes me laugh.

"We'll come back to that," I said. "You'll have to learn how to fly a jet before you can try helicopters. Before that you need driver's ed. We'll set that up."

"Let's go upstairs. We need to talk to your parents Gina," I said. "You and Kenny can go jacuzzi while we do." We walked up the stairs and found chairs.

"But we don't have suits," said Kenny. I just shrugged my shoulders. Even Taylor was used to nudity around our family by now. Kenny and Gina looked at each other. Then Gina looked at me. I just nodded. She smiled at me and dropped her sundress. Taylor and Camila had absolutely no reaction at all. Good for them. Gina just beamed and ran and jumped in the jacuzzi. Kenny did too.

"Cute kids," said Camila. "Gina is simply amazing. I was enthralled. I watched the entire thing from beginning to end. Twice."

"Me too," said Taylor. "Except I watched it three times. I kept thinking of my songs that I could remix with her. I stopped counting when I hit ten, but there are more." Camila laughed.

"I did that too!" she said.

Mickey and Kate were just sitting there with their jaws on the floor. Finally Kate spoke up.

"You did notice that Gina is special?" said Kate.

"You mean her guitar playing? Yes, she's amazing," said Camila.

"Or do you mean her vocal range? I spent the entire time jealous of her range," said Taylor. Yeah, they weren't going to make it easy, were they. We all just sat there and waited them out. Finally Mickey spoke.

"You really don't care, do you?" said Mickey. "It really doesn't matter. You'd still record with her?"

"No, it doesn't matter," said Camila. "And if you agree, Taylor and I are staying a few days and we will help her record her first album. She clearly has enough material. Orlando is the hottest producer in music right now. He's agreed to both produce and manage Gina and you should take him up on it. Even though he is doing both, he'll only take 10% and he'll donate it all to Hayden International."

Mickey and Kate just sat there for a minute. We waited quietly. Finally Mickey looked at me.

"You're doing all of this for us?" said Kate. "I'll be honest, it feels like there should be a catch." Camila and Taylor laughed.

"He's doing it for Gina, nobody else. He's doing it all for her. That's what his family does. Are you familiar with the story of the new head coach of the Magic?" asked Camila.

"Sure. It's a story we have followed since it began. It's exactly why we have been so protective of Gina," said Kate. "Her experience was horrible. It's also uplifting. Saved by a generous family and busted her ass to get to the top. Won't leave the Magic, even for better offers, because of loyalty for the owners. Although, I can't imagine what a better offer would be. The Magic are gold."

"In all that time, you've never heard the name of the family that helped her out?" said Taylor.

"Well, I guess I haven't focused on that. The owners of the Magic are pretty quiet about it," said Mickey.

"Yes, we are," I said. Mickey and Kate just stared at me.

"Did you meet Amai when you interviewed for the job?" I asked. They both agreed they had.

"She's a MtF transsexual," I said. More eyebrows. I laughed at Mom's comment in an earlier journal about generating power from all the eyebrow raises. I think it would rival our solar output.

"I had no idea," said Kate.

"Why would you?" I asked. "She's just a woman that interviewed you. Although if you had been a little more forward with her, you would have had the time of your lives." Yeah, those eyebrows. "Hell, you still could. Invite her to dinner. She'll play with the whole family. She would be outstanding for Gina to bond with. The things Gina could learn. Amai is one of the best people I have ever met. Whether you play with her or not, you really should introduce her into Gina's life. With your permission and Gina's, I'll do a better introduction."

"Up to Gina," said Mickey and Kate nodded.

We had a fun evening and then headed back. We left Gina and her family to their new home. Taylor and Camila were staying with us, so we headed back. I had to return Gabe's plane, but I could do that tomorrow. It was pretty late. We went into our kitchen and everybody grabbed a drink.

"Don't mind me," said Taylor. "You three go have fun." Taylor laughed.

"Come on. Maybe other people didn't notice, but I did. I admit I'm tempted," she said. I just gave her my best smile.

We'll just leave it there. Discretion, you know?

We're all great together

Ruby here.

I'm picking up at the night where I bought Amara and her family a new house. No, this isn't about the house. That's nothing. They're a nice family and they deserve it. As it turns out, Jesse and Chloe were working through new models that were wheelchair friendly. They realized, belatedly, that all our houses should have been. So, they built their first one and it was fucking spectacular. Right on the water. Big beach. The works. They had pioneered techniques that even made the beach and water accessible.

So, they needed a family with someone in a wheelchair.

Along came Amara. I love Tavi, and he and Amara are so great together.

But let's come back to that last sentence.

I think I'm falling in love with them both. No, I didn't buy Amara all those things to buy her affection. I did them because I could and I love her.

Damn, there it is again. Really Ruby? You're supposed to be the rational one. The little crazy girl that fucks strangers and gets shot down in her F-35.

But I do. Tavi too.

Karma apparently agrees with me. I haven't talked to them yet, but I think I need to. I can read both of their thoughts. I know Amara can read mine.

I think Tavi can too. It's not supposed to work that way, is it? When we're together, it's potent. Well, I guess maybe it is. Gabe told me that he can sometimes read Luca, but doesn't know what to do about it. Luca is with Tegan. Gabe is with Carlina.

Are there supposed to be groups? I don't know about them, but I think there might be for me. Maybe that's the only way I can settle down. Maybe one person isn't enough.

Fuck I'm 11. I'm too young for this shit.

OK, you didn't buy that for a minute, did you?

So, being Ruby, I took the bull by the horns, so to speak, and asked them both to meet me at the coffee shop. I'm on my way there now. I walked in and they were both sitting at a table, sipping coffee. They looked so content sitting there quietly sipping their coffee.

But they weren't just sipping coffee. They were having a conversation. Yes, back and forth and yes, Tavi was hearing her too. How can I be so sure?

I could hear them both.

"I'm here," I thought, testing my theory. They both turned and waved.

"Hi Ruby," said Tavi.

"Get some coffee and sit down," said Amara.

Except they didn't. They didn't say a word. I just heard them.

"Yeah, we don't get it either," thought Tavi. Thought? How the hell else do I write it?

"We can only do it with each other and you Ruby," thought Amara. "We need to talk about it. Or think to each other about it."

I actually heard her laughing in my head.

I went up and they handed me my coffee. No, no one read my mind. I had my earrings on. They knew what I wanted and I went to the front of the line. I'm family remember?

"Yeah, you are," thought Amara. "But how come I went to the front of the line?"

"You're family too now honey," I thought. Did I just call her honey? Honey? Is this a bad 1950s sitcom?

I sat down and we started talking. Or thinking. I don't know. Everyone else would see three friends sitting quietly together. Little did they know.

"What the fuck is going on?" said Tavi. I didn't know anything other than I loved them both. Oh shit. They just gave me a look. Fuck, this is going to take getting used to.

"I love you too Ruby," thought Amara.

"I love you too," thought Tavi. "What does it mean?" Before I could even think an answer, something else popped in my head.

"Hey, there is Ruby, with Tavi and Amara. Damn I like them all. I wish I wasn't so shy. I'd love say hi. Oh well, I'll get my coffee and leave. Maybe they won't see me."

WTAF? I whipped my head around and Tavi and Amara did too, so they must have heard it. Tomas. Vincente's son. Eleanor's major domo's kid. A 10-year-old beautiful boy with an amazing 6-inch (15 cm) cock. At 10!

"What's that? What am I hearing? Who's talking about my cock?"

Oh boy.

"Tomas, it's Ruby. Get your coffee and come sit with us." He stared at us and shook his head like he was trying to clear it.

"Trust me. Just come sit down. We'll explain," I thought. Tomas too? I could believe it. He's just the sweetest, most caring guy. I don't know him well, but the few times we've been together, I remember laughing a lot. He's also a patient and passionate lover.

"Well, thank you, but this is weird" Yeah, he heard all that. He came over and sat down, looking both confused and stunned.

"I am confused and stunned," thought Tomas.

"Hey, I have a suggestion," thought Amara. "We've got to figure this all out, but we're a pretty cool foursome here. Can we go somewhere and fuck first?" Yeah, Tavi and Tomas both smiled and I could tell they got hard.

"Damn straight I'm hard," thought Tomas. "All three of you? I've dreamed of fucking Amara for a long time." Now it was Amara's time for the shocked look.

"Really? Me?" thought Amara.

"Are you kidding? You're beautiful, you're smart, you're funny," thought Tomas. "You're perfect. Just like Tavi and Ruby are." I saw a tear slide down Amara's face.

"Shit, I made you cry," thought Tomas.

"No, no, it's good. That was just really sweet," thought Amara. "Let's go."

But where? I needed a fucking house. We finally decided, well thought through, that Gabe and Carlina wouldn't mind and hell, if they were home, the more the merrier. We helped Amara into her special cart. Yes, I had a cart made with a lift too. Fuck yeah. Just a few minutes later, we were at Gabe's house. No one was home, but we knew they wouldn't care.

Let me tell you, this was a pretty fabulous foursome. Oh you want details. We have things to do, so no. Let's just say we used up Tavi and Tomas. It's handy girls don't have that limitation.

Finally I got everyone together in the living room.

"We're actually going to talk. We need to learn to control that shit, because I don't always want you listening in. We'll work on that later, but what in the holy hell is going on? Why can we do this. Why us four?" I said.

"Ruby, you know the answer to that," said Amara, softly.

"I think we all do," said Tavi.

"Well I don't know about you, but I don't have a fucking clue what's going on," said Tomas. "It's kind of cool, and I really like all of you, and the sex was fantastic, but I'm a little creeped out." We took the time to explain to him what it usually meant. He just kind of sat there, looking at us, one by one. Finally he had something to say.

"Yeah, I'll buy that," he said. Yeah, we all stared at him.

"Listen. I know a lot of people in the school but I'm incredibly shy. Yes, I manage to have a lot of sex, but mostly because people know I have a big cock for my age and they come after me. I've learned a lot and I think I'm pretty good at it, but they're coming to me for my cock, not for me," said Tomas. "There are exactly three people on this island that have always treated me well. Like an equal. Now there are others, like Gabe and Carlina, and Eleanor and her kids, but they're just nice. The three of you are more than that. There's always just been something different and I've always felt it. Always. Just the three of you. Amara, I don't even know you that well, but it's always been the strongest with you. What's weird is that when you started seeing Tavi, I wasn't jealous. I knew, deep down, that it was right for both of you. I always knew that it didn't mean that I was cut out. And Ruby, you're a Goddess. Everyone knows and loves Ruby. You could have anyone you want. Anytime. Anywhere. Literally. But every time I've ever been in a room with you, you have made a point to come talk to me, and ask about me, and treated me like I was the only one in the room. Now I have no doubt that you treat every single person you meet that way, being a Goddess and all, but it made me feel special. I can't explain it, but I've known for months that there was something with the four of us and only the four of us. Sorry, that was the longest speech I've ever made, but it kind of proves my point, because I couldn't have made it to anyone else in the world."

Damn. He's right though. Not about the Goddess part, although that's sweet, but whenever I've been in the room with him, I've felt drawn to him. You would have thought I could have read it better, but I didn't.

Now I do.

"So what the fuck do we do?" said Tavi.

"Here's what we're going to do. Nothing. We're going to be friends and spend time together and not rush this. We'll going to just let it develop and see what happens. We're not going to make anything exclusive. Just be friends," I said. "And let's be honest, even if we're all soul mates, we're all fucking anything that breathes." Yeah, that got a laugh, but it's true. I've seen my parents. I've seen Bob and Amy. Sex and love aren't the same thing.

Yeah, they were all nodding agreement. This reading my mind thing was weird. Weird.

Gender dysphoria

Amai here. My role hiring people has gone well and I am transitioning out of the position, thankfully. I was happy to help but it wasn't what I really, in my heart, wanted to do. I had actually hung out my shingle, and set up offices in Robertville, in Amyville, and on Vino. I had my own E-62 now, so it was easy to do. Bob insisted I have a house in Robertville and on Vino, which I thought was silly, but admit I appreciated it.

I thought I would share a little about a support group I had started in Robertville and expanded to other locations as well. The group was for people that felt gender dysphoria, which is the clinical term for believing you were born the wrong sex.

You know, like me.

I had attended groups just like this back in Florida, and even in Cleveland, before I moved, and I found them helpful. Now meetings back then mostly focused on the abuse we received, including physical abuse. That wasn't a topic of conversation here, because it didn't happen. Oh, I don't mean it rarely happened, I meant it never happened. Everyone is aware of the studies that show that some percentage of the population is gay. Usually 10% is quoted. Dionysus has blown all that away by showing that almost everyone is bisexual, in an environment without repression.

OK, this isn't about being gay, but I made that point because Dioynsus is so welcoming that our transgender community is really growing. There were groups every night, in all the locations I had an office, but I didn't attend most of them because they were self-moderated by the group.

Honestly, they were mostly social events, and I thought that was really cool. You were always welcome to bring a friend or significant other, and most of them were not transgender. More than one meeting ended in an orgy. It happened so often that I built small versions of the wrestling room onto every office. No pressure. No requirement. Can but don't have to.

Most did. Hell, I did. It was great fun.

Gina was an integral member of the group and often led the sessions, which was such an amazing turnaround for her. Good grief, from scared to take a shower to running sessions. Such a strong young woman.

The sessions I led were for people that were struggling with something. Sometimes they were new to coming out, or hadn't actually come out yet. That was fine, and there was no more supportive environment. Another big topic was gender reassignment surgery. It was a passionate topic for many. There were basically two camps. One group felt like they wouldn't be complete until they had the surgery. The other group felt comfortable without the surgery, particularly after moving here. I was in that second group, and so was Gina, but we understood and supported those in the first group. One of the preeminent surgeons in the field lived on Eros now, and the surgery was available in our hospital, at no charge. We knew people were moving here because of that, and at first we screened people to make sure they didn't take advantage of us, but then we decided we didn't care. Let's face it, there is so much money flowing in that paying for some extra surgeries to help out some people was a small cost.

We did require everyone to go through pretty extensive counseling prior to the surgery. Not to argue for or against, but to give them an opportunity to argue with themselves until they were sure. It's not something that you can change your mind about after it is done.

Most of the sessions in Amyville were led by Sam. Sam is a hoot. Sam is a 10-year-old boy that came to one of my first sessions. Oh, he didn't have anything to work out. He knew exactly what he was and figured it out years ago. His parents were supportive, and, well, fun, as I would later learn. He freely admitted in our first conversation that he came to the meetings to get laid.

Well then. At first I didn't like it and was blunt with him, but his damn personality is so strong and he is so lovable that no one can think anything but good things about Sam. He really got into the spirit of the sessions and was an amazing one-on-one coach and shoulder to cry on. I think he was personally responsible for more confused kids coming to sessions in Amyville than any other single thing. Something about how freaking happy he was being who he knew he was could be infectious.

By now you've figured out that Sam was born Samantha, haven't you? Oh he still had all those parts and he's cool with it, at least for now.

Sam also came up with the most amazing idea. Remember the closet rooms almost all of us have for guests? Well he created one in each of my offices. Why? Because people that were confused came to the meetings dressed as they presented in society, not how they knew they would feel more comfortable. We had a locker room and a wide selection of clothes. You could come early and get cleaned up and pick out an outfit for the night. If you liked it and wanted it, you were free to take it with you and I'd replace it. Sam even arranged volunteers to come early to the session to help with things like makeup and learning how to safely bind your breasts. He was a force, for sure.

I remember the day he came in with Serni, a little boy that looked to be about 12. He was incredibly shy and wouldn't look you in the eye. He was clearly uncomfortable being here. He looked like he was going to bolt. I got busy and when the session started, he wasn't anywhere in sight. That made me sad, but it happened almost every session. I did see Sam chatting up a truly gorgeous young woman who I hadn't met yet. We started our group with introductions and she said her name was Remei. Um, Serni and Remei was both Catalan names. Surely that was a coincidence. This girl was outgoing and vivacious and just as snarky as Sam. Oh they went at it, in a fun way, through the entire session. They had everyone in stitches.

That's when I realized that Remei had come to the meeting as Serni. Holy shit. It was transformative. When the meeting broke up, Sam asked if he and Remei could talk to me. Of course, I agreed. I asked if they'd like to go get coffee and Sam immediately agreed, but Remei looked mortified. Oh, got it. She'd never been outside as Remei. I led them over to the couch and we sat down.

"So Remei," I said. "Is this the first time you've been in public as Remei?" She had a shocked look on her face and finally nodded. Serni was pushing his personality through.

"You know I'm MtF, right?," I asked. Her eyebrows hit the ceiling. Oh, guess not. "No one understands what you're going through better than I do. It's scary. You know people that are important to you won't love you anymore, right?" She just nodded, shyly.

"Oh I get that. I lived in the US when I came out and my parents threw me out into the rain. I've never seen or talked to them since. I was saved by an amazing couple that are now my mom and dad. Are you afraid your parents won't like it?" She nodded again.

I asked her about her parents and she finally opened up a little. Other than it being a cool place to live, there was no obvious reason her parents moved here. They didn't play outside their marriage, but were cool that others did.

I knew why. I absolutely knew why.

"Remei, I can't be positive, but I think they moved here because of you," I said. "Would you like to go get coffee and talk about how we can share your transformation with your parents?" She squared her shoulders and stood up and led the way out of the building. There were still others hanging about, but I didn't care. Everything would be OK. There wasn't even a lock on the door. People used if all the time, if for no other reason than a safe place to chill for a while.

I love it here.

We took a golf cart and Remei took the wheel. She drove us to the nearest coffee shop and walked in with her head held high. Damn, seriously a transformation. We sat down and she and Sam started going at it again. They were funny, and snark, and vicious. Some other kids about their age went through the line and then asked if they could sit with us. Serni briefly showed up, in her face, but she suppressed it and smiled. I sat there for 45 minutes while the four kids, now two boys and two girls, had a rousing fun time. It was a joy to just watch. Finally they had to leave but not before they exchanged phone numbers. This was a milestone. Remei shared her number, as Remei, not Serni.

Sam is powerful. Once they were gone, Remei turned back.

"I'm ready to go home. Would you two come with me?" said Remei. We assured her we would. We pulled up in front of their house and Remei led the way in. There were two adults in the kitchen, that I was sure were her parents.

"Hi Sam," said the man. "Who are your friends?" Before Sam could even answer, the woman had enveloped Remei in a huge hug. She stepped back and held Remei by her shoulders, looking at her.

"You're so beautiful," said the woman. "What have you chosen as your name?" That's when the light bulb went on for the dad, and he smiled.

"Remei," she said, softly.

"It's beautiful," said the man. "Just like you are."

"You're OK with this?" said Remei. She just got big smiles in return.

"We just want you to be happy. We thought you could be happier here. That's why we moved," said the woman. Oh hell, we all cried, even Sam. We finally did the introductions. When Remei introduced me, both the parents looked shocked. What's up with that? They caught my confusion and quickly recovered.

"We've just never met a member of the royal council before," said the woman. I finally found out that Remei's mom was Xima and his dad was Pere. Xima looked just like Remei. Seriously, if Remei had actually been born a girl, she would have been Xima's smaller twin. Now she was. Xima was about 5'3" (160 cm), petite, with nice C cup breasts. Her dad was maybe 6'1", distinguished and really handsome. Both in their late thirties, maybe early forties. I found out that Xima was a doctor at the Eros hospital and Pere managed the walk-in clinic. They were so nice and welcoming. There wasn't any more conversation about Remei's transformation and they never messed up her name once. To them, and to her, she was Remei now. They did ask if Remei wanted one of them to go to school with her in the morning to handle any necessary paperwork. Remei thought about it for a while.

"No, I'm cool. I'll just drop in the office. They'll handle it," said Remei. I did follow-up all week and Remei was so excited. Serni was gone and Remei was here and no one cared. It's not like she had to switch locker rooms. They were all co-ed.

I could tell dozens more stories. Once Remei showed up at school, the attendance at my group sessions grew. It was so wonderful.

That's today's story folks.

Ruby's new place

Ruby here. All this stuff was confusing as hell, but I was game to give it a chance and Tomas, Amara, and Tavi were too. They sure were a hell of a lot of fun and we spent all our time together. Not always all four of us but any of us that could.

I went from being the girl without a partner to the girl with three.

It was awesome.

I had a surprise for them today, though. My new house was done. Well, maybe our house was done, but I didn't want to decide for them. I'd asked them to meet me at the coffee shop and everyone just arrived. I had them get their coffee and then we went out to Amara's cart. You know, the one with the wheelchair lift. I took the wheel and we zipped across town, to just three doors past Amara's house. We went up the driveway. It was amazing. Yesterday there were work trucks and a heck of a lot of dirt. Today it was beautifully landscaped. It was the last house on the cove, which made sense, given it was 25-acres. We pulled up to the front door and it opened and a man walked out. Think Adonis, complete with curly dark hair. Wearing incredibly tight white short-shorts. Sort of bike shorts without the padding, but shorter. Clearly visible was his impressive semi-hard cock. Easily 8 inches, and not yet hard. Enormous balls that I can attest are cum filled. Oh, I'm getting ahead of myself. Oh those shorts were all he was wearing. I assure you, we all enjoyed his abs.

He walked up to us.

"I am Mattias," said. He introduced himself to each of my friends, starting with Amara, then Tavi, then Tomas, calling them by name.

"I'm am Ruby's major domo. I run the home and am also her personal trainer and masseur. I am, of course, available for any services to her family, so please don't hesitate to ask for anything. If I cannot personally do it, I will ensure it gets done. Now, come in, come in," he said.

My family. Damn straight. The lightbulb was going on that this was my new house. Mattias was going to give us a tour. We started on the top floor in the master bedroom suites. Two enormous suites. This floor was 12,000 square feet. They shared a giant living room, with dining and kitchen areas. Basically a giant apartment. There were two complete bedroom suites, but Mattias showed us how to open the wall.

It would never close again. You know that.

We toured the rest of the house. Everything was handicap accessible, with a large elevator. Almost freight size. Four stories, almost 50,000 square feet.

Maybe overkill, but Bob wouldn't let me do less.

Back on the first floor, Mattias took us down a long hall to the gym complex. That's what he called it. Indoor pool, basketball, and tennis. A massage room, where he reminded us he was a trained masseur. Then he took us into the exercise room. There were two complete circuits. One of them had ropes and pullies hanging from each machine. None of us knew what they were. Mattias steered us to the side, where there was a seat on a table. It looked like a seat that would go on Amara's scooter.

It was.

"Tavi, if you would be so kind as to lift Amara from her chair for a moment, I need to replace the seat. It is easier for me to show you why then to explain it," said Mattias. Tavi did as instructed and they took it as an opportunity to make out for a minute while Mattias changed seats. He gently cleared his throat to bring them back and they laughed and Tavi set her back down. Mattias guided her to the first machine with the rope system.

"In you notice, there are four eye hooks on your seat, one in each corner. These attach to those," he said, showing her how it was done. He pulled a latch on her chair and then told the machine, yes, told it, "Amara on". The pulley system gently lifted her up out of the chair, swung her over to the machine and lowered her. You heard the latch on the machine set, and then the pulley system released and swung out of the way. Mattias explained how this was an upper body machine and then we worked our way through all the machines in her circuit. The lower body machines were powered, so they moved her legs for her. He explained that was to maintain muscle tone. He was very matter-of-fact about it, but we could all tell Amara was just glowing with excitement. We all patiently watched as she did the entire circuit, laughing all the way. We then did our circuit.

He showed us how all the machines detected our RFID tags and would log our workouts for us.

"I'm confused," said Amara. "We've only really gotten to know each other over the last two weeks. This entire house is designed for someone in a wheelchair, from top to bottom, including this clearly specialized equipment. How did you get it done so quickly?"

Mattias smiled and let me answer.

"We started construction to this design 7 months ago," I said. They all gave me odd looks.

"But my family only moved here three months ago," said Amara. "Why would you build it this way?"

I told them the truth.

"I don't know. I really don't. I just knew as we designed it that I needed to," I said.

"What about the double master bedroom?" asked Tomas. I just shrugged my shoulders.

"That too," I said. Mattias said he had lunch prepared, so we all went into the kitchen. The fucking enormous kitchen. There was a large kitchen table, with one chair missing. Amara's spot. I hadn't even bought that chair. We all sat down and Mattias served. We each got our absolute favorite lunch.

"How did you know to make me this?" said Amara. Mattias just gave her an enigmatic smile. I had to keep from laughing, because I knew he'd asked her mom. Keep it up Mattias.

"This is going to be amazing," said Tomas. "We're going to all have someplace to go now." I think they all saw my face fall.

"Oh!" said Tavi. "You're thinking we'll all move in. Oh hell, I'm in if everyone else is."

Tomas and Amara laughed.

"Hell yes," said Tomas. "But our parents would never agree."

"They already have," I said. "They said it was up to you, but you would always have a place in their house too."

Everybody started talking at once, excited, scared, and surprised.

"Stop," said Tomas. I'd never heard him take control. I liked it.

"I don't know about anyone else, but there is no way my dad agreed to this. No way. He barely lets me get coffee by myself," said Tomas. I just smiled.

"You might want to check out your closet before you're so sure," I said. "Where do you think I got your clothes?"

He just sat back in his chair, confused and surprised. Uh oh.

"Listen, there is no pressure. You can just be visitors with an open-door policy. You can keep clothes here or not. It's all up to you. Maybe we'll just use it as our gym. I don't know. I don't want anyone to do anything that does not make them comfortable," I said. "We can continue to go slow. I'll move in. You can come and go when you want."

Everyone sat quietly for a bit. Finally Tomas laughed.

"You're nuts. You're sweet and I love you, but you're nuts," said Tomas. "I can't speak for the others, but of course I'm fucking moving in. I love you all. I love you in a way I never thought was possible. I can't explain it, but I knew it the first day in the coffee shop. I just felt different. It's like we're connected. I see it in Amy and Bob. I see it in Gabe and Carlina, and maybe Luca and Tegan with them. I know. I just know. I sure hope you all do too. I'm in."

Wow. I thought I was the only one that felt that strongly.

"You are nuts," said Amara, with a laugh. "I'm sure as hell in. I love you all."

"Oh me too," said Tavi. "Me too. I knew it the first time I set eyes on Amara. We were meant to be. I knew there was something with Ruby too, but that confused me until that day in the coffee shop. As soon as Tomas walked in, I felt like I was complete. Like we were complete. It's not that anything was missing, but that there was something more. I know Amara is my first love, but I feel just as close to the two of you." Amara just nodded. Tomas did too.

Oh I had to ask.

"Tomas, do you feel that way? Do you love us all but one of us is special?" I asked. I was putting it out there, because I knew my answer.

Oh my. Shy Tomas was back. I started to jump in but Tavi beat me to it.

"Tomas, be honest. It's the heart of our relationship. It won't hurt you. We promise," said Tavi.

"Ruby. I feel that way for you Ruby," said Tomas. I didn't answer, at least in words. I jumped up and sat in his lap and kissed him.

I think he understood my answer.

"OK, enough of this shit," I said. "It's time to christen the bedroom. I vote that Mattias joins us. What does everyone else think?"

Yeah, all five of us got in the elevator. We wore Mattias out. All four of us.

I think the most fun was the train. Tomas was in the middle between Mattias and me. Oh, you envisioned me at the front, didn't you? Nope. The back. Did you think my new house didn't have a selection of dildos? Double-ended, of course.

Our first night in our new house was amazing. We'd worn ourselves out earlier, so we just cuddled. Well, maybe a little more than cuddled. We finished the night with Amara and me on our sides, facing each other, and gently kissing. Tomas spooned me and Tavi spooned Amara. They made love to us, while we kissed and stroked each other's clits. It was gentle, but passionate, and bonded us all. The boys finished inside us and we left it there. I know I fell asleep with Tomas still inside. I think Amara did with Tavi.

I don't know why I bought more than one bed.

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Character information

Name Chapters Age Description when introduced Stats when introduced
Bob All 25 Dad 6'2" (188 cm) – 165 (75 kg) , swimmer's body, 6–inch (15 cm) cut average cock
Amy All 23 Mom (and the Nanny, to start) 5'1" (155 cm) – 110 (50 kg) , bright red hair, C cup
Morgan All 17 The oldest of the new kids 5'5" (165 cm) – 120 (54 kg) , dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
Orlando All 15 The middle child and the only boy 5'0" (152 cm) – 100 (45 kg) , dirty blonde, 6–inch (15 cm) cut thick cock
Leslie All 13 The youngest 4'6" (137 cm) – 80 (36 kg) , brown hair, flat–chested
Chris 6,8,14-55 13 Boat sales person but becomes more 4'11" (150 cm) – 80 (36 kg) , slim, glorious puffy nipples
Sara 6,8,14-55 24 Sales managers, car dealers 5'3" (160 cm) – 100 (45 kg) , dark hair, Amerasian, small B cup
Gabriel (Gabe) 6,14,16-19,24,27-29,31-37,39-40,42-43,45,47-52,54 13 Juanita's brother 5'6" (168 cm) – Cute AF, 5–inch (13 cm) cock
Ruby 6,14,16-19,24,27-29,31-40,42-43,45-46,49-55 11 Juanita's sister 4'11" (150 cm) – 85 (39 kg) , sexy, flat
Jesse 6,7,16-19,27,31-34,37-39,42-43,47-49,51,55 Forties Juanita's dad 5'11" (180 cm) – 175 (79 kg) , Vin Diesel, but with short hair, 6–inch (15 cm) average cock
Sophia 7,8-9,14,16-17,19,23,27,31,34,36-43,46-48,53-54 20 New Italian friend and Goddess 5'7" (170 cm) – stunning, simply stunning, B cup
Luca 7,8-9,14,16-17,19,23,27,31,34,36-40,42-44,46-47,50-52,54 15 Sophia's son 5'9" (175 cm) – chiseled, male Sophia, 6–inch (15 cm) uncut cock
Elena 7,8-9,14,16-17,19,23,27,31,34,36-40,42-47,51-52,54 11 Sophia's daughter 4'5" (135 cm) – sexy AF
Chloe 14,15,20,24,27,34,36,39-43,51,54-55 Thirties Developer and architect 5'7" (170 cm) – athletic, smaller B cup. Hot AF
Ben 14,15,20,24,27,39-43,51,54 Thirties Kitchen designer 6'0" (183 cm) – swimmer's body, 6–inch (15 cm) thick cock
Amai 19,21,23,26-30,32-34,36-39,41,47-48,50-52,55 Twenties The family social secretary 5'4" (163 cm) – beautiful, petite, B cup, 6–inch (15 cm) uncut thick cock
Grace 23,29-30,36,38,43-44,48,50,54-55 16 Just Grace  
Camila 25,29-30,41,50,54-55 23 You know who she is You know what she looks like
Amelia 33,34,36,41,50-51,53-54 21 BBF grant reviewer 5'1" (155 cm) – Size 0, A cups, blonde
Alfie 37,42,44,54 31 Manor caretaker 6'3" (191 cm) – Blonde, supremely British, nice abs, 8–inch (20 cm) uncut cock
Poppy 37,38,42,44,54 30 Manor caretaker and Alfie's wife 5'7" (170 cm) – Blonde, model gorgeous, B cup
Cammy 38,54 23 Waitress and new friend 5'8" (173 cm) – Blonde, stunning, C cups
Sienna 38,54 13 Cammy's sister 5'0" (152 cm) – Blonde, thin, adorable,nipple bumps
Jenson 38,54 13 Cammy's brother 5'0" (152 cm) – Blonde, long hair, 5–inch (13 cm) uncut cock
Toby 38,54 Forties Cammy's dad 5'3" (160 cm) – Blonde, A cups, petite, sexy
Phoebe 38,54 Forties Cammy's mom 6'3" (191 cm) – Blonde hunk, 7–inch (18 cm) uncut cock
Aaron 42,45,54 Thirties Rabbi and Mikka's husband 6'3" (191 cm) – Tall, stately, thin, 6–inch (15 cm) cut cock
Carlina 43,45-55 7 Romeo's daughter 4'4" (132 cm) – barely tall enough, blonde, cute, smart as hell
Tegan 46,48,50-54 7 Gemma and Sean's daughter 4'4" (132 cm) – Auburn hair, cute, fun
Tomas 46,52,55 11 Vincente's son 5'4" (163 cm) – Also Cute AF, sexy, and skilled. 6–inch (15 cm) thick uncut cock
Tavi 46,47-52,55 12 Emilia and Talmai's son 5'9" (175 cm) – Big for his age, works out, 7–inch (18 cm) thick uncut cock
Kyra 49,54 17 Construction crew chief for the resorts 5'6" (168 cm) – beautiful Greek girl, B cup
Amara 50,51-52,55 12 Tavi's soon to be soul mate, in a wheelchair 5'6" (168 cm) – cute, wavy hair, nice body, B cup
Athena 50,51,54-55 9 Sebastian and Rene's daughter, met Carlina in Athens 4'7" (140 cm) – little Greek cutie
Andreas 50,51,54-55 11 Sebastian and Rene's son 5'2" (157 cm) – Greek God in the making, 4–inch (10 cm) thin cut cock
Cobb 51,53-54 18 Director of the Patricia and Elizabeth fund 6'4" (193 cm) – Tall, dark, and oh so sexy, 7–inch (18 cm) thick cock
Rina 51,54 18 Red light girl 4'11" (150 cm) – Red hair, pigtails, AAA cup, cute and fun
Artur 54 Thirties Athena and Andreas' neighbor, Gamma ground maintenance 6'1" (185 cm) – Muscular hunk, wavy dark hair
Estrela 54 Thirties Athena and Andreas' neighbor, Artur and Nuno's wife, Assistant Director at Alpha 5'6" (168 cm) – dark hair, sexy, C cup
Nuno 54 Thirties Athena and Andreas' neighbor, Estrela's other husband, firefighter 5'9" (175 cm) – fireplug, attractive
Rute 54 16 Artur and Estrela's daughter 5'5" (165 cm) – dark hair, Estrela–light, C cup
Valerio 54 14 Artur and Estrela's son 5'11" (180 cm) – Artur's mini–me, 7–inch (18 cm) cock
Horacio 54 9 Nuno and Estrela's son 5'0" (152 cm) – Smaller Nuno, with an amazing 9–inch (23 cm) cock
Talia 54 11 Andreas' soccer/shower friend 5'1" (155 cm) – cute, long dark hair, AAA cup
Lido 54 12 Andreas' soccer/shower friend 5'4" (163 cm) – dark hair, muscular, 5–inch (13 cm) thin cock
Abel 55 7 Andreas and Athena's neighbor 4'8" (142 cm) – French, big for his age, fun, 4–inch (10 cm) cock
Calisse 55 9 Andreas and Athena's neighbor 4'11" (150 cm) – French, sexy, puffies
Calix 55 Thirties Abel and Calisse's Dad, casino dealer 6'2" (188 cm) – Hunk, sexy, 7–inch (18 cm) super thick cock
Fabiola 55 Thirties Abel and Calisse's Mom, casino pit boss 5'2" (157 cm) – Short, petite, D cup
Greta 55 23 Andreas and Athena's neighbor, Chef at Alpha 5'4" (163 cm) – German, voluptuous, D cup
Derek 55 9 Greta's son 4'6" (137 cm) – Small, cute, 2–inch (5 cm) cock
Dahlia 55 9 Greta's daughter 4'6" (137 cm) – Small, cute, flat
Gina 55 11 Orlando's new friend 4'11" (150 cm) – Stunning, blonde, gorgeous, all girl with a 4–inch (10 cm) cock
Mick 55 Thirties Gina's Dad, plumber  
Kate 55 Thirties Gina's Mom, manager of the Gamma coffee shop  
Kenny 55 13 Gina's brother 5'2" (157 cm) – Muscular and feminine, blonde, 5–inch (13 cm) cock
Sam 55 10 Amai's friend and more 5'0" (152 cm) – thin, attractive, outgoing, no cock
Remei 55 10 Sam's friend, formerly Serni 5'0" (152 cm) – Dark hair, beautiful, vivacious, 4–inch (10 cm) cock
Xima 55 Thirties Remei's Mom, doctor at the Eros hospital 5'3" (160 cm) – Petite, beautiful, C cup
Pere 55 Forties Remei's Dad, manages the walk–in clinic at the hospital 6'1" (185 cm) – Wiry, attractive

End of Chapter