Chapter 56 - The Call - Gamma!
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8 February 2019

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Racing again!

Morgan here.

We were headed to England! I'd been lax in racing, but had really focused on practice recently and was entered into the F1 race at Silverstone. We'd been in deep negotiations on who could race. You know all of us wanted to race. We had learned from our challenge in St. Pete, and had lined up sponsors for all our cars. The difficulty was that Mercedes really couldn't field more cars. They were at their limit. We could do a private team, with a couple of their cars, since we owned them. That was an option.

Then Honda approached us. Yes, they were in F1 now, as a proving ground for technology, particularly for the NSX. Acura was purely a US brand, so the NSX was a Honda everywhere else. They were very nice and understood I'd be driving for Mercedes. I am loyal. They wanted Carlina, Elena, and Ruby.

Yes, they did. The story finally came out that their factory drivers had insisted. Remember Shiro and Taizo? Originally they'd approached us about Ruby and Elena, the two girls they knew. The girls introduced them to Carlina.

All three of them still kicked their ass.

But Grace wanted to race too, and if Grace wanted to race, Orlando wanted to race. Neither Mercedes nor Honda could handle more drivers, so Ferrari stepped up. It's a pretty close-knit group. Mercedes was a little upset that Orlando was going to drive for Ferrari, so I asked them who they wanted to replace him. We had a lot of fast drivers. A lot of them. We walked the list and I showed them times and video clips on our track.

They picked Mom. Well, can you blame them? Why go low when you can have the Queen?

So we were going to have seven drivers in qualifications. Two for Mercedes, Mom and me, two for Ferrari, Grace and Orlando, and three for Honda, Ruby, Elena, and Carlina.


Perfect, given the youngest driver was 7.

You can imagine how the drivers meeting went. You've read about a ton of them, so I'll just leave it that there was controversy. There was funny part, though. One of the drivers got on his soapbox about safety.

"You can't possibly think allowing children to even try to qualify is safe," he said. He was pissed. "I will personally take it to the owner of the track and they will shut it down." Oops, guess he didn't get the message that the track had changed hands. I don't think he liked it that at least a dozen people in the room laughed when he said that. I didn't even have to respond. One of the other drivers did.

"Dude, who do you think owns this track?" asked the second driver. The pissed off dude named his old friend, the previous owner.

"Well then, you might not be as tight with your friend as you thought, since he sold the track over a year ago," said the second guy. That just pissed him off more.

"Well then I'll find the new owner. They'll see how stupid it is," he said. Yeah, well. My turn.

"I am completely confident that the new owner will support having my entire team out there for qualifications and, when they lead the qualifying, starting at the front of the grid," I said. Yep. Twisted the knife. Most of the same people laughed. I thought his head would explode.

"Why are you all laughing! This is serious!" he shouted. Finally one of the drivers I respect the most jumped in.

"You need to sit down and shut up. You're not worried about safety. You're a fringe driver that knows that all seven of these people will make the grid and you likely won't. You were in trouble before they showed up, but I am sure than you could pick any one of them and they would go out there and simply kick your ass. Do you think Mercedes, Ferrari, and Honda would risk their reputation by allowing them to drive their cars if they were anything but spectacular? They know the risks a hell of a lot better than you do. I am also confident that all of their drivers have one hell of a lot more hours on this track than you do. Hundreds of hours. Probably hundreds in the last few weeks," he said.

"Well, that's not possible. The track was closed for three weeks. I know, my team tried to rent it," said jerk dude. Even I had to laugh at that one.

"Yes, I know, I closed it so my team could have it," I said. Then I just waited. And waited. And waited. We all did. This guy was dense. Really dense. Finally the light bulb went on and it was a dim one.

"You own the track," he said, surprisingly quietly. "How is that possible?" With that the entire room broke out laughing. Was he that clueless? Seriously?

The first guy that defended us jumped in.

"Hey Carlina," he said. "What was the last big thing you bought?" Carlina actually had to think about it.

"The biggest was a hotel in Athens, but the most recent was a house in Nice. I like Nice," she said. All sincere. All of 7. That got a shocked look on about half the faces in the room. He wasn't going to let it go.

"Do you have any limits? Anything you can't buy?" he said. She looked thoughtful. Then she looked at Mom, who shook her head no.

"No, I don't. I can't imagine what I would ever want that I couldn't buy. What would I want that I couldn't?" she asked, so sincerely. Yeah, her life had changed, but she'd adjusted pretty well.

"So if you decided to buy Wembley Stadium, you could?" he asked.

"Sure, but why would I want to?" she said.

"OK, I have to ask. Why did you look at another driver before you answered the question?" asked the guy would defended us. I needed to learn names.

"Because she's the Queen, of course," said Carlina.

I think that shut down the discussion pretty well. Everybody wanted to meet the Queen. All of our relationships were finally cleared up and they knew we were all royalty. Yes, I giggled when I typed that.

The meeting broke up and Carlina made any remaining points on the track. The Hondas were fast. Faster than my Mercedes. I didn't like it. I had more skill, although not by much, but she had the better car. So did Elena. I ended up on the inside of the second row. Carlina had the pole, with Elena next to her. I did feel good about the fact that the two factory Honda drivers were several rows behind me. At least I outdrove them. I'd even eked out Ruby in her Honda, but she was rusty. She hadn't been able to practice with us. She did qualifications almost cold.

Oh, you want to know where we all qualified. We held all seven of the top spots. Carlina, Elena, me, Ruby, Orlando, Mom, Grace.

You knew we did. You just didn't know the order.

We decided to try to settle things down and invited all the drivers and their teams to the house for a spontaneous barbeque. There was some confusion, as that was a couple hundred people, but almost all of them accepted. Much to everyone's surprise, Dick Head made the grid. OK, I'll stop calling him Dick Head, although I did enjoy typing it. His name was George. We all got to the house fairly early, around 1800, and Poppy was ready for us. Ever the brilliant one, she had used stupid money to quickly hire a caterer that brought in large grills and had everything from burgers, to chicken, to lots of ribs going. Given everyone was driving tomorrow, or on a crew, it was alcohol free. We invited everyone back after the race to do it again and promised it would be free flowing. That got a big laugh. George came over and asked if there was any way he could speak to the crowd. We found a table for him to stand on and Poppy handed him a bullhorn. Why we own a bullhorn I don't know, but we do.

"Many of you know me. My name is George. Some of you know me as that asshole from today's driver's meeting. Some of you know me as a fringe driver," said George. "To the first group, I apologize, but more importantly I apologize to the drivers who I clearly insulted. I think the fact that they are 1 to 7 on the grid, with Carlina on the pole, pretty well answers any concerns of their skills. I watched the line they drove, all seven of them, and I would challenge any other driver in the race to do it. I couldn't, but I'm, you know, fringe." Yeah, that got him a laugh.

"Oh, and to those that called me a fringe driver, all I have to say is I made the race and you didn't," he said, with a laugh. That got a big cheer. He stepped down and Carlina walked over and stuck out a hand. Oh, he shook it, but he swept her up into a hug too. I'm fairly sure I was one of the few that noticed he got hard when he did it. I'm confident the others that did are all part of my family.

Carlina does have that effect. If I had a cock, it would be hard when she was around. As it is, I'm usually wet. Then again, I'm always wet, just like Mom.

Now who won doesn't really matter. That wasn't the point of the story. Let's just say the top 7 moved around a little, but were still the top 7.

OK, Carlina won, walking away. George congratulated her with another hug.

We did have a big blowout after the race, and yes the wine was freeflowing. That got some more conversations going. Once the party wound down, we all got to spend some time with some local friends.

Cammy and her family. Yum.

I could tell you stories, but you've met Cammy and her family. You've met our extended family. Fireworks. There were fireworks, and I don't mean in the sky.

Tee hee.

Just a quick note

Leslie here.

The president of Oxford was at the after-race party. He's joined us in the suite to watch the race. You know, the track owner's suite. Yeah, that made me laugh. He's a really nice guy. I'd met him before when Sis started school, but he really wanted to meet all the drivers in the race that hadn't gone to college yet. It threw him a bit because that group was everyone but Mom. Even Carlina had graduated. Then he met the rest of the crew, like Rylee, Hunter, and Hallie. All graduates. He put on a full-court press to get us all to come to Oxford. He had a very valid point that we had the perfect place to all live during school. It was worth considering, but some of us had our sights set on something else. Not ready to share yet, but we should be soon.

We're psyched.

Amai and Gina

Amai here. You haven't heard nearly enough from me recently. I've been so busy!

Yeah, I meant real things, but you thought about my tits and cock, didn't you?

OK, that too. I might not be Ruby, but no one turns down Amai either. I've introduced so many new people to tits and a cock.

They seem to like it.

Back to the point of my post.

Orlando introduced me to Gina. He felt like she needed a role model while she was dealing with all the issues of being transgender. I give her parents so much credit for moving here. I can attest that the rest of the world can be cruel. Not here. Never. No. Just doesn't happen. Oh you read about Gina leading groups, which is incredible, but this is more personal.

But she wouldn't stay here forever, so I wanted to help. Mostly it was meeting for coffee and chatting, but that was OK. I wasn't pushing her. I was meeting her in a few minutes. It was girl time and we liked it. We hadn't gone beyond conversation. It wasn't my place to make a move. I'm a counselor, although the boundaries here were a lot different. Basically I couldn't make the first move on someone with whom I was working. It was my own rule, but I was comfortable with it.

We got our coffees and caught up on nothing. You know what I mean. The inanities of life. She was in the studio with Orlando and getting comfortable with school. She had her eye on a boy, but was too shy to do anything. She wouldn't even tell me who, although I did figure out he was musical.

I wondered if she means Kevin? He is such a sweet boy. I counseled him too and, yes, he'd asked and yes, we had.

"So Amai," said Gina. "Why haven't you ever made a move on me. Aren't I cute enough?"

"Gina. Don't you remember when we met? I told you the guidelines of a counselor," I said.

"But I thought we were past that. Aren't we friends now?" said Gina, with a sad face.

"Of course? I'm not your counselor anymore, but I was your counselor, so the rules still apply," said Amai. She thought about it for a minute and the light bulb went on.

"Oh! I remember. You can't make the first move. OK, I may get my hopes dashed, but can we go back to your place and fuck?" said Gina. This was a huge milestone that she made a move, even on me.

"Why yes, yes we can," I said, with my best smile. She stood up and didn't even bring her coffee.

I think I taught her some new things. She taught me a couple too. It's funny, I don't have that much experience with tits and a cock. Some with Juanita, but we don't see each other nearly often enough. Gina got quiet for a minute.

"I sure wish Maya could be here," said Gina, in a sad voice.

"Who's Maya?" I asked, ever the sharp counselor.

"She was my friend in Minnesota. She's MtF too. We bonded on that," said Gina. "Her parents tolerated it, but barely. I still Snapchat with her, but her situation has gotten ugly. Her parents divorced and it's OK when she's with her mom, but her dad has a new girlfriend and she's a bitch. Keeps buying Maya boys clothes and making rude comments."

Well shit. Can't save them all, but could save one more. Maybe.

"What's her dad do about it?" I asked.

"Nothing. According to Maya, he misses most of his weekends and has made it crystal clear he wouldn't be that upset if he never saw her again. They have a new baby and Maya just feels in the way."

Damn. That sucks.

"Why haven't you mentioned this before?" I asked.

"Why? I'm a kid. I can't do anything," said Gina. Oh boy. Just a kid. She has not been assimilated yet. I needed to move slowly.

"What does her mom do for a living?" I asked. I think the light bulb went on a bit because Gina smiled when she answered.

"She dances at an upscale strip club," said Gina, with a grin.

I waited her out to see if she was punking me, but she wasn't. Hmm. No strip clubs here. Who needs them? I can see sexy naked people fucking on the beach.

"Well, not that much call for that here," I said, dryly.

"No, but there are a ton of things she could do. She's got a great fashion sense. She could work in one of the shops at Gamma. She's a freak, so she'd like that," said Gina. Well, we do need more freaks. I looked in the app to see if any of the new pilots wanted hours today. I'd had wine and I couldn't fly.

Tegan did. Cool. I messaged her and she said she'd pick us up in 10. I messaged Gina's parents that I was taking her to Minnesota to meet Maya and her mom.

"Cool." That's all they replied. I like them.

True to her word, Tegan landed in 10, but had Luca with her. He just grinned and said he'd ride along if that was OK.

More than OK. I told Tegan she had to fly slowly because we wanted to fuck. She laughed and said she would.

I had Gina message Maya and made sure that she and her mom, Mona, could meet with us in an hour and to make sure they had a driveway that was two cars wide. That's kind of important. She said yes to both. Probably should have checked that before I had Tegan pick us up, but, well.

The in-flight entertainment was awesome. I'd missed Luca. I have got to do a better job of spending time with the family. I needed some of Dad's BBC. You know I did. I'll work on it.

Sorry, wandered a little there. We landed in their driveway, which got a lot of attention in the neighborhood. It usually does, but this was a fairly low-end neighborhood.

"Tegan and I will just go for a ride," said Luca. "Text us when you want us to come back. We'll just fly around and won't be far."

Sure, our hypersonic Uber driver will fly around and wait to take us back.

Maya and her mom had come out of the apartment building just in time to see the plane take off. Mona was a little freaked out, but Maya wasn't even surprised. I guess Gina had shared a little of life with her. Mona was a good-looking woman. I can see why the audience would enjoy her show. Sort of a southern belle voluptuous blonde look in Minnesota.

Maya was gorgeous. Stunningly so. She was in a short sundress and rocked it. Short blonde hair, simple hoops in her ears, and barefoot. No makeup and she didn't need it. Maybe 5'5" (165 cm), so not a giant, like some MtF. They asked us in and we found ourselves in a small one-bedroom apartment. It was spotless and well cared for. Even in clearly difficult financial straits, it was wonderfully decorated. The little touches were flawless. It could have been a show apartment, if the show was about how to decorate beautifully from Goodwill.

I loved it and told Mona I did. She just beamed. I was pleased, because Mona didn't have that broken-down look of so many strippers. Gina and Maya took off into the bedroom, leaving me unexpectedly with Mona.

"It's so great for Maya to see Gina," said Mona. "I don't quite get what's going on. You showed up in a plane that landed in the driveway, an hour after you asked if you could come." I explained the plane, and that didn't seem to clear anything up.

"I'm going to cut to the chase," I said. "Gina explained your circumstances to me, and I came to offer you an alternative. Gina's family moved around the world to a new country called Dionysus. It is truly a revolutionary place. A utopia if you will. We'd like to have you visit for the weekend and seriously consider moving. We would cover all the costs and the lifestyle is simply amazing. You'd have a house to yourself, and a nice one, a good job, and Maya would be in a school system that is fast paced and challenging. For example, Gina is in her final year of high school." That last statement set Mona back a bit.

"How?" asked Mona. I went through the entire pitch of how school worked, plus how kids were adults at 13, or could petition younger. I shared that Gina was legally an adult in Dionysus. We talked and talked and I really got to like Mona. Really a sweet woman in a tough spot. A hell of a lot better educated than I expected. I had to be bold.

"I admit," I said. "and this is probably rude, but you're not at all what I expected."

"Yeah, a bad marriage to a bad man will do that. I met him while I was in my first year of law school. Dropped out for a man and ended up stripping. Quite the Bravo special, isn't it?" she said.

Well shit. That changed everything and I told her.

"That changes everything, and in a good way. You just have to move and you'll understand better when we get there. We need attorneys and they're such a boring group of people we have trouble finding lawyers that are freaky enough," I said. "We'll pay your way to finish your degree at Athens University. I can offer you that right now."

She got thoughtful.

"Freaky?" she said. "I gotta ask about freaky."

It was a risk, but I thought I was reading the situation correctly. Hope so. It's a risk every time. I told her everything. Age of consent. Everything. You know the reaction I got? A smile. A big smile.

"Sounds like fun," she said, in a guttural voice. "But what about Maya? You know about Maya."

I could have just answered her, but what the hell. I'd heard she was a bit of a freak, and sometimes it's easier to show than explain. I stood up and lifted up my dress. Yeah, I was commando. What was interesting was her eyes brightened. She reached out and pulled me over. By the cock.

Which is why Gina and Maya found Mona blowing me.

She was good at it too. Mona stopped and held out her hand to both girls and walked back into the bedroom.

I'm not stupid. I followed them. I learned some new things again. I think we almost killed Mona. Tits and a cock times three must be pretty overwhelming. I know I was on the receiving end of both Maya and Gina. That was, well, wonderful. You can imagine all the other things we did, but I will at least say that Mona had a nice collection of dildos, nipples clamps, and scarves. I texted Luca to come back too. Mona and I couldn't touch Tegan, of course, so we went out to the kitchen and chatted over coffee while the kids entertained themselves. Yeah, I'm sure they did.

When they were done, they all came out, dressed and ready to go.

So we did. Let's just say they both moved. They both became an integral part of my support group too. Maya bringing her mom to group sent a powerful message. Mona and I got together a lot too. I wouldn't say we were dating exactly, but we loved spending one-on-one time together. She's so damn smart. I loved that about her. Oh, loved? Well, maybe.

Sophia expands her offerings

Sophia here. My turn, but this is about business.

I had a meeting setup with Amy and Bob to introduce a new business venture to them. I asked Antonio to join us, even though it wasn't wine related because there were a lot of similarities. I almost did a presentation, but Bob hates PowerPoint with a passion, so I just had a few notes. I didn't really need them.

We met over lunch in the dining room in the common area on Vino. You remember Bob's description, right? Paola made us a simply spectacular lunch of lobster tacos. Yum. Oh, have we introduced Paola and Roberto yet? They ran the family compound here on Vino. Italian, which seemed appropriate for Vino. She was our Alison and he was our Blake, if you get the comparison, except instead of Florida blonde, you got Italian sexy. Some surprising similarities in background too. They met in a Catholic orphanage outside Rome. Did you know that Catholic orphanages are hotbeds of teenage sex and I don't mean with the priests? They told stories of introducing the other kids to sex that were steamy as hell. Oh, they liked'em young and we liked their kids, Vinny and Izzy. 9 and 11 respectively, going on 25. Remember Bob's description of me the day we met? Turn that into an 11-year-old with just the hint of nipple bumps under her usual tight tank top. God I drool. Vinny's surprisingly sculpted 9-year-old body with his perpetually hard cock is pretty damn pleasant too.

I digress.

It was summer, so the entire extended family was on Vino most of the time. Ben had built a similar compound just a half mile up the road. There was another spit of land, so he built a common room and a dozen big houses there. It was a little bigger. Ben and Chloe had a house there. So did Jesse and Julia. Blake and Alison. Tom and Jess. Tom and Jess had moved their company to Vino and focused exclusively on training on the new hypersonic business jets. It was on the other side of the island, so a bit secluded, which was good. They kept a small helicopter to run back and forth. We had a ton of those.

Back to the task at hand. My audience was ready for my pitch. Antonio already knew it and was on board, so he'd be my wing man. Here goes.

"I've been working on this plan for a while and the economics work quite well. The profit margins for the product are even higher than wine. We have just about maxed out the wine market, but still have tillable land. Over 200,000 acres of tillable land. We originally looked at olives, as the approach and techniques were similar, and they grow well in the same climate as grapes, but the market would not support that much more acreage. So, we looked for other crops that needed a similar climate, but had a high profit margin," I said. Suddenly Bob started laughing and moments later Amy joined in.

"You want to grow weed," said Bob. "You want to dominate the world-wide marijuana industry. Go for it. It's perfect."

"How in the hell did you know that?" I asked. "I hadn't told you anything yet."

"It wasn't that hard to figure it out. You were dancing around mentioning what you wanted to grow. That meant it made you a little uncomfortable to bring it up. I know you well enough to know it wasn't going to be opium or anything like that. Process of elimination said a profitable, growing product. With legalization sweeping the world, weed was the obvious choice. I think it is brilliant. Hell, I might try your product. I smoked a little back in the day and it is great fun. It appears to be legal here in Dionysus. It's not like we passed a law," said Bob. Amy just grinned and nodded. Yeah, the two of them high would be hilarious.

"Tell us more. Don't let us interrupt," said Amy.

"OK. Well most grow operations are done in greenhouses. We're convinced we won't have to do that here, due to the climate, which would cut our costs. We can also produce on a scale no other company can. Initially we propose just wholesaling the product, but we would quickly move into the production of end consumables. Everything from lollipops, to brownies, to cigarettes. We would build a production facility next to the winery and have tastings just like the wine. We think that would be pretty popular. We've done the research and believe we can grow as many as a thousand different varieties and cover all price ranges. Our specialty products would be off the charts expensive. We even believe there is a market for marijuana infused wines, which would be a natural for us," I said. "Modest projections show about 5,000 pounds per acre. We propose taking a large parcel of about 50,000 acres, but only planting a thousand acres. An acre for each variety. Basically spread them out. As we saw which strains resonated in the market, we could grow those, expanding at will. The current market world-wide is projected at about 50 million pounds, currently, but we believe a proper infrastructure and supply could see that go to a hundred or even two hundred million pounds. Even our test plantings would produce a million pounds. If we planted the full 50,000, we could produce more than the world would consume, right now, so we would grow with the market.

"OK. Why are you even asking? This is your business," asked Bob.

"Because it has controversy," said Antonio.

"Hell, so does wine in some countries. Go for it," said Amy. Bob nodded.

"What's the next step?" asked Bob. Antonio gave me a smile.

"Well, we have about 50 acres planted and the first major harvest was this week. It was our test and the production output per acre exceeded expectations. We sort of have about 8,000 pounds of prime weed," I said. "It basically grew itself. We grew 100 different variants. We thought we'd get the family together tomorrow night and light up some blunts." OK, we all laughed at that, but I was serious. We had 8,000 fucking pounds of weed.

"Well that sounds like a hell of a party," said Amy. "Any thoughts on ages? For Dionysus."

"Yes. We think smoking should be 13. An adult. We think edibles should be 7, with parents' permission and only parents can provide it and it can only be consumed in the presence of the parents. Basically matching, well, sex, except a little more restrictive, which makes us laugh. No driving or flying within 4 hours of consuming either," I said. Everyone agreed and the meeting was over. That was easier than I expected, but it is Bob and Amy.

Tee hee. Tee hee hee

Amy here.

We were hosting a weed party tonight. Seriously. Somehow Sophia had managed to roll joints of a couple dozen varieties and had brownies for a different dozen. Yes, brownies. Could we be more cliche? Made sense, though. The younger kids would get tiny bites of brownies until we could see how they did with them. The rest of us would try both, but no smoking inside!

Yeah, that was actually a law in Dionysus. We didn't have many laws, but dammit, that was one of them.

Almost everybody with a house on Vino was here. Tom and Jess. Blake and Alison. Jesse, Julia. Ruby, Tomas, Tavi, and Amara. Gabe, Carlina, Luca, and Tegan. Morgan, Sophia, and Elena. Amai, Barb, and Davis. They were visiting Amai. Great timing. Orlando and Grace. Leslie, Hunter, and Hallie. Chris and Noah. Antonio and Stella. Paola, Roberto, Vinnie, and Izzy. They were such fun and new, um, players. Of course, Bob and me. I was going to say how many adults and kids, but by our definition, only Ruby, Carlina, Tegan, Izzy, Vinnie, and Elena were officially kids. No, that's not right, because Ruby, Carlina, and Tegan had been declared adults. I guess we'd have to figure that out. We'll just think in terms of big and small. Elena shouldn't have much, now should she? Neither should Carlina or Tegan or the other littles.

First we had a nice big dinner. No getting high on an empty stomach. Then Sophia walked us through each of the different choices and a little about the experience. She was an effective sales person and guided me towards a strain that both gave a little energy, but also mellowed a bit. Yeah, felt like a good choice for me. I didn't question her how she knew all the information. She, Antonio, and Morgan couldn't stop giggling. Yes, giggling. I am now confident that they have been sampling their product for quite some time.

So I ate a brownie. So did Bob. Hell, so did everyone. The littlest got a half or quarter brownie.

Oh boy. I was happy, giddy, and simply incredibly horny. Dripping down my leg horny.

"Is this supposed to make me horny?" I asked.

They all giggled.

"That strain does. All the strains we used for brownies do. We picked them on purpose," said Morgan. Then she started undressing. Well, if by undressing you mean dropped her tankini bottoms. We were all just wearing suit bottoms. I don't think we even bought the tops anymore. Fifteen seconds later, there was a large group of naked people, all giggling. Well, except Leslie, Chris, and Ruby, who didn't eat any. They might need to fly, so they wouldn't. But let's be entirely honest. They didn't need any of this stuff to be horny, now did they?

This shit was fun.

Sophia told us we had to wait and get dressed. Dressed? Why the fuck would we do that? She said we had a game. She and Morgan came back carrying two boxes. They said it was leotard night. They had a box of white leotards for the girls, in the thinnest, sheerest material I had ever seen. She had something similar for the men. You know those weird things that wrestler's wear. She had them made out of the same sheer, thin material. She and Morgan personally picked the sizes and handed them out.

Oh, got it. About three sizes too small. Mine rode up and gave me such a camel toe that my lips peeked out. I looked around and my eyes settled on Carlina. Well hot damn. Hers did the same thing, and it was so small that it didn't cover her little nipples. I just wanted to eat her up. Not yet, but a few years from now. I guess I'll pass this to Morgan to explain the game.

Oh it is a fun game

Morgan here. It's a fun game. Sophia and I practiced it with Luca and Elena. And Tomas and Ruby. And Tavi and Amara. Repeatedly. Tee hee. Amara said it made her feel amazing. For the first time I knew, she admitted that she was always in pain, but that the weed helped. Tough. She's tough.

"OK everyone. Here's the rules. I hope you men have been abstaining for the day like we told you to. This is a two-round game. For the first round, we need to be in a circle of sorts, or at least where we can see each other, so let's move the couches around," I said. We pushed and moved them to have a circle of couches. Everyone found a spot, but we made the families break up and sit elsewhere. I ended up with Amai on one side and Izzy on the other. Nice. I noticed Mom moved around to make sure she was next to Carlina. What's up with that?

"Now, in the first round, everyone masturbates. To completion. Through the material. You cum or you squirt, it stays in the leotard. Well, maybe not quite, as the material is thin, and it will ooze out a bit. Once you cum, your neighbors can lick that off. Wouldn't want to drip on the couch," I said. Although I find it hilarious that every couch I've seen on both Vino and Dionysus is a material you can wipe off with a Clorox wipe. I should corner the Clorox wipe market in our country. I'd make a fortune. Oh, wait, already rich.

"Now pay attention to who cums in what order. You need to know who came closest to you, in order. Say, for example, that Mom came first, followed by Gabe. They'd pair up," I said. "Now, there is a little twist. Given that the girls are, well, better at cumming, they have to cum twice before they're done. Except for Mom and Chris. They have to cum three times."

"Hey!" said Chris. "Oh, well, yeah, that makes sense." That got a laugh from everyone.

"OK, now round two. You pair off with someone with opposite parts. One cock. One pussy," I said. "Then you fuck. Your choice of what hole, we don't care, but the last rule is a little complicated.

"When you cum, you let roughly half go in the person. Then you pull out and cover yourself with your leotard and the other half goes in there," I said. "No clothes come off. You just move them to the side to fuck. In an odd twist, everybody here cums, which is handy. Get comfortable, and have at it."

I started rubbing myself and the feeling was incredible. The material was so soft and I pushed it up inside me. I used my other hand on my nipples. The whole time, I was alternating watching Amai rub her cock and Izzy rubbing her little pussy. I could actually see her clit push out the fabric. I know mine did. Mom was staring at Carlina and didn't take her eyes off her little body. I can't say I blamed her. They were across from me, so Mom and Carlina were both eye candy. Orlando was just a couple seats down and my God that boy is sexy. We locked eyes and it set us both off. I squirted and soaked the entire front of my leotard. I could see his cock pulse through the fabric and he just kept cumming. It started to ooze through and lucky for him, Ruby was next to him. Lucky for me too, because she not only cleaned up the cum, she got him hard again. I waved him over and bent over the couch. He pulled my leotard to the side and slid right in. He just fucking pounded me. Nothing gentle about this fuck. He lasted and lasted, which was the point. Next to me Izzy assumed the same position and Tom started fucking her. On my other side, Grace came over and Amai did the honors. Our couch was a shakin'. I could only look around a little, but I saw Luca fucking Carlina. Oh hell that was a sight. Gabe was fucking Sophia. Ruby was getting fucked by her own dad, Jesse, and they were both enjoying it. Vinny was just pounding Mom and she was liking it. The only other couple I could see Dad and Alison. Damn Dad continues to look better and the wrestling thing worked for him. We were doing this again.

We all went on for hours and hours. OK, maybe a solid twenty minutes, but the cocks started popping off one after the other. Orlando filled me up with gallons of cum and then covered me with my leotard. I turned just quickly enough to see him shoot all the way up his chest and out the top, giving himself a little bit of a facial. His thick cock held the fabric out just enough. Luca did the same thing and his chest and chin were covered with cum. Amai started oozing and she was beside me so...

"OK everyone," I said. "That games over for now."

"Can we go clean up?" asked Carlina.

"No!" said Sophia. "No clean up. Wear it with pride. It is time for a little more dessert though."

Yeah, that got us going again. We were high AF and giggly. We would have to be careful. This shit was fun. Given how much we all fly shit, we can't do it often, except right before bed. Tonight we were going to stay toasted and then crash here. I'm sure we'll all have one more in us, so to speak.

I wasn't going to bed until Davis fucked me. I don't care how many times he had cum. I wandered over and told him. He gave me his big smile. Yes he did. And then he did.

Sparks fly

Orlando here. I'm watching something develop that could be a huge win or a devastating disappointment. There is nothing that I can do but watch and hope. Oh you're expecting something big, and I suppose it is, but follow me here.

I'm doing a recording session with Gina. You remember Gina. You just read about her. Stunningly beautiful 11-year-old girl.

That has a cock. Now I'm fine with it, in fact I love spending time with Gina, but even on Dionysus there is a risk of rejection. It's low, but it is not zero.

Rejection you ask?

Yep. You see I have started bringing Kevin in to play the piano. He is incredible. Yes, he plays for the symphony but his range certainly includes every genre. You remember Kevin. If not, go back and catch up.

So where am I going with this? The sparks between Gina and Kevin are threatening to burn down the studio. You know what I mean. That chemistry that is palpable. The touches, the laughs, the looks.

All there. Both ways. Kevin wasn't the malnourished teen anymore either. He had gained weight and hit the gym hard. I know, I worked out with him a lot. Yeah, worked out in other ways too. Of course, I practiced with Gina a lot too. Get it?

Here's the problem. They were both too damn shy to make a move. What should I do? I have been working through it in my head but hadn't come up with the perfect solution. I thought about inviting them both to dinner with Grace, but they'd still be too shy. I could do that and then offer to play some sort of sex game, but if I misread them, or Kevin had issues, it could fall apart. I finally decided to talk to them individually.

Great. Gina just went to the bathroom. I went over to Kevin.

"Dude, ask her out. Stop being shy," I said.

"I can't. She knows I am just some homeless dude," said Kevin. "She would never say yes. I'd rather not ask." Well shit. I argued with him but he dug his heels. I thought about blowing him and letting Gina catch us, but decided that wouldn't help. Fun, but no help. I waited and finally Kevin had to run back to school for a bit and I had an hour with Gina. Tempting as it was to fill that hour, I was on a mission from God. Yes, you finished that in Dan Akroyd's voice from the Blues Brothers, didn't you? I did, in my head.

"Gina, what gives? Ask Kevin out. He's too shy to do it. You know you want to," I said. Gina blushed all the way to crimson.

"I can't. You know I can't. I'm a freak," she said.

"Gina. You know you're not. You know how many people love you, just the way you are. You have told me yourself how everyone at school accepts you," I said. "Ask him out."

"But maybe he doesn't know! How would that work. I drop my dress and he freaks out," she almost screamed.

"Then he wasn't worthy of you," I said. "I can't tell you what will never happen. With Kevin, it would surprise me. A lot. He's such a nice guy." Oh, he's back early. Well, I did what I could.

Kevin walked in and I might as well have been invisible. He went straight to Gina and they started talking and laughing. We had work to do, but I could wait. I went into the booth and gave them privacy. OK, maybe not a lot of privacy given the giant picture window, but I'm pretty sure I could have danced naked on the grand piano and they wouldn't have noticed. I'm a bad man, and turned on a mic to eavesdrop.

OK, nothing very interesting. Just small talk. Come on guys. One of you get bold.

Oh. Gina did. In mid-sentence talking about nothing important, she pulled the straps of her sundress to the side and let it drop to the floor. I knew she'd started a light dose of hormones, but I was completely unprepared for her to have incredible puffies, combined with a rock-hard cock. I'm pretty sure Kevin didn't expect her to strip, but he gave no reaction to any body parts. Well, he did have one reaction.

He got on his knees and took her in his mouth. Well, that seemed to be a fair indicator that he was accepting. I did the only thing I could.

I left. None of my business. I'll let them finish the story if they want to. Otherwise, that's all you get.

the rest of the story...

Gina here. I want to finish the story. I do.

Kevin was blowing me. Damn. That was a nice result. I can't believe I did it. I didn't ask him out, which would have been the smart move. I don't know what came over me. Finally, before I came, I pulled him back up. Now I was going to ask him out. I think I might have gotten the order wrong. I pulled him to his feet.

"That was amazing, but I want more," I said. Yeah, that got a smile. "Will you go to the movies with me tonight? An actual date?"

"I would be honored," said Kevin. "I've wanted to for a long-time, but was afraid you'd never go out with someone like me." Someone like him? A smoking hot musician? Wait, I needed to actually say that.

"Why wouldn't I want to go out with a funny, friendly, smart musician that also happens to be smoking hot?" I asked. He mumbled, yes mumbled something about being homeless.

"We're both idiots," I said, which made him laugh. I like his laugh. "We're both so hung up on ourselves that we didn't do this weeks ago. I thought my cock would scare you off." Given I was still naked, he laughed, stared at my cock and gave me a leer. OK, that broke me up too. Fuck a date.

"OK, we're going out on a date, but could we go back to the bedroom now and fuck our brains out?" I asked.

Yes, yes we could and we did. They were powerful fucks too. But then we did something else.

We made love and I was in heaven. I'm confident he was too. We ended up falling asleep in each other's arms. I could get use to this. When we woke up, Kevin asked for the pen.

and then...

I could get used to this too. I was going to marry this girl. I could tell you all about our date, but I think I'll wait and tell the story about our wedding.

Now if I can only get the courage to ask her.

Gamma. Oh my Gamma

Eleanor here. Yes, yes, I get a journal entry. You can read it with my sexy Italian accent, and envision that I am currently naked, which is my new work attire.

Working for you yet?

How about if I add that Luca is my Assistant Director and is currently with me, also naked?

I can't believe the last few months. I went from graduating college student in Venice, to leading the construction and opening of an incredibly unique resort with over 2,000 employees, on an island in the Mediterranean, where we had to build an entire town for our employees. Add Luca to that, my powerhouse young assistant. 15-years-old and in charge. He's a godsend and incredible. No, no, I don't mean that way. Well, of course I do, but I mean in running the resort. We split our responsibilities during the construction. I focused on the resort, he focused on the entertainment. Honestly, his job was bigger. He's also taken on a huge role in the construction of the casino. I expect to lose him as my AD soon. I'm pretty sure that Julia will tap him as the Managing Director of the casino.

At 15. Of course!

Back on track here. Don't forget, the entire staff had to be comfortable that the highlight of our resort was that public sex with consenting 7-year-olds was just fine. Now, we followed the rules, so you had to be 9 to pair with 18 or older, but that wasn't that limiting. The younger kids had a ball, so to speak, with the other kids. You couldn't turn your head without seeing somebody fucking or sucking. It was cool as hell.

Hiring hadn't been as hard as we thought, as recommendations came in pretty fast. I am proud to say I interviewed every single hire. Chemistry was incredibly important. They all got the can but don't have to speech. It was important for everyone to understand they didn't have to participate, but you had to be cool with it. Although the same rules applied at Gamma that applied at Alpha. If you were invited to participate, by an adult, you were welcome to. For kids, it was parental permission only, although kids was 12 and under. A sexy 13-year-old wants you to fuck them, go for it.

Oh, one thing. We required documented proof that all girls eight and above had been on birth control for a minimum of a month. Yeah, we did. We also had the most incredible release form you've ever seen.

All the guests understood the rules too. None were novices. Guests had to go through a similar interview process. They had to fill out a complex application, including an essay on why they would fit in, plus they had to have a recommendation of a current member and yes, we checked, carefully. We'd been taking applications through the entire construction process, and while our resort had almost a three hundred two to four-bedroom cottages, we only had the first seventy families approved. To be one of our first 250, there was an extra process, which involved an invitation to the islands for a weekend, with your family, and, frankly, a tryout with one of our extended family. Yes, I considered myself part of the family now. I guess I always did.

In other words, somebody was going to fuck you all. Let's face it, you didn't pay to join Gamma if you didn't want to fuck.

I know I have had a pretty spectacular three months myself. I, um, personally did an in-depth interview over two hundred of the employees. Think that math through. Three months, is thirteen weeks of five days a piece. 65 days. I interviewed, and I actually kept count, 212 employees and their families. Over three families a day, and I actually got work done too. Oh, they were long days, she says with a laugh. Lorenzo and Donna, um, helped out with a lot of them. Did I mention families? Yeah, that was over 700 people. A good mix of men, women, boys, and girls, but it included 367 cocks. Yes, I counted. I sucked or got fucked by around six cocks a day, and that was just at work. Apparently your vagina can take it, because I was sore for the first week or so, but after that, it was just pure pleasure.

Big cocks. Little cocks. Thin cocks. Fat cocks. Uncut cocks. Cut cocks. Black, white, every combination of cocks. You'd think I would get tired of cock.

I did not.

Donna had kept count and in the same time period she had been fucked by over 100 different cocks. At first that seemed a bit weird, given she is eleven, but hey, Lorenzo managed to average three cums a day, and prided himself in cumming in a different pussy every time. As he liked to put it, he was open-minded and those pussies ranged from 7 to 53. Oh, I have to say, the 53-year-old woman was both stunning and had some incredible skills. She taught us a few things. I recall, because when Lorenzo came, he gave me a facial, as I was underneath her at the time. What she did with her tongue should be an Olympic sport.

Hey, maybe that's an activity at Gamma. The Gamma Olympics. I'm going to work on that.

Now, in the interest of employee relations, I still had an awful lot of employees to entertain. Almost two thousand more. Yes, two thousand. Oh God.

Our company Christmas parties were going to be epic.

Now you'd think our resort was going to be designed differently, but honestly it wasn't. Sex was OK, maybe even integral, but it was still a resort. A marina with every imaginable water toy. A huge water park. A go-cart track. A small amusement park, complete with a small roller coaster. The kids all helped us design the kids area and if you remember the suggestions from earlier, we implemented them all. Like Alpha, everything was by appointment and the first thing that filled up was the kid's personal shoppers. Remember, we had boutiques with stupid expensive kids clothes and the personal shopper did everything with your child. Well, yes, that everything too, but I meant shopping for clothes. We even did school supplies and would download the list of your kid's class and have it drop-shipped directly to their school. That was fucking popular.

Even though our opening week was only going to have 30 families, the personal shoppers still filled up. We clearly underestimated that, so I recruited the extended family while I could hire. Somehow reputations preceded them, because when I added Ruby, Elena, Donna, and Carlina in as available personal shoppers, their appointments filled up, for the entire first week, in less than five minutes. For that matter, so did Lorenzo, Gabe and Tavi's. Even though the rules clearly stated no sex during your shopping appointment. I think in a lot of cases, they just wanted to meet our famous young people and hoped for a future opportunity. Oh, remember that permanent residents under 13 could petition for adulthood status, with their parent's approval? You knew that Ruby, Elena, Lorenzo, Donna, and Carlina were already considered adults, now didn't you?

Oh hell, Lorenzo couldn't get enough of Carlina himself, usually with Gabe and Donna. Remember that Olympic tongue technique I mentioned? Carlina mastered it quickly. So did Lorenzo. Oh. Carlina was a frequent guest in our home. I think Lorenzo was sweet on Carlina but she was taken, so he had to settle for lot of sex. Yeah, that makes sense in our world.

Anyway. Opening day. Just 5 of the families were scheduled to arrive today. All five had chosen to be picked up by a space plane, which included a full hour orbiting the earth. Yeah, that was a half-million-dollar option. Each way. Per person. Those trips were pretty profitable. The planes had come down in price, so we were paying about five hundred million apiece for them. We had trained a number of pilots. Each family got an exclusive ride, so a round trip usually generated about $4 million. 125 trips and the plane was paid for. We targeted six trips a day per plane, so they'd be paid for in roughly three weeks. Every penny after that, minus operating costs, was profit. We were going to have to limit the pickups soon, though, as we offered them at all three resorts, and Boeing and Cessna couldn't build them for us fast enough. We had 19 of them already. It was interesting, though. The interest in the expensive space flights increased with each resort. The Alpha residents did a few. The Beta residents did a few more. The Gamma residents almost all did them, at least on their first visit. Yes, the guests at Gamma were a different economic strata. Not exactly intentional, but the annual fee was $1.5 million each, donated directly to Hayden International. Each. It might go up, because the waiting list was stupid long. We had enough room to continue to add cottages, but were constrained by our ability to hire employees. That would ramp up.

Oh, and when I talk about profit, that probably isn't the right word. Sixty percent of all profits associated with the resorts was donated to Hayden International. The resorts would spin off billions annually. Our unofficial target was to cover the entire global food program with the profits of the resorts. The funny thing is the program had been so successful in solving the actual problem -- global farming -- that the cost was going down very fast. Yay!

I keep going off on a tangent.

Do you remember Fantasy Island, where Ricardo Montalbán? Yeah, probably not, but it is probably still on TV Land, which is where I saw it. I am both too young and too Italian to have seen it. Anyway, he met his guests at their seaplane in a beautiful white suit.

I chose to meet mine, who were arriving one family at a time, on a space plane, in a well-designed, well-fitting white suit was well. But mine was a tankini. Bottoms. I'm proud of my breasts. No reason to hide them.

We're only using first names in our journals for a reason, and never was that reason more obvious than with the opening of Gamma. We're even changing the first names of our guests in these stories. We have to. They would be absolutely to recognizable. These were titans of industry, government, music, sports, and more. You would know them all. I did know them all. Oh yeah, interviewing prospective guests is Fun with a capital F.

The first family was interesting. Americans, if you can believe it. AJ was the CEO of a midsize manufacturing firm in the Midwest. Late 30s, fit, hairy chest, 7-inch (18 cm) cut cock. His wife Josy was a stay-at-home mom and clearly an ex-cheerleader that still worked out. Great shape, nice C cup breasts, shaved pussy. Very nice. Their daughter Tawny was a 9-year-old hottie, with little puffies just popping out. No development down below, but super sensitive. I proved it with my tongue. What was interesting, though, was their son Davey. Six-year-old Davey. Six you say? Well, yes, today. But not tomorrow. Ah! Yes, we were having quite the party for Davey.

The second family was French. Blaise was the dad and a real hottie. The mom was Brielle, a voluptuous D cup vixen. They had two sons, Simeone, who is 13, and Marcel, who is 11. Oh wait, those names sound familiar? Of course they do. They live in the same building as Bob and Amy's apartment. Blaise had a spectacular year and is the managing partner of his law firm now and this membership was their celebration. Amy tells me the boys have grown. Oh they're taller and all that, but she meant, cough, cough.

I guess I'll go through all five families, because you know they'll all be at tomorrow's party. I wonder who Davey will pick? Donna is certainly open to it. Maybe sexy Chris, with her puffies. Who knows? He gets to pick.

The third family was from China. A big mogul in their burgeoning economy. He's Bo, she's Daiyu. Mid-thirties. Both quite cute. They had two kids, which surprised me, but I guess if you're rich. Their 13-year-old daughter, Jie, was stunning. Petite, nicely formed A cup breasts, a clit that could poke you in the eye. Sorry, but it was an impressive clit. That perfect more than a boy, less than a woman, figure. It wouldn't surprise me if Davey picked Jie. Then again, who knows Davey's interests? Perhaps he'll pick 11-year-old Lok. Petite like his sister. Nice thin 4-inch (10 cm) cock. Oh hell, you know I've seen it. Tasted it. And enjoyed it.

Up to family four, from Russia. Pretty well-known, but a true sweetheart, which is not what I expected. He's Arseni, and a big burly guy. Not fat, but not thin. Ex-athlete type. Late forties. His wife, Feya, was early thirties and truly a beauty. Remember the model Sandra? Yeah, that. Three kids. 11-year-old twin boys, Gorya and Ipati. Damn. Hunks for their age, and the loved to play together. It was great fun watching them suck each other off. It was more fun to experience DP with them. Oh, can't forget their little sister Inna. Nine-years-old and adorable. Use the same memory of Sandra, but in her early years. If you got to watch her get fucked by twin boys, you would remember it forever. Oh, my money is on Davey picking Inna.

Finally our fifth family. Another wealthy family, this time from India. Palak is tall and regal, with a freaking horse cock. Thick, uncut, and 12 inches long. 12! She's Sadaf, and surprisingly petite. I'll bet their early days were difficult. Good thing she has a couple kids now. 13-year-old Chandi almost got them knocked off the invite list. She's a bit rude and condescending. It took Leslie putting her in her place to bring her around. She thought she was the world's gift. Pretty, sexy, and rich. She's all those things, but not as pretty, not as sexy, and not as rich as Leslie. Leslie was nothing but sweet, but showed her who was boss. Ten-year-old Udar was the exact opposite. Friendly, adorable, fun, and self-deprecating. Fairly small, but he inherited one important thing from his dad. He's 10-years-old and has a thick, uncut, 10-inch (25.5 cm) cock. Yes, you read that right. It's a wonderful cock and he knew how to use it. Ask me how I know. Hell, ask Donna how she knows. I think she was in love. No, not with Udar. With his cock, although it did take a lot of work her first time.

Right now I was heading to the afternoon mixer. Just a little get together with the families that arrived today, and any families already in the resort. Given it was Day 1, that meant the five. Of course, the family was all welcome and given it was opening day, there were a lot of the extended family around. Given this is a nudist resort, and a special one at that, almost everyone at the mixer was nude.

Even family.

Davey clearly spent the time checking out the potentials. Lorenzo had volunteered to be his coach, and was working with him to create a Top 3 list. I checked in with him occasionally and it kept changing as he met more people. Right now his list was Inna, Tegan, and Gina.

A pretty nice list, for sure. Gina was an interesting entry on the list.

To no surprise, Udar was getting a lot of attention from the girls, and some of the boys. I looked over and Tegan was chatting with him while casually stroking his cock. She was standing close, and it kept bumping into her.

I'm sure that was an accident. While I was watching, she dropped to her knees and started licking it from the tip to his balls. You can imagine the smile on his face. Finally she stood up and pushed him back onto a lounge. She climbed right up and ever so slowly lowered herself onto his cock.

All the way. I could hear her moan from here. I got distracted, so didn't see much more, but she seemed happy. What distracted me was Sophia leading Palak over and pushing him down onto the lounge right next to his son. Damn that was hot.

Hell I was wet. Wet enough to need a cock of my own. Oh, Vincente had already fucked me today, but come on, this was Gamma. Oh, I knew what I needed. I found Gorya and Ipata, the 11-year-old Russian twins.

And yes, they were quite good at DP. That's just what I needed.

The reception led right into dinner, which was a dinner show. We had a Cirque do Soleil style show, except all our dancers and actors were nude and some of the show included pretty graphic sex.

Pretty sure ours was better.

I am officially sure I have the best job in the world.

Davey knows how to party

Eleanor here.

Day 2.

OK, that sounds silly. Today was Davey's party. I talked to Lorenzo and the choice had been made and accepted. They didn't tell me who, but I suspected. Any choice he made would be spectacular.

Then Davey couldn't contain his excitement and told me.

He had picked Carlina and she accepted. Apparently Gabe thought it was wonderful too. I love their relationship. Just love it.

13 and 7. It takes a little getting used to, doesn't it?

Still loved it. They're an adorable couple and, well, both adorable. Carlina is special and I mean that it such a positive way.

Skilled too. Davey will have a spectacular time.

If you imagine every other 7th birthday you've read about, that was what this was like too. It was just held at a resort where you could turn a corner and see two, three, four, or more people fucking and they could be just about any age. Let me tell you, in my walks, I can attest that all of the first families were randy as hell. I don't think they were using the go-cart track or any of the other entertainment at all.

They were too busy having sex. Lots and lots of sex.

They'd sure become friends.

Yep, best job in the world.

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Character information

Name Chapters Age Description when introduced Stats when introduced
Bob All 25 Dad 6'2" (188 cm) – 165 (75 kg) , swimmer's body, 6–inch (15 cm) cut average cock
Amy All 23 Mom (and the Nanny, to start) 5'1" (155 cm) – 110 (50 kg) , bright red hair, C cup
Morgan All 17 The oldest of the new kids 5'5" (165 cm) – 120 (54 kg) , dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
Orlando All 15 The middle child and the only boy 5'0" (152 cm) – 100 (45 kg) , dirty blonde, 6–inch (15 cm) cut thick cock
Leslie All 13 The youngest 4'6" (137 cm) – 80 (36 kg) , brown hair, flat–chested
Chris 6,8,14-56 13 Boat sales person but becomes more 4'11" (150 cm) – 80 (36 kg) , slim, glorious puffy nipples
Sara 6,8,14-56 24 Sales managers, car dealers 5'3" (160 cm) – 100 (45 kg) , dark hair, Amerasian, small B cup
Hunter 2,3,13,27,30,32,34,36,38-39,42-44,47-49,51,56 13 Leslie's new friend 5'0" (152 cm) – cute as hell, 3–inch (8 cm) cock
Hallie 2,3,13,27,30,32,34,38-39,42-44,47-49,51,56 13 Hunter's twin sister 4'8" (142 cm) – small A cup
Alison 5,9-12,15-18,20-21,24,26-28,30-32,34,36,39,42-43,45-46,48,51,56 Thirties First home staff. Chef, runs the house and more 5'9" (175 cm) – tall, athletic, blonde, simply stunning, B cup, model gorgeous
Gabriel (Gabe) 6,14,16-19,24,27-29,31-37,39-40,42-43,45,47-52,54,56 13 Juanita's brother 5'6" (168 cm) – Cute AF, 5–inch (13 cm) cock
Ruby 6,14,16-19,24,27-29,31-40,42-43,45-46,49-56 11 Juanita's sister 4'11" (150 cm) – 85 (39 kg) , sexy, flat
Jesse 6,7,16-19,27,31-34,37-39,42-43,47-49,51,55-56 Forties Juanita's dad 5'11" (180 cm) – 175 (79 kg) , Vin Diesel, but with short hair, 6–inch (15 cm) average cock
Julia 6,16-19,24,27,31-34,37,39,42-43,47-49,51,56 Forties Juanita's mom 5'6" (168 cm) – 125 (57 kg) , stunning, D cup on a small frame
Antonio 7,8,23,27,33,36,39,44,46,48,56 Forties Italian Vintner 6'3" (191 cm) – 220 (100 kg) , well–endowed
Sophia 7,8-9,14,16-17,19,23,27,31,34,36-43,46-48,53-54,56 20 New Italian friend and Goddess 5'7" (170 cm) – stunning, simply stunning, B cup
Luca 7,8-9,14,16-17,19,23,27,31,34,36-40,42-44,46-47,50-52,54,56 15 Sophia's son 5'9" (175 cm) – chiseled, male Sophia, 6–inch (15 cm) uncut cock
Elena 7,8-9,14,16-17,19,23,27,31,34,36-40,42-47,51-52,54,56 11 Sophia's daughter 4'5" (135 cm) – sexy AF
Jess 9,10,15-18,27,32-34,37,39,45,56 Thirties Flight instructor 5'9" (175 cm) – 140 (64 kg) , small B cup, runner's body
Chloe 14,15,20,24,27,34,36,39-43,51,54-55 Thirties Developer and architect 5'7" (170 cm) – athletic, smaller B cup. Hot AF
Brielle 16,40,31,56 Thirties Paris apartment owner, stay at home mom 5'6" (168 cm) – dark hair, voluptuous, D cup
Marcel 16,40-42,56 11 Brielle's son 4'5" (135 cm) – thin, 3–inch (8 cm) uncut cock
Simeone 16,40-42,56 13 Brielle's son 5'2" (157 cm) – thin, 5–inch (13 cm) uncut cock
Blaise 16,56 Thirties Brielle's husband 6'0" (183 cm) – very French, decent body
Rylee 18,27,32,36-39,48,52,56 13 Cheerleader with Leslie and Chris 5'4" (163 cm) – sexy AF, B cup
Amai 19,21,23,26-30,32-34,36-39,41,47-48,50-52,55-56 Twenties The family social secretary 5'4" (163 cm) – beautiful, petite, B cup, 6–inch (15 cm) uncut thick cock
Davis 19,20,27-28,31-32,39,56 Sixties Amai's dad 6'3" (191 cm) – 195 (88 kg) , handsome and black, gray hair, 9–inch (23 cm) thick BBC
Grace 23,29-30,36,38,43-44,48,50,54-56 16 Just Grace  
Camila 25,29-30,41,50,54-55 23 You know who she is You know what she looks like
Poppy 37,38,42,44,54,56 30 Manor caretaker and Alfie's wife 5'7" (170 cm) – Blonde, model gorgeous, B cup
Eleanor 37,46,48,56 Thirties New Venice caretaker and Sophia's best friend 5'7" (170 cm) – Curvy, D cup, sexy Italian
Lorenzo 37,46,56 15 Eleanor's son 5'3" (160 cm) – Smoldering, long dark hair, thick 6–inch (15 cm) uncut cock
Donna 37,46,56 13 Eleanor's daughter 5'2" (157 cm) – Sexy Italian, A cups, beautiful
Cammy 38,54,56 23 Waitress and new friend 5'8" (173 cm) – Blonde, stunning, C cups
Shiro 38,56 Thirties Acura test driver 5'9" (175 cm) – thin, dark hair, Japanese, 5–inch (13 cm) cut cock
Taizo 38,56 Forties Acura test driver 5'8" (173 cm) – average, Japanese, 4.5–inch (11 cm) cut cock
Carlina 43,45-56 7 Romeo's daughter 4'4" (132 cm) – barely tall enough, blonde, cute, smart as hell
Tegan 46,48,50-54,56 7 Gemma and Sean's daughter 4'4" (132 cm) – Auburn hair, cute, fun
Tomas 46,52,55-56 11 Vincente's son 5'4" (163 cm) – Also Cute AF, sexy, and skilled. 6–inch (15 cm) thick uncut cock
Tavi 46,47-52,55-56 12 Emilia and Talmai's son 5'9" (175 cm) – Big for his age, works out, 7–inch (18 cm) thick uncut cock
Kevin 49,50-53,56 13 Homeless kid that Leslie rescues in New York 6'0" (183 cm) – Tall, really thin, 6–inch (15 cm) cut cock
Amara 50,51-52,55-56 12 Tavi's soon to be soul mate, in a wheelchair 5'6" (168 cm) – cute, wavy hair, nice body, B cup
Athena 50,51,54-55 9 Sebastian and Rene's daughter, met Carlina in Athens 4'7" (140 cm) – little Greek cutie
Andreas 50,51,54-55 11 Sebastian and Rene's son 5'2" (157 cm) – Greek God in the making, 4–inch (10 cm) thin cut cock
Abel 55 7 Andreas and Athena's neighbor 4'8" (142 cm) – French, big for his age, fun, 4–inch (10 cm) cock
Calisse 55 9 Andreas and Athena's neighbor 4'11" (150 cm) – French, sexy, puffies
Calix 55 Thirties Abel and Calisse's Dad, casino dealer 6'2" (188 cm) – Hunk, sexy, 7–inch (18 cm) super thick cock
Fabiola 55 Thirties Abel and Calisse's Mom, casino pit boss 5'2" (157 cm) – Short, petite, D cup
Greta 55 23 Andreas and Athena's neighbor, Chef at Alpha 5'4" (163 cm) – German, voluptuous, D cup
Derek 55 9 Greta's son 4'6" (137 cm) – Small, cute, 2–inch (5 cm) cock
Dahlia 55 9 Greta's daughter 4'6" (137 cm) – Small, cute, flat
Gina 55,56 11 Orlando's new friend 4'11" (150 cm) – Stunning, blonde, gorgeous, all girl with a 4–inch (10 cm) cock
Mick 55 Thirties Gina's Dad, plumber  
Kate 55 Thirties Gina's Mom, manager of the Gamma coffee shop  
Kenny 55 13 Gina's brother 5'2" (157 cm) – Muscular and feminine, blonde, 5–inch (13 cm) cock
Sam 55 10 Amai's friend and more 5'0" (152 cm) – thin, attractive, outgoing, no cock
Remei 55 10 Sam's friend, formerly Serni 5'0" (152 cm) – Dark hair, beautiful, vivacious, 4–inch (10 cm) cock
Xima 55 Thirties Remei's Mom, doctor at the Eros hospital 5'3" (160 cm) – Petite, beautiful, C cup
Pere 55 Forties Remei's Dad, manages the walk–in clinic at the hospital 6'1" (185 cm) – Wiry, attractive
Maya 56 12 Gina's friend from Minnesota 5'5" (165 cm) – dark hair, cute as hell
Mona 56 Thirties Maya's mom 5'6" (168 cm) – Blonde, voluptuous, D cup
Paola 56 Twenties Vino common area chef 5'7" (170 cm) – Dark hair, Italian, curvy and sexy
Roberto 56 Twenties Vino common area manager 6'0" (183 cm) – Dark, Italian, sultry, 6–inch (15 cm) average cock
Vinny 56 9 Paola and Roberto's son 4'5" (135 cm) – Muscular, sculpted, 3–inch (8 cm) cock
Izzy 56 11 Paola and Roberto's daughter 5'0" (152 cm) – Dark hair, Italian sexy, nipple bumps
AJ 56 Thirties CEO Midwest manufacturing firm 5'11" (180 cm) – Dark hair, hairy chest, fit, 7–inch (18 cm) cut cock
Josy 56 Thirties AJ's wife, stay–at–home mom 5'6" (168 cm) – Blonde, cheerleader cute, C cup
Tawny 56 9 AJ and Josy's daughter 4'6" (137 cm) – Cute, puffies
Davey 56 6 Tawny's brother 3'8" (112 cm) – Small, fierce, fun, 2–inch (5 cm) cock
Bo 56 Thirties Chinese mogul 5'8" (173 cm) – thin, average
Daiyu 56 Thirties Bo's wife 5'3" (160 cm) – Petite, beautiful, B cup
Jie 56 13 Bo and Daiyu's daughter 5'2" (157 cm) – cute, A cup, big clit
Lok 56 11 Bo and Daiyu's son 5'0" (152 cm) – cute, looked like Jie, 4–inch (10 cm) cock
Arseni 56 Forties Russian businessman 6'0" (183 cm) – Big, ex–athlete
Feya 56 Thirties Arseni's wife 5'6" (168 cm) – Dark–hair, stunning, thin, B cup
Gorya 56 11 Arseni and Feya's twins 5'1" (155 cm) – Hunk, 4–inch (10 cm) cock
Ipati 56 11 Arseni and Feya's twins 5'1" (155 cm) – Hunk, 4–inch (10 cm) cock
Inna 56 9 Arseni and Feya's daughter 4'6" (137 cm) – Dark hair, adorable, sexy
Palak 56 Thirties Indian businessman 6'4" (193 cm) – Tall, regal, well–spoken, 12–inch (30.5 cm) uncut cock
Sadaf 56 Thirties Palak's wife 4'11" (150 cm) – Petite, pretty, smallest of A cups
Chandi 56 13 Palak and Sadaf's daughter 5'0" (152 cm) – cute, stuck up, A cup
Udar 56 10 Palak and Sadaf's son 5'2" (157 cm) – strong, well–built, 10–inch (25.5 cm) uncut cock

End of Chapter