Chapter 58 - The Call - After The Olympics
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18 February 2019

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World freaking peace

Chris here, with Leslie. We were almost complete with an outrageous idea we had pitched to Mom and Dad. They'd agreed, which we expected but, as always, they had excellent ideas for improvement.

We built a highly secure conference center on the Boreas, the north island off Sweden. Our thinking was we could be the impartial mediators to broker solutions to world conflicts.

Sort of Switzerland if they were badasses like us. I worked with Chloe to build an incredibly secure facility with most of it underground. Leslie worked with Heather to build impenetrable island defenses. We would provide 24/7 air cover during meetings and offer services to transport the participants. Weird as it sounds we were making that a requirement.

Why you ask?

Because airports, or more specifically runways, were hard to defend. If you could land on them, so could the bad guys. They were also easy to destroy, leaving you stranded.

Our E-62 jets and F-61 fighters didn't need runways. We built underground hangers too. At least for now, we were the only country with either plane and Mom and Dad agreed we would be locking down production of both for the next few years. We proposed to Bill and Bob that they license us the designs and we started production on Vino. Our numbers had shown it was a win-win. The production line fired up this week. We were only building for ourselves, for now. We were building the F-71 too, but not for this job. It needed a runway.

Anyway, back to the conference center. Our goal wasn't a conference center.

It was world peace.

We like to keep our goals modest.

Frankly we were tired of power mad adults that couldn't freaking get along. We were fresh off our success in Tokyo and it was our time. Yeah we could just live a quiet, rich life wherever we wanted but why when you can change the world?

Yeah, yeah, not what you wanted to read about but this is fun too.

We were meeting in the family apartment in New York this afternoon to give the 'rents an update. Hey I'm a kid. I can say 'rents. OK I'm a kid when I want to be. Leslie and I were in my apartment by the UN right now. Yeah even I had to laugh as the segue from being a kid to having my own apartment near the UN. Just a kid here that is also the Prime Minister and UN ambassador.

There was a big meeting on the Tokyo attack tomorrow at the UN and Leslie and I were leading it. Our operation. Our meeting.

Not one person balked at our running the meeting. How cool is that? Ruby, Gabe, Carlina, and Elena would be there too. You knew they'd be attending didn't you? In fact, we were positioning Carlina as our spokesperson. She is bright, articulate, talented, and brilliant.

And 7.

We were making a fucking point, OK? Hell she loved it. Add ham to the description although I had to explain the colloquialism. Funny she knew the word colloquialism. Don't forget, she learned English after Greek, Italian, French, and Spanish. Hell she learned English after she moved to Dionysus just last year.

You would never know she wasn't American. Or British on the days she chooses that accent. Or Japanese or Chinese when she speaks those. Well, except for her being a cute little blonde.

She's fucking brilliant. Yeah, I know I already said that, but it is worth repeating.

We were ready. No presentation. No teleprompter. No notes. That's not how we rolled.

I forgot to mention. We would be announcing I would be stepping down as UN ambassador. Our new ambassador had already been approved by our ruling council. Hell yes we had a ruling council. We are a fucking country.

I'd bet a dollar you knew who our new ambassador is. Don't ya? Don't ya?

I personally proposed Carlina. Well she had been pushing me for it. I told her I would do it when she graduated from high school.

Never challenge Carlina to an outcome you do not want. She graduated last week. NYU crafted an international studies program for her that would be limited onsite classes and a lot of remote classes. She would stay here in New York a lot. It was a five-year program. She planned on finishing it next year. NYU balked but she is persuasive.

They agreed once they found out she would be our ambassador.

Oh did I mention that Gabe and Ruby were also enrolled? Ruby and Gabe were going to share the role of Ambassador to the US but we didn't feel the need for them to be here full-time. We are a little country. It was tough on Ruby, because of Tavi, Amara, and Tomas, but my guess is Ruby will do more remote than the others. That's cool. Of course, Gabe and Carlina had Tegan and Luca, and Luca was full-time on Eros, but they'd all make it work. Hypersonic planes, you know.

Mom and Dad's apartment is officially the embassy but then again so was their Florida home. They'd decided on that apartment because three hypersonic jets could park on the roof. The rest of us had to leave ours at LaGuardia or Teterboro. It still freaked the airports out when we landed vertically so we generally used the runways. How old school.

Yes I was kidding. Sort of.

Freshmen orientation, for real

Carlina here. I'm going to jump in. The reason I'm not with Leslie and Chris yet is that it is freshman orientation day at NYU. Yeah Gabe and I knew we had to keep our relationship quiet, although it had leaked, so we'll see. I knew you would go there. We all actually had a class this afternoon too.

We went inside. We weren't sure where to go so I approached someone that looked professorial. You know the look. He actually had leather patches on the arms of his sport coat. Good grief.

"Excuse me sir," I said. "Can you point us to freshmen orientation?" Yeah we had to do the dance about why we wanted to know. I'm not sure he even believed us but he pointed us in the right direction. We are all pretty outgoing and wanted to meet people, so we had agreed to split up and sit apart.

We got to the room and there was a table setup with name tags. The woman behind the table gave us some shit about being there until we found out nametags and put the lanyards around our necks. She even accused us of stealing somebody else's nametags!

Luckily another woman saw what was going on and came right over.

"You must be Gabe, Ruby, and Carlina. Welcome to our program. We are thrilled to have you with us," she said. She introduced us to the woman at the table who was clearly quite confused. Let's be honest. Maybe you could assume Gabe and Ruby for a little older but I look every bit the 7 that I am.

"Before I forget I wanted to mention something. Well actually ask a favor. We would love to add a day at the UN to the program but they're a bit difficult to work with," she said. "We understand you are close to your country's UN ambassador and were hopeful she could exert some influence." Ok, probably didn't help that Gabe and Ruby both let out a little laugh.

"I am sure we can help, but confidentially Princess Chris will be stepping down tomorrow as our Ambassador," said Gabe. "But we have some clout with the new Ambassador."

"Oh my that is big news and we will certainly keep your confidence," said the Dean, with a nod of agreement from her colleague. "Can you share who will be the new Ambassador? Is it a name we will recognize?"

"Oh yes, I am sure you will," said Ruby, who then started laughing again to the confusion of both women. Gabe and Ruby then turned and pointedly stared at me.

Yeah they were still clueless about powerful young women. The Dean smiled and looked at me.

"It seems like you friends are deferring to you. Do you know the Ambassador?" said the Dean. Oh I was going to be snarky. I shouldn't but I was.

"Quite well actually. I've known me my entire life," I said.

It took them way longer than it should have to figure out what I had just said. Finally the woman manning the table, who we found out was the Dean's administrative assistant, had the light bulb go on. This shit was getting old.

"You're the UN Ambassador?" she said. "You're a little girl!" OK. Teaching moment.

"Ma'am. You are wildly underestimating an awful lot of people. The ambassador I am replacing is 13. She is also our Prime Minister," I said. "Surely you're familiar with the recent incident at the Olympics where young fighter pilots shot down two missiles."

"Yes, of course. That was major news. I couldn't believe they were so young," answered the Dean.

"Ruby shot down the first missile, just in time. Gabe shot down the plane that fired the missiles," I said. Their eyes widened.

"I shot down the nuke," I added, softly.

Somehow that got us all hugs. I'm not sure why but I like hugs. We did ask them to keep that confidential as I really shouldn't have shared it. They promised they would. Oh, hell, it had been leaked but we didn't want to confirm it. I know. I leaked it.

We all went in and found seats. I was sitting between Becky, an adorable girl from Indiana, and Jude, a hunk from Boston. I struck up a conversation with them both. Surprisingly they didn't question me at all. That was really rare.

"Congratulations on your appointment," said Becky. My appointment? She nodded to the front of the room. Projected on the screen was my picture, my name, and the fact that I was the new UN ambassador. Shit. This is their idea of discretion?

"CNN broke the news a couple hours ago," said Jude. Well at least it wasn't the Dean. "You're a pretty impressive young woman." Oh I knew that look. Hmm.

"Oh yes you are," added Becky, touching me on the leg. Then she left her hand there and absent-mindedly rubbed my leg.

"Listen. It's the first day for two of my friends too. We agreed we would all invite both people beside us to dinner at our apartment tonight. Are you two interested?" I said. They both smiled and Becky rubbed a little more.

"That sounds great," said Jude. "I don't know anybody either. What a random way to put a group together. I love it. But you can handle dinner for 9 on this short of notice?" I assured him we could. I didn't mention that Amy insisted we needed someone to help us and had bought another apartment in the building and let us hire. We hired Felipe and Natalia. Oh you'll love them. A lot.

We figured out we all had different classes this afternoon so we agreed to meet at 430. 430. These American times were weird. How could 430 be in the afternoon? I told them to meet us right in front at the main administration building. I assured them they couldn't miss us.

I didn't mention that was because a significant donation to the school came with an agreement that we could park our planes on the quad. We had Gabe's F-61 today but with the seating pod and the jump seat we would all fit. Hmm. I hadn't texted Natalia about dinner yet. Maybe we should have dinner on Dionysus. Nah. Let's save that. We didn't mention the F-61s were armed. For now, it made us feel more comfortable. I did text Natalia.

Orientation went well and helped us get acclimated. The professor did call me out on my new appointment but that was OK. I am something that Chris calls a ham. It was a weird term, but when she explained it, I had to agree.

We walked together to our next class with Dell, who had sat next to Ruby, and seemed enamored, and Sage, who had sat next to Gabe, and seemed to appreciate us all.

We walked into class, in a big lecture hall, and who should be the professor but the guy who had given us directions but clearly doubted us. Once everyone got settled, he called us to the front, by name. Odd. He introduced us to the class and gave a very nice introduction and suggested, with a laugh, that everyone should compete to be our team partners because for this class we were living the topic.

The class was Discussions on the current geopolitical theater. Well sure. He mentioned my new appointment and our involvement in the Tokyo incident. Yeah that's what it was being called. An incident. Sure. The class gave us a standing ovation. Embarrassing. He'd done his homework since he met us earlier. Then he told everyone that Gabe was a Count and Ruby and I were Countesses. Yeah she was done with all this.

"Listen up everyone. We get that we are weird and our story is entertaining. We just want to be normal students. Have some fun. Drink some beer," said Ruby. Yeah that last line got her a laugh. Oh God. We were children here. That part was going to suck. At least our apartment was legally Dionysus and had a well-stocked wine closet.

"So can everyone get this out of your system today and just treat us like fellow first-year students?" added Ruby.

"Sure," said one of the students. "But none of us parked our fighter jet on the quad." Well at least they laughed. Most of them probably hadn't seen it yet. Class went well and was very participative. I freaking loved it and clearly so did Ruby and my Boo. Class got out and we wandered towards the quad with a bunch of other students, to meet Jude, Becky, and the others. I'd found out that Gabe had met Gloria from Atlanta in addition to Dell from El Paso. Ruby had met Zao from Hong Kong in addition to Sage from San Francisco. We would have to mention our family had a nice house there. Hey maybe a weekend with friends. Gotta love hypersonic planes.

We rounded the corner and the plane came in view. Yeah it was surrounded by gawkers as we expected. The thing really did look like a Star Wars fighter. Performed like one too. The nine of us gathered and Gabe hit the remote for the door.

"I'm lost," said Becky. "Where exactly IS your apartment. Paris?"

"Well yes, we have an apartment there," said Ruby. "But right now we're headed to our apartment across from Central Park. Who wants to deal with traffic?"

Gabe put Gloria in co-pilot seat and Becky in the jump seat. I'd have to talk to him about that. Ok, no I wouldn't. He was my Boo and we both knew it. Ruby and I sat in the back with the others. It was a whopping 5-minute flight. Gabe landed right between Ruby and my planes. Yeah that took some construction to allow all three at once. Missiles are heavy. We won't mention that the small building at the corner of the roof was stuffed with more missiles. We went downstairs to the kitchen and both Felipe and Natalia were there. We did the introductions. I think our new friends were appreciative. Think Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, but make them better looking. Yeah.

"I decanted the reds you suggested and the whites are in the refrigerator. May I pour you a glass?" said Felipe. We each asked for a glass of our preferred choice and asked our guests if they'd like a glass too.

"Yes I'd love a glass," said Becky. "But I have a few questions. My parents are really into wine and a frequent dinner topic is continually revising their Top 10 list. You just offered us wine from four bottles that total more than $15K. Felipe also offered a glass to a 7-year-old and clearly already knew your preference. Say what?"

Ruby took this one. Part of it was our standard spiel about letting us spend money on our friends.

"Also, you are not in the United States right now," added Ruby. "This apartment is officially the embassy of the Kingdom of Dionysus. That makes our laws apply. That means there is no drinking age at all and we can happily enjoy our wine. A lot of other things have different ages here too." She ended that last sentence with one of her amazing smiles. Ruby's smiles should be patented. I don't know if anybody else understood what she meant but clearly Jude did. He leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"Does that mean what I hope it means?" asked Jude. We needed to get it out in the open, at least with this group, so I explained our rules. It sucked that I couldn't play with our new friends, but Gabe and Ruby could and they could play with me. Becky shared that she was actually 17. Zao said he was too. Well how handy was that?

I got up and walked to the stairs heading down. Oh they all followed me. Oh good. We went into the master, as it has the most spectacular view. But that's not what they wanted to look at. Becky worked on getting my top off while Jude worked on Ruby's. Quickly we were naked and I pointed out they were not. Well that wouldn't do. Becky had a seriously nice body. Midwestern cheerleader, complete with the blonde hair and just a little landing strip down below. Jude was muscular, but not too much, and sported a rock hard 7-inch (18 cm)-cock. I decided to play director.

"Becky, on the bed, with your head at the foot of the bed," I said. She got into position quickly. I suspect she knew what was coming. "Zao, fuck me." Oh, he did, while Becky and I had a fierce 69. I looked over and Jude was fucking Ruby, and fucking her hard. I rolled Becky on her side and Zao rolled with me. That let Gabe slide right in Becky. It was freaking hot.

Oh we tried all the variations we could. Our new friends were fun, even if they were more fun for Ruby and Gabe than me. Nine. I need to be nine. Well, I'd graduate before then.

Natalia announced that dinner was ready and would be a buffet and we would eat out on the patio. The wall was open and it was a glorious evening. Just then the elevator doors opened and Robert and Scarlett walked out. Our new friends just stared.

"We heard there was free dinner," said Robert. Just then the doorbell rang.

"That's probably Charlie and Taylor. We knew they were around and invited them too," said Scarlett. She told Alexa to open the elevator and moments later the doors opened to Charlie Puth, Taylor Swift, and Pink.

"Hope you don't mind that they brought me," said Pink. Natalia assured her we had plenty. Our new friends just stood there, too stunned to move. Luckily our old friends were used to this and went around meeting everyone. We all got our plates of prime rib and shrimp scampi and scattered around the tables.

We had a nice evening and laughed and had great fun. We called it an early night because the three of us had to be at the UN in the early morning and class for the rest of the day. We sent everyone off in an Uber and tumbled into bed early.

What the F?

Gabe here.

We were up really early to get ready when we heard the doorbell ring.

I flipped on the video and there was a woman there wearing a severe business suit. I asked if I could help her.

"I am Mrs. Jasper from DFS. You must let me up immediately," she said. Oh damn. One of our new friends was not our friend.

"I'll be right down to speak with you," I said.

"Let me up now or I will call the police," she shrieked.

"Please feel free to do so, but be aware they will not enter the building without my permission," I said, disconnecting the session. I quickly finished dressing, told the girls what was going on, and headed for the elevator.

We weren't stupid. We had bought the whole building and declared the whole thing as the embassy. Yes, a billion-dollar building, but the funny thing is we were making money. She was in Dionysus now and didn't realize it.

I got off the elevator and introduced myself. Damn she was one shrill woman.

"I don't want to speak to one of the kids. I insist I speak to an adult," she said. Oh boy. "We have reports of rampant underage drinking and potentially much more."

"Ma'am, I assure you no laws have been broken," I said. Just then, a police lieutenant opened the door a bit and knocked. We had met with the local precinct leadership so I knew Lieutenant Jackson.

"Do I have your permission to come in?" he asked.

"Sure Jim. Come on in," I said. Clearly she didn't understand both the deferance and why a lieutenant had answered her call. I doubt it connected I knew his name and used his first name.

He introduced himself to her and turned to me.

"Did you explain yet?" he asked. I shook my head no.

"You have to do something Lieutenant. I must get upstairs. I am glad you came to help me," she said, still being shrill.

"Ma'am I believe you misunderstood. I am here to escort you out of the building. You're trespassing. I am hopeful that Gabe will not choose to press charges," said Jim. Oh God, I knew the firestorm was coming and it was.

"Ma'am, please slow down and I'll explain," said Jim. "You are standing in the lobby of the embassy of the country of Dionysus. That makes it sovereign ground for their country and their laws apply. Adulthood is 13 and some children are awarded adulthood at a younger age. Gabe here, and the two young woman with which he is living, are all legally adults, including in the United States. They're all also members of the royal family, and travel on diplomatic passports. I don't care what you think they've done, if they did it here in their apartment, neither you nor I have any jurisdiction. None. They are also all distinguished students at NYU and we are fortunate to have them in our city."

And I'm pretty sure Jim really wanted to fuck Ruby.

"I don't care about any of that. I'll take this to the governor if I have to!" she shouted. Ah shit. Now I'm going to have to call Andy. I pulled out my phone and called his cell.

"Andy, someone from DFS is in our embassy and keeps threatening to call you. Sorry to bother you, but it seemed easier to call you myself. Lieutenant Jackson from the local precinct is here, trying to escort her out, and I'm trying to prevent it from escalating," I said. He asked me to put him on speaker.

"To whom am I speaking?" said Andy. You know, the governor. She scoffed and insisted it was not the governor. Well fuck. Time to escalate one more time. I called Kyrsten and explained the situation. She too asked me to put her on speaker.

"Mrs. Jasper, do you recognize my voice?" asked Kyrsten. Yeah, she did. So did Jim. He even stood up straighter, which made me laugh. Mrs. Jasper did not like that I laughed.

"Mrs. Jasper, I understand Lieutenant Jackson already explained the situation to you," said Kyrsten. "Gabe is being extremely generous in trying to resolve this peacefully, but you are not making good choices. I know this young man and the two young women personally and they are quite impressive. They saved my life in Tokyo and I owe them. I'd strongly suggest you leave them alone. I particularly suggest that you do not want to risk the wrath of either young woman. You would not come out the winner, in any way. There are children that need your help. Go help them. These three do not need your help. In fact, I'd suggest you watch the news tonight, as I am aware of a major announcement affecting one of them, and also that they will be attending a critical meeting at the UN that will be televised. Perhaps that will help you understand. For now, leave, or I will concur with Gabe that he should have you arrested. Given he is a member of the royal family, he has considerable latitude in assessing your punishment. Piss him off and you might spend the next few years in prison, and ironically, his country has contracted with us, so it would be a prison right there in New York. Just leave. Close the case. You are not needed."

Oh she was pissed. This was going to continue to be ugly. I decided to take the high road.

"Mrs. Jasper. We sincerely appreciate that you are looking out for our well-being, misguided as you may be. Why don't you come upstairs and I will introduce you to my sister and our friend and you can accompany us to the UN for the meeting we are very close to being late to," I said. "Would that be OK?" She thought about it for a minute and agreed. I was trying, for sure. I nodded at Jim and he left, shaking his head. Yeah, I could have just blown her off, but that wouldn't have been an ending. We rode the elevator up and the girls were ready and waiting to leave. We really needed to go. I let the way to the roof and opened the door to my plane. The girls got on board and I waved Mrs. Jasper on board. She looked terrified.

"Mrs. Jasper, we need to leave right now. You can take the elevator back down or you can come with us, but I need a decision right now," I said.

OMG. I was surprised. She decided to leave. I invited her to come back in the morning and we could all chat. That seemed to make her happy. I put her on the elevator and then we had to book it. We arrived at the UN with barely enough time.

Prepare for the firestorm

Chris here. The meeting was about to start. Are you ready for a freaking firestorm?

We were going to present proof of who was behind the attacks. Want to guess who?

Russia? China? Canada?

Nope, nope, and nope. OK, you didn't suspect Canada.

I'll give you fifty free guesses and you still won't get it right.

We were meeting with the Security Council. The five standing members were there. Russia, the US, France, Great Britain, and China plus the 10 other members.

This was going to be chaotic. I did the introductions of our team and shared that we had received information about the attack. Leslie shared details about the preparation and execution of the mission. Then I told them that our new UN ambassador would present the proof of those involved.

Carlina headed to the podium with her notes. A staffer met her there, with a stool. Well, she is little.

"Thank you Chris," said Carlina. She nodded and two large security guards appeared and lifted the UN ambassador out of their seat and put on handcuffs.

The UN ambassador from...

the United States. Yes you read that right. The US ambassador had gone rogue. At the same time Carlina was presenting, Kyrsten was rolling up all the accomplices. Once we had the initial inkling, we had used our network to investigate. Yes that network. It is amazing what we have created. The loyalty alone. The room exploded with noise. It didn't quiet down when the rear door opened and Kyrsten strode out. She walked up to the podium and nodded at Carlina. She was there to throw her power behind us, not to talk. Carlina continued. She laid out our proof in detail. It was extensive, well-documented, and irrefutable. Carlina delivered the information calmly, but with passion, with Kyrsten standing quietly beside her. She wrapped up and collected her notes and, to all our surprise, got a standing ovation. From the ambassadors of 14 nations. Fourteen? Remember, one was missing.

I fucking love Carlina. She came and stood with the rest of us and Kyrsten took the podium. She reinforced what Carlina had said and thanked all of us for not only saving Tokyo but finding the culprit. She apologized to the world for the actions of the renegade ambassador and the military officers that were involved. She then announced that she had chosen an interim ambassador until a permanent choice could be made and confirmed by the Senate.

I went and sat down. In my seat. As the interim UN ambassador from the United States. There were considerable questions and Kyrsten reminded everyone that I was born in the US and still held a dual citizenship. She had tried to convince me to go through Senate confirmation and take the job permanently. Given damn near the entire Senate owned their elections to me, it would have been pretty easy.

I reminded her of two problems. First, I was the Prime Minister of another fucking country and second I didn't want to do it. Who the fuck would want to live full-time where I'm a, ack, kid? The things we did in the Lincoln bedroom were not exactly OK here. Oops, a little discretion slip there.

The meeting officially broke up, but the ambassadors all came forward to introduce themselves and talk and learn more. Do you know what I fucking loved? Not one person said a single thing to me about our ages. They congratulated me on my new role as the US ambassador. They called me Princess Chris and it was so hard to not giggle. Maybe it is a small thing, but the world was changing, in a positive way, in its view of youth and I think we were a part of the revolution.

At least I wasn't in a tankini. We did invite each of the ambassadors and their significant others to a state dinner in a few weeks. Mom and Dad were going to fly in. It took a lot of explaining to get across the concept of Florida casual. It took a lot more to get across that while they could wear long pants, shorts were preferred.

Yeah, Dad insisted. No suits. No ties. Shorts and T-Shirts. The actual event wouldn't be very exciting, so I doubt anyone will even journal about it, but it is hilarious. At the apartment, on the balcony. We'd invited a few celebrities, which would be fun. Taylor and Camila had agreed to do a few songs, but only if Orlando and Morgan joined them. Orlando's pretty comfortable with his fame. Morgan's not, even though she was a fucking amazing villain.

I'll pass the pen to Gabe, as they were on their way to school. I was going to do the program too, eventually. I was going to start it this semester, so I'd be with all of them, but hard to be the US ambassador, the Dionysus Prime Minister, and a college kid. I'll be one semester back. Kyrsten promised me this wouldn't last long.

The Mrs. Jasper problem

Gabe here. We still had a Mrs. Jasper problem. Oh we'd take care of her, but there was a risk of publicity and we had a damn traitor in our small circle of friends. Someone was going to be surprised when we showed up in class today. I suspected it would be obvious, but we'll see. We got to class and five of our friends ran up to say hi.


We'd made six friends. The holdout was Dell from El Paso. Guess those Texans just weren't very open-minded. Let me guess, a follower of the previous President. Shit. I'll bet some of it was because Ruby and I were Hispanic. No, it couldn't be. We had a little time before class, so I took to it head on. I went over to Dell, who, thankfully, was standing off by himself, where no one would overhear. I was pretty confident it was him, since he left early, before, well, you know.

"Dude, why?" I asked. Be blunt, that's my style.

He hemmed and hawed and then seemed to gather himself.

"You're kids. You shouldn't be drinking and you shouldn't be doing what you were doing, especially with people my age," said Dell. Well, I could acknowledge the first, but nothing else.

"What are you even talking about? Yes, we had a couple glasses of wine, which I remind you is quite legal. I don't know what your imagination says happened beyond that, but things are different in Dionysus. We are all legal adults. Do you even watch TV? Do you know who our new ambassador to the UN is?"

"Carlina," he whispered.

"Did you see our Princess was named the US ambassador? She's 13. Life is different. Life is better," I said. "Didn't the fact that we're all in this incredibly exclusive program at NYU give you a hint? Maybe the fighter plane you rode in with me piloting it? Maybe even the fact that the plane was parked on the fucking quad? You're entitled to live your life anyway you want. Don't want to drink? Fine. Don't want to do other things? Fine. But you're just like way too many pricks, almost exclusively men, that think that other people have to live their lives by YOUR rules. Well we don't. We damn well don't. Just stay away from us and interfere in someone else's life. I hold more power than you can imagine. Get you bounced from this program at NYU? Within the hour. Have you extradited to Dionysus and put on trial for crimes against the royal family? I'd have you in Dionysus in less than that hour. Now, I am taking the high road and just turning around and walking away, but remember something. You pissed us off. Pissing Carlina and me off was a mistake. Pissing off Ruby? Oh boy. Go. Away."

With that I turned and walked back to my seat. Becky made sure she was between me and Carlina and we each had a hand on our leg. More than once, after the lights had dimmed, I found a hand rubbing my hardening cock. I think I like college.

The good news is that Dell did leave us alone. The better news is we never heard from Mrs. Jasper again.

The police lieutenant? Yeah, he dropped by the apartment after his shift. A lot. Sometimes he brought his kids. His 11-year-old daughter and his 9-year-old son. They were fun to hang out with and they were quickly learning that their age was not what defined them. I suspect they could be hell at home now. We'll have to journal about them. They're all really fun. Fun. Oh, and Lieutenant Jim got his wish with Ruby. Did you doubt it?

We quickly developed a group of about a dozen friends with whom we hung out. We'd lunch together and we formed a study group, which was critical. Carlina took us all over to the UN all the time. It was a bit of an unfair advantage, as our classes were all very focused on learning personal knowledge of critical world events. Many of them unfolded in meeting rooms at the UN and we got access that no one else did, even the professors. Ruby and I more than anyone (well, other than Ambassador Carlina).

Remember the request from the dean to allow our classes to get more involved? Maybe have a backstage tour, so to speak? Oh yeah, you know Carlina made that happen. She also arranged to have a guest speaker every Friday in our afternoon class. She started with the Secretary-General of the UN. Over the course of the semester, she broadened the invites. Kyrsten came once. She actually pulled off having Putin come, with his interpreter. The class was really confused, because occasionally Ruby, Carlina, and I would laugh when he was speaking. One other student laughed too. Putin actually turned to Carlina, who was sitting on the little stage with him. His host, you know.

"You speak Russian?" he said, to Carlina, in Russian. "Your friends speak it too?" pointing to Ruby and me.

"Yes," said Carlina, also in Russian. "We're all fluent in a number of languages." That last sentence she said in German. Oh, she'd done her homework. He laughed out loud.

"You are an impressive young woman," said Putin, back in Russian. "What you have accomplished at your age is unbelievable." Carlina responded with a Swedish proverb. You can Google why.

"Being serious and having a good time thrive together," said Carlina, in Swedish. That got a big belly laugh out of Putin. Finally, he turned and continued his speech. Instead of his translator, Carlina translated. It was glorious.

She took a little heat in the press for inviting Putin, but got a lot for inviting the President of Iran, but he came. It was a surprisingly interesting and spirited conversation. I think it helped that the three of us all spoke Persian too. It seemed like a bit of a defining moment.

The press made a huge deal out of the fact that the President of Iran was in New York at the same time as the Prime Minister of Israel.

Of course they were. They were meeting at our apartment. That was the whole point of their being in New York. But no one else knew that. No one connected that they both found their way to our apartment at the same time. Oh, we sat inside, but sat around on the couches, chatting, and learning, and discussing ways for their two countries to co-exist. It was just the two of them, Carlina, Ruby, and me. No aides. No translators. No one.

Well, there was a translator that was fluent in Persian, Hebrew, and Yiddish. Carlina. Orlando and Morgan are great at languages. Carlina was better. She learned Yiddish in the last month, mostly by having lunch with a friend that spoke it. Oh, I speak it pretty well now too, because I liked having lunch with our friend and because Carlina made us all speak it at home exclusively until we learned it. We practiced it at school too, which confused the hell out of people. Two Hispanic kids from Florida, that weren't even religious, were working on their Yiddish and Hebrew with this cute little blonde Greek girl.

Anyway, back to the meeting. There is something about a face-to-face meeting, particularly one arranged and moderated by a fucking adorable little girl, that makes bombastic threats lobbed through the media hard to do. By the end of a three-hour meeting, we had the framework for Israel giving up control to the West Bank and Gaza to locally elected officials and Iran agreeing to completely dismantle their nuclear program.

Seriously. Those were pretty damn big gives on both parts. Yeah, yeah, we got political in our journal again, but read that last paragraph and tell me it wasn't a big deal. We actually hacked out what was a pretty decent plan, including approaches and timelines. Ruby is the fastest typist, so she typed up a short two-page letter defining the agreement. Carlina walked through it with both of them, although they were both fluent in English. They were prepared to sign it, but I stopped them for a moment.

"May I make a suggestion?" I asked. "Go ahead and sign it, so the official document is complete. We'll record it on video, in case there are any questions. But my suggestion is that we redo the signing tonight. I believe I could get Anderson Cooper to do his show live from here tonight. You could both sign the agreement and then do a joint interview. That would truly be a world-changing moment." They were a little confused that I could make that happen, but a couple of texts and it was all set. We had a pleasant dinner, with favorites of both cultures, prepared by Felipe and Natalia. Yes, a Hispanic couple from New York prepared traditional Persian and Jewish dishes. They were very careful and ensured that the Persian dishes were kosher too. They had worked with a Rabbi to be sure everything was perfect.

The fact that both men sampled the dishes of the other man's culture was a step that cannot be minimized. Yes, we translated some, but they both spoke English pretty well, so we mostly stuck with that. By the end of the meal, they were both telling stories and we were all laughing.


Read that again. Laughing.

Anderson and his crew showed up about 7:30 to set up, while we were finishing dinner. Anderson sat with us for a bit. I wish the camera had been on his face. Both men were telling jokes. Jokes! He just looked at me and raised his eyebrows (and fine eyebrows they were).

Right at eight, the show started and Anderson did his intro, sitting on our couch. He shared that he was at the Dionysus embassy and had special guests tonight. He started with the shot pulling out a little and Carlina was sitting next to him. He did the introductions and congratulated her on her new role at the UN. They chatted for a few minutes and he asked what her focus and emphasis, would be in her new role.

"Peace," she said, simply. "The adults in the world spend too much time worrying about how we're different and how this is mine and you can't have it. Kids don't. Kids grow up liking everyone. We don't see differences. Black, White, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, or Martian, we don't care. You want to play with us, we're in. You want to go to the park, we're there, taking turns on the swings. For us to truly hate, we have to be taught. Maybe it is because nobody taught me hate, but I am confident that the kids of the world can make a difference."

"Can you give me an example?" said Anderson, completely setting her up. The camera pulled back and showed Ruby and me next to her. Carlina did the introductions and Anderson repeated the story of Tokyo.

"You asked for an example. Let's give you one. The three of us spent the afternoon with two guests. Two people you wouldn't have expected to drop by, work out some of their issues, and have a nice dinner. Perhaps your viewers know them." The camera planned back. The two men were sitting together on the love seat. Together. Smiling. Carlina continued. She held up the document. We'd decided not to redo the signing.

"Here's our example, for today. This afternoon, both men signed this agreement. In broad strokes. Israel agrees to pull back from the West bank and Gaza and allow elections to determine who leads. In exchange, Iran agrees to complete dismantle its nuclear program. Both agree to independent verification, led by UN peacekeepers. I'll personally be leading the talks to finalize the agreement and setup the verification program. Both men have the support of their governments, and as we speak announcements are being made in both countries about the agreement."

Anderson just stared at her. He didn't speak. She didn't either. It was dead air. Finally he realized it.

"But what about others in the region, particularly Syria," said Anderson. "Don't you think they'll work to undermine the agreement?" Carlina held up another piece of paper.

"No. This letter, which is also being announced now, is the resignation of Bashar al-Assad. It was signed early this morning, in my presence, in Damascus," said Carlina. Damn, I thought she just couldn't sleep!

"The letter also includes, and is signed by, the government leaders, placing temporary control of the country under the Kingdom of Dionysus. We will work towards establishing elections, with UN oversight, as quickly as possible. Prince Orlando will be temporarily in charge, and will be in Damascus through the transition," said Carlina. This girl gets shit done.

"What about the US and Russia? They've been battling over how to deal with Syria. Surely there must be concerns about escalation of their tensions," said Anderson. Carlina just smiled.

"Surely you don't think that we negotiated all this without getting Kyrsten and Vlad on board first?" said Carlina, with a smile. Kyrsten and Vlad. She fucking called them Kyrsten and Vlad. Anderson almost had another dead air incident. He finished the interview focusing on the two special guests who were effusive in their comments about all three of us, but the word adorable did enter into their description of Carlina. Well, she is.

Then Anderson threw a curve ball, on his last question. He directed it to me.

"Let's end on a particularly upbeat note," said Anderson. "Gabe, I understand you recently proposed to Carlina and she accepted. When is the wedding and more important, am I invited?" He just beamed. WTF? Then I saw Carlina's smirk. She'd set me up.

"Yes, Anderson I did and I am over the moon that she accepted. I know many will find this abhorrent, but they're wrong. Just wrong. The world has held us back for too long. Turn us loose and we fix little problems like peace in the Middle East, or at least a first step," I said. "Why shouldn't I be engaged to a young woman as powerful as Carlina? Dionysus is different and that's OK. Two years ago I was a poor kid living in a slum in Florida. Now I'm sitting here being interviewed by Anderson Cooper, going to NYU during the day, and helping the world at night. Hell, in a comic book I'd be a super hero, and part of the World League, along with people like Carlina, Ruby, Chris, Orlando, and more. Yeah, sorry, I took a happy event and went there, but I am happy. Deliriously happy. Oh, and yes, you're invited to the wedding. One last thing. If there is someone in a position of authority that has a problem with this, let's debate. I'd bet you'd be willing to do that on your program, wouldn't you Anderson?" He assured me he would and congratulated us both.

The program ended with both of our special guests congratulating us on our upcoming wedding. Think that one through.

A powerful day

Ruby here. That was a powerful day.

You know what happens after a powerful day, don't you?

Did I mention that our significant others had all flown in? Yes, Tomas, Luca, and the rest. So it was the eight of us.

You wouldn't have survived.

Yes, I set him up

Carlina here. Yes I setup Gabe and he handled it flawlessly, as I knew he would. I was tired of hiding it. At least now I could hold his hand.

On a different note, my first day as ambassador seemed like a success. What should I do today?

Class. I should go to class. Orlando was already in Damascus. We had construction crews on the ground rebuilding. Flights with food, medicine, and other supplies had been coming in all night. Our security forces were in place to ensure safety. Their military had stood down, in deference to our teams. We told them to spend time with their families. Wapo has a fantastic photo of Orlando walking the streets of Damascus with a dozen or so little kids following him. He had a shoulder bag jammed packed with fun-sized packages of M&Ms. He was handing them out freely. That's the good side. The down side was that our forces had already raided a dozen homes where bombs were being assembled to start a resistance. A resistance to what? Peace and prosperity?

Building supplies were being trucked in from surrounding countries. The variety of countries was fascinating. Iraq. Iran. Bulgaria. Turkey. Even Russia. I'd called Vlad. Do you know what made them work together? What made them find a common ground?

Money. Cash. Moolah. Yeah my English includes moolah.

Billions, to be exact. We were going to rebuild Syria and restore Damascus to its glory. We were funding most of it but surprise, we had recovered billions stolen and moved offshore. Our network, don't you know. We had a philosophy based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Let's get them food, shelter, clothing, education, and jobs and things will turn around. Isn't it that simple? You've read it here before. We don't care if the rich are rich, but no one should be truly poor.

You forgot I was 7 there for a minute, didn't you? Time for class. Our favorite class. We decided to go separately. Who knew what could happen today. We were worried about pushback. People that profit from conflict were going to be pissed. Follow the fucking money.

We took off together. I suspect we might take a little heat for it, but we did a little spontaneous airshow over Fifth Avenue. We warned air traffic control and they just laughed. They did clear out helicopter traffic for us. We just asked for 15 minutes. You can do quite a show in a trio of F-61 fighters in 15 minutes. We ended with a loop and then floated down onto the quad. When we got out, everyone clapped. We assumed for the airshow but we found out later it was for yesterday's events. The news was full of videos of celebrating in the streets in Gaza, Damascus, Tehran, and even Jerusalem. The New York Times had an iconic photo of a Muslim man joyfully dancing with a little Jewish girl. In Gaza.


Just another day in class

Gabe here. Carlina was tired of typing. Thumbs, you know.

We still got to class a little early. We walked in the front door and before we could get to the stairs the entire place went nuts. Screaming. Howling. Hooting.

What exactly is hooting?

Oh come on. Are they going to do this every time we solve a major world crisis? Jeez.

"Oh no, you three. You're up here with me today. You know the subject of this class. We are not missing the opportunity," said the professor. "The good news for you is that everyone has to do a major project for this class and I'm pretty confident yesterday qualifies as yours."

Well that's good.

We pulled up chairs and sat down. I noticed that Ruby was texting someone. I had no idea why. As it turns out she had anticipated this and apparently wasn't in the mood.

"Can we go back to our seats if we can get you more interesting guest speakers?" asked Ruby. The professor laughed.

"Well, given your day yesterday that might be hard to do, don't you think?" he said. Just then the door opened and a dude in a suit walked in and looked around. Ah. Got it. I knew the dude in the suit. The fact that I did is a whole different conversation. He waved his arm to someone peering in the door. The door opened and Ruby's plan was clear. In walked Chris, the new US UN ambassador. Right behind her was Ruby's other special guest. Kyrsten.

"Nicely played Ruby but that just gets you off for the day," he said, laughing. Darn.

The two newcomers sat down and we had a raucous question and answer session. The class impressed me as they asked good questions and challenged the answers.

About a half an hour in to our three-hour class, the door opened again and in walked Orlando. Ruby doesn't do anything half-way now does she? He sat down next to Chris and got his own series of questions. I did find one question interesting.

"I get that you're rebuilding Syria but where is the money coming from?" asked Gabby. We had met Gabby. Gabby was fun. It was a fair question but one that clearly embarrassed Chris and Orlando. Kyrsten sat in the middle and laughed.

"Since they seem uncomfortable answering the question, I will do it," said Kyrsten. "Their sister Morgan is spearheading fund raising for the efforts, but for now, the royal family donated $10 billion. Orlando has spent most of that already. I think the first billion went to M&Ms." Yeah we had all seen the news photo.

Most of the class was just staring. Some of them at us, since they knew we were part of the Royal family. Class went well for a while until Bentley asked a question.

Bentley is a dick. He is ultra-competitive. He is also ultra conservative. Pretty sure he is a founding member of the local KKK, so he already looks down on Ruby and me. The fact that we're rich and powerful really pains him. I've seen the look he gives us as we climb in our planes. We've tried to be friendly, but his anger isn't far under the surface. I didn't think he'd go this far, though.

"So Gabe," said Bentley. "I do have a question for you. Is Carlina a good fuck? Do you like her little girl body? Is she tight?"

What could I say to that? I just stared at him. The entire class stared at him. The President of the United States stared at him. Finally the professor acted.

"Out. Out of this class. Don't come back. You're not in this class anymore," said the professor. "You're not in this school anymore if I have my way."

As much as I wanted that, we couldn't be seen as retaliatory. It would undermine any progress we were making. So I answered it. Oh, no, not directly.

"Wait professor. While he was crass, particularly asking it in the way he did, in front of this audience, I'll answer a question," I said. "Many people are probably thinking variations of the bullshit he just said. I answered it to Anderson last night, and he must have been watching, or he wouldn't have even known to ask it. So I'll answer the real question, which is some variation of you're 13-years-old, she's 7-years-old, how can you possibly know you're in love? You're children. The short answer is maybe we're not children. In our country, we're not. We are legally adults. All three of us. Adulthood in Dionysus isn't based on a calendar, it is based on ability and maturity. If you can honestly say that either one of us isn't mature enough, or capable enough, then you clearly haven't been paying attention. Carlina shot down a nuclear missile that would have hit a stadium full of people. I'm a member of our Air Force and, by the way, sitting at the front of your class. What did you ever do that would result in your being up here in front? I can answer that, you don't need to. You did nothing to deserve it. Maybe if you straighten up your little immature act and become an adult, you'll do something worthwhile in your life. Me, I'm not holding my breath. I love Carlina. She loves me. There is no question about it. We're getting married, sooner rather than later. If she would, I'd get married right here, right now. I am sure the President of the United States could marry us. Oh heck, I know she could. We're marrying under Dionysus law, and given there's nothing on this topic, and I'm part of the royal family, I can confidently say you can Kyrsten. Right here, right now."

That sort of shocked everyone. They just stared, including the President and the professor. Finally the silence was broken.

By Carlina.

With one word.


Well that was unexpected. There was a bit of silence, then someone started clapping. That set off the entire class. Our families might be pissed, but we'd redo the wedding with a big celebration. Kyrsten took the initiative. She stood up and pulled Carlina into the right spot and then moved me next to her. She moved Chris to stand up for Carlina and Orlando to stand up for me. The professor moved to video the whole thing with his phone. Becky came down to video from a different angle, so who our faces and the class in the background.

"What can we use as rings?" asked Kyrsten. Oh I had that covered. I had been carrying both our rings around since the day I proposed. They were my charm, my amulet. I handed them to Orlando, much to everyone's surprise.

Did you know that Kyrsten knew all the words to the wedding vows? Well, I do now. The entire thing was fairly short, but I'll jump right to the important part.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss," said Kyrsten.

Oh we did, we did. We kept it clean, but I swept her up in my arms and kept kissing her, until Orlando and Chris sort of pulled us apart. The class was giving us a standing ovation.

So, do you think it will help legitimize younger relationships that we were married by the President? I do.

Our wedding night was spectacular.

Beach fun

Brazilian steakhouse

Bob here. This entry was so serious. Cool, but serious. I thought I'd drop a fun story here at the end. I had an idea while we were at dinner one night in London. We were eating at a Brazilian steakhouse. If you've never been to one, they're these huge feasts. People walk around with huge platters of meat and offer it to you. It just keeps coming. Every imaginable type of meat. It's so overwhelming that they have a simple system. You have a round circle, kind of like a thick cardboard coaster. One side is green and one side is red. If you place it next to your plate with the green side up, they continue to offer you meat. If you turn it to red, they leave you alone.

You can go back and forth. Turn it green, get some meat, turn it red, eat the meat. I'm sure you get the idea. It's pretty simple. We used the same thing for yoga class, but managing a different kind of meat.

So what was my meat related idea?

Well, we had beaches where pretty much anything goes. But you found yourself talking to people and suggesting things and only a portion of the time were they really interested. That was fine, because there was no pressure, but what if we had a way to let people know what you were interested?

Which is how our version of the red/green card was invented. We made two innovations. The first was we made them as bean bags, so they had some heft to them and you could put them on your towel or on the sand, and that would be OK. The other change was colors. We had the traditional red/green. That was for anyone that wanted one that was nine or older. We had red/yellow, which was for anyone seven or eight. We had red/blue for anyone five or six. I'm sure you understand why we had those distinctions, right?

No bean bag. No sex.

At least this was my idea. Today was the day to try it out. The other rule, and it was a simple one that had always been in place, was that you just didn't form a line. Can you imagine the beach if there was a line for Amy? OK, that made me laugh, because the beach would be empty except for all the people in line. Find your opportunity and say please.

Our beaches were pretty open, but the anything goes beach did have a sidewalk and an entrance. The entrance always had someone monitoring it, to ensure that people knew the rules before they entered. You know, ages, what was OK, how to approach people, all that stuff. We also had an armed security guard at the entrance, to make a point, and there were patrols of the beach. All had been unnecessary, so far, particularly given this beach was only open to residents. Still, we were careful. Really careful.

Today there was a table setup piled high with bean bags. When you left, you were expected to return the bean bag, and they were all washed. Let's face it, some of those bean bags were going to inadvertently get, um, stained.

Amy and I opened the day manning the table. Yeah, that caused a bit of a stir and I'm pretty confident word got out that Amy was at the beach, because it got pretty busy. The new bean bags were a hit. Such a simple concept. Our time at the table was up, and the professionals took over, so we went for a walk on the beach. Everywhere we looked, there were bean bags next to people. Pretty much anyplace there was a color other than red, somebody was doing somebody. I looked over and there were two bean bags showing blue. I knew who they belonged to, because two young kids were in a fierce 69. Oh they were into it and had a little audience. I think all those kids probably had blue bean bags too, because as I watched, both kids went over. They rolled on their backs, and two other kids leaned over and asked them a question.

Now there were four kids going at it.

Yes, the bean bags were a success.

We found a spot to lay down our towels, but before we did, we carefully placed our bean bags down, red side up. We wanted to at least get situated. We laid down and Amy flipped hers to green.

A young boy was at her side in less than 3 seconds. He must have been watching, because there were about twenty men of various ages that clearly had been beaten out.

"Your royal highness, my name is Kaj. I am 10-years-old, but quite skilled. It would be my honor to service your every need," said Kaj. How freaking polite, although most people knew the royal highness part was unnecessary. I suspected he knew too, but was playing the whole thing up.

"A pleasure to meet you Kaj. Please do show me your skills. I will happily take your direction," said Amy. Oh boy. Did I mention his little 4-inch (10 cm) stiffy was already hard? Let's face it, he'd approached naked Amy. There wasn't a soft cock within a hundred yards. Kaj got on his knees and spread Amy's legs. He pulled her lips apart and danced his tongue gently between her lips. He barely caressed her and avoided her clit. I had to remember this, because he really got her bucking. Once he did, he inserted his tongue and was pumping it in and out and he had a surprisingly long tongue. She was going pretty wild at this point until he pulled his tongue out and just ever so lightly touched her clit with it.

Well, that was quite a convulsion and he was covered when she squirted. Damn. He used the opportunity to slide up her body and give her a passionate kiss, while sliding that 4-inch (10 cm) cock of his into her. He didn't fuck her, he made slow gentle love to her. He was about her size, maybe 5'1" (155 cm), and it was a joy to see. She was clearly still on a plateau, until he got close and pulled out.

Oh yeah, this 10-year-old could cum. He drenched her, focusing on her tits and her pussy. Just drenched her.

Then he stood up and turned to me.

"Clean her up," he said. With that, he walked away.


Oh, and I took his suggestion to heart. I even practiced what I had just seen. I licked off her breasts, kissing it all to her, then worked my way down. I used the gentle touch with my tongue, then lapped up the cum and pushed it into her, finally ended on her clit.

This was officially a new thing with us.

She'd turned her bean bag over and we were both red now. I laid back and it was my turn. I flipped mine to green. Apparently young kids were quick, because a young girl quickly came up.

"Hi, my name is Kerry. Today is my 9th birthday. Would you fuck me please?" she said. Hell I just grinned and nodded. She plopped down on my legs and I got a real view of her. A truly adorable blonde, with a little bob haircut. She was pretty undeveloped down below, but what was visible was clearly red and engorged. She was actually dripping a bit. Up top she had the sexiest nipple bumps. Oh God I loved nipple bumps. She reached down and stroked my cock a couple times and then lifted it up. She raised up and just slammed herself down on my cock. Holy shit. She was bouncing like a maniac. I played with her little clit and Amy asked her if she could lick her nipples. That got a grin and a nod, and Amy latched right on. That's all it took for Kerry and she moaned and came. Her little pussy started vibrating and I couldn't take it. She'd told me to cum in her, and oh I did. She finally rolled off and politely asked me if I would clean her up.

Yes, yes I would. I'd forgotten to flip my bean bag, and a boy of about 16 came up and asked if he could fuck me. He even had a container of lube with him. Hell yes he could and he sure did, although I had the presence of mind to flip to red before he started. He was just pounding me while I cleaned out Kerry. It was amazing. He pulled out and added his cum to Kerry's chest and then wandered off.

That was OK. I knew my cleanup job was important.

All of this before 0900. I'd say the beanbags were a success. But we didn't come to the beach alone, you know. We brought a big group. I was pretty confident we were going to be popular, if for no other reason that they would know they fucked royalty. Oh, they wouldn't talk about it. Discretion was king here. Everyone knew that. Although most of us made a point of telling them they could share it with their family. Hey, you had to gloat a little. Sophia wanted the pen, so I'll pass it to her. I'm sure everyone has a story.

Sophia loves the beach too

Sophia here. I simply loved this idea. Let's face it, we were all insatiable, so this was an opportunity to add to our friends network. If I liked the sex, they were going into my phone and I had no doubt that for just about everyone, I would like the sex. Practice makes perfect, you know. Morgan and I were on a big towel right next to Bob and Amy. We still had our bean bags as red because we wanted to watch a little. Clearly Bob and Amy had fun. But that was enough of that. Morgan and I both flipped ours to green. I wonder if anyone had trouble choosing. All I know is I saw a blur and there were two kids standing at the foot of our towel. A boy and a girl. The girl took the lead.

"My name is Soraya, and this is my twin brother Bijan. We were hoping to provide our services to you both. We thought a foursome would be quite fun. Bijan is quite skilled and will be able to provide services to all three of us," she said. Damn they were cute. We asked how old they were.

"We just turned 10-years-old," answered Bijan.

Ten. What a perfect age. They were both tall for their age and had such similar bodies. Bijan was hard and had a pleasant 5-inch (13 cm) cock. He was thin, but had some definition, but Soraya did too. Her hips were no wider than his, and she was fairly undeveloped down below, but you could see by the moisture that she was more than ready. Her little nipples were rock hard too. She had a little more than nipple bumps and a little less than puffies. I remembered that stage and they were so sensitive.

We were going to enjoy this.

"We are yours to command," said Morgan. Oh, that was going to be fun. I wasn't surprised at all that Soraya took charge.

"We must prepare you," said Soraya. With that, she knelt down and spread my knees and Bijan did the same with Morgan. Oh my she was talented and I could tell by Morgan's moans that Bijan was as well. She did a variation of Orlando's moves, but started by licking me, including using her tongue as a tiny cock, but avoided my clit. She slid up by body and gave considerable attention to my nipples, while grinding into me. They she slid up more and kissed me. Oh it got passionate and the entire time she was rubbing pussy to pussy. I actually had my first orgasm while we were kissing and so did she. She slid back down and used her tongue again and then sucked my clit and I exploded all over her. She even laughed.

"I think you're ready," she said, with a smile. I could see Bijan was just as covered with Morgan's squirt, so I had no doubt she was ready too.

"We will start with you Princess Sophia," said Soraya. OK, they knew who we were. She laid down and had me kneel over her, but had Morgan position herself so she could lick and suck on both of our nipples. I had to hold myself up pretty far, but it worked and we'd try this again. When we got positioned properly, Bijan slid right in and damn it felt good. I was so freaking horny at this point. He was quite good at varying the speed and intensity and between his efforts, Soraya's tongue and Morgan's licking I went over and over and over. Finally he pulled out and gave both Soraya and Morgan quite a facial. He repositioned them, replacing me with Morgan, and while they were cleaning each other off, with my help, he was ready to go again. You go Bijan. He'd lasted a long time with me, and lasted just as long with Morgan and finally pulled out and gave Soraya and me equally as large a facial. Wow.

He cleaned up me while Morgan cleaned up Soraya and to my surprise, he was ready to go again. He got on his knees and leaned back a bit and she got on all fours and backed on to him.

"The Leopard," said Morgan and they both smiled.

"One of our favorites," said Bijan. "She has control, but we get great penetration. We have tried all of the positions." I had absolutely no doubt that they had. They thanked us and we exchanged numbers. Oh hell, we were inviting them over to spend the night and I had no doubt their parents would be OK with it. I suspected that Soraya might have a little experience with BDSM which would be fun. Just a feeling. Oh, Leslie's turn.

Leslie's fun

Leslie here. Yep my turn. It was so wonderful to be back with the family. I missed them so much. Hunter and Hallie's parents had moved here full-time too, which was awesome.

We got settled and turned over our bean bags too. More than three people crowded around, so we had some decisions. That's how it worked. Most people saw the crowd and backed off. Right now there were five. Hmm. Three of us, five of them. That felt OK, particularly given it was 3 males, 2 females. Oh, you want details. You're like that, aren't you?

The two women were really a girl and a woman. I respect that Sophia took names, but I was horny. We'll say 9 or so, with nice puffies and twenty-something with incredible C cups. Such a nice balance. The three guys were a stair step. One guy about 11 with a nice 5-inch cock, one guy that was at the other end, maybe late forties, with a thick 6-inch cock and a guy in the middle in his twenties or early thirties with a monster 10-inch (25.5 cm) cock. Diversity across the five too.

They seemed fun. So eight of us, which meant our blanket was a touch small, but we managed. Can you guess what I did first? Yeah, you know. 10-inch (25.5 cm) cock in me. I had the 9-year-old girl under me and she was sensitive as hell. She was bucking as soon as my tongue touched her clit. All I know is that Hallie was getting fucked by the older guy and Hunter was fucking the gorgeous woman. That left the young guy somewhere. Oh, got it. I knew Hallie did enjoy DP.

We hadn't been here ten minutes yet. It was wonderful. These guys all had both stamina and multiple loads, so I got to experience all three of their cocks.

Then the older of the two women and I did a fierce 69 to clean each other out. Damn, she was sexy as hell. Once we finished, you know I got names and numbers, right? I didn't say I wasn't doing it. I said I wasn't doing it first.

Let's not forget Rylee

Rylee here. Watching everyone else got me going. I'll bet it did you too and you're just reading about it. I watched it. I flipped mine to green and two people were there in a flash. The first one made me smile, because it was Romeo, Carmine and Carlina's dad. I had, um, enjoyed him before and damn I enjoyed that thick cock. The other was Arilla. Or Allissa. I couldn't tell them apart and she wouldn't tell me. That imp.

I didn't care. She slid underneath and we started at it.

Then Romeo joined the fun. Damn. Ah, Carmine had come to the beach with his dad. He started fucking Romeo, making us all bounce. We ended up quite the mess.

Salma and Kyah asked if they could clean up. 10 and 9. The Iman's daughters. I'd never met them, but they did quick introductions, while they were licking us off.

Damn I came hard.

Yep. I loved the beach.

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Character information

Name Chapters Age Description when introduced Stats when introduced
Bob All 25 Dad 6'2" (188 cm) – 165 (75 kg) , swimmer's body, 6–inch (15 cm) cut average cock
Amy All 23 Mom (and the Nanny, to start) 5'1" (155 cm) – 110 (50 kg) , bright red hair, C cup
Morgan All 17 The oldest of the new kids 5'5" (165 cm) – 120 (54 kg) , dirty blonde, small B cup, gorgeous
Orlando All 15 The middle child and the only boy 5'0" (152 cm) – 100 (45 kg) , dirty blonde, 6–inch (15 cm) cut thick cock
Leslie All 13 The youngest 4'6" (137 cm) – 80 (36 kg) , brown hair, flat–chested
Chris 6,8,14-58 13 Boat sales person but becomes more 4'11" (150 cm) – 80 (36 kg) , slim, glorious puffy nipples
Sara 6,8,14-58 24 Sales managers, car dealers 5'3" (160 cm) – 100 (45 kg) , dark hair, Amerasian, small B cup
Hunter 2,3,13,27,30,32,34,36,38-39,42-44,47-49,51,56-58 13 Leslie's new friend 5'0" (152 cm) – cute as hell, 3–inch (8 cm) cock
Hallie 2,3,13,27,30,32,34,38-39,42-44,47-49,51,56-58 13 Hunter's twin sister 4'8" (142 cm) – small A cup
Juan 2,47,57 Thirties Don's friend at the party 5'9" (175 cm) – muscular, Hispanic, 6–inch (15 cm) cock, thin, upward curve
Gabriel (Gabe) 6,14,16-19,24,27-29,31-37,39-40,42-43,45,47-52,54,56-58 13 Juanita's brother 5'6" (168 cm) – Cute AF, 5–inch (13 cm) cock
Ruby 6,14,16-19,24,27-29,31-40,42-43,45-46,49-58 11 Juanita's sister 4'11" (150 cm) – 85 (39 kg) , sexy, flat
Sophia 7,8-9,14,16-17,19,23,27,31,34,36-43,46-48,53-54,56-58 20 New Italian friend and Goddess 5'7" (170 cm) – stunning, simply stunning, B cup
Luca 7,8-9,14,16-17,19,23,27,31,34,36-40,42-44,46-47,50-52,54,56-57 15 Sophia's son 5'9" (175 cm) – chiseled, male Sophia, 6–inch (15 cm) uncut cock
Elena 7,8-9,14,16-17,19,23,27,31,34,36-40,42-47,51-52,54,56-58 11 Sophia's daughter 4'5" (135 cm) – sexy AF
Dom 12,57 19 Cart driver 5'10" (178 cm) – 150 (68 kg) , 6–inch (15 cm) , average
Chloe 14,15,20,24,27,34,36,39-43,51,54-55,58 Thirties Developer and architect 5'7" (170 cm) – athletic, smaller B cup. Hot AF
Noah 17,18,24,27,31-34,36-37,39,41,43-44,48,51,57 13 Chris' new friend 5'7" (170 cm) – thin, 5–inch (13 cm) average cock. Big balls
Rylee 18,27,32,36-39,48,52,56-58 13 Cheerleader with Leslie and Chris 5'4" (163 cm) – sexy AF, B cup
Davis 19,20,27-28,31-32,39,56-57 Sixties Amai's dad 6'3" (191 cm) – 195 (88 kg) , handsome and black, gray hair, 9–inch (23 cm) thick BBC
Mia 20,57 19 Seamstress 5'5" (165 cm) – 110 (50 kg) , trim, sexy, small B cup
Heather 22,41,45-46,48-49,58 Fifties Secretary of the Air Force  
Grace 23,29-30,36,38,43-44,48,50,54-57 16 Just Grace  
Camila 25,29-30,41,50,54-55,57 23 You know who she is You know what she looks like
Salma 42,58 11 Chatha and Kiah's daughter 4'11" (150 cm) – puffies, cute as hell, friendly
Kyah 42,58 10 Chatha and Kiah's daughter 3'9" (114 cm) – little, fun loving, great cocksucker
Romeo 43,47,58 Thirties Personal trainer at Alpha and Gamma 6'4" (193 cm) – Strong, muscular, Italian, 8–inch (20 cm) uncut cock
Carmine 43,58 13 Romeo's son 5'6" (168 cm) – 120 (54 kg), strong, blonde, sexy, 5–inch (13 cm) thin uncut cock
Carlina 43,45-58 7 Romeo's daughter 4'4" (132 cm) – barely tall enough, blonde, cute, smart as hell
Karter 43,57 Fifties President of the fourth largest Greek auto insurer 5'11" (180 cm) – average but skilled, 5.5–inch (13 cm) cut cock
Cora 43,57 12 Karter's daughter 5'4" (163 cm) – copper skin, dark hair, beautiful, perky B cup
Semaj 43,57 10 Karter's son 5'3" (160 cm) – thin, sexy, 5–inch (13 cm) cut cock
Arilla 45,47-48,58 9 Reed and Roya's daughter 4'11" (150 cm) – cute as hell twins, flat, bubbly
Nan 45,48,50-51,53,57 4 9th grade student 3'8" (112 cm) – cute, bubbly, fun
Tegan 46,48,50-54,56-57 7 Gemma and Sean's daughter 4'4" (132 cm) – Auburn hair, cute, fun
Tomas 46,52,55-57 11 Vincente's son 5'4" (163 cm) – Also Cute AF, sexy, and skilled. 6–inch (15 cm) thick uncut cock
Tavi 46,47-52,55-57 12 Emilia and Talmai's son 5'9" (175 cm) – Big for his age, works out, 7–inch (18 cm) thick uncut cock
Kevin 49,50-53,56-57 13 Homeless kid that Leslie rescues in New York 6'0" (183 cm) – Tall, really thin, 6–inch (15 cm) cut cock
Falco 49,57 Thirties Nan's Dad and a psychiatrist 5'11" (180 cm) – average guy, decently attractive, 6–inch (15 cm) thick cock
Manela 49,53,57 Thirties Nan's Mom and a musical genius 5'6" (168 cm) – Beautiful, trim, B cup
Cerni 49,57 9 Nan's brother 4'7" (140 cm) – cute, looked a lot like Nan, blonde, 2.5–inch (6 cm) cock
Amara 50,51-52,55-57 12 Tavi's soon to be soul mate, in a wheelchair 5'6" (168 cm) – cute, wavy hair, nice body, B cup
Natasha 57 12 Boat restoration company kids 5'5" (165 cm) – Thin, auburn hair, cute, small A cup
Cameron 57 12 Boat restoration company kids 5'5" (165 cm) – Thin, auburn hair, cute, 6–inch (15 cm) thin cut cock
Chelsea 57 Thirties Natasha and Cameron's mom 5'4" (163 cm) – Sexy, auburn hair, B cup
Joel 57 Thirties Natasha and Cameron's dad 6'0" (183 cm) – Chiseled, graying red hair, 9–inch (23 cm) thin cut cock
Andres 57 Forties Mia's dad 6'5" (195 cm) – Olive–skinned hunk, 8–inch (20 cm) thick uncut cock
Marty 57 16 Mia's cheerleader friend 5'6" (168 cm) – Dark hair, fit, sensual, B cup
Tammy 57 Twenties Italian rally car driver, driving instructor 5'7" (170 cm) – Dark hair, strong and athletic, C cup
Ana 57 15 Spanish driving instructor 5'8" (173 cm) – Dark, dark hair, B cup, 7–inch (18 cm) uncut cock
Juliea 57 Thirties Karter's wife 5'6" (168 cm) – Copper skin, dark hair, beautiful, perky C cup
Becky 58 17 NYU student from Indiana 5'5" (165 cm) – Blonde, cute and bubbly, B cup
Jude 58 18 NYU student from Boston 6'1" (185 cm) – Hunk, muscular, dark hair, 7–inch (18 cm) cut cock
Felipe 58 Twenties New York caretaker 6'3" (191 cm) – Dark, Vin Diesel but younger and hotter, 7–inch (18 cm) thick uncut cock
Natalia 58 Twenties New York caretaker 5'9" (175 cm) – Michelle Rodriquez but more attractive, C cup
Dell 58 18 NYU student from El Paso 5'10" (178 cm) – Sandy hair, average all around
Sage 58 18 NYU student from San Francisco 5'7" (170 cm) – Blonde, perky, sexy, B cup
Gloria 58 18 NYU student from Atlanta 5'5" (165 cm) – brown hair, average body, D cup
Zao 58 17 NYU student from Hong Kong 5'9" (175 cm) – Slim, attractive, thin 5–inch (13 cm) cock
Kaj 58 10 Beachgoer for Amy 5'0" (152 cm) – thin, cute, attentive, 4–inch (10 cm) cock
Kerry 58 9 Beachgoer for Bob 4'6" (137 cm) – Cute, blonde bob, nipple bumps
Soraya 58 10 Beachgoer for Sophia 5'0" (152 cm) – cute, thin, boyish body, not quite puffies
Bijan 58 10 Soraya's twin brother 5'0" (152 cm) – thin, muscle definition, 5–inch (13 cm) cock

End of Chapter